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Perth Co., 1887


10021-87 (Perth Co) Maitland C. BEASLEY, 80?, railway conductor, Hamilton, same, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Mary Elizabeth BURT(Burl?), 29, Hamilton,same, d/o James & Mary, witn: R.B. BURT(Burl?), Collingwood & Annie LAUGHTON, St. Marys, 7 Sept 1887 at St. Marys #009965-87 (Perth Co): James BELL, 42, widower, farmer, Scotland, Hibbert, s/o Archibald & Margaret, married Eliza Jane COUCH, 20, Usborne, Hibbert, d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: James COLQUHOUN of Fullarton & E.B. TULLY of Mitchell, 26 Jan 1887 at Mitchell
#009982-87 (Perth Co): Thomas BIGAM, 27, farmer, Wellesley, same, s/o Thomas BIGAM & Mary YOUNG, married Lizzie GILLESPIE, 22, Millbank, same, d/o not given, witn: William GILLESPIE of Millbank & Bella? BIGAM of Wellesley, 25 May 1887 at Millbank 10099-87 (Perth Co): Jacob BRAENDLE, 25, blacksmith, Ontario, Morfield, s/o George & Margaret, married Rachel HILL, 18, Maryboro twp., same, d/o not given, witn: Joseph MITCHELL & Jennie HILL, both of Morfield, 25 March 1887 at Listowel
#009976-87 (Perth Co): Michael BRODERICK, 35, harness maker, Canada, Mitchell, s/o John BRODERICK & Bridget CARMODY, married Mary RYAN, 28, Canada, Mitchell, d/o Thomas RYAN & Elizabeth DEVEREAUX, witn: William RYAN & Mary Ellen BRODERICK, both of Mitchell, 14 Nov 1887 at Mitchell (Rom Cath) #009990-87 (Perth Co): Robert BUCHANAN, 21, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o Andrew BUCHANAN & Mary Jane BOO(off page), married Margaret ANDERSON, 20, Mornington twp., same, d/o Andrew ANDERSON & Sophia GALLOWAY, witn: Sophia ANDERSON & Andrew BUCHANAN, 23 Nov 1887 at Mornington
#009979-87 (Perth Co): Ling CHALLENGER, 27, farmer, Elgin Ont., Logan, s/o George & Fanny, married Lizzie ROBB, no age given, Fullarton, Mitchell, d/o John & Margaret, witn: John ROBB of Mitchell & Mary CHALLENGER of Logan, 28 Dec 1887 at Mitchell #009911-87 (Perth Co): Richard CLARK, 28, stone mason, England, 11 Dundas St. Toronto, s/o Henry & Mary, married Lizzie READY, 19, Mickisburg? Penn USA, Stratford, d/o Thomas & Rose, witn: Alfred HAIST of Stratford & Thomas H. St.JOHN, 30 July 1887 at res of Thomas H. St.JOHN, Stratford
  009666-88 Joseph Alexander COOTE (Coots?), 24, yeoman, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Charles COOTE, & Margery HUNTER, married Maggie BRYON, 18, Waterdown Ont, Maryborough, d/o John BYRON & Eliza KENNEDY, Wit: Charles COOTE, Wellesley & Margretta McCLOY, Mornington, 28 Dec 1887, Mornington
9881-87 (Perth Co): Wellington CROMWELL, 24, widower, cooper, Richwood – Oxford Co., Galt, s/o Henry & Priscilla, married Annie E. HOPF, 21, New Hamburg, same, d/o Wolfgang & Catherine, witn: Andrew PANE of Wellesley village & Lena WAGNER of New Hamburg, 23 May 1887 at Stratford 10020-87 (Perth Co) William CULBERT, 44, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph Middlesex, widower, s/o John & Mary, married Mary HODGINS, 44, Biddulph, Lucan, widow, d/o Thomas & Jane COURSEY, witn: Robert CULBERT, Biddulph & Rebecca HODGINS, Lucan, 6 July 1887 at St. Marys
10096-87 (Perth Co): Charles Edgar CUMBER, 23, spring fitter, Hamilton, Galt, s/o Charles CUMBER & Annie TALBERT (or Tallent), married Carrie BENNEWEIS, 20, Listowel, same, d/o Henry BENNEWEIS & Lena EBING, witn: Albert WAHL & Emma WALLENFER, both of Listowel, 24 May 1887 at Listowel #009902-87 (Perth Co): Alexander CUTHBERTSON, 22, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o James CUTHBERTSON & Mary Walker REID, married Ruth MATTHEWS?, 26, Mornington twp., same, d/o Johnson MATTHEWS & Harriet COLLERY?, witneses were Joseph JACOBS & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, Oct. 6, 1887 at Stratford
#009910-87 (Perth Co): John DIMENT, 27, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o Robert & Mary, married Jennie Isles KRAY, 23, Toronto, Stratford, d/o Jane & Adam, witn: Lizzie KRAY & William DIMENT, both of Stratford, 28 Dec 1887 at Stratford (Salv Army)  
9626-88 (Perth Co) Cornellius DINGMAN, 21, W. Zorra, W. Zorra, farmer, s/o David & Julia, married Mary MURPHY, 20, Chicago US, Chicago US, d/o John & Kitty, witn: Robert MURRAY and Mary MURRAY of Stratford, 6 Oct. 1887 at Stratford (could be 1888) #009974-87 (Perth Co): James Tamblyn DOBLE, 28, farmer, Canada, Fullarton, s/o Arthur & Emma, married Johanna Agusta COPPIN, 25, England, Mitchell, d/o John S. & Charlotte, witn: Thomas & Ettie COPPIN of Mitchell, 12 Oct 1887 at Mitchell
#009649-88 (Perth Co): Jacob DOERSAN, 35, hotel keeper, Waterloo, Ellice, s/o Adam DOERSON & Margaret TROCKMAN, married Caroline LOEBS, 27, Waterloo, Ellice, d/o Jacob LOEBS & Agnes HUNCK, witnesses were Conrad SCHNEIDER & Wilhelmina DOERSON of Milverton, 21 Dec 1887 at Ellice (Luth) #009970-87 (Perth Co): William DOWLING, 34, agent, Logan, Mitchell, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann KIDD, 39, Toronto twp., Mitchell, d/o George & Hannah, witn: George C. KIDD of Mitchell & Emma PUTMAN of Hibbert, 30 March 1887 at Mitchell
#009987-87 (Perth Co): James DUNLOP, 26, painter, Pickering twp., Brantford, s/o William DUNLOP & Elizabeth STEWART, married Margaret Ann GILLESPIE, 28, Mornington, same, d/o John GILLESPIE & Margaret DONALDSON, witn: William GILLESPIE of Mornington & Lizzie BROND?, 9 Nov 1887 at Millbank 10097-87 (Perth Co): Frank EIKENSMILLER, 23, blacksmith, Carrick twp., Wallace twp., s/o Nicolas EIKENSMILLER & Marie AMENT, married Maria DREHMAN, 23, Wallace twp., same, d/o William DREHMAN & Catherine ROENKE (of Wallace twp), witn: George LEIDENBEYE? & Maria Git HESS, both of Listowel, 15 March 1887 at Listowel
#009968-87 (Perth Co): William ELLIOT, 35, head master of High school, Scotland, Mitchell, s/o Francis & Williamina, married Agnes C. FORRESTER, 30, Scotland, Mitchell, d/o Andrew & Catherine, witn: William FORRESTER & Annie BEGGS, both of Mitchell, 1 April 1887 at Mitchell #009644-88 (Perth Co): George Graham EWART, 27, printer, Stratford, Walkerton, s/o George & Agnes, married Maggie BUSHFORD, 27, Mitchell, Stratford, d/o Henry & Ann, witnesses were C? RERCHENBIRCH of Park Hill & Mary BUSHFORD of Brantford, Dec 20, 1887 at Stratford
#009984-87 (Perth Co): Joseph FAULKNER, 27, farmer, Mornington, Grey twp., s/o Benjamin FAULKNER & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Sarah PATTERSON, 27, Mornington, Carthage - Perth Co., d/o Alexander PATTERSON & Martha GRAY, witn: William TISDALE of Grey twp & Mary E.J. PATERSON of Carthage, 14 June 1887 at Carthage #009956-87 (Perth Co): Jacob FIELSINGER, 26, laborer, Germany, Wallace, s/o Frederick & Catherine, married Sarah WALTER, 20, Wallace, same, d/o Peter & Veronika, witn: Henry WALTER & Catherine FIELSINGER, both of Wallace, 27 Oct 1887 at Wallace
#009988-87 (Perth Co): Hugh FREEBORN, 33, farmer, Wellesley twp., same, s/o Hugh FREEBORN & Sarah MAXWELL, married Margaret Jane DAVIDSON, 26, Mornington twp., same, d/o Wallace DAVIDSON & Isabella McGIRR, witn: Nancy Elizabeth DAVIDSON of Mornington & John THOMPSON of Wellesley, 7 Sept 1887 at Mornington #009966-87 (Perth Co): George Henry GALE, 24, farmer, Canada, Fullarton, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Ida Mary GALE, 25, England, Fullarton, d/o George & Susannah, witn: Edward & Mary GALE of Mitchell, 14 March 1887 at Mitchell
9882-87 (Perth Co): William GIBB, 47, widower, vet surgeon, Scotland, St. Marys, s/o John GIBB & Isabella GARDNER, married Jessie MUIR, 33, Canada, Stratford, d/o John MUIR & Elizabeth YOUNGER, witn: A. HUTCHING of Stratford & R. BENSON of B—ly?, 15 June 1887 at Stratford #009907-87 (Perth Co): Samuel Robert GILLIS, 24, telegraph operator, Ottawa Co-Quebec, Lucan?, s/o Samuel & Angelique, married Mary JAMES, 22, Mono twp - Simcoe, Stratford, d/o Robert & Martha, witnesses were John W. GILLIS of Flint Michigan & Elsie ROSS? of Stratford, Nov. 23, 1887 at Stratford
#009903-87 (Perth Co): David GRADY, 26, painter & carpenter, Mulmer, South Easthope, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Mattie KENNEL?, 14, Wellesley, same, d/o Daniel & Barbara, witnesses were George & Nany WITTLANFFER? (Wettlaufer?) of Stratford, Oct. 15, 1887 at Stratford #009981-87 (Perth Co): James A. GRAY, 26, cheese maker, Elma twp., same, s/o John GRAY & Margaret WILCOX, married Martha Ann JOHNSTON, 23, Carthage - Perth Co., Mornington, d/o William JOHNSTON & Martha PATTERSON, witn: Sarah PATTERSON of Mornington & William H. GRAY of Elma, 19 April 1887 at Mornington
10094-87 (Perth Co): John B. HAGERMAN, 31, baker, Canada, Listowel, s/o Lorenzo & Mary Ann, married Maria M. CHAPMAN, 22, Canada, Listowel, d/o Mathew & Martha, witn: William M. ROBERTS & Mary J. EVANS, both of Listowel, 29 June 1887 at Listowel #009972-87 (Perth Co): Thomas HANLON, 21, tailor, Canada, Mitchell, s/o Hial & Catherine, married Bessie HOCKINGS, 18, Canada, Mitchell, d/o John & Emily, witn: Elizabeth WILLIAMS & Fanny HOCKINGS, 23 July 1887 at Mitchell
#009892-87 (Perth Co): Edgar W?. HARRIS, 22, telegraph operator, Iona Canada, Stratford, s/o C.B. & Margaret, married Emma MUNRO, 20, Hawick? village, Stratford, d/o Oscar MUNRO & Milly CARTER, witn: Samuel GILLIER of Lucan? & Jane ROSS? of Stratford, 9 Aug 1887 at Stratford #009900-87 (Perth Co): Francis E. HARRISON, 26, mail conductor, Canada, Winnipeg, s/o William D. & Lucy, married Eliza HAMILTON, 26, Canada, Stratford, d/o John & Cecilia, witn: John HAMILTON of Stratford & Daniel A. HARRISON of New York, 6 Oct 1887 at Stratford
#009904-87 (Perth Co): Henry HENDERSON, 52, widower, gardener, England, Simcoe - Norfolk Co., s/o William HENDERSON & MAry COLD--, married Margaret McCARROL?, 43, widow, Ireland, Simcoe - Norfolk Co., d/o James McCARROL & Bridget MURRAY, Dec. 3, 1887 at Stratford #009986-87 (Perth Co): William Joseph HESSON, 23, mechanic, Downie twp., Stratford, s/o James HESSON & Margaret McKAY, married Minnie FLEMING, 24, Mornington, same, d/o James FLEMING & Esther WELSH, witn: Edgar FLEMING of Mornington & Birdie HESSON of Stratford, 26 Oct 1887 at Mornington
10016-87 (Perth Co) James HILLS, 25, miller, Canada, Harrington, s/o George HILLS & Mary SHEPPARD, married Margaret MURRAY, 23, Canada, Harrington, d/o Donald MURRAY & Bella MCKAY, witn: John MCCABE, Harrington & Maggie MCKAY, Stratford, 16 Feb 1887 at St. Marys #009885-87 (Perth Co): John HOARE, 40, wid., laborer, London Eng., Stratford, s/o John & Louisa, married Matilda JOHNSTON(E), 37, Detroit Mich., Stratford, d/o Henry & Matilda, witn: Frank SERGEANT & Jessie Gordon SMITH, both of Stratford, 20 July 1887 at Congregational Parsonage, Stratford
10095-87 (Perth Co): Robert HONEYFORD, 24, employee, Armagh Ireland, Listowel, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Sarah Elizabeth McDONALD, 21, Canada, Palmerston, d/o James & blank, witn: Elias & Mrs. BASSET, 24 May 1887 at Listowel #009895-87 (Perth Co): William JACKSON, 21, student, Montreal, Goderich, s/o William & not given, married Alice KIFE, 19, illegible twp - Huron Co., Colborne twp - Huron Co., d/o Joseph & not given, witn: Minnie HAMILTON & G.J. ALLEN, both of Stratford, 23 Aug 1887 at Stratford
#009897-87 (Perth Co): Edward Robert Charles JACOBS, 22, brick layer, Canada, Stratford, s/o Elias JACOBS & Minnie ELLISON, married Ellen PATTON, 20, England, Stratford, d/o James PATTON & Mary MOOREHEAD, witn: Archibald & Isabella DOGHERTY of Stratford, 10 Sept 1887 at Stratford #009901-87 (Perth Co): Henry JEFFREY, 27, merchant, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Andrew & Agnes, married Jennie E. McFADDEN, 25, Canada, Stratford, d/o James & Catherine, witn: William JEFFREY & James McFADDEN, both of Stratford, 24 Oct 1887 at Stratford
#009959-87 (Perth Co): John Henry JEWELL, 22, merchant, Canada, Mitchell, s/o William & Caroline, married Rebecca ROBERTS, 21, Canada, Mitchell, d/o Key & Ann, witn: John ROGERS of Hibbert & Maggie ROBERTS of Mitchell, 12 Jan 1887 at Mitchell #009890-87 (Perth Co): Patrick H. KANE, 33, farmer, Ontario, Stratford, s/o Edward KANE & Susan McFADDEN, married Mary McNEIL, 21, Ontario, Stratford, d/o Ronald McNEIL & Kate CAMERON, witn: Owen KANE & Mary MURPHY, both of Stratford, 4 July 1887 at Stratford
9883-87 (Perth Co): James KEAY, 26, farmer, South Easthope, Brookside – West Zorra, s/o James & Martha, married Margaret INNES, 21, West Zorra, same, d/o Gordon & Abigail, witn: C. WILSON & A. FRAME, both of Stratford, 18 July 1887 at Central Hotel, Stratford 10018-87 (Perth Co) Isaac M. LEVAN B.A., 30, collegiate teacher, Canada, St. Marys, s/o Jacob LEVAN & Hanna MASTER, married Emma SANDERSON, 28, St. Marys, same, d/o John SANDERSON & Agnes MCINTYRE, witn: Francis CHAPPLE, Mary SANDERSON, John BOYLE, Aggie SANDERSON, all of St. Marys, 20 July 1887 at St. Marys
#009913-87 (Perth Co): Henry MADDIS, 27, farmer, Cavan twp., Mornington, s/o Benjamin MADDISS (sic) & Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, married Mary Ann Jane GILL, 20, Elma, Monckton, d/o William GILL & Ann ELLICOTT, witn: William & Elizabeth GILL of Stratford, 12 Sept 1887 at Stratford  
#009889-87 (Perth Co): Dugald McCAUL, 32, farmer, Nissouri twp., same, s/o Dugald & Isabel, married Sarah Jane BELL, 22, Nissouri twp., same, d/o William & Amelia, witn: Samuel BELL of West Zorra & Margaret GOLDING? of Downie, 13 April 1887 at Stratford 10017-87 (Perth Co) John McCULLOCH, 25, farmer, St. Marys, Cooperstown U.S., s/o James MCCULLOCH & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, married Abbie NICOLL, 22, Canada, St. Marys, d/o John NICOLL & Mary LONG, witn: Robert N. SMITH & Tillie NICOLL, both of St. Marys, 12 Apr 1887 at St. Marys
#009645-88 (Perth Co): Angus McDONALD, 28, tinsmith, Inverness Scotland, Stratford, s/o Roderick McDONALD & Harriet PATTERSON, married Ellen GRIEVE, 21, Hamilton, Plattsville, d/o Charles GRIEVE & Elizabeth CARVER, witnesses were Angus CAMPBELL & Mrs. A. McCALL, both of Stratford, 24 Dec., 1887 at Stratford #009989-87 (Perth Co): Hugh McDONALD, 26, farmer, Mornington twp., same, s/o Hugh McDONALD & Jane REID, married Mary Jane WHALEY, 21, Mornington twp., same, d/o John WHALEY & Annie SALTER, witn: Donald JACK & Ellen McKEE, both of Mornington, 26 Oct 1887 at Mornington
#009908-87 (Perth Co): Michael McGEARY, 53, farmer, Ireland, Stratford, s/o Bernard McGEARY & Margaret HANLON, married Ellen MARTIN, 40, Ontario, Stratford, d/o Bryan MARTIN & Mary McINNANY, witn: Peter GLABB & Ann SCOTT, 13 Nov 1887 at Stratford (Rom Cath) #009888-87 (Perth Co): John Sterling McINNES, 27, carpenter, Middleton, Parkhill, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Mary Ann MYERS, 24, Ashfield, Stratford, d/o Roland? & Margaret, Kate & William A. MYERS of Stratford, 20 March 1887 at Stratford
#009957-87 (Perth Co): Thomas Henry McMAHON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Wallace, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Charlotte Rebecca SOMERVILLE, 27, Ontario, Wallace, d/o William & Jane Elizabeth, witn: William & Jane E. SOMERVILLE of Wallace, 8 Nov 1887 at Wallace #009894-87 (Perth Co): Alexander McMILLAN, 40, teacher, Canada, Toronto, John McMILLAN & Margery McLACHLAN, married Eliza BYFIELD, 31, Canada, Goderich, d/o Edmund & Ann, witn: Edwin BYFIELD of Toronto & Ann BYFIELD of Goderich, 17 Aug 1887 at Stratford
#009886-87 (Perth Co): John William MITCHELL, 38, engineer, Weston Engl., Stratford, s/o Charles & Phoebe, married Emily C. BRAZIER, 30, Kent Eng., Stratford, d/o Charles & Louisa, witn: W. MURRAY & Jennie (or Tennie) BRAZIER, both of Stratford, 27 July 1887 at Stratford #009983-87 (Perth Co): Patrick MOORE, 30, tinsmith, Stratford, Listowel, s/o Martin MOORE & Alice? CAROLL, married Margaret McDONALD, 24, Mornington, same, d/o Arthur & not given, witn: W. WOODS of Listowel & Eng? McDONALD of Mornington, 2 June 1887 at Bethlehem, Mornington twp
#009964-87 (Perth Co): William MUIR, 27, carpenter, Downie, same, d/o John & Ann, married Lizzie GRAHAM, 24, Downie, Logan, d/o John & Mary, witn: Thomas MUIR of Downie & Maggie GRAHAM of Logan, 26 Jan 1887 at Mitchell #009891-87 (Perth Co): Charles MULLAN, 40, farmer, Ontario, Kinkora, s/o John MALLON & Kate QUINN, married Margaret HAY, 50, widow, Ontario, Stratford, d/o William HIGGINS & Honora CRYAN, witn: Simon O'DONNELL & Bridget DOHERTY, both of Stratford, 1 Aug 1887 at Stratford (Rom Cath)
#009909-87 (Perth Co): Hector MUNRO, 33, widower, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o Charles & Ann, married Jennie REID, 23, West Zorra, same, d/o William & Louisa, witn: Agnes & Nellie WRIGHT both of Stratford, 29 Nov 1887 at Stratford #009991-87 (Perth Co): Robert NICKLIN, 23, farmer, Morningdale, same, s/o John NICKLIN & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Clara TICKER, 22, Downie, Mornington, d/o Thomas TUCKER & Margaret RENNIE, witn: Andrew TILLIE of Stratford & Hattie TUCKER of Mornington, 28 Sept 1887 at Mornington
#009973-87 (Perth Co): John PATERSON, 48, farmer, widower, Canada, Mitchell, s/o Train? & Manda, married Jane KINSMAN, 42, widow, England, Mitchell, d/o William & Ann BAKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Rodulph SMITH, 14 July 1887 at Mitchell #009960-87 (Perth Co): William PIKE, 24, farmer, Canada, Downie, s/o John & Jane, married Annie BERNARD, 19, Canada, Downie, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John PIKE of Downie & Jane ROBERTSON of Stratford, 26 Jan. 1887 at Mitchell
#009896-87 (Perth Co): John PULLARD, 31, widower, contractor, Canada, Stratford, s/o John & Sarah Ann, married Annie WEST, 24, widow, d/o Ebenezer PLUMAND? & Catherine LAIRD, witn: Thomas S. JOHN of Stratford & Sarah HARRISON of Mel--, 7 Sept 1887 at Stratford #009980-87 (Perth Co): George RAY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Dakota, s/o Alexander RAY & Mary TAYLOR, married Lizzie STRACHAN, 25, Mornington, same, d/o William STRACHAN & Mary LEGGATT, witn: Kate STRACHAN of Mornington & Thomas COLLOPY? of Whitechurch, 23 Feb 1887 at res of William STRACHAN, Mornington
#009992-87 (Perth Co): Archibald RIDDELL, 22, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o George RIDDELL & Jane CAMPBELL, married Catherine STRACHAN, 25, Mornington, same, d/o William STRACHAN & Mary LEGGATT, witn: Alexander STRACHAN & Mary RIDDELL, both of Mornington, 23 Nov 1887 at Mornington 10019-87 (Perth Co) Geo Gilbert ROBINSON, 26, salesman, Quebec, Toronto, s/o George & Alicia ROBINSON, married Mary Ellen FORD, 28, Kingston, St. Marys, d/o Francis FORD & Mary A. KELLY, witn: Armour, Josie & Maggie FORD, all of St. Marys, 22 Aug 1887 at St. Marys
#009647-88 (Perth Co): Thomas Mitchell RUSTON, 26, carpenter, Ellice, Stratford, s/o Francis RUSTON & Margaret RAMSAY, married Matilda Jane MIDDLEDITCH, 21, Ellice, same, d/o Samuel & Mary Haliday, witnesses were Francis & Bell S. RUSTON of Ellice, Dec. 27, 1887 at the residence of Mrs. MIDDLEDITCH, Ellice #009985-87 (Perth Co): Ludwig John SCHMIDT, 28, Lutheran minister, Germany, Poole - Mornington, s/o Ludwig SCHMIDT & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Emma L. RUSCH, 25, Berdon Province Germany, Poole, d/o Auguste C.T. RUSCH & Wilhelmina Louisa M. KAHLBAUM, witn: Mary, Ludwig & Eliz. SCHMIDT of Poole and Valentine BUKERT and George & Emilia REIMER all of Wellesley, 14 July 1887 at Poole (Lutheran)
#009905-87 (Perth Co): Walter SCOTT, 29, miller, Wellington Co., London Ont., s/o George & Agnes, married Margaret LYELL, 18, Shakespeare, Stratford, d/o John & Jane, witnesses were Nelson LA MARCHE & Margaret ALLEN, both of Stratford, Nov. 1, 1887 at Stratford 10098-87 (Perth Co): Richard Alexander SEAMAN, 22, carriage maker, Canada, Listowel, s/o William & Mary of Listowel, married Esther Ellen BRIDGE, 18, Canada, Listowel, d/o John & Bridget, witn: Charles REID of Goderich & Priscilla WATSON of Listowel, 16 March 1887 at Listowel
009453-86 (Perth Co.) Thomas SHAW, 31, Kingston Logan Twp, farmer, s/o James & Mary SHAW, to Sarah Jane HURLBURT, 19, Clarke Twp, Logan Twp, d/o John & Mary HURLBURT, witn William HURLBURT, Logan Twp; M. M. ADAMS of Toronto, on 1 Jan 1887 at Logan Twp, 009690-88 (Perth) James B. SHEARER, 24, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o James SHEARER & Janet BALLANTYNE, married Mary McMINN, 22, Tecumseth twp, Wallace, d/o John McMINN & Margret HENCHAN, Wit: James McMINN & Margret SHEARER both of Listowel, 28 Dec 1887, Wallace
#009899-87 (Perth Co): Samuel SHINE, 31, farmer, Grey, Grey twp., s/o Michael & Mary, married Emily BARKER, 26, Grey, same, d/o John & Johanna, witn: C.J. McGREGOR & Any McPHERSON, both of Stratford, 12 Sept 1887 at Stratford #009650-88 (Perth Co): Louis SIEGNER, 23, saddler, Mornington twp., Ellice, s/o George SIEGNER & Eve FISCHER, married Margaret HAMEL, 23, Mornington twp., Ellice, d/o George HAMEL & Margaret VOLLER, witnesses were Robert KINKADE & Louisa HAMEL, both of Mornington twp., 21 Dec 1887 at Ellice (Luth)
#009977-87 (Perth Co): Valentine STOCK (or Stork), 35, merchant, East Zorra, Tavistock, s/o Conrad & Helen, married Mary MARTY, 25, Mitchell, same, d/o Frederick & Magdaline, witn: William STOCK of E. Zorra & Sophie MARTY of Mitchell, 17 Nov 1887 at Mitchell (Lutheran) #009884-87 (Perth Co): John James TILLY, 28, slater (sealer?), Staffordshire Eng., Stratford, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah Ann DOLLMAN, 21, Derbyshire Eng., Stratford, d/o Robert & Fanny, witn: Peter & Mary J. ENDEUX? of Stratford, 18 July 1887 at Stratford
#009955-87 (Perth Co): William TIMM, 25, farmer, Waterloo Co., Wallace, s/o Augustus & Sophia, married Maria VOELKER, 20, Howick, Wallace, d/o Heinrich & Nanna?, witn: Charles RUMGE of Normanby & Elizabeth FACKLAM of Wallace, 26 Oct 1887 at Wallace (Lutheran) #009906-87 (Perth Co): Patrick TOBIN, 27, clerk, Ontario, Stratford, s/o John TOBIN & Mary GALLAGHER, married Caroine SUTTER, 19, Ontario, Stratford, d/o Allan SUTTER & Mary SYPE, witnesses were Dugald McPHEE & Mary TOBIN, both of Stratford, Nov. 8, 1887 at Stratford
#009893-87 (Perth Co): Leopold G. VAN EGMOND, 34, manufacturer, Humphrey, Seaforth, s/o August Gustav & Isabella, married Margaret Elizabeth VANSTONE, 20, Stratford, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Edwin J. VANSTONE of Seaforth & Emily VANX of Stratford, 17 Aug 1887 at Stratford #009971-87 (Perth Co): Joseph Henry VANSTONE, 24, jeweller, Exeter Ont., Mitchell, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Ella Beatrice DORMAN, 21, Port Stanley, Mitchell, d/o Daniel Henry & Hannah, witn: Robert VANSTONE of Listowel & Edith DORMAN of Mitchell, 15 June 1887 at Mitchell
  #009978-87 (Perth Co): Robert H. VERITY, 30, widower, illegible manufacturer, Exeter, same, s/o William H. & Mary J., married Helen F. BURRITT, 30, Augusta twp., Mitchell, d/o Helen & Lucy, witn: William J. VERITY of Exeter & Leah BURRITT of Mitchell
#009969-87 (Perth Co): Adolphus VOLKER, 39, farmer, widower, on the Atlantic, Downie, s/o John & Dorothy DITRICH, married Rebecca KIRK (or Kech), 26, Downie, same, d/o Christian & Mary, witn: Jacob & Minnie KIRK of Downie, 2 June 1887 at Mitchell #009898-87 (Perth Co): James WHALING, 29, widower, farmer, Ontario, Stratford, s/o William WHALING & Hannah SCOTT, married Mary MOLLAY, 20, Ontario, Stratford d/o John MOLLAY & Ellen KENNEDY, witn: John & illegible WHALING, 26, Sept 1887 at Stratford (Rom Cath)
#009975-87 (Perth Co): Benjamin James WHEATLY, 22, painter, England, Woodstock, s/o Ebenezer & Mary, married Jennie PARROTT, 20, England, Mitchell, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Sophia RUCHTZ? of Seaforth & Edwin Harvy GRAY of Woodstock, 14 Sept 1887 at Mitchell 10093-87 (Perth Co): Samuel WITTON (or Wilton), 42, widower, laborer, Canada, Stratford, s/o Richard & Hannah, married Margaret McKAY, 32, Canada, Wallace, d/o Alexander & Elspet, witn: William McKAY & Maggie SMITH, both of Wallace, 22 June 1887 at Listowel
#009967-87 (Perth Co): William YOUNG, 22, farmer, Fullarton, same, s/o Leonard & Jemima, married Emily PARROTT, 19, England, Mitchell, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Robert LEMON of Logan & Jennie PARROTT of Mitchell, 27 April 1887 at Mitchell