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Perth Co., 1873

birth place is given before residence


010291-73, (Perth Co.) Henry ADAM, 23, Ireland, Howick, farmer, s/o Samuel & Mary ADAM, to Martha WARREN, 22, Ontario, Wallace, d/o John & Sarah WARREN, witn: Samuel ROSTWELL of Elma, John WARREN of Wallace, 30 January [or June] 1873 at Wallace  8970-74, Robert ADAMS, 37, farmer, Scotland, Nissouri West, s/o Robert ADAMS & Ellen DOW, married Mary Lumley COOK, 24, Ontario, Blanshard, d/o John COOK & Caroline LUMLEY, wtn: Matthew FORSYTH & John LESLIE both of Blanshard, 31 December 1873, Blanshard
10234-73 John AITCHESON, 33, farmer, Ontario, Stratford, s/o George AITCHESON & Janet WHITELAN, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 26, Scotland, Downie, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth ELLIOT, witn: William ARMSTRONG & William AITCHESON, both of Downie, 5 March 1873 at Fullarton 10216-73 Charles ALDRICH, 24, machinist, St. Marys, same, s/o James & Phebe, married Elizabeth HERN, 22, England, St. Marys, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: William HERN of Downie & Lillie G. SMITH of St. Marys, 8 May 1873 at Downie
010165-73 (Perth Co.) Elvin ALIMER, 24, farmer, England, Missouri, s/o John ALLIMER (sic) & Mary TURNER, to Mary BOURNE, 23, New York, West Nissouri, d/o John BOURNE & Catherine LOWRY, witn: Samuel ALIMER & S. S. JACKSON, both of St. Marys, 29 September 1873 at St. Marys 010151-73 (Perth Co.) Alfred ALLEN, 24, farmer, Blanshard, East Nissouri, s/o Abraham ALLEN & Roxy LEWIS, to Maria COLE, 20, Darlington, East Nissouri, d/o Samuel COLE & Mary McLARTY, witn: Duncan McLARTY, Mary COLE, 21 October 1873 at St. Marys
010140-73 (Perth Co.) John Pace AMOS, 21, farmer, Scotland, Brant -Bruce Co., s/o James AMOS & Isabella PACE, to Eliza Jessie SWANSON, 22 Blanshard, Downie, d/o David SWANSON & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Walter AMOS of Bruce Co., Maggie SWANSON of Downie, 16 April 1873 at Downie #010045-73 (Perth Co) William J. ANDERSON, 26, Wilmot Twp, same, yeoman, s/o James & Catherine, married Jane HOBSON, 20, Hamilton Ont, Downie, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn Andrew BELL of Blanford, Maria Ann HOBSON of Woodstock, married 5 June 1873, Stratford
10038-73 Samuel ARTHUR, 30, yeoman, Londonderry Ireland, Downie, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Matilda HUNTER, 23, Downie, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Thomas & Sarah Jane DUNSEITH of Downie, 2 June 1873 at Downie 010157-73 (Perth Co.) Richard ASHELBY, 40, widower, mechanic, Canada, Mitchell, s/o William & Mary ASHELBY, to Louisa AEDAR, 24, Germany, Mitchell, d/o not known, witn: Annie CATTLE of St. Marys, Samuel G. LANGFORD of Nissouri, 1 October 1873 at St. Marys
10267-73, John BAILIE, 28, farmer, Down Co Ireland, Elma, s/o James & Margaret BAILIE, married Mary KOPAS, 19, Germany, Elma, d/o Fred & Elizabeth KOPAS, wtn: George R. HUNT of Wallace & Sarah KOPAS of Elma, 15 January 1873, Listowel  
10220-73 Thomas BALLANTYNE, 26, farmer, Scotland, Downie, s/o William BALLANTYNE & Agnes FORREST, married Elizabeth OGILVY, 25, Canada, South Easthope, d/o James OGILVY & Grace SKILLEN, witn: John BALLANTYNE of Downie & Ann OGILVY of S. Easthope, 18 Nov 1873 at Avonton 010182-73 (Perth Co) John BAMBERGER, 24, farmer, East Zorra, East Zorra, s/o John & Eliza married Elizabeth SCHAFER, 19, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o George & Anna SCHAEFER, witn: Henry SCHAFER & Henry KALBFLEISH of East Zorra, 27 April 1873 in South Easthope.
 8971-74, William BANNERMAN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Blanshard, s/o Alexander BANNERMAN & Sarah BURGES, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Ontario, Blanshard, d/o George McDONALD & Mary McCOLLUM, wtn: Archibald McDONALD & Alex BARR both of Blanshard, 29 October 1873, Blanshard. 010297-73, (Perth Co.) Reid BARBER, 24, Ontario, Listowel, artist, s/o James & Sophia BARBER, to Martha J. WILSON, 21, Ontario, Listowel, d/o Robert & Sarah WILSON, witn; Thomas WILSON of Wallace, Wilhelmina WILSON of Listowel, 3 November 1873 at Listowel
10043-73 James BARNETT, 28, yeoman, Ontario, Logan twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Ellen HARRISON, 37, widow, England, Monkton, d/o John & Ann [no surname given], witn: Thomas LAWSON & Martha WEST, both of Stratford, 26 May 1873 at Stratford 10036-73 Andrew BARTH, 24, saddler, Germany, Berlin, s/o Andrew & Rozy, married Fannie INGRAM, 26, Stratford, same, d/o John & Frances, witn: John & Elsie INGRAM of Stratford, 12 June 1873 at Stratford
9007-74, Thomas Edwin BEADLE, 49, widower, labourer, England, Stratford, s/o John & Selina, married Sarah MIDDLEDITCH, 30, England, Ellice, d/o Samuel & Mary Matilda, wtn: Edwin & Martha MIDDLEDITCH both of Ellice, 24 December 1873, Ellice 10089-73 William Allen BEATTY, 30, widower, farmer, Canada, Blanshard, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret SUMMERVILLE, 23, New York, Blanshard, d/o Robert & Mary SUMERVILLE (sic), witn: Rev. James ALLEN of London & James McCLUNG of Blanshard, 8 Oct 1873 at Blanshard
9958-73, William BELL, 21, finisher, Stirling Scotland, Mitchell Ont, s/o Archibald BELL & Margaret DALYRYMPLE, married Mary SMITH, 25, Scotland, Mitchell, d/o Walter SMITH & Elizabeth RITCHISON, wtn: Samuel MARSHALL & Jemina SMITH both of Mitchell, 30 January 1873, Mitchell 010149-73 (Perth Co.) Andrew BELL, 28, farmer, London Twp., same, s/o John BELL & Mary HINDMARSH, to Elizabeth HINDMARSH, 22, England, McGillivray, d/o Thomas HINDMARSH & Agness DAGG, witn: James CRAIG & Mathew HINDMARSH, residences not given, 24 September 1873 at St. Marys
8992-74, John BELL, 28, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o William & Mary, married Mary BELL, 22, Canada, West Zorra, d/o John & Mary Jane, wtn: Robert BELL of West Zorra & Samuel DICKSON of Downie, 31 December 1873, Stratford 010011-73 (Perth Co): Jacob BENDER, 24, laborer, Germany, Wallace twp., s/o George & Philipina BENDER (nee BENDER as well), married Margaretha KAUFMAN, 24, Waterloo twp., Wallace twp., d/o Adam KAUFMAN & Maria KABBFLEISCH, witn: Wilhelm KAUFMAN & Adam SHIENBEIM, both of Wallace, 4 Nov 1873 at 6th con, Wallace twp
9937-73, John Henry BERNARD, 24, farmer, Devonshire England, Fullerton, s/o Thomas BERNARD & Elizabeth MOUNTJOY, married Mary Jane WOODLEY, 24, Fullerton, Fullerton, d/o John WOODLEY & Harriet MOUNTJOY, wtn: William WOODLEY & ELIZABETH Ann WOODLEY both of Fullerton, 4 February 1873, Mitchell. 10268-73, William BLONDH, 22, carpenter, Waterloo Ont, Listowel, s/o William & Adelina BLONDH, married Amelia FILSINGER, 19, Pennsylvania U.S.A., Wallace Ont, d/o Christian & Mary Ann FILSINGER, wtn: Maria Jane BELL & Elizabeth WALKER both of Listowel, 23 January 1873, Listowel
9949-73, James BODKIN, 25, farmer, Kent Eng, Fullarton, s/o Thomas BODKIN & Elizabeth BODKIN, married Elizabeth BARDIN, 25, Kent Eng, Fullerton, d/o George BARDIN & Jane BARDIN, wtn: Richard James SELVES & Elizabeth SELVES both of Fullerton, blank, Mitchell 10210-73 Henry BOECKNER, 35, widower, farmer, Hesse Germany, Proton twp., s/o John & Louisa, married Margaret WEIDERHOLDT, 23, Hesse Germany, North Easthope, d/o Jacob & Mary, witn: John & Martha Ann BOCKNER (sic) of Proton twp., 24 June 1873 at North Easthope
9978-73, Frederick BORN, 23, farmer, Canada, Logan, s/o George BORN & Elizabeth RELAN, married Mary ETNER, 15, Germany, Logan, d/o Charles ETNER & Johanna ZADAN, wtn: J.H. FLAGG & George RITZ both of Mitchell, 7 August 1873, Mitchell #010069-73 (Perth Co) Newton Alfred BOSWORTH, 32, Fitzroy, Stratford, druggist, s/o Alfred & Sarah, married Isabella McDonald BURRETT, 19, Prescott Ont, Stratford, d/o Read & Harriet, witn: John HENDERSON & Robert SMITH, both Stratford, married 27 May 1873, Stratford
10030-73 Allen BOWSFIELD, 22, carpenter, Orangeville Ont., Toronto, s/o Walter & Ann, married Margaret RANKIN, 24, Kilmarnock Scotland, Stratford, d/o James & Annie, witn: William RANKIN of Toronto & Annie RANKIN of Stratford, 6 March 1873 at Stratford 010183-73 (Perth Co) Charles BOXALL, 22, farmer, Hampshire England, West Zorra, s/o John & Margaret married Elizabeth BRAY, 25, East Zorra, West Zorra, d/o Abraham & Sarah, witn: James BRAY & Hester Ann HUNTSBURGER of East Zorra, 1 May 1873 in South Easthope
  7538-75, William BRAID, 31, mason, England, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph & Ann BRAID, married Mary Jane ANDERSON, 20, Canada, Fullerton, d/o John & Christina ANDREW (sic), wtn: Joseph ANDREW & Phillay ANDREW, both of Fullerton, 15 December 1873, Fullerton
010133-73 (Perth Co.) John BRASIER, 32, farmer, Kent Co. England, Nissouri -Eastern division, s/o Edward BRASIER & Maria KELLOR, to Henrietta SIMKINS, 21, not given, Nissouri East, d/o William SIMKINS & Elizabeth EDWEY, witn: Bernard & Jane HUTCHINSON, both of St Marys, 2 July 1873 at St Marys 010166-73 (Perth Co.) Levy BRIGGS, 26, farmer, Albion, Arkwright, s/o James BRIGGS & Jane ELLIOTT, to A. J. SCHOOLCRAFT, 20 Etobicoke, Iowa U.S.A., d/o Edward SCHOOLCRAFT & Elizabeth EDMONDSON, witn: D. H. WEIR & A. WEIR, both of Nissouri, 20 November 1873 at St. Marys
10202-73 William BRODHAGEN, 32, farmer, Eisdorf - Hanover Germany, Logan twp., s/o Charles & Justina, married Emilie KLEEMAN, 23, Ellice twp., Logan twp., d/o Gottleib & Louisa, witn: Henry BRODHAGEN of Logan & Mary STEIRNAGEL of McKillop, 13 Nov 1873 at Logan 010009-73, (Perth Co.) William BROOKS, 26, Innisfil Twp., Essa Twp., farmer, s/o William BROOKS & Sarah McBURNEY, to Ann BROOKS, 19, Minto Twp., same, d/o Joseph BROOKS & Jane McCAULY, witn: Richard CORRIGAN of Wallace, Eliza Jane BROOKS of Minto, 1 October 1873 at Palmerston
10100-73 (Perth Co): William BROWN, 27, farmer, Berwickshire Scotland, Elma, s/o Thomas BROWN & Robiner HYSLOP, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 22, Fullarton Ont., Logan, d/o Andrew CAMPBELL & Margaret FLEMING, witn: Thomas BROWN of Elma & Mary CAMPBELL of Logan, 31 Dec 1873 at Logan 8731-74 Alexander BROWN, 21, farmer, North Dumfries, same, s/o James & Jane, married Maria Ann MARTIN, 21, Mornington, Elma, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Jane BRADLEY, witn: Peter McTAVISH & John SEASWELL, both of Millbank, 25 Dec 1873 at Millbank
010169-73 (Perth Co.) Benjamin BROWN, 27, farmer, Shakespeare, West Nissouri, s/o James BROWN & Mary TAYLOR, to Mary M. KRIMER, 19, London, West Nissouri, d/o Henry KRIMER & Margaret COOLEY, witn: Alonzo KRIMER of Ohio U.S.A., Louisa BROWN of West Nissouri, 25 December 1873 at St. Marys #010085-73 (Perth Co) Robert BRUCE, 26, Ireland, Blanchard, farmer, s/o Andrew & Ann BRUCE, married Christiana RINN? (difficult to decipher), 19, Blanchard, same, d/o William & Catherine RINE? RINN?, witn; William RINN?, Eliza WILSON, both Blanchard, married 10 April 1873, Blanchard
9965-73, Richard BRUNSDEN, 25, farmer, Toronto Tp, Hullett Tp, s/o William BRUNSDEN & Sarah NEWMAN, married Margaret RUDDLE, 21, Nelson Tp, Hullett Tp, d/o George RUDDLE & Christina STEWART, wtn: Jabez WALKER & Mary WALKER both of Mitchell, 31 March 1873, Mitchell #010275-73 (Perth Co) Alexander BUCHAN, 21, Scotland, Elma, labourer, s/o John & Elizabeth BUCHAN, married Margaret HENDERSON, 27, Blanchard, Elma, d/o John & Janet HENDERSON, witn; Halburt HENDERSON, James FALCONER, both Elma, married 7 March 1873, Listowell
10199-73, George BUDD, 26, blacksmith, Woodstock Ont, same, s/o John & Charlotte BUDD, married Frances STEWART, 26, Barrie Ont, Woodstock Ont, d/o Arthur & Mary STEWART, wtn: Josiah MURPHY & Sarah A. STEWART both of Logan, 9 October 1873, Logan 010137-73 (Perth Co.) James BUGG, 35, widower, farmer, Ontario, Blanshard, s/o Richard BUGG & Hannah FOSTER, to Rebecca STAFF, 26, of Nissouri, d/o William STAFF & Didaura HUBBARD, witn: Robert & Mary STAFF, both of Blanshard, 24 January 1893 at St. Marys
8994-74, Henry BURNARD, 24, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o Henry & Maud, married Jane DOUGLAS, 25, Canada, Downie, d/o Alexander & Mary, wtn: Alexander DOUGLAS & William DOUGLAS both of Downie, 8 October 1873, Downie 10035-73 Alexander BURNESS, 27, gentleman, Scotland, Stratford, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Emma BELCHER, 19, Sydenham, Stratford, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: Robert POWELL, George BURNESS & Mary Jane BAKER, all of Stratford, 27 Jan 1873 at Stratford
10271-73, Alexander CAMPBELL, 34, widower, farmer, Scotland, Wallace, s/o Alexander & Janet CAMPBELL, married Margaret SCOTT, 22, Leith Scotland, Wallace, d/o Henry SCOTT & Margaret STEWART, wtn: Henry SCOTT of Wallace & Hector McLEAN of Grey, 12 February 1873, Wallace 10229-73 William CAMPBELL, 26, saw miller, Fullarton, Colchester - Essex Co., s/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary IRVINE, married Hannah COX, 24, Knowsley Lancashire, Fullarton, d/o Edward COX & Hannah PORRITT, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL & Ellen COX, both of Fullarton, 21 Jan [1873?] at Fullarton
010126-73 (Perth Co.) Thomas CARBERT (Carbut?), 24, Toronto Twp., Fullerton, farmer, Emanuel & Mary CARBERT, to Rachel NICHOLSON, 23, Durham Co., Fullarton, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, witn: Lucy CARBERT & Manassah NICHOLSON, 3 March 1873 at St Marys 010161-73 (Perth Co.) Charles CARRY, 20, mechanic, Caledonia, Stratford, s/o James & Catherine CARRY, to Margaret HICKEY, 20, Toronto, St. Marys, d/o Patrick & Honoria HICKEY, witn: Samuel HOWEY of St. Marys, Sarah DOWNES of Stratford, 17 December 1873 at St. Marys
9001-74, James CARSE, 21, brakeman on RR, Scotland, Stratford, s/o James & Mary, married Annie LONGHURST, 18, Toronto, Stratford, d/o Jesse & Mary, wtn: Joseph BULLOCK & Peter BART both of Stratford, 20 October 1873, Stratford #010084-73 (Perth Co) John Wesley CATHCART, 22, Blanchard, same, b, farmer, s/o David & Margret CATHCART, married Margret ST. JOHN, 20, Brock Twp, Blanchard, s, d/o William & Ann ST.JOHN, witn: John MOORE, Barbara ST.JOHN, both Blanchard, married 8 January 1873, Blanchard
#010277-73 (Perth Co) Robert CATHERS, 44, Ireland, Grey Huron, widower, farmer, s/o Jacob CATHERS & Mary McCORMICK, married Mary Ann HOLT, 35, Ireland, Wellesley, d/o Anthony HOLT & Mary GRATTON, witn: Hector McLEAN of Grey, Thomas HOLT of Wellesley, married 25 March 1873, Wellesley  010153-73 (Perth Co.) William CHAMBERS, 25, mechanic, Ontario, Jarvis, s/o Aram & Mary CHAMBERS, to Agnes LAMBERT, 23, Walpole, Jarvis, d/o William & Margaret LAMBERT, witn: Louisa & J. M. WAKEFIELD, both of St. Marys, 9 July 1873 at St. Marys
9939-73, Albert Sydney CHASE, 22, machinist, Rochester N. York, Black Berry Raw Co. Illinois, s/o James CHASE & Elita LEE, married Ellen Jane GILLARD, 33, England, Oshawa, d/o Frances GILLARD & Eliza TROWBRIDGE, wtn: Mark BUTCHER & Levi GILLARD both of Mitchell, 22 January 1873, Mitchell  
10024-73 Menno CHRISTNER, 25, cheese maker, Canada, Wilmot, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Susannah MERNER, 20, Canada, South Easthope, d/o Jacob & Margaret, witn: P. & Juliana CORNELL of Stratford, 25 March 1873 at Stratford 010286-73, (Perth Co.) Miller CLARKE, 28, Quebec, Logan -Perth , widower, farmer, s/o John CLARKE & Jane ALSIPH, to Annie Isabella WILSON, 24, d/o John WILSON & Isabella Jane WRIGHT, witn: John KNIPE of Logan , Mrs HALL of Mitchell, 24 July 1873 at Mitchell
#010276-73 (Perth Co) George CLOTHERS, 57, Tyrone Ireland, Elma, widower, labourer, s/o Thomas & Susan CLOTHERS, married Mary Ann JURY ?, 27, Blenheim, Elma, s, d/o George & Jane JURY, witn: George & Eliza JURY, Elma, married 15 March 1873, Listowell 10063-73 (Perth Co): Samuel CLOUGH, 20, fitter on GTR, England, Stratford, s/o Francis & Mary, married Caroline HAMMER, 18, Stratford, same, d/o Jaques & Margaret, witn: Charles HAMMER & James RYAN, both of Stratford, 11 Feb 1873 at Stratford
010159-73 (Perth Co.) William CLYNE, 23, farmer, Downie, same, s/o John CLYNE & Mary HERON, to Elizabeth CARRIGAN, 25, London, Downie, d/o John CARRIGAN & Elizabeth McCORD, witn: Edward CLYNE of Downie, Bridget WEST of Blanshard, 24 November 1873 at St. Marys  010282-73, (Perth Co.) Robert COATES, 20 Nassagaweya, Elma, farmer, s/o William & Margaret COATES, to Mary ELLISON, 18, Simcoe, Elma, d/o Thomas H. & Margaret ELLISON, witn: John COATES of Elma, Margaret WARNER of Wallace, 12 May 1873 at Listowel
9037-74 Joseph COX, 23, machinist, London England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Sarah ROFFE, 21, London England, Stratford, d/o Charles W. & Louisa, witn: Samuel G. COX of Wingham & Mary J. DUNN of Stratford, 23 Sept 1873 at Stratford 010121-73 (Perth Co.) James CRAIG, 40, Scotland, St Marys, builder & contractor, s/o James & Jane CRAIG, to Agnes SCOTT, 25, Scotland, Blanshard, d/o John & Margaret SCOTT, witn: James HAMILTON of St Marys, John SCOTT of Blanshard, 17 March 1873 at Blanshard
 9041-74 Stanford CROZIER, 27, farmer, Downie, Ellice twp., s/o Samuel & Ellen, married Sarah COUTTS, 19, Wellesley, Ellice twp., d/o Alexander & Isabelle, witn: James BAXTER of St. Marys & Maria CRASHAY of Downie, 31 Dec 1873 at Downie 008793-74 (Perth Co) Charles CUMMING, 21, carpenter, Scotland, North Easthope, s/o Alexander & Mary married Sarah Jane SMITH, 24, Canada, North Easthope, d/o John SMITH & Dorothea McGONIGAL, witn: Andrew FREEBORN & Anne SMITH of North Easthope, 17 April 1873 in North Easthope
9979-73, John DALE, 50, farmer, East riding Yorkshire England, Fullerton Ont, s/o William DALE & Annie DALE, married Jane BROGDEN, 45, widow, East Riding Yorkshire England, Fullerton, d/o William KELLINGTON & Elizabeth FOX, wtn: John DALE & Barbara DALE both of blank, 23 August 1873, Mitchell 010284-73, (Perth Co.) George S. DAVIDSON, 22, Ohio US, Listowel, painter, s/o Samuel DAVIDSON & Sarah HASTINGS, to Isabella WILSON, 28, Ontario, Listowel, d/o William WILSON & Agnes PATTERSON, witn: William WILSON & D. D. CAMPBELL, both of Listowel, 28 August 1873 at Listowel
10224-73 John DAVIS, 23, carpenter, Canada, Mitchell, s/o Barnabas DAVIS & Mary MAGILL, married Sarah PLUNKET, 20, Canada, Fullarton, d/o Joseph PLUNKET & Margaret KERR, witn: Adam MAGILL of Stratford & Margaret PLUNKET of Fullarton, 24 Sept 1873 at Avonton #010049-73 (Perth Co) Richard Read DAVIS, 28, Ireland, Toronto, b, salesman, s/o Rev. William & Mary Ann DAVIS, married Louisa Ann STEEL (or Steet), 24, London Eng, Stratford, s, d/o James & Louisa, witn Thomas R. DAVIS of London, Rosa & Eliza STEEL of Stratford, married 8 July 1873, Stratford
#008766-74 (Perth Co): James DAVY, 28, shoemaker, Devonshire Eng., St. Marys, s/o James & Catherine, married Emily Eliza FAIRMAN, 34, widow, London Eng., St. Marys, d/o Thomas & Charlotte GREEN, witnesses were Jame & Catherine SLATER of St. Marys, 16 May 1873 at St. Marys #008948-74 (Perth Co): William DAWSON, 25, blacksmith, Blenheim, same, s/o William DAWSON & Agnes McMILLAN, married Margaret CUNNINGHAM, 23, Ontario, Blanshard, d/o Hugh CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth BARBOUR, witn: Neil DAWSON of Blanshard & Susan CUNNINGHAM of Downie, 23 Sept 1873 at Downie
10252-73 William DEMPSEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Ellice, s/o William DEMPSEY & Mary HALL, married Mary KELLY, 23, Canada, Fullarton, d/o Patrick KELLY & Julia CONNELLY, witn: Michael CROWLEY of Ellice & Catherine blank of Downie, 2 Sept 1873 at Kinkora 010150-73 (Perth Co.) Robert DICKSON, 24, merchant, Renfrew, St. Marys, s/o William DICKSON & Marian FORREST, to Jennie NICOL, 25, Oshawa, St. Marys, d/o Peter Murray NICOL & Jane HALL, witn: James Forrest DICKSON & Andrew NICOL, 20 September 1873 at [not given]
#010279-73 (Perth Co) Joseph DOAN, 25, King Twp, Wallace, b, farmer, s/o Amos & Margaret DOAN, married Hannah S. BLODGETT, 22, North Gower, Listowell, s, d/o Orrin & Margaret BLODGETT, witn: Charles DOAN of Wallace, Margaret Ann BLODGETT of Listowell, married 23 April 1873, Listowell 10072-73 (Perth Co): John DOUGHERTY, 22, carpenter, Quebec, Stratford, s/o James & Margaret, married Catherine JUDGE, 19, Brantford, Stratford, d/o James & Lucy, witn: G. JAMES & Charles MALONE, both of Stratford, 1 July 1873 at Stratford
10031-73 John Munro DOW, 31, cheese maker, Scotland, North Easthope, s/o John & Catherine, married Annie RANKIN, 25, North Easthope, same, d/o James & Margery, witn: Alexander DOW & Marjery RANKIN, both of N. Easthope, 23 April 1873 at North Easthope 010168-73 (Perth Co.) John DOWNS, 23, cooper, Durham P.Q., Seaforth, s/o Thomas DOWNS & Margaret McANDREWS, to Sarah DEVERS, 18, Caledonia, Stratford, d/o Patrick DEVERS & Mary HUGHES, witn: John BAKER of Stratford, Mrs DEPEW of St. Marys, 1 December 1873 at St. Marys
10062-73 (Perth Co): Walter DUPRES (Dupers?), 24, inn keeper, Downie, same, s/o Benoni & Mary, married Maria Emigh SERNA?, 23, widow, Oxford Co., St. Marys, d/o William & Eliza Jane [no surname given], witn: Charles DUPRES & Robert WILSON, both of Stratford, 8 Jan 1873 at Stratford 10056-73 (Perth Co): William Rogers EMERY, 46, widower, shoe maker, England, Stratford, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Ann ROWLAND, 45, England, Stratford, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: J. KNESTL? & Joseph JOHNS, both of Stratford, 17 Sept 1873 at Stratford
10081-73 Ernest Augustus ENGELS, 35 (25?), widower, telegraph operator, Germany, Mitchell, s/o Herman & Henrietta Sarah, married Mary Gifford KING, 20, Paris Ont., Sebringville, d/o John Gifford & Charlotte Ann, witn: Edwin DENT & Matthew C. POTTS, both of Stratford, 9 Dec 1873 at Stratford  
010287-73, (Perth Co.) Joshua ENGLISH, 28, Ireland, Wallace, farming, s/o James & Sarah ENGLISH, to Dorothy BROOKS, 25, Innisfil, Minto, d/o Joseph & Jane BROOKS, witn: Robert ENGLISH of Wallace, Sarah BORTHWICK of Minto, 11 August 1873 at Listowel 010188-73 (Perth Co) Adam FALCK, 23, merchant, North Easthope, East Zorra, s/o Adam & Albathiner married Mary MORLOCK, 19, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o William & Mary, witn: William MORLOCK & Mary WILFONG both of South Easthope, 30 September 1873 in South Easthope
10092-73 Daniel FALCONER, 41, widower, merchant, Perthshire Scotland, Elma, s/o Duncan FALCONER & Ann McGLASHAN, married Mary Ann Jane FOSTER, 22, Darling twp., Newry - Elma, d/o John R. FOSTER & Mary PATTERSON, witn: Joseph J. HUSTON of Mitchell & Catherine FOSTER of Newry, 12 March 1873 at not given [reg'd in Elma] 9987-73 Horase FAWCETT, 31, widower, carpenter, York twp., Fullarton, s/o James FAWCETT & Mary RAWLIN, married Eliza WOOD, 21, Darlington Ont., Mitchell, d/o Thomas WOOD & Elizabeth ARKSEY, witn: Thomas GOODFELLOW & Maggie FAWCETT, both of Mitchell, 11 Nov 1873 at Mitchell
10238-73 Alfred William FEATHERSTONE, 24, lumberman, Yorkshire England, Monckton, s/o William FEATHERSTONE & Elizabeth EGLINGTON?, married Mary Ann COLLISON, 22, Fullarton, same, d/o Thomas COLLISON & Ann PIERSON, witn: Henry & Ann FEATHERSTONE of Monckton, 26 Nov 1873 at Fullarton 10037-73 Alexander FERGUSON, 25, carpenter, Canada, Stratford, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Mary HILL, 27, Ireland, Stratford, d/o James & Sarah, witn John F. SCHULTZ & wife and others, all of Stratford, 10 May 1873 at Stratford
10171-73 (Perth Co) Silas FINCH, 26, sawmiller, Houghton Norfolk Ont., Listowel, s/o Thomas FINCH & Mary Ann SHAW, married Euphemia MALCOLM, 21, Darlington Ont., Hibbert Ont., d/o John MALCOLM & Euphemia SMITH, witn: John COWAN of Hibbert & Jannetta MALCOLM, 9 Oct 1873 at Hibbert 010142-73 (Perth Co.) John FINNEY, 37, farmer, Port Hope, Downie, s/o John FINNIE (sic)& Margaret SHAND, to Janet MILLS, 28 Downie, same, d/o David MILLS & Janet SMITH, witn: Robert FINNIE & Euphemia MILLS, both of Downie, 22 May 1873 at Downie
10204-73 Alexander McNaughton FISHER, 29, yeoman, North Easthope, same, s/o Alexander FISHER & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON, married Jessie FORBES, 24, North Easthope, same, d/o John FORBES & Isabella McNAB, witn: Archibald McCULLY & James FISHER, both of N. Easthope, 4 March 1873 at North Easthope 8914-74, Charles FISHER, 35, engineer, England, Listowel, s/o Robert & Mary FISHER, married E.A. DAVIS, 29, widow, Ontario, Listowel, d/o John & Rosa TREMAIN, wtn: Richard TREMAIN & Susan TREMAIN both of Listowel, 1 September 1873, Wallace
 010187-73 (Perth Co) Henry FLACH, 23, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Anthony & Catherine married Isabella CAPLING, 18, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Stephen & Martha, witn: Alexander CAPLING & Catherine HETZEROTH both of South Easthope, 22 July 1873 in South Easthope 8814-74 Luke FLYNN, 25, farmer, Canada, Ellice, s/o Patrick FLYNN & Mary QUILLAN, married Sarah Ann HOWARD, 17, Canada, Logan, d/o Michael HOWARD & Ann CARLAN, witn: John HOWARD of Logan & Margaret FLYNN of Ellice, 27 Oct 1873 at Kinkora (Rom Cath)
010132-73 (Perth Co.) Thomas FRAZER, 25, farmer, England, Darlington, s/o Samson FRAZER & Grace COCKER, to Mary SIMMONS, 21, England, Blanshard, d/o Charles SIMMONS & Mary HARRISON, witn: James SOMERS & Grace SIMMONS, both of Blanshard, 20 June 1873 at Blanshard 9982-73 William Henry FRAZER, 21, farmer, Brockville Ont., McKillop twp., s/o Edward FRAZER & Elizabeth NORMAN, married Sarah Louisa BOWIE, 21, Hullett twp., McKillop twp., d/o William Worley BOWIE & Lois STAPLES, witn: Elizabeth H. & Helen MITCHELL of Mitchell, 8 Sept 1873 at Mitchell
010285-73, (Perth Co.) Ebenezer GALLACHER (Gallagher?), 21, Ontario, Wallace, farmer, s/o Hugh & Margaret GALLACHER, to Louisa SPALDING, 25, Ohio US, Wallace, d/o Lorel (Lovel?) & Sarah SPALDING, witn: Wesley SPALDING & Mary GALLACHER, both of Wallace, 30 June 1873 at Listowel  9938-73, Thomas GARDINER, 22, farmer, Scotland, Mitchell, s/o David GARDINER & Mary GARDINER, married Maria SMITH, 16, Canada, Mitchell, d/o John SMITH & Mary SMITH, wtn: W. HYSLOP & C. HALL both of Mitchell, 16 January 1873, Mitchell
#008950-74 (Perth Co): John GIBB, 30, farmer, Ontario, Downie, s/o George GIBB & Mary SIMPSON, married Isabella ATCHESON, 19, Ontario, Downie, d/o George ATCHESON & Janet WHITELOCK, witn: William ATCHESON & Isabella GIBB, both of Downie, 24 Dec 1873 at Downie #010047-73 (Perth Co) Goram A. GIFFORD, 24, Co Durham, Arthur, b, clergyman, s/o Gerome & Amanda, married Sarah Ann MILLS, 28, Norfolk Co, Downie, s, d/o John Wesley & Elizabeth, witn; Miriam W. GIFFORD of London, Elizabeth MILLS of Downie, married 17 June 1873, Downie
10249-73 Samuel GILBERT, 27, laborer, Waterloo, Poole, s/o Henry GILBERT & Katherine CONKLIN, married Katherine GRAUL, 20, Ellice, same, d/o William GRAUL & Louise WATERMAN, witn: William BOLERT & Henry EHGOTZ, both of Ellice, 22 June 1873 at Ellice 010119-73 (Perth Co.) John C. GILPIN, 43, Ireland, St. Marys, merchant, s/o John C. & Sarah GILPIN, to Annie HAMILTON, 22, Ireland, St. Marys, d/o Charles & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: James HADDOCK & Eliza GILPIN, both of St. Marys, 2 January 1873 at St Marys
 #010280-73 (Perth Co) John GOODING, 18, Hamilton, Maryboro, farmer, s/o Maria GOODING, married Rachel FLETT, 19, Hamilton, Maryborough, d/o John & Emily FLETT, witn: George FLETT, Mary Ellen KIDD, both Maryboro, married 30 April 1873, Listowell 008788-74 (Perth Co) Robert GOWANS , 34, surgeon, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o John GOWANS & Elizabeth DYKE married Anne COSSEY, 33, Canada, Shakespeare, widow, d/o James DALLAS & Janet McNAUGHTON, witn: E.A. CAIRNCROSS & Thomas STEEDSMAN of Shakespeare, 19 June 1873 in North Easthope
10256-73, William GRAEWE, 27, yeoman, Hanover Germany, Ellice, s/o Henry GRAEWE & Fredericka HILLENMANN, married Rosine HERR, 26, Elsass Germany, Ellice, d/o Jacob HERR & Rosine BERKBIGLER, wtn: Jacob HERR & Rosine HERR both of Ellice, 20 November 1873, Ellice 10080-73 William GREEN, 21, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Harriet CLEVERLY, 28, England, Stratford, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel & Maria SNAZEL of Stratford, 30 Nov 1873 at Stratford
9959-73, Robert GREIG, 25, book-keeper, Edinburgh Scotland, Orangeville Ont, s/o David GREIG & Janet WOOD, married Maggie TAIT, 19, Galt Ont, Mitchell, d/o Robert TAIT & Christina McINTYRE, wtn: David GREIG & Margaret HENDERSON of St. Thomas, 5 February 1873, Mitchell 9962-73, William GREY, 24, farmer, Darlington Tp, Hibbert Tp, s/o Henry GREY & Nancy Ann BELL, married Eliza Jane MONTGOMERY, 21, Cavan Co Ireland, Hibbert Tp, d/o John MONTGOMERY & Eliza MAY, wtn: Alexander BELL & William BIRTWHISTLE both of blank, 4 March 1873, Mitchell
10055-73 (Perth Co): George GRIEVE, 25, yeoman, Stratford, Downie, s/o Robert & Mar Ann, married Elizabeth BELL, 19, Scarborough Ont., Downie, d/o Francis & Agnes, witn: James JOHNSTON & Mary Ann GRIEVE, both of Downie, 2 Sept 1873 at Stratford 10262-73, Carl Augus GRUPP, 25, sawyer, Logan, Ellice, s/o Henry GRUPP & Augusta ALBAN, married Anne Elizabeth REIS, 23, Ellice, Ellice, d/o Henry REIS & Helen BLETZER, wtn; John GRAPP (sic) of Mornington & Frederick MAURER of Ellice, 30 October 1873, Ellice
010015-73 (Perth Co): Joseph GUTH, 21, farmer, Waterloo Co., Maryborough, s/o Benjamin GUTH & Barbara BERGE, married Anna BEAND, 22, Waterloo Co., Elma, d/o Jacob BEAND & Maria SCHENK, witn: Abraham SCHENK & Elizabeth BLOUGH, bothof Maryborough, 16 Dec 1873 at Wallace (Mennonite) 10212-73 William HABERMEHL, 26, laborer, Stondorf Hessea Germany, Gads Hill, s/o John HABERMEHL & Elizabeth ZINN, married Barbara RINGLER, 21, Petersburg Ont., same, d/o Henry RINGLER & Martha KWON, witn: Henry HASENPFLUG & Frederick YOUNKIE, both of Gads Hill, 14 Sept 1873 at Lutheran Church, near Gads Hill
#010070-73 (Perth Co) Charles HAMMER, 26, France, Stratford, blacksmith, s/o James & Margaret, married Bridget O'BRIEN, 24, Ireland, Stratford, d/o Dennis & Helen, witn; James HAMMER, Samuel CLOUGH, both Stratford, married 7 June 1873, Stratford 10075-73 (Perth Co): Jacques HAMMER, 55, widower, blacksmith, France, Stratford, s/o George & Catherine, married Catherine ZINN, 48, widow, Germany, North Easthope, d/o George & Annie [no surname given], witn: John RODNICK & E. PALCKERT?, both of Stratford, 30 Oct 1873 at Stratford
10091-73 James HAMMOND, 22, farmer, Bristol - Pontiac Co . Que., Elma, s/o Edward HAMMOND & Susanna SCARF, married Euphemy Margaret Paris TURNBULL, 20?, Galt Ont., Elma, d/o Robert TURNBULL & Helen LITTLE, witn: James PATERSON & Mary TURNBULL, both of Elma, 18 March 1873 at Elma  
#010046-73 (Perth Co) Samuel HARRY, 21, Darlington, Stratford, railway engineer, s/o John & Prudence, married Mary E. LAMB, 20, Westminster, Stratford, d/o George & Mary, witn Alfred E. LAMB, Ellen CRAWFORD, both Stratford, married 5 June 1873, Stratford #010087-73 (Perth Co) John HARRY, 26, England, St. Marys, b, teamster, s/o John & Jane HARRY, married Angelina BAILEY, 18, Canada, Blanchard, s, d/o William & Rose BAILEY, witn; Agness BAILEY, Julia BAILEY, both Blanchard, married 6 March 1873, Blanchard
010146-73 (Perth Co.) William S. HASLAND, 30 merchant, Hamilton, Clinton, s/o William HASLAND & Ann BRIGGS, to Melinda SIMPSON, 19, Ontario, St. Marys, d/o George & Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: Robert LINN of St. Marys, Annie HASLAND of Clinton, 2 July 1873 at St. Marys 10028-73 Joseph HASLET, 25, yeoman, Ireland, Stratford, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth COLLINS, 23, Canada, Stratford, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: James VANSTONE & M. NELSON, both of Stratford, 11 Feb 1873 at Stratford
8815-74 John HEALY, 30, farmer, Ireland, Logan, s/o Michael HEALY & Mary REILY, married Julia KEHOE, 22, Ireland, Logan, d/o Michael KEHOE & Mary MOONY, witn: Martin KEHOE & Maria HEALY, both of Logan, 24 Nov 1873 at Kinkora (Rom Cath) 010173-73 (Perth Co) Daniel HELMUTH, 35, carpenter, Wilmot, East Zorra, s/o George & Magdalene married Catherine SCHWATZENTRUBER, 32, Wilmot, South Easthope, d/o Jacob & Catherine SCHWATZENTRUBER, witn: Catherine SCHWATZENTRUBER & Mena HELMUTH of East Zorra, 7 January 1873 in South Easthope
010160-73 (Perth Co.) Patrick HENNEBERRY, 25, farmer, Ireland, Blanshard, s/o Thomas HENNEBERRY & Catherine DALTON, to Margaret O'CONNELL, 24, Downie, same, d/o Patrick O'CONNELL & Winifred DILLON, witn: Daniel O'CONNELL & Julia HENNEBERRY, both of Downie, 24 November 1873 at St. Marys 8999-74, Hugh HILLS, 22, yeoman, Ellice, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Caroline RISK, 19, Ellice, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, wtn: Henry YOUNG & Elizabeth RIEL both of Ellice, 8 July 1873, Stratford.
9961-73, Isaac HODGES, 21, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Grey Tp, s/o Isaac HODGES & Rebecca BURTON, married Mary BUCHANAN, 16, Elma Tp, Elma Tp, d/o Andrew BUCHANAN & Mary Jane BOOTH, wtn: Harris WILSON & Ruth ROLLINSON both of Mitchell, 3 March 1873, Mitchell 8845-74 John HODGINS, 37, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Edward HODGINS & Rebecca PORTEOUS, married Elizabeth THORNTON, 19, Blanchard, Hibbert, d/o George THORNTON & Jane SMILEY, witn: James HODGINS of Biddulph & Jane THORNTON of Hibbert, 24 Dec 1873 at Mitchell
10097-73 (Perth Co): William James HOLDEN, 24, druggist, Strathroy, Alvinston, s/o James & Sarah, married Marianne Alice THOMPSON, 22, Barrie, Elma, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Henry H. HOLDEN & Alfred THOMPSON, both of Strathroy, 29 Oct 1873 at Elma 010125-73 (Perth Co.) John HOLLIDAY, 23, Garafraxa, same, farmer, s/o Charles & Martha HOLLIDAY, to Mary Ann ROBINSON, 21, Blanshard, same, d/o Benjamin & Jane ROBINSON, witn: James & Susan Jane PATTERSON, both of Blanshard, 18 March 1873 in Blanshard
10200-73, John Gabriel HOLMES, 24, farmer, Goderich Tp, Turnberry tp Ont, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann HOLMES, married Hannah GREEN, 23, Ottawa Dist, Logan Tp Ont, d/o James & Rachel GREEN, wtn: Joseph RALPH of Wingham & Charlotte GREEN of Logan, 1 July 1873, Logan 10209-73 Alfred P. HOPKINS, 27, banker, West Flamboro, Freemont Nebraska, s/o Ezra HOPKINS & Frances Susan CRICKMORE, married Margaret Elizabeth ALLAN, 27, North Easthope, same, d/o Daniel ALLAN & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Edward A. COLQUHOUN of Hamilton & William M. CLARK of Stratford, 14 May 1873 at North Easthope
10196-73, John HORALD, 22, farmer, Berne Switzerland, Logan Tp Ont, s/o Ulrich & Elizabeth HORALD, married Hannah MULLER, 18, Hamilton City Ont, Logan Tp Ont, d/o Michael & Caroline MULLER, wtn: George PRIMON & Kate PRIMON both of Logan, 4 February 1873, Logan 10257-73, Henry HORSTMANN, 21, carpenter, Cassel Germany, Mitchell Ont, s/o Henry HORSTMANN & Elizabeth WAGESSER, married Caroline LAMPE, 22, Mecklenburg Germany, Logan, d/o Joseph LAMPE & Sophia KOST, wtn: Henry LAMPE of Logan & George NEY of Ellice, 22 November 1873, Ellice
7344-75 Thomas G. HURLBURT, 30, farmer, Ontario, Hibbert twp., s/o Asahel & Catherine, married Jane HONEY, 23, Ontario, Logan twp., d/o Samuel & Mary B., witn: James HONEY & Ada C. WADE, both of Logan, 13 Feb 1873 at Logan 9983-73 Charles HUTCHINSON, 26, merchant, South Dumfries, Toronto, s/o James HUTCHINSON & Elizabeth GARDINER, married Celina Adelia CLARK, 22, St. Andrews Ont., Mitchell, d/o Leonard CLARK & Mary Celina MONTTHORP, witn: Mrs. Leonard A. CLARK of E. Saginaw Mich. & George F. SILLS of Mitchell, 11 Sept 1873 at Mitchell
10073-73 (Perth Co): Joseph HUTTON, 26, yeoman, England, Downie twp., s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Maria JINKLING, 20, Blanshard, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: John ROBERTSON of S. Easthope & Catherine STEWART of Stratford, 30 Sept 1873 at Stratford 10248-73 James HYDE, 28, farmer, USA, Logan, s/o James HYDE & Elizabeth BERRY, married Elizabeth COLTER, 23, Canada, Logan, d/o John COLTER & Bridget FARRELL, witn: Thomas & Margaret READY of Logan, 1 June 1873 at Mitchell
010007-73, (Perth Co.) James JACKSON, 50, Ireland, 10th line Wallace, widower, farmer, s/o Thomas & Ann JACKSON, to Catherine BELL, 40, Ireland, 8th line Wallace, widow, d/o John & Catherine SIELES, witn: James & Ann LANG, both of Wallace, 9 March 1873 at 8th line Wallace 10255-73, Michael JACOB, 29, carpenter, Ellice, Ellice, s/o Michael JACOB & Katherine KLIEN, married Caroline KEY, 22, Ellice, Ellice, d/o George KEY & Caroline STUDER, wtn: Jacob KLIEN of Wilmot & Caroline KEY of Ellice, 18 November 1873, Ellice
009992-73, (Perth Co.) William JAMISON, 25, Beverly, same, yeoman., s/o Thomas JAMISON & Janet DICKSON, to Jane STEWART, 26, Glasgow Scotland, Mornington, d/o John STEWART & Janet CAMERON, witn: John DICK of Elma, Martha URQUHART of Mornington, 5 February 1873 at Mornington  010138-73 (Perth Co.) William JOHNSTON, 24, blacksmith, Aberdeen Scotland, Melingthon (sic), s/o William JOHNSTON & Margaret REID, to Joan ARMSTRONG, 21, Blanshard, same, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Janet GRIEVE, witn: James ARMSTRONG of Blanshard, Ellen GRIEVE of Downie, 30 January 1873 at Blanshard
8844-74 James JONES, 22, gentleman, Fredericksburg - Logan, same, s/o Robert & Susan, married Honor Jane PEARCE, 18, Embro, Mitchell, d/o Samuel PEARCE & Eliza INCH, witn: Thomas JONES & Hariett MURPHY, both of Logan, 17 Sept 1873 at Mitchell 9970-73, James JONES, 62, widower, tailor, London England, Downie, s/o George JONES & Mary Ann JONES, married Sarah ADAMS, 43, widow, Mirchard England, Downie, d/o Richard SHORE & Elizabeth SHORE, wtn: Richard SHORE & Elizabeth SHORE both of Mitchell, 3 May 1873, Mitchell
10052-73 (Perth Co): George JUNES, 24, moulder, Canada, Mitchell, s/o Edward & Amelia, married Susan LIVINGSTONE, 21, Canada, Mitchell, d/o William & Ann, witn: J. McCORMACK & John COX, both of Mitchell, 1 July 1873 at Stratford [Jones? Janes?] 010152-73 (Perth Co.) Kenneth Frank JUNOR, 27, minister, ?--don Ont, Hamilton Bermuda, s/o Kenneth & Ann JUNOR, to Eliza J. MOORE, 28, Ingersoll, St. Marys, d/o John & Jane MOORE, witn: Hattie HOLMES of Detroit Michigan, Samuel MOORE of Ottawa, 19 November 1873 at St. Marys
010283-73, (Perth Co.) John KEARNS, 35, Albion, Wallace, widower, farmer, s/o Simon & Ann KEARNS, to Mary Ann STEVENSON, 24, Fermanagh Ireland, Wallace, d/o James & Ellen STEVENSON, witn: Robert George ROBERTS & Robert STEVENSON, both of Wallace, 16 June 1873 at Listowel 9977-73, Robert William KEELER, 23, merchant, Port Britton Ont, Mitchell, s/o Robert KEELER & Jane BAILEY, married Anne Lockhard MULHERON, 19, Waterloo Ont, Mitchell, d/o John MULHERON & Rachel McLEOD, wtn: William BABB & Esther KEELER both of Mitchell, 28 July 1873, Mitchell
#010048-73 (Perth Co) John KERR, 24, Ontario, Mornington, b, yeoman, s/o Colin & Ellen (McDONALD), married Jane McWILLIAMS, 24, Banffshire Scotland, Mornington, s,d/o William McWILIAMS & Elspeth (HENDERSON), witn William McWILLIAMS, Ellen HUTCHINSON, both Wellesley, married 24 June 1873, Stratford 10050-73 (Perth Co): John KILLEN, 38, farmer, Hope twp., Mitchell, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Margaret McCALLUM, 28, Quebec, Stratford, d/o Angus & Mary, witn: Alexander L. STEWART & Bertha McCALLUM, both of Mitchell, 14 May 1873 at Stratford
#010067-73 (Perth Co) John Henry KINSMAN, 20, Mitchell, Bowmanville, b, laborer, s/o Henry & Mary Jane, married Mary Elizabeth KINSMAN, 20, Clark Twp., Fullarton, s, d/o William & Ann, witn: John MOORE, William KINSMAN, both Mitchell, married 28 April 1873, Stratford 10029-73 Duncan KIPPEN, 22, blacksmith, Canada, Woodstock, s/o Alexander & Mary McKay, married Catherine McDONALD, 18, Canada, East Zorra, d/o Robert & Catherine Ross, witn: R. MYERS of Stratford & Duncan KIPPEN of N. Easthope, 22 Jan 1873 at Stratford
  #010086-73 (Perth Co) Lewis KIRK, 23, Ontario, Grey, b, blacksmith, s/o Lewis KIRK & Mary Ann MAHAN, married Catherine SINCLAIR, 18, Ontario, Blanchard, s, d/o Donald SINCLAIR & Margaret McCULOCK, witn: David KIRK, Jane SINCLAIR, both Blanchard, married 1 January 1873, Blanchard
10214-73 John KOCH, 23, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o John KOCH & Catherine DOERR, married Gertrude LEISEMORE (Leiseman?), 22, Waterloo Co., North Easthope, d/o Louis LEISEMORE & Elizabeth KILLER, witn: Conrad REIDER & Henry LEISEMORE, both of N. Easthope, 17 Dec 1873 at North Easthope 10247-73 Henry KOCHLER (Koehler?), 26, yeoman, Hay twp., same, s/o Henry KOCHLER & Mary EBERLE, married Mary NIEBERLEIN, 21, Fullarton, same, d/o August NIEBERLEIN & Mary ARBOGAST, witn: August NIEBERLEIN & John ARBOGAST, both of Fullarton, and Ann KOCHLER of Hay, 3 June [1873?] at Ellice
10250-73 Julius KOHLSCHMIDT, 27, wagon maker, Breitenfeld Germany, Ellice, s/o Frederick KOHLSCHMIDT & Charlotte GRUNONWALD, married Elizabeth STUDER, 27, Ellice, same, d/o Henry STUDER & Elizabeth HERR, witn: Frederick KOHLSCHMIDT & Henry STUDER, both of Ellice, 26 June 1873 at Ellice 010175-73 (Perth Co) Charles KRANK, 21, carpenter, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Peter & Catherine married Catherine OTTO, 21, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: John MEYER & Catherine VOELKER of South Easthope, 5 February 1873 in South Easthope
10243-73 William George KRUSPE, 25, carpenter, Germany, Ellice, s/o George Christopher & Ann Mary, married Johanna Louisa WICKE, 18, Ellice twp., same, d/o August & Caroline, witn: Michael SCHAB Jr. & Henryetta KRUSPE, both of Ellice, 13 March 1873 at Sebringville 009998-73, (Perth Co.) Joseph LAMBERT, 22, Toronto, Elma, farmer, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth LAMBERT, to Sarah SMITH, 18, Brantford, Elma, d/o Henry & Mary SMITH, witn: Robert RANEY of Elma, John QUACKENBUSH of Mornington, 22 March 1873 at Elma
010156-73 (Perth Co.) Samuel G. LANGFORD, 23, farmer, London, Nissouri, s/o Isaac & Martha LANGFORD, to Elmira HUGHES, 16, Nissouri, same, d/o Andrew & Mary HUGHES, witn: William HUGHES & Christina McKAY, both of Nissouri, 25, September 1873 at St. Marys 10094-73 John LANGFORD, 23, farmer, Biddulph, Mornington, s/o George & Catherine, married Elizabeth DOBSON, 20, Marlborough, 10th Con of Elma, d/o Matthew & Sarah, witn: David LONGFORD of Mornington & Frances LIGHTBOUND of Elma, 27 May 1873 at Trowbridge
10230-73 William Lewis LASHBROOK, 25, blacksmith, England, Mitchell, s/o William & Maria, married Regina MOOR, 17, Fullarton, Bethel, d/o James MOORE (sic) & Mary YEO, witn: Lewellen LASHBROOK & William YEO, both of Fullarton, 17 Feb 1873 at Bethel, Fullarton 8996-74, William LEE, 29, carpenter, Prince Edward Island, Brantford, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Isabella KENNEDY, 25, Canada, Downie, d/o David & Elizabeth, wtn: David KENNEDY of Downie & Richard LEE of Colborne, 17 September 1873, Downie
010292-73, (Perth Co.) Andrew LITTLE, 34, Ireland, Wallace, farmer, s/o John & Mary LITTLE, to Ann Jane MORROW, 24, Ontario, Listowel, d/o Alex & Ann MORROW, witn: George LITTLE of Wallace, Elizabeth MORROW of Listowel, 25 November 1873 at Palmerston  
10060-73 (Perth Co): William LOCERBIE, 26, machinist, Galt, Collingwood, s/o Andrew & Agnes, married Annie Izard McCARTHY, 19, Stratford, same, d/o John Augustus & Paulina, witn: Peter McNAB & J.B. McCARTHY, both of Stratford, 2 Jan 1873 at Stratford 10077-73 (Perth Co): James John Richard LONGFOOT, 23, teamster, India, Stratford, s/o James & Mary, married Emily Jane BEADLE, 20, Ellice, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: J. LONGFOOT & William H. BLACHFORD, both of Stratford , 22 Oct 1873 at Ellice twp
#009991-73 (Perth Co): Edward Eugene LOWE, 28, blacksmith, Ancaster twp., Mitchell, s/o Thomas LOWE & Margaret GRAHAM, married Annetta BALFOUR, 23, Whitby, Hibbert twp., d/o Henry BALFOUR & Cynthia WILTON, witnesses were William COLQUTUIN & Margaret Jane BALFOUR, both of Hibbert, 23 Dec., 1873 at Mitchell 10074-73 (Perth Co): William LUCAS, 30, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Eliza JOHNSTON, 29, Ireland, Stratford, d/o John & Catherine, witn: James STAMP & Mary Ann LUCAS, both of Stratford, 29 Oct 1873 at Stratford
10071-73 (Perth Co): Thomas D'Arcy LUCUS, 32, physician, Adolphustown, Stratford, s/o Joseph & Deborah, married Martha Annie SALKELD, 18, Goderich, Downie, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: J.M. ROBB of Stratford & Joseph SALKELD of Downie, 18 June 1873 at Stratford 10012-73 (Perth Co): Heinrich LUDWIG, 40, widower, farmer, Wilgartswisen Baiern, Wallace, s/o Adam LUDWIG & Catherine SCHENK (or Schurk), married Veronica SCHENK, 40, widow, Markham, Elma, d/o Heinrich SCHENK & Anna SCHAEFER, witn: Abram SCHENK & Elizabeth BLOUGH, both of Maryborough, 30 Sept 1873 at Elma (Lutheran)
010296-73, (Perth Co.) Benjamin MADDESS, 22, Ontario, Mornington, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth MADDESS, to Sophia J. SCOTT, 21, Ontario, Mornington, d/o William & Ann SCOTT, witn: Henry MADDESS & Julia A. SCOTT, both of Mornington, 30 October 1873 at Listowel 010295-73, (Perth Co.) William MADDESS, 23, Ontario, Mornington, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth MADDESS, to Sarah Ann DOBSON, 18, Ontario, Elma, d/o Matthew & Sarah DOBSON, witn: Robert ROGERS of Stratford, Joanna SCOTT of Listowel, 8 October 1873 at Listowel
010186-73 (Perth Co) James W. MAGWOOD, 27, school teacher, Lower Canada, Mornington Twp, s/o George & Margaret married Margaret Agnes DUNSMORE, 18, Downie Twp, South Easthope, d/o John & Rachel, witn: Andrea MAGWOOD of Mornington Twp & Ellen RANEY of the gore of Downie Twp, 6 August 1873 in South Easthope 9984-73 John MAHAFFEY, 30, farmer, Darlington twp., Hibbert twp., s/o James MAHAFFEY & Sarah McGLAUGHLIN, married Mary Ann McHENRY, 26, widow, Hibbert twp., Mitchell, d/o James HUTCHINSON & Ann WANNACOTT, witn: James MAHAFFEY of Hibbert & Jemima HUTCHINSON of Harriston, 16 Sept 1873 at Mitchell
#010068-73 (Perth Co) John MAKINS, 28, Ireland, North Easthope, farmer, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Euphemia KIRKPATRICK, 27, Ireland, North Easthope, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: James KIRKPATRICK & John MOFFAT, both North Easthope, married 22 May 1873, Stratford 010134-73 (Perth Co.) Richard MARQUIS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Usborne, s/o Richard MARQUIS & Ann LAMPERY, to Margaret Dorothea REED, 19, Usborne, same, d/o Philip REED & Eleanor FINNING, witn: Richard ANDERSON & Isabella Mary REED, both of Usborne, 20 January 1873 at St Marys
  9981-73, Samuel MARSHALL, 22, machinist, Belfast Ireland, Mitchell, s/o John MARSHALL & Hannah WILLIS, married Jennie CLARK, 18, Perth Co Ont, Mitchell, d/o David CLARK & Ellen SMALL, wtn: Edward E. LOVE & Arnetta BALFOUR both of blank, 3 September 1873, Mitchell
010148-73 (Perth Co.) John Hugh MATHIESON, 28, physician, West Zorra -Oxford Co., St. Marys, s/o John MATHIESON & Jane MIDDLETON, to Mary HARRISON, 20, St. Marys. same, d/o Milner HARRISON & Catherine HOWARD, witn: D. H. HARRISON Esq. M.D. of St. Marys, William TYTLER Esq. M.A., 3 September 1873 at St. Marys 10051-73 (Perth Co): Alexander MATHIESON, 34, merchant, Scotland, Stratford, s/o James & Jane, married Margaret Ann McLEOD, 25, Canada, Stratford, d/o James & Agnes, witn: W.M. CLARK & D. A. McLEOD, both of Stratford, 24 April 1873 at Stratford
010180-73 (Perth Co) William MATTHIS, 26, blacksmith, Germany, Tavistock, s/o Frederick & Mina married Julia MOGK, 19, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John SCHULER & George DIEBEL of Tavistock, 8 April 1873 in South Easthope.  010289-73, (Perth Co.) John MAY, 28, Meath Ireland, Wellesley, farmer, s/o James & Sarah MAY, to Matilda KERR, 24, Wellesley, same, d/o James & Isabella KERR, witn: David McKAY & Maggie FESSA?, both of Wellesley, 29 September 1873 at Listowel
10213-73 Duncan Gordon McBETH, 26, carpenter, Clarke twp., Downie twp., s/o Benjamin & Jeanie, married Catherine STEWART, 22, North Easthope, same, d/o Peter & Catherine, witn: James C. McBETH of Stratford & Dr. Alexander STEWART of Minto, 9 Oct.. 1873 at North Easthope 009997-73, (Perth Co.) Malcolm Charles McCOLL, 21, New York State US, Milverton, teacher, s/o Malcolm McCOLL & Catherine CARMICHAEL, to Ann Jane ADAMS, 24, Mornington, Milverton, d/o John ADAMS & Margaret McCALLUM, witn: Albert & Elizabeth WEST, both of Milverton, 4 April 1873 at Milverton
9963-73, William McCURDY, 23, physician, Fullerton Ont, Beechville Michigan U.S., s/o John McCURDY & Ellen DAVIS, married Isabella O’NEIL, 19, York Ont, Fullerton, d/o John O’NEIL & Susanna LEDMAN, wtn: John COLE & Mary Matilda McCURDY both of Fullerton, 10 March 1873, Mitchell 010147-73 (Perth Co.) Dugald McDONALD, 26, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o Hugh & Catherine McDONALD, to Hannah ROSS, 29, East Nissouri, same, d/o Finlay ROSS & Ann FINLAY, witn: James SUTHERLAND of East Nissouri, Mary McARTHUR of [not given], 29 August 1873 at St. Marys
#010066-73 (Perth Co) Philip McDONALD, 30, Stratford, Downie, yeoman, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Maria BALSDON, 18, Downie, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: William ATCHESON & James BALSDON, both Downie, married 16 April 1873, Stratford 10026-73 Stewart McDONALD, 23, flax dresser, Ireland, Stratford, s/o John & Annie, married Rosanna McMULLEN, 36, widow, Ireland, Stratford, d/o John & Ann [no surname given], witn: Sarah & A.R.R. MacPHERSON of Stratford, 6 March 1873 at Stratford
10059-73 (Perth Co): William McEWEN, 35, widower, farmer, Ireland, Gore of Downie, s/o James & Mary, married Jane MAKINS, 31, Ireland, North Easthope, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: James & Jane EVERETT of Stratford, 9 July 1873 at Stratford  
010136-73 (Perth Co.) David McFARLANE, 30, yeoman, Dunville -Quebec, North Easthope, s/o Alexander McFARLANE & Eliza Jane ROSS, to Catherine McINTOSH, 20, North Easthope, same, d/o James McINTOSH & Elizabeth LIVINGSTONE, witn: Samuel & Eliza Jane ROBINSON, both of St. Marys, 24 January 1873 at St. Marys 009993-73, (Perth Co.) David McFARLANE, 25, North East Hope, same, yeoman, s/o Alexander McFARLANE & Jane ROSS, to Elizabeth BECKER, 18, Berlin Ontario, North East Hope, d/o John & Elizabeth BICKER (Becker?), Witn: August & Annie COOK, both of N. E. Hope, 1 January 1873 at Millbank
10208-73 Archibald McGILLIVRIE (McGillivray?), 27, yeoman, North Easthope, same, s/o Alexander McGILLIVRIE & Christina STEWART, married Grace McDONALD, 25, North Easthope, same, d/o James McDONALD & Catherine CRERAR, witn: Peter McDONALD & Duncan STEWART, both of N. Easthope, 25 Dec 1873 at North Easthope 10170-73, Robert W. McGLOUGHLIN, 25, farmer, Darlington, Howick Ont, s/o Robert McGLOUGHLIN & Margaret RUSK, married Elizabeth MAHAFFY, 23, Darlington, Fullerton, d/o James MAHAFFY & Sarah McGLOUGHLIN, wtn: Wellington McLAUGHLIN of Howick & Mary Jane MAHAFFY of Hibbert, 30 May 1873, Hibbert
  10053-73 (Perth Co): Alexander McGUIGAN, 36, farmer, Canada, Southwold, s/o Neil & Janet, married Mary Nesbit DUNN, 24, Canada, Downie twp., d/o William & Allice, witn: William DUNN & Andrew COXBY, both of Southwold, 17 June 1873 at Downie
10236-73 Archibald McINTOSH, 21, farmer, Ontario, Fullarton, s/o John McINTOSH & Marion SHERRIFF, married Elizabeth GREENAWAY, 21, Ontario, Fullarton, d/o Joseph GREENAWAY & Sarah BRIMACOMBE, witn: Timothy WINTER of Winchester & Margaret McINTOSH of Fullarton, 18 April 1873 at Fullarton 9941-73, Robert McINTOSH, 25, blacksmith, Fullerton, Fullerton, s/o John McINTOSH & Marion SHERIFF, married Charlotte TERRY, 20, Blanshard, same, d/o Richard TERRY & Harriet LAVERY,, wtn: George McKENNET? & Margaret McINTOSH both of Blanshard, 7 February 1873, Mitchell
9968-73, Duncan McINTYRE, 26, farmer, Downie Tp, Downie Tp, s/o Donald McINTYRE & Mary BUCHANAN, married Margaret BRINSCOM, 24, Prince Edward Island, Fullerton Tp, d/o Samuel BRINSCOM & Jane YEO, wtn: Samuel BRINSCOM & Mary Jane BRINSCOM both of Fullerton Tp, 27 March 1873, Mitchell 9989-73 Richard McKEE, 28, farmer, Dalhousie twp., McKillop twp., s/o George McKEE & Jane McGEE, married Christen SMITH, 23, Brock twp., Mitchell, d/o Malcolm SMITH & Janet McNEIL, witn: George WHITELY of Seaforth & Mary SMITH of Mitchell, 9 Dec 1873 at Mitchell
010129-73 (Perth Co.) Richard Sydney McKNIGHT, 31, Ireland, St Marys, G. T. Ry. employee [Grand Trunk Railway], s/o James & Jane McKNIGHT, to Sarah Jane VANCE, 25, Canada, St Marys, d/o Jeremiah & Isabella VANCE, witn; John TALLON & Andrew PORTER, both of St Marys, 31, March 1873 at St Marys #010082-73 (Perth Co) Gilean McLEAN, 30, Quebec, Fingal, school teacher, s/o Hugh & Catherine McLEAN, married Mary MOORE, 20, Ontario, Blanchard, d/o John & Mary MOORE, witn: Ann STRINGFELLOW, Jane STRINGFELLOW, both Blanchard, married 2 January 1873 at Kirkton, reg. Blanchard
010083-73 (Perth Co) James McLUNG (s/b McClung?), 21, London Twp, Blanchard, school teacher, s/o John & Isabella McLUNG, married Isabella SOMERVILLE, 20?, Blanchard, same, d/o Robert & Mary SOMERVILLE, witn; Robert SOMERVILLE, John McLUNG, both Blanchard, married 1 January 1873 at Kirkton, reg. Blanchard  
10172-73, Dougald McMILLAN, 30, farmer, Canada, Staffa Hibbert, s/o Duncan McMILLAN & Flora McALMB, married Barbara CALDWILL, 23, Lanark, Hibbert, d/o James CALDWELL (sic) & Jane BOYD, wtn: Peter McMILLAN of Staffa & Jane CALDWELL of Hibbert, 19 November 1873, Hibbert 10274-73, William McMILLAN, 32, farmer, Orillia, Wallace, s/o Alexander & Barbara McMILLAN, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 23, Ontario, Wallace, d/o Wilfred & Elizabeth THOMPSON, wtn: Robert McMILLAN & Wilfred THOMPSON both of Wallace, 19 February 1873, Wallace
9975-73, John McNAIRN, 28, blacksmith, Dumfries Scotland, Mitchell, s/o John McNAIRN & Isabel HOLMES, married Mary Jane JUPP, 24, England, Mitchell, d/o John JUPP & Mary JUPP, wtn: Donald CAMERON & Mary M. MITCHELL both of Mitchell, 24 July 1873, Mitchell 10023-73 Archibald McNEIL, 24, miller, Campbellton Scotland, Nilestown, s/o Neil & Catherine, married Christena McDONALD, 24, West Zorra, same, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: Archibald McNEIL of Beadville? & Margaret A. McDONALD of West Zorra, 2 Jan 1873 at Stratford
010162-73 (Perth Co.) Samuel McROBERTS, 27, farmer, London, same, s/o James & Margaret McROBERTS, to Sarah Ann MONAGHAN, 23, London, same, d/o Eliakim & Ann MONAGHAN, witn: John McROBERTS & Annie McINTYRE, both of London, 25 December 1873 at St. Marys 010139-73 (Perth Co.) William MILLS, 33, farmer, Scotland, East Nissouri, s/o William MILLS & Agnes FAIRBAIRN, to Elizabeth THOMPSON, 20, Hamilton, East Nissouri, d/o John THOMPSON & Ann Tunstall FAIRCLOUGH, witn: John MILLS & Mary THOMPSON, both of East Nissouri, 15 April 1873 at St. Marys
  10273-73, Benjamin MITCHELL, 28, machinist, Cavan Ont, Harriston Village Ont, s/o Valentine & Nancy MITCHELL, married Margaret MITCHELL, 21, Elma Ont, same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth MITCHELL, wtn: James MITCHELL of Elma & Jane GIBSON of Wallace, 19 February 1873, Elma
9974-73, Isaac MOORE, 42, widower, farmer, Ireland, Hibbert Perth, s/o John MOORE & Hannah MOORE, married Esther KYLE, 35, widow, Ireland, Hibbert, d/o James KYLE & Mary KYLE, wtn: John KYLE of Stanley Huron Co. & Thomas John MOORE of Hibbert, 24 July 1873, Mitchell 9971-73, George Trustlove MOORE, 27, widower, farmer, Pickering Tp, Fullerton, s/o john MOORE & Hannah TRUSTLOVE, married Jane LEVY, 20, Hamilton, Fullerton, d/o William LEVY & Catherine McCARTNEY, wtn: Thomas BAIRD & John BAIRD both of Fullerton, 14 May 1873, Mitchell
009995-73, (Perth Co.) Robert MOORE, 33, Ireland, Mornington, yeoman, s/o William MOORE & Mary MAXWELL to Ellen ARMSTRONG, 29, Ireland, Maryboro, d/o George ARMSTRONG & Ellen HARPER, witn: George ARMSTRONG of Maryboro, Mary MOORE of Mornington, 12 March 1873 at Milverton 10205-73 James MORLEY, 24, yeoman, North Easthope, same, s/o William MORLEY & Margaret ANDERSON, married Grace PATERSON, 22, North Easthope, same, d/o William PATERSON & Mary HYDE, witn: William MORLEY & Robert PATERSON, both of N. Easthope, 5 March 1873 at North Easthope
009994-73, (Perth Co.) William MUNDELL, 25, Scotland, Mornington, yeoman, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth MUNDELL, to Georgina KNIGHT, 20, Canada, Wellesley, d/o Henry & Elizabeth KNIGHT, witn: Walter ROSS & Margaret MUNDELL, both of Mornington, 7 February 1873 at Millbank 010176-73 (Perth Co) John MURNER, 24, farmer, East Zorra, East Zorra, s/o Jacob & Mary married Mary Louise TEUSCHER, 24, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: Simpson MURNER of New Hamburg & Catherine WAGNER of Tavistock, 4 March 1873 (no location given)
8840-74 Edward MURPHY, 28, teacher, High Hesket - Cumberland England, Penetang., s/o James MURPHY & Hannah WALKER, married Mary Caroline ABBOTT, 21, Mitchell, same, d/o John ABBOTT & Jane RUNDELL, witn: Bamblet SWITZER & Elizabeth Ann ABBOTT, 25 Dec 1873 at Mitchell 10040-73 Robert MURRAY, 30, yeoman, West Zorra, same, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Sarah Jane HAMILTON, 23, North Easthope, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William MURRAY of West Zorra & Bella HAMILTON of N. Easthope, 5 March 1873 at North Easthope
010120-73 (Perth Co.) Samuel MYERS, 24, Middlesex Co., St Marys, manufacturer, s/o Stephen & Sarah MYERS, to Sarah BIRTCH, 21, St Marys, same, d/o Thomas & Lavina BIRTCH, witn: John LOVE of St Thomas, E. T. DUFTON of St Marys, 29 January 1873 at St Marys  
10232-73 Archibald NAIRN, 34, farmer, Ontario, Fullarton, s/o James & Margaret, married Martha COLGAN, 22, Fullarton, same, d/o Daniel COLGAN & Sarah McLAREN, witn: James NAIRN & Annie COLGAN, both of Fullarton, 19 Feb 1873 at Fullarton 010294-73, (Perth Co.) Thomas NELMES, 23, England, Listowel, moulder, s/o James & Susan NELMS (sic), to Sarah ANDERSON, 18, d/o Thomas & Ellen ANDERSON, witn" John THOMPSON & Mary ANDERSON, both of Listowel, 3 December 1873 at Listowel
10217-73 Samuel NETHERCOTT, 22, accountant, Canada, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann, married Sarah MARTIN, 19, Canada, Downie, d/o David & Ann, witn: John BOLTON of E. Nissouri & Caroline MARTIN of Downie, 17 May 1873 at Downie 8995-74, David NEWELL, 22, farmer, Canada, South Easthope, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah McCARDELL, 23, Canada, South Easthope, d/o James & Martha, wtn: James NEWELL & Mary McCARDELL both of South Easthope, 15 October 1873, Stratford
10240-73 Jacob NEY, 25, farmer, Fullarton, same, s/o Daniel NEY & Louise KLEMANN, married Eve STOSKOPF, 21, Fullarton, same, d/o Michael STOSKOPF & Nancy KLEIN, witn: George NEY & Carol STOSKOPF, both of Ellice, 16 Jan 1873 at Fullarton 10261-73, George NEY, 24, yeoman, Ellice, Ellice, s/o George NEY & Caroline STUDER, married Maria JACOB, 24, Ellice, Ellice, d/o Michael JACOB & Catherine KLIEN, wtn: John NEY Jnr of Ellice & Caroline KLIEN of Downie, 23 December 1873, Downie
010130-73 (Perth Co.) Austin NUTT, 22, Norwichville, Nissouri, farmer, s/o Horace & Liza Ann NUTT, to Elizabeth JOHNSON, 24, England, Downie, d/o James & Julia JOHNSON, witn: William JOHNSON of Nissouri, Georgianna RIDDLE of Downie, 2 April 1873 at St Marys 9973-73, Richard OKE, 25, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Richard OKE & Demina? OKE, married Susan Girly SMALE, 22, Canada, Mitchell, d/o James SMALE & Grace SMALE, wtn: James H. OKE & William WILLS both of Mitchell, 11 June 1873, Mitchell
8997-74, Matthew H. PAINE, 22, millwright, Quebec, London, s/o John & Annie, married Maria H. SMITH, 22, La Prairie Quebec, USA, d/o Richard & Ann, wtn: Andrew BOYD & Belle McPHERSON both of London, 2 September 1873, London 10044-73 John PARKER, 26, yeoman, Woodstock, East Nissouri, s/o Robert & Martha, married Hannah TAYLOR, 25, NY state, East Nissouri, d/o William & Maria, witn Emma HENDERSON & Christy McKAY, both of Stratford, 20 Feb 1873 at Stratford
010128-73 (Perth Co.) Thomas William PATCHING, 23, Canada , McGillivray Twp., farmer, s/o James & Maria PATCHING, to Eliza MULHOLLAND, 23, Canada, St Marys, d/o Hugh & Lydia MULHOLLAND, witn: Mathew AKERSON & Mary CROSIER, both of St Marys, 18 March 1873 at St Marys 10079-73 (Perth Co): John Alexander PATILLO (Patullo?), 24, carpenter, Hamilton, Stratford, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Beatrice MOORE, 20, Ellice, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: James VANSTONE of Stratford & Charles MOORE of Seaforth, 5 Nov 1873 at Stratford
9969-73, John PATRICK, 28, carpenter, Downie Tp, Hibbert, s/o Andrew PATRICK & Elizabeth WATSON, married Sarah McTAGGART, 18, Hibbert, Hibbert, d/o John McTAGGART & Mary Elizabeth FLUKE, wtn: Peter PATRICK & Sarah PATRICK both of Mitchell, 8 May 1873, Mitchell 9964-73, Peter Read PATRICK, 24, carpenter, Downie City, Hibbert, s/o Andrew PATRICK & Elizabeth WATSON, married Sarah COLLISON, 18, Fullerton, Fullerton, d/o Thomas COLLISON & Ann PIERSON, wtn: Alfred William FEATHERSTONE of Mitchell & Mary Ann COLLISON of Fullerton, 26 February 1873, Mitchell
010281-73, (Perth Co.) Henry PETERSON, 22, doctor, Hay - Huron Co., Neustadt Ont., s/o Andrew J. & Ella PETERSON, to Victoria Elizabeth WAUGH, 21, Dorchester Ont., Listowel, d/o William Thompson & Catherine WAUGH, witn: Robert Thomas CONNELLY & Fanny Raey WAUGH, both of Listowel, 7 May 1873 at Listowel 9940-73, Edward John PETT, 21, harness maker, United States, Harriston Canada, s/o Henry PETT & Ann BAKER, married Mary Ann ULLIOTT, 19, Mitchell, Mitchell, d/o George ULLIOTT & Ann ULLIOTT, wtn: J.E. WILLIAMS & Robena LEVY both of Mitchell, 6 February 1873, Mitchell
9976-73, Philipp PHILIPS [Philip Phillips?] 27, watchmaker, Darlington Twp. Canada, Brooklyn City N. York U.S.A., s/o Philip PHILIPS & Mary HORN, married Elizabeth CANTLON, 23, Limerick Ireland, Mitchell, d/o David CANTLON & Margaret DELMAGE, wtn: William CANTLON & T.L. BRAY both of Mitchell, 1 August 1873, Mitchell 010158-73 (Perth Co.) David PINE, 55, widower, labourer, Ireland, St. Marys, s/o John PINE & Jane DONAHOE, to Mary ALLIGAN, 30, widow, Ireland, St. Marys, d/o George ALLIGAN & Bridget GRAHAM, witn: Peter PINE & Kate STANLEY, both of St. Marys, 2 October 1873 at St. Marys
010008-73, (Perth Co.) Matthew POOL, 29, Ontario, Elma Twp., farmer, s/o Matthew & Ellen POOL, to Sophia BIRTHMAN, 23, Ontario, Wallace Twp., d/o John & Eliza BIRTHMAN, witn: Mary Ann ELLIOTT of Wallace, William BIRTHMAN of Elma, 24 May 1873 at Wallace Twp 10095-73 (Perth Co): John PORTER, 22, blacksmith, Elma twp., Millbank - Mornington, s/o John & blank, married Caroline Amelia HARVEY 22, New Brunswick, Elma twp., d/o Moses & Mary, witn: Frederick HARVEY of Elma & Richard SMITH of Teviotdale, 2 June 1873 at Elma
10215-73 William PORTER, 24, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o Thomas PORTER & Jane RAILTON, married Mary J. ROPER, 19, Canada, Downie, d/o George ROPER & Maria CROZIER, witn: John ROPER & Jane PORTER, both of Downie, 6 May 1873 at Avonton  
10064-73 (Perth Co): Matthew Cummins POTTS, 40, widower, tinsmith, England, Guelph, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Esther Thomasina HAMILTON, 37, widow, Dublin Ireland, Guelph, d/o Thomas Mary LETT, witn: John G. KING & Isaac BENNETT, both of Sebringville, 19 Feb 1873 at Stratford 10198-73, Theodore PRIEBE, 22, farmer, Pomerania Prussia Germany, Logan Tp, s/o Christian & Frederica PRIEBE, married Lydia BAIER, 19, Maryborough Tp Ont, same, d/o Andrew & blank BAIER, wtn: Christian PRIEBE & George BAIER both of Logan, 11 July 1873, Seaforth
10233-73 Robert PRINGLE, 34, farmer, Ontario, Fullarton, s/o John PRINGLE & Jane YOUNIE, married Annie Isabella McINTOSH, 22, Fullarton, same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: John PRINGLE & Margaret McINTOSH, both of Fullarton, 28 Feb 1873 at Fullarton 9004-74, John PRINGLE, 35, molder, Hamilton, East Zorra, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah Ann MILLMAN, 28, East Zorra, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, wtn: Robert & William MILLMAN both of East Zorra, 23 December 1873, Stratford
  010003-73, (Perth Co.) James Leonard RAE, 29, Whitby, Mornington, yeoman, s/o Alexander RAE & Isabella SCOTT, to Sarah DENYES, 19, England, Mornington, d/o George DENYES & Mary Ann ENTICKNAP, witn: John MCWILLIAM & Jane RAE, both of Mornington, 5 November 1873 at Mornington
10244-73 Conrad RATZ, 23, sawyer, Oxford Co., Ellice, s/o blank & Marianne SCHENK, married Maria PENS, 18, on the ocean, Ellice, d/o Frederick PENS & Sophia HEINS, witn: Frederick MAURER & Sophia PENS, both of Ellice, 15 April 1873 at Ellice 10235-73 John REANEY, 25, farmer, Ireland, Downey, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann DAVIDSON, 25, Canada, Carlingford, d/o William DAVIDSON & Janet BARBER, witn: James REANEY of Downie & Mary CRAWFORD of Carlingford, 24 April 1873 at Carlingford
10078-73 (Perth Co): Henry REDBER (Reaber?), 23, yeoman, Canada, South Easthope, s/o Henry & Ellen, married Mary YEANDLE, 22, England, Downie, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Peter HOY & Emily YEANDLE, both of Downie, 21 Oct 1873 at Stratford 10203-73 William REID, 26, shoe maker, Canada, Palmerston, s/o Peter & Marion, married Catherine HUSTON, 20, Canada, Mitchell, d/o Joseph & Flora, witn: Samuel JACKSON & Jane CROSS, both of Wallace, 12 Sept 1873 at Monkton
010293-73, (Perth Co.) Charles REISE, 25, Germany, Listowel, flax mill laborer, s/o Augustus & Louisa REISE, to Jannet LIVINGSTON, 19, Scotland, Listowel, d/o Peter & Janet LIVINGSTON, witn: Peter LIVINGSTON & Tom STRUTHERS, both of Mornington, 25 November 1873 at Listowel 10253-73 Christian REUSCHEL, 40, minister of the Gospel, Prussia Germany, Logan, s/o Christian REUSCHEL & Maria THIEL, married Katherine KAISER, 30, Weste Hanover Germany, Logan, d/o Henry KAISER & Katherine FRIEDRICK, witn: Mina HENNICK & Minia HUNGERLAND & Henry WEBER, all of Logan, 23 Aug 1873 at Ellice
010127-73 (Perth Co.) John REVELL, 48, England, Fullarton, shoemaker, s/o Daniel & Charlotte REVELL, to Sarah COLE, 49, Quebec, Fullarton, d/o Benjamin & Ann COLE, witn: William ARTHUR & Mary SIMMONS, both of Fullarton, 21 April 1873 at St. Marys 10041-73 Peter RICHARDS, 21, yeoman, Woolwich, Downie twp., s/o Philip & Margaret, married Charlotte HARRISON, 20, Downie, same, d/o John & Isabella, witn: George SMITH of Mitchell & Mary HARRISON of Downie, 26 March 1873 at Stratford
10207-73 Thomas RIDDELL, 23, carpenter, Ontario, North Easthope, s/o James RIDDELL & Ellen ANDERSON, married Christena HYDE, 20, North Easthope, same, d/o David HYDE & Ann PATERSON, witn: Andrew RIDDEL & Grace R. RIDDELL, both of N. Easthope, 28 March 1873 at North Easthope 10088-73 Joseph RINN, 29, farmer, Ireland, Blanshard, s/o William & Catherine, married Susan WILSON, 24, Canada, Blanshard, d/o Charles & Julia Ann, witn: Johnston HENDERSON & William RINN, both of Blanshard, 22 Oct 1873 at Blanshard
010189-73 (Perth Co) Samuel ROBB, 21, shoemaker, Tyrone Ireland, Shakespeare, s/o John & Matty married Jane TODD, 22, Tyrone Ireland, Shakespeare, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: William A. DRYDEN & Catherine TODD of South Easthope, 24 October 1873 in Shakespeare 10058-73 (Perth Co): Samuel ROBB, 37, widower, farmer, Gore of Downie, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Margaret Isabella MORROW, 21, Galt Ont., Downie, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: James & John M. ROBB of Stratford, 16 July 1873 at Downie
10221-73 Alexander ROBERTSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Mary THOM, married Jane PIKE, 17, Canada, Downie, d/o John PIKE & Jane EDWARDS, witn: George PIKE & Jeanie ROBERTSON, both of Downie, 10 Dec 1873 at Downie 10099-73 (Perth Co): George ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Elma, s/o William ROBERTSON & Jannet NORRY, married Margaret INGLIS, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Elma, d/o Peter INGLIS & Jannet RUSSELL, witn: Peter McGREGOR & Isabella INGLIS, both of Elma, 11 Dec 1873 at Elma
10090-73 Charles ROBERTSON, 22, farmer, Stratford, Logan, s/o James ROBERTSON & Charlotte McLAREN, married Ellen MATHER, 21, Quebec, Logan, d/o John MATHER & Margaret LAVLLY, witn: John & Janet MATHER of Logan, 28 March 1873 at Elma 9945-73, Jerry ROBINSON, 26, merchant, Montcalm Que, Mitchell, s/o John ROBINSON & Ester ROBINSON, married Jennie WALKINSHAW, 22, Brantford, Mitchell, d/o James WALKINSHAW & Mary WALKINSHAW, wtn: John THOM of Mitchell, no date, Mitchell reg’d 1873 
010135-73 (Perth Co.) Thomas ROGERS, 26, clerk, St Marys, same, s/o Nicholas ROGERS & Ann SEAGEON(?), to Jessie YULE, 23, not given, Downie, d/o William YULE & Isabella DONALD, witn: S. FRALEIGH of St Marys, E. YULE of Downie, 18 February 1873 at St Marys 010290-73, (Perth Co.) Edwin ROSE, 32, England, Listowel, minister, s/o George B. & Sarah ROSS, to Jeannie CLIMIE, 26, Canada, Wallace, d/o William & Jannet CLIMIE, witn: William LAWRIE of Wroxter, William CLIMIE of Listowel, 25 November 1873 at Wallace Twp
10206-73 William ROSS, 29, yeoman, Ontario, Elma, s/o Alexander ROSS & Sarah FRASER, married Christena McGREGOR, 25, Ontario, North Easthope, d/o John McGREGOR & Christina McTAVISH, witn: Jessie McGREGOR & Duncan McDERMID, both of N. Easthope, 5 March 1873 at North Easthope 9957-73, Alexander McIntyre ROSS, 28, blacksmith, Scotland, Cornerbrook Hibbert, s/o William ROSS & Isabella ROSS, married Harriet VIVIAN, 22, Whitby Ont, Fullerton Tp Ont, d/o George VIVIAN & Mary STEVEN, wtn: Thomas GREEN of Logan & Sarah VIVIAN of Fullerton, 28 January 1873, Mitchell
010005-73, (Perth Co.) S. G. RUTHERFORD M.D., 31, North East Hope, Millbank, physician etc., s/o Samuel RUTHERFORD & Mary FREEBORN, to Elizabeth LEGGATT, 27, Ontario, Mornington, d/o John LEGGATT & Anna MONTGOMERY, witn: E. F. RUTHERFORD of Millbank, Mary Ann LEGGATT of Mornington, 4 July 1873 at Millbank  
010145-73 (Perth Co.) John SANSOME (Lansome?), 32, carpenter, England, London, s/o Charles SANSOME & Phoebe DELAMORE, to Elizabeth Grace DAYMAN, 22, England, St Marys, d/o Peter DAYMAN & Barbara LYLE, witn: E. W. ROW & Mary DAYMAN, both of St. Marys, 30 June 1873 at St. Marys 10246-73 Michael SCHAUB, 24, yeoman, Ellice, same, s/o Michael SCHAUB & Ann ROHFRITSCH, married Harriet KRUSPE, 22, Ellice, same, d/o George & Christian, witn: Otto SUHRING & Katharine SCHAUB, both of Ellice, 27 May 1873 at Ellice
10251-73 Carl SCHICK, 22, farmer, Prussia Germany, Ellice, s/o John George SCHICK & Martha Maria FISCHER, married Caroline STROH, 27, Ellice, same, d/o Matthew STROH & Caroline HARTMANN, witn: Michael & Margaret STROH of Ellice, 24 July 1873 at Ellice 010185-73 (Perth Co) Lawrence SCHLALLMAN, 22, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Ferdinand & Catherine married Mena MOEHLMAN, 20, South Easthope, New York, d/o Christopher & Rosina, witn: Charles & John MOEHLMAN of South Easthope, 14 June 1873 in South Easthope
010191-73 (Perth Co) Conrad SCHMIDT, 21, farmer, Germany, East Zorra, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth SMITH (?) married Julia BROADRIGHT, 22, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Henry & Martha, witn: Edward BOWER & Edward BROADRIGHT of South Easthope, 17 September 1873 in South Easthope 10260-73, Henry SCHOENMEYER, 27, painter, Prussia Germany, Stratford, s/o Jacob SCHOENMEYER & Elizabeth DREYSE, married Wilhelmine SCHMIDT, 20, Fullerton, Fullerton, d/o Carl SCHMIDT & Margaret SIEBERT, wtn: Carl SCHMIDT Jr of Fullerton & Louise SCHOENMEYER of Stratford, 23 December 1873, Ellice
  010178-73 (Perth Co) Charles SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 26, carpenter, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Jacob & Catherine married Anna BAECHLER, 24, France, South Easthope, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Joel SCHWARTZENTRUBER of South Easthope & Joseph BAECHLER of East Zorra, 18 February 1873 in South Easthope
10245-73 Michael SCHWEITZER, 23, merchant, Downie, Sebringville, s/o John George SCHWEITZER & Margaret KOPF, married Margaret SEEBACH, 22, Ellice, same, d/o Andrew SEEBACH & Brigitta SCHUSTER, witn: Louis SEEBACH & Carol KLEIN, both of Ellice, and Henry SHELLENBERG of Downie & Caroline SEEBACH of Fullarton, 10 April 1873 at Ellice #010278-73 (Perth Co) Peter SCOTT, 25, North Easthope, Wallace, farmer, s/o Peter & Ellen SCOTT, married Catherine STUART, 18, North Gower, Wallace, d/o Peter & Margaret Matilda STUART, witn; Charles STUART, William SCOTT, both Wallace, married 2 April 1873, Wallace
10241-73 Alexander SCOTT, 24, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o D. & J., married Margaret KRUG, 22, South Easthope, same, d/o Reink & Kath, witn: Michael DEBUS & Henry STUDER, both of Ellice, 4 Feb 1873 at not given [reg'd in Ellice twp] 10242-73 George SCOTT, 29, merchant, Canada, Stratford, s/o George SCOTT & Christian McNAUGHTON, married Matilda GOURLAY, 26, Canada, Ellice, d/o Alexander GOURLAY & Caroline PEARSON, witn: John SCOTT & Elizabeth RANKIN, both of N. Easthope, 13 Nov 1873 at Ellice
10259-73, Louis SEEBACH, 24, hotel keeper, Ellice, Ellice, s/o Andrew SEEBACH & Brigitta SCHUSTER, married Caroline KLIEN, 23, Ellice, Ellice, d/o John KLIEN & Maria BRUNNER, wtn: Maria ROHFRITSCH of Downie & Louis EBERS of Preston, 18 December 1873, Ellice 010298-73, (Perth Co.) Robert SHEANE, 28, Ontario, Listowel, photographer, s/o Robert & Laura SHEANE, to Elizabeth BILLINGHER, 19 Ontario, Listowel, d/o Thomas & Charlotte BILLINGHER, witn: George BOWDILL (?) of Listowel, Frances ARMSTRONG of Wallace, 19 November 1873 at Listowel
10258-73, John SHELLENBERGER, 27, yeoman, Fullerton, Fullerton, s/o Michael SHELLENBERGER & Lena LEHMANN, married Caroline ROHFRITSCH, 26, Ellice, Ellice, d/o John ROHFRITSCH & Anne BRUNNER, wtn: John ROHFRITSCH & Nicholas SHELLENBERGER both of Fullerton, 16 December 1873, Ellice 10076-73 (Perth Co): James B. SHOEBOTTOM, 30, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann SHOEBOTTOM, 17, London twp., same, d/o John B. & Margaret, witn: James & Ellen SHOEBOTTOM of London twp., 22 Oct. 1873 at Stratford
#010001-73 (Perth Co): Thomas SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Trafalger, Mornington, s/o Robert & Susannah, married Martha Jane HAMILTON, 22, Mornington, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witnesses were Robert JOHNSTON & Margaret Ann HAMILTON, both of Mornington, April 9, 1873 at Mornington 010131-73 (Perth Co.) Joseph SIMPSON, 26, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o John & Mary SIMPSON, to Sarah Ann HERBERT, 22, Townsend, Usborne, d/o John & Charlotte HERBERT, witn: Emma SIMPSON of McGillivray, William HERBERT of Usborne, 4 June 1873 at St. James Church, St Marys
010123-73 (Perth Co.) John SLONEMAN, 31, Germany, Blanshard, farmer, s/o John Fredrick & Dora SLONEMAN, to Charlotte HUTCHING, 26, Niagara, Blanshard, d/o William & Susan HUTCHINS, witn: William SKINNER of Blanshard, Margaret ANDERSON of Blanshard, 29 January 1873 in Blanshard 010006-73, (Perth Co.) Robert SMITH, 25, Ireland, Mornington, farmer, s/o Robert & Isabella SMITH, to Ellen McWATERS, 22, Ontario, Mornington, d/o David McWATERS & Elizabeth McFADDEN, witn: Thomas SCOTT & Elizabeth McWATERS, both of Mornington, 7 October 1873 (written over 1874) at Millbank
010299-73, (Perth Co.) John SMITH, 23, Ontario, Bruce Co., farmer, s/o Thomas SMITH & May J. CUMMING, to Ellen WALKER, 20, Scotland, Huron Co., d/o James & Rachel WALKER, witn: Alexander KERR of Walkerton, Rachel WALKER of Howick, 31 December 1873 at Listowel 10096-73 (Perth Co): Thomas SMITH, 38, teacher, Dundee Scotland, Elma, s/o David & Ann, married Ellen HAMILTON, 29, Peebles Scotland, Elma, d/o John & Joan, witn: James & Catherine PELTON of Innerkip, 23 July 1873 at Woodstock [but registered in Elma]
010144-73 (Perth Co.) Robert SMITH, 40, widower, farmer, Scotland, Biddulph, s/o George SMITH & [Annie Scalbosty? - crossed out], to Annie SCALBIRTY (Scalbosty?), 37, Scotland, Aberdeen -Scotland, d/o George SCALBIRTY & Margaret MACKIE, witn: George GRANT & M. W. GRANT, both of St. Marys, 20 June 1873 at St. Marys 010155-73 (Perth Co.) William SQUIRE, 24, Fullarton, St. Marys, s/o William & Maryann SQUIRE, to Elizabeth HARTWELL, 18, Usborne, Biddulph, d/o Thomas & Mary HARTWELL, witn: Elizabeth SQUIRE & A. BROCK, both of Usborne, 21 September 1873 at St. Marys
10211-73 Joseph STEGER, 23, farmer, Waterloo Co., Elma, s/o Joseph & Magdalena, married Catherine GINGRICH, 18, Oxford Co., Elma, d/o Peter & Catherine, witn: Margaret & Peter HOOK & Elma, 7 Sept 1873 at Elma 10218-73 Archibald STEVENS, 40, farmer, Scotland, Stratford, s/o William STEVENS & Elizabeth HENRY, married Isabella GLEN, 27, Scotland, Stratford, d/o John GLEN & Jane THOM, witn: Robert BALLANTYNE & Jeanie ROBERTSON, both of Downie, 20 Feb 1873 at Downie
  010141-73 (Perth Co.) Alexander STOBIE, 23, yeoman, Scotland, McKillop, s/o Harry STOBIE & Janet WATERS, to Christiania McKAY, 29, St. Marys, same, d/o James McKAY & Margaret CAMERON, witn: John STOBIE of -, Mary GERMAN, of St. Marys, 21 April 1873 at St. Marys
9986-73 Frederick STRICKERT, 32, farmer, widower, Brandenburg Prussia, Logan, s/o John STRICKERT & Christena FAIRBROCK, married Catherine NEWMAN, 18, Logan, same, d/o Frederick NEWMAN & Louisa EINT (Vint?), witn: Casper GLORE (Glove?) of Logan & Hattie WILSON of Mitchell, 27 Oct.. 1873 at Mitchell 10197-73, Frederick STRICKERT, 34, widower, farmer, Wegun Prussia, Logan Tp Ont, s/o John & Christian STRICKERT, married Anna WALTER, 27, Hesse Dornstadt Germany, Logan Tp, d/o Christoph & Elizabeth WALTER, wtn: Christian STRIKERT & William HOPPENWATH both of Logan, 23 February 1873, Lutheran Parsonage, Logan
9980-73, Francis STUART, 39, lumber man, Perthshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o James STUART & Nancy STUART, married Margaret WALKER, 26, Perthshire Scotland, Mitchell Ont, d/o Alexander WALKER & Jessie WALKER, wtn: Jessie WALKER & Catherine WALKER both of Mitchell & John STEWART of Toronto, 29 July 1873, Mitchell 010124-73 (Perth Co.) John SWARTZ, 40, Germany, St Marys, widower, stone mason, s/o John & Catherine SWARTZ, to Margaret McCULLOCH, 40, Scotland, Blanshard, d/o David & Elizabeth McCULLOCH, witn: James McCULLOCH of Grey Co., Elizabeth IRVINE of Biddulph, 3 February 1873 at St Marys
10266-73, Frederick SWITZER, 32, farmer, Canada, Elma, s/o Christopher & Harriet SWITZER, married Maggie PELTON, 24, Canada, Elma, d/o Ezra & Margaret PELTON, wtn: William PELTON & Margaret DICKSON both of Elma, 1 January 1873, Elma 10054-73 (Perth Co): Robert TAYLOR, 29, farmer, Ireland, Hibbert, s/o John & Mary, married Emily NEWELL, 22, Canada, South Easthope, d/o James & Mary, witn: David NEWELL & Sarah McCARDELL, both of S. Easthope, 28 May 1873 at Stratford
10223-73 James F. TERRY, 25, blacksmith, Canada, Fullarton, s/o John TERRY & Janet FERGUSON, married Elizabeth TINNING, 22, Canada, Fullarton, d/o Andrew TINNING & Susan VILEY (Veley?), witn: Joseph TINNING & Sarah BROGDEN, both of Fullarton, 29 Oct.. 1873 at Downie 9990-73 John THOM (Thorn?), 29, merchant, Dalhousie twp., Mitchell, s/o Charles THOM & Elizabeth BAIN, married Anne Chisholm FORRESTER, 20, St. Marys, Mitchell, d/o Andrew FORRESTER & Catherine CHISHOLM, wit: Agnes Catherine FORRESTER & William THOM, both of Mitchell, 16 Dec 1873 at Mitchell
9960-73, John Robert THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Dunahady Parish Tyrone Co Ireland, Logan Tp, s/o Alexander THOMPSON & Mary THOMPSON, married Jane LINTON, 22, Fullerton, Fullerton, d/o Alexander LINTON & Sarah BELL, wtn: William THOMPSON of Logan & Ann RONEY of Hibbert, 27 February 1873, Fullerton 9040-74 John THOMPSON, 21, tailor, Dundas Canada, Ingersol, s/o Robert THOMSON (sic) & Jane, married Margaret DALLING, 22, Mitchell, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Aaron WEFORD? & Sarah A. WILLIS, both of Stratford, 9 Sept 1873 at Stratford
10231-73 John Robert THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Logan twp., s/o Alexander & Mary, married Jane LINTON, 22, Fullarton, same, d/o Alexander LINTON & Sarah BELL, witn: William THOMPSON of Logan & Ann RONEY of Hibbert, 27 Feb 1873 at Fullarton 10098-73 (Perth Co): Amos THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Oxford Co., Elma, s/o John D. & Jane, married Sarah WILSON, 23, Cavan Co., Elma, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: Mary Ann FORBES of Mitchell & William D. MITCHELL of Listowel, 29 Oct 1873 at Elma
10039-73 Henry TODWALGER, 35, widower, millwright, Baden Germany, Gads Hill, s/o George & Magdalena, married Albertina HEER, 33, Switzerland, Stratford, d/o Jacob & Mary Magdalena, witn: Charles DUPERO & Phoebe McDONALD, both of Stratford, 24 June 1873 at Stratford 8916-74, Richard TREMAIN, 26, merchant, Ontario, Listowel, s/o John & Rosa TREMAIN, married Mary Anne LEE, 22, Ontario, Listowel, d/o George & Mary Ann LEE, wtn: Samuel LEE & Susannah LEE both of Listowel, 10 December 1873, Wallace
009996-73, (Perth Co.) Richard TRUMAN, 26, Ontario, Mornington, yeoman, s/o Richard TRUMAN & Elizabeth BUCKFIELD, to Margaret JONES, 19 Ontario, Mornington, d/o William JONES & Jane McGORMAN, witn: Robert TRUMAN & Mary JONES, both of Mornington, 20 March 1873 at Mornington  
#010065-73 (Perth Co) David VANCE, 22, Blandford, same, b, yeoman, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Margaret BULLARD, 23, North Easthope, Stratford, s, d/o John & Delia, witn: Delia BULLARD & Robert BULLARD, both Stratford, married 31 March 1873, Stratford 10057-73 (Perth Co): Gilbert VERNOR, 23, laborer, Ireland, Stratford, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret HUTCHINSON, 18, Pittsburg USA, Stratford, d/o Adam & Elizabeth, witn: Semple VERNOR & Thomas J. HUTCHINSON, both of Stratford, 19 July 1873 at Stratford
9972-73, Fredrick George VOLKER, 24, farmer, Downie, Hibbert, s/o John D. VOLKER & Dorothy FRANKLIN, married Sarah Ann PICKLES, 34, Prince Edward, Fullerton, d/o John PICKLES & Mary ENGLISH, wtn: Charles VOLKER of Downie & Martha Jane BARNEY of Fullerton, 3 June 1873, Mitchell 9966-73, William VOSPER, 34, farmer, England, Fullerton, s/o William VOSPER & Susanna RUNDEL, married Elizabeth SKINNER, 27, Darlington Canada, Fullerton, d/o Thomas SKINNER & Julia PERKEN, wtn: John SKINNER & Maria BUTCHER both of Mitchell, 19 March 1873, Mitchell
10093-73 Philip Bagot WALTON, 25, carpenter, King twp., Drayton, s/o William & Hannah, married Isabella HEAD, 19, Pickering twp., Elma twp., d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Henry NESBITT & Robert McLEAN, both of Elma, 31 May 1873 at Elma 010193-73 (Perth Co) Oswald WANZEL, 23, carpenter, Germany, South Easthope, s/o Valentine & Elizabeth married Margaret YOUNGBLUT, 25, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Werner & Elizabeth, witn: Eckhardt YOUNGBLUT & Elizabeth NAU (NAW) of East Zorra, 16 November 1873 in South Easthope
  10270-73, Joseph WARNICKER, 22, carpenter, Wellesley, Dustonville Ont, s/o Frederick & Hannah WARNICKER, married Sarah RULE, 19, Ramsay Ont, Maryboro, d/o John & Eliza RULE, wtn: David COX of Maryboro & Emma KEARNS of Moorefield, 10 February 1873, Listowel
010010-73, (Perth Co.) Isaac WARREN, 32, Waterloo, Listowel, mechanic, s/o George & Nancy WARREN, to Mary McKEEVER, 26, Ireland, Wallace Twp., John and Rachel McKEEVER, witn: John & Letitia McKEEVER of Wallace, 1 July 1873 at 3rd Concession Wallace 010163-73 (Perth Co.) Sheldon WARREN, 21, trunk maker, South Crosby, St. Marys, s/o Artemis WARREN & Eliza KERR, to Hannah WILSON, 22, St. Marys, same, d/o Levi WILSON & Mary BRADBURN, witn: H. BRINSMEAD of St. Marys, Mrs Artemis WARREN of St. Marys, 12 August 1873 at St. Marys
010164-73 (Perth Co.) John WATKINS, 25, engineer, England, Granton, s/o Thomas WATKINS & Hannah ROBBINS, to Harriet DAVIS, 23, Nissouri, Blanshard, d/o William DAVIS & Ann LEWIS, witn: John DAVIS of Blanshard, Mary RUDD of Usborne, 23 September 1873 at Blanshard 10219-73 James WATSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o James WATSON & Mary BROWN, married Rebecca LAMB, 18, Canada, Downie, d/o Edward & Martha, witn: John LAMB & Elizabeth WATSON, both of Downie, 18 June 1873 at Downie
8846-74 William WAUGH, 24, mechanical engineer, Northumberland England, Petrolia, s/o John WAUGH & Margaret CHARLTON, married Caroline SYKES, 22, Ellice, Logan twp., d/o James SYKES & Emma RICHARDSON, witn: James & Catherine ROBB of Logan, 24 Dec 1873 at Mitchell #008951-74 (Perth Co): David J. WAUGH, 24, farmer, Ontario, Logan, s/o William WAUGH & Sarah WILEY, married Eliza RANEY, 23, Ireland, Downie, d/o George REANY & Martha DAVIDSON, witnesses were James CLULOW of Mitchell & Susan REANY of Downie, 25 Dec., 1873 at Downie
10013-73 (Perth Co): Esra WEBER, 21 (or 27), farmer, Waterloo Co., Howick, s/o Isaac WEBER & Magdalene SHUKE, married Catherina RAPP, 22, Waterloo Co., Wallace, d/o George RAPP & Catherine KONIG, witn: Jacob DOSSEN & Catherine WAHL, both of Wallace, 4 Nov 1873 at Wallace 010167-73 (Perth Co.) David H, WEIR, 25, farmer, London, Nissouri, s/o Robert WEIR & Susan JOHNSTON, to Alice EDMONDSON, 24, Toronto, Blanshard, d/o John EDMONDSON & M. A. ADDY, witn: A & A. HUTCHINS, both of St. Marys, 20 November 1873 at St. Marys
 10042-73 James WENNACOTT (Wannacott?), 36, widower, blacksmith, England, Stratford, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza Jane MAXWELL, 29, Ireland, Stratford, d/o Andrew & Dolly, witn: Mary Ann BARKE & W. H. SELDEN, both of Stratford, 1 May 1873 at Stratford 010190-73 (Perth Co) Conrad WETTLAUFER, 37, yeoman, Wilmot Twp, East Zorra, widower, s/o Frederick & (illeg) married Christina HORMMAN, 26, Germany, South Easthope, d/o John & Ernestina, witn: John HORMMAN & George KAUFMANN of South Easthope, 31 August 1873 in South Easthope.
010192-73 (Perth Co) John WETTLAUFER, 24, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Henry & Elizabeth married Elizabeth FROCK, 19, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Henry FROCK & Elizabeth WETTLAUFER of South Easthope, 12 October 1873 in South Easthope 010181-73 (Perth Co) John WETTLAUFER, 26, cooper, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o John & Elizabeth married Margaret KRUG, 21, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Conrad & Mary, witn: George KRUG & Christian WETTLAUFER of South Easthope, 20 April 1873 in South Easthope
8993-74, William WHITE, 21, farmer, Ireland, Mornington, s/o Robert & Rebecca (sic), married Eliza McDONALD, 23, Scotland, Morning, d/o Hugh & Jane (sic), wtn: James WHITE & Hugh McDONALD both of Mornington, 20 October 1873, Stratford 10014-73 (Perth Co): John W. WHITELEY, 36, widower, pumper, USA, Palmerston, s/o Thomas WHITELEY & Margery BELL, married Maria HEWLETT, 20, England, Minto, d/o Thomas HEWLETT & Mary JACOMB, witn: Alexander THOMPSON & Isabella McDOWELL, both of Palmerston, 8 Nov 1873 at Palmerston
010184-73 (Perth Co) Peter WILKER, 20, blacksmith, South Easthope, East Zorra, s/o Jacob & Anna married Anna C. HONER, 18, South Easthope, East Zorra, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Jacob WILKER & John HONER both of South Easthope, 18 May 1873 in South Easthope 010177-73 (Perth Co) Jacob WILKER, 28, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Jacob & Anna married Catherine WETTLAUFER, 22, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Andrew HALER of Tavistock & Catherine HOW (?) of Sebastopol, 30 March 1873 in South Easthope.
9985-73 John Eynon WILLIAMS, 21, saddler & harness maker, Hungerford Canada, Mitchell, s/o John WILLIAMS & Elizabeth RIDON, married Elizabeth TILLY, 16, Mitchell, same, d/o James TILLY & Maria PERREY (Perry?), witn: John ROLPH & Jemima HUTCHINSON, both of Mitchell, 23 Sept 1873 at Mitchell 010154-73 (Perth Co.) Rev. David WILLIAMS, 33, minister, Ireland, Markdale, s/o Thomas & Eliza WILLIAMS, to Maryann BRUCE, 27, Blanshard, St. Marys, d/o Thomas & Mary BRUCE, witn: Andrew DINSMORE & Elizabeth GLENN, both of Usborne, 17 September 1873 at St. Marys
010143-73 (Perth Co.) Henry Edwin WILSON, 21, merchant, Woodstock, St. Marys, s/o James WILSON & Agnes McKIE, to Frances Charlotte WEIR, 19, Downie, same, d/o William WEIR & Margaret McARTHUR, witn: Thomas McINTYRE & Bessie WEIR, both of St. Marys, 29 May 1873 at Downie 010288-73, (Perth Co.) James Peterson WILSON, 24, Scotland, Wellesley, farmer, s/o James C. & Sarah WILSON, to Christine SMITH, 18, Wellesley, same, d/o Frederick & Annie SMITH, witn: S. LIVINGSTON of Listowel, Ludwig MANSER of Wallace, 9 September 1873 at Listowel
10061-73 (Perth Co): Robert WILSON, 21, baker, Canada, Stratford, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Lovena DUPRES (Dupers?), 17, Stratford, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth Ann, witn: Charles & Harrington DUPRES, 8 Jan 1873 at Stratford 9988-73 George Frank WILSON, 26, woolen manufacturer, Brantford, Mitchell, s/o James WILSON & Cornelia M. COGSWELL, married Euphemia Maria? (Mocis?) McNEIL, 20, Scotland, Mitchell, d/o William McNEIL & Ann GALLOWAY, witn: John Somerville WILSON & Tempest SILLS, both of Mitchell, 27 Oct. 1873 at Mitchell
10272-73, William WILSON, 40, widower, farmer, Ireland, Elma, s/o Wilton WILSON & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Alice CAMPBELL, 32, Canada, Brooke Ont, d/o John & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, wtn: Archibald CARTER & Elizabeth WALKER both of Wallace, 13 February 1873, Listowel 008868-74 (Perth Co) John WOLFE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Logan Twp, s/o Jacob & Rosina married Emily RUDOLPH, 22, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Gottlieb & Minna, witn: Francis SCHAULEZ & Mena HUNGELAND, both of Logan, 9 November 1873 in Logan.
10201-73 James WOOD, 20, mechanic, Ayrshire Scotland, Logan twp., s/o Charles & Jane, married Annie BRODHAGEN, 19, Hamburg, Logan twp., d/o Charles & Justina, witn: John RITZ & Christian ROCK, both of Logan, 13 Nov 1873 at Logan 10237-73 James WOOD, 24, farmer, Yorkshire England, Fullarton, s/o John WOOD & Sarah ATKINSON, married Melvina COLE, 25, Toronto, Fullarton, d/o William COLE & Mary WOOD, witn: John HODGES & Charles BROGDEN, both of Fullarton, 6 Aug 1873 at Fullarton
8915-74, William WOODS, 32, widower, farmer, Ontario, Wallace, s/o William & Elizabeth WOODS, married June CLARK, 22, Ontario, Wallace, d/o Joshua & Anne CLARK, wtn: Frederick GOTFRIED & Mary GOTFRIED both of Wallace, 3 October 1873, Wallace 10222-73 William WOODS, 35, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o George WOODS & Mary GIBB, married Mary ROBERTSON, 18, Canada, Downie, d/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Mary THOM (Thorn?), witn: Jane PIKE & Alexander ROBERTSON, both of Downie, 3 Oct.. 1873 at Downie
9967-73, Cleophus WORTH, 25, moulder, Fullerton, Mitchell, s/o Thomas WORTH & Susannah FISHLEIGH, married Isabella McINTYRE, 22, Yarmouth Tp, Mitchell, d/o Hugh McINTYRE & Ann McQUINN, wtn: John WILCOX & Christina McINTYRE both of Mitchell, 16 April 1873, Mitchell 10269-73, William WRIGHT, 25, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry Ont, s/o William & Rebecca WRIGHT, married Jessie McINTOSH, 18, Scotland, Wallace, d/o Alex McINTOSH & Isabella WHITE, wtn: Francis WRIGHT of Turnberry & Alex McINTOSH of Wallace, 4 February 1873, Listowel
9956-73, Andrew YOUNG, 35, farmer, Scotland, Grey Tp Huron Co, s/o James YOUNG & Marjory REID, married Mary HORNE, 35, England, Mitchell, d/o John HORNE & Mary ABBOTT, wtn: William F. HORNE & Mary C. ABBOTT both of Mitchell, 11 January 1873, Mitchell 10254-73, Henry YUNG, 21, yeoman, Hanover Germany, Ellice, s/o Henry YUNG & Carol HALVERS, married Elizabeth RIEHL, 20, Wellesley, Ellice, d/o Henry RIEHL & Catherine HIEMPLIN, wtn: Christian HERBORT & Sophia FRIER both of Ellice, 23 October 1873, Ellice
  010179-73 (Perth Co) Michael YUTZI, 23, farmer, Wilmot, East Zorra, s/o George & Catherine married Mary SCHRAG, 18, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: Christian ZEHR of Wilmot & Joseph SCHRAG of East Zorra, 11 March 1873 in East Zorra