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Perth Co., 1908


015874-08 (Perth Co) Cyrus BEALE, 28, laborer, of Ingersoll, s/o Cyrus BEALE & Elizabeth NOLAN married Ellen WALL, 26, of Dublin, d/o William WALL & Mary A. O’CONNOR, witn: Lawrence BEALE of Stratford & Kate WALL of Dublin, 7 October 1908 in Dublin. 015956-08 (Perth Co) Daniel BOYER, 37, farmer, Maryborough, Maryborough, s/o Peter BOYER & Mary ALLANDER (ALLENDORF ?) married Sarah Ellen SCOTT, 39, Mornington, Mornington, single, d/o Edward SCOTT & Jane MACKEY, witn: Jacob H. SCHMIDT of Millbank & Mabel WASHBURN of Chesley, 1 January 1908 in Mornington.
015871-08 (Perth Co) James BROAD, 76, farmer, of Lindsay, widower, s/o John BROAD & Amelia STINCHCOMB married Elizabeth VIPOND, 76, of Hibbert, widow, d/o Charles BROAD & Mary MATTHEWS, witn: George & Catherine SMALE both of Staffa, 30 July 1908 in Hibbert 015870-08 (Perth Co) John Edward BRUNSKILL, 37, laborer, of Staffa, s/o Thomas BRUNSKILL & Alice MORPHET married Charlotte BAXTER, 42, of Staffa, spinster, d/o Samuel BAXTER & Annie WITHEL, witn: Mary. A.E. McTAGGART & Mrs. J. LIVINGSTONE both of Staffa, 24 June 1908 in Staffa
15868-08 (Perth Co): John D. CAIRNS, 25, farmer, Hibbert twp., same, s/o John C. CAIRNS & Jane OLIVER, married Lily E. WATSON, 23, Hibbert twp., same, d/o Robert WATSON & Lucy BALFOUR, witn: George WATSON & Jenny D. CAIRNS, both of Dublin, 18 March 1908 at lot 20, con 5, Hibbert twp  
015873-08 (Perth Co) James I. CAMPBELL, 50, farmer, of Fullarton, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Elizabeth IRVINE married Gelena E.M. PULLMAN, 26, of Hibbert, d/o Thomas C. PULLMAN & Ann DOWLING, witn: Mrs. James HARPER of Carlingford & Mrs. David C. WILSON of Detroit, 14 October 1908 in Hibbert. 015830-08 (Perth Co) Henry James French COPELAND, 26, printer, of Atwood, s/o William French COPELAND & Emma CULPIT married Lavina Bell SMITH, 20, milliner, of Atwood, d/o George Thomas SMITH & Grace BUCHANAN, witn: Robert M. BALLANTYNE & Mrs. Grace SMITH both of Atwood, 17 October 1908 in Atwood
015872-08 (Perth Co) Morton T. CORLISS, 29, bookkeeper, of Victoria Mines, s/o Moses CORLISS & Melissa VAN DYKE married Permillia A. COLQUHOUN, 26, of Hibbert, d/o James COLQUHOUN & Margaret MOORE, witn: Richard I. COLQUHOUN of Gowrie & Alice W. CORLISS of Norwich, 4 September 1908 in Hibbert. 015960-08 (Perth Co) Andrew Albert COXON, 24, farmer, Elma, Mornington, s/o Aaron COXON & Margaret RANNEY married Edith Caroline ORR, 25, Mornington, Mornington, d/o William ORR & Harriet Louisa BENNETT, witn: William ORR Jr. & Maggie M. COXON both of Milverton, 22 April 1908 in Mornington.
015962-08 (Perth Co) Robert CRAWFORD, 48, farmer, of Mornington, s/o Andrew CRAWFORD & Mary HARRON married Mary Elizabeth KERR, 38, of Mornington, single, d/o Henry William & Rosanna KERR, witn: William H. KERR of Millbank & Mrs. D.C. BEGGS of Linwood, 23 September 1908 in Mornington #015804-08 (Perth Co): Robert CRAWFORD, 26, farmer, of Rostock, s/o James CRAWFORD (farmer) & Nancy COULTER, married Dorothea DALLNER, 21, of Rostock, d/o George DALLNER (farmer) and Julia REIS, witnesses were William DALLNER and Effie CRAWFORD of Rostock, Sept 9, 1908, at Rostock
018542-08 (Perth Co) Edward DAHMER, 27, carpenter, of North Easthope, s/o Adam DAHMER & Elizabeth GEIS married Anna Margareth ZINN, 21, of North Easthope, d/o George ZINN & Caroline HITZROTH, witn: Edward ZINN & Minnie KOLLMAN both of North Easthope, 22 July 1908 in North Easthope. 015953-08 (Perth Co) Alexander DAVIDSON, 41, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, widower, s/o Hugh DAVIDSON & Jean MUNRO married M. May FLEMING, 32, Mornington, Mornington, single, d/o James FLEMING & Esther WELSH, witn: Hugh DAVIDSON & Lillian FLEMING both of Mornington, 5 February 1908 in Mornington
#015802-08 (Perth Co): Eckert DIEHL, 31, mason, of Wartburg, s/o Eckert DIEHL & Marguretha BARTH, married Minnie BUCK, 20, of Wartburg, d/o William BUCK (farmer) and Elizabeth FAMME, witnesses were Edward MURR and Minnie HARLOFF, both of Wartburg, 12 Aug 1908 at Wartburg 15869-08 (Perth Co): Ernest DINNEN, 29, farmer, Usborne twp., Hibbert twp., s/o William DINNEN & Grace HOSKIN, married Elizabeth A. BARBOUR, 25, Hibbert twp., same, d/o James BARBOUR & Jane MILLER, witn: William DINNEN of Cromarty & Susan BARBOUR of Staffa, 25 March 1908 at lot 1, con 12, Hibbert twp
015861-08 (Perth Co) Lewis E. DOCKING, 28, farmer, Hibbert, Hibbert, s/o John DOCKING & Sarah PINDER married Alba Lauretta BEER, 20, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o Richard BEER & Mary A. NETHERCOTT, witn: Enos DOCKING of Hibbert & Adele BEER of Fullarton, 16 April 1908 in Fullarton. #015801-08 (Perth Co): William Forbes ELLIOTT, 23, farmer, Wallace twp., Ellice twp., s/o Joseph Forbes ELLIOTT & Catherine BEATTY, married Gertrude M. HENDERSON, 20, Ellice twp., same, d/o Richard HENDERSON & Martha MIDDLEDITCH, witnesses were George Samuel HENDERSON of Ellice twp., & Mary ELLIOTT of Wallace twp., June 24, 1908 at Ellice twp.
015838-08 (Perth Co) George FAULHAFER, 26, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o John FAULHAFER & Elizabeth KUMPF married Elizabeth COOK, 29, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o Julius COOK & Catherine HORST, witn: Edwin FAULHAFER & Katie COOK of North Easthope, 5 June 1908 in North Easthope 015847-08 (Perth Co) John D. FISHER, 32, merchant, of Amulree, widower, s/o A. (?) FISHER & Jessie FORBES married Isabella PATERSON, 22, of North Easthope, d/o Henry PATERSON & Mary HAMILTON, witn: Mrs. McFADDEN & Jessie McMILLAN both of Shakespeare, 7 October 1908 in North Easthope.
#015798-08 (Perth Co): George William GAUL, 25, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o William GAUL & Augusta FAMME, married Louisa ACKERSVILLE, 20, Ellice twp., same, d/o Harry ACKERSVILLE & Harriet WARRINER, witnesses were Robert A. ACKERSVILLE & Mary Ann GAUL, both of Ellice twp., Apr 22, 1908 at Ellice twp 015964-08 (Perth Co) John GLENN, 24, farmer, of Mornington, s/o Alexander GLENN & Elizabeth CAMPBELL married Charlotte STEVENSON, 25, of Mornington, d/o Thomas STEVENSON & Susan ELLIOTT, witn: A.W. PHILPOTT & Mary S. CAMERON both of Burns, 21 October 1908 in Perth Co.
015957-08 (Perth Co) William GOHL, 45, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, widower, s/o Walter GOHL & Mary HESSEL, married Theresa GRAFF, 24, Chipstown (Chepstow ?), Mornington, d/o Romanus GRAFF & Josephine STEMLER, witn: Joseph & Alwina GRAFF both of Mornington, 19 February 1908 in Mornington. 015834-08 (Perth Co) Harry GRAHM (GRAHAM?), 27, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Henry GRAHM & Elizabeth WAGNER married Minnie HOFFMAN, 21, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o Conrad HOFFMAN & Elizabeth ROBITZ , witn: Astor HOFFMAN & Elmine DOERR of Amulree, 18 February 1908 in North Easthope
#015803-08 (Perth Co): August GRIEVE, 25, carpenter, of Mitchell, s/o Heinrich GRIEVE (carpenter) and Minna SANDER, married Minnie LIESE, 22, of Rostock, d/o Henry LIESE (farmer) & Hanna SCHMIDT, witnesses were George GRIEVE of Mitchell & Edith LIESE of Rostock, 26 Aug 1908 at Rostock  

015860-08 (Perth Co) John A. HANSON, 23, jeweler, Fullarton, St. Mary’s, s/o Thomas HANSON & Barbara BAIRD married Mary E. McINTYRE, 22, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o John McINTYRE & Emma BOTHWELL, witn: Gilbert McINTYRE of Fullarton & Mrs Robert ROZEN (?) of Motherwell, 30 March 1908 in Fullarton.

15863-08 (Perth Co): David Carlos HANSON, 28, farmer, Fullarton, same, s/o William HANSON & Elizabeth A. HORN?, married Jennie Lynde COLE, 24, Fullarton, same, d/o John COLE, farmer, & Erina (or Erma) GLADDEN, witn: Arthur COLE & Mable HANSON, both of Fullarton, 1 July 1908 at Fullarton
015875-08 (Perth Co) Leslie HARBURN, 26, farmer, of Hibbert, s/o Thomas HARBURN & Elizabeth FOSTER married Effie May HARRIS, 21, of Hibbert, d/o Reuben HARRIS & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Reuben & Mary HARRIS of Munro, 15 December 1908 in Hibbert. 015850-08 (Perth Co) John HEINBUCH, 30, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Valentin HEINBUCH & Catharine WILKER married Elisabeth NEEB, 26, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o George NEEB & Margareth HERMANN, witn: John WILKER of West Zorra & Maria NEEB of South Easthope, 25 February 1908 at Trinity Church in Sebastopol.
015958-08 (Perth Co) Robert HOSEA, 32, store clerk, Linwood, Linwood, s/o Robert HOSEA & Elizabeth SMITH married Adeline GATCHENE, 24, Mornington, Mornington, d/o Jacob GATCHENE & Mary LANTZ, witn: Oscar HOSEA of Linwood & Martina McGUIRE of Campbellford, 26 February 1908 in Mornington 015843-08 (Perth Co) William HYDE, 24, farmer, of North Easthope, s/o John HYDE & Christina PATERSON married Christina RUPERT, 21, of North Easthope, d/o George RUPERT & Sarah McDERMID, witn: D.H. KELLY of Shakespeare & May RUPERT of Nithburg, 23 September 1908 in North Easthope.
#015799-08 (Perth Co): Fred. George JUNGBLUT, 29, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Jacob JUNGBLUT & Elizabeth JUNDT, married Bertha GRAUL, 21, Ellice twp., same, d/o Ernest GRAUL & Amanda BAHN, witnesses were Edward JUNGBLUT & Elizabeth GRAUL, both of Ellice twp., June 3, 1908 at lot 31, con 18, Ellice twp. #015807-08 (Perth Co): George KRAJEWSKI, 24, laborer, of Millerton, s/o Justar KRAJEWSKI (laborer) and Elizabeth HINZ, married Clara KREUTER, 27, of Rostock, d/o Justus KREUTER (clerk of Ellice) & Caroline WICKE, witnesses were Johanna & Anna BLUNCK of Rostock, 25 Nov, 1908 at Rostock

015854-08 (Perth Co) George KRUG, 23, farmer, East Zorra, East Zorra, s/o Reinhardt KRUG & Catharine GIMBEL married Minnie WEICKER, 23, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o Charles WEICKER & Catharine FEICK, witn: Milton WEICKER & Flora KRUG both of East Zorra, 10 June 1908 in Sebastopol.

015965-08 (Perth Co) Jacob KUEPFER, 27, farmer, no birth place given, Mornington, s/o Andrew KUEPFER & Kattie SWITZER, married Veronica WAGLER, 24, of Mornington, d/o Joseph WAGLER & Elizabeth SPENLER, witn: Andrew KUEPFER & Gideon WAGLER both of Millbank, 1 December 1908 in Perth Co
15864-08 (Perth Co): James Brown LIER?, 27, farmer, of Fullarton, s/o William LIER, farmer, & Jean BROWN, married Lulu Mae RODGERS, 22, farmer, of Downie, d/o William RODGERS, farmer, & Helen PARKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William RODGERS of Armbank?, 8 Dec 1908 at Motherwell 015961-08 (Perth Co) Alexander Carl LIVINGSTON, 26, clerk, of Baden, s/o John LIVINGSTON & Mattie TOMLISON married Maude Rubanna WITTE, 29, of Baden, d/o Christian F. WITTE & Mary BUNDSCHU, witn: Jacob H. & Lillian SCHMIDT both of Millbank, 15 July 1908 in Millbank
15866-08 (Perth Co): Melville Edgar MARTIN, 25, farmer, of Blanshard, s/o Joseph MARTIN, farmer, & Mary COOPER, married Violet Myrtle WALKS, 22, house keeper, of Fullarton, d/o James WALKS, farmer, & Rosa AISTHORP, witn: Louis H.V. WALKS of Fullarton & Laura MARTIN of Blanshard, 25 Dec 1908 at Fullarton 015831-08 (Perth Co) Robert James McCOURT, 28, farmer, of Elma Twp, s/o John McCOURT & Eliza GILMER married Mary Evaline BURNETT, 20, of Elma Twp, d/o Samuel BURNETT & Annie WOOLIS, witn: Sam PETRIE of Milverton & Norma BURNETT of Elma Twp, 16 December 1908 in Elma Twp
15865-08 (Perth Co): Peter McKAY, 39, widower, farmer, of Delhi Minn USA, s/o Archie McKAY, farmer, & Janet McNAUGHTON, married Ethel Mary CARBERT, 32, house keeper, of Fullarton, d/o Thomas CARBERT, farmer, & Mary BUCKLE, witn: Herbert CARBERT of Carlingford & Thomas McKAY of Delhi Minn., 24 Dec 1908 at Perth Co 015840-08 (Perth Co) Peter McTAVISH, 32, farmer, of Rosebank Man., s/o John McTAVISH & Jane Elizabeth WICKS married Mary Elizabeth FULTON, 31, of North Easthope, single, d/o Thomas FULTON & Mary Jane HIGGINS, witn: Thomas H. FULTON of North Easthope & Annie K. McMILLAN of Shakespeare, 1 July 1908 in North Easthope
015846-08 (Perth Co) Henry E. MEYER, 27, farmer, of South Easthope, s/o Henry MEYER & C. FAULHAFER married Sarah J. ARMSTRONG, 21, of North Easthope, d/o Adam ARMSTRONG & S. SEBRING, witn: William ARMSTRONG of Shakespeare & M. MEYER of Tavistock, 30 September 1908 in North Easthope 015963-08 (Perth Co) Theodore MEYER, 25, hotel keeper, of Newton, s/o Adam MEYER & Mary BUCHHEIT married Sarah GIES, 21, of Newton, d/o Charles GIES & Catherine ADAMS, witn: Alfred MEYERS & Minnie ADAMS both of St. Clements, 13 October 1908 in Hesson Perth Co.
015853-08 (Perth Co) John MILLER, 35, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o John MILLER & Christine STUEBING married Mary KRUG, 25, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o John KRUG & Elisabeth KREH, witn: John A. KRUG of East Zorra & Rebecca STOCK of Tavistock, 20 May 1908 in Sebastopol 015841-08 (Perth Co) Charles MILLER, 26, woodworker, of Lexington Michigan, s/o Sam MILLER & Lizzie WOODARD married Clara FALK, 22, of North Easthope, d/o John FALK & Elizabeth BERG, witn: D. Roy MILLER of Buffalo N.Y. & Ellis FALK of Lisbon, 1 July 1908 in North Easthope.
015955-08 (Perth Co) Alexander MOSSER (MOSER ?), 27, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, s/o Charles MOSSER & Hedwig NAUER married Catherine HELM, 24, Mornington, Mornington, d/o Joseph HELM & Mary HERGOTT, witn: William WAGNER of Waterloo & Ida HELM of Berlin, 17 February 1908 in Mornington. 015836-08 (Perth Co) Michael H. MUELLER, 26, farmer, Logan, Ellice, s/o John S. MUELLER & Caroline F. BAHN married Emile M. LUCKHARDT, 21, Wellesley, North Easthope, d/o Conrad LUCKHARDT & Elizabeth RESSING, witn: Conrad H. LUCKHARDT of North Easthope & Mary Ann RESSING of Mornington, 31 March 1908 in North Easthope.
15849-08 (Perth Co) Henry NEEB, 28, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o George NEEB & Margareth HERMANN married Ida Anna Catherine WILKER, 20, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o John J. WILKER & Margareth WITTIG, witn: Edward WITTIG & Sarah WILKER both of South Easthope, 12 February 1908 in Sebastopol. 015852-08 (Perth Co) Henry NEEB, 24, cheese maker, Wellesley, East Zorra, s/o Jacob NEEB & Margareth HEINZ married Emma FOERSTER, 21, Wellesley Twp, Tavistock, d/o George V. FOERSTER & Catharine EBEL, witn: Milton NEEB of North Easthope & Emelie KRANTZ of Tavistock, 22 April 1908 in Sebastopol.
  15867-08 (Perth Co): Peter O’SULLIVAN, 30, drover, McKillop twp., same, s/o Peter O’SULLIVAN & Bridget BROWN, married Margaret HASTINGS, 37, Hibbert twp., same, d/o William HASTINGS & Margaret DILLON, witn: John O’SULLIVAN of St. Columban & Hannah DILLON of Staffa, 28 Jan 1908 at St. Patricks Church, Dublin (Rom Cath)
015835-08 (Perth Co) John PAFF, 25, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o Henry PAFF & Elizabeth LANZ married Sarah EHNES, 27, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o Fred EHNES & Catherine SCHMIDT, witn: Conrad BERG & Clara EHNES of North Easthope, 18 March 1908 in North Easthope 015855-08 (Perth Co) John T. QUEHL, 23, clerk, Tavistock South Easthope Twp, Tavistock, s/o Henry QUEHL & Anna SEHERT (SEHRT?) married Dorothea HELMUTH, 19, Tavistock East Zorra Twp, Tavistock, d/o Menno HELMUTH & Augusta KUBE, witn: George QUEHL & Melinda HELMUTH both of Tavistock, 17 June 1908 in Sebastopol
016976-07 (Perth Co) John RIEHL, 23, farmer, Ellice, Ellice, s/o Henry RIEHL & Mary DIEHL married Adelina DILL, 20, house maid, Ellice, Ellice, d/o George DILL & Paulina ROSIN, witn: Henry RIEHL & Lizzie GRAUL both of Ellice, 1 January 1908 in Ellice  
015844-08 (Perth Co) Henry ROBB (ROTH?), 34, contractor, of Tavistock, s/o John N. ROBB & Eliza WEITZEL married Christine SCHMIDT, 41, of North Easthope, single, d/o Conrad SCHMIDT & Elize PAFF, witn: Jacob WETTLAUFER of Tavistock & Cathy SCHMIDT of Hampstead, 2 December 1908 in North Easthope 015837-08 (Perth Co) Peter McIntosh ROBERTSON, 28, farmer, North Easthope, Blandford Twp, s/o William ROBERTSON & Ellen OLIVER married Edna May CRERAR, 22, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o William CRERAR & Marjory RANKIN, witn: James CRERAR & Bella MIEN of North Easthope, 15 April 1908 in North Easthope
#015797-08 (Perth Co): John Franklin ROHFREITSCH, 36, Ellice twp., same, s/o George ROHFREITSCH & Caroline STUDER, married Rachael LEHMAN, 30, Logan twp., same, d/o John LEHMAN & Annie M. SEIBERT, witnesses were And ROHFREITSCH of Ellice twp. & William LEHMAN of Logan twp., Apr 16, 1908 at Logan twp.

015966-08 (Perth Co) Christian B. ROPP, 26, farmer, of Ellice, s/o John ROPP & Annie BELTER?, married Catherine KROPF, 29, of Mornington, d/o David KROPF & Lena LICHTY, witn: David KROPF of Poole & Sarah ROPP of Brunner, 4 November 1908 in Perth Co.

015859-08 (Perth Co) Ephraim ROTH, 24, farmer, of North Easthope, s/o John ROTH & Mary SNIDER married Phoebe COOK, 20, of North Easthope, d/o Levi COOK & Emma WISMER, witn: Edward COOK of Amulree & Edith ROTH of Hampstead, 2 December 1908 in Sebastopol. 015858-08 (Perth Co) William John SCHAEFER, 27, farmer, of South Easthope, s/o John S. SCHAEFER & Margaretha WILKER married Clara KAUFMANN, 26, of South Easthope, d/o Andrew KAUFMANN & Minnie WEITZEL, witn: William KAUFMANN & Lydia SEMMLER of Tavistock, 11 November 1908 in Sebastopol.
015845-08 (Perth Co) Edward SCHMIDT, 27, farmer, of North Easthope, s/o Conrad N. SCHMIDT & Cathy EHM? married Nellie EHNES, 23, of North Easthope, d/o Fred EHNES & Catherine SCHMIDT, witn: Conrad BERG & Clara EHNES both of North Easthope, 23 December 1908 in North Easthope 015954-08 (Perth Co) Christian SCHMIDT, 21, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o Christian SCHMIDT & Katie WAGLER married Katie KUEPFER, 21, Mornington, Mornington, d/o Andrew KUEPFER & Katie SCHWEITZER, witn: Jacob KUEPFER of Mornington & Nicholas HERFORD of Wellesley, 9 January 1908 in Mornington
#015806-83 (Perth Co): Melville D. SCHOLTZHAUSER, 22, farmer, of Ellice twp., s/o Dan SCHOLTZHAUSER (farmer) & Isabella WHITNEY, married Sarah Edna EEDY, 22, of Ellice twp., d/o William EEDY (farmer) & Mary Ann PARKINSON, witnesses were Lorne EEDY & Bertha SCHOLTZHAUSER, both of Rostock, 11 Nov 1908 015839-08 (Perth Co) Thomas Alexander SHARPE, 32, carpenter, of Mornington Twp, s/o John SHARPE & Jane FREEBORN married Mabel F. OMOND, 27, of North Easthope, d/o John OMOND & Jane KELLY, witn: H.A. OMAN of Stratford & Olive M. OMOND of North Easthope, 17 June 1908 in North Easthope.
#015796-08 (Perth Co): Fred. Charles SHORE, 29, farmer, Croydon England, Elma twp., s/o George SHORE & Julia FROST, married Laura Isabella ELGER, 20, Ellice twp., same, d/o Nathaniel ELGER & Annie REAGAN, witnesses were Herbert HYMERS of Donegal Ont., and Ethel ELGER of Stratford, Mar 4, 1908 at Ellice twp. #015800-08 (Perth Co): David J. SMITH, 38, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Samuel SMITH & Anna Bella DAVIDSON, married Bessie HENRY, 34, Ellice twp., same, d/o Samuel HENRY & Margaret BRUER, witnesses were John HENRY of Ellice twp., and Ethel DICKSON of Toronto, June 24, 1908 at lot 23, con 5, Ellice twp.
015862-08 (Perth Co) William R. SPICE, 25, farmer, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o William SPICE & Agnes WATSON married Janet M. NAIRN, 22, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o Archibald NAIRN & Matilda COLGAN, witn: J.G. NAIRN of Hamilton & Levina BERRY of Blanshard, 25 June 1908 in Fullarton #015805-08 (Perth Co): Charles STOCK, age not given, farmer, of Ellice twp., s/o James STOCK (farmer) & Ellen HEARSNIP, married Catharine HARRINGAN, no age given, of Ellice twp., d/o William HARRIGAN (farmer) & Mary REGAN, witnesses were Peter HARRIGAN and Mable STOCK, both of Kinkora, 10 Oct., 1908
015833-08 (Perth Co) David S. THALER, 29, teamster, Waterloo, Berlin, s/o David THALER & Salina SNYDER married Maggie GABEL, 29, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o John GABEL & Lydia FEICK, witn: Edward & Clara SCHMIDT of Wellesley, 10 January 1908 in North Easthope.  
015856-08 (Perth Co) Alexander VOGT, 25, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Frederick VOGT & Elisabeth WALDMAN married Catherine WILKER, 26, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o Conrad WILKER & Elisabeth MOGK, witn: John HABEL of South Easthope & Rebecca STOCK of Tavistock, 30 June 1908 in Sebastopol 015857-08 (Perth Co) Emil WALTER, 24, laborer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o August & Augusta married Annie WHARF, 21, England, South Easthope, d/o John WHARF & Annie CUTTAM, witn: Joel HELMUTH & Mary WHARF both of Tavistock, 19 August 1908 in Tavistock.
015832-08 (Perth Co) Norman WEICKER, 24, butcher, South Easthope, Didsbury Alberta, s/o Jacob WEICKER & Sarah ZIMMERMAN married Lydia SCHILDROTH, 21, North Easthope, New Hamburg, d/o William SCHILDROTH & Annie THIEL, witn: Edwin WEICKER of Didsbury Alberta & Minnie SCHILDROTH of New Hamburg, 8 January 1908 in North Easthope. 015851-08 (Perth Co) George WETTLAUFER, 30, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o John S. WETTLAUFER & Margaretha KRUG married Julia SAMUELS, 25, of South Easthope, d/o (his Christian name not given) SAMUELS & (her Christian name not given) HOWE, witn: Conrad WETTLAUFER & Anna KRANTZ both of South Easthope, 15 April 1908 in Sebastopol.
015959-08 (Perth Co) David Stanley WILLIAMS, 29, carriage builder, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o John & Emma married Helen Rose McDONALD, 31, Mornington, Mornington, single, d/o Phineas McDONALD & Helen DAVIDSON, witn: Phineas McDONALD of Mornington & Emma WILLIAMS of Wellesley, 20 April 1908 in Mornington 015848-08 (Perth Co) Edward ZINN, 27, farmer, of North Easthope, s/o George ZINN & Caroline HITZROTH married Martha Wilhelmine KOLLMAN, 24, of North Easthope, d/o Jacob F. KOLLMAN & Margaretha GLASSER, witn: George ZINN of North Easthope & Lizzie BERG of Wellesley, 14 October 1908 in North Easthope.