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Perth Co., 1912

birth place is given before residence


015864-12 Henry Norman ABRAHAM, 24, no occupation given, Stratford, Stratford, s/o William ABRAHAM & Mary FITZPATRICK married Edna Lorena LAMB, 24, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Eli LAMB & Jane HENRY, witn: Edward McCANN & Eliza HENRY both of Stratford, 19 June 1912 in Stratford 015862-12 Fred William AHRENS, 26, no occupation given, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o William AHRENS & Minnie ISLER married Ida MEYER, 22, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o Fred MEYER & Susanne SCHELLENBERGER, witn: George SAYLES & Margaretha RATZ both of Mitchell, 29 May 1912 in Fullarton Twp.
015859-12 George Henry AITCHESON, 28, farmer, of Downie, s/o Andrew AITCHESON & Lottie BERNARD married Mary Elizabeth BALLANTYNE, 22, of Downie, d/o David BALLANTYNE & Elizabeth JEFFERY, witn: Louisa JEFFERY of Stratford & David BALLANTYNE of Sebringville, 3 April 1912 in Downie Twp. 015858-12 Peter ALLAN, 23, laborer, of Stratford, s/o Peter ALLAN & Louisa DESJARDINS married Elizabeth BOYCE, 19, domestic, of Stratford, d/o Charles BOYCE & (mother's name not known), witn: Edward BOX of Seaforth & Emma ALLAN of Stratford, 17 (?) April 1912 in Stratford
015863-1912 (Perth Co.) Harry Oswald ALLEN, 25, not given, Wheeloak Cheshire England, Stratford, s/o Ernest Edgar ALLEN & Annie PLATT, married Mary Elizabeth WHITEHEAD, 25, Oldham Lancashire England, same, d/o William WHITEHEAD & Jane ATKINSON, witn: R. A. CLUFF & Ada ALLEN, both of Stratford, 24 Jun 1912 at Stratford. 015861-12 Reginald John ALLEN, 23, no occupation given, Mount Forest, Stratford, s/o James ALLEN & Margaret WAUGH married Nina Grace HINDMAN, 19, Syracuse N.Y., Stratford, d/o Daniel HINDMAN & Alida Lilian MEDBURY, witn: Ernest PLAYART & Melinda A. PLETSCH both of Ontario St. Stratford, 9 April 1912 in Stratford
015868-12 James ALLEN, 23, moulder, of Galt, s/o Cosimo VENNERI & Christina MARRACCO, married Josephine BOMESSUTO, 17, of Stratford, d/o Angelo BOMESSUTO & Agnes CUTNERA, witn: Ignazio ZUPPARA of Berlin & Lucia NABUCO of Galt, 16 October 1912 in Stratford 015867-12 Francis Case ALLEN, 30, no occupation given, Cromarty, Cromarty, s/o Anthony ALLEN & Margaret WILSON married Mary Agnes WORDEN, 28, Cromarty, Cromarty, d/o John WORDEN & Janet BARR, witn: Violet Eva ALLEN & William Moffatt (illeg info) both of Cromarty, 28 August 1912 at home of Mrs. WORDEN in Hibbert
015870-12 John ALLISON, 28, no occupation given, 4th Line Elma Twp, 4th Line Elma Twp, s/o Alfred ALLISON & Caroline McGILLAVRIE married Florence Edna SMITH, 26, Trowbridge, Listowel, d/o Robert SMITH & Jane BLATCHFORD, witn: Bruce SMITH & Katy ALLISON both of Trowbridge, 25 December 1912 in Listowel 015866-12 Thomas Winfred APPLETON, 25, no occupation given, Boston Ont., Hensall Ont., s/o Thomas APPLETON & Susanna MOSON, married Florence COOK, 19, Hensall, Hensall, d/o Thomas COOK & Magdalena COLOSKY, witn: Mrs. D. RITCHIE & Miss Harriet McKELLAR both of Cromarty, 24 July 1912 at the Manse in Cromarty
015869-12 David Michael ARBOGAST, 27, farmer, of Sebringville, s/o Peter ARBOGAST & Margaretha ZOERGER married Mary Ann NEY, 27, housemaid, of Sebringville, d/o Jakob NEY & Eva STASKOFF, witn: Peter ARBOGAST & Eva NEY both of Sebringville, 1 November 1912 in Ellice Twp 015871-12 Michael Adam ARBOGAST, 28, no occupation given, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o John ARBOGAST & Caroline SEEBACH married Leona SCHELLENBERGER, 28, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, d/o Henry SCHELLENBERGER & Katharine KRUG, witn: Flemon SCHELLENBERGER of Sebringville & Caroline ARBOGAST of RR#2 Stratford, 19 December 1912 in Downie Twp.
015865-12 Harrison ARRELL, 26, no occupation given, Novar Ont., St. Marys, s/o Harrison ARRELL & Tazin BLUNDELL married Edna HAMMOND, 23, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o George HAMMOND & Helen VINCENT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Hermon THOMPSON of Thornton, 1 July 1912 in St. Marys 015860-12 Alfred Butler ASQUITH, 24, farmer, of St. Marys, s/o Sam. ASQUITH & Emily BUTLER married Florence Ethel LEWIS, 20, of St. Marys, d/o Henry LEWIS & Emma HONSTETLER?, witn: George HUMPHREY & Alice LEWIS both of St. Marys, 2 April 1912 in St. Marys.
015904-12 John BAILEY, 45, no occupation given, Toronto, Stratford, widower, s/o Edwin BAILEY & Margaret S--?, married Mrs. Wade LESLIE (c/b Annie), 47, Egremont Ont., Stratford, widow, d/o Robert BARTLEY & Elizabeth RISTS?, witn: George & Mrs. George BRITTAIN both of Stratford, 11 November 1912 at Home of Bride in Stratford. [faded reg'n] 015875-12 Elgin Henry BAILEY, 27, no occupation given, Waldemar Ont., Minburn Alberta, s/o John H. BAILEY & Margaret HANNAMAN married Margaret Eveline BROWN, 26, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o David C. BROWN & Maria REYNARD, witn: D. E. BROWN of St. Marys & Jessie BAILEY of 324 Shell St. Toronto, 25 January 1912 in St. Marys.
015901-12 Francis Edward BAKER, 27, conductor, of Stratford, s/o Francis BAKER & Elizabeth MURPHY married Loretto MURRAY, 25, of Stratford, d/o John MURRAY & Margaret PAYTON, witn: Leo BAKER & Teresa MURRAY both of Stratford, 16 October 1912 in Stratford. 015909-12 Robert Alfred BALLANTYNE, 31, no occupation given, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Robert S. BALLANTYNE & Margaret BELL married Jessie Deuchars SMITH, 25, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Thomas SMITH & Helen HAMILTON, witn: Agnes B. HENDERSON of Listowel & Ernest J. SMITH of Stratford, 18 December 1912 in Stratford
015878-12 James Atkinson BARNETT, 27, farmer, of Winnington Alberta, s/o Isaac BARNETT & Mary Ann ATKINSON married Susie BUTTERS, 30, of Fullarton, spinster, d/o John BUTTERS & Mary Ann GREENFIELD, witn: Mary BUTTERS of Motherwell Ont. & C. A. BARNETT of Rannoch Ont., 14 February 1912 in Fullarton Twp 015889-12 Russell Wellington BARNETT, 24, farmer, of Listowel, s/o Isaac John BARNETT & Elizabeth KOPAS married Fannie L. FREEMAN, 26, of Britton, d/o Joseph FREEMAN (deceased) & Jane MAYBURY, witn: Leslie HYMERS of Donegal & N. Mary BARNETT of Listowel, 26 June 1912 in Elma Twp
015890-12 Gordon Stuart BARR, 36, no occupation given, Canada, Toronto, s/o George BARR & Clara MORPHY married Edith DUNSMORE, 23, of Stratford, d/o John McArthur DUNSMORE & Edith G. HALFORD, witn: David SMITH & Margaret ODBERT both of Stratford, 22 June 1912 in Stratford  
015872-12 Charles David BARRETT, 40, merchant, of Abernethy Saskatchewan, widower, s/o John BARRETT & Grace LOGAN married Marion (called) Minnie McINTOSH, 34, housekeeper, of St. Marys, spinster, d/o John McINTOSH & Jessie McNEIL, witn: Mrs. John McINTOSH of 123 Water St. in St. Marys & William BROOKS of Nissouri, 3 January 1912 in St. Marys 015896-12 James Henry BARRETT, 27, no occupation given, Wales, Ayr, s/o Thomas BARRETT (deceased) & Elizabeth MORRIS married Louise Mabel WALSH, 26, Palmerston, Palmerston, d/o William WALSH & Nellie GOLDIE, witn: Chester A. & Hazel A. PUGH both of Palmerston, 3 September 1912 in Listowel
015880-12 William Charles BARTHEL, 37, farmer, of Fullerton, widower, s/o William Henry John BARTHEL & Jane KANE married Elizabeth MURRAY, 35, of Mitchell, widow, d/o Samuel PUMMELL & Jane MAYNARD, witn: Isabella MacRAE & Marion MacFIE of Mitchell, 24 April 1912 in Mitchell 015903-12 Frederic Speedwell BARTLE, 29, no occupation given, Yorkshire England, Stratford, s/o Joseph BARTLE & Annie HARLING married Minnie MURRAY, 25, Isle of Man, Stratford, d/o William MURRAY & Annie CAIN, witn: H. R. & Annie R. CLUFF both of Stratford, 10 October 1912 at the Parsonage of St. James Church in Stratford
015882-12 Leonard Joseph BARTON, 25, proprietor of Moving Picture Show, of Ingersoll, s/o Thomas BARTON & Esther RUTLEDGE married Rose CHIPPENDEN, 26, of Stratford, d/o John CHIPPENDEN & Margaret WALSH, witn: Joseph BARTON of Toronto & Anna CHIPPENDEN of Stratford, 16 April 1912 in Stratford 015876-12 Thomas William BATES, 33, farmer, of Blanshard Twp, s/o Hill BATES & Mary Ann HOMES married Martha Ann Maud MOSCRIPT, 28, of Blanshard Twp, d/o John A. MOSCRIPT & Emma S. GODLY, witn: William E. MOSCRIPT of Rannoch & Elsie A. WILLOWS of Carlingford, 14 February 1912 in Blanshard Twp
015893-12 Daniel William BELTZ, 23, no occupation given, Ellice Twp, Stratford, s/o August BELTZ & Bertha ROSSIEW married Violet CHADWICK, 20, England, Stratford, d/o William CHADWICK & Sarah WHITE, witn: B. Y. SILLIFANT & Pauline BELTZ both of Stratford, 29 (27) July 1912 in Stratford 015894-12 Arthur Raymond BENNER, 22, no occupation given, Owen Sound, Stratford, s/o Jacob BENNER & Charlotte HAMBLY married Lucy Christine GALBRAITH, 22, Elderslie twp., Derby Twp, d/o Duncan GALBRAITH & Matilda DAVIS, witn: R. W. & Mrs R.W. McLEOD both of Minneapolis, 24 July 1912 in Stratford.
015898-12 George BETTGER, 36, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o William BETTGER & Catherine APPEL married Jessie Lovina FULLERTON, 29, blurry occupation, of Monkton Village Perth Co., widow, d/o Alf HUGGINS & Lovine illegible (c/b COLLISON), witn: illegible, 26 September 1912 in Monkton Village. [faded reg'n] 015899-12 Henry Frederick BEUERMANN, 28, no occupation given, McKillop Twp Perth Co., McKillop Twp, s/o August BEUERMANN & Caroline R--?, married Lydia Emma ROSE, 22, Logan Twp, McKillop Twp, d/o William ROSE & Augusta FITZNER, witn: August BEUERMANN of Brodhagen Perth Co. & Ella ROSE of Mitchell, 24 September 1912 in Logan Twp.
015905-12 Christian BOEHLER, 73, no occupation given, Germany, Listowel, widower, s/o William BOEHLER & Philippina HARTLING married Eliza TINDALL, 67, Ontario, Listowel, widow, d/o William JACKSON & Nancy GREY, witn: John ORTH of Listowel & Mrs. George ROWLAND of Youngsville Ont., 18 November 1912 at the Parsonage in Listowel. 015891-12 Philipp BOLANDER, 25, no occupation given, Howick, Howick, s/o Henry BOHLANDER & Mary HILDEBRAND married Martha SCHIENBEIN (c/b SCHINBEIN), 25, Wallace, Wallace, d/o Philipp SCHIENBEIN & Annie STRUCK, witn: Heinrich SCHINBEIN of Wallace & Flora BLUM of Howick, 3 July 1912 in Kurtzville Wallace Twp
015877-12 Richard K. BOLIN, 41, inventor, of Rochester N.Y., s/o John BOLIN & Mary QUINN married Eva FLEMING, 28, of Stratford, d/o Thomas FLEMING (deceased) & Hannah DOWNEY, witn: R. F. QUINN of Rochester N.Y. & Grace COYLE of Toronto, 20 February 1912 in Stratford 015907-12 William BOLTON, 26, farmer, of Fullarton, s/o James BOLTON & Mary CAPLING married Pearl O. F. ANDERSON, 22, of Fullarton, d/o Frank ANDERSON & Sarah Jane HICKS, witn: Frank ANDERSON & Mary Catherine AIRHART?, both of Fullarton, 25 December 1912 in Fullarton Twp
015884-12 George Ernst Heys BOOTH, 34, mining engineer, of Cobalt, s/o William Henry BOOTH & Elizabeth J. PARRETT (Porrett?) married Gertrude SKELTON, 27, teacher, of Stratford, d/o James SKELTON & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Harry HOLMES of Cobalt & E. SKELTON of Stratford, 6 May 1912 in Stratford 015900-12 Arthur BORDATO, 27, place of birth faint, Buenos Ayres South America, s/o Peter BORDATO & D--? E--?, married Laura CLARK, 22, Owen Sound, Stratford, d/o James? CLARK & Sarah? McEWEN?, witn: [illegible] both of Stratford, 9 September 1912 in Stratford [faded reg'n].
015883-12 William W. BOWKER., 54, no occupation given, Bath Maine, Cleveland Ohio, widower, s/o Thomas BOWKER (deceased) & Almina WHITE married Mary Lang McTAVISH, 34, Perth Co., Stratford, spinster, d/o Alex McTAVISH & Isabella WADDELL, witn: P.S. ROBERTSON of Stratford & Isabella S. MATTHEWS of St. Marys, 9 April 1912 in Stratford 015885-12 George Henry BOX, 22, locomotive fireman, of Stratford, s/o Walter BOX & Rebecca CARR married Maisie VANSTONE, 20, sales woman, of Stratford, d/o James Thomas VANSTONE & Mary Jane FRENCH, witn: Fraser CAMPBELL & Ruth CARRUTHERS both of Stratford, 2 May 1912 in Stratford.
015897-12 Herbert Alexander BOYD, 29, clergyman, of Listowel, s/o James BOYD & Eliza Muir LEITCH married Jessie BURNETT, 30, teacher, of Elma Twp., spinster, d/o William BURNETT & Mary PIRIE, witn: Dr. T. J. JOHNSTON & Mrs. T. J. JOHNSTON both of Midland, 3 September 1912 in Elma Twp. 015886-12 John BOYNE, 22, farmer, of Elma, s/o John BOYNE (deceased) & Rosanna BLAIR married Susan Elizabeth LEPPARD, 16, of Elma, d/o Peter LEPPARD & Mildred PARTRIDGE, witn: Miss Olive FENN of Parkhill & Mrs. T. J. ROBINSON of Milverton, 12 June 1912 in Milverton Village
015887-12 Albert James BRADSHAW, 29, no occupation given, Downie, Downie Twp, s/o James BRADSHAW & Elizabeth McFARLANE married Mayme Hilson GIBB, 24, Downie, Downie Twp, d/o Robert GIBB & Janie HISLOP, witn: Fred C. DUNSEITH & Bessie Helen GIBB both of Stratford, 5 June 1912 in Downie Twp 015895-12 James E. BROWN, 29, no occupation given, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o Andrew T. BROWN & Christina ANDERSON married Mary Priscilla ROGER, 25, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o William J. ROGER & Sarah RICE, witn: Alice A. ROGER of Mitchell & E. Jean RAE of Alvinston, 29 August 1912 in Fullarton
015874-12 John Henry BUDDENHAGEN, 26, farmer, of Ellice Twp Perth Co., s/o Fred BUDDENHAGEN (deceased) & Susana PELTZ married Mary SCOINS, 27, farmer, of Logan Twp Perth Co., d/o William H. SCOINS & Maria DUNGAN, witn: William H. SCOINS of Bornholm & Mary C. CORBET of Mitchell, 16 January 1912 in Logan Twp. 015908-12 Percival Henry John BULL, 26, engineer, Southampton England, Toronto, s/o Henry BULL & Annette WINTERIDGE married Elsie Gertrude WILES, 20, London England, Stratford, d/o Joseph WILES & Marian PRONGER, witn: Percy Joseph BRODMAN & Lillian CLAPPISON both of Stratford, 25 December 1912 in Stratford.
015873-12 Thomas Alderson BULMER, 34, farmer, of Wallenstein, s/o Henry Samuel BULMER (deceased) & Mary Jane BAILEY married Clara Jane BAILEY, 22, of Listowel, d/o Abraham BAILEY & Leah PLAYFORD, witn: Verdella AUKENMANN of Wallace & George R. BAILEY of Clinton, 31 January 1912 in Listowel  
015906-12 Robert BURNETT, 39, plumber, Mornington Twp, Listowel, s/o Andrew BURNETT & Alice HENDERSON married Elizabeth SHEARER, 37, Elma, Listowel, spinster, d/o John SHEARER & Marion MARTIN, witn: Thomas & Agnes BURNETT both of Listowel, 25 December 1912 in Listowel. 015888-12 Charles BURNETT, 30, no occupation given, Somerset England, Chicago, s/o John P. BURNETT & Louise MILTON married Lilian Esther COAKE, 26, Plaistow England, London, d/o James COAKE & Mary Ann HEATH, witn: William HANCOCK & Miss? Ada BART, both of Stratford, 2 June 1912 in Stratford
015881-12 Francis BURNS, 28, farmer, of Hibbert, s/o James BURNS & Jane FEENEY married Mabel DALTON, 20, domestic, of Hibbert, d/o James DALTON & Katherine CARTY, witn: Daniel BURNS of Hibbert & Mary MURRAY of Paris, 23 April 1912 at St. Patrick Church in Dublin. 015879-12 Edwin BURROWS, 30, teamster, of Stratford, s/o Charles BURROWS & (mother's name not known) married Mrs. Edith CASCADDEN (CARSCADDEN?), 35, of London, widow, d/o Sylvester MANDERVILLE & Malvina PARKER?, witn: James MILLMAN & Francis E. WILKINSON, both of Stratford, 27 March 1912 in Stratford.
015902-12 Arthur Tom BURSTON, 22, no occupation given, Bristol England, Stratford, s/o Tom Crane BURSTON & Elisabeth M CAREY, married Pearl BATEMAN, 22, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Hugh BATEMAN & Margaret Jane HUTCHINSON, witn: Christian REINHART (no residence given), 22 October 1912 in Stratford. 015892-12 Wilfred Ellison BUTCHER, 24, traveller, of St. Marys, s/o Frank E. BUTCHER & Agnes J. JICKLING married Viola Jessie McLAREN, 25, of Mitchell, d/o Thomas James McLAREN & Emily L. FOWLER, witn: Lila May McLAREN of Mitchell & William Wesley HILL of Lucknow, 17 July 1912 in Mitchell.