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Peterborough Co., 1909

birth place is given before residence


17029-09 John Austin ARMOUR, 27, farmer, of Percy, s/o Robert S. ARMOUR, farmer & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Mabel Edna RICHARDSON, 19, of Asphodel, d/o John RICHARDSON & Mary FIFE, witn: John & Louise RICHARDSON both of Hastings on July 14, 1909 at Asphodel

17074-09 James Richard BELL, 28, merchant, of Peterborough, s/o John BELL & Hannah GREER, married Louisa PICKETT, 24, of Peterborough, d/o John PICKETT & Sarah BICKEL, witn: Mrs. BALFOUR & Mary FROST, both of Havelock, 16 April 1909 at Havelock

17033-09 James Henry BRADSHAW, 35, grocer, of Peterboro, s/o James BRADSHAW, commercial traveller & Annie GREEN, married Lillian Alice FRASER, 32, Matron of Home, of Peterboro, d/o Archibald FRASER, tinsmith & Susan GREENBANKS, witn: Francis James GREENBANK (sic) of Norwood & Emma BRADSHAW of Peterboro on Nov. 9, 1909 at Peterboro

17038-09 Andrew P. BUCHANAN, 24, farmer, of Belmont, s/o James BUCHANAN, farmer, & Maggie SPEERS, married Marguerite Maud JOHNSTON, 20, of Belmont, d/o W.H. JOHNSTON, farmer, & Maggie SHEARER, witn: Hugh McARTHUR & Annie Ethel BUCHANAN, both of Havelock, 14 Dec 1909 at Belmont

17044-09 Josiah BULLOCK, 25, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o Josiah BULLOCK, retired farmer & Elizabeth Ann NORTHEY, married Rhoda McNAUGHTON, 18, of Smith Tp., d/o Alex McNAUGHTON, labourer & Sarah WHATLEY, witn: Harold DARLING & Rubie CROWE both of Warsaw on April 13, 1909 at Warsaw

18404-10 Robert Williamson BURGESS, 40, farmer, of Belmont Tp., s/o Robert BURGESS (retired farmer) & Mary Ann KEMPT, married Catherine Annie BUCK, 31, Norwood, d/o George BUCK (farmer) & Margaret Ann PEOPLES, witn: George Mills BUCK of High River Alberta & Edith Mary BURGESS of Norwood on Dec. 29, 1909 at Norwood

17082-09 John Angus BURNETT, 43, C.P.R. employee, of Havelock, s/o Angus BURNETT, farmer & Elizabeth McNAUGHT, married Alice BENNINGTON, 46, widow, of Havelock, d/o George WALKER, farmer & Elizabeth BEATTY, witn: W. BURNETT & Alice HAY both of Havelock on Aug. 30, 1909 at Havelock

17084-09 Harry Norman BURNETT, 25, C.P.R. foreman, of Havelock, s/o Angus BURNETT, farmer & Elizabeth McNAUGHT, married Edith May BENNINGTON, 24, of Havelock, d/o George BENNINGTON, farmer & Alice WALKER, witn: Harvey COOK & Alice HAIG both of Havelock on Oct. 27, 1909 at Peterboro

17064-09 John CLANCY, 39, labourer, Peterboro, same, s/o Edward CLANCY & Johannah SULLIVAN, married Mary Evelyn TWOMEY, 23, Emily, same, d/o Michael TWOMEY & Catharine MULCAHEY, witn: illegible COLLINS of Peterboro & Celia TWOMEY of Emily on April 27, 1909 at Ennismore.

#017220-09 Alexander CLEMENT, 29, illustrator, of Peterboro, s/o Ambrose CLEMENT, mill-wright & Olive TITTERSON, married Annie Josephine DESANTEL, 24, of Peterboro, d/o Thomas DESANTEL, blacksmith & Elizabeth FITZGERALD, witn: Jas & Mabel G. DESANTEL, 22 May 1909 at Peterboro Peterborough

17062-09 William James CONWAY, 27, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o John CONWAY & Mary SULLIVAN, married Matilda Henrietta FRALEY, 21, Waterloo, Ennismore, d/o Lawrence FRALEY & Catherine ERSKINWILLER, witn: Patrick KELLEN & Maggie CONWAY both of Ennismore on July 18, 1909 at Ennismore

017291-09 - Frederick COPPERTHWAITE, 45, of Peterborough, Steamboat Captain, Widower, s/o Henry COPPERTHWAITE & Britann BEACH, married Nellie CROWE, 30, Peterborough, d/o Thomas CROWE & Johanna SHECHAN, wtn: Percy HARTLEY & Katie CROWE both of Peterborough, on September 22, 1909, at St. Peter's Cathedral Peterborough

17088-09 Charles Francis CROWE, 28, of Harvey, s/o Nathaniel CROWE, farmer, & Margaret McWILLIAMS, married Ruby Edith BEATTY, 20, of Harvey, d/o William BEATTY, farmer & Victoria BRUMWELL, witn: Frank CROWE of Bobcaygeon & Mary BEATTY of Nogies Creek, 28 April 1909 at Harvey

17068-09 Thomas CURTIN, 24, farmer, of Galway Tp., s/o David CURTIN, farmer & Ellen CAIN, married Laura McNAMARA, 21, of Galway Tp., d/o Thomas McNAMARA, farmer & Ann COLLINS, witn: Thomas McNAMARA & Mary A. CURTIN both of Galway on April 20, 1909 at Galway Tp.

18636-10 George CURTIN, 49, widower, farmer, of Smith, s/o John CURTIN & Harriet BLANCO, married Mary Ann IRWIN, 42, widow, of Smith, d/o James IRWIN & Mary DONALD, witn: John & Myrtle MEHARRY of Peterborough, 20 Jan 1909 at Smith

17049-09 John CURTIS, 25, blacksmith, of Havelock, s/o Joseph CURTIS, farmer & no mother's name given, married Martha Ann SALTERN, 25, of Dummer, d/o Samuel SALTERN, farmer & Emma BELL, witn: William J. & Sarah SALTERN both of Centre Dummer on Sept. 8, 1909 at Dummer

17057-09 Allen Lewis CURTIS, 34, student, of New York City USA, s/o Hiram CURTIS, labourer & Mary ALLEN, married Caroline SHANKS, 30, office worker, of La Crosse Wisc. USA, d/o Hugh SHANKS & Caroline FISHER, witn: William H. TOBIN & Louise CROWLEY no residences given on May 26, 1909 at Douro

017290-09 - Harry DAVIS, 27, of Peterborough, Dyer, s/o Alfred DAVIS & Emma MALLARD, married Emma Jane ROLLINGS, 25, of Kidderminster Eng, d/o George ROLLINGS & Mary Jane MITCHELL, wtn: Thomas MOULE of Lansdowne & John W. PIERCE of Wescott, on September 15, 1909, at Peterborough #017205-09 John DICKSON, 42, farmer, of Otonabee, s/o James DICKSON, farmer & Margaret SWANSTON, married Margaret West HOPE, 39, of Otonabee, d/o Thomas HOPE, farmer & Margaret SAMUEL, witn: Margaret E. CROSSLEY & Annie T. POTTER, both of Peterboro, 18 Feb 1909 at Peterboro Peterborough
017286-09 - Hurr--? DODDS, 22, of Peterborough, Tool Maker, s/o James DODDS & Mary CRAW, married Etta Belle HAMLEY, 22, of Peterborough, d/o Urial HAMLEY & Gertrude M. HILL, wtn: George HAMLEY & Clara DODDS both of Peterborough, on September 9, 1909, at Peterborough

17067-09 Arthur DUNDAS, 26, labourer, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Noble DUNDAS, farmer & Sarah HENRY, married no bride's first name given MOUNTENY, 21, of Galway Tp., d/o Gill MOUNTENY, labourer & Agnes JONES, witn : Daniel & Damon PETERS both of Galway on March 31, 1909 at Galway

17086-09 William ELLIOTT, 28, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o William John ELLIOTT, farmer & Phoebe Elizabeth ISTEED, married Manda Ina Pearl MILES, 19, of Dummer Tp., d/o Fred MILES, farmer & Ella Louisa CROWE, witn: Phoebe Elizabeth BALFOUR & Mary FROST (Froat?) both of Havelock on Dec. 8, 1909 at Havelock.

17031-09 Richard Franklin Robert FRANKLIN (sic), 29, farmer, of Dummer, s/o Robert FERGUSON & Annie SCOTT, married Florence Jane LEEPER, 28, of Asphodel, d/o Robert LEEPER & Clara THISTLETHWAITE, witn: Olive May ADAMS of Peterboro & Rork FERGUSON of South Dummer on Sept. 29, 1909 at Peterboro

#017201-09 Carmine GIORDINO, 21, labourer, of Peterboro, s/o Manro GIORDINO, Labourer & Giovanni CIMOLA, married Maria Leonarda CUFROLI, 17, of Peterborough, d/o Luigi CURFOLI, labourer & Giovanina DE BLASIO, witn: Niacolo FEBBS & Rose THOMPSON, both of Peterborough, 26 Jan 1909 at Peterborough, RC #017221-09 Thomas GLOVER, 24, electrician, of Peterboro, s/o Ralph GLOVER & Sarah TAYLOR, married Lily KNOWLES, 25, of Peterboro, d/o Wm KNOWLES & Ellen TYRES, witn: John T. & Margaret TAYLOR, both of Peterboro, 22 May 1909 at Peterborough
017284-09 - Wilbert GODFREY, 20, of Lakefield, Saw Mill Hand, s/o George GODFREY & Helen COULTES, married Mary WEANER, 21, of Peterborough, d/o Thomas WEANER & Mary Ann PIMMET, wtn: Louise M. DICKSON & Edna CLARKE both of Port Hope, on September 6, 1909, at Peterborough 17042-09 Francis Michael GOOLEY, 27, lumberman, of Chandos, s/o Edward GOOLEY, farmer, & Mary O'BRIEN, married Alice Elizabeth KELLY, 17, of Chandos, d/o Thomas KELLY, farmer, & Margaret HOGAN, witn: Edward GOOLEY & Florence KELLY, both of Clydesdale, 14 Sept 1910 at Clydesdale
017282-09 - George William HAIG, 32, of Campbellford, Merchant, s/o James HAIG & Annie PEELING, married Jennie Victoria ROADHOUSE, 27, of Peterborough, d/o Stephen ROADHOUSE & Isabella WHITE, wtn: Ida ROADHOUSE & Grace ANDERSON both of Peterborough, on September 8, 1909, at Peterborough 17039-09 Arthur HALL, 23, laborer, of Chandos, s/o Richard HALL, farmer, & Susan CASSAN, married Annie JOHNSTON, 19, of Chandos, d/o Willis JOHNSTON, farmer, & Sarah COUCH, witn: Harry WILSON & Myrtle WILSON, both of Apsley, 20 Jan 1909 at Chandos

17080-09 Kenneth W. HAY, 25, farmer, of Belmont, s/o Andrew HAY, farmer & Mary HUBBLE, married Blanche McCURDY, 18, Belmont, d/o James McCURDY, miner & Sarah BOWEN, witn: Mrs. D. BELFOUR & Maggie LEMEY both of Havelock on May 26, 1909 at Havelock.

#017209-09 Austin Wilfred HAYES, 18, farmer, of Emily Twp, s/o Robert HAYES, farmer & Elizabeth BOYD, married Elizabeth FORD, 18, of Emily Twp, d/o Robert FORD, farmer & Catherine BRYANS, witn: Elizabeth LEVIN & Robert FORD, both of Peterboro, 28 Apr 1909 at Peterborough
#017204-09 Philip James HEASLIP, 47, machinist, of Peterboro, widower, s/o Philip HEASLIP & Jeanetta WILCOX, married Laura Lucy GARDINER, 35, clerk, of Peterboro, widow, d/o Cole BARRETT, labourer & Martha BARNES, witn: Annie T. & Mary S. POTTER, both of Peterboro, 18 Feb 1909 at Peterborough 17056-09 William HEFFERNAN, 34, Otonabee, same, s/o Roger DEVLIN (sic) & Catherine ALLEN, married Bridget DWYER, 28, Douro, same, d/o John DWYER & Elizabeth HAYES, witn: James SLATTERY of Otonabee & Clara DWYER of Douro, 22 Feb 1909 at Douro

17061-09 Frank HENRY, 23, labourer, of Peterboro, s/o John HENRY, farmer & Mary FLEMMING, married Mary Caroline OAR (Orr?), 18, of Peterboro, d/o John James OAR, farmer & Kathleen PAYNE, witn: Herb PETERS of Peterboro & Annie HENRY of Apsley on Dec. 1, 1909 at Douro

17028-09 John M. HEWIE, 28, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Peter HEWIE & Sarah HUNTER, married Cassie DICKSON, 22, Asphodel, same, d/o William DICKSON & Hannah ELMHIRST, witn: Robert DICKSON of Asphodel & Nellie ELMHIRST of Otonabee on March 18, 1909 at Asphodel.

17071-09 Carman HOLCOMBE, 23, liveryman, Belmont, Havelock, s/o Wellington HOLCOMBE & Emma TUCKER, married Mabel ARCHER, 22, tailoress, Belmont, Havelock, d/o Harry ARCHER & Sarah BAILEY, witn: Allie ARCHER of St. Catharines & Ada HOLCOMBE of Havelock, 10 March 1909 at Havelock 017292-09 - Fredrick Bruce HUTCHINSON, 29, of Peterborough, Hardware Merchant, s/o George HUTCHINSON & Emma DAY, married Ma?? Eva MOORE, 29, of Peterborough, d/o Charles V. MOORE & Charlotte CRAIG, wtn: Richard M. MOORE of Toronto & Mrs. E. L. PAYNE of Peterborough, on September 29, 1909, at Peterborough
#017214-09 William James JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, of Cavan Twp, s/o William JOHNSTON & Mina ELLIOTT, married Madoline HEAD, 30, of Otonabee Twp, d/o Henry HEAD & Mary FLEMING, witn: Mrs E.A. & Mrs H.W. PEARSON, both of Peterboro, 4 May 1909 at Peterborough  

170810-09 Leonard KEENE, 28, farmer, of Belmont, s/o James KEENE, farmer & Emma GARRISON, married Nellie Ada McARTHUR, 18, of Belmont, d/o Alex McARTHUR, farmer & Dora MURRAY, witn: Mrs BALFOUR & Mary FROST both of Havelock on June 23, 1909 at Havelock

18635-10 T.N.D. KELLY, 29, lumber merchant, of Bridgenorth, s/o W.B. KELLY, lumber merchant & Mary H. MANN, married Mary T. MOORE, 21, of not given, d/o J.K. MOORE, farmer, & Annie E. ELLIOTT, witn: B. E. KELLY of Bridgenorth & M. E. ELLIOTT of Peterborough, 13 Jan 1909 at Smith

17055-09 Robert Percy KIDD, 29, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Robert, farmer & Elizabeth, married Edith Mabel MILES, 20, of Dummer, d/o John MILES, farmer & Mary Ann STINSON, witn: Stephen Stanley MILES & Ethel May KIDD of Cottesloe Dummer Tp. on Dec. 23, 1909 at Dummer

#017210-09 Edward Joseph KINGSLEY, 43, train dispatcher, of Lindsay, widower, s/o Thomas KINGSLEY & Ellen MALONEY, married Mary Cecelia FOLEY, 30, of Lindsay, d/o John FOLEY & Julia DENNEHEY, witn: W.C. CAIN, Toronto & Veronica FOLEY, Keene Ont, 27 Apr 1909 at Peterborough, RC
17075-09 Samuel KIRKEY, 21, of Rawdon, s/o John KIRKEY & Catherine JOHNSON, married Emma NORRIE, 18, of Rawdon, d/o Rollie NORRIE & Eliza ARNOLD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. COON of Havelock, 27 May 1909 at Havelock

17060-09 Michael Edward LEAHY, 24, farmer, of Douro, s/o John P. LEAHY, farmer & Elizabeth HANRAHAN, married Mary Helen COUGHLIN, 21, of Douro, d/o John COUGHLIN, farmer & Helen O'TOOLE, witn: Joseph P. LEAHY of Douro & Mary F. LEAHY of Peterboro on Nov. 23, 1909 at St. Joseph's Douro.

17069-09 Peter LECLERE (Leclerc?), 59, cook, widower, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Nelson LECLERE & Loretto MARTEL, married Mary Ann Cook BRANT, 55, widow, of Fenelon Falls, d/o John COOK, farmer & Mary HARTNETT, witn: Thomas COOK of Fenelon Falls & Margaret COLLINS of Kinmount on June 21, 1909 at Galway.

17034-09 Robert James LEEPER, 28, farmer, of Asphodel, s/o Robert LEEPER, farmer & Clara THISTLETHWAITE, married Ethel Gertrude CARTER, 28, school teacher, of Asphodel, d/o James Q. CARTER, farmer & Barbara CONNELL, witn: Melinda Adaline HOWSON of Norwood & Annie Jemima CARTER of Peterboro on Dec. 7, 1909 at Peterboro

17083-09 William LEONARD, 22, farmer, of Marmora, s/o James LEONARD, farmer & Elizabeth SIMPSON, married Eva McQUAID, 26, of Belmont, d/o Thomas McQUAID, farmer & Jane MUNDEL, witn: Stephen McQUAIG of Blairton & Liza LEONARD of Marmora on Sept. 8, 1909 at Havelock

17076-09 William Wilson LIVINGSTON, 22, laborer, of Havelock, s/o Robert D. LIVINGSTON, printer, & Albertha HARDY, married Annie DAVIS, 25, of Toronto, d/o James DAVIS, laborer, & Amelia LAMBERT, witn: David & Maud RUTTAN of Lindsay, 21 April 1909 at Havelock
#017216-09 John Howard LOGAN, 22, boiler maker, of 175 Sherbrook Peterboro, s/o John LOGAN & Elizabeth MILLER, married Margaret Stella HAMILTON, 20, of Woolsey St Peterboro, d/o William HAMILTON & Margaret HERVIE, witn: Richard & Zetta A. TEDORD, 250 Carlisle Ave, 5 May 1909 at Peterboro #017219-09 David Henry LOWES, 29, farmer, of Emily Twp, s/o Jacob & Dora LOWES, married Len(as written) IRWIN, 19, of Emily Twp, d/o William IRWIN & Annie WILSON, witn: Mrs E.A. PEARSON, Peterboro & Mrs H.W. PEARSON, Toronto, 19 May 1909 at Peterborough

17035-09 Anson Robert MALLORY, 25, cheese maker, of Junetown Ont, s/o Joseph MALLORY, surveyor & Phebe CANE, married Jessie May REID, 28, of Mount Julian, d/o Laffeyette, farmer & Susan, witn: Beatty REID of Rochester New York USA & Annie BATES of Burleigh Falls on July 17, 1909 at Mount Julian

017289-09 - James Marshall McBAIN, 31, of Peterborough, Tentmaker, s/o John R. McBAIN & Violet Jane THOMPSON, married Beatrice Lillian FAUX, 25, of Peterborough, d/o John FAUX & Lizzie LYNN, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. David FORSYTH, not given, on September 15, 1909, at Peterborough

17048-09 John McCLURE, 21, farmer, of Dummer, s/o Mitchell McCLURE, farmer & Minnie DARLING, married Pearl LITTLE, 19, dressmaker, of Dummer, on Joseph LITTLE, farmer & Eliza DUNFORD, witn: Norman PAYNE & Ethel CONWAY on Warsaw on Sept. 1, 1909 at Dummer

#017213-09 Randolf McFARLAND, 22, labourer, of Peterboro, s/o David MCFARLAND & Susan SELBY, married Lemmie May GILLIS, 21, of Peterboro, d/o Andrew GILLIS & Ann ELLIS, witn: Mrs E.A PEARSON, Peterboro & Mrs H.W. PEARSON, Toronto, 4 May 1909 at Peterborough

17032-09 Allan McGEE, 26, farmer, of Asphodel, s/o Alexander McGEE & Catherine Jane ELLIOTT, married Annie Beatrice WILSON, 25, of Asphodel, d/o William Henry WILSON, farmer & Annie FRAIN, witn: Edward Albert McGEE & Bertha Mabel Davidson WILSON both of Norwood on Nov. 3, 1909 at Peterboro.

17030-09 Andrew McGEE, 28, farmer, of Asphodel, s/o Alexander McGEE & Catherine Jane ELLIOTT, married Ethel Jane METCALFE, 22, of Asphodel, d/o William METCALFE & Matilda Mary LOBB, witn: Allan McGEE & Nellie METCALFE both of Asphodel on Oct. 6, 1909 at Asphodel

18637-10 Francis James McILMOYL, 33, farmer, of Smith, s/o Charles McILMOYL, farmer, & Margaret FREEBURN, married Elizabeth EDMISON, 38, of not given, d/o William EDMISON, farmer, & Margaret TINDLE, witn: Ammon GLAVIN of Smith & May ROBINSON of Bridgenorth, 23 June 1909 at Smith

#017217-09 William John McILMOYLE, 49, farmer, of Selwyn, s/o Thomas MCILMOYLE, farmer & Nurilla HARRIS, married Ellen Davidson BELL, 46, of Selwyn, d/o William BELL, farmer & Mary PRESTON, witn: Frank MCILMOYLE & Elizabeth EDMISON, not given, 12 Apr 1909 at Peterboro

17052-09 Marshall McILMOYLE, 22, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o John McILMOYLE, farmer & Margaret JEWELL, married Margaret Helen DRAIN, 18, of Dummer Tp., d/o John DRAIN, labourer & Elizabeth FROTS (Froats?), witn: Edward & Margaret BELL both of Warsaw on Nov. 29, 1909 at Dummer

17072-09 Campbell McINTYRE, 27, CPR employee, Otonabee twp., Moosejaw, s/o Duncan McINTYRE & Janet CAMPBELL, married Alice Ethel McBURNEY, 28, Havelock, same, d/o Daniel McBURNEY & Martha CAMPBELL, witn: Mabel & William McBURNEY of Havelock, 24 Feb 1909 at Havelock 17077-09 John Wesley McMULLEN, 32, brakeman, of Havelock, s/o Thomas McMULLEN, stone mason, & Mary Jane HOUGHTON, married Isabella HAMILTON, 33, of Havelock, d/o Thomas HAMILTON & Mary Jane McQUAIG, witn: Thomas BARRIGAN of Hastings & Pauline HAMILTON of Toronto, 20 July 1909 at Havelock

17059-09 Francis McMURRY, 39, farmer, of Douro, s/o Thomas McMURRY, farmer & Bridget KEARNS, married Agnes MOHER, 24, of Douro, d/o William MOHER, farmer & Mary CROUGH, witn: Thomas McMURRY & Laura MOHER no residences given on June 22, 1909 at St. Joseph's Douro

#017218-09 James J. MACPHERSON, 35, bricklayer, of Peterboro, s/o Angus MACPHERSON, carpenter & Mary YOUNG, married Clara (nee SHANNON) DRENNAN, 37, Peterboro, widow, d/o John H. SHANNON & Lanis FAILON, witn: F.R.J. MACPHERSON, Peterboro & F. SHANNON, Marmora, 15 May 1909 at Peterboro
18640-10 Walter Roy MEACHAM, 26, grain dealer, of Calgary Alberta, s/o W.W. MEACHAM, doctor, & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Margaret Eva MANN, 31, of Smith, d/o G. W. MANN, farmer, & Lucinda BRADEN, witn: C.E. MOORE of Peterborough & A. Mildred MANN of Bridgenorth, 22 Dec 1909 at Smith #017207-09 Alexander MORRISON, 65, retired, of Peterboro, widower, s/o William MORRISON, deceased & Ann EDDY, married Sarah Harwood BANKS, 60, of Peterboro, widow, d/o William HARWOOD, deaceased & Catherine WRIGHT, witn: Laura M. FULLER & Annie MCCALLUM, both of Peterboro, 15 Feb 1909 at Peterboro

17063-09 Richard MURTHA, 28, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Patrick MURTHA & Elizabeth DUFFY, married Catherine Ann O'DONNELL, 24, Emily, same, d/o John O'DONNELL & Amelia CURTIN, witn: Joseph CURTIN of King's Wharf & Emma O'DONNELL of Emily on March 2, 1909 at Ennismore

17040-10 Edward NESBITT, 19, laborer, of Chandos, s/o Thomas NESBITT, farmer, & Alex McILMOILE, married Carrill GUNDE, 18, of Chandos, d/o not given, witn: Hugh NESBITT & Dora WHITMORE, both of Apsley, 5 May 1909 at Chandos

17051-09 Robert NORTHEY, 22, farmer, of Smith, s/o James NORTHEY, farmer & Mary Ann REID, married Lena Ann Victoria PAYNE, 24, of Dummer, d/o Lazarus PAYNE, farmer & Rebecca WHITE, witn: Henry LITTLE & Ada M. PAYNE both of Halls Glen on Sept. 22, 1909 at Dummer

17027-09 George OAKMAN, 29, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o William OAKMAN & Janet JOHNSTON, married Mary Laura McCOLL, 19, Asphodel, same, d/o William H. McCOLL & Ida KING, witn: Ernie REID & Maggie HOAR both of Asphodel on Feb. 10, 1909 at Asphodel

17065-09 Edward O'DONNELL, 32, mechanic, Ennismore, Lindsay, s/o John O'DONNELL & Mary COLLINS, married Elizabeth CONWAY, 31, Ennismore, same, d/o John CONWAY & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: Joseph KEARNS of Lindsay & Maggie CONWAY of Toronto on June 29, 1909 at Ennismore

17066-09 James O'LEARY, 24, labourer, of Bridgenorth, s/o William O'LEARY labourer & no mother's name given, married Luella BULLIED, 22, of Bridgenorth, d/o Abraham BULLIED, labourer & Eliza CUMMINGS, no witnesses given on Oct. 23, 1909 at Bridgenorth

17043-09 Cephas PAYNE, 22, farmer, of Dummer twp., s/o Paul PAYNE, farmer, & Mary Ann RUSSEL, married Violet CARVETH, 23, of Dummer twp., d/o William CARVETH, farmer, & Annie LYTTLE, witn: Dora & Roland PAYNE of Warsaw, 10 Feb 1909 at Dummer 017287-09 - Edward PILLING, 26, of 147 Stewart St. Peterborough, Ropemaker, s/o James & Margaret PILLING, married Bertha CHAPMAN, 20, of 148 Park St. Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Jannie CHAPMAN, wtn: Roy PILLING of 147 Stewart St. & Annie CHAPMAN of 148 Clark St. both of Peterborough, on August 31, 1909, at Peterborough
#017206-09 Robert Eastland Pattinson POULSON, 38, farmer, of Smith Twp, widower, s/o John F. POULSON, farmer & Mary PATTON, married Lillian HENRY, 36, of Peterboro, d/o John HENRY, plasterer & Jane WALSH, witn: Annie T. & Mary S. POTTER, both of Peterboro, 2 Feb 1909 at Peterboro  

17079-09 Robert John REYNOLDS, 22, cooper, of Trenton, s/o Charles Edward REYNOLDS, mechanic & Mary Victoria HERVIE, married Jennie May DAFOE, 21, of Havelock, d/o Williard DAFOE, labourer & Almeda FROATS, witn: Williard DAFOE & Mrs. D. BALFOUR both of Havelock on May 24, 1909 at Peterboro

17041-09 Arthur ROGERS, 22, lumberman, of Dummer, s/o John ROGERS, farmer, & Caroline PUFFER, married Myrtle WAITE, 16, domestic, of Chandos, d/o Anson WAIT, laborer, & Sarah GILROY, witn: Elgin POST of Glen Alda & Ella SNIDER of Coe Hill, 4 Aug 1909 at Glen Alda
#017212-09 Peter RYAN, 37, labourer, of Toronto, widower, s/o John RYAN & Elizabeth BROWN, married Catherine BURDICK, 37, of Peterboro, widow, d/o James MCMANUS & Bridget RATCHFORD, witn: E.J. ENGLISH & Jennie MCMANUS, both of Peterboro, 4 May 1909 at Peterborough,RC

17058-09 Thomas James RYAN, 35, farmer, of Otonabee, s/o Patrick RYAN, farmer & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth DOHERTY, 27, Otonabee, d/o William DOHERTY, farmer & Mary O'GRADY, witn: John RYAN & Regina DOHERTY no residences given on June 8, 1909 at St. Joseph's Douro

17047-09 William John SALTERN, 22, farmer, of Dummer, s/o Samuel SALTERN, farmer & Emma BELL, married Sarah Jane DRAIN, 18, of Dummer, d/o James DRAIN, labourer & Jane Ann ROBINSON, witn: Edward McNUTT of Warsaw & Maude SALTERN of Dummer Centre on Aug. 18, 1909 at Dummer.

#017208-09 James SIMPSON, 36, grocer, of Sandusk Ont, widower, s/o James SIMPSON & Mary GAMSON, married Catherine WEIR, 38, of Peterboro, widow, d/o Thonas WAND & Elizabeth BOOTH, witn: S.A. OKE & Jane M. FROOM, both of Peterboro, 27 Apr 1909 at Peterborough

17052-09 John SINCLAIR, 23, lumberman, of Hungerford, s/o Andrew SINCLAIR, farmer & Annie LINDSAY, married Rosie PARCELS, 18, of Havelock, d/o Richard PARCELS, labourer & Sarah J. ROBERTSON, witn: Albert & Hannah YOUNG both of Centre Dummer on Oct. 6, 1909 at Warsaw

17078-09 Edward Isaac SLATER, 37, farm laborer, of Norwood, s/o John Thomas SLATER, farmer, & Maria SENDS, married Janet Isabelle SLOAN, 37, single, of Norwood, d/o Albert ROBSON (sic) & Janet McNAUGHTON, 16 June 1909 at Havelock 17070-09 John SOTHERN, 39, hotel keeper, Montreal, Millbrook, s/o Thomas SOTHERN & Jemima McGOWAN, married Susan PHILLIPS, 35, Norwood, Millbrook, d/o Richard PHILLIPS & Elizabeth McGOWAN, witn: Mary STEWART & Joseph KNOX, both of Havelock, 18 March 1909 at Havelock
17087-09 Ernest William SPINKS, 28, weaver, of Campbellford, s/o James SPINKS & Bessie HOWARD, married Bessie Jane VARDY, 21, weaver, of Campbellford, d/o Louis VARDY, farmer, & Isabella FROST, witn: John PILLING & Edna SILLS, both of Peterborough, 25 Oct. 1909 at Havelock

17037-09 Christy F. STEINBURGH, 22, farmer, of Rockdale, s/o William H. STEINBURGH, farmer & Emily McGINNIS, married Mary E. CADE, 22, of Cordova, d/o Milner CADE, foreman for lumber company & Mary SHEPHERD, witn: Cephas CADE of Washago & Hattie STEINBURGH of Rockdale on Sept. 15, 1909 at Rockdale

17073-09 Norman Clarence STIBBS, 25, CPR employee, Bradford, Ottawa, s/o Charles STIBBS & Jane DODD, married Edna Josephine DENIKE, 27, Percy twp., Havelock, d/o William DENIKE & Rachel MULLET, witn: George & Mabel CHILES of Havelock, 17 Feb. 1909 at Havelock 17281-09 - Edmund J. STURGEON, 22, of Arnprior, Baker, s/o John STURGEON & Lydia BELLAMY, married Ada H. CAMPBELL, 23, Peterborough, d/o John CAMPBELL & Jane BILLINGS, wtn: John CAMPBELL of Toronto & Bertha CAMPBELL of Peterborough, on Sept 8, 1909, at Peterborough

17045-09 William TEDFORD, 34, farmer, of Douro Tp., s/o Richard TEDFORD, deceased & Mary TROTTER, married Alice HAMBLIN, 31, of Dummer Tp., d/o Reuben HAMBLIN, farmer & Charlotte HISKETT, witn: Richard TEDFORD & Annie HAMBLIN both of Warsaw on May 5, 1909 at Dummer

17054-09 Richard TEDFORD, 23, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Richard TEDFORD, farmer & Mary TROTTER, married Sophia KIDD, 23, of Dummer, d/o John L. KIDD, farmer & Mary PATTERSON, witn: James R. HAWTHORNE & Mary J. KIDD both of Warsaw on Dec. 23, 1909 at Dummer

#017202-09 Joseph TEDFORD, 27, farmer, of Dummer Twp, s/o Richard TEDFORD, farmer & Mary TROTTER, married Ella BULLOCK, 19, of Dummer Twp, d/o Robert BULLOCK, farmer & Eleanor STEVENSON, witn: Annie TEDFORD, Dummer Twp & Annie T. POTTER, Peterboro, 15 Apr 1909 at Peterboro 017283-09 - William Evrett THORNTON, 26, of Peterborough, Cashier, of ?? Co., s/o James THORNTON & Mary MASON, married Nettie Gladys DAWE, 23, of Peterborough, d/o D.D.C DAWE & Cordelia BURNS, wtn: Herbert J. LATIMER of Wellwood & William A. DAWE of Peterborough, on September 8, 1908, at Peterborough

17036-09 Harry TINNEY, 26, tanner, of Campbellford, s/o Josiah TINNEY, farmer & Keturah STEPHENS, married Maude DAVIDSON, 27, of Belmont, d/o George DAVIDSON, farmer & Rebecca KELLAR, witn: Herbert TINNEY of Campbellford & Rebecca CHASE of Havelock on Aug. 11, 1909 at Belmont.

#017215-09 Harry UDY, 25, clerk, of Peterborough, s/o Joseph UDY, farmer & Mary Jane PASCOE, married Gertrude MCGREGOR, 24, of Peterborough, d/o Gregor MCGREGOR, stone mason & Cecilia BROWN, witn: Samuel W. & Kate LONDRY, 616 Aylmer St Peterborough, 28 Apr 1909 at Peterborough

17085-09 Walter Henry VARE, 23, C.P.R. foreman, of Havelock, s/o Walter Henry VARE, engineer & Mary Jane D. COZEN, married Violet Maude MEAD, 18, of Havelock, d/o Henry MEAD, mason & Lucy Eleanor POCKETT, witn: Charles James DICKSON & Mrs. Lucy WATSON both of Havelock on Dec. 22, 1909 at Church of St. John's Havelock

#017203-09 Samuel WAINWRIGHT, 34, livery & undertaking, Strathcona Alberta, widower, s/o Robert WAINWRIGHT, retired Strathcona & Mary LANGFORD, married Elizabeth IRVIN, 22, of Peterboro Ontario, d/o Andrew IRVIN, & Jessie FRASER, witn: Annie T. & A. Victoria POTTER, both of Peterboro 24 Apr 1909 at Peterboro
017285-09 - William WEESE, 34, of Hamilton, Iron Moulder, Widower, s/o James WEESE & Fanny CARNWRIGHT, married Annie WILSON, 17, of Peterborough, d/o William WILSON & Allice BROWN, wtn: Louise M. DICKSON & Edna CLARKE both of Port Hope, on September 7, 1909, at Peterborough 017288-09 - William Robert WEST, 31, of Peterborough, Laborer, Widower, s/o William WEST & Mary LAWRIE, married Josephine DWYER , 25, of Peterborough, d/o John DWYER & Ellen MAHONEY, wtn: Frederick COLLINS of Peterborough & Agnes DWYER of Peterborough, on September 14, 1909, at Peterborough
18639-10 Albert Richard WHITE, 23, laborer, of Smith, s/o William WHITE, laborer, & blank, married Nettie DE LONG, 20, of not given, d/o Alfred DE LONG, laborer, & Eliza Jane HENDERSON, witn: Maude DE LONG of Smith & Mrs.. J. R. BOOMER of Peterborough, 15 Sept 1909 at Smith

18638-10 Charles B--? WRIGHT, 28, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o Ferdinand WRIGHT & M. J. RODEN, married Mary Ann Banks TEBB, 25, of not given, d/o Richard TEBB & Mary PAYNE, witn: William PAUL & Muriel SCOTT, both of Peterborough, 4 Aug 1909 at Smith

17046-09 Richard YOUNG, 28, labourer, of Dummer Tp., s/o James YOUNG & Mary YORK, married Mabel THOMPSON, 23, of Erinsville, d/o Nat THOMPSON & Eliza CLARK, witn: Albert & Hannah YOUNG both of Central Dummer on June 7, 1909 at Warsaw