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Peterborough County, 1868

from microfilm MS 248, reel 13, vol 56,

Format: birthplace is given before residence


Page 83, Return # 176, by James Throw (Thoms?), Minister of the Canadian Presbyterian Church Lakefield

William BRUMEL, 24, Smith, same, s/o George & Ellen, married Martha CASSIDY, 23, Smith, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: James CASSIDY of Smith on Dec. 14, 1868 at

George DAVIDSON, 24, Smith Verulam, s/o John & Mary, married Mary J. SANDERSON, 19, Smith, same, d/o Francis & Margaret, witn: Michael SANDERSON of Smith on Jan. 21, 1868

William FINNEY, 36, Ireland, Manvers, s/o Benjamin & Mary, married Margaret GRAHAM, 22, Smith, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: John FINNEY of Manvers on Feb. 28, 1868

John GILLESPIE, 38, Scotland, Peterboro, s/o Richard & Jane, married Sarah J. ROSE, 22, Norwood, Peterboro, d/o Alex & Jane, witn: John THOMSON of Smith on Nov. 25, 1868

Robert GRAHAM, no age given, Peterborough, Smith, s/o John & Ann, married Mary SANDERSON, 16, Smith, same, d/o Edward & Christy, witn: William GRAHAM of Smith on Jan. 6, 1868

John ISBESTER, 23, Scotland, Smith, s/o William & Margaret, married Isabella KIDD, 25, Dummer, same, d/o Walter & Elizabeth, witn: John GIVENS of Smith on Feb. 8, 1868

Samuel MANNING, 28, Peterboro, Monaghan, s/o Samuel & Nancy, married Sophia FAIRBAIRN, 19, Smith, same, d/o Andrew & Eliza A., witn: Andrew FAIRBAIRN of Smith on May 13, 1868


Page 83, Return 177-Marriages solemnised by Rev. W. Short, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hastings

William A. BARRINGER, 22, USA, Hastings, s/o Walter & Nancy, married Corintha PALMER, 17, USA, Hastings, d/o Marina H. & Eliza, witn: Ann E. & Sidney HARDY both of Hastings on Nov. 22, 1868

Luke ELLIS, 25, Trenton, Hastings, s/o Luke & Huldah, married Sarah E. HARDY, 21, Rawdon, Hastings, d/o Abraham & Harriett, witn: Ann E. & Sidney HARDY both of Hastings on Oct. 16, 1868

Andrew FLEMING, 26, Percy, same, s/o James & Ann, married Nancy A. LYNN, 19, Percy, Hastings, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: Sarah LYNN of Hastings & C. HUYCKE of Percy on May 25, 1868

Thomas McMILLAN, 24, Ireland, Asphodel, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Mary J. MORGAN, 24, Ireland, Asphodel, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Margaret CARDWELL & Samuel McMILLIN both of Asphodel on July 6, 1868

Alonzo McNARY, 22, USA, Belmont, s/o Seley & Caroline, married Jane DAVIDSON, 23, Prince Edw. Co., Belmont, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Mary & John DAVIDSON both of Belmont on July 22, 1868

Walter RENWICK, 33, Scotland, Keene, s/o William & Ann, married Jane MORGAN, 22, Asphodel, Hastings, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Margaret CARDINAL & William SHARP both of Asphodel on March 23, 1868

Benjamin STEWART, 44, Ireland, Hastings, s/o James & Jane B., married Margaret KENNEDY, 40, Isle of Jersey, Hastings, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: Jane & William CROSBY both of Hastings on April 14, 1868


Page 84, return 178, marriages solemnised by John Sanderson, Wesleyan Methodist Church at Warsaw

Edward LAUGHLIN, 24, Canada, Burleigh, s/o Edward & Jane, married Aradne HUBEL (?) 20, Burleigh, same, d/o John & Jane LAUCHLIN (sic), witn: James CLARKSTONE & Aratina HUBEL both of Burleigh on Dec. 10, 1868

William N. McCRACKEN, 27, Dummer, Ainleyville, s/o William & Anne, married Jane CAVETH (Craveth?), 21, Dummer, same, d/o John & Louisa, witn: John CAVETH & Joseph GRANT both of Dummer on May 27, 1868

John MIDDLETON, 23, Douro, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary NEVILLE, 18, Douro, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: none given on April 27, 1868

William THOMAS, 28, USA, Peterboro, s/o William & Ann, married Martha BELL, 22, Canada, Douro, d/o Jacob & Sarah, witn: H. & Victoria BELL both of Douro on Oct. 27, 1868


Page 84 to 86, Return 179, marriages solemnised by Rev. J. H. Johnson Wesleyan Methodist Church

Charles B. BALDWIN, 26, Massachusetts USA, Peterboro, s/o George BALDWIN & Amelia SCOTT, married Deborah HENRY, 22, Hope, Hope Co., d/o Michael HENRY & Nancy HILL, witn: Charles BLENKHORN & & Ellen CONDOR both of Peterboro on July 31, 1868

Andrew BOWMAN, 28, S. Monaghan, Millbrook, s/o John BOWMAN & Ann TURNBULL, married Margaret KELLETT, 28, Chicago USA, Millbrook, d/o Breaky ORR (sic) & Margaret COURTNEY, witn: Joseph & Rachel WILSON both of Peterboro on July 30, 1868

James BURNET, 25, Cobourg, Streetsville, s/o James BURNET & Ellen HISLUP, married Mary KENDRAY, 21, New York State USA, Douro, d/o Thomas KENDRAY & Catherine McKEITH, witn: Amelia SIMMONS of Mariposa & Isabella SHELTON of Omemee on July 24, 1868

Alex CONNOR, 35, Belleville, Peterboro, s/o William CONNOR & Mary A. THOMPSON, married Mary A. WELLS, 24, Kingston, Peterboro, d/o John WELLS & Eliza LIVINGSTONE, witn: William WELLS of N. Monaghan & Mary A. McKEE of Cavan on March 19, 1868

William COWIE, 23, Kingston, Peterboro, s/o Thomas COWIE & Hannah KELLER, married Mary D’ARCY, 20, Smith, Peterboro, d/o Garrett D’ARCY & Anne WHITE, witn: Samuel KEMP & Thomas BLAKE both of Peterboro on Jan. 15, 1868

Philip J. ELMHIRST, 21, Otonabee, same, s/o Philip W. ELMHIRST & Christina CAMPBELL, married Eliza COHNSTOCK, 21, Asphodel, same, d/o John S. COHNSTOCK & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: Christina ELMHIRST & Peter COHNSTOCK both of Peterboro on Sept. 25, 1868

James KENDREY, 23, Oshawa, Valleyfield Que., s/o Thomas KENDREY & Catherine McKEITH, married Elizabeth (?) C. RUTHERFORD, 20, Peterboro, same, d/o Robinson RUTHERFORD & Hannah PEACOCK, witn: Thomas RUTHERFORD of Asphodel & Mary J. WEIR of Otonobee on Oct. 5, 1868

John LAMB, 32, Cavan, same, s/o David LAMB & Emma DAWSON, married Sarah ROBERTSON, 21, Cavan, same, d/o Alex ROBERTSON & Elizabeth TRYLIS, witn: Alex ROBERTSON & Ellan FOWLER both of Peterboro on March 12, 1868

James LINTON, 37, Hamilton Tp., Alnwick, s/o Alexander LINTON & Mary WEIR, married Margaret POLLOCK, 39, Scotland, Douro, s/o James POLLOCK & Margaret COATES, witn: John & Elizabeth POLLOCK both of Peterboro on Oct. 24, 1868

Joseph LONSLEY (Tansley?), 21, Berkshire England, Anstruther, s/o Joseph LONSLEY & Hannah NORRIS, married Lucinda McGOWEN, 21, Montreal, Peterboro, d/o Thomas McGOWEN & Martha HOBBS, witn: John RUSH & Sarah LOUDERVILLE both of Smith on July 1, 1868

William McNICHOL, 26, Ireland, Emily, s/o Daniel McNICHOL & Elizabeth KYLE, married Annie J. HAMILTON, 19, Emily, same, d/o Hugh G. HAMILTON & Margaret J. DIXON, witn: John J. WILSON & Eliza J. McNICHOL both of Douro on Nov. 11, 1868

John W. MILLER, 24, Darlington, Peterboro, s/o John MILLER & Mary A. MILLS, married Elizabeth LILLEY, 23, Toronto, Peterboro, d/o William LILLEY & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: David GAMBLE & Mary A. LILLY both of Emily on Nov. 11, 1868

John MONTGOMERY, 28, Peterboro, Smith, s/o David MONTGOMERY & Mary STINSON, married Ann. J. DEVER, 26, Co. Fermaugh Ireland,, Peterboro, d/o Andrew DEVER & Barbary ROBINSON, witn: Samuel STINSON & Margaret DEVER both of Peterboro on April 14, 1868

William A. MORROW, 32, Fair Mount Cavan, same, s/o William MORROW & Isabella ARMSTRONG, married Mary A. JENKINS 29, St. Catherines, Peterboro, d/o Daniel HOPKINS (sic) & Jane DONELLY, witn: Isabella STINSON of Millbrook on Jan. 29, 1868

William SNOWDON, 35, Newcastle England, Rokeby, s/o William SNOWDON & Ann EDGAR, married Jane MILBRUN (Milburn?), 30, Smith, same, d/o Thomas W. MILBRUN & Elizabeth EDGAR, witn: R. T. MILBRUN of Smith & Ann BURTON of Peterboro on June 1, 1868

George WEBBER, 26, Devonshire England, Peterboro, s/o Giles WEBBER & Elizabeth HAWLY, married Elizabeth McKEE, 22, Smith, same, d/o William McKEE & Mary FINLAY, witn: George KINGDON & Rev. J. WILSON B.A. both of Peterboro on Jan. 22, 1868

William Henry WILLSON, 28, Mariposa, Omemee, s/o Walter WILSON (sic) & Ann COPELAND, married Annie WHITE, 25, Cavan Ireland, Omemee, d/o Robert WHITE & Sarah MILLS, witn: Hugh WILLSON (sic) of Peterboro & Betsy HAWKINS of Keene on July 1, 1868

Joseph BURNS, 22, Cavan, same, s/o Joseph BURNS & Ann MADILL, married Caroline MULLEN, 23, Cavan, same, d/o Joseph MULLEN & Margaret BELLAMY, witn: Richard MULLEN & Ellen BAXTER both of Peterboro on Dec. 18, 1868

Edwin HARVEY, 45, Isle of Wight, Peterboro, s/o John HARVEY & Sarah RIDGLEY, married Hannah MOFFATT, 36, Smith, Peterboro, d/o Albany MOFFATT & Catherine CHESTER, witn: Thomas TAYLOR of Cavan & Alice PRATT of S. Monaghan on Dec. 21, 1868

James LYTTLE, 24, N. Monaghan, S. Monaghan, s/o William LYTTLE & Eliza FORSTER, married Agnes HARKNESS, 23, Emily, same, d/o George HARKNESS & Mary HUTCHINSON, witn: George & Margaret HARKNESS both of Emily on Dec. 30, 1868

Arthur WATERLOO, 24, Waterloo, Peterboro, s/o John WATERLOO & Mary A. JONES, married Sarah DEXSEE (Doxsee?), 21, Whitby Tp., Peterboro, d/o Benjamin H. DEXSEE & Sarah A. POST, witn: John H, GLASS & Eliza SPENCER both of Peterboro on Nov. 23, 1868


Page 86, Return # 180, marriages solemnised by Thomas Stock Baptist Church Minister Peterboro

William H. ARMSTRONG, 27, Cavan, same, s/o Joseph ARMSTRONG & Margaret DAYELL, married Elizabeth CHALMERS, 24, Bloomfield Cavan, Peterboro, d/o James CHALMERS & Mary A. GRAHAM, witn: J. GILMOUR of Peterboro & Edward KELLS of Millbrook on Dec. 30, 1868

John Finlay McKEE, 25, Smith Town, same, s/o William McKEE & Mary FINLAY, married Sarah J. CHALMERS, 22, Port Hope, Peterboro, d/o James CHALMERS & Mary GRAHAM, witn: William H. ARMSTRONG of Cavan & George J. CHALMERS of Peterboro on Oct. 21, 1868

George William RULE, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Smith Town, s/o William RULE & Isabella BROWN, married Mary E. ROOT, 19, Queensbury New York USA, Smith Town, d/o David Mosley ROOT & Cordelia BAUBAM (?), witn: George A. HARVEY of Smith & John HALL of Douro on Nov. 18, 1868


Page 86, Return #181, marriages solemnised by Rev. W. Schofield M.A. Wesleyan Methodist at Lakefield

Zephraim FAILE, 23, Quebec, Peterboro, s/o Julian & Aphlen, married Abby NICHOLLS, 16, Smith, same, d/o Elias & Jane, witn: Mathew DILELE (Delisle?) of Quebec on Aug. 17, 1868

David LASCO (?), 25, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Margaret, married Anne Jane REGAN, 20, Canada, Smith, d/o James & Emily, witn: Richard REGAN of Smith on Oct. 21, 1868

Francis NEWELL, 26, Douro, same, s/o John & Martha, married Mary TAMLIN, 18, Belmont, Dummer, d/o Henry & Lavina, witn: William MORROW of Douro on Oct. 3, 1868

James W. MOORE, 24, Hartford USA, Smith, s/o Robert D. & Elizabeth, married Margaret IRWIN, 24, Smith, same, d/o Joseph & Rachel, witn: James IRWIN of Smith on Jan. 15, 1886

Thomas NUGENT, 30, Canada, Smith, s/o James & Rachel, married Miranda (?) STONE, 31, Canada, Smith, d/o Nathan & Mary, witn: Joseph NUGENT of Smith on Nov. 11, 1868

Samuel SMYLIE, 21, Canada, Dummer, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Frances TAYLOR, 20, Dummer, same, d/o William & Mary A., witn: Robert SMYLIE of Millbrook on Dec. 30, 1868