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Peterborough Co., 1910


#018546-10 (Peterborough Co): William ADAMS, 30, machinist, of Buffalo, s/o Philip ADAMS, baker, & Sophie ACKERMAN, married Ethel SHERWOOD, 30, of Peterborough, d/o Alfred SHERWOOD, laborer, & Caroline CARTER, witn: Leonard ADAMS of 468 Munroe St. in Buffalo & Christena E. SHERWOOD of Peterborough, 5 July 1910 at Peterborough


18362-10 Amos ALTHOUSE, 21, farmer, of Belmont, s/o Samuel ALTHOUSE (farmer) & Ella WANNAMAKER, married Charlotte Ann SIMPSON, 18, of Belmont, d/o John SIMPSON (farmer) & Lizzie ALTHOUSE, witn: Bertha SIMPSON & Ellen ALTHOUSE no residences given on March 16, 1910 at Havelock.

18616-10 (Peterborough Co) Albert ARGEND, 26, farmer, of Saskatchewan, s/o William ARGEND & Charlotte SMITH married Mary A. J. DAVIDSON, 25, of Otonabee, d/o George DAVIDSON & Agnes LEARMOUTH witn: H. E. LANGFELDT & Clara STOREY, 24 Dec 1910, Peterborough

18370-10 Wilmer BAILEY, 33, farmer, of Seymour, s/o John BAILEY, blacksmith & Hattie CRAGY, married Ella THOMPSON, 29, of Seymour, d/o Alex THOMPSON, farmer & Eliza ABERNATHY, witn: William THOMPSON & Clara MacCONNELL no residences given on June 28, 1910 at Havelock

18385-10 Francis Ellworth BANKS, 42, shopman, widower, of Akron Ohio USA, s/o Lalandas BANKS, labourer & Mary M. SHREAK, married Mary Jane WELLSBY, 33, of Delhi, d/o William WELLSBY, farmer & Hannah CONNOR, witn: Bert VAN NOTTS of 306 Simcoe St. Peterboro & Lucy BEDFORD of Lakefield on Feb. 17, 1910 at Lakefield

18335-10 George Hiram BARR, 24, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Michael BARR, farmer & Christina DARLING, married Mary Pearl BARRIE, 22, public school teacher, of Dummer Tp., d/o David BARRIE, farmer & Annie WIGMORE, witn: Wellington KINGSLEY & Jennie BARRIE both of Norwood on Feb. 9, 1910 at Dummer

#018548-10 (Peterborough Co): David Bothwell BATTEEN, 45, farmer, of Springville, s/o William BATTEEN, farmer, & Dorothy BOTHWELL, married Elizabeth Helen LAING, 42, of Springville, d/o Robert LAING & Margaret WRIGHT, witn: Christena GOODFELLOW of Springville & Margaret CAMPBELL of Peterborough, 29 June 1910 at Peterborough

18394-10 (Peterborough Co) John W. H. BENNETT, 21, farmer, not given, Warsaw, s/o Joseph BENNETT, fisherman & Eliza BENNETT married Gertie LONSBOROUGH, 20, domestic, not given, Dummer, d/o Francis LONSBOROUGH, farmer & Ruby HICKS, witn; Francis LONSBOROUGH & Mrs. F. LONSBOROUGH of Warsaw, 4 Aug. 1910, Lakefield

18619-10 George Apsey BIGGS, 21, book binder, of Peterborough, s/o John BIGGS & Mary NICHOLL, married Mary Elizabeth HENRY, 20, of Peterborough, d/o William HENRY & Fanny MORTON, witn: Genevieve Winnifred FOWLER & Fanny MUNRO, b Peterborough, 9 Dec 1910 at Peterborough

18350-10 George William BOATMAN, 25, labourer, of Peterboro, s/o Noah BOATMAN, labourer & Emma HORSNELL, married Mary Ellen HERR, 24, of Dummer, d/o James HERR, farmer & Ellen DOHERTY, witn: Martin GUERIN & Mary HOGAN both of Peterboro on Oct. 26, 1910 at St. Joseph's Church Douro Tp

18341-10 George Claude BONGARD, 30, mechanic, of Norwood, s/o Ezra Spencer BONGARD, labourer & Lydia Amanda DULMAGE, married Grace Levinia BROWN, 20, of Warsaw, d/o John H. BROWN, deceased & Sarah Jane CARTER, witn: Pearl McINTOSH of Warsaw & John M. BONGARD of Toronto on July 13, 1910 at Warsaw.

#018573-10 (Peterborough Co): Oscar Alex BRACKEN, 25, train dispatcher, of Toronto, s/o Henry BRACKEN & Annie E. HANNA, married Lulu Alford SEWARD, 24, of Peterborough, d/o Louis SEWARD & Harriet E., witn: Amy Frances REID & A. SEWARD, both of Peterborough, 1 Sept 1910 at Peterborough

18337-10 George BROWN, 50, teamster, of Dummer Tp., s/o Robert BROWN, farmer & Sarah LITTLE, married Clara Eveline NIXON, 30, of Dummer Tp., d/o Joseph NIXON, farmer & Margaret ROBB, witn: Mr.. & Mrs. William ROBB both of Clarina Dummer Tp. on May 4, 1910 at Dummer Tp

18328-10 Robert C. BUCHANAN, 23, farmer, of Belmont, s/o Robert BUCHANAN, farmer, & Maggie COOK, married Bertha Mabel Jane WILSON, 22, of Asphodel, d/o William Henry WILSON, farmer, & Annie DRAIN, witn: John Clarke BUCHANAN of Havelock & Ethel Victoria WILSON of Norwood, 30 March 1910 at Asphodel

18407-10 Howard Garfield BUCK, 26, insurance agent, of Detroit Michigan, s/o James D. BUCK (farmer) & Mary Elizabeth PENGALLY, married Agnes CRAIGHEAD, 29, d/o William CRAIGHEAD (farmer) & Mary THOMPSON, witn: William Franklin BUCK of Detroit Michigan & Marion Albertha SMITH of Havelock on March 30, 1910 at Norwood.

18345-10 Alfred Bert BUCK, 27, farmer, of Asphodel, s/o John BUCK, farmer & Sarah PARKER, married Elizabeth Mary NELSON, 18, of Dummer Tp., d/o Andrew S. NELSON, farmer & Jane A. FIFE, witn: Andrew & Christina NELSON both of Warsaw on Dec. 14, 1910 at Dummer tp

18344-10 John Wesley BULLOCK, 24, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Robert BULLOCK, farmer & Elenor STEPHENSON, married Dorothy Usher DOBSON, 22, of Dummer Tp., d/o Leonard DOBSON & Mary USHER, witn: William George BULLOCK of Cottesloe & Janet DOBSON of Warsaw on Dec. 7, 1910 at Dummer Tp.

18399-10 Howard James BULLOCK, 28, farmer, of Lakefield, s/o William John BULLOCK (farmer) & Margaret FITZGERALD, married Lucy Evelyn NORISH, 21, dressmaker, of Lakefield, d/o Frederick NORISH (carpenter) & Minnie NICHOLS, witn: N. M. D. BURNS & A. M. McDONALD both of Lakefield on Sept. 27, 1910 at Lakefield.

18349-10 Patrick Thomas BYRNES, 30, fireman, of North Bay, s/o James BYRNES, merchant & Hanna MADDIGAN, married Mary McCANN, 27, of Douro, d/o Michael McCANN, blacksmith & Joanna LEAHY, witn : Michael Emmett & Margaret McCANN both of Peterboro on Oct. 25, 1910 at Douro Tp.


18333-10 James William CAMPBELL, 38, carpenter, of Chandos Tp., s/o James CAMPBELL, farmer & Louise ENGLE, married Sarah Viola JOHNSON, 18, of Chandos, d/o Willis JOHNSON, farmer & Sarah COUCH, witn: Martha CAMPBELL of Clydesdale & William George JOHNSON of Apsley on Sept. 28, 1910 at Clydesdale

18346-10 Louis Arthur CARVETH, 24, farmer, of Douro, s/o Richard CARVETH, farmer & Josephine LECLAIRE, married Margaret Lillian HAYES, 24, of Douro, d/o Jeremiah HAYES, farmer & Jessie CONDON, witn: Richard SHEEHAN & Rose FARRELLY both of Douro on June 7, 1910 at St. Joseph's Douro

18402-10 Ernest Edward CASSAN, 33, farmer, widower, of Campbellford, s/o Edward Sheffield CASSAN & Anna SMITH, married Sylvia Agnes STRICKLAND, 25, of Lakefield, d/o Roland Clement STRICKLAND & Eloner Ann CRICKMORE, witn: Edith R. & Roland C. STRICKLAND of Lakefield on Nov. 16, 1910 at Lakefield.

018552-10 (Peterborough Co): Ernest Stanley CHAMBERLAIN, 18, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o William Evans CHAMBERLAIN, married Bertha Phillis HURL, 17, of Peterborough, d/o William James HURL & Margaret CURTAIN, witn: George Samuel HURL & Bella Wood EASSON, both of Peterborough, 6 July 1910 at Peterborough

18413-10 Peter Gordon CHRISTIE, 23, tool maker, of Peterboro, s/o George CHRISTIE (agent) & Helen FORBES, married Alice Georgina Gertrude YOUNG, 27, milliner, of Norwood, d/o Charles Henry YOUNG (miller) & Annie Agnes LOOMIS, witn: J. Frank REYNOLDS of Peterboro & Jessie M. YOUNG of Norwood on Aug 10, 1910 at Norwood.


18403-10 Matthew CLARKE, 45, farmer, widower, of North Monaghan, s/o Richard CLARK (sic) (farmer) & Mary Ann DOUGLAS, married Mary ATCHISON, 25, of Cavan Tp., d/o George ATCHISON (farmer) & Caroline LANCASTER, witn: A. G. MARSH of Springville & Cassy ATCHISON of Fraserville on Feb. 2, 1910 at Springville.

18628-10 Michael CLEARY, 47, farmer, of Hastings, s/o Daniel CLEARY, farmer, & Mary KEOGEN, married Elizabeth HEFFERNAN, 42, of Peterborough, d/o Cornelius HEFFERNAN, farmer, & Honora MURRAY, witn: Charles C. McGILLEN of Brickley & Mary A. DOHERTY of Peterborough, 6 Sept 1910 at Peterborough

18359-10 Laurence COLLINS, 23, farmer, of Lot 17 Conc 12 Galway, s/o Michael COLLINS (farmer) & Margaret O'BRIEN, married Dora BYRNE, 20, of Somerville Tp., d/o Thomas BYRNE (farmer) & Bridget MAGUIRE, witn: Patrick COLLINS & Veronica ALLEN on June 29, 1910 at Galway

18416-10 Patrick COLLINS, 26, farmer, of Galway Tp., s/o Patrick COLLINS (farmer) & Mary Ann HARTNETT, married Honorah Josephine LOGAN, 24, of Dummer Tp., s/o Patrick LOGAN (farmer) & Ann COLLINS, witn: John LOGAN of Dummer Tp. & Nora COLLINS of Galway Tp. on Sept. 28, 1910 at Norwood.

18329-10 Robert George COLLINS, 30, farmer, of Asphodel, s/o Hugh COLLINS, farmer, & Priscilla OAKMAN, married Annie M. RICHARDSON, 26, of Asphodel, d/o John RICHARDSON, farmer, & Mary Louisa FIFE, witn: H.S. RICHARDSON & Ethel M. COLLINS, both of Hastings, 19 Oct 1910 at Asphodel

18348-10 Richard CONDON, 40, farmer, of Edmonton, s/o John R. CONDON, farmer & Mary Ann TORPEY, married Catherine DELANEY, 36, widow, of Peterboro, d/o Dennis DELANEY, farmer & Emma KENNEDY, witn: William CONDON & Margaret SULLIVAN both of Douro on July 23, 1910 at St. Joseph's Church Douro Tp.

#018554-10 (Peterborough Co): Frank Ernest CONVERY (or Connery), 22, clerk, of Peterborough, s/o John Frank CONVERY & Annie, married Violet Wilson WRIGHT, 21, of Peterborough, d/o "bride adopted" is only information given, witn: Kathleen Mary & Luther Allan WAGAR of Peterborough, 8 July 1910 at Peterborough

18354-10 Timothy Joseph CROUGH, 35, farmer, of Ennismore, s/o Michael CROUGH (farmer) & Catherine TRACEY, married Margaret Loretta SCOLLARD, 25, of Ennismore, d/o James SCOLLARD (farmer) & Mary Ann YOUNG, witn: Stanislaus MOHER & Agnes SCOLLARD both of Ennismore, on Sept. 20, 1910 at Ennismore

18363-10 Arthur CURRY, 22, CPR employee, of Havelock, s/o Robert CURRY (farmer) & Sarah FISHER, married Isabella WATSON, 17, of Havelock, d/o John WATSON (CPR employee) & Janet LEIGHTON, witn: Clarence & Jessie CAPP both of Havelock on Feb. 22, 1910 at Havelock.

18644-10 Walter John DARLING, 24, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o William J. DARLING (farmer) & Susan CLIFFORD, married Susannah TEBB, 20, no residence not given, d/o Richard TEBB (farmer) & Mary PAYNE, witn: Ernest A. SCOTT & Mrs. J. R. BONNER both of Peterboro on April 20, 1910 at Smith Tp.

#018570-10 (Peterborough Co): Joseph Edward Adelard DESAUTELS, 22, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o Olivier DESAUTELS, farmer, & Marie Louise GUERIN, married Evelyn GUERIN, 21, of Peterborough, d/o Clement GUERIN, deceased, & Mary MENARD, witn: Clara GUERIN & Noah LEGRANDER, both of Peterborough, 30 Aug 1910 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)

18353-10 Robert DONOGHUE, 24, farmer, of Ennismore, s/o John O'DONOGHUE (sic) (farmer) & Margaret O'GORMAN, married Cora CROWLEY, 19, of Ennismore, d/o Patrick Y. CROWLEY (farmer) & Elizabeth MORRISSY, witn: Edward & Elizabeth O'DONOGHUE both of Ennismore P.O. on Oct. 11, 1910 at Ennismore

18380-10 Charles Edward DROUSHA (Derousha?), 37, labourer, of Marmora, s/o Frank DROUSHA, farmer & Jane ACKER, married Eva FORBS (Forbes?), 24, of Belmont, d/o Cory FORBS, farmer & Margaret ALTHOUSE, witn: Archie FORBS & Carrie KING both of Belmont on Oct. 25, 1910 at Havelock.

18386-10 James Homer DUNFORD, 30, farmer, of Dummer, s/o Lazarus DUNFORD, farmer & Susan BOLTON, married Mabel WALKER, 19, of Dummer, d/o parents unknown, witn: Annie BELL of Warsaw & Lucy BEDFORD of Lakefield on Feb. 23, 1910 at Lakefield.

#018551-10 (Peterborough Co): Frederick Alexander EASSON, 34, farmer, of Keane, s/o George EASSON, farmer, & Jennie CHAMBERLAIN, married Adeline Victoria HOPE, 33, of Lang, d/o Richard HOPE, farmer, & Jane LANG, witn: Mary F. McDOUGALL of Montreal & Louise M. KEITH of Peterborough, 9 July 1910 at Peterborough

18340-10 Thomas EDGAR, 63, retired farmer, widower, of Smith Tp., s/o Thomas EDGAR, farmer & Jane LARMER, married Martha BROWN, 43, of Dummer Tp., d/o Robert BROWN, farmer & Sarah LITTLE, witn: Graham CAMPBELL of no particular address (sic) & Bertha Vivian MARVIN of Warsaw on June 29, 1910 at Warsaw.

18414-10 Laurie Benjamin ELLIOTT, 27, civil engineer, of Calgary Alberta, s/o Alfred ELLIOTT & Margaret Johnstone TAYLOR married Mary Elizabeth HOWSON, 37, teacher, of Norwood, d/o William Robinson HOWSON (retired farmer) & Anne JOHNSON, witn: William R. HOWSON of Stirling & Edith ELLIOTT of Dartmouth Nova Scotia on Sept. 7, 1910 at Norwood

#018567-10 Harry Smith ELLIOTT, 24, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Joseph ELLIOTT & Jessie FRASER, married Phoebe EDWARDS, 23, of Otonabee, d/o Charles & Maggie EDWARDS, witnesses: Mrs. F. DOBSON of Cambridge St, City & J.S. FERGUSON of Rail Ave, City, on 17 August 1910 at Peterborough,

18355-10 Edward ENGLISH, 37, farmer, of Asphodel, s/o Edward ENGLISH (farmer) & Mary O'DONNELL married Ellen O'DONOGHUE, 33, seamstress, of Ennismore, d/o Robert O'DONAGHUE (farmer) & Ann CROUGH, witn: Edward ENGLISH of Asphodel & Cecelia CROUGH of Ennismore on Nov. 22, 1910 at Ennismore.

18647-10 Donald FAIRMAN, 23, musician, of Vancouver B. C., s/o Frederick W. FAIRMAN (gentleman) & Maude HONE, married Ida R. PROSSER, 22, of Chemong Indian Village, d/o John Henry PROSSER (teacher) & Isabella WILDER, witn: John H. & Isabella PROSSER both of Chemong Indian Village on July 2, 1910 at Chemong Village

18351-10 Michael William FAUX, 26, farmer, of Douro, s/o Charles FAUX, farmer & Ann McMARTIN, married Bridget Veronica O'BRIEN, 23, of Douro, d/o Dennis O'BRIEN, farmer & Elizabeth O'GRADY, witn: Frederick FAUX & Regina DOHERTY both of Asphodel on Nov. 23, 1910 at St. Joseph's Church Douro

18332-10 Alexander FERGUSON, 24, laborer, of Chandos twp., s/o Robert FERGUSON, dead & Elizabeth LOVE, married Lydia HALL, 18, domestic, of Chandos twp., d/o Richard HALL, farmer, & Susan CASAN (Casson?), witn: Archie & Mrs. Archie HALL of Apsley, 25 May 1910 at father's house, Chandos twp

18411-10 Joseph FOX, 65, farmer, widower, s/o Thomas FOX (farmer) & Elen KEEFE, married Marjorie BUCK, 60, widow, of Norwood, d/o James McCONNELL (farmer) & Mary QUINN, witn: Olive McCONNELL of Norwood & Alexander GREENLEY of Hastings on June 15, 1910 at Norwood.


18379-10 Arthur Austin GABRIEL, 26, merchant, of Toronto, s/o Francis GABRIEL, merchant & Mary Ann COUTTS, married Evelyn Maud GRAHAM, 26, of Havelock, d/o Robert John GRAHAM, carpenter & Rachel Ann McNABB, witn: Albert Roland GRAHAM of Havelock & Lena Jane WARREN of Deseronto on Oct. 19, 1910 at Havelock

18356-10 Joseph GALVIN, 26, farmer, of Ennismore, s/o Thomas GALVIN (farmer,) & Mary COLLINS, married Catharine Ann REID, clerk, 20, of Ennismore, d/o John REID (deceased) & Mary Ann McFEE, witn: Peter GALVIN & Beatrice FLYNN both of Ennismore, 13 Nov 1910 at Ennismore
#018550-10 (Peterborough Co): Noah GILLIS, 28, shipper, of Peterborough, s/o Joseph GILLIS & Annie PORTER, married Mary DONOVAN, 23, of Peterborough, d/o John DONOVAN, shoe maker, & Mary DRAKE, witn: Alice Jane DIXON of Peterborough, 14 June 1910 at Peterborough

18419-10 Richard Gordon GIRVEN, 23, farmer, of Asphodel Tp., s/o Richard GIRVEN (retired farmer) & Mary BARRENS, married Ida May MOORE, 23, of Norwood, d/o Hamilton T. MOORE (retired farmer) & Agnes SHEARER, witn: Walter H. GIRVEN of Norwood & Mary C. ELMHIRST of Indian River on Dec. 28, 1910 at Norwood.

18408-10 Kenneth Stanley GLENN, 22, farmer, of Seymour Tp., s/o James GLENN (farmer) & Margaret TYLER, married Winnifred Lillian BROWN, 19, of Seymour Tp., d/o William BROWN (farmer) & Minnie ELLIOTT, witn: Mrs. J. D. RICHARDSON & Mrs M. H. KEEFER both of Norwood on March 30, 1910 at Norwood.

18393-10 (Peterborough Co) William Alfred GRAHAM, 21, laborer, not given, Peterborough, s/o Silas GRAHAM, laborer & Annie J. SAGE married Grace Hilda MULLIGAN, 23, domestic, not given, Smith, d/o John T. MULLIGAN, farmer & Sarah CRAFT, witn; George GRAHAM of Peterborough & Pearl MULLIGAN of Halls Bridge, 20 July 1910, Lakefield
#018564-10 - George Wilson HADDON, 25, of Hamilton, s/o Alexander HADDON & Jessie WILSON, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 23, of Lanarkston Scotland, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Sarah PROBEN, witnesses: Maud Sarah SMITH & Charles BERRY, both of Peterborough, on 1 August 1910 at Peterborough

18627-10 Charles James HADRILL, 51, fire inspector, of Montreal, s/o George HADRILL & Mary BUSHELL, married Margaret KELLY, 45, of Peterborough, d/o Edward KELLY & Margaret SMYTHE, witn: Charles A. & Mrs.. Charles A. KELLY of Peterborough, 24 Aug 1910 at Peterborough

18648-10 James HAGGIS, 28, confectioner, of Peterboro, s/o Peter HAGGIS & mother's name not given, married Eunice Violet CALDER, 17, of Smith Tp., d/o Alexander CALDER (farmer) & mother's name not given, witn: Reginald & Lela FARTHING both of Peterboro on July 13, 1910 at Peterboro

18374-10 Archie HALL, 28, butcher, of Campbellford, s/o Richard HALL & Sarah CASSAN, married Annie Ethel NIXON, 29, of Havelock, d/o Robert NIXON, farmer & Rozella LEATH, witn: Dan TOMLINSON of Havelock & Mary WATSON of Trent Bridge on Sept. 7, 1910 at Havelock

18406-10 Frederick William HAMILTON, 27, miller, of Peterboro, s/o William HAMILTON & Sarah PEEL, married Annie Maud HETHERINGTON, 27, of Peterboro, d/o William HETHERINGTON & Mary POPE, witn: William George & Ellen Emma TAYLOR both of Norwood on March 28, 1910 at Norwood

18371-10 James HANLAN, 21, lumber merchant, of Tweed, s/o John HANLAN & Mary CURRIE, married Maud PARCELS, 19, of Havelock, d/o Manley PARCELS, labourer & Phoebe ROBINSON, witn: Walter ROBINSON & Janice PARCELS both of Havelock on July 18, 1910 at the home of Manley Parcels in Havelock

18630-10 Ernest M. HAMMES (Hammer?), 26, doctor, of St. Paul Minn., s/o E.W. HAMMES, doctor & Anna SCHMID, married Esther Douglas WILSON, 26, nurse, of Peterborough, d/o McFarlane WILSON, merchant, & Maude MILLER, witn: R. MUELLER of Hampton Minn. & Warden McFarlane WILSON of Peterborough, 11 Oct 1910 at Peterborough

18649-10 Aaron HARRIS, 45, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o Joseph HARRIS (farmer) & Lorena HOLLINBECK, married Mercy McMillan McILMOYL, 46, widow, d/o William McILMOYL (sic) (farmer) & Sarah GILROY, witn: Nathaniel HARRIS & Mrs N. HARRIS no residences given on Oct. 5, 1910 at Peterboro.

18643-10 Albert Ross HARRISON, 27, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o Richard HARRISON (farmer) & Jane ADAMS, married Abbie Edna MILBURN, 28, of Smith Tp., d/o Thomas MILBURN (farmer) & Sarah MANN, witn: Noble MILBURN & Tryphena CHASTEY both of Peterboro on Mary 30, 1910 at Smith Tp.

18388-10 Bernal V. HARVEY, 23, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o Joseph HARVEY, farmer & Marion BATES, married Bella NORTHEY, 24, of Smith Tp., d/o James NORTHEY, farmer & Mary REID, witn: Roland DARLING & Emily DRAIN no residences given on March 22, 1910 at Lakefield

#018569-10 (Peterborough Co): Marion Randolph HILFORD, 23, minister, of New York City, s/o James B. HILFORD, carpenter, & Mary RANDOLPH, married Grace Margaret JOHNSTON, 22, teacher, of Peterborough, d/o Alfred James JOHNSTON, druggist, & Grace R. STEPHENS, witn: Mrs. F. BREMNER of Orangeville & Daisy BILLINGS of Peterborough, 25 Aug 1910 at Peterborough

18334-10 John Gerrard HUFFMAN, 24, farmer, of Cardiff Tp., s/o Phillip HUFFMAN, carpenter & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Ada Pearl GERRARD, 19, of Chandos, d/o Robert GERRARD, farmer & Jane SEXSMITH, witn: William HUFFMAN of Bancroft & L. M. GERRARD of Rose Island on Aug. 3, 1910 at Chandos.

18378-10 Frederick HULL, 21, farmer, of Burleigh Tp., s/o Thomas HULL, farmer & Eliza SHARP, married Ethel DAVIS, 16, of Belmont Tp., d/o Nathaniel DAVIS, farmer & Ada, witn: Walter DAVIS & Estella HUBBLE both of Belmont on Dec. 21, 1910 at Havelock.

18342-10 George Henry HUMPHRIES, 28, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Hamilton HUMPHRIES, farmer & Sarah GARDNER, married Ethel Beatrice KINGSLEY, 23, of Dummer, d/o Paul KINGSLEY, farmer & Sarah BARR, witn: Joseph HUMPHRIES of Norwood & Elsie BARR of Stanton Nebraska USA on Sept. 28, 1910 at Dummer Tp

18382-10 Herbert James INKSTER, 31, farmer, of Marmora, s/o John INKSTER, farmer & Mary RIVPORT, married Mildred Pearl CLEMENGER, 19, of Marmora, d/o Thomas H. CLEMENGER, farmer & Emma WHITNEY, witn: Harry GORDON & Margaret SKENE both of Havelock on Dec. 21, 1910 at Havelock

18367-10 Hugh JONES, 35, farmer, of Marmora, s/o Alex JONES & Margaret BAKER, married Minnie ROE, 28, of Preneveau, d/o William ROE & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James ROE, 6 July 1910 at Preneveau
#018571-10 (Peterborough Co): Charles JOYES, 30, machinist, of Peterborough, s/o Alfred M. JOYES & Julia J. LOUTHY, married Alice Caroline HUTCHINSON, 28, of Peterborough, d/o William HUTCHINSON & Caroline BROWN, witn: Francis JOYES & Eva Jean STEWART, both of Peterborough, 1 Sept 1910 at Peterborough

18375-10 William John KILLINGBECK, 25, wire worker, of Peterboro, s/o David John KILLINGBECK & Eliza Jane WARD, married Edith Estella HUBBELL, 26, of Havelock, d/o Thomas HUBBELL, painter & Amelia BEBEE, witn: George KILLINGBECK of Peterboro & Katie HUBBELL of Havelock on Sept. 3, 1910 at Havelock.

18352-10 Irwin KING, 30, mason, of Harvey Tp., s/o Robert KING (mason) & Elizabeth IRWIN, married Bridget McGUIRE, 18, of Harvey Tp., d/o James McGUIRE (farmer) & Mary HARRINGTON, witn: Henry & Elizabeth CLARK both of Ennismore P.O. on Aug. 30, 1910 at Ennismore

18642-10 David Harold LAWRENCE, 24, farmer, of Smith, s/o David A. LAWRENCE, farmer, & Elizabeth LAWRENCE, married Mary Ethel ALLEN, 28, of Smith, d/o George ALLEN, farmer, & Martha ALLEN, witn: Braden BELL & Lottie ALLEN, both of Smith, 23 Feb 1910 at Smith twp

18398-10 Gordon T. LLOYD, 19, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Edward LLOYD (farmer) & Margaret LITTLE, married Ethel E. MATHEWS, 17, of Dummer Tp., d/o James MATHEWS (farmer) & Margaret LEASON, witn: Walter MATHEWS & Mabel E. COOPER both of Halls Glen on Sept. 8, 1910 at Lakefield

18412-10 Thomas McNeill LUMSDEN, 33, book keeper, of Norwood, s/o Robert LUMSDEN & Elizabeth McNEICE, married Luella Margueritta BASKIN, 22, of Norwood, d/o John BASKIN (contractor) & Mary Jane WHITE, witn: Jessie J. LUMSDEN of Chateauguay Que., June 22, 1910 at Norwood.

18368-10 Richard Earnest MACK, 22, farmer, of Seymour, s/o Alva MACK, farmer & Martha RILL, married Bertha BURNS, 19, of Marmora, d/o Frederick BURNS, farmer & Innis BAILEY, witn: James MACK of Seymour & Etta McINVOY of Springbrook on July 20, 1910 at Belmont


18618-10 (Peterborough Co) Walter Stanley MAGUIRE, 34, physical instructor at YMCA, of Sherbrooke, s/o Aaron MacGUIRE (sic), school teacher & Annie LUMSDEN married Florence May THOMPSON, 28, milliner, of Peterborough, d/o James THOMPSON & Catherine SCOTT, witn; Leslie SCOTT & James MacGUIRE, 27 Dec 1910, Peterborough

18645-10 John Wesley MANLEY, 24, farmer, of Douro Tp., s/o William MANLEY (farmer) & Ellen ROBINSON, married Vera Maude DELONG, 19, residence not given, s/o Alfred DELONG (labourer) & Eliza J. HENDERSON, witn: Melville DELONG & Lena McIVOR no residences given on April 27, 1910 at Douro Tp.

18651-10 Garbutt D. MANN, 24, farmer, of Bridgenorth, s/o James Hull MANN (farmer) & Martha GARBUTT, married Mary Edna Delene BALL, 23, of Bridgenorth, d/o William BALL (painter) & Agnes GRANT, witn: Lyman BALL & Ida M. MANN no residences given on Nov. 30, 1910 at Bridgenorth Peterboro.

18397-10 Wellie MATHEWS, 19, farmer, Dummer Tp., s/o Joseph MATHEWS (farmer) & Mary DODDS, married Mabel E. COOPER, 18, of Dummer Tp., d/o Elizabeth COOPER & father's name not given, witn: Gordon T. LLOYD of Dummer Tp. & Ethel E. MATHEWS of Halls Glen on Sept. 28, 1910 at Lakefield.

18409-10 James Alexander McCONNELL, 33, farmer, of Rosetown Saskatchewan, s/o Robert Henry McCONNELL (farmer) & Christina NICOLL, married Louisa BUCK, 31, widow, of Norwood, d/o Robert PARKER (retired farmer) & Janet FIFE, witn: Florence M. TUCKER & Grace REYNOLDS both of Norwood on May 24, 1910 at Norwood

18366-10 Marshal McDONALD, 21, of Marmora, s/o Hugh McDONALD, lumerbman & Mary CRADDOCK, married Blanche MILLIGAN, 20, of Belmont, d/o James MILLIGAN, laborer, & Eliza KENNEDY, witn: John & Adah McDONALD, 9 March 1910 at Havelock 18365-10 John McDONALD, 28, cooper, of Marmora, s/o Hugh McDONALD, lumberman & Mary CRADDOCK, married Adah MILLIGAN, 21, of Belmont, d/o James MILLIGAN, laborer, & Eliza KENNEDY, witn: Marshal McDONALD & Blanche MILLIGAN, 9 March 1910 at Havelock

18400-10 John James McDONALD, 55, boat builder, widower, of Lakefield, s/o Malcolm McDONALD (carpenter) & Margaret McCOLL, married Clara BURGESS, 45, of Lakefield, d/o John Alexander BURGESS (physician) & Charlotte ADDERLY, witn: Mr. & Mrs F. J. BURGESS both of Lakefield on Oct. 19, 1910 at Lakefield

18631-10 Francis Oliver McDONNELL, 26, machinist, of Peterborough, s/o Charles McDONNELL, farmer, & Hannah TAGUE, married Mary Loretta KOSTER, 25, of Peterborough, d/o Matthew KOSTER & Mary CLOUTIER, witn: Edward J. & Anna McDONNELL of Peterborough, 25 Oct 1910 at Peterborough

#018568-10 (Peterborough Co): William Albert McEWEN, 24, grocer, of Peterborough, s/o James McEWEN, deceased, & Mary ROME (or Rowe), married Letha SOLMES, 20, of Peterborough, d/o Gilbert SOLMES, farmer, & Anna WRIGHT, witn: Fred W. & Mrs. Mary E. SCOTT of Smith twp., 25 Aug 1910 at Peterborough #018555-10 (Peterborough Co): Thomas James McFARLAND, 31, farmer, of Fenelon Falls, s/o David McFARLAND & Elizabeth SELBY, married Martha McLEAN, 21, of Peterborough, d/o John McLEAN & Mary Jane SELBY, witn: Joseph Franklin MORRISON & Christena ARNOT, both of Peterborough, 13 July 1910 at Peterborough

18405-10 Edward Albert McGEE, 24, farmer, of Asphodel Tp., s/o Alexander McGEE (retired farmer) & Catherine Jane ELLIOTT, married Nettie Alberta METCALFE, 20, school teacher, d/o William METCALFE (farmer) & Mary Matilda LOBB, witn: William SCOTT of Mongoose & Matilda Maude METCALFE of Norwood on Jan. 26, 1910 at Norwood


18361-10 Charles McGUIRE, 26, railroad section man, of Niagara on the Lake, s/o Charles McGUIRE & Florence BISSELL, married Margaret CONWAY, 27, of Snowdon Haliburton Tp., d/o Joseph CONWAY (farmer) & Margaret BUCKLEY, witn: Jennie MULLEN of Lindsay & Francis CONWAY of Kinmount on Oct. 20, 1910 at Galway Tp.

18358-10 William McGUIRE, 48, farmer, of Harvey, s/o William McGUIRE (farmer) & no mother's name given, married Ida HARRINGTON, 30, of Ennismore, d/o Cornelius HARRINGTON (farmer) & Mary Ann GIBSON, witn: Irwin KING & Bridget McGUIRE both of Harvey on May 22, 1910 at Ennismore.


18376-10 Ronald Armstrong McKEE, 24, bookkeeper & cashier, of Peterboro, s/o Thomas McKEE, contractor & Margaret Leslie ENGLISH, married Ethel May SAWYER, 22, telephone operator, of Peterboro, d/o Alfred O. SAWYER, merchant & Lucinda Ann MILLER, witn: William E. MARTIN of Peterboro & Mabel P. SAWYER of Havelock on Sept. 14, 1910 at Havelock

#018544-10 (Peterborough Co): Thomas James McMANUS, 25, inspector in cordage works, of Auburn NY, s/o Terence Francis McMANUS, laborer, & Bridget CALLAHAN, married Mary Agnes McNEILL, 27, of Peterborough, d/o Daniel McNEILL, deceased, & Agnes NEILL, witn: Patrick DELARGY of Syracuse NY & Catherine McNEILL of Peterborough, 29 June 1910 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)

18633-10 Bellin McMANUS, 18, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o Frank McMANUS, laborer, & Bridget CALLAGHAN, married Grace CLARKE, 18, of Peterborough, d/o Edward CLARKE, laborer, & Elizabeth ROGERS, witn: Augustus N. CONLON & Kathleen McMANUS, both of Peterborough, 6 Sept 1910 at Peterborough

18418-10 William Alexander McMULLEN, 25, cheese maker, of Belmont Tp., s/o Louis McMULLEN (farmer) & Elizabeth REYNOLDS, married Annie MENZIES, 19, of Havelock, d/o William MENZIES (retired) & Rosanna HUBBLE, witn: Sophronia E. WEASE & Florence M. TUCKER both of Norwood on Oct. 16, 1910 at Norwood.

18330-10 Bertram McNEELY, 26, farmer, of Belmont, s/o Robert McNEELY, farmer, & Ann GRIFFITH, married Mabel WATSON, 26, of Belmont, d/o Stephen WATSON, & Arvilla LOTT, witn: Claud WATSON of Trent Bridge & Zillah PAGET of Norwood, 2 March 1910 at Trent Bridge

  18623-10 William Hume Lithgow MELLIS, 33, machinist, of Peterborough, s/o Robert MELLIS & Julia Isabella BALD, married Mildred Jereau? LOGAN, 30, of Peterborough, d/o William LOGAN & Margaret SHEEHAN, witn: Rachel LOGAN & Charles R. BANKS, both of Peterborough, 26 Dec 1910 at Peterborough

18410-10 Thomas James MENZIES, 29, farmer, of Belmont Tp., s/o William (retired farmer) & Rosanna, married Mary Ethel McARTHUR, 22, of Belmont Tp., d/o Alex (farmer) & Dorothy, witn: Mrs. M. CREE & Mrs L. E. STEPHENSON both of Norwood on June 1, 1910 at Norwood.

18415-10 David Wesley MENZIES, 24, farmer, of Methuen Tp., s/o William MENZIES (farmer) & Rosanna HUBBLE, married Annie PARCELS, 17, of Belmont Tp., d/o Charles PARCELS (farmer) & Sarah McADAMS, witn: William B. PARCELS of Round Lake & Annie MENZIES of Havelock on Sept. 7, 1910 at Norwood.

18338-10 Joseph METCALF, 32, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o James METCALF, farmer & Annie SHEARER, married Jennie CLYSDALE, 19, of Dummer, d/o John CLYSDALE, farmer & Jennie PALEN, witn: Robert METCALF of Norwood & Hattie CLYSDALE of Cottesloe on June 1, 1910 at Dummer.

18377-10 John Alfred MOFFATT, 26, surveyor, of Toronto, s/o John MOFFATT, prospector & Jane CRISP, married Eva Roberta LANCASTER, 26, of Havelock, d/o Christopher LANCASTER, agent & Jane Knox CHRISTIE, witn: Earl LANCASTER of Port Hope & Vernal L. COE of Sudbury on Sept. 29, 1910 at Havelock.

18347-10 James Joseph MOHER, 32, farmer, of Douro, s/o William J. MOHER, farmer & Mary CROWE, married Catherine SHEEHAN, 23, of Douro, d/o Richard SHEEHAN, farmer & Bridget WALSH, witn: Albert MOHER of Douro & Mary WALSH of Hastings on June 21, 1910 at St. Joseph's Douro

18641-10 Charles E. MOORE, 25, farmer, of Smith, s/o J.K. MOORE, farmer, & A.E. ELLIOTT, married Eunice A. MANN, 27, of Smith, d/o Thomas R. MANN, farmer, & Eunice MILBURN, witn: George ADAM of Guelph & Sadie MANN of Bridgenorth, 16 Feb 1910 at Smith

18634-10 Reuben MORIARTY, 26, weaver, Kidderminster England, Peterborough, s/o William MORIARTY & Hannah THOMPSON, married Norah Gertrude FIELD, 28, Kidderminster England, Peterborough, d/o Thomas FIELD & Emma INCE, witn: Thomas MOULE & Edith SMITH, both of Peterborough, 26 Dec 1910 at St. Johns Church, Peterborough

18373-10 Clarence MORRIS, 25, railway employee, of Port Burwell, s/o father's name not given & Sarah KILBORN, married Clara TAYLOR, 23, of Havelock, d/o father's name not given & Sarah Isabelle RAY, witn: Robert GORDON of Port Burwell & Hazel TAYLOR of Havelock on June 7, 1910 at Havelock

18364-10 Joseph Oscar NEWTON, 29, of Belmont, s/o Robert NEWTON, farmer, & not known, married Bessie LAUTIER (Santier?), 20, of Dummer, d/o William LAUTIER, farmer, & Lizzie WATSON, witn: Bessie BALFOUR & Mary FROST, both of Havelock, 9 Feb 1910 at Havelock

18336-10 James NORTHEY, 68, retired farmer, widower, of Lakefield, s/o William NORTHEY, farmer & Annie PERKIN, married May Matilda LITTLE, 53, widow, of Dummer, d/o John DEWART, farmer & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Henry A. & Pearl LITTLE both of Halls Glen on Feb. 16, 1910 at Dummer.

18646-10 Roy NORTHEY, 24, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o Robert NORTHEY (farmer), & Eliza NICHOLS, married Lillie PAVEY, 17, of Smith Tp., d/o Edward PAVEY (farm labourer) & Mary GALPIN, witn: Alexander DAVIS & Matilda PAVEY both of Halls BRIDGE on June 29, 1910 at Halls Bridge

181650-10 Albert NORTHEY, 33, farmer, of Smith Tp., s/o Absalom NORTHEY (farmer) & Mary McILMOYL, married Ethel Louise HIGGINS, 27, stenographer, of Peterboro, d/o Matthew R. HIGGINS (farmer) & Fanny HICKMAN, witn: Stanley & Ella B. HIGGINS no residences given on Nov. 16, 1910 at Peterboro

#018566-10 - Albert Edwin PARISH, 26, of Peterborough, Cook, s/o Sidney A.A. PARISH & Sarah E. ANDREWS, married Henrietta SADLER, 22, of Peterborough, d/o J. Emil SADLER & Henrietta EVALD, witnesses: Emil SADLER & Henrietta SADLER, on 10 August 1910 at St. Luke's Rectory, Peterborough #018547-10 (Peterborough Co): George E. PATTERSON, 28, farmer, of Otonabee, s/o Alexander PATTERSON, farmer, & Martha Jane MORRISON, married Nettie SHEARER, 33, of Otonabee, d/o Matthew SHEARER, farmer, & Ann Jane WALLACE, witn: Norman PATTERSON & Maude EASSON, both of Otonabee, 14 June 1910 at Peterborough

18387-10 Frederick William White PAYNE, 38, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Lazarus PAYNE, farmer & Rebecca WHITE, married Mary Jane BULLOCK, 27, of Lakefield, d/o Josiah BULLOCK, retired farmer & Betsey Ann NORTHEY, witn: Herman PAYNE of Halls Glen & Maggie BULLOCK of Lakefield on March 2, 1910 at Lakefield.

18339-10 Gordon William PAYNE, 25, farmer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Mich L. PAYNE, farmer & Louisa TUCKER, married Bella TEDFORD, 19, of Dummer, d/o Richard TEDFORD, farmer & Mary TROTTER, witn: Allen PAYNE & Annie TEDFORD both of Warsaw on June 22, 1910 at Dummer

18357-10 Michael PLUARD, 40, farmer, widower, of Harvey, s/o Michael PLUARD (farmer) & Margaret SHEVELAND, married Margaret GARTLAND, 22, of Deseronto, d/o Augustus GARTLARD (farmer) & Catharine TRAINOR, witn: Herb SIMPSON of Deseronto & Gertrude MURPHY of Ennismore on Nov. 7, 1910 at Ennismore

18622-10 Frederick PLUMMER, 26, lineman, of Peterborough, s/o George PLUMMER & Annie HILL, married Bella May NEWALL, 27, of Peterborough, d/o John NEWALL & Martha PARKER, witn: George James & Lottie Newall BULLER of Peterborough, 11 Oct 1910 at Peterborough

#018565-10 - James Henry PRICE, 21, of Peterborough, Cabinet maker, s/o Thomas PRICE & Phoebe MOR??HER, married Olive Viola ELLIOTT, 20, of Peterborough, d/o John Wesley ELLIOTT & Annie FINDLAY, witnesses: Vincent ELLIOTT & Mable PRICE, both of Peterborough, on 10 August 1910 at Peterborough

18401-10 Michael Lionel QUIGLEY, 25, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Martin QUIGLEY (millman) & Mary COLBINSKI, married Alice Jane KENNEDY, 25, organist, of Lakefield, d/o Patrick KENNEDY (farmer) & Ann McDONALD, witn: Joseph QUIGLEY & Emma KENNEDY both of Lakefield on Oct. 4, 1910 at St. Paul's R.C. Church at Lakefield.

18629-10 William Percival REYNOLDS, 29, bank clerk, of Toronto, s/o William Percival REYNOLDS & Mercella MOLLOY, married Anna Westwood McDONALD, 27, nurse, of Peterborough, d/o Hugh Smith McDONALD, druggist, & Anna McLAREN, witn: J. D. REYNOLDS of London & Ann McLEOD of Montreal, 27 Sept 1910 at Peterborough

18384-10 George RICHARDS, 30, merchant, of Grannum Alberta, s/o John RICHARDS, farmer & Kate ROTHWELL, married Nellie Valetta COX, 32, teacher, of Lakefield, d/o William COX, labourer & Isabella HENDREN, witn: Stuart FRASER & Ada COX both of Lakefield on Jan. 19, 1910 at Lakefield

18372-10 Herrick William ROCHE, 26, station agent, of Havelock, s/o William ROCHE, miner & Jessie McDOUGALL, married Eva May BRYANS, 24, of Havelock, d/o James W. BRYANS, merchant & Elizabeth Annie JACKSON, witn: Anna BRYANS & Jack ROCHE both of Havelock on June 8, 1910 at Havelock.

#018563-10 - Marshal SEDORE, 24, of Peterborough, Widower, Laborer, s/o Alex. SEDORE & Katherine DAVIS, married Margaret HARRISON, 21, of Peterborough, d/o Henry HARRISON & Annie Elizabeth WYLDE, witnesses: A.J. QUEMBY & Mrs. A.E. HARRISON, both of 27 Lafayette St. Peterboro, on 3 August 1910 at Peterborough

18369-10 Harry SOANES, 24, wire chief Bell Telephone Co., of Peterboro, s/o Arnold James SOANES, merchant & Mary HAYNES, married Lottie BROWNING, 25, of Peterboro, d/o Edward BROWNING, gardener & Charlotte STRAND (Stroud?), witn: Randolph SOANES of Toronto & Mabel SAWYER of Havelock on June 22, 1910 at St. John's Church Havelock

18331-10 Francis Paul SOPHA, 24, liveryman, of Belmont, s/o Stephen SOPHA, retired farmer, & Katharine, married Elsie May YOUMANS, 18, of Belmont, d/o Eleazer YOUMANS, retired farmer, & Jane, witn: Daniel E. YOUMANS of Rockdale & Mary ANDERSON of Norwood, 31 Aug 1910 at Rockdale

18360-10 William Henry SPEISSMAN, 29, cook, of Blind River, s/o Gene SPEISSMAN (farmer) & Melissa ERB, married Florence DUNBAR, 22, of Kinmount, d/o John DUNBAR (farmer) & Sarah GARLICK, witn: Anna N. BLACK of Fenelon & E. A. WHITE M.D. of Kinmount on Oct. 5, 1910 at Kinmount.

18395-10 Charles Napier STERLING, 32, clerk, of Tilsonburg, s/o Thomas STERLING (miller) & Esther DICKSON, married Ethel GIRVEN, 30, of Lakefield, d/o Robert GIRVEN (farmer) & Margaret WEBSTER, witn: W. Cecil STERLING of Toronto & Mina EDWARDS of Lakefield on Aug. 31, 1910 at Lakefield.

18396-10 William Clarke STONE, 33, farmer, of Burleigh Tp., s/o James Clarke STONE (farmer) & Melissa THOMPSON, married Sarah KINNIBOROUGH, 26, widow, of Peterboro, d/o Lawrence STETHANE & Jane Houston MILLS, witn: Ephraim John BRONSON of Mount Julian & Annie ROBERTSON of Berlin on Sept. 3, 1910 at Lakefield

18624-10 Thomas Richard STONER, 30, driver, of Peterborough, s/o Thomas STONER & Elizabeth PENFOUND, married Emma ROSE, 27, of Peterborough, d/o John ROSE & Phoebe WALFORD, witn: Henry Timothy BROOKS of Peterborough & Hilda VEALS of Toronto, 29 Oct 1910 at Peterborough


#018545-10 (Peterborough Co): Harold Andrew TANNEY, 23, boot & shoe merchant, of Galt Ont., s/o Charles Edward TANNEY, commercial traveller, & Alice MURRAY, married Edna Emma JOBBITT, 23, house keeper, of Peterborough, d/o George JOBBITT, RR conductor, & Elizabeth DRADER, witn: Harry Carson WIDDOWSON of London Ont. & Lonella Ada JOBBITT, 2 July 1910 at Peterborough

18383-10 Daniel TOMLINSON, 22, mason, of Campbellford, s/o Frank TOMLINSON & Eliza POUCHER, married Mary E. WATSON, 22, of Trent River, d/o Stephen WATSON, cheese maker & Arvilla LOTT, witn: Stephen & Mrs George WATSON both of Trent River on Nov. 2, 1910 at Havelock.

18632-10 John TORPEY, 37, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o Patrick TORPEY, drover, & Esther CAREY, married Frances REDMOND, 37, of Peterborough, d/o William REDMOND, farmer, & Eliza EGAN, witn: George HENRY of Peterborough & Mary LE HANE of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1910 at Peterborough

#018572-10 (Peterborough Co): Albert Joseph TOVEY, 28, druggist, of Unity Saskatchewan., s/o George J. TOVEY, farmer, & Lavinia ADCOCK, married Florence A. BUTCHER, 25, of Peterborough, d/o John BUTCHER, sexton, & Margaret INGRAHAM, witn: Sibyl WHITE, John BUTCHER, & E.A. TOVEY, all of Peterborough, 7 Sept 1910 at Peterborough

18626-10 Leo TOBIN, 22, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o Thomas TOBIN, laborer, & Jane RYAN, married Bridget LEAHY, 21, of Peterborough, d/o William P. LEAHY, laborer, & Honora CROFT, witn: Austin TOBIN & Catherine McMAHON, both of Peterborough, 14 June 1910 at Peterborough

#018553-10 (Peterborough Co): George Francis TROTTER, 25, laborer, of Peterborough, s/o James TROTTER, laborer, & Mary DOUGLAS, married Alice LONSBERRY, 21, servant maid, of Peterborough, d/o Francis LONSBERRY, farmer, & Matilda HICKS, witn: Jessie LIGHTFOOT & Mrs. P.B. WRIGHT, both of Peterborough, 13 July 1910 at Peterborough

18417-10 William Henry TUCKER, 52, merchant, widower, of Norwood, s/o Charles & Mary, married Rachel Margaret STINSON, 48, dressmaker, of Norwood, d/o Daniel Henry STINSON & Julia BEDELL, witn: Cyrus Edward PAKENHAM & Richard G. LAWLER both of Norwood on Oct. 19, 1910 at Norwood.

#018549-10 (Peterborough Co): Thomas Harvey TYERS, 25, farmer, of Islington, s/o Thomas TYERS & Rebecca EDWARDS, married Rebecca Arminne DARRAH, 23, of Peterborough, d/o Samuel DARRAH & Elizabeth Jennet KEITH, witn: Samuel DARRAH & Elizabeth Jennet KEITH, both of Peterborough, 20 June 1910 at Peterborough

18621-10 Luther Allan WAGAR, 23, draughtsman, of Peterborough, s/o Ephraim Alonzo WAGAR & Henrietta Maria COLE, married Maude Elizabeth PENROSE, 22, of Peterborough, d/o John PENROSE & Isabella Jane SHERIDAN, witn: Kathleen May WAGAR & William Roy PENROSE, both of Peterborough, 29 Oct 1910 at Peterborough

18625-10 Robert WATSON, 52, widower, farmer, of Harwood, s/o Adam WATSON & Jeanette CLAPPERTON, married Martha ELLIOTT, 31, widow, of Harwood, d/o Anthony LEWIS & Annie PORTAS, witn: William John EDMISON & Beatrice WATSON, 20 Oct 1910 at Peterborough

18343-10 Clarence George WATTS, 26, farmer, of Warsaw, s/o Alexander WATTS, farmer & Martha WHITE, married Annie TEDFORD, 22, of Dummer Tp., d/o Richard TEDFORD, farmer & Mary TROTTER, witn: Annie FAWCETT of Otonabee & Isabella STEPHENSON of Harvey on Sept. 118, 1910 at Dummer Tp.

18392-10 (Peterborough Co) William E. WIGG, 25, laborer, not given, Burleigh, s/o Edward E. WIGG, farmer & Mary SANDERSON married Amy Marion WINDSOR, 25, domestic, not given, Anstruther, d/o Benjamin WINDSOR, farmer & Fanny BRISSETT, witn; Mrs. S. S. SPENCE & Florence E. WIGG of Lakefield, 29 June 1910, Lakefield

18381-10 Irvine WILKINSON, 32, labourer, of Dummer Tp., s/o Egbert WILKINSON, farmer & Martha Jane LITTLE, married Annie DODDS, 38, widow, of Belmont Tp., d/o William MUNROE, farmer & Sarah Ann HUBBLE, witn: Mrs. J.R. & Mrs William REAL both of Havelock on Oct. 17, 1910 at Havelock

18620-10 Melville Louis WILSON, 24, locomotive fireman, of London, s/o Andrew WILSON & Etta LATCHFORD, married Jennie Duncan BUYERS (Byers?), 19, of Peterborough, d/o John William BUYERS & Margaret Forsyth MUTCH, witn: William Edgar REID of Detroit & Maggie Frances BUYERS of Peterborough, 21 Dec 1910 at Peterborough

18617-10 (Peterborough Co) James WINDSOR, 23, butcher, of Peterborough, s/o Benjamin WINDSOR, farmer & Fannie BRISSETTE married Charlotte LARUSH, 28, of Peterborough, d/o Joseph LARUSH, farmer & Annie ANDERSON, witn; George LIGHTHEART & Marguerite BRADY of Peterborough, 26 Dec 1910, Peterborough