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Prescott & Russell Co., 1909

birth place is given before residence (if it was given on the marriage reg'n)


017640-09 Thirdon ARCAND, 28, Farmer, of Kemptville, s/o Francois ARCAND & Elizabeth SABOURIN; married Eva GOULET, 18, of Embrun, d/o Felix GERVAIS & Virginie LESNIER; wit Francois ARCAND, Kemptville & Felix GERVAIS, Embrun, 12 Jul 1909, Embrun  
017416-09 Arthur AUBE, 27, Labourer Man, of Ottawa, s/o Joseph AUBE & Apoline SIROUX; married Alice LEROUX, 22, of Lemieux, d/o Isaie LEROUX & Vitaline GIRARD; wit Joseph AUBE, Ottawa & Isaie LEROUX, Martel Corners, 26 Sept 1909 at Lemieux 017464-09 Paul AYOTTE, 32, of none given, Ottawa, s/o Charles AYOTTE & Elizabeth GUEVREMONT; married Philomine PAQUETTE, 30, of St. Pascal Baylon, d/o Severe PAQUETTE & Vitaline DUQUETTE; wit Severe PAQUETTE & Osias PAQUETTE, both St. Pascal Baylon, 17 Aug 1909, St. Pascal Baylon
017418-09 Arthur Thomas BAKER, 25, Farmer, of Montreal, s/o Benjamin BAKER (late) & Fredericka FINGEL; married Margaret Annie COONEY, 22, of St. Albert, d/o Lewis Napoleon COONEY & Mary Ann MURPHY; wit Joseph TURPIN & Joseph LANDRY, both St. Albert, 2 Aug 1909, St. Albert 017660-09 Louis BEAUCHAMP, 38, Labourer, Wid, of Tupper Lake, s/o Belaine BEAUCHAMP & Marie BRULE; married Zenide MARINEAU, 19, of Rockland, d/o Camele MARINEAU & Marceline COUSINEAU, wit Belaine BEAUCHAMP & Camile MARINEAU, both Rockland, 15 Nov 1909, Rockland
017651-09 Victor BEDARD, 35, Jobber, Wid, of Rockland, s/o Procule BEDARD & Marguerite LEVIS; married Louise GEYMUS, 47, Wid, of Rockland, d/o Antoine GEYMUS & Emelie DION; wit Procule BEDARD & J. Baptiste BESTELLE, both Rockland, 9 Jul 1909, Rockland 017647-09 Samuel BEDARD, 34, Labourer, Wid, of Rockland, s/o Clement BEDARD & Marguerite LEPAGE; married Malvina SCHRYER, 32, of Rockland, d/o Auguste SCHRYER & Celina LEFABVRE (Lefebvre?); wit Paul GUINDON & Auguste SCHRYER, both Rockland, 24 May 1909, Rockland
017491-09 Joseph BELISLE, 22, Yeoman, of Sarsfield, s/o Wilfred BELISLE & Clementine HOGUE; married Blanche ARBEQUE, 18, of Sarsfield, d/o Genges (George?) ARBEQUE & Marie CHARTRAND; wit Wilfred BELISLE & George ARBEQUE, both Sarsfield, 23 Nov 1909, Sarsfield 017422-09 James BENSON, 27, Farmer, of Lemieux, s/o Anthony BENSON & Angelique MONTROY; married Melissa BRAY, 19, of Lemieux, d/o Xavier BRAY & Mary DENIS; wit Anthony BRONSON & Xavier BRAY, both Lemieux, 18 Oct 1909, Lemieux
  017402-09 Alexander BLONDIN, 29, Farmer, of South Indian, s/o Leon BLONDIN & Harriette GIRARDEAU; married Fabianna GAGNON, 23, of South Indian, d/o George GAGNON & Malvina DESAUBRAIS; wit Adolphus GODARD & Avila DESAUBRAIS, both South Indian, 19 Apr 1909, South Indian
017634-09 Philippe BERTRAND, 27, Farmer, Embrun, s/o Pierre BERTRAND & Josephine GEROUX; married Bernadette LONGTIN, 23, of Embrun, d/o J.B. LONGTIN & Zepherine POTVIN; wit Napoleon GOULET & J.B. LONGTIN, both Longtinville, 22 Jun 1909, Russell 017426-09 Philippe BERTRAND, 22, Farmer, of Embrun, s/o Pierre BERTRAND & Josephine GIROUX; married Bernadette LONGTIN, 20, of Embrun, d/o J. Baptiste LONGTIN & Zepherine POTVIN; wit Pierre BERTRAND & J. Baptiste LONGTIN, both Embrun, 22 Jun 1909, Embrun
18723-10 George BOURGON, 21, farmer, South Plantagenet, Alfred, s/o Arthur BOURGON & Felicite CADIEUX, married Alma CARDINAL, 25, Caledonia, same, d/o Ferdinand CARDINAL, farmer, & Alphonsine COUSINEAU, witn: Ferdinand CARDINAL of Caledonia & Arthur BOURGON of Alfred, 3 Nov 1909 at Fournier 18947-10 Onesime BOYER, 47, widower, farmer, of Rayside, s/o J.B. BOYER & blank, married Marie Louise GERMAIN dit BELISLE, 44, widow, of Embrun, d/o Venance GERMAIN dit BELISLE & blank, witn: Desire PATENAUDE & Josephat GOULET, 29 Dec 1909 at Russell
017480-09 Napoleon BOYER, 25, Farmer, Cumberland, Orleans, s/o Michael BOYER & Alphonsine LACHAPELLE; married Clara FACETTE, 21, Cumberland, Gloucester, d/o Narcisse FACETTE & Josephine GRAVEL; wit Joseph BOYER & Exilda BOYER, both Cumberland, No date given, no place given 017460-09 Raoul BOYER, 24, Merchant, of Ottawa, s/o Hubert BOYER & Eliza ROBERT; married Josephine DEAULT, 22, Housekeeper, of Ottawa, d/o Edmond DEAULT & Leocadie SAUVE; wit Joseph BOYER, Montreal & Edmond DEAULT, The Brook, 29 Jun 1909, The Brook
017427-09 Onesime BOYER, 24, Labourer, of Blazard Valley, s/o Joseph BOYER & Josephte JASMIN; married Marie Louise BELISLE, 22, of Embrun, s/o Louis BELISLE & Marie Louise BOURDEAU; wit Desire PATENAUDE & Josephat GOULET, both Embrun, 29 Dec 1909, Embrun 017635-09 Alvary BRISSON, 23, Farmer, of Casselman, s/o Gilbert BRISSON & Rose Anna LANOIE; married Rosa LAPOINTE, 20, of Embrun, d/o Joseph LAPOINTE & Nathalie CHARLEBOIS; wit Gilbert BRISSON, Embrun, 6 Sept 1909, Embrun
017466-09 Thomas BRULE, 20, Blacksmith, of Billings Bridge, s/o Joseph BRULE & Josephine LECOMPTE; married Emma PAQUETTE, 21, of St. Pascal Baylon, d/o Severe PAQUETTE & Vitaline DUQUETTE; wit Joseph BRULE, Billings Bridge & Osias PAQUETTE, St. Pascal Baylon, 21 Sept 1909, St. Pascal Baylon 017451-09 Severe BRUNET, 25, Farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Romuald BRUNET & Vitaline LAMOUREUX; married Rose Anna DEJARDIN, 21, of Clarence Creek, d/o Joseph DEJARDIN & Malvina TESSIER; wit Romuald BRUNET & Joseph DEJARDIN, both Clarence Creek, 31 May 1909, Clarence Creek
18950-10 Charles Alex BUCKLEY, 28, laborer, of Russell, s/o John BUCKLEY, laborer, & Margaret SPENCE, married Jennie WATSON, 23, of Morewood, d/o William WATSON, stone mason & Agnes IRVINE, witn: James WALSH of Morewood & Nellie BUCKLEY of Russell, 29 Dec 1909 at Russell 017477-09 John BUSSIERE, 64, Switchman, Wid, of Marguette US, s/o J.B. BUSSIERE & Sophie FAUCHIERE; married Lucie BRENIER, 61, Wid, of Sarsfield, d/o Felix BRENIER & Martine BOUCHER; wit Augustin BAZINET, Rockland & Gederis BAZINET, Sarsfield, 9 Feb 1909, Sarsfield
017483-09 Samuel CANNING, 26, Farmer, of Clarence, s/o William CANNING & Marie CONLEY; married Ellen Alexandra MENNIE, 21, of Clarence, d/o James MENNIE & Ellen CHALMERS: wit James SIMPSON & Maud M. SIMPSON, both Rockland, 30 Jun 1909, Cumberland 017407-09 Joseph CARDINAL, 28, Farmer, of The Brook, s/o Felix CARDINAL & Martin LUSSIER; married Lea Bernadette BENSON, 21, of Lemieux, d/o James BENSON (late) & Clara LAMIEUX; wit Arthur BUSSIERE, Clarence Creek & J. J. BENSON, Lemieux, 2 Jun 1909, Lemieux
017411-09 Edmond CARTIE, 24, Farmer, of Casselman, s/o Olivier CARTIE & Celina BONNEVILLE; married Emma LEROUX, 22, of Casselman, d/o Elie Napoleon LEROUX & Alphonsine LAFRAMBOISE; wit Elie CARTIE, Cornwall & Lucia LEROUX, Casselman, 5 Jul 1909, Casselman 017419-09 Elzeard CAYER, 23, Farmer, of St. Albert, s/o J. Baptiste CAYER & Zuloria? LEBLANC; married Melissa CLEMENT, 22, of St. Albert, d/o Godfroid CLEMENT & Domithilde CARRIERE; wit J.B. CAYER & Godfoid CLEMENT, St. Albert, 14 Sept 1909, St. Albert
  017653-09 Felix CHALIFOUX, 48, Labourer, Wid, of Rockland, s/o Gideon CHALIFOUX & Napoline OUELLET; married Josephine AMYOT, 34, Housekeeper, Wid, of South India Ontario, d/o Augustin AMYOT & Adeline LAMACHE; wit Romuald LEMAY & Joseph SAUVE, both Rockland, 18 Aug 1909, Rockland
017470-09 Joseph CHARLEBOIS, 21, Farmer, of Vinette, s/o Ferdinand CHARLEBOIS & Zelia BRUNET; married Aldea DESJARDINS, 20, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Joseph DESJARDINS & Malvina TESSIER; wit Ferdinand CHARLEBOIS, Vinette & Joseph DESJARDINS, Clarence Creek, 11 Oct 1909, Clarence Creek 017406-09 Arthur CHARRON, 23, Farmer, of Casselman, s/o Cyprien CHARRON & Salome BELANGER; married Marie PATENAUDE, 20, of Casselman, d/o Leon PATENAUDE & Sophie SABOURIN; wit Albert CHARRON, Casselman & Emma O'BYRNE, South Indian, 10 May 1909, Casselman
017650-09 Alphe CHENIER, 25, Labourer, of Rockland, s/o Delphis CHENIER & Mathilda LABROSSE; married Adele SARRAZIN, 22, of Rockland, d/o Maxime SARRAZIN & Adele PILON; wit Gideon LABROSSE & Pascal PAQUETTE, both Rockland, 5 Jul 1909, Rockland 017467-09 Jean Baptiste CLEROUX, 37, Farmer, Wid, of Orleans, s/o Emilien CLEROUX & Flavie BOUCHER; married Marie LAVICTOIRE, 31, of Clarence Creek, d/o Athanase LAVICTOIRE & Alphonsine HOGUE; wit Emile RICHER & Athanase LAVICTOIRE, both Clarence Creek, 27 Sept 1909, Clarence Creek
#017564-09 (Prescott Co): Frank CRAIG, 30, bridgeworker, s/o Andrew CRAIG & Rachel HARDING, married Hattie FOLLEY, age not given, working in woollen factory, d/o John FOLLEY & Esther CLAYTON, witnesses were Parker McRAE of Hopetown Quebec & Mabel FOLLEY of Ottawa 18949-10 Henry Dier CRAIG, 27, farmer, of Metcalf, s/o Hugh CRAIG & Emma PRATT, married Letiita Jane SHELP, 31, of Russell twp., d/o Jerome SHELP & Ann CURRY, witn: George H. McTIER of Metcalf & Arminelle SHELP of Russell twp., 27 Oct 1909 at Russell Co.
017654-09 Hector DALLAIRE, 21, Bar Tender, of Rockland, s/o Suephrin DALLAIRE & Elizabeth PEPIN; married Flora SCHRYER, 17, of Rockland, d/o Joseph SCHRYER & Lea LAROCQUE; wit Michael RATTAY & Joseph SCHRYER, both Rockland, 6 Sept 1909, Rockland 017645-09 Theophile DESJARDINS, 18 1/2, Labourer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Onasime DESJARDINS & Melina MENARD; married Marie Ann CASTONGUAY, 18, of Rockland, d/o Louis CASTONGUAY & Aglae BOUCHARD; wit J. Baptiste DESJARDINS, Clarence Creek & Louis CASTONGUAY, Rockland, 19 Apr 1909, Rockland
017481-09 Joseph DUNSTER, 23, Yeoman, of Ottawa, s/o Albert N. DUNSTER & Catherine KENNY; married Catherine CARRIGHAN, 27, Servant, of Ottawa, d/o Patrick CARRIGHAN & Margaret SHEAN; wit Austin BAXTER, Richmond & Ada DUNSTER, Ottawa, 29 Jun 1909, Sarsfield 17673-09 (Prescott Co): William DUPUIS, 27, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Jerry DUPUIS, laborer, & blank, married Minnie BERNIQUE, 21, of St. Eugene, d/o John BERNIQUE, laborer, & Mary SAUVE, witn: Robert DUPUIS & Georgia LECROIX, both of Van Kleek Hill, 2 Aug 1909 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath)
017414-09 Josephat DURIVAGE, 24, Farmer, of Casselman, s/o Felix DURIVAGE & Marie DEMERS; married Olivine JOANNETTE, 26, of Ste. Marthe Quebec, d/o Leandre JOANNETTE & Symphore QUESNEL; wit Henri GARCEAU & Bertha JOANNETTE, both Ste. Marthe, 13 Jul 1909, Ste. Marthe  
017639-09 Pierre EMARD,  Merchant, of Casselman, s/o Pierre EMARD & Marcelline BOURDEAU; married Alphonsine BOURDEAU, no age given, Wid, of Embrun, d/o no parents given; wit none given, 6 Sept 1909, Embrun 017473-09 Xavier ETHIER, 21, Farmer, of The Brook, s/o Olivier ETHIER & Emelie ROY; married Delphica CHARETTE, 21, Housekeeper, of The Brook, d/o Jules CHARETTE & Leocadie GAGNIER; wit Olivier ETHIER & Jules CHARETTE, both The Brook, 16 Nov 1909, The Brook
017408-09 Antoine FAUBERT, 30, Farmer, of Embrun, s/o Joseph FAUBERT & Philomene ST. PIERRE; married Emelie AMYOTTE, 22, of South Indian, d/o Augustin AMYOTTE & Elmire LEFEBVRE; wit Joachim FAUBERT, Embrun & Augustin AMYOTTE, South Indian, 28 Jun 1909, South Indian 017403-09 Joseph FAUBERT, 30, Farmer, of Embrun, s/o Joseph FAUBERT & Philomine ST. PIERRE; married Emma AMYOTTE, 22, of South Indian, d/o Augustin AMYOTTE & Elmire LEFEBVRE; wit Joachin FAUBERT & Augustin AMYOTTE, both South Indian, 20 Apr 1909, South Indian
017656-09 William FILION, 26, Labourer, of Rockland, s/o Felix FILLION (sic) & Domithilde TOUCHETTE; married Ida LAVERGNE, 19, of Rockland, d/o Onesine LAVERGNE & Mathilde McLEAN; wit Felix FILLION, Thurso Quebec & Alphonse MENARD, Clarence Creek, 6 Sept 1909, Rockland 017628-09 John FORSYTH, 25, Carpenter, of Russell, s/o Alexander FORSYTH & Mary F. TODD; married Bessie HOGG, 25, of Russell, d/o Alexander HOGG & Margaret WRIGHT; wit Dougal LOUCKS & Frances SUMMERBY, both Russell, 24 Jun 1909, Russell
017490-09 Louis GAGNE, 25, Farmer, of The Brook, s/o Napoleon & Julienne GAGNE; married Rosanna GUINDON, 19, Servant, of Canaan, d/o Burges GUINDON; wit Wilfred GAGNIE, The Brook & Joseph GUINDON, Canaan, 24 Dec 1909, Sarsfield 017409-09 Wilfred GAGNER, 20, Farmer, of Sacre Coeur of The Brook, s/o Arthur GAGNE & Hermine LALONDE married Ida LABELLE, 19, of St. Albert, d/o Joseph LABELLE & Nathalie CLEMENT; wit Alex. CLEMENT & Mathilda GENIER, both St. Albert, 20 Apr 1909, St. Albert
017463-09 Avila GAREAU, 30, Farmer, of St. Pascal Baylon, s/o Joachim GAREAU & Henriette HOULE; married Eliza BERGERON, 25, of d/o Israel BERGERON & Marie GOULET; wit Polydore BERGERON & Abraham ST. PIERRE, both St. Pascal Baylon, 16 Aug 1909, St. Pascal Baylon 017652-09 Joseph GERARD, 19, Labourer, of Rockland, s/o Thomas GERARD & Valarie CHENIER; married Aurore SIMARD, 18, domestic, of Rockland, d/o Oliver SIMARD & Sauphronie DAGWAN; wit Yacinthe PHARAND & John POIRIER, both Rockland, 12 Jul 1909, Rockland
  017404-09 James GIBAULT, 24, Farmer, of South Indian, s/o Joseph GIBAULT & Adeline POMAINVILLE; married Rosina LAFEBVRE, 20, of Grenville Quebec, d/o J.B. LEFEBVRE & Octave POMAINVILLE; wit Joseph GIBAULT, South Indian & J.B. LEFEBVRE, Grenville, 27 Apr 1909, South Indian
017636-09 Gustave GOSSELIN, 48, Farmer, Wid, of Embrun, s/o France GOSSELIN & Melina PECHE; married Orea VANIER, 35, of Embrun, d/o Bonaventure VANIER & no mother given; wit Theophile FUGERE & Bonaventure VANIER, both Embrun, 5 Sept 1909, Embrun 017474-09 Pierre GOULET, 43, Labourer, Wid, of Clarence Creek Village, s/o Charles GOULET & Marguerite BELLEFEUILLE; married Eulalie GAUTHIER, 41, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o J.B. BRUNET & Joseph GAUTHIER, both Clarence Creek, 19 Dec 1909, Clarence Creek
017629-09 Eugene GREGOIRE, 31, Labourer, of Marionville, s/o Antoine GREGOIRE & Delima LADERONTE, married Margaret Jane LANONE (Lanoue?) 19, of Marionville, d/o Jean Louis LANONE & Mary GAUTHIER; wit Jean Louis LANONE & David MARTEL, both Marionville, 17 Jun 1909, Russell 017478-09 Alderick GROSLORIES, 22, Yeoman, of Vars, s/o Etienne GROSLORIES & Marie BASTINE; married Beatrice BLANCDOEIL, 16, of Vars, d/o Albert BLANCDOEIL & Zoe GOURGON; wit Ovila BRISLOINS Vars & Albert BLANCDOEIL, Vars, 19 Apr 1909, Sarsfield
017459-09 Ernest GUINDON, 23, Farmer, Wid, of Clarence Creek, s/o Joseph GUINDON & Josephine PERRON; married Ameline PERRON, 20, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Victor PERRON & Anna DEJARDIN; wit Joseph GUINDON & Victor PERRON, both Clarence Creek, 14 Jun 1909, Clarence Creek 017643-09 Alfred Ernest HAMILTON, 27, Farmer, of Russell, s/o John HAMILTON & Jane LEMOND; married Alice E. ARMOUR-YORK, 19, of Russell, d/o Robert ARMOUR (sic) & Mary Jane MOON; wit Robert N. HAMILTON & M.V. ARMOUR, both Ottawa, 8 Sept 1909, Russell
017452-09 Arcidas HENRIE, 50, Blacksmith, Wid, of Clarence Creek, s/o Jean Baptiste HENRIE; married Eliza HENRIE, 47, Housekeeper, Wid, of Clarence Creek, d/o Charles HENRIE & Mathilde BELANGER; wit Theophile LAVICTOIRE & Louis HOTTE, both Clarence Creek, 6 Apr 1909, Clarence Creek 017472-09 Omer HENRIE, 21, Farmer, of St. Pascal Baylon, s/o J. Baptiste. HENRIE & Elodie PAGE; married Rose Alba LALONDE, 16, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Pierre LALONDE & Zepherine BEAUCHAMP; wit J.B. HENRIE, St. Pascal Baylon & Pierre LALONDE, Clarence Creek, 8 Nov 1909, Clarence Creek
017487-09 Gilbert HUNEAU, 24, Yeoman, of Navan, s/o Gilbert HUNEAU & Marcelline POTVIN; married Anna LEMARD, 20, of Vars, d/o Didime LEMARD & Adele GUAY; wit Louis LEMARD & Adela THEORET, both Vars, 23 Aug 1909, Sarsfield 017633-09 Ernest HURTUBISE, 27, Conductor, of North Bay, s/o Alphonse HURTUBIS & Exilia BERTRAND; married Flore MAYER, 18, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph MAYER & Dolorisse FORGET; wit Alphonse A. HURTUBISE, North Bay & Joseph BOUDREAULT, The Brook, 22 Jun 1909, Russell
017630-09 William F.F. KENNEY, 31, Merchant, of Russell, s/o Thomas KENNEY & Mary A. FINSLEY; married Catherine Maria BLANEY, 23, of Russell, d/o James H. BLANEY & Ellen S. DOWNING; wit Mrs. Hiram KENNEY & George KENNEY, both Russell, 23 Jun 1909, Russell 017659-09 Wilfred LABONTE, 22, Farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Wilfred LABONTE & Rose DE LIMA GAUTHIER; married Rose SABOURIN, 19, Servant, of Rockland, d/o Hercule SABOURIN & Rosalie LALINDRE; wit Wilfred LABONTE, Clarence Creek & Zepherine CHENIER, Rockland, 4 Oct 1909, Rockland
017410-09 Theodule LAFLECHE, 27, Farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Moise LAFLECHE & Celeria LAFRANCE, married Aurore BENOIT, 20, of St. Albert, d/o Felix BENOIT & Philomene PAGE; wit Felix BENOIT & Moise LAFLECHE, both St. Albert, 15 Jun 1909, St. Albert 017471-09 Omer LAFRANCE, 30, Clerk, of Montreal, s/o Felix LAFRANCE & Angele LEMAY; wit Adelia BOILEAU, 18, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Evangeliste BOILEAU & Olive THERRIEN; wit Nazanas LAFRANCE, Montreal & Evangelist BOILEAU, Clarence Creek, 26 Oct 1909, Clarence Creek
17672-09 (Prescott Co): Frank LAJOIE, 29, widower, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Peter LAJOIE, laborer, & Maggie DIOTTE, married Lizzie MASSIA, 20, servant, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Peter MASSIA, laborer, & Mary DESJARDINS, witn: R.A. SCANTLEBURY & P. LAJOIE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 31 July 1909 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath) 017488-09 Ernest LALONDE, 24, Merchant, of St. Andre Avellin Quebec; married Agnes GUERTIN, 20, of Vars, d/o John GUERTIN & Lina GALLAGHER; wit Oyhela LALONDE, St. Avellin & John GUERTIN, Vars, 24 Aug 1909, Sarsfield
017450-09 Oscar LAMOUREUX, 21, Farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Jean Baptiste. LAMOUREUX & Rose DE LIMA PAGE; married Delia TOUCHETTE, 19, of Clarence Creek, d/o Moise TOUCHETTE & Delia DUQUETTE; wit Israel LAMOUREUX & Moise TOUCHETTE, both Clarence Creek, 31 May 1909, Clarence Creek 017457-09 Oliver LAUZON, 24, Blacksmith, of Clarence Creek, s/o Jeremie LAUZON & Olympe SHEFFE; married Corinne MARTIN, 27, Housekeeper, of The Brook, d/o Isidore MARTIN & Malvina LAVIOLETTE; wit Joseph LAUZON, The Brook & Isidore MARTIN, St. Pascal, 7 Jun 1909, The Brook
017489-09 Adolphe LAVERGNE, 32, Yeoman, of L'Orignal, s/o Joseph LAVERGNE & Celina LEPAGE: married Flora DESJARDINS, 21, of Bearbrook, d/o Adolphe DESJARDINS & Arthemise LAVERGNE; wit Joseph ST. DENIS, Sarsfield & Thomas DESJARDINS, Bearbrook, 6 Sept 1909, Sarsfield 017479-09 Hyacinthe LEBLANC, 24, Farmer, Ottawa, Vars, s/o Hyacinthe LEBLANC & Matilda LAURIN; married Maud BOVIN, 16, Finch, of d/o George BOVIN & Elizabeth BARBER; wit Annie C. BLACK & George BOVIN, both Vars, 21 May 1909, Vars
  017485-09 Moise LEFEBVRE, 19, Yeoman, Bearbrook, Sarsfield, s/o Jean Baptiste LEFEBVRE & Melina VACHON; married Georgina CHARTRAND, 18, of Navan, d/o Narcisse CHARTRAND & Emilie GAGNE; wit Stanislas CHARTRAND & Annie BOUCHER, both Navan, 17 Aug 1909, Sarsfield
017424-09 Gerasinne LEGAULT (wid of Zoe PAPIN), 43, Farmer, Wid, of St. Isidore of Prescott, s/o Alexander LEGAULT & Felicite DANDERAND; married Virginia MATTE, 44, Wid, of Casselman, d/o Pierre MATTE & Marguerite ST. AMOUR; wit Zephirin RAINVILLE & Alphonse LALONDE, both Casselman, 13 Nov 1909, Casselman 017420-09 Alfred LEGAULT, 22, Farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Evariste LEGAULT & Nathalie RACINE; married Albina PLANTE, 20, of St. Albert, d/o Alexander PLANTE & Malvina FORGETTE; wit Evariste LEGAULT & Alexander PLANTE, both St. Albert, 27 Sept 1909, St. Albert
017632-09 Albert J. LEMIEUX, 22, Clerk, of Embrun, s/o David LEMIEUX, farmer, & Eliza DECOSTE; married Rosalinda BUREL, 20, of Embrun, d/o Pierre BUREL, hotel keeper, & Euphemia LONGTIN; wit David LEMIEUX & Pierre BUREL, both Embrun, 3 May 1909, Russell 017421-09 Joseph LEPAGE, 22, Farmer, of South Indian, s/o Napoleon LEPAGE & Virginie PITTE; married Elzire CHARBONNEAU, 19, of South Indian, d/o J. Baptiste CHARBONNEAU & Permela NADON; wit Napoleon LEPAGE, Fournier & J.B. CHARBONNEAU, South Indian, 6 Sept 1909, South Indian
017475-09 John LISKE, 24, Farmer, of Milgrove Quebec, s/o Albert LISKE & Louise BALLART; married Annie WOODSTOCK, 22, of Bowman, d/o Martin WITTSTOCK (sic) & Pauline CHIFRAN; wit Paul WOODSTOCK & Minnie SCHICHLEN, both High Falls Quebec, 17 Jan 1909, Cumberland  
017465-09 Arthur LUSSIER, 30, Labourer, of The brook, s/o Amable LUSSIER & Adelaide LEGER; married Aimee LEDUC, 24, of The Brook, d/o Etienne LEDUC & Emma BOUDREAU; wit Etienne LEDUC & Amable LUSSIER, both The Brook, 23 Aug 1909, The Brook 017461-09 Eugene MAISONNEUVE, 25, Farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Alphonse & Marie Louise MAISONNEUVE; married Olivine LAVICTOIRE, 19, of Clarence Creek, d/o Honore LAVICTOIRE & Olivine MELOCHE; wit Alphonse MAISONNEUVE & Honore LAVICTOIRE, both Clarence Creek, 5 Jul 1909, Clarence Creek
017454-09 Joseph MARCEL, 20, Farmer, of The Brook, s/o Joseph MARCEL & Angele LAFLECHE; married Fabiola MARLEAU, 18, housekeeper, of The Brook, d/o Jules MARLEAU & Leocadie ROULEAU; wit Joseph MARCIL & Hyacinthe LAGROIS, both The Brook, 26 Apr 1909, The Brook  
017637-09 Eldege MARTEL, 23, Farmer, of Embrun, s/o David MARTEL & Alphonsine LENONE; married Virginia ST. PIERRE, 16, of Embrun, d/o Louis ST. PIERRE & Merance BOUVIER; wit Jules MARTEL & Zelia ST. PIERRE, both Embrun, 24 Au 1909, Embrun 017638-09 Damase MARTEL, 24, Farmer, of Embrun, s/o Joseph MARTEL & Euphrasie LEFEBVRE; married Meriza LAFORTUNE, 19, of Embrun, d/o Virgel LAFORTUNE & Anna DERIGER dit LAPLANTE; wit Joseph MARTEL & Noe DERIGER dit LAPLANTE, both no place given, 6 Jul 1909, Embrun
  017453-09 Casimere MARTIN, 26, Farmer, Wid, of South Indian, s/o Casimere MARTIN & Marie Ann McALLISTER; married Eugenie LAVOIE, 19, Housekeeper, of The Brook, d/o Eusebe LAVOIE & Eulalie LACROIX; wit Casimere MARTIN, South Indian & Eusebe LAVOIE, The Brook, 19 Apr 1909, The Brook
017486-09 Morgan McCRANK, 32, Farmer, of Cobalt, s/o John McCRANK & Elizabeth MOORE; married Minnie McKERCHER, 31, School Teacher, of Sarsfield, d/o Robert McKERCHER & Catherine CASHUN; wit none given, 17 Aug 1909, Sarsfield 017641-09 John Roy McLAURIN, 33, Lumberman, of Van Kleek, s/o John Roy McLAURIN (Sr) & Carrie CONNOR; married Bessie Ann CUMMINGS, 27, School Teacher, of Russell, d/o Duncan CUMMINGS & Margaret McDOUGALL; wit D.S. MACDOUGALL & Mrs. Margaret CUMMINGS, both Russell, 22 Sept 1909, Russell
017455-09 Edgar MENARD, 25, Labourer, of Hull, s/o Jean Baptiste MENARD & Odele VILLENEUVE; married Anna BRIERE, 22, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Emerie BRIERE & Rose Anna MARTIN; wit J. Baptiste MENARD & Emerie BRIERE, both Clarence Creek, 26 Apr 1909, Clarence Creek 017655-09 Napoleon MENARD, 21, Labourer, of Rockland, s/o Michael MENARD & Rosina BEDARD; married Aldea MAYEAU (Mageau?), 17, of Rockland, d/o Amie MAYEAU & Delima LADOUCEURE; wit Michael MENARD & Alexis LADOUCEURE, both Rockland, 6 Sept 1909, Rockland
017661-09 Emile MERCHAND (MERCHAUD?, 45, Bank Manager, Wid, of Rockland, s/o Oliver MERCHAND & Emelia BENARD; married Alma MARIER, 25, of Rockland, d/o Jules MARRIER (sic) & Melvina MERLEINE; wit Jules MARIER (Jr) & Jules MARIER (Sr), both Rockland, 25 Dec 1909, Rockland 017423-09 Honore MONTOUR alias BOURGEAULT, 44, Farmer, Wid, of The Brook, s/o Honore BOURGEAULT & unknown; married Marie Louise LEGAULT, 31, Wid, of The Brook, d/o Augustin LEGAULT & Marcelline ASSELIN; wit Germain FRANCOUER & Denaigue LEGAULT, both Casselman, 19 Oct 1909, Casselman
017658-09 John E. MORRIS, 26, Farmer, of Sarsfield, s/o James E. MORRIS & Catherine HUNTER; married Bertha May GORMLEY, 20, of Rockland, d/o Denis GORMLEY & Helen KENNY; wit Allan MORRIS, Sarsfield & Elizabeth GORMLEY, Rockland, 28 Sept 1909, Rockland 017458-09 John Robert NOLAN, 23, Insurance Agent, of Ottawa, s/o John NOLAN & Catherine MORRIS; married Rosie May BUTLER, 23, Clerk, of The Brook, d/o James BUTLER & Margaret McLEAN; wit John NOLAN, Sarsfield & James BUTLER, Hammond, no day Jun 1909, no place given
017482-09 Percy PALETTE, 22, labourer, of Buckingham, s/o Daniel PALETTE & Elizabeth CORRIGAN; married Susan CONROY, 21, of Buckingham, d/o Christopher CONROY & Abigail FRENCH; wit C.G. DUNLOP, Springfield & Eva B. GREIG, Cumberland, 4 Jun 1909, Cumberland  
017649-09 Joseph Nelson PAQUETTE, 19, Farmer, of Rockland, s/o Nelson PAQUETTE & Eulalie SCHRYER; married Claudia BAZINET, 19, of Rockland, d/o Adelard BAZINET & Caroline DESJARDIN; wit Nelson PAQUETTE & Adelard BAZINET, both Rockland, 14 Jun 1909, Rockland 017413-09 Isaie PAQUETTE, 22, Labourer, of Casselman, s/o Alexander PAQUETTE (late) & Clemence DUPLINDE; married Emelia JONCAS, 20, of Casselman, d/o Clovis JONCAS & Josephine BERTRAND; wit Joseph GROULX & Clovis JONCAS, both Casselman, 12 Jul 1909, Casselman
017462-09 James PAUL, 26, Farmer, of The Brook, s/o Clement PAUL & Rose DAOUST; married Marie Louise ROCHON, 23, of Clarence Creek, d/o Jean Baptiste ROCHON & Olympie DEAULT; wit Clement PAUL, The Brook & Michel HOULE, Clarence Creek, 10 Aug 1909, Clarence Creek 017425-09 F.X. PLANTE, 26, Farmer, of The Brook, s/o Pierre PLANTE & Philomene PILON; married Albertine TESSIER, 22, of South Indian, d/o Samuel TESSIER & Marie Louise MARTIN; wit Pierre PLANTE & Sam TESSIER, both The Brook, 15 Nov 1909, Casselman
017456-09 Philias POIRIER, 24, Cheese Maker, of Plantagenet, s/o Julien POIRIER & Elizabeth THERIEN; married Rose Alba LAUZON, 23, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Antoine LAUZON & Elizabeth LALONDE; wit Julien POIRIER, Plantagenet & Antoine LAUZON, Clarence Creek, 27 Apr 1909, Clarence Creek 017417-09 Rosario QUESNEL, 24, Farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Amable QUESNEL & Salome QUENNSVILLE; married Victoria ROCHON, 22, of St. Albert, d/o Louis ROCHON & Rose Delima BOURGEOIS; wit Amable QUESNEL & Louis ROCHON, both St. Albert, 12 Jul 1909, St. Albert
18951-10 Leo REGNIER, 28, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Desire REGNIER, farmer, & Orelie LABERGE, married Emelia BINETTE, 21, of Marionville, d/o Ferdinand BINETTE, laborer, & Julie BOUCHER, witn: Desire REGNIER of Embrun & Ferdinand BINETTE of Marionville, 22 Nov 1909 at Marionville 017631-09 Wilfred RIVET, 19, Labourer, of Embrun, s/o Dosithe RIVET & Marie GREGOIRE; married Fabiana RIVARD, 23, of Embrun, d/o Narcisse RIVARD & Agnes HAMELIN; wit none given, 11 May 1909, Russell
017644-09 Alexander Theide? ROBINEAU, 31, Farmer, of Thurso Quebec, s/o Frederic ROBINEAU & Delphine PARENT; married Alma BEDARD, 24, Domestic, of Rockland, d/o Aldelent BEDARD & Philomene LACASSE; wit Joseph LOUISEIZE & Pierre BEDARD, both Rockland, 17 Apr 1909, Rockland 017468-09 Elie ROCHON, 27, Farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Jean B. ROCHON & Olympe DEAULT; married Lea LALONDE, 22, Housekeeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Napoleon LALONDE & Anna PAGE; wit Mathias PAGE & Josephat LALONDE, both Clarence Creek, 3 Oct 1909, Clarence Creek
017642-09 William Russell ROWLAND, 25, Farmer, of Harbord, s/o William R. ROWLAND & Christina DUNLOP; married Bertha Mabel CRAIG, 24, of Russell, d/o Robert James CRAIG & Jane ROBINSON; wit Charles J. DUNLOP & Pearl A. CRAIG; wit 28 Jul 1909, Russell 017405-09 Adelard ROY, 23, Farmer, of South Indian, s/o J. Baptiste ROY & Adele SORELLE; married Adelaide MOISE, 20, of South Indian, d/o Louis MOISE & Adelaide VINCENT; wit Louis ROY & Louis MOISE, both South Indian, 10 May 1909, South Indian
017428-09 Edmond ST. AMOUR, 19, Motorman, of Lemieux, s/o Maxime ST. AMOUR & Marie Louise LEPINE; married Nellie SMITH, 18, of Lemieux, d/o Daniel SMITH & Francis PICARD; wit Maxime ST. AMOUR & John GARDNER, both Lemieux, 23 Nov 1909, Lemieux 017469-09 David ST. ONGE, 28, Farmer, Wid, of Wendover, s/o J.B. ST. ONGE & no mother given; married Albina DUHAMEL, 19, of St. Pascal Baylon, d/o Napoleon DUHAMEL & Rose Alma FORTIER; wit J.B. ST. ONGE & Narcisse ST. ONGE, both Wendover, 4 Oct 1909, St. Pascal Baylon
017648-09 Jules SCHRYER, 29, Fisherman, of Rockland, s/o Joseph SCHRYER & Lea LEVESQUE; married Victoria LEDUC, 22, of Rockland, d/o Joseph LEDUC & Ulalie SCHRYER; wit Joseph SCHRYER & Joseph LEDUC, both Rockland, 7 Jun 1909, Rockland 18952-10 Joseph SIGOUIN, 21, merchant, of Embrun, s/o Didas SIGOUIN, merchant, & Rose De Lima SAURIOL, married Dora DUFORD, 21, teacher, of Embrun, d/o Ovila DUFORD, merchant, & blank EMARD, witn: Emile GAGNE & Regina FILLION, both of Embrun, 29 Sept 190 at Embrun
017657-09 Olivier SIMARD, 20, Labourer, of Rockland, s/o Olivier SIMARD & Sephrenie DEQUANNE; married Eva GERARD, 21, of Rockland, d/o Thomas GERARD & Valarie CHENIER; wit John CHENIER & Moise GERARD, both Rockland, 23 Aug 1909, Rockland 017646-09 Leonard SMITH, 25, Conductor, of Port Hood, s/o Peter SMITH & Mary McNEELE; married Liza MAYOTTE, 17, of Rockland, d/o Felix MAYOTTE & Liza LONGTIN; wit Malcolm SMITH, Rockland & Louise CALIBENE, Ottawa, 7 Jun 1909, Rockland
017476-09 James SUMMERS, 25, Civil Service, of Ottawa, s/o John SUMMERS & Mary Ann DE ORMOND; married Elizabeth CARD, 20, of Canaan, d/o Michael CARR & Anastasia TESSIER; wit Henry SUMMERS, Rockland & Agnes CARR, Canaan, 23 Jun 1909, Sarsfield 18948-10 Obadiah H. SWITZER, 26, farmer, of Edwards, s/o Christopher SWITZER & Ruth SWITZER, married Annie E. HITSMAN, 21, of Russell twp., d/o J.H. HITSMAN & Jane HAYES, witn: Violet R. LERNON (Lemon?) of Russell & Thomas SWITZER of Edwards, 27 Oct 1909 at res of the bride
17674-09 (Prescott Co): William Burnett Haliburton TEAKLES, 32, insurance agent, of Vancouver BC, s/o Brenton H. TEAKLES, gentleman, & Jennie McGEE, married Elizabeth McLAURIN, 30, civil service, of Ottawa, d/o J. R. McLAURIN, gentleman, & Carrie McCANN, witn: J.R. & Laura McLAURIN of Van Kleek Hill, 29 Sept 1909 at Van Kleek Hill 17671-09 (Prescott Co): George R. TODD, 25, baker, of Lachute Quebec, s/o John TODD, farmer, & Jennie McGILLIVRAY, married Daisy BANCROFT, 25, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Lester BANCROFT, deceased farmer, & Margaret STEELE, witn: Guy TODD of Montreal & Laura WALKNER of Henry Ont., 21 July 1909 at Van Kleek Hill
017412-09 William H. WHELAN, 24, Mechanic, of Ottawa, s/o Matthew WHELAN & Annie GALLAGHER; married Ida SEGOUIN, 22, of South Indian, d/o Antoine SEGOUIN & Philomene NORMAND; wit Mathew WHELAN, Ottawa & Antoine SEGOUIN, South Indian, 5 Jul 1909, South Indian 017484-09 Andrew WILSON, 32, Barber, North Russell, Vars, s/o Thomas WILSON & Jane CURRY; married Alma MORRISON, 20, Vars, Vars, d/o Robert MORRISON & Alice MULLIGAN; wit Richard WILSON, North Russell & Edith WILSON, Cantley Quebec, 7 Jul 1909, Vars