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016490-24 (Perth Co) Henry Leonard ALDER, 25, brakeman, England, Palmerston, s/o Henry ALDER (b. England) & Emma Jane POLLARD married Annie Marguerite GREENWOOD, 20, Cotswold, Cotswold, d/o John GREENWOOD (b. Canada) & Susan Jane BALLARD, witn: W. & Mrs. ALDER both of Stratford, 5 August 1924 in Stratford.  
016491-24 (Perth Co) Samuel James ARTHUR, 21, truck driver, Downie Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o William James ARTHUR (b. Canada) & Rosa Bell PONTING married Dorothy Pearl LILLIFANT, 21, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Benjamin George LILLIFANT (b. Canada) & Annie BELTZ, witn: Mrs. E.L. McLACHLIN & Miss Janet E. McLACHLIN both of Stratford, 19 August 1924 in Stratford 016489-24 (Perth Co) James Randolph ASKIN, 36, farmer, Brantford, Listowel, s/o Isaac ASKIN (b. Canada) & Margaret McKAY married Agnes Helen THOMPSON, 29, Neepawa Manitoba, Listowel, spinster, d/o Robert Archibald THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Agnes BROWN, witn: Marion THOMPSON of Listowel & Norman A. HOWES of Galt, 23 October 1924 in Listowel
016498-24 (Perth Co) Joseph BAILEY, 27, packer, Barking England, Stratford, s/o Joseph BAILEY (b. England) & Jane CHIDDICK married Ethel Mary VANNER, 29, maid, London England, Stratford, spinster, d/o Frederick George VANNER (b. England) & Kate ALLAN, witn: Frank VANNER of Wingham & Ethel VANNER of 166 Nelson St. Stratford, 27 September 1924 in Stratford 016494-24 (Perth Co) Daniel C. BAIRD, 42, manufacturer, Paisley, St. Marys, s/o Archibald BAIRD (b. Ontario) & Isabella COLGAN married Margaret F. McINTOSH, 42, Motherwell, Motherwell, spinster, d/o Robert McINTOSH (b. Ontario) & Annie COLGAN, witn: Robert & Annie McINTOSH both of Science Hill, 9 January 1924 in Fullarton
016523-24 (Perth Co) Frank Patrick BAKER, 30, commercial traveller, St. Thomas, St. Marys, s/o Daniel BAKER & Mary MURPHY married Clara Gertrude McDONALD, 24, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o Simon McDONALD & Rose McCANN, witn: Joseph McDONALD of Detroit & Anne L. McDONALD of St. Marys, 4 June 1924 in St. Marys. 016517-24 (Perth Co) Arthur BALD, 26, farmer, Ellice, Ellice, s/o Andrew BALD (b. Fullarton Twp) & Louise ROHFREITSCH married Mabel HENRY, 20, Ellice, Ellice, d/o Robert HENRY (b. Ellice Twp) & Lucy CRISP, witn: Michael BALD of RR#1 Sebringville & Mrs. George DASCHNER of 101 Nelson St. Stratford, 13 February 1924 at St. Peter’s Parsonage in Stratford
016502-24 (Perth Co) Charles A.R. BANNERMAN, 28, farmer, Blanshard Twp, St. Marys, s/o John Alex BANNERMAN (b. Blanshard Twp) & Mary Elizabeth GROOSE married Devena M. COLE, 25, Lakeside, Lakeside, d/o William T. COLE (b. Oxford Co) & Mary Elizabeth MEADE, witn: Fannie V. KNOWLES & Vera BANNERMAN both of St. Marys, 11 October 1924 in St. Marys 016522-24 (Perth Co) Joseph Kenneth BANNON, 24, mechanic, Logan Twp, Windsor, s/o Patrick BANNON & Mary MURRAY married Anne Loretta McDONALD, 22, school teacher, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o Simon McDONALD & Rose McCANN, witn: Simon Joseph McDONALD of St. Marys & Mary BANNON of Logan, 18 September 1924 in St. Marys.
016519-24 (Perth Co) Earl William BARR, 26, loco fireman, Simcoe Co., Port Arthur, s/o William Hays BARR (b. Simcoe Co) & Eleanor MILLER married Agnes Barbara SANDERSON, 25, nurse, Listowel, Listowel, d/o James Alexander SANDERSON (b. Canada) & Barbara Lawson McMILLAN, witn: Barbara & F.H. CHAPMAN both of Trowbridge, 27 August 1924 in Trowbridge 016510-24 (Perth Co) David BEATTY, 26, teamster, Mornington Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Robert BEATTY (b. Canada) & Josephine NECKLAND (?) married Emma SUTTER, 23, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Adam SUTTER (b. Canada) & Mary KEATING, witn: Gordon SUTTER & Mrs. Ada SUTTER both of Gads Hill, 16 April 1924 in Stratford.
016513-24 (Perth Co) Edmund Howard BELL, 38, well driller, Huron Co., Mitchell, s/o James BELL (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth GRAY married Margaret QUANCE, 27, England, no residence given, spinster, d/o Edward QUANCE (b. France) & (mother's name not known by bride-died when she was very young), witn: Otis E. SAWYER & Gladys SELVES both of RR#1 Science Hill, 24 March 1924 in Fullarton 016501-24 (Perth Co) Ivan Marshal BELL, 22, furniture finisher, Wingham, Stratford, s/o Marshall Joseph BELL (b. Canada) & Carrie Elizabeth DENNIS married Doris Louisa ALLEN, 18, domestic, Reading England, no residence given, d/o John Edward ALLEN (b. England) & Alice Louisa HARRIS, witn: Myrtle SHACKLEDON & Harvey AITCHISON both of Wingham, 11 October 1924 in Listowel
016499-24 (Perth Co) George Vincent BERDAN, 22, laborer, Ontario, Elgin Co., s/o Michael BERDAN (b. Canada) & Charlotte MATTERS married Elizabeth McGINNIS, 18, Ontario, Stratford, d/o Peter McGINNIS (b. Canada) & Marian JONES, witn: Chalmer & Isobel McGINNIS both of Stratford, 27 October 1924 in Stratford. 016496-24 (Perth Co) Walter BERLET, 23, blacksmith, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o John BERLET (b. Germany) & Caroline MILLER married Anna Adeline Helen SCHMIDT, 19, housekeeping, North Easthope, Elma Twp, d/o Conrad SCHMIDT (b. Perth Co) & Augusta NEUBAUER, witn: Gordon SCHMIDT & Martha BENNEWEIS both of Monkton Ontario, 3 December 1924 in Logan Twp
016497-24 (Perth Co) Clifford Austin BERRY, 21, plumber, Logan Twp, Mitchell, s/o Charles BERRY (b. Canada) & Rhoda BROWN married Margaret Emmiline DUNLOP, 19, knitter, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Robert Charles DUNLOP (b. Canada) & Harriett Isabell CAMPBELL, witn: Miss Nan WILLIAMSON & Miss Edna SEEBACH both of Stratford, 15 November 1924 in Stratford 016508-24 (Perth Co) Maurice F. BLACKLER, 25, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o Philip BLACKLER (b. Blanshard Twp) & Margaret ROBINSON married Ila Mae BERRY, 22, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o Robert BERRY (b. Blanshard Twp) & Fanney CREASY (Creary?), witn: Earl W. BERRY of St. Marys & Gladys I. LAMDIN of London, 8 June 1924 in Blanshard
016516-24 (Perth Co) William Oliver BLANE, 21, farmer, South Easthope Twp, South Easthope Twp, s/o William Kennedy BLANE (b. Canada) & Annie BRODERICK married Mary Jane CHALKLEY, 21, West Zorra Twp, no residence given, d/o Frederick George CHALKLEY (b. England) & Flora Roseanna THOMPSON, witn: Viola MURR (Muir?) & Ada MATHESON both of Stratford, 5 March 1924 in Stratford 016505-24 (Perth Co) Frederick Jacob BODE, 26, clerk, Logan Twp, Mitchell, s/o William BODE (b. Germany) & Anna RIEHL married Florence Sophia Rosetta DIETZ, 28, factory forelady, Kurtzville, Kurtzville, d/o Henry DIETZ (b. Kurtzville) & Marie HERMAN, witn: William J. BODE of Mitchell, Lena DIETZ of RR#2 Gorrie Ont. & Helen SCHINBEIN of RR#1 Gowanstown, 17 June 1924 in Wallace Twp.
016506-24 (Perth Co) Edward Charles BOYLAN, 37, tailor, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o William Grant BOYLAN (b. Ontario) & Ella Irene AXON married Mable Annie BLANE, 29, saleslady, Harmony Ont., Detroit, d/o William Kennedy BLANE (b. Ontario) & Annie Barbara BRODRECHT, witn: Miss Gladys HOLLENBECK of Stratford & Gordon BLANE of South Easthope, 28 June 1924 in Harmony, South Easthope. 016503-24 (Perth Co) William Lewis BRACKENBURY, 42, machinist, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o John BRACKENBURY (b. England) & Mary MILLER married Edith Maud KARN, 34, Ontario, West Oxford, spinster, d/o Amsie KARN (b. Canada) & Margaret Jean McCABE, witn: E.J. LAING of Ingersoll & Miss Ruth TURNER of Beachville Ont., 7 August 1924 in Stratford.
016507-24 (Perth Co) Cecil Roy BRADLEY, 22, telephone lineman, Dufferin Co., Stratford, s/o Robert James BRADLEY (b. Canada) & Isabella McNAB married Minnie Agnes ZIEPE, 19, laundress, Montreal Quebec, no residence given, d/o James ZIEPE (b. England) & Alice Margaret NAULLS, witn: Alvin IRWIN of 7 Hessen St. & Martha Florence ZIEPE of 5 Hesson St., 8 July 1924 in Stratford 016514-24 (Perth Co) Harold O. BRAGG, 32, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o William F. BRAGG (b. Canada) & Emma HUESTON married Margaret V. PRINGLE, 20, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o William A. PRINGLE (b. Canada) & Sarah BRUCE, witn: Bessie BRAGG of RR#1 St. Marys & Bruce PRINGLE of RR#6 St. Marys, 20 March 1924 at the Bride's Home in Blanshard Twp.
016515-24 (Perth Co) Robert John BRAY, 43, farmer, Brant Twp Bruce Co., Wallace Twp, s/o Robert BRAY (b. Oxford Co) & Olive BROWN married Elizabeth Christina GEIGER, 37, dressmaker, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, widow, d/o Henry BEYERS (b. Wellington Twp) & Elizabeth SIEBAHN, witn: Ed & Mrs. Ed KAUFMANN of Gorrie, 12 March 1924 in Wallace Twp 016500-24 (Perth Co) James BROTHERS, 30, traveller, London England, Stratford, s/o Charles BROTHERS (b. England) & Anne PEARCE married Irene ELLIOTT, 26, stenographer, London Twp, Stratford, d/o John ELLIOTT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BILYEA, witn: Jack M. & Mrs. Jack M. ELLIOTT of Stratford, 10 September 1924 in Stratford
016520-24 (Perth Co) Carl BROWN, 21, clerk CNR, Stratford, Stratford, s/o John T. BROWN & Jessie L. INNIS, married Lillian VENTERS, 20, clerk, no birth place given, Stratford, d/o Herbert Henry VENTERS & Emily SHEARING, witn: Edward HANCOX & Winifred VENTERS both of Toronto, 24 January 1924 in Stratford 016495-24 (Perth Co) Thomas Wilson C. BROWN, 49, farmer, E. Nissouri, E. Nissouri, widower, s/o John BROWN (b. E. Nissouri Perth Co) & Isabel WILSON married Greta J. WILSON, 37, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, spinster, d/o James WILSON (b. Dumfries Scotland) & Margaret MILLS, witn: William Harold WILSON of RR#3 Embro & Edith A. HAWKESWORTH of RR#1 Lakeside, 31 December 1924 at Lot 16 Conc 11 Downie Twp.
016511-24 (Perth Co) Peter James BROWN, 70, retired farmer, Lobo Twp, London, widower, s/o Duncan BROWN (b. Scotland) & Janet GRAY married Susan CLARKE, 69, housekeeper, Ontario, St. Marys, widow, d/o Sinclair HOLDEN (b. Canada) & Lainey CLENDENNING, witn: Alice STOCKDALE & John A. HEDLEY both of St. Marys, 20 March 1924 in St. Marys 016521-24 (Perth Co) John BRUXER, 40, miller, McKillop Twp Huron Co., Dublin, s/o Jacob BRUXER & Margaret WEISS married Elizabeth O'CONNELL, 40, domestic, McKillop Twp, Dublin, spinster, d/o Bernard O'CONNELL & Mary DORSEY, witn: Basil BRUXER & Mary O'CONNELL both of Dublin, 19 November 1924 in Dublin.
  016518-24 (Perth Co) Russell Henry BURGESS, 24, secretary, Stratford, Toronto, s/o Henry Thomas BURGESS (b. England) & Jane WRIGHT married Victoria WHYTE, 26, Mitchell, Toronto, d/o John WHYTE (b. Scotland) & Sara Jane HOWE, witn: R.S. WHYTE of Toronto & Mrs. Sara Jane WHYTE of Stratford, 2 February 1924 in Stratford
016493-24 (Perth Co) Wilbert Cecil BURNARD, 22, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o Christopher BURNARD (b. Canada) & Alice MURRAY married Wilma MUIR, 19, Downie Twp, no residence given, d/o William MUIR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: Milton BURNARD of St. Paul's & Velma HEPBURN of #2 St. Marys, 16 January 1924 in Stratford. 016512-24 (Perth Co) Milton Ellwood BURNARD, 25, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o Christopher BURNARD (b. Canada) & Alice MURRAY married Velma Lorena HEPBURN, 22, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, d/o Fred S. HEPBURN (b. Canada) & Mary Eliza HART, witn: Christopher BURNARD of St. Paul's & Fred S. HEPBURN of St. Marys, 19 March 1924 in Stratford.
016509-24 (Perth Co) Francis John BURROWS, 22, machinist, England, Stratford, s/o John BURROWS (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH married Edna MOORE, 21, Stratford, no residence given, d/o William MOORE (b. Canada) & Catharine McLACHLIN, witn: Cecil A. WOOLNER & Rose BURROWS both of Stratford, 13 May 1924 in Stratford 016492-24 (Perth Co) Russel BUSHFIELD, 29, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Johnson BUSHFIELD (b. Logan Twp) & Margaret EDMUNSON married Joanna TUBB, 23, housework, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Thomas TUBB (b. Logan Twp) & Margaret LABURN, witn: Burt TUBB & K. MOYER both of Mitchell, 16 January 1924 in Mitchell
016504-24 (Perth Co) Horton Wilson BYRNE, 30, deputy registrar of deeds, Hamilton, St. Catharines, s/o Herbert W. BYRNE (b. Brockville) & Elizabeth C. WILSON married Susan Cherry SHIER, 31, teacher, Kirkton, Kirkton, spinster, d/o Samuel A. SHIER (b. Kirkton) & Elizabeth H. BEATTIE, witn: Gladys SHIER of Kirkton & Norman W. BYRNE of Hamilton, 6 August 1924 in Kirkton 016524-24 (Perth Co) Basil BYRNE, 27, farmer, Dublin, Dublin, s/o William BYRNE & Catherine DEVEREAUX, married Anna SHEA, 34, Mitchell, Mitchell, spinster, d/o Michael SHEA & Mary STAPLETON, witn: William BYRNE & Gertrude STAPLETON both of Dublin, 4 March 1924 at St. Vincent DePauls
  016535-24 (Perth Co) Donald CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Waterloo Co., Tummel Manitoba, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret McDOUGALL married Annie Viola SEEGER, 19, music teacher, Oxford Co., Tummel Manitoba, d/o Christopher SEEGER (b. Ontario) & Anne DINGMAN, witn: Stewart SMITH of Brunner & Marguerite SCHAEFER of RR#5 Embro, 3 September 1924 in Stratford
016544-24 (Perth Co) Angus CAMPBELL, 27, barber, Bruce Co., 27 Benton St. Kitchener, s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Frances HUMPHREY married Florence Henrietta FRANCEY, 30, housework, Bruce Co., Kincardine, widow, d/o George Henry HUMPHREY (b. Canada) & Emily JOHNSTON, witn: Hellen WEIR & Ada MATHESON both of Stratford, 16 July 1924 in Stratford. 016541-24 (Perth Co) Robert Hubert CAMPBELL, 29, overseer, Ireland, Queen St. Hespeler, s/o David C. CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Lizzie HAMILTON married Alma Emma EIFERT, 25, housework, Waterloo Twp, Tavistock, d/o Reinhardt EIFERT (b. Germany) & Mary RITTER, witn: Selma EIFERT & M.H. SCHELLENBERG both of 237 Ashworth Ave. Toronto, 30 July 1924 in Tavistock.
016526-24 (Perth Co) Christian Alexander CANDLER, 28, cabinet maker, Elma Perth Co., Milverton, s/o John CANDLER (b. Bowmanville) & Maud GATCKE married Edna RAYCRAFT, 24, Mornington, Mornington, d/o George RAYCRAFT (b. Mornington) & Margaret A. WHITNEY, witn: Percy CANDLER of Milverton & Helen CAPLING of Shakespeare, 3 December 1924 in Mornington. 016529-24 (Perth Co) Donald Emery CARRIERE, 36, civil engineer, Ontario, Capreol - Nipissing District, s/o S.A. CARRIERE (b. Quebec) & Margaret CAMPBELL married Carrie Olive REA, 34, graduate nurse RN, Ontario, St. Marys, spinster, d/o Samuel James REA (b. Ontario) & Lucinda FORD, witn: Leonard L. & Bella G. FOLLICK both of St. Marys, 29 November 1924 in St. Marys
016547-24 (Perth Co) Alexander B. CASEMORE, 30, plumber, Wingham, Blenheim, s/o Jeremiah CASEMORE (b. Canada) & Margaret HUNTER married Pearl Aileen STUART, 30, music teacher, West Monkton, West Monkton, spinster, d/o Samuel STUART (b. Canada) & Henrietta MURPHY, witn: Mary J. ADAIR of Kincardine & Effie A. PEEBLES of Atwood, 18 June 1924 in Monkton 016549-24 (Perth Co) Harold Mingay CASSON, 27, lineman, Stratford, 207 Brunswick St. Stratford, s/o William CASSON (b. not given) & Sophia Mary ROPE married Corinne Annie ROPE, 27, governess, Surrey England, Stratford, d/o John ROPE (b. not given) & Annie JOHNSON, witn: Edward John SCARD & Edith Mary G. CASSON both of Stratford, 30 April 1924 in Stratford
016545-24 (Perth Co) Samuel CAULFIELD, 60, retired, Toronto, Toronto, widower, s/o Frank CAULFIELD (b. not given) & Mary A. SOMMERVILLE married Marie POYNER, 42, Stratford, Toronto, spinster, d/o Edward POYNER (b. not given) & Susannah MALPAS, witn: George & Beryl POYNER both of Stratford, 16 June 1924 in Stratford. 016551-24 (Perth Co) John Louis CHALKLEY, 26, farmer, West Zorra Twp Oxford Co., West Zorra Twp, s/o Fred CHALKLEY (b. England) & Rose THOMPSON married Olive Gladys INNIS, 21, West Zorra Twp, no residence given, d/o John William INNIS (b. Canada) & Christina McINTOSH, witn: Nelson PEQUEGNAT & Mrs. Hugh McDIARMID both of Stratford, 9 February 1924 in Stratford.
016542-24 (Perth Co) Leighton Joseph CHAPPEL, 25, bell telephone co., Minesing Village, Sarnia, s/o Joseph CHAPPEL (b. Ontario) & Hattie PATTEN married Marguerite MAGUIRE, 19, Stratford, Stratford, d/o William Alexander McGUIRE (sic) (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Edward BANKS & Vera May CHAMBERS both of Stratford, 6 August 1924 at St. James Church in Stratford 016525-24 (Perth Co) Howard CHURCH, 20, butcher, Prince Edward Co., Toronto, s/o Archibald F. CHURCH (b. United States) & Rebecca BROWN married Mary A. TOWLE, 17, Detroit, St. Marys, d/o Thomas TOWLE (b. Canada) & Naomi Mary CLIPPERTON, witn: Hattie & Thomas TOWLE both of St. Marys, 16 December 1924 in St. Marys.
016532-24 (Perth Co) Harry CLARK, 18, knitter, Sarnia, Stratford, s/o Herbert John CLARK (b. England) & Alice SMART married Eva Adelia POGSON, 17, knitter, Canada, no residence given, d/o James Robert POGSON (b. Canada) & Cordellia BROUGHTLEN, witn: Alice POGSON of 148 Bay St. Stratford & O. STOCKMANN of Tavistock, 4 October 1924 in South Easthope Twp 016533-24 (Perth Co) Lorne Joseph CLARKE, 29, machinist, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Adam CLARKE (b. Hamilton) & Harriet Jane HOLMAN married Emily EDGAR, 22, bookkeeper, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Martin EDGAR (b. Perth Co) & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: Clarence T. CLARKE & Margaret EDGAR both of Stratford, 17 September 1924 in Stratford.
016531-24 (Perth Co) Isaac CLAYTON, 32, barber, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas CLAYTON (b. England) & Margaret CHARLTON married Helen Teresa McMILLAN, 24, milliner, Cornwall, no residence given, d/o Sandy McMILLAN (b. Canada) & Marion RIVERS, witn: Mrs. J. STEWART & Mrs. M. GOETZ both of Stratford, 20 October 1924 in Stratford 16527-24 (Perth Co) Albert Edward COGHLIN, 36, drayman, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o John COGHLIN (b. near Brockville) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL married Mary Alice McMANE, 34, bookkeeper, Elma Twp, Milverton, spinster, d/o Allen McMANE (b. Leeds Co) & Mary E. STRONG, witn: N.A. & Ada B. ZIMMERMAN both of Milverton, 5 November 1924 in Milverton
016540-24 (Perth Co) Frederick Hamilton COLLINS, 21, chauffeur, Ingersoll, Stratford, s/o William Henry COLLINS (b. Canada) & Caroline PARKS married Ida May HARDING, 23, domestic, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Henry HARDING (b. Canada) & Mary Teresa CAHILL, witn: Leonard W. & Mary F. JOHNSTON both of 169 Cambria St. Stratford, 23 July 1924 in Stratford 016543-24 (Perth Co) Ernest William COLLINS, 26, repairman, Stratford, Stratford, s/o William COLLINS (b. England) & Sarah Ann MOTT married Alma Emma DALE, 21, packer, London England, no residence given, d/o William Arthur DALE (b. England) & Alma RAYNER, witn: Frederick Arthur & Mary Elizabeth DALE both of Trinity St. Stratford, 2 July 1924 in Stratford.
016534-24 (Perth Co) Victor J. COOK, 26, barber, North Easthope, St. Marys, s/o Levi COOK (b. North Easthope) & Emma WISMER married Sylvia G. KRITZER, 20, Listowel, Listowel, d/o Valentine KRITZER (b. Wallace Twp) & Regina AMENT, witn: Edith NICKLE of Gowanstown & Laurence KRITZER of Listowel, 1 October 1924 in Listowel. 016546-24 (Perth Co) Albert Dalton COOK, 24, baker, Logan Twp, Mitchell, s/o William Albert COOK (b. Logan Twp) & Elizabeth Ann McCLOCKIN, married Pearl Theresa WRIGHT, 20, housework, Seaforth, Mitchell, d/o James Hunter WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Theresa Jane TRAYER (Troyer?), witn: James H. WRIGHT & W.A. COOK both of Mitchell, 28 June 1924 in Stratford.
016548-24 (Perth Co) John COOK, 24, hotel clerk, Dublin, Stratford, s/o Headley COOK (b. Canada) & Viteline BAST married Maud Alice SANDERSON, 22, forelady, Canada, no residence given, d/o Frederick SANDERSON (b. England) & Alice MOORE, witn: Elmer & Mrs. E. TREMAINE both of Stratford, 11 June 1924 in Mitchell. 016528-24 (Perth Co) Cecil Wilfred COOPER, 23, shipper, Clinton, Clinton, s/o George Edward COOPER (b. Clinton) & Lena TROUSE married Nellie May BEACOM, 21, Clinton, Clinton, d/o Christopher BEACOM (b. Clinton) & Margaret MANNING, witn: Jessie MACDONELL & Hannah STANLEY both of 181 Mornington St. Stratford, 25 October 1924 in Stratford.
016538-24 (Perth Co) Louis Earl COOPER, 24, mechanic, Clinton, Goderich, s/o George E. COOPER (b. not given) & Lena TROUSE married Helen Agnes WEBB, 24, stenographer, Goderich, Goderich, d/o John WEBB (b. not given) & Teresa McAVOY, witn: John H. & Mrs. Cecilia SIEGNER both of Stratford, 7 August 1924 in Stratford 016539-24 (Perth Co) James Stanley COOPER, 29, mechanic, Atwood, Listowel, widower, s/o Aaron JONES (b. Canada) & Margaret COOPER married Etta BOWMAN, 24, Grey Twp, Listowel, d/o Noah BOWMAN (b. Canada) & Susanna ZURBRIGG, witn: Elgin BARTON of Britton & Mabel BOWMAN of Listowel, 5 August 1924 in Listowel
016536-24 (Perth Co) James Neilson CORRY, 29, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Samuel CORRY (b. not given) & Agnes NEILSON married Claribel WEBSTER, 25, stenographer, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Anthony WEBSTER (b. not given) & Clara BELL, witn: A. WEBSTER of Stratford & Jessie S. CORRY of Elma Twp, 10 September 1924 in Stratford 016553-24 (Perth Co) Daniel COSTELLO, 30, barber, Brudenell Renfrew Co., Dublin, s/o William COSTELLO & Sarah McPEAK married Teresa FEENEY, 23, domestic, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, d/o William FEENEY & Bridget ROACH, witn: John McCARTHY & Lila FEENEY both of Dublin, 22 July 1924 at St. Patrick’s Church in Dublin
016530-24 (Perth Co) Orval Francis COX, 21, farmer, Euphemia Twp, Euphemia Twp, s/o Francis Jocelyn COX (b. Ontario) & Amelia JOHNSTON married Edna Mae AITCHISON, 26, school teacher, Elma Twp, Euphemia Twp, d/o John Pirie AITCHESON (b. Ontario) & Margaret SHEARER, witn: Mrs. Elgin & Elgin COGHLIN both of Atwood, 22 October 1924 in Elma Twp. 016552-24 (Perth Co) Joseph CRONIN, 23, farmer, Hibbert Twp Perth Co., Dublin, s/o James CRONIN & Mary DOWNEY married Elizabeth ROACH, 26, bank clerk, Hibbert Twp, Dublin, d/o Edward ROACH & Johanna CURTIN, witn: Joseph CRONIN of St. Columban Ont. & Margaret McCONNELL of Dublin, 14 October 1924 at St. Patrick’s Church in Dublin
016537-24 (Perth Co) William James CURRIE, 30, foreman, Burnhamthorpe Ont., Islington Peel Co. Ont., s/o Robert CURRIE (b. Ireland) & Mary LYNCH married Alice SWIFT, 32, clerk, Stratford, Stratford, widow, d/o James SWIFT (b. Ontario) & Margaret CAREY, witn: Leo & Mrs. Leo DAHM both of Stratford, 3 September 1924 in Stratford. 016550-24 (Perth Co) Frank Sinclair CURTIS, 23, telegraph operator, Elma Twp, Nashville Michigan, s/o Frederick John CURTIS (b. Canada) & Bessie RICHARDSON married Olga Agnes Pauline Olive FALLIS, 22, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o James Oscar FALLIS (b. Canada) & Mary Janetta PATTERSON, witn: Margaret E. ELLIS of Drayton & C.B. CURTIS of 678 Charlotte Ave. Detroit Michigan, 16 April 1924 in Elma Twp

016611-24 (Perth Co) Bert HEIBEIN, 24, farmer, Grey twp, Grey twp, s/o John HEIBEIN (b. Canada) & Jelina POSSON married Myrtle WARD, 19, Grey twp, Grey twp, d/o William Diamond WARD (b. Canada) & Anna Eliza KING, witn: Caroline SANDERSON & Eleanor EDWARDS both of Listowel, 20 February 1924 in Listowel

016613-24 (Perth Co) Wilfrid Leo HOLLAND, 29, clerk, McKillop twp Huron Co., McKillop twp, s/o George K. HOLLAND & Barbara ECKERT married Emily Mary Margaret MALONEY, 27, domestic, Hibbert twp Perth Co., Hibbert twp, d/o Timothy MALONEY & Nora ROACH, witn: George E. HOLLAND of Beechwood Ont. & Minnie MALONEY of 335 Jersey St. Buffalo N.Y., 29 November 1924 in Dublin

016612-24 (Perth Co) George Henry HORNSEY, 21, woodworker, England, Detroit Michigan, s/o George HORNSEY (b. England) & Elizabeth FLETCHER married Lucy TOMSETT, 19, forelady, England, no residence given, d/o James TOMSETT (b. England) & Edith BUDD, witn: Alice HORNSEY of 401 Romeo St. Stratford & Jessie MacDONELL of 181 Mornington St. Stratford, 18 February 1924 in Stratford

016610-24 (Perth Co) Warren Barter HOWE, 30, farmer, West Zorra West Zorra twp Oxford Co., s/o William H. HOWE (b. Canada) & Hanna BARTER married Ida Margaret SCHNEIDER, 22, housemaid, South Easthope, South Easthope twp Perth Co., d/o George SCHNEIDER (b. Canada) & Catharine WITTIG, witn: Matilda & Esra H. SCHNEIDER both of RR#2 Stratford, 4 March 1924 in Stratford.

016620-24 (Perth Co) Frederick C. JACKSON, 21, stock clerk, St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o John JACKSON (b. St. Marys) & Mary McLAREN married Christina MacDONALD, 20, Merritton (?), St. Marys, d/o Graham MacDONALD (b. Glasgow) & Margaret BAIN, witn: Mrs. & Mr. Lyle THOMSON of St. Marys, 14 May 1924 in St. Marys

016621-24 (Perth Co) David Roy McArdle JACOBS, 28, machinist, Stratford, Stratford, s/o David Samuel JACOBS (b. Canada) & Amanda McARDLE married Lillian May BROOKS, 27, England, no residence given, d/o James Henry BROOKS (b. England) & Caroline Helen SUGG, witn: Sidney BETRAUN (BETRAM?) of Nile St. Stratford & Jessie MACDONELL of 181 Mornington St. Stratford, 26 March 1924 in Stratford

016614-24 (Perth Co) Edwin Sanderson JACOBS, 24, farmer, Mornington Perth Co., Mornington, s/o Samuel JACOBS (b. New Hamburg) & Margaret SANDERSON married Esther Wilhelmina KRAJAEFSKI, 21, household duties, Milverton Perth Co., Milverton, d/o Gustav KRAJAEFSKI (b. Germany) & Elizabeth HINZ (?), witn: John G. JACOBS of Milverton twp & Alberta WAGNER of RR#1 Newton, 24 December 1924 in Milverton

016617-24 (Perth Co) Alfred Earl JACOBS, 23, range assembler, Stratford, Stratford, s/o David JACOBS (b. Canada) & Minnie McARDLE married Harriett RENDER, 19, Hammersmith England, no residence given, d/o Frederick Arthur RENDER (b. England) & Hannah PRENTICE, witn: Maud RENDER & Jean MARTIN both of Stratford, 24 June 1924 in Stratford.

016619-24 (Perth Co) Henry Allan JAQUES, 33, farmer, Usborne twp, RR#1 Granton, s/o Solomon JAQUES (b. Crammy (?) Twp) & Mary RODD married Tessa Blanche GUNNING, 27, housekeeper, Blanshard twp, RR#1 Granton, d/o Albert GUNNING (b. Blanshard Twp) & Alice KIRK, witn: Wilmer BROOKS & Elsie GUNNING both of RR#1 Granton, 21 May 1924 at the Bride's Home in Blanshard twp

016618-24 (Perth Co) John JEFFREY, 48, farmer, Ellice twp Perth Co., Downie twp Perth Co., widower, s/o Joseph JEFFREY (b. England) & Mary ABEY married Annie SCHELLENBERGER, 28, Downie twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o Christ. SCHELLENBERGER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth METZ, witn: Kathleen Victoria & Hinda KLAEHN both of 66 Centre St. Stratford, 25 June 1924 in Stratford

016616-24 (Perth Co) William Robert JOHNSTON, 28, railway man, Kincardine, Palmerston, widower, s/o Richard JOHNSTON (b. Palmerston) & Emma LEOPARD married Jessie Maria Rosland LYNN, 25, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, spinster, d/o Albert E. LYNN (b. Wallace Twp) & Henrietta CHAINNEY (CHAMNEY?), witn: Laura LYNN of Gowanstown & Jack H. JOHNSTON of Toronto, 16 August 1924 in Listowel.

016615-24 (Perth Co) Charles William JOHNSTONE, 33, general merchant, Delaware Ont., Delaware, s/o Henry JOHNSTONE (b. Delaware Twp) & Jessie LAWSON married Frieda Gertrude RYCKMAN, 21, Delaware, Delaware, d/o Alton RYCKMAN (b. Delaware Twp) & Pauline IRELAND, witn: Lydia & J.O. HAMMOND both of Delaware, 20 September 1924 at the Methodist Parsonage in Fullarton.

016623-24 (Perth Co) Edward JORDAN, 31, banker, Hibbert twp, Hibbert twp, s/o William JORDAN & Mary ROACH married Helen JUDGE, 28, domestic, Ellice twp, Dublin, d/o Patrick JUDGE & Ellen Teresa GALLAGHER, witn: Albert JORDAN & Mary JUDGE both of Dublin, 14 October 1924 at St. Patrick’s Church in Dublin.

016622-24 (Perth Co) John JUDGE, 28, farmer, Kinkora, Dublin, s/o Patrick JUDGE & Ellen GALLAGHER married Mary REGAN, 26, Bornholm, Bornholm, d/o Michael REGAN & Kate DWYER, witn: H.C. McDONALD of Stratford & Teresa JUDGE of Dublin Ont., 10 November 1924 at St. Bridget's in Perth Co.

016625-24 (Perth Co) Harry KAUFMAN, 30, farmer, Wellesley twp, Listowel, s/o Philip KAUFMAN (b. Germany) & Matilda T?YELL married Florence BRITTAIN, 25, waiter, England, Palmerston, d/o William BRITTAIN (b. England) & Margaret Jane, witn: Russel KAUFMAN of Listowel & Edith BRITTAIN of Palmerston, 6 November 1924 in Listowel

016631-24 (Perth Co) Stanley Henry KAUFFMAN, 27, farmer, North Easthope twp, Wilmot twp, s/o Joseph KAUFFMAN (b. Canada) & Katherine SCHMIDT married Ella Frieda Katherine HINZ, 24, Logan twp, no residence given, d/o George HINZ (b. Canada) & Christine HEYER, witn: George & Mrs. George KOCH of 40 Birmingham St. Stratford, 21 May 1924 in Stratford.

016633-24 (Perth Co) John Moody KINCADE, 52, farmer, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, widower, s/o James KINCADE (b. Ireland) & Martha MASON married Mary Ellen COGHLIN, 39, housemaid, Howick twp, Listowel, widow, d/o Andrew DOIG (b. Scotland) & Margaret PATRICK, witn: Florence GOETZ & Esther KELLY both of Stratford, 28 April 1924 in Stratford

016627-24 (Perth Co) William KNIPE, 28, farmer, Logan twp, Lot 7 Conc 13 Logan, s/o Thomas KNIPE (b. Ireland) & Barbara ENGLE married Mary J. LANNIN, 24, Mornington twp Perth Co., Logan twp, d/o Thomas LANNIN (b. Mornington Twp) & Mary RAYCRAFT, witn: John KNIPE & Verda LANNIN both of West Monkton, 27 September 1924 in Milverton

016624-24 (Perth Co) Jacob KOCH, 28, farmer, Wallace twp, Gowanstown Wallace twp, s/o Henry KOCH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FRIES married Susan Elizabeth HABERMEHL, 22, housemaid, Howick twp, Wallace twp, d/o Leander HABERMEHL (b. Canada) & Lydia Elizabeth BENDER, witn: William KOCH & Frieda HABERMEHL both of Gowanstown, 3 December 1924 in Listowel

016634-24 (Perth Co) Frank J. KOLAK, 32, factory foreman, Wisconsin, Chicago U.S.A., s/o Martin KOLAK & Nora NIKA married Aileen LONGEWAY, 26, Logan, Logan twp, d/o Louis L. LONGEWAY & Mary DeCOURSEY, witn: Jeremiah LONGEWAY of Logan & Amelia KOLAK of Chicago, 25 November 1924 at St. Bridget's in Perth Co.

016626-24 (Perth Co) John Andrew KRUG, 30, farmer, North Easthope twp, North Easthope twp, s/o Conrad KRUG (b. Canada) & Auguste DIEHL married Margaret Dorothy SIPPEL, 20, East Zorra, North Easthope twp, d/o Philip SIPPEL (b. Canada) & Margaret HEINBACH, witn: Edward ELLIGSON of Stratford & Margaret KRUG of RR#1 Gads Hill, 1 October 1924 in Sebastopol

016628-24 (Perth Co) Walter Adam KRUG, 26, butcher, East Zorra, Woodstock, s/o Reinhard KRUG (b. Canada) & Catharine GIMBEL married Margaret EDWARDS, 21, bookkeeper, Woodstock, Woodstock, d/o William EDWARDS (b. Canada) & Mary WILSON, witn: Irmgard A. & Hinda H.A. KLAEHN both of 66 Centre St. Stratford, 23 September 1924 in Stratford

016646-24 (Perth Co) Edward Joseph LAIRD, 24, clerk, Parry Sound, Windsor, s/o Robert LAIRD (b. not given) & Elizabeth BARKER married Edna Caro BIRKETT, 25, bank clerk, Stratford, Stratford, d/o William BIRKETT (b. not given) & Albertina BRANDENBERGER, witn: Neil McEWEN & Isabel RODGERS (residence not given), 26 May 1924 at St. James Church in Stratford

016645-24 (Perth Co) Charles Philip LAVIS, 23, machinist, England, Stratford, s/o Philip James LAVIS (b. England) & Elizabeth Maud SALMON married Elizabeth GOFFE, 23, stenographer, England, no residence given, d/o Charles Joseph GOFFE (b. England) & Harriot Helen GAMES (?), witn: Albert Vernard LAVIS of 361 St. David Stratford & Christine EDGAR of 81 Elizabeth St. Stratford, 9 July 1924 in Stratford.

016649-24 (Perth Co) Christian Henry Frederick LEASE, 32, farmer, Logan twp Perth Co., Logan twp, s/o Christian LEASE (b. Canada) & Carolina WICKE married Mary Emma FINK, 28, Ellice twp Perth Co., no residence given, d/o Theodore FINK (b. Germany) & Margarete SCHAEFER, witn: William FINK of RR#2 Gads Hill & Christine SANDERS of 161 Nile St. Stratford, 11 March 1924 in Ellice twp.

016644-24 (Perth Co) James Leonard LEEMING, 30, farmer, McKillop twp, McKillop twp, s/o Thomas LEEMING (b. Ontario) & Catharine DOERR married Edna MITCHELL, 27, Fullerton twp, Carlingford Ont., d/o William MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Emeline GRANTON (RANTON?), witn: Ranton MITCHELL & Mary L. TINNING both of Carlingford, 12 July 1924 in Mitchell.

016643-24 (Perth Co) Norman Ezra LEINWEBER, 25, salesman, South Easthope, 27 Mansion St. Kitchener, s/o Adam LEINWEBER (b. Germany) & Dorothy WILHELM married Winnifred Catherine HAMEL, 21, saleslady, Stratford, 317 Cobourg St. Kitchener, d/o Conrad HAMEL (b. Canada) & Barbara SCHULTHERS (s/b SCHULTIES) witn: Orlando IRELAND of 75 Nelson Stratford & Marie HAMEL of 317 Coburg Stratford, 11 August 1924 in Stratford.

016641-24 (Perth Co) Robert Kenneth LOGAN, 27, barrister, Ontario, 37 Bowden Ave. Toronto, s/o William M. LOGAN (b. Ontario) & Elisabeth Ann BECKER married Norma Kathleen STUART, 29, Ontario, Mitchell, d/o Samuel R. STUART (b. Ontario) & Elisabeth E. ANDERSON, witn: Orval Barne THIBODEAU? of 284 Silver Birch Ave. Toronto & Agnes Muriel STUART of Mitchell, 7 October 1924 in Mitchell

016637-24 (Perth Co) James Stanley LOUGHRAN, 31, farmer, Elma twp, Maryborough, s/o William Charles LOUGHRAN (b. Wallace Twp) & Elizabeth KINCADE married Eliza Jane McCRACKEN, 30, Perth Co., Perth Co., spinster, d/o Joseph McCRACKEN (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane HYMERS, witn: Thelma Gladys McCRACKEN of Listowel & Floyd M. PATTERSON of Gowanstown, 19 March 1924 in Wallace twp.

016635-24 (Perth Co) John T. LOUTH, 29, machinist, England, St. Marys, s/o John LOUTH (b. England) & Betsy Ann DAY married Mary E. McDONALD, 29, Scotland, St. Marys, d/o Donald McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Mary SCOTT, witn: Sephan GOUGH & Violet PERRELL both of St. Marys, 28 November 1924 in St. Marys.

016650-24 (Perth Co) Arthur Herbert LOVE, 23, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o William Arthur LOVE (b. Elma Twp) & Mary HERBERT married Harriet Marion ROBB, 22, school teacher, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Andrew F. ROBB (b. Elma Twp) & Alice TURNBULL, witn: J. Alex ROBB of Atwood & Nellie DAVIDSON of Newton, 20 February 1924 at the Home of the Bride's Father in Elma

016651-24 (Perth Co) Valentine LOVELL, 30, furniture finisher, London England, Stratford, s/o Herbert Alfred LOVELL & Phyllis HARTLAND married Dorothy WILLIAMS, 18, lady, Cornwall England, Stratford, d/o Alfred WILLIAMS & Ethel SOUTHERN, witn: Frank GARDINER of 559 Ontario St. Stratford & Alfred WILLIAMS of 58 Mount St. Stratford, 3 June 1924 in Stratford

016648-24 (Perth Co) Lorne Roy LUCAS, 26, farmer, Elma twp, Elma twp, s/o Cyrus LUCAS (b. Can) & Lydia BROKENSHIRE married Muriel Levena DUCKLOW, 20, Elma twp, Atwood, d/o William John DUCKLOW (b. Can) & Annie WILSON, witn: Stanley WHERRY of Atwood & Theora DUCKLOW of West Monkton, 16 April 1924 in Christ Church Listowel.

016638-24 (Perth Co) William Clarence LUDWIG, 21, farmer, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, s/o Solomon LUDWIG (b. Canada) & Emma NUHN married Frieda Elizabeth HARTMAN, 20, housemaid, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, d/o Albert HARTMAN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth YUNGBLUT, witn: Mr. Kurt & Mrs. K. WALL of Listowel, 12 November 1924 in Listowel.

016656-24 (Perth Co) Earl Andrew MACHAN, 23, farmer, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, s/o Andrew MACHAN (b. Grey Twp) & Minnie Amelia HOWARD married Myrtle Jeneva STIMORE, 19, McKillop Twp, McKillop Twp, d/o Henry STIMORE (b. McKillop Twp) & Jane Eliza BELL, witn: Margaret & James BELL both of Mitchell, 1 November 1924 in Mitchell

016657-24 (Perth Co) James Francis MADDEN, 35, farmer, Nissouri Twp Perth Co., Nissouri Twp, s/o Denis MADDEN & Ellen HISHAN married Ruby Cecilia BETTRIDGE, 20, Downie Twp, St. Marys, d/o John BETTRIDGE & Margaret BURKE, witn: John Harold BETTRIDGE of St. Marys & Irene GALLAGHER of Hamilton, 10 November 1924 in St. Marys.

016660-24 (Perth Co) Ernest Henry MARSHALL, 22, shoe maker, Mitchell, Listowel, s/o Ed. MARSHALL (b. Mitchell) & Stella PARTRIDGE married Gladys ALEXANDER, 20, housemaid, Ontario, Stratford, d/o George ALEXANDER (b. not known) & Nellie SPENCE, witn: Verne A. SCHINBINE & W. SESA (?) both of Listowel, 30 July 1924 in Listowel

016658-24 (Perth Co) George Alexander MATHESON, 30, foreman Ballantyne knitting factory, Tavistock, Stratford, s/o Alexander MATHESON & Jane PIERSON married Kathleen ROBB, 34, Stratford, Stratford, single, d/o Daniel ROBB & Anna KELLY, witn: Leo & Mary PURCELL both of Stratford, 23 September 1924 in Stratford.

016667-24 (Perth Co) Stuart MAYBERRY, 29, salesman, Poole, Guelph, s/o James MAYBERRY & Margaret SHEARER married Lilly Agnes RUTHERFORD, 30, lady, Stratford, Stratford, d/o John RUTHERFORD & Kate MEYERS, witn: Frank RUTHERFORD of 84 Grange St. Stratford & Violet HILDEBRAND of Stratford, 12 May 1924 in Stratford.

016666-24 (Perth Co) Charles Christopher MIDDLEBRO, 25, barrister, Owen Sound, Durham, s/o John G. MIDDLEBRO (b. Rockton? - Wentworth Co) & Charlotte SMITH married Mary Marguerite BARR, 23, milliner, Hibbert Twp, Owen Sound, d/o P. Scott BARR (b. Hibbert Twp) & Mary Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Frederick G. MacKAY of Owen Sound & Mrs. Christina STEINHOFF of Toronto, 29 May 1924 in Mitchell

016659-24 (Perth Co) George Fred William MILLER, 26, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Julius MILLER (b. Logan Twp) & Emelia SCHERBARTH married Esther Mayda SCHINEMAN, 22, teacher, Ellice Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Christian SCHINEMAN (b. Germany) & Wilhemina FISCHER, witn: Arthur Richard SCHINEMAN of RR#5 Stratford & Lavina MILLER of RR#4 Mitchell, 10 September 1924 in Ellice Twp.

016663-24 (Perth Co) Worden Matthew MILLER, 32, farmer, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, s/o John M. MILLER (b. Hibbert Twp) & Elizabeth WORDEN married Christina Pearl STACEY, 28, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, spinster, d/o John STACEY (b. Hibbert Twp) & Christina McLAREN, witn: Roy MILLER of Staffa & Berle CAMPBELL of Seaforth, 18 June 1924 in Cromarty

016662-24 (Perth Co) Frederick MITCHELL, 50, carpenter, Caledonia, Stratford, widower, s/o Frederick MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Eliza CORNER married Rose Grace BROWN, 29, domestic, England, no residence given, spinster, d/o William BROWN (b. England) & Rose Grace CLARK, witn: Sarah RICHES & Laura M. DENGIS both of Stratford, 30 June 1924 in Stratford.

016661-24 (Perth Co) Arthur Henry James MITCHELL, 21, gardener, England, Stratford, s/o Matthew MITCHELL (b. England) & Alice BIGNAW married Doreen Annie Elizabeth JAY, 20, domestic, England, no residence given, d/o John JAY (b. England) & Elizabeth Rose WILMHURST, witn: Walter E.G. & Violet S. GAME both of 602 Romeo St. Stratford, 4 July 1924 in Stratford

016653-24 (Perth Co) John Fred MORENZ, 21, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o William MORENZ (b. Logan Twp) & Louise PUSCHELBERG married Carolina Lydia GRUBE, 24, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o William GRUBE (b. Logan Twp) & Caroline ROCK, witn: Edwin GLOOR (?) of Bornholm & Anna GRUBE of Mitchell, 31 December 1924 in Logan Twp.

016652-24 (Perth Co) Victor Campbell MURRAY, 31, rubber worker, Tavistock, 149 Ontario St. N. Kitchener, s/o William H. MURRAY (b. Tavistock) & Ch. CAMPBELL married Marie (Mary) Sophia SCHMIDT, 33, housework, Moserville Perth Co., 127 Queen St. N. Kitchener, spinster, d/o Ernst SCHMIDT (b. Moserville) & L. FRIER, witn: Andrew W. SCHMIDT of Brunner Ont. & Lena SCHMIDT of Rostock, 12 January 1924 in Brunner.

016709-24 (Perth Co) Wilfred Laurier RASZMANN, 23, carpenter, Grey Co., Elma Twp Perth Co., s/o Henry William RASZMANN (b. Perth Co) & Minnie EVERS married Rebecca Dorothy HORN, 21, housemaid, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Albert HORN (b. Perth Co) & Rebecca PARTRIDGE, witn: Roy RASZMANN of Monkton & Eva HORN of Atwood, 17 September 1924 in Monkton.  
016725-24 (Perth Co) Thomas James Wilson RATH, 23, machinist apprentice, Blyth, Stratford, s/o William Henry RATH (b. Canada) & Lella ARCHER married Frieda Margaret REHBERG, 20, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Herman REHBERG (b. Canada) & Lina RITTER, witn: A. James & Mrs. A. KENDELL both of 56 Blake St. Stratford, 3 April 1924 in Stratford. 016713-24 (Perth Co) Welland Louis RAVELLE, 25, grocer, Grand Bend, Grand Bend, s/o Louis RAVELLE (b. Canada) & Nancy WEBBER married Hazel Inez BARRETT, 25, school teacher, Parkhill, no residence given, d/o Charles BARRETT (b. Canada) & Agnes DOBBIE, witn: Lloyd BARBER & Esther KELLY both of Stratford, 19 July 1924 in Stratford.
016704-24 (Perth Co) Ernest Wilburn REA, 30, farmer, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, s/o Elijah REA (b. Almonte Ont) & Adeline HEWITT married Jean May MURRAY, 19, farmer, Mornington Twp, Grey Twp, d/o James A. MURRAY (b. Wellington Co) & Ida May ALLEN, witn: Myrtle Valeria LEMMEX & Gordon REA both of Listowel, 31 December 1924 in Listowel 016708-24 (Perth Co) James Nesbitt REANEY, 35, farmer, South Easthope Twp, South Easthope Twp, s/o James REANEY (b. Armagh Ireland) & Margaret POTTER (?) married Elizabeth Henrietta CRERAR, 25, school teacher, North Easthope Twp, South Easthope Twp, d/o Peter CRERAR (b. North Easthope) & Mary HENKELL, witn: Robert J. & Jessie Headrick CRERAR both of RR#1 Stratford, 27 September 1924 in North Easthope. NOTE: Divorce decree absolute 1/3/50 - 10/3/50 #001406.
016717-24 (Perth Co) Oscar William REED, 31, insurance agent, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o William John REED (b. Osborne Twp) & Nancy WILLIAMS married Isobel Ruby SADLER, 30, Hibbert Twp, Staffa, spinster, d/o Robert Albert SADLER (b. Staffa Perth Co) & Rebecca SILLERY, witn: John Albert & Olive Jean SADLER both of Staffa, 21 June 1924 in Staffa. 016718-24 (Perth Co) Roy James REED, 26, farmer, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o William REED (b. Canada) & Jessie DUNSMORE married Vina TINNING, 28, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o William TINNING (b. Canada) & Nancy WILLIAMS, witn: Mary TINNING of RR#2 St. Paul's & Oscar W. REED of Fullarton, 14 June 1924 in Carlingford
016711-24 (Perth Co) Arthur Thomas REEVES, 50, machine hand, Mitchell, Stratford, widower, s/o Gabriel REEVES (b. not given) & Medora WORTH married Ethel Annie BARKER, 45, superintendent, Spilsby England, Stratford, widow, d/o Thomas ODLING (b. not given) & Susanna DAWSON, witn: Frank & Mary CROXALL both of Stratford, 3 September 1924 in Stratford 016714-24 (Perth Co) Frank Joseph REICHENBACH, 28, plasterer, Detroit Michigan, Wyandotte Michigan, s/o William REICHENBACH (b. United States) & Mary KLEIN married Mae Lydia SMITH, 18, trunk liner, Flint Michigan, no residence given, d/o Hugh SMITH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth PATTERSON, witn: Hattie A. GLENN of Stratford & Elizabeth SMITH of Newton, 30 July 1924 in Stratford
  016726-24 (Perth Co) John Sidney REIST, 24, farmer, Glen Allan, Mornington Twp, widower, s/o Simon (?) REIST & Minnie KALBFLEISCH married Loretta Catherine VOLLMER, 20, Mornington Twp, Mornington Twp, d/o Joseph VOLLMER & Catherine DENTINGER, witn: Wilfred VOLLMER & Bertha MOSER both of RR#1 Britton, 12 November 1924 in Hesson
016705-24 (Perth Co) Ernest Albert RICHARDSON, 19, laborer, Norwich England, St. Marys, s/o Ernest James RICHARDSON (b. N. Walshard England) & Eliza R. MITCHELL married Rosa Ellen SWINBOURNE, 18, England, St. Marys, d/o Thomas SWINBOURNE (b. not known) & (mother's name not known), witn: J.A. OGGLESBY & Mrs. L.L. LUICE (Lince?) both of St. Marys, 2 December 1924 in Stratford. 016721-24 (Perth Co) Earl J. RICHARDSON, 23, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o James RICHARDSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McDONALD married Gertrude L. ELLIOTT, 19, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, d/o Andrew ELLIOTT (b. Canada) & Ida STEVENS, witn: William & Marie McDONALD both of Stratford, 30 April 1924 in Stratford.
016716-24 (Perth Co) Robert S. RIDDELL, 21, clerk, Biddulph Twp, St. Marys, s/o Phillip S. RIDDELL (b. W. Nissouri) & Margaret W. SMITH married Ilene R. ELLIOTT, 19, Kirkton, St. Marys, d/o Robert H. ELLIOTT (b. Kirkton) & Annie M. KIRK, witn: Helena H. & Ernest KNOWLES both of St. Marys, 10 July 1924 at the First Presbyterian Manse in St. Marys 016715-24 (Perth Co) James Joseph ROBERTS, 23, machinist, London England, Windsor Essex Co., s/o Daniel ROBERTS (b. England) & Elizabeth RODGERS married Margaret Irene PICKERING, 20, nurse, Edmonton Alberta, Listowel, d/o J. PICKERING (b. Canada) & Jennie Irene McFARLANE, witn: Jennie I. & J. PICKERING both of Listowel, 4 August 1924 in Listowel
016712-24 (Perth Co) Cameron Greenwood ROBERTSON, 30, farmer, Howick Twp, Strathclair Manitoba, s/o George ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Angeline GREENWOOD married Agnes Myrtle STEWART, 28, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o David Ferguson STEWART (b. Ontario) & Janet Elizabeth EDGAR, witn: Mabel Gertrude ROBERTSON of RR#2 Wroxeter & Cameron Edgar STEWART of RR#2 Listowel, 23 July 1924 at the Bride's Home in Wallace Twp 016706-24 (Perth Co) Royden B. ROBERTSON, 22, blacksmith, Peterboro, Peterboro, s/o John ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Marguerite HILL married Lillian M. MOSCRIP, 22, Blanshard Twp, St. Marys, d/o John M. MOSCRIP (b. New York State) & Emma S. GODLEY, witn: Fannie V. KNOWLES & William E. MOSCRIP both of St. Marys, 12 November 1924 in St. Marys
016707-24 (Perth Co) Malcolm Alvin ROBINSON, 21, printer, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Fred ROBINSON (b. England) & Annie MAYZE married Lamotta Mabel WEITZEL, 21, clerk, Milverton, no residence given, d/o Valentine WEITZEL (b. Canada) & Elicia E. GRANT, witn: Ferne Marie WEITZEL & John A. McCARTHY both of Stratford, 8 October 1924 in Stratford 016723-24 (Perth Co) Jeffery R. ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o James ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Louise RUNDLE married Bessie E. BRAGG, 20, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o William F. BRAGG (b. Canada) & Emma HUESTON, witn: Lawrence RUNDLE of St. Marys & Olive A. BRAGG of RR#1 St. Marys, 30 May 1924 at the Bride's Home in Blanshard Twp.
016727-24 (Perth Co) Albert ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Carlingford, Carlingford, s/o John ROBINSON & Charlotte ANDERSON married Louisa PETRIE, 20, Stratford, Stratford, d/o John PETRIE & Annie DIETRICH, witn: William J. & Mrs. William J. FLANAGAN of Stratford, 2 July 1924 in Stratford  
016710-24 (Perth Co) Gottlieb Frederick ROCK, 34, express, Logan Twp, Toronto, s/o Christian ROCK (b. Canada) & (blank) PENNICKE married Anna Caroline SEEBACH, 31, knitter, Fullerton Twp, Toronto, spinster, d/o Andrew SEEBACH (b. Canada) & Caroline HOCH, witn: Edna SEEBACH of 77 Nelson St. Stratford & George ROCK (no residence given), 3 September 1924 at 77 Nelson St. Stratford 016722-24 (Perth Co) Edwin Henry ROCK, 27, miller, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Carl C. ROCK (b. Canada) & Wilhelmine BENNEWEIS married Laura Sophie HIGENELL, 20, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Jacob HIGENELL (b. Canada) & Wilhelmina RUDOLPH, witn: Norman ROCK of Brodhagen & Ella HIGENELL of RR#4 Mitchell, 10 May 1924 in Brodhagen
016719-24 (Perth Co) William A. ROGER, 28, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o David ROGER (b. Blanshard Twp) & Caroline BICKELL married Irene BANNERMAN, 25, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o John BANNERMAN (b. Blanshard Twp) & Mary Elizabeth GROSE, witn: Ina G. ROGER of Kirkton & Elvin BANNERMAN of St. Marys, 5 April 1924 in St. Marys 016724-24 (Perth Co) John P. ROGERS, 67, merchant, Motherwell, St. Marys, widower, s/o Robert ROGERS (b. Canada) & Annie PARKS married Mary J. BAILEY, 58, Blanshard Twp, St. Marys, widow, d/o Samuel HAYNES (b. Ireland) & Mary WILLIS, witn: Mrs. M.S. ARMSTRONG of Hanover & Samuel A. HAYNES of St. Marys, 29 April 1924 in St. Marys.
016720-24 (Perth Co) Henry George ROWLAND, 26, salesman, Buffalo N.Y., Windsor, s/o William Thomas ROWLAND (b. Wales) & Martha JACKSON married Amelia Margaret WITTIG, 22, tailoress, South Easthope Twp, no residence given, d/o Henry WITTIG (b. Canada) & Catharine WETTLAUFER, witn: Herbert WITTIG of 690 Downie St. Stratford & Alice ROWLAND of 672 Downie St. Stratford, 4 June 1924 in Stratford 016763-24 (Perth Co) Vance Leslie SANDERSON, 26, express agent, Wingham, Wingham, s/o William A. SANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah WATCHER married Lola Margaret WILLIS, 24, clerk, Fordwich, Brussels, d/o George WILLIS (b. Ontario) & Ida GIBSON, witn: L.W. SANDERSON of Wingham & Miss L.E. FULTON of Brussels, 24 May 1924 in Mitchell
016756-24 (Perth Co) Otis SAWYER, 24, farmer, Blanshard, Fullarton, s/o John SAWYER (b. Canada) & Ann ROY married Wilhelmina Gladys SELVES, 24, Fullarton, Blanshard, d/o Richard SELVES (b. Canada) & Mary BEAVERS, witn: Glen SAWYER & Elmer SELVES both of RR#1 Science Hill, 21 June 1924 in Blanshard Twp 016728-24 (Perth Co) Maurice Gordon John SCHAEFER, 23, machinist, Milverton, Stratford, s/o Henry SCHAEFER (b. Canada) & Isabel McKAY married Florence Lillian Fredrica PELLER, 20, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Fred PELLER (b. Alsace Lorraine) & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Fred PELLER of 292 Brunswick St. & Marguerite ROBINSON of 18 Milton St., 1 January 1924 in Stratford
016766-25 (Perth Co) William Roy SCHAUBER, 21, employed in flouring mill, Milverton, Milverton, s/o William SCHAUBER (b. Ellice Twp) & Caroline HEIMPEL married Flora Mae OESCH, 22, Michigan, Milverton, d/o John OESCH (b. Zurich Huron Co) & Mary SMITH, witn: R.A. & Annie L. CLUFF both of Stratford, 5 April 1924 in Stratford 016745-24 (Perth Co) Frederick Herman SCHLATTMAN, 27, machinist, Stratford, Detroit Michigan, s/o John SCHLATTMAN & Katherine FITZGERALD married Ethel Marie McLAUGHLIN, 22, Stratford, Stratford, d/o P. McLAUGHLIN & Margaret GLAAB, witn: Joseph McLAUGHLIN of RR#1 Sebringville & Helen McLAUGHLIN of 630 Park View Detroit Michigan, 16 September 1924 in Stratford
016730-24 (Perth Co) Seibert SCHNEIDER, 24, carpenter, Mornington Twp, North Easthope Twp, s/o Benjamin SCHNEIDER (b. Canada) & Miranda GEIGER married Beatrice COOK, 21, North Easthope Twp, no residence given, d/o Levi COOK (b. Canada) & Christena DIEHL, witn: William & Edna COOK both of RR#1 Gads Hill, 24 December 1924 in North Easthope 016734-24 (Perth Co) Edward Murray SCHOFIELD, 23, draftsman, Toronto, 683 Jane St. Toronto, s/o Frederick C. SCHOFIELD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BURNS married Elsie Jean ROBERTSON, 23, Ontario, O’Loane Ave. Stratford, d/o Arch. ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Isabel FLEMING, witn: C.H. ICKLER of London & B.D. ROBERTSON of Toronto, 15 November 1924 in Stratford
016738-24 (Perth Co) William SCHMIDT, 28, laborer, Tavistock, Tavistock, s/o William SCHMIDT (b. Mecklenberg Strelitz Germany) & Anna EULER married Lavina MUELLER, 20, Milverton, Tavistock, d/o Otto MUELLER (b. Logan Twp) & Margaret DIEHL, witn: George MUELLER of RR#1 Milverton & Salome Alberta SCHMIDT of Tavistock, 15 October 1924 at the Home of the Parent’s in Perth Co. 016770-24 (Perth Co) Noah Miller SCHMIDT, 29, farmer, Baden, Wilmot Twp, s/o John B.O. SCHMIDT (b. Canada) & Catharine MILLER married Annie YUNDT, 30, Ellice Twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o George YUNDT (b. Canada) & Lydia PAULI, witn: Alfred & Lydia YUNDT both of RR#2 Gads Hill, 21 February 1924 in Stratford.
016733-24 (Perth Co) John N. SCHMIDT, 48, farmer, Wellesley Twp, North Easthope Twp, widower, s/o Conrad SCHMIDT (b. Canada) & Carolina OEHM married Lydia Mary WOLFE, 47, South Easthope Twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o John WOLFE (b. Canada) & Anna G. HAMBURGER, witn: Mrs. J.H. GRENZENBACH & Miss Elizabeth WOLFE both of Shakespeare, 26 November 1924 in Shakespeare. 016731-24 (Perth Co) George E. SCHMIDT, 26, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o John George SCHMIDT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth STUECK married Berta SIGLOCH (SIGLOCK?), 19, housemaid, Germany Europe, Wellesley Twp, d/o Wilhelm SIGLOCH (b. Germany) & Maria SCHAEFER, witn: Willard NEUMEISTER of RR#1 Milverton & Sibilla SCHMIDT of 42 Charles St. Waterloo, 24 December 1924 in North Easthope
016775-24 (Perth Co) Daniel J. SCHWARTZ, 35, farmer, Allen Co. - Indiana, Monroe - Blue Creek Twp Indiana, widower, s/o Jacob C. SCHWARTZ & Fannie GRABER married Esther EBERSOL, 25, house maid, Leacock Twp- Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania, Milverton, d/o John R. EBERSOL & Laura MILLER, witn: Nicholas SCHMIDT of RR#1 Milverton & Lydia WAGLER of RR#1 Newton, 19 June 1924 in Mornington Twp. 016742-24 (Perth Co) Edward SCHWEIGERT, 28, carpenter, Renfrew Co., 8 DeKay St. Kitchener, s/o Richard SCHWEIGERT (b. Leipsig Germany) & Augusta KLINGELL married Lillian May ROLLS, 30, stenographer, Harriston, Listowel, spinster, d/o George ROLLS (b. Oakville) & Minnie SCHILDROTH, witn: Mrs. J. KOCH & Mrs. S. FRANKS both of Listowel, 8 October 1924 in Listowel.
016754-24 (Perth Co) John Harwood SCOUGALL, 28, bank clerk, Kincardine, Owen Sound, s/o J.H. SCOUGALL (b. Berkswich England) & Charlotte BUTLER married Sarah Helene SMITH, 31, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o Dr. C.F. SMITH (b. Winchester Ont) & Ella LAFLAMME, witn: Ralph SMITH & Grace COLQUHOUN both of St. Marys, 16 July 1924 in St. Marys 016736-24 (Perth Co) Elmer Edwin SEEBACH, 29, machinist, Mitchell, Stratford, s/o Andrew SEEBACH (b. Canada) & Catherine HOCH married Nancy Mabel DUNSMORE, 31, Downie Twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o Ephraim DUNSMORE (b. Canada) & Sarah Esther PORTER, witn: Edgar William SEEBACH & Verta Jane DUNSMORE both of Stratford, 8 November 1924 in Downie Twp
016737-24 (Perth Co) Charles Jacob SEELHOFF, 41, contractor, Elma, 595 Queens Ave. London, s/o Frederick SEELHOFF (b. Germany) & Barbara DECKERT married Annie Olive Gertrude BURNETT, 33, Elma, Atwood, spinster, d/o Samuel BURNETT (b. Ont) & Annie WILLIS, witn: Oscar W.G. NEWMASTER of Linwood & Millie SEELHOFF of Milverton, 15 October 1924 in North Mornington 016771-24 (Perth Co) Albert George SENDALL, 21, cabinet maker, England, Stratford, s/o Robert Edward SENDALL (b. England) & Mary Ann BARTLETT married Louisa Esther HARRIS, 24, England, no residence given, d/o William John HARRIS (b. England) & Louise Esther RIDLEY, witn: Daisy G. HAUS (HANS?) of 154 Elizabeth St. Stratford & Mrs. Hugh McDIARMID of Stratford, 15 February 1924 in Stratford.
016759-24 (Perth Co) Attilio SGARIGLIA, 33, merchant, Italy, St. Marys, s/o Luigi SGARIGLIA (b. Italy) & Angela CAPPELLA married Jane F. SWITZER, 24, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o Samuel Cornelius SWITZER (b. Blanshard Twp) & Mina DOUPE, witn: M. Grace SWITZER of Blanshard Twp & Victor SGARIGLIA of St. Marys, 3 June 1924 in St. Marys 016750-24 (Perth Co) Elgin SHORTT, 21, laborer, Luther Twp, Luther Twp, s/o Elijah SHORTT (b. Canada) & Rubina HAMILTON married Alberta Annie INGRAM, 20, mill hand, Mitchell, Mitchell, d/o Thomas INGRAM (b. Canada) & Caroline Annie WHITING, witn: George INGRAM & Violet M. GREENWOOD both of Mitchell, 28 May 1924 in Mitchell
016768-24 (Perth Co) George SKALITZKY, 55, loco engineer, Mornington Twp, Stratford, widower, s/o Bernard SKALITZKY (b. Austria Hungary) & Caroline CREMER married Beatrice Loretta RONAN, 48, Stratford, no residence given, widow, d/o John WALSH (b. Ireland) & Margaret QUIRK, witn: Michael & Mrs. M. CAHILL both of Douro St. Stratford, 3 March 1924 in Stratford 016767-24 (Perth Co) Walter SMILLIE, 39, farmer, Morris Twp, Grey Twp, s/o Joseph SMILLIE (deceased) (b. Canada) & Jane CAIRNS (deceased) married Sarah Alice ECKMIRE, 22, clerk, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, d/o William ECKMIRE (b. Canada) & Sarah SHARP, witn: Helen & Alice Maude GILMOUR both of Atwood, 19 April 1924 in Atwood
  016735-24 (Perth Co) Charles Nelson SMITH, 27, farmer, Elma Perth Co., Elma, s/o Charles Edward SMITH (b. Elma) & Agnes STRUTHERS married Louise Adeline KERR, 24, Ellice Perth Co., Ellice, d/o John E. KERR (b. Ellice) & Dora ZANG, witn: Susannah C. PADDON (PADDOR?) & Violet TODD, both of Milverton, 19 November 1924 in Milverton
016739-24 (Perth Co) Samuel George SMITH, 43, implement agent, Ellice Twp Perth Co., Stratford, s/o John SMITH (b. Ireland) & Esther DOBSON married Jennet Ellen AITCHESON, 32, domestic, Downie Twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o Thomas Whitelaw AITCHESON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MURRAY, witn: John R. SMITH & Mary E. AITCHESON both of Stratford, 1 October 1924 in Stratford. 016741-24 (Perth Co) Charles Edward SMITH, 22, painter, England, Stratford, s/o Benjamin SMITH (b. England) & Alice PEEBLES married Olivia Emma EVELEIGH, 20, clerk, England, no residence given, d/o Fred EVELEIGH (b. England) & Fanny ETHERINGTON, witn: Robert ASHTON of 102 Duffin St. Stratford & Miss Anna PINNEKE of Stratford, 7 October 1924 in Stratford
016764-24 (Perth Co) George Garvin SNELLING, 29, farmer, Listowel, Grey Twp, s/o George SNELLING (b. Ontario) & Sarah FLOOD married Fanny Ilean YOUNG, 25, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o William YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Emily PARROTT, witn: Samuel W. SNELLING of Walton & Lottie YOUNG of Monkton, 23 April 1924 in Monkton. 016773-24 (Perth Co) Nikitas SOTEROPOULOS, 31, confectioner, Greece, St. Catharines, s/o Lambros SOTEROPOULOS (b. Greece) & Basiliki, married Marika KARAMBELAS (Karambulus?), 23, Greece, no residence given, d/o Georgios KARAMBELES (b. Greece) & Eugenia (?), witn: Alex. KYRIAGIS of 65 Alexandra St. Toronto & Jos VLACHOS of 142 Dundas St. E. Toronto, 28 February 1924 in Stratford.
016740-24 (Perth Co) Austin Robert SPAFFORD, 23, CPR brakeman, Elmstead Ont, Goderich, s/o Charles SPAFFORD (b. Ireland) & Margaret WHITE married Della Madge ANDERSON, 18, Collingwood, no residence given, d/o Robert George ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Emma Mae OLIVER, witn: R.G. & Emma Mae ANDERSON of Goderich & Mrs. William WRIGHT of Stratford, 2 October 1924 in Stratford 016769-24 (Perth Co) Harry A. SPARLING, 23, farmer, Fullarton Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o Walter Adam SPARLING (b. Ontario) & Nellie ATKINSON married Myrtle Irene RUMBLE, 24, East Nissouri Twp, same, d/o John RUMBLE (b. E. Nissouri Twp) & Sarah ELGIE, witn: Vera WELLS & Fenton RUMBLE both of Nissouri Twp, 5 March 1924 in St. Marys.
016729-24 (Perth Co) Walter Lavergne SPAULDING, 31, farmer, Chelsea Michigan, Chelsea Michigan, s/o Edward S. SPAULDING (b. Chelsea Michigan) & Emma EVERETT married Florence Mary WAGNER, 26, teacher, Paisley, Newton, d/o Harry C. WAGNER (b. Germany) & Euphemia STORRIE, witn: John E. ATKINS of Milverton & Ethel E. WAGNER of Newton, 16 January 1924 in Millbank. 016732-24 (Perth Co) Ross Elmer SPEIRAN, 18, farmer, Brussels, Grey Twp, s/o George E. SPEIRAN (b. Canada) & Mina WATTS married Edith Unity PRIDE, 17, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, d/o John PRIDE (b. Canada) & Sarah SNELLING, witn: Millie PRIDE of Watson (?) & Fred SMALLDON of Brussels, 11 December 1924 in Listowel.
016746-24 (Perth Co) Frank Robert Rudolph STAHLKE, 28, farmer, Renfrew Co., Logan Twp Perth Co., s/o Wilhelm STAHLKE (b. Germany) & Bertha BECKER married Laura Wilhelmine GRAUL, 22, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Ernst GRAUL (b. Germany) & Manda BAHN, witn: Philip SEIBERT & Louisa STAHLKE both of Mitchell, 29 May 1924 at St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church in Brunner 016772-24 (Perth Co) Frederick Carl Gottlieb STAHLKE, 34, farmer, Renfrew Co., Logan Twp, s/o William L.A. STAHLKE (b. Germany) & Bertha Augusta BECKER married Emma Louise WICKE, 28, housework, Mitchell, Monkton, d/o Christian WICKE (b. Ellice Twp) & Minnie LEASA, witn: Edwin WICKE, & Edward LEASA both of Monkton & Louise & Martha STAHLKE both of RR#3 Mitchell, 13 February 1924 at the Parent’s Home in Logan Twp.
016755-24 (Perth Co) Roy Harold STANLEY, 22, banker, Lucan Middlesex, Brantford, s/o Harry Alexander STANLEY (b. Lucan Ont) & Catherine COURSEY married Iona Florence MOHR, 20, Tavistock, Brantford, d/o Charles H. MOHR (b. Tavistock) & Nellie CORRELL, witn: Vivian MOHR & Verna CURRAH both of Tavistock, 28 June 1924 in Stratford. 016753-24 (Perth Co) Thomas Albert STANLEY, 24, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kinloss Twp, s/o Thomas Albert STANLEY (b. Huron Twp) & Emma COLLINS married Leila MOSSEY, 24, no birth place given, Middlesex Co., d/o James MOSSEY (b. Blanshard Twp) & Maria Jane JACQUES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Clarence MARTIN of Science Hill, 30 July 1924 in Blanshard Twp. [ Divorce decree granted at Walkerton 5 July 1933][with accompanying letter as to reasons why marriage was never legally consummated]
016744-24 (Perth Co) David B. STERRITT, 25, farmer, West Nissouri, Blanshard Twp, s/o Charles STERRITT (b. Canada) & Agnes BAIRD married Florence Kathleen BEAVERS, 20, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o Joseph BEAVERS (b. Canada) & Alice RODD, witn: Mayme HENDERSON of RR#4 St. Marys & Ernst BEAVERS of RR#1 St. Marys, 24 (29) September 1924 in Blanshard Twp. 016760-24 (Perth Co) Frederick T. STEVENS, 29, merchant, St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o Marshall Allen STEVENS (b. St. Marys) & Bessie KELLEY married Olive P. WESTON, 31, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, spinster, d/o DeCole WESTON (b. Southampton England) & Jean WRIGHT, witn: Lester STEVENS & Carrie WESTON both of St. Marys, 31 May 1924 in St. Marys.
016758-24 (Perth Co) William STEWART, 27, laborer, Magnetawan, Mitchell, s/o Frank STEWART (b. Canada) & Annie ROBINSON married Rena Janet KRAEMER, 23, teacher, Fullarton, Fullarton, d/o Arthur KRAEMER (b. Canada) & Margaret Ellen Janet HARPER, witn: Arthur & Mrs. A. KRAEMER both of Mitchell, 4 June 1924 in Mitchell 016748-24 (Perth Co) William Henry STILES, 38, linotype operator, England, Hamilton, widower, s/o William Henry STILES (b. England) & Elizabeth ANSTISS (Andess?) married Olive Pearl DRINKALL, 29, Canada, Stratford, widow, d/o William Henry BARNHARDT (b. Canada) & Ellen NEAL, witn: William NEAL of Stratford & F. CORNWALL of Bright, 20 August 1924 in Stratford
016751-24 (Perth Co) Reuben STINSON, 24, farmer, Dawn Twp Lambton Co., Dawn Twp, s/o Edward STINSON (b. Ireland) & Vally LONGMAN married Jean Eleanor SPARLING, 22, school teacher, Wheatley, St. Marys, d/o Robert J. SPARLING (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MILLS, witn: Mary SPARLING of Lansing Michigan & Fannie V. KNOWLES of St. Marys, 20 August 1924 in St. Marys. [ Divorce decree absolute 21/9/64 reg # 003887] 016743-24 (Perth Co) William J. STOCKWELL, 24, printer, England, Port Colborne, s/o Fred W. STOCKWELL (b. England) & Esther PIPPINGALE (Rippingale?) married Emma Jane PEPPER, 21, Stratford, Port Colborne, d/o David PEPPER (b. Canada) & Diana MILLER, witn: J.E.C. & Mrs. J.E.C. PEPPER both of Stratford, 7 October 1924 in Stratford.
016774-24 (Perth Co) Joseph Stewart STONE, 26, farmer, Minto Twp, Minto Twp, s/o Daniel STONE (b. England) & Mary Ellen COOPER married Eva Mae LENNOX, 24, teacher, Wallace Twp, Listowel, d/o David LENNOX (b. Waterloo Co) & Matilda LAWRENCE, witn: Gladys R. STONE & Irvin FAWCETT both of Palmerston, 10 September 1924 in Listowel 016762-24 (Perth Co) Thomas STONE, 28, farmer, Co. Kilkenney Ireland, Mornington Lt 2 N ½ 4 Con 5, s/o William STONE (b. Ireland) & Annie KEPPEN (?) married Mary Jane HAMILTON, 21, Co. Wicklow Ireland, Lt 4 N ½ Con 5 Mornington, d/o William HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane VALENTINE, witn: Robert & Emmie STONE both of Milverton, 12 May 1924 in Milverton.
016747-24 (Perth Co) Wilfred George STOSKOPF, 23, driver, Ontario, Detroit Michigan, s/o Andrew STOSKOPF (b. Ontario) & Louise BALD?, married Ann Gertrude PAULI, 22, Ontario, Stratford, d/o Jacob PAULI (b. Ontario) & Margarete HOCH, witn: Albert PAULI of Stratford & Mrs. Horace MAY of Hamilton, 1 September 1924 in Stratford. 016761-24 (Perth Co) Arthur Bernard STRAUCH, 27, upholsterer, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, s/o Conrad STRAUCH (deceased) (b. Germany) & Katherine MILLER married Vern INGOLD, 22, saleslady, Wilmot Twp, no residence given, d/o Andrew INGOLD (b. Canada) & Bertha LACHMAN, witn: Hilda STRAUCH & Irvin INGOLD both of New Hamburg, 21 May 1924 in Stratford
016765-24 (Perth Co) Stanley Nelson STUBBS, 24, sheet metal worker’s helper, Toronto, Stratford, s/o Samuel James STUBBS (b. Canada) & Lizzie WALTON married Lily TAYLOR, 23, designer, England, no residence given, d/o Joseph Henry TAYLOR (b. England) & Jennie FAULKNER, witn: Joseph Henry TAYLOR of 159 St. Vincent St. & Samuel James STUBBS of 171 Avon St., 26 April 1924 in Stratford. 016749-24 (Perth Co) John Richard SUEHRING, 24, salesman, Fullarton Twp, Milwaukee Wis., s/o Otto SUEHRING (deceased) (b. Germany) & Catharine SCHAUB married Freda Beatrice MORENZ, 25, forelady, Mitchell, no residence given, d/o William F. MORENZ (b. Canada) & Rose PAULI (?) (deceased), witn: Howard MORENZ of 220 Wellington St. Stratford & Dorothy PHILIPPS of 81 Nelson St. Stratford, 6 August 1924 in Stratford.
016757-24 (Perth Co) Ernest George SWANSON, 26, jeweler, Brooksdale Ont, Stratford, s/o George L. SWANSON (b. Canada) & Ida DUNNELL married Jean Janet Jeffrey ROSS, 25, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Donald ROSS (b. Scotland) & Mary ROSS, witn: Harold V. SWANSON of St. Marys & Alma ROSS of Stratford, 24 June 1924 in Stratford. 016752-24 (Perth Co) Frederick John SYLVESTER, 54, plumber, London England, Stratford, widower, s/o Thomas SYLVESTER (b. England) & Mary H. ROLF married Mary Bell DUNCAN, 35, housekeeper, Oxford Co., no residence given, spinster, d/o Philip DUNCAN (b. Markham) & Margaret INNES, witn: Philip DUNCAN of St. Marys & Gladys WARD of Chicago Ill., 20 August 1924 in St. Marys.
016779-24 (Perth Co) Albert William TATHAM, 38, gentleman, Listowel, Listowel, s/o William George TATHAM (b. Guelph) & Jane FLAHERTY married Lunetta (Linetta?) Elmina THORNTON, 38, Orono Ont., Listowel, spinster, d/o Richard Best THORNTON (b. Durham Co) & Adela Hosner WHALEY, witn: Elizabeth HACKING & Magdalena MURPHY both of Listowel, 2 August 1924 in Listowel 016781-24 (Perth Co) Stanley Glendenning TELFER, 21, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o James Alexander TELFER (b. Canada) & Agnes GOOD married Elsie May HOUCK, 19, Downie Twp, no residence given, d/o Frank Prentice HOUCK (b. Canada) & Nellie FOREST, witn: Viola MURR & Ada MATHESON both of Stratford, 25 June 1924 in Stratford.
016776-24 (Perth Co) Francis Harold TERRY, 32, clerk, Ontario, 621 Church St. Toronto, s/o James TERRY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TINNING married Beth Adelaide Robinson HAY, 30, clerk, Ontario, Listowel, spinster, d/o John C. HAY (b. Ontario) & Araminta (?) A. COPELAND, witn: Hazel F. HAY of Listowel & Harold H. FRITZ of 23 Beech Ave. Toronto, 20 October 1924 in Listowel. 016782-24 (Perth Co) Joseph TERRYBERRY, 31, farmer, Baysville Ont., Beamsville Clinton Twp Lincoln Co., s/o James Archibald TERRYBERRY (b. Beamsville) & Margaret Jane BROWN married Bessie Irene CHAMNEY, 22, Listowel, Beamsville Ont., d/o Thomas Egerton CHAMNEY (b. Wallace Twp) & Elizabeth NESBIT, witn: Harold & Mary CHAMNEY both of RR#3 Listowel, 4 June 1924 in Wallace Twp.
016778-24 (Perth Co) Joseph TINDALE, 29, merchant, Fergus, Tara Bruce Co., s/o Joseph TINDALE (b. Canada) & Jennie SHAW married Jean MARTIN, 26, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Robert MARTIN (b. Scotland) & Frances THOMPSON, witn: J. Russell MARTIN of Niagara Falls N.Y. & Jennie D. TINDALE of Fergus, 18 September 1924 in Stratford 016785-24 (Perth Co) Rolph Egbert TREE, 52, farmer, East Zorra, East Zorra, widower, s/o Samuel Stratford TREE (b. Oxford Co) & Isabell GRIEVE married Annie FLEMING, 42, upholstering, Norfolk Co., Stratford, widow, d/o Charles GARNETT (b. Dunville) & Emma VOLLICK, witn: John LEADSON of Brownsville & Mary SANGSTER of 7 Bay St. Stratford, 19 April 1924 in Stratford
016783-24 (Perth Co) Elmer TREMAINE, 21, machinist, Listowel, Stratford, s/o Alonzo TREMAINE (b. Canada) & Mary E. GRAHAM married Eva Laura DIEHL, 22, knitter, Rostock, no residence given, d/o George DIEHL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MAURER, witn: Gordon PFAFF of Waterloo & Grace TREMAINE of Stratford, 19 March 1924 in Stratford  
016777-24 (Perth Co) Ernest Alexander TRIBECK, 38, truck driver, England, Stratford, widower, s/o Harry TRIBECK (b. England) & Margaret HIGTON married Clara MITCHELL, 44, Canada, no residence given, widow, d/o George BECKER (b. Germany) & Kate BECKER, witn: Jessie MACDONELL & Hannah STANLEY both of 181 Mornington St. Stratford, 7 October 1924 in Stratford 016780-24 (Perth Co) Thomas Arthur TUCKER, 32, farmer, Fenella Ont., Fenella Ont., s/o George Edward TUCKER (b. Haldimand Twp) & Elizabeth ADAMS married Della Alberta EARL, 25, housework, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Thomas EARL (b. Logan Twp) & Liza Jane BOWES, witn: Elvin TUCKER of Fenella Ont. & Evelyn EARL of Mitchell, 25 June 1924 at RR#5 Mitchell
016784-24 (Perth Co) Charles Edward TUFFNELL, 23, butcher, Maplewood, Stratford, s/o George TUFFNELL (b. England) & Catherine BILLET married Alice SCAMMELL, 18, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Alfred SCAMMELL (b. England) & Alice BISGROVE, witn: Ivy SCAMMELL & Cecil GRAHAM both of Stratford, 8 May 1924 in Stratford. 016786-24 (Perth Co) William James UNIAC, 24, farmer, West Monkton, West Monkton, s/o William UNIAC & Mary Jane CONNOLLY married Mary Julia LONGEWAY, 18, West Monkton, West Monkton, d/o Joseph LONGEWAY & Mary DECOURSEY, witn: David UNIAC & Josephine LONGEWAY both of West Monkton, 11 November 1924 at St. Bridget's in Perth Co
016787-24 (Perth Co) Edward Joseph VOLL, 28, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o John VOLL & Caroline VIETENHEIMER married Catherine GOHL, 28, Hesson, Hesson Village, d/o Walter GOHL & Catherine BIESINGER, witn: Jerome VOLL of Linwood & Louisa BIESINGER of St. Clements, 12 August 1924 in Hesson 016788-24 (Perth Co) Anthony Joseph VOLLMER, 24, carpenter, Hesson, Stratford, s/o Michael VOLLMER & Victoria KOCHER married Matilda DENSTEDT, 18, Hesson, Stratford, d/o William DENSTEDT & Regina HOLZSCHUH, witn: Samuel VOLLMER & Cecelia HAID both of Hesson, 18 June 1924 in Stratford
016809-24 (Perth Co) Solomon WAGLER, 22, farmers son, Wellesley Twp, Mornington Twp, s/o Jacob S. WAGLER & Lydia BRENNEMAN married Fanny KUEPFER, 23, Morning Twp, Morning Twp, d/o Jonathan KUEPFER & Katie WAGLER, witn: David WAGLER & Elisabeth KUEPFER both of Newton, 30 December 1924 in Mornington 016789-24 (Perth Co) John Carlan WALKER, 30, CPR brakeman, Toronto, 212 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, s/o Jacob T. WALKER (b. Ontario) & Emily E. DUNCAN married Verna Mae HEIDEN, 28, Ontario, RR#4 Stratford, d/o Charles HEIDEN (b. Ontario) & Barbara SCHRENK, witn: Clarence HEIDEN of RR Stratford & M.G. PATTERSON of Shakespeare, 1 January 1924 in South Easthope
016794-24 (Perth Co) Kurt Ernst William WALL, 26, mechanic, Logan Twp, Listowel, s/o William WALL (deceased) (b. Canada) & Lena HOFFMANN married Elenora Alvina LUDWIG, 25, Wallace Twp, Listowel, d/o Solomon LUDWIG (b. Canada) & Emma NUHN, witn: Clarence LUDWIG of Listowel & Frieda HARTMANN of Gowanstown, 5 November 1924 in Listowel. 016804-24 (Perth Co) George WALLACE, 33, fruit grower, Stamford, Stamford, s/o John M. WALLACE (b. Canada) & Mary TURNER married Catherine Wilba PHILLIPS, 29, school teacher, Stratford, no residence given, spinster, d/o Allan Fraser PHILLIPS (b. Canada) & Sarah PITTS, witn: Mrs. Hattie E. WILKINSON of Sarnia & Mara DICKSON of Port Huron Michigan U.S.A., 4 June 1924 in Stratford
016806-24 (Perth Co) James William WALSH, 34, printer, England, Stratford, s/o James Eli WALSH (b. England) & Mary Jane JOHNSON married Myrtle Olive Pearl VOSPER, 20, Fullarton Twp, no residence given, d/o John Henry VOSPER (b. Canada) & Hannah SCOTT, witn: Ethel May FISHER of Millbrook & Edna M. McCORQUODALE of Embro, 9 February 1924 in Stratford 016793-24 (Perth Co) Arthur R. WASHINGTON, 23, moulder, England, St. Marys, s/o Arthur WASHINGTON (b. England) & Alice LATHWELL married Olive D. JUDD, 20, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o William Henry JUDD (b. England) & Elizabeth RHODE, witn: Harold L. COUSINS & Clara I. GARDEN both of St. Marys, 6 October 1924 in St. Marys.
016800-24 (Perth Co) John Henry WATSON, 25, farmer, Sterlingshire Scotland, Mornington, s/o Robert William WATSON (b. not given) & Mary Jane BYERS married Helen Levick SANDERSON, 20, Mornington Twp, Mornington, d/o Thomas SANDERSON (b. not given) & Emma Sophia PEFFER, witn: Susannah C. PAUDOR (PANDOR?) of Milverton & Ann PEFFERS of Clinton, 19 July 1924 in Milverton 016798-24 (Perth Co) Thomas Lewis WELCH, 21, laborer, Gravesend England, Stratford, s/o John WELCH (b. England) & Clara ADAMS married Jane Gwendoline WILTSE, 19, Walton, Stratford, d/o Frank WILTSE (b. Canada) & Mary Jane FRASER, witn: S. ANDREWS & W.C. WELCH both of Stratford, 25 September 1924 in Stratford
016802-24 (Perth Co) Leslie John William WEST, 24, painter, London England, St. Marys, s/o John William WEST (b. London England) & Elizabeth RAWLINSON married Gladys Marie BERRY, 18, Kitchener, St. Marys, d/o Chauncey W. BERRY (b. Creemore) & Jane Elizabeth SPEARS, witn: Mrs. Chauncey BERRY of St. Marys & A.J. ROBERTS of Stratford, 5 July 1924 in Stratford 016791-24 (Perth Co) Jacob Smith WETTLAUFER, 52, laborer, North Easthope, Tavistock, widower, s/o Jacob WETTLAUFER (b. N. Easthope Twp) & Angela SMITH married Margaret Catherine LINDNER, 49, nurse, North Easthope, Tavistock, spinster, d/o John LINDNER (b. Germany) & Catherine HERMANN, witn: Conrad & Andrew LINDNER both of RR#2 (?) Gads Hill, 17 December 1924 in North Easthope
016803-24 (Perth Co) Archibald WHITE, 22, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o William WHITE (b. Elma) & Jessie Ann HOLMES married Mildred Elizabeth STRUTHERS, 18, clerk in store, Elma, Monkton Perth Co., d/o John STRUTHERS (b. Elma) & Almeretta STUART, witn: Ada Jennina WHITE of Stratford & Jean Bernis? (Bernie?) STRUTHERS of Monkton, 23 April 1924 in Milverton 016799-24 (Perth Co) Edward Beard WHITEHOUSE, 49, fireman, Birmingham England, Stratford, widower, s/o George Henry WHITEHOUSE (b. Birmingham England) & Eliza RILEY married Gertrude SCHULTZ, 32, Sebringville, Stratford, widow, d/o August BAUMBACH (b. Germany) & Mary BALLY, witn: Ruby L. GONDER of 105 W. Gore St. Stratford & Robert REIS of 216 Douglas St., 24 September 1924 in Stratford.
016796-24 (Perth Co) Donald Jardine WHYTE, 27, farmer, Bosanquet, Bosanquet, s/o Duncan WHYTE (b. Bosanquet Twp) & Alice JARDINE married Anne Elizabeth COX, 22, school teacher, Dorchester, Bosanquet, d/o John COX (b. Birmingham England) & Samantha SHAREN, witn: Fannie V. KNOWLES & Ivy G. McINTYRE both of St. Marys, 1 October 1924 in St. Marys. 016795-24 (Perth Co) William August WICK, 33, farmer, Ellice, Ellice, s/o Frederick WICK (b. Canada) & E. WARNICK married Emma Marie WARNICK, 22, Ellice, Ellice, d/o Henry WARNICK (b. Germany) & L. WICK, witn: Carry WICK of Rostock & Edward WARNICK of RR#11 Gads Hill, 22 October 1924 at RR#11 Gads Hill
016807-24 (Perth Co) Douglas S. WILKIE, 29, undertaker, West Nissouri, Toronto, s/o John WILKIE (b. Nissouri West) & Annabella SUTHERLAND married Dorothy E. BUTCHER, 26, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o W.R. BUTCHER (b. St. Marys) & Mabel GRAHAM, witn: Ada Ruth ROBERTS of London & James M. GRAHAM of St. Marys, 19 April 1924 in St. Marys. 016808-24 (Perth Co) Herman WILLIAMS, 57, travelling salesman, Wilmot Twp, New Hamburg, widower, s/o Jacob WILLIAMS (b. Germany) & Magdalena STREICHER Matilda Lovina MERNER, 49, tailoress, Wilmot Twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o Christian MERNER (b. Switzerland) & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: Harvey & Hilda WEIL both of Stratford, 9 February 1924 in Stratford
016790-24 (Perth Co) James Craig WILSON, 35, merchant, Elma, Elma Twp, s/o James Craig WILSON (b. Scotland) & Martha BEATTIE married Candace Matilda SMITH, 27, Elma, Elma, d/o Samuel SMITH (b. Elma) & Jane BROUGHTON, witn: Lorne SMITH & Mrs. Gertrude SMITH both of Monkton, 25 December 1924 in Monkton. 016801-24 (Perth Co) Maurice WILSON, 40, metal worker, Glasgow Scotland, Port Huron Michigan, s/o Joseph WILSON (b. Scotland) & Emily STRUTHERS married Maria McKay BARCLAY, 44, Glasgow Scotland, no residence given, widow, d/o John McKAY (b. Scotland) & Maria EDGAR, witn: David E. McKAY & Ada MATHESON both of Stratford, 2 August 1924 in Stratford
  016792-24 (Perth Co) Frederick WILT, 21, farmer, Mornington, Grey Twp Huron Co., s/o George WILT (b. Canada) & Agnes DUNLOP married Elsie Dorothy KRESS, 19, housemaid, Perth Co., Grey Twp, d/o Alfred KRESS (b. Canada) & Laura BOLTON, witn: Mrs. Christina McKAY of RR#1 Monkton & Miss Edwina HARVEY of Monkton, 3 December 1924 in Monkton
016797-24 (Perth Co) Elmore G. WOOLNER, 27, draftsman, Collingwood, Stratford, s/o Samuel WOOLNER (b. Canada) & Levinia HENDERSON married Caroline A.M. WALTON, 29, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Harry WALTON (b. Canada) & Jeanette HUMPHREYS, witn: Cecil A. WOOLNER & Jean L. WALTON both of Stratford, 9 October 1924 in Stratford. 016805-24 (Perth Co) Albert Victor WOMBWELL (Wornbuell?), 26, finisher, Thriplow England, Listowel, s/o Arthur WOMBWELL (b. England) & Sarah URWIN married Ada Lucy RICHMOND, 24, spinner, Fulbourne England, Listowel, d/o Frederick RICHMAN (b. England) & Annie Mariah MAULI (MAULE?), witn: Ernest Arthur & Elizabeth Amelia WOMBWELL both of Listowel, 31 May 1924 in Listowel
016811-24 (Perth Co) Henry George YUNDT, 23, farmer, Ellice Twp, Stratford, s/o Henry YUNDT (b. Canada) & Sophia THAMER married Edna DEBUS, 18, Elma Twp, no residence given, d/o Henry DEBUS (b. Canada) & Louise GRAUL, witn: Herman DEBUS of RR#2 Milverton & Frida YUNDT of Rostock, 19 November 1924 at St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church in Brunner 016812-24 (Perth Co) Charles Harold ZAVITZ, 26, farmer, Lobo Twp, Ilderton Village Middlesex Co., s/o Edgar M. ZAVITZ (b. Coldstream) & Ada M. CORNES married Neva Mary PERRY, 30, Bennington Kansas U.S.A., St. Marys, spinster, d/o John PERRY (b. Middlesex Co) & Matilda HALEY, witn: J. Lillian HALL of Vineland & Eva Barbara PERRY of St. Marys, 11 December 1924 in St. Marys
016810-24 (Perth Co) Enos ZEHR, 20, farmer, East Zorra Oxford Co., East Zorra, s/o Peter S. ZEHR & Catharine BENDER married Nancy WAGLER, 21, South Easthope Perth Co., South Easthope, d/o Moses WAGLER & Catherine BRENNEMAN, witn: David ZEHR of Woodstock & John WAGLER of Shakespeare, 12 October 1924 at the Bride's Home in Perth Co.