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Peterborough County, 1867 - 1869

Marriages on this page were submitted by both Barb Milburn [BM] & Adrian Donley [AD]

Transcribed from LDS #1030063 (MS 248 Reel 13)


Return No. 166, continuation of marriages by John M. Roper, Peterboro - 1867 [AD]

Henderson NESBITT, 25, of Peterboro, born Twp. Beckwith, s/o GeorgeNESBITT & Elith. IRVINE, m. Isabella McWILLIAMS, 19, of Peterboro, born Twp. Asphodel, d/o James McWILLIAMS & Sarah BAI???. Witness: John McWILLIAMS of Peterboro. 27 Feb 1867.

Walter Morice ROGER, 27, of ?atl? C.W., born Scotland, s/o John M. ROGER & Elith. ROGER, m. Helen Sarah WALLIS, 25, of Twp. Monaghan, born Scotland, d/o James WALLIS & Janet FISHER. Witness: Ts. M. FAIRBAIRN of Peterboro. 21 Mar 1867.

William DONNELLY, 25, of Peterborough, born Twp. Smith, s/o William DONNELLY & Esther SYER, m. Mary J. MOFFAT, 22, of Peterboro, born Peterboro, d/o Andw. MOFFAT & Helen MALCOLM. Witness: William CUMMING of Peterboro. 5 Apr 1867.

Paul KINGSLEY, 24, of Twp. Dummer, born Twp. Percy, s/o Paul KINGSLEY & Margt. PICKENS, m. Sarah BARR, 20, of Twp. Dummer, born Twp. Dummer, d/o George BARR & Rebeca MARLS (?). Witness: Josep BARR of Dummer. 25 Apr 1867.

Edmund MAUNSELL, 34, of Peterboro, born England, s/o Richard MAUNSELL & Honour TUCKER, m. Ann STEWART, 24, of Peterboro, born Ireland, d/o Adm. STEWART & Sarah (?) BROWNCOAT. Witness: William GREEN of Peterboro. 8 May 1867.

Ruben CLARK, 25, of Twp. Smith, born Twp. Eavnest (?), s/o John CLARK & Elbth. WELDEN, m. Susan CROW, 19, of Twp. Smith, born Twp. Smith, d/o Francis CROW & Abigail PERSON. Witness: Edwd. TOTTON of Twp. Smith. 22 June 1867.

William Henderson EDWARDS, of Peterboro, born Toronto, s/o William H. EDWARDS & Mary J. NEIL, m. Alice DUTTON, 17, of Peterboro, born Ogdensburg, d/o William DUTTON & Hannah NASH. Witness: Robert BROWN, Peterboro. 23 July 1867.

Alex STEWART, 32, of Fon Du Lac U.S., born Lancaster U.C., s/o John STEWART & Ann McDONALD, m. Cordelia CRAWFORD, 25, of Peterboro, born Waterford U.S., d/o Elias CRAWFORD & Debby Ann JONES. Witness: James BEST, Peterboro. 4 Sept 1867.

Richard HALL, 23, of Peterboro, born Twp. Smith, s/o John HALL & Isabella JOHNSON, m. Jane DICKSON, 22, of Peterboro, born Peterboro, d/o Saml. DICKSON & Ann HOLMES. Witness: Robert INNES, Peterboro. 18 Sept 1867.

Saml. GLASS, 19, of Peterboro, born Twp. Emily, s/o William GLASS & Marta. JACKSON, m. Esther ADAMS, 19, of Peterboro, born Scotland, d/o William ADAMS & Elizabeth ADAMS. Witness: Isaac S. E??EDY, Peterboro. 10 Oct 1867.

William TAYLOR, 32, of Twp. Smith, born Twp. Smith, s/o Charles TAYLOR & Jane STABLER, m. Julia HALL, 29, of Twp. Smith, born Twp. Smith, d/o John HALL & Isabella JOHNSON. Witness: Weston B. KELLY, Twp. Smith. 30 Oct 1867.

James McCONNAL, 23, of Twp. S. Monaghan, b. Ireland, s/o Robert McCONNAL & Margt. REDICK, m. Mary McFALL, 22, of S. Monaghan, born Toronto, d/o John McFALL & Susannah WALLIS. Witness: George M. ROGER, Peterboro. 2 Dec 1867.

Sml. REDPATH, 33, of Peterboro, born England, s/o James REDPATH & Jane SWAN, m. Janes ISBESTER, 20, of Peterboro, born Scotland, d/o William ISBESTER & Margt. ANDERSON. Witness: Henry T. ANDERSON, Peterboro. 24 Dec 1867.


Return of Marriages Solemnized by Thomas David Hardie and William Halstead, Ministers of the W. Methodist Church - 1867 [AD]

John M. FORBES, 23, of Belmont, born L. Canada, s/o Jacob FORBES & Cathn. FORBES, m. Mary E. ALTHOUSE, 16, of Methune, born U. Canada, d/o Elijah ALTHOUSE & Eliza ALTHOUSE. Witness: William RODGERS, Belmont. Jany. 28th 1867.

Henry MILLIGAN, 22, of Belmont, born U. Canada, s/o William MILLIGAN & Hannah MILLIGAN, m. Mary A. YEOMAN, 19, of Belmont, born U. Canada, d/o Elijah YEOMAN & C. YEOMAN. Witness: Lois MILLIGAN, Belmont. April 18th 1867.

Johnstone KNOX, 19, of Seymore(?), born Ontario, s/o William KNOX & Isabella KNOX, m. Cathn. T. SWITZER, 17, of Belmont, born Ontario, d/o M. SWITZER & M.A. SWITZER. Witness: Philip GARRISON, Belmont. Oct 6th 1867.

George W. HOLCOMB, 27, of Belmont, born Ontario, s/o William & Elizabeth HOLCOMB, m. Martha A. GARRISON, 20, of Belmont, born Ontario, d/o Philip & Elizabeth GARRISON. Witness: Ezekiel NIXON, Belmont. Oct 26 1867.

John E. COOPER, 27, of Blairtown, born England, s/o John and Mary COOPER, m. Augusta POMEROY, 22, of Blairtown, born Ontario, d/o Thomas & Mary A. POMEROY. Witness: James BELL, Blairtown. Dec 30 1867.


before J. W. R. BECK, M. A. Rector for Peterboro, Minister of the Church of England - 1868 [BM]

John BURNHAM, 25, of Ashburnham, born - Canada, s/o Mark & Hetty F. BURHAM, m. Maria M. G., 22, of Canada, born - Canada, d/o R. D. ROGERS & Elizabeth, Witness: George BURNHAM of Ashburnham, Feb 11, 1868

Malcolm WILSON, 21, of Canada, born - Canada, s/o John & Elizabeth WILSON, m. Mary E., 21, of Canada, born - Canada, d/o Philip & F. E. HAM, Witness: J. WILSON of Peterborough, March 4, 1868

Joseph KING, 31, of Canada, born - Canada, s/o Joseph & Lucy KING, m. Rebecca CONNELL, 35, of Canada, born - Ireland, d/o Daniel & Johanna CONNELL, Witness: Harry BECK of Peterborough, July 13, 1868

Harry LYE, 30, of USA, born - England, s/o Pete & Martha LYE, m. Sarah Francis, 25, of Canada, born - Canada, d/o William & Maria HILTON, Witness: William HILTON of Peterborough, April 11, 1868

Robert SCOTT, 21, of USA, born - England, s/o William & Ann SCOTT, m. Elizabeth Janett, 28, of Canada, born - England, d/o Joseph & Mary A. BUTCHER, Witness: John BUTCHER of Smith, Sept. 9, 1868

Thomas GRAHAM, 31, of USA, born - Ireland, s/o Arthur & Mary GRAHAM, m. T. A. STOTHARD, 30, of Canada, born - Ireland, d/o Adam & Elizabeth STOTHARD, Witness: Francis COONEY of Peterborough, Sept. 29, 1868

Mich'l MURPHY, 22, of Peterborough, born - Ireland, s/o James & Ann MURPHY, m. Margaret SCULLY, 17, of Lindsay, born - Otonabee, d/o George & Ann SCULLY, Witness: James HODGSON of Peterborough, Dec. 26, 1868

James COX, 21, of Canada, born - Canada, s/o John & Ann COX, m. Francis Clair HONTOON, 18, of Twp. Smith, born - USA, d/o George & Ann HONTOON [Houtoon], Witness: Robert WHITE of Peterborough, Oct. 21, 1868

Harry MAGILL, 24, of Canada, born - Ireland, s/o Henry & Jane MAGILL, m. Alice Keeler, 30, of Canada, born - USA, d/o Benjamin & Jane CHESTNUT, Witness: John MONTGOMERY of Peterborough, Nov. 9, 1868


by John SANDERSON, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Peterboro,  for 1868 [BM]

Robert GRAHAM, 25, of Dummer, born - Canada, s/o George & Mary A. GRAHAM, m. Nancy McPHERSON, 20, of Dummer, born - Canada, d/o Thomas & Letitia McPHERSON, Witnesses: John McPHERSON & George GRAHAM of Dummer, June 8, 1868

John McCOY, 21, of Peterboro, born - Canada, s/o Robert & Margaret McCOY, m. Margaret CHRISTO, 21, of Seymour, born - Canada, d/o Joseph & Margaret CHRISTO, Witnesses: Henry LAVEY?? & Hannah GARNET of Peterboro, June 12, 1868

William Francis SALTER, 22, of Peterboro, born-Jersey, s/o Wm & Rachael SALTER, m. Alice R. DAVY, 15 or 25, of Peterboro, born - Canada, d/o George B. & Rachael DAVY, Witnesses: Joseph KENNEDY & Eliza J. KENNEDY of Peterboro, Dec. 24, 1868

William M. ORR, 27, of Asphodel, born - Canada, s/o William & Margaret ORR, m. Isabella McGRATH, 25, of Asphodel, born- Canada, d/o Thomas & Sharlett McGRATH, Witnesses: John DONELL & William H. M. McGRATH of Peterboro, Jan. 12, 1869


Return number 178. Marriages solemnized by Joseph STINSON and John SANDERSON, Ministers of Warsaw, 1868 [AD]

John MIDDLETON, 23, of Douro, born Douro, s/o Jas, & Elizabeth MIDDLETON, m. Mary NEVILLE, 18, of Douro, born Douro, d/o William & Margt. NEVILLE. (Witness not inserted). 27 Apl 1868.

William N. McCRACKEN, 27, of Ainleyville, born Dummer, s/o William & Anne McCRACKEN, m. Jane CAWETH, 21, of Dummer, born Dummer, d/o John & Louisa CAWETH. Witnesses: John CAWETH & Joseph GRANT, Dummer. 27 May 1868.

William THOMAS, 28, of Peterborough, born U.S., s/o William & Ann THOMAS, m. Martha BELL, 22, of Douro, born Canada, d/o Jacob & Sarah BELL. Witnesses: Haz?? BELL & Victoria BELL, Duoro. 27 Oct 1868.

Edward G. LAUGHLIN, 24, of Burleigh, born Canada, s/o Edwd. & Jane LAUGHLIN, m. Ara Adne HUBEL, 20, of Burleigh, born Canada, d/o John & Jane LAUCHLIN. Witnesses: James CLARKESTONE & Arasina HUBEL, Burleigh. Dec 10 1868.


by Rev. Frederick BURT, a Minister of the Church of England - 1868 [BM]

William Ouras DOWELL, 22, of Stanhope, born - Ontario, s/o William & Rachael DOWELL, m. Ellen J. JONES, 18, of Stanhope, born - Ontario, d/o Francis & Elizabeth JONES, Witnesses: Francis JONES & William H. JONES of Stanhope, Jan. 16, 1868

Francis PECK, 39, of Snowdon, born - Ontario, s/o Jas & Anna PECK, m. Christena CLINE, 22, of Lutterworth, born Cornwall, Quebec, d/o William CLINE [Clive?] & Christina HARTLE, Witnesses: Donald C. HARTLE, William HARTLE of Lutterworth, Jan. 22, 1868

Andrew MOWREY, 20, of Smith Peterboro, born - Ontario, s/o Orlando & Nancy MOWREY, m. Eliza BAINUM, 19, of Stanhope, born- Canada, d/o Andrew BAINUM & Ann GAINFORTH, Witnesses: Albert LOUCKES of Minden & William BAINUM of Stanhope, May 2, 1868

James W. FAIRFIELD, 25, of Minden, born - Ontario, s/o John & Cath'n E. FAIRFIELD, m. Mary STEELE, 18, of Anson, born - Ireland, d/o Robert & Isabella STEELE, Witnesses: Jas H. GAINER & Robert G. GAINER of Minden, May 30, 1868

Thomas COX, 22, of Minden, born - England, s/o John & Elizabeth COX, m. Mary G. GILBERT, 24, of Minden, born - England, d/o William & Isabella GILBERT, Witnesses: John COX & A. McDOUGAL of Minden, July 13, 1868

John MASON, 22, of Stanhope, born - England, s/o George & Hannah MASON, m. Elizabeth CHANDLER, 20, of Stanhope, born - England, d/o Francis & Eliza CHANDLER, Witnesses: Thomas MASON of Stanhope, Aug. 4, 1868

Thomas RANSON, 24, of Lutterworth, born - Ontario, s/o Robert RANSON & Ann ADAMS, m. Sarah A. MORTIMER, 18, of Anson, born - Ontario, d/o Andrew & Catherine MORTIMER, Witness: John MORTIMER of Anson, Aug. 26, 1868

John Oscar HARTLE, 39, of Snowden, born - Ontario, s/o John HARTLE & Christina CUMING, m. Eliza A. BAMHANT, 21 of Snowdon, born - Ontario d/o Levi BAMHANT? & Sarah A. BURNSTON?, Witness: William HARTLE of Snowdon, Dec. 5, 1868

Joseph DIONNE, 19, of Somerville, born-Quebec, s/o Celestine & Mary DIONNE, m. Mary A. McGUIRE, 15, of Lutterworth, born - Ontario, d/o James McGUIRE & Elizabeth A. McGUIRE, Witness: Dan'l McARTHUR of Somerville, Dec. 23, 1868


by Rev. Joseph REYNOLDS, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church - 1868 [BM]

John THROOP, 24, of Otonabee, born-Cobourg, s/o David & Ann THROOP m. Mary A. HOWSON, 25, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o William & Julia HOWSON, Witnesses: John HOWSON of Haldimand & Thomas POOLE of Peterborough, May 25, 1868

John TONCHEY? [Indian], 50, of Hiawatha, born - unknown, s/o Jacob & Mary, m. Easter FATELEY [widow], 45, of Hiawatha, born - Otonabee, d/o John & Mary CROW, Witnesses: L. R. CRAWFORD & J. P. NANGON of Hiawatha, June 26, 1868


by Vincent CLEMENTI, B. A., a Minister of Church of England of North Douro - 1868 [BM]

Francis E. ARCHER, 24, of Peterboro, born - England, s/o John & Sarah ARCHER, m. Margaret A. E. RUBIDGE, 22, of Peterboro, born - Otonabee, d/o Charles P. & Sarah M. RUBIDGE, Witnesses: M. Rosamond DUNSFORD of Lindsay & Fred RUBIDGE of Peterboro, August 19, 1868

Walter R. STRICKLAND, 24, of Douro, born - Douro, s/o Sam'l & Mary STRICKLAND, m. Charlotte A. MORGAN, 24, of Peterboro, born-Montreal, d/o Peter & Ann M. MORGAN, Witnesses: E. W. JADIS of Lakefield & A. T. TULLY of Toronto, Oct. 14, 1868

Theodore Bold CLEMENTI, 31, of Peterborough, born - England, s/o Vincent & Elizabeth CLEMENTI, m. M. Rosamond DUNSFORD, 20, of Lindsay, born - Peterboro, d/o Hartley & Cath. N. DUNSFORD, Witnesses: George BAILIE of Peterboro & M. C. DUNSFORD of Lindsay, Dec. 15, 1868


No 179. Return of Marriages by Rev. J. H. JOHNSON of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1868 [AD]

William COWIE, 23, of Peterborough, born Kingston, s/o Thomas COWIE & Hannah KELLER, m. Mary D'ARCY, 20, of Peterborough, born Smith, d/o Ga?ett D'ARCY & Anne WHITE. Witnesses: Saml. KEMP & Thomas BURKE, Peterboro. 15 Jany. 1868

George WEBBER, 26, of Peterborough, born Devonshire Engd., s/o Giles WEBBER & Elizabeth HARVEY, m. Elizabeth McKEE, 22, of Smith, born Smith, d/o William McKEE & Mary TINLAY. Witnesses: John McKEE of Smith, George Kingdon of Peterboro. 22 Jany. 1868

William A MORROW, 32, of Fair Mount Cavan, born Fair Mount Cavan, s/o William MORROW & Isabella ARMSTRONG, m. Mary A. JENKINS, 29, of Peterboro, born St. Catherines, d/o Danl. HOPKINS & Jane DONELLY. Witnesses: Rev. J. WILSON, B.A. & Isabella STINSON of Millbrook. Jany. 29 1868

John LAMB, 32, of Cavan, born Cavan, s/o David LAMB & Emma DAWSON, m. Sarah ROBERTSON, 21, of Cavan, born Cavan, d/o Alex ROBERTSON & Elizabeth TRYLIS(?). Witnesses: Alex ROBERTSON Jr. & Ellen FOWLER of Peterboro. 12 March 1868

Alex CONNOR, 35, of Peterboro, born Belleville Ont., s/o William CONNOR & Mary A. THOMPSON, m. Mary A. WELLS, 24, of Peterborough, born Kingston Ont., d/o John WELLS & Eliza LIVINGSTON. Witnesses: William WELLS of N. Monaghan & Mary A. McKEE of Cavan. 19 March 1868.

John MONTGOMERY, 28, of Smith, born Peterboro, s/o David MONTGOMERY & Mary STINSON, m. Ann J. DEVER, 26, of Peterboro, born Co. Fermanagh Ireland, d/o Andrew DEVER & Barbary ROBINSON. Witnesses: Saml. STINSON & Margt. DEVER of Peterboro. 14 April 1868

William SNOWDON, 35, of Rokeby, born Newcastle Eng., s/o William SNOWDON & Ann EDGAR, m. Jane MILBURN, 30, of Smith, born Smith, d/o Thomas H. MILBURN & Elizabeth EDGAR. Witnesses: R. I. MILBURN of Smith & Ann BURTON of Peterboro. 1 June 1868

Joseph LONSLEY, 21, of Anstruther, born Berkshire Eng., s/o Joseph LONSLEY & Hannah NORRIS, m. Lucinda McGOWAN, 21, of Peterboro, born Montreal, d/o Thomas McGOWAN & Martha HOBBS. Witnesses: John RUSH & Sarah LONDERVILLE of Smith. 1 July 1868

William Henry WILLSON, 28, of Omemee, born Mariposa, s/o Walter WILSON & Ann COPELAND, m. Annie WHITE, 25, of Omemee, born Cavan Ireland, d/o Robert WHITE & Sarah MILLS. Witnesses: Hugh WILLSON of Peterboro & Betsy HAWKINS of Keene. 1 July 1868

James BIS??T, 23, of Streetsville Ont., born Cobourg Ont., s/o James BIS??T & Ellen HISLOP, m. Mary KENDRY, 21, of Douro, born N.Y. State, d/o Thomas KENDRY & Cathn. McKEITH. Witnesses: Amelia SEMMONS of Mariposa & Isabella SHELTON of Omemee. 24 July 1868

Andrew BOWMAN, 28, of Milbrook, born S. Monaghan, s/o John BOWMAN & Ann TURNBULL, m. Margt. KELLETT, 28, of Millbrook, born Chicago U.S., d/o Breaky(?) ORR & Margt. COURTNEY. Witnesses: Joseph WILSON & Rachel WILSON of Peterboro. 30 July 1868

Charles B. BALDWIN, 26, Peterboro, born Massachussets, s/o George BALDWIN & Amelia SCOTT, m. Deborah HENRY, 22, of Hope Co. Durham, born Hope, d/o Michl. HENRY & Nancy HILL. Witnesses: Charles BLENKHORN & Ellen CONDON of Peterboro. 31 July 1868

Philip J. ELMHERST, 21, of Otonabee, born Otonabee, s/o Philip W. ELMHERST & Christa. CAMPBELL, m. Eliza J. COLMSTOCK, 21, of Asphodel, born Asphodel, d/o John S. COLMSTOCK & Elizabeth HARRISON. Witnesses: Peter COLMSTOCK & Christa. ELMHERST of Peterboro. 23 Sept 1868

James KENDREY, 23, of Valleyfield P.Q., born Oshawa Ont., s/o Thomas KENDREY & Cathn. McKEITH, m. Elizabeth C. RUTHERFORD, 20, of Peterboro Ont., born Peterboro, d/o Robinson RUTHERFORD & Hannah PEACOCK. Witnesses: Thomas RUTHERFORD of Asphodel & Mary J. WEIR of Otonabee. 5 Oct 1868

James LINTON, 37, of Alnwick Ont., born Hamilton Twp., s/o Alex LINTON & Mary WEIR, m. Margt. POLLOCK, 29, of Douro Ont., born Scotland, d/o James POLLOCK & Margt. COATES. Witnesses: John POLLOCK & Elizabeth POLLOCK of Peterboro. 27 Oct 1868

William McNICHOL, 26, of Emily, born Ireland, s/o Danl. McNICHOL & Elizabeth KYLE, m. Ann J. HAMILTON, 19, of Emily, born Emily, d/o Hugh G. HAMILTON & Margt. J. DIXON. Witnesses: John J. WILSON & Eliza J. McNICHOL of Douro. 11 Nov 1868

John W. MILLER, 24, of Peterboro, born Darlington, s/o John MILLER & Mary A. MILLS, m. Elizabeth LILLEY, 23, of Peterboro, born Toronto, d/o William LILLEY & Margt. CAMPBELL. Witnesses: David GAMBLE & Mary A. LILLEY of Emily. 11 Nov 1868


by Rev. David James MacDONNELL, a Minister of the Church of Scotland - 1868 [BM]

Andrew SHEARER, 31, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, s/o And'w SHEARER & Agnes BLACKSTOCK, m. Christina STARK, 31, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o William STARK & Alice PARKER, Witness: John CHAMBERS of Peterboro, Jan. 15, 1868

John SHEARER, 27, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, s/o John SHEARER & Sarah BRADLEY, m. Hannah STARK, 25, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o William STARK & Alice PARKER, Witness: John CHAMBERS of Peterboro, Jan. 15, 1868

John CRAIG, 25, of Fergus, born - Ireland, s/o James CRAIG & Ann MATRIN?, m. Mary J. LUNDY, 18, of N. Mondhan [Monaghan?], born-Cavan, d/o Noble J. LUNDY & Mary DICKSON, Witness: Isaac CAMPBELL of Monaghan, May 1, 1868

Thomas YOUNG, 24, of Douro, born-Galt, s/o John YOUNG & Ann TURNER, m. Hannah MOORE, 18, of Douro, born- Picton, d/o Joseph MOORE & Clarisey WELDON, Witness: Alex. DAVIDSON of Douro, May 11, 1868

Robert W. CYRUBBE, 22, of Peterborough, born-Madias Tudia, s/o W. H. CYMBLE[Gymbbe] & Ann J. CORNWELL [Crawell], m. Ada WEIGHTON, 21, of Peterboro, born - Peterboro, d/o W. H. WEIGHTON & Maria J. HANBORN, Witness: Edward R. CLOUSTON of Peterboro, June 11, 1868

Juston?? R. WHITFIELD, 21, of Monaghan, born-Monaghan, s/o John WHITFIELD & Mary BRODIE, m. Mary A. HOPKINS, 23, of Peterboro, born - England, d/o Richard HOPKINS & Ann MORISS, Witness: William CARVER [Carva] of Monaghan, June 13, 1868

Philip EMERY, 31, of Monaghan, born-Hastings County, s/o Andrew EMERY & Eliza MILLER, m. Hannah FREDENBERG, 19, of Smith, born-Trenton, d/o Tobias FREDENBERG & Lydia LIVINGSTONE, Witness: James FREDENBERG of Monaghan, June 16, 1868

James DEACON, 23, of Peterborough, born - Peterboro, s/o George DEACON & Mary TROPE [Frope], m. Elizabeth HARVEY, 21, of Peterboro, born-Glasgow Scotland, d/o John HARVEY & Agnes CALDWELL, Witness: William JOHNSON of Peterboro, Aug. 24, 1868

Thomas DOMAN, 33, of Peterboro, born - England, s/o Benj. DOMAN & Betsy HATER, m. Rebecca BYRES, 26, of Peterboro, born - Ireland, d/o James BYRES & Rebecca VIRTUE, Witness: John PATTERSON of Peterboro, Oct. 29, 1868

David PENTLAND, 32, of Peterboro, born-Kingston, s/o James PENTLAND & Cath'n BOYD, m. Eleanor M. JOHNSON, 18, of Douro, born - England, d/o Stephen B. JOHNSON & Sarah D. JOHNSON, Witness: J. TAMBLYN of Peterboro, Nov. 25, 1868

Philip LOUSLEY, 24, of Peterboro, born - England, s/o Joseph LOUSLEY & Anna NORRIS, m. Alexandina S. RIDLEY, 21, of Peterboro, born- Peterboro, d/o Robert RIDLEY & Elizabeth BEATTIE, Witness: Charles W. KEMPT of Peterboro, Dec. 15, 1868


Marriages solemnized by C. A. JONES, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church  - 1868 [BM]

Thomas WILSON, 21, of Chands [Chandos], born-County Dungal Ireland, s/o William & Ellen WILSON, m. Eliza J. WILSON, of Anstruther, born - Douro, d/o John & Jane WILSON, Witnesses: Wm WILSON & Mary WILSON of Anstruther, March 16, 1868


# 196 Return of Marriages celebrated by Rev. Francis ANDREWS, Presbyterian Minister, Otonabee in 1868 [BM]

Duncan McINTYRE, 30, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, s/o Duncan McINTYRE & Ann DRUMMOND, m. Janet CAMPBELL, 25, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o Malone CAMPBELL & Janet CAMPBELL, Witness: Ansy? McINTYRE of Otonabee, Feb. 16, 1868

Duncan McNEVIN, 34, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, s/o Andy McNEVIN & Janet McNEVIN, m. Ann McNEILL, 22, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o Pat McNEILL & Cath'n McNEILL, Witness: James McNEILL of Otonabee, Feb. 27, 1868

William SHAY, 35, of Otonabee, born - Scotland, s/o William SHAY & Mary BRONGLE, m. Eliza McNEILL, 20, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o James McNEILL & Cat. MITT [Nutt], Witness: James McNEILL of Otonabee, July 4, 1868

David McNEVIN, 29 or 39, of Otonabee, born - Scotland, s/o W. McNEVIN & Mary TAYLOR, m. Jemima DONALD, 23, of Otonabee, born - Scotland, d/o James DONALD & Ann MARSHALL, Witness: John NEITT of Otonabee, Dec. 24, 1868


Marriages of Rev. Edward R. ROBERTS, Chemong - 1868 [BM]

William DAVIS, 24, of Smith, born-Cavan, s/o John DAVIS & Lucinda DAVIS, m. Delilah NICHOLLS, 20, of Smith, born - Smith, d/o Aaron NICHOLLS & Elizabeth NICHOLLS, Witness: Amberson DAVIS of Smith, Jan. 8, 1868

William BELLAMY, 30, of Twp. of Clark, Durham, born - England, s/o George BELLAMY & Elizabeth BELLAMY m. Mary A. TRENNUM [Freeman] 27, of Smith, born - Smith, d/o Joseph TRENNUM & Elizabeth TRENNUM, Witnesses: Maria BELLAMY of County Durham & Francis TRENNUM of Smith, June 11, 1868

Egerton Ryerson HOWIE, 25, of Peterboro, born-Niagara, s/o Tranv. HOWIE & Annab. HOWIE, m. Minnie CAISSE [Cairn], 18, of Peterboro, born-Barrie, d/o Lewis CAISSE & Julia CAISSE, Witnesses: Edward  R. CLOUSTON of Peterboro & Cadelia CAISSE of Peterboro, July 9, 1868


Marriages Solemnized by Rev, J. H. JOHNSTON, Minister of Wes. Meth. Church - 1869 [BM]

Ja's HENRY, 24, of Peterboro, born-Atlantic Ocean, s/o Sam'l HENRY & Margaret AKIN, m. Isabella RICHARDSON, 20, of Douro, born - Douro, d/o John RICHARDSON & Harriett SMITH, Witnesses: Henry RICHARDSON & Mary TROTTER of Douro, Jan. 1, 1869

Francis PASCALL, 23, of Peterboro, born-Naples, Italy, s/o Michael PASCALL & Rose VEET, m. Mary J. DRAKE, 17, of Peterboro, born - Peterboro, d/o William DRAKE & Margaret MAY, Witnesses: Massuns? GASPERE & Martha WILSON of Peterboro, Jan. 21, 1869

John REID, 22, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, s/o Robert REID & Ann J. DOWDALL, m. Lilly BUTTERY, 21, of Otonabee, born S. Monaghan, d/o John BUTTERY & Jane BAREN, Witnesses: Nellon LAWSON & Eliza HILLIARD of Peterboro, Jan. 26, 1869

John KENT Jr., 23, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, s/o John KEMP Sen'r. & Hannah WOOD, m. Maria McPHERSON, 20, of Cavan, born-Cavan, d/o John McPHERSON & Jane FAIR, Witnesses: Alfred MORGAN of Peterboro, & Eliza RYAN of Otonabee, Feb. 3, 1869

Alfred MORGAN, 22, of Peterboro, born - Otonabee, s/o William MORGAN & Susan POWELL, m. Eliza RYAN, 21, of Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o Thomas RYAN & Esther DEYELL, Witnesses: John KENT of Otonabee & Maria KENT of Cavan, Feb. 3, 1869

James PATTON, 26, of Verulam, born - Peterboro, s/o James PATTON & Elizabeth WALLACE, m. Margaret D'ARCY, 24, of Peterboro, born - Smith, d/o Garrett D'ARCY & Ann WHITE, Witnesses: William COWIE of Peterboro & Elizabeth LYTLE of Smith, Feb. 16, 1869

James SIDEY, 23, of Hamilton Township, born-Hamilton Township, s/o John SIDEY & Agnes SACKVILLE, m. Mary GAINOR, 19, of Township of Hamilton, born Hamilton Township, d/o William GAINOR & Mary MULLEN, Witnesses: Eliza STEPHENS & Eliza CHILDHOUSE of Peterboro, Mar. 24, 1869

William BRICKLY, 28, of North Monaghan, born-North Monaghan, s/o James BRICKLY & Charlotte MAY, m. Sarah EDMISON, 29, of North Monaghan, born - Peterboro, d/o Henry EDMISON & Jane SEYMOUR, Witnesses: William BAGGS & Sarah A. BAGGS of North Monaghan, April 2, 1869

Thomas W. MILBURN, 59, of Smith, born-Cumberland Eng., s/o Robert MILBURN & Sally WALTON, m. Sarah SCOBELL, 46, of Smith, born-Hampshire Eng., s/o John BATT & Ann BATT, Witnesses: Isaac MILBURN & Christopher BURTON of Smith, April 15, 1869

John BROWN, 35, of Peterboro, born-New York, s/o James BROWN & Mary FIGH?, m. Isabella KELLS, 20, of Peterboro, born-Cobourg, d/o William KELLS & Teressa DAVIDSON, Witnesses: James H. GRIFFITH & Helen BURNHAM of Peterboro, May 15, 1869

John ROCHE, 27, of Peterboro, born - Peterboro, s/o Lieut. A. W. ROCHE & Eliza BURNSIDE, m. Anna J. COULTER, 24, of Peterboro, born - Peterboro, d/o William COULTER & Eliza LINCE, Witnesses: Charles L. COULTER of Peterboro & Ellen McDONNELL of Lindsay, June 2, 1869

Henry SPEARE, 22 or 32, of Douro, born - England, s/o Henry SPEARE & Elizabeth LAKE, m. Isabella MENZIES, 19, of Douro, born - Scotland, d/o William MENZIES & Jane McLEAN, Witnesses: Linda BRADBURN & Lizzie THOMAS of Peterboro, June 15, 1869


Marriages Solemnized by Rev. C. A. JONES, Minister of Wes. Meth. Church, Peterboro - 1869 [BM]

Charles HARRIS, 22, of Hamilton Township, born-Hamilton Township, s/o Joseph & Hannah, m. Julia McILMOYLE, 29, of Burleigh, born - Smith, d/o John & Julia, Witnesses: John HUTCHINSON & Fanny BILLINGS of Hamilton Township, Jan ? 1869

John STUART, 32, of Harvey, born - Smith, s/o James & Martha, m. Frances JOHNSTON, 27, of Harvey, born-Walford, d/o Alexander & Mariah, Witnesses: James & William JOHNSTON of Harvey, March 11, 1869

George WILSON, 21, of Anstruther, born- Co. Dungal, Ireland, s/o John & Jane, m. Mary WILSON, 24, of Anstruther, born - Douro, d/o William & Elenor, Witnesses: George & Catherine WILSON of Anstruther, May 12, 1869


Marriages by Rev. John SANDERSON, Wesleyan Methodist Minister, Warsaw - 1869 [BM]

Isaac KENNEDY, 22, of Peterboro, born - Ireland, s/o Thomas & Jane, m. Elizabeth McRANY [McBany], 19, of Belmont, born - Canada, d/o Thomas & Ann, witnesses: Alice McBANY & Thomas CLARK of Warsaw, March 25, 1869

Robert KIRKLAND, 30, of Dummer, born - Canada, s/o Robert & Agnes, m. Elizabeth J. GRANT, 25, of Dummer, born - Canada, d/o Joseph & Jane, Witnesses: Sam'l EDWARDS & Mary A. GRANT, of Dummer, March 25, 1869

William G. BIGLOW?, 26, of Mount Forest, born - Canada, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, m. Margaret F. F. SHOTTERD?, 27, of Warsaw, born - Canada, d/o Spencer Wood & Mary, Witnesses: Celestia CHOATE & Isobel SANDERSON of Warsaw, June 1, 1869


Marriages solemnized by Rev. John M. ROGER, Minister of the Canada Presbyterian Church - 1869 [BM]

Alex McGREGOR, 27, of Ashburnham, born - Scotland, s/o William McGREGOR & Margaret TAYLOR, m. Isabella ROBERTSON, 30, of Peterboro, born-Twp. Otonabee, d/o And'w ROBERTSON & Grizel LINSAY, Witness: Robert RENFREW of Twp. of Smith, Jan. 7, 1869

Robert TEDFORD, 23, of Twp. Harvey, born - Otonabee, s/o Robert TEDFORD & Jane WOODHOUSE, m. Susannah NESBITT, 21, of Twp. Otonabee, born - Otonabee, d/o Alex. NESBITT & Susan TROUT?, Witness: Alex. NESBITT of Otonabee, Jan. 26, 1869

John W. WILSON, 32, of Belleville, born - Ireland, s/o William WILSON & Esther COOTS, m. Susan McKEWEN, 26, of Ashburnham, born-South Monaghan, d/o Geo McSLEWEN? [McKewen] & Susan ROBERTSON, Witness: George McKEWEN? of Ashburnham, Feb. 11, 1869

Richard TEDFORD, 26, of Otonabee, born-Toronto, s/o Robert TEDFORD & Jane WILLIS, m. Mary TROTTER, 20, of Douro, born - Douro, d/o Joseph TROTTER & Agnes FORTUNE, Witness: William TEDFORD of Otonabee, Feb. 24, 1869

William MENZIES, 21, of Douro, born - Scotland, s/o William MENZIES & Jane McLEAN, m. Isabella McFADDEN, 21, of Douro, born-Streetville, d/o Math'w MADDEN & Elenor HENRY, Witness: W. ROGER of Peterboro, Feb. 26, 1869

Luther CROSS, 64, of St Catherines, born-United States, s/o Faly? CROSS & Susannah BAGLEY, m. Mary HALL, 63, of Peterboro, born-Nova Scotia, d/o Samuel ALBROS & Mary GORHAM, Witness: Alex. SMITH of Peterboro, April 28, 1869

Greenwood SUTCLIFFE, 35, of Douro, born - England, s/o John SUTCLIFFE & Susan INGRAM, m. Mary O'BRIAN, 23, of Douro, born - Canada, d/o John O'BRIAN & Mary NOBLE, Witness: John HAWER? of Douro, June 1, 1869

Edward T. RICHARDS, 32, of Oswego N. Y., born - England, s/o George RICHARDS & Ann HILL, m. Sophia GERARD, 29, of Douro, born - England, d/o John GERARD & Mary GERARD, Witness: Sarah NEWTON of Douro, June 21, 1869


Marriages by Rev. Thomas STOCK, a Minister of Baptist Denomination - 1869 [BM]

George SCOTT, 22, of Smith, born - Smith, s/o George SCOTT & Ann IVISON, m. Eliza DARLING, 25, of Smith, born - Smith, d/o John DARLING & Mary FAIRBAINE, Witnesses: Robert SIMPSON & Hannah DARLING of Smith, Feb. 19, 1869

Henry Montgomery CARVER [Cawer], 21, of North Monaghan, born - Peterboro, s/o Sam'l James CARVER & Jane MONTGOMERY, m. Ann Jane GREEN, 19, of N. Monaghan, born-N. Monaghan, d/o Joseph GREEN & Alice KENNEDY, Witnesses: Oswy CARVER & Robert GREEN of N. Monaghan, June 9, 1869


Marriages solemnized by Rev. Frederick BENT, a Minister of Church of England - 1869 [BM]

James GANNON, 20 or 28, of Stanhope, born - Ireland, s/o Hugh GANNON & Sarah GRAHAM, m. Rachel TAYLOR, 23, of Hindon, Co. Victoria, born - Ireland, d/o Dan'l TAYLOR & Janet HILL, Witnesses: Alfred TAYLOR of Bobcaygeon & James TAYLOR of Hindon, April 8, 1869

William SAWYER, 24, of Minden, born - Ontario, s/o Benjamin SAWYER & Catherine BACHART?, m. Esther TAYLOR, 25, of Anson, Co. Victoria, born-Quebec, d/o James COBORN & Sarah FEE, Witness: William J. LINDSAY of Anson, April 14, 1869

John MORTIMER, 22, of Anson, born - Ontario, s/o Andrew MORTIMER & Catherine MORTIMER, m. Isabella RANSON, 25, of Anson, born - Ontario, d/o Robert RANSON & Ann ADAMS, Witnesses: Thomas RANSON & William RANSON of Anson, April 22, 1869


Statement of Marriages by W. H. SHOFIELD, Wesleyan Methodist Minister - 1869 [BM]

Thomas CLARK, 24, of Smith, born - England, s/o Thomas & Jane, m. Hannah FREEBURN, 19, of Smith, born - Smith, d/o William & Sarah, Witness: John McILOMYL of Smith, April 10, 1869

Samuel HATTON, 20, of Smith, born - Smith, s/o Samuel & Catherine, m. Jane GILLON, 17, of Lakefield, born - Scotland, d/o David & Ann Jane GILLON, Witness: William LEONARD of Lakefield, May 5, 1969


Marriages by J. W. R. BECK, a Minister of Church of England - 1869 [BM]

Honore? SAUVE, 40, of Peterborough, born - Canada, s/o Bailyou? & Engene, m. Selma BAUVAIS [Banvais] of Peterborough, born - Canada, d/o Detable & Ellen, Witness: W. HOPKINS of Peterborough, Jan. 23, 1869

Joseph FORTAIN, 24, of Peterborough, born - Canada, s/o Louis & Marcels, m. Bridget O'DONNELL, 22 of Percy, born - Canada, d/o Terence & Johannas, Witness: William THOMAS of Percy, April 22, 1869

John BATESON, 24, of Peterborough, born - Canada, s/o Christopher & Elizabeth, m. Eliz. MOONEY, 19, of Harvey, born - Canada, d/o John & Mary, Witness: L. HUFFMAN of Peterborough, May 16, 1869

Thomas BANNON, 23, of Cavan, born - Ireland, s/o John & Jane, m. May McKNIGHT, 24, of Cavan, born - Ireland, d/o Samuel & Agnes, Witness: J. McKNIGHT of Cavan, June 10, 1869

Francis ADAMS, 29, of Smith, born - Canada, s/o John & Frances, m. M. J. SCHOLER, 16, of Harvey, born - Canada, d/o Adam & Maria, Witness: H. McFADDEN of Peterborough, June 18, 1869

F. W. ORDE, 23, of Ashburnham, born - England, s/o G. F. & Margaret, m. E. J. HALL, 23, of Ashburnham, born - Canada, d/o G. B. & E. HALL, Witness: W. ORDE of Peterborough, May 12, 1869

T. W. GAMBLE, 69, of Woodbridge, born - Canada, s/o John & Elizabeth, m. M. WENHAM [Wenhain], 50, of Peterborough, born-U. S., d/o G. B. & E. HALL, Witness: F. W. HAULTAIN of Peterborough, May 28, 1869


Marriages solemnized by Rev. Mark BURNHAM, a Minister of Church of England - 1869 [BM]

William TIGHE, 29, of Douro, born - Canada, s/o Charles & Ellen TIGHE, m. Margaret STUART, 22, of Ashburnham, born- Ireland, d/o Matthew & G. B. STUART, Witness: James WILSON of Peterborough, Jan. 14, 1869

Henry Thomas STRICKLAND, 33, of Ashburnham, born-Lakefield, s/o Samuel & Mary STRICKLAND, m. Annie Mompesson MORGAN, 31, of Peterboro, born - Canada, d/o Peter & Anne Mompesson MORGAN, Witness: Charles ROGERS of Grafton, Feb. 14, 1869


Marriages solemnized by James THONS [THOM], a Minister of Canada Presbyterian Church - 1869 [BM]

James TIGHE, 27, of Douro, born - Douro, s/o Charles TIGHE & Ellen TIGHE, m. Margaret  GREIG, 21, of Douro, born - Peterboro, d/o James GREIG & Elizabeth, witness: William LEONARD of Lakefield, Jan. 1, 1869

Sidney William CLEGG M. D., 50, of Anstruther, born - England, s/o William CLEGG & Elizabeth, m. Mary Jane CASSIDY, 29, of Smith, born - Smith, d/o John CASSIDY & Martha, Witness: Robert CASSIDY of Lakefield, Feb. 18, 1869

Edwin FITZGERALD, 22, of Peterboro, born - Smith, s/o John FITZGERALD & Tirza (surname is SWITZER), m. Easter MILLIGAN, 22, of Peterboro, born-Toronto, d/o John MILLIGAN & Martha, Witness: Thomas TAIT of Peterboro, March 19, 1869

William CHARLTON, 29, of Harvey, born - Ireland, s/o Robert CHARLTON, & Margaret, m. Mary Jane GILLESPIE, 22, of Smith, born - Ireland, d/o Samuel GILLESPIE & Catherine, Witness: Sarah Jane GILLESPIE of Smith, March 20, 1869


Marriages solemnized by David [Daniel] James Macdonell, Minister of St. Andrew's Church, Presbyterian Church of Canada in connection with the Church of Canada in 1869 [BM]

Thomas HOPE, 50, of Otonabee, born - England, s/o John HOPE & Jane CAIRNES, m. Margaret SAMUEL, 26, of Otonabee, born- Scotland, d/o Walter SAMUEL & Margaret WEST, Witness: Walter SAMUEL of Asphodel, Jan. 29, 1869

Charles LAINEY [LAMEY], 24, of Peterborough, born - England, s/o Charles LAMEY? & Kate A. BEAR, m. Martha LARMOUR [LAMIONE], 21, of Peterboro, born - Peterboro, d/o Robert LAMIONE? & Agnes WEIR, Witness: William James LARMOUR? Of Peterboro, Feb. 8, 1869

Archibald WILSON, 31, of Otonabee, born - Scotland, s/o Archibald WILSON & Elizabeth TURNER, m. Ann STEVENSON, 22, of Otonabee, born - Scotland, d/o James STEVENSON & Isabella WEST, Witness: David STEVENSON of Otonabee, March 10, 1869

William John LAW, 24, of Ashburnham, born - Otonabee, s/o Alex. LAW & Jane MacKENZIE, m. Martha J. LANGTON, 18, of Peterboro, born-Cobourg, d/o Joseph LANGTON & Sarah BISHOP, Witness: William M. GREEN of Peterboro, March 24, 1869

Richard HUDSON, 29, of Peterboro, born - Otonabee, s/o William HUDSON & Elizabeth WILKINSON, m. Amelia SIMMONS, 19, of Peterboro, born - England, d/o Edward SIMMONS & Elizabeth WILTON, Witness: William HUDSON of Otonabee, March 29, 1869

Thomas D. WEAVER, 21, of Cavan, born - USA, s/o Henry WEAVER & Martha BARRIE, m. Harriet REID, 16, of South Monaghan, born-Toronto, d/o James REID & Grace McGEE, Witness: Hy FREDENBURGH of Smith, April 26, 1869


Marriages solemnized by Rev. W. C.  Young, a Minister of the Canada Presbyterian Church - 1869 [BM]

James M. KIDD, 25, of Dummer, born - Ontario, s/o Alex. KIDD & Mary KIDD, m. Margaret FERGUSON, 25, of Dummer, born - Ontario, d/o Peter FERGUSON & Christia FERGUSON, Witness: Peter FERGUSON of Dummer, Feb 1, 1869

William BOYD, 24, of Anstruther, born - Ontario, s/o John BOYD & Eliz GARDNER, m. Jane GALAGHER, 18, of Dummer, born - Ontario, d/o James GALAGHER & Katherine BOYD, Witness: James GALAGHER of Dummer, March 11, 1869


Marriages solemnized by Rev. John W. BUTCHER , Bible Christian Minister - 1869 [BM]

Charles LONG, 21, of Douro, born - England, s/o Henry & Mary LONG, m. Lydia TURNER, 21, of Douro, born - England, d/o John & Maria TURNER, Witness: John W. BUTCHER of Peterboro & Oliver GRAY of Smithtown, January 23, 1869