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Peterborough County (& Colborne Dist.), 1841 - 1864

From LDS FHL film # 1030063 from Salt Lake City. Page 57…Volume 55, transcribed by Barb Milburn. (some of the following returns were transcribed by Adrian Donley, and these are noted)

Also, available from Ontario Archives film # MS 248, reel 13


Marriages performed by Rev. John M. Roger of Peterborough 1841 & 1842

format: groom's name, bride's name, license or proclamation, witnesses, date of marriage,


William CHAMBERLIN, Ellen INGRAM, by license, Witn: Alex EDMISON, Edmond CHAMBERLIN, Jan 21, 1841,

Archibald HAGGART, Elizabeth McGREGOR, by license, Witn:  Alx. McGREGOR, John HAGGART, Jan 29, 1841,

John HARMILIN, Jane BOLTON, by license, Witn: John GIBBON, George GIBBON, May 30, 1841,

James JOHNSTON, Eliza THOMPSON, by proclamation, Witn: Ann HENRY, Sarah LEE, June 19, 1841,

John McLAUGHLIN, Anne McINTOSH, by license, Witn: Alx McINTOSH, Thomas HUSTAN, July 30, 1841,

Christopher MARSHALL, Elizabeth CRIGHTON, by license, Witn: Watson ROBINSON, William TASKEN, Sept 3, 1841,

Andrew MOFFAT, Grace ALLAN, by proclamation, Witn: Wm CLAY, Jessie CLAY, April 29, 1841

Peter MOFFAT, Elsie LOCKIE, by proclamation, Witn: Robert LAING Sen., William LOCKIE, May 21, 1841,

William NICHOL, Margaret NELSON, by license, Witn: James DEWART, John WILSON, Sept 23, 1841, by Rev. John M. Roger of Peterboro

Robert WADDLE, Ann WILLIAMSON, by proclamation, Witn: William HALL, James HARVEY, Dec. 31, 1841, by Rev. John M. Roger of Peterboro


Henry BURGES, Margaret PETERKIN, by license, Witn: William PETERKIN, Daniel BURGES, March 14, 1842

John MILLER, Margaret WOOD, by proclamation, Witn: James MILLER, Al'x WOOD, Feb. 17, 1842,  

John KIDD, Jessie? McDONALD, by proclamation, Witn: Alex KIDD, William KIDD, March 18, 1842,

Thomas JOHNSTON, Mary BRENNAN, by license, Witn: James JOHNSTON, Elizabeth ROGER, April 2, 1842,

Robert RIDLY, Eliza Harvey BEATTIE, by license, Witn: James WRIGHT, O. MORROW, May 12, 1842,

John NEWELL, Hannah HERRON, by license, Witn: Thomas' DONNELLY, Janet HERRORE, June 3, 1842,

Francis FLABLIS or HABLES, Margaret CRIGHTON, by Proclamation, Witn: Robert JOHNSTON, John INGLE, June 14, 1842,

David DRUMMOND, Jane TOLOURON, by license, Witn: Joseph GREEN, Alice GREEN, Jan. 11, 1843,

William ABBOT, Douro, Jane HURLE, Douro, by license, Witn: James TEMY, Mary SMITH, April 30, 18??, by Percy Karran,(Harren) incumbent of Lakefield


Performed by W. Mc Fadden, Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Canada, 1841 & 1842

format: groom's name, township & district, bride's name, township & district, license, proclamation or banns, witnesses, date of marriage,

Paul HELM, Cavan, Newcastle District, Rhebea LEE, Smith, Colbourne District, by license, Witn: Jas CHALMERS, Marie MILBOURN, August 28, 1841,

George SAMSON, Dummer, Colbourne District, Charlotte FINLAY, Dummer, Colbourne District, by banns, Witn: Thomas CHOAT, John FINEZ, August 31, 1841,

Christifer SWITSER (SWITZER), Peterboro, Colbourne District, Margaret MERNELL, Peterboro, Colbourne District, by banns, Witn: Amos SWITSOR (SWITZER), William McBURNEY, Nov. 5, 1841,

John SWITSER (SWITZER), Emily, Colbourne District, Margaret KERR, Emily, Colbourne District, by banns, Witn: James JOHNSTON, Rev. John JEFFERS, Nov. 18, 1841,

Thomas YOUNG, Cavin (Cavan), Newcastle District, Mary ROBINSON, Cavan, Newcastle District, by license, Witn: Walter SHERIDEN, John WORKMAN, February 24, 1842,

Mathew BELL, Asphodel, Colbourne District, Elizabeth WILDMAN, Asphodel, Colbourne District, by banns, Witn: Thomas MOSSION, Thomas BUCK, April 25, 1842

Henry SHERIN of Emily, Jane PLUNKUT? of Emily, banns, November 21, 1842 Witn: John LATCHFORD, Barbara JOHNSTON

Edward McKEVER [McHever] of Peterboro, Sarah McCARTY of Otonabee, license, Nov. 27, 1842 Witn: George BROWNLEE, Elisabeth GOURLY

James DAVIDSON of Smith, Ann BRUMWEL of Smith, banns, Dec. 17, 1842, Witn: George KENADY, John HARVY

Robert JAMES of Emily, Frances JONES of Emily, banns, Dec. 21, 1842, Witn: John SHEELAR, Robert SHERIN

John CERVATH of Dummer, Louisa GRANT of Dummer, banns, Dec. 22, 1842, Witn: William GRANT, Susanna McFADDEN

Isaac WAHBOORE of Smith, Elizabeth COW of Smith, banns, Dec. 24, 1842, Witn: J. EDWARDS, James McCUE

James JOHNSTON of Cavin [Cavan], Solshorine ELSWORTH of Otonabee, license, Jan. 3, 1843, Witn: Oren ELSWORTH, David DUNDUSS [Dunduff]

Henry WATLEY of Duro [Douro], Sarah PYNE of Dummer, banns, Jan. 10, 1843, Witn: Thomas COT, Mariah FORD

William COUTTER of Otonabee, Eliza LINCE of Peterboro, license, Jan. 10, 1843 Witn: James LINCE, Versey McCARROLL

William McKEE of Smith, Ann FINLEY of Dummer, license, Jan. 12, 1843, Witn: George KENADY, John WILSON

George PRESTON of Smith, Elenor PARR of Smith, banns, Feb. 13, 1843, Witn: Joseph PARR, Susanna McFADDEN

John METCALF [Medcalf] of Peterboro, Jane THOMAS of Peterboro, license, Feb 28, 1843, Witn: James BIRD, John BIRD

William MILLS of Emily, Mary Ann GUTTRY of Emily, banns, March 28, 1843, Witn: James MITCHEL, George KENADY

James SCOTT of Emily, Cathrin SHEHEE of Emily, banns, April 9, 1843, Witn: William SHOULDISE, Susanna McFADDEN

Retton STALKER of Peterboro, Sarah NEWTON of Peterboro, banns, May 16, 1843, Witn: John NEWTON, William STALKER

George TOWER, Esther BRISTNELL, Oct. 10, 1842 at Mariposa Witn: Thomas TORMAN?, Hiram BRISTNALL, (Marriage by Alex CAMPBELL, Justice of the Peace for District of Colborne)


Marriages solemnized by Rev. John GILMOUR - 1842 & 1843

format: groom's name, occupation, his residence, bride's name, her residence, banns or license,  witnesses, date & place of marriage.

Isaac ARCHER, farmer, Mary BORNAN, spinster, both of Smith Town, by license, Witn: Thomas ARCHER, farmer, Sophia ARCHER, both of Smith Town, Colbourne District, January 8, 1843, Peterboro, Township of Monaghan

Robert KIDD, farmer, of Township of Dummer, Elizabeth JONES of the same place, spinster, by banns, Witn: Alex KIDD Srn, farmer, Edward JONES, farmer, both of Township of Dummer, Colbourne District, Nov. 28, 1842, Township of Dummer

John KUSHIGOW, farmer, Smith town, Madi??, spinster, Township of Otonabee, by banns, Witn: James McCAR(McCUE), farmer, James EDWARDS, school master, October 3, 1842, at Chemong Lake, Smithtown,

William LANG, farmer, Township of Monaghan, Mary SAVINGY, spinster, Township of Otonabee, by license, Witn: John WARGRA???, farmer, John W. GALMAIN?? Jun., of Peterboro Town, Twp. Monaghan, Colbourne District, August 2, 1843, Peterboro, Township of Monaghan

James NICHOLLS, farmer, Jane ELLIOTT, spinster, both of the Township of Smith, by banns, Witn: Robert MILBURN, farmer, James SMITH, farmer, both of township of Smith, Colbourne District, April 6, 1843, Peterboro, Township of Monaghan

Francis CROW, widower, Abigail PEARSON, Spinster, both of Smithtown, license, Witn: James EDWARDS, merchant from Peterboro, W. C. NICHOLLS, shoemaker from Smithtown, Dec. 4, 1843 in Peterboro


Marriages solemnized by Rev. John SANDERSON, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church - 1843

John B. CHARLTON, Elizabeth FIKE, both of Mariposa, by banns, Dec. 4, 1842, Witn: Matthew FIKE & Neal FERGUSON

William COOPER, Maria COPELIN, both of Mariposa, by banns, January 2, 1843 Witn: Robert JONTIN? [Tontin], Hugh COPELIN

Benjamin GODFRE (Godfrey?), Susan COOPER, both of Mariposa, by banns, January 9, 1843, Witn: John COPELIN, William COOPER

David WRIGHT, Elizabeth HILL, both of Mariposa, by banns, February 20, 1843, Witn: Richard WRIGHT, George COPELIN

William STARR of Finlin, Uriniah? FULFORD of Ops, by banns, February 27, 1843, Witn: William PURDY, Samuel BROCK

Norman MacLAIN of Mariposa, Mary CAMRIN (Cameron?) of Eldon, by banns, February 25, 1843 Witn: Andrew MEKA, Donald McDONALD

William PARSONS, Jane MABEE, both of Mariposa, by banns, April 5, 1843, Witn: Gilbert MABEE, William MABEE

John WILKINSON, Elizabeth BROWN, both of Mariposa, by banns, April 20, 1843 Witn: Hugh BROWN, William WIGGINS

Angus CURRY, Mary McTIGART (McTaggart?), both of Mariposa, by banns, April 27, 1843. Witn: Hugh BROWN, Alexander McTIGART

Thomas MARKS, Hariet Ann YERIX [Yerex], both of Mariposa, by banns, May 22, 1843 Witn: Isaac YERISC, Seth YERIX

Richard WRIGHT, Sarah COOPER, both of Mariposa, by banns, May 23, 1843 Witn: John COPTHISH??, David WRIGHT


Marriages solemnized by Rev. William Young, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1843

format- groom's name, residence, bride's name, residence, license or publication of banns, witnesses, date of marriage,

Charles LLOYD, Asphodel twp., Betsey McCOLL, Asphodel twp., by banns, Witn: Robert COLLINS, Hugh McCOLL, Oct. 26, 1843

James METCALF, Asphodel twp., Ellen HOWSON, Otonabee twp., by licence, Witn: Christopher HOWSON, Joseph METCALF, Nov. 27, 1843

James FINLEY, Dummer twp., Jane FUNSTON, Asphodel twp., by banns, Witn: Patrick CANNON, John FINLAY, Jan. 2 1844

Thomas HOWSON, Asphodel twp., Ann McCONNEL, Dummer twp., by banns, Witn: George CARR, Philip METCALF, February 12, 1844

James McMULLEN, Dummer twp., Isabella McWILLIAMS, Dummer twp., by banns, Witn: James PETRE, Thomas ROBERTSON, Feb. 27, 1844

Robert PLUNKET, Dummer twp., Jane HAMILTON, Dummer twp., by banns, Witn: Christian KEMP, James BARBER, Feb. 22, 1844

Francis LOVE, Asphodel twp., Mary Jane PATERSON, Asphodel twp., by banns, Witn: John KNOX, Robert CANNON, Feb. 28, 1844

Edward BANNON, Dummer twp., Sarah GARDINER, Dummer twp., by banns, Witn: Henry GARDENER, James DRAIN, July 1, 1844

James McCONNEL, Dummer twp., Mary QUINN, Dummer twp., by banns, Witn: Thomas ROBERTSON, William BURGESS, Aug. 6, 1844

John BOYD, Douro twp., Eliza GARDINER, Dummer twp., by banns, Witn: William GARDENER, Edward BANNAN, Aug. 14, 1844

James EDWARDS, Dummer twp., Barbara ELLIOTT, Dummer twp., by licence, Witn: Andrew SPENCE, John SPENCE, Nov. 11, 1843


Marriages solemnized by the Rev. John M. Rogers, Peterboro, 1843 & 1844

*parts of this page were very hard to read..names maybe not be exact spelling*

format: groom's name, bride's name, license or proclamation, witnesses, date of marriage,


Thomas ARCHER, Sophia SLOTTART (Stoddart?), by license, Witn: Isaac ARCHER, Thomas SANDERSON, Jan'y 30, 1843

Hugh McFEE, Margaret TULLY, by proclamation, Witn: Ralph TULLY, D. McKELLAR, Feb. 7 1843

John McDONALD, Catherine McINTOSH, by license, Witn: Alx McINTOSH, Aln McDONALD, March 10, 1843

John WALKER, Hannah GILLESPIE, by license, Witn: George GILLESPIE, Tho, PORTER, March 14, 1843

John TULLY, Esther THINISS?,  by proclamation, Witn: Hugh McFEE, John McFEE, March 25, 1843

William CURTAIN, Emma BLANCO, by license, Witn: Thomas CAREW, William FITZGERALD, April 3, 1843

Robert FORD, Elizabeth JONES, by license, Witn: Andrew TULLY, James McGEE, April 4, 1843

Ralph SMITH, Marianne OUSTON, by license, Witn: Ralph SMITH, Euphemia SMITH, April 22, 1843

James McWILLIAM, Sarah BANAN (BARRAN?), by proclamation, Witn: John BARRAN, Geo McWILLIAMS, June 5, 1843

Peter McINTRYE, Margaret COMRIE, by proclamation, Witn: James MILLER, William COMRIE, Aug't 10,1843

Samuel INGRAM, Elizabeth ELENOUR, by license, Witn: John ELERIOUR Jr, James METCALF, Aug't 31,1843

John McINTOSH, Sarah PATTERSON, by proclamation, Witn: David SMITH, John ROSE, Sept 27, 1843

George HUSTON, Mary MAHARY, by license, Witn: Josph HALL, William MAHARRY, Oct. 19, 1843

Henry BURN, Mary SPEIRS, by license, Witn: John SPEIRS, Isaac GARBIT, Oct. 22, 1843

Hugh DAVIDSON, Anne McCONNEL, by proclamation, Witn: James DAVIDSON, William BROWN, Dec. 5 1843

Robert MORISON, Anne CURLE, by license, Witn: Jane GRAHAM, James CURLE, Dec. 8, 1843

Andrew MOFFAT, Helen MALCOLM, by proclamation, Witn: James HARVEY, Robert THOMPSON, Dec. 29, 1843


James BEST, Ann LONG, by proclamation, Witn: Samuel PATTERSON, William STALKER (WALKER), Feb'y 22, 1844

Richard BOND, Mary CARR, by license, Witn: Thomas CARR, Thomas SHORT, June 3, 1844

James Stack FOWLES, Margaret McGREGOR, by proclamation, Witn: Malcolm McGREGOR, John HAGGART, July 22, 1844

James HARVEY, Elizabeth HALL, by license, Witn: John WALTON, Wm HALL, Dec. 24, 1844

William LEECH, Mary ROBERTSON, by proclamation, Witn: James ROBERTSON, Al'x McLEAN, Jan'y 15, 1844

John LESLIE, Margaret McCRACKEN, by license, Witn: John McGEE, Martha McGEE, Jan'y 18, 1844

William McLELAND, Ann BOLTON, by license, Witn: James BOLTON, Elizabeth GURD, May 14, 1844

James McMILLAN, Mary Ann WILSON, by proclamation, Witn: William McMILLAN, James Mc MILLAN, Jan'y 15, 1844

James MIDLTON, Anne KILSO, by license, Witn: William SIMPSON, James KILSO, Nov. 7, 1844

Peter NEIL, Catherine McLARLIN, by proclamation, Witn: John McNEIL, Duncan McGREGOR, March 31, 1844

William RUTHERFORD, Catherine Russcl?? LEE, by proclamation, Witn: Catherine LEE, Agnes RUTHERFORD, June 25, 1844

Edward SANDERSON, Christie McEWING, by proclamation, Witn: Andw CATHCART, John SANDERSON, April 25, 1844

Andrew TULLY, Jane CALVERT, by license, Witn: William HINSTER, Jane GRAHAM, Dec. 16, 1844

Thomas YOUNG, Jane BOURNAN, by license, Witn: William RUTHERFORD, Anges YATES, Oct. 3, 1844


by Rev. John Edwards, Baptist Minister, Peterborough, 1844

format: groom's name, bride's name, license or publication of banns, witnesses, date of marriage,

John RAE, Elisabeth CHAPMAN, by licence, Witn: Joseph CHAPMAN, Hugh FOSTER, James RUTHERFORD, July 16, 1844

Thomas NOICE, Louisa SWITSER, by publication of banns, Witnesses; Parley J. AYRES, Thomas MESSENGER, September 2, 1844

George MESSENGER, Rosanna BLAKELY, by publication of banns, Witnesses; Parley J. AYRES, Thomas MESSENGER, September 2, 1844

Henry BOWMAN, Hannah ELLIOTT, by licence, Witn: Isaac ARCHER, Mary ARCHER, September 25, 1844

William STALKER, Mary WALTON, by licence, Witn: William ARCHER, Mary Ann NILSON, October 5, 1844

William HUSTON, Charlotte MURPHY, by licence, Witn: Alexander McDONALD, Elvia?? McLACHLAN, October 7, 1844, by Rev. John Edwards, Baptist Minister, Peterboro


Marriages by Rev. John GILMORE, Baptist Minister in the town of Peterboro, Colborne District - 1844 &1845

Stephen MAN, yeoman, Sarah McKEE, spinster, both of Smith twp., license, Witn: Andrew McKEE, farmer, Smithtown, Thomas MAN, Smithtown, Jan. 25, 1844 in Peterboro

Francis BOURKLE, Hamilton twp, N'd D., Christian BICKEL, Asphodel twp, by license, Witn: Ezra GIFFORD, farmer, Hamilton twp, William GIFFORD, yeoman of same place, Feb. 24, 1844 in Peterboro

Lewis DAVIS, farmer, Smith twp., Margaret LOCKART, Smith twp., license, Witn: Thomas LOCKART, farmer, Smith twp., J. W. GILMORE, farmer, Peterboro, Oct. 24, 1844 in Smithtown

Thomas CLIFFORD, farmer, Smithtown, Christiana McDONALD, Smithtown, license, Witn: Charles WILSON, farmer, John McDONALD, both of Smith twp., Feb. 12, 1845, in Peterboro


Unknown Minister(s) - 1845

Charles PARKER of Asphodel, Isabella BOWES of Dummer, by license, Witn: Robert ROBINSON, Stephen C. MILLER, Aug. 1 or 8, 1845

William McDONALD of Asphodel, Luretta HARRIS of Otonabee, by banns, Witn: James McDONALD, Moncrief McDONALD?, Aug. 8, 1845

John SPEAR of Dummer, Margaret JAMIESON of Cavan, by banns, Witn: John KNOX, John SCOTT, Oct. 8, 1845

William BATTEN of Dummer, Sarah BOYER [Beyer] of Dummer, by banns, Witn: Ernest GRANT, Elizabeth GRANT, Dec. 2, 1845

William YATES of Peterboro, Maria WATLEY? of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Joseph LEDDIS??, Agnes YATES, April 19, 1845 in Peterboro

John BENNET of Otonabee, Allice DAWSON of Otonabee, by license, Witn: Joshua DAWSON, Rich'd REID, March 29, 1845 in Otonabee,

Charles OAKS of Asphodel, Catherine HANRIGHT of Percy, by license, Witn: Patrick HANRIGHT, Ada B. DOXOR [Dodor?], April 21, 1845 in Peterboro East, Colborne Dist.


List of Marriages solemnised by the Rev. J. C. DAVIDSON in the Colborne District 1844 - 5
Transcribed from LDS #1030063 (MS 248 Reel 13) (Loose sheet of paper) - submitted by Adrian Donley

Robert MULLIGAN, of Peterboro, and Ann LA???IN, widow, of Peterboro, were married by me, in Peterboro, on the seventh day of October 1844. This marriage was solemnised by License of Faculty. Witn: John KENNEDY, John ENGLISH.

John McGUIRE, of Manvers, and Margaret DONNELLY, of the Township of Smith, were married by me, in Peterboro, on the 8th of November, 1844. This marriage was solemnised by License of Faculty. Witn: William GRAHAM, Harriet FITZGERALD.

Alfred WRIGHT, of Peterboro, and Sarah KEELE, of the same place, were married by me, in Peterboro, on the 18th day of November, 1844. This marriage was solemnised by License of Faculty. Witn: Joseph KEELE, Isabella ARGUE


Marriages by Rev. John M. ROGERS, Peterboro, in 1845

William ANDERSON, Janet McPHERSON, by proclamation Witn: James ANDERSON, Peter McPHERSON, Jan. 30, 1845

Samuel HOISE [Hone?], Agnes Denestonn?? BUCHANAN, by proclamation, Witn: Peter BUCHAN, Robert. WIGMORE, March 17, 1845

Walter SCOTT, Elizabeth HARKNESS, by license, Witn: Alx'r HARKNESS, Mary KENEDY, March 18, 1845

William HUNTER, Sophia JOHNSTON, by license, Witn: David REA [Kea], Robert. JOHNSTON, March 20, 1845

William McGREGOR, Jane CRAIGIE, by license, Witn: James FOWLES, William CUMING, May 1, 1845

William KNOX, Catherine HENDERSON, by license, Witn: William BROWN, William DEVILIN, May 10, 1845

Keeben B. PALMER, Agnes CHAMBERS, by license, Witn: John HAGGART, John CHAMBERS, June 21, 1845

Alexander McINTOSH, Margaret McPHERSON, by license, Witn: John McPHERSON, John McINTOSH, Sept 2, 1845

Irvine COCHRANE, Agnes ADAIR, by license, Witn: Alx'r COCHRANE, Jane COCHRANE, Sept. 22, 1845

Alexander McDONALD, Elspetti GOODFELLOW, by license, Witn: Donald McDONALD, Archibald McDONALD, Sept. 23, 1845

James YULE, Mary LILICO, by license, Witn: William YULE, John LILICO, Oct. 9, 1845

Thomas HUTCHISON, Jane SANDERSON, by license, Witn: John SLOTHART, John MILBURNE, Oct. 9, 1845

Edward SANDERSON, Eliza FLETCHER, by license, Witn: Thomas CHASEMAN [Chapman], Eliza PARR, Oct. 23, 1845


Marriages by Rev. John EDWARDS, Baptist Minister in 1845-46

George HASTEHURST, Elizabeth DAVIS, by license Witn: Thomas DAVIS, John DAVIS, Oct. 25, 1845

George LEE, Jane BICKERTON, by license Witn: John BICKERTON, John LIVICH, Jan. 4, 1846

George William WESTALL [Westull], Jane McCARROL, by license, Witn: James McCARREL, Nancy McCARREL, May 8, 1846

James BROWN, Hannah BRIMWELL??, by license, Witn: Sarah EDWARDS, Alexander ROBERTSON, May 23, 1846

William THOMPSON, Elisabeth PAYNE, by banns, Witn: Levy PAYNE, Basio [Bacic??] SNELGROVE, June 8[?], 1846

Archibald Donald McDONALD, Christiana McGREGOR, by license, Witn: Alex McDONALD, William KIDD, July 6, 1846

Joseph BROWN, Tamar HUTCHINSON, by license, Witn: Thomas MILBURN, William IVISON, July 9, 1846

George SCOTT, Ann IVISON, by license, Witn: Thomas MILBURN, William IVISON, July 9, 1846

John CREIG, Jane Turnbull BROWN, by license, Witn: Joseph SMITH, Samuel BROWN, Sept. 4, 1846

Edward PAYNE, Sarah Ann HUGHES, by banns, Witn: Levy PAYNE, John SNELGROVE, Sept. 20, 1846


Marriage by James CASWELL, Wesleyan Methodist Minister in Colborne District - 1846

John MORGAN of Hamilton, Sarah MORGAN of Emily, by license, May 20, 1846, Witn: John MITCHELL, Samuel NEWMAN


Marriage by David YOUMANS, Minister Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - 1846

John CORKIN, Charls YANTON, license, Feb. 12, 1846


Unknown Ministers - 1846

John PARKER of Belmont, Hannah BROWN of Otonabee, by license, Witn: John BROWN, Ann PARKER, Jan. 5, 1846

Samuel NEWALL of Duro [Douro], Matilda CHURCHILL of Dummer, by license, Witn: Edward CAIN, William CAIN, Feb. 23, 1846

William BROWN of Allenwick [Alnwick], Agnes HOWSON of Otonabee, by license, Witn: James METCALF, George BURKELL, March 4, 1846

John WILLIAMS of Sicmg [Simcoe?], Elizabeth PEARCE of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Robert ROBINSON, Elizabeth PHELPS, March 5, 1846

Robert SPEAR of Dummer, Isabella ALLEN of Duro [Douro], by banns, Witn: John JAMESON, John RICHEY, March 10, 1846


Marriages by Rev. John M. ROGER, Peterboro in 1846

Andrew LILE??, Martha DAWSON, by license, Witn: George DAWSON, Mary HAMILTON, Jan. 20, 1846

James BOLTON, Margaret HIANSSORE??, by license, Witn: George McNEVEN [McNeavin], Samuel McGLADERY, Feb. 3, 1846

William McINTOSH, Catherine KENEDY, by proclamation, Witn: James McINTOSH, Michael KENEDY, Feb. 16, 1846

Alexander GILESPIE, Jane BROUGH, by proclamation, Witn: George GILLESPIE, James HAMILTON, Feb. 17, 1846

Robert. HUSTON, Sarah CAMBELL [Cambili], by license, Witn: Charles HARD, Matthew WILSON, Feb. 23, 1846

John SIM, Elizabeth MALCOM, by license, Witn: William MALCOM, Robert. THOMPSON, March 9, 1846

Allan SALT, Jane McCUE, by license, Witn: James McCUE, John RICE LAKE, March 11, 1846

Henry GARDNER, Mary Ann ROSS, by license, Witn: John ROSS, James ROSS, March 18, 1846

William LILE [Sile], Elizabeth McGREGOR, by proclamation, Witn:  Samuel SLONN?, Andrew LILE, April 26, 1846

Henry HARPER, Maria COBB, by license, Witn: William COSGROVE, James DESVERT?, April 25, 1846

Robert. LITTIGOW, Mary P. HILL, by license, Witn: Adolphus DUCROW, Hariet ALEXANDER, May 10, 1846

John TULLY, Isabella FORD, by license, Witn: William MORRISON, Henry ?????, May 25, 1846

Lewis McGREGGOR, Ann BREALEY, by license, Witn: William CUMING, William SCOTT, July 2, 1846

Robert CUNLE??, Dorathea MOODY, by license, Witn: Ellenor GRAHAM, Alexander EDMISON, July 15, 1946

Matthew BELL, Agnes NICHOLS, by proclamation, Witn: William YULE, Jannet ANDERSON, Aug. 11, 1846

William BROOK, Jane YEATES, by license, Witn: John STORY, Francis MONTGOMERY, August 26, 1846


Marriages by Rev. John GILMORE, Baptist Minister in the town of Peterboro, Colborne District - 1847

Archibald McFEE, farmer, Oro twp., Simcoe District, Ann REID, spinster, same place, license, Witn: Hugh REID, Clerk, Eldon twp, Archibald SINCLAIR, same place, Jan. 29, 1847 in Peterboro

Walter RENWICK, farmer, Otonabee twp., Jannet FINNIE, spinster, Peterboro East, by banns, Witn: Alex'r TERNARE??, Clerk, William SCOTT, Clerk, Otonabee twp., July 9, 1847 in Peterboro East

Miscellaneous Marriages from Colborne District

These marriages were on the last four sheets of marriages, but not connected to the main list. Year, place & minister are not always known…

From Ontario Archive film MS 248 reel 13

Marriages by William STAR??

George WHITEKER, Isabella SINCLAIR, both of Alnwick, by banns, Witn: James CAMPBELL, James CAMERON, Oct 3, 1844, in Alnwick twp.

George POTAUSH, Rice Lake Indian Village, Ann BRASS [Bray], Alderville, Alnwick, by banns, Witn: Edwin Francis SWETONHAM, Andrew ANDERSON, May 19, 1844 in Rice Lake Indian Village

Aaron NICHOLS, Elizabeth NORTHY, by proclamation, Witn: Elizabeth ROGER, William YULE, ??????

Archibald SWINTON, Margaret CLARK, by proclamation, Witn: Robert FORTUNE, James SWINTON, Oct. 8, ????

William WHITE, Jane NILLURE, by license, Witn: William Thomas HENSON, Matilda ?????, Nov. 17, ????

James MILLER, Isabella BROWNLEE, by license, Witn: Thomas SHORT, John MILLER, Dec. 1, ???? (probably 1845)

John CLIFFORD, Ellen WILSON, by license, Witn: Charles WILSON, Joniah BLEWED??, Dec. 11, ????

John R. WILSON, Elizabeth NILSON, by license, Witn: David NELSON, Robert. JOHNSTON, Dec. 19, ????

Charles WILSON, Susan DAWSON, by license, Witn: ?? SHILEBURY, Andrew LEAL. Dec. 29, ????


Marriages by Rev. John M. ROGER, Presbyterian Minister, Peterboro in 1848

Ivan O'BURNE, Ann REID, by license, Witn: Robert. REID, James REID, Feb. 2, 1848

Rev. William REID, Harriot STREET, by license, Witn: Charles MORGAN, James DUNCAN, Feb. 9, 1848

Hugh BECKEL, Jennet FYFE, by proclamation, Witn: Thomas SHORT, John BRACKENRIDGE, March 21, 1848

John KEMPEL {Kempt], Mary EDWARDS, by proclamation, Witn: William STARK, Margery EDWARDS, March 28, 1848

Andrew MATHER, Mary McGREGOR, by license, Witn: Thomas WRIGHT, John McGREGOR, April 4, 1848

Thomas CHAPMAN, Elizabeth FREEBORN, by license, Witn: Joseph CHAPMAN, Francis James FREEBORN, April 18, 1848

Rev. Peter WILSON, Ann RUSSEL, by license, Witn: Gilbert GORDON, Elizabeth ROGER, May 4, 1848

Atwood BROOKS, Elizabeth RAVINGTON, by license, Witn: William MILBURN, Ann RAVINGTON, May 23, 1848

Robert. SIMPSON, Helen SCOTT, by license, Witn: Israel B. SCOTT, Margaret PAUL, June 8, 1848

James H. C. WILSON, Sarah SPIRRY, by license, Witn: Andrew SPIRRY, Anson SPIRRY, July 4, 1848

David FOWLER, Mary CALVERT, by license, Witn: William CALVERT, Jane GRAHAM, Sept. 20, 1848

William DUNBAR, Anaslacy MULCAHY, by license, Witn: Michael MULCAHY, David MULCAHY, Sept. 27, 1848

Enoch GALE, Harriot STAPLES, by license, Witn: James WEATHERHEAD, Charlotte INGLES, Oct. 12, 1848

Thomas DRUMMOND, Catherine McINTIRE, by license, John DRUMMOND, Donald McFARLANE, Nov. 8, 1848

William CUMMING, Sarah Ann STINSON, by license, Witn: Duncan McLEOD, William STINSON, Oct. 19, 1848


Marriages by Rev. John SANDERSON, Wesleyan Methodist Minister in Colborne District in 1847-49

Henry WELCH, Jane CARR, both of Dummer, by banns, Witn: James WELCH, Henry BELL, August 16, 1847

George ESSON, Elloner ANDERSON, both of Otonabee, by banns, Witn: Robert ESSON, William ANDERSON, November 15, 1847

Adam BEAVIS, Jennet NELSON, both of Otonabee, by banns, Witn: William CARTER, Robert NIXON, December 15, 1847

Farrel SHAW, Ellin SHEARAR, both of Otonabee, by banns, Witn: Andrew SHEARAR, Matthew SHEARAR, January 3, 1848

Frederick MILES, Eliza REA, both of Belmont, by license, Witn: Henry MUNROE, Margaret WILDMAN, March 17, 1848

Nathan CHOAT of Hope, Mary SEELEY [Luky] of Dummer, by license, Witn: Thomas CHOAT, Sampson SEELEY, July 20, 1848

John TURNER of Allinwick [Alnwick], Emmey TUCK of Otonabee, by banns, Witn: James BROWN, George NELSON [Helsn], Nov. 29, 1848

Alexander EDMONS of Asphodel, Frances Jane REYNOLDS of Asphodel, by banns, Witn: William REYNOLDS, Thomas ROBERTSON, Dec. 26, 1848

John BROWN of Otonabee, Ann PARKER of Dummer, by banns, Witn: Alexander BELL, James GREENBANK, Jan. 5, 1849

William WEST of Seymore [Seymour], Elizabeth GILPIN of Seymour, by license, Witn: Walter GIVIN, Charles JONES, Jan. 23, 1849

John JURY of Dummer, Elizabeth LUKY?? of Dummer, by banns, Witn: Thomas CHOTE, Sidney PAYNE, March 20, 1949

Peter McPHEE of Ops, Brenda CONNOLY of Ops, by license, Witn: Edward SITTON [Litton], Thomas GARDINER, Oct. 29, 1849

Jacob MIURHEAD of Cartwright, Elizabeth VINCENT of Cartwright, by license, Witn: James CEASER?, Chamberlain BEARRY, Nov 21, 1849

Eveins FERRIN of Fenlon, Mary Ann DAYLEY of Fenlon, by banns, Witn: Amos FERRIN, John DAYLEY [Dagley], Nov. [Dec] 4, 1849

John OWENS of Mariposa, Elizabeth HINDS of Mariposa, by banns, Witn: Amos LAKE, Tesse? WELDON, Dec. 25, 1849


Marriage by Rev. C. W. M. GILBERT, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada

Ery WELDON of Mariposa, Harriet LEE of Lindsay, by banns, Witn: David McLAUGHLIN, Ann GOURLAY, April 2, 1849


Marriages by the Rev. John M. Roger during 1849

format-groom's name, bride's name, license or proclamation, witnesses, date of marriage

James DAVIDSON, Catherine RUSSEL, by license, Witn: John CLARKE, Thomas RUSSEL, Jan 4, 1849

Kendal KENNEDY, Eliza McDONELL, by license, Witn: Thomas BALY, Margaret BALY, Jan 6, 1849

Alx. McEWING, Mary Ann CLIFFORD, by license, Witn: Thomas CLIFFORD, Jane GRAHAM, Jan. 17, 1849

John McNABB, Esq., Elizabeth Jane REID, by license, Witn: Robert REID Esq., James REID, Feb. 6, 1849

James SCOTT, Ann McFARLANE, by license, Witn: Donald McFARLANE, Isabella TUCKER, Feb. 15, 1849

Thomas ADAIR, Margaret INGLES, by proclamation, Witn: Martha RAE, John ADAIR, March 5, 1849

James JOHNSTON, Elizabeth BUCHANAN, by license, Witn: Thomas JOHNSTON, Elizabeth DENISTON, March 9, 1849

William CALDER, Margaret McGOWAN, by license, Witn: Thomas McGOWAN, William COMRIE, March 16, 1849

Duncan McINTYRE, Mary HOUSTIN, by license, Witn: Duncan MCLEOD, Thomas DRUMMOND, April 5, 1849

James RUTHERFORD, Maria CARR, by license, Witn: Thomas ESSON, George ESSON, April 17, 1849

Thomas FREEBORN, Mary Ann FREEMAN, by proclamation, Witn: Elizabeth ROGER, Francis FREEMAN, April 17, 1849

John CLARKE, Mary RUSSEL, by license, Witn: Thomas RUSSEL, Jas. DAVIDSON, May 1, 1849

Robert. MENZIES, Catherine HAGGART, by license, Witn: John HAGGART, John RICHARDSON, June 8, 1849

John McINTOSH, Mary KENNEDY, by license, Witn: John McLAUGHLAN, Augus KENNEDY, June 18, 1849

Robert. MOORE, Margaret MORISON, by license, Witn: Mathew MORISON, Ann McLAUGHLAN, July 22, 1849

James CLARKE, Mary Jane DOBBIN, by license, Witn: Alx. DOBBIN, Janet CRAIGIE, Oct 6, 1849

James ROBB, Margaret FREEBORN, by license, Witn: Francis FREEBORN, Peter ROBB, Nov 1, 1849

William THOMPSON, Elizabeth MANN, by license, Witn: Will (W. M.?) DAILLIN, John KAIN??, Nov 17, 1849

John ELLIOTT, Jessie SCOTT, by license, Witn: Adam HALL, John HALL, Nov. 20, 1849

John DRUMMOND, Sarah WILSON, by proclamation, Witn: Duncan McINTRYRE, Peter McGREGOR, Dec. 18, 1849

John NELSON, Margaret McINDOC, by license, Witn: David NELSON, George JOHNSTON, Dec. 20, 1849

William J. THOMPSON, Jane McLENNAN, by license, Witn: John STINSON, Andrew KNOX, Dec. 25, 1849


List of marriages Solemnized by Rev. Isaac B. Howard in the County of Peterborough in 1850

format-groom's name, residence, bride's name, residence, license or banns, witnesses, date of marriage.

Thomas AITKIN, Otonabee, Agnes FIFE, Otonabee, by license, Witn: James GRIEG, David FIFE, June 27, 1850

David FIFE, Otonabee, Helen AITKIN, Otonabee, by license, Witn: Thomas AITKIN, James GREIG, June 21, 1850

Charles SPEARS, Dummer, Mary BARBER, Dummer, by license, Witn: John SCOTT, Nathan KNOX, July 5, 1850

John LOWRY, Monaghan, Eliza CAMPBELL, Monaghan, by license, Witn: John CAMPBELL, Mary CAMPBELL, July 7, 1850

William MOORE, Smith, Sarah DEVINE, Peterboro, by license, Witn: Mary HOWARD, W. J. SHERIDAN, September 11, 1850

Alexander SANDERSON, Peterboro, Nancy DIXON, Smith, by license, Witn: Jas. HOPE, George HOPE, September 19, 1850

Cuthbert BRANCH, Smith, Mary SWEETING, Smith, by license, Witn: Jonathan SWEETING, Fidelia SWEETING, October 19, 1850

Thomas TAYLOR, Smith, Mary IVESON, Smith, by license, Witn: Thomas WALTON, Sarah IVESON, July 9, 1850

William MILBURN, Smith, Ellen SNOWDEN, Smith, by license, Witn: John STEVENSON, John BEATTY Jr., October 29, 1850

John ROGERS, Smith, Mary Ann SHARP, Smith, by license, Witn: Hugh FOSTER, John W. Graham, November 8, 1850

James F. BROWN, Douro, Mary MORROW, Peterboro, by license, Witn: Thomas BRADBURN, Robert. BROWN, December 19, 1850

????? TENGELLY, Smith, ????t WILDMAN, Smith, by license, Witn: Thomas ROBINSON, G. W. ROBINSON, December 24, 1850

George William ROBINSON, Smith, Mary Jeffrey HALL, Smith, by license, Witn: Thomas ROBINSON, Mary I. GRAFTON, December 31, 1850


Marriages by the Rev. John M. Rogers during 1850

format-groom's name, bride's name, proclamation or license, witnesses, date of marriage.


Peter ANDERSON, Catherine NELSON, by proclamation, Witn: Malcolm CAMPBELL, Arch. HAGGART, Jan. 15, 1850

James BUCHANAN, Ann McLAVTIE, by proclamation, Witn: Peter McNEIL, Donald ANDERSON, Jan. 17,1850

George GILLESPIE, Isabella GILLESPIE, by proclamation,Witn: Alx. GILLESPIE, Aln. WOOD, Feb. 1, 1850

William FITZGERALD, Agnes DAVIDSON, by license, Witn: Robert DAVIDSON, Edw. FITZGERALD, Feb. 6, 1850

John McLAUGHLAN, Latitia WILSON, by license, Witn: William McLAUGHLAN, John WILSON, March 5, 1850

Michael SANDERSON, Margaret HARVEY, by license, Witn: Aln. WALKER, John HALL, March 5, 1850

William ROBSON, Mary GRANT, by license, Witn: John ROBSON, Robert GRANT, March 14, 1850

James BEAVIS, Martha DOWDEL, by license, Witn: Johnston COONEY, Robert. REID, May 14, 1850

Arch. ROBERTSON, Charity BREALY, by license, Witn: Charles BREALY, Thomas ROBERTSON, April 18, 1850

John GORDON, Mary THOMPSON, by license, Witn: Thomas McNISH, William GORDON, August 1, 1850

Arthur DONEHUGH, Hannah McILMOYLE, by license, Witn: John McILMOYLE, William McILMOYLE, August 5, 1850

Albert WING, Eliza SPERRY, by license, Witn: Auson SPERRY Srn., Auson SPERRY Jr., Sept 17, 1850

Thomas HENDERSON, Elizabeth FREEBORN, by license, Witn: Murdock CALDER, Aln. McDOUGAL, Oct 18, 1850

Walter B. RENWICK, Isabella TUCKER, by proclamation, Witn: Walter RENWICK, John McGREGOR, Nov 1, 1850

George TULLY, Jane FOWLER, by license, Witn: John TULLY, John FOWLER, Dec. 5, 1850


Marriages Solemnized by Rev. Isaac B. Howard in the County of Peterborough in 1851

James CROW, Cavan, Bridget SHEEGHAW, Cavan, by banns, Witn: Mary HOWARD, Mary Ida GRAFTON, January 13, 1851

Robert STEVENSON of Peterboro, Sarah MILBURN of Smith, by license, Witn: William B. READ, William A. SCOTT, June 20, 1851

Frederic AXFORD (OXFORD) of Asphodel, Betsy McKEE of Dummer, by license, Witn: George FORBES, Alex. McFEE, Sept. 10, 1851

James BUCKLEY of Durham, Margaret WHITE of Peterboro, by banns, Witn: Mary HOWARD, Mary A. ARMSTRONG, Sept. 11, 1851

William EDGAR of Smith , Margaret MILBURN of Smith, by license, Witn: William MILBURN, Sarah SNOWDEN, Sept. 27, 1851

Isaac MAYNES of Fenelon, Catherine McNEVAN of Otonabee, by license, Witn: Peter McNEVAN, John McFEE, Oct. 2, 1851

William THOMPSON of Monaghan, Agnes KERR of Monaghan, by license, Witn: William M. THOMPSON, George BUTTERY, Oct. 11, 1851

Edward BLOOMER of Cavan, C. of Durham, Rebecca RAYNOLDS of Peterboro, by lice, Witn: Joseph RAYNOLDS, Isaac REID, Nov. 27, 1851

John NURSE of Monaghan, Margaret SMITHSON of Monaghan, by license, Witn: Robert. TAYLOR, Joshua NIMMO, Dec. 12, 1851

William GRAHAM of Smith, Sarah SNOWDEN of Smith, by license, Witn: Henry GRAHAM, Mary J. HOWARD, Feb. 5, 1852

William GRAHAM of Peterboro, Frances MITCHELL of Emily, by license, Witn: Thomas BRADBURN, John MITCHELL, Feb. 6, 1852

Robert. EMMERSON of Otonabee, Charlotte JONES of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Chas. HUDSON, E. BURNHAM, Feb. 11, 1852


Marriages by John MacMURCHY, Minister Church of Scotland  in 1851 (but no dates for marriages)

Alexander McNAB, bachelor, Ann KENNEDY, spinster, both of Township of Brock, County of York

David WHITE, bachelor, Elisabeth FRASER, spinster, both of Township of Thora, County of York

Walter McFARLANE, bachelor, Flora SINCLAIR, spinster, both of Township of Eldon, County of Peterborough


Marriages by the Rev. John M. Rogers during 1851

William THOMPSON, Mary RUTHERFORD, by license, Witn: Walter SCOTT, George THOMPSON, Jan 9, 1851

Andw TULLY, Elizabeth WALTON, by license, Witn: Thomas ARCHER, Thomas WALTON, Jan 31, 1851

William McGREGOR, Dorathea ARMSTRONG, by license, Witn: Daniel McDONALD, Charles GOW, Feb. 13,1851

Rachael LOCIE, James DOWDALL, by license, Witn: Thomas MacGOWAN, John BELL, Feb. 22, 1851

James McEWING, Betsy ROBINSON, by license, Witn: Alx. McGREGOR, Arch. HAGGART, Feb. 28, 1851

John BROUGH, Ann WILSON, by proclamation, Witn: Thomas BROUGH, Robert. BROUGH, March 18, 1851

Thomas EYRES, Jane Ann HOWDEN, by license, Witn: Arch'd WOOD, Ann Jane WEIR, April 16, 1851

James HOPE, Mary SANDERSON, by license, Witn: Michael SANDERSON, George HOPE, April 26, 1851

Elias NICHOLS, Jane McILMOYLE, by license, Witn: Charles McILMOYLE, Phebe NICHOLS, June 18, 1851

William STEWART, Louisa Hellen McNABB, by license, Witn: Thomas HAY, John McNABB, July 31, 1851

William ALLAN, Jane MONTGOMERY, by license, Witn: James DUNCAN, Ann BROOKS, Sept. 11, 1851

William EMINSON, Ann THOMPSON, by license, Witn: Andrew JACKSON, Arthur THOMPSON, Oct 4, 1851

Robert LILICO, Ellen BURNS, by license, Witn: James BEST, Mary BOWLS, Dec. 5, 1851

William TEDFORD, Hannah NICHOLS, by license, Witn: Thomas TELFORD, Jos. WEATHERHEAD, Dec. 10, 1851

Alx. WILSON, Martha TAYLOR, by license, Witn: William N. TAYLOR, James WILSON, Dec. 24, 1851

James WINCH, Mary LITTIGOW, by license, Witn: George BROWN, Ellen BROWN, Dec. 27, 1851

Adam WADDEL, Margaret HAMILTON, by license, Witn: John RICHARDSON, John WILLIAMSON, Dec. 25, 1851


Coplin STINSON, Mary STINSON, by license, Witn: William STINSON, William FLACK, Feb. 14, 1852

Charles McILMOYLE, Phebe NICHOLS, by license, Witn: Elias NICHOLS, James McFETERS, March 17, 1852

John WILLIAMSON, Helen FOWLER, by license, Witn: James FOWLER Jun., Henry SHERWOOD, March 19, 1852

John MOFFAT, Christian HAGGART, by license, Witn: Alx. McGREGOR, Robert THOMPSON, April 30, 1852

Robert. GRANT, Mary TULLY, by license, Witn: Andrew TULLY, Andrew GRANT, May 6, 1852

Richard FINLAY, Margaret FREEBORN, by license, Witn: William McKEE, Ann McKEE, June 26, 1852

Henry SHERWOOD, Helen BROWN, by license, Witn: George CHAPMAN, George BROWN, July 6, 1852

William S. SCOTT, Jane LOVE, by license, Witn: Alx. WILSON, Ellen O'BRIAN, July 14, 1852

John RUSSEL, Lalitia GARDNER, by license, Witn: Mary McLEAN, Mary RUSSEL, July 22, 1852

Malcolm McDONALD, Margaret McCALL, by license, Witn: George JOHNSON, Jas. McCALL, Aug. 17, 1852

William DRAKE, Margaret MAY, by license, Witn: William THOMPSON, John ABRAHAM, Sept. 6, 1852

Bradly MURRAY, Fanny CAREW, by license, Witn: George BROWNLEE, Aldus MOWAY, Sept 16, 1852

William McILMOYLE, Elizabeth GALVIN, by license, Witn: Garret GALVIN, Phebe McILMOYLE, Sept. 27, 1852

Andw GOODFELLOW, Margaret FORTUNE, by license, Witn: William CRESSWELL?, Mary Jane CRESSWELL, Oct. 6, 1852

James BENNET, Mary Jane EMERSON, by license, Witn: Joseph McROBERTS, Helen ROBERTSON, Oct. 6, 1852

Charles WISEHORN, Margaret RENFREW, by license, Witn: James McINTOSH, Charles HARDY, Dec. 6, 1852

James McEWING, Alice PAUL, by license, Witn: Alx. McGREGOR, Thomas MILBORN, Dec. 16, 1852

William BRAYDEN, Jane RUTH, by license, Witn: William CRESSWELL?, Mary Jane CRESSWELL?, Dec. 29, 1852


Register of Marriages Solemnized by the Rev. Gemley, Wesleyan Minister of Peterboro in 1852

William KERR of Emily, Sarah LOWES of Emily, Witn: William CHAMBERS, Mich'l. LOWES, August 5, 1852 in Peterboro

John MAGRATH of Smith, Ellen SIMPSON of Smith, Witn: George RUTH, Jane RUTH, August 15, 1852 in Peterboro

James BOULTON of East Peterboro, Elizabeth NESBUT of East Peterboro, Witn: Robert. WRIGHT, Mary Ann NESBUT, August 19,1852 in Peterboro

Saml ENGLISH of Emily, Jane STACKS of Emily, Witn: James LINCE, William DAUNT, August 28, 1852 in Peterboro

Robert DAVIDSON of Smith, Elizabeth HARVEY of Smith, Witn: William HARVEY, Isob'a HARVEY, Sept. 4, 1852 in Peterboro

Joseph MILLAGE of Peterboro, Eliza BOULTON of Peterboro, Witn: Chas. MILLAGE, William McCLELLAN, Sept 13, 1852 in Peterboro

Walter McGREGGOR of Smith, Margaret McGREGGOR of Smith, Witn: James McEWAN, Elizabeth McEWAN, Sept 22, 1852 in Peterboro

Robert Jones GREEN of Smith, Margaret AUSTIN of Peterboro, Witn: Benj. GREEN, Arch'd MOORE, Oct. 5, 1852 in Peterboro

William WILSON of Peterboro, Elizabeth MANNING of Peterboro, Witn: Duncan McDONALD, Alex KIDD, Oct. 21, 1852 in Peterboro

Lewis BROCKVILLE of Emily, Jane DICKSON of Emily, Witn: John MOORE, Lewis SPRY, Nov. 5, 1852 in Peterboro

Gustavus HOWDEN of Cavan, Harriet BOICE of Smith, Witn: John FLETCHER, Thomas GLENN, Dec. 13, 1852 in Peterboro

James MUIRHEAD of Peterboro, Mary BLACKSTOCK of Peterboro, Witn: Robert BLACKSTOCK, Margaret BLACKSTOCK, Dec. 15, 1852 in Peterboro

Hugh Alex WALKER of Hope, Margaret Jane FITZGERALD of Smith, Witn: Gerald FITZGERALD, George FITZGERALD, Dec. 30, 1852 in Smith


Marriages by Rev. William HOOPER, Minister of Bible Christian Church at Peterboro in 1852

John SNELGROVE of Mariposa, Sarah BROWN of Otonabee, by license, Witn: George BROWN, Amelia BROWN, March 20, 1852, in Otonabee

Edward TIGH of Douro, Margaret BELL of Dummer, by license, Witn: Henry BELL, Ellen BELL, June 17, 1852 in Dummer

John HEARD of Peterboro, Susannah GIBBON of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Frederick STINSON, Caroline STINSON, Aug. 3, 1852 in Peterboro

Joseph HURL of Dummer, Ann Jane HATTON of Smith, by license, Witn: Jane HURL, Edward BARRIE, Aug. 25, 1852 in Smith

Francis T. LUMSDON of Dummer, Charlotte LACKY [Luky] of Dummer, by license, Witn: John ILINIS, John MOURY, Oct. 5, 1852 in Peterboro

James F. ELLIOTT of Smith, Catherine J. WEIR [Wear] of Otonabee, by license, Witn: William WEAR, Charlott ELLIOTT, Oct. 6, 1852 in Otonabee

George NORTHEY of Smith, Levina MARES of Mariposa, by banns, Witn: William YELLARD, Mary A. NORTHEY, Oct. 30, 1852


Peterborough Co. marriages solemnized by Rev. William Hooper, Bible Christian, 1853

format: groom's name, residence, bride's name, residence, license or banns, witnesses, date & place of marriage,

Nathan NICHOLS, Smith, Rebecca NORTHCOTT, Smith, by licence, Witn: Harriott NORTHCOTT, John NORTHCOTT, March 24, 1853 in Smith twp.

Charles DUNSFORD, Dummer, Caroline COPPING, Dummer, by licence, Witn: Stephen DUNSFORD, Henry COLLINS, March 29, 1853 in Peterboro

William EDWARDS, Douro, Eliza KIRK, Dummer, by licence, Witn: James PAYNE, Caroline KIRK, May 2, 1853 at Douro

William WAND, Otonabee, Jane (Jessie) STURDY, Otonabee, by licence, Witn: Henry COLLINS, Mary SMITH, June 18, 1853 in Otonabee

Nilbion?? BUSHANK?, Peterboro, Mary MANNING, Smith, by banns, Witn: Rebecca MANNING, John LOWRY, June 29, 1853 in Peterboro

???, Dummer, Elizabeth NILSON, Dummer, by licence, Witn: Thomas LISLE, Ann NILSON, August 3, 1853 in ?????

Robert NORTHCOTT, Smith, Fanny Y. NORTHEY, Smith, by licence, Witn: William BISIOUSCOWLY??, Mary or May NORTHEY, Sept 8, 1853 in Smith


Marriages Solemnized by the Rev. Gemley, Wesleyan Minister of Peterboro in 1853

Donald DOVEY (DAVEY?) of Emily, Elizabeth HODGE of Emily, Witn: Thomas MITCHELL, George RAY, January 5, 1853 in Metcalf

William SIMPSON of Peterboro, Jennet MUIRHEAD of Peterboro, Witn: Eliza E. DAME, Maria A. GEMLEY, Jan. 18, 1853 in Peterboro

George FITZGERALD of Smith, Mary Jane BELL of Smith, Witn: Thomas BELL, William ELLIOTT, Feb. 3, 1853

William SMITH of Milbrook, Elizabeth BOWMAN of Milbrook, Witn: William ERSKINE, Thomas BEAVIS, Feb. 5, 1853 in Peterboro

William DAWSON of Otonabee, Elizabeth Anne McCAGUE of Emily, by license, Witn: David McCAGUE, Rev. S. MILES, August 24, 1853

Harvey PEARSON of Smith, Elizabeth FREEBORN of Smith, by license, Witn: James FREEBORN, Benj. McILMOIL (McILMOYNE?), Sept 18, 1853

John GALBRAITH of Monaghan, Matilda WALLER of Monaghan, by license, Witn: John CAMPBELL, Thomas SIMPSON, Sept 19, 1853

Augustus MOWRY of Smith, Hannah McMOIL(McILMOYNE?) of Smith, by license, Witn: John CULIFFE, Judy McMOIL (McILMOYNE?), Aug. 30, 1853

Albert BLODGET of State of New York, Rebecca COBB of Peterboro, by license, Witn: John BUTTEY, Jos. COBB, Sept. 27, 1853

William TOOLE of Peterboro, Margaret Thornton of Peterboro, by license, Witn: John MITCHELL, Thomas THORNTON, Oct. 3, 1853

John NEWMAN of Cavan, Ellen USHER of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Robert HENDERSON, Thomas JOHNSTON, Oct. 23, 1853

Jos. BLETCHER of Peterboro, Sarah Ann HENTHORN of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Bernabe BLETCHER, J. T. HENTHORN, Dec. 19, 1853

Timothey L. HOFFMAN of Otonabee, Jane BALES of Otonabee, by license, Witn: W. S. DEACON, Jos. BULLER, Dec. 25, 1853

William McKEE of Peterboro, Mary McMAW of Peterboro, by license, Witn: G. STORY, Thomas ABRAHAM, Dec. 19, 1853


Marriages by the Rev. John M. Roger, Peterboro during 1853

format-groom's name, bride's name, proclamation or license, witnesses, date of marriage

George GOODFELLOW, Margaret MADILL, by license, Witn: Joseph BELL, Mary Ann MADILL, Jan. 8, 1853

Thomas WADDEL, Ellen HAND, by license, George BROWNLEE, Robert WADDEL, Jan. 19, 1853

Henry ESPTIN, Margaret KALCHEL (HALCHEL), by license, John BISSEL, Walter DOUGLAS, Jan. 7, 1853

George JOHNSTON, Elizabeth FAIRBAIRN, by license, Mary McLEAN, James FAIRBAIRN, Feb. 1, 1853

John COCKRANE, Jane WILLWOOD, by license, John WILLWOOD, Cynthia WILLWOOD, Feb. 5, 1853

William McBRIDE, Matild HARRIS, by license, Witn: John GREEN, John L. DALY, March 11, 1853

William McKIBBON, Sarah DAVIDSON, by license, Witn: Jam. McKIBBON, Ann DAVIDSON, May 20, 1853

Augus KENEDY, Isabella HAGGART, by license, Witn: William ROBSON, Donald HAGGART, May 26, 1853

George CAMPBELL, Mary CHAMBERS, by license, Witn: John CAMPBELL, William CAMPBELL, July 19, 1853

John CLYSDALE, Eliza Jane FINLAY, by license, Witn: John CLYSDALE, Thomas CLYSDALE, Aug. 9, 1853

William ARMSTRONG, Jane LEWIS, by license, Witn: Allen ARMSTRONG, John GRAHAM, Sept. 16, 1853

William YOUNG, Jenet HAGGART, by license, Witn: John YOUNG, William ROBSON, Dec. 22, 1853


Marriages by the Rev. John M. Roger, Peterboro during 1854

Thomas LEADBEATTER, Catherine HOVEY, by license, Witn: John WHITFIELD, Jane LEADBEATTER, Jan. 7, 1854

Joseph BELL, Jane COULTER, by license, Witn: Andrew BELL, Mathew McILWAINE, Jan. 16, 1854

Walter PATERSON, Helen PETRIE, by license, Witn: James HAMILTON, James PETRIE, Jan. 26, 1854

John SAUNDERS, Mary Jane CRESSWELL, by license, Witn: William CRESSWELL, Jane SAUNDERS, Feb. 4, 1854

Richard NESBIT, Isabel BOAL, by license, Witn: David McALISE, Mary McLEAN, Feb. 27, 1854

William EGLESON, Grace WILLAN, by license, Witn: Robert WILLAN(WILLAIR??), Ellen EGLESON, March 3, 1854

Thomas RUSSEL, Sarah GARDINER, by license, Witn: William RUSSEL, Mary McLEAN, April 1, 1854

Thomas CASEMENT, Sarah NELSON, by license, Witn: Robert CASEMENT, Sam'l NELSON, April 18, 1854

Gilbert SCOTT, Ann HOPKINS, by license, Witn: Charles H. SCOTT, Fanny SCOTT, April 24, 1854

Thomas EMERSON, Agnes BRYSON, by license, Witn: Thomas HAZLET, Mary C. DICK, May 25, 1854

Donald DAVIDSON, Sarah ROBINSON, by license, Witn: John HAGGART, George YOUNG, June 6, 1854

James PETRIE, Ellen WEBSTER, by license, Witn: William WEBSTER, Pennington ALEXANDER, June 8, 1854

William LOCKIE, Harriet THOMPSON, by license, Witn: Edward SANDERSON, Mary McLEAN, June 16, 1854

John DOUGLAS, Sarah GORDON, by license, Witn: Thomas GORDON, Tho. DODS, Sept. 15, 1854

John MOORE, Christian McDONALD, by proclamation, Witn: Hugh McPHEE, George MOORE, Oct. 10, 1854

Robert. HENDERSON, Ann BARFIET, by license, Witn: Jas. HOGG, John McCONACHIE, Oct. 23, 1854

There is a list of marriages (6) solemnized by Rev. John Gilmour, Minister of the Gospel of Baptist Denomination of Peterboro in 1847-1848 at the bottom of the page of 1853 marriages but I am unable to read bride & groom names.


Marriages Solemnized by the Rev. Gemley, Wesleyan Minister of Peterboro in 1854

John McNENN of Port Hope, Rachel C. ROBERTSON of Port Hope, by license, James GIBSON, Eliza Jane BLEAKLEY, Jan. 22, 1854

Charles EASTLAND of Monaghan, Hannah FOSTER of Monaghan, by license, Witn: William FOSTER, Sarah M. EASTLAND, Jan. 25, 1854

John WHITFIELD of Monaghan, Jane LEADBETTER of Monaghan, by license, Witn: Robert LEADBETTER, Maria A. GEMLEY, Feb. 1, 1854

George ELLIOTT of Asphodel, Margaret ELLIOTT of Asphodel, by license, Witn: Hamilton ELLIOTT, Cath'e ELLIOTT, Feb. 7, 1854

Peter McNEVAN of Otonabee, Jessie COMRIE of Otonabee, by license, Witn: Thomas MERIE, George COMRIE, Feb. 15, 1854

Rich. SMITH of Peterboro, Hannah SWAIN of Peterboro, by license, Witn: James BAGGS, Mary JOHNSTON, Feb. 21, 1854

William COMRIE of Otonabee, Betsy FERGUSON of Hamilton, by license, Alex. DRUMMOND, Peter McNEVAN, Feb. 22, 1854

John H. MARSHALL of Peterboro, Mary Anne STUTT of Peterboro, by license, Witn: John KENNEDY, James HUSTON, Feb. 27, 1854

James FINLAY of Verulam, Eliz't HARKNESS of Emily, by license, Witn: George HARKNESS Sn., George HARKNESS Jnr., Feb. 28, 1854

James HARKNESS of Emily, Mary Jane FINLAY of Verulam, by license, Witn: James FINLAY, Eliz't FINLAY, March 15, 1854

John MITCHELL of Peterboro, Eliza THORNTON of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Jas. JOHNSTON, Thomas THORNTON, March 16, 1854

James LANGTON of Clarke, Anges JEFFREY of Peterboro, by license, Witn: William DUMBLE, Robert JEFFREY, May 29, 1854

John JUNKIN of Verulam, Maria INGRAM of Verulam, by license, Witn: William CRESWELL, M??ltra, CRESWELL, June 5, 1854

James DANCY of Cavan, Barbara DANCY of Cavan, by license, Witn: James WILSON, Eliza A DAME, Feb. 28, 1854


George Smith, Minister of the M. E. Church in Canada - 1854

Samuel LOWRY and Hariott BAYLEY married February 23, 1854, by license

David TAYLOR and Silvyann HUBBLE, January 10, 1854 by license

Gillham DOMUIST?? and Martha KERR, June 13, 1854, by license, all of the township of Mariposa

Also Jessie NOAK and Mary DEGEER, August 5, 1854


A list of marriages solemnized by Rev. John Gilmore, Minister of the Baptist Denomination at Peterboro in 1854-55

format-groom's name, residence, bride's name, residence, witnesses, date & place of marriage

William LEE (FEE) of Cobourg, yeoman, Elizabeth McDONALD, spinster of Peterboro, by license, Witn: Duncan McDONALD, Grace McDONALD both of Peterboro, August 25, 1854 at Peterboro,

John CALVERT, farmer, Ellen Jane THORN, both of township of Cavan, County of Durham, by license, Witn: William GARNETT, William CALVERT, both of township of Cavan, County of Durham, October 3, 1854, at Peterboro,

Grant C. BLACK, farmer, Nancy WALTON, spinster, both of Township of Smith, County of Peterboro & Victoria, by license, Witn: John BLACK, James FINDLAY (TINDLEY), both of Township of Smith, County of Peterboro, October 5, 1854 at Peterboro

Joseph STEPHENSON, farmer of Township of Smith, Elizabeth WILSON of Peterboro, County of Peterboro, by license, Witn: ?????? STEPHENSON, farmer, George STEPHENSON, farmer, both of Smith Town, County of Peterboro, Nov. 11, 1854 at Peterboro

William FINDLAY, yeoman, Mary Ann LAMIRE?, spinster, both of Town of Peterboro, County of Peterboro, by license, Witn: William LANINE?, ?earn POOLS, yeoman, both of Town of Peterboro, County of Peterboro, Sept 1, 1855 at Peterboro


Peterborough Co. marriages solemnized by Rev. William Hooper, Bible Christian, 1855

John EDMONSON from Peterboro, Sarah APPLEYARD from Peterboro, by license, Witn: Henry EDMONSON, Rebecca BROWN, May 21, 1855 at Peterboro

Thomas BROWN from Peterboro, Francis SARGENT from Otonabee, by license, Witn: James MILLER, Susan SARGENT, Aug. 30, 1855 in Otonabee


Two marriages by Rev. Henry Stevens, Bible Christian Minister, Dummer in 1855 (this part of page is very hard to read):

John WILLBOUGHLY, Dummer, Elizabeth CAROSTA, Dummer, by license, Witn: Mary WILSON, Thomas WILLBOUGHLY, Oct 25, 1855 in Dummer twp.

John STORY, Dummer, Matilda MATHEWS, Dummer, by License, Witn: William MATHEWS, John HUNTER, Dec. 21, 1855 in Dummer twp.


by Rev. Wellington Jeffers, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church -1858

Lorenzo Doro SOPER, Rice Lake Indian Village, s/o John SOPER & Sally SOPER m. Mary Jane FRAZER, Rice Lake Indian Village, d/o Susan COLBERON Witn: Henry COW from Indian Village, Harriet ANDERSON of Indian Village, May 23, 1858

James JARVIS, 22, Rice Lake Indian Village, born St. Residore, Canada East, s/o Andrew & Flavie JARVIS, m. Eliza Jane SMITH, 16, Rice Lake Indian Village, born Rice Lake Indian Village, d/o Garret SMITH & Hannah SMITH, Witn: Andrew ANDERSON of Otonabee, Fred K. LOUCKS of Peterboro, Oct. 22, 1858

James LANG of Monaghan, m. Mary ADAMSON, Witn: William LANG of Otonabee, Robert ADAMSON(Admeson) of Otonabee, Oct. 13, 1858


by Rev. J. W. R. BECK, a Minister of Peterborough - 1858

Robert EASTLAND, 29, of Monaghan, s/o Thomas & Julia EASTLAND, m. Anna Maria LUNDY of Monaghan, born-Canada, d/o Jason & Mary LUNDY, Witness: C. H. POOLE of Peterboro, March 10, 1858

William LOUGH, 30, of Cavan, born-Ireland, s/o William & ? LOUGH, m. Electack?? LOUCKS of Peterboro, born-Canada, d/o William & Maria LOUCKS, Witness: H. A. LOUCKS of Peterboro, March 24, 1858

John SMITH, 27, of Cavan, born-Ramsay England, s/o William & Adelaine SMITH, m. Mary SHANNON of Monaghan, born-Monaghan, d/o Thomas & Betsy SHANNON, Witness: George REYNOLDS of Cavan, June 23, 1858

Isaac GRANDY, 26, of Manvers, born-Ireland, s/o William & ? GRANDY, m. Mary NELSON of Otonabee, born-Otonabee d/o William & Mary NELSON, Witness: Rich'd GRANDY of Manvers, June 29, 1858

Charles WILLARD of Peterboro, m. B. McCAMRAN of Peterboro, Witness: John BENTLEY of Peterboro, June 22, 1858


by Rev. John CAMERON, Baptist Minister, Peterboro - 1858

William WILSON, 22, of Peterboro, born-Etobico, s/o Thomas & Jane WILSON, m. Isabella MILBURN, 17, of Smith twp., born-Smith twp., d/o John R. & Mary MILBURN, Witn: Edward SHONY (Sharp?) of Peterboro, William BROWN of Peterboro, Dec 27, 1858


by Rev. James S. DOUGLAS, Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Canada in connection with the Church of Scotland - 1858

James KELLY, 35, of Millbrook, born-Ireland, s/o Thomas KELLY & Elizabeth GRAY m. Mary HALL, 23, of Millbrook, born-Canada, d/o Jrem? HALL & Isabella M. GIONEY?, Witness: William SMITH of Millbrook, Sept 28, 1858

Alex. EDMONDSON, 25, of Smith, born Smith, s/o John EDMONDSON & Margaret Ann HALL, m. Hanah IVISON, 23, of Smith, born-England, d/o John IVISON & Jane VICARS, Witness: George EDMONDSON of Smith, Nov. 10, 1858

Elisha MOIN, 32, of Peterborough, born-England, s/o Robert MOIN & Catherine RICHARDSON, m. Christian ROBERTSON, 20, of Ashburnham, born-Peterborough, d/o John ROBERTSON & Christian JACKSON, Witness: William ROBERTSON of Peterboro, Dec., 23, 1858

William John McCLEVERTY, 28, of Finch Berwick, born-Canada, s/o Charles McCLEVERTY & Mary COOPER, m. Julia Ann BORKUS, 22, of Osnabruck, born-Canada, d/o Jos'h BORKUS & Rachel ELDEN, Witness: William B. READ of Peterboro, Dec. 23, 1858


by Rev. Thomas GREENE & Rev. Edward ROBERTS, Ministers of the Bible Christian Denomination - 1858

James PAGAT, 35, of Asphodel, born-Ireland, s/o James & Jane PAGAT, m. Jane DAVIS, 27, of Smith, born-Ireland, d/o Right?? & Allan DIVIT, Witn: David PAGAT of Asphodel & William ELLIOTT of Smith, Feb. 18, 1858

Wm PRIY, 24, of Smith, born- Germany, s/o John & Eliza PRIY, m. Pillimina SHADAR (Thadar), 25, of Smith, born-Germany, d/o Frade & Mary THADAR, Witn: Herre HAYON of Smith, S. RLAYN of Smith, March 2, 1858

James GIBBON, 28, of Peterborough, born-Scotland, s/o James & Agnes GIBBON, m. Sarah STALKER, 29, of Peterborough, born-U. States, d/o James & Leah NEWTON, Witn: G. W. ROBINSON of Peterboro, H. M. ROBINSON of Peterboro, April 1, 1858

Sam SARGENT, 31, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, s/o John & Allice SARGENT, m. Ellen JOHNSTON, 30, of Otonabee, born-Ireland, d/o Edward & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Witn: Thomas JOHNSTON of Otonabee, Edward JOHNSTON of Otonabee, June 15, 1858

George NEWTON, 30, of Peterboro, born-U. States, s/o James & Leah NEWTON, m. Sarah GERRARD, 20, of Peterborough, born-England, d/o John & Mary GERRARD, Witn: John NEWTON of Peterboro, E. GERRARD of Peterboro, June 17, 1858

George PAYNE, 28, of Dummer, born-England, s/o Daniel & Ann PAYNE, m. Mary HERD, 20, of Dummer, born-England, d/o Thomas & Hariet HERD, Witn: Thomas RICE of Peterboro, Elizabeth HERD of Dummer, July 13, 1858

John EDMONDS, 27, of Peterborough, born-England, s/o Henry & Ann EDMONDS, m. Mary WILSON, 21, of Peterborough, born-England, d/o Robert & Hariet WILSON, Witn: Thomas McKILEY of Peterboro, Sarah WILSON of Otonabee, July 28, 1858

Thomas SEDGWICK, 24, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, s/o Jas. & Elizabeth SEDGWICK, m. Mary A. HUDSON, 18, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, d/o William & Elizabeth HUDSON, Witn: Rich'd HUDSON of Otonabee, Maria A. CHAMBUS of Otonabee, Nov. 17, 1858

John LOCKHART, 22, of Peterboro, born-Ireland, s/o James & Ellen LOCKHART, m. Elizabeth LEE, 24, of Peterborough, born-England, d/o Thomas & Jane LEE, Witn: Rich'd YELLAND of Peterboro, Sli BACON of Peterboro, Dec. 31, 1858


by Rev. John Gilmore, Minister of the Baptist Denomination in Peterboro - 1858

John LEVICK, 33, of Township of Smith, born-County of Peterboro, s/o John LEVICK & Jane LEVICK, m. Jane R. CLOTWORTHY, 30, of Smith, born-Ireland, Co. Down, d/o William CLOTWORTHY & Elizabeth CLOTWORTHY, Witn: Jonathan LEVICK of Peterboro, Adam CLOTWORTHY of Smith, February 24, 1858

James WOOD, 26, of Otonabee m. Mary BEALEY, 24, of Otonabee, born- Comily Aberdeen. d/o James & Christane BEALY, Witn: William WOOD of Otonabee, William ELDEN(Gilder) of Cobourg, March 18, 1858

Andrew McCAULEY, 45, of Monaghan, born-Cavan Ireland, s/o John & Elizabeth McCAULAY, m. Letitia ROBINSON, 30, of Monaghan, born Cavan Ireland, d/o John & Ann ROBINSON, Witn: William CLARK of Monaghan, Ann McLEAN of Monaghan, April 14, 1858

Isaac JOHNSON, 20, of Chemong Village, born-Indian Village, Credit?, s/o George JOHNSON & Jane KISHEGOO, m. Elizabeth GRAY, 19, of Chemong Village, born-Alnwick ???, d/o Peter GRAY & Elizabeth JACOBS, Witn: James SCHOFIELD of Chemong Village, John BULLEN of Chemong Village, June 27, 1858

John TAYLOR, 25, of Chemong Village, born Chemong Village, s/o George TAYLOR, m. Mary JACOBS, 19, of Chemong Village, born-Chemong Village, d/o Thomas JACOBS & Mary IRONS, Witn: James SCHOFIELD of Chemong Village, John BULLEN of Chemong Village, September 5, 1858

Henry DENNE, 27, of Smith, born-Co. Kent, England, s/o Thomas DENNE, Harriot LAKE, m. Agnes FITZGERALD, 17, of Smith, born-Smith, d/o Gerald FITZGERALD & Jane ROSBERRY, Witn: J. G. HAZLITT of Peterboro, C. LERRY(Lewry?) Of Peterboro, September 8, 1858

John BROWN, 22, of Peterboro, born-Cavan, Durham, s/o Sam'l BROWN & Elizabeth McCAL, m. Mary KINGHT, 20, of Peterborough, born- Three Rivers, C. E., d/o James KINGHT & Margareth LAVAGE, Witn: Adam CLOTWORTHY of Peterboro, James KINSGOT? of Peterboro, November 13, 1858

Return of Marriages solemnized by Henry McDowell & John Goodfellow, Ministers of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada for the year ending 31th of December 1858

William SEDGWICK, 24, of Asphodel, born-Dent Yorkshire, England, s/o Matthew SEDGWICK & Ellen SEDGWICK, m. Alice BUCK, 19, of Asphodel, born-Asphodel, d/o David BUCK & Sarah BUCK, Witness: Jas. SEDGWICK of Asphodel, May 3, 1858

Alexander THOMPSON, 28, of Belmont, born- Drummond, s/o Alex. THOMPSON & Janet THOMPSON, m. Mary A. HARPER, 16, of Belmont, born-Belmont, d/o George HARPER & Elizath HARPER, Witness: Willm REA (Reed) of Belmont, June 15, 1858

William RICHARDSON, 26, of Asphodel, born-England, s/o Robert RICHARDSON & Lydia RICHARDSON, m. Mary J. BROOKS, 19, of Belmont, born-Peterboro, d/o William BROOKS & Sarah BROOKS, Witness: John RICHARDSON of Asphodel, July 3, 1858

W. J. W. MELVILLE, 21, of Dummer, born-Seymour, s/o John MELVILLE & Mary MELVILLE, m. Elizabeth H. McDONALD, 18, of Dummer, born-Dummer, d/o Dan'l McDONALD & Ann McDONALD, Witness: Hugh DODDS of Dummer, July 30, 1858

John BROWN, 22, of Belmont, born-Athal, s/o John BROWN & Hahan?? BROWN, m. Elizabeth H. DAFOE, 20, of Belmont, born-Richmond, d/o Abrah'm DAFOE & Rachel DAFOE, Witness: Moris (Mona) H. DAFOE of Belmont, Dec. 15, 1858

Edward JOHNS, 37, of Belmont, born-England, s/o Edward JOHNS & Prudence JOHNS, m. Emanda SOUTHWICK, 20, of Belmont, born-Asphodel, d/o Abrah'm DAFOE & Rachel DAFOE, Witness: Henry JOHNS of Belmont, Dec. 27, 1858 *note-last two marriages have same parents for brides but different last names?????

William ELLIOTT, 40, of Asphodel, born-Ireland, s/o George ELLIOTT & Barbara ELLIOTT, m. Ann STINSON, 20, of Asphodel, born- Ireland,  d/o Jas. STINSON & Elizabeth STINSON, Witness: Hoses?? HUMPHRIES of Dummer, Aug 5, 1858

Richard BATEMAN, 24, of Otonabee, born-England, s/o Christ. BATEMAN & Elizabeth BATEMAN, m. Elizabeth HOPE, 23, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, d/o John HOPE & Jane HOPE, Witness: Levi WHITE of Otonabee, Oct. 8, 1858


by Rev. Abraham MORRIS, Minister of the Bible Christian Church, Dummer - 1858

James HALL, 26, of Otonabee, born-Ireland, s/o David & Jane HALL, m. Margery TAYLOR, 23, of Dummer, born-Dummer, d/o William & Mary TAYLOR, Witn: W. H. TAYLOR of Dummer, Jane TAYLOR of Dummer, March 26, 1858

Christopher CROW, 21, of Dummer, born-Canada, s/o Francis & Mary Ann CROW, m. Mary GRANT, 18, of Dummer, born-Canada, d/o William & Jane GRANT, Witn: Thomas HANBRIDGE of Dummer, Catherine CROW of Dummer, Nov. 2, 1858

James STARR, 28, of Asphodel, born-England, s/o James & Mary STARR, m. Elena McMULLEN, 23, of Dummer, born-Ireland, d/o Robert & Sarah McMULLEN, Witn: James McMULLEN of Dummer, Thriza P. MORRIS of Dummer, Dec. 3, 1858

Jacob WHITE, 23, of Dummer, born-England, s/o William & Martha WHITE, m. Caroline PAYNE, 18, of Dummer, born-Canada, d/o George & Sarah PAYNE, Witn: Joseph PAYNE of Dummer, Jedidah PAYNE of Dummer, Dec. 21, 1858


by Mark BURNHAM, Clerk & Minister of Otonabee & parts adjacent for the year ending Dec. 1858

Henry PERRINS, 26, of S. Monaghan, born-S. Monaghan, s/o Daniel & Susan PERRINS, m. Sarah PERRINS, 20, of S. Monaghan, born-S. Monaghan, d/o Josiah & Ann PERRINS, Witness: William PERRINS of S. Monaghan, March 9, 1858

Robert NURSE, 22, of S. Monaghan, born-S. Monaghan, s/o William & Jane NURSE, m. Mary SMITHSON, 23, of S. Monaghan, born-S. Monaghan, d/o Richard & Terel?? (Lerel) SMITHSON, Witness: Thomas SMITHSON of S. Monaghan, March 11, 1858

Edward McELVENY, 30, of Dummer, born- Antrim Ireland, s/o John & Eliza McELVENY, m. Mary DAVIS, 28, of Dummer, born-Wiltshire England, d/o William & Sarah DAVIS, Witness: Thomas DAVIS of Peterborough, April 26, 1858

Seth LYONS, 23, of Smith, born-Storrington, s/o Philanden???? & Margaret LYONS, m. Ann Jane McKEE, 18, of Smith, born- Smith, d/o Andrew & Ann McKEE, Witness: Wright M. WARD, of Smith, June 29, 1858

George STOCKDALE, 20, of Smith, born-England, s/o William & Alice STOCKDALE, m. Mary COSTELLO, 23, of Ennismore, born-Ennismore, d/o Daniel & Mary COSTELLO, Witness: Thomas WALKER of Smith, July 22, 1858

Erainuu? GREEN, 23, of Peterborough, born-Ireland, s/o William & Jane GREEN, m. Marion HEWITT, 20, of Peterboro, born-Ireland, d/o John & Catherine HEWITT, Witness: Edward GREEN of Peterboro, Sept. 17, 1858

George MORTON, 27, of Cavan, born-Canada, s/o John & Ann MORTON, m. Sarah Jane MARTIN, 20, of Cavan, born-Cavan, d/o John & Eliza MARTIN, Witness: William MARTIN of Cavan, Nov. 5, 1858

Abraham INGRAM, 31, of Peterboro, born-England, s/o Daniel & Mrs. INGRAM, m. Mary DAVIS, 27, of Peterboro, born-Ireland, d/o Francis & Sarah DAVIS, Witness: Thomas FOOTYE of Peterboro, Nov. 9, 1858

Francis McCANN, 20, of Otonabee, born- Ireland, s/o Michael & Ann McCANN, m. Mary DUGGAN, 17, of Otonabee, born- Ireland, d/o Henry & Ellen DUGGAN, Witness: Daniel DUGGAN of Otonabee, Dec. 17, 1858

Jay KETCHUM, 23, of Colbourne, born- Haldimand, s/o Elijah & Dorothy KETCHUM, m. Mary Louisa GILCHRIST, 21, of Colbourne, born-Cramahe, d/o Eliza Jane & Mathew Craig GILCHRIST, Witness: P. M. GROOM of Asphodel, Dec. 20, 1858

Donald McDONALD, 25, of Hamilton twp. born-Hamilton, s/o Archibald & Cath'e McDONALD, m. Mary Ann KETCHUM, 20, of Colbourne, born-Haldimand, d/o Elijah & Dorothy KETCHUM, Witness: P. M. GROOM of Asphodel, Dec 20, 1858

Joseph?? GRIFFIN, 23, of Lakefield, born-West Au??????, s/o Hollis & Catherine GRIFFIN, m. Maria DONELLY, 22, of Otonabee, born Smith, d/o Alexander & Ann DONELLY, witness: James BROWN of ????Huron Co.??, Dec 23, 1858


Return of Marriages Solemnized by Revd. James Bowie of Norwood, Minister of thePresbyterian Church of Canada, 1858
[Note: there is a black smudge down the left hand side of this page.
The given names of some of the grooms are partially obscured.]
Transcribed from LDS #1030063 (MS 248 Reel 13) by Adrian Donley

Hamilton[?] DOUGLASS, 26, of Asphodel, born Antrim Ireland, s/o Hamilton DOUGLASS &~ BLACK; m. Martha MOFFATT, 21, of Asphodel, born Liverpool Eng, d/o Bristo MOFFATT &Mary YOUNG. Witn: Richard GRAHAM & Henry POWERS, both of Asphodel. Feb. 3, 1858.

?? CRAWFORD, 24, of Sullivan, born Ireland, s/o John CRAWFORD & Ann CAMERON; m.Janet BECKET, 19, of Asphodel, born Asphodel, d/o Jas BECKETT & Agnes McINTOSH.Witn: Robert BURGESS & William SCOTT Jr., both of Asphodel. Feb 17, 1858.

James BROWN, 22, of Dummer, born Ireland, s/o James BROWN & Catherine FLEETING; m. Elizabeth SPEER, 18, of Dummer, born Dummer, d/o Thomas SPEER & Ann HUMPHRIES. Witn: Robert SCOTT & Sarah SPEER, both of Dummer. Sep 24, 1858.

Joseph SUSEE[?], 26, of Asphodel, born Cavan, s/o Joseph SUSEE[?] & Elizth. LANCASTER; m. Jemimah SAUNDERS, 16, of Asphodel, born Douro, d/o William SAUNDERS & Ann Jane FLEETING. Witn: Jas. SAUNDERS & John H. SPEER, both of Dummer. Oct 7, 1858.

?? E. W. KIDD, 23, of Dummer, born Dummer, s/o Walter KIDD & Elizth. McDONALD; m. Sarah Ann HAMLIN, 16, of Dummer, born Dummer, d/o Simeon HAMLIN & Susan DAVIES. Witn: Reuben HAMLIN & Archd. KIDD, both of Dummer. Oct 13, 1858.

?? Mills BUNBURY, 21[?], of Verulam, born St. Vincent West Indies, s/o Hugh M. BUNBURY & Lydia PRESCOTT; m. Anna M. LOWRIE, 19, of Verulam, born Toronto, d/o John LOWRIE & Ann GARDNER. Witn: Jas F??LEY & Ann LOWRIE, both of Asphodel. Oct 22, 1858.

Duncan[?] ANDERSON, 26, of Dummer, born Dummer, s/o John ANDERSON & Isabella ROBERTSON; m. Elizth. RITCHIE, 22, of Dummer, born Dummer, d/o Robert. RITCHIE & Margt. HUME. Witn: Archd. ROBERTSON & Archd. ANDERSON, both of Dummer. Nov 4, 1858.

Alexander KEMPT, 28, of Asphodel, born Cromarty Scotland, s/o Kenneth KEMPT & Ann WILLIAMSON; m. Elizth. WILSON, 18, of Dummer, born Dummer, d/o John WILSON & Elizth. FINLAY. Witn: Chas. IVORY & John FINLAY, both of Asphodel. Nov 5, 1858.

Matthew BELL, 35, of Dummer, born Yorkshire Eng, s/o Thomas BELL & Betsy METCALF; m. Jane BRODIE, 20, of Dummer, born Glasgow Scotland, d/o John BRODIE & Cathne. MANSON. Witn: Robert. MORRISON & Anthony STAVELY, both of Dummer. Dec 23, 1858.

?? NICOLL, 25, of Dummer, born Dummer, s/o Alexander NICHOL & Lydia BAI??; m. Elizth. DUNSDALE, 20, of Asphodel, born England, d/o L.?. DUNSDALE & Martha BIRCH. Witn: Thomas NICHOL & Edwd. THISTLEWAIT, both of Asphodel. Dec 30, 1858.

?? BROOKS, 26, of Belmont, born Brighton, s/o William BROOKS & Sarah McDONALD; m. Ann HOUSTON, 22, of Belmont, born Ireland, d/o Mitchell HOUSTON & Helen C?????. Witn: William RICHARDSON & Jane HOUSTON, both of Belmont. Oct 15, 1858.


Return of marriages solemnized by Edward Riddell ROBERTS, a Minister of the Baptist Church of Smith, 1862

transcribed by Adrian Donley

Charles BOYCE, 23, of Smith, born Hamilton, s/o Mathew & Catherine BOYCE, m. Nancy BLEWITT, 23, of Smith, born Pensylvania, d/o Josiah & Janet BLEWITT, Witn: Stephen BOYCE & Winifred BLEWITT, both of Smith, 13 March 1862.

Abraham FAWN, 24, of Shemong[?] Lake, born Sturgeon Lake, s/o Abraham & Cassandra FAWN, m. Mary B?????, 40, of Chemong Lake, born Credit, d/o Melina & Fris??? MUSKRAT, Witn: John & Jane LAYDON of Chemong Lake, 15 August 1862.


Return of marriages solemnized by John CARROLL, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church 1862
transcribed by Adrian Donley

William Henry MITCHELL, 23, of Peterborough, born Canada, s/o John & Mary MITCHELL, m. Mary A. BAKER, 18, of Peterborough, born United States, d/o John & Eliza BAKER, Witn: James FERGUSON of Peterborough & D. McDONALD of Ashburnham, on 27 January 1862

John BRYSON, 27, of Otonabee, born Ireland, s/o Thomas & Mary BRYSON, m. Elizabeth PORTER, 26, of Otonabee, born Ireland, d/o Joseph & Eliza PORTER, Witn: Robert LAING of Peterborough, Susan PORTER of Otonabee, on 18 March 1862

James SEMPLE[?], 23, of Douro, born Belmont, s/o Gilbert & Sarah SEMPLE[?], m. Catherine CLARKE, 16, of Douro, born Sterling, d/o John & Olive CLARKE, Witn: M.E. CARROLL & M.E. ADAMS of Peterborough, on 27 March 1862

Francis BEAVIS, 25, of Otonabee, born Ireland, s/o John & Elizabeth BEAVIS, m. Jane TROTTER[?], 19, of Otonabee, born Scotland, d/o James & Agnes TROTTER[?], Witn: Robert TROTTER[?] & M. BEAVIS of Otonabee, on 2 April 1862

George Albertus COX, 22, of Peterborough, born Colborne, s/o Edward & Jane COX, m. Margaret HOPKINS, 18, of Peterborough, born Canada, d/o Daniel & Jane HOPKINS, Witn: Samuel FORD & ??? McNEIL of Peterborough, on 28 May 1862

William WHITE, 50, of Dummer, born England, s/o William & Ann WHITE, m. Caroline STINSON, 55, of Peterborough, born England, d/o Samuel & Maria, Witn: William CROFT & ??? McNEIL of Peterborough, on 24 June 1862

William KERR, 40, of Emily, born Ireland, s/o Gabriel & Mary KERR, m. Frances MORTON, 20, of Emily, born Cavan, d/o William & Florinda MORTON, Witn: Robert CALVERT of Ennismore & George RATH of Emily, on 22 October 1862

Francis REEKEY, 24, of Peterborough, born Ireland, s/o William & Margaret REEKEY, m. Sarah J. MULLIGAN, 22, of Peterborough, born same, d/o Robert & Jane MULLIGAN, Witn: Thomas CONNOR & Ann DOUGARTY[?] of Peterborough, on 20 November 1862

Edward PINNELL, 50, of Haldimand, born England, s/o Thomas & Mary PINNELL, m. Eliza MONTGOMERY, 45, of Haldimand, born Ireland, d/o Cornelius & Frances MONTGOMERY, Witn: B.E. CARROLL, M.C. CARROLL of Peterborough, on 28 November 1862

Robert STRAIN, 28, of Otonabee, born Ireland, s/o Henry & Jane STRAIN, m. Elizabeth HALL, 18, of Otonabee, born Canada, d/o David & M.A. HALL, Witn: Robert HALL & Elizabeth STRAIN of Otonabee, on 17 December 1862

John Joseph MITCHELL, 28, of Emily, born same, s/o John & Margaret MITCHELL, m. Ruth MILBURN, 23, of Smith, born same, d/o Thomas & Erica[?] MILBURN, Witn: Joseph MILBURN of Smith & ??? MITCHELL of Emily, on 23 December 1862

Isaac JOHNSON, 23, of Otonabee, born Canada, s/o William & Jane JOHNSON, m. Margaret HAIR, 18, of Otonabee, born Canada, d/o William & Mary HAIR, Witn: E.J. HAIR & Eliza JOHNSON of Otonabee, on 23 December 1862


by Rev. John M. Roger, Minister of the Canada Presbyterian for the year 1863

William RUTHERFORD, 28, Otonabee, born-Smith, s/o William RUTHERFORD & Tol. BAPTIE, m. Ann YOUNG, 22, from Percy, born-Trenton, Co. W., d/o Sam'l YOUNG & Sarah BOUTER, Witness: William WEIR of Otonabee, Jan. 1, 1863

John MADILL, 26, of Cavan, born Ireland, s/o John MADILL & Mary WATT, m. Dorothy BRETHER, 21, of Cavan, born- Cavan, d/o William BRETHER & Elizabeth ROBISON, witness: John FERGUSON of Cavan, Jan. 24, 1863

Isaac MOORE, 21, of Ennismore, born-Smith, s/o Robert MOORE & Margaret MORRISON, m. Caroline O'DONNELL, 20, of Emily, born-Emily, d/o Edward O'DONNELL & Cath're DORAN, Witness: John O'DONNELL of Emily, Feb. 23, 1863

Wellington T. ROWNBOUGH? (Rombough?), 26, of Otonabee, born-Fredrickborough C. W., s/o John M. ROURBOUGH? & Ann MILLER, m. Isabella RUTHERFORD, 21, of Otonabee, born- Smith, d/o William RUTHERFORD & Isabella BAPTIE, Witness: William MORGAN of Otonabee, March 23, 1863

James H. DIXON, 25, of Smith, born-Smith, s/o William DIXON & Isabella HARVEY, m. Lucy Jane CRAWFORD, 20, of Peterboro, born- Massachuctts, U. S., d/o Elias CRAWFORD & Derby Ann JONES, Witness: James BEST of Peterboro, May 20, 1863

James CUMMINGS, 29, of Peterboro, born-Scotland, s/o John CUMMING & Ann McGREGOR, m. Ann WEBSTER, 25, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, d/o William WEBSTER & H. Anna(Hanna) LAING, Witness: William CUMMING of Peterboro, August 4, 1863

William TULLY, 24, of Smith, born-Smith, s/o Robert TULLY & Agnes CUMMING, m. Mary PORTER, 19, Otonabee, born-Ireland, d/o Joseph PORTER & Eliza'th HAZLET, Witness: Andrew TULLY of Smith, Oct. 10, 1863

Thomas Edward FITZGERALD, 29, of Smith, born-Smith, s/o Edward FITZGERALD & Jane SWITZER, m. Agnes HALL, 23, Smith, born-Smith, d/o John HALL, Jsabt JOHNSTON, Witness: William HALL of Smith, Oct. 29, 1863

James SALTER, 22, of Otonabee, born- England, s/o James SALTER & Ann KENT, m. Hellen SMITH, 19, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, d/o Simon SMITH & Jane JACKSON, Witness: Robert LAING (LANIG) of Peterboro, Nov. 17, 1863

William HOPKINS, 25, of S. Monaghan, born-Cavan, s/o Jos. HOPKINS & Margaret McFADDEN, m. Isabel ALEXANDER, 21, of Monaghan, born-Monaghan, d/o Penington ALEXANDER & Isabella PETRIE, Witness: Robert T. FLYNT of Cavan, Dec. 1, 1863

John PETERS, 25, of Hastings, born-Batherst, s/o Chas. PETERS & Ellen MARK, m. Ametia ROSE, 18, of Hastings, born-Scotland, d/o Hugh ROSE & Barbara SHAND, Witness: George PETERS of Percy, Dec. 22, 1863

William JOHNSTON, 22, of Smith, born-Marbourgh, s/o William JOHNSTON & Catheine RENALDS m. Mary Jane BROWN, 22, of Ashburnham, born-Ireland, d/o Adly BROWN & Ellen HOINS (HOURS?), Witness: William BABCOCK of Bowmanville, Nov. 23, 1863


by Rev. James Struther DOUGLAS, a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Canada in connection with the Church of Scotland - 1863

David CHALMERS, 21, of Snowden, born-Scotland, s/o David CHALMERS & Mary REID, m. Eliza GILMORE, 21, of Galway, born-Ireland, d/o James GILMORE & Jane SHEARER, Witness: William JAY of Peterborough, January 13, 1863

Joseph DETCHER, 19, of Peterborough, born-Ireland, s/o Sam'l DETCHER & Mary RILEY, m. Mary GALLY, 19, of Peterborough, born-England, d/o Thomas GALLY & Margaret HIRKS(BIRIKS), Witness: George CRONN of Peterborough, January 19, 1863

John WILLIAMSON, 29, of Smith, born-Scotland, s/o David WILLIAMSON & Christina NEILSTON, m. Jessie TULLY, 28, of Smith, born-Canada, d/o Robert TULLY & Agnes CUMMING, Witness: William TULLY of Peterborough, January 23, 1863

Charles BELLER, 22, of Douro, born-Prussia, s/o Christian BELLER & Sopia NUCENBURG, m. Emilia LECH (LECK or LEEK), 22, of Smith, born-Prussia, d/o Charles LECH & Regina WEISCHNUS??, Witness: William LECH of Peterborough, Feb. 19, 1863

Benjamin REYNOLDS, 30, of Peterboro, born-Ireland, s/o Benjamin REYNOLDS & Mary Anne HOLMES, m. Margaret MULLIGAN, 28, of Peterboro, born-Canada, d/o Robert MULLIGAN & Sarah MOORE, Witness: Anna Maria SINGLER of Peterborough, May 6, 1863

James BRADSHAW, 55, of S. Monaghan, born-England, s/o John BRADSHAW & Mary MILLS, m. Mary Ann GREEN, 18, of Peterboro, born-Canada, parents-GREEN not known, Witness: William THOMSON of Peterboro, May 25, 1863

David TULLY, 22, of Smith, born-Canada, s/o Ralph TULLY & Mary PAYNE, m. Agnes PORTER, 17, of Otonabee, born-Ireland, d/o Joseph PORTER & Elizabeth HAZLETT, Witness: William TULLY, June 2, 1863

William FISHER, 19, of Ashburnham, born-Canada, s/o Amos FISHER & Elizabeth JOYCE, m. Betsy AINSLIE, 18, of Ashburnham, born-Scotland, d/o Walter AINSLIE? & Jessie LEES, Witness: Joseph FERAULT of Ashburnham, Sept. 8, 1863


by the Rev. James S. DOUGLAS, Presbyterian Minister for the year 1863

John George BEAVIS, 26, of Peterboro, born-Canada, s/o Thomas BEAVIS & Margaret ARMSBY?, m. Georgina McGOWAN, 26, of Peterboro, born-Canada, d/o Thomas McGOWAN & Martha HOLMES, Witness: William MILLAR of Peterboro, August 19, 1863

Walter AINSLEE, 39, of Ashburnham, born-Scotland, s/o Walter AINSLEE & Janet SANDERSON, m. Margaret GODFREY, 27, of Douro, born-Scotland, d/o John GODFREY & Jane FAIRBAIRN, Witness: Eliza LOVE of Peterboro, Sept. 25, 1863

James STEWART, 24, of Durham, born-Canada, s/o John STEWART & Rachel SPENCE, m. Lillie RUTHERFORD, 23, of Northumberland, born-Canada, d/o Richard RUTHERFORD & Jane NICHOLLS, Witness: William CASWELL of Peterboro, Sept 28, 1863

Joseph FERRAULT (Perrault?), 20, of Ashburnham, born-Canada, s/o Louis FERRAULT & Anne SEDGEWICK, m. Maria SADDLEY, 18, of Mt. Pleasant, born-Canada, d/o John SADDLER & Maria BIDLEY(Ridley), Witness: John SHERIDAN of Ashburnham, October 1, 1863

Alfred COULTER, 24, of S. Monaghan, born-England, s/o Benoni COULTER & Sarah FRANKLIN, m. Oliva FERRAULT, 18, of Ashburnham, born-Canada, d/o Louis FERRAULT & Anne SEDGEWICK, Witness: Joseph FERRAULT of Ashburnham, Sept. 28, 1863

Thomas HENDREN, 23, of Dummer, born-Canada, s/o John HENDREN & Jemima HALPS (Kalps?), m. Hannah WEBSTER, 19, of Otonabee, born-Canada, d/o William WEBSTER & Hannah LAING, Witness: Thomas WEBSTER of Otonabee, October 8, 1863

William COXE, 25, of Lakefield, born-Canada, s/o John COXE & Ann BEATON, m. Isabella HENDREN, 22, of Dummer, born-Canada, d/o John HENDREN & Jemima HALPS, Witness: John COXE of Lakefield, October 8, 1863

Charles DUNSFORD, 39, of Peterboro, born-England, s/o Stephen DUNSFORD & Sarah MITCHELL, m. Elizabeth SARSFIELD, 30, of Monaghan, born-Ireland, d/o Arch'd SARSFIELD & Sarah GUTHRIE, Witness: Sam'l MOONEY of N. Monaghan, October 17, 1863

Richard WOOD, 23, of Peterboro, born- Canada, s/o Richard WOOD & Thedma? ARMSTRONG, m. Ellen LAVAGE, 19, of Peterboro, born-Canada, d/o Henry LAVAGE & Bridget SHAYNE, Witness: John A WOODS of Ashburnham, October 21, 1863

William RITCHEY, 25, of Smith, born-Ireland, s/o Alex RITCHEY & Sarah Ann NIBLOCK, m. Mary MAGARITY, 20, of Smith, born-Ireland, d/o Richard MAGARITY & Anne TULLY, Witness: John ROBINSON of Peterboro, October 27, 1863

John COXE, 24, of Lakefield, born-Canada, s/o John COXE & Ann REATON (Beaton?), m. Eliza COCHRANE, 21, of Lakefield, born-Canada, d/o James COCHRANE & Eliza HUNTER, Witness: George COCHRANE of Lakefield, Dec. 24, 1863


by Rev. John CARROLL, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church for the year 1863

Alfred GADDY, 24, of Peterboro, born-England, s/o George & Mary GADDY, m. Ruth Hannah HILL, 24, of Otonabee, born-Otonabee, d/o William & Harriet HILL, Witn: Thomas E. GADDY & M. A. ALEXANDER of Peterboro, Jan. 1, 1863

Henry HODGKINS, 24, of Peterboro, born- England, s/o John & Sarah HODGKINS, m. Jane BLACKSTALK (Blackstock?), 23, of Peterboro, born-New York City, d/o Moses & Mary BLACKSTALK, Witn: Walter SHERIDAN & James BROWN Jr. of Peterboro, Feb. 16, 1863

John WILKINS, 21, of Peterboro, born-Omemee, s/o John & Jemima WILKINS, m. Louisa Jane BAKER, 18, of Lakefield, born-England, d/o Henry George & Ann BAKER, Witn: B. E. CARROLL & Joseph WILKINS of Peterboro, March 5, 1863

David McGREGGOR, 27, of Peterboro, born-Scotland, s/o William & Margaret (TAYLOR) McGREGGOR, m. Margaret DITCHER, of Peterboro, born-Ireland, d/o Joseph & Ann DITCHER, Witn: Alex McGREGGOR & Ann DITCHER of Peterboro, March 13, 1863

William James MARTIN, 22, of Peterboro, born-Ashburnham, s/o William & Charlotte MARTIN, m. Eliza Stell(Helen) JEFFREY, 21, of Peterboro, born- Peterboro d/o James & Agnes JEFFREY, Witn: Charles LITTLE & Mary Ann MARTIN of Peterboro, March 17, 1863

Charles PATTON, 21, of Dummer, born-England, s/o Edward & Sarah PATTON, m. Jemima SMITH, 20, of Dummer, born-Dummer, d/o Thomas & Hester Ann SMITH, Witn: Edwin BUTCHER of Douro & Martha SMITH of Dummer, March 18, 1863

Moses LANGREN, 26, of Peterboro, born-Cote au au Lac, s/o Baptiste & ?, m. Jane LAVOY, 25, of Peterboro, born-Cote au au Lac,  d/o Baptiste & Jane LAVOY, Witn: Baptiste LAVOY & John A. CARROLL of Peterboro, April 25, 1863

William M. KENNEDY, 24, of Peterboro, born-Bowmanville, s/o John & Catherine KENNEDY, m. Mary A. CHAMBERS, 21, of Otonabee, born-Peterboro, d/o Thomas & Emma CHAMBERS, Witn: John B. KENNEDY of Peterboro & William CHAMBERS of Otonabee, April 27, 1863

Thomas DICKSON, 38, of Buffalo N. Y., born-Ireland, s/o William & Sarah DICKSON. m. Maria MORROW, 24, of Peterboro, born-Hope, d/o Alex. & Mary MORROW, Witn: William J. MASON & Emma KENNEDY of Peterboro, April 29, 1863


Marriages Solemnized by Rev. John Carroll, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1864.
Return No. 112
[submited by Adrian Donley]

James McWILLIAMS, 22, of Ashburnham, born Belmont, s/o Thomas & Margaret
McWILLIAMS m. Mary ROBERTS, 24, of Ashburnham, born Sterling, d/o
John & Alice CLARKE. Witn: James SEMPLE & Cathn. SEMPLE of
Ashburnham. Jan 2, 1864.

William FALLS, 30, of Smith, born Smith, s/o William & Jane FALLS m.
Margaret FAIRBAIRN, 18, of Smith, born Smith, d/o Andrew & Eliza
FAIRBAIRN. Witn: William FAIRBAIRN & Sarah BEDE of Smith.
March 22, 1864.

Lance ADAMS, 33, of Michigan, born Ireland, s/o Lance & Ann ADAMS
m. Eliza CONNOR, 22, of Peterborough, born Belleville, d/o William
& Mary A. CONNOR. Witn: Francis HARMAN & Mary A. HOPKINS of
Peterborough. March 23, 1864.

Frederick DAWSON, 23, of Sth. Monaghan, born Sth. Monaghan, s/o
Thomas & Mary DAWSON m. Harriet PARKER, 25, of Sth. Monaghan, born
Sth. Monaghan, d/o Martin & Harriet PARKER. Witn: Nicholas
DAWSON and Charlt. PERRIN of Sth. Monaghan. April 7, 1864.

John B. VINETTE, 23, of Peterborough, born Coteau du Lac, s/o
Isadore & Ursulette VINETTE m. Mary Anne MURPHY, 19, of Peterborough,
born Dummer, d/o Joseph & Cathn. MURPHY. Witn: Jas. MERCIN of
Quebec & B.E. CARROLL of Peterborough. April 26, 1864.

Thomas DONNELLY, 25, of Peterborough, born Smith, s/o William & Esther
DONNELLY, m. May Eunice KENNEDY, 18, of Peterborough, born Cobourg,
d/o William & Mary KENNEDY. Witn: William DONNELLY & A. BARROWMAN
of Peterborough. April 28, 1864.

Matthew GARDINER, 29, of Cavan, born Cavan, s/o John & Barbara GARDINER
m. Jane CARR, 25, of Cavan, born Cavan, d/o James & Frances CARR.
Witn: A CARR & Ann GARDNER, Cavan. May 2, 1864.

John LEE, 22, of Peterborough, born Ireland, s/o John & Jane LEE, m. Sarah
Jane CARLISLE, 19, of Peterborough, born Toronto, d/o David & Jane
CARLISLE. Witn: John GREEN & Mary McKEE of Peterborough. June 15, 1864.

Henry McGILL, 32, of Peterborough, born England, s/o John & Abigail McGILL,
m. Elizth. MAISEY, ??, of Peterborough, born Scotland, d/o William & Agnes MAISEY.
Witn: C. J. CROWLE of Markham & Isaac MILBURN of Smith. June 26, 1864.

Marriages Solemnized by Rev. John Brock, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1864.
submitted by Adrian Donley

Solomon P. SMITH, 46, of Smith, born Ireland, s/o Thomas RIPG (?) and Eliza
SMITH his wife, m. Cathn. STE??SON, 38, of Smith, born Ireland, d/o
Francis FREEBORN and Bidpt. (?) McGOWAN his wife. Witn: William FREEBORN of
Smith & Sarah FREEBORN of Smith. 1 Aug 1864.

John WASOW, 25, of Dummer, born Ireland, s/o John WASOW and Eliza CROWE his
wife, m. Susan MATTHERSON (?), 20, of Dummer, born Belmont, d/o Thomas
McBURNEY & Amy ANDERSON his wife. Witn: Thomas CAMPBELL of Dummer &
Francis HUFFMAN of Peterborough. 11 Aug 1864.

Anthony BOWRAN, 24, of Minden, born England, s/o Thomas BOWRAN and Mary
BINKS, his wife, m. Lucinda YOUNG, 16, of Smith, born Ireland, d/o William YOUNG
& Mary LESLIE, his wife. Witn: James YOUNG of Smith & Jas. MIDDLETON
of Smith. 3 Oct 1864.

Benjamin FIFE, 25, of Otonabee, born Canada, s/o Thomas FIFE & Janette BECKETT
his wife, m. Eln?. JOHNSTON, 23, of Otonabee, born Ireland, d/o Simon
JOHNSTON & Margt. GORDON his wife. Witn: Chas. KUMBER (?) of Otonabee
& Hannah M. FIFE of Otonabee. 2 Nov 1864.

Herbert SAMWAYS, 21, of Smith, born England, s/o George SAMWAYS & Susan WALLACE
his wife, m. Jane SMITH, 21, of Smith, born Canada, d/o Joseph SMITH &
Margt. KNOX his wife. Witn: Henry SHERWOOD & Ellen SHERWOOD, both of
Peterborough. 2 Nov 1864.

George CAIRNS, 27, of Peterborough, born Canada, s/o Thomas CAIRNS & Susan
FAIRB??? his wife, m. Mary DITCHIE (Ritchie?), 24, of Peterborough, born Canada, d/o
Joseph DITCHIE & Ann CUTCHAN his wife. Witn: Thomas WRIGHT & Susan
DITCHIE, both of Peterborough. 28 Dec 1864.

Marriages solemnized by Rev. James BOWIE, a Minister of the Canada Presbytery Church, Norwood for the year 1864.
submitted by Adrian Donley

Daniel KIDD, 24, of Warsaw, born Dummer C.W., s/o Walter KIDD & Eliza McDONALD,
m. Isala. ANDERSON, 22, of Dummer, born Dummer C.W., d/o John ANDERSON &
Isala.ROBERTSON. Witn: Jas. ANDERSON & Alexander Smith, both of Dummer.
14 January 1864.

Alexander ROWLEY, 30 (?), of Dummer, born Dummer C.W., s/o William ROWLEY & Jane
KINNEAR (?), m. Lydia NICOLL, 22, of Dummer, born Dummer C.W., d/o Alexander
NICOLL & Lydia BAIN. Witn: Alex. NICOLL Jr. & William NICOLL, both of
Dummer. 11 February 1864.

George E. NELSON, 29, of Hastings C.W., born Otonabee C.W., s/o David NELSON
& Janet ESSON, m. Sarah J. F?LL??, 22, of Hastings, born Vaughan C.W., d/o
Johnathan F?LL?? and Lyd. DAVIDSON. Witn: David NELSON & Johnn. FULLER,
both of Hastings. 30 March 1864.

?????? BURGESS, 27, of Belmont, born Asphodel C.W., s/o David BURGESS & R???
McWILLIAM, m. M. J. McGILL, 20, of Belmont, born Cavan C.W., d/o Jas. McGILL
& Mgt. SANCE (?). Witn: John BATTISLY & R.H. McGILL of Belmont.
25 April 1864.