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Perth Co., 1909


16813-09 Allen AMENT, 24, farmer, of Wallace twp., s/o George AMENT, farmer, & Magdalena WEBER, married Louise BARTMAN, 22, of Wallace twp., d/o George BARTMAN, farmer, & Elizabeth HOFFMAN, witn: William VOLL? of Poole & Mary BARTMAN of Gowenstown?, 29 Dec 1909 at Listowel  
16816-09 William James ANTHONY, 29, farmer, of Elma twp., s/o John ANTHONY, deceased, & Betsy FARRANT, married Edith Catherine BAIGENT, 27, of Elma twp., d/o James BAIGENT & Harriet LISCOMBE, witn: A. WINTER of Southampton & B. A. FROST of Listowel, 28 Dec 1909 at Listowel 016758-09 (Perth Co) Henry J. BERG, 26, farmer, no birth place given, North Easthope, widower, s/o Henry BERG & Margaretha WALPER (?) married Emma KOCH, 23, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o Henry KOCH & Catherine HORMAN, witn: Edward & Annie KOCH of Tavistock, 21 April 1909 in Sebastopol
16844-09 Peter BOYER, 29, farmer, of Maryborough, s/o Peter BOYER, farmer, & Martha ALLENDORF, married Lily Grace MASON, 26, of Mornington, d/o James MASON, farmer, & Eliza G. WORDEN, witn: William F. BOYER of Morefield & Nellie J. MASON of Millbank, 8 Sept 1909 at Mornington 16839-09 Clemens BRENNER, 27, farmer, of Wellesley, s/o Peter BRENNER, retired farmer, & Mary HAID?, married Ludwina FOERSTER, 23, of Mornington, d/o John FOERSTER, farmer, & Philomena KUHRY, witn: Joseph P. BRENNER of Linwood & Catherine FOERSTER of Hesson, 11 May 1909 at Hesson
16837-09 Frederick Eric BROWN, 34, mason, of Atwood, s/o William BROWN & Louisa GIBSON, married Maria Jean ARNOLD, 34, of Atwood, d/o George ARNOLD, farmer, & Elizabeth HERMISTON, witn: W. C. PRATT & Georgina STEVENS, both of Millbank, 21 April 1909 at Millbank 16841-09 Christian R. BRUNK, 25, farmer, of Ellice twp., s/o Christian BRUNK & Matty RISER, married Fanny KROPF, 25, of Mornington, d/o David KROPF & Magdalena LICHTY, witn: Peter BRUNK of Wellesley & Leah L. KROPF of Poole, 13 April 1909 at Poole
  16148-06 William Martin CARRER, 25, shipper in wholesale goods, of Toronto, s/o Thomas CARRER & Emily GOULD, married Mary Agnes VERNON, 27, of St. Marys, d/o Nathaniel J. VERNON & Annie CHAPMAN, witn: Maud VERNON of St. Marys & Ellis H. WILKINSON of Toronto, 25 Dec 1909 at St. Marys [reg'd in 1909, but in with 1906 registrations on microfilm]
16836-09 Alexander Fletcher CLARK, 43, widower, cheese maker, of Wellesley twp., s/o Robert CLARK, farmer, & Janet MOSSMAN, married Helen Warnock CHALMERS, 35, of Mornington, d/o John W. CHALMERS, farmer, & Helen HENDERSON, witn: Ralph D. CHALMERS & Jean R. KEATING, both of Poole, 30 April 1909 at Mornington 016748-09 (Perth Co) William COXON, 65, farmer, no birth place given, Alma Twp, widower, s/o George COXON & Elizabeth LAVERLEE (?) married Elizabeth KOEHLER, 42, maiden laborer, no birth place given, Alma Twp, d/o Otto KOEHLER & Johanna RACOB (RACOLE?), witn: George H. & Mrs. Barbara SCHNEIDER of Philipsburg, 15 September 1909 in North Easthope
16845-09 William DICK, 26, farmer, of Elma, s/o John DICK, farmer, & Elizabeth GLENNIE, married Jane Eleanor PEFFERS, 19, of Mornington, d/o Henry PEFFERS, farmer, & Sarah HAMILTON, witn: Maurice DICK of Britton & Walter PEFFERS of Freeborn?, 15 Sept 1909 at Mornington 016767-09 (Perth Co) Enos E. DOCKING, 25, farmer, no birth place given, Hibbert Twp, s/o John DOCKING & Sarah A. PINDER married Lois Adele BEER, 26, no birth place given, Fullarton Twp, d/o Richard BEER & Mary A. NETHERCOTT, witn: Louis & Alba L. DOCKING both of Hibbert, 30 June 1909 in Fullarton Twp
016757-09 (Perth Co) Arthur Herbert FORD, 33, farmer, no birth place given, South Easthope, s/o Edward FORD & Clara CHURCH (?) married Elisabeth WETTLAUFER, 26, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o John S. WETTLAUFER & Margaretha KRUG, witn: Conrad WETTLAUFER of Stratford & Annie KOCH of Tavistock, 14 April 1909 in Sebastopol 016764-09 (Perth Co) August GUELK, 24, farmer, no birth place given, Fullarton, s/o John GUELK & Anna STARCKJOHANN married Louisa MEYER, 26, no birth place given, Fullarton, d/o Fred MEYER & Susanna SCHELLENBERG, witn: Henry BACH of Ellice & Ida MEYER of Fullarton, 9 March 1909 in Fullarton Twp
16832-09 William Edgar HAMMOND, 33, implement agent, of Wellesley village, s/o James HAMMOND, farmer, & Mary McLEAN, married Maggie MARTIN, 28, of Mornington, d/o William MARTIN, farmer, & Maggie McCULLOUGH, witn: James GORDON of Listowel & Sarah MARTIN of Carthage, 3 Feb 1909 at Mornington 018069-10 (Perth Co) Francis Ernest HARBURN, 35, farmer, Hibbert, s/o James HARBURN & Sarah SADLER married Eliza May RILEY, 18, Hullett Twp, d/o Wingfield RILEY & Sarah FREEMAN, witn: James H. & Mrs. James H. HARBURN of Dublin, 15 December 1909 in Hibbert.
  16814-09 John HEIBEIN (Herbein?), 44, widower, farmer, of Grey twp., s/o Fred HEIBEIN, farmer, & Sophia GATEMAN, married Margaret Jane STEWART, no age given, of Grey twp., d/o David STEWART, farmer, & Isabella SCOTT, witn: D. A. STEWART & Cassie M. MITCHELL, both of Molesworth, 29 Dec 1909 at Listowel
016760-09 (Perth Co) Edward H. HEROLD, 23, general merchant, no birth place given, Shakespeare, s/o Christopher HEROLD & Mary STEPPLER married Edna M. SCHMIDT, 22, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o Henry SCHMIDT & Mary OEHM, witn: Ezra E. SCHMIDT of Shakespeare & Anna C. PAFF of Stratford, 15 September 1909 in South Easthope Twp 016751-09 (Perth Co) Albert HERTSBERG, 22, furniture finisher, no birth place given, Stratford, s/o Henry HERTSBERG & Christine YAEGER married Clara HOFFMAN, 18, dressmaker, no birth place given, North Easthope, d/o Conrad HOFFMAN & Elizabeth ROBITZ, witn: William HERTZBERG of Clifford & Sophia HOFFMAN of Am--?, 30 November 1909 in North Easthope
16842-09 Arthur Emil Randolph HOLLEFREUND, 20, photographer, of Minden, s/o Eugene HOLLEFREUND & Mary MARTIN, married Addie Lewella DOBSON, 19, of Mornington, d/o John DOBSON, farmer, & Elizabeth LANGFORD, witn: Leonard J. ROBB of Milverton & Ella M. MILLER of Mornington, 30 June 1909 at Mornington 16843-09 Archibald Lamond HOLMES, 27, farmer, of Mornington, s/o James HOLMES, farmer, & Margaret McGILLAWER, married Martha Ross JACK, 19, of Mornington, d/o Alexander JACK, farmer, & Jane ROSS, witn: Helen R. & Grace M. HAIG of Millbank, 1 Sept 1909 a Mornington
016755-09 (Perth Co) Edward HORMANN, 29, farmer, no birth place given, South Easthope, s/o John HORMANN & Maria SCHNEIDER married Rachel SCHMIDT, 27, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o John SCHMIDT (deceased) & Margaret SEEBACH, witn: Edward KOCH of Tavistock & Tillie WALLS of Stratford, 3 March 1909 in Sebastopol  
16830-09 Menno L. JANTZIE, 24, farmer, of Minnesota USA, s/o Nicholas JANTZIE, farmer, & Fanny LICHTY, married Susan NAFZIGER, 22, of Mornington, d/o Samuel NAFZIGER, farmer, & Fanny STEINMANN, witn: Peter SPLENER of Poole & Elia NAFZIGER of Brunner, 23 Feb 1909 at Mornington (Mennonite) 16835-09 Hugh McDONALD, 45, widower, farmer, of Mornington, s/o Hugh McDONALD & Jane REID, married Margaret Ann DUNBAR, 30, of Mornington, d/o James DUNBAR, farmer, & Catherine MILLER, witn: William Miller DUNBAR of Newton & Jean SCOTT of Listowel, 6 April 1909 at Mornington
16827-09 Henry A. McFADDEN, 31, farmer, of Wellesley twp., s/o Alexander McFADDEN, farmer, & Sarah HAMMOND, married Nellie DAHMS, 31, of Wellesley twp., d/o Charles DAHMS, farmer, & Elizabeth OPPER, witn: Helen R. HAIG & Maggie LANCE, both of Millbank, 6 Jan 1909 at Mornington 16840-09 William Frederick McMULKIN, 24, grocer, of Alliston, s/o David McMULKIN & Jane Elizabeth WILSON, married Lavina Jean FREEMAN, 23, of Mornington, d/o Richard FREEMAN, farmer, & Margaret JONES, witn: Margaret C. & Mary F. CAMERON of Burns, 9 June 1909 at Mornington
  016752-09 (Perth Co) D.A. MEIN, 25, farmer, no birth place given, North Easthope, s/o James MEIN & Catherine FRASER married Jeanette HAMILTON, 23, no birth place given, North Easthope, d/o Thomas HAMILTON & Isabella STEVENSON, witn: A.W. HAMILTON of Georgetown & Isabel MEIN of Shakespeare, 29 December 1909 in North Easthope
16826-09 Samuel John MILLER, 29, farmer, of Wellesley twp., s/o Alexander MILLER, retired farmer, & Katherine ROE, married Henrietta M. HENDERSON, 19, of Mornington, d/o John A. HENDERSON, farmer, & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: Bert WRAY of Linwood & Gertrude HARRISON of Millbank, 27 Jan 1909 at Millbank 16815-09 George Wilson MILLS, 24, farmer, of Elma twp., s/o Joseph MILLS, farmer, & Alice FORD, married Lena Mason LESLIE, 19, of Elma twp., d/o Robert LESLIE, farmer, & Elizabeth LITTLE, witn: M. A. & D. H. HARDIE of Listowel, 29 Dec 1909 at Listowel
16829-09 Thomas Wesley MONKMAN, 46, widower, farmer, of Arran twp., s/o James MONKMAN, farmer, & Catherine JAMIESON, married Margaret Isabel MONTGOMERY, 35, widow, of Mornington, d/o Andrew CRAWFORD, farmer, & Mary HARRON (Harrow?), witn: Robert & Mary E. CRAWFORD of Millbank, 17 Feb. 1909 at Mornington 016766-09 (Perth Co) Albert C. MUXWORTHY, 28, farmer, no birth place given, Blanshard Twp, s/o John MUXWORTHY & Sarah JAMIESON married Harriet L. CORNISH, 25, farmer, no birth place given, Fullarton Twp, d/o Thomas CORNISH & Amelia GETTLER, witn: Henry E. CORNISH & Mildred GETTLER both of Fullarton, 16 June 1909 in Fullarton.
16846-09 Elia NAFZIGER, 24, carpenter, of Ellice twp., s/o Andrew NAFZIGER & Katie SCHWEITZER, married Matty BOSHART, 25, of Mornington, d/o Jacob BOSHART, farmer, & Leah ERB, witn: Ezra NAFZIGER of Brunner & Peter BOSHART of Millbank, 19 Sept 1909 at Mornington twp (Mennonite) 016750-09 (Perth Co) Julius NEUMEISTER, 26, farmer, no birth place given, Mornington Twp, s/o Jobst NEUMEISTER & Catherine LICHTE married Adeline E. SCHMIDT, 22, no birth place given, North Easthope, d/o Balthaser N. SCHMIDT & Mary Ann EIDT, witn: Milton & Eunica SCHMIDT both of Philipsburg, 3 November 1909 in North Easthope
016761-09 (Perth Co) Edward H. OEHM, 26, farmer, no birth place given, South Easthope Twp, s/o Frederick OEHM & Lovina SCHMIDT married Amelia L. OTTO, 26, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o Valentine OTTO & Catherine HEINMILLER, witn: Alfred G. HOFFMAN of Sebringville & Emma L. OTTO of Stratford, 2 June 1909 in South Easthope Twp 16833-09 Christian OESCH, 31, laborer, of Wilmot twp., s/o John N. OESCH, farmer, & Magdalena BOSHART, married Elizabeth SCHWEITZER, 39, of North Easthope, d/o Joseph SCHWEITZER, farmer, & Mary SCHLABACH, witn: John OESCH of Wilmot & Andrew KUEPPER of Mornington, 14 Feb 1909 at Mornington (Mennonite)
16817-09 Percy PERRIN, 24, carpenter, of Wainwright Alta., s/o Joseph PERRIN & Elizabeth WILLIS, married Rhoda GEACH, 25, of Listowel, d/o John GEACH & Louisa EDES, witn: Mary GEACH & Ella PERRIN, both of Galt, 30 Dec 1909 at Listowel 016765-09 (Perth Co) Richard PINDER, 57, farmer, no birth place given, Hibbert Twp, widower, s/o Henry PINDER & Martha PAGE married Charlotte BLANCHARD, 52, farmer, no birth place given, Hibbert Twp, widow, d/o Leonard & Mary A. LAMBKIN, witn: Walter M. KITELY & Carrie E. SWANN both of Fullarton, 31 March 1909 in Fullarton
16847-09 Andrew PRESTON, 34, farmer, of Elma, s/o Thomas PRESTON, farmer, & Jane BYERS, married Margaret GRAY, of Mornington, d/o Thomas GRAY, farmer, & Jessie WHITELAW, witn: Allan GRAY of Brunner & Minnie PRESTON of Britton, 29 Sept 1909 at Mornington 16834-09 Charles ROBINSON, 30, farmer, of Mornington, s/o Alexander ROBINSON, farmer, & Elizabeth WARREN, married Rebecca MARTIN, 28, of Elma twp., d/o Ezekiel MARTIN, farmer, & Jane LENNOX, witn: David & Catherine MARTIN of Britton, 3 March 1909 at Mornington twp
016754-09 (Perth Co) Louis SCHEERER, 23, farmer, no birth place given, South Easthope, s/o Joseph SCHEERER & Margaret GERBIG married Mary Ann JAUSI (Jansi?), 24, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o Daniel JAUSI & Mary DIETRICH, witn: Daniel JAUSI Jr. & Christena DIEHL both of Tavistock, 24 February 1909 in Sebastopol  
16838-09 Charles SCHIEBEL, 34, farmer, of Mornington, s/o August SCHIEBEL, farmer, & Paulina NANER, married Mary BRESINGER (Biesinger?), 24, of Mornington, d/o Gustave BRESINGER, farmer, & Caroline CASSEL, witn: John & Clara SCHIEBEL of Hesson, 27 April 1909 at Hesson 016749-09 (Perth Co) John SCHNEIDER, 26, farmer, no birth place given, Wilmot, s/o Conrad SCHNEIDER & Catherine HEUTHER married Melinda L. MOHR, 22, no birth place given, North Easthope, d/o Martin MOHR & Mary HEGER (HEYER?), witn: William SCHNEIDER of Baden & Zippora EIDT of Philipsburg, 29 September 1909 in North Easthope
016763-09 (Perth Co) Louis SEEBACH, 26, farmer, no birth place given, Fullarton, s/o Nicholas SEEBACH & Margaret GREY married Ida SCHELLENBERG, 23, no birth place given, Fullarton, d/o Michael SCHELLENBERG & Mary EGGERT, witn: John A. KRUG of Tavistock & Lydia SCHELLENBERG of Sebringville, 10 March 1909 in Fullarton 16831-09 Victor SEVITS, 33, laborer, of Indiana USA, s/o Henry SEVITS, farmer, & Mary DELAGRANGE, married Barbara BELLAR, 21, of Mornington, d/o Daniel BELLAR, laborer, & Annie KUEPPER, witn: Rudy BELLAR of Poole & Moses ERB of Wellesley, 14 March 1909 at Mornington (Mennonite)
16812-09 Frederick A. SEWELL, 27, shoe maker, of not given, s/o William SEWELL & Mahalah FREEMAN, married Lola E. FOERCH (Forest?), 21, of Listowel, d/o Andrew FOUCH?, lumber merchant, & Susan YOUNG, witn: Olive SEWELL & Mrs. GEOCH, both of Listowel, 4 Oct. 1909 at Listowel 016753-09 (Perth Co) Jacob O. STAUFFER, 26, agent, no birth place given, Bright, s/o D.R. STAUFFER & Emily JONES married Nora WEICKER, 22, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o August WEICKER & Catherine EYDT, witn: George STAUFFER of Plattsville & Erna WEICKER of Tavistock, 23 January 1909 in Sebastopol
016762-09 (Perth Co) Percy J. SPARLING, 25, farmer, no birth place given, Blanshard, s/o Percival A. SPARLING & Frances PLAXTON married Minnie M. HODGE, 22, no birth place given, Fullarton, d/o John HODGE & Martha KANE, witn: Wesley HODGE of Fullarton & Edith SPARLING of Blanshard, 3 March 1909 in Fullarton 16828-09 Solomon STEINMAN, 24, farmer, of Wilmot, s/o Joseph STEINMAN, farmer, & Mary ZEHR, married Sarah ALBRECHT, 19, of Wellesley twp., d/o Jacob ALBRECHT, farmer, & Mary JANTZIE, witn: Joseph STEINMAN of Wilmot & John JANTZIE of Wellesley, 9 Feb 1909 at Mornington (Mennonite)
016756-09 (Perth Co) Walter A. WEICKER, 22, farmer, no birth place given, East Zorra, s/o William WEICKER & Emma SCHMIDT married Sidona WETTLAUFER, 21, no birth place given, East Zorra, d/o Henry WETTLAUFER & Annie SIPPEL, witn: Oscar WEICKER of New Hamburg & Margaretha WETTLAUFER of Cassell, 17 March 1909 in Sebastopol 016759-09 (Perth Co) Jacob WOELFLE, 23, tinsmith, no birth place given, Tavistock, s/o Martin WOELFLE & Christena MERKLINGER married Mary NEEB, 23, no birth place given, South Easthope, d/o George NEEB & Margaret HERMANN, witn: Henry DIETZ & Catherine WOELFLE both of Tavistock, 18 August 1909 in South Easthope