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Peterborough Co., 1887

birth place is given before residence


009682-87 (Peterborough Co) David ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Douro, same s/o Daniel (David?) ANDERSON and Ann Jane MONCRIEF married Ada H. BOULTON, 18, Douro, same d/o James BOULTON and Elizabeth STAPLES, witn: Daniel ANDERSON and Emma BOULTON, June 7, 1887, Douro 009675-87 (Peterborough Co) Allan ARMSTRONG, 21, laborer, Cavan Twp, Peterboro s/o William (?) ARMSTRONG and Annie McLEAN married Emma RUSSELL, 23, Douro, same d/o not known, witn: Elizabeth LEESON and Andrew McCARRELL, February 16, 1887, Douro
#009992-88 [Peterborough Co] Richard BARNES, 36, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o James BARNES & A. PATTERSON, m. Maggie CAMERON, 35, Otonabee, same, d/o James CAMERON & S. SINCLAIR, by license, witness: John BARNES of Otonabee, Jan. 6, 1887 in Otonabee [groom's last name should be BARRENS - family info

9904-88 David BARRIE, 33, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o David & Mary, married Annie WIGMORE, 25, Canada, Dummer, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: George A. BARRIE & Margaret Ida WIGMORE both of Dummer on April 27, 1887 at Norwood.

  009748-87 (Peterborough Co): Hugh BECKET, 57, widower, hotel keeper, Asphodel, Norwood, s/o John BECKET & Janet ANDERSON, married Agnes BARRON, 30, widow, Prince Albert, Peterborough, d/o James DULMAGE & Maria ROGERS, witnesses were P.S. EWING & Mary Kellcher, both of Peterborough, Mar. 30, 1887 at Peterborough
009673-87 (Peterborough Co) Peter BENNET, 29, mechanic, Scotland, Toronto s/o Alexander BENNET and Isabella PATERSON married Ellen O'LEARY, 21, Ottonabee, same d/o William O'LEARY and Mary COLLITON, witn: William CALDER and Marg (Mary?) O'LEARY, January 11, 1887, Douro 009670-87 (Peterborough Co) James BOWES (BOWIE?), 23, illegible, Otonabee, Allandale Village s/o Michael BOWES and Annie CONNELLY married Ellen SHEEHAN, 23, Douro, same d/o John SHEEHAN and Johanna BURKE, witn: Patrick McNULTY and Ellen COLLINS, February 8, 1887, Douro
#009667-87 (Peterborough Co.) Wellington Argue BOYCE, 27, b. Smith, of same, Farmer, s/o Wellington & Margaret BOYCE, married Mary JOHNSON, 27, b. Smith, of same, d/o George & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witnesses: G.E. JOHNSON & Lizzie BOYCE both of Smith, on 29 November 1887 at Smith Twp

9971-88 George J. BRUMWELL, 23, carpenter, Canada, Smith, s/o Jacob H. & Annie, married Louisa McDONALD, 20, Canada, Smith, d/o Neil & Isabella, witn: James BROWN & Martha McDONALD both of Smith on Dec. 27, 1887 at Smith

009683-87 (Peterborough Co) Alexander CARMICHAEL, 24, veterinarian's assistant, Brock Twp, Peterboro s/o Peter and Ellen CARMICHAEL married Laura Ann SINGLETON, 22, Dummer, Douro d/o George and Patience SINGLETON, witn: H.W. KENT and Patience SINGLETON, November 30, 1887, Douro #009996-88 (Peterborough Co.) William CARTER, 62, widower, Cobourg, Otonabee, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, m. Annie E. BRADEN, 48, Cobourg, Orono, spinster, d/o John & Mary Ann, by license, Witnesses: George & Gennie BRADEN of Otonabee, Dec. 7, 1887 in Keene

9989-88 John CHIBBYGEON, 48, farmer, widower, Otonabee, same, s/o James & Jane, married Eliza RICE, 50, widow, Otonabee, same, d/o Peter & Polley NAREGON, witn: Joseph & Eliza Jane LUKES both of Otonabee on April 11, 1887 at Hiawatha Otonabee

#009657-87 (Peterborough Co): George CLEMENTS, 24, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o John & Jane B., married Mary Ellen LOWRY, 21, Monaghan, Dummer, d/o John & Elizabeth, witnesses were Robert SOMERS of Dummer & Annie LOWRY of Warsaw, April 6, 1887 at St. Marks church, Warsaw
9631-87 (Peterborough Co): Lorenzo D. CLUTE, 51, widower, farmer, Seymour, Chandos, s/o George & Sarah, married Mary LISCOMBE, 54, widow, Asphodel, Chandos, d/o Elias & Sarah JOHNSON, witn: James G. & Alice WOODBECK of Chandos, 18 Aug 1887 at Methuen twp

9914-88 John COOK, 28, farmer, Otonobee, same, s/o Powie & Eliza, married Elleanor McMILLEN, 28, Dummer, Westwood, d/o George & Margaret, witn: William FOX of Otonobee & Sarah McMILLEN of Westwood on Dec. 21, 1887 at Westwood

9629-87 (Peterborough Co): Ben COONES, 26, laborer, Trenton, Burleigh, s/o John COONES & Nancy BLAKELY, married Emma WILSON, 22, Hamilton, Burleigh, d/o T.J. WILSON & B. BEDFORD, witn: J. William MORAN & Miss BUNTING, both of Apsley, 20 April 1887 at Apsley 009674-87 (Peterborough Co) Martin COUGHLIN, 42, farmer, Douro, same s/o Martin COUGHLIN and Julia BURK married Margaret CLANCEY, 39, Douro, same d/o Maurice CLANCEY and Margaret LAUGHLIN, witn: Richard CARUTH and Josephine LECLAIRE, February 13, 1887, Douro
009677-87 (Peterborough Co) John CRANLEY, 36, farmer, Douro, same s/o John CRANLEY and Catherine DWYER married Honora LEAHY, 32, Douro, same d/o Denis LEAHY and Mary MOHER , witn: John MOHER and Anne CRANLEY, May 4, 1887, Douro  
9590-87 (Peterborough Co): William H. CROUGH, 22, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o William CROUGH & Ellen SCULLY, married Eliza GALVIN, 23, Ennismore, same, d/o Garrett GALVIN & Mary KIELY (Kelly?), witn: Denis McCARTHY of Douro & Louisa GALVIN of Ennismore, 8 Nov 1887 at Ennismore (Rom Cath) 009692-87 (Peterborough Co) Patrick James? DONOHOE, 21, barber, illegible, Peterborough s/o Owen DONOHOE and Margaret COLLINS married Elizabeth Angela DORIS (?), 22, Canada, Peterborough d/o Edward DORIS and Mary Anne QUINN, witn: Thomas DORIS and Mary Jane DORIS, May 3, 1887, Peterborough
009689-87 (Peterborough Co) Samuel DOUPE, 35, farmer, Camden, Belmont s/o Joseph and Catherine Ann DOUPE married Elizabeth Jane SEXSMITH, 31, Belmont, same d/o Thomas and Margaret SEXSMITH, witn: Joseph DOUPE and Alice S. SEXSMITH, October 26, 1887, Belmont 9755-87 (Peterborough Co): William A. DUCKER, 32, land surveyor, Peel Co., Winnipeg, s/o William & Jessie, married Martha Agnes CLIFFORD, 24, Cavan twp., Peterborough, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: John McGILLIVRAY of Toronto & B. COCHRANE of Peterborough, 17 Jan 1887 at Peterborough
009690-87 (Peterborough Co) Charles DUNN, 27, factory man, Canada, Peterborough s/o Francis? DUNN and Bridget McDONOUGH married Agnes DONOHOE, 24, Canada, Peterborough d/o Patrick DONOHOE and Maria FAIR, witn: John ROGERS and Mary DUNN, February 15, 1887, Peterborough

9970-88 John W. ELLIOTT, 26, carpenter, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o James & Jane, married Annie FINLAY, 19, Canada, Smith, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: S. E. FERGUSON & Maggie FINLAY both of Smith on Dec. 7, 1887 at Smith

009688-87 (Peterborough Co) Melan? ELLIS, 24, labourer, Sheffield, Belmont s/o Brookes and Margaret ELLIS married Rosanna CLAPPER, 22, Kennebec, Belmont d/o Henry and Nancy CLAPPER, witn: Arthur YOUMANS and illegible YOUMANS, June 10, 1887 Blairton 9592-87 (Peterborough Co): Peter FLOOD, 21, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Thomas FLOOD & Eliza GALVIN, married Marg McCARTHY, 20, Ennismore, same, d/o Jeremiah McCARTHY & Mary O'DONOHUE, witn: Michael FLOOD & Josephine GURRY, both of Ennismore, 8 Nov 1887 at Ennismore (Rom Cath)
#09661-87 (Peterborough Co.) John GRANT, 28, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Robert & Mary GRANT, married Hannah M. TELFORD, 20, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o William & Hannah TELFORD, witnesses: John TELFORD of Ennismore & Robt. TELFORD of Smith, on 5 January 1887 at Smith Twp 9630-87 (Peterborough Co): William F.G. GRANT, 36, physician, England, Woolaston - Hastings Co., s/o William & Catherine, married Elizabeth R?. HARDING, 40, England, Burleigh, d/o Philip & Mary, witn: Philip HARDING & Georgina AYLING, both of Apsley, 18 May 1887 at St. George's Church, Apsley
9626-87 (Peterborough Co): George HATHERLY, 27, farmer, Canada, Norwood, s/o Thomas & Melorah, married Elizabeth Ann HATHERLY, 26, Canada, Otonabee, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William KNOX of Norwood & Mary HATHERLY of Otonabee, 23 March 1887 at Otonabee 9758-87 (Peterborough Co): James Lewis HATTERSLEY, 28, farmer, Hamilton twp., Otonabee, s/o John HATTERSLEY & Elizabeth BOZZEY, married Annie Mary CHAMBERS, 25, Otonabee, same, d/o William CHAMBERS & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Robert CHAMBERS & Mary Ann HATTERSLY, both of Otonabee, 19 Jan 1887 at Peterborough
#009747-87 (Peterborough Co): William HEFFERMAN, 24, carpenter, Bewdley-Durham Co., W. Northumberland, s/o John HEFFERMAN & Mary MOORE, married Maggie SHERWIN, 19, Al-ick, same, d/o William SHERWIN & Sarah HAMSHEE, witnesses were John A. HARTLEY & Emma DAVIS, both of Peterborough, March 31, 1887 at Peterborough 9638-87 (Peterborough Co): William John HUBBLE, 21, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o Ledger & Jane, married Georgina B. ELLIOTT, 16, Norwood, Asphodel, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: William TAYLOR & Emma Martha ELLIOTT, 29 March 1887 at Asphodel
#009655-87 (Peterborough Co): Benjamin JAMES, 24, shoemaker, widower, Birmingham England, Warsaw, s/o Benjamin & Ann, married Jane SANDERS, 18, Birmingham England, Dummer, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were Daniel SANDERS of Norwood & Charlotte JAMES of Warsaw, 27 Jan., 1887 at Dummer 9753-87 (Peterborough Co): James R. JONES, 35, doctor, Canada, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Margaret E. DENNISTONN, 19, Canada, Peterborough, d/o J.F. & Catherine D., witn: Robert & R.M. DENNISTONN of Peterborough, 5 Jan 1887 at Peterborough
9591-87 (Peterborough Co): James KELLEN, 28, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Patrick KELLEN & Elizabeth LYMASINE, married Mary O'DONOHUE, 21, Ennismore, same, d/o John O'DONOHUE & Ellen CROUGH, witn: William KELLEN & Katharine FLOOD, both of Ennismore, 8 Nov 1887 at Ennismore (Rom Cath) 9589-87 (Peterborough Co): Richard KELLEN, 25, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Patrick KELLEN & Elizabeth LYMASINE, married Catherine HICKSON, 24, Ennismore, same, d/o James HICKSON & Julia HANLY, witn: J.F. --LWAN & Mary HICKSON, both of Ennismore, 17 July 1887 at Ennismore (Rom Cath)
#09662-87 (Peterborough Co.) Isaiah KESHIGO, 26, b. Canada, of Chemong Village, Farmer, s/o William & Sarah KESHIGO, married Adelaide CROWE, 18, b. Canada, of Chemong Village, d/o Jeremiah & Hannah CROWE, witnesses: William KNOTT & Sophia LUTE[?] both of Chemong Village, on 9 Feb 1887 at Smith Twp 9639-87 (Peterborough Co): John Lawrence KIDD, 29, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o John L. & Jessie, married Mary Christena PATTERSON, 23, Dummer twp., same, d/o Archibald & Rachel, witn: Sam JOHNSON of Havelock & Maggie BARNES of Westwood, 22 March 1887 at Asphodel
009679-87 (Peterborough Co) William LEAHY, 48, farmer, Douro, same s/o illegible and Bridget CONDON married Hannora CROUGH, 19, Douro, same d/o Thomas CROUGH and Johanna SHEEHAN, witn: John BARRY and Bridget SULLIVAN, June 1, 1887, Douro #009658-87 (Peterborough Co): Robert Hamilton LITTLE, 22, yeoman, Dummer, same, s/o James & Sarah Jane, married Ada SINGLETON, 19, Douro, same, d/o George & Patience, witnesses were William J. LITTLE & Patience SINGLETON, both of Dummer, 30 March 1887 at Warsaw
009672-87 (Peterborough Co) Thomas MALONEY, 30, farmer, Douro, same s/o Roger MALONEY and Bridget CROWLEY married Bridget LEAHY, 28, Douro, same d/o Michael LEAHY and Margaret SHEEHAN, witn: Patrick M. LEAHY and Catherine CROWLEY (CROWLY?), January 8, 1887, Douro #009994-88(Peterborough County) Samuel MATHER, 32,carriage maker, Otonabee, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, m. Victoria KERLY, 21, Peterborough, Otonabee, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, by license, witnesses: Esau TUCKER & Annie KERLY, Jan. 19, 1887 in Keene

9979-88 Joseph MATTHEWS, 24, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Ann DODDS, 21, Dummer, same, d/o Hugh & Mary Jane, witn: Mrs.. Elizabeth CASS & H. M. TOZELAND both of Warsaw on Dec. 26, 1887 at Warsaw

015540-87 (Peterborough Co) Thomas James McCONNELL, 28, farmer, Dummer, Belmont s/o James and Mary McCONNELL married Elizabeth Jane PETHERICK, 27, Seymour, Belmont d/o John and Alice PETHERICK, witn: George McCONNELL and Jemima ALLEN, February 9, 1887, Belmont

9903-88 David McFADDEN, 22, yeoman, Canada, Norwood, s/o Robert & Mary, married Margaret NICOLL, 17, Canada, Norwood, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Mrs. E. NICOLL & Annie COMSTOCK both of Norwood on Nov. 2, 1887 at Norwood.

009669-87 (Peterborough Co) Edward McFADDEN 24, farmer, Digby, Percy s/o Patrick McFADDEN and Catherine MASTERSON married Ellen MOHER (MOHER?), 24, Douro, same d/o James MOHER and Mary SHEEHAN, witn: William BARRY and Annie MOHER , January 8, 1887, Douro
9627-87 (Peterborough Co): Cyrus McFADDEN, 28, laborer, Peterborough, Burleigh, s/o Cyrus McFADDEN & Johanna GARDNER, married Louisa COONES, 21, Burleigh, same, d/o John COONES & Nancy BLAKELY, witn: Nancy McFADDEN & Ben COONES, 15 March 1887 at Burleigh #009656-87 (Peterborough Co): John A. McINTOSH, 24, farmer, Bruce Co., Dummer, s/o John McINTOSH & Sarah PATTERSON, married Nancy CLEMENTS, 22, Dummer, same, d/o John CLEMENTS & Jane BAILY, witnesses were Betsy McINTOSH of Bruce Co & George CLEMENTS of Dummer
#009663-87 (Peterborough Co.) William George McKEE, 24, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Andrew & Mary Ann McKEE, married Emma Jane CULLEN, 22, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Simon & Martha CULLEN, witnesses: Samuel MANN of Peterborough & Martha CULLEN of Smith, on 26 January 1887 at Smith Twp #009665-87 (Peterborough Co.) Isaac McKEE, 25, b. Canada, of Brighton[?], Ont., Blacksmith, s/o Andrew & Mary Ann McKEE, married Jane STABLER, 24, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o William & Mary Ann STABLER, witnesses: Fred WILSON & Maria McKEE both of Smith Twp., on 12 October 1887 at Smith Twp
9760-87 (Peterborough Co): Robert McKNIGHT, 27, Presbyterian clergyman, South Monaghan, Cavan twp., s/o Robert & Mary (or Margaret), married Harriet Burnham CHOATE, 25, Warsaw, same, d/o Thomas George & Christena, witn: B. & M.F. EARLE of Peterborough, 22 Feb 1887 at Peterborough #009664-87 (Peterborough Co.) John McGrath McMANNUS, 23, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o James & Bridget McMANNUS, married Maggie McGRATH, 25, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o John & Ellen McGRATH, witnesses: John YOUNG & Ellen SCOTT of Smith Twp., on 26 September 1887 at Smith Twp
#009666-87 (Peterborough Co.) Joseph R. METHERAL, 25, b. Peterborough, of same, Carriage maker, s/o William & Isabella METHERAL, married Elizabeth McKIBBIN, 25, b. Smith, of same, d/o James & Mary Ann McKIBBIN, witnesses: J.D. BROOK of Peterborough & Jennie McKIBBIN of Smith, on 2 Nov 1887 at Smith Twp 009668-87 (Peterborough Co) Jeremiah MOHER , 28, farmer, Douro, same s/o Patrick MOHER and Hannora O'NEIL married Elizabeth O'BRIEN, 28, Douro, same d/o John O'BRIEN and Mary MAHONEY, witness- Philip O'BRIEN and Cecelia MOHER , January 25, 1887, Douro
010067-88 (Peterborough Co) James MONTGOMERY, 32, Peterborough, same, carpenter, s/o James MONTGOMERY & Mary McKEE, married Lizzie SUTHERLAND, 24, Emily Twp, Peterborough, d/o James SUTHERLAND & Sarah CORNELL (CONNELL?) wtn: T.J. WILSON & Susannah SUTHERLAND, both of Peterborough, on December 14, 1887, at Peterborough 009678-87 (Peterborough Co) Thomas MORGAN, 40, farmer, Douro, same s/o John MORGAN and Anne BOYD married Bridget ALLEN, 34, Douro, same d/o Anthony ALLEN and Mary SULLIVAN, witn: John BARRY and Catherine ALLEN, June 1, 1887, Douro
9593-87 (Peterborough Co): Eugene MURPHY, 23, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Tim MURPHY & Catherine SHANNAHAN, married Catherine FLOOD, 19, Ennismore, same, d/o Thomas FLOOD & Eliza GALVIN, witn: John FLOOD & Ada GALVIN, both of Ennismore, 15 Nov 1887 at Ennismore (Rom Cath)

9906-88 Adam H. MEYERS, 27, farmer, Canada, Belmont, s/o Adam & Johanna, married Martha PARSONS, 17, Canada, Belmont, d/o George & Lovisy, witn: D. S. SARGENT & B. PEARCE both of Norwood on Aug. 11, 1887 at Norwood

#009995-88 (Peterborough County) Andrew S. NELSON, 30, farmer, Otonabee, Otonabee, s/o Andrew & Phoebie, m. Jane A. FIFE, 24, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o Sylvester & Christina, by license, witnesses: Frederick NELSON of Otonabee, Rosella FIFE of Otonabee, March 23, 1887 in Otonabee 9634-87 (Peterborough Co): John NEWBERRY, 33, farmer, Percy twp., Chandros, s/o Bennet & Polly, married Nancy Johanna McFADDEN, 18, Burleigh twp., Chandros, d/o Cyrus & Martha, witn: Darius NEWBERRY & S. WINDSOR, both of Chandros, 23 Dec 1887 at Chandros

9895-88 Robert NEWTON, 23, farmer, England, Belmont, s/o Robert NEWTON & Elizabeth HUDSON, married Margaret Jane McMULLEN, 21, Belmont, same, d/o William McMULLEN & Jennie SIMPSON, witn: Fred SPINKS & Eva NEWTON both of Belmont on Dec. 21, 1887 at Blairton

9633-87 (Peterborough Co): Albert NICHOLSON, 27, farmer, Sidney, Methuen, s/o John & Maria, married Henrietta WOODS, 21, Methuen, same, d/o James & Salinda, witn: Willard PETERS & Henrietta HOARD, both of Methuen, 16 Nov 1887 at res of E.J. G--?, Chandos
#009659-87 (Peterborough Co): William K. PAYNE, 29, farmer, Douro, Dummer, s/o Sidney & Susan, married Addie E. CHOATE, 25, Dummer, same, d/o George & Christie, witnesses were A.P. CHOATE of Peterborough & Mary LUMSDEN of Warsaw, 22 June 1887 at St. Marks, church Warsaw 009680-87 (Peterborough Co) George PAYNE, 72, farmer, England, Dummer Twp s/o illegible and Sarah PAYNE married Julia Ann NORTON, 61, Ontario, Desoronto d/o John and Hannah PARASOL, witn: John BICKELL and Sarah BICKELL, July 17, 1887, Douro
  #009746-87 (Peterborough Co): William E. PAYTON, 22, carpenter, Bath England, Peterborough, s/o Edward & Mary, married Sarah CLARKE, 22, Prince Edward Co., same, d/o James CLARKE & Mary FOX, witnesses were George & Minnie FLANARTON, March 29, 1887 at Peterborough
9637-87 (Peterborough Co): James G. ROBB, 27, blacksmith, Ontario, Westwood, s/o James ROBB & Jane McMILLAN, married Mary BRACKENRIDGE, 21, Asphodel, same, d/o John BRACKENRIDGE & Agnes STEVENSON, witn: Hugh ROBB of Dummer & Jane BRACKENRIDGE of Asphodel, 26 May 1887 at Asphodel

9896-88 William ROE, 21, farmer, Sidney, Belmont, s/o William ROE & Mary CURNEY, married Lucy RADDON, 19, Seymour, same, d/o Henry RADDON & Lucy KING, witn: Mary E. FALLIS of Blairton on Aug. 3, 1887 at Blairton.

9893-88 George B. SANDERS? (Sanderson? Cut off), 25, farmer, Huntingdon, Belmont, s/o B. F. SANDERS & Joanna SALTER, married Emily PETTIBONE, 18, Rawdon, Belmont, d/o Jacob PETTIBONE & Mary WILLIAMS (?cut off), witn: Rev. Tollen WILLIAMS of Havelock on Aug. 31, 1887 at Belmont

009681-87 (Peterborough Co) John SHEEHAN, laborer, 72, Ireland, Douro s/o Daniel SHEEHAN and Bridget CRIMMON married Bridget AHERN, 40, Douro, same d/o John AHERN and Margaret O'BRIEN, witn: Patrick McNULTY and Catherine Agnes GRADY, September 18, 1887, Douro
9632-87 (Peterborough Co): Thomas L. SIMPSON, 45, widower, blacksmith, Ireland, Chandos, s/o John & Margaret, married Lucretia WOODBECK, 33, widow, Radon, Chandos, d/o Orley & Sarah McKAY, witn: Henry FOSTER & Tela McFADDEN, both of Chandos, 5 Sept 1887 at res of bride, Chandos 009691-87 (Peterborough Co) John SOMERVILLE, 31, laborer, Canada, Peterborough s/o J--? SOMERVILLE and Ann FINLAY married Ellen CORCORAN, 30, Canada, Peterborough d/o Bernard CORCORAN and Catherine WALSH, witn: Runard CORCORAN and Susanna BIRD, February 21, 1887, Peterborough
#009991-88 (Peterborough County) John STEEL, 30, farmer, Asphodel, Asphodel, s/o John STEEL & M. ELMHURST, m. Maggie HASTIE, 23, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o William HASTIE & Ann SCOTT, by license, witness: Fred FIFE of Otonabee, Oct. 19, 1887 in Otonabee 009676-87 (Peterborough Co) Louis SULLIVAN, 26, farmer, Douro, same s/o illegible SULLIVAN and Hannah DALEY married Ellen O'BRIEN, 30, Ottonabee, same d/o Alexander O'BRIEN and Ellen CLANCEY, witn: John SHEEHAN and Margaret O'BRIEN, June 5, 1887, Douro

10005-88 Robert TAN?, 50, widower, mariner, Cobourg, Port Hope, s/o William & Rachel, married Prudence Carlin NEWETT, 30, widow, Belmont, Port Hope, d/o William & Eliza TAMBLIN, witn: Robert & Agnes TAMBLIN both of Peterboro on Dec. 6, 1887 at Peterboro.

009685-87 (Peterborough Co) David VANSICKLE, 22, farmer, Methuen Twp, same s/o John VANSICKLE and Amanda McLAUGHLIN married Margaret GRIFFIN, 19, Marmora Twp, same d/o Robert and Sarah GRIFFIN, witn: George VANSICKLE and Annie DOWNES, May 24, 1887, Blairton
9757-87 (Peterborough Co): Adam WADDELL, 34, canoe builder, Peterborough, Ashburnham, s/o Robert WADDELL & Annie WILLIAMSON, married Lizzie RUSSELL, 27, Baltimore Ont., Ashburnham, d/o James RUSSELL & Jessie Ann DAWSON, witn: John C. MILLER of Peterborough & Isabella HORSBURGH of Hamilton, 2 Feb 1887 at Peterborough 009671-87 (Peterborough Co) Augustine WHIBBS, 22, blacksmith, Douro, same s/o George WHIBBS and Annie CUFF married Hannah KAVANAGH, 19, Otonabee, same d/o Thomas KAVANAGH and Bridget SULLIVAN, witn: Thomas O'BRIEN and Johanna KAVANAGH, January 25, 1887, Douro
009687-87 (Peterborough Co) Charles W. WILDE, 24, farmer, Belmont, same s/o Jonathan and Ellen WILDE married Annie Margaret HOLCOMB, 17, Belmont, same d/o Henry and Elizabeth HOLCOMB, witn: Thomas PATTERSON and Emma HOLCOMB, March 9, 1887, Belmont 9628-87 (Peterborough Co): Joseph K. WILSON, 26, laborer, Michigan, Burleigh, s/o T.J. WILSON & B. BEDFORD, married Mary A. BULLIED, 21, Port Hope, Chandos, d/o Thomas BULLIED & Mary FULTON (or Fullon), witn: J.W. MORAN & Miss BUNTING?, both of Apsley, 20 April 1887 at Apsley
9756-87 (Peterborough Co): illegible C. YELLAND, 27, blacksmith, Peterborough, same, s/o William & Elizabeth Fidelia, married Mary P?. JOHNSTON, 19, Belmont, Peterborough, d/o Robert & Anna Maria, wtn: Thomas HOOPER of Peterborough & Prudence JOHNS of Cobourg, 19 Jan 1887 at Peterborough 009686-87 (Peterborough Co) Arthur YOUMANS, 25, laborer, Belmont, Blairton s/o Daniel R. and Elizabeth YOUMANS married Agnes Maud COVERT, 16, Marmora, Blairton d/o Isaac Cole and Annie COVERT, witn: Daniel and Elizabeth YOUMANS, March 8, 1887, Blairton

10003-88 J. YOUNG, 24, labourer, Canada, Pontypool, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Mary Caroline KING, 15, Canada, Pontypool, d/o Marvin & Betsy, witn: Emma & Nancy KING both of Pontypool on Dec. 24, 1887 at Peterboro