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Peterborough 1911 - 1923

Peterborough Co., 1913


12316-13 (Peterborough Co) Cecil Roy ANDERSON, 28, Ontario, Havelock, s/o David C. ANDERSON, telegrapher & Annie PHELAN married Rosia May SEABROOK, 23, Ontario, Havelock, d/o William SEABROOK, retired farmer & Elizabeth ADAMS, witn: John Q. SEABROOK & Lettie MILNE of Havelock, 29 Jan 1913, Havelock 12317-13 (Peterborough Co) George Edward ANDERSON, 23, Rawdon, Havelock, s/o Alex ANDERSON & Laney WOODBECK married Ethel CURTIS, 22, Belmont, Havelock, d/o Comfort CURTIS & Eliza SPENCER, witn: Mr.. HOLDCROFT & Vera COOK of Havelock, 18 June 1913, Havelock
12319-13 (Peterborough Co) Jas. Herbert ANDERSON, 25, trainman, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Alexander ANDERSON & Selina DOUGLAS married Mabel Elizabeth HALL, 25, Smith, Hamilton, d/o Henry HALL & Mary TROTTER, witn: Martha BORLAND & John BUTCHER of Peterborough, 10 June 1913, St. John's Church, Peterborough 12318-13 (Peterborough Co) Harry Berton ATKINSON, 33, farmer, Seymour, Seymour, s/o Edward ATKINSON & Elizabeth BARRON married Margaret FORSYTH, 24, Rothshire, Toronto, d/o Duncan FORSYTH & Mary BOTHWELL, witn: Mary ATKINSON & Susie P. ROLLIN of Peterborough, 25 June 1913, Peterborough
12350-13 (Peterborough Co) Samuel BARNES, 27, brass finisher of N. Monaghan, s/o William H. BARNES, unknown & Clara E. BAKER married Ethel LEACH, 24, of Peterborough, d/o John T. LEACH, unknown & Caroline ATTWOOD, witn: Elizabeth NICHOLSON & Herbert Henry BARNES, 24 Sept 1913, Peterborough 12347-13 (Peterborough Co) John BIRDGENAN (Birdgenau?), 22, storekeeper of Peterborough, s/o John BIRDGENAN, laborer & Josephine BEAUDRY married Leada LEVASSEUR, 23 of Peterborough, d/o Adilos LEVASSEUR, laborer & Louisa RANGER, witn: Dan BIRDGEMAN & Eveline RANGER of Peterborough, 27 July 1913, The Sacred Heart Church Peterborough
12348-13 (Peterborough Co) William Joseph BODDESON, 23, machinist, of Peterborough, s/o Isaac BODDISON, moulder & Alice Amelia NEWSTEAD married Annie Violet WILKES, 22 factory worker, of Peterborough, d/o Ernest WILKES, carter & Annie STEVENS, witn: H. E. LUCAS & Lily A. BODDISON of 274 Williams St. 3 June 1913, Peterborough 12341-13 (Peterborough Co) Thomas Henry BODDY, 23, sign painter, England, Peterborough, s/o William Henry BODDY & Martha COOPER married Margaret BROWN, 27, England, Peterborough, d/o John BROWN & Mary Ann RITSON, witn: Edward HUMPAGE & Agnes MCCULLOCH of Peterborough, 10 Sept 1913, All Saints Church, Peterborough
12335-13 (Peterborough Co) George BOLAM, 25, machinist, New Castle on Tyne, Peterborough, s/o Benjamin BOLAM & Elizabeth WALLACE married Sarah ARMSTRONG, 23, New Castle on Tyne England, New Castle on Tyne England, d/o John Soulaty ARMSTRONG & Ann ROBINSON, witn: Joseph BELL & Dorothy BELL of Peterborough, 26 June 1913, Peterborough 12334-13 (Peterborough Co) John Ira Lawrence BOTHWELL, 25, railway employee, Cavan, Toronto, s/o William BOTHWELL & Mary MADILL married Florence Elizabeth GRAY, 22, Otonabee, Peterborough, d/o James GRAY & Maggie MARLIN, witn: J.M. MULLETT & Letty POGUE of Peterborough, 26 June 1913, Peterborough
12342-13 (Peterborough Co) Harry James BOUND, 27, liveryman, of Havelock, s/o Peter BOUND, farmer & Jane SAMIS married Mary Estella ARMSTRONG, 23 of Havelock, d/o Charles ARMSTRONG, hotel keeper & Margaret DARLING, witn: Mr. & Mr.. Albert ARMSTRONG of Havelock, 10 June 1913, Norwood 12337-13 William Henry BOYCOTT, 28, Chester England, Peterborough, s/o John BOYCOTT & Sarah JONES, married Annie KNIGHT, 20, Souldrop? Bedfordshire England, Peterborough, d/o Frederick KNIGHT & Sarah Jane GOODMAN, witn: Richard EVANS & Sarah Jane KNIGHT, 26 Feb 1913 at Peterborough
12346-13 (Peterborough Co) John Michael BRADY, 26, Montreal, not given, s/o Bernard James BRADY, laborer & Mary Ellen SHEEHAN married Catherine MCGEE, 19, Galway, not given, d/o John MCGEE, farmer & Frances BUCKLEY, witn: Al MCGEE of Mt. Irwin & Nellie BRADY of Peterborough, 12 Aug. 1913, Galway 12340-13 (Peterborough Co) Albert BRASSEUR, 33, Lafontaine, Peterborough, s/o Joseph BRASSEUR, laborer & Virginia LAFRENIER married Jennie TESSIER, 26, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o Alphonse TESSIER, laborer & Alphonsine LEMIEUX, witn: Joseph DENEAULT & Anna HANLEY of Peterborough, 6 Sept 1913, Peterborough
12338-13 (Peterborough Co) Rudolf Lawrence Percival BRAULT, 26, laborer, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Henry BRAULT & Susan MORGAN married Dorothy ARMSTRONG, 20, England, Peterborough, d/o Norbert ARMSTRONG & Mary ELLIS, witn: William BROGDEN & Monica ARMSTRONG of Peterborough, 18 Oct 1913, Sacred Heart Church Peterborough 12343-13 (Peterborough Co) Walter Newton Kellett BRAY, 26, blacksmith, Millbrook, Millbrook, s/o William BRAY & Sarah KELLETT married Beatrice Evelyn May BALMFORTH, 20, Scotland, Millbrook, d/o William BALMFORTH & Annie SPINK, witn: Ida CROCKER & Jessie CUMMINGS of Peterborough, 9 April 1913, Peterborough
12339-13 (Peterborough Co) Henry Edward BRITTAIN, 28, brass finisher, Wolverton England, Peterborough, s/o John William BRITTAIN & Emily Elizabeth HOWE married Ida WRIGGLESWORTH, 26, Silsdon England, Peterborough, d/o John Thomas WRIGGLESWORTH & Eliza Ella BRUNELL, witn: James WARREN & Bessie WARREN of 514 Patterson St., 22 Sept 1913, Peterborough 12344-13 (Peterborough Co) Robert Anderson BROOKS, 25, farmer, Belmont, Asphodel, s/o William BROOKS & Phoebe MCADAM married Margaret May PATTERSON, 21, Norwood, Norwood, d/o John S. PATTERSON & Caroline DEFOE, witn: H. W. PATTERSON of Lethbridge & T. G. DANETT of Calgary Alberta, 7 Sept 1913, Peterborough
12345-13 (Peterborough Co) William BUCHANAN, 25, farmer, Belmont, Belmont, s/o Andrew BUCHANAN & Susana COOK married Josephine MCKELVIE, 22, Norwood, Norwood, d/o John R. MCKELVIE & Mary Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Annie Laurie THOMPSON of Norwood & George BUCHANAN of Havelock, 17 Sept 1913, Norwood 12336-13 (Peterborough Co) Walter Tisdale BYERS, 21, pattern maker, Hope, Monaghan, s/o William J. BYERS & Matilda TARKINGTON married Grace Viola EDMUNDSON, 19, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Henry EDMUNDSON & Eliza BOLTON, witn: Arthur W. BELLEGHEM & Franklin BYERS of Peterborough, 25 June 1913, Peterborough
12349-13 (Peterborough Co) Joseph BYRNE, 25, Somerville, Somerville, s/o Thomas BYRNE, farmer & Bridget MCGUIRE married Gertrude ALLEN, 23, Galway, Galway, d/o James ALLEN, deceased & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: Thomas BYRNE of Union Creek & Veronica ALLEN of Mt. Irwin, 30 June 1913, Galway  
12363-13 (Peterborough Co) James Corbertt CAMPBELL, 36, Rowsell, Bailliboro, s/o William CAMPBELL, farmer & Charlotte FARR married Bertha Ameline BOTHWELL, 32, Springville, Springville, d/o William N. BOTHWELL, farmer & MARY Jane MADILL, witn: Olive PENTLAND & John Lawrence BOTHWELL of Peterborough & Henry Ross CAMPBELL of Baillieboro, 1 Jan 1913, Glenboro 12377-13 William Maurice CAMPBELL, 33, widower, Ontario, Winnipeg, s/o William Senot? CAMPBELL & Flora HEWSON, married Frances Jane SCOTT, 28, Ontario, Havelock, d/o James SCOTT & Elizabeth SEABROOK, witn: Henry T. SCOTT of Havelock & Beatrice CAMPBELL of 105 Gorevale Ave in Toronto, 16 Sept 1913 at St. Johns Church, Havelock
12358-13 (Peterborough Co) Michael CAREY, 28, farmer of Otonabee, s/o John CAREY, farmer & Margaret MCCANN married Annie DOHERTY, 19 of Otonabee, d/o Patrick DOHERTY, farmer & Elizabeth HEFFERNAN, witn: Clarence CAREY & Mary DOHERTY of Otonabee, 2 Sept 1913, Sacred Heart Church Peterborough 12362-13 (Peterborough Co) Edward T. CARR, 29, office, Belleville, Peterborough, s/o Edward CARR & Jane MOYSE married Mildred A. BRIGHTMAN, 26, Waterloo New York, Peterborough, d/o Thomas BRIGHTMAN & Fannie ARMSTRONG, witn: J. E. BRIGHTMAN of 343 Stewart St. & H. B. CARR of 333 Reid St., 11 Oct 1913, Peterborough
12373-13 Wilfred CARROLL, 24, farmer, Emily, same, s/o John CARROLL & Johanna HICKEY, married Elizabeth O'DONOGHUE, 24, Ennismore, same, d/o John O'DONOGHUE & Margaret O'GORMAN, witn: Ambrose O'DONOGHUE of Peterborough & Loretto O'DONOGHUE of Ennismore, 17 June 1913 at Ennismore 11106-13 (Peterborough Co) Francis CAVANAGH, 23, farmer, Ennismore, Ennismore, s/o Michael CAVANAGH & Ellen TWOMEY married Elizabeth YOUNG, 26, Ennismore, Ennismore, d/o John YOUNG & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: Fred FITZPATRICK of Downeyville & Clara YOUNG of Ennismore, 15 June 1913, Peterborough
12378-13 John Walter CHAMBERS, 28, clerk, Leeds England, Peterborough, s/o Henry CHAMBERS & Elizabeth LYNCH, married Ruebena Muriel BROCK, 22, Fenelon Falls, Peterborough, d/o Edwin BROCK & Elizabeth WINDRIN, witn: F.L. PRICE & Alice Mary PRICE, both of Peterborough, 30 Aug 1913 at St. Georges Church, North Monaghan 12370-13 Andrew Edward CHILDS, 54, widower, mechanic, Birmingham England, Peterborough, s/o George CHILDS & Sarah ROWE, married Alice JACOBS, 52, widow, Downhead England, Peterborough, d/o Thomas TANN & Eliza DAGG, witn: Christena Catherine READ & Thomas SCOWCRAFT, both of 475 Bolwan? St., 20 Sept 1913 at Peterborough
12351-13 (Peterborough Co) Thomas CLANCY, 43, laborer of Peterborough, s/o Jeremiah CLANCY, farmer & Ellen MAHONEY married Elizabeth HEFFERNAN, 34 of Douro, d/o Patrick HEFFERNAN, farmer & Jane FITZGERALD, witn: Edward CLANCY & Percy TROY of Northumberland & Mary HEFFERNAN of Douro, 23 Sept 1913, St. Joseph Church Douro 12371-13 Henry CLARKE, 31, laborer, Campbellford, Lindsay, s/o John CLARKE & Jane ANDERSON, married Agnes O'REILLY, 23, Ennismore, same, d/o Cornelius O'REILLY & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: Joseph KENNA of Lindsay & Mary E. O'REILLY of Ennismore, 21 Oct 1913 at Ennismore
12352-13 (Peterborough Co) Leo Joseph CLEARY, 23, engineer of Toronto, s/o John Francis CLEARY, mechanic & Margaret CLEARY married Gertrude Bernice PRIMEAU, 26, clerk of Peterborough, d/o Joseph PRIMEAU, barber & Mary BUCKLEY, witn: F. J. CLEARY of Toronto & Ethel PRIMEAU of Peterborough, 20 Oct 1913, St. Peter's Cathedral Peterborough  
12356-13 (Peterborough Co) Charles Ernest COLEMAN, 37, confectioner of Peterborough, s/o Charles COLEMAN & Annie ROBINS married Maud Gladys PAYNE, 19, of Peterborough, d/o not given, witn: George COLMAN (sic) & Amy Sarah PAYNE of Peterborough, 29 Jan 1913, Peterborough 12364-13 (Peterborough Co) Wesley Norman COLLIER, 39, Camden East, Peterborough, s/o Davis Minaker COLLIER, marines captain & Henrietta FARINGTON married Jessie Hannah LIGHTFOOT, 30, South Monaghan, Peterborough, d/o John LIGHTFOOT, farmer & Catharine ROBINSON witn: W. B. COLLIER of Toronto & Hattie WHELAN of Buffalo New York, 1 Jan 1913, Peterborough
12375-13 Henry CONNELLY, 27, clerk, Campbellford, Peterborough, s/o Daniel CONNELLY & Julia CLARKE, married Lilian Margaret HICKEY, 22, teacher, Emily, same, d/o Thomas HICKEY & Ellen CAREW, witn: Frank MALONEY & Stella HICKEY, both of Ennismore, 5 Aug 1913 at Ennismore 12367-13 (Peterborough Co) Harvey D. COOKE, 31, Ontario, Havelock, s/o Moses COOKE & Janet (does not remember) married Eva G. HAWLEY, 24, Ontario, Marmora, d/o William HAWLEY & Matilda MCILWAIN, witn: J. A. ROCHE of Havelock & Annie E. CUNNINGHAM of Dartford, 25 June 1913, Peterborough
12374-13 Dudley Herbert Edwin CORNELL-CHADS, 23, analytical chemist, London England, Lakefield, s/o Herbert A. CORNELL-CHADS & Verena STEVENS, married Laurel Mae Vayne WEBSTER, 21, Lanark Co., Lakefield, d/o Wilbert J. WEBSTER & Ida C. MASON, witn: Maude H. RUSH & Martha BORLAND, both of Peterborough, 29 April 1913 at St. Johns Church, Peterborough 12359-13 (Peterborough Co) John COROS, 22, merchant, Athens Greece, Peterborough, s/o Angel COROS & Mary CONLINS married Laura WOODCOCK, 19, Tweed, Peterborough, d/o William WOODCOCK & Clara MASTERS, witn: Susie P. ROLLINS & Jessie ROLLINS of Peterborough, 15 July 1913, St. Andrew's Church Peterborough
12368-13 (Peterborough Co) Charles COX, 25, engineer, Oakfield NY, Rochester NY, s/o Steven COX & Mary CRITCHLEY married Pearl NURSE, 19, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o James H. NURSE & Fanny CONKRITE, witn: Carl DAYNORST of Hastings & Alice NURSE of Peterborough, 18 June 1913, Peterborough 11110-13 (Peterborough Co) Frank CROUGH, 32, farmer, Ennismore, Ennismore, s/o Michael E. CROUGH & Ellen KENNEDY married Clara HICKEY, 25, Emily, Emily, d/o Edward HICKEY & Sarah COLLINS, witn: Daniel O'DONAGHUE & Margaret HICKEY of Ennismore, 3 June 1913, Ennismore
12365-13 (Peterborough Co) James Worden CROUTER, 42, laborer, Millbrook, Peterborough, s/o Abraham CROUTER & Deborah Jane CARNRIKE married Carrie LINDSAY, 44, widow, Dummer, Peterborough, d/o Calvin MURRAY & Sarah Adeline LARABY, witn: George OLIVER & Jane CLARKE of Peterborough, 25 March 1913, Peterborough  
12376-13 Gordon Everett CROWE, 23, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o William CROWE & Martha MATHEWS, married Grace Ella MATHEWS, 18, Dummer twp., same, d/o Joseph Franklin MATHEWS & Mary DODDS, witn: J.O. FIFE of 225 Princess St. & Mrs. J. N. GLARRY of 148 George St., 2 April 1913 at 148 George St. in Peterborough 12357-13 (Peterborough Co) William CROWE, 32, laborer of Peterborough, s/o Thomas CROWE, deceased & Bridget SHEEHAN married Margaret MAHER, 30, domestic of Peterborough, d/o Michael MAHER, deceased & Bridget O'CONNOR, witn: Maurice MCMAHON & Johannah MCMAHON of Peterborough, 11 Aug. 1913, Peterborough
12354-13 (Peterborough Co) Joseph CROWLEY, 36, Peterborough, Otonabee, s/o David CROWLEY, farmer & Ellen SULLIVAN married Mabel KYLIE, 34, Keene, Keene, d/o James KYLIE, farmer & Ellen BURKES, witn: Thomas SLATTERY of Peterborough & Mary KYLIE of Keene, 19 Jan 1913, St. John's Church Keene 12353-13 (Peterborough Co) James Edward CROWLEY, 37, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o David CROWLEY, farmer & Anna FLYNN married Mary Elizabeth DAVIS, 38, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o John DAVIS, farmer & Catherine O'KEEFE, witn: David CROWLEY & Agnes DAVIS of Otonabee, 4 June 1913, St. John's Church, Keene
12372-13 Hugh CRUIKSHANK, 29, widower, street car conductor, Fraserville, Peterborough, s/o Hugh CRUIKSHANK & Jane THRESTLE? , married Maud Letitia MITCHELL, 29, Haldimand, Peterborough, d/o George MITCHELL & Isabella WALLER, witn: E. R. DELAHAYE of Toronto & Annie E. BARRIE of Peterborough, 30 April 1913 at Peterborough 12355-13 (Peterborough Co) James Denis CUNNINGHAM, 25, accountant, of Ottawa, s/o John CUNNINGHAM, laborer & Catherine KIRWAN married Mary Aileen PRIMEAU, 28, seamstress of Peterborough, d/o Joseph H. PRIMEAU, barber & Mary E. BUCKLEY, witn: L.J. CLEARY of Toronto & G. B. PRIMEAU of Peterborough, 30 June 1913, Peterborough
12366-13 (Peterborough Co) Stephen Albert CURTIS, 24, carpet weaver, Kidderminster England, Peterborough, s/o James CURTIS & Mary Ann GUEST married Helen Emily STUART, 19, London England, Peterborough, d/o Thomas Henry STUART & Jane WARD, witn: Sydney YARRINGTON of Peterborough & Dorothy MONGER, 15 March 1913, Peterborough 12360-13 (Peterborough Co) George Herman Darwin CURTIS, 35, machinist, Dawlish England, Peterborough, s/o George CURTIS & Mary DARWIN married Mary Emma JOHNSON, 29, Granby England, Peterborough, d/o Henry JOHNSON & Emma PARR, witn: Henry JOHNSON of Peterborough & John CRIDLAND of Warsaw, 24 Dec 1913, Peterborough
12393-13 John Marcus DAFOE, 27, merchant, of Clydesdale, s/o Charles Henry DAFOE, gardener & Emilie VANCLEEK, married Esther Florence FLETCHER, 28, of Clydesdale, d/o Robert FLETCHER, farmer & Sarah Jane MEREDITH, witn: W. GERRARD & M. FLETCHER both of Clydesdale on Oct. 16, 1913 at Clydesdale 12380-13 Frederick Arthur DAINTON, 29, insurance agent, of Peterboro, s/o Arthur William DAINTON & Helen Elizabeth WILSON, married Violet Rachel BRISTOW, 20, of Peterboro, d/o Thomas Robert BRISTOW & Caroline Rachel SMITH, witn: Thomas DAVIS of 346 Aylmer St. & Annie Caroline BRISTOW of Auburn both of Peterboro on June 20, 1913 at St. John's Church Peterboro

12399-13 Archibald DAVIDSON, 45, builder, widower, Otonabee, Peterboro, s/o Archibald DAVIDSON & Janet WEIR, married Isabella Charlotte HALL, 36, Smith, Peterboro, d/o William HALL & Isabel BERTRAM, witn: W Gordon HALL of 395 Water St. & Tina? SHEARER of 384 Maitland Avenue both of Peterboro on Oct. 16, 1913 at Peterboro.

12395-13 Thomas Percy DAVIDSON, 24, farmer, Otonabee, Asphodel, s/o Thomas Lowden DAVIDSON & Ellen TUDHOPE, married Annie Maud DICKSON, 23, Asphodel, same, d/o William DICKSON & Hannah ELMHIRST, witn: Maud ELMHIRST of Havelock & Fred DICKSON of Westwood on Jan. 15, 1913 at the residence of William Duncan, Asphodel.
  12386-13 Francis Harold DAWSON, 29, draftsman, Peterboro, same, s/o Adam DAWSON & Jane BUTLER, married Edna Frances ARMSTRONG, 27, Peterboro, same, d/o Simon R. ARMSTRONG & Lizzie Francis WALLACE, witn: S. R. ARMSTRONG & Jane DAWSON both of Peterboro on Dec. 3, 1913 at 778 George St. Peterboro
12382-13 Hermas Lisirne (Lisime?) DE LAPLANTE, 22, carpenter, of Peterboro, s/o Odinno DE LAPLANTE & Elizabeth GORDON, married Martha BARTLEY, 20, of Peterboro, d/o Richard BARTLEY & Mary QUINN, witn: Joseph DE LAPLANTE & Agnes BARTLEY both of Peterboro on Oct. 30, 1913 at Peterboro 12392-13 Nicholas DELPELLARO, 27, not given, St. Giovanni Italy, Peterboro, s/o Fiorindo DELPELLARO & Francesca PASQUINCO, married Lucia PECCA, 21, St. Giovanni Italy, Peterboro, d/o Rocco PECCA & Maria DALORATA, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas MINECOLA both of Peterboro on May 6, 1913 at Peterboro
12401-13 Daniel B. DENISON, 48, hotel keeper, widower, Mariposa, Peterboro, s/o Daniel DENISON & Mary Ann ORMSBY, married Margaret GARDINER, 38, Hamilton, Peterboro, d/o Alexander GARDINER & Margaret WALL, witn: B. A. ROSE of Peterboro & Isabella GARDINER of Hamilton on Aug. 7, 1913 at Peterboro. 12379-13 James Joseph DEROCHER, 35, Peterborough, same, s/o Israel DEROCHER, laborer, & Mary RODGERS, married Mary Ann (May) BURNS, 35, Peterborough, same, d/o John BURNS, carpenter, & Mary WATERS, witn: Leo DEROCHER & Agnes BURNS, both of Peterborough, 25 Nov 1913 at St. Peters Cathedral, Peterborough
12383-13 Louis Rocque DESMARTEAU, 22, electrician, of Peterboro, s/o Joseph Adolphe DESMARTEAU & Rosanna ROBERT, married Florence Loretta KELLY, not given, of Peterboro, d/o Thomas KELLY & Mary Farrell SIMONS, witn: Elsie H. WHITE & Annie KELLY both of Peterboro on June 10, 1913 at Peterboro 12384-13 George Herbert DICKENS, 25, steward, Arlestown England, Peterboro, s/o
George DICKENS & Elizabeth JONES, married Alice GREENHALGH, 22, England, Peterboro, d/o Herbert GREENHALGH & Hannah FLETCHER, witn: Harriette SMITH & Edward JONES both of Peterboro on Aug. 4, 1913 at Peterboro
12403-13 William DINGMAN, 30, farmer, of Chandos, s/o Nicholas DINGMAN & Jane ROBINSON, married Violet WHITMAN, 17, of Chandos, d/o Daniel WHITMAN, farmer & Effie McFEE, witn: William CARROL & Grace BOUND both of Lasswade on Sept. 3, 1913 at Chandos Tp 12394-13 Charles DIXON, 27, dentist, North Gower Carlton Co. , Kerrobert Saskatchewan, s/o Robert J. DIXON & Elizabeth A. NINISON (Munson?), married Edith CAMPBELL, 24, Asphodel, Norwood, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Hannah HONEY, witn: W. R. & Bessie B. C. ATKINSON both of Stanwood on Oct. 16, 1913 at Peterboro.
12389-13 Thomas DODGE, 30, labourer, London England, Peterboro, s/o George DODGE & Annie PEGG, married Florence Lucy BENNETT, 26, of London Colney England, d/o Alfred BENNETT & Florence FRANKLIN, witn: Robert MITCHELL & Amy Amelia SAYERS both of Peterboro on Oct. 28, 1913 at Peterboro 12404-13 Herbert DOOLITTLE, 56, farmer, widower, Michigan, Ann Harbour Michigan, s/o John A. DOOLITTLE & Catherine ALLEN, married Jennet Ann SPIERS, 37, Otonabee Tp., Lang, d/o William SPIERS & Jessie REDPATH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert SPIERS both of Lang on July 26, 1913 at Lang Otonabee Tp
12381-13 Thomas Herbert DORRIS, 37, farmer, of Otonabee, s/o John DORRIS & Catherine O'KEEFE, married Mary CORKERY, 24, of Otonabee, d/o Richard CORKERY & Catherine LYNCH, witn: Dennis CORKERY & Agnes DORRIS both of Otonabee on Jan. 29, 1913 at Peterboro

12400-13 William P. DOUGHTY, 33, trans winder, Warsaw, Peterboro, s/o William J. & Margaret J. , married Jennie DRUM, 21, Coe Hill, Peterboro, d/o Edward & Eliza, witn: Lilly B. & James POGUE both of Peterboro on Sept. 10, 1913 at Peterboro.

12390-13 Harry DOWLING, 21, farmer, Worcestershire England, Smith Tp., s/o George DOWLING & "does not remember", married Frieda PRESTON, 15, Smith Tp., same, d/o Edward PRESTON & Ada MIDDLETON, witn: Edward PRESTON & Ada illegible (ink blot) both of R.R. 3 Lakefield on May 10, 1913 at St. Andrews Manse Peterboro. 12391-13 Earl DOWNEY, 24, not given, Minden, Trenton (but main place of abode is Peterboro), s/o Eugene DOWNEY, labourer & Martha FOSTER, married Georgina STOREY, 27, widow, Peterboro, same, d/o Benjamin STOREY, labourer & Elizabeth CORNWALL, witn: A. B. COTE & Mary CLANCY both of Peterboro on May 5, 1913 at Peterboro.
12388-13 Frank Herbert DOWNTON, 25, florist, Southampton England, Peterboro, s/o Charles DOWNTON & Amelia WISE, married Kate GRIFFIN, 28, Gloucestershire England, Peterboro, d/o Henry GRIFFIN & Annie ARTHURS, witn: Frank & Edwin WISE both of Peterboro on Nov. 12, 1913 at Peterboro 12385-13 William Henry DOWSON , 27, baker, Sheffield England, Peterboro, s/o Henry DOWSON & Hannah TAYLOR, married Lillian Annie ROSS, 27, Hamilton, Peterboro, d/o Thomas ROSS & Mary A JOHNSTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. A. McCOLL both of 215 Bethune St. Peterboro on Dec. 24, 1913 at Peterboro
12402-13 William Charles DUNFORD, 23, brakeman, Peterboro, same, s/o Albert DUNFORD & Mary SPILSBURY, married Gertrude Maude WATSON, 21, Lakefield, Peterboro, d/o Isaac WATSON & Mary JURY, witn: Bertha H. SAUVE & Clara STOREY both of Peterboro on Sept. 17, 1913 at St. Lukes Rectory at Peterboro. 12396-13 William Wellington DUNFORD, 22, farmer, Monmouth Haliburton Co., Douro Tp., s/o William DUNFORD & Susan Margaret SUGERMAN (?), married Susan Roxina MATTHEWS, 20, Dummer Tp., Douro Tp., d/o Hugh MATTHEWS & Martha J. DUNFORD, witn: Oscar J. DUNFORD of Lakefield & Edith M. WRIGHT of Peterboro on March 19, 1913 at Douro Tp.
12387-13 Charles DWYER, 22, labourer, Peterboro, Dummer Tp., s/o William DWYER & Matilda SANDERS, married Jane ELLIS, 21, Belmont Tp., same, d/o Mellan ELLIS & Rosanna CLAPPER, witn: George DWYER of Clarissa & Mrs. J. McCLARRY of 163 Romaine St. Peterboro on Nov. 25, 1913 at 163 Romaine St. Peterboro. 12397-13 Harry DWYER, 23, not given, widower, Peterboro, same, s/o William DWYER, labourer & Matilda SANDERS, married Mary BUTLER, 20, Peterboro, same, d/o John BUTLER, labourer & Bridget COLLINS, witn: John CROWIGHT & Elizabeth COLLINS both of Peterboro on Feb. 26, 1913 at Peterboro.
12398-13 William Thomas DYER, 26, iron moulder, Tiverton England, Peterboro, s/o Walter DYER & Elizabeth BAKER, married Annie PALMER, 28, Tiverton England, Peterboro, d/o John PALMER & Jane TAYLOR, witn: Emma HANNESCOTT & John B. DYER both of Peterboro on Oct. 4, 1913 at St. Johns Church Peterboro.  
12407-13 Edmund Sullivan EDWARDS, 23, farmer, Young's Point, Peterboro, s/o William James EDWARDS & Mary Ann DUNN, married Delilah HURL, 26, Hall's Bridge, Lakefield, d/o William James HURL & Margaret GUTAIN, witn: Walter Henry SUDDARDS & Robert EDWARDS both of Peterboro on Oct. 22, 1913 at Peterborough. 12405-13 William John EDWARDS, 21, farmer, Keene, same, s/o James EDWARDS & Janet McPHEE, married Lizzie DICKSON, 21, Keene, same, d/o James DICKSON & Georgina CONNEL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. (Olga) RICHARDSON both of Keene on Nov. 8, 1913 at Peterboro
12406-13 William Isaac ELLIOTT, 25, farmer, Smith, same, s/o Isaac ELLIOTT & Julia MIDDLETON, married Pearl SANDERSON, 21, Smith, same, d/o Edward SANDERSON & Lilian BLEWETT, witn: Ada SANDERSON of Smith & Melville DOBSON of Peterboro on May 21, 1913 at Smith Tp. 12408-13 Joshua Carson ELLIS, 23, draughtsman, Pennsylvania, Peterboro, s/o John ELLIS & Hanna CARSON married Beatrice STARK, 25, Otonobee Tp., Peterboro, d/o John STARK & Maria ARMSTRONG, witn: Mary C. STARK & Jean O. BUCK both of Peterboro on Sept. 9, 1913 at Peterborough.
12409-13 John Louis ELMHIRST, 33, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o M, R. ELMHIRST & Ellen LEEPER, married Mabel Edith SCOTT, 27, Asphodel, same, d/o Samuel SCOTT & Annie McGEE, witn: Flora P. SCOTT of Norwood & Walter D. HUMPHRIES of Hastings on Sept. 23, 1913 at Asphodel 12415-13 William Albert FAUX, 34, farmer, Otonobee Tp., same, s/o Thomas FAUX & Annie ANDERSON, married Margaret Jane SHEARER, 27, Otonobee, same, d/o Thomas SHEARER & Jane HOPE, witn: H. Gordon FAUX of Villiers P.O. & Vina SHEARER no residence given on Dec. 24, 1913 at Otonobee.
12414-13 William James A. FERGUSON, 28, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o James FERGUSON & Johanna RICHARDSON, married Matura Rose VANDEBURG, 18, Trent Bridge, Asphodel, d/o Charles W. VANDEBURG & Emma Elizabeth LAWSON, witn: Thomas R. & Sara KERR both of Norwood on July 9, 1913 at Asphodel Tp 12418-13 John James FITZPATRICK, 25, locksmith, Toronto, Peterboro, s/o Edward FITZPATRICK & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Oral Gertrude CRAWFORD, 22, Lakefield, Peterboro, d/o Richard CRAWFORD & Agnes Jane GILL, witn: Percy WELSH & Edith FITZPATRICK both of Peterboro on June 25, 1913 at Peterboro.
12412-13 Daniel FLEMING, 28, engineer, Campbellford, Belmont Tp., s/o William FLEMING & Rebecca BOOT, married Christina FROST, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Elijah FROST & Julia GROVER, witn: John McCALL of Blairton & Flora SCHLASBAUN of Hawkesbury on Sept. 11, 1903 at Havelock 12413-13 Thomas M. FORD, 31, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o George FORD & Catharine CAMERON, married Mary Isabella DOUGLAS, 31, Percy, Norwood, d/o James DOUGLASS (sic) & Jean MURRAY, witn: Grace DOUGLAS & Howard J. FORD both of Norwood on Sept. 30, 1913 at Norwood.
12411-13 Hiram Henry FREDENBURG, 58, laborer, widower, Trenton, Peterborough, s/o Hiram FREDENBURG & Ann WEAVER, married Katharine MOSSER, 54, Hamburg Ont., Peterboro, d/o Joseph MOSSER & Bessie DAILY, witn: Frank & Ellen J. MAGEE both of Peterboro on Nov. 19, 1913 at Peterborough. 12419-13 Tobias FREDENBURG, 48, lumber scaler, widower, Peterboro, same, s/o Hiram FREDENBURG & Ann WEAVER, married Lizzie PICAUD, 38, widow, Peterboro, same, d/o Michael DUNNE (?) & Margarett KANE, witn: Mrs F. A. CONNORS of Peterboro & Mrs Grace CONNORS of Smith Falls on Oct. 16, 1913 at Peterborough..
12416-13 Harry FRENCH, 26, machinist, England, Peterboro, s/o John L. FRENCH & Clara WATERWORTH, married Flora M. STEWART, 23, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o "adopted, knows not her parents names" (sic), witn: Hugh DARKE of Peterboro & Minnie BOLTON of Toronto on June 26, 1913 at Peterboro 12417-13 Charles FRIENDSHIP, 27, baker, Devonshire England, Peterboro, s/o William FRIENDSHIP & Elizabeth BAKER, married Catherine Campbell ROBERTSON, 24, Glasgow Scotland, Peterboro, d/o William ROBERTSON & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: W. WAGSTAFF of Monaghan Tp., & Helen ROBERTSON of Peterboro on June 14, 1913 at Peterboro
12410-13 George Delamark FREWER, 35, master mariner, England, Toronto, s/o George Ernest FREWER & Louise Charlotte CHURLEY, married Margery Columbine DE LA FOSSE, 22, Toronto, Peterboro, d/o Frederick Montague DE LA FOSSE & Mary Janet BELL, witn: Philippe Gabrielle DE LA FOSSE & George Frederick HILLIARD both of Peterboro on Aug. 20, 1913 at Peterborough  
12434-13 (Peterborough Co) James GALL, 33, laborer, Scotland, Emily, s/o George GALL & Jessie RUSSELL married Nina Victoria HAMILTON, 34, Manvers, Peterborough, d/o Francis HAMILTON & Jane SWAIN, witn: Lilly R. POGUE & James POGUE of Peterboro, 24 Sept 1913, Peterborough 12434-13 James GALT, 33, laborer, Scotland, Emily twp., s/o George GALT & Jessie RUSSELL, married Mina Victoria HAMILTON, 34, dress maker, Manvers, "has resided for over three weeks at Mrs. G. Illworth" in Peterborough, d/o Francis HAMILTON & Jane DEVAN, witn: Lilie R. & James POGUE of Peterborough, 24 Sept 1913 at Peterborough [see ** at bottom of this page]
12425-13 John Ammon GALVIN, 30, farmer, Smith Tp., same, s/o John A. GALVIN & Phoebe Elizabeth A. DEAN, married Laura M. NORTHEY, 22, Smith Tp., same, d/o Samuel A. NORTHEY & Phebe PEARSON, witn: Ira W. NORTHEY of Lakefield & Mrs. C. E. CRAGG of Peterboro on Jan. 9, 1913 at Peterboro. 12428-13 (Peterborough Co) James Jesse GALVIN, 22, farmer, Cameron Manitoba, Douro, s/o John Edward GALVIN & Frances D. DAWKINS married Pearl I. NORTHCOTT, 22, Smith, Lakefield, d/o E. Wesley NORTHCOTT & Catherine BOYCE, witn: Frank GALVIN & Miss Fern NORTHCOTT of Lakefield, 15 Oct 1913, Lakefield
12431-13 (Peterborough Co) Harry William GARDINER, 23, farmer, Dummer, Dummer, s/o Alexander GARDINER & Sarah MCMILLAN married Ella BUCHANAN, 25, Belmont, Belmont, d/o Andrew C. BUCHANAN & Susana CORK, witn: Samuel BUCHANAN of Havelock & Mabel MCMILLAN of Warehouse, 19 March 1913, Andrew BUCHANAN'S of Peterborough 12433-13 (Peterborough Co) John GARRETT, 23, farm laborer, Clysdale, Peterboro, s/o Fred GARRETT & Mary Jane SCOTT married Annie TROTTER, 24, Peterboro, Peterboro, d/o Alexander TROTTER & Ellen OLIVER, witn: Sara EASTWOOD & Miss Margaret TROTTER of Peterboro, 11 June 1913, Peterborough
12426-13 Willie GARROW, 33, not given, Oshawa, Winnipeg, s/o James GARROW & Jane DOHERTY, married Ethel Gertrude TURNER, 33, Peterboro, same, d/o John Alexander TURNER & Elizabeth Warren PARNELL, witn: William F. & Eva TURNER both of Peterboro on Jan. 8, 1913 at Peterboro  
12423-13 William GARVEY, 30, farmer, of Douro Tp., s/o Michael GARVEY & Julia ALLEN, married Mary Agnes O'BRIEN, 26, of Peterborough, d/o Cornelius O'BRIEN & Bridget BARRY, witn: Patrick Joseph DEVLIN of Peterborough & Josephine O'BRIEN of Douro Tp. on June 24, 1913 at Church of St. Joseph at Douro.. 12421-13 Joseph GARVEY, 31, laborer, of Peterboro, s/o Denis GARVEY & Catherine SHEEHAN, married Winnifred O'BRIEN, 27, of Peterboro, d/o Alexander O'BRIEN & Margaret SULLIVAN, witn: James F. GARVEY & Katie O'BRIEN both of Peterboro on June 10, 1913 at Peterboro.
12432-13 (Peterborough Co) William Charles GEROW, 36, farmer, Belmont, Asphodel, s/o Franklin GEROW & Hanna KELSH married Ethel WHITNEY, 30, Methuen, Marmora, d/o Albert WHITNEY & Malba PHILIPS, witn: John W. RORABECK & Mary A. RORABECK of Norwood 9 June 1913, Norwood 12422-13 Nicholas GIARDINO, 28, laborer, of Peterboro, s/o Mauro GIARDINO & Joanna AIMOLA, married Giovana (?) GRECO, 19, of Peterboro, d/o Giovani GRECO & Maria GUISEPPA, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas FEBBO both of Peterboro on June 29, 1913 at Peterboro.
12429-13 (Peterborough Co) Joseph GIBSON, 24, trail carrier, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William GIBSON & Lizzie LEECH married Margaret Rhea WEDLOCK, 24, Keene, Keene, d/o William WEDLOCK & Sophrona HARRIS, witn: John MCFARLANE & Ella MCFARLANE of Keene, 15 Oct 1913, Keene 12430-13 (Peterborough Co) Robert J. GILLESPIE, 31, not given, Hamilton, Peterborough, s/o Joseph GILLESPIE, farmer & Annie RENWICK married Laura WEAVER, 22, Houston, Harvey. d/o Thomas WEAVER, farmer & Mary Anne PENNICOTT, witn: Ward WEAVER of Hall Bridge & Sarah GILLESPIE of Peterboro, 5 Feb 1913, Harvey
12427-13 (Peterborough Co) William P. GRAY, 35, clerk, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o William P. GRAY & Annie RAE married Jennie V. MURDOCK, 27, Shraggue, Peterborough, d/o James MURDOCK & Mary NEILL, witn: Edna WATERBURY & Bruce MURDOCK of Lakefield, 19 Nov 1913, Lakefield 12420-13 Oliver GUERIN, 21, laborer, of Peterboro, s/o Ovide GUERIN & Mariza DESAUTEL, married Florence FEELEY, 20, of Peterboro, d/o Nelson FEELEY & Mary RANGER, witn: Hildas & Leada FEELEY both of Peterboro on Jan. 12, 1913 at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Peterboro.
12424-13 Robert Henry GUTHRIE, 34, street car conductor, Harvey Tp., Peterboro, s/o Samuel GUTHRIE & Elizabeth WELSH, married Mary Etta STINSON, 26, Cavan Tp., Peterboro, d/o Samuel STINSON & Frances GRAHAM, witn: F STINSON & Verona GUTHRIE both of Peterboro on Aug. 7, 1913 at Peterboro. 12442-13 Byron Young HADDY, 28, not given, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick Alexander HADDY, merchant & Elizabeth Ann YOUNG, married Marianne Sherlock THOMPSON, 27, Peterboro, same, d/o William THOMPSON, insurance (deceased) & May Ellen SHERLOCK, witn: Miss Lilian Melia SHERLOCK of Escanoba Michigan USA & Charles Harold HADDY of Toronto on July 16, 1913 at Peterboro
12443-13 George Vincent HALL, 25, not given, Omemee, Peterboro, s/o Charles HALL, labourer & Sarah Jane THOMPSON, married Agnes HUPPE, 24, of Peterboro, d/o Stephen HUPPE, labourer & Susan LARONDE, witn: Mollie WHALLEY & Frank HUPPE both of Peterboro on July 22, 1913 at Peterboro 12454-13 Charles McKay HARNDEN, 26, engineer, Haldimand Tp., Belmont, s/o George HARDEN (sic) & Annie NOBLE, married Lillie Katherine McMILLAN, over 18, Cardiff Tp., Dummer Tp., d/o James McMILLAN & Elizabeth illegible (faded), witn: Mrs. T. HUBBLE & Mr. George McMILLAN both of Norwood on Nov. 5, 1913 at Dummer
12445-13 William James HARRINGTON, 21, sawyer, Michigan, Peterboro, s/o Cornelius HARRINGTON & Mary Jane GILSON, married Eliza Jane GRAHAM, 18, Peterboro, same, d/o Joseph GRAHAM & Matilda NEWELL, witn: Belle & Mary GRIFFITH both of Peterboro on Nov. 14, 1913 at St. John's Church Peterboro. 12449-13 Stanley HARRIS, 32, painter, Faversham Kent England, Peterboro, s/o Arthur William HARRIS & Harriet WILDASH, married Alice Maud BAKER, 30, Dover England, same, d/o Thomas BAKER & Elizabeth REVEL, witn: Herbert HOPLEY & Henry SOLLY both of 133 Rubige St. Peterboro on May 24, 1913 at Peterboro
12456-13 Henry HAVERY, 40, deputy game warden, Peterboro, Marquette Co. Michigan USA, s/o John HAVERY & Rebecca TIMLIN, married Hannah Elsie SCRIVER, 27, Norwood, Asphodel, d/o Humphries SCRIVER & Hannah Jane CLAPPER, witn: Sarah & Nelson SCRIVER both of Hastings on Dec. 25, 1913 at Asphodel. 12451-13 William Thomas HAWTHORNE, 22, night clerk, Kidderminster England, Peterboro, s/o Thomas HAWTHORNE & Amy HARRIS, married Marjorie Jean ANDERSON, 22, Burleigh Tp., Peterboro, d/o Alexander ANDERSON & no mother's name given, witn: Martha BORLAND & F. W. DAVIDSON both of Peterboro on April 5, 1913 at Peterboro.
12437-13 Dennis HAYES, 28, mechanic, of Rochester New York USA, s/o Bartholomew HAYES, farmer & Mary CORKERY, married Lenore KYLIE, 26, clerk, of Rochester New York, d/o Martin KYLIE, mail man & Teresa HANRAHAN, witn: Leonard HAYES of 175 American Rochester New York & Gertrude KYLIE of Peterboro on Aug. 12, 1913 at St. Peter's Cathedral Peterboro 12441-13 Bertie HEARD, 28, grocer, Young's Point, Peterboro, s/o Richard HEARD & Margaret FANNING, married Gladys ROSE, 21, Otonabee, same, d/o James ROSE & Estella BROOKS, witn: Florence ROSE of Otonabee & Arthur HEARD of Peterboro on June 5, 1913 at Peterboro
12435-13 Leonard HENRY, 23, traveller, of Montreal, s/o Thomas HENRY, labourer & Mary CAREY, married Mary Patricia GEARY, 26, of Peterboro, d/o William GEARY, carpenter & Catherine McGARRITY, witn: Orville KENNEALLY & Winnie GEARY both of Peterboro on Aug. 26, 1913 at St. Peter's Cathedral Peterboro. 12450-13 William Percy HETHERINGTON, 37, laundryman, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o Stephen HETHERINGTON & Ellinor SOUTHERAN, married Annie Alzena FRISE, 36, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o John FRISE & Johanna VOSPER, witn: W. J. HETHERINGTON & Hazel MILLER both of Peterboro on April 26, 1913 at Peterboro.
12448-13 Edward Joseph HICKEY, 26, not given, Chemong, Peterboro, s/o Edward James HICKEY & Eliza Jane McCARROLL, married Isabella WYNN, 26, Emily, Peterboro, d/o John WYNN & Mary SHYNE, witn: Daniel O'DONAGHUE & Rose WYNNE (sic) both of Peterboro on Feb. 11, 1913 at St. Peter's Cathedral Peterboro. 12438-13 Frederick Curris HOCKEY, 34, gardener, of Peterboro, s/o John HOCKEY & Martha CURRIS married Ellen Alice KIMP, 32, of Peterboro, d/o William KIMP & Mary Ann HONNEYSETT, witn: M. SPILSBURY & John BUTCHER both of Peterboro on April 2, 1913 at Peterboro
12436-13 Edward Jordan HOGAN, 38, physician, of Williston North Dakota USA, s/o James HOGAN, deceased & Anne JORDAN, married Joan GARVEY, 24, of Peterboro, d/o Patrick GARVEY, lumberman & Mary HEFFERNAN, witn: John J. GARVEY of Williston & Marie GARVEY of Detroit on June 5, 1913 at Peterboro 12440-13 Francis HOGAN, 37, farmer, of Douro Tp., s/o Thomas HOGAN, farmer (deceased) & Mary BRICK, married Mary Anne WHIBBS, 27, of Douro Tp., d/o Thomas E. WHIBBS, farmer & Margaret LEAHY (deceased), witn: Michael WHIBBS & Margaret PERDUE both of Douro on June 17, 1913 at St. Joseph Church Douro
  12444-13 Charles John Martin HOPCROFT, 23, lumberman, Smitherick England, Peterboro, s/o Martin HOPCROFT & Kate BULLOCK, married Annie Elizabeth EDWARDS, 18, Smitherick England, Peterboro, d/o James EDWARDS & Arnela HILL, witn: Martha Evelyn EDWARDS of 175 Douro St. & William Henry JONES of 85 Gould St. both of Toronto on Dec. 25, 1913 at Peterboro
12446-13 John Lester HOPWOOD, 30, merchant, Lindsay, Peterboro, s/o W. J. HOPWOOD & Adelaide JEWETT, married Beryl CARTON, 26, Peterboro, same, d/o Ralph CARTON & Charlotte WILLIAMS, witn: L. G. & W?. HARTSHORNE both of 14 London St. Peterboro on Dec. 11, 1913 at Peterboro 12453-13 Walter HORNSBY, 24, illegible, of Belmont, s/o illegible, married Margareta Ethel YOUMANS, illegible, of Belmont, d/o illegible, witn: illegible on illegible at Havelock?[very faded reg'n]
12452-13 Edward HUBBLE, 28, carpenter, Campbellford, same, s/o Ezekiel HUBBLE & Sarah Ann REDDEN, married Ethel A. RANNIE, 29, Seymour Tp., Belmont Tp., d/o James RANNIE & Margaret Ann GIBSON, witn: C. R. & Mrs. Cecil McCONNELL both of Campbellford on Dec. 24, 19913 at The Manse at Havelock 12455-13 Henry W. HUBBELL, 56, not given, widower, Rawdon Tp., Chandos Tp., s/o John HUBBELL, farmer & Jane YOUNG, married Mary Ann BLANGER, 51, widow, Seymour Tp., Brimley Michigan USA, d/o Augustus BERTRAM & Sephrona ROBINSON, witn: Andrew POST & William HUBBELL both of Glen Alda on Dec. 1, 1913 at Chandos Tp.
12447-13 William Edwin HUDSON, 44, carpenter, widower, Black River Renfrew Co., Peterboro, s/o Robert HUDSON & Susanna SMITH, married Violet Martha ROBINSON, 29, widow, Haliburton, Omemee, d/o David HENDERSON & Mary Ann HAWN, witn: Clara & Daniel HUDSON both of Peterboro on Oct. 28, 1913 at Peterboro 12439-13 Frank HUPPE, 27, foreman, of Peterboro, s/o Stephen HUPPE, labourer & Susan LARONDE, married Mollie WHALEY, 26, of Peterboro, d/o Fred WHALEY, labourer & Katherine HICKEY, witn: W. J. & Loretta WHALEY both of Peterboro on July 29, 1913 at Peterboro

12629-13 (Peterborough Co) William Robert TUCKER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Anstruther, s/o William TUCKER & Alice HAWKES married Sybil WINDSOR, 20, Ontario, Anstruther, d/o Abner WINDSOR & Sophia PETERS, witn; J. COUCH & H. COUCH of Peterborough, 13 April 1913, Peterborough


** 12434-13 Galt - Hamilton:  with note: The bride.. has no permanent home. She often works in Peterboro. She has resided for over three weeks at the home of a friend in Peterborough. Her husband belongs to a different county, just lives 10 miles out of Peterboro"