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Peterborough County, 1864

from microfilm MS 248, reel 13, vol 56,

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Page 53, return 112, by John Carroll & John Brock, Methodist Church

John McWILLIAMS, 23, Belmont, Ashburnham, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary ROBERTS, 24, Stirling, Ashburnham, d/o John & Alice CLARKE, witn: James & Catherine SEMPLE of Ashburnham, 2 Jan 1864

William FALLS, 30, Smith, same, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret FAIRBAIRN, 18, Smith, same, d/o Andrew & Eliza, witn: John FAIRBAIRN & Sarah BEDE, both of Smith, 22 March 1864

Lance ADAMS, 33, Ireland, Michigan, s/o Lance & Ann, married Eliza CONNORS, 22, Belleville, Peterborough, d/o William & Mary A., witn: Francis HARMAN & Mary A. HOPKINS, both of Peterborough, 23 March 1864

Frederick DAWSON, 23, South Monaghan, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Harriet PARKER, 25, South Monaghan, same, d/o Martin & Harriet, witn: Nicholas DAWSON & Chas PERRIN, both of South Monaghan, 7 April 1864

John B. VINETTE, 23, Coteau du Lac, Peterborough, s/o Isadore & Ursule, married Mary Ann MURPHY, 19, Dummer, Peterborough, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: James MERCIN (Mercier?) of Quebec & B.E. CARROLL of Peterborough, 26 April 1864

Thomas DONNELLY, 25, Smith, Peterborough, s/o William & Esther, married Mary Eunice KENNEDY, 18, Cobourg, Peterborough, d/o William & Mary, witn: William DONNELLY & A. BORROWMAN, both of Peterborough, 28 April 1864

Matthew GARDINER, 29, Cavan, same, s/o John & Barbara, married Jane CARR, 25, Cavan, same, d/o James & Frances, witn: A. CARR & Ann GARDINER, both of Cavan, 2 May 1864

John LEE, 22, Ireland, Peterborough, s/o John & Jane, married Sarah Jane CARLISLE, 19, Toronto, Peterborough, d/o David & Jan, witn: John GREE & Isaac McKEE, both of Peterborough, 15 June 1864

Henry McGILL, 32, England, Peterborough, s/o John & Abigail, married Elizabeth MASSEY, no age given, Scotland, Peterborough, d/o William & Agnes, witn: C. S. CROWLE of Markham & Isaac MILBURN of Smith, 26 June 1864

Solomon P. SMITH, 46, Ireland, Smith, s/o Thomas RIGG & Eliza SMITH, married Catherine STENSON, 38, Ireland, Smith, d/o Francis FREEBORN & Bridget McGOWN (McGowan?), witn: William & Sarah FREEBORN of Smith, 1 Aug 1864

John WASON, 25, Ireland, Dummer, s/o John WASON & Eliza CROWE, married Susan MATTHEWSON, 20, Belmont, Dummer, d/o Thomas McBURNEY & Ann ANDERSON, witn: Thomas CAMPBELL of Dummer & Francis HUFFMAN of Peterborough, 11 Aug 1864

Anthony BOWRAN, 24, England, Minden, s/o Thomas BOWRAN & Mary BURKE (Burks?), married Lucinda YOUNG, 26, Ireland, Smith, d/o William YOUNG & Mary LESLIE, witn: James YOUNG & James MIDDLETON, both of Smith, 3 Oct 1864

Benjamin FIFE, 23, Canada, Otonabee, s/o Thomas FIFE & Janette BECKETT, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 22, Ireland, Otonabee, d/o Simon JOHNSTON & Margaret GORDON, witn: Chas HUMBER & Hannah M. FIFE, both of Otonabee, 2 Nov 1864

Herbert SAMWAYS, 21, England, Smith, s/o George SAMWAYS & Susan WALLACE, married Jane SMITH, 21, Canada, Smith, d/o Joseph SMITH & Margaret KNOX, witn: Henry & Ellen SHERWOOD of Peterborough, 2 Nov 1864

George CAIRNS, 27, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Thomas CAIRNS & Susan FAUBER?, married Mary DITCHIE, 24, Canada, Peterborough, d/o Joseph DITCHIE & Ann CUTCHAN, witn: Thomas WRIGHT & Susan DITCHIE, both of Peterborough, 28 Dec 1864


Page 53, Return 113, by Rev James Bowes, Canada Presbyterian Church

Daniel KIDD, 24, Dummer, Warsaw, s/o Walter KIDD & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Isabella ANDERSON, 22, Dummer, same, d/o John ANDERSON & Isabella ROBERTSON, witn: John ANDERSON & Alexander SMITH, both of Dummer, 14 Jan

Alex ROWLEY, 30, Dummer, same, s/o William ROWLEY & Jane KINNEAR, married Lydia NICOLL, 22, Dummer, same, d/o Alexander NICOLL & Lydia BAIN, witn: Alex Jr. & William NICOLL of Dummer, 11 Feb

George E. NELSON, 29, Otonabee, Hastings, s/o David NELSON & Janet ESSON, married Sarah J. FULLER, 22, Vaughan Canada West, Hastings, d/o Jonathan FULLER & Lydia DAVIDSON, witn: David NELSON & Jonathan FULLER, both of Hastings, 30 March

George BURGESS, 27, Asphodel, Peterborough, s/o David BURGESS & Rosanna McWILLIAMS, married M.J. McGILL, 20, Cavan Canada West, Belmont, d/o James McGILL & Margaret LANCE (Sauce?), witn: John BATTISBY & R. H. McGILL, both of Belmont, 25 April


Page 55, Return 113,

Crawford H. MORRISON, 24, Scotland, Hastings s/o James. MORRISON and Mary HILL married H. SWINDLEHURST, 23, Asphodel Twp, same d/o Hugh SWINDLEHURST and Alice GIFFORD, witness – George ESSON of Hastings and Alex PATERSON of Asphodel, May 18, 1864

Robert ELMHURST (Elmhirst?), 24, Otonabee CW, same s/o Rcha (Richard?) ELMHURST and Margaret STEELE married Annie FIFE, 20, Asphodel CW, same d/o James. FIFE and Elizabeth MALCOLM, witness – James. ELMHURST of Otonabee and James FIFE of Asphodel, June 10, 1864

William HILL, 39, England, Hastings s/o William HILL and Ann TOMLINSON married Ellen McCORMICK, 20, Peterborough, same d/o Pat McCORMICK and Margaret SULLIVAN, witness – James. A. KEMPT of Hastings and George TENNISON of Hastings, August 31, 1864

Benjamin HAYS, 18, Sidney CW, Belmont s/o Ben HAYS and No?na (Maria?) HAWKINS married Elizabeth LOYD, 20, Seymour CW, Belmont d/o George LOYD and Betsy McCOLL, witness – John HARPER and Mary HARPER both of Norwood, October 10, 1864

James McINTOSH, 60, Scotland, Dummer s/o Donald McINTOSH and Margaret ROSE married Hannah CLEMENT, 43, Haldimand, Percy d/o Jacob CLEMENT and Emma WEIGHT, witness – Alex SMITH and David ROSE both of Dummer, November 1, 1864

James SPEIRS, 20, Percy CW, same s/o John SPEIRS and Mary MILLAR married S.A. SICKLES, 22, Sidney CW, Percy d/o John SICKLES and Elizabeth STEVENSON, witness – Mrs. James. BOWIE and Thomas MOFFAT, both of Norwood, December 13, 1864

William JOHNSTONE, 25, Brighton CW, Hastings s/o Andrew JOHNSTONE and M.A. GRAHAM married Mgt. MOFFATT, 25, Toronto CW, Hastings d/o Bristow MOFFATT and Mary YOUNG, witness – Thomas MOFFAT and Cam’la (?) JOHNSTONE, both of Hastings, December 15, 1864


Return No. 114 by Rev. D.A. Perrin, Minister, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hastings

John HUTCHINSON, 32, Wellington CW, Hastings s/o Amos H. and Hannah H. married A. Ode SINGWORTH, 21, Montreal CE, Hastings d/o Nuchal and Lel?se Ode, witness – Jos. GILLBOW and Abe Ode SINGWORTH, both of Hastings, April 4, 1864

David McMULLEN, 28, County Down – Ireland, Hastings s/o William McM and Eliz. Ann McM married Harriet REYNOLDS, 26, Cramahe CW, Hastings d/o S. and Mary REYNOLDS, witness – William and J. REYNOLDS of Hastings, August 8, 1864

Isaak BUSH, 30, Sidney CW, Hastings s/o Ira and Susannah BUSH married H. ROSEBUSH, 18, Sidney CW, Hastings d/o Samuel and Silva R., witness – William CAMERON and Aa--? ROSEBUSH both of Hastings, October 8, 1864

John WEBSTER, 24, Devonshire – England, Brighton s/o William and Fanny E. W married Phoebe ENSLEY (?), 23, Prince Edward, Hastings d/o John and Phanny E., witness – Ellen ENSLEY and Peter ENSLEY of Hastings, November 6, 1864

Ambrose FOX, 25, Sidney, Rawdon s/o Samuel and Margaret FOX married Jem’a GREEN, 18, Sidney, same d/o Joseph and Jemmima G., witness – James GREEN and Laura FOX of Hastings, December 25, 1864

Alex BROUGH, 27, Otonabee, Hastings s/o James and Jane B. married Margaret MOWAT, 19, Scotland, Hastings d/o George and E.J. MOWAT, witness – George SMITH and Sarah A. REID both of Hastings, December 29, 1864


Return No. 115 by William Short, Minister, Wesleyan Methodist Church

William PEARSE, 21, Cobourg, Minden s/o James and Elizabeth PEARSE married Margaret BOUNSALL , 20, Jersey, Minden d/o John and Mary BOUNSALL , witness – Elizabeth GILBERT and Ch--? BOUNSALL, both of Minden, February 15, 1864

William NEWELL, 32 (?), Ireland, Snowdon s/o John and Mady NEWELL married Ann BURNS, 27, Ireland, Minden d/o James. and Harriet BURNS, witness – Almira SAWYER and James BURNS, both of Minden, April 12, 1864

Angus McLEOD, 20, Canada, Minden s/o John and Ann McLEOD married Nancy SMITH, 16, Reach CW, Minden d/o Rich and Clarissa A. SMITH, witness – Sarah SMITH and Jacob VA??LEF, both of Minden, April 28, 1864

William MOORE, 24, Ireland, Minden s/o n/g, married M. McMULLEN, 29, L. Canada, Minden d/o illegible and Rebecca McMULLEN, witness – Martha THOMPSON and Richard THOMPSON, both of Dysart, November 29, 1864


Page 56, Return No. 116,  Baptist Church

William McILLMOYL, 24, Smith, same s/o William and Judith McILLMOYL married Margaret STABLER, 19, Smith, same d/o James. and Eliza STABLER, witness – William NICHOLS and illegible STABLER, both of Smith, February 10, 1864

Stephen NICHOLS, 28, Smith, same s/o Sephen (s/b Stephen?) and Delina NICHOLS married Mary PEARSON, 20, Smith, same d/o William and Mary PEARSON, witness – Peter NICHOLS and Abigail PEARSON, both of Smith, December 24, 1864