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Prescott & Russell Co., 1905

birth place is given before residence


016508-05 Homere BELANGER, 20, blacksmith, The Brook, St. Therese Marionville s/o Anselm BELANGER and Caroline BRAUSLIAN (?) married Mary BRENNAN, 19, Orleans, Sarsfield d/o Patrick BRENNAN and Josephine LAROCQUE witn: Arthur RANGER and Martha BRENNAN both of Sarsfield, October 28, 1905, Sarsfield  
016505-05 Zephirin BERTRAND, 26, farmer, Sarsfield, Canaan s/o Etienne BERTRAND and Philioma GINGREAS married Dorilda POUPORE, 22, Sarsfield, same d/o Stanislas POUPORE and Milda CHIONFILS?, witn: Seraphem BERTRAND of Canaan and Evilena POUPORE of Sarsfield, July 11, 1905, Sarsfield 016493-05 Laurence BIGLOW, 39, farmer, Buckingham, same s/o Jerry BIGLOW and Cicily REAUME married Mary MITCHEL, 47, Lake of Two Mountains, Buckingham d/o Frank and Martha MITCHELL witn: Joseph LAFORCE and William Joseph LAFORCE both of Buckingham, July 18, 1905, Cumberland (spelling as shown)
016499-05 Mathias CARRIER, 28, merchant, Canaan, same s/o Basile CARRIER and Cleophis LALONDE married Noile PERRIER, 24, Canaan, same d/o Noe PERRIER and Eulselia? ROY witn: Floride PERRIER and Azelda CARRIER both of Curren, June 12, 1905, Sarsfield 016495-05 Napoleon CARRIER, 25, telegrapher, St. Justin Que., Lacodie Que., s/o Israel CARRIER and Hermenin MARTIN married Ida PAQUETTE, 24, Alfred, Leonard d/o Louis PAQUETTE and Mary E. KELLY witn: Emile PARESEAU of Sarsfield and Elen L. McDONALD of Ottawa, February 8, 1905, Sarsfield

016699-05 John CHANDLER, 46, farmer, Caledonia Twp, same s/o Alex CHANDLER and Eliza SCARBROOK married Mary Jane BROW, 27, West Hawkesbury, Longueuil Twp d/o Andrew CHALMERS and Flora McRAE witn: Kenneth McRAE and A.B. McRAE both of Vankleek Hill, May 3, 1905, Vankleek Hill

017851-07 James Garfield DARLING, 23, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Peter DARLING & Maria BALL; married Eva May TWEED, 21, West Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, d/o Thomas H. TWEED & Jannet SCOTT; witn Willis E. DARLING, Winchester & Bessie TWEED, Van Kleek Hill, 20 Jan 1905, West Hawkesbury
  16681-05 William COVENTRY, 39, Farmer, Winchester Tp., same, s/o Jacob COVENTRY & Levina FETTERLY, married Bertha FETTERLY, 20, Russell, same, d/o Martin FETTERLY & Alice PILLOR, witn: Martin FETTERLY, Mary FETTERLY, both of Russell, 8 Mar 1905 Russell
016506-05 Cliphas DESJARDIN, 23, farmer, Bear Brook, Sarsfield s/o Clephas DESJARDIN and Alposine BEGIN married Louise LAVERGNE, 17, Sarsfield, Vars d/o Oliver LAVERGNE and Celina BEGIN witn: Clephas DESJARDIN and Oliver LAVERGNE, both of Sarsfield, July 24, 1905, Sarsfield 016497-05 Henri DEVILLEN, 32, farmer, St. Emil Que., North Bay s/o Segefrey DEVILLEN and Emlie GERMAIS (Gervais?), married Martine GODARD, 30, Sarsfield, same d/o Joseph M. GIDOR (sic) and Lucie BRIERRE witn: Alfred LADUC and Cleophas PROULX both of Sarsfield, May 7, 1905, Sarsfield
016509-05 Alexander FOUBERT, 34, n/g, Sarsfield, same s/o Joseph FOUBERT and Marcelline LAVERGNE married Rosana LAPLANT, 24, Sarsfield, same d/o Jean Marie LAPLANT and Lucie BRUSH (BRUSLE?) witn: Florida LAPLANT and Leorida LAVERGNE both of Sarsfield, October 28, 1905, Sarsfield  
016490-05 Robert John GOODFELLOW, 32, farmer, Huntingdon, Cumberland s/o Robert GOODFELLOW and Cathren BIDISIE married Ella GRIFFITH, 24, Cumberland, same d/o John GRIFFITH and Mary Ann MARSHALL witn: William BALL of Eastmans Springs and Georgina MARSHALL of Huntly, April 27, 1904, Vars 016491-05 John James GREEN, 30, plasterer, Ottawa, same s/o Adam GREEN and Margaret HARRISON married Beulah SIMPSON, 24, Cumberland, same d/o Andrew SIMPSON and Hannah TANNER witn: Herbert SIMPSON of Vars and Clementina McELROY of Bear Brook, August 30, 1905, Vars
016507-05 John GUERTON, 25, hotel keeper, St. Isidore Avelin, Vars s/o John GUERTON and Lina GAULINGER married Emila LANGLOISE, 18, Embrun, Vars d/o Adolph LANGLOIS (sic) and Lice CARRIER witn: Emile LANGLOISE and Agnes GUERTON both of Vars, July 26, 1905, Sarsfield 017986-1907 Dorkas Gordon HOWES (HAWES?), 27, Farmer, Longueuil, same, s/o Samuel HOWES & Lenora MARSTON, married Daisy CASS, 26, Longueuil, same, d/o Allan CASS & Margaret CROSS, witn: Elias HOWES, Mary CASS, both of Longueuil, 12 Oct 1905 at Cassburn
016696-05 John LAMOURIE, 35, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same s/o Magloire? LAMOURIE and Susanah DUPELLE married Annie STEVENS, 29, East Hawkesbury, same d/o H--? STEVENS & Anastasia LA--?, witn: Moses LAMOURIE of East Hawkesbury and Mary THOMPSON of Vankleek Hill, February 27, 1905, Vankleek Hill 016501-05 Serephim LEVER, 33, yeoman, Marionvile, Sarsfield s/o Antoine LEVER and Mary PRINCE, married Demerese BEGIN, 20, Marionvile, Bear Brook d/o Joseph BEGIN and Jule LAVERGNE witn: Albertine MATHEU of Sarsfield and Clerelda DESJARDIN of Bear Brook, June 13, 1905, Sarsfield
016698-05 Jeremiah MAJOR, 31, labourer, Grenville Que., L'Orignal, s/o Peter MAJOR and Lena LAVIOLETTE married Jane DESCHAMP, 27, L'Orignal, same d/o Moses DESCHAMP? and Orial DEHAITRE witn: Mary THOMSON of Vankleek Hill and Paul DEPATIE of L'Orignal, April 28, 1905, Vankleek Hill  
017987-1907 John Boyd McCONLEY, 27, Farmer, Cambridge Tp, same, s/o John McCONLEY & Margaret WYLIE, married Lilly LALONDE, 24, South  Plantagenet, same, d/o Douglas LALONDE & Hannah COOTS, witn: Garret McCONLEY, Etherville, Sarah LALONDE, Pendleton, 21 Aug 1905 at Vankleek Hill 016700-05 Duncan E. McGILLIVRAY, 31, farmer, West Hawkesbury, same s/o Duncan and Rachel McGILLIVRAY married Mary Jane DICK, 21, Cassburn Ontario, Vankleek Hill d/o Thomas DICK and Margaret LOUGH witn: John H. DOUGHERTY of Montreal and Lena R. DENOVAN of Vankleek Hill, June 7, 1905, Vankleek Hill
016502-05 John Edward MINOQUE, 33, farmer, Sarsfield, same s/o Patrick MINOQUE and Margaret QUINLIVIN, married Martha SPAIRMAN (Spearman?), 16, Goulburn, Cumberland s/o William SPAIRMAN and Margeret SCHARF witn: Josephine SLOAN of Ottawa and Daniel MINOQUE of Sarsfield, June 14, 1905, Sarsfield 016494-05 William Henry MOUNTAIN, 50, clerk, Sorell Quebec, Carleton Place s/o Edward MOUNTAIN and Amelia BUTTLE married Esther McLAUGHLIN, 27, Cumberland, same d/o Alexander McLAUGHLIN and Mary Ann McLINTON witn: Patrick McLAUGHLIN and Eliza McLAUGHLIN both of Cumberland, September 27, 1905, Cumberland
016697-05 Edwin C. PELTON, 30, piano agent, South Gore, Kemptville s/o P.C. PELTON and Marg't E. CAMPBELL married Annie M. McNABB, 23, Breadalbane, Vankleek Hill d/o Arch. McNABB and Susana CAINS witn: Fred A. McNABB and Irene C. CAINS both of Montreal, April 12, 1905, Vankleek Hill 016500-05 Amedee PERRIER, 28, n/g, Canaan, same s/o Noe PERRIER and Eulselia ROY married Josephine Lydia CARRIER, 24, Canaan, same d/o Basile CARRIER and Elephene LALONDE witn: Zelia CARRIER and Annie CARRIER both of Curren, June 12, 1905, Sarsfield
016504-05 Andre RACICOT, 24, driver, Ottawa, same s/o Nazime? RACICOT and Fephinisine GROULX married Zelia CARRIER, 23, Canaan, same d/o Basile CARRIER and Clephis LALONDE witn: Zelia CARRIER and Adele CARRIER both of Canaan, June 28, 1905, Sarsfield 016498-05 Etienne RANGER, 31, labourer, Cumberland, same s/o Etienne RANGER and Leocodie BONOITE married Georgine LAVERGNE, 22, Cumberland, same d/o Pracule LAVERGNE and Nithole SEQUIN witn: Joseph PROULX and Brasile LAVERGNE both of Cumberland, May 8, 1905, Sarsfield
016503-05 Joseph ST. DENNIS, 22, farmer, Sarsfield, same s/o Antoine ST. DENNIS and Celina LAMOTHE married Clerelda DESJARDIN, 20, Bear Brook, same d/o Adolph DESJARDIN and Artemese LAVERGNE witn: Albertine MATHEU and Dora DESJARDIN both of Sarsfield, June 26, 1905, Sarsfield  
017989-1907 Samuel Henry SCOTT, 27, Farmer, South  Plantagenet, same, s/o Samuel SCOTT & Maggie WILKES, married Nellie M. MUIR, 21, South  Plantagenet, same, d/o James MUIR & Ellen NICHOLSON, witn: Herbert TRACY, A. L. CONLEY, both of Vankleek Hill, 21 June 1905 at Vankleek Hill 016496-05 Laurence SHEA, 27, farmer, Bear Brook, Warren s/o John SHEA and Julia MADDEN married May FOUBERT, 19, Cumberland, Bear Brook d/o Napoleon FOUBERT and Ellen SEVAIN?, witn: Michael MADDEN of Sarsfield and Maggie POWER of Buckingham, February 28, 1905, Sarsfield
016682-05, James M. TURNBULL, 25, farmer, Russell, Russell, s/o Mathew TURNBULL & S.M. OTTO, married Catherine I. FIELDING, 23, Russell, Russell, d/o James A. FIELDING & Catherine MORRIS, witn: W.J.W. LOURIE & Anne W. FIELDING both of Russell 14 February 1905, Russell 016701 Oscar A. WALES, 22, machinist, Richmond Que., Montreal s/o Albert O. WALES and Margaret HURST married Charlotte C.A. McMILLAN, 23, Lochiel, Vankleek Hill d/o Allan D. McMILLAN and Jessie McPHERSON witn: D.J. McMILLAN and Anna J. McPHERSON both of Lochiel, June 14, 1905, Vankleek Hill
  016492 Charles WALSH, 25, farmer, Cumberland, same s/o John H. WALSH and Sarah FRASER married Francis BALL, 25, Huntingdon, Eastmans Springs d/o William BALL and Mary Jane McCART, witn: Edwin WALSH of Bear Brook and Kate BALL of Eastmans Springs, July 15, 1905, Eastmans Springs