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Perth Co., 1914

birth place is given before residence


018322-14 William Joseph ACHESON, 24, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Samuel ACHESON & Ellen Elizabeth KENT married Emma DANBROOK, 23, Elma Twp, Atwood, d/o William DANBROOK & Ellen MILLER, witn: Miss Loretta DAHFORD? & Mrs. T. J. SMITH both of Listowel, 30 September 1914 at the home of Rev. T. J. SMITH in Listowel  
018320-14 John Matthew ALBERT, 25, machinist, St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o Joseph ALBERT & Ellie HAMILTON married Annie Henderson Scott WHITE, 19, Govan Scotland, St. Marys, d/o Robert WHITE & Jane SCOTT, witn: A. H. VICE of Elmira & Janet WHITE of St. Marys, 26 November 1914 in St. Marys. 018316-14 Noah AMENT, 27 (b. 12 October 1886), farmer, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o George AMENT & Lena WEBER married Elizabeth C. NICKEL, 22 (b. 22 August 1891), Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o John O. NICKEL & Catharina BRAUN, witn: Adolph DIETZ of Clifford & Lisetta DAHMER of Berlin, 6 January 1914 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Conc 5 in Wallace Twp
018318-14 James Henry ANDERSON, 30, engineer, St. George, Chicago, s/o William ANDERSON & Lily TODD married Elisabeth JOHNSON, 29, Stratford, same, d/o Joseph JOHNSON & Jane MANSON, witn: Mrs. Lillie ANDERSON of Woodstock & Mrs. Jane JOHNSON of Stratford, 10 August 1914 in Stratford. 018317-14 William Walls ANDERSON, 28, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Stratford, s/o William W. ANDERSON & Christina McEWAN married Elizabeth BARCLAY, 23, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Stratford, d/o George BARCLAY & Jessie GORDON, witn: Jessie MORRICE & John Laing WOOD both of Stratford, 27 November 1914 in Stratford
018319-14 Freeman Dinsmore ARKSEY, 25, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o Alvin ARKSEY & Annie DINSMORE married Cora Isabel RINN, 23, Blanshard Twp, Usborne Twp, d/o Joseph RINN & Susan WILSON, witn: Hannah RINN of Woodham & Alvin ARKSEY of Blanshard Twp, 30 September 1914 in Woodham. 018321-14 John ATTRIDGE, 68, farmer, Toledo Leeds Co., Village of Beresford Manitoba, widower, s/o Michael ATTRIDGE & Catherine DUCKLOW married Eliza MARKS, 67, Co. Down Ireland, Millbank, widow, d/o John GILLESPIE & Margaret DONALDSON, witn: Norman RUBY & May MOFFAT both of Millbank, 30 September 1914 at the Manse in Millbank
018330-14 Fred BAILEY, 39, well digger, Thames Concession - St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o Charles (no surname given) & Elizabeth CRANDON married Annie BYWORTH, 21, London England, St. Marys, d/o Thomas (no surname given) & Martha HANAN, witn: Edith A. & Alice TAYLOR both of St. Marys, 1 December 1914 in St. Marys 18336-14 Benjamin Samuel BALLS, 21, laborer, Mornington twp., St. Marys, s/o Samuel Thomas BALLS & Rebeka SCOTT, married Pearl Lucinda HOBBS, 19, Huron Co Ont., St. Marys, d/o William HOBBS & Lucy LAMBLEY, witn: George & Mrs. George COUSINS of St. Marys, 17 Aug 1914 at St. Marys
018348-14 Howard Nelson BALFOUR, 24, druggist, Fullarton, Toronto, s/o William G. BALFOUR & Mary E. BAKER married Vera Margaret Charlotte HAZLEWOOD, 21, Usborne, Kirkton, d/o David HAZLEWOOD & Charlotte J. SHIER, witn: Martyn D. BALFOUR of Toronto & Nellie A. HAZLEWOOD of Kirkton, 19 May 1914 in Kirkton 018353-14 Arthur BANKS, 26, no occupation given, Bristol England, St. Marys, s/o Arthur BANKS & Daisy HOOPER married Katie HILL, 28, Littlehampton Sussex England, St. Marys, d/o Charles Billings HILL & Katie CHAMBERS, witn: William PERRY & Millie ARMITAGE both of St. Marys, 14 January 1914 in St. Marys
018325-14 William George BARTMANN, 22 (b. 3 April 1891), farming & milling, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o George BARTMANN & Elisabeth HOFFMANN married Caroline MARKS, 21 (b. 27 November 1892), Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Jacob MARKS & Margaret HOLLINGER, witn: Alfred MARKS of Wallace & Ethel MARKS of Lebanon, 11 March 1914 in Listowel 018326-14 Charles Frederick BATTEN, 26, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o Samuel BATTEN & Lucy Rebecca BANKS married Elizabeth May RUNDLE, 23, Hibbert Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o Thomas RUNDLE & Elizabeth May ETTY, witn: Samuel A. HAYNES of Rannoch & Harriet STORER of Lindsay, 18 March 1914 in Rannoch, Blanshard Twp
018345-14 William Duncan BAYNE, 32, farmer, no birth place given, East Nissouri, s/o Donald MacKenzie BAYNE & Lilly McKAY married Mildred Estelle COPELAND, 22, no birth place given, Osborne, d/o Robert Richie COPELAND & Drusilla DOUPE, witn: Arlow & Carrie COPELAND both of Kirkton, 20 June 1914 in St. Marys 018329-14 John Archibald BEATTY, 34, dentist, Wallace Twp, Stratford, s/o James BEATTY & Mary McDOUGALD married Clara Emma SUTTER, 23, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Conrad SUTTER & Emma RATZ, witn: Edna SUTTER of Stratford & J. A. SUTTER of Clinton, 29 June 1914 in Stratford
018340-14 John BERG, 29, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o Henry BERG & Mary KRUG married Ella Margaret FLEISCHHAUER, 24, Ellice, North Easthope, d/o Jacob FLEISCHHAUER & Wilhelmina HAREFELD, witn: Edwin BERG & Edna FAULHAFER both of RR#1 Gadshill, 11 February 1914 in North Easthope  
18333-14 Sydney BERRY, 21, cabinet maker, London England, Stratford, s/o John Walter BERRY & Alice BLOW, married Alice Florence WILSON, 21, Tottenham England, Stratford, d/o Robert WILSON & Elizabeth LAWRENCE, witn: A.G. & Mabel HODGINS of Stratford, 21? Dec 1914 at Stratford 018347-14 James Thomas Russell BERRY, 27, machine carpenter, Peckham London England, St. Marys, s/o Francis BERRY & Minnie CRITTLE married Dorothy Marie Ada HICKS, 24, Hammersmith, St. Marys, d/o Charles HICKS & Susanna SPLEINE, witn: Alice & Edith TAYLOR both of St. Marys, 9 July 1914 in St. Marys.
018332-14 Frederick Joseph BLOXAM, 26, electrician, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Frederick BLOXAM & Mary SWALES married Grace Alma McDONALD, 21, North Easthope Twp Perth Co., Stratford, d/o James McDONALD & Grace ROBERTSON, witn: F. BLOXAM & Mrs. Grace MacDONALD both of Stratford, 18 November 1914 in Stratford 018342-14 William Roy BORTON, 21, railroad man, Orillia, Palmerston, s/o Thomas BORTON & Mary BARNES married Lillian McNEISH, 22, Palmerston, Palmerston, d/o John McNEISH & Ellen COOPER, witn: Edna L. FAIRFIELD & Shirley B. WALKER both of Listowel, 19 January 1914 in Listowel
  018352-14 Arthur BOWLING, 26, carpenter, Hull England, Stratford, s/o John BOWLING & Mary E. (surname not known) married Alice Tryphosa LANE, 40, Dorking England, Stratford, widow, d/o William STEVENS & Alice KING, witn: W. H. SPOONER & Annie L. CLUFF both of Stratford, 23 September 1914 in Stratford
018328-14 John BOYD, 38, band sawyer, Ireland, Hespeler, s/o Robert BOYD & Annie McCORMICK married Ada Alice CAST, 34, Stratford, Stratford, spinster, d/o W. D. CAST & Ester FOREMAN, witn: Florence BARBER & Bertha BAIRD both of Stratford, 25 May 1914 in Stratford. 018354-14 George Edward BRADLEY, 28, no occupation given, Rawmarsh Yorkshire England, Stratford, s/o William Marsden BRADLEY & Harriet Crossland FOX married Claudia WALSH, 21, Stratford, Stratford, d/o John WALSH & Elizabeth McHUGH, witn: Charles CAST & Helen WALSH both of Stratford, 14 January 1914 in Stratford
18339-14 Philip BRADSHAW, 29, no occupation given, Stanton England, Logan Twp, s/o John BRADSHAW & Margaret REDFEEN married Jean CRAWFORD, 16, Atwood Elma twp, Logan Twp, d/o Robert CRAWFORD & Christiana McDONALD (deceased), witn: David & Annie HARRISON of RR#2 Monkton, 6 February 1914 in Logan Twp 018327-14 Thomas Percy Victor BROCK, 23, laborer, Bristol England, Stratford, s/o Thomas H. BROCK & Amy R. WRIGHT married Cynthia Joanna TUBB, 30, Logan Twp, Stratford, spinster, d/o Henry R. TUBB & Margaret A. HASKALL (c/b HASKILL), witn: Daniel & Christina HISCOTT both of 21 Ontario St. Stratford, 27 May 1914 in Stratford.
018346-14 George A. BROUGHTON, 35, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o Edward & Hannah married Lily YOUNG, 21, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o William YOUNG & Emily PARROTT, witn: Elizabeth LANGFORD & John GEOGHEGAN both of Listowel, 8 July 1914 in Listowel. 018344-14 Edward BROUGHTON, 41, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, widower, s/o Edward BROUGHTON & Hannah ABLE married Matilda COLEMAN, 29, Seaforth Huron Co., Mitchell, d/o Robert COLEMAN & Amelia BOWIE, witn: Minnie E. MOORHOUSE of West Monkton & Lettie POWELL of Shetland, 17 June 1914 at the Parsonage in Monkton
018324-14 John Curtiss BROWN, 39, agent, Paisley, Tara, widower, s/o Charles Curtiss BROWN & Levina REID married Mary Ellen CURTIS, 33, Fullarton, Fullarton, spinster, d/o Charles CURTIS & Ann HARRIS, witn: Henry B. & Susannah WALKOM both of Munro, 15 April 1914 in Fullarton 018323-14 Jacob Henry BROWN, 32, farmer, Minto Twp, Minto Twp, s/o Eustus BROWN & Catherine STRINGER married Minnie FICHT, 20, Howick, Stratford, d/o John FICHT & Tressa HERR, witn: Rev. R. A. & Mrs. Nettie EIFERT both of Elmira, 21 May 1914 at 88 Inverness St. Stratford
018351-14 John Fletcher BROWN, 24, stone cutter, St. Marys, London, s/o John H. BROWN & Ellen FLETCHER married Mable Violet KAISER, 17, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Samuel KAISER & Sarah SMITH, witn: Mrs. W. GOETTLER of 133 Wellington Stratford & Samuel KAISER of 135 Wellington Stratford, 6 May 1914 in Stratford. 18338-14 Peter BRUNK, 31, carpenter, Mornington twp., Ellice twp., s/o Christian BRUNK & Mattie JANTZI, married Sarah ROPP, 26, Ellice twp., same, d/o John ROPP & Annie BELLER, wtn: John BRUNK of Gads Hill & Annie ROPP of Brunner, 28 Jan 1914 at Ellice twp
18335-14 James Stanley BUCHANAN, 29, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o James BUCHANAN & Annie SCOTT, married Isabella Agnes ANDERSON, 24, Elma twp., same, d/o Hugh ANDERSON & Margaret HERMISTON, witn: Roy McMANE & Erie ANDERSON, b Atwood, 1 Aug 1914 at Elma twp 018331-14 William Ernest BUCHANAN, 25, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Robert BUCHANAN & Elizabeth WATSON married Alice C. THORNDYKE, 19, Donegal Elma Twp, Donegal Elma Twp, d/o James THORNDYKE & Harriet FLEET, witn: J. Carman HUSSER & Mrs. James HUSSER both of Atwood, 23 December 1914 in Atwood
018349-14 William Frederick BUDDENHAGEN, 25, produce merchant, Rostock, Toronto, s/o Frederick BUDDENHAGEN & Susanna PELZ married Magda Dorothea Matilda BLUNCK, 21, Rostock, Brunner, d/o August BLUNCK & Johanna M. JENSEN, witn: M--? BUDDENHAGEN of Berlin & (illegible) BLUNCK of Waterloo, 26 May 1914 in Brunner 18337-14 Frederick John BURGESS, 24, farmer, West Nissouri twp., same, s/o William BURGESS & Mary DAVIS, married Mabel Marion HENRY, 29, West Nissouri twp., same, d/o John HENRY & Marion BROWN, witn: Laura Jane DAVIS of Belton & Albert HENRY of Thorndale, 7 Oct 1914 at St. Marys
18334-14 William Robert BURNETT, 24, teacher, Mornington twp., same, s/o Samuel BURNETT & Mary SMITH, married Jennie Kate McCAULEY, 20, Mornington twp., Elma twp., d/o John McCAULEY & Mary RIDDELL, witn: James BURNETT of Listowel & Minerva McCAULEY of Atwood 018341-14 John BUTTERS, 26, farmer, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o John BUTTERS & Mary Ann GREENFIELD married Louisa BOLTON, 26, London, Motherwell, d/o Clement BOLTON & Rachel BOYCE, witn: John BOLTON & Mary R. BUTTERS both of Motherwell, 14 January 1914 in Motherwell
018350-14 Aaron BYATT, 25, blacksmith, London England, Stratford, s/o Alfred BYATT & Alice DUCOME?, married Lily Edith FIELDING, 26, Morpeth, Stratford, d/o James FIELDING & Ann DURANT, witn: Edwin & Rose STEELE both of Stratford, 20 July 1914 in Stratford 018362-14 John Franklin CAMM, 26, farmer, Usborne Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o Charles CAMM & Sarah SAWYER married Annie Eleanor BARNETT, 22, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o Isaac BARNETT & Mary ATKINSON, witn: Verda CAMM of Woodham & Wellington A. BARNETT of RR#6 St. Marys, 30 September 1914 in Blanshard Twp.
018360-14 Roy Legge CAMPBELL, 24, journalist, Toronto, Montreal, s/o Alvin Colin CAMPBELL & Jornstra Hawkes LEGGE married Mary Helen RUSSELL, 22, Usborne Twp Huron Co., St. Marys, d/o Hessaras L. RUSSELL & Margaret H. FOWLIE, witn: J. G. BOLE & Jessie L. RUSSELL both of Toronto, 9 September 1914 in St. Marys 018363-14 James CARNOCHAN, 29, farmer, Grey Twp Huron Co., Elma Twp Perth Co., s/o John CARNOCHAN & Elizabeth FERGUSON married Clara Mae McLAUGHLIN, 32, Mornington Twp, Mornington Twp, spinster, d/o Joseph McLAUGHLIN & Lucinda SMITH, witn: Clarence McLAUGHLIN of RR#3 Listowel & Edith MOORE of Listowel, 30 September 1914 in Mornington Twp
018361-14 John Melvin CARSON, 20, farmer, Mornington Twp, Mornington Twp, s/o John James CARSON & Anne Jane MARTIN married Martha KINKEAD, 23, Mornington Twp, Mornington Twp, d/o Robert KINKEAD & Elizabeth HAMEL, witn: Vera HUGHES of Millbank & Florence CRUTCHER of Newton, 17 September 1914 at Grace Church in Millbank. 018373-14 George Edmund CHANDLER, 25, inspector C. F. W.A., Stratford, Toronto, s/o Edmund CHANDLER & Ann WRIGHT married Victoria Susan FREEBORN, 23, near Stratford, Stratford, d/o Thomas FREEBORN & Catherine KARN, witn: Fanny Mae FREEBORN of Stratford & Ralph B. CHANDLER of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, 1 January 1914 in Stratford
018365-14 Francis Herbert CHAPMAN, 35, thrasher, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o Charles CHAPMAN & Jane MONIER?, married Barbara SANDERSON, 35, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, widow, d/o William McMILLAN & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Hazeldean SANDERSON & Harry McMILLAN (no residence given), 13 January 1914 in Wallace Twp 018364-14 Arthur CHENEY, 34, farm, Dorchester England, Mitchell, s/o Joseph CHENEY & Selina NORTHOVER married Margaret Nicholson SNEDDEN, 39, Gran--? Scotland, Mitchell, spinster, d/o James SNEDDEN & Margaret NICHOLSON, witn: Rachel DALE & W. V. BABB both of Mitchell, 31 December 1914 in Mitchell
018356-14 William Henry CHIDLEY, 43, engine inspector, Stratford, Stratford, widower, s/o W. H. CHIDLEY & Mary Jane HINE married Gertrude McLEAN, 37, Stratford, Stratford, spinster, d/o Thomas McLEAN & Elizabeth HILDEBRAND, witn: Thomas McLEAN & Gertrude WEIR both of Stratford, 4 November 1914 in Stratford 018357-14 Reginald CHOYCE, 30, machinist, England, Stratford, s/o Walter CHOYCE & Julia HOLLINGSWORTH married Blanche TUCKER, 26, England, England, d/o James TUCKER & Lottie HUTCHINGS, witn: H. W. BAKER & Julian CHOYCE both of Stratford, 5 November 1914 in Stratford
018379-14 Harvey Allen CHURCH, 29, foreman & lineman, Waterford, Hamilton, s/o James J. CHURCH & Esther PITMAN married Ella Mary LIEBLER, 28, Zurich, Stratford, widow, d/o William KLOPP & Louise ZELLER, witn: Horace & Emilie KLOPP both of Stratford, 25 March 1914 in Stratford 018358-14 Wilfred Laurier CLANCY, 21, clerk, Camden, Napanee, s/o Allen CLANCY & Mary MILLIGIAN married Ann Catharine GOETTLER, 22, Sebringville, Stratford, d/o Michael GOETTLER & Mary Ann KASTNER, witn: Edward Carl & Mrs. E. C. GOETTLER both of Stratford, 6 August 1914 in Stratford
018374-14 Leonard Ebel COGHLIN, 22, farmer, Elma Twp, Red Deer Alberta, s/o Nathaniel COGHLIN & Annie CAMPBELL married Mary Helen KLINEFELDT, 20, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Thomas KLINEFELDT & Louisa HIGENELL, witn: Albert E. COGHLIN of Atwood & Frieda A. HIGENELL of Mitchell, 18 February 1914 at the Home of the Bride's Parents in Elma Twp 018366-14 Everett G. H. COGHLIN, 24, druggist, Elma Twp, Atwood, s/o George Charles COGHLIN & Maggie Della HAMILTON married Minnie Pearl HUSSER, 20, Cedar Springs Kent Co., Atwood, d/o James HUSSER & Melinda SMITH, witn: J. Carman HUSSER of Atwood & Ella S. COGHLIN of Millbank, 24 June 1914 in Atwood.
018369-14 John COLE, 32, no occupation given, London England, St. Marys, s/o John COLE & Sarah PAYNE married Mary McCORMICK, 28, Liverpool England, Ingersoll, d/o John McCORMICK & (mother died when bride a baby, the bride does not remember these names), witn: Edith A. TAYLOR & Jessie VINCENT both of St. Marys, 5 June 1914 in St. Marys. 018377-14 Wilbur Norman COLLINS, 26, clerk, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Alexander COLLINS & Matilda WEEKES married Lillie May McKELVEY, 27, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Samuel James McKELVEY & Ellen WAY, witn: Heber H. COLLINS of Stratford & Anna McKELVEY of Calgary Alberta, 8 July 1914 in Stratford
018368-14 Robert COOK, 24, farmer, North Easthope, Amulree, s/o Wilhelm COOK & Helena WISEMER married Vera DAUB, 20, Milverton, Amulree, d/o Valentin DAUB & Barbara GERTH, witn: Aaron COOK & Almina DOERR both of Amulree, 1 April 1914 in North Easthope Twp. 018367-14 Herman Jacob COOK, 29, farmer's son, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o John COOK & Elisabeth GLASSER married Margaret Catherine WERNER, 19, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o John WERNER & Catherine HEUER, witn: Arthur MURRAY & Ida WERNER both of New Hamburg, 13 May 1914 in North Easthope Twp
018371-14 John George COOK, 25, steam fitter, Stratford, Stratford, s/o William T. COOK & Charlotte M. BUGG married Janet Elizabeth McTAVISH, 26, South Easthope Twp, South Easthope Twp, d/o Peter McTAVISH & Margaret STEWART, witn: William Lorne & Gertie COOK both of Stratford, 14 January 1914 in Stratford 018372-14 William COOK, 22, farming, Amulree, North Easthope, s/o Levi COOK & Emma WISMER married Ethel WALPOLE, 16, London England, North Easthope, d/o Alfred WALPOLE & Jane SAUNDERS, witn: R. W. P. RENNIE of North Easthope & W. H. MERRY of Stratford, 7 January 1914 in Stratford.
018376-14 William R. COULTON, 33, farmer, Ellice Twp Perth Co., Ellice Twp, s/o William COULTON & Sarah PACKHAM married Laura L. FULLER, 27, Hibbert Twp, Downie Twp, d/o Robert FULLER & Emma BARCLAY, witn: H. R. FULLER of Kipto? Alberta & R. A. COULTON of Sebringville, 21 February 1914 in Stratford. 018375-14 Thomas Andrew Wellington CRAWFORD, 27, farmer, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, s/o William & Margaret married Elizabeth Anne GRAY, 20, Hibbert, Hibbert, d/o David GRAY & Sarah LEPPARD, witn: Edith J. GRAY & John M. CRAWFORD both of Hibbert, 18 March 1914 in Mitchell.
018378-14 Everett Grier CROSS, 36, undertaker, Wiarton, Wiarton, widower, s/o L. W. CROSS Sr. & Mary S. GRIER married Annie Catharine KRUG, 23, East Zorra Twp Oxford Co., Stratford, d/o John KRUG & Elisabeth KREH, witn: W. G. & M.S. IRWIN both of 34 Argyle St. Stratford, 20 May 1914 in Stratford 018370-14 Alfred William Gunstone CRUTCHER, 30, apiarist, Rotherhithe, Newton, s/o Alfred CRUTCHER & Selina GUNSTONE married Florence CARSS, 27, school teacher, City (London), Stepney - East London England, d/o Walter CARSS & Ellen Kate RICHARDS, witn: James & Mrs. James WALLACE both of Britton, 13 March 1914 at Grace Church in Millbank.
018355-14 Albert Bruce CULLITON, 28, brakesman, Stratford, Stratford, s/o David CULLITON & Ann WARD married Mary PETTIT, 26, Oxford Co., Stratford, d/o Thomas PETTIT & Emily ROLAND, witn: Frank & Rachael SWITZER both of Stratford, 22 April 1914 at St. James Church in Stratford 018359-14 William James CUNNINGHAM, 26, miller, Galt, Woodstock, widower, s/o Thomas W. CUNNINGHAM & Sarah WOOD married Elsie WRAITH, 19, London England, Stratford, d/o Edward Reginald WRAITH & Kate Annie DIMBLEBY, witn: Robert A. CUNNINGHAM of Stratford & Clara CUNNINGHAM of Innerkip, 9 September 1914 in Stratford
018380-14 William DAVEY, 37, no occupation given, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o John DAVEY (Sr) & Jane WOOLACOTT married Susannah Luella OSBORN, 19, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Isaac OSBORN & Mary FRENCH, witn: Gideon WEBER & Frank GOFORTH both of Monkton, 9 December 1914 in Logan Twp. 018343-14 John Balsdon HORN, 58, no occupation given, Markham Twp York Co., Logan Twp, widower, s/o William HORN & Jane BALSDON married Edith Blanche DIVALL, 33, Hampshire England, Logan Twp, widow, d/o Peters R. MASTERS & Rhoda CHALWIN, witn: Albert HARPER of Munro & Elizabeth FRENCH of RR#2 Monkton, 21 January 1914 in Logan Twp.
18553-14 Richard NETHERCOTT, 53, farmer, Devon England, Fullarton, s/o James NETHERCOTT & Margaret Johns? NETHERCOTT, married Elizabeth Ann CURTIS, 45, Fullarton, same, d/o Charles CURTIS & Ann Harris CURTIS, witn: Edward & Mrs. Edward CURTIS of Fullarton, 18 Feb 1914 at Fullarton 18552-14 William NUHN, 27 (b. 21 Nov 1886), farmer, Wallace twp., same, s/o Henry NUHN & Anna HOLZMANN, married Katie Philippine OTT, 27 (b. 25 Feb 1887), Wallace twp., same, d/o Henry OTT & Katharina OSWALD, witn: George OTT of Listowel & Tena NUHN of Gowanstown, 4 Nov 1914 at Wallace twp
18554-14 Joseph Richard OLDAKER, 24, pipe fitter - enlisted in 2nd cons--?, London England, Stratford Ont., s/o Richard OLDAKER & Ellen WYATT, married Jean Janereason PARSONS, 22, Oxford England, Stratford Ont., d/o Edward Thomas Franklin PARSONS & Isabel BUTLER, witn: Susan & Eveline MONEY of Stratford, 4 Nov 1914 at Stratford 18555-14 William Henry ORTH, 29 (b. 24 March 1884), farmer, Pekin Illinois, Wallace twp., s/o George ORTH & Katie FISCHER, married Eda Catharine NUHN, 23 (b. 23 March 1890), Wallace twp., same, d/o Henry NUHN & Anna HOLTZMANN, witn: William NUHN & Katie OTT, both of Gowanstown, 11 Feb 1914 at Wallace twp
18557-14 Andrew John OSWALD, 23, machinist, Stratford, same, s/o Alexander OSWALD & Ellen Jane BROWN, married Emily Amelia FAGGE, 21, England, Stratford, d/o Thomas John FAGGE & Amelia HERMITAGE, witn: Thomas James & Caroline Eliza FAGGE of Stratford, 22 Dec 1914 at Stratford 18558-14 Frank Oscar PETERSON, 28, laborer, St. John NB, Stratford, s/o Christian Oscar PETERSON & Mary Elizabeth KEITH, married Alice Ellen AIKENS, 30, Elma, Mitchell, d/o Alexander & Ellen nee RUTHERFORD, witn: Minnie MacFIE & Mrs. D.N. McRAE, both of Mitchell, 23 Dec 1914 at Mitchell
18598-14 William Franklin RODGERS, 27, plumber, Stratford, same, s/o Joseph RODERS & Annie Catherine HILDERBRAND, married Annie Malvina BOYES, 21, Sebringville, St. Marys, d/o Robert BOYES & Emma OHM, witn: J.H. RODGERS of Stratford & Edith BOYES of St. Marys, 13 June 1914 at St. Marys 18599-14 Elia ROES, 22, farmer's son, of Ellice twp., s/o David ROES, farmer, & Barbara ROTH, married Nancy NAFZINGER, 24, of Mornington, d/o Samuel NAFZINGER, farmer, & Veronica STEINMANN, witn: John ROES of Brunner & Moses NAFZINGER of Milverton, 17 Dec 1914 at Mennonite Meeting House, Mornington twp
18631-14 (Perth Co) Clarence Marshall SMITH, 23, book keeper, Stoneford, Stoneford, s/o C. B. SMITH & Lydia HOFFMAN married Bertha Muriel HUGHSON, 19, Coaticoke Quebec, Stratford, d/o L. S. HUGHSON & W. L. WILSON, witn: Lydia SMITH & Bertha HUGHSON of Stratford, 20 June 1914, Stratford