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Peel Co., 1913

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11148-13 Leroy Wilfred AGAR, 26, farmer, of Lewvan Sask., s/o William AGAR, farmer, & Annie DEVERS, married Annie Bertha KELLAM, 25, farmer, of Nashville - Vaughan twp., d/o Robert KELLAM, deceased, & Jane LAURIE, witn: L. N. FAIR of Purpleville & Jennie Laurie McGILLIVRAY of Nashville Ont., 4 March 1913 at Toronto Gore twp  
11149-13 Joseph Henry ANDERSON, 22, farmer, Hornby, same, s/o George ANDERSON & Mary McMURRAY, married Gertrude Georgina WATTERHOUSE, 31, Cooksville, same, d/o George WATTERHOUSE & Delima PARKER, witn: James T. & Louisa BROWNRIDGE of Cooksville, 23 Dec 1913 at Cooksville 11150-13 Robert ATWELL, 32, laborer, of Caledon East, s/o not given, married Arabella Emily GRIBBLE, 42, widow, domestic, of Caledon East, d/o James Hibbs HOOPER & Elizabeth Mary BALDWIN, witn: Alexander BOHILL & Pearl PERDUE, both of Caledon East village, 17 Dec 1913 at village of Caledon East
11158-13 Benjamin John BAILEY, 29, Toronto twp., Streetsville, s/o George BAILEY, farmer, & Lizzie SHROTT, married Fanny McMANN, 37, widow, Newmarket Ont., Streetsville, d/o Marshall [surname?], farmer, & Elizabeth CODD, witn: M. DULLER of Streetsville & Lizzie BAILEY of Campbells Cross, 18 June 1913 at Streetsville 11160-13 Walter BAILEY, 26, butcher, of Streetsville, s/o Joseph BAILEY, dead & Sarah J. CURTIS, married Effie Mabel MAAS, 31, dress maker, of Streetsville, d/o Frederick MAAS, dead, & Elizabeth UNITT?, witn: James E. BAILEY of Streetsville & Herman MAAS of Toronto, 31 July 1913 at Streetsville
11159-13 John Samuel BARBOUR, 25, farmer, of Erin twp., s/o Robert J. BARBOUR, farmer, & Mary A. TURNER, married Mary Pearl HOUSTON, 27, of Caledon twp., d/o Mary Ann TURNER (sic), farmer, & Mrs. Robert HOUSTON - Amelia LANG, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. BARBOUR of Erin, 4 June 1913 at Caledon twp 11152-13 John Archibald BARTON, 25, hotel manager, of Brampton, s/o James Isaac BARTON, deceased, & Mary Hannah HILTS, married Nellie Rhantoule HUTCHISON, 18, of Brampton, d/o blank HUTCHISON, deceased, & Mary ROEBUCK, witn: A. A. DAVIS & F. B. McINTYRE, both of Brampton, 18 Feb 1913 at Brampton
11167-13 Arthur BEEDHAM, 49, widower, laborer, Luxford England, Brampton, s/o William BEEDHAM & Elizabeth CARVER, married Charlotte WALKER, 33, Bristol England, Brampton, d/o William WALKER & Elizabeth COATES, witn: Harriet M. HUNTER of Brampton & Harriet G. FURNIVAL of Belleville, 20 Dec 1913 at Brampton 11162-13 Thomas Frederick BELLINGER, 23, farm laborer, London England, Toronto Gore, s/o Thomas BELLINGER & Annie GINN, married Helen WRIGHT, 20, Walthamstow England, Toronto Gore, d/o William Thomas WRIGHT & Emily ELDRIDGE, witn: Arthur & Florence C. EASTGATE of Toronto Gore, 6 Sept 1913 at Ebenezer Church, Toronto Gore
11166-13 William Lewis BETTRIDGE, 38, widower, carpenter, of Chinguacousy twp, s/o William A. BETTRIDGE & Louise KNIGHT, married Maude Mary SMART, 37, widow, of Brampton, d/o John SYER & Mary SMITH, witn: William & Esther CULVER and Dorothy BETTRIDGE, all of Brampton, 5 July 1913 at Brampton 11165-13 Frederick Harold BLAKELY, 26, bank manager, Madoc Ont., Ormstown, s/o John Granfield BLAKELY & Lavina BROAD, married Alice Elizabeth FRENCH, 22, Brampton, same, d/o Charles M. FRENCH & Margaret STEELE, witn: Arthur M. BLAKELY of Chatham Ont & Mary M. FRENCH of Brampton, 24 Dec 1913 at Brampton
11164-13 Albert BOOTH, 30, dairyman, Laxden - Essex England, Streetsville, s/o Benjamin BOOTH & Caroline PAMPLIN, married Lillie Louise BORRETT, 30, Bramfield Suffolk England, Streetsville, d/o Alfred John BORRETT & Mary Caroline TINK (Turk?), witn: William Henry & Sarah Ann HOUNSLOW of Streetsville, 18 Oct. 1913 at Streetsville 11163-13 Richard Blanchard BROOKS, 48, widower, farmer, England, Dixie - Toronto twp., s/o Austin BROOKS & Mary HILL, married Malena Jane HOUGHTON, 31, Toronto, same, d/o Percival HOUGHTON & Mary Ann PAYNE, witn: Margaret BURKE & Mary THOMPSON, both of Erindale, 22 Oct. 1913 at Erindale
11151-13 John Morden BROWN, 28, motorman, Pickering Ont., Toronto, s/o Nicholas John BROWN & Annie WHITE, married Marie WORTHEY, 28, Shanty Ont., Shanty Bay, d/o Henry WORTHEY & Mary BRINGHAM, witn: Mrs. J. HODGSON & H.M. CHANTLER, both of Brampton, 22 Jan 1913 at Brampton 11156-13 Ross BROWN, 28, Chinguacousy twp., Brampton, s/o Henry BROWN, machinist, & Christena WEBSTER, married Mabel RICHARDSON, 18, Perth Ont., Brampton, d/o William Thomas RICHARDSON, gardener, & Jane MAJOR, witn: Arthur W. & Mrs. A. W. ASHLEY of Brampton, 30 June 1913 at Brampton
11153-13 Walter Ellery BROWNRIDGE, 31, Esquesing twp., Georgetown, s/o John Fisher BROWNRIDGE, farmer, & Mary Eliza McCLURE, married Mary Jeanette McCLURE, 31, Chinguacousy twp., Huttonville, d/o John McCLURE, farmer, & Sarah McCLURE, witn: Wilbert BROWNRIDGE of Georgetown & Belle McCLURE of Huttonville, 19 March 1913 at Chinguacousy twp 11157-13 Charles Joseph BUNTON, 31, of Brampton, s/o Charles Joseph BUNTON & Fanny COLLINS, married Meta PLANT, 25, of Brampton, d/o George PLANT & Ida PAWLEY, witn: George PLANT M.P. & Joseph FLINCH, 24 March 1913 at Brampton
11161-13 Hugh Quigley BURNS, 25, merchant, of Streetsville, s/o Hugh Quigley BURNS & Margaret Jane RODGERS, married Edna May PHAIR, 20, of Streetsville, d/o Joseph PHAIR, builder, & Sarah Jane KIRBY, witn: George Rodgers BURNS of 29 Alexander St. in Toronto & Minnie May PARKER of 399 Weston Rd in Toronto, 17 Sept 1913 at Streetsville 11154-13 Harry Charles BURTON, 28, farmer, Woodbridge, same, s/o Gideon BURTON & Margaret KERSEY, married Ida Emanaline TAYLOR, 27, Toronto Gore twp., same, d/o John TAYLOR & Elizabeth HASSARD, witn: F. H. TAYLOR of Castlemore & Dora B. BURTON of Woodbridge, 2 April 1913 at Toronto Gore twp
11155-13 Edward Liddell BYNES, 27, of Brampton, s/o William Arthur BETTRIDGE (sic) & Isabel LIDDELL, married Bessie HARRIS, 25, d/o Charles HARRIS & Annie HOBDEN, witn: Beatrice VANTVYCK & Arthur MAKEPEACE, both of Brampton, 26 June 1913 at Brampton  
11181-13 Herbert James CAMPBELL, 27, music teacher, of Cheltenham, s/o James CAMPBELL, farmer, & Mary Ann DIXON, married Janet Scott SPEIRS, 31, of Mayfield, d/o John SPEIRS, farmer, & Martha GRAY, witn: George Stiner? CAMPBELL of Cheltenham & Martha SPEIRS of Mayfield, 30 July 1913 at Mayfield 11168-13 Dennis CARRIGAN, 34, farmer, of Dixie, s/o Dennis CARRIGAN, farmer, & Ann CURRAN (Carr?), married Margaret OSBORNE, 33, of Etobicoke twp., d/o John OSBORNE, farmer, & Mary Ann McGOVERN, witn: Sylvester & Alice OSBORNE of Etobicoke twp., 29 Jan 1913 at Sacred Heart Church, 5th line, Toronto twp
11179-13 Ned CHANDLER, 24, laborer, of Port Credit, s/o Ellis CHANDLER, laborer, & Jane LEAMING, married Eleanor ROBERTSON, 33, maid, of Port Credit, d/o John ROBERTSON & Ann WILSON, witn: John SOLAR of Watertown NY & Blair ROBERTSON of 23 Bedford Rd in Toronto, 28 June 1913 at Port Credit 11178-13 William John CHESNEY, 30, Caledon twp., Huttonville, s/o William CHESNEY, teamster, & Isabella CARR, married Marghuerite WURTS, 34, widow, Proton twp., Huttonville, d/o Henry ARMSTRONG, deceased, & Margarette BOYD, witn: William DALE & Mrs. C. A. BELFRY, both of Huttonville, 4 April 1913 at Chinguacousy twp
11188-13 William James CHRISTIE, 25, Presbyterian minister, Severn bridge, Victoria Harbour, s/o William Pringle CHRISTIE & Mary S. JACKSON, married Mildred Hendell? DRACASS, 25, Streetsville, same, d/o J.H. DRACASS & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: P. A. CHRISTIE of 2376 Queen St. in Toronto & Kate D. DRACASS of Streetsville, 25 Nov 1913 at Streetsville 11180-13 John Robert CLARK, 55, widower, farmer, of Burnhamthorpe, s/o William Leighton CLARK, laborer, & Rosamond, married Lavinia Annie Louisa MARLEY, 34, maid, of Burnhamthorpe, d/o Walter Arthur MARLEY, laborer, & Rose A. BEECHING, witn: Mary & Robert E. THOMPSON of Erindale, 10 July 1913 at village of Erindale
11182-13 Norman COATES, 23, Brampton, same, s/o Aaron COATES, express man, & Rose Ann LAFFORD, married Muriel Edna LEECE, 21, Brampton, same, d/o Richard LEECE, laborer, & Eliza BAILEY, witn: Harriet H. HUNTER of Brampton & Kate H. RICHARDSON of Whitby, 7 Aug 1913 at Brampton 11185-13 Garnet Wolseley COLLINS, 21, agriculturist, illegible Ross - Nova Scotia, Fort William, s/o Robert Martin COLLINS & Julia LANILAN, married Grace Bertha JONES, 31, Brampton, same, d/o John JONES & Margaret MORGAN, witn: John & Gwendolyn B. JONES of Brampton, 10 Sept 1913 at Brampton
11189-13 Cyrus COOK (or Cooke, spelled both ways), 30, farmer, Colney, Rocklyn - Grey Co., s/o James COOK & Jane FALLS, married Ann Beatrice Jane COOK, 29, Toronto twp., same, d/o William COOK & Charles (sic) PRICE, witn: Martha JOHNSTON of Trafalgar twp & Harry SILWEN? of Rocklyn, 24 Dec 1913 at Elmbank 11176-13 Charles E. COOK, 26, Garafraxa, Himsworth twp., s/o William COOK, farmer, & Frances HUNTER, married Margaret E. SLOAN, 20, Caledon twp, same, d/o Thomas SLOAN, farmer, & Elizabeth MORRIS, witn: Harry GLENNIE? & Mabel COOK, both of Orangeville, 26 Feb 1913 at Caledon twp
11186-13 George Henry COPELAND, 31, farmer, of Burnhamthorpe, s/o Joseph COPELAND, farmer, & Sarah PELLETT, married Alice HOWARD, 21, of Burnhamthorpe, d/o George Henry HOWARD, cutter, & Mary McGUINESS, witn: Frederick McCALLUM & Alberta GILL, both of Burnhamthorpe, 17 Sept 1913 at Streetsville 11183-13 William John CRAGGS, 22, printer, Peel Co., Brampton, s/o John CRAGGS & Mary MUNY, married Reada Myrtle HARRISON, 21, Brampton, same, d/o Joseph HARRISON & Eliza COOK, witn: William Allan COOK of Mill St. & Grayce BARRETT of Brampton, 3 Sept 1913 at Brampton
11175-13 Willard Burton CRAWFORD, 25, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Ralph CRAWFORD, farmer, & Annie ARCHDEKIN, married Florence Edna CARTER, 25, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Nathaniel CARTER, farmer, & Mary THOMSON, witn: A. Morley CRAWFORD of Mayfield & Laura M. CARTER of Brampton, 16 Jan 1913 at Chinguacousy twp 11187-13 George Cavell CROZIER, 26, farmer, Streetsville, same, s/o George Christopher CROZIER & Rosa CAVELL, married Edith May LEACH, 25, Port Credit, same, d/o Thomas Francis LEACH & Kezia SAWDON (Lawdon?), witn: Jack CROZIER of Streetsville and Willa LEACH & Gladys LIVINGSTON, both of Toronto, 19 Nov 1913 at Port Credit
11184-13 William James CROZIER, 32, farmer, of Toronto twp., s/o Archibald CROZIER, farmer, & Isabella RUTLEDGE, married Sarah Susanna RITCHIE, 22, of Toronto twp., d/o William RITCHIE, farmer, & Frances CARROLL, witn: Arch G. CROZIER of Streetsville & Robert RITCHIE of Cooksville, 10 Sept 1913 at Toronto twp 11177-13 Thomas CURRIE, 30, farmer, Elmbank, same, s/o Patrick CURRIE & Elen MAHER, married Hattie WEECH, 25, Malton, Elmbank, d/o James WEECH & Sarah PEDDLE, witn: Roy HAMMERTON & Lillie WEECH, both of Elmbank, 12 March 1913 at Elmbank
11172-13 Stanley Griffin DAVIS, 23, banker, Alton, Delaware Ont., s/o John DAVIS & Marjory McCLELLAN, married Alice Levernich JENKINS, 26, Shrewton England, Alton, d/o William John JENKINS & Margaret BRETT, witn: William John & Margaret JENKINS of Alton, 3 June 1913 at Alton 11170-13 Arthur V. DENNIS, 47, gentleman, of Streetsville, s/o Augustine Ballentyne DENNIS & Mary Ellen SMITH, married Elizabeth Harriet L. ANDREWS, 29, of Streetsville, d/o Alfred ANDREWS & Sarah MARTIN, witn: A. MARCHMENT & Ethel CARR, both of Streetsville, 18 June 1913 at Streetsville
11173-13 Robert DENNY, 38, farmer, of Toronto twp., s/o Samuel DENNY, farmer, & Sarah McLAREN, married Martha M. MARTIN, 23, of Brampton, d/o William MARTIN, farmer, & Susan ROBINSON, witn: W.H. DENNY & Mrs. R. A. HUNTER, both of Toronto, 26 Feb 1913 11171-13 John Harrison DEVEREAUX, 31, Georgetown, same, s/o Allan DEVEREAUX, farmer, & Demmie DE POTIE, married Bertha Edna HENRY, 28, Cheltenham, same, d/o William HENRY, farmer, & Elizabeth LYONS, witn: Ana HENRY of Cheltenham & David LAWSON of Georgetown, 11 June 1913 at Cheltenham
11169-13 John James DONAGHY, 35, farmer, Lot 14 Con 2 of Albion twp., same, s/o James & Jane, married Mary Jane R. ROBINSON, 36, Lot 16 Con 2 of Albion twp., same, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Walter ROBINSON of Mono Road & Della HERMAN of Caledon East, 3 Oct. 1913 at St. James Church, Caledon East 11174-13 John DONNELL, 27, laborer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William DONNELL & Mary Jane STRAWBRIDGE, married Maggie SHARKEY, 26, York twp., Toronto Gore, d/o John SHARKEY & Jane CALHOUN, witn: John J. DALY & Margaret DONNELL, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1913 at Toronto Gore
11190-13 James A. ECCLES, 31, farmer, Halton, Chinguacousy, s/o John ECCLES & Mary McKEOWN, married Wilhelmine LYONS, 25, Chinguacousy, same, d/o William George LYONS & Georgina MERCER, witn: Ida FRANK? & W. G?. McDONALD, both of Terra Cotta, 25 June 1913 at Terra Cotta 11191-13 Wesley Clifford ETSELL, 27, shipper, Eden Mills, Toronto, s/o Thomas J. ETSELL & Elizabeth BROWN, married Ellen Elizabeth McCUBBIN, 28, Albion, Bolton, d/o A. J. McCUBBIN & Kate WILLIAMS, witn: Perry McCUBBIN of North Bay & Muriel McCUBBIN of Toronto, 10 Dec 1913 at Bolton
11192-13 Sidney Craig McCarter EVANS, 27, bank manager, Nanticoke Ont., Hagersville, s/o Charles Robert EVANS & Annie Gertrude McCARTER, married Alice Susie ELLIOTT, 26, Brampton, same, d/o William Kenneth ELLIOTT & Mary Elizabeth HOGGERT, witn: M?, EVANS of Dunnville & Mae C. ELLIOTT of Brampton, 31 Dec 1913 at Brampton  
11195-13 Ernest Roy FITZGERALD, 25, bank manager, London Ont., Baden Ont., s/o Ernest FITZGERALD & Jean CORPE, married Clara Louise CAMPBELL, 25, Chinguacousy twp., Brampton, d/o Anderson CAMPBELL, deceased, & Margaret SHANDE?, witn: Caroline M. CAMPBELL of Medicine Hat Alta. & illegible of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1913 at Brampton 11196-13 George Marshal FLOYD, 28, farmer, of King twp., s/o Edwin Marshal FLOYD, laborer, & Emily Jane FULLER, married Ethel Mary SARRANT, 26, maid, of King twp., d/o Edwin SARRANT, laborer, & Mary YOUNG, witn: Mrs. PREED & Violet WESTNEY, both of Bolton, 17 Dec 1913 at Bolton
1194-13 Joseph W. FORSTER, 30, farmer, Glen Williams - Halton Co., Red Deer Alberta, s/o Benjamin J. FORSTER & Selina WILLEY, married Elizabeth Jane MOUNTAIN, 39, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Joseph MOUNTAIN & Jennie BOWMAN, witn: Maud FORSTER of Georgetown & W. D. DOLAN of Alloa, 14 April 1913 at Chinguacousy twp 11193-13 Victor Douglass Drake FRASER (or Frazer, spelled both ways), 37, High Bluff Manitoba, Minnedosa, s/o Alexander FRAZER, minister, & Jane SWANSTON, married Sarah Elenor TAYLOR, 27, Chinguacousy twp., same, d/o James Peter TAYLOR, farmer, & Esther WALKER, witn: Thomas Walter & Jane Forbes EVANS of Mitchell, 1 Jan 1913 at Chinguacousy twp
11197-13 Albert Stanley GARDHOUSE, 30 (38?), farmer, Highfield - York Co., same, s/o John? GARDHOUSE & Mary Ellice DALTON, married Olive Melvina MITCHELL, 26, Malton, same, d/o James Alexander MITCHELL & Serena Mary WASS, witn: Wilbert J. W. MITCHELL of Malton & Willie D. GARDHOUSE of Highfield, 1 Jan 1913 at Malton 11202-13 Otto Delas GODFREY, 22, machinist, Michigan US, Brampton, s/o Joseph GODFREY & Mary GILBERT, married Lillian Edna WRIGHT, 26, Brampton, same, d/o Thomas WRIGHT & Lavina TREMBLE, witn: Joseph GODFREY of Brampton & Hazel M. REEVE of Toronto, 10? Dec 1913 at Brampton
11199-13 Godfrey Lawson GRAY, 32, Ontario, Mulmur twp., s/o Joseph GRAY, farmer, & Jennie GIFFEN, married Eliza Frances FLEMING, 32, Ontario, Brampton, d/o Wilson FLEMING, gentleman, & Sarah STRONG (Stone?), witn: Lillie Arvilla FLEMING of Brampton & Wilfred Giffen GRAY of Mayfield, 28 Jan 1913 at Brampton 11200-13 Norman R. GREENIOUS, 35, of Toronto twp., s/o not given, married Ethel Irena HAMILTON, 28, of Toronto twp., d/o not given, witn: Garnett HAMILTON, farmer, & Mrs. M. H. COOK, both of Lisgar, 12 March 1913 at Lisgar
11201-13 Edward Milne GREGORY, 29, Eynesbury? England, Brampton, s/o William GREGORY, laborer, & Sarah LINFORD, married Lotty Dale ROSE, 23, East Burgholt - Suffolk England, same, d/o Lesley ROSE, laborer, & Ester DALE, witn: Ellen & Emily Rose FOX of Brampton, 22 Aug 1913 at Brampton 11198-13 John Victor GREY, 29, farmer, of Chinguacousy, s/o Joseph GRAY (sic), farmer, & Jane LEDLOW, married Margaret Mary GRAHAM, 22, lady, of Caledon twp., d/o Alex GRAHAM, farmer, & Sarah A. McLEISH, witn: O?. N. WILSON of Kilmaine? & J. I. LEDLOW of Brampton, 11 March 1913 at Caledon twp
11204-13 Garnet HAMILTON, 27, Trafalgar twp., Lisgar, s/o George HAMILTON, farmer, & Rebecca CORDINGLY, married Mary Helen COOK, 24, Toronto, Lisgar, d/o John COOK, farmer, & Mary MILLER, witn: Maud MILLER & Adam? M. COOK, both of Lisgar, 28 June 1913 at Lisgar 11208-13 Fred Jackson HAMMOND, 26, laborer, Orangeville, Caledon twp., s/o James HAMMOND & Sarah WIDDIS, married Sarah BROWN, 22, Toronto, Caledon twp., d/o William BROWN & Sarah CLARKE, witn: Annie L. MacEACHERN & Mary DORRELL, both of Brampton, 26 Nov 1913 at Brampton
11207-13 John Percival HENSHAW, 26, shoe factory, of Brampton, s/o John Joshua HENSHAW & Annie BURGESS, married Edith Clara COX, 25, of Brampton, d/o William COX & Mary Ann WHITEHEAD, witn: Annie HABERT, Jack BUDD & Fred WINTER, all of Brampton, 19 March 1913 at Brampton 11205-13 William James HILLOCK, 37, Caledon twp., same, s/o James HILLOCK, farmer, & Martha FREELAND, married Mildred PATTULLO, 30, spinster, Caledon twp., same, d/o Seth HACKET, farmer, & Jennie STEIN, witn: Linna? RUTLEDGE & Annie BURKHOLDER, both of Caledon, 30 Sept 1913 at Caledon twp
11206-13 Thomas George HILSON, 21, steam fitter, Milton, Brampton, s/o George HILSON & Rachel HYATT, married Grace Hilda BLYTHE, 19, Linchurch? England, Brampton, d/o Edward J. BLYTHE & Hilda MASTON, witn: Hall & Flossie HILSON of Brampton, 18 Oct. 1913 at Brampton 11203-13 Wylie HOUSTON, 34, merchant, of Alton, s/o Robert HOUSTON, farmer, & Millie LANG, married May ALGIE, 30, teacher, of Alton, d/o Matthew ALGIE, merchant, & Elizabeth LITTLE, witn: Miss C. & Mr. A. CULLIGAN of Alton, 30 April 1913 at Alton
  11210-13 Andrew JARDINE, 25, farmer, of Chinguacousy twp., s/o Thomas JARDINE & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Ellen SYDENHAM, 18, of Chinguacousy twp., d/o Walter Davy SYDENHAM & Alice O'FLAHERTY, witn: L. W. BROOKING of East Toronto & James McCLURE of Brampton, 9 Sept 1913 at Brampton
11209-13 Arthur Edwin JOHNSTON, 35, farmer, Canada, Toronto Gore twp., s/o James JOHNSTON & Martha ATKINSON, married Mary Isabella BLACK, 26, Canada, Toronto Gore twp., d/o John BLACK & Margaret Ann McCALLUM, witn: Edgar ATKINSON of Embro & Marion A. BLACK of Castlemore, 3 June 1913 at res of John Black, Toronto Gore twp 11211-13 Thomas William Roy JORDAN, 19, printer, Thistletown, Brampton, s/o Peter JORDAN & Mary HIGGINS, married Minnie Alice BRIGHTWELL, 18, Norrige? England, Brampton, d/o Edward BRIGHTWELL & Elizah RINGER, witn: Alfred William BRIGHTWELL of Berlin Ont & Edith Eliza BRIGHTWELL of Brampton, 20 Oct. 1913 at Brampton
11217-13 Lewis Michael KEANE, 45, gardener, of Cooksville, s/o Patrick KEANE & Sarah WATERHOUSE, married Cecilia CARBERRY, 35, of Toronto twp., d/o John CARBERRY, farmer, & Catherine BROPHY, witn: Henry DONNELLY of Cooksville & Anna CARBERRY of Toronto twp., 26 Nov 1913 at St. Patricks Church, Dixie 11212-13 Isaac Wilson KELLAM, 25, Mt Clemens Mich., Brampton, s/o Thomas A. KELLAM, carpenter, & Ellen W. WILSON, married Bertha Millicent TAYLOR, 27, of Brampton, d/o William TAYLOR, laborer, & Martha THOMPSON, witn: Thomas L. TAYLOR of Brampton & Pauline TAYLOR of Creemore, 24 April 1913 at Brampton
11214-13 Edward KENNEDY, 32, mason, of Brampton, s/o Derius KENNEDY & Nellie KENNEDY, married Alice "WEIR (Ware)", 21, of Brampton, d/o John WEIR & Mary SHORT, witn: Rose WARE & Norman A. RYDER, both of Brampton, 12 Aug 1913 at Brampton 11213-13 Robert Reid KERSEY, 32, teacher, Castlemore Ont., Regina Sask., s/o William KERSEY & Agnes LOWRIE, married Melissa Jane TAYLOR, 24, Castlemore, same, d/o John TAYLOR & Elizabeth HOWARD, witn: Harry C. & Ida E. BURTON of Woodbridge, 20 Aug 1913 at Toronto Gore twp
11215-13 Thomas KING, 20, painter & paper hanger, Liverpool England, Alton, s/o William KING & Isabella GIBSON, married Alice Jane PARKER, 21, Liverpool England, Alton, d/o James PARKER & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: William PARKER & Sophia SCOTT, both of Alton, 10 Oct. 1913 at village of Alton 11218-13 John Henry KING, 21, farmer, of Trafalgar twp., s/o John J. KING, deceased, & Alice E. COUSINS, married Nora Delvia HENWOOD, 21, of Trafalgar twp., d/o William HENWOOD, deceased, & Fannie LORD, witn: John BEATTIE & Edith E. BEATTIE, both of Streetsville, 3 Dec 1913 at Streetsville
11216-13 Jonathan Joseph KIRKHAM, 30, farmer, of Port Credit, s/o Robert KIRKHAM, laborer, & Isabella SCOTT, married Hannah Catherine SANDFORD, 30, of Streetsville, d/o Martin SANDFORD, farmer, & Sarah Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Norman & Helena SANDFORD, 27 Oct. 1913 at Port Credit 11222-13 Albert E. LAKE, 38, widower, baker, of Alton, s/o Thomas LAKE, baker, & Mary Jane BAKER, married Bessie WILLIAMS, 26, woolen mill, of Alton, d/o William WILLIAMS, carder, & Rosanne , witn: Herbert & Laura B. WILLIAMS of Alton, 19 April 1913 at Alton
11224-13 James Leopold LAW, 23, farmer, of Cooksville, s/o George LAW, farmer, & Hannah FEINES?, married Mary Jane RITCHIE, 25, of Dixie, d/o Robert RITCHIE, farmer, & Margaret CURRAN, witn: Garnet GODDARD of Dixie & Margaret RUNDLE of Port Credit, 15 Oct. 1913 at Toronto twp 11223-13 Reginald LAWRENCE, 23, milkman, Burnhamthorpe, Elmbank, s/o Charles LAWRENCE & Jane RAPSON, married Carrie DIXON, 23, Elmbank, same, d/o Richard DIXON & Marietta COULTER, witn: W. E. SHEAN & Miss Mary SPEERS, both of Elmbank, 11 June 1913 at Elmbank
11225-13 Robert LAWRIE, 31, farmer, Markham Ont., Scarboro twp., s/o James LAWRIE & Jane PATTON, married Eva Gertrude KIRK, 31, Huttonville, same, d/o Charles KIRK & Annie MEDD, witn: Charles W. KIRK of Huttonville & W. WIGGINS of Brampton, 17 Dec 1913 at Brampton 11219-13 Norman Wesley LAWSON, 24, Reading Ont., Orangeville, s/o Thomas LAWSON, dead, & Sarah GREASELY, married Minnie Etta IRWIN, 21, Lucas Man., Minniota Man., d/o Thomas IRWIN, dead, & Mary Ann NIXON, witn: Nelson W. NIXON of Nortonville & Floyd? R. HARMEN of Brampton, 1 Jan 1913 at Brampton
11221-13 George Herbert LESLIE, 30, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Robert F. LESLIE, farmer, & Matilda LYONS, married Mabel Isabella DOLSON, 26, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Samuel DOLSON, farmer, & Margaret HARTLEY, witn: Sandy DOLSON & Starrett LESLIE, both of Norval Station, 20 March 1913 at Chinguacousy twp 11220-13 Alfred Rossley LUNAU, 31, farmer, illegible - Grey Co., Trafalgar, s/o Robert LUNAU & Mary DIXON, married Jennie May FALCONER, 27, Inglewood, Claude, d/o William FALCONER & Rebekah WALKER, witn: Willie FALCONER of Claude & Edith Caroline LUNAU of Trafalgar, 19 March 1913 at Claude
11227-13 Harvey Van Burton MacKENNEY, 25, telegraph operator, of Inglewood, s/o Edward MacKENNEY & Ella STRIKE, married Catherine SMEATON, 28, of Inglewood, d/o William SMEATON, contractor, & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: A. E. SMEATON of 32 Melville Ave in Toronto & Bessie SMEATON of Inglewood, 25 March 1913 at Inglewood 11231-13 Thomas H. MARSHALL, 21, Orangeville, same, s/o Thomas G. MARSHALL, caretaker, & Ellen BOOTH, married Violet CAMPBELL, 21, Caledon, Orangeville, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL, laborer, & Mary SIRR, witn: William Henry CAMPBELL of Orangeville & J. A. LOVELL of Alton, 3 Sept 1913 at Alton
11233-13 John James MARTIN, 35, farmer, of Albion twp., s/o James MARTIN, farmer, & Ann McDONALD, married Jessie WILSON, 29, lady, of Caledon twp., d/o Irwin WILSON, farmer, & Mary SPEARS, witn: George Irwin & Mrs. George WILSON of Toronto, 17? Nov 1913 at res of the bride 11230-13 Thornton MARTIN, 29, Caledon, Albion, s/o James MARTIN, farmer, & Annie McDONALD, married Mildred GRAHAM, 20, Caledon, same, d/o Roden GRAHAM, farmer, & Caroline McKINLEY, witn: Aggie McDONALD & Mrs. E. MARSHALL, both of Mono Mills, 9 April 1913 at Mono Mills
11234-13 William Frank MASHINTER, 26, engineer, of Asquith Sask., s/o John MASHINTER, farmer, & Elizabeth BURNS, married Lillie MORRIS, 22, mill hand, of Alton, d/o Joseph MORRIS, farmer, & Catherine Jane BAKER, witn: Mrs. W.C. ARMSTRONG & Mrs. W. G. STOREY, both of Alton, 26 Nov 1913 at Alton 11237-13 Thomas Albert McALLISTER, 30, farmer, of King twp., s/o Thomas McALLISTER, farmer, & Janet MITCHELL, married Emily EDWARDS, 27, of King twp., d/o James EDWARDS, collier, & Sarah Jane CURTIS?, witn: Thomas L--COURES? & Ma--? WILLIAMS (ink blot), 17 Dec 1913 at Bolton
11247-13 Michael Joseph McCARTHY, 35, farmer, of Erindale, s/o Jeremiah McCARTHY, laborer, & Mary MURPHY, married Mary Agnes McCARTHY, 30, servant, of Boston, d/o Michael McCARTHY, laborer, & Mary BUSTED, witn: T. J. MADIGAN of Port Credit & Annie GESKE of Toronto, 2 Nov 1913 at Port Credit 11246-13 Melvin B. McCARTNEY, 27, farmer, Caledon, Chinguacousy twp., s/o Thomas McCARTNEY & Bertha BOWLES, married Edna WHEALY, 23, Port Huron US, Albion twp., d/o James WHEALY & Minnie WILSON, witn: Roy McCARTNEY of Caledon East & May DAVIS of Toronto, 26 Nov 1913 at Caledon East
  11239-13 William Edgar McCLELLAND, 21, farmer, Ballycroy, Rocanville Sask., s/o Robert James McCLELLAND & Almanda RAINEY, married Mary Alzina MASON, 26, Mono Mills, same, d/o Stuart MASON & Margaret Jane POTTER witn: R. M. MASON of Mono Mills & Mabel MULHOLLAND of 19 Woolfrey Ave in Toronto, 11 Feb 1913 at Mono Mills
11244-13 Samuel David McCLURE, 35, farmer, Pleasant Ont., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Janet Ethel DOLSON, 30, Norval Station, same, d/o Samuel DOLSON & Margaret Allen HARTLEY, witn: George H. LESLIE & M. Pauline DOLSON, both of Norval Station, 15 Oct. 1913 at Cheltenham 11238-13 William Garfield McCLURE, 31, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Thomas McCLURE, farmer, & Mary McDONALD, married Louisa HYATT, 30, Chinguacousy, same, d/o William HYATT, farmer, & Nancy McGILL, witn: William M. CATION of Mayfield & May SUMMERS of Thorold, 4 Feb 1913 at Chinguacousy twp
11241-13 Charles McGILLION, 25, of Dixie, s/o James McGILLION, gardener, & Rose McLAUGHLIN, married Henrietta COOK, 20, of Toronto, d/o Joseph COOK & Helen FITZGERALD, witn: Michael McKEOWN & Annie McGILLION, both of Dixie, 16 April 1913 at St. Patricks Church, Dixie 11245-13 Mike McGUIRE, 21, line man, of Campbellford, s/o Dennis McGUIRE & Kate CONNELY, married Ida May BLANCHARD, 18, of Brampton, d/o Thomas BLANCHARD & Fannie CLURSLEY?, witn: Rosa & Mrs. Rosa BROWN of Brampton, 26 Nov 1913 at Brampton
11242-13 Oliver John McINTOSH, 22, miller, Brampton, same, s/o James McINTOSH & Isabella HENDERSON, married Lottie May BROWNRIDGE, 24, Brampton, same, d/o Thomas BROWNRIDGE & Mary Jennie LITTLE, witn: Mary J. BROWNRIDGE & Anna E. PAUL, both of Brampton, 15 Sept 1913 at Brampton 11248-13 John Joseph McKINNON, 25, barrister, of Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Hector McKINNON, deceased farmer, & Ellen McDONALD, married Mary McGURK, 28, "lived retired", of Mayfield, d/o Joseph McGURK, merchant, & Mary Ann O'CONNOR, witn: William & Teresa McGURK of Mayfield, 25 Nov 1913 at Wildfield, Toronto Gore twp
11243-13 Donald McLAREN, 42, farmer, of Caledon, s/o Alexander McLAREN, deceased, & Isabella McNAB, married Margaret May SAGE, 37, of Caledon, d/o John SAGE, farmer, & Mary ANDREWS, witn: Grace McLAREN of The Grange - Caledon & Annie P. SAGE of Caldwell - Caledon, 8 Oct. 1913 at Caledon twp 11236-13 Robert Carter McLEOD, 28, farmer, of Claude, s/o Peter McLEOD, farmer, & Jane CARTER, married Janet Catherine McDOUGALL, 29, of Campbells Cross, d/o John McDOUGALL, farmer, & Margaret McDOUGALL, witn: Archie McDOUGALL of Campbells Cross & Esther GIFFEN of Alloa, 22 June 1913 at Campbells Cross
11240-13 Archibald McMURCHY, 43, widower, dyer, of Huttonville, s/o Donald McMURCHY & May McCOLLN?, married Elizabeth TRIPP, 24, house keeper, of Huttonville, d/o William John TRIPP & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn: Gilbert TRIPP of Huttonville & Annie SIMPSON of Brampton, 18 March 1913 at Brampton 11229-13 Garnet Wilmot MILLER, 23, CPR clerk, of Streetsville, s/o John Wesley MILLER, farmer, & Mary McCLURE, married Mary Edith CROZIER, 23, lady, of Streetsville, d/o Mary Edith CROZIER (sic), farmer, & Rosa CAVELL, witn: Rosa CROZIER & Ida MILLER, both of Streetsville, 30 April 1913 at Church of St. Re--?, Erindale
11228-13 Osmond O. MINNIKIN, 29, locomotive fireman, Canada, North Bay, s/o Thomas Dalston MINNIKIN & Susanna GIBSON, married Erva? Luella KELL, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o William Henry KELL & Ida Matilda ORMSBY, witn: F. K. CROW (Crain?) & H. M. JAFFRAY, both of Bolton, 15 April 1913 at Manse, Bolton 11235-13 Maurice Willmer MINO, 31, painter, Huttonville, Brampton, s/o John MINO & Jane BROWN, married Annie May SMITH, 20, Brampton, same, d/o James SMITH & Alice REYNOLDS, witn: Herbert SMITH & Priscilla HORSBURGH, both of Brampton, 9 Dec 1913 at Brampton
11226-13 Allan Clark MOODY, 37, widower, Etobicoke, Vaughan twp., s/o Thomas MOODY, farmer, & Susan PIERSON, married Ellen KITCHENER, 24, Toronto Gore, Vaughan twp., d/o Thomas KITCHENER, farmer, & Charlotte HUNT, witn: Duke IBBITSON & Isabella WILLIAMSON, both of Grahamsville, 23 Jan 1913 at Grahamsville 11232-13 James MORSON, 66, widower, miller, of Bolton, s/o Daniel MORSON, farmer, & Eliza WILSON, married Mrs. Mary SHEARDOWN, 55, widow, of Bolton, d/o James BURRELL, farmer, & Harriet SHEARDOWN, witn: Miss WESTNEY & Miss Estelle WESTNEY, both of Bolton, 23 Sept 1913 at Bolton
11249-13 Frederick William NEEDHAM, 34, Packenham, Port Colborne, s/o Thomas NEEDHAM, carpenter, & Jennie DICKSON, married Orva Myrtle BARTLETT, 23, Brampton, same, d/o William Henry BARTLETT, shoe maker, & Hannah TOWNSEND, witn: T. G. NEEDHAM of Pakenham & Etta M. BARTLETT of Brampton, 18 June 1913 at Brampton 11250-13 Alfred Clinton Brant NEVILLE, 27, banker, Toronto, same, s/o Richard NEVILLE & Frances CHILCOTT, married Olivia Mary GRAHAM, 23, Brampton, same, d/o E. G. GRAHAM & Tilla BRICKER, witn: E. Bricker GRAHAM of Pittsburgh PA & Gertrude STUTT of Dundas, 8 Oct. 1913 at Brampton
11255-13 George Norman PALLINGTON, 21, teamster, Hamilton, same, s/o Pabest PALLINGTON & Helen FORINEN?, married Helen Elby JORDAN, 20, Brampton, same, d/o Peter JORDAN & Mary HIGGINS, witn: Colin CAMERON of Etobicoke & Isabella CHARLTON of Brampton, 17 July 1913 at Brampton 11254-13 Charles PARSONS, 26, Hampshire England, Orangeville, s/o William PARSONS, signal man, & Emma SMITH, married Esther REID, 37, Orangeville, same, d/o William SMITH, farmer, & Esther PIPPING, witn: Mrs. Margaret ARMSTRONG & Elsie ROGERS, both of Alton, 25 June 1913 at Alton
11258-13 Henry Alexander PATTINSON, 22, fruit grower, of Clarkson, s/o Henry John PATTINSON, fruit grower, & Janet DIXON, married Cybella LIGHTFOOT, 26, of Clarkson, d/o James LIGHTFOOT, deceased, & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, witn: Norman & Blanaby LIGHTFOOT of Clarkson, 8 Oct. 1913 at Cooksville 11259-13 Jacob H. PILGER, 31, Muskoka, Gravenhurst, s/o Gustave PILGER, farmer, & Annie ROEHL, married Phyllis N. HURST, 17, of Dixie, d/o Edward HURST & Elizabeth DEDMAN, witn: J. W?. & Annie MORRISON of Dixie, 3 Dec 1913 at Dixie
11256-13 James Arthur PINNEY, 39, blacksmith, Norwich, 85 Baldwin St. in Toronto, s/o Gilbert PINNEY & Hannah SHERICK, married Lizzie Ritchie ROGERS, 28, divorced, Peel Co., Streetsville, d/o James ROGERS & Isabella RITCHIE, witn: Agnes MURPHY & Richard George DUCK, both of Port Credit, 29 Aug 1913 at Streetsville 11253-13 Alexander PIRIE, 25, farmer, of Burnhamthorpe, s/o John PIRIE & Elizabeth FINDLAY, married Ruth Ann Irene CLARKE, 18, of Burnhamthorpe, d/o Robert CLARKE, farmer, & Sarah Ann DAVEY, witn: Duncan & Mrs. Henry CURRY of Burnhamthorpe, 11 June 1913 at Malton
11251-13 Frederick David PORTER, 27, farmer, Leaside Junction, Thornhill, s/o John PORTER & Isabella FOY, married Mary Margaret HARRISON, 23, Malton, same, d/o John HARRISON & Hannah B. DALTON, witn: Norman Thomas PORTER of Thornhill & Rachel Ann HARRISON of Malton, 4 June 1913 at Malton 11257-13 Hugh Alfred POTTER, 45, farmer, Caledon, same, s/o Thomas POTTER & Eliza PARLEY, married Elizabeth WILSON, 31, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: Lilia WILSON of Bri--? & Garnet WILSON of Sandhill, 24 Sept 1913 at Chinguacousy
11252-13 Sydney Herman PRESTON, 47, widower, salesman, Ottawa, Clarkson, s/o George PRESTON & Mary ROCHESTER, married Agusta KORTRECHT, 36, USA, Toronto, d/o Charles KORTRECHT & Agusta BETTZ, witn: J. Frank DOW of New York & Christena CUMMINGS of Toronto, 12 June 1913 at Port Credit 11262-13 William Garner REED, 33, farmer, Mount Charles, Alloa, s/o William C. REED & Elizabeth K--?, married Lavina E. BREADNER, 27, Pleasant, same, d/o John BREADNER & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Robert BREADNER of Campbells Cross & Margaret BREADNER of Pleasant, 24 Dec 1913 at Pleasant
11260-13 Henry RUDD, 37, gardener, Arkell, same, s/o George Edward RUDD & Charlotte CARTER, married Minnie Elizabeth WHITLOCK, 37, of Brampton, d/o Isaac WHITLOCK & Emma E. FOGARTY, witn: Bert WHITLOCK & Mrs. G. GRAHAM, both of Brampton, 6 May 1913 at Brampton 11261-13 George Wesley RUTLEDGE, 34, boot maker, of Streetsville, s/o Edward RUTLEDGE, farmer, & Mary Ann BEATTY, married Mary Ella MALTBY, 26, teacher, of Stanley Mills, d/o Richard MALTBY, farmer, & Margaret WIRIG?, witn: William E. RUTLEDGE & Lillian Jessie MALTBY, 1 Oct. 1913 at res of the bride
11268-13 James Goodfellow SHAW, 24, farmer, Albion twp., same, s/o Thomas SHAW & Margaret GOODFELLOW, married Laura Reta BOWLES, "full age of 18", Chinguacousy twp., same, d/o Thomas BOWLES & Margaret LINDSAY, witn: Thomas Charles SHAW of Wildfield & Laura HICK of Mono Road, 21 Aug 1913 at Chinguacousy twp 11272-13 Ainslie Edward SHERMAN, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy twp., same, s/o Joseph SHERMAN & Annie KIRKPATRICK, married Helen Blanche MOORE, 25, Albion twp., same, d/o Robert MOORE & Jane BLAIR, witn: William H. SPARROW & Elsie M. S. SPARROW (or Sherman), both of Mono Road, 29 Oct. 1913 at 4th Line, Albion twp
11273-13 John Herman SIMPSON, 30, shipper, Missouri? USA, Toronto, s/o Thomas SIMPSON & Margaret Ann GUMMERSON, married Matilda Jane RITCHIE, 28, Dixie, same, d/o William RITCHIE & Rebecca WATT, win: Mary THOMPSON of Erindale & W.M. RITCHIE of Dixie, 8 Dec 1913 at Erindale 11264-13 William Dominic SMITH, 29, merchant, Tring England, Wildfield - Peel Co., s/o William SMITH & Jane BUSHBY, married Annie Maude Martha JOHNSTON, 25, Toronto Gore twp., Coleraine, d/o James JOHNSTON & Martha ATKINSON, witn: Harry SMITH of Wildfield & Laura NATRESS of Coleraine, 15 April 1913 at Coleraine
11269-13 Archibald John SMYTH, 31, locomotive engineer, of Prince Albert Sask., s/o Thomas SMYTH, deceased farmer, & Mary A. McVEAN, married Margaret Louisa DOHERTY, 28, of Castlemore, d/o Michael DOHERTY, farmer, & Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, witn: George Henry SMYTH of 1037 Keele St. Toronto & Frances L. DOHERTY of Wildfield, 5 Aug 1913 at St. Patricks Church, Toronto Gore 11266-13 Wilfred Stephen George SOUTH, 25, Toronto twp., Meadowvale, s/o Alfred? SOUTH, farmer, & Jennie MATTHEWS, married Ethel E. ORR, 24, Trafalgar twp., Meadowvale, d/o William D. ORR, farmer, & Sarah McKINNON, witn: E. J. SOUTH of Meadowvale & Mrs. Charles SPECK of Clarkson, 11 June 1913 at Meadowvale
11265-13 William SPARROW, 62, widower, farmer, of Chinguacousy twp., s/o not given, married Ellen GRIFFITHS, 50, widow, of Chinguacousy twp., d/o George & Mary D. ANDREWS, witn: A.M.M.G. PEPWORTH of Campbells Cross and W. WATSON & William BURT, both of Brampton, 6 Oct. 1913 at Brampton 11270-13 William Henry SPARROW, 29, farmer, of Caledon twp., s/o Thomas SPARROW, farmer, & Lucy WINNANS, married Elsie May SHERMAN, 25, lady, of Chinguacousy twp., d/o Joseph SHERMAN, farmer, & Annie KILPATRICK, witn: Amalie E. SHERMAN of Sandhill & Nellie MOORE of Macville, 1 Oct. 1913 at Chinguacousy twp
11263-13 Henry SPEIRS, 29, Chinguacousy twp., same, s/o William SPEIRS, farmer, & Sarah QUARRINGTON, married Lydia MARTIN, 25, Chemsford England, Brampton, d/o Joseph MARTIN, deceased, & Sarah KEELING, witn: Martha SPEIRS & Joseph CUNNINGTON, both of Mayfield, 26 Feb 1913 at Brampton 11271-13 Harry Pracey SUNLEY, 28, farm laborer, Walsingham England, Toronto Gore, s/o William Henry SUNLEY & Mary PRACY, married Mabel Jane WARNELL, 21, Walsingham England, Toronto Gore, d/o George Alma WARNELL & Annie Elizabeth KEAT, witn: Arthur & Florence Charlotte EASTGATE of Toronto Gore, 23 Aug 1913 at Toronto Gore
11274-13 William Edgar Roy SWACKHAMER, 24, mechanic, Norval, Huttonville, s/o J. F. SWACKHAMER & Jane BEATTY, married Ida Ann WOOD, 23, Chinguacousy twp., Huttonville, d/o Edward WOOD & Mary J. SMALLIDGES, witn: G. WOOD of Toronto & Edith WOOD of Huttonville, 10 Dec 1913 at Brampton 11267-13 Cecil SWANSON, 24, clergyman, of Erindale, s/o William George SWANSON, gentleman, & Sarah Sophia HUSTON (Hunton?), married Enid Maye SCHRIBER, 26, of Erindale, d/o Harry SCHREIBER (sic), gentleman, & Beatrice SCHREIBER, witn: H. W. SCHREIBER of Clarkson & Carol SCHREIBER of Toronto, 3 July 1913 at Erindale
11275-13 James Henry THOMSON (or Thompson, spelled both ways), 38, Churchville Ont., Brittania, s/o William THOMPSON, farmer, & Mary McCAID, married Edith Nellie DYER, 23, Devonshire England, Brittania, d/o Frank DYER, laborer, & Louisa WILLAN, witn: J. S. BECK & Mary A. LONG, both of Brampton, 5 May 1913 at Brampton 11276-13 Robert Dunsmore THORNTON, 29, dentist, Mayfield, Toronto, s/o Robert THORNTON & Jennie Allan DUNSMORE, married Annie Margaret FRASER, 29, Cheltenham, same, d/o Simon FRASER & Maria SLOAN, witn: W. T. FRASER of Cheltenham & A. S. THOMSON of 45 Kenneth Ave in Toronto, 18 June 1913 at Cheltenham
11278-13 Frank Thomas TIGHE, 32, vet. surgeon, Sandhill, Bolton, s/o Thomas TIGHE & Bridget MAHER, married Hilda Marie HARRISON, 22, Castlemore, same, d/o Nicholas HARRISON & Maria WILEY, witn: Frank & Louise HARRISON of Castlemore, 7 Aug 1913 at St. Patricks Church, Wildfield 11277-13 Benjamin Franklin TRIMBLE, 44, farmer, of Chinguacousy twp., s/o Alexander TRIMBLE & Margaret LANGLY, married Evelyn STANMORE, 25, of Brampton, d/o Edward & Mrs., witn: Mr. & Mrs. R. E. CHOATE of Brampton, 28 May 1913 at Brampton
11286-13 Percy WARR, 22, of Brampton, s/o William WARR & Emily COGGINS, married Emma Mae HOSKINS, 23, of Brampton, d/o Henry HOSKINS & Henrietta CANN, witn: William G. STEWART of Brampton & F. H. HOSKINS of Credit Forks, 20 Aug 1913 at Brampton 11279-13 John Amos WATERHOUSE, 26, Lambton Mills, Rosetown Sask., s/o Martin WATERHOUSE, foreman, & Mary PARKER, married Hannah Victoria GOLDTHORPE, 23, Cooksville, same, d/o J.J. GOLDTHORPE, farmer, & Martha J. GRAFTON, witn: J.J. GOLDTHORPE of Cooksville & Lena WATERHOUSE of Lambton Mills, 29 Jan 1913 at Toronto twp
11287-13 George William WATSON, 20, teamster, Ewhurst - Sussex England, Ontario St. in Toronto, s/o George William WATSON & Sarah POWELL, married Irene JENNISON, 19, Manchester England, Inglewood, d/o William JENNISON & Elizabeth TURNER, witn: Elizabeth HUNTER of Inglewood & George MARSH of Toronto, 25 Dec 1913 at Inglewood 11283-13 Frederick Henry WHITE, 25, paper ruler, Belfast Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John WHITE & Ellen MORROW, married Lauretta Irene INGRAM, 20, Brampton, same, d/o Herbert INGRAM & Adelade ELLIS, witn: Dorothy INGRAM of Brampton & Richard ASHBEY of Hamilton, 1 Sept 1913 at Brampton
11285-13 James Edward WIDDIS, 23, farmer, Mono twp., Caledon twp., s/o William WIDDIS & Jane HARKNESS, married Olive May McARTHUR, 20, Paris Ont., Caledon twp., d/o Neil McARTHUR & Mary Jane WILSON, witn: Erid? Gordon McARTHUR of Caledon twp & Sarah Lila BURNS of Belfountain, 17 Oct. 1913 at Belfountain 11282-13 George Cecil WILLIAMS, 20, shoe maker, Galt, Brampton, s/o George L. WILLIAMS & Mary MORGAN, married Viola Deretta ORR, 20, Meadowvale, same, d/o John ORR & Rosana AITCH?, witn: Edna FLETCHER of Brampton & George SPROULE, 25 June 1913 at Meadowvale
11280-13 Richard WILLIAMS, 31, farmer, of Vaughan, s/o Richard WILLIAMS, farmer, & Annie EVANS, married Sarah McMURCHY, 27, of Toronto Gore, d/o Duncan McMURCHY, farmer, & Margaret HUNTER, witn: Lumley WILLIAMS of East York & Margaret McMURCHY of Gore, 12 March 1913 at Toronto Gore twp 11281-13 Robert Pickern WOODILL, 25?, farmer, of Woodhill - Toronto Gore, s/o William Thomas WOODILL, farmer, & Ann FLEMING, married Jessie Irene JULIAN, 22, of Castlemore, d/o John George JULIAN, farmer, & Elizabeth GEE, witn: William Thomas WOODILL of Woodhill & John George JULIAN of Castlemore, 19 March 1913 at Castlemore
11284-13 Thomas Stuart WORKMAN, 25?, mason, Norval, Brampton, s/o Thomas WORKMAN & Sarah Jane McMASTER, married Annie Maude DILLS, 33, Nanticoke, Brampton, d/o George DILLS & Sarah Eliz. CHISOM, witn: Etta DILLS of Acton West & Frances ALEXANDER of Arden Ont., 3 Sept 1913 at Brampton