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Prescott & Russell Co., 1904


16092-04 Moyse AYOTTE, 23, laborer, Montreal, Rockland, s/o Theophile AYOTTE & Rose MARIZEAU, married Rose de Lima DUMOUCHEL, 20, St. Sixte Que., Rockland, d/o Marcel DUMOUCHEL & Olive LEDUC, witn: Theophile AYOTTE of Embrun & Marcel DUMOUCHEL of Rockland, 4 Oct. 1904 at Rockland 16077-04 Felix BEAUCHAMP, 30, laborer, St. Jerome, Rockland, s/o J. Bapt. BEAUCHAMP & Marie SARRASIN, married Clementine SABOURIN, 26, St. Placide, Rockland, d/o Edmond SABOURIN & Josephine RICHER, witn: J. Bapt. BEAUCHAMP of Clarence Creek & Edmond SABOURIN of Rockland, 11 April 1904 at Rockland
16078-04 James BEDARD, 24, machinist, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles BEDARD & Emelie WHELAN, married Anna GRAVEL, 19, Ottawa, Rockland, d/o F. X. GRAVEL & Josephine DAOUST, witn: F. X. GRAVEL & Lucien TRAMBLAY, both of Rockland, 9 May 1904 at Rockland 16064-04 Josephus BISSONETTE, 19, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Fr. BISSONETTE & M. LORTIE, married Angelina BOURDON, 17, Fournier, same, d/o Jos. BOURDON & E. VERCHEREAU, witn: Frs. BISSONETE of Curran & Joseph BOUDON of Fournier, 7 Oct. 1904 at Fournier
16083-04 Calice BOILEAU, 24, laborer, Rockland, same, s/o Jacques? BOILEAU & Marie RIOPEL, married Emma SENECAL, 17, Plantagenet, Rockland, d/o Felix SENECAL & Florena GRATTON, witn: Arthur BEDARD & Felix SENECAL, both of Rockland, 3 July 1904 at Rockland 16095-04 Joseph BRUEL, 29, laborer, Russell, Embrun, s/o Oliver BRUEL & Mathilda LAMADELEINE, married Iline BEAUDOIN, 29, Russell, Embrun, d/o Xavier BEAUDOIN & Olive HEBERT, witn: Edward BLANCHARD & Xavier BEAUDOIN, both of Embrun, 15 Feb 1904 at Embrun
16102-04 George Ernest BUSH, 31, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o Adam James BUSH & Hannah COUNTRYMAN, married Emma MEHAREY, 33, Russell, same, d/o Andrew MEHAREY & Isabella HAMILTON, witn: Archie GALLINGER of Osnabruck & Margaret Jane LITTLE of Russell, 15 June 1904 at Russell 16103-04 Joseph Dougall CAMPBELL, 38, mail clerk, Russell, Ottawa, s/o Peter CAMPBELL & Anna McTAVISH, married M. G. CAMERON, 32, nurse, Cascades Que., Russell, d/o A. CAMERON & Margaret SULLY, witn: W. R. PETRIE of Russell & Mildred R. SULLY of Ottawa, 14 Sept 1904 at Russell
16111-04 Joseph CHARETTE, 35, blacksmith, Clarence Creek, The Brook, s/o Tousant CHARETTE & Vitaline LABRUN, married Ennie PITRE, 36, Embrun, same, d/o Pierre PITRE, farmer, & Christine, witn: Onesime NADEAU & Pierre PITRE, both of Embrun, 26 Sept 1904 at Embrun 16089-04 Octave CHARRON, 28, laborer, Papineauville Que, Rockland, s/o Jeremie CHARRON & Emilie BLAIS, married Aldina MAINVILLE, 26, St. Philip Que., Rockland, d/o Antoine MAINVILLE & Domathilde LAFLEUR, witn: Jeremie CHARRON & Antoine MAINVILLE, both of Rockland, 5 Sept 1904 at Rockland
16082-04 Oscar CHENIER, 24, laborer, Wendover, Rockland, s/o Cyrille CHENIER & Rose d Lima HAMELIN, married Eva LAVIOLETTE, 23, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Alex LAVIOLETTE & Matilda PARRON, witn: Cyrille CHENIER & Alexander LAVIOLETTE, both of Rockland, 26 June 1904 at Rockland 16100-04 Joseph CLEMENT, 26, farmer, Embrun, same, s/o Clement CLEMENT & Alphonsine LEDUC, married Malvina DEBOUNVILLE, 21, Embrun, same, d/o J. B. DEBOUNVILLE & Olivina MOREAU, witn: Clement CLEMENT & J. B. DEBOUNVILLE, both of Embrun, 14 June 1904 at Embrun
16080-04 Aldge CLERMONT, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Augustin CLERMONT & Elizabeth DESJARDINS, married Adele FRAPPIER, 24, St. Andre Avelin, Rockland, d/o Emerie FRAPPIER & Celina DEPATIS, witn: Augustin CLERMONT of Clarence Creek & Emerie FRAPPIER of Rockland, 15 May 1904 at Rockland 16109-04 John COTE, 22, laborer, Malone NY, Osgoode, s/o Henry COTE & Eleanore ASSELIN, married Rose Anna BRADY, 22, Embrun, same, d/o James BRADY, farmer, & Merane LADOUCEUR, win: Henry DUFORD & James BRADY, both of Embrun, 5 Sept 1904 at Embrun
16099-04 Charles Samuel CRAVEN, 31, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o William CRAVEN & Margaret Ann MONTGOMERY, married Carrie Elvisa PILLAR, 22, Russell, same, d/o John Helder PILLAR & Rumina FETTERLY, witn: J. H. & Rumina PILLAR of Russell, 13 Jan 1904 at Russell 16088-04 Pierre DESORMEAU, 24, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, Rockland, s/o J. Moise DESORMEAU & Oneime BERNIQUEY, married Olympe Veladie THIEVIERGE, 21, North Nation Mills - Que, Rockland, d/o Joseph THIEVIERGE & Julienne ROY, witn: Moise DESORMEAU & Joseph THIEVIERGE, both of Rockland, 5 Sept 1904 at Rockland
16110-04 Jean DUBOIS, 25, blacksmith, Cornwall, Embrun, s/o Joseph & blank, married Amelie SEGOUIN, 21, Embrun, same, d/o Joseph D., merchant, & blank, witn: Joseph DUBOIS & J. D. SEGOUIN, both of Embrun, 5 Sept 1904 at Embrun 16069-04 Auguste DUCHARME, 22, laborer, Curran, Lemieux, s/o J. DUCHARME & J. DUROCHE, married Phebe BRISBOIS, 27, Plantagenet, Lemieux, d/o Jos. BRISBOIS & A. BLONDIN, witn: Jos. DUCHARME of Lemieux & Patrick CHATELIN of Curran, 19 Sept 1904 at Lemieux
16098-04 Henry DUFORD, 39, widower, hotel keeper, Montreal, Embrun, s/o Joseph DUFORD & Felice POIRIER, married Marie DUCHARME, 33, widow, Embrun, same, d/o Raphael GAGNE & Malvina BOYER, witn: Ovila & Oento DUFORD of Embrun, 30 April 1904 at Embrun 16084-04 Octave FRAPPIER, 27, laborer, St. Andre Avelin - Que., Rockland, s/o Theodore FRAPPIER & Rosalie DESPATIE, married Elenore PITRE, 25, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Adolph PITRE & Ephinorie LONGTIN, witn: Theodore FRAPPIER & Adolph PITRE, both of Rockland, 3 July 1904 at Rockland
16070-04 Micheal GERVAIS, 24, farmer, St. Cecil d'I--?, Masham, s/o A. GERVAIS & C. MOREAU, married Valerie ROUSELLE, 22, St. Isidore, same, d/o O. ROUSELLE & D. ROSE, wtn: Arthur SEGUIN & Leon ROUSELLE, both of St. Isidore, 19 July 1904 at St. Isidore 16079-04 Moise GIRARD, 20, laborer, St. Hermase, Rockland, s/o Thomas GIRARD & Valerie CHENIER, married Celina LANTHIER, 20, Gatineau, Rockland, d/o Joseph LANTHIER & Marie L. LAROSE, witn: Joseph LANTHIER & Thomas GIRARD, both of Rockland, 9 May 1904 at Rockland
16067-04 Joseph GROULX, 55, widower, farmer, Fournier, same, married Clemence DUPLANTIE, 52, widow, Lemieux, same, witn: Joseph DENIS & Alex PAQUETTE, both of Lemieux, 19 April 1904 at Lemieux [no parents given]  
16117-04 Albert John JACKSON, 36, brass fitter, London England, Montreal, s/o John JACKSON & Mary Ann BABCOCK, married Jean McCULLOCH, 31, Isle aux Chats Que., Van Kleek Hill, d/o George McCULLOCH & John (sic) TAYLOR, witn: George McCULLOCH of Van Kleek Hill & John TAYLOR of Casselman, 1 June 1904 at Van Kleek Hill 16066-04 Elie LAMOUREUX, 32, widower, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o F. LAMOUREUX & J. BRISBOIS, married Emelie St.PIERRE, no age given, Lemieux, same, d/o C. St.PIERRE & Celina CHARLEBOIS, witn: Olivier St.PIERRE of Lemieux & Louis GAGNON of Ottawa, 15 Feb 1904 at Lemieux
16065-04 Louis LANGEVIN, 45, widower, farmer, Newtown, Lemieux, s/o Jos. LONGEVIN & A. AGAVIN, married Georgina RANGER, 35, Cedar Que., Fournier, d/o D. RANGER & Rose DENIS, witn: Isaie DENIS & Adelard DENIS, both of Fournier, 21 Nov 1904 at Fournier 16106-04 Alphonse LEROCQUE, 26, laborer, St. Thomas illegible, Embrun, s/o Bernabi LAROCQUE & Marcelline DEGNAIS?, married Marie MALHOTT, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Oliver MALHOTT, farmer, & Adele LONGTIN, witn: Bernabie LAROCQUE of Hull & Olivier MALHOTT of Embrun, 11 July 1904 at Embrun
16068-04 Felix LEROUX, 22, laborer, Curran, Lemieux, s/o Jos. & blank, married Clothilda MONDOUX, 24, Lemieux, same, d/o F. X. MONDOUX & L. LALONDE, witn: Hector LEROUX & Elizabeth MONDOUX, both of Lemieux, 27 June 1904 at Lemieux 16085-04 Joseph LEROUX, 34, laborer, Hull Que., Rockland, s/o Mathias LEROUX & Philamore CHARTRAND, married Eliza PILON, 21, Rockland, same, d/o Vital PILON & Zoe DUBE, witn: Joseph LEROUX & Moise DUBE, both of Rockland, 18 July 1904 at Rockland
16097-04 Joseph LUSSIER, 23, farmer, St. Cyprien Que., Embrun, s/o Remi LUSSIER & Rose Delima CLOUTIER, married Exelina BERGEVIN, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Moise BERGEVIN & Euphemia PAPINEAU, witn: Remi LUSSIER & Moise BERGEVIN, both of Embrun, 15 Feb 1904 at Embrun 16091-04 Joseph MAILLEAT, 22, motorman, The Brook, Ottawa, s/o Felix MAILLEAT & Eliza LONGTIN, married Helene LACROIX, 20, Gatineau Point - Que, Ottawa, d/o Augustine LACROIX & Leocadie GARNEAU, witn: Aime PERIARD & Leonie DONIS, both of Rockland, 10 Oct. 1904 at Rockland
16073-04 Joseph MARLEAU, 35, widower, butcher, Alfred, same, s/o A. MARLEAU & M. PHARAND, married Anasie BAZINET, 40, Montreal, same, d/o a. BAZINET & D. DUBUC, witn: Aza MARLEAU & Charles LEDUC, both of St. Isidore, 22 Nov 1904 at St. Isidore  
16114-04 Fred McCRIMMON, 48, farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o Donald McCRIMMON & Hattie McLEOD, married Annie McLEOD, 41, Caledonia, same, d/o Neil Bam McLEOD & Christie McCRIMMON, witn: Allan & Penelope McCRIMMON of Kenyon, 6 Jan 1904 at Van Kleek Hill 16094-04 Robert McDONALD, 30, lumber merchant, Russell, Alameda Man., s/o John McDONALD & Mary COCHRANE, married Mabel Gilmour PAUL, 21, Russell, same, d/o Allan PAUL & Jennie NAISMITH, witn: Maxwell McDONALD & Jessie PAUL, both of Russell, 19 Jan 1904 at Russell
16115-04 Angus McSWEYN, 23, laborer, Lochiel, Caledonia, s/o Duncan J. McSWEYN & Christie McGILLIVRAY, married Mary C. CAMPBELL, 23, Lochiel, same, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Catherine McLEAN, witn: Alex S. McLAURIN & Mary THOMSON, both of Van Kleek Hill, 20 April 1904 at Van Kleek Hill 16116-04 Arthur MILLAR, 25, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Joseph MILLAR & Margaret MILLER, married Catherine CAMERON, 24, Lochiel, same, d/o John CAMERON & Sarah McMILLAN, win: Joseph & Mrs. Joseph MILLAR of Van Kleek Hill, 24 March 1904 at Van Kleek Hill
16086-04 Oscar PREVOST, 21, engineer, Rockland, same, s/o Alphonse PREVOST & Lea LAFONTAINE, married Anna FRANCHE, 17, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Albert FRANCHE & Marie Louise LALONDE, witn: Joseph LAFONTAINE of Gatineau Point Que & Albert FRANCHE of Rockland, 17 July 1904 at Rockland 16071-04 Alphonse RAYMOND, 23, farmer, St. Lazare, same, s/o L. RAYMOND & Z. LAFRAMBOISE, married Georgina ROSE, no age given, St. Isidore, same, d/o Jos. ROUSE (sic) & M. AUDET, witn: Louis RAYMOND of St. Lazare Que & Jos. ROSE of St. Isidore, 19 Aug. 1904 at St. Isidore
16112-04 Joseph ROCHON, 21, farmer, St. Albert, Embrun, s/o Louis ROCHON & Vitaline BOURGEOUS, married Clara LAFRANCE, 24, St. Albert, Embrun, d/o Odile LAFRANCE & Delima LAGAULT (Legault?), witn: Louis ROCHON of St. Albert & Odile LAFRANCE of Embrun, 27 Sept 1904 at Embrun 16101-04 Hugh William RODNEY, 27, farmer, Osgoode, Gloucester, s/o James RODNEY & Christine McLAUCHLIN, married Margarie Ann SUMMMERS, 30, Russell, same, d/o David SUMMERS & Margaret CAMERON, witn: A. D. McTAVISH of Kenmore & Mary RODNEY of North Osgoode, 29 June 1904 at Russell
16113-04 Thomas H. RULE, 21, cheese maker, Morley NY, Russell, s/o William RULE & Hannah SCHWERDFEGER, married Mina Elizabeth GRAHAM, 18, Russell, same, d/o William GRAHAM, farmer, & Martha BROWNLEE, witn: W. J. DUNCAN & Annie GRAHAM, both of Russell, 16 Nov 1904 at Russell 16090-04 Arthur St.DENIS, 26, laborer, Papineauville Que., Rockland, s/o Joseph St.DENIS & Emma BEDARD, married Lucia PILON, 22, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Dolphis PILON & Mathilde LAMOUREUX, witn: Edward GAUTHIER & Dolphis PILON, both of Rockland, 25 Sept 1904 at Rockland
16108-04 Justinien SABOURIN, 34, widower, laborer, Embrun, same, s/o Justinien SABOURIN & Marie GIGNAC, married Lida RICHARD, 35, Embrun, same, d/o David RICHARD, laborer, & Julie BOURGEOIS, witn: Ovila & Jerome LEVESQUE of Embrun, 29 Aug 1904 at Embrun 16087-04 Philip Francis SAVAGE, 33, manufacturer, Cape Core - Gaspe Que., Ottawa, s/o Francis Philip SAVAGE & Elizabeth CHRISTIAN, married Marguerite POITRAS, 28, Rockland, same, d/o Godfrey POITRAS & Mary PHARAND, witn: Joseph G. POITRAS of Ottawa & Narcisse POITRAS of Rockland, 22 Aug 1904 at Rockland
16105-04 Philias SEGOUIN, 27, farmer, Metcalfe, Russell, s/o Elie SAGOUIN & Lena RASIND, married Rosina LANOIS, 25, St. Andre Que, Embrun, d/o Solomon LANOIS & Eugenie COUSINEAU, witn: Joseph LATOUR of Morewood & Solomon LANOIS of Embrun, 11 July 1904 at Embrun 16107-04 Emile SEGUIN, 20, farmer, Embrun, same, s/o Xavier SEGUIN & Adeline CLEMENT, married Olida DIGNARD, 22, Embrun, same, d/o Israel DIGNARD, farmer, & Julia CHARLEBOIS, witn: Xavier SEGUIN of Embrun, 29 Aug 1904 at Embrun
16076-04 Stevens SMITH, 25, farmer, Bristol Que., same, s/o Stevens SMITH & Alice ROGERS, married Mary O'BYRNE, 22, Rockland, same, d/o Daniel O'BYRNE & Rose Ann MURPHY, witn: Daniel SMITH of Ottawa & Florence O'BYRNE of Rockland, 7 Jan 1904 at Rockland 16072-04 Vivian SNELL, 27, widower, car man, of Montreal, s/o George & blank, married Henriette VILLENEUVE, 22, St. Isidore, same, d/o Frs. VILLENEUVE & H. DESCHAMPS, witn: Eustache GROULX & Frs. VILLENEUVE, both of St. Isidore, 2 Oct. 1904 at St. Isidore
16104-04 George H. STERNS, 28, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Benjamin STERNS & Annie BORROUGHS, married Anna May MOFFATT, 25, Morewood, Russell, d/o John MOFFATT, farmer, & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, witn: Alex McKERACHER & Edith MOFFATT, both of Russell, 21 Sept 1904 at Russell 16093-04 Lyman James THOMSON, 25, merchant, Thurso Que., same, s/o William THOMSON & Clemente C. RYAN, married Minnie Helen EDWARDS, 20, Rockland, same, d/o Alexander EDWARDS & Eliza A. ROE, witn: J. A. & Ethel EDWARDS of Rockland, 14 Oct 1904 at Rockland
16075-04 Alphonse TRAMBLAY (s/b Tremblay?), 25, laborer, of Clarence Creek, s/o David TRAMBLAY & Rosalie VILLENEUVE, married Marie PAPINEAU, 19, of Rockland, d/o J. Bapt. PAPINEAU & Madeline SEQUIRE (Seguin?), witn: David TRAMBLAY of Clarence Creek & J. Bapt. PAPINEAU of Rockland, 7 Jan 1904 at Rockland 16081-04 Aurelean? TREPANIER, 25, farmer, St. Louis, The Brook, s/o Elie TREPANIER & Salome DUFERME, married Emelie LAUZON, 24, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Andre LAUZON & Melina GUINDON, witn: Philippe THEVARGE & Charles PARRATON, both of Rockland, 15 May 1904 at Rockland
16096-04 Alfred VANIER, 21, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Constant VANIER & Celina ROCHON, married Marie LAFRANCE, 19, St. Albert, Embrun, d/o Odile LAFRANCE & Delima LEGAULT, witn: Constant VANIER of St. Albert & Odile LAFRANCE of Embrun, 13 Feb 1904 at Embrun