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Perth Co., 1910

birthplaces were not usually given on 1910 marriage registrations


018003-10 (Perth Co) Peter ARBOGAST, 27, farmer, of Sebringville, s/o Peter ARBOGAST & Margaret JORGER married Mary Ann SCHELLENBERGER, 28, of Sebringville, d/o Henry SCHELLENBERGER & Katherine KRUG, witn: David ARBOGAST & Arthur SCHELLENBERGER both of Sebringville, 1 September 1910 in Sebringville  
018088-10 (Perth Co) James Addison ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, of Melford Saskatchewan, s/o Joseph ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth BODLEY married Clara Mabel AYLESWORTH, 31, ofFordwich Huron Co., d/o Peter AYLESWORTH & Margaret ADAIR, witn: Grace AYLESWORTH & Russell GRAINGER both of Fordwich, 10 March 1910 in Listowel. 018066-10 (Perth Co) John Freeman BARTHEL, 27, teacher, Mitchell, s/o William BARTHEL & Jane KANE married Maggie Melissa RAINEY, 26, Carlingford, d/o John RAINEY & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Robert A. RAINEY of Carlingford & Lettie BARTHEL of Mitchell, 10 August 1910 in Carlingford
018001-10 (Perth Co) Harold Alfred BEDFORD, 22, electrician, of Avonbank, s/o William Charles BEDFORD & Lucy JOHNS married Ada BASS, 22, of Avonbank, d/o James BASS & Margaret HARRIS, witn: Joseph MOUNTAIN & Thomas NEAR both of Avonbank, 23 August 1910 in Avonbank 018319-10 (Perth Co) Karl Joseph BEYERS, 25, farmer, of Wallace, s/o Karl BEYER & Christine WIEGNER (WAEGNER) married Norma WAHL, no age given, housemaid, ofWallace, d/o Heinrich WAHL & Anna WIPFLER, witn: George ORTH & Christine BEYER both of Kurtzville, 21 September 1910 in Kurtzville
018078-10 (Perth Co) John BRENNAN, 26, farmer, Hibbert Twp, s/o Thomas BRENNAN & Bridget CRONIN married Sarah FARDY, 22, domestic, Dublin, d/o John FARDY & Rachel EAVES, witn: James R. CARMICHAEL & Marguerite EVANS?, both of Dublin, 12 October 1910 in Dublin 017997-10 (Perth Co) William Henry CARDWELL, 30, farmer, of Gore of Downie, s/o Thomas J. CARDWELL & Kate McDONALD married Annie Mabel WORDEN, 22, of Downie Twp, d/o William WORDEN & Sarah DOUGLAS, witn: John WORDEN of Toronto & Ethel WORDEN of Downie Twp, 8 February 1910 in Downie Twp
018086-10 (Perth Co) Alfred John CHAPMAN, 25, chair maker, of Listowel, s/o John CHAPMAN & Emma SAUNDERS married Mary May LOREE, 23, weaver, of Listowel, d/o Gilbert LOREE & Susie TREMAIN, witn: Andrew CHAPMAN & Lillie NORTON both of Listowel, 27 April 1910 in Listowel 018073-10 (Perth Co) T.J. Earl CHAPPELL, 22, farmer, Hibbert, s/o Alphred N. CHAPPELL & Mary HARBURN married Laura Manetta BUTLER, 21, Hibbert, d/o William BUTLER & Susanna SPEARS, witn: A. Filmer CHAPPELL of Staffa & Jennie L. BUTLER of Cromarty, 2 March 1910 in Hibbert.
018316-10 (Perth Co) William Ernest COGHLIN, 26, farmer, Wallace, s/o Charles COGHLIN, farmer, & Sarah FENNEL married Myrtle May BARTLEY, 26, farmer, Wallace, d/o James BARTLEY, farmer, & Sara FALCONER, witn: Harvey H. COGHLIN of Listowel & Patience J. BARTLEY of Toronto, 4 March 1910 in Wallace Twp 018077-10 (Perth Co) Patrick COSGROVE, 46, farmer, Thamesville, widower, s/o John COSGROVE & Ann FAHEY married Mary Jane KENNEDY, 39, farmer, McKillop Twp, spinster, d/o Duncan KENNEDY & Hanorah HART, witn: Edward HART of Hibbert & Katie KENNEDY of McKillop, 20 September 1910 in Dublin.
018055-10 (Perth Co) Cornelius CROWLEY, 23, farmer, Kinkora Ellice Twp, s/o Cornelius CROWLEY & Margarite READY married Grace MURRAY, 19, domestic, Kinkora, d/o Timothy MURRAY & Grace STOCK, witn: Thomas READY of Kennicott Logan Twp & Annie MURRAY of Kinkora, 21 June 1910 in Kinkora. 018050-10 (Perth Co) Michael CROWLEY, 31, farmer, Kinkora Ellice Twp, widower, s/o Michael CROWLEY & Maria HALEY married Julia MURRAY, 33, domestic, Kinkora, spinster, d/o William & Ellen MURRAY, witn: Jeremiah CROWLEY & Nellie MURRAY of Kinkora, 19 April 1910 in Kinkora
018311-10 (Perth Co) Edmund H. DAFOE, 30, draughtsman, Montreal Quebec, s/o Edmund DAFOE & Mary Ann CLEMENT married Lydia M. RICHARDS, 26, teacher, St. Mary's, d/o William RICHARDS & Mercy MANSBRIDGE, witn: Elston DAFOE of Avon Ont. & William RICHARDS of St. Mary's, 31 October 1910 in St. Mary's.  018317-10 (Perth Co) Thomas James DEZELL, 28, farmer, of Maryborough Twp, s/o James DEZELL & Mary Ann GILMORE married Myrtle Maud THOMPSON, 26, of Wallace, d/o William H. THOMPSON & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: William T.S. THOMPSON & Mary A. DEZELL both of Wallace , 8 June 1910 in Perth Co.
18208-10 Herbert DUNBAR, 24, wood carver, of Stratford, s/o William H. DUNBAR & Emma JAZARD?, married Gertrude V. RICHARDSON, 23, of Stratford, d/o George RICHARDSON & Helen BATTERSBY, witn: Norman & Mrs. Norman REINHARDT of Stratford, 23 June 1910 at Stratford 18210-10 William Thomas EDDY, 34, laborer, of Cromarty, s/o William EDDY, farmer, & Elizabeth COLLINS, married Margaret LAMOND, 27 (29?), maid, of Cromarty, d/o Malcolm LAMOND, farmer, & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: William COLLINS & Annie L. CLUFF, 24 June 1910 at Stratford
018063-10 (Perth Co) Henry Frederick EGGERT, 26, farmer, Rostock Ellice Twp, s/o August EGGERT & Caroline ISCHE married Eva Barbara DOERR, 20, domestic, Gadshill Ellice Twp, d/o Julius DOERR & Anna KALBFLEISCH, witn: William DOERR of Gadshill Ellice Twp & Elizabeth EGGERT of Rostock, 22 June 1910 at Lot 4 Conc 11 Ellice Twp.  
018005-10 (Perth Co) William Charles ELLAH, 23, farmer, of Downie, s/o Charles W. ELLAH & Catherine COLE married Emma Effie SCHNEIDER, 19, of Downie, d/o John SCHNEIDER & Maggie MEISCHEIN, witn: Job ELLAH of Avonbank & Lydia Ann SCHNEIDER of Sebringville, 21 December 1910 in Downie 018321-10 (Perth Co) William Howard FAULKNER, 26, farmer, of Maryboro, s/o John FAULKNER & Ellen PATTERSON married Clara May COGHLIN, 28, of Wallace, d/o Charles COGHLIN & Sarah FENNELL, witn: Benjamin BARTLEY & Etta COGHLIN both of Listowel, 14 December 1910 in Wallace
018049-10 (Perth Co) Christian FLEISCHAUER, 23, farmer, Elma Twp, s/o Ernst FLEISCHAUER, farmer, & Elizabeth SCHWINDT married Maria FELTZ, 16, domestic, Logan Twp, d/o Gustav FELTZ, farmer, & Albertina TOEDER, witn: August FELTZ & (blank) BOYD or Boyd (blank) both of Logan Twp, 9 February 1910 in Wartburg 018047-10 (Perth Co) John GAFNEY, 30, farmer, Logan Twp, s/o Patrick GAFNEY, farmer, & Alice MORRISON married Mary STOCK, 24, domestic, Kinkora Ellice Twp, d/o Peter STOCK, farmer, & Elizabeth HARTUNG, witn: Thomas MORRISON & Annie STOCK both of Kinkora Ellice Twp, 1 February 1910 in Kinkora
018064-10 (Perth Co) Roy Lewis GOODWIN, 29, farmer, Fullarton, s/o Lewis F. GOODWIN & Jane MOORE married Laura Maud JEWELL, 25, farmer, Minto Twp, d/o Walter JEWELL & Susie HARRIS, witn: Norman HEAL of Fullarton & Lena M. JEWELL of Detroit, 30 March 1910 in Fullarton. 018056-10 (Perth Co) Albert George GRAUL, 27, farmer, Ellice Twp, s/o William GRAUL & Pauline SEEHAFER (s/b SEEHAVER) married Amelia KERR, 25, domestic, Ellice Twp, d/o John KERR & Dorothea ZANG, witn: Charles GRAUL of Kuhryville Ellice Twp & Aggie KERR of Rostock Ellice Twp, 29 June 1910 in Rostock.
18207-10 Walter Herbert GREGORY, 23, barrister, of Stratford, s/o Thomas GREGORY & Janet HAMPSON, married Ida Palmer DAVIDSON, 24, of Stratford, d/o John Alen DAVIDSON, barrister, & Jane Agnes RANKIN, witn: Stella L. GREGORY of Exeter & W. W. DAVIDSON of Stratford, 7 June 1910 at Stratford 018054-10 (Perth Co) John Joseph HALL, 43, railroad man, Stratford, s/o Michael HALL, railroad man, & Ellen GLAVIN married Catharine McDONNELL, 45, domestic, Rostock,  d/o Bryan McDONNELL, farmer, & Ann KELLY, witn: J. COUGHLIN of Stratford & Jessie McDONNELL of Rostock, 20 June 1910 in Kinkora
  018076-10 (Perth Co) George Thomas HAMILTON, 37, merchant, Galt, s/o Francis L. HAMILTON, merchant, & Mary A. HUNTER married Agnes Jane McLACHLAN, 37, Cromarty, spinster, d/o Donald McLACHLAN, farmer, & Harriet CAMPBELL, witn: Andrew McLACHLAN & Harriet McKELLAR both of Cromarty, 24 August 1910 in Cromarty
018314-10 (Perth Co) Henry E. HANLY, 28, farmer, Blanshard, s/o Frederick E. HANLY, farmer, & Isabell MOSS married Annie J. WEBSTER, 28, Blanshard, d/o George B. WEBSTER, farmer, & Catherine SWITZER, witn: Russel W. HANLY & Margaret WEBSTER (no residence given), 21 December 1910 in Blanshard 018061-10 (Perth Co) Henry HARLOFF, 25, farmer, Wartburg Ellice Twp, s/o Frederick HARLOFF & Caroline EHGOETZ married Anna BECKER, 22, domestic at home, Wartburg, d/o George BECKER & Caroline SIEADLING (SEEDLING?), witn: William HARLOFF & Caroline BECKER both of Wartburg, 12 October 1910 in Wartburg.
018315-10 (Perth Co) William N. HARRISON, 29, banker, Caster Alberta, s/o George M. HARRISON & Rachael CURRIE married Maud M. FRALEIGH, 32, St. Mary's,  d/o Sydney FRALEIGH, retired druggist, & Bessie WEIR, witn: Annie M. MIDDLEMISS of Detroit U.S.A. & John POOL of St. Mary's, 28 December 1910 in St. Mary's.  
018004-10 (Perth Co) Frank D. HILL, 32, farmer, of Downie, s/o William HILL & Elizabeth LITTLE married Mary A. ARMSTRONG, 24, of Downie, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Sophia SHAPTON, witn: John McEWAN & Hattie ARMSTRONG both of Downie, 7 December 1910 in Downie. 018057-10 (Perth Co) Daniel HOFFMEIER (s/b HOFFMEYER), 28, farmer, Downie Twp, s/o Bonhardt (Leonhardt?) HOFFMEIER & Margaretha FRIES married Lizzie Ann DEBUS, 19, domestic, Rostock Ellice Twp, d/o William H. DEBUS & Elizabeth HEINBUCH, witn: Edward HOFFMEIER of Sebringville & Minnie DEBUS of Rostock, 21 September 1910 in Rostock.
018002-10 (Perth Co) James Thomas HOLMES, 22, farmer, of Avonbank, s/o Alfred HOLMES & Sarah ANDREWS married Grace Eliza EVANS, 20, of Avonbank, d/o Robert EVANS & Eliza FREDERICH, witn: Joseph MOUNTAIN & Thomas NEAR both of Avonbank, 26 August 1910 in Avonbank. 018085-10 (Perth Co) Heinrich HOLTZMAN, 33, laborer, of Wallace, s/o George HOLTZMAN & Elizabeth LENHARD married Matilda Elisa WAHL, 25, of Listowel, d/o George WAHL & Matilda BOHLER, witn: William VOLL of Listowel & Lena HOLTZMAN of Wallace, 27 January 1910 in Listowel
  018081-10 (Perth Co) David James JONES, 27, minister, Mornington, s/o Oliver JONES & Marion BATY married Annie HENRY, 21, Mornington, d/o David HENRY & Margaret ASKIN, witn: Mrs. Ethel URQUHART & Mrs. Helen URQUHART both of Listowel, 21 March 1910 in Listowel
018322-10 (Perth Co) Reuben William KARGES, 26, farmer, of Listowel, s/o Henry KARGES & Charlotte POMEROY married Emma Melinda GOTTFRIED, 29, of Listowel, d/o Jacob GOTTFRIED & Louisa SPIES, witn: Wilbert KARGES & Lydia GOTTFRIED both of Listowel, 28 December 1910 in Wallace 018070-10 (Perth Co) Walter Lewis KEIL, 23, merchant, Brock Saskatchewan, s/o Lewis KEIL & Mary BURGESS married Rebecca E. NORRIS, 27, Hibbert, d/o Hugh NORRIS & Mary HORTON, witn: James NORRIS of Mitchell & Vera CAMPBELL of Exeter, 12 January 1910 in Hibbert.
018045-10 (Perth Co) John Henry KENNEY, 24, merchant, Kuhryville Ellice Twp, s/o John KENNEY, merchant, & Martha McKEE married Melinda ZIMMERMAN, 23, domestic, Kuhryville, d/o Adam ZIMMERMAN, retired farmer, & Kathrina FERCH, witn: Magda BLUNCK of Rostock & Johanna BLUNCK, 10 January 1910 in Rostock #018171-10 (Perth Co): Donald KIPPEN, widower, 54, farmer, of Minnedosa Manitoba, s/o Alexander KIPPEN (deceased) & Mary McKAY, married Sophia Ann MARK, 36, of Stratford, d/o William MARK (deceased) & Jean SCOTT, witn: George R. & Minnie MARK of Stratford, 23 Feb 1910 at Stratford
18212-10 Robert Ogyston? LAIRD, 25, clerk, of Peterborough, s/o Robert William LAIRD, oil operator, & Mary Christena MacDONALD, married Sarah Heyden DAVIS, 23, of Stratford, d/o William H. DAVIS, factory hand, & Christena KIPPER (Kippen?), witn: George D. DAVIS & C. Linton LAIRD, both of Stratford, 29 June 1910 at Stratford 18211-10 William G. LETTS, 25, barber, of Stratford, s/o George LETTS, farmer, & Augsta EGGER (Eyger?), married May DEAN (Dear?), 21, of Stratford, d/o George DEAN, night watchman GTR, & Mary CHIPPENDEN, witn: George W. WOOD & Emma LETTS, both of Stratford, 21 June 1910 at Stratford
#018172-10 (Perth Co): Levi Striker LICHTY, 31, contractor, of Wellesley village, s/o John B. LICHTY (contractor) & Catherine STRIKER, married Bertha Mabel FREEBORN, 25, of Wellesley twp., d/o William S. FREEBORN (farmer) & Mary LYALL, witn: A.M. SAUTER? of Hamilton & Frances MARTIN of Stratford, 23 Feb 1910 at Stratford 018006-10 (Perth Co) Robert LOW, 41, farmer, of Gore of Downie, s/o John LOW & Mary MUIRHEAD married Annie Edith CORNISH, 26, of Downie, d/o Philip CORNISH & Margaret McINTOSH, witn: Lewis G. CORNISH of Stratford & Margaret ROWE of Kingorf?, 21 December 1910 in Downie
  018082-10 (Perth Co) William Nelson MAINES, 40, carpenter, Toronto, s/o Samuel MAINES & Louisa PATTERSON married Emma SITTLER, 41, dressmaker, Listowel, spinster, d/o Solomon SITTLER & Mary Ann CLEMENS, witn: Solomon & Mary Ann SITTLER both of Listowel, 28 March 1910 in Listowel
018079-10 (Perth Co) Allan McDOUGALD, 34, farmer, Hibbert, s/o Allan McDOUGALD & Mary McEWAN married Almenia IZZARD, 19, seamstress, Hibbert, d/o Josiah IZZARD & Lavina TUFFIN, witn: John McLEAN & Colin IZZARD both of Cromarty, 19 October 1910 in Hibbert 018067-10 (Perth Co) Alex McMILLAN, 36, merchant, Trail B.C., s/o John McMILLAN & Ellen PARK married Jane M.P. URQUHART, 36, Fullarton,  d/o George URQUHART & Jane PARK, witn: Alex URQUHART & W.E. McINTYRE both of Fullarton, 9 November 1910 in Fullarton
018052-10 (Perth Co) Michael MESSERSCHMIDT, 21, farmer, Fullarton Twp, s/o August MESSERSCHMIDT & Margaret STOSKOPF married Mary Ann GALL (GAUL?), 23, domestic, Ellice Twp, d/o William GALL & Augusta FAMME, witn: Henry FAMME & Matilda MESSERSCHMIDT both of Sebringville, 1 June 1910 in Ellice Twp. 018310-10 (Perth Co) William Frank MILLS, 30, farmer, West Nissouri Twp, s/o Kossuth MILLS & Charlotte GUY?, married Wilhelmine RIORDAN, 29, St. Mary's, d/o William B. RIORDAN & Jane McCALLUM, witn: Mrs. Carrie VANDERBURGH of Fonthill & Miss Josephine L. MAYER of Waterloo, 5 October 1910 in St. Mary's.
017998-10 (Perth Co) Alexander MOSES, 35, farmer, of Downie Twp, widower, s/o Lorenza MOSES & Martha STRATHDER, married Maggie CODDINGTON, 36, of Downie Twp, d/o George CODDINGTON & Phebe JUTTS (Juko?), witn: John & Laura CODDINGTON both of Downie, 16 March 1910 in Downie Twp. 017996-10 (Perth Co) Alfred J. MOUNTAIN, 27, farmer, of St. Mary's, s/o William MOUNTAIN & Jane BROWN married Edith A. OLIVER, 24, of Avonbank, d/o John OLIVER & Jeanne FERGUSON, witn: Leslie BROWN of Motherwell & Elizabeth BELL of Avonbank, 1 January 1910 in Avonbank
018323-10 (Perth Co) Arthur John NELSON, 26, farmer, of Elma, s/o John NELSON & Mary WHEELER married Edith Ellen PICKETT, 21, servant, of Elma, d/o Charles PICKETT & Bridget MILLING, witn: John HAMILTON & Catherine BELL (no residence given), 23 November 1910 in Molesworth. 018062-10 (Perth Co) Samuel NOLL, 26, shoemaker, Milverton Mornington Twp, s/o Frederick NOLL, pump maker, & Catharine GREEN married Catharine Maggie DIEHL, 25, domestic, Ellice Twp, d/o Werner DIEHL, farmer, & Barbara HORNING, witn: Andrew BACH of Milverton & Mary DIEHL of Gadshill Ellice Twp, 19 October 1910 in Rostock.
18209-10 Charles O'BRIEN, 38, railroader, of St. Thomas, s/o John O'BRIEN & Mary McDONALD, married Agnes McCaffrey REGAN, widow, 36, of not given, d/o Michael REGAN & Mary LYNCH, witn: Peter REGAN of Stratford & Kate MALLOY of Ellice, 22 June 1910 at Stratford 018313-10 (Perth Co) Luther James OKE, 31, farmer, Osborne Huron Co., s/o William OKE & Mary A. FRAYNE married Sarah E. BATTEN, 29, Osborne Huron Co., d/o John BATTEN & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Luther J. OKE of Elmville & Vera BATTEN of Winchelsea, 28 September 1910 in St. Mary's.
#018173-10 (Perth Co): Alexander ORMAND, 29, machinist, of Stratford, s/o James A. ORMAND (engineer) & Fanny MAXWELL, married Minnie FEILDS, clerk, 21, of Stratford, d/o William FIELDS (watchman) & Eliza WORTH?, witn: Henrietta BELL & Edward John BENNETT, both of Stratford, 9 Feb 1910 at Stratford 018320-10 (Perth Co) George John ORTH, 24, farmer, of Kurtzville, s/o Jacob ORTH & Anna N. WHIPFLER married Lena BEYER, 23, housemaid, of Wallace, d/o Karl BEYER & Christine WIEGNER (WAEGNER), witn: William BEYER of Wallace & Freda ORTH of Kurtzville, 9 November 1910 in Wallace
018318-10 (Perth Co) Nelson Marsh PLANT, 34, farmer, of Howick, s/o William PLANT & Maxianne MARSH married Bertha SCHMIDT, 23, of Howick, d/o Christian SCHMIDT & Sophia RUNGE, witn: Rachael DOERSAM & Pauline KUTTER both of Kurtzville, 13 April 1910 in Kurtzville 018051-10 (Perth Co) Charles Henry POUNDER, 26, farmer, Oregon U.S.A., s/o Thomas POUNDER, farmer, & Elizabeth GREEN married Edna Aritta DILL, 27, domestic, Wartburg Ellice Twp, d/o Christian John DILL, blacksmith, & Pauline KRAUTER, witn: David EIZERMAN of Mitchell & Sarah DILL of Wartburg, 2 March 1910 in Wartburg.
017999-10 (Perth Co) David James RAINEY, 29, carpenter, of no residence given, s/o John RAINEY & Mary DAVIDSON married Elizabeth WOOD, 22, of no residence given, d/o William WOOD & Mary ROBERTSON, witn: Maggie RAINEY of Carlingford & John F. BARTHEL of Mitchell, 11 May 1910 in Downie Twp. 018058-10 (Perth Co) Ezra Norman RATZ, 24, painter, Rostock Ellice Twp, s/o Conrad RATZ, carpenter, & Mary PENTZ married Elizabeth Anna EGGERT, 22, domestic, Rostock, d/o August EGGERT, farmer, & Caroline ISCHE, witn: Henry & Eva B. EGGERT both of Rostock, 21 September 1910 in Rostock.
018083-10 (Perth Co) William John REID, 38, farmer, of Wallace Twp, s/o James REID & Mary ALLGEIER married Alma Louisa SCHADE, 21, farmer, of Listowel, d/o Adam SCHADE & Catherine DOADT, witn: Frederick & Clara REID both of Wallace, 9 February 1910 in Listowel. 018065-10 (Perth Co) Jakob Johann Wilhelm RIEHL, 26, mason, Ellice Twp, s/o Frederick RIEHL, mason, & Christina DIETZE married Ida SCHRADER, 28, Fullarton Twp, d/o August SCHRADER, farmer, & Caroline AHRENS, witn: John MUGGS of Bornholm & Ann SCHRADER of Carlingford, 12 April 1910 in Fullarton.
018324-10 (Perth Co) William Patterson ROBB, 30, farmer, of Maryborough, s/o Alexander ROBB & Louisa DEAN married Adeline GUNNERSON, 26, of Wallace, d/o Thomas GUNNERSON & Sophia BRIDGE, witn: T. GUNNERSON of Wallace & Edith ROBB of Maryborough, 16 November 1910 in Wallace Twp #018174-10 (Perth Co): William John ROBB, 24, painter, of Stratford, s/o Samuel ROBB (deceased) & Jane, married Jennie BENTENMILLER, 26, of Stratford, d/o John BENTENMILLER (machinist) & Catherine KRONIG, witn: J.W. & Cath. WETTLIGER? of 211 Birmingham St., Stratford, 12 March 1910 at Stratford
018059-10 (Perth Co) Georg ROCK, 67, gentleman, Stratford, widower, s/o Georg ROCK & Mary KASPER married Caroline SCHWEITZER, 66, domestic, Lot 13 Conc 1 Ellice Twp, widow, d/o Andrew SEEBACH & Bridgetta SCHUSTER, witn: Frank & Rachael SCHWEITZER both of Ellice Twp, 27 November 1910 in Sebringville 018087-10 (Perth Co) Reuben ROLLS, 40, farmer, of Listowel, s/o Richard ROLLS & Hannah WENCH married Mary Jane McCUTCHEON, 36, of Listowel, d/o Samuel McCUTCHEON & Ellen LYNN, witn: Ida E. HAMILTON of Listowel & Mildred E. MARTIN of Elma Twp, 21 March 1910 in Listowel
018072-10 (Perth Co) Samuel ROSS, 46, farmer, Dinsmore Saskatchewan, s/o George ROSS & Mary KENNEY married Elizabeth TOWERS, 43, farmer, Hibbert, spinster, d/o William TOWERS Sr. & Janet BELL, witn: William TOWERS Jr. & Alice HACKNEY both of Farquhar, 9 March 1910 in Hibbert 018068-10 (Perth Co) Bert ROSS, 21, farmer, Fullarton, s/o William ROSS & Fanny HAWKEY married Marian Olive ROGERS, 20, Fullarton, d/o Robert ROGERS (deceased) & Elizabeth RAMSAY, witn: D'Arcy ROSS of Fullarton & Carrie RAE of St. Mary's, 5 October 1910 in Motherwell.
018074-10 (Perth Co) Alfred ROSS, 50, farmer, Fullarton, widower, s/o Edward ROSS & Sarah Ann ROBINSON married Emily C. STEWART, 27, Hibbert, widow, d/o James CAMPBELL & Sarah Jane HARRIS, witn: James & Sarah J. CAMPBELL both of Cromarty, 30 April 1910 at Lot 11 Conc 12 Hibbert. 018048-10 (Perth Co) Georg John SCHMIDT, 33, butcher, Milverton, s/o John SCHMIDT (deceased farmer) & Mary GREVE married Clara GRUNDENBERGER, 26, domestic, Sebringville, d/o Simon GRUNDENBERGER (shoe maker) & Margaret SCHELLENBERGER, witn: John FLEISCHAUER & Frieda PAULI both of Milverton, 26 January 1910 in Sebringville
018060-10 (Perth Co) Henry E. SCHNEIDER, 29, machinist, Berlin, s/o George SCHNEIDER & Elizabeth ABLE married Anna GREVE, 31, domestic, Wartburg Ellice Twp, d/o William GREVE & Rosine HERR, witn: Edward GREVE of Sebringville & Clara GREVE of Wartburg Ellice Twp, 27 December 1910 in Wartburg. 018046-10 (Perth Co) Samuel SCHULTZ, 26, farmer, North Easthope Twp, s/o Menno SCHULTZ, farmer, & Elizabeth LITMILLER married Annie LIES, 19, domestic, Wellesley, d/o David LIES, farmer, & Mattie SCHWARTZENTRUBER, witn: Sarah S. LIES of Wellesley & Henry BRENNEMAN of Mornington Twp, 18 January 1910 at Lot 4 Conc 16 Ellice Twp.
#018175-10 (Perth Co): Charles Sydney SNAZEL, 30, painter, of Stratford, s/o George SNAZEL & Harriet SIMPSON, married Mary O'GRADY, 34, of Stratford, d/o John O'GRADY & Mary JOYCE, witn: John D. RON--? & Annie L. CLUFF, both of Stratford, 16 March 1910 at Stratford 018312-10 (Perth Co) William STACEY, 48, farmer, East Nissouri, s/o Edward STACEY (deceased) & Eliza STEPHENS married Mary BALSDON, 38, East Nissouri, spinster, d/o John BALSDON (deceased) & Mary BALL, witn: Mrs. D.N. & Lawrence D. McCAMUS both of St. Mary's, 2 November 1910 in St. Mary's.
018075-10 (Perth Co) Roy Mair TRAQUAIR, 21, farmer, Tuckersmith, s/o John TRAQUAIR & Janet MAIR married Edith Pearl MAUDSON, 19, Hibbert, d/o John MAUDSON & Nancy STEWART, witn: Melvyl (Melville?) TRAQUAIR of Hensall & Carrie MAIR of Usborne, 13 July 1910 in Hibbert #018176-10 (Perth Co): James K. VERNER, 29, machinist, of Stratford, s/o Semple VERNER (teamster) Hannah, married Mary Blanche MILLER, 22, of Stratford, d/o Archibald MILLER (yeoman) & Elizabeth DRAKE, witn: Lizzie CAMPBELL of Moose Jaw Sask. & George E. MILLER of Stratford, 23 March 1910 at Stratford
018080-10 (Perth Co) Charles Ludwig VOLL, 25, farmer, Mornington, s/o David VOLL & Louise DENNER married Mary YOST, 23, Mornington, d/o Benjamin YOST & Mary ROTH, witn: William YOST & Margaret VOLL both of Mornington, 16 March 1910 in Listowel 018084-10 (Perth Co) Wilhelm VOLL, 32, laborer, of Poole, s/o David VOLL & Louise TENNERT (?) married Anna Marie BARTMAN, 27, farmer, of Wallace Twp, d/o George BARTMAN & Elizabeth HOFMANN, witn: Charles VOLL & Annie BARTMAN both of Wallace, 2 March 1910 in Wallace
018000-10 (Perth Co) Solomon WAHL, 26, farmer, of no residence given, s/o Henry WAHL & Sarah SHOEMAKER married Alma SCHULTZ, no age given, of no residence given, d/o John & Lena, witn: Charles SCHULTZ of Sebringville & Julia SCHAUBER (?) of Ellice Twp, 8 June 1910 in Sebringville. 018071-10 (Perth Co) George Whitelaw WALLACE, 29, farmer, Downie Twp, s/o John WALLACE & Sarah AITCHESON married Christina Livingston McKELLAR, 26, Hibbert, d/o Donald McKELLAR & Jane LAMOND, witn: John WALLACE of Avonton & Jean B. McKELLAR of Cromarty, 9 March 1910 in Hibbert
018325-10 (Perth Co) William Edmund WILLIS, 26, farmer, of 4th Wallace Twp, s/o William WILLIS & Elizabeth Jane BETT??ON married Carrie Maud ECKMIER, 27, of Wallace, d/o August ECKMIER & Emma Jane LAKE, witn: Lloyd ECKMIER of Shipley & Ada WILLIS of Gowanstown, 28 September 1910 in Wallace 018053-10 (Perth Co) William ZULAUF, 24, butcher, Rostock Ellice Twp, s/o Adam ZULAUF, carpenter, & Catharine THARE married Elizabeth WINGEFELDER, 22, domestic, Rostock, d/o Joseph WINGEFELDER, butcher, & Mary STOCK, witn: John FLETCHER of Kinkora & Mary WINGEFELDER of Rostock, 5 June 1910 in Kinkora