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Peterborough Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


9574-81 William Thomas ABBOTT, 23, farmer, Canada, Douro, s/o William & Jane, married Elizabeth PEARCE, 22, England, Smith, d/o James & Mary, witn: William PARR & Annie PEARCE both of Smith on June 9, 1881 at Lakefield

9458-81 James ATICHISON, 33, farmer, widower, Cavan, Harvey, s/o Robert ATCHISON & Mary Ann TATE, married Mary LOWRY, 25, Ireland, Monaghan, d/o John LOWRY & Mary RELISH, witn: John HURLEY & Bridget QUINLAN both of Peterboro on Feb. 28, 1881 at Peterboro

#009403-81  Edward ALLEN, 30, b. Canada, of Galway, Farmer, s/o Edward ALLEN &Mary CLANCEY, married Johanna MANSFIELD, 24, b. Canada, of Galway, d/o James & Johana MANSFIELD, witn: Denis SHEEHAN & Maryann MANSFIELD, on 19 June 1881 at Galway 9555-81 Hugh ALLEN, 25, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Jane, married Jane TRENNUM, 19, Canada, Smith, d/o John & Hosannah, witn: Josiah TRENNUM no residence given on July 6, 1881 at Lakefield

9482-81 Richard ANDERSON, 25, farmer, South Monaghan, Dakota USA, s/o Duncan ANDERSON & Ann RUTHERFORD, married Jane Louisa WESTON, 22, Dummer, same, d/o John WESTON & Mary Ann MACDONALD, witn: Thomas J. LEE of Peterboro & Mary WESTON of Dummer on March 15, 1881 at Peterboro

#009441-81  John ARMSTRONG, 40, b. Brockville, of Peterborough, Widower, Harness maker, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Margaret DAVIS, married Margaret WALKER, 32, b. Toronto, of Peterborough, d/o James & Margaret WALKER, witnesses: William J. MAXWELL & Annie DAVIES of Peterborough, on 5 January 1881 at Peterborough #009562-82 (Peterborough Co.) William BALL, 24, b. England, of Peterborough, Carpenter, s/o Abraham BALL & Ann CLUXTON, married Elizabeth SULLIVAN, 21, b. Douro, of Peterborough, d/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Bridget FITZZPATRICK, witnesses: George BALL & Johanna McCARTHY, on 14 August 1881 at Peterborough
9398-81 David BARDEAU, 21, farmer, Peterboro, Harvey, s/o David & Ellen, married Matilda LEE, 21, Harvey, same, d/o Wesley & Angeline, witn: James WARD & Roseanna LEE both of Harvey on Dec. 20, 1881 at Harvey Tp. #009563-82 (Peterborough Co.) Theophile BARTRAND, 25, b. St. Martin, of Peterborough, Voyageur, s/o Joseph BARTRAND & ?iliha GAROUX, married Lea SAUVRE, 22, b. St. Timothy, of Peterborough, Joacham & Rose SAUVRE, witnesses: Rose SAUVRE & Joseph SAUVRE, on 15 August 1881 at Peterborough

9460-81 Thomas BEATTY, 37, carpenter, Ontario, Port Hope, s/o John & Isabella, married Annie SKITCH, 25, Ontario, Port Hope, d/o Annie & William, witn: Emma & John SKITCH both of Peterboro on Feb. 15, 1881 at Peterboro

9428-81 T. B. BELCHER, 32, engineer, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Marianna KENIN, 25, USA., Peterboro, d/o John & Martha, witn: F. N. KENIN & E. J. RUCKHAM both of Peterboro on Oct. 27, 1881 at Peterboro

#009432-81  William BENNETT, 30, b. Manvers Twp, of Harvey Twp, Farmer, s/o John & Jane BENNETT, married Eliza Jane WELCH, 21, b. Otonabee, of same, d/o John & Mary Ann WELCH, witnesses: John Brown WELCH of Otonabee & Mary Ann BENNETT of Ennismore, on 9 November 1881 at the Bible Christian Parsonage, Peterborough
9490-81 David H. BEST, 28, farmer, Emily, Eldon, s/o Hamilton & Elizabeth, married Charlotte Grace MOON, 21, Cavan, Snowdon, d/o George & Harriet, witn: James H. MOON & Mary F. HUGHES both of Snowdon on June 22, 1881 at Snowdon. #009425-81  Arthur BLADE, 24, gardener, Norfolk England, Peterborough, s/o Robert BLADE & Mary PETIT, married Harriet HARVEY, 24, South Monaghan, Peterborough, d/o William Henry HARVEY & Mary Ann BLACK, witn: David GLADMAN & Anna HARVEY, both of Peterborough, 12 Oct 1881 at Peterborough
#9545/81 - Walter BLAKELY, 23, farmer, Quebec, Asphodel, s/o Leonard and Mary Ann, m. Sarah Jane BUCK, Asphodel, same, d/o Daniel & Sarah, by license, Witnesses: Samuel Thompson of Asphodel and Elizabeth ELLINSON? of Asphodel, June 30, 1881 in Asphodel

9396-81 George Henry BLAKELY, 25, lumberman, Michigan USA, Lakefield, s/o William & Sarah, married Jennie WEDLOCK, 24, widow, South Monaghan, Hiawatha, d/o John & Jane CLEARY, witn: William & Martha CLEARY both of Hiawatha on Nov. 10, 1881 at Hiawatha

9601-82 Jonathan Smithfield BLEWETT, 22, farmer, Ennismore, Dummer, s/o Wellington & Eliza Jane, married Elizabeth Ann DARLING, 22, Dummer, same, d/o William Wellington & Catherine, witn: Mitchell McCLURE of Lakefield & Mary Jane DARLING of Dummer on Dec. 28, 1881 at Warsaw  
9535-81 Stanley BOWN, 29, farmer, Brighton, Cardiff, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Emily HUSTON, 18, Hastings Ont., Cardiff, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: Luddy MUMFORD & Adaline OGILIVE both of Cardiff on March 14, 1881 at Cardiff #009509-81  Robert H. BRADEN, 30, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Andrew & Ann BRADEN, married Mary Jane BELL, 28, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Matthew & Nancy BELL, witnesses: Thomas BELL & Letitia BRADEN, on 13 April 1881 at Smith

#009446-81  Thomas Henry BRENTON, 25, b. Cobourg, of Peterborough, Stonecutter, s/o Richard BRENTON & Mary Ann HICKS, married Eliza Jane GRAHAM, 20, b. Keene, of Peterborough, d/o Joseph GRAHAM & Eliza Ann Lane DEVINE?, witnesses: George BICK of Bobcaygeon & Millie? M. WILLIAMS, on 21 January 1881 at Peterborough

9452-81 Osias BRIEN, 22, voyageur, Peterboro, same, s/o Louis BRIEN & Florence LAPLANTE, married Olive RUFFIANZE (Ruffiange?), 20, Peterboro, same, d/o Jean B. RUFFIANZE & Catharine VIEAU, witn: Frederick FELIE & Rosa RUFFIANZE both of Peterboro on Jan. 10, 1881 at Peterboro
#009442-81  Robert A. BROWN, 30, b. Cavan, of Lakefield, Laborer, s/o John & Jane BROWN, married Elizabeth BEAGLEY, 19, b. London England, of Lakefield, d/o Thomas & Eliza BEAGLEY, witnesses: Evelyn D. SHEFFIELD & Thomas BEAGLEY of Peterborough, on 2 January 1881 at Peterborough [Beazley?] #009407-81  Robert BROWN, 25, b. Canada, of Peterborough, Laborer, s/o William BROWN & Jane PURDY, married Ellen BISHOP, 21, b. N.Y. State U.S.A., of Peterborough, d/o John BISHOP & Ann INGRAM, witn: Patrick McNULTY & Janet McNULTY of Peterborough, on 29 June 1881 at Peterborough
9547-81 William BUCK, 26, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o Thomas BUCK & Mary Ann STARR?, married Annie BURGESS, 22, Belmont, same, d/o Robert BURGESS & Mary Ann KEMPT, witn: Peter BURGESS & Henry BUCK both of Belmont on Dec. 28, 1881 at Belmont. 9569-81 Robert BULLOCK, 23, farmer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o James & Eliza, married Eleanor STINSON, 22, Canada, Lakefield, d/o William & Mary, witn: G. & M. J. DORNAN both of Lakefield on May 16, 1881 at Lakefield.
9489-81 Charles BURTON, 39, farmer, Yorkshire England, Snowdon Tp., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Ellen NICHOLS, 40, widow, Glasgow Scotland, Snowdon Tp., d/o Thomas & Ellen CAVES, witn: W. S. SCOTT & Mrs. BURKETT both of Kinmount on Jan. 27, 1881 at the Parsonage in Kinmount. 009447-81  Robert A. CAMPBELL, 22, b. Thornbury, of Bethany, Merchant tailor, s/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Mary NELSON, married Mary Ann NETHERCOT, 21, b. Otonabee, of Bethany, d/o John NETHERCOT & Mary Jane JOHNSTON, witnesses: Robert STEWART & Maggie NETHERCOT, both of Peterborough, on 1 February 1881 at Peterborough
#9505/81 - Watson CARTER, 34, farmer, England, Smith, s/o William & Mary CARTER, m. Margaret L. KENNEDY, 25, Prince Edward Island, Smith, d/o John & Charlotte KENNEDY, by license, Witnesses: John KENNEDY & Ellen D. BELL of Smith, 12 Jan. 1881 in Smith twp

9587-81 Richard CARVETH, 28, farmer, Douro, same, s/o Henry & Louisa, married Josephine LECLAIRE, 18, Douro, same, d/o Thomas LECLAIRE & Ellen CLANCY, witn: Edward CARLAW & Margaret CLANCY no residences given on March 1, 1881 at Douro

9567-81 R. George CLIFFORD, 22, blacksmith, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Mary Isabella HARRIS, 21, Canada, Anstruther, d/o John & Jane, witn: James H. CLIFFORD of Anstruther on March 30, 1881 at Lakefield. 009434-81  William CLOSE, 29, b. Peterborough, of same, Laborer, s/o Matthew & Ann CLOSE, married Sarah Ann ROSE, 22, b. Port Hope, of Peterborough, d/o George & Ellen ROSE, witnesses: Matthew CLOSE & Mary Ann CLOSE, both of Peterborough, on 21 November 1881 at Peterborough

9456-81 Michael CONDON, 36, farmer, Douro, Peterboro, s/o Richard CONDON & Mary DILLON, married Margaret CROWLEY, 38, widow, Otonabee, Peterboro, d/o James CROWLEY & Mary,, witn: Denis KILEY & Elizabeth CROWLEY both of Peterboro on Feb. 13, 1881 at Peterboro

9525-81 William CONYBEARE, 24, farmer, Devonshire England, Dysart, s/o John CONEBBARE (sic) & mothers name not known, married Margaret CLARK, 19, Ops, Dysart Tp., d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Becky E. BEAMISH of Dysart & Robert A. CASSON of Minden on Jan. 12, 1881 at Minden.

9564-81 Allen COONS, 25, farmer, Canada, Burleigh, s/o John COONS & Hannah BLAKELY, married Isabella LITTLE, 24, Canada, Dummer, d/o George LITTLE & Eliza MATHEWS, witn: H. MATHEWS & E. S. LITTLE both of Dummer on Jan. 6, 1881 at Lakefield.

#009585-82 William H. COOPER, 26, farmer, England, Smith Twp, s/o Thomas COOPER & Mary PENGILLY, married Mary A. HUNTER, 30, Ireland, Smith Twp, d/o Hugh HUNTER & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: M.V. SHAW & M. JUNDERSON, both of Peterborough, 2 Dec 1881 at Peterborough
9553-81 John CORBY, 29, farmer, Marmora Tp., Marmora Village, s/o Joseph CORBY & Mary TERRON, married Annie MUNROE, 26, Seymour, Methuen Tp., d/o Allen MUNROE & Elizabeth WOODS, witn: David & Saphrona MUNROE no residences given on June 15, 1881 at Methuen Tp 9386-81  Henry CRANE, 23, farmer, Suffolk England, Otonabee, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mary Weir REDPATH, 23, Otonabee, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Nelson & Margaret REDPATH of Otonabee, no date given, at Otonabee [registered 30 June 1881]
9497-81 William CREBBIN, 33, commission merchant, England, Peterboro, s/o John & Martha, married Anne Darling WAINRIGHT, 22, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o Samuel & Mary J., witn: Conslin WAINRIGHT & Susie MORGAN both of Peterboro on May 12, 1881 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham  

9462-81 Edward CROW, 21, yeoman, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Emma HINDS, 21, Canada, Peterboro, d/o George & Isabella, witn: Jane NOLAN & N. D. BECK both of Peterboro on March 2, 1881 at Peterboro

#9384/81 - John CROW, 23, farmer, Hiawatha, same, s/o Henry & Eliza CROW, m. Eliza Jane RICE, 18, Alnwick, Hiawatha, d/o John & Netty RICE, Witnesses: James JARVIS & Sarah WOOLSEY of Hiawatha, 23 March, 1881 in Hiawatha
#009437-81  William CURTIS, 22, b. Port Hope, of Peterborough, Farm laborer, s/o George CURTIS & Mary TYCE, married Sarah BIGGS, 18, b. Emily Twp, of Peterborough, d/o John KEAVES & Elizabeth BIGGS, witnesses: Wallie(?) PATERSON & Maggie BARRIE of Peterborough, on 9 November 1881 at Peterborough

9481-81 William DANN, 25, farmer, Queen’s Co. Ireland, Parry Sound, s/o Joseph DANN & Jane THORNTON, married Mary S. BROWN, 24, Monaghan Ireland, Peterboro, d/o Thomas BROWN & Sarah HARRISON, witn: Joseph DANN & Maggie E. HAMILTON both of Peterboro on Feb. 23, 1881 at Peterboro

  009511-81  Benjamin DAVIES, 25, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Louis & Margaret, married Christy Ann BLEWITT, 21, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Coleman & Mary, witnesses: Coleman BLEWITT of Smith, on 7 December 1881 at Smith
#009427-81  Alfred L. DAVIS, 26, stationer, Cobourg, Peterborough, s/o G.H. DAVIS & Jane S. JEFFREY, married Emma J. COX, 18, Peterborough, same, d/o George A. COX & Margaret HOPKINS, witn: J.W. FLAVELLE & G.W.(or G.A) COX, both of Peterborough, 19 Oct 1881 at Peterborough, by Rev. G.H. DAVIS

9496 John Stuart DAWSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Ashburnham, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Martha Ann HAMILTON, 22, Connecticut USA, Ashburnham, d/o Francis & Jane, witn: John H. & Fanny HAMILTON both of Ashburnham on March 31, 1881 at Ashburnham

9519-81 James DEWART, 35, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Celestia Charlotte PAYNE, 25, Douro, Warsaw Dummer, d/o Sidney & Susan, witn: William King & Mary Lavinia PAYNE no residence given on May 1, 1881 at Dummer. 9590-81 William R. DINGMAN, 34, farmer, Brighton, Methuen, s/o William DINGMAN & Caroline, married Nora HAMMOND, 18, Brighton, St. Catharines, d/o William HAMMOND & Margaret, witn: William BOUND & William DINGMAN, both of Cramahe, 28 Nov 1881 at Apsley
  9566-81 Robert DIXON, 23, farmer, England, Cardiff, s/o John DIXON & Elizabeth MIDDLETON, married Margaret GARMON, 21, Canada, Cardiff, d/o Thomas GARMON & Mary Ann EVANS, witn: Thomas GARMON & Mary Ann EVANS both of Cardiff on March 10, 1881 at Lakefield.
9518-81 Thomas James DOUGHTY, 23, farmer, Norwood, Dummer, s/o Charles & Jane, married Mary Ann PAYNE, 24, Dummer, same, d/o Mack & Ann, witn: Hannah Eliza SNELGROVE & Thomas Levi PAYNE both of Dummer on March 30, 1881 at residence of bride's father Dummer

9554-81 Samuel DOUPE, 28, farmer, Camden Tp., Belmont, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Adelaide WYMAN, 26, Rawdon, Belmont, d/o Allen & Lana, witn: Gennie FOX & Gennie ARCHER both of Blairton on April 18, 1881 at Blairton.

9563-81 William H. DOWN, 25, farmer, Canada, Douro, s/o Henry & Mary, married Jane Gordon SHIELDS, 25, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Cornish & May SHIELDS for of Lakefield on Dec. 28, 1881 at Lakefield. 009616 – 82 Peter DRUMMOND, 26, Farmer, Otonobee, same, s/o Duncan & Ellen DRUMMOND, married Agnes CAMPBELL, 24 Otonobee, Keene, d/o Alexander & Isabella CAMPBELL. Witn: Joseph FIFE, Asphodel. 23 Feb. 1881, Keene
#009534-81 (Haliburton Co): James DUNCAN, 22, farmer, Muirkirk Scotland, Minden twp., s/o John & Janet, married Ellen Jane DAVIDSON, 19, Clarke twp., Minden twp., d/o David & Ann, witn: John BATESON & Annie DAVIDSON, both of Minden twp., 7 Dec 1881 at Minden twp 009444-81  Robert DUNLOP, 38, b. North Monaghan, of same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Mary DUNLOP, married Susannah PADGET, 28, b. Emily, of same, d/o James & Ann PADGET, witnesses: Robert THOMPSON of North Monaghan & Edith ULDY(?) of ???, on 9 February 1881 at Peterborough

9429-81 George DUNSFORD, 52, lawyer, England, Peterboro, s/o James H. & Mary, married Clara H. GAMBLE, 26, Peterboro, same, d/o John GAMBLE & Margaret FERRIS, witn: David & M. GAMBLE both of Peterboro on Oct. 17, 1881 at Peterboro.

009413-81  Donald C. EDWARDS, 26, b. Peterborough, of Hamilton, Accountant, s/o James & Effie EDWARDS, married Lucy H. COTTINGHAM, 20, b. Omeemee, of Peterborough, d/o William & Lucy COTTINGHAM, witn: S.K. COTTINGHAM of Peterborough & L.D. EDWARDS of Lindsay, on 6 September 1881 at Peterborough
9552-81 Daniel ELLIS, 21, farmer, Hungerford, Belmont, s/o Brooks & Margaret, married Sabrony YOUMANS, 19, Belmont, same, d/o Eliza YOUMANS, witn: David CUPPAND & Wolford ELLIS both of Belmont on June 21, 1881 at Belmont.  
#009435-81  Arthur ELMHURST (Elmhirst?), 23, b. Otonabee, of same, Farmer, s/o Philip William & Christina ELMHURST, married Isabella HOPE, 19, b. Otonabee, of same, d/o William HOPE & Janet MEIKLE, witnesses: John ELMHURST & Mary HOPE, on 26 October 1881 at Peterborough #009415-81  Samuel W. ENGLISH, 28, b. Peterborough, of same, Canoe builder, s/o John & Margaret ENGLISH, married Mary Alma ROBERTSON, 25, b. Hiawatha, of Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Catherine ROBERTSON, witn: Francis J. JAMIESON & Georgina B. ROBERTSON, both of Peterborough, on 25 April 1881 at Peterborough
#9544/81 - Robert W. ESSON, 27, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Daniel? & Isabell, married Clara ROBERTSON, 20, Asphodel, same, d/o Thomas & Adaline, by license, Witnesses: Isaac FIFE of Otonabee and Celia REYNOLDS of Norwood, Mar. 30, 1881 in Norwood #9543/81 - Albert A FIFE, 30, farmer, Otonabee, Asphodel, s/o Thomas FIFE & Sarah Beckett?, m. Janet Ann TUCKER, 23, Asphodel, Hasting, d/o Duncan TUCKER and Agnes FIFE, by license, Witnesses: Archie SCOTT of Asphodel & Lizzie I FIFE of Otonabee, Jan. 19, 1881 in Norwood
#009510-81  Edward FITZGERALD, 25, b. Toronto, of Smith Twp, Laborer, s/o Richard & Annie, married Elizabeth AYOTTE, 20, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Joseph & Bridget, witnesses: Charles GRYLLS of Lakefield & Bridget AYOTTE of Smith, on 18 October 1881 at South Douro

9520-81 Thomas FOSTER, 24, tinsmith, Port Hope, Warsaw Dummer, s/o John & Ellen, married Bella ROBERTSON, 22, Port Hope, Peterboro, d/o Thomas & Ellen, witn: Robert D. & Eunice TULLY both of Warsaw no date given at Warsaw

  9559-81 Francis J. FREEBURN, 19, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o George & Eliza Jane, married Lizzie CONNORS, 20, England, Smith, d/o John & Sarah, witn; R. FREEBURN of Smith & Julia FREEBURN of Lakefield on Nov. 3, 1881 at Lakefield.
#009530-81 (Haliburton Co): Willis? FULLER, 32, widower, mechanic and farmer, Pennsylvania, Minden, s/o Hiram & Emily, married Clarissa Ann BAKER, 20, Risen?, Minden, d/o Abener & Elizabeth, witn: William E. YEREX & Angelina BAKER, both of Minden, 4 May 1881 at Ingoldsby, Minden twp 009660 – 82 George GAINER, 24, Farmer, Houstin Tp. Co. of Norfolk, Minden Tp., s/o John & Margt. GAINER, married Margt. E. BARTON, 17, Stanhope - Haliburton Co., Tp. of Anson-Scotchline, d/o Thomas & Susan BARTON. Witn: Robert GAINER & John LOUIS?, both of Minden. 14 Dec. 1881, Minden Tp

9521-81 James Harvey GARDNER, 29, farmer, Hope Tp., same, s/o Edward & Mary, married Mary HANNON, 26, Dummer, same, d/o Michael & Eliza, witn: Robert & Margaret SMITH both of Dummer on Nov. 8, 1881 at Dummer

9486-81 John GIBBS, 22, painter, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o John & Jane, married Elizabeth DRURY, 20, England, Peterboro, d/o William & Mary, witn: Harry KEMPT & M. J. DRURY both of Peterboro on May 3, 1881 at Peterboro

9502-81 James Brough GILLESPIE, 33, wood worker, Otonabee, Peterboro, s/o Alexander GILLESPIE & Jane BROUGH, married Margaret Jane CRAIG, 25, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o John CRAIG & Jane BROWN, witn: A. GILLESPIE of Toronto & Charlotte CRAIG of Ashburnham on Oct. 23, 1881 at Ashburnham

#009449-81  Thomas S. GILLESPIE, 27, b. Peterborough, of same, Carpenter, s/o Richard GILLESPIE & Jane WHITE, married Mary Ann DUNCAN, 27, b. Montreal P.Q., of Peterborough, d/o James DUNCAN & Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, witnesses: William THOMPSON & Margaret JOHNSTONE of Peterborough, on 16 February 1881 at Peterborough

9499-81 James GOODERHAM, 24, brake man, Scotland, Ashburnham, s/o Robert & Mary, married Jane LYNES, 21, Ireland, Ashburnham, d/o Steward & Charlotte, witn: Henry LYNES of Toronto & Charlotte CRAIG of Ashburnham on Oct. 19, 1881 at Ashburnham

9400-81  William GRAHAM, 38, farmer, Reach, Monmouth, s/o William & Helen, married Jane CLARK, 34, Whitechurch, Monmouth, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Thomas GRAHAM & Mary E. CLARK, both of Monmouth, 22 Jan 1881 at Monmouth
#009533-81  Richard GRAHAM, 22, farmer, Smithtown, same, s/o Henry & Ann, married Elizabeth BLANTH, 20, Smithtown, same, d/o William Thomas & Charity Rosanna, witn: Nancy & D. KELLET of Minden, 24 Feb 1881 at Minden 009439-81  Samuel George GRAHAM, 26, b. Ireland, of Peterborough, Carpenter, s/o James & Eliza GRAHAM, married Mary Jane SHANNON, 18, b. Ireland, of Peterborough, d/o Richard & Sarah SHANNON, witnesses: William HOWDEN & Lizzie GRAHAM of Peterborough, on 28 December 1881 at Peterborough
9565-81 William GRAHAM, 40, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o John & Ann, married Sarah Jane SHIELDS, 19, Canada, Lakefield, d/o George & Fanny, witn: Wellington McKIBBON of Smith on Jan. 5, 1881 at Lakefield 9557-81 William M. GRAHAM, 25, merchant, Scotland, Lakefield, s/o Robert & Jessie, married Suzie E. FINLAY, 20, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John & Margaret, witn: James GRAHAM of Lakefield on Oct. 12, 1881 at Lakefield

9487-81 John J. HAISLEY (Staisley?), 23, shoemaker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary E. SANDERSON, 24, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Thomas SANDERSON & Hannah KEMPT both of Peterboro on May 23, 1881 at Peterboro.

9540-81 Robert A. HAMILTON, 32, lumberman, Ireland, Asphodel, s/o William & Mary, married Carrie E. SPEER, 22, Canada, Asphodel, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: William W. SPEER & Rose STEPHENSON both of Asphodel on Aug. 18, 1881 at Asphodel

9584-81 Thomas HAMMOND, 40, labourer, widower, Ireland, Douro, s/o Patrick HAMMOND & Rose MARKEY, married Johanna FOLEY, 40, widow, Ireland, Douro, d/o Patrick FOLEY & Catherine O’DONNELL, witn: Frederick Edward & Margaret Ann NOLAN both of Douro on Oct. 9, 1881 at Douro


#9383/81 - William HATHERLY, 25 [35?], farmer, England, Otonabee, s/o John & Elizabeth HATHERLY, m. Isabella FRANCES, 22, Otonabee, same, d/o John & Jane FRANCES, Witnesses: James FRANCIS, & Elizabeth Ann HATHERLY, 16 March, 1881 in Otonabee

9454-81 Michael HAYES, 25, stone mason, Peterboro, same, s/o John HAYES & Ann MULLIGAN, married Mary O'BRIEN, 27, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o Michael O'BRIEN & Honora MALONE, witn: Mary BALL of Peterboro on Jan. 11, 1881 at Peterboro
9481-82 Samuel HENDERSON, 25, druggist, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Robert & Elsie, married Esther Emma SHERIN, 22, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John C. & Elizabeth, witn: A. DAVIS of Peterborough & Miss SHERIN of Lakefield, 8 Feb 1881 at Lakefield #009416-81  William HILL, 27, b. Asphodel, of Peterborough, Carpenter, s/o William & Ann HILL, married Theresa Amelia KINGDON, 23, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o William & Theresa KINGDON, witn: Joseph HILL & Alice KINGDON, both of Peterborough, on 27 April 1881 at Peterborough
#009531-81 (Haliburton Co): William Henry HOBDEN, 25, farmer, Brighton England, Minden, s/o Thomas & Sarah Ann, married Ann Jane SCOTT, 22, Hamilton twp., Minden, s/o John & Jane, witn: William J. WILLSON & Beatrice Elizabeth SCOTT, both of Minden, 24 May 1881 at Minden twp 9579-82 Michael HOLLAND, 34, farmer, Douro, Douro Tp., s/o John HOLLAND & Bridget DALY, married Julia BURKE, 24, Peterboro, same, d/o Patrick BURKE & Julia DOUGAN, witn: Daniel HOLLAND & Hanna CLANCEY no residences given on Nov. 22, 1881, at Peterboro

9484-81 Henry HOSKEN, 30, farmer, Cobourg, Douro, s/o William HOSKEN & Mary Ann HODGE, married Annie GRAHAM, 21, Madoc, Ashburnham, d/o Alexander GRAHAM & Sarah CLARK, witn: Charles CURTIS of Douro & Phoebe GRAHAM of Ashburnham on April 18, 1881 at Peterboro

9561-81 Hiram? HOSKINS, 28, farmer, Canada, Harvey, s/o Chester & Eleanor, married Maggie H. STEELE, 22, Canada, Douro, d/o Nicholas & Isabella, witn: A. & Eliza GLAZIER both of Lakefield on Nov. 30, 1881 at Lakefield.

9585-81 James George HUMPHREY, 28, blacksmith, Millbrook, Douro, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Kerewhappuck DOWN, 28, Smith twp., Douro, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: William Henry DOWN & Jane Gordon SHIELDS both of Douro on March 9, 1881 at Douro

9388-81  David HUNTER, 33, farmer, Canada, Otonabee, s/o William & Ann, married Agnes WEIR, 23, Canada, Otonabee, d/o Francis & Sarah, witn: W.A. HUNTER of Toronto & Ada WEIR of Otonabee, 27 April 1881 at Otonabee

9522-81 John HUNTER, 22, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o John & Jane, married Malissa Jane DARLING, 19, Dummer, same, d/o Richard & Catherine, witn: John BLUET & Catherine Margaret DARLING both of Dummer on Nov. 25, 1881 at Dummer

9573-81 Elijah James HURT, 31, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o James & Maria, married Mary Ann SNELGROVE, 30, England, Douro, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Job WHATES & Mary PAYNE both of Dummer on May 31, 1881 at Lakefield

9479-81 Thomas JOB, 22, yeoman, England, Peterboro, s/o William & Sarah, married Louisa Mary CLARK, 21, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Edward & Naomi, witn: Edward CLARK & Edward CLARK Jr. both of Peterboro on March 23, 1881 at Peterboro

009467-82 George JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, of Monmouth Tp., s/o Frederick & Mary, married Jane MADILL, 24, Etobicoke, Monmouth Tp., d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: William DONELL & John MADILL both of Monmouth on Dec. 28, 1881 at Monmouth #009406-81  George JOHNSTON, 24, b. Canada, of Peterborough, Laborer, s/o William JOHNSTON & Ann CARSON, married Mary Ann TAYLOR, 21, b. Canada, of Ashburton, d/o Alexander TAYLOR & Jane PATERSON, witn: Patrick McNULTY & Janet McNULTY of Peterborough, on 29 June 1881 at Peterborough
9548-81 William JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Belmont, same, s/o John JOHNSTON & Martha REA, married Elizabeth BURGESS, 24, Belmont, same, d/o James BURGESS & Mary Jane BANNON, witn: George GARDNER of Dummer & John JOHNSTON of Belmont on Dec. 14, 1881 at Belmont.  

9431-81 George JUCKES, 30, teamster, Hope Tp., Millbrook, s/o George JUCKES & Elizabeth HARRIS, married Susan L. ARMSTRONG, 23, Millbrook, same, d/o Frank ARMSTRONG & Ann HODSON, witn: W. ARMSTRONG of Millbrook & M. L. SHAW of Peterboro on Nov, 16, 1881 at Peterboro

#009426-81  Samuel KEMP, 23, shoe maker, Bowmanville, Peterborough, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Victoria BESTARD, 18, Peterborough, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Louisa BESTARD & James SCOTT, both of Peterborough, 26 Oct 1881 at Peterborough
#009512-81  Alfred KEMPT, 28, b. England, of Douro, Farmer, s/o John C. & Hannah E., married Eva Angeline FITZGERALD, 18, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o George & Mary J., witnesses: John L. MADILL of Lakefield & Mary A.E. BELL of Smith, on 26 December 1881 at Smith

9453-81 William KENNEDY, 26, hotel keeper, Otonabee, Peterboro, s/o Denis KENNEALY & Margaret ROCHE, married Emma NOLAN, 24, Douro, Peterboro, d/o Martin NOLAN & Margaret CROWLEY, witn: John & Johanna KENNEALY both of Otonobee on Jan. 11, 1881 at Otonobee

9488-81 James KERR, 23, druggist, Canada, New York State USA, s/o Hugh? & Helen, married Gertrude VIN (Urn?). 20, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Hamilton & Margaret, witn: M. VIN & R. N. RODDY both of Peterboro on June 1, 1881 at Peterboro 009645 – 82 Walter John KIDD, 25, Farmer, Dummer, same, s/o Joseph & Isabella KIDD, married Mary A. BURGESS, 24, Belmont, same, d/o William & M.A. BURGESS, Witn: Rev. Peter FLEMING, Dummer, 21 Dec. 1881, Keene
9397-81 John KNOX, 32, soda water manufacturer, Canada, Belleville, s/o William & Catharine, married Mary NAIR, 25, Canada, Peterboro Co., witn: John HENDERSON & Alice Ann NAIR both of Otonabee on Dec. 28, 1881 at Otonabee.

9455-81 Odin LAPLANTE, 24, voyageur, Peterboro, same, s/o Jean B. LAPLANTE & Miline VIEAU, married Mary Elizabeth GORDON, 22, Peterboro, same, d/o Edward GORDON & Matilda GUERIN, witn: Brocque GORDON & Belsivsier LAPLANTE both of Peterboro on Jan. 24, 1881 at Peterboro

#009436-81  John LAWSON, 49, b. England, of Cavan, Widower, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary LAWSON, married Mary Ann McCOY, 38, b. Whitby, of Peterborough, d/o William & Mary McCOY, witnesses: Edward FALLIS of Manvers & Mary McCOY of Prince Albert, on 30 November 1881 at Peterborough

9493-81 Frederick LONG, 22, farmer, Ohio USA, Snowdon, s/o John & Sophia, married Helen MOORE, 22, Blanchard, Snowdon, d/o George & Caroline, witn: Walter MOORE & Jane HERRON both of Snowdon on Nov. 16, 1881 at Snowdon.

9480-81 Wellington E. MANNING, 30, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o Samuel & Nancy, married Helen L. BROWN, 27, Scotland, Peterboro, d/o James & Helen, witn: William Henry MANNING & Jannet Fairbairn BROWN both of Peterboro on March 29, 1881 at Peterboro

9485-81 Samuel MARTIN, 33, farmer, England, Cavan, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Carrie BOLSTER, 28, Ontario, Cavan, d/o Richard & Jemima, witn: John & Annie LIVINGSTON both of Peterboro on April 6, 1881 at Peterboro.

9450-81 John MASTERSON, 27, laborer, Ottawa, Peterboro, s/o John MASTERSON & Elizabeth TIERNEY, married Annie HOGAN, 29, Douro, Peterboro, d/o Patrick HOGAN & Bridget PURCELL, witn: James SHEA & Jane SULLIVAN both of Douro on Jan. 7, 1881 at Peterboro 9546-81 Samuel McADAM, 28, carpenter, Tyendinaga Hastings Co., Campbellford, s/o David McADAM & Jane CROSS, married Mary COCHREN, 21, Wakefield Quebec, Belmont, d/o John COCHREN & Frances SMITH, witn: John & William COCHREN both of Belmont on Nov. 2, 1881 at Belmont
  9495-81 Ernest McCABE, 25, printer, Ontario, Ashburnham, s/o Patrick & Mary Jane, married Mary SHIELDS, 25, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o George & Mary, witn: William HILL of Peterboro & Dorothy SMITH of Fenelon Falls on Feb. 10, 1881 at Bible Christian Church at Ashburnham

9417-81 William Lewis McCLENNAN, 25, carpenter/joiner, Peterboro, Buffalo New York USA, s/o William & Ann, married Harriet WEBBER, 28, Devonshire England, Peterboro, d/o Silas (?) & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph HILL & Mary E. WEBBER both of Peterboro on May 5, 1881 at Peterboro

9420-81 James MACDONALD, 24, engineer, Collingwood Ont., New York, s/o Donald & Elizabeth married Susan (Laura?) Alma WEAR, 23, Oshawa, Peterboro, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William ADAMSON of Toronto & Matilda EUDER of Peterboro on May 17, 1881 at Peterboro.

9617-82  James McGREGOR, 55, farmer, Scotland, Otonabee, s/o John & Janet, married Mary A. McEWEN, 17, Scotland, Otonabee, d/o James & Mary A., witn: Peter McGREGOR of Otonabee, 13 Dec 1881 at Otonabee 9504/81 - John McGRATH, 25, not given, Canada, Dufferin Co., s/o John & Ellen McGRATH, m. Matilda LEE, 22, Canada, Smith, d/o George & Jane LEE, by license, Witnesses: Thomas YOUNG & Sarah LEE of Smith, 4 Jan. 1881 in Smith twp
9560-81 William McINTOSH, 26, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o William & Catherine, married Julia McDONALD, 19, Canada, Dummer, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Joseph COOPER of Dummer on Nov. 2, 1881 at Lakefield

9483-81 Donald McINTOSH, 33, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Sarah Jane CLEMMONS, 23, England, Dummer, d/o John & Jane, witn: William McINTOSH & Nancy CLEMMONS both of Dummer on April 6, 1881 at Peterboro

9570-81 George Samuel McKEE, 23, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Margaret Ann BRADEN, 18, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Thompson BRADEN of Lakefield on March 16, 1881 at Lakefield.

9586-81 John McMURRAY, 24, farmer, Douro, same, s/o Garrett McMURRAY & Anne CONNORS, married Mary SPENCER, 19, Douro, Burleigh, d/o Richard SPENCER & Annie HOGAN, witn: Daniel CRANLEY & Ellen HOGAN no residences given on March 1, 1881 at Douro.

9514-81 James McTAGGART, 28, painter, Pickering, East Whitby, s/o John & Margaret, married Alice JOHNSTON, 19, North Monaghan, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: David & Jennie JOHNSTON both of North Monaghan on Sept. 13, 1881 at North Monaghan.

9459-81 Peter J. MERRICK, 25, farmer, Toronto, same, s/o J. D. MERRICK & S .J. PATTERSON, married Anna M. HARVEY, 26, Peterboro, same, d/o Alexander HARVEY & E. S. McCORMACK, witn: Thomas & Charlotte HARVEY both of Peterboro on March 1, 1881 at Peterboro

  #9506/81 - Thomas Holdon MILBURN, 29, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o Isaac & Sarah MILBURN, m. Susanna MANN, 23, Canada, Smith, d/o Aaron & Jane MANN, by license, Witnesses: Isaac MILBURN & Lucy Ann MANN, 12 Jan, 1881 in Smith twp
#009529-81 (Haliburton Co): David MITCHELL, 24, farmer, Bosanquet twp., Minden, s/o Joseph MITCHELL & Isabella CRAWFORD, married Christena JONES, 19, Bowmanville, Minden, d/o Francis JONES & Elizabeth AYRES, witn: Andrew & Mrs. MORTIMER of Anson, 11 April 1881 at Minden #009410-81  Albert Henry MITCHELL, 26, b. Peterborough, of same, Carpenter, s/o John & Eliza MITCHELL, married Annie FITZGERALD, 25, b. Lakefield, of Peterborough, d/o John & Tiszah(?) FITZGERALD, witn: James MITCHELL & Ellie FITZGERALD of Peterborough, on 3 August 1881 at Peterborough
9399-81 Edward MOON, 26, yeoman, Reach, Reach Tp., s/o Robert MOON & Frances BLIGHT, married Rebecca LOBB, 22, Asphodel, Asphodel Tp., d/o John Willis LOBB & Mary SLADE, witn: Sandy & Elizabeth LOBB both of Asphodel on Aug. 3, 1881 at the home of W. Lobb in Asphodel 9492-81 Edward MOORE, 26, farmer, Blanchard, Snowdon Tp., s/o George & Caroline, married Minnie LONG, 24, Tower USA (?), Snowdon, d/o John & Maria, witn: F. LONG & Ellen MOORE both of Snowdon on Feb. 23, 1881 at Snowdon.

9578-81 William MOXAM, 21, farmer, Canada, Maynooth, s/o William & Susan, married Barbara CARMICHAEL, 22, Canada, Maynooth, d/o John & Eleanor, witn: William & Lizzie GEORGE both of Maynooth on March 29, 1881 at Haliburton

#009423-81  James MOWRY, 21, moulder, Canada, Ashburnham, s/o Richard & Mary, married Amelia BEAVIS, 17, Canada, Peterborough, d/o John & Georgiana, witn: Mortimer & Margaret MOWRY of Peterborough, 3 Oct 1881 at Peterborough

#009405-81  George MUNRO, 41, b. Scotland, of Peterborough, Widower, Machinist, s/o George MUNRO & Agnes REID, married Euphemia C. HAMILTON, 24, b. Canada, of Peterborough, d/o William HAMILTON & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: Andrew MERCER & Maggie HAMILTON of Peterborough,on 22 June 1881 at Peterborough

9517-81 George NEWTON, 21, farmer, England, Belmont, s/o Robert & Maria, married Elizabeth Jane DRURY, 24, Norwood Village, Belmont, d/o Benjamin & Maria, witn: Charles & Jane DOUGHTY both of Dummer on April 13, 1881 the Parsonage Warsaw
9592-81 Albert NICHOLLS, 30, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o Benjamin NICHOLLS & Margaret, married Henrietta BOUND, 17, Cramahe, Methuen, d/o John BOUND & Charity, witn: John & Aresina BOUND of Methuen, 25 May 1881 at Methuen #009507-81  Aaron NICHOLS, 22, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Aaron & Elizabeth NICHOLS, married Isabella MORRISON, 21, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Peter & Elizabeth MORRISON, witnesses: George YOUNG & Peter MORRISON, both of Smith, on 2 March 1881 at Smith
9571-81 Thomas Henry OLIVER, 29, carpenter, England, Lakefield, s/o Thomas & Annie, married Roda VAN VOLKENBERGH, 19, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Hannah STONE & Henry FRASER both of Lakefield on Feb. 17, 1881 at Lakefield. 9591-81 Joshua PARCELS, 20, farmer, Canada, Chandos, s/o John PARCELS & Amelia, married Emily WOODBECK, 18, Canada, Chandos, d/o Matthew WOODBECK & Joanna, witn: Henry PROUTY & Electa Theresa WOODBECK, both of Chandos, 5 Jan 1881 at Chandos
  #009433-81  William PAYNE, 28, b. Brighton, of Harvey Twp, Farmer, s/o Adam & Eliza PAYNE, married Ellen KELSO, 24, b. Smith Twp, of Verulam Twp, d/o William & Ellen KELSO, witnesses: Joseph KELSO & Margaret KELSO, both of Verulam Twp, on 23 November 1881 at the Bible Christian Parsonage, Peterborough
9421-81 Joseph PENTLAND, 26, dentist, Hope Tp., Peterboro, s/o James & Ann, married Sarah CLEGG, 25, Lancashire England, Peterboro, d/o Edward & Ann, witn: Samuel GREEN & Mina MONRO both of Peterboro on June 29, 1881 at Peterboro

9430-81 Charles PERRIN, 26, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Josiah PERRIN & Ann MASON, married Nelly SODEN (Loden?), 20, USA, South Monaghan, d/o John J. SODEN & Mary J. RAY, witn: John J. SODEN & L. B. BURNS both of South Monaghan on Nov. 9, 1881 at Peterboro

9491-81 Abraham PETERS, 42, farmer, widower, Kingston Tp., Snowdon Tp., s/o Joseph & Jane, married Sarah BENSON, 60, widow, Cavan, Cavendish Tp., d/o Jacob & Mary BENSON, witn: E. S. BURKETT of Kinmount on Sept. 5, 1881 at the Parsonage in Kinmount

9537-81 George H. PETERS, 22, farmer, Marmora, Cardiff, s/o Dizidie PETERS & Mary LEANSHAW, married Minnie M. J. O. BRECKENRIDGE, 16, Belmont Tp., Cardiff, d/o Jehiel BRECKENRIDGE & Mehetabel CLARK, witn: Jesse BOWN & Mary PETERS both of Cardiff on Sept. 28, 1881 at Cardiff

#009408-81  Peter PHELAN, 22, b. Peterborough, of Young's Point, Laborer, s/o Peter PHELAN & Margaret KAVANAGH, married Margaret FLEMMING, 24, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o William FLEMMING & Ellen SHEEHAN, witn: Frank KAVANAGH & Mary FLEMMING of Peterborough, on 26 July 1881 at Peterborough (R.C.) #009443-81  Stephen PINK, 29, b. Jersey, of Cavan, Farmer, s/o Stephen & Ann PINK, married Mary KENNEDY, 26, b. Cavan, of same, d/o Angus & Isabella KENNEDY, witnesses: E. BELL & Alex. BELL Jr. of Peterborough, on 19 January 1881 at Peterborough
9556-81 John POPE, 31, carpenter, Canada, Smith, s/o John & Catherine, married Margaret Maria SCOTT, 25, Canada, Smith, d/o Alexander & Eliza, witn: R. & Susan PIERSON of Lakefield on June 21, 1881 at Lakefield 9589-81 Henry S. PROUTY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Chandos, s/o Carlton PROUTY & Elmira, married Theresa WOODBECK, 20, Ontario, Chandos, d/o James WOODBECK & Alice, witn: Joshua & Emily PARCELS of Chandos, 15 Aug 1881 at Chandos

9541-81 John George ROGERS, 26, farmer, Canada, Seymour, s/o John & Mary Jane, married Caroline SCRIBER, 25, widow, Canada, Asphodel, d/o John & Sarah J. PUFFER, witn: Sarah J. & Isaac PUFFER both of Asphodel on Sept. 28, 1881 at Norwood

9494-81 Richard Birdsall ROGERS, 24, civil engineer, Ontario, Ashburnham, s/o Robert David & Elizabeth, married Clara Mina CALCUTT, 12, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o Henry & Isabella, witn: George W. HALTON of Peterboro & Ada CALCUTT of Ashburnham on Feb. 24, 1881 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham.
9558-81 John ROWE, 20, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o George & Maria, married Adeline PARKER, 21, Canada, Smith, d/o Varnum & Jane, witn: William ROWE of Lakefield & Bella PARKER of Smith on Oct. 26, 1881 at Smith.

9461-81 Thomas RUSH, 29, merchant, England, Peterboro, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Isabella UIN? (Urie?), 24, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Hamilton & Margaret, witn: R. HAMILTON & M. UIN both of Peterboro on Feb. 28, 1881 at Peterboro

9582-81 William John RUTHERFORD, 27, farmer, Perth, Douro, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Caroline Jane MOORE, 26, Dummer, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: George MOORE of Dummer & Sarah Jane RUTHERFORD of Douro on July 23, 1881 at Douro.

9562-81 Thomas Henry ST. JOHN, machinist, Canada, Peterboro, s/o James & Annie, married Kate READY, 20, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Thomas & Rose, witn: William HOPKINS & M. MARTIN both of Peterboro on Nov. 3, 1881 at Lakefield.

9501-81 John SARGENT, 60, farmer, widower, Ireland, Ashburnham, s/o John & Elysia, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 43, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o William & Jane, witn: Isaac ARMSTRONG of Ashburnham & Samuel SARGENT of Otonabee on Nov. 2, 1881 at Ashburnham

#009438-81  Thomas SARGINSON, 45, b. England, of Peterborough, Doorman, s/o Timothy & Elizabeth SARGINSON, married Mary CLARK, 54, b. Canada, of Peterborough, Widow, d/o Andrew & Hannah BARRIGER, witnesses: Stephen PAYNE & Gertrude PAYNE of Peterborough, on 27 December 1881 at Peterborough
#009404-81  John SCARLETT, 25, b. U.S.A., of Galway, Farmer, s/o William SCARLETT & Maryann RITCHIE, married Margret RITCHIE, 20, b. Canada, of Galway, d/o James RITCHIE & Ann SCOTT, witn: William HUNTER & Mary RITCHIE, on 29 June 1881 at Minden #009532-80 (Haliburton Co): William John SCARLETT, 26, farmer, NY state, Galway, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Margaret Jane RITCHIE, 19, Galway, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: William HUNTER & Mary E. RITCHIE, both of Galway, 29 June 1881 at Minden village

9588-81 Patrick SCULLEY, 28, farmer, Douro, same, s/o Mathew SCULLEY & Mary KILLCAULEY, married Ellen ALLEN, 20, Douro, same, d/o Edward ALLEN & Mary TOBIN, witn: Patrick McMURRAY & Anne ALLEN both of Douro on June 19, 1881 at Douro.

9542-81 Thomas A. SEARIGHT, 20, laborer, Norwood, same, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Jane GARRISON, 19, Canada, Huntingdon, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William SEARIGHT & Mary HARDY both of Norwood on Dec. 26, 1881 at Norwood

9539-81 John M. SENEY? (Luney?), 24, farmer, Belmont, same, s/o George & Margaret, married Emma COOK, 21, Belmont, same, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: William COCHRANE & Maggie SENEY both of Belmont on July 18, 1881 at Belmont

99572-81 George SHANNON, 19, farmer, Canada, Douro, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Nancy McNAUGHTON, 19, Canada, Smith, d/o Alexander & Rhoda Ann, witn: Richard REID of Smith & Mrs. WASHINGTON of Lakefield on March 9, 1881 at Lakefield. 9419-81 Robert Watts SHARPE, 24, general grocer, London Ontario, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Minnie Swain HUGHES, 22, Port Hope, Peterboro, d/o James L. & Mary Jane, witn: Hezekiah FINCH of London Ontario & Lizzie HUGHES of Peterboro on May 11, 1881 at Peterboro

9451-81 James H. SHEA, 24, teacher, Asphodel, Douro, s/o Michael SHEA & Anne MYLES, married Margaret J. SULLIVAN, 24, Douro, Peterboro, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Anne HANLON both of Peterboro on Jan. 9, 1881 at Peterboro

#009402-81  Daniel SHEEHAN, 21, b. Canada, of Galway, Farmer, s/o James & Margret SHEEHAN, married Margret ALLEN, 26, b. Canada, of Galway, d/o Edward ALLEN & Mary CLANCEY, witn: Joseph MAGUIRE & Mary ALLEN, on 4 May 1881 at Galway

9580-81 Thomas SHIELDS, 23, yeoman, Canada, Herschel Tp.- Hastings Co., s/o Moses & Elizabeth, married Christenna WATT, 18, Canada, Harcourt Tp. Haliburton Co., d/o Donald WATT & Elizabeth KNIGHT, witn: Elizabeth & James WATT no residences given on June 7, 1881 at Haliburton

9401-81  John SHIER, 35, farmer, Camden, Glenmorgan, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 22, Carden, Monmouth, d/o William & Susan, witn: William Wesley ELLIOTT & Emily BURTON, both of Monmouth, 9 April 1881 at Monmouth #009424-81  William Henry SLOCUM, 42, farmer, Rochester NY, same, s/o Thomas SLOCUM & Lucy SWIFT, married Annie JOHNSTONE, 32, Otonabe twp., Ashburnham, d/o Samuel JOHNSTONE & Margaret GORDON, witn: William & Margaret JOHNSTONE of Ashburnham, 6 Oct 1881 at Peterborough
#009411-81  David SPEARS, 28, b. England, of Otonabee, Yeoman, s/o David & Mary SPEARS, married Martha HOWSON, 22, b. Canada, of Otonabee, d/o Robert & Sarah HOWSON, witn: Clara HULTON(?) & Annie M.W. BECK of Peterborough, on 5 September 1881 at Peterborough

9538-81 Peter William STEVENS, 36, farmer, England, South Dummer, s/o Henry & Eliza Ann, married Levina BROWN, 24, Brighton, South Dummer, d/o James M. & Mary, witn: James M. & Susan BROWN both of South Dummer on June 25, 1881 at South Dummer

9498-81 Robert William STRAIN, 27, laborer, Ontario, Millbrook, s/o Robert & Mary, married Isabella MILLER, 23, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o William & Elizabeth Ann, witn: George & Maggie ELLIOTT both of Peterboro on Aug, 23, 1881 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham

9583-81 Andrew SWEENEY, 27, farmer, Boston Massachusetts USA, Douro, s/o Maurice SWEENEY & Catherine SLATTERY, married Mary COUGHLIN, 25, Montreal, Douro, d/o Martin COUGHLIN & Julia BURKE, witn: Maurice & Catherine SWEENEY both of Douro on Nov. 10, 1881 at Douro twp.

9581-81 Patrick TAGNAY, 22, farmer, Peterboro, Otonabee twp., s/o Jeremiah TAGNAY & Margaret SHEEHAN, married Julia ALLEN, 21, Douro, same, d/o Robert ALLEN & Joanna CURTIN, witn: Jeremiah McCORMICK & Anne ALLEN both of Douro on July 12, 1881 at Douro.

#009409-81  Michael E. TANGNEY, 26, b. Peterborough, of same, Carpenter, s/o John TANGNEY & Ellen KELLY, married Catharine McCARTHY, 20, b. Douro, of Peterborough, d/o John McCARTHY & Bridget SULLIVAN, witn: Patrick TANGNEY & Johanna McCARTHY of Peterborough, on 28 July 1881 at Peterborough, (R.C.)

9418-81 Joseph A. TATE, 27, cabinet maker, Asphodel, Brampton, s/o Enoch & Mary, married Mary BARRIGAR, 22, Hastings Village, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Jane, witn: Harry MARTIN of Hastings & Maggie BARRIGAR of Toronto on May 11, 1881 at Peterboro

9524-81 Daniel TAYLOR, 21, farmer, widower, Antrim Ireland, Hindon, s/o James & Janet, married Catherine LINDSAY, 19, Scotland, Hindon Tp., d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. R. STEPHENSON & Minnie McINTOSH both of Minden on Jan. 1, 1881 at Minden

#009561-82 (Peterborough Co.) Robert TELFORD, 25, b. Smith, of same, Farmer, s/o William & Hannah TELFORD, married Mary LOGAN, 27, b. Scotland, of Peterborough, d/o John & Janet LOGAN, witnesses: William TELFORD of Smith & Jessie LOGAN of Peterborough, on 21 December 1881 9551-81 John TERRION, 23, river driver, Marmora, same, s/o Francis & Annie, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 22, Marmora, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Catherine MALONEY, witn: Annie & Francis FOX both of Blairton on June 27, 1881 at Blairton.
9568-81 Robert Henry THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Canada, Burleigh, s/o Joseph & Permelia, married Catherine BRONSON, 18, Canada, Burleigh, d/o Amasa & Frances, witn: Willard STONE of Burleigh & Mary GUARD of Lakefield on May 4, 1881 at Lakefield. #009412-81  William THOMPSON, 28, b. Ireland, of Peterborough, Mechanic, s/o William & Ellen THOMPSON, married Mary Ellen SHERLOCK, 23, b. Coubourg, of Peterborough, d/o Lucius & Mary Ann SHERLOCK, witn: Emma DERRY(?) & A.M. MILLAR(?) of Peterborough, on 6 September 1881 at Peterborough

9536-81 William G. TIMER, 22, farmer, Chatham, Faraday Tp., s/o John TIMER & Susan WEAKLAISE, married Sarah NEAL, 21, Montreal, Faraday Tp., d/o William NEAL & Philis BOOTHEY, witn: William J. PAYNE & Mary NEAL both of Faraday on Sept. 26, 1881 at Cardiff

9500-81 Edward John TOKER, 48, newspaper proprietor, England, Peterboro, s/o Philip Champion & Eliza Jeannette, married Georgina Trowbridge MATHIAS, 25, widow, New York USA, Peterboro, d/o William A. & Lizzie KELSEY, witn: John G. & A. P. HALL both of Peterboro on Oct. 26, 1881 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham

#009414-81  John TREBELL, 23, b. Reach Twp, of Peterborough, Aerated water maker, s/o John TREBELL & Harriet VIVIAN, married Lena FORSYTH, 22, b. Toronto, of Peterborough, d/o John FORSYTH & Eliza ARMSTRONG, witn: Joseph HILL & Eliza HUGGARD(?) of Peterborough, on 13 September 1881 at Peterborough #9385/81 - William TROTTER, 28, farmer, Ireland, Dakota USA, s/o William & Angelina TROTTER, m. Margaret ARMSTRONG, 22, Canada, Otonabee, d/o Andrew & Margaret ARMSTRONG, by license, Witnesses: Frances ARMSTRONG of Otonabee & Ann Eliza MORTON of Cavan, 30 March 1881 in Otonabee
#009440-81  Hezekiah TUCKER, 27, b. Douro, of same, Farmer, s/o Elias TUCKER & Kezia HELPS, married Rosanna BURGESS, 24, b. Belmont, of same, d/o William BURGESS & Mary McFEE, witnesses: James BURGESS of Belmont & Catharine McFEE of Dummer, on 28 December 1881 at Peterborough 009508-81  George WALTON, 26, b. Canada, of Emmerson Manitoba, Merchant, s/o Joseph & Sarah Jane WALTON, married Margaret Ann ROBINSON, 29, b. Canada, of Peterborough, d/o John & Fanny ROBINSON, witnesses: Joseph TULLY & Sarah J. WALTON, both of Monaghan, on 29 March 1881 at Smith
009641-82 James WATT, 22, farmer, Canada, Harcourt, s/o Donald & Elizabeth, married Isabella FERGUSON, 21, Canada, Hastings Tp., d/o John & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Angus WATT of Harcourt & Mary FERGUSON of Hastings Tp. on Dec. 23, 1881 at Haliburton


9579-81 W. G. WHITE, 26, farmer, Lower Canada, Glamorgan, s/o George & Catherine, married Sarah MAXWELL, 26, Lower Canada, Glamorgan, d/o William & Martha, witn: James FLOOD & Eliza J. WHITE no residences given on April 14, 1881 at Haliburton

9422-81 William Henry WHITE, 22, wood worker, of Peterboro, s/o William WHITE & June PENTLAND, married Elona EVANS, 20, Holland Landing, Peterboro, d/o Enos EVANS & Jane PATERSON, witn: Harry & Ellen Janet EVANS both of Peterboro on Sept. 28, 1881 at Peterboro.

9513-81 James WOOD, 44, lumber merchant, widower, Quebec, Rockland Ont., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary G. EDWARDS, 37, Smith, North Monaghan, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: George C. ROGERS & E. B. EDWARDS both of Peterboro & M. E. EDWARDS & Mary BROWN both of Rockland on March 16, 1881 at North Monaghan

9503-81 John T. WRIGHT, 48, engineer, widower, Scotland, Ashburnham, s/o John WRIGHT & Marion TAIT, married Alice Hamilton WOOD, 38, widow, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o David PORTER & Mary GILLESPIE, witn: George A. WOOD & Harriet M. WRIGHT both of Ashburnham on Nov. 25, 1881 at Ashburnham

#009448-81  William YOUNG, 30, b. Cavan Ireland, of Peterborough, Farmer, s/o Fleming YOUNG & Mary SIMM, married Mary Jane STEWART, 28, b. Balieboro Ireland, of Peterborough, d/o Samuel STEWART & Eliza SIMM, witnesses: Robert STEWART & Maggie McPHERSON of Peterborough, on 9 February 1881 at Peterborough #009445-81  Andrew YOUNG, 38, b. North Monaghan, of same, Farmer, s/o George & Mary YOUNG, married Agnes DUNLOP, 32, b. North Monaghan, of same, d/o Robert & Mary DUNLOP, witnesses: James DUNLOP of North Monaghan & Eliza ARMSTRONG of Lindsay, on 9 February 1881 at Peterborough

9457-81 Patrick YOUNG, 25, carpenter, Smith, Ennismore, s/o Francis YOUNG & Mary HOWEN, married Elizabeth McDONNELL, 21, Peterboro, same, d/o Bernard & Mary Ann, witn Cornelius KEARNEY & Rason WILLOW both of Peterboro on Feb. 15, 1881 at Peterboro