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Peel Co., 1886

birth place is given before residence


#009443-87 (Peel Co): Edward ABERNATHY, 26, harness maker, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert & Mary, married Ruth WEIR, 24, Canada, Sandhill, d/o David & Elizabeth, witnesses were John O. & Frances FLETCHER of Streetsville, 15 Oct., 1886 at Streetsville  
9249-86 Thomas H. ALLWELL, 24, farmer, Quebec, Toronto twp., s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary CORDINGLY, 34, Toronto twp., same, d/o Charles & Rebecca, witn: Thomas CORDINGLY & Annie ALLWELL, both of Toronto twp., 15 Sept 1886 at Toronto twp #009230-86 (Peel Co): John F. ALWELL, 23, farmer, Artemesia, Notawa, s/o James ATWELL & Mary ELLIOTT, married Mary ELMOR, 24, King, Albion, d/o Thomas ELMOR & Mary McKAY, witn: Edward ELMOR of Albion & Agnes McCAW of Bolton, 24 Feb 1886 at Albion
009215-86 (Peel Co.) Charles William ANDREWS, 22, station agent, Canada, Caledon, s/o John & Mary Jane ANDREWS, married Catherine Ann BROWN, 19, Canada Caledon, d/o David & Margret BROWN, wtn . Margret & Peter BROWN both of Alton, Apr 29 1886 at Alton 009193-86 (Peel Co.) William John ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Jane ROWAN, married Mary Elisa DICKSON, 23, Essa Township, same, d/o William DICKSON & Rosanna ARMSTRONG, wtn. John & Ann Jane TROUGHTON of Chinguacousy, June 23 1886 at Edmonton
009202-86 (Peel Co.) John Peter ARNOTT, 25, school teacher, Ontario, Chinguacousy, s/o Henry & Letitia ARNOTT, married Georgina CHESTER, 18, Ontario, Chinguacousy, d/o Isaac George & Mary Ann CHESTER, wtn. James H. CONOVER of Chinguacousy & Luella COOK of Toronto Township, December 29, 1886 at Chinguacousy #009205-86 (Peel Co) Henry ARNOTT, 30, Toronto Township, same, b, farmer, s/o James ARNOTT & Mary MASON, married Elizabeth Lousinda VANCE, 24, Chinguacousy, same, s, d/o John VANCE & Elen OVENS, witn: John Peter ARNOTT, Sarah Ann GRAYDON, both Chinguacousy, married 13 October 1886, Chinguacousy
009165-86 (Peel Co.) Robert C. BAMFORD, 27 contractor, Streetsville Ontario, Listawel, s/o Christopher and Mary BAMFORD, married Lydia ATKINSON, 26, Streetsville, Streetsville, d/o William and Ann ATKINSON, wtn, John BAMFORD of Listowel & Martha HERON of Toronto, August 31, 1886 at Streetsville #9182-86 (Peel Co) Alexander BANKS, 25, Albion, Bolton, farmer, s/o Finlay & Ann BANKS, married Ann Jane CORLESS, 21, Albion, same, d/o John & Mary Ann CORLESS, married 8 December 1886 Bolton
9259-86 Matthew H. BEATTY, 28, farmer, Ontario, Trafalgar, s/o Matthew & Catherine, married Lucy Maud BARR, 21, Ontario, Toronto twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: W. & H.L. WILCOX of Cooksville, 24 Feb 1886 at City of Toronto [reg'd in Toronto twp] #009211-86 (Peel Co): William George BIBLE, 23, mechanic, Albion, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Amelia Dixon LYONS, 18, Adjala, Albion, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: William R. WAINES & Sarah E. BIBLE, both of Albion, 16 Nov 1886 at lot 24, con 7, Albion
009179-86 (Peel Co.) William H. BROOKS, 23, farmer, Canada, Township of Minto, s/o Edward & Mary J. Brooks, married Maggie Priscilla WHITE, 20, Canada, King, d/o Robert & Mrs. R. WHITE, witn. Frank THOMPSON of King & Lydia A. BROOKS of Minto, October 25, 1886 at Bolton 9264-86 Nathaniel BROWN, 22, teamster, Ontario, Streetsville, s/o John & Charlotte, married Eliza BONNACOSE, 18, Hammondburg, Streetsville, d/o John & Jane, witn: Samuel McKENZIE of Streetsville & Annie BONNACOSE of Cooksville, 21 April 1886 at Cooksville
009176-86 (Peel Co.) Thomas BROWNLEE, 25, farmer, Vaughan, Vaughan, s/o Archibald and Annie Hamilton BROWNLEE, married Elizabeth AGAR, 20, Vaughan, Vaughan, d/o Robert and Margaret Laurie AGAR, wtn. Henry William ELLIS of Vaughan and Josephine AGAR of Albion, October 13, 1886 at Bolton 9036-85 James B. BUCHEN, 23, farmer, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o has BUCHEN & Susan, married Sarah Ann MALTBY, 25, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o William MALTBY & Mary, witn: Isaac MALTBY of Chinguacousy & Emma GOODMAN of Caledon, 14 Jan 1886 at not given
009180-86 (Peel Co.) Thomas BUCKLE, 25, labourer, England, Albion, s/o William & Mary Ann BUCKLE, married Annie REEVE, 23, England, Albion, d/o Charles & Harriett REEVE, witn. George H. & Margaret B. WOOD of Bolton, November 6, 1886 at Bolton 009178-86 (Peel Co.) William F. CALDWELL, 27, farmer, Albion, Albion, s/o Charles & Ann CALDWELL, married Elizabeth J. PHILLIPS, 22, Vaughan, Albion, d/o John & Margaret PHILLIPS, wtn. Jesse E. PHILLIPS & Ann CALDWELL of Albion, Nov. 3 188? at Bolton
009188-86 (Peel Co.) Donald CAMPBELL, 36, farmer Esquesing Tp, Erin Tp, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Elizabeth McMILLAN, married Mary Jane LYONS, 28, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Thomas LYONS and Sarah Ann STARRETT, witn Thomas LYONS & Elisabeth M. DOLSON of Chinguacousy, March 10, 1886 at Chinguacousy 009200-86 (Peel Co.) Anderson Murray CAMPBELL, 37, blacksmith, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William CAMPBELL and Jane MURRAY, married Margaret MUNN, 27, widow, Co. Halton, Chinguacousy, d/o of James SHAUD (Shand?) & Caroline BRAIN, witn. Joseph LEFLOR of Brampton & Walter HENDERSON of Chinguacousy, December 29, 1886 at Chinguacousy
9140-86 Joseph CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Toronto, Caledon, s/o Charles CAMPBELL & Eliza RAY, married Janet McLAUGHLIN, 28, Caledon, same, d/o Alex McLAUGHLIN & Bethia HOUSTON, witn: John & B. DOUGLAS, 6 May 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 009174-86 (Peel Co.), Isaac CARR, 65, widower, farmer, Ireland, Albion, s/o Robert and Catherine CARR, married Ann Jane TATE, 59, widow, Ireland, Collingwood Township, d/o Robert and Margaret GIBBON, wtn. Margaret WOOD of Bolton and Lillie S. JOHNSTON of Hamilton, August 27, 1886 at Bolton
  9035-85 Charles CARVER, 70, widower, gardener, England, Brampton, s/o John CARVER & Amelia, married Christena FOSTER, 63, widow, England, res not given, d/o Mathias GADEM? & Jane, witn: John HAGGERT & Sarah McGEE, both of Brampton, 7 Jan 1886 at not given
9145-86 William George CAVAN, 23, cattle dealer, Kentucky USA, Brampton, s/o John Cado? CAVAN & Jane CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth LEWIS, 24, Streetsville, Brampton, d/o Richard LEWIS & Julia BOWEN, witn: J. G. SNELL of Edmonton & Carrie LEWIS of Brampton, 29 April 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] #009242-86 (Peel Co): William CONLEY, 23, farmer, Caledon, same, s/o Donaly & Catherine, married Mary JONES, 22, Orangeville, Caledon, d/o Andrew & Grace, witn: J.E. & A.M. FOX, both of Mono Mills, 22 Nov 1886 at Mono Mills
9153-86 James H. COOK, 25, carpenter, Canada, Brampton, s/o Thomas & Julia, married Elizabeth BELLAS, 25, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o William & Annie, witn: Daniel HELPSTOCK? of Brampton & Lavina? BELLAS of Chinguacousy, 1 Dec 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 009214-86 (Peel Co.) William Josh. CORBETT, 21, F (farmer?), Canada, Orangeville, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth CORBETT, married Margret E. CONLEY, 19, Canada, Caledon, d/o Archibald & Euphemia CONLEY, wnt. Daniel CONLEY of Caledon & Esther CORBETT of Orangeville, March 9, 1886 at Caledon
  009173-86 (Peel Co.), George C. CRESOR, 21, farmer, Canada, King Township, s/o Carleton and Maria CRESOR, married Elizabeth WOOD, 21, Canada, King Township, d/o Emanuel and Mary Ann WOOD, wtn. J.J. BELL of Bolton and Amy O. CLEMENT of Norval, July 12, 1886 at Bolton
9258-86 George CULHAM, 38, farmer, Ontario, Toronto twp., s/o James & Mary, married Jane JACKSON, 25, Ireland, Toronto twp., d/o James & Jane, witn: George GARBUTT & Maria WALKER, 27 Jan 1886 at Toronto Gore 9134-86 James CUNDELL, 22, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o William CUNDELL & Ann WOOD, married Frances HARCOURT, 24, Malton, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: Mrs. J. D. McLAREN & Miss M. PRINGLE, both of Brampton, 13 April 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009190-86 (Peel Co.) William J. DAVIDSON, 27, farmer, Caledon, same, s/o Thomas & Ann DAVIDSON, married Harriet McNICO--?(cut off), 28, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Dunchan McNICO(cut off) & Susan McNICOL(cut off?), witn John PATTERSON of Caledon and Rose SHOOK of Brampton, February 18, 188?(last digit cut off) at Chinguacousy #009204-86 (Peel Co) Steven DENSMORE, 29, Chinguacousy, Bruce Co Ont, b, farmer, s/o "Did not get names of parents", married Sarah HINDEL, 26, Chinguacousy, same, s, d/o John & Mary HINDLE (sic), witn: William HINDEL, Robert THORNTON, both Chinguacousy, married 29 Dec 1886, Chinguacousy
009213-86 (Peel Co.) Irvine DODDS, 32, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o William & Jane DODDS, married Mary Ann VANWYCH, 29, Canada, Caledon, d/o Cornelius & Rachel VANWYCH, wtn. Margaret DODDS & Harry VOELDON both of Caledon, March 31 1886 at Caledon #009240-86 (Peel Co): William DODSWORTH, 24, railway laborer, Canada, Palgrave, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Sarah WALKER, 23, Canada, Palgrave, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Joseph A. DOUPE of Albion & Maria DODSWORTH of Palgrave, 10 Nov 1886 at St. Albans Church, Palgrave
009195-86 (Peel Co.) Eli DOLSON, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William D. DOLSON & Jannette McCLAREN, married Annie Isabella MERCER, 24, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Levi MERCER & Elizabeth ORTH, wtn. Hugh Aiken DOLSON & Caroline MERCER of Chinguacousy, September 22, 1886 at Chinguacousy 9039-85 William DRINKWATER, 52 (82?), widower, gentleman, England, Brampton, s/o John DRINKWATER & Mary TIMES?, married Frances LARGE, 42, widow, Chinguacousy, Brampton, d/o Adam SPINKS (Spiver?) & Mary BLAKELY, witn: William DOBSON & Ruth HETHERINGTON, both of Brampton, 22 Jan 1886 at Brampton
9143-86 Thomas L. DUNCAN, 24, machinist, Ontario, Galt, s/o James B. & Ann, married Oliva MANES, 24, Ontario, Brampton, d/o Thomas MANES & Mary BROWN, witn: W. E. & George M. DUNCAN, 1 June 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 9263-86 William DUNTON, 31, farmer, Ontario, Toronto twp., s/o James & Dianna, married Sarah Emily WAITE, 28, Toronto twp., same, d/o Isaac & Ann, witn: Mary Alberta DUNTON of Toronto twp & Robert J. WILSON of Toronto, 24 Feb 1886 at Toronto twp
009186-86 (Peel Co.) William EARLY, 27, farmer, Canada, Co. Halton Ont, s/o James & Jane EARLY, married Matilda Jane LESLIE, 20, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Joseph & Matilda LESLIE, witn. Eliza Ann (?) EARLY of Esquesing & Edward Oscar MADILL of Orangeville, Jan 20 1886 at Chinguacousy 009189-86 (Peel Co.) Alexr P. FAWCETT, 27, widower, editor & publisher, Euphrasia Tp., Flesherton (Artemesia Tp.), s/o Robert FAWCETT & Eliza RUTLEDGE, married Margarite CARBERRY, 22, Chinguacousy, same, d/o James CARBERRY & Isabella LINDSAY, witn. J. Alfred CORBERT of Toronto & William PARSONS of Orangeville, January 2 1886 at Chinguacousy
#009519-87 William FLETCHER, 45, Chinguacousy Twp, same, widower, farmer, s/o Robert & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Martha POINTER, 36, England, Toronto Twp, widow, d/o John WILSON, witn Butler WILSON, Mary Jane McCLURE, both Toronto Twp, married 17 February 1886, Toronto Twp #009243-86 (Peel Co): John GARBUTT, 30, farmer, England, Albion, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann WILSON, 23, Albion, same, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Albert GARBUTT & Maria DODSWORTH, both of Albion, 1 Dec 1886 at Palgrave
9172-86 James D. GOODFELLOW, 34, farmer, Albion, Bolton, s/o James & Marion, married Minnie BRADLEY, 21, Bolton, same, d/o William & Henrietta, witn: Alexander WITHERSPOON & Lillie BRADLEY, both of Bolton, 21 April 1886 at Bolton 9152-86 George GRAHAM, 22, mechanic, Brampton, same, s/o George & Emily, married Sarah Jane PRESS, 27, Aurora, Brampton, d/o Simon & Nancy (Mary?), witn: Ann HUNTER, 21 Sept 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009199-86 (Peel Co.) Joseph GRAHAM, 58, farmer, Toronto Township, same, s/o James & Jane GRAHAM, married Mary Elizabeth WIGGINS, 22, Chinguacousy, same, d/o David WIGGINS & Elizabeth WATSON, wtn Samuel WIGGINS & Mary Ann WATSON both of Chinguacousy, December 29, 1886 at Chinguacousy 009210-86 (Peel Co.) Armous GRAY, 34, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o John & Hannah GRAY, married Anne Jane PATTERSON, 24, Canada, Caledon, d/o John & Jane PATTERSON, wtn John GRAY & Susannah ALLISON of Caledon, Feb 16 1886 at Caledon East.
  #009244-86 (Peel Co): James W. HALL, 24, carriage maker, York Co., Peel Co., s/o Joseph HALL & Rebecca McCLURE, married Maggie E. DIXON, 24, Peel Co., Albion, d/o William DIXON & Margaret DEAN, witn: Albert HALL & Lillie F. DIXON, both of Sandhill, 29 Dec 1886 at Mono
9541-87 Henry Albert HARPER, 26, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Henry HARPER & Mary FOSTER, married Margaret NEWLOVE, 24, Albion, same, d/o William NEWLOVE & Maria RIDDLE, witn: Alfred Thomas HARPER & Angeline NEWLOVE, both of Albion, 15 Dec 1886 at Albion 9154-86 Silas HARTMAN, 40, widower, farmer, Vaughan, same, s/o William HARTMAN & Mary E. APPLETON, married Hannah Isabella KING, 36, Trafalgar, Brampton, d/o John KING & Hannah H. TISDALE, witn: Josiah R. SNIDER & Mary Margaret FRASER, both of Chinguacousy, 22 Dec 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009198-86 (Peel Co.) William HEBDEN, 30, farmer, Ontario, Chinguacousy, s/o William HEBSTEN (HEBDEN?) & Mary THIRTON, married Mary LIGHTHEART, 20, Ontario, Chinguacousy, d/o Edward LIGHTHEART & Harriet PUCKERING, wtn. Henry PERDUE of Chinguacousy & Elizabeth HEBDEN, December 22, 1886 at Chinguacousy 9159-86 Andrew HENDERSON, 25, tobacconist, Perth, Hamilton, s/o Andrew & Jane, married Annie McDONALD, 26, Caledon, same, d/o Jas? HENDERSON (sic) & Mary, witn: David McDONALD of Caledon & Mary BECKER of Streetsville, 29 Dec 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009168-86 (Peel Co.) Andrew HENDERSON, 28, farmer, Albion, Albion, s/o Thomas and Mary HENDERSON, married Margaret Amelia LOUGHEED, 20, Osprey Township, Albion, d/o Abraham and Mary Ann LOUGHEED, wtn. George JOHNSTON & Eliza Ann HENDERSON of Albion, January 19, 1886 at Bolton #009237-86 (Peel Co): Herbert HENNING, 27, farmer, Canada, Wingham, s/o James & Mary, married Mary Hannah STEELE, 24, Canada, Albion, d/o John & Mary, witn: Isaac STEELE & Maggie NEWLOVE, both of Albion, 13 April 1886 at Albion
9171-86 Charles HERBERT, 40, widower, mechanic & painter, England, Caledon, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Ellen WESTLAKE, 32, widow, Canada, Sandhill, d/o Michael DIXON & Maria, witn: Joseph W. COLEY & Ellen BARONS, both of Bolton, 15 April 1886 at Bolton 009177-86 (Peel Co.) Henry HESP, 29, farmer, King, Albion, s/o David and Elizabeth HESP, married Bella WALKUP, 23, Artemesia, Bolton, d/o Samuel and Sarah WALKUP, wtn. James Fry of King and Louisa Ann HESP of Albion, October 20, 1886 at Bolton
9222-86 George HORNBY, 23, farmer, Canada, Toronto twp., s/o William & Hannah M., married Louisa SHAW, 24, Canada, Malton, d/o Arthur & Sarah, witn: Edward SHAW of Mary APPLEBY, 24 Feb 1886 at Toronto Gore #009238-86 (Peel Co): Samuel HUDSON, 60, widower, farmer, England, Adjala, s/o James & Eliza, married Elizabeth MOORE, 51, widow, Ireland, Adjala, d/o John & Catherine KINGSBOROUGH, witn: Robert & Annie CAMPBELL of Palgrave, 28 Sept 1886 at Palgrave
9139-86 William HURST, 25, telegrapher, Brampton, Buffalo NY, s/o William & Margaret, married Elizabeth Mary TYE, 25, Brampton, same, d/o George & Ruth, witn: Susie M. & Henry LEASK, 21 April 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 9141-86 Andrew JACKSON, 22, farmer, Sweden, Chinguacousy, s/o Jacob ANDERSON & Eliza, married Jennie HUNTER, 26, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Robert HUNTER & Thomas (sic) DOOL, witn: Harry LEASK & Maggie WHITE, both of Brampton, 12 May 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009192-86 (Peel Co.) Frank JACKSON, 28, farmer, Vaughan, Chinguacousy, s/o John & Margarite JACKSON, married Elizabeth SPIERS, 23, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Peter & Margarite SPIERS, wtn. Seward JACKSON & Margarite SPIERS of Chinguacousy, June 16, 1886 at Chinguacousy #009239-86 (Peel Co): Alfred JAFFARY, 35, farmer, Albion, same, s/o John JAFFARY & Elizabeth BROCKLEBANK, married Elizabeth Annie NEWLOVE, 20, Albion, same, d/o James NEWLOVE & Hannah WHITTAM, witn: Edmund JAFFARY of Albion & Annie WATSON of Holly Park, 10 Nov 1886 at Albion
9147-86 Peter JORDAN, 34, farmer, Nova Scotia, Toronto Gore, s/o Jacob JORDAN & Helen PETRAY?, married Mary E. HIGGINS, 23, Ontario, Toronto Gore, d/o Thomas HIGGINS & Nelly ELLERBY, witn: Frederick BOWLBY (Bowley?) & Isabella PRINGLE, both of Brampton, 14 July 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] #009231-86 (Peel Co): Thomas A. KELLAM, 31, farmer, Rainham, Etobicoke, s/o John & Rachel, married Ellen Woodell WILSON, 27, Albion, same, d/o Isaac & Jane, witn: Joseph SOMAS of York & Sarah Ann WILSON of Peel, 18 Feb 1886 at Albion
9250-86 Peter E. KELLEY, 23, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o Ryerson & Catherine, married Eliza T. SLOAN, 22, Esquesing, Toronto twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: John LESLIE of Esquesing & Elizabeth SLOAN of Clarkson, 22 Sept 1886 at Clarkson #009234-86 (Peel Co): Thomas KENNEDY, 30, station agent, Garafraxa twp., Palgrave, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Fanny STEELE, 28, Toronto twp., Macville, d/o John & Mary, witn: Kerr STEELE & Maggie NEWLOVE, both of Macville, 9 June 1886 at Macville
9245-86 James Andrew LAIRD, 30, carpenter, Norval, same, s/o Peter LAIRD & Catherine MILLER, married Esther H. McCLURE, 24, Streetsville, Toronto twp., d/o Thomas McCLURE & Sarah MORROW, witn: Thomas A. & Thomas McCLURE and Sarah & Hugh MORROW, all of Streetsville, 27 Jan 1886 at Streetsville  
009196-86 (Peel Co.) John Peter LESLIE, 25, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John S. & Ann LESLIE, married Sarah WATKINS, 20, Esquesing, Chinguacousy, d/o Benjamin & Mary Ann WATKINS, wtn. John Lyons LESLIE of Esquesing & Anne COOK of Toronto, November 10, 1886 at Chinguacousy. 009187-86 (Peel Co.) Thomas LYONS, 30, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Thomas LYONS & Sarah Ann STARRETT, married Elisabeth DOLSON, 19, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Stephen DOLSON & Mary Ann McHANE, witn. Hamilton LYONS & Anne J. CLARKE of Chinguacousy, March 17 1886 at Chinguacousy
009167-86 (Peel Co.) Joseph MAW, 31, Travelling Agent, Albion, Albion, s/o Thomas and Mary MAW, married Mary GOODFELLOW, 21, Albion, Bolton, d/o Adam and Alice GOODFELLOW, wtn. Alfred MAW, Albion and Jane GOODFELLOW of Bolton, January 27, 1886 at Bolton 009220-86 (Peel Co) John Samuel MAY, 24, carriage trimmer, Canada, Orangeville, s/o James & Caroline MAY, married Mary Ann BACON, 24 years, Canada, Caledon, d/o James & Sarah Jane BACON, wtn. Joseph I. & Maryann Elizabeth WATSON of Caledon, Dec. 1 1886 at Caledon
9524-87 Thomas Henry MAY, 28, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o Robert & Ann Jane, married Mary Coyne COOK, 25, Ontario, Toronto twp., d/o Peter & Ann, witn: Sarah A. CORDINGLY of St. Marys & Robert A. BUCK of Trafalgar twp., 22 Dec 1886 at Toronto twp #009203-86 (Peel Co) William C. McBRIDE, 31, Chinguacousy, Claude, b, farmer, s/o Daniel & Ann McBRIDE, married Josephine CAMPBELL, 29, Campbell's Cross, same, s, d/o Abraham & Bridget CAMPBELL, witn: Miss M. SCOTT, J.P. McBRIDE, both Chinguacousy, married 20 December 1886, Campbell's Cross
#9183-86 (Peel Co) James McCAULEY, 40 , Ireland, Albion Twp., widower, s/o Francis & Eleanor McCAULEY, maried Mary DONALDSON, 39, Mono, Albion, widow, d/o Alexander & Mary DONALDSON, married 21 September 1886, Bolton 009183-86 (Peel Co.) Francis McCAULEY, 40, widower, farmer, Ireland, Albion, s/o Francis & Eleanor McCAULEY, married Mary DONALDSON, 39, widow, Mono, Albion, d/o Alexander & Mary DONALDSON, witn Katy NOBLE of Bolton, September 21, 1886 at Bolton
#009229-86 (Peel Co): Andrew Thomas McDONALD, 32, farmer, New Brunswick, Hullett twp., s/o John McDONALD & Matilda LATTA, married Louisa Ann McDOUGALL, 26, Albion, same, d/o John McDOUGALL & Mary CALDWELL, witn: William SYMINGTON of Colborne twp & Mary Emma McDOUGALL of Albion, 19 Jan 1886 at Albion 009181-86 (Peel Co.) Thomas McKINNON, 27, farmer, Vaughan, Toronto, s/o Donald & Margaret McKINNON, married Mary Ann McKINNON, 23, Caledon, same, d/o Hugh & Euphemia McKINNON, witn. Joseph T. WATSON of Kleinberg PO (?) & Eliza MUIR of Caledon, December 8, 1886 at Bolton.
#009233-86 (Peel Co): John McLAUGHLIN, 23, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Rebecca BRYAN, 22, King twp., same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: John BRYAN of King & Sarah A. McLAUGHLIN of Tecumseth, 2 June 1886 at Palgrave 9156-86 Roland B. McROBERTS, 32, book keeper, Troy - Brant Co., Esquesing, s/o Bryce McROBERTS & Margaret BRUSH? (Brust?), married Ann WANSBOROUGH, 25, Erin twp., Esquesing, d/o William WANSBOROUGH & Margaret BRUSH, witn: C. J. BECKER & Edith J. LAIRD, both of Esquesing, 24 May 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
9170-86 William Henry MONKMAN, 24, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Duke & Kezia, married Sarah Elizabeth EAST, 19, Bolton, same, d/o Elisha & Elizabeth, witn: Edward C. MONKMAN of Albion & Mary Harriet EAST of Bolton, 24 march 1886 at Bolton 009164-86 (Peel Co.) Francis William MORGAN, 24, salesman, Lindsay, Streetsville, s/o Jacob and Sarah MARGAN, married Minnie Victoria McKINDSEY, 24, Hornby, Streetsville, d/o William and Jane McKINDSEY, wtn. John Gilbert BEATY & Ella McKINDSEY of Streetsville, August 18, 1886 at Streetsville.
009217-86 (Peel Co.) Thomas PALMER, 55, widower, quarry man, England, Alton, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth B. PALMER, married Mary HILL, 58, widow, Canada, Alton, d/o David & Ann AUTWORTH, wtn. William & Ann COLLINS both of Alton, June 29 1886 at Alton Village 9136-86 William PARKER, 37, laborer, Peel Co., same, s/o John & Ann, married Elizabeth CLARKSON, 21, Albion, Campbells Cross, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: E. G. LAKE? of Brampton, 10 Feb 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
9260-86 Cyrus J. PATERSON, 30, carpenter, Oakville, St. Louis, s/o David & Agnes, married Mary A. HUGHES, 27, Ontario, Toronto twp., d/o Job & Eliza, witn: Libby HUGHES of Toronto twp & Alvin EARLS of Oakville, 3 Feb. 1886 at Toronto twp 009211-86 (Peel Co.) William Henry PAWLEY, 24, farmer, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o William & Ameri--? PAULEY, married Margret DAVIDSON, 21, Canada, Caledon, d/o Thomas & Ann DAVIDSON, wtn. Thomas PAWLEY of Chinguacousy & Jennie DAVIDSON of Caledon, Feb 24 1886 at Caledon
9161-86 Thomas B. PEAKES, 25, clerk, Cooksville, Brampton, s/o William PEAKES & Jane GRIMSHAW, married Eliza S. BOWEN, 25, Lockport US, Brampton, d/o William BOWEN & Emma BRUNDAGE, witn: Edward REYNOLDS of Brampton & Lola BOWEN of Lockport, 1 Dec 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 9135-86 Charles PEAKES, 25, tinsmith, Cooksville, Brampton, s/o William & Jane, married Emma COOK, 17, England, Brampton, d/o Benjamin & Susan, witn: Jas? GARCEY? & Sarah J. FINDLAY, both of Brampton, 10 Jan 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
9137-86 John PEDDLE, 30, farmer, Canada, Toronto twp., s/o Absolom & Ann, married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 30, England, Brampton, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: E. ARMSTRONG of Brampton, 10 Feb 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 9149-86 William PERRY (Berry?), 32, brick layer, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Susan, married Margaret H. CLARIDGE, 21, Toronto, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: James PERRY of Toronto & John CALDWELL of Brampton, 18 Aug 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009184-86 (Peel Co.) William John PHILLIPS, 35, farmer, Albion, same, s/o William & Eliza PHILLIPS, married Eliza CHERRY, 25, King, same, d/o Samuel & Mary CHERRY, witn. Thomas CHERRY of King & Agnes THOMPSON of Albion, December 29, ? (year cut off, 1886?) at Bolton #009236-86 (Peel Co): Thomas PIERCEY, 34, widower, farmer, Canada, Albion, s/o James & Isabella, married Sophia WAINES, 21, Canada, Albion, d/o William & Ann, witn: Henry PROCTOR & Mary Ann WAINES, both of Albion, 20 Oct 1886 at Albion
009221-86 (Peel Co.) George PITT, 28, farmer, Canada, Co. Peel, s/o John & Emily PITT, married Maria DIXON, 27, Co. Peel, Caledon, d/o Michael & Maria DIXON, wtn. Charles & Ellen Herbert of Caledon East, Dec. 15 1886 at Caledon East. 009218-86 (Peel Co) Franklin REAGH, 28, widower, farmer, Canada, Inglewood, s/o John & Catherine REAGH, married Catherine ROSS, 24, Canada, Inglewood, d/o Robert & Effie ROSS, wtn. Reter ORSS of Inglewood & Jennie Ross of Brampton, August 25, 1886 at Inglewood.
#009207-86 (Peel Co) Thomas Houstain REEVES, 25, Toronto Township, same, b, farmer, s/o John T. REEVE (sic) & Hannah SIMPSON, married Mary FRASER, 23, Chinguacousy, same, s, d/o John FRASER & Jane McGILL, witn: John Terling REEVE of Toronto, Lou M. REEVE of Toronto Township, married 29 December 1886, Lot 3, 5th Con West, Chinguacousy 9146-86 William REID, 41, merchant, Esquesing twp., Orangeville, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Jane Ann McDONALD, 24, Brampton, same, d/o James & blank, witn: Miss NEEDHAM & William WRIGHT, both of Brampton, 29 June 1886 at Brampton
009194-86 (Peel Co.) William RENNIE, 35, farmer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Chinguacousy, s/o Henry ROYNE (s/b RENNIE) & Charlotte CASEY, married Jane FULLERTON, 20, Co. Antrim Ireland, Chinguacousy, d/o Alexander FULLERTON & Sarah THOMPSON, wtn Peter CRAWFORD & M. R. GILCHRIST of Chinguacousy, September 1, 1886 at Cheltenham [NOTE: Correction by Jane RENNIE, 28/10/1931] 9262-86 Joseph ROSE, 33, locomotive fireman, England, Havelock, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Marie CULHAM, 37, Ontario, Toronto twp., d/o Edwin CULHAM of Toronto twp & Emma CULHAM of Flos twp., no witnesses given, 24 March 1886 at Toronto twp [as written]
#009235-86 (Peel Co): John RUTLEDGE, 35, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Maria HESP, 27, King, Albion, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Henry HESP & Bella NANCHUP? (Walkup?), both of Albion, 23 Aug 1886 at Albion 9157-86 Albert Henry SCOTT, 26, mason, Canada, Brampton, s/o Robert H. & Philomena, married Elizabeth Ann SANDERSON, 22, Canada, Brampton, d/o David & Catherine, witn: John TISDALE of Malton & Mary SANDERSON of Brampton, 22 Dec 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
9151-86 James SCOTT, 22, book binder, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alex & Grace, married Mary Ann NELSON, 22, Brampton, same, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Alex SCOTT & Sarah M. NELSON, 10 Nov 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 9148-86 William Henry SERVICE, 23, farmer, Esquesing, Chinguacousy, s/o William H. SERVICE & Maria? TEBO, married Gertie CARDWELL, 15, Esquesing, Nassagaweya, d/o Reuben CARDWELL & Elizabeth COPELAND, witn: Richard SERVICE of Nassagaweya & Henry GILPIN of Brampton, 29 Sept 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
#09228-86 (Peel Co): Arthur SHAW, 35, farmer, Chinguacousy , same, s/o Arthur SHAW & Ann HOWDEN, married Sarah DUFFY, 27, Albion, same, d/o James DUFFY & Ellen WALKER, witn: Andrew DUFFY of Albion & Margaret SHAW of Tullamore, 13 Jan 1886 at Albion 09212-86 (Peel Co.) William SMITH, 50, widower, retired farmer, Canada, Brampton, s/o Andrew & Catherine SMITH, married Mary McFARLANE, 30, Canada, Caledon, d/o John & Isabella McFARLANE, wtn. Adam & Bella McFARLANE both of Caledon, Mar 3 1886 at Caledon
#009462-87 (Peel Co): Thomas SMITH, 25, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Thomas? & Ann Jane, married Esther REID, 19, Canada, Caledon, d/o Thomas & Ann Jane, witn: John BLACK of Caledon & Isaac MAY of Amaranth, 8 Dec 1886 at Caledon 009175-86 (Peel Co.), Thomas Henry SMITH, 30, millwright, Canada, Weston, s/o Thomas and Margaret SMITH, married Louise Jane PLUMMER, 25, Canada, Bolton, d/o John P. and Harriett PLUMMER, wtn. William PLUMMER of Bolton and Mrs. J. E. SLOAN of Nashville Tennessee U.S., October 5, 1886 at Bolton.
9138-86 Thomas H. SMITH, 32, fruit dealer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary E. FERGUSON, 22, Chinguacousy, Brampton, d/o David & Mary, witn: William A. SNIDER of Toronto & Jennie [blank surname] of Brampton, 20 April 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton] 9155-86 Robert SMITHSON, 24, cooper, Toronto twp., Caledon, s/o Robert & Susan, married Ellen BRISTON, 22, England, Caledon, d/o John BRISTON & Julia STACEY, witn: J. W. BATCHELOR & W.F. HICKS, 24 Dec 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009166-86 (Peel Co.) George SPARROW, 33, farmer, Mono Road, same, s/o Thomas and Leah SPARROW, married Hannah SWITZER, 21, Village of Bolton, same, d/o John Colburn and Harriet Maria SWITZER, wtn. Bolton SWITZER of Bolton and Lizzie BROOKS of Tecumseth, January 5, 1886 at Bolton #009520-87 Robert SPEIRS, 33, Scotland, Toronto Twp, b, farmer, s/o Alexander & Margaret SPEIRS, married Catherine PORTER, 23, Toronto Twp, same, s, d/o William & Jane PORTER, witn Charles E. SHEARDAN? & Mary A. JOHNSTON, both Toronto Twp, married 22 December 1886, Cooksville
#009232-86 (Peel Co): Robert STEELE, 29, carriage maker, Toronto twp., Bolton, s/o John STEELE & Mary DAVISON, married Isabella Grace BLAIN, 23, King, Bolton, d/o John BLAIN & Ellen GILLIES, witn: William BLAIN of Richmond Hill & Maggie McCALLUM off Woodbridge, 1 June 1886 at Albion 9144-86 William Ed TAYLOR, 32, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Henry & Liddy, married Annie HAMILTON, 26, Peel Ont., Trafalgar, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Frank TAYLOR & Maggie BEATTY, both of Trafalgar and George HAMILTON & Jean HALL, both of illegible, 19 May 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
009208-86 (Peel Co.) Oliver Edgar TENCH, 27, carpenter, Canada, Caledon East, s/o Chas & Jane TENCH, married Isabella POTTER, 28, Canada, Caledon, d/o Thomas & Eliza POTTER, wtn J. R. CLASSFORD of Toronto & Eliza Jane POTTER of Caledon, Jan 28 1886 at Caledon 9248-86 John D. THOMPSON, 28, railway hand, Streetsville, Toronto, s/o Atcheson THOMPSON & Ann BLACK, married Catherine HILLIS, 28, Toronto twp., same, d/o James HILLIS & Mary SMELCHER?, witn: Elizabeth THOMPSON of Toronto & Mrs. James KYLE of Streetsville, 15 Sept 1886 at Streetsville
009216-86 (Peel Co.) Archibald M. THOMPS--?(cut off Thompson?), 23, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o William E & Esther, married Mary Jane MORRISON, 21, Canada, Caledon, d/o James & Lettitia ; wtn. C. N. SYDE of Orangeville & Maggie J. Thompson of Ca--?(cut off), June 9 1886 at Caledon #009521-87 George TIBBEY, 31, England, Stayner, b, farmer, s/o William & Isabella TIBBEY, married Frances H. SOUTHWELL, 21, Islington, same, s, d/o James & Mary SOUTHWELL, witn George & Eva SOUTHWELL of Islington, married 28 December 1886, Cooksville
9169-86 John VERNER, 25, farmer, Canada, Albion, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Martha STEWART, 27, Canada, Bolton, d/o James & Mary, witn: George VERNER of Albion & Lizzie STEWART of Bolton, 18 March 1886 at Bolton 9225-86 William J. WARD, 24, farmer, Toronto Gore, same, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Sarah BLAND, 23, Toronto Gore, same, d/o George & Jane Elizabeth, witn: Alice BLAND & Robert A. AGAR, both of Toronto Gore, 3 March 1886 at Toronto Gore
  9150-86 Leonard WATSON, 28, carpenter, Peel Co., Brampton, s/o Thomas NATTRASS (sic) & Ann, married Mary M. WEST, 18, England, Brampton, d/o Isaac & Mary M., witn: William NATTRASS of Toronto & Kate CHISHOLM, 3 Nov 1886 at not given [reg'd in Brampton]
#009518-87 David WATSON, 29, Ontario, Streetsville, b, carpenter, s/o James & Catherine WATSON, married Bella CLARKE, 22, Ontario, Streetsville, widow, d/o John & Margaret TRIMBLE, witn Joseph PHAIR, Jane LESLIE, both Streetsville, married 27 December 1886, Toronto Twp #009227-86 (Peel Co): Thomas WHITE, 28, farmer, Canada, Essex, s/o William & Anabel, married Hannah MELLOW, 28, Albion, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: John MELLOW & Eva MONKMAN, both of Albion, 13 Jan 1886 at Castledery
#009206-86 (Peel Co) Thomas Bradford WHITHAM, 21, Chinguacousy, same, b, farm labourer, s/o Warner WHITHAM & Catherine McLEAN, married Anne Theresa VANCE, 20, Chinguacousy, same, s, d/o John VANCE & Elenor OVENS, witn: William McLEAN of Caledon, Sarah Ann GRAYDON of Chinguacousy, married 6 October 1886, Chinguacousy 009201-86 (Peel Co.) Wilson William WILKINSON, 27, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William WILKINSON & Janet WALKER, married Annie L. DRINKWATER, 19, Caledon, Chinguacousy, d/o of William DRINKWATER & Margaret HALL, wtn. Walker WILKINSON & Anne Isabella CATION both of Chingacousy, December 22, 1886 at Chinguacousy
009197-86 (Peel Co.) William James WILSON, 19, farmer, Albion, same, s/o William WILSON & Mary Ann WRAY, married Mary Ann NELSON, 18, Chinguacousy, same, d/o William NELSON & Agnes McFARLAND, wtn. William DRINKWATER of Palmerston & Maggie WILSON of Brampton, November 16, 1886 at Chinguacousy 009209-86 (Peel Co.) George WILSON, 26, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o George & Jane WILSON, married Harriet SPEERS 19, Canada, Caledon, d/o Jas & Elizth SPEERS, wtn. Jas & Mary WILSON of Caledon, Feb 4 1886 at Caledon
9261-86 Thomas Garten? WILSON, 28, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o George & Jane, married Alice Wilmot TINDALE, 24, Toronto twp., same, d/o Clifford & Mary Ann, witn: William RUTLEDGE & Elizabeth H. WILSON, both of Toronto twp., 24 March 1886 at Toronto twp 9542-87 Thomas WOLFE, 25, farmer, Albion, Adjala, s/o William & Ann, married Rachel A. LYNESS, 21, Albion, same, d/o Abraham & Sarah J., witn: John James McCULLEN & Sarah J. LYNESS, both of Albion, 29 Dec 1886 at Albion
  009219-86 (Peel Co.) Allan Wilmot WOOD, 40, farmer, Canada, Albion, s/o Rev. Enoch & Caroline WOOD, married Elizabeth HAMMOND, 31, Canada, Caledon, d/o James & Mary HAMMOND, wtn, James HAMMOND & Kate BELL both of Caledon, July 21, 1886 at Caledon East