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Peel Co., 1875

birth place is given before residence


8603-76 James ARMOUR, 22, laborer, Vaughan twp., Chinguacousy, s/o Alexander ARMOUR & Christina, married Sarah E. BURNS, 20, Toronto twp., Churchville, d/o William BURNS & Evelina, witn: James THOMPSON & Mary BURNS, both of Churchville, 21 Sept 1875 at not given 7208-75 William BALLS, 21, drover, Mono, Caledon, s/o William & Margaret, married Jane PEDLOW, 22, Albion, same, d/o David & Ann, witn: Peter ARCHDEKIN of Caledon & Harriet PEDLOW of Albion, 31 March 1875 at Methodist Parsonage, Mono Mills
7218-75 Joseph BARNABY, 40, farmer, England, Albion, s/o Stephen & Jane, married Mary CARR, 38, widow, England, Albion, d/o John RATCLIFFE & Rachel, witn: John CORLESS of Bolton & Mary Ann WILLIAMS of Alton, 1 Dec 1875 at Bolton 7244-75 William Henry BARTLETT, 23, boot & shoe maker, England, Brampton, s/o John BARTLETT & Mary, married Hannah TOWNSEND, 19, Canada, Brampton, d/o John TOWNSEND & Elizabeth, witn: John & Elizabeth STONEHAM of Brampton, 17 Feb 1875 at Brampton

7212-75, (Peel Co), George BEAMISH, 28, farmer, Canada, Albion, s/o Richard & Sarah Ann not given, married Emily WHALEN, 28, Canada, Albion, d/o Joseph & Mary not given, wtn: illegible & Eliza BOLTON of Toronto, 24 Feb 1875, Bolton [faded reg’n]

8453-76 John H. BENNETT, 28, doctor, Canada, Milton, s/o Joseph & Annie, married Esther Jane ALDERSON, 23, Summerville, same, d/o James & Caroline, witn: N. L. ALDERSON of Summerville & Rosanna SHAVER of Etobicoke, 18 Nov 1875 at Summerville

7217-75, (Peel Co), Samuel BLAKEMAN, 36, widower, farmer, England, Minto, s/o john & Elizabeth BLAKEMAN, married Hannah BERNATT, 27, widow, Canada, Vaughan, d/o Benjamin & Ann Jane SNELL, wtn: George F. WALLACE & Ann Jane SNELL both of Vaughan, 28 June 1875, Vaughan

7255-75 Charles Eugene Allen BREDAN, 24, farmer, Ireland, Halton Co., s/o Edgar BREDAN & Caroline, married Laura MITCHELL, 24, Peel Co., same, d/o Charles MITCHELL & Isabella, witn: John STEWART of Toronto & Mary MITCHELL of Peel Co., 13 Oct 1875 at Trinity Church, Streetsville
7306-75 James BROWN, 28, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o James BROWN & Mary, married Sarah SLOAN, 23, Canada, Caledon, d/o John SLOAN & Mary Ann, witn: James BAUX & Archibald BROWN, both of Caledon, 11 March 1875 at Chinguacousy 7245-75 J. Raymond BRYER, 29, teacher, England, Toronto twp., s/o Josiah PARSONS (sic) & Maria PARSONS, married Letitia REID, 24, Canada, Toronto twp., d/o William PARSONS (sic) & Jane PARSONS, witn: Ellen NESBITT of Grahamsville & Arthur REID of Toronto twp., 25 Feb 1875 at Toronto twp
7305-75 Thomas Edwin CAMPBELL, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Seth CAMPBELL & Elizabeth, married Minnie HILL, 29, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Francis CAMPBELL & Catherine, witn: Thomas & M. illegible of Chinguacousy, 16 Nov 1875 at res of guardians, Chinguacousy [faded reg'n] 7256-75 Peter CARBERRY, 27, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o John CARBERRY & Nancy A. McSHERRY, married Keziah A. CRAWFORD, 19, Streetsville, same, d/o Hiram CRAWFORD & Mary POLLARD, witn: Peter O’HARA of Trafalgar & Margaret J. HYLAND of Toronto twp., 5 April 1875 at Catholic Church, Dixie
7220-75 George CARTER, 22, farmer, Caledon Ont., Albion, s/o Joseph & Jennett, married Margaret McWADE, 19, Albion, Vaughan, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: John McWADE & Elizabeth HISLOP, both of Vaughan, 15 Dec 1875 at Vaughan [reg'd in Bolton] #007268-75  Mennotte CASSINI, 32, decorator, Italy, Port Credit, s/o Carlotta & William Ricciotti CASSINI, married Susan Zyppora WILCOX, 18, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o James WILCOX & Phoebe MYERS, witn: Henry WILCOX & Wilhelmina GUNN, both of Pt. Credit, 9 June 1875 at Port Credit
#008510-76  Thomas CASWELL, 26, lawyer, Kingston, Toronto, s/o William CASWELL & Mary JOHNSON, married Isabella McCONNELL, 24, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn: Albert OGDEN of Toronto & Agnes McCANDLESS of Brampton, 13 Oct 1875 at Chinguacousy, 7251-75 Henry CHAPMAN, 26, cabinet maker, Canada, Toronto Gore, s/o Robert CHAPMAN & Ann, married Sarah Ann STEEL, 17, Canada, Toronto twp., d/o George STEEL & Mary, witn: Thomas PETERS of Etobicoke & Mary Jane STEEL of Toronto twp., 6 April 1875 at Brampton
7242-75 John Thomas CLARRIDGE, 21, farmer, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o William & Susan, married Mary FAIRGREAVES, 22, Ireland, Chinguacousy, d/o James & Letitia, witn: Annie JOHNSTON of Kincardine & Peter McGRATH of Brampton, 8 Jan 1875 at Brampton 7243-75 Thomas CLIFFORD, 34, widower, gentleman, Weston, Brampton, s/o James CLIFFORD & Ellison McGLASHAN, married Ellen Eliza JONES, 19, Port Hope, Brampton, d/o Thomas JONES & Matilda FRY, witn: Arthur W. JONES & Elizabeth Jane FAIR, both of Brampton, 29 Jan 1875 at Brampton
#007269-75  James E. CLIPSHAM, 25, blacksmith, England, Morrison twp., s/o Michael & Mary, married Mary E. SANDERSON, 22, Toronto twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: George WILCOX of Toronto twp & Mary NIXON of Chinguacousy twp., 23 June 1875 at Toronto twp #007264-75  George COPELAND, 24, farmer, Chinguacousy, Toronto twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Minerva DEVELLE, 20, Canada, Burnhamthorpe, d/o William & Maria, witn: John COPELAND of Toronto twp & Jane ELLIOTT of Burnhamthorpe, 3 March 1875 at Burnhamthorpe
7286-75 Robert CORBETT, 22, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John CORBETT & Mary Ann, married Caroline HUSTON, 17, Canada, Caledon, d/o Robert HUSTON & Mary Jane, witn: James HUSTON of Mono & Farquhar McQUARRIE? of Amaranth, 14 Sept 1875 at Caledon [faded reg'n] 8449-76 Peter Henry COX, 23, gentleman, England, Paris Ont., s/o Samuel S. COX & Jane TAYLOR, married Ann Selina HARRIS, 29, Ontario, Toronto twp., d/o James B. HARRIS & Elizabeth MALONEY, witn: Frederick D. HAMATT? of Paris & Lucy HARRIS of Toronto twp., 17 Nov 1875 at St. Peters Church, Springfield
#007262-75  Mark CROSS, 48, widower, hostler, Cambridgeshire England, Cooksville, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Caroline SPENCER, 49, widow, South America, Cooksville, d/o William & Louisa PRICE, witn: William TAYLOR & Edway WATTERHOUSE, both of Cooksville, 10 Feb 1875 at Cooksville #007267-75  Robert C. CROSS, 36, farmer, Ireland, Plympton, s/o Arthur & Eliza, married Mary Ann SUTCLIFFE, 25, Ireland, Toronto twp., d/o Joseph & Ann, witn: George McKENZIE of Plympton & Maria PEARSON of Toronto twp., 24 May 1875 at Meadowvale
  #008459-76  John A. DALE, 23, farmer, Toronto twp., Churchville, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Margaret Jane McCUTCHEON, 21, Ireland, Toronto twp., d/o Joseph & Isabella, witn: Simeon JOYCE & Rachel DALE, both of Toronto twp., 29 Dec 1875 at Toronto twp
7250-75 James DAVEY, 21, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William DAVEY & Sarah, married Margaret HINDLE, 21, Chinguacousy, same, d/o John HINDLE & Faith, witn: William & Harriet HINDLE of Chinguacousy, no date given, at Brampton 7291-75 John DAWSON, 29, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Thomas DAWSON & Jane, married Margaret DELANEY, 19, Canada, Caledon, d/o Samuel DELANEY & Mary Ann, witn: William illegible of Mono, 28 Oct 1875 at Caledon [faded reg'n]
7263-75 Frederick Henry DENIS, 20, knitter, USA, Springfield, s/o Samuel DENIS & Charlotte, married Elizabeth Sophia SKOYLES, 20, England, Springfield, d/o John SKOYLES & Sophia, witn: Edwin TURNER of Springfield & Edway WATTERHOUSE of Cooksville, 10 Feb 1875 at Cooksville 7284-75 John James DODDS, 35, farmer, widower, Canada, Caledon, s/o James DODDS & Nancy Ann, married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, 24, England, Caledon, d/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth, witn: John L. DODDS & Thomas HARRISON, both of Caledon, 1 July 1875 at Charleston
8602-76 George DOGHERTY, 27, agent for medical instruments, St. Vincent, Claude, s/o John DOGHERTY & Hannah, married Martha SHANNON, 22, Chinguacousy, same, d/o James SHANNON & Elizabeth, witn: Corbet DOGHERTY & Elizabeth E. BURCHELL, both of Claude, 6 Oct 1875 at not given 11581-75, (Peel Co), Bartholomew ECLANDS, 32, farmer, s/o see end & Mary not given, married Margaret McKEE, 23, Ontario, Chinguacousy, d/o John & Mary Ann McKEE, wtn: Richard J. W. THOMPSON of Albion & Elizabeth McKEE of Chinguacousy, 6 Jan 1875, Bolton (The father died when the bridegroom was an infant he never knew his father’s name)

8596-76 William ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Robert ELLIOTT & Elizabeth, married Sarah BRADLEY, 22, Albion, same, d/o Edward BRADLEY & Elizabeth, witn: William EDWARDS of Albion & Jane BRADLEY of Toronto, 10 Nov 1875 at Albion

7219-75 William ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Albion, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Sarah BRADLEY, 22, Albion, same, d/o Edmond & Elizabeth, witn: William J. EDWARDS of Albion & Jane E. BRADLEY of Toronto, 10 Nov 1875 at Albion
8495-76  Robert ELLISON, 38, blacksmith, Ireland, Oneida twp., s/o Mathew & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane McPHERSON, 28, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph McBRIDE of Hagersville & Dolby McPHERSON of Salmondville, 26 Oct 1875 at Chinguacousy 8623-76 Thomas FAIR, 20, store keeper, Toronto, Alloa, s/o not known, married Charlotte Annie HARMSWORTH, 18, St. Johns England, Alloa, d/o James HARMSWORTH & Harriet, witn: Isaac WEST & Magdalena WEST, both of Brampton, 25 Dec 1875 at not given
7280-75 Angus FERGUSON, 27, farmer, Scotland, Osprey, s/o Neil FERGUSON & Catherine, married Margaret McNEVIN, 2, Canada, Caledon, d/o Donald McNEVIN & Ann, witn: Duncan FERGUSON of Osprey & John McEACHREN of Erin, 8 June 1875 at Caledon 8609-76 George W. FERIN, 23, hotel keeper, England, Malton, s/o John FERIN & Margaret ROBINSON, married Mary Ann McCOURT, 21, Canada, Malton, d/o Andrew McCOURT & Mary LAMMEY, witn: Thomas GOWLAND & Jane ADAIR, both of Malton, 7 Dec 1875 at Brampton
7298-75 William FINES, 23, farmer, Vaughan, Toronto Gore, s/o Norris FINES & Ann BLACKBURN, married Janet McGEACHIE, 21, Scotland, Toronto Gore, d/o Duncan McGEACHIE & Flora McINTYRE, witn: Donald McGEACHIE & Hannah FINES, both of Toronto Gore, 10 Feb 1875 at 8th Con of Toronto Gore [faded reg'n] 8622-76 James FORD, 34, farmer, Canada, Trafalgar, s/o George FORD & Margaret, married Fanny ANDERSON, 21, Canada, Brampton, d/o Henry ANDERSON & Sarah, witn: William BRADLEY (Brady?) & John E. STERLING, both of Brampton, 29 Dec 1875 at Brampton
8595-76 John FREELAND, 26, plasterer, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Josias FREELAND & Margaret, married Harriet WOODYARD, 22, Canada, Albion, d/o John WOODYARD & Mary Ann, witn: John WOODYARD & Ruth HUTCHINSON, both of Albion, 28 Oct. 1875 at Albion  
7240-75 John Thomas FULLER, 28, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Lerr (Levi?) FULLER & Sarah HAFFEY, married Elizabeth MOTHERSELL, 16, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Joseph MOTHERSELL & Elizabeth McCLEAN, witn: Joseph MOTHERSELL Jr. & Miss DOLSON, both of Chinguacousy, 28 Jan 1875 at Chinguacousy 8629-76 Alexander GARVIN, 24, farmer, Canada, Georgetown, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Margaret KENNEDY, 18, Canada, Georgetown, d/o James & Jane, witn: John TAYLOR of Stanley Mills & William SANDERS of Grahams Mills, 24 Nov 1875 at Brampton
7273-75 George Robert GLASSFORD, 23, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John GLASSFORD & Mary, married Catherine McHUGH, 19, Canada, Caledon, d/o Thomas McHUGH & Jane, witn: Emily Ann GLASSFORD of Albion & John McHUGH of Caledon, 11 Feb 1875 at Mono Mills 7210-75, (Peel Co), John GLASSFORD, 30, farmer, U.S.A., Albion, s/o John & Mary Ann GLASSFORD, married Mary McBRIDE, 22, Caledon, Albion, d/o James & Catherine McBRIDE, wtn: S. H. LEIGHTON & Ellen McBRIDE both of Caledon, 25 Feb 1875, Albion (also 7274-75)

8468-76  Thomas GOWLAND, 27, farmer, Buffalo USA, Toronto twp, s/o George & Sarah, married Sarah Jane SHORT, 20, Canada, Toronto twp, d/o Benjamin & not given, witn: John MOORE & Mary E. SHORT, both of Toronto twp, 22 Dec 1875 at Toronto twp

#008458-76  John HAINSHAW (Hamshaw?), 27, manufacturer, Charleston Ont. Lanark, s/o William & Mary, married Agnes McKEITH, 22, Cobourg, Toronto twp., d/o William & Mary, witn: David BRECKENRIDGE & Mary McKEITH of Toronto twp., 29 Dec 1875 at Toronto twp
#007265-75  Orange HALL, 27, carpenter, Churchville, same, s/o Zalmon & Sarah, married Ellen Sophia WATTS, 19, Dixie, same, d/o Nicholas & Sophia, witn: William ANDERSON of Toronto twp & Florence A. WATTS of Dixie, 3 March 1875 at Dixie 8597-76 Thomas Alexander HAMILTON, 22, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o Alexander HAMILTON & Jane, married Mary Ann ROLLEY, 18, Albion, same, d/o Richard ROLLEY & Ann, witn: Thomas GUEST of Adjala & Louisa ROBINSON of Albion, 29 Dec 1875 at Albion
8488-76 John HARRIS, 23, shoemaker, Toronto twp., Toronto twp., s/o Samuel & Charlotte, married Ann Moreton MOORE, widow, 45, Ireland, Toronto twp., d/o William & Ann DUCKETT. . Witnesses William D. TAYLOR and Mary TAYLOR of Streetsville. 30 July 1875 at Streetsville, Toronto twp

7214-75, (Peel Co), Alfred HEACOCK, 25, farmer, Whitchurch Ont, Albion, s/o Levi & Mary HEACOCK, married Mary CLARK, 22, Chinguacousy, Chinguacousy, d/o James & Elizabeth CLARK, wtn: Thomas CLARK of Chinguacousy & Ruth HUTCHISON of Albion, 29 May 1875, Bolton

7211-75, (Peel Co), William Giles HEWSON, 24, Methodist minister, England, East Gwillimbury , s/o Giles & Esther HEWSON, married Elizabeth NIXON, 28, Albion, Albion, d/o Henry & Barbara NIXON, wtn: Fred NIXON of Albion & Hannah GLAZIER of Chinguacousy, 28 June 1875, Albion

8628-76 John Robert HILL, 26, farmer, Canada, Whitby, s/o Samuel & Olive, married Jane TRUEMAN, 22, Canada, Brampton, d/o John & Dinah, witn: Sarah B. TRUEMAN? of Caledon & Trueman LOWES of Brampton, 15 Dec 1875 at Brampton
8494-76  Henry HINDLE, 24, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John & Faith, married Mary ADAMS, 20, Chinguacousy, same, d/o John ADAMS & Ann NEIL, witn: Samuel ADAMS & Mary HINDLE, both of Chinguacousy, 16 Nov 1875 at Cheltenham 8497-76 Wesley HOCKLEY, 20, mechanic, Norval, same, s/o Thomas HOCKLEY & Hannah, married Mary Jane MINO?, 20, Lot 16 Con 6W of Chinguacousy, d/o James MINO & Mary Ann, witn: Robert COOPER of Esquesing & James MINO of Chinguacousy, 24 Dec 1875 at father’s residence
7258-75 Alfred HOWARD, 27, blacksmith, Quebec, same, s/o William HOWARD & Sophia, married Esther Annie CAMPLIN, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Edward CAMPLIN & Lucy, witn: Sydney & Miss W. RICH of Streetsville, 24 May 1875 at Streetsville 8451-76 William Frederick IRWIN, 28, merchant, Ontario, Toronto twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Evangeline JOHNSTON, 18, Toronto twp., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: J. E. & Lavina JOHNSTON of Toronto twp., 17 Nov 1875 at Toronto twp
7239-75 John JACKSON, 22, farmer, Vaughan, Chinguacousy, s/o John JACKSON & Mary, married Susan Elizabeth ACROID (Akroyd?)?, Vaughan, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph ACROID & Susanna, witn: Henry WEIR & James JACKSON, both of Chinguacousy, 20 Jan 1875 at Chinguacousy 7293-75 William JOHNSON, 24, laborer, England, Caledon, s/o John JOHNSON & Naomi, married Eliza LESTER (Lister?), 23, England, Caledon, d/o James LESTER & Elizabeth, witn: Charles BYAM? & Elizabeth RUST, both of Caledon, 2 Nov 1875 at Caledon [faded reg'n]

11582-75, (Peel Co), James JOHNSON, 39, yeoman, Ontario, Bolton, s/o James & Catherine JOHNSON, married Frances EVANS, 26, Ontario, Bolton, d/o George & Margaret EVANS, wtn: Albert E. HARPER & Margaret Jane ROBERT both of Bolton, 1 Feb 1875, Bolton

8450-76 George JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary A. IRWIN, 21, Toronto twp., same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: James E. JOHNSTON of Toronto & M. LESLIE (of either Toronto or Toronto twp), 18 Nov 1875 at Toronto twp
8553-76 George JONES, 26, farmer, Ontario, Albion, s/o George JONES & Mary, married Elizabeth WALTON, 21, Ontario, Albion, d/o Isaac WALTON & Elizabeth, witn: James WALTON of Bolton & Elizabeth JONES of Albion, 15 Dec 1875 at Albion  
7289-75 Joseph LAGEER, 28, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, s/o James LAGEER & Ann, married Jane BATES, 19, Canada, Caledon, d/o William BATES & Maria, witn: Joseph & John RAYBURN of Caledon, 18 Oct 1875 at Charleston #008509-76  Danby LAIDLAW, 27, farmer, Toronto Gore, Chinguacousy, s/o John LAIDLAW & Jane FRANCE, married Esther Ann WIGGINS, 21, Chinguacousy, same, d/o John WIGGINS & Elizabeth HARRIS, witn: William LAIDLAW & Elisa Jane WIGGINS, both of Chinguacousy, 2 June 1875 at Chinguacousy,
7292-75 Joseph Wilson LEMON, 22, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o William LEMON & Jane, married Emma MENZIES, 17, Canada, Alton, d/o Alexander MENZIES & Rebecca, witn: Robert McCLELLAN & Isabella MENZIES, both of Caledon, 1 Dec 1875 at Alton 7223-75 Wesley LINDSAY, 25, farmer, Albion, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Sarah Ann DAVISON, 22, Toronto twp., Albion, d/o Percy & Elizabeth, witn: George BAILEY of Gore of Toronto & Margaret DAVISON of Albion, 30 Dec 1875 at Albion

8594-76 Thomas LITTLE, 25, farmer, Ottawa, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas LITTLE & Elizabeth, married Catherine Ann SHAW, 19, King, same, d/o John SHAW & Rosanna, witn: Hector BOLTON & William BONNAR, 5 Jan 1875 at Albion

7290-75 John LIVINGSTONE, 29, railroad clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Duncan LIVINGSTONE & Susan, married Susan ANDERSON, 24, Canada, Caledon, d/o William ANDERSON & Susan, witn: Robert ANDERSON of Toronto & Peter ANDERSON of Port Elgin, 19 Aug 1875 at Caledon
7215-75, (Peel Co), Archibald LOCK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Albion, s/o Walter & Annis LOCK, married Margaret MARTIN, 23, England, Albion, d/o John & Jane MARTIN, wtn: John MARTIN & Ann LOCK both of Albion, 17 March 1875, Bolton 7253-75 John LYONS, 23, farmer, Holland, Caledon, s/o George LYONS & blank, married Mary Jane CLIFTON, 26, Toronto twp., Caledon, d/o Thomas CLIFTON & Mary, witn: Joseph CLIFTON & Lydia DAWSON, both of Caledon, 12 June 1875 at Brampton
7295-75 Alexander McCABE, 25, farmer, Canada, Albion twp., s/o Thomas McCABE & Ellen, married Jane HART, 21, Canada, Toronto Gore twp., d/o Robert HART & Jane, witn: William HART & Sarah Ellen FIGG, both of Toronto Gore, 22 Sept 1875 at Toronto Gore 7277-75 William C. McCLELLAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John McCLELLAN & Mary, married Catherine CONLEY, 21, Canada, Caledon, d/o Alexander CONLEY & Mary, witn: Joseph McMILLAN & Sarah CONLEY, both of Caledon, 6 Jan 1875 at Caledon [faded reg'n]
8481-76  David McCRAW, age 23, farmer, of Toronto twp., s/o John McCRAW & Helen NICHOL, married Mary Jane TRUEMAN, age 18, born Whitby Ont., resident of Toronto twp., d/o William TRUEMAN and Jane MOORE., witnesses Robert SPEERS of Toronto twp and Emily SWARTENBURGER of Hamilton, Jan 14, 1875 at Toronto twp 07312-75  Malcolm McCOLLUM, 27, farmer, King, same, s/o Duncan McCOLLUM & Jane McKECHREN, married Amelia CAIN, 22, Chinguacousy, same, d/o William CAIN & Sarah YOUNG, witn: William CAIN & Maggie JAMIESON, both of Chinguacousy, 9 Dec 1875 at Chinguacousy
8584-76 Thomas McCOMB, 28, merchant, Ireland, Brampton, s/o Thomas McCOMB & Sarah KENNEDY, married Minnie BLACKBURN, 20, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o James BLACKBURN & Mary PATTON, witn: Thomas BLACKBURN & Margaret ARMSTRONG, both of Toronto Gore, 2 June 1875 at Toronto Gore 8604-76 William Henry McFADDEN, 24, barrister, Picton, Goderich, s/o William McFADDEN & Susannah, married Jennie CHISHOLM, 25, Brampton, same, d/o Kenneth CHISHOLM & Margaret, witn: George WATSON & Charles HOLMAN, both of Toronto, 13 Oct 1875 at Brampton
  8631-76 Peter McGRATH, 32, mechanic, widower, Ireland, Brampton, s/o Peter McGRATH & Elizabeth GERMAN, married Janet JOHNSTON, 30, widow, Scotland, Brampton, d/o William JOHNSTON & Isabella HALLIDAY, witn: George ROSOE? & Mary FAIRGRAVE?, both of Brampton, 14 May 1875 at Brampton
7285-75 Allan McKINNON, 22, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John McKINNON & Mary, married Mary Ann McKINNON, 24, Canada, Caledon, d/o Farquhar McKINNON & Mary, witn: Allan & James McKINNON of Caledon, 18 March 1875 at Caledon 7247-75 Andrew McKNIGHT, 21, telegraph operator, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert McKNIGHT & Elizabeth ADAMS, married Matilda COOLEY, 22, widow, Chinguacousy, Brampton, d/o Alpheus CLARRIDGE & Ann McLEAN, witn: Charles COSTIRE? of Berlin & Allie CLARRIDGE of Chinguacousy, 3 Feb 1875 at Brampton
7288-75 William McMASTER, 34, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o David McMASTER & Jane, married Ann Jane JOHNSTON, 33, Canada, Caledon, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Margaret Jane, witn: Robert JOHNSTON of Caledon, 4 Oct. 1875 at Caledon 7287-75 Benson McNICHOL, 24, merchant, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Thomas McNICHOL & Eliza, married Sarah SNELL, 24, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o John SNELL & Mary Ann, witn: John C. SNELL of Chinguacousy & Samuel McNICHOL of Caledon, 27 Sept 1875 at Chinguacousy (also 7310-75)
#008457-76  Archibald McPHAIL, 28, school teacher, Nova Scotia, Islington, s/o Archibald & Ann, married Isadore FOGERTY, 20, Niagara Falls USA, Churchville Ont., d/o Thomas A. & Susan, witn: Isaac & Emma E. WHITLOCK of Churchville, 22 Dec 1875 at Churchville

8499-76 John Thomas MERRY, 28, farmer, Esquesing, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas MERRY & Maria, married Martha Sophia CAMPBELL, 25, Campbells Cross, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph CAMPBELL & Isabella, witn: James Henry CAMPBELL & Louisa COUSINS, both of Campbells Cross, 15 Dec 1875 at Campbells Cross

8586-76 Thomas NATTRESS, 26, farmer, Toronto Gore, same, s/o Thomas NATTRESS & Ann, married Jane SLEIGHTHOLM, 26, Toronto Gore, same, d/o Francis SLEIGHTHOLM & Ann, witn: William NATTRESS & Victoria SLEIGHTHOLM, both of Toronto Gore, 30 Dec 1875 at Toronto Gore 7216-75, (Peel Co), William NEIL, 24, farmer, Ontario, Minto, s/o John & Elizabeth NEIL, married Catherine SCOTT, 25, Ontario, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert & Margaret SCOTT, wtn: Thomas NEIL of Arthur & Martha M. SCOTT of Chinguacousy, 17 June 1875, Chinguacousy
07311-75  David NEILSON, 23, farmer, Esquesing Ont, same s/o Andrew & Janet NEILSON, married Samantha Hannah RICE, 23, Chinguacousy, same d/o Jonathan & Charlotte RICE, wit: William FLEMING & Amanda RICE, 1 Dec 1875 at Chinguacousy 7222-75 Thomas NEWLOVE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Albion, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret WILSON, 30, England, Albion, d/o Joseph & Rebecca, witn: Isaac WALTON & Margaret CARBERY, both of Albion, 30 Dec 1875 at Bolton
8448-76 William NEWMAN, 23, laborer, Ontario, Port Credit, s/o Thomas NEWMAN & Sarah GRANT, married Isabella HARE, 23, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o Charles HARE & Sarah ANDERSON, witn: William HARE of Port Credit & Jane NEWMAN of Springfield, 16 Nov 1875 at Port Credit 7270-75 Thomas NOBLE, 30, Ontario, Toronto twp [rest of registration is blank]
7283-75 John S. NUNN, 21, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Samuel NUNN & Mary, married Martha Ann MATHES, 17, Canada, Caledon, d/o Nicholas MATHES & Susan (adopted d/o John BROWN), witn: James BROWN & John FRANK, both of Caledon, 1 July 1875 at Charleston 7252-75 Leonard ODLUM, 21, farmer, Canada, Toronto Gore, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Elizabeth COULTER, 20, Ireland, Toronto Gore, d/o William COULTER & Martha, witn: Catherine S. JOLLIFFE & Jane FOSTER, both of Brampton, 7 (9?) March 1875 at Brampton
7257-75 Bernard OWENS, 23, hired man, Streetsville, same, s/o Patrick OWENS & Ellen McCUSKER, married Mary A. HICKS, 22, USA, Streetsville, d/o Paul HICKS & Anne MINNICKS, witn: Antony MADDEN & Mary MORRISSEY, both of Streetsville, 24 May 1875 at RC Church, Streetsville 8578-76 John E. PEAREN, 26, marble cutter, Canada, Toronto, s/o John PEAREN & Ann, married Hannah E. WARD, 22, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o Robert WARD & Hannah, witn: Thomas PEAREN & Ann WARD, both of Toronto Gore, 2 Sept 1875 at Toronto Gore
8583-76 William PETTY, 25, laborer, England, Toronto twp., s/o Charles PETTY & Mary PEARSON, married Agnes SMITH, 26, Scotland, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert SMITH & Euphemia McKAY, witn: Charles PETTY of Woodhill & Helen WARD of Toronto Gore, 3 June 1875 at Toronto Gore 7221-75 George PHILLIPS, 23, farmer, Albion, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Sarah CARSON, 24, Albion, Bolton, d/o Anson & Eleanor, witn: George LOUGHEED of Albion & Elizabeth McKEE of Schomberg, 15 Dec 1875 at Bolton
8613-76 Jeremiah PICKERING, 25, farmer, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o William PICKERING & Elizabeth, married Maria Jane IRVING, 26, Canada, Toronto twp., d/o Charles IRVING & Harriet, witn: Charles IRVING & Margaret ARMSTRONG, both of Toronto twp., 2 June 1875 at Brampton 7275-75 William PINKNEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John PINKNEY & Tamar, married Margaret CURRIE, 23, Caledon, Erin, d/o Peter CURRIE & Margaret, witn: Lachlan CURRIE of Erin & James PINKNEY of Caledon, 31 March 1875 at Caledon
#008462-76  William READMAN, 28, blacksmith, Toronto twp., same, s/o Michael & Sarah, married Johannah WAITE, 26, Toronto twp., d/o Matthew & Letitia, witn: Michael READMAN & Letitia WAITE, both of Toronto twp., 29 Dec 1885 at Toronto twp

8625-76 Thomas L. READMAN, 21, farmer, Cooksville, Toronto twp., s/o Michael READMAN & Sarah McGINNES, married Catherine Mary TRACEY, 21, Pickering, Toronto twp., d/o Thomas TRACEY & Frances LEVANS, witn: Thomas Elijah TRACEY & Mary Ellen READMAN, both of Toronto twp., 24 April 1875 at Brampton

  7296-75 John RILLY, 27, farmer, Canada, King twp., s/o John RILLY & Ann CRANNY, married Charlotte McGILL, 21, Canada, King twp., d/o Archibald McGILL & Charlotte MELAN, witn: Thadeus RILLY & Jane CRANNY, both of King twp., 19 April 1875 at Toronto Gore
8501-76 John N. ROADHOUSE, 22, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Joseph ROADHOUSE & Margaret, married Sarah A. ATKINSON, 21, Castlemore - Albion twp, same, d/o Robert ATKINSON & Sarah, witn: George ROADHOUSE of Albion & Salina ATKINSON of Castlemore, 22 Dec 1875 at Sandhill 7213-75, (Peel Co), David ROBB, 31, widower, farmer, Down Co Ireland, King Twp Ont, s/o William & Jane ROBB, married Martha PRINGLE, 21, King, King Twp Ont, d/o John & Mariah PRINGLE, wtn: Joseph PRINGLE of King & Mary HUNT of Bracebridge, 24 March 1875, Bolton
7207-75 William ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Toronto Gore, same, s/o Abel & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann BURKHOLDER, 22, Vaughan, Albion, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: John ROBINSON of N. Gwillimbury & Sarah PHILLIPS of Albion, 24 Feb 1875 at Albion 7254-75 Thomas Walter ROBINSON, 29, butcher, Peel Co., Streetsville, s/o Thomas ROBINSON & Sarah, married Eliza Jane ATKINSON, 24, Toronto, Streetsville, d/o William ATKINSON & Ann, witn: Henry GLENDINNING & Emma ATKINSON, both of Streetsville and Joseph MASON of Halton Co. & Catherine ROBINSON of Hamilton, 7 July 1875 at Streetsville
7249-75 William Rose SCOTT, 29, merchant, Luther, res not given, s/o William R. SCOTT & Mary, married Emma E.E. DAWSON, 21, Brampton, res not given, d/o Joseph DAWSON & Mary, witn: Charles WILSON & William DAWSON, both of Brampton, 24 June 1875 at Brampton #007261-75  Lewis SHAIN, 33, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o William & Eunice, married Jemima JOHNSTON, 29, Kitley twp., Toronto twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: James B. MARLATT of Postville & Sarah E. JOHNSTON of Barrie, 13 Jan 1875 at Toronto twp
7281-75 Thomas SLOAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John SLOAN & Mary, married Elizabeth MORRIS, 23, Canada, Caledon, d/o Joseph MORRIS & Martha, witn: Thomas SMITH & Samuel McNICHOL, both of Caledon, 23 June 1875 at Caledon  
7294-75 Hugh Robert SMITH, 24, farmer, Canada, Erin twp., s/o Henry SMITH & Ellen, married Ellen McDONALD, 24, Canada, Caledon, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Elizabeth, witn: illegible of Erin & Lovella? McDONALD of Caledon, 8 Dec 1875 at Caledon [faded reg'n] 7279-75 Donald SMITH, 33, farmer, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o Andrew SMITH & Catherine, married Maggie McGREGOR, 28, Canada, Caledon, d/o John McGREGOR & Isabella, witn: Hugh SMITH of Chinguacousy & Malcolm McGREGOR of Caledon, 24 May 1875 at Caledon
7238-75 John Nelson SPENCE, 40, widower, farmer, New York state, same, s/o Balden SPENCE & Roksie KELLOG, married Harriet VRADENBURGH, 24, widow, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Nathan VRADENBURGH & Rebecca BAIKIE, witn: William & Susan VRADENBURGH of Chinguacousy, 3 Jan 1875 at Brampton 8620-75 William SPENCE, 22, farmer, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o William & Jane SPEIRS (sic), married Sarah CUNNINGTON, 22, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph & Margaret CUNNINGTON, witn: Robert THORNTON & Elizabeth CUNNINGTON, both of Chinguacousy, 22 Dec 1875 at Brampton
7209-75, (Peel Co), Robert STEPHENSON, 25, farmer, Ireland, Wallace Twp, s/o James & Eleanor STEPHENSON, married Ellen Jane STINSON, 22, Albion, Albion, d/o Edward & Mary Jane STINSON, wtn: Robert STINSON & Margaret STINSON both of Albion, 31 May 1875, Mono Mills Methodist parsonage 7246-75 John STEWART, 39, carpenter, Toronto twp., Brampton, s/o Benjamin STEWART & Ann, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 22, Chinguacousy, Brampton, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Ann, witn: Richard BLAIN & John ROBERTSON, both of Brampton, 18 Feb 1875 at Brampton

#007259-75  Charles Henry STRONG, 21, tavern keeper, Streetsville, Toronto twp., s/o Moses & Mary, married Sarah GALBRAITH, 18, Springfield, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: John W. MITCHELL & Charles ANDERSON, both of Toronto twp., 21 Jan 1875 at Streetsville

8612-76 Leonard SUGGETT, 24, baker, Canada, Brampton, s/o Leonard SUGGETT & Mary Ann, married Susan Ann HILL, 20, Canada, Brampton, d/o Edward HILL & Mary Ann, witn: William HILL & Charlotte SUGGETT, both of Brampton, 28 April 1875 at Brampton
8502-76 John C. SWITZER, 35, carpenter, widower, Albion, Bolton, s/o William SWITZER & Elisa, married Martha SPARROW, 21, Albion, same, d/o William SPARROW & Martha, witn: Albert HARPER of Bolton & Sarah SPARROW of Albion, 29 Dec 1875 at Albion  
7241-75 Thomas John THOMPSON, 22, printer, Goderich, Toronto, s/o William THOMPSON & Lucinda, married Maggie Jane SEWELL, 22, Ireland, Brampton, d/o James SEWELL & Ann, witn: D. CLARK of Toronto & J. SEWELL of Brampton, 27 Jan 1875 at Brampton 7282-75 Joseph S. THOMSON, 38, farmer, Canada, Whitby, s/o John THOMSON & Jane, married Mary S. WATSON, 28, Carnworth Scotland, Caledon, d/o Thomas WATSON & Barbara, witn: Mungo YOUNG of Erin & Agnes WATSON of Caledon, 29 June 1875 at Caledon
7279-75 William TILINEY, 42, widow, farmer, England, Orangeville, s/o James TILINEY & Rose Ann, married Margaret DUNBAR, 36, widow, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o Samuel DUNBAR & Susan, witn: George & Mary Ann WEBBER of Mono, 8 June 1875 at Melville, Caledon 7276-75 Valentine TYSON, 25, farmer, England, Caledon, s/o William TYSON & Ann, married Sarah BLASHILL, 35, England, Erin, d/o Isaac BRIGHT? & Sarah, witn: William BLASHILL of Erin & Ann McCARTHY of Caledon, 12 Jan 1875 at Caledon
8455-76 Benjamin UPSHALL, 25, farmer, Ontario, Chinguacousy, s/o Charles & Mary, married Sarah LUNDY, 18, Toronto twp., Derry West, d/o Francis LUNDY & Jane LAWN, witn: Francis LUNDY of Derry West & Victoria UPSHALL of Chinguacousy, 8 Dec 1875 at Derry West #008461-76  Cyrus W. UTTER, 25, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret WAITE, 26, Toronto twp., same, d/o Isaac & Ann, witn: J.S. DEACON of Malton & A. INGLEHART of Trafalgar, 29 Dec 1875 at Toronto twp.
8454-76 George Andrew WADDELL, 28, farmer, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o Alexander & Martha, married Susan McCLELLAND, 23, Ireland, Toronto tp., d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: H. WADDELL of Cavan twp & G. McCLELLAND of Toronto twp., 2 Dec 1875 at Toronto twp 7206-75 Abraham WALTON, 23, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Abraham & Mary, married Ellen BLAIN, 20, King, Albion, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Isaac WALTON & Jane BLAIN, both of Albion, 23 Dec [no yr given, may be 1874] at Albion
  8362-76 (Oxford Co): William WATKINS, 34, widower, merchant, Norwich England, Glenwilliams, s/o John & Sophia, married Zephy Matilda Maria FOSTER, 27, widow, Streetsville, Glenwilliams, d/o George & Ann Eliza HAWKINS, witn: D?. A. COOPER of Glenwilliams & Alice Ann HAWKINS of Woodstock, 12 Oct 1875 at Woodstock
#008452-76  David WEDGEWOOD, 33, farmer, Ontario, Toronto twp., s/o William WEDGEWOOD & Mary SMITH, married Margaret MOORE, 22, Toronto twp., same, d/o Robert MOORE & Agnes SOUTH, witnesses were Robert MOORE of Brampton & Maggie LOUGHEED of Toronto twp., Nov 17, 1875 at Derry West 8496-76 Alexander Ralph WHYTE, 26, merchant, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o William WHYTE & Margaret, married Minnie Eveline LUKE, 22, Oshvin? (Oshawa?) Ont., Chinguacousy, d/o Miles LUKE & Sarah, witn: Washington LUKE of Chinguacousy & C. ESHERY? of East Flamboro, 16 Dec 1875 at Chinguacousy
8621-76 George WILSON, 30, laborer, England, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas WILSON & Hannah, married Rachel A. HENRY, 19, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o Hugh HENRY & Margaret, witn: John TOPHAM & Lizzie McPHERSON, both of Chinguacousy, 29 Dec 1875 at Chinguacousy 8456-76 William WILSON, 33, farmer, Streetsville, same, s/o John & Ann, married Margaret McFARLAND, 17, Brampton, Toronto twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: James DOUGLAS & Margaret WILSON, both of Toronto twp., 14 Dec 1875 at Toronto twp
8552-76 William WREY (Wray?), 21, farmer, Ontario, Tecumseth, s/o William WREY & Ann, married Jane Ann STEWART, 22, Ontario, Albion, d/o John STEWART & Mary, witn: William McNEE & Elizabeth STEWART, both of Albion, 15 Dec 1875 at Bolton