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Prescott & Russell Co., 1902

birth place is given before residence


14763-02 Francois AMYOTTE, 27, farmer, St. Hypolite Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Francois AMYOTTE & Marguerite GUINDON, married Melissa RICHER, 26, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Pierre RICHER & Sarah MARLEAU, witn: Damase & Delina AMYOTTE of Clarence Creek, 25 Nov 1902 at Clarence Creek  
14786-02 Aldred ARSENAULT, 23, farmer, St. Ignace, Hawkesbury, s/o Joachim ARSENAULT & Alda ROUSSELLE, married Clara LEVAC, 17, St. Telesphore, Hawkesbury, d/o Julien LEVAC & Rose Ann MARTIN, witn: Antoine LEVAC of Hawkesbury & Moise MARTIN of St. Ignace, 21 Jan 1902 at Hawkesbury 14767-02 Levi T. BANCROFT, 49, farmer, West Hawkesbury, L'Original, s/o Thomas [BANCROFT] & Martha WAITE, married Maggie M. MacLAREN, 29, Cambridge, Cumberland, d/o Peter [MacLAREN] & Jennet McDOUGAL, witn: W. C. BANCROFT of Van Kleek Hill & Emily WHITE of Rockland, 7 Jan 1902 at Cumberland
14966-02 George Shields BANGS, 35, farmer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o Alonzo BANGS & Eliza SHIELDS, married Jessie Maria LIGHTHALL, 22, Chute au Blondeau, West Hawkesbury, d/o Edward LIGHTHALL & Maria FLETCHER, witn: Catherine A. ANDERSON & Lucy HAYES, both of Van Kleek Hill, 12 March 1902 at Van Kleek Hill 14972-02 John BEATTIE, 25, plasterer, Armstown, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Francis BEATTIE & Ellan KAGY?, married Ada McKENZIE, 21, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o W.W. McKENZIE & Mary A. DENOMAN, witn: Adam BEATTIE of Landerville & Lilie McKENZIE of Van Kleek Hill, 25 June 1902 at Van Kleek Hill
14744-02 Aurelien Zotique BELANGER, 23, professor, St. Scholastique Que., Ottawa, s/o Zotique BELANGER & Philomene CHENIER, married Alida ROCHON, 18, teacher, Embrun, Clarence Creek, d/o Telesphore ROCHON & Celina PARISIEN, witn: Raoul BELANGER of Ottawa & Telesphore ROCHON of Clarence Creek, 23 June 1902 at Clarence Creek 14758-02 Honore BERNARD, 26, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Francois BERNARD & Zoe GAUTHIER, married Ernestine BEAULNE, 17, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Honore BEAULNE & Eleanor LOYES, witn: Eugene MARTIN & Malvina BERNARD, both of Clarence Creek, 1 Sept 1902 at Clarence Creek
  14785-02 Zephire BISSONETTE, 22, farmer, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, s/o Moise BISSONETTE & Philomene BRUNET, married Maria FAUTEUX, 18, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Celestin FAUTEUX & Caroline SEGUIN, witn: Pierre & Alderic LALONDE of Hawkesbury, 21 Jan 1902 at Hawkesbury
#016207-03 Polydore BOURBONNAIS, 21, Embrun, same, farmer, s/o Exavier BOURBONNAIS & Delina CHARLEBOIS, married Saroina (?) GERVAIS, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Felix GERVAIS & Virginie TESSIER, witn; Exavier BOURBONNAIS & Felix GERVAIS both of Embrun, June 15, 1902, Embrun 14968-02 James BRODIE, 33, farmer, Glengarry Co., Van Kleek Hill, s/o William A. BRODIE & Mary SMITH, married Edith CAMPBELL, 23, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Allen CAMPBELL & Isabella McLAURIN, witn: David HEATH & Christena CAMPBELL, both of Van Kleek Hill, 31 March 1902 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath)
14743-02 Damase CARDINAL, 42, widower, farmer, St. Benoit Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Embroise CARDINAL & Theothiste SAUVE, married Alexina JOLY, 34, dress maker, St. Martin Que., Clarence Creek, d/o Jean Baptiste JOLY & Celina LAURIER, witn: Pierre LALONDE & Athanase JOLY, both of Clarence Creek, 17 June 1902 at Clarence Creek #016209-03 Isadore CARRIERE, 35, St. Martine Que., Embrun, sadler, s/o Isadore CARRIERE & Louise LEPAGE, married Lydia LOIZELLE, 33, Embrun, same, d/o Antoine LOIZELLE & Marie A. LAMADELEINE (?), witn; Isadore CARRIERE of Crysler & Antoine LOIZELLE of Embrun, Feb. 9, 1902, Embrun
14772-02 Andre CLAROUX, 21, farmer, Cumberland, Orleans, s/o Emelin [CLAROUX] & Florie BOYEAU, married Maggie ROBINSON, 19, Cumberland, Navan, d/o Joseph [ROBINSON] & E. HUNEAU?, witn: Alphonse HUNEAU (Huniau?) & Sophie CLAROUX, both of Cumberland, 14 April 1902 at Cumberland 14797-02 Oneciphone COMTOIS, 23, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Piche COMTOIS & Basiles PAQUET, married Marie MYNER, 18, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Henry MYNER & Auxilie DUGAS, witn: Pierre COMTOIS & Henri MYNER, both of Hawkesbury, 13 May 1902 at Hawkesbury
14943-02 Olivier COURVILLE, 39, widower, farmer, St. Martine Quebec, Emburn, s/o Lusiers COURVILLE & Ulalie PAPIN, married Oneida CARTIER, 28, widow, St. Vincent Quebec, St. Albert Ont., d/o Louis CARTIER & Royalie RICHER, witn: Damasse LAMOUREUX & Berie? DORIE, both of Emburn, 22 Jan 1902 (Rom Cath) 14958-02 Joseph COUTURE, 23, merchant, Emburn, same, s/o Alex COUTURE & Marie PRIMEAU, married Rose A. BERGEVIN, 20, Emburn, same, d/o Moise BERGEVIN & Euphraise PAPINEAU, witn: France PAPINEAU & Moise BERGEVIN, both of Emburn, 7 July 1902 at Burlington, Emburn (Rom Cath)
14787-02 Wilfrid CUSSON, 28, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Melchior CUSSON & Athanaie MORIN, married Delia RAYMOND, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Michel RAYMOND & Delima MARION, witn: Jules CUSSON & Emma BERTRAND, both of Hawkesbury, 27 Jan 1902 at Hawkesbury 14773-02 Sandy DAVY, 27, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o William [DAVY] & Ann SCHARF, married Margarette SCHARFF, 15, Cumberland, same, d/o Robert [SCHARFF] & Ann SWEENEY, witn: George DEAVY & Jane BRENNAN, both of Cumberland, 22 April 1902 at Cumberland
  #016211-02 Damien DAZE, 28, Embrun, same, farmer, s/o Thomas DAZE & Louise MILLAIS, married Marie BLAIS, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Octave BLAIS & Pamela L'ESCARBEAU (?), witn; Thomas DAZE & Octave BLAIS both of Embrun, Jan. 19, 1902, Embrun
14939-02 Leon DELORME, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Simeon DELORME & Elmire DAOUST, married Evelina SABOURIN, 22, St. Placide Quebec, Rockland, d/o Edmond SABOURIN & Josephine RICHER, witn: Henri DELORME of Clarence Creek & Clementine SABOURIN of Rockland, 19? Sept 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 14752-02 Joseph DENEAULT, 22, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Moise DENEAULT & Marguerite GAGNON, married Leonie MENARD, 18, house keeper, Clarence Creek, The Brook, d/o Gideon MENARD & Elizabeth McLEAN, witn: Moise DENEAULT & Joseph MENARD, both of The Brook, 19 Aug 1902 at The Brook
14945-02 Emile DORE, 21, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o J. DORE & Dalila FORGET, married Any--? GUERIN, 21, Emburn, same, d/o Isidore GUERIN & Marie HEBERT, witn: Jeremie DORE of Ottawa & Isidore GUERIN of Emburn, 13 Jan 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14795-02 George DUBOIS, 26, farmer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o J.B. DUBOIS & Mathilde BOUGIE, married Delia CAYEN, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Francis CAYEN & Sarah LARIVIERE, witn: Zotique DUBOIS & Francis CAYEN, both of Hawkesbury, 22 April 1902 at Hawkesbury
16086-03 Samuel DUCHESNEAU, 22, farmer, Longueuil, same, s/o Charles DUCHESNEAU & Sophie BELANGER, married Octavie HUNEAULT, 20, Longueuil, same, d/o Amable HUNEAULT & Domathilde LECLAIR, witn: Charles DUCHESNEAU & Amable HUNEAULT, both of Longueuil, 25 Oct. 1902 at L'Orignal  
14965-02 George EARL, 21, farmer, Morewood, same, s/o Robert EARL & Martha SMITH, married Marie FETTERLY, 18, Russell, same, d/o Enos FETTERLY & Mary E. PILLAR, witn: Edgar FETTERLY of Russell & Elsie W. EARL of Morewood, 24 Dec 1902 at Russell 14748-02 Olivier ETHIER, 26, farmer, Clarence Creek, The Brook, s/o Olivier ETHIER & late Emelie ROY, married Esore? BUSSIERE, 18, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Adolphe BUSSIERE & late Ameline SCHNUPPE?, witn: Olivier ETHIER of The Brook & Adolphe BUSSIERE of Clarence Creek, 14 July 1902 at Clarence Creek
14940-02 Adrien FLORENT, 23, farmer, St. Philippe Quebec, Clarence Creek, s/o Firmin FLORENT & Eliza ROCHON, married Georgiana LAVERGNE, 20, Sarsfield, Rockland, d/o Onesime LAVERGNE & Matilda McLEAN, witn: Udgire LEVIS & Martin VACHON, both of Rockland, 15 Sept 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 14951-02 Arthur? Alex FRASER, 27, woolen manufacturer, Desert Quebec, Plantagenet, s/o Donald FRASER & Isabella CARSCADDEN, married Iness FITZSIMMONS, 22, Russell, same, d/o John FITZSIMMONS & Aurelia McDERMOTT, witn: W. R. PETRIE of Ottawa & Christie FITZSIMMONS of Russell, 26 June 1902 at Russell
14953-02 Pierre GAGNE, 25, clerk, Emburn, same, s/o Raphael GAGNE & Malvina BOYER, married Marie A. LACHAPELLE, 21, Emburn, same, d/o Teophile LACHAPELLE & Hermiline ROY, 30 June 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14770-02 Alfred J. GORDON, 22, metal? (mill?) worker, Guelph, Smith Falls, s/o John [GORDON] & Frances PHILIPP, married Netta COCHRANE, 18, Cumberland, same, d/o Charles [COCHRANE] & Margaret McCAULY, witn: William & Ester COCHANE of Cumberland, 21 March 1902 at Cumberland
14796-02 Alexandre GOULET, 22, laborer, St. Redemption, Hawkesbury, s/o Alexandre GOULET & Octavie LANTHIER, married Alda PILON, 20, Rigaud, Hawkesbury, d/o Cezaire PILON & Marguerite CADIEUX, witn: Moise FOUCAULT & Cezaire PILON, both of Hawkesbury, 5 May 1902 at Hawkesbury 14793-02 Ludger GOULET, 27, farmer, St. Gregoire, same, s/o Julien GOULET & Priscille CADIEUX, married Georgianna DEMERS, 28, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, d/o Francis DEMERS & Julienne JOLICOEUR, witn: Pierre LALONDE & Francis DEMERS, both of Hawkesbury, 7 April 1902 at Hawkesbury
14946-02 Alfred Homer GRAHAM, 25, farmer, East Gloucester, Hawthorne, s/o Arch Ferguson GRAHAM & Agnes McK--?, married Matilda Hay STUART, 22, East Gloucester, same, d/o John STUART & Ellen RINATT, witn: Nellie? & Janet STUART of E. Gloucester, 26 March 1902 at East Gloucester 14942-02 John GRANT, 43, widower, clerk, Clarence, Rockland, s/o John GRANT & Annie PALIN, married Mary A. ARNOLD, 28, Gore Lockaber, Rockland, d/o George N. ARNOLD & Margaret McDONALD, witn: George R. & Annabelle ARNOLD of Rockland, 24 Nov 1902 at Rockland
14774-02 Oscar GRAVELL, 22, laborer, Gloucester, same, s/o Xavier & Vitaline, married May FOURNIER, no age given, Cumberland, same, d/o Augustin [FOURNIER] & Azilda POTVIN, witn: Augustin FOURNIER & Oseseb? LANGEVIN, both of Cumberland, 2 June 1902 at Cumberland 14947-02 Homere GREGOIRE, 25, laborer, Emburn, same, s/o Antoine GREGOIRE & Delina LADEROTTE, married Rosalie TREMBLAY, 17, Grenville, Emburn, d/o Dolphis TREMBLAY & Lucie LABELLE, witn: Israel GREGOIRE & Dolphis TREMBLAY, both of Emburn, 6 April 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath)
14959-02 David HARRISON, 24, teamster, Kenmore, same, s/o David & Margaret, married Agnes MOORE, 23, Russell, same, d/o John MOORE & Polly CURRY, witn: William HARRISON & Polly CURRY, both of Finch, 7 Sept 1902 at Russell 14970-02 William HAWKINS, 21, farmer, Pte. de Chine Quebec, Hawkesbury, s/o John HAWKINS & Mary Ann McQUAGE?, married Elizabeth GRAVES, 21, Grenville Quebec, Brownsburg Quebec, d/o John GRAVES & Isabella FITCHETT, witn: Edward FLOOD of Van Kleek Hill & Donald BUTLER of Caledonia, 2? May 1902 at Van Kleek Hill
  14784-02 Charles MacAuley HIGGINSON, 31, vet. surgeon, L'Orignal, same, s/o John HIGGINSON & Emma SHERN, married Jane Elizabeth HIGGINSON, 27, Hawkesbury, same, d/o James HIGGINSON & Mary McGIBBON, witn: John Dougall CAMERON of Montreal & Eleanor HIGGINSON of Hawkesbury, 4 Feb 1902 at Hawkesbury
14792-02 Frank Dawson HOWES, 25, farmer, Longueil, same, s/o Joseph HOWES & Sarah Jane McNALLY, married Lavina Euretta GRAHAM, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Roland GRAHAM & Catherine SMITH, witn: Dorkas Gordon HOWES of Longueil & Alice Maud GRAHAM of Hawkesbury, 30 April 1902 at Hawkesbury 16084-03 Emerie HUNEAULT, 23, farmer, Longueuil, same, s/o Amable HUNEAULT & Domathilde LECLAIR, married Laine? DUCHESNEAU, 19, Longueuil, same, d/o Charles DUCHESNEAU & Sophie BELANGER, witn: Amable HUNEAULT & Charles DUCHESNEAU, both of Longueuil, 1 Sept 1902 at L'Orignal
14791-02 Daniel KAUFMAN, 27, machinist, Port Elgin, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Henry KAUFMAN & Christena HUFFMAN, married Dora Maude LAWLOR, 28, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Richard LAWLOR & Sarah HERSEY, witn: Edward McNIE (McKie?) & Edith LAWLOR, both of Hawkesbury, 30 April 1927 at Hawkesbury 14771-02 Walter KINSELLA, 29, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o John KINSELLA & Elizabeth WATSON, married Alice MILLER, 22, Cumberland, same, d/o Michael [MILLER] & Julia BARKLY, witn: William George BELL & T. W. ASSELIN, both of Cumberland, 9 April 1902 at Cumberland
#016206-03 Cyprien LABERGE, 19, Embrun, same, labourer, s/o J.B. LABERGE & Ursule ROY, married Rosa BRUYERE, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Joseph BRUYERE & Elisabeth CHARLEBOIS, witn; J.B. LABERGE & Joseph BRUYERE both of Embrun, June 15, 1902, Embrun 14937-02 Joseph LABROSSE, 32, laborer, St. Andre Avelin, Rockland, s/o Joseph LABROSSE & Celina BARTHIAUME, married Ida LEVIGNE, 24, widow, Ripon, Rockland, d/o Leon LEVIGNE & Josephine DENIS, witn: Fabien LABLONDE & Orphelia LEVIGNE, both of Rockland, 20 Aug 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
14934-02 Gideon LABROSSE, 20, laborer, The Brook, Rockland, s/o Gideon LABROSSE & Emma BAZINET, married [blank] CASTONGUAY, 20, Ste. Ann de Morita Quebec, Rockland, d/o Louis CASTONGUAY & Aglace BARNHARD, witn: Gideon LABROSSE & Louis CASTONGUAY, both of Rockland, 10 July 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath) #016210-03 Ferdinand LAFLEUR, 21, St. Brigit Montreal, Embrun, labouer, s/o Cyprien ST.ONGE & blank (says orphan), married Delia LAROZE, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Charles LAROSE & blank, witn; Cyp. ST.ONGE & Chas. LAROZE both of Embrun, Nov. 24, 1902, Embrun
  14762-02 Pierre LACASSE, 24, laborer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Jean Bte. LACASSE & Julia LAROCQUE, married Marceline CHARBONNEAU, 16, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Eusebe CHARBONNEAU & Henriette LAUZON, wit: Jean Bte. LACASSE & Menassippe PERRON, both of Clarence Creek, 24 Nov 1902 at Clarence Creek
14935-02 Ozias LACASSE, 21, laborer, Clarence Creek, Rockland, s/o Andre LACASSE & Helene DAOUST, married Rose Anne BEDARD, 21, Rockland, same d/o Stephen BEDARD & Emma LAMOUREUX, witn: Andre LACASS (sic) & Stephen BEDARD, both of Rockland, 16 July 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 14938-02 Raoul LADARANTAYE, 27, laborer, St. Louis Quebec, Rockland, s/o Juliande? LADARANTAYE & Anastasie GAUTHIER, married Adeline CHARRON, 24, Papineauville, Rockland, d/o Jeremie CHARRON & Emelie BLAIS, witn: Janvier LEGARE & Jeremie CHARRON, both of Rockland, 21 Sept 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
14961-02 Urcule LAFORTUNE, 24, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o Joseph LAFORTUNE & Florence BRISSON, married illegible GERVAIS, 16, Emburn, same, d/o J. B. GERVAIS & Aurelie MARTIN, witn: Joseph LAFORTUNE & Olivier GERVAIS, both of Emburn, 11 Aug 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14755-02 Napoleon LAGROIS, 28, farmer, of The Brook, s/o Martin LAGROIS & Marguerite DAMESNIL?, married Delima POTVIN, 26, house keeper, of The Brook, d/o Julien POTVIN & Adeline BELLEFEUILLE, witn: Martin LAGROIS & Julien POTVIN, both of The Brook, 4 Aug 1902 at The Brook
14749-02 Napoleon LALONDE, 21, farmer, St. Hermase Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Ovide LALONDE & Philomene LEGAULT, married Marie Louise DUPUIS, 23, house keeper, St. Sixte de Thurso, Clarence Creek, d/o late Magloire DUPUIS & Louise VILLENEUVE, witn: Ovide LALONDE of Clarence Creek & David DUPUIS of Rockland, 20 July 1902 at Clarence Creek 14967-02 David LALONDE, 21, laborer, Alfred twp, same, s/o Alfred LALONDE & Virginie, married Florida TRUDEL, 19, Alfred twp, same, d/o R. TRUDEL & Julienne KINGSLEY, witn: Mary THOMPSON & Stancey BANCROFT, both of Van Kleek Hill, 3 April 1902 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath)
14754-02 Wilfred LAMARCHE, 25, farmer, of The Brook, s/o Etienne LAMARCHE & Georgiana PIGEON, married Rosa Alba LAPOINTE, 22, house keeper, of The Brook, d/o Theophile LAPOINTE & Josephine DORE, wit: Etienne LAMARCHE & Theophile LAPOINTE, both of The Brook, 21 July 1902 at The Brook 14952-02 Hormidas LANDRY, 22, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o Venouse LANDRY & Alphonsine GIBAULT, married Clara GAGNE, 19, Emburn, same, d/o Raphael GAGNE & Malvina BOYER, witn: Mathias LANDRY of St. Albert & Georgina GEOFF--? of Emburn, 24 June 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath)
14751-02 Napoleon LAROCHE, 22, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Pierre LAROCHE & Josephine DENEAULT, married Odile LORTIE, 20, house keeper, The Brook, same, d/o Francois LORTIE & Zoe LEDUC, witn: Moise DENEAULT & Francois LORTIE, both of The Brook, 12 Aug 1902 at The Brook 14769-02 Honore LAROCQUE, 27, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Telesfore [LAROCQUE] & Justine LACHAPELL, married Olive LAVIGNE, 27, Cumberland, same, d/o Joseph LAVIGNE & Lucide LEFEBVRE, witn: Joseph & Olive LAROCQUE of Cumberland, 10 Feb 1902 at Cumberland
14760-02 Leon LAVIGNE, 28, farmer, Hull Quebec, The Brook, s/o Moise LAVIGNE & Martine CHARTRAND, married Georginana GUINDON, 18, house keeper, Clarence, The Brook, d/o Arthur GUINDON & Ada HENRIE, witn: Moise LAVIGNE & Arthur GUINDON, both of The Brook, 29 Sept 1902 at The Brook 14765-02 Alfred LAVOIE, no age given, widower, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Eusebe LAVOIE & Emilie HOGUE, married Elizabeth MAISONVILLE, 19, house keeper, of The Brook, d/o Jeremie MAISONVILLE & blank, witn: Eusebe Jr. & Treffle LAVOIE of The Brook, 18 Nov 1902 at The Brook
16085-03 Anselme LECLAIR, 22, farmer, St. Thomas, same, s/o Gilbert LECLAIR & Monique HUNEAULT, married Eleonore PAQUETTE, 25, Longueuil, same, d/o Gilbert PAQUETTE & Auxila LECLAIR, witn: Gilbert LECLAIR of St. Thomas & Gilbert PAQUETTE of Longueuil, 15 Sept 1902 at L'Orignal 14790-02 Hilaire LECOURS, 24, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Felix LECOURS & Felicite MIRANDA, married Odile ROCHON, 20, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Octave ROCHON & Angelina BRAZEAU, witn: Felix LECOURS & Octave ROCHON, both of Hawkesbury, 4 Feb 1902 at Hawkesbury
  14933-02 Clovedal LEGAULT, 23, farmer, Isle Perrot, Canaan, s/o Pierre LEGAULT & Julie BELLEFEUILLE, married Olivine LAROCQUE, 18, Cumberland, same, d/o Edward LAROCQUE & Euphranie LEGAULT, witn: Leopold LEGAULT of Canaan & Georgiana FAUBERT of Cumberland, 17 July 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
14954-02 Emileian LEMIEUX, 25, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o Hilaire LEMIEUX & Marie ERNVIDE?, married Mathilde POUPORT, 27, Emburn, same, d/o Narcisse POUPORT & Marguerite ENVIDE?, witn: Hilaire LEMIEUX & Narcisse POUPORT, 8 Sept 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14955-02 Joseph MARTEL, 23, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o Jos (or Jas) MARTEL & Euphrasia LEFEBVRE, married Xilda MENARD, 17, Emburn, same, d/o Narcisse MENARD & Garzeline LEVESQUE, witn: Joseph MARTEL & N. MENARD, both of Emburn, 28 Oct 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath)
14936-02 Theophile MAYOT, 19, laborer, The Brook, Rockland, s/o Felix MAYOT & Liza LONGTING?, married Emelia Louisa ROCHBRUNNE, 18, Ottawa, Rockland, d/o Francis & Emelie, witn: Joseph MAYOT & Florida PAILLE, both of Rockland, 18 Aug 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 14949-02 James Gordon McKAY, 27, physician & surgeon, Morewood Ont., Montana, s/o William McKAY & Minnie GILLESPIE, married Florence Eleanor CRAIG, 24, Russell, same, d/o William CRAIG & Isabella PETRIE, witn: W. R. PETRIE & W.R. CRAIG, both of Russell, 4 June 1902 at Russell
14956-02 Telesphore MENARD, 21, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o Moise MENARD & Dalila DIMARD?, married Regina LEVESQUE, 21, Emburn, same, d/o Auguste LEVESQUE & Meline MARION, witn: Moise MENARD & Auguste LEVESQUE, both of Emburn, 8 July 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14957-02 Joseph MILLAIR, 28, farmer, Emburn, same, s/o Jean MILLAIR & Julie CARRIERE, married Prescill BOURDEAU, 25, Emburn, same, d/o Paul BOURDEAU & Celina GERVAIS, witn: Jean MILLAIR & Paul BOURDEAU, both of Emburn, 21 July 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath)
#016213-03 Joseph MILLAIR, 23, Embrun, same, farmer, s/o Jean MILLAIR & Julie BARRIERE, married Precelle BOURDEAU, 26, Embrun, same, d/o Paul BOURDEAU & Celonise GERVAIS, witn; Jean MILLAIR & Paul BOURDEAU both of Embrun, July 31, 1902, Embrun  
14757-02 Anthine MORREAU, 24, laborer, Sarsfield, Cumberland, s/o Xavier MORREAU & Delphine PAQUETTE, married Maria SABOURIN, 20, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Chrysolique SABOURIN & Caroline LAPENSER, witn: Franse MORREAU of Cumberland & Marianne LAPENSEE of Rockland, 25 Aug 1902 at Clarence Creek 14960-02 William O'HEHIR (s/b O'Hare?), 23, farmer, Finch, South Finch, s/o Daniel O'HEHIR & Margaret DRYSIL?, married Cassie CLEMENT, 23, Finch, South Finch, d/o James CLEMENT & Mary BUSHMORE, witn: Rossie BOVIN of Emburn & Lizzie SADLER of Russell, 30 Sept 1902 at Russell
14948-02 Octave OUELLETTE, 23, farmer, Grenville, Emburn, s/o Octave OUELLETTE & Anna St.AMOUR, married Marie GOULET, 19, Grenville, Emburn, d/o Nap. GOULET & Rose MARION, witn: Honore St.AMOUR & Nap. GOULET, both of Emburn, 13 May 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14747-02 Hermas OUIMET, 25, painter, Rigaud, Montreal, s/o Camille OUIMET & Louisa BOUDREAULT, married Marie Louise LEMAY, 21, house keeper, Ottawa, Clarence Creek, d/o Telesphore LEMAY & Clephire CLEMEUX, witn: Camille OUIMET of Montreal & Telesphore LEMAY of Clarence Creek, 5 July 1902 at Clarence Creek
14944-02 Moise PAQUETTE, 20, farmer, of Crysler, s/o J.B. PAQUETTE & Harriet? LEGAULT, married Alzea GRIGNON, 21, Emburn, same, d/o Joseph GRIGNON & Agnes DAOUST, witn: blank PAQUETTE of Crysler & Joseph GRIGNON of Emburn, 20 Jan 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath)  
14788-02 Alphonse PERIER, 26, farmer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Emile PERIER & Sophie LEDUC, married Malvina MILETTE, 23, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Xavier MILETTE & Onesime HURTUBISE, witn: Emile PERIER Sr. & Xavier MILETTE, both of Hawkesbury, 10 Feb 1902 at Hawkesbury 14941-02 Martin POWERS, 27, physician, Ottawa, Rockland, s/o Cornelius POWERS & Catherine TRAINOR, married Anny SIMONEAU, 28, Turwich?, Rockland, d/o Amable SIMONEAU & Sarah BRENNAN, witn: John Laurence ROCHESTER of Ottawa & Amable SIMONEAU of Rockland, 15 Oct 1902 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
14766-02 Philias QUEENVILLE, 29, cheese maker, Casselman, same, s/o Olivier QUEENVILLE & Lea LEBLANC, married Ernestine DUMAS, 18, Clarence Creek, The Brook, d/o Francois DUMAS & Cordelia DENIGER, witn: Zotique POUPART & Francois DUMAS, both of The Brook, 23 Nov 1902 at The Brook #016212-03 Thomas Andrew RIDDELL, 24, Edwardsburg (?), Mathelsa Ont. (?), s/o Peter RIDDELL & Catherine PRESTON, married Lillas Mabel PILLAR, 19, Russell, same, d/o John H. PILLAR & Emma FETTERLEY, witn; Arslie (?) C. COULIER & Eva R. COULIER both of Russell, Dec. 24, 1902, Russell
14963-02 Joseph ROCHON, 27, laborer, Emburn, same, s/o Alex ROCHON & Marie DUFORD, married Marie VANIER, 23, Emburn, same, d/o Bonaventure VANIER & Clophe ROBIDOUX, witn: Exais AMYOTTE & Bon. VANIER, both of Emburn, 18 Aug 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14750-02 Arthur ROY, 23, millman, Chelsea Que., Canaan, s/o Joseph ROY & late Lea TREMBLAY, married Catherine GUINDON, 20, house keeper, Canaan, same, d/o John GUINDON & late Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Joseph & Agnes GUINDON of Canaan, 14 July 1902 at Sarsfield
14745-02 Hector St.DENIS, 22, farmer, Sarsfield, same, s/o Anthine St.DENIS & Celina LAMOTHE, married Rose de Lima LAMOUREUX, 17, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Jean Baptiste LAMOUREUX & Rose de Lima PAGE, witn: Jean Baptste LAMOUREUX of Clarence Creek & Anthine St.DENIS of Sarsfield, 30 June 1902 at Clarence Creek 14794-02 Francis St.MARTIN, 22, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Jules St.MARTIN & Angele FAUTEAUX, married Priscile PILON, 20, Hawkesbury, same, d/o William PILON & Julie VALLEE, witn: Joseph PILON & M. RHEAUME, both of Hawkesbury, 21 April 1902 at Hawkesbury
14764-02 Peter Cornelius SIMPSON, 26, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Peter SIMPSON & Henrietta HALL, married Elizabeth BROWN, 23, house keeper, Chard, same, d/o Denis BROWN & Maggie DICKSON, witn: John W. BROWN of Chard & Elizabeth SIMPSON of The Brook, 4 Nov 1902 at The Brook 14969-02 Robert STERLING, 50, farmer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o James STERLING & Sophia CENTRE?, married Anabella McGILLVRAY, 43, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Malcolm McGILLVRAY & Marjory McNAB, witn: W. SYLVESTER & Mara C. McGILLVRAY, both of Van Kleek Hill, 19 June 1902 at Van Kleek Hill
14950-02 William Herbert STERNS, 24, farmer, Russell, same, s/o William STERNS & Grace BRUNTON, married Martha McVEY, 22, Russell, Osgoode, d/o William McVEY & Grace BRUNTON (sic), witn: Jennie H. STERNS & Bertha McVEY, both of Marvelville, 18 June 1902 at Emburn  
#016214-03 Thomas Frankford STORY, 28, Plantagenet, Ottawa, longshoreman, s/o Ernie (?) STORY & Virginia RYAN, married Annie Sara FRASER, 24, Gloucester, Plantagenet, d/o Donald STORY & Ledina STORY, witn; William FRASER of Russell & Ledina STORY of Plantagenet, Dec. 31, 1902, Russell 14753-02 Philippe TASSE, 23, blacksmith, Clarence Creek, The Brook, s/o Francois TASSE & Olesime LABRECHE?, married Valerie LAMARRE, 17, house keeper, The Brook, same, d/o Cyprien LAMARRE & Emelie LAVOIE, wit: Jules BEAUCHAMP of Clarence Creek & Cyprien LAMARRE of The Brook, 7 Aug 1902 at The Brook
14761-02 William TAYLOR, 23, cheese maker, of Clarence Creek, s/o not given, married Eleonore DESJARDINS, 17, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Alesinre DESJARDINS & Melina MENARD (Minard?), witn: Regis BOILEAU & Alesime DESJARDINS, both of Clarence Creek, 10 Nov 1902 at Clarence Creek 14971-02 George A. TOLHURST, 29, dairy man, Hochelaga Co., Ahuntsie Quebec, s/o William TOLHURST & Annie CANDLISH, married Alice RICHARDSON, 25, house maid, Cheltenham England, Van Kleek Hill, d/o James RICHARDSON & Harriet WILLIAMS, witn: Arthur TOLHURST of Back River Que. & Daisy STEELE of Van Kleek Hill, 25 June 1902 at Van Kleek Hill
14789-02 Louis TURPIN, 32, widower laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Amable TURPIN & Clothilde BEDARD, married Marguerite St.DENIS, 20, Maniwaki, Hawkesbury, d/o Severe St.DENIS & Aglai RIVET, witn: Louis LACELLES & Catherine St.DENIS, both of Hawkesbury, 10 Feb 1902 at Hawkesbury 14756-02 Augustin VENDETTE, 54, widower, laborer, St. Augustin, Clarence Creek, s/o Isidore VENDETTE & Emilie RULE, married Obeline GUINDON, 54, widow, Ste. Marthe, Clarence Creek, d/o Paul GUINDON & Henriette CHARTRAND, witn: Aberard BOURGON of Rockland & Joseph SABOURIN of Clarence Creek, 17 Aug 1902 at Clarence Creek
14962-02 George WELLINGTON, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Paul WELLINGTON & Catherine McNEIL, married Barbara LEVEILLE, Emburn, same, d/o Fabien LEVEILLE & Mary A. COLIN, witn: Ant. PAQUET & Fabien LEVEILLE, both of Emburn, 13 Aug 1902 at Emburn (Rom Cath) 14964-02 Edward E. WILSON, 32, farmer, Kenmore, same, s/o Edward WILSON & Mary ARDELL, married Esther E. SPARKS, 27, Vars, same, d/o George SPARKS & E. Matilda [surname?], witn: A. E. SPARKS of Vars & M. G. GARLAND of Ashton, no date given, 1902, at Vars
14759-02 Hormidas WOLFE, 22, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Joseph WOLFE & M. ROYAL, married Caroline? THINEL, 18, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Wilfred THINEL & Caroline MARTIN, witn: Polydore PARADIS & Sarah THINEL, both of Clarence Creek, 22 Sept 1902 at Clarence Creek #016208-02 Leonard Osborn WOOD, 41, Russell, same, merchant, s/o Edward WOOD & Mary Ann MCVEIGH, married Rose Ann LOWRIE, 38, Cumberland, same, d/o James LOWRIE & Sarah?? RONAN, witn; Er. H. (?) LOWRIE of Russell & Livia (?) LEITH (LEITCH?) of Winnipeg, June 24, 1902, Cumberland
14746-02 Zotique YELLE, 28, farmer, St. Antoine Abbe, The Brook, s/o Amable YELLE (Telle?) & Rose de Lima LEFEBVRE, married Leonie POUPART, 24, house keeper, St. Remi Que., The Brook, d/o Remi POUPART & Rose de Lima LAMIEUX, witn: Amabel YELLE & Remi POUPART, both of The Brook, 14 July 1902 at The Brook