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Prescott & Russell Co., 1910

birth place is given before residence (if it was given on the marriage reg'n)


18991-10 Philip ALLAN, 29, farmer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o John ALLAN, farmer, & blank, married Amonna BOURDON, 23, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Joseph BOURDON, laborer, & Esther DUBOIS, witn: Charles DUSSERRE? & Louis DUMONTIER, both of Van Kleek Hill, 7 Jan 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18842-10 Hector Thomas ALLEN, 24, farmer, of Longeuil twp., s/o John H. ALLEN, farmer, & Maggie J. BARTON, married Grace Eliza BARTON, 21, of West Hawkesbury, d/o George E. BARTON, farmer, & Anna J. HUNTER, witn: Thomas BARTON & Esther CROSS, both of West Hawkesbury, 31 Aug 1910 at West Hawkesbury
18925-10 Athanase AMYOTTE, 17, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Maxime Amyot VILLENEUVE, dead, & Pamela GUINDON, married Clementine CHEVIGNY, 17, servant, of Rockland, d/o Euclide CHEVIGNY, laborer, & Delphine PAQUETTE, 22 May 1910 at Rockland [re groom - surname Villeneuve was crossed out and Amyotte written over, with note at bottom of reg'n: "re name see license"] 18761-10 Thomas AMYOTTE, 24, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Francois AMYOTTE, farmer, & Marguerite GUINDON, married Alide DESJARDINS, 18, of Clarence Creek, d/o Joseph DESJARDINS, farmer, & Malvina TESSIER, witn: Francois AMIOTTE (sic) & Joseph DESJARDINS, both of Clarence Creek, 21 June 1910 at Clarence Creek
18972-10 Emerson ARBUTHNOT, 32, farmer, of Russell, s/o John William ARBUTHNOT, farmer, & Catherine BAINBRIDGE, married Isabella SCOULAR, 19, of Russell, d/o Samuel SCOULAR & Elizabeth SHIELDS, witn: Alice CRUMP of Cannamore, 21 Sept 1910 at Russell 18784-10 James BARBEAU, 53, farmer, of Clarence, s/o Louis BARBEAU & Elizabeth FRANCE, married Rebecca SURTEES, 53, of Clarence, d/o George SURTEES & Rebecca THORNTON, witn: H. SUTREES of Clarence & E.B. GREIG of Cumberland, 9 April 1910 at Cumberland
18902-10 Isidore BAXTER, 35, hotel keeper, of Fasset Que., s/o Patrick BAXTER & Margaret POITRAS, married Anna BOURGON, 22, of St. Isidore, d/o Ossee BOURGON, farmer, & Exilda PARENT, witn: Wilfrid BAXTER of Fasset Que & Ossee BOURGON of St. Isidore, 14 June 1910 at St. Isidore 18706-10 Phedine BAZINET, 22, farmer, of Crysler, s/o late Charles BAZINET, farmer, & Pomela LABERGE, married Sophia GRATTON, 22, of St. Albert, d/o Charles GRATTON, farmer, & Florestine BENOIT, witn: Augustin BAZINET of Crysler & Ferdinand GAUCHE? of St. Albert
18766-10 Alderic BEAUCHAMP, 21, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Alexandre BEAUCHAMP, farmer, & Arthemise MAISONNEUVE, married Anna BISSONNETTE, 18, of Bourget, d/o Alexandre BISSONNETTE, mill owner & Georgianna MA--GER? [smudged], witn: Joseph POIRIER & Alexandrine BISSONNETTE, 12 Sept 1910 at Bourget 18873-10 Arthur BEAULIEU, 41, farmer, of Curran, s/o Jean Baptiste BEAULIEU, farmer, & N. DUPONT, married Donald BISSONNETTE, 33, widow, of Fournier, d/o Jean Baptiste BISSONNETTE, farmer, & blank, witn: J.B. BEAULIEU of Curran & J.B. BISSONNETTE of Fournier, 25 June 1910 at Curran
18739-10 Amedee BEAUREGARD, 22, farmer, s/o Joseph BEAUREGARD, farmer, & Malvina LEMERE, married Elizabeth HUNEAULT, 23, of Casselman, d/o Ant HUNEAULT, carpenter, & Marie POIRIER, witn: Miss Ida & Antoine HUNEAULT of Casselman, 14 June 1910 at Casselman 18846-10 Justien BEDARD, 23, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Justien BEDARD & Mathilde DECARIE, married Anna GAUTHIER, 28, teacher, of Longeuil twp., d/o Joseph GAUTHIER, farmer, & Celanise LANTHIER, witn: Emmanuel GAUTHIER of Longeuil & Amanda BEDARD of Hawkesbury, 11 Jan 1910 at L'Orignal
18755-10 Anselme BELANGER, 20, farmer, of The Brook s/o Anselme BELANGER, farmer, & Caroline BOURDEAU, married Maria LAROCHE, 16, of The Brook, d/o Edouard LAROCHE, farmer, & Delia LUSSIER, witn: Anselme BELANGER & Edouard LAROCHE, both of The Brook, 18 April 1910 at The Brook 18793-10 Osias BELANGER, 28, cheese maker, of Bourget, s/o Marcel BELANGER, yeoman & Marie SHNOB, married Alvina GELINEAU, 19, of Canaan, d/o blank GELINEAU & Celina THERRIEN, witn: Marcel BELANGER of Bourget & Leo GELINEAU of Canaan, 19 July 1910 at Sarsfield
18854-10 Victor BELANGER, 30, civil engineer, of L'Orignal, s/o Joseph BELANGER, county treasurer, & Philomene GALIPEAU, married Dora LEE, 36, of L'Orignal, d/o James LEE & Esther BEATTIE, witn: Joseph BELANGER of L'Orignal & John LEE of Montreal, 3 Aug 1910 at L'Orignal  
18763-10 Martin BENSON, 20, of Lemieux, s/o James BENSON, farmer, & Clara LEMIEUX, married Martine CARDINAL, 17, of Bourget, d/o Felix CARDINAL, farmer, & Martine LUSSIER, 11 July 1910 at Bourget 18892-10 Benjamin BERGEVIN, 23, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Eustache BERGEVIN, farmer, & Elise LAMARCHE, married Victoria GAGNE, 21, of St. Isidore, d/o Onisime GAGNE, farmer, & Christine TESSIER, witn: Eustache BERGEVIN & Onisime GAGNE, both of St. Isidore, 12 Jan. 1910 at St. Isidore
18899-10 Telesphore BERIAULT, 20, laborer, of Lemieux, s/o Paul BERIAULT, laborer, & Emma HILDEBRAND, married Emmeline SAUVE, 16, of Fournier, d/o Dougald SAUVE, laborer, & Emmeline PICARD, witn: Honore L'ECUYER of Lemieux & Anna SAUVE of Fournier, 18 April 1910 at Fournier 18889-10 Arthur BERIAULT, 21, laborer, of Lemieux, s/o Paul BERIAULT, farmer, & Emma ELDEBRAN, married Deslomdas LEVAC, 28, widow, of Lemieux, d/o not given, witn: Telesphore BERIAULT of Lemieux & Armeline SAUVE of Riceville, 7 Feb 1910 at Lemieux
18856-10 Henri BERNIGNEY, 20, laborer, of L'Orignal, s/o Augustin BERNIGNEY (Berniguey?), laborer, & Ursule SAUVE, married Marie Anne Laurenya LAUSIGNAT, 16, of L'Orignal, d/o Stanislas LOUSIGNAT, farmer, & Elenore MAJOR, witn: Ferdinand LAROCQUE of Hawkesbury & Valentine LAVISGNAT?, 13 Sept 1910 at L'Orignal 18851-10 Louis BERNIGNEY, 23, laborer, of L'Orignal, s/o Augustin BERNIGNEY, laborer, & Ursule SAUVE, married Leon LAUSIGNAT (Tousignat?), 18, of L'Orignal, d/o Stanislas LAUSIGNAT, laborer, & Elenore MAJOR, witn: Augustin BERNIGNEY & Stanislas LAUSIGNAT, both of L'Orignal, 30 May 1910 at L'Orignal
18997-10 Adam M. BERTRAND, 32, salesman, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Leonard BERTRAND, merchant, & Sarah MURRAY, married Lizzie Mae CAMPBELL, 28, nurse, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o James A. CAMPBELL, retired farmer, & Eliza LOTHIAN, witn: Mrs. D.J. CLARKE of Lochinvar & Miss Annie LOTHIAN of Van Kleek Hill, 22 Nov 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18904-10 Joseph BERTRAND, 23, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Seraphine BERTRAND, farmer, & Rosanna GIRARD, married Aurore BOISVENUE, 20 of St. Isidore, d/o Moise BOISVENUE, farmer, & Angelina AUBIN, witn: Seraphin BERTRAND & Moise BOISVENUE, both of St. Isidore, 14 June 1910 at St. Isidore
18736-10 Honore BERTRAND, no age given, laborer, of Casselman, s/o Pierre BERTRAND & Josephine GIROUX, married Eloise TURPIN, d/o Joseph TURPIN, retired, & Marie CHARTRAND, 27 Oct 1910 at Casselman [other info missing] 18872-10 Alcide BERTRAND, 37, farmer, of Wendover, s/o Jean Baptiste BERTRAND, farmer, & Alzire CARDINAL, married Malvina LALONDE, 35, farmer, of Curran, d/o F.X. LALONDE, farmer, & Rose Anna DUCLOS, witn: Jean Baptiste BERTRAND of Wendover & F.X. LALONDE of Curran, 25 June 1910 at Curran
18751-10 Charles Arthur BISSONNETE, 26, laborer, of Lot 4 Con 4 Clarence twp., s/o Antoine BISSONNETTE, farmer, & Esther LABONTE, married Anna LAMOUREUX, 22, of Clarence Creek, d/o William LAMOUREUX, laborer, & Mathilde DESNORMEAU, witn: William & Euseba LAMOUREUX of Clarence Creek, 21 Feb 1910 at Clarence Creek 18868-10 Alp. BISSONNETTE, 27, Plantagenet, Jessops Falls, s/o not given & Marie Louise LADURANTE, married Rose Ann CHEFF, 19, of Wendover, d/o Telesphore CHEFF, farmer, & Albina BRUNET, witn: Joseph CHARLEBOIS of Plantagenet & Telesphore CHEFF of Wendover, 4 April 1910 at Wendover
18931-10 Philias BLONDIN, 24, store keeper, of Cobalt, s/o Moyse BLONDIN, farmer, & Leocadie PREVOST, married Lerusa Adela METHOT, 20, of Rockland, d/o Joseph METHOT & blank PARKER, witn: Feveal? BLONDIN of Plantagenet & Joseph METHOT of Rockland, 5 July 1910 at Rockland 18881-10 Philias BLONDIN, 23, cook, of Plantagenet, s/o Benjamin BLONDIN, farmer, & Josephine GAUTHIER, married Emma CADIEUX, 20, of Plantagenet, d/o Laurent CADIEUX, farmer, & Melina BRISBOIS, witn: Benjamin BLONDIN & Laurent CADIEUX, both of Plantagenet, 4 Oct 1910 at Plantagenet
  18779-10 Harry BOGART, 26, farmer, of Morewood, s/o Jacob BOGART, farmer, & Margaret IRVIN, married Bella MOFFATT, 26, of Cumberland, d/o Samuel MOFFATT, farmer, & Matilda HALL, witn: George MOFFATT & Lucy HALL, both of Leonard, 16 march 1910 at Leonard
18924-10 Joseph BOILEAU, 22, clerk, of Rockland, s/o Remi BOILEAU, laborer, & Eugenie HAMELIN, married Bernadette FRANCHE, 19, of Rockland, d/o Albert FRANCHE, laborer, & Marie Louise LALONDE, witn: Hormidas HAMELON & Albert FRANCHE, both of Rockland, 12 May 1910 at Rockland 18746-10 Joseph BOILEAU, 20, laborer, of The Brook, s/o Eustache BOILEAU, farmer, & Azilda SICARD, married Marie Louise LONGTIN, 20, of The Brook, d/o Napoleon LONGTIN, general agent & Sophie POTVIN, witn: Eustache BOILEAU & Napoleon LONGTIN, both of The Brook, 17 Jan 1910 at The Brook
no number-11 Napoleon BOISVENUE, 23, laborer, of St. Isidore, s/o Olivier BOISVENUE & Rosa Alba LAMOTHE, married Atala RACINE, 22, of St. Isidore, d/o Francois RACINE & Auriette QUENVILLE, witn: Xavier BOISVENUE & Francois RACINE, both of St. Isidore, 11 Oct 1910 at St. Isidore no number-11 Thomas R. BOLAND, 35, farmer, of Russell, s/o John BOLAND, farmer, & Mary McGUIRE, married Lucy L. STEARNS, 28, of Russell, d/o Benjamin STEARNS, farmer, & Annie BURROUGHS, witn: James Paul NEILL of Jockvale & Ina RIVINGTON of Ottawa, 7 Dec 1910 at Russell
18979-10 Gilbert BOUCHARD, 19, laborer, of Marionville, s/o James BOUCHARD, laborer, & Marie Arthemise LEGAULT, married Lina LAVICTOIRE, 20, of Marionville, d/o Israel LAVICTOIRE, deceased, & Lucie LEMIEUX, witn: Hormisdas LAVICTOIRE & James BOUCHARD, both of Marionville, 10 Oct 1910 at Russell 18821-10 Albert BOUCHER, 27, farmer, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Luc BOUCHER, farmer, & Marguerite BERNARD, married Victoria RANGER, 27, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Vincent RANGER, farmer, & Madeline ROY, witn: Louis DELBOIS & Vincent RANGER, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 29 June 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
18773-10 Joseph Hector BOUDREAU, 21, commercial traveler, of Bourget, s/o Alphonse BOUDREAU, merchant, & Evilene VILLENEUVE, married Josephine CHENIER, 23, of Bourget, d/o late Stanislas CHENIER, cheese maker, & Celina SAUVE, witn: J.A. BOUDREAU & A. MIRON, both of Bourget, 24 Oct 1910 at Bourget 18896-10 Henri BOURBONNAIS, 41, widower, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Moise BOURBONNAIS, farmer, & Angelique LEROUX, married Auxilia FOURNIER, 40, of St. Isidore, d/o Amedee FOURNIER & Bazelisse LEGAULT, witn: Francois GAUTHIER & Amedee FOURNIER, both of St. Isidore, 1 Feb 1910 at St. Isidore
18954-10 Omer BOURGEOIS, 24, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Ludger BOURGEOIS, farmer, & Philomene BRISSON, married M. Albina CHAUSSE, 17, farmer, of Embrun, d/o Roch CHAUSSE, farmer, & Marie Gaui GARIPEY, witn: Mederique BOURGEOIS & Venalda BLAUDOIN, both of Embrun, 1 Feb 1910 at Embrun 18719-10 Cyrille BOURGEOIS, 23, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Azarie BOURGEOIS, farmer, & Justine EMARD, married Aldea DAIGNAULT, 20, of St. Albert, d/o Wilfrid DAIGNAULT, farmer & Ludivine CAYER, witn: Azarie BOURGEOIS of St. Albert & Wilfrid DAIGNAULT of Le M-?, 22 Nov 1910 at St. Albert
18895-10 Gedeon BOURGON, 28, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Francis BOURGON, farmer, & Elizabeth RACINE, married Ebby BOURGON, 23, of St. Isidore, d/o Ovid BOURGON, farmer, & Souffranie VILLENEUVE, witn: Francois & Levi BOURGON of St. Isidore, 31 Jan. 1910 at St. Isidore 18734-10 Placide Joseph BOYER, no age given, of Montreal, s/o not given, married Marie Louise LANGLOIS, no age given, widow, of Casselman, d/o not given, witn: P. LANGLOIS & Agnes LANGLOIS, 7 Feb 1910 at Casselman
18738-10 Joseph BOYLE, no age given, doctor, of Casselman, s/o Patrick BOYLE & M. Johanna SHORTALL, married Marie Catherine GREER, d/o William GREER & Catherine McLEAN, 14 Dec 1910 at Casselman 18907-10 Honore BRABANT, 22, St. Polycarpe Que., Moose Creek, s/o Napoleon BRABANT & Celina BRABANT, married Mathilda MARTIN, 21, Fournier, same, d/o Ludger MARTIN & Marie Louise MENARD, witn: Napoleon BRABANT of Moose Creek & Ludger MARTIN of Fournier, 12 July 1910 at Fournier
18740-10 Modeste BRAY, laborer, of Casselman, s/o Pierre BRAY & Virginie LALONDE, married Josephine PAYETTE of Casselman, d/o Denis PAYETTE & Marie Louise LEVESQUE, 4 July 1910 at Casselman [other info missing]  
18695-10 Joseph BRISON, 30, farmer, widower of Mary LALONDE, s/o Louis BRISON, farmer, & Marie LALONDE, married Celina VILLENEUVE, 20, of Casselman, d/o Alcide VILLENEUVE, farmer, & Odile LALONDE, witn: Joseph PAYETTE & Alcide VILLENEUVE, both of Casselman, 16 May 1910 at Casselman 18953-10 Joseph B. BRISSON, 37, widower, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Benjamin BRISSON, farmer, & Hermeline SIGOUIN, married Laura GILL, 19, of Embrun, d/o William GILL, laborer, & Anastasie St.AMOUR, witn: Xavier BRISSON & Fortunat ZINARD, both of Embrun, 18 Jan 1910 at Embrun
18944-10 Damase BRUNET, 22, laborer, of Claumet Que., s/o Francis BRUNET, livery stable, & Julia GAUTHIER, married Rebecca TRANCHEMONTAGNE, 18, of Rockland, d/o J. Baptiste TRANCHEMONTAGNE, laborer, & Eleanor THEMENS? (Therriens?), witn: Francis BRUNET of Calumet Ont & J. Baptiste TRANCHEMONTAGNE of Rockland, 10 Oct 1910 at Rockland 18658-10 Alias BRUNET, 25, laborer, of Lefaivre, s/o Isidore BRUNET & Marie DORET, married Marie Louise LAMARCHE, 22, of Lefaivre, d/o Adelard LAMARCHE, farmer, & Marie Louise MALOUIN, witn: Leon BRUNET & Jacques LACOMB, both of Lefaivre, 7 Feb 1910 at Lefaivre
18652-10 Albert BRUNET, 29, laborer, of Lefaivre, s/o Isidore BRUNET, butcher, & Marie DORET, married Laura CHARRETTE, 19, of Lefaivre, d/o Belmont CHARRETTE & Elizabeth LEROUX, witn: Leon BRUNET & Ovide CHARRETTE, both of Lefaivre, 10 Jan 1910 at Lefaivre 18829-10 Fridolin BRUNETTE, 27, farmer, of St. Eugene, s/o Fabien BRUNETTE, farmer, & Ezaide SEGUIN, married Lidia DUCHESNE, 23, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Procule DUCHESNE, farmer, & Exina VILLENEUVE, witn: Fabien BRUNETTE of St. Eugene & Procule DUCHESNE, 13 Sept 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
18860-10 William E. BYERS, 26, farmer, of Stanstead Que., s/o Richard D. BYERS, farmer & Ellen E. SMITH, married Alma Eva MARSTON, 22, of Longeuil, d/o Elihu R. MARSTON, farmer, & Clara H. FAISHNE?, witn: Richard D. BYERS of Stanstead Que & Hannah MARSTON of Casselman, 15 June 1910 at Casselman  
18657-10 Esdras CADIEUX, 21, farmer, of Plantagenet, s/o Edouard CADIEUX & Henriette LEVERGNE, married Aldeia DEMERS, 22, of Alfred, d/o Godfroie DEMERS & Rose Delima St.JEAN, witn: Francis CADIEUX of Cassburn & Godfroie DEMERS of Alfred, 31 Jan 1910 at Alfred 18667-10 Mathias CADIEUX, 23, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Michel CADIEUX, farmer, & Marie MARLEAU, married Delia LALONDE, 21, of Ritchance, d/o Hormidas LALONDE, farmer, & Eleonore CADIEUX, witn: Michel CADIEUX & Hormidas LALONDE, 4 July 1910 at Alfred
18814-10 Donald Peter Lothian CAMPBELL, 51, farmer, of Breadalbane, s/o Donald CAMPBELL, farmer, & Elizabeth LOTHIAN, married Mary Ann McLAURIN, 49, of East Hawkesbury, d/o Archibald McLAURIN, farmer, & Margaret LOTHIAN, witn: D. & Mrs. D. McGREGOR of Arthol, 14 April 1910 at East Hawkesbury no number-11 Joseph Arthur CAMPBELL married Emma Sophia MORROW, witn: Samuel Stuart CAMPBELL of Dalesville Que. & Miss Ella MORROW of Plantagenet, 7 Sept 1910
18656-10 John CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, of Lefaivre, s/o Norman CAMPBELL & Edesse GIROUX, married Bernadette SARRASIN, 21, of Alfred, d/o Alphonse SARRASIN & Falanise LAMAIRE, witn: Norman CAMPBELL of Lefaivre & Alphonse SARRASIN of Alfred, 17 Jan 1910 at Alfred 18682-10 Saul CAMPEAU, 28, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Emerie CAMPEAU, farmer, & Obeline LALONDE, married Delia GIROUX, 20, of Casselman, d/o Hormisdas GIROUX, farmer, & Adele BRANCHAUD, witn: Albert RAINVILLE & Hormisdas GIROUX, both of Casselman, 10 Jan 1910 at Casselman
18787-10 Alexander CARDINAL, 27, farmer, of Orleans, s/o Treffle CARDINAL, farmer, & Marie RACETTE, married Amanda BOUCHER, 20, of Navan, d/o Ferdinand BOUCHER, yeoman, & Mariarine PAQUETTE, witn: Alexander CHAMPAGNE & Maud LAFLEUR of Navan, 13 June 1910 at Sarsfield 18726-10 Wilfred CARDINAL, 23, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Ferdinand CARDINAL & Alphonsine COUSINEAU, married Celina BOURGON, 19, South Plantagenet, same, d/o J.B. BOURGON, farmer, & Celanise CADIEUX, witn: Ferdinand CARDINAL of Caledonia & J.B. BOURGON of South Plantagenet, 4 April 1910 at Fournier
18885-10 James Albert CARDWELL, 24, engineer, of Rockdale Tower, s/o H. CARDWELL & Bessie PRESLEY, married Martha CAMPBELL, 22, of Pendleton, d/o Isaac CAMPBELL, farmer, & Anna DIXON, witn: Arthur & Annie CAMPBELL of Pendleton, 5 Jan 1910 at Riceville 18920-10 F. Xavier CARLOS, 21, laborer, of Rockland, s/o F. Xavier CARLOS, laborer, & Leocadie St.JACQUES, married Yvonne LAVICTOIRE, 18, of Rockland, d/o Louis LAVICTOIRE, laborer, & Albonie BRUNET, witn: F. Xavier CAROLS & Napoleon LEGER, both of Rockland, 18 April 1910 at Rockland
18669-10 Matt CARRIGAN, 28, cook, of Montebello, s/o James CARRIGAN, farmer, & Emilie COTE, married Delphine DESROSIERS, 23, of Lefaivre, d/o d/o Joseph DESROSIERS, farmer, & Delphine GIROUX, witn: John CARRIGAN & Joseph DESROSIERS, 18 July 1910 at Lefaivre 18959-10 David James CARSON, 23, farmer, of Osgoode, s/o J. P. CARSON, farmer, & blank, married Lillie Gertrude HARRINGTON, 18, of Russell, d/o Andrew M. HARRINGTON, farmer, & Ellen J. WOODS, witn: Thomas P. CARSON & Alberta HARRINGTON, both of Russell, 16 March 1910 at Russell
18810-10 Edmond CHARBONNEAU, 25, physician, of Hawkesbury, s/o Francois CHARBONNEAU, retired farmer, & Marcelline DUQUET, married Angeline METHOT, 22, of Hawkesbury, d/o George METHOT, saddler & Eliza PELLETIER, witn: George METHOT Jr. & Hormisdas CHARBONNEAU, 13 Sept 1910 at Hawkesbury 18759-10 Joseph CHARBONNEAU, 28, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Jules CHARBONNEAU, farmer, & Domathilde GUINDON, married Eva GUINDON, 19, of Clarence Creek, d/o Joseph GUINSON, farmer, & Anna GUINDON, witn: Michel & Joseph GUINDON of Clarence Creek, 6 June 1910 at Clarence Creek
18975-10 David CHARLEBOIS, 44, widower, farmer, of Embrun, s/o David CHARLEBOIS, farmer, & blank, married Malvina PRUD'HOMME, 30, widow, farmer, of Ottawa, d/o blank PRUD'HOMME & blank, witn: Phillippe GAGNON & Virginie PRUD'HOMME, 25 Nov 1910 at Embrun 18830-10 Romeo CHARLEBOIS, 21, farmer, of Ste. Marthe Que., s/o Joseph CHARLEBOIS, farmer, & Octavie DESCHAMPS, married Georgianna BINETTE, 19, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Joseph BINETTE, farmer, & Palmire LAVIGNE, witn: Joseph CHARLEBOIS of Ste. Marthe Que & Joseph BINETTE of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 13 Sept 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
18807-10 John CHARETTE, 24, laborer, of Tupper Lake, s/o Severe CHARETTE, laborer, & Celina CYR, married Eliza BOILEAU, 22, of Hawkesbury, d/o Alfred BOILEAU, laborer, & Celina MONDON, witn: Pierre LALONDE & Joseph MORRIS, 13 July 1910 at Hawkesbury 18937-10 Joseph CHARETTE, 21, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Napoleon CHARETTE, laborer, & Sophie CARRIERE, married Marie Louise MORIN, 21, dress maker, of Rockland, d/o Jules MORIN, laborer, & Anna BELANGER, witn: Napoleon CHARETTE & Jules MORIN, both of Rockland, 27 Aug 1910 at Rockland
18704-10 Albert CHARRON, 27 + 8 mon, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Cyprien CHARRON, farmer, & Celina BELANGER, married Emma O'BYRNE, 21 + 8 mon, teacher, of South Indian, d/o Daniel B. O'BYRNE, farmer, & blank, witn: Cyprien CHARRON of Casselman & D.C. O'BYRNE of South Indian, 4 July 1910 at South Indian 18764-10 Anthime CLAIRMONT, 22, laborer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Augustin CLAIRMONT, farmer, & Elizabeth DESJARDINS, married Emma NOEL, 24, of Clarence Creek, d/o Alfred NOEL, farmer, & Proxide ROCHON, witn: Alfred NOEL & August CLAIRMONT, both of Clarence Creek, 11 July 1910 at Clarence Creek
18800-10 Harold CLARK, 47, widower, surgeon dentist, of Toronto, s/o Asa A. CLARK & Jane D. CLARK, married Harriet Mary STEVENS, 34, of West Hawkesbury, d/o Darwin STEVENS, millwright & Jane HIGGINSON, witn: Robert CLARK of Toronto & Mary Wilhelmina HIGGINSON of Hawkesbury, 20 April 1910 at town of Hawkesbury 18776-10 Michael CLARKE, 40, farmer, of Fallowfield, s/o Michael CLARKE, farmer, & Julia DAVIS, married Anastasia McDONALD, 29, of Navan, d/o John McDONALD, farmer, & Bridget BRENNAN, witn: Thomas BYRNE of Lime Bank & Carrie McDONALD of Ottawa, 11 Jan 1910 at Sarsfield Church
18966-10 Joseph Arthur CLOUETTE, 30, restaurateur, of Tupper Lake, s/o J?. CLOUETTE, laborer, & Bleau BREDERICE?, married Marie Eglantine LEGARE, 22, of Embrun, d/o Joseph LEGARE, carpenter, & Leontine TREPANIER, witn: George CYR & Joseph LEGARE, both of Embrun, 9 May 1910 at Embrun 18976-10 Frederick COCHRANE, 22, merchant, of Russell, s/o John COCHRANE, deceased, & Isabella McKEWN, married Ellen G. BRICKLEY, 19, of Russell, d/o John BUCKLEY (sic), deceased, & Margaret SPENCE, witn: Ella FITZPATRICK of Russell, 21 Dec 1910 at Russell
18655-10 Edouard COLLE, 39, widower, farmer, of St. Jean Chrystostome, s/o Edouard COLLE, farmer, & Emelie PRIMEAU, married Josephine FOURNIER, 28, of Alfred, d/o Joseph FOURNIER, farmer, & Louise MIRON, witn: Arthur RHEAUME of Hawkesbury & Joseph FOURNIER of Alfred, 17 Jan 1910 at Alfred 18817-10 Thomas CONWAY, 37, widower, farmer, of East Hawkesbury, s/o John CONWAY, farmer, & Mary McCAFFREY, married Catherine Laura HAYSTED, 27, of East Hawkesbury, d/o Daniel HAYSTED, farmer, & Catherine WARD, witn: Daniel CONWAY & John HAYSTED, both of St. Eugene, 1 June 1910 at St. Eugene
18686-10 Jean Baptiste Olivier COTE, 24, widower, farmer, of South Indian, s/o Henri COTE, farmer, & Eleonore ASSELIN, married Clara MARTIN, 23, of South Indian, d/o Joseph MARTIN, farmer, & Emelie PORTELANCE, witn: Zepherin COTE & Casimir MARTEL, both of South Indian, 7 Feb 1910 at South Indian 18883-10 Paul COUTURE, 28, cheese maker, of Plantagenet, s/o Joseph COUTURE, farmer, & Rose SAUVE, married Elizabeth GAUTHIER, no age given, of Plantagenet, d/o Napoleon GAUTHIER, farmer, & Rose Ann McCORMICK, witn: Denis McCORMICK & Denis McALLISTER, both of Plantagenet, 15 Nov 1910 at Plantagenet
18848-10 Adelas CREBE (Crefe?), 19, of L'Orignal, s/o Francis Xavier CREBE, laborer, & Delia MAJOR, married Cecelia GUINDON, 20, of L'Orignal, d/o Edouard GUINDON & Elizabeth CHEVRIER, witn: Armand CREBE & Anna PAQUETTE, both of L'Orignal, 24 Jan 1910 at L'Orignal 18801-10 John James CROSBY, 28, car inspector, of Hawkesbury, s/o Ralph CROSBY, farmer, & Betty TAYLOR, married Mary Alice WHITMORE, 21, of Hawkesbury, d/o William WHITEMORE, engine driver & Ellen PHILLIPS, witn: Robert TORRENS of Hamilton & Ellen WHITEMORE of Hawkesbury, 15 June 1910 at Hawkesbury
18660-10 Xavier CYR, 26, laborer, of Alfred, d/o Xavier CYR & Olive CHENIER, married Ida DEGUIRE, 20, of Alfred, d/o Olivier DEGUIRE & Valentine BOZON, witn: Napoleon CYR & Victor VILLEMAIRE, 7 Feb 1910 at Alfred 18849-10 Hector DALLAIRE, 20, laborer, of L'Orignal, s/o Nichoals DALLAIRE, laborer, & Celina MENARD, married Della PILON, 17, of L'Orignal, d/o Andre PILON, laborer & Celina DESPATIE, witn: William DALLAIRE & Joseph PILON, both of L'Orignal, 25 Jan 1910 at L'Orignal
18865-10 Philippe DAOUST, 53, widower, farmer, of Curran, s/o blank DAOUST & Azelie CHARLEBOIS, married Marie SEGUIN, 48, of Curran, d/o Adolphe SEGUIN, farmer, & Lucie VEZINA, witn: Basile PARISIEN of St. Victor & Adolphe SEGUIN of Curran, 8 Jan 1910 at Curran 18878-10 Raoul DAOUST, 26, book keeper, of Montreal, s/o Evariste DAOUST, trader, & Edwidge LEGAULT, married Victoire GAUTHIER, 25, clerk, of Plantagenet, d/o Egesyppe GAUTHIER, retired farmer, & Vitaline SENECAL, witn: Evariste DAOUST of Montreal & Egesyppe GAUTHIER of Plantagenet, 12 Sept 1910 at Plantagenet
18863-10 Lawrence DARRAGH, 34, miner?, of Curran, s/o Patrick DARRAGH, farmer, & Catherine STEWART, married Eva SHANE, 19, of Curran, d/o Gilbert SHANE, farmer, & Delia RYAN, witn: Leslie SHANE & Catherine O'BYRNE, both of Pendleton, 26 Jan 1910 at Curran 18771-10 Theodule DECAIRE, 24, farmer, of Bourget, s/o Anthime DECAIRE, farmer, & Armeline LEBLANC, married Cordelia ETHIER, 23, of Clarence Creek, d/o Olivier ETHIER, farmer, & Adeline DUQUETTE, witn: Anthime DECAIRE of Bourget & Olivier ETHIER of Clarence Creek, 3 Oct. 1910 at Clarence Creek
18919-10 Rene DEHAITRE, 29, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Napoleon DEHAITRE, jobber & Marie CHABOT, married Leocadie PITRE, 20, of Rockland, d/o Delphise PITRE, laborer, & Sauphronie LALONDE, witn: Napoleon DEHAITRE & Delphise PITRE, both of Rockland, 12 April 1910 at Rockland 18698-10 Joseph Phidine DELADURANTYE, 22, carpenter, of Montreal, s/o Phidine DELADURANTYE, carpenter, & Emma SIMONEAU, married Dorina LAJEUNESSE, 22, of Casselman, d/o Adophus LAJEUNESSE, farmer, & Delima GAUTHIER, witn: Pierre LEBEAU of Montreal & Adolphus LAJEUNESSE of Casselman, 30 May 1910 at Casselman
18707-10 Raoul DEMERS, 22, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Narcisse DEMERS, farmer, & Rosalie RIENDEAU, married Bernadette SANCHE, 20, of St. Albert, d/o Gedeon SANCHE, farmer, & Cloride St.JACQUES, witn: Narcisse DEMERS & Gedeon SANCHE, both of St. Albert, 27 June 1910 at St. Albert 18823-10 Agilbert DEMERS, 20, laborer, of Chute a Blondeau, s/o Oscar DEMERS, farmer, & Odila PAQUIN, married Marie Jeanne DESJARDINS, 18, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o Joseph DESJARDINS, cheese maker, & Marie Jeanne DEROCHER, witn: Felix CLEMENT & Joseph DESJARDINS, both of Chute a Blondeau, 4 April 1910 at Chute a Blondeau
18906-10 Wilfred DENIS, 22, Fournier, same, s/o Adelard DENIS & Alexina LALONDE, married Clarisse GAUTHIER, 20, Fournier, same, d/o Hector GAUTHIER & Rosanna DUPONT, witn: Adelard DENIS & Hector GAUTHIER, both of Fournier, 28 June 1910 at Fournier 18897-10 Francois Xavier DENIS, 23, cheese maker, of St. Isidore, s/o Oscar DENIS, farmer, & Evaline PILON, married Clara VILLENEUVE, 21, of St. Isidore, d/o France VILLENEUVE, farmer, & Olive DESCHAMPS, witn: Oscar DENIS & France VILLENNUVE, both of St. Isidore, 1 Feb 1910 at St. Isidore
18684-10 Patrick DEROUIN, 26, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Registe DEROUIN, farmer, & Philomene BRISEBOIS, married Alexina CYR, 26, widow, of Casselman, d/o Seraphin PAGE, farmer, & Adelaide PARENT, witn: Registe DEROUIN & Hormisdas PAGE, both of Casselman, 31 Jan 1910 at Casselman 18697-10 Joseph DESNOYERS, 23, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Martin DESNOYERS, farmer, & Hortence BOULERICE, married Ida LEMYRE, 21, of Casselman, d/o Philorum LEMYRE, farmer, & Exilda HOCHER (Hacher?), witn: Martin DESNOYERS & Philorum LEMYRE, both of Casselman, 30 May 1910 at Casselman
18942-10 Donia DION, 26, baker, of Rockland, s/o Antoine DION, tinsmith & Philomene PERRON, married Rose Alba OUELLETTE, 21, dress maker, of Rockland, d/o Noe OUELLETTE, farmer, & Caroline LAVIOLETTE, wtn: Francis DION & Noe OUELLETTE, both of Rockland, 25 Sept 1910 at Rockland  
18874-10 Noel DROUIN, 24, farmer, of Wendover, s/o Francis DROUIN, farmer, & Delima GOUR, married blank DEMERS, 17, of Wendover, d/o Dolphis DEMERS, farmer, & Cara AUBRY, witn: Francis DROUIN & Dolphis DEMERS, both of Wendover, 15 Aug 1910 at Wendover 18921-10 Philomen DROUIN, 24, carpenter, of Montreal, s/o Ozias DROUIN, farmer, & Philomene MORENCY, married Maria TROTTIER, 17, of Rockland, d/o Joseph TROTTIER, carpenter, & Marguerite St.JACQUES, witn: Gaudias LABLONDE of Montreal & Joseph TROTTIER of Rockland, 19 April 1910 at Rockland
18711-10 Ovila DUBE, 20, farmer, of Lemieux, s/o Jean Baptiste DUBE, farmer, & Clothilde LEROUX, married Josephine FOURNIER, 18, of South Indian, d/o Moise FOURNIER, farmer, & Josephine GAGNON, witn: Jean Baptiste DUBE of Lemieux & Moise FOURNIER of South Indian, 4 July 1910 at South Indian 18833-10 Cleophas DUBEAU, 19, farmer, of St. Eugene, s/o Zepherin DUBEAU, farmer, & Marie LEGER, married Rose BRAZEAU, 19, of St. Eugene, d/o Hilaire BRAZEAU, blacksmith, & Mathilda BONIN, witn: Zepherin DUBEAU & Hilaire BRAZEAU, both of St. Eugene, 12 Sept 1910 at St. Eugene
18730-10 Omer DUFRESNE, 25, Caledonia, s/o Alphonse DUFRESNE, farmer, & Adeline PARADIS, married Adelina DUPONT, 23, d/o of Isaac DUPONT, farmer, & Arabella DECOURS, witn: Alphonse DUFRESNE & Isaie DUPONT of St. Amour, 5 Sept 1910 at Fournier 18727-10 Raoul DUFRESNE, 27, farmer, St. Justine Que., Caledonia, s/o Alphonse DUFRESNE & Adelina PARADIS, married Emelia LALONDE, 23, Caledonia, same, d/o Auguste LALONDE, farmer, & Anselime BRAY, witn: Alphonse DUFRESNE & Auguste LALONDE, both of Caledonia, 4 April 1910 at Fournier
no number-11 Napoleon DUPUIS, 22, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Napoleon DUPUIS & Eleanor LATULIPPE, married Alfrida PARENT, 17, of St. Isidore, d/o Delphis PARENT & Rose MARTIN, witn: Delphis PARENT of St. Isidore, 7 Nov 1910 at St. Isidore 18932-10 Eudgar DUPUIS, 29, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Onesime VILLENEUVE, laborer, & Magloire DUPUIS, married Alexina LABONTE, 19, of Rockland, d/o Wilfrid LABONTE, farmer, & Delima GAUTHIER, witn: Leton VILLENEUVE of Rockland & Wilfrid LABONTE of Clarence Creek, 11 July 1910 at Rockland
18985-10 Andre DUPUIS, 25, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Gabriel DUPUIS, laborer, & Felanie LAPENSEE, married Mathilda DESJARDINS, 22, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Peter DESJARDINS, laborer, & Olive GUINDON, witn: Gabriel DUPUIS & P. DESJARDINS, both of West Hawkesbury, 11 July 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18987-10 August DUPUIS, 28, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Gabriel DUPUIS, laborer, & Felanie LAPENSEE, married Lucy DESJARDINS, 21, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Peter DESJARDINS, laborer, & Olive GUINDON, witn: Gabriel DUPUIS & P. DESJARDINS, both of West Hawkesbury, 24 July 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18820-10 Arthur DUPUIS, 24, tailor, of St. Eugene, s/o Alex DUPUIS, servant & Clovis VILLENEUVE, married Sephora THOUCHETTE (Touchette?), 25, of Ste. Anne, d/o Esdras THOUCHETTE, servant, & Auxile LENEAU, witn: Alex DUPUIS of St. Eugene & Esdras THOUCHETTE of Ste. Anne, 27 June 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott 18825-10 Antoine DUROCHER, 22, dairy, of Chute a Blondeau, s/o Antoine DUROCHER & Olivine AUGER, married Elise LALONDE, 22, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o Hormidas LALONDE, carpenter, & Sophie DICAIRE, witn: Antoine DUROCHER & Hormidas LALONDE, both of Chute a Blondeau, 2? May 1910 at Chute a Blondeau
18990-10 Willie DUVAL, 29, farmer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Etienne DUVAL, farmer, & Hermina MONTREUIL, married Clothilde Lodia DUPONT, 27, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Eldige DUPONT, farmer, & Delia LANTHIER, witn: George LAFLAMME & Georgina DUVAL of Caledonia, 3 Oct 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18995-10 Moise DUVAS, 28, farmer, of Caledonia, s/o M. DUVAS, farmer, & Donalda ELIE, married Cecile BARRON, 23, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Claude BARRON, laborer, & Agnes MALLETTE, witn: John PROULX & Agnes BARRON?, both of Van Kleek Hill, 5 June 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18969-10 Arthur EDWARD, 23, farmer, of Russell, d/o Robert LONG (sic), farmer, & Charlotte PILLAR, married Edith MORROW, 24, of Russell, d/o James MORROW, farmer, & Mary Jane HAMILTON, witn: Boyd HEDLEY & Laura LONG, both of Russell, 27 April 1910 at Russell 18674-10 Gustave EVANTUREL, 32, notary, of Alfred, s/o Alfred EVANTUREL & Louisa LEE, married Emelia CHEVRIER, 21, of Alfred, d/o Paul CHEVRIER & Emeilie PREVOST, witn: Joseph LAROCQUE & Adolphe CHEVRIER, 26 Sept 1910 at Alfred
  18982-10 James Erwin FEE, 34, clerk in holy orders, of Montreal, s/o Benjamin FEE, gentleman & Margaret WALKER, married Ethel Ida MOONEY, 24, of Montreal, d/o William A. MOONEY, departed & Pamelia LE ROY, witn: Charles M. COULTON & Alice M. MOONEY, both of Montreal, 26 July 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18933-10 F. Damien? FILION, 20, of Rockland, s/o Felix FILION, carpenter, & Domathilde TOUCHETTE, married Alma CHALIFOUX, 19, of Rockland, d/o Felix CHALIFOUX, laborer, & Dina DESJARDINS, witn: Felix FILION & Felix CHALIFOUX, both of Rockland, 18 July 1910 at Rockland 18750-10 Joseph FILLION, 37, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Sautere FILLION, farmer, & Julie MEUNIER, married Marie Anne VARIN, 29, of The Brook, d/o Cyrille VARIN, farmer, & Ceilna ?--YDER, witn: Pierre GOYER & Cyrille VARIN, both of The Brook, 7 Feb 1910 at The Brook
18720-10 Henri FORGUES, 23, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Joseph FORGUES, farmer, & Belzimire ADAM, married Aldina QUENNEVILLE, 20, of St. Albert, d/o Damase QUENNEVILLE, farmer, & Eulalie BONNEVILLE, witn: Joseph FORGUES & Damase QUENNEVILLE, both of St. Albert, 15 Nov 1910 at St. Albert  
18782-10 Everett FOUBERT, 22, farmer, of Sarsfield, s/o Napoleon FOUBERT, farmer, & Ellen SWAIN, married Katie BRENNAN, 21, of Sarsfield, d/o Ambrose BRENNAN, farmer, & Ellen McKAY, 17 April 1910 at Sarsfield 18938-10 Damase FOUBERT, 31, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Louis FOUBERT, laborer, & Liza SAVAGE, married Almira BEAUCHAMP, 18, of Rockland, d/o Alphonse BEAUCHAMP, laborer, & Delia DEMERS, witn: Napoleon ROBERT & Alphonse BEAUCHAMP, both of Rockland, 29 Aug 1910 at Rockland
18745-10 Thomas FOURNIER, 40, widower, farmer, of South Indian, s/o Thomas FOURNIER, farmer, & Angelique PERRAULT, married Delima DESJARDINS, 40, widow, of The Brook, d/o Francis DESJARDINS, farmer, & Suzanne BELLEFIN, witn: Joseph Napoleon TESSIER & Cyprien LAMARRE, both of The Brook, 17 Jan 1910 at The Brook 18770-10 Anthime FRAPPIER, 20, farmer, of Bourget, s/o Alphonse FRAPPIER, farmer, & Angeline LALONDE, married Yvonne PILON, 17, of Clarence Creek, d/o Valence PILON, farmer, & Azilda DAOUST, witn: Omer LALONDE of Bourget & Juliette ROY of Maniwaki Que., 27 Sept 1910 at Clarence Creek
18957-10 James K. FRASER, 20, farmer, of Morewood, s/o Robert FRASER & Isabelle FAULKNER, married Pearl B. EASTMAN, 20, teacher, of Felton, d/o D.B. EASTMAN & Sarah A. BOLTON, witn: Eva May EASTMAN of Felton, 5 Jan 1910 at Felton 18841-10 Alex W. FRASER, 39, farmer, of Lochinvar, s/o Simon FRASER, farmer, & Isobel McCRIMMON, married Margaret H. McPHEE, 31, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Alexander McPHEE, farmer, & Annie McINTOSH, witn: Maggie McCRIMMON, 15 June 1910 at West Hawkesbury
18955-10 Raphael GAGNE, 63, widower, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Alesis GAGNE, farmer, & Oliver FOURNEUR, married Benonise DE SAULT, 43, widow, farmer, of Embrun, d/o Alfred DUPUIS, farmer, & Phrerine ALLEN, witn: Desire PATENAUDE & Alfred DUPUIS, both of Embrun, 23 Jan. 1910 at Embrun 18858-10 Louis GAGNON, 56, widower, culler, of Hawkesbury, s/o Augustin GAGNON & Helene VERMETTE, married Cordelia GRENIER, 42, widow, cheese maker, of L'Orignal, d/o Francis Xavier GRENIER & Caroline RIOPELLE, witn: Maxime FANNEL of Hawkesbury & Philippe CADIEUX of L'Orignal 22 Oct 1910 at L'Orignal
18687-10 Cleophas GAGNON, 25, farmer, of South Indian, s/o Odilon GAGNON, farmer, & Martine DORE, married Azelie DESORMEAU, 21, of South Indian, d/o Jules DESORMEAU, farmer, & Pamela LAFORTUNE, witn: Odilon GAGNON & Malvina DESNORMEAU, both of South Indian, 31 Jan 1910 at South Indian 18884-10 Adelard GAGNON, 26, cheese maker, of Curran, s/o Joseph GAGNON, farmer, & Philomene REGIMBAL, married Marie Rose LALONDE, 18, of Curran, d/o Olitime LALONDE, farmer, & Cordelia GROULX, witn: Joseph GAGNON & Olitime LALONDE, both of Curran, 7 Nov 1910 at Curran
18941-10 Ozias GAUTHIER, 22, farmer, of Plaisance Que., farmer, & Clara CHARLEBOIS, married Zella LAVIOLETTE, 22, dress maker, of Rockland, d/o Amedee LAVIOLETTE, foreman, & Marguerite CHARLEBOIS, witn: Gustave GAUTHIER of Plaisance Que & Amedee LAVIOLETTE of Rockland, 13 Sept 1910 at Rockland banns published for Pierre GAUVREAU of Eastview & Lea KIPP of Eastview, at St. Charles Church in Eastview, on 3 April 1910
18662-10 Ephrem GERARD, 24, laborer, of Lefaivre, s/o Joseph GIRARD, farmer, & Seraphin LANTHIER, married Exilda DORICE, 22, of Lefaivre, d/o Moise DORICE & Melina MONETTE, witn: Emmanuel CHOLETTE & Moise DORICE, 2 May 1910 at Lefaivre  
18702-10 Philias GIBAULT, 18, laborer, of South Indian, s/o Joseph GIBAULT, farmer, & Delima POMAINVILLE, married Josephine POMAINVILLE, 17, of South Indian, d/o Arthur POMAINVILLE, butcher, & Rosanna GAGNON, witn: Joseph GIBAULT & Joseph GAGNON, both of South Indian, 25 April 1910 at South Indian 18926-10 Arthur GODIN, 23, carpenter, of Rockland, s/o Felix GODIN, carpenter, & Celia MONDOU, married Octavie LEMAY, 18, of Rockland, d/o Telesphore LEMAY, gentleman & Cleophie CLEMENT, witn: Felix GODIN & Telesphore LEMAY, both of Rockland, 7 June 1910 at Rockland
18786-10 John GOLLINGER, 40, yeoman, of Rockland, s/o Allan GOLLINGER, yeoman & Catherine SUMMERS, married May Joanna MORRIS, 29, of Canaan, d/o James MORRIS, farmer, & Mary Ann MORRIS, witn: John QUINLEVA of Sarsfield & Maggie DOGHERTY of Ottawa, 22 June 1910 at Sarsfield 18882-10 John Norman GORDON, 33, farmer, of Westminster, s/o Benjamin GORDON, farmer, & Jane Elizabeth GRANT, married Nelly Elizabeth FRANKLIN, 23, of Westminster, d/o John Nelson FRANKLIN, farmer, & Catherine REID, witn: William COOK of Plantagenet & Edith McDONALD of Westminster, 10 Oct 1910 at Plantagenet
18861-10 Amable GOULET, 21, mail clerk, of Wendover, s/o Godfroi GOULET, hotel keeper, & Maximilienne BOYER, married Marie Louse MENARD, 21, of Plantagenet, d/o Jean Baptiste MENARD, farmer, & Julia RICHER, witn: Joseph GOULET of Wendover & Jean Baptiste MENARD of Plantagenet, 10 Jan 1910 at Plantagenet 18866-10 Patrick GOUR, 24, farmer, of Curran, s/o Samas GOUR, farmer, & Rose Anna ALLARD, married Delia ROCHON, 21, of Plantagenet, d/o Alp. ROCHON, hotel keeper, & Celina MONTPETIT, witn: Damas GOUR of Curran & Alp. ROCHON of Plantagenet, 1 Jan 1910 at Plantagenet
18836-10 James GOURDIE, 29, farmer, of St. Eugene, s/o Alex GOURDE (sic), farmer, & Margaret McADAM, married Ellen Margaret MULLIN, 27, of St. Eugene, d/o Thomas MULLIN, farmer, & Mary HURLY, 16 Oct. 1910 at St. Eugene 18963-10 Guillaume GOYETTE, 23, constable, of Montreal, s/o George GOYETTE & Celina PARENT, married Frezilde BERGERON, 21, of Montreal, d/o Octave BERGERON, farmer, & Cordelia EMARD, witn: Adjustar DIGNARD & Amedee BERGERON, 7 June 1910 at Embrun
18864-10 Eugene GRATTON, 23, mesarune?, of Curran, s/o Stanislas GRATTON, farmer, & Suzanne DEMERS, married Berthe BEAULIEU, 22, of Plantagenet, d/o Octave BEAULIEU, farmer, & Azild MIRON, witn: Stansilas GRATTON of Plantagenet & Octave BEAULIEU of Curran, 17 Jan 1910 at Curran no number-11 Crysologue GRAVEL, no age given, of St. Isidore, s/o Octave GRAVEL & Emelie AUBRY, married Clerida TRUDEAU, no age given, of St. Isidore, d/o Zotique TRUDEAU & Dulcanie DUBEAU, witn: Octave GRAVEL & Zotique TRUDEAU, both of St. Isidore, 14 Oct 1910 at St. Isidore
18781-10 William John GRAY, 33, farmer, of Metcalfe, s/o John GRAY & Lizzie McCORMICK, married Elsie Orgetta OTTO, 24, of Vars, d/o W.G. OTTO, jeweller & Farine H. YORK, witn: Rufus GRAY of Greeley & Gertrude OTTO of Vars, 14 April 1910 at Vars 18690-10 Exsas? GREGOIRE, 24, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Israel GREGOIRE, farmer, & Hermeline ROBIDOUX, married Olive MOISE, 19, of South Indian, d/o Louis MOISE, farmer, & Adelaide VINCENT, witn: Israel GREGOIRE & Louis MOISE, both of South Indian, 10 Jan 1910 at South Indian
18840-10 Alexander GREY, 45, widower, farmer, of East Hawkesbury, s/o William GREY, farmer, & Christie MOFFAT, married Maria Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, 40, of West Hawkesbury, d/o Struthers JOHNSTONE, farmer, & Susannah HAYES, witn: John & Margaret Jane JOHNSTONE, 2 Feb 1910 at Prescott Co. 18965-10 Edward James GROVES, 27, painter, of Marionville, s/o William GROVES, hotel keeper, & Julia WILLAN, married Rose de Lima LEGAULT, 20, of Marionville, d/o Elie LEGAULT, farmer, & Alphonsine LAVICTOIRE, witn: Eusher LAVICTOIRE & Elie LEGAULT, both of Marionville, 16 May 1910 at Marionville
18718-10 Herve GUAY, 69, widower, farmer, of Lemieux, s/o Honore GUAY, farmer, & Rose Delima VILLEMAIRE, married Rose Delima CLEMENT, 52, widow, of St. Albert, d/o Auguste CLEMENT, farmer, & Justine TAUVETTE (Thauvette?), witn: Alexandre CLEMENT & Joseph CHARTRAND, both of St. Albert, 1 Dec 1910 at St. Albert 18811-10 Edouard GUERTIN, 21, merchant, of Hawkesbury, s/o Daniel GUERTIN & Celina PAQUIN, married Dora CYR, 19, of Hawkesbury, d/o Alexander CYR, laborer, & Georgiana MONIS, witn: Pierre LALONDE & Zenophile PITRE, 26 Sept 1910 at Prescott Co.
18992-10 Henry GUINDON, 27, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o J.B. GUINDON, laborer, & Delina LACOMBE, married Marie Louise SAUVE, 22, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Israel SAUVE, laborer, & Marie LARIVIERE, witn: Jean Baptiste GUINDON & Israel SAUVE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 10 Jan 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18794-10 John Peter GUINDON, 21, yeoman, of Ottawa, s/o John GUINDON, farmer, & Mary BUTLER, married Nellie Maria MORRIS, 22, of Canaan, d/o Edward MORRIS, farmer, & May MORRIS, witn: Joseph GUINDON of Hammond & May MORRIS of Canaan, 17 Aug 1910 at Sarsfield
(banns published) Gedeon GUINDON of Curran, and M. Rose LALONDE of Curran, 11 Sept 1910 at St. Pauls? Church, Curran 18749-10 Arthur GUINDON, 24, farmer, of The Brook, s/o Arthur GUINDON, farmer, & Ada HENRIE, married Celina DIOTTE, 16, of The Brook, d/o Jean Baptiste DIOTTE, farmer, & Josephine POTVIN, witn: Arthur GUINDON & Jean Baptiste DIOTTE, both of The Brook, 25 Jan 1910 at The Brook
18795-10 William James Balmer HAMMOND, 24, carpenter, of Bear Brook, s/o William HAMMOND & Margaret BELL, married Mary Evelina RICHARDSON, 18, of North Bay, d/o William RICHARDSON, farmer, & Evelena MAGLADY, witn: William & Sarah RICHARDSON of Bear Brook, 22 Sept 1910 at Bear Brook 18717-10 Antonia HANFIELD, 22, farmer, of Notre Dame a Montreal, s/o Arthur HANFIELD, farmer, & Celina CHARBONNEAU, married Cyrille BOULERICE, 19, of Casselman, d/o Cyrille BOULERICE, farmer, & Sophie BRANCHARD, witn: George CHARRON & Sarah LEJEUNESSE, both of Casselman, 24 Oct 1910 at Casselman
18802-10 Robert A. HANNA, 28, farmer, of West Hawkesbury, s/o Robert HANNA, farmer, & Charlotte McMARTIN, married Corola CURRAN, 17, of Stardale, d/o Samuel CURRAN, farmer, & Mary Ann ROBERTS, witn: Samuel HANNA of Stepney & Margaret CURRAN of Hawkesbury, 25 May 1910 at Hawkesbury 18844-10 John R. HARKNESS, 35, foreman for Bell Telephone Co., of Lancaster Ont., s/o Andrew HARKNESS, farmer, & Janet M. ROSS, married Janet NEWTON, 27, of West Hawkesbury, d/o George NEWTON, deceased, & Jennie CAIN, witn: John NEWTON of Van Kleek Hill & Alex GRANT of Breadalbane, 28 Sept 1910 at West Hawkesbury
18998-10 Elmo Robert HAY, 23, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o John Wallace HAY, deceased, & Mary E. IRVINE, married Rose GRACE, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Patrick GRACE, civil servant, & Bridget COLTON, witn: Mrs. Robert LINTON & Mrs. C. A. FERGUSON, both of Van Kleek Hill, 7 Nov 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18700-10 Ludger HOULE, 36, laborer, of Buckingham, s/o Ludger HOULE, laborer, & Marie Louise PROULX, married Melina CHARRETIER, 17, of South Indian, d/o late Louis CHARRETIER, laborer, & Melina MONDOUX, witn: J.P. O'BYRNE & Joseph MONDOUX, both of South Indian, 5 April 1910 at South Indian
18741-10 Joseph Ovila HUNEAULT, clerk, of Casselman, s/o Antoine HUNEAULT & Angeline PRIDEO?, married Diana FOURNIER, of Casselman, d/o Joseph FOURNIER & Medelice FAULBERT (Faubert?), 13 Sept 1910 at Casselman [other info missing]  
18983-10 Robert INGRAM, 28, farmer, of Routhier Caledonia, s/o Henry INGRAM, deceased, & Susan ROSS, married Victoria McOWEN, 18, of McAlpine Caledonia, d/o David McOWEN & Lizzie GALLAGHER, witn: William J. HAWES of Routhier & Alex McINNES of Van Kleek Hill, 16 July 1910 at manse, Van Kleek Hill 18922-10 Arthur Henry JARVIS, 24, painter, of Montreal, s/o Arthur Henry JARVIS, painter & Mary KELLY, married Mary Jane McDOUGALL, 27, of Thurso Que., d/o John K. McDOUGALL, shoe maker, & Kate McDONALD, witn: W.W. DUNNING of Cumberland & C.J. DUNLOP of Rockland, 20 April 1910 at Rockland
18962-10 Joseph JENEAU, 23, butcher, of Embrun, s/o Joseph JENEAU, dead & Marie DENEAULT, married Celina St.AMOUR, 19, of Embrun, d/o Honore St.AMOUR, carpenter, & Celina PAQUET, witn: Olivier EMARD & Honore St.AMOUR, both of Embrun, 28 June 1910 at Embrun 18828-10 Francis JEROME, 28, farmer, of Chute a Blondeau, s/o Josephus JEROME, farmer, & Louisa BOUDRIAS, married Caroline NENDICK?, 29, widow, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o John WENDICK?, farmer, & Elmire FILION, witn: Raoul MENARD & Elizabeth WILSON, both of Chute a Blondeau, 6 Aug 1910 at Chute a Blondeau
18803-10 Lucien JOLY, 22, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Maxime JOLY, laborer, & Louise PROULX, married Delia PROULX, 19, of Hawkesbury, d/o Philbert PROULX, laborer, & Hortense SAUVE, witn: Antoine PORTELANCE & Zenophile PITRE, 2 Aug 1910 at Hawkesbury 18805-10 Henri Edouard JOLY, 37, widower, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Henri JOLY, farmer, & Ondine BELLE ISLE, married Celanie LEBLANC, 29, of Alfred, d/o Charles LEBLANC, laborer, & Marie PERRIER, witn: Pierre LALONDE & Edward SIMARD, both of Hawkesbury, 18 Aug 1910 at Hawkesbury
18853-10 Octave JOLY, 24, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Alex JOLY, laborer, & Josephine LASCELLES, married Marguerite COUVRETTE, 20, of L'Orignal, d/o Napoleon COUVRETTE, laborer, & Georgiana ROBILLARD, witn: Alexandre JOLY of Hawkesbury & Napoleon COUVRETTE of L'Orignal, 11 July 1910 at L'Orignal 18960-10 George JONES, 25, teacher, of Metcalfe, s/o James JONES & Annie WHITEHORN, married Eliza DOWSER, 28, of Osgoode, do John DOWSER, farmer, & Jane MILLER, witn: Jean MATHESON & Anna GORDON, both of Russell, 23 March 1910 at Russell
18880-10 Thomas KERR, 29, farmer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o James KERR, farmer, & Ann Jane BOTTER, married Bertha Jane McDONALD, 18, of Westminster, d/o John McDONALD, farmer, & Agnes GORDON, witn: Hugh BUTTON of Maxville & Edith McDONALD of Westminster, 14 Sept 1910 at Westminster, Prescott Co. 18913-10 William George KINNEAR, 38, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Moses KINNEAR & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Hanna RENWICK, 19, Fournier, same, d/o William RENWICK & Katherine SCOTT, witn: W.L. SCOTT & Charlotte RENWICK, both of Fournier, 21 Sept 1910 at Fournier
18993-10 Peter LABADIE, 28, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Peter LABADIE, barber, & Elizabeth LABELLE, married Delina LACOMBE, 21, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Ferdina LACOMBE, laborer, & Jennie FILION, witn: Prince LABADIE & Ferdinand LACOMBE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 11 Jan 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18824-10 Alfred LABRE, 20, laborer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Evangeliste LABRE, laborer, & Rose FOURNIER, married Malvina CAILLE, 16, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o Leandre CAILLE, laborer, & Marguerite LEVEILLE, witn: Henri FOURNIER & Josephine FOURNIER, both of Van Kleek Hill, 11 April 1910 at Chute a Blondeau
18934-10 Isidore LABROSSE, 23, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Benjamin LABROSSE, farmer, & Olivine CORBEILLE, married Alexina POTVIN, 19, of Rockland, d/o Louis POTVIN, laborer, & Rose Anna GOULET, witn: Benjamin LABROSSE of Wendover & Louise POTVIN of Rockland, 1 Aug 1910 at Rockland 18747-10 Alexandre LACASSE, 21, laborer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Laurent LACASSE, farmer, & Phebee LAROCQUE, married Anna HENRIE, 21, of St. Pascal Baylon, d/o Baptiste HENRIE, farmer, & Elodie PAGE, witn: Paul BRUNET & Baptiste HENRIE, both of Clarence Creek, 17 Jan 1910 at St. Pascal Baylon
18988-10 Arcene LACELLE, 30, widower, farmer, of Lochiel, s/o Arcene LACELLE, laborer, & Marie LABRE, married Josephine BELAIR, 24, widow, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o not given, witn: Joseph LAVIOLETTE & Jean LOUIS, both of Lochiel, 4 Aug 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18806-10 Alexander LACELLES, 22, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o David LACELLES, laborer & Elmire TURPIN, married Maria CHABOT, 19, of Hawkesbury, d/o Emil CHABOT, laborer, & Laura CHABOT, witn: Alexander LACELLES & Laura CHABOT, both of Hawkesbury, 30 Aug 1910 at Hawkesbury
  18721-10 Joseph LAFERRIERE, 23, cheese maker, of St. Albert, s/o Theophile LAFERRIERE, retired, & Josephine VAILLANCOURT, married Marie Louise CAYER, 19, of St. Albert, d/o Jean Baptiste CAYER, farmer, & Eva LEFEBVRE, witn: Martin DUHAIME & J.B. CAYER, both of St. Albert, 25 Oct. 1910 at St. Albert
18705-10 Hermas LAFLESH, 21, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Athanase LAFLESH, farmer, & Marie TAILLON, married Marie Anne GRATTON, 20, of St. Albert, d/o Charles GRATTON, farmer, & Florestine BENOIT, witn: Phedine BAZINET of Crysler & Ferdinand GAUCHE? of St. Albert, 4 April 1910 at St. Albert 18712-10 Stanislas LAFRANCE, 20, labourer, of St. Francois d'Assise Ottawa, s/o Exilien LAFRANCE, laborer, & Rosanna PHILION, married Josephine GALIPEAU, 19, of Casselman. d/o Leon GALIPEAU, farmer, & Eleonore MIRE, witn: Exilien LAFRANCE of St. Francois d'Assise Ottawa & Leon GALIPEAU of Casselman, 5 Sept 1910 at Casselman
18729-10 Elie LALONDE, 29, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Francois LALONDE, farmer, & Henrietta DENIS, married Josephine SAUVE, 25, dress maker, of Caledonia twp., d/o Olivier SAUVE, farmer, & Celina SAUVE, witn: Francois LALONDE of Proulx & Napoleon SAUVE of St. Armour Que., 26 June 1910 at Fournier 18857-10 Louis LALONDE, 21, farmer, of Alfred twp., s/o Jean LALONDE, farmer, & Celia LEVAC, married Virginie ROULEAU, 22, of Longeuil twp., d/o Alexis ROULEAU, farmer, & Eliza DEMERS, witn: Adolphe LAROCQUE of Alfred & Sophie ROULEAU of Longeuil, 4 Oct 1910 at L'Orignal
18710-10 Xavier LALONDE, 24, farmer, of Lemieux, s/o Maxime LALONDE, farmer, & Marcelline LARIVIERE, married Amanda LEROUX, 21, of Lemieux, d/o Joseph LEROUX, laborer, & Elizabeth GAGNE, witn: Andre LALONDE & Joseph LEROUX, both of Lemieux, 10 Oct 1910 at Lemieux 18659-10 Alfred LALONDE, 21, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Jules LALONDE & Alexina CYR, married Corina POIRIER, 18, of Alfred, d/o Ferdinand POIRIER, farmer, & Josephine SIMARD, witn: Jules LALONDE & Ferdinand POIRIER, 5 Feb 1910 at Alfred
18835-10 Wilfrid LALONDE, 27, farmer, of Point Fortune, s/o Israel LALONDE & Delima DAOUST, married Marie Anne BRUNET, 26, of St. Eugene, d/o Fabien BRUNET & Isaide SEGUIN, 18 Oct 1910 at St. Eugene 18683-10 Dominic? LAMADELEINE, 23, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Frederic LAMADELEINE, farmer, & Delina HULME?, married Lucia LEROUX, 19, of Casselman, d/o Napoleon LEROUX & Elvira LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Dieudonne LEROUX & Armanda BEAUCHENE, both of Casselman, 17 Jan 1910 at Casselman
18852-10 Raoul LAMARCHE, 26, laborer, of Longeuil twp., s/o Calixte LAMARCHE, farmer, & Eleonore GAUTHIER, married Marie Louise LANTHIER, 19, of Longeuil twp., d/o Isidore LANTHIER, farmer, & Delphine FILLION, witn: Calixte LAMARCHE & Isidore LANTHIER, both of L'Orignal, 7 June 1910 at L'Orignal 18654-10 Gonzaque LAMARCHE, 22, farmer, of Lefaivre, s/o Emmanuel LAMARCHE & Clothilde RAYMOND, married Marguerite CAMPBELL, 21, of Lefaivre, d/o Colin CAMPBELL & Catherine O'NEIL, witn: Herminegilde LAMARCHE & Johny CAMPBELL, both of Lefaivre, 1 Feb 1910 at Lefaivre
18694-10 Alcide LAMOUREUX, 22, laborer, of Casselman, s/o Germain LAMOUREUX, farmer, & Ida TRUDEAU (late), married Alma HOTTE, 22, of Casselman, d/o Celestin HOTTE, farmer, & Mathilda VANIER, witn: Germain LAMOUREUX & Celestin HOTTE, both of Casselman, 26 April 1910 at Casselman 18879-10 Joseph LANGLOIS, 20, clerk, of Warren, s/o Adolphe LANGLOIS & Lea CARRIERE, married Marie Anne DEMERS, no age given, teacher, of Plantagenet, d/o Leandre DEMERS, farmer, & Zoe CLAUDE, witn: Olivier GUERTIN of Vars & Leandre DEMERS of Plantagenet, 19 Sept 1910 at Plantagenet
18689-10 Jean Baptiste LAPLANTE, 22, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Joseph LAPLANTE, farmer, & Marie Louise ANGE, married Corelias GREGOIRE, 19, of South Indian, d/o Israel GREGOIRE, farmer, & Hermeline ROBIDOUX, witn: Napoleon LAPLANTE & Israel GREGOIRE, both of South Indian, 10 Jan 1910 at South Indian 18808-10 Richard LARIVIERE, 23, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o John LARIVIERE, laborer, & Louise SAUVE, married Eva LECOURS, 21, of Hawkesbury, d/o Felix LECOURS, laborer, & Felicite MERANDA, witn: Leo LANDRIAULT & C. PRESSEAULT, both of Hawkesbury, 22 July 1910 at Hawkesbury
18788-10 Pierre LAROCQUE, 28, farmer, of Rockland, s/o J.B. LAROCQUE, farmer, & Philonise PAQUETTE, married Mary QUINLEVAN, 20, of Sarsfield, d/o William QUINLEVAN, farmer, & Catherine MORRIS, witn: Annie SUMMERS of Rockland & Catherine MORRIS of Canaan, 22 June 1910 at Sarsfield 18661-10 Victor LAROCQUE, 24, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Alexandre LAROCQUE, farmer, & Melanie DROUIN, married Esma DAOUST, 22, dress maker, of Alfred, d/o Ignace DAOUST, butcher, & Izaide BERTRAND, witn: Alexandre LAROCQUE & Doue DAOUST, 11 April 1910 at Alfred
18978-10 Charles T--? LA SALLE, 24, painter, of Russell, s/o Joseph LA SALLE, harness maker & Agnes RIVELLER, married Sadie LEWIS, 21, of Russell, d/o Joseph LEWIS, mason & Rose Ann HORMS, witn: Lillian CONLIN & John GRAHAM, both of Russell, 9 Dec 1910 at Russell 18898-10 Isidore LAUZON, 49, farmer, widower, of Lemieux, s/o Joseph LAUZON, farmer, & blank, married Margaret BRISBOIS, 48, of Lemieux , d/o Jean Baptiste BRISBOIS, farmer, & Cleophee SEGUIN, witn: Joseph LAFLAMME of St. Anselme & Napoleon GUAY of Lemieux, 1 April 1910 at Lemieux
18743-10 Arthur LAVERGNE, 29, electrician, of Ottawa, s/o Isidore LAVERGNE, laborer, & Arthemise PAQUET, married Delia AUGER, 20, of The Brook, d/o Anthime AUGER, farmer, & Julia LALONDE, witn: Isidore LAVERGNE of Ottawa & Anthime AUGER of The Brook, 12 Jan 1910 at The Brook 18935-10 Maxile LAVERGNE, 43, farmer, of Rockland, s/o Alex LAVERGNE, farmer, & Henriette MALETTE, married Marie Louise MARTIN, 27, of Rockland, d/o Augustin MARTIN, laborer, & Rose LEDUC, witn: Napoleon ROBERT & Alexander LAVERGNE, both of Rockland, 10 Aug 1910 at Rockland
18772-10 Fabien LAVICTOIRE, 22, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Fabien LAVICTOIRE, farmer, & Melina BEAUCHAMP, married Odile BRUNET, 18, of Clarence Creek, d/o Napoleon BRUNET, farmer, & Rose de Llima ROBILLARD, witn: Fabien LAVICTOIRE & Napoleon BRUNET, both of Clarence Creek, 18 Oct 1910 at Clarence Creek 18956-10 George LAVIGNE, 24, laborer, of Avonmore, s/o James LAVIGNE & Mary Ann WILLARD, married Lacinda PITTS, 19, of Russell, d/o David PITTS & Melinda DOUST, witn: Annie May RICHARDS of Russell, 14 Feb 1910 at St. Marys Church, Russell
18867-10 Ernest LAVIOLETTE, 28, merchant, of Clarence Creek, s/o Modeste LAVIOLETTE, merchant, & Stephanie HOTTE, married Delia THIBAULT, 21, teacher, of Plantagenet, d/o Leon THIBAULT, sexton & Exilda PAQUETTE, witn: Modeste LAVIOLETTE of Clarence Creek & Leon THIBAULT of Plantagenet, 7 Feb 1910 at Plantagenet 18678-10 Amedee LAVIOLETTE, 36, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Amedee LAVIOLETTE, farmer, & Flavie CADIEUX, married Elisa PARISIEN, 26, of Alfred, d/o Gatien PARISIEN, township clerk, & Olympe DAOUST, witn: Dolphis CADIEUX & Gatien PARISIEN, 11 Oct 1911 at Alfred
  18986-10 Felix LAVOIE, 24, station agent, of Franktown, s/o Fabien LAVOIE, mechanic & Leona BRUNET, married Gertrude LONDEAU, 20, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o John LONDEAU, barber, & Helen BARRETT, witn: B. LABROSSE & J. LONDEAU, both of Van Kleek Hill, 20 July 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18699-10 Eugene LEBEAU, 20, laborer, of Notre Dame d'Ottawa, s/o Pierre LEBEAU, laborer, & Melvina BELANGER, married Evelina LAJEUNESSE, 21, of Casselman, d/o Adolphus LAJEUNESSE, farmer, & Delima GAUTHIER, witn: Pierre LEBEAU of Notre Dame d'Ottawa & Adolphus LAJEUNESSE of Casselman, 30 May 1910 at Casselman 18845-10 Euclide LEBLANC, no age given, blacksmith, of Papineauville, s/o Napoleon LEBLANC & Madeleine PHILION, married Marie Louise Elmira LANTHIER, no age given, of L'Orignal, d/o Joseph LANTHIER, farmer, & Hermeline TOURANGEAU, witn: Napoleon LEBLANC of Plaisance Que & Josephat LANTHIER of L'Orignal, 10 Jan 1910 at L'Orignal
18665-10 Elzear LECLAIR, 20, farmer, of Lefaivre, s/o Gilbert LECLAIR, farmer, & Monique HUNEAULT, married Lorenza PAQUETTE, 23, of Lefaivre, d/o Registe PAQUETTE, farmer, & Seraphie HUNEAULT, witn: Registe PAQUETTE & Gilbert LECLAIR, 20 June 1910 18672-10 Antoine LECLAIR, 24, cheese maker, of L'Orignal, s/o Hyacinthe LECLAIR, farmer, & Agnes PAQUETTE, married Delphina CADIEUX, 19, of Alfred, d/o Maxime CADIEUX, farmer, & Mary CLAIRMONT, witn: Dolphee LECLAIR & Bernadette GAUTHIER, 22 Aug 1910 at Alfred
18691-10 Wilfrid LEDUC, 24, cheese maker, of Glen Robertson, s/o Benjamin LEDUC, farmer, & Marie Reine MONTPETIT, married Ida GRATTON, 23, of St. Albert, d/o Charles GRATTON, farmer, & Florestine BENOIT, witn: Joseph LEDUC of Glen Robertson & Charles GRATTON of St. Albert, 7 Feb 1910 at St. Albert  
18917-10 Camile LEDUC, 21, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Joseph LEDUC, hotel keeper & Eulalie SCHRYER, married Eva SCHRYER, 19, of Rockland, d/o August SCHRYER, laborer, & Celina LEFEBVRE, witn: Joseph LEDUC Sr & August SCHRYER, both of Rockland, 7 Feb 1910 at Rockland 18905-10 Theophile LEDUC, 26, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Onisime LEDUC, farmer, & Vitaline LAPLANTE, married Angelina BOULANGER, 24, of St. Isidore, d/o Francois Xavier BOULANGER, farmer, & Octavie LONGTAIN, witn: Onisime LEDUC & Francois Xavier BOULANGER, both of St. Isidore, 13 June 1910 at St. Isidore
18768-10 Ambroise LEFEBVRE, 24, farmer, of Chesterville, s/o Elie LEFEBVRE, farmer, & Delia LEFEBVRE, married Florence LAGROIS, 18, of Bourget, d/o Joseph LAGROIS, farmer, & Celina MATTE, witn: Elie LEFEBVRE of Chesterville & Joseph LAGROIS of Bourget, 13 Sept 1910 at Bourget 18822-10 Arthur LEFEBVRE, 25, farmer, of St. Eugene, s/o Maurice LEFEBVRE, farmer, & Alice DAOUST, married Rosia CLEMENT, 20, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Edmond CLEMENT, farmer, & Olivia LAFRANCE, witn: Wilfrid LAVIGNE & Edmond CLEMENT, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 30 June 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
  18783-10 Louis LEMARD, 23, baker, of Vars, s/o Didime LEMARD, yeoman & Adele GUAY, married Adela THEORET, 17, of Vars, d/o Alexandre THEORET, baker & Melaisse St.DENIS, 4 April 1910 at Sarsfield
18775-10 Onesphor? LEMAY, 18, of Cumberland, s/o Joseph LEMAY, farmer, & Delima LAMARCHE, married Isabella POTVIN, 18, of Sarsfield, d/o Jean Baptiste POTVIN, farmer, & Mathilda POTVIN, witn: Nila DESJARDINS of Bear Brook & Manama HURTUBISE of Sarsfield, 10 Jan 1910 at Sarsfield Church 18653-10 Josephat LEMAY, 21, trader, of Sarsfield, s/o Joseph Wilfrid LEMAY & blank, married Alda CHARLEBOIS, 20, of Lefaivre, d/o F.X. CHARLEBOIS & Mary ARCAND, witn: Joseph Wilfrid LEMAY of Sarsfield & F.X. CHARLEBOIS of Lefaivre, 11 Jan 1910 at Lefaivre
18666-10 Octave LEROUX, 27, farmer, of Curran, s/o Ephrem LEROUX, & Julienne MARRIER, married Valentine LEPAGE, 21, of Alfred, d/o Zenophile LEPAGE, laborer, & Elizabeth THERIEN, witn: Ephrem LEROUX & Victor LAJOIE, 18 April 1910 at Alfred 18692-10 Dieudonne LEROUX, 20, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Napoleon LEROUX, farmer, & Elmira LAFRAMBOISE, married Amanda BEAUCHENE, 20, of Casselman, d/o Napoleon LEROUX & Damase BEAUCHENE, both of Casselman, 4 April 1910 at Casselman
18888-10 Alphonse LEROUX, 21, farmer, of Fournier, s/o William LEROUX, farmer, & Marie Ann CHATELAINE, married Adelaide LAUZON, 17, of Fournier, d/o Joseph LAUZON, farmer, & Philomen BLAIS, witn: Wilfrid SOULIGNY & Joseph LAUZON, both of Fournier, 11 Jan 1910 at Lemieux 18708-10 Orphir LEROUX, 26, farmer, of Lemieux, s/o Joseph LEROUX, farmer, & Rose Delima POTVIN, married Donald BRAY, 17, of Lemieux, d/o Olivier BRAY, farmer, & Adele DENIS, witn: Osias POISSON & Victoria LEROUX, both of Lemieux, 1 Aug 1910 at Lemieux
18908-10 Isidore LESSARD, 22, farmer, St. Isidore, same, s/o Joseph LESSARD & Cecile PREDALNE, married Lumiana CAMPEAU, 26, Fournier, same, d/o Noe CAMPEAU & Lumina BOURDON, witn: Joseph LESSARD of St. Isidore & Noe CAMPEAU of Fournier, 27 July 1910 at Fournier 18733-10 Joseph LESSARD, 23, of South Plantagenet, s/o Joseph LESSARD, farmer, & Cecile PREDALNE, married Emelia LALONDE, 22, of Caledonia, d/o Joseph LALONDE, farmer, & Marie LEVAC, witn: Joseph LESSARD of St. Isidore de Prescott & Joseph LALONDE of St. Amour Ont., 3 Oct. 1910 at Fournier
  18663-10 James LETT, 29, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Thomas LETT, farmer, & Catherine RUSSELL, married Elizabeth McCULLOCH, 2-, of Fournierville, d/o John McCULLOCH, farmer, & Elizabeth KIRDY, witn: Alice McCULLOCH & Alexander LETT, 31 Jan 1910 at Alfred
18916-10 George LEVAC, 31, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Edward LEVAC & Virginie LALONDE, married Josephine LEGER, 25, Fournier, same, d/o Clement LEGER & Julienne LANGLOIS, witn: Edward LEVAC & Clement LEGER, both of Fournier, 7 Nov 1910 at Fournier 18903-10 Zerion LEVAC, 23, farmer, of Fournier, s/o Ducher LEVAC, farmer, & Christine SEGUIN, married Marie Anne BOISVENUE, 21, of St. Isidore, d/o Moise BOISVENUE, farmer, & Angelina AUBIN, witn: Joseph LEVAC of Fournier & Eugene BOISVENUE of Moose Creek, 14 June 1910 at St. Isidore
18894-10 Honore LEVAC, 28, farmer, of Fournier, s/o Benjamin LEVAC, farmer, & Ada LEROUX, married Dorinda DESCHAMPS, 29, widow, of Sorel Que., d/o Charles DESCHAMPS, farmer, & Eugenie RACINE, witn: Adelard DESCHAMPS of Fournier & Charles DESCHAMPS of St. Isidore, 31 Jan 1910 at St. Isidore 18693-10 Arthur LEVEQUE, 23, laborer, of Casselman, s/o Joseph LEVEQUE, laborer, & Adele BRUNET, married Dorina GARAND, 18, of Casselman, d/o Philias GARAND, farmer, & Exilda MELOCHE, witn: Ferdinand BENOIT of St. Albert & Philias GARAND of Casselman, 5 April 1910 at Casselman
18927-10 Joseph LEVESQUE, 22, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Joseph LEVESQUE, laborer, & Marie Louise COUVRETTE, married Marie Louise PORTELANCE, 19, of Rockland, d/o Charles PORTELANCE, laborer, & Susanna LEMAIRE, witn: Joseph LEVESQUE & Charles PORTELANCE, both of Rockland, 20 June 1910 at Rockland 18735-10 Arthur LEVESQUE, 23, laborer, of Casselman, s/o Joseph LEVESQUE & Adelle LEVESQUE, married Dorina GARAND, 18, of Casselman, d/o Philias GARAND & Exilda MELOCHE, witn: Ferdinand BENOIT & Alfreda LEVESQUE, both of Casselman, 5 April at Casselman
license issued to Steven LIBIRION (Liboison?), 54, widower, of North Plantagenet, & Mathilde BOILEAU, 38, spinster, of North Plantagenet, 24 Jan 1910 at Plantagenet 18791-10 Thomas Nathaniel LOWE, 31, clergyman, of Toronto, s/o Robert LOWE, farmer, & Mary Ann WALSH, married Mary Gertrude HEENEY, 27, of Vars, d/o Charles HEENEY & Eliza WALSH, witn: George WALSH of Navan & Edward MAGLADY of Leonard, 6 July 1910 at Vars
18731-10 Alphonse MAINVILLE, 21, farmer's son, of Caledonia, s/o Joseph MAINVILLE, farmer, & Philomene CHENIER, married Amanda CARDINAL, 22, of Caledonia, d/o Ferdinand CARDINAL, farmer, & Alphonsine COUSINEAU, witn: Joseph MAINVILLE of St. Isidore de Prescott & Ferdina CARDINAL of St. Amour, 19 Sept 1910 at Fournier 18714-10 Damase MAINVILLE, 31, farmer, of Sarsfield, s/o Emery MAINVILLE, farmer, & Marie Valda POIRIER, married Alice BENOIT, 22, of South Indian, d/o Delphis BENOIT, farmer, & Olympe LAVIGNE, witn: Marie Valda POIRIER of Sarsfield & Olympe LAVIGNE of South Indian, 13 Sept 1910 at South Indian
18767-10 Ernest MARTEL, 18, farmer, of Bourget, s/o Ferdinand MARTEL, farmer, & Marguerite RICHER, married Anna LABELLE, 19, of Bourget, d/o Joseph LABELLE, farmer, & Marguerite POTVIN, witn: Ferdinand MARTEL & Joseph LABELLE, both of Bourget, 13 Sept 1910 at Bourget 18792-10 Jules MARTEL, 22, farmer, of Marionville, s/o David MARTEL, farmer, & Allphonsine LANIAN (Laneau?), married Maggie WATSON, 19, of Sarsfield, d/o David MARTEL of Marionville & John WATSON of Sarsfield, 13 July 1910 at Sarsfield
18799-10 William Philip MARTER, 33, engineer, of Hawkesbury, s/o William MARTER, laborer, & Emma, married Anna CAYEN, 24, of Hawkesbury, d/o Noe CAYEN & Marguerite PAIRDEAU?, witn: Noe CAYEN & Philip CAYEN, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Feb 1910 at Hawkesbury  
18871-10 Francois Eugene MARTIN, 23, farmer, widower, of Wendover, s/o Honore MARTIN, farmer, & Denise PIGEON, married Eglantine DION, 20, of Wendover, d/o Leandre DION, farmer, & Armantine DION, witn: Honore MARTIN of Wendover & George BARBARY of Plantagenet, 29 May 1910 at Wendover 18737-10 Joseph Maximilien MARTIN, saddler, of Casselman, s/o Toussaint MARTIN & Marie DAIGNAULT, married Cecile LALONDE, d/o Amable LALONDE, farmer, & Hedwidge MONTCALM, 7 Nov 1910 at Casselman [other info missing]
18716-10 Joseph Emilien MARTIN, 35, harness maker, of Casselman, s/o Toussaint MARTIN, retired, & Marie DAIGEAULT, married Cecile LALONDE, 24, teacher, of Casselman, d/o Amable LALONDE, farmer, & Edwidge MONTCALM, witn: Toussaint MARTIN & Amable LALONDE, both of Casselman, 5 Nov 1910 at Casselman 18732-10 Raoul MARTIN, 22, laborer, of Alexandria, s/o Joseph MARTIN, farmer, & Vitaline CRITTON, married Rosa PIETTE, 26, of Caledonia, d/o France PIETTE, farmer, & Nathalie VARNIER, witn: Joseph PIETTE of Routhier & Malvina VAUDRY of Montreal, 26 Sept 1910 at Fournier
18819-10 James Henry MATHESON, 34, widower, clerk, of Montreal, s/o John Henry MATHESON, business man & Margaret GORDON, married Helen FORBES, 24 Clerk, of St. Eugene, d/o Duncan FORBES, farmer, & Georgina McKINNON, witn: James FORBES of St. Eugene & Theodore CAPRON of Breadalbane, 14 June 1910 at St. Eugene 18939-10 Archie MATHESON (Mathurin?), 22, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Edward MATHESON, laborer, & Clara BOND, married Leonie LABONTE, 23, servant, of Rockland, d/o Alphonse LABONTE, farmer, & Elise HENRI, witn: Edouard MATHESON & Henri MENARD, both of Rockland, 2 Sept 1910 at Rockland
18869-10 Dophis MAYER, 20, farmer, of Curran, s/o Joseph MAYER, farmer, & Rose ROULEAU, married Rose Alba ROY, 19, of Plantagenet Springs, d/o Honore ROY, driver & Georgianna DESCHAMPS, witn: Honore ROY of Plantagenet Springs & Felix COTE of Plantagenet, 19 May 1910 at Plantagenet 18722-10 Joseph McALLISTER, 24, cheese maker, of Embrun, s/o Francis McALLISTER, farmer, & Delina DOUTRE, married Odile BOURDEAU, 24, of Embrun, d/o Paul BOURDEAU, farmer, & Celanise GERVAIS, witn: Francis McALLISTER & Paul BOURDEAU, both of Embrun, 10 Aug 1910 at Embrun
18940-10 John McCABE, 35, merchant, of Rockland, s/o James McCABE, merchant, & Margaret McGUIRE, married Maud POULIOTTE, 23, nurse, of Rockland, d/o Laurence POULIOTTE, foreman & Annie O'CONNOR, witn: R.G. CAMERON of Buckingham Que & Hilda GORMAN of Rockland, 6 Sept 1910 at Rockland 18994-10 Francis McCUE, 30, laborer, of Montreal, s/o Thomas McCUE, laborer, & Elizabeth McQUEEN?, married Bertha LONDEAU, 22, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o John LONDEAU, barber, & Helen BARRETT, witn: J. LONDEAU & F. LAVOIE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 17 April 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18909-10 Charles MCGREGOR, 26, Fournier, same, s/o James McGREGOR & Isabella KENNEDY, married Elsie MUIR, 24, maid, Riceville, same, d/o John MUIR & Catherine BRADLEY, witn: William MUIR of Riceville & Jessie McGREGOR of Fournier , 6 Sept 1910 at Fournier 18812-10 Michael McINTEE, 35, farmer, of St. Eugene, s/o Patrick McINTEE, farmer, & blank, married Emma St.DENIS, 27, of St. Eugene, d/o Moise St.DENIS, farmer, & Mary HUGHES, witn: Patrick McINTEE & Moise St.DENIS, both of St. Eugene, 7 Feb 1910 at St. Eugene
18709-10 William Clarke McKENDRY, 32, minister, of Ottawa, s/o Banford McKENDRY, farmer, & Mathilda MOSES, married Margaret STENHOUSE, 31, of Cambridge twp., d/o James STENHOUSE, farmer, & Grace STEWART, witn: Robert STENHOUSE & Rebecca STENHOUSE, both of Cambridge twp., 15 Sept 1910 at Cambridge twp 18847-10 James Daniel McMARTIN, 28, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Daniel Charles McMARTIN & Ann Jane McCREDIE, married Hannah Maud O'BRIEN, 27, of L'Orignal, d/o John O'BRIAN, farmer, & Joannah L. MOONEY, witn: Keith O'BRIAN of L'Orignal & Roberta WILSON of Grenville Que., 18 Jan 1910 at L'Orignal
18838-10 William J. McNAUGHTON, 25, farmer, of Lochiel, s/o John McNAUGHTON & Libby McLAREN, married Nellie McCALLUM, 24, of East Hawkesbury, d/o John M. McCALLUM, farmer, & Kate LOTHIAN, witn: Margaret & Nehemiah McCALLUM of East Hawkesbury, 21 Dec 1910 at East Hawkesbury  
18679-10 Hermas MEILLEUR, 22, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Aldase MEILLEUR, farmer, & Marguerite LABROSSE, married Valerie LEBRUN, 21, of St. Albert, d/o Amede LEBRUN, farmer, & Marie Louise PAQUETTE, witn: Joseph MEILLEUR & Emerie LEBRUN, both of St. Albert, 10 Jan 1910 at St. Albert 18713-10 Telesphore MEILLEUR, 24, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Felix MEILLEUR, farmer, & Onesime GAGNON, married Diana CLEMENT, 22, of St. Albert, d/o Godfroid CLEMENT St., farmer, & Domathilde CARRIERE, witn: Felix MEILLEUR & Godfroid CLEMENT, both of St. Albert, 5 Sept 1910 at St. Albert
18774-10 Achille METHOT, 26, teacher, of Clarence Creek, s/o Charles METHOT, farmer, & Adele RENAUD, married Eugenie BRUNET, 23, of Clarence Creek, d/o Jean Baptiste BRUNET, hotel keeper & Esther LALONDE, witn: Charles METHOT of St. Zotique Que. & Jean Baptiste BRUNET of Clarence Creek, 23 Nov 1910 at Clarence Creek 18701-10 Elie MOISE, 24, farmer, of South Indian, s/o Louis MOISE, farmer, & Adelaide VINCENT, married Anna LEDUC, 25, of South Indian, d/o Maurice LEDUC, farmer, & Marie LEDUC, witn: Louis MISE & Maurice LEDUC, both of South Indian, 18 April 1910 at South Indian
18850-10 Basile MONETTE, 24, laborer, of L'Orignal, s/o Jean B. MONETTE, laborer, & Angelique LAMOTHE, married Donalda THIBERT, 22, of L'Orignal, d/o Jean B. THIBERT, laborer, & Delima MASSIE, witn: Jean JOLICOEUR & Jean B. THIBERT, both of L'Orignal, 26 April 1910 at L'Orignal [incomplete reg'n] Arthur MONTPELLIER, 39, widower, & Donalda MONTPELLIER, 32, widow, both of North Plantagenet, 24 June 1910 at Curran
18984-10 Alexander H. MOONEY, 30, farmer, of East Hawkesbury, s/o George MOONEY, farmer, & Minerva VOGAN, married Nellie Mae ORTON, 22, of Stardale - East Hawkesbury, d/o Levi ORTON, farmer, & Catherine MURRAY, witn: John & Mrs. John CUNNING of Stardale, 21 Sept 1910 at Van Kleek Hill [incomplete reg'n] 24 Aug 1910, David MOORE of Ottawa & Agnes YANDON of Hammond, witn: Arthur ROY of Ottawa & J. YANDON of Sarsfield, at Sarsfield, lic issued 22 Aug 1910
18777-10 Alphonse MOREAU, 26, laborer, of Cumberland, s/o Xavier MOREAU, laborer, & Delphine PAUQUETTE, married Helene LAROCQUE, 22, of Cumberland, d/o Oliver LAROCQUE, laborer, & Rose RANGER, witn: Oliver LAROCQUE & Xavier MOREAU, both of Cumberland, 31 Jan 1910 at Sarsfield Church 18798-10 William MURRAY, 34, farmer, of Oka, s/o Jacques MURRAY, farmer, & Marguerite BRISBOIS, married blank PROULX, of Quebec, d/o Joseph PROULX & Jeanne DESORMEAU, witn: William LAFRAMBOISE & Abraham LEROUX, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Feb 1910 at Hawkesbury
18887-10 Willie MYON (Neyon?), 24, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o William MYON, farmer, & Celestine ROSE, married Ida PARENT, 21, of Lemieux, d/o Joseph PARENT, farmer, & Celeste PERRAULT, witn: Leon ROUSELL of St. Isidore & Joseph PARENT of Lemieux, 10 Jan 1910 at Lemieux 18912-10 Cyprien NICOLAS, 26, blacksmith, Alfred Ont., Riceville, s/o Joseph NICOLAS & Marie Jeanne PARKER, married Cecile GAUTHIER, 19, Fournier, same, d/o Isaie GAUTHIER & Marie LEGROS, witn: Joseph NICOLAS of Riceville & Marie LEGROS of Fournier, 21 June 1910 at Fournier
18675-10 Joseph NOEL, 24, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Alfred NOEL, farmer, & Proseede ROCHON, married Rose ROSS, 17, of Lefaivre, d/o Joseph ROSS & Marie MONTPETIT, witn: Alfred NOEL of Clarence Creek & Felix DESJARDINS of Lefaivre, 25 Oct. 1910 at Lefaivre 18930-10 Xavier NORMAND, 22, farmer, of The Brook, s/o Xavier NORMAND, farmer, & Marie PLANTE, married Zalma DESJARDINS, 17, of Rockland, d/o Xavier NORMAND & Jean Baptiste DESJARDINS, both of Rockland, 27 June 1910 at Rockland
[incomplete reg'n] Daniel O'BYRNE, 30, married Mary Alexina RYAN, 27, both of Pendleton - North Plantagenet, witn: T. SHANE of Pendleton & Helena RYAN of Pendleton, married 21 Oct 1910 at Curran 18797-10 Philip ORTON, 32, laborer, of Cumberland, s/o Heber ORTON & Ester BERTRAND, married Emma FOX, 18, servant, of Cumberland, d/o George FOX & Kate ROBINSON, witn: W. KINSELLA & E.B. GREIG, both of Cumberland, 16 Nov 1910 at Cumberland
18839-10 Louis OUELLETTE, 49, widower, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Martin OUELLETTE & Adelaide TOUGEON, married Lenore CAMPBELL, 33, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o Daniel CAMPBELL, laborer, & Louise LAMOUREUX, witn: Zelos DESJARDINS & Robert CAMPBELL, both of Chute a Blondeau, 13 June 1910 at Chute a Blondeau 18664-10 Seraphin OUIMET, 26, laborer, of Fassett, s/o Joseph OUIMET, farmer, & blank, married Albertine DAOUST, 21, of Alfred, d/o Ignace DAOUST, butcher, & Izadie BERTRAND, witn: Joseph OUIMET & Doue DAOUST, 30 June 1910 at Alfred
18900-10 Menisippe PAGE, 48, widower, farmer, of Lemieux, s/o Seriphine PAGE, farmer, & Claire PERRON, married Angela LALONDE, 45, widow, of Lemieux, d/o Maxime LALONDE, farmer, & Adele MONDOUX, witn: Joseph LAFLAMME of St. Anselme & Bertha HARRIGAN of Lemieux, 31 April 1910 at Lemieux 18696-10 Alderic PAGE, 23, farmer, of Casselman, s/o late Seraphin PAGE, farmer, & Emelie BOILEAU, married Alexina BOURDON, 20, of Casselman, d/o Hormisdas PAGE & Hilaire BOURDON, both of Casselman, 2 May 1910 at Casselman
no number-11 Leo PAPINEAU, 23, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Louis PAPINEAU, farmer, & Olive HEBERT, married Miriza FORTIER, 22, of Embrun, d/o Moise FORTIER & Hermeline MENARD, witn: Louis PAPINEAU & Moise FORTIER, both of Embrun, 20 Sept 1910 at Embrun  
18804-10 Joseph PAQUET, 21, laborer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Joseph PAQUETTE (sic), laborer, & Celina LEBLANC, married Cesaire PROULX, 17, of Hawkesbury, d/o Eli PROULX, laborer, & Angelique DESFORGES, witn: Ozias & Pierre LALONDE of Hawkesbury, 6 Aug 1910 at Hawkesbury 18744-10 Osias PAQUETTE, 27, farmer, of Lot 10 Con 3 Clarence twp., s/o Severe PAQUETTE & Vitaline DUQUETTE, married Adelisca DORE, 27, of Clarence Creek village, d/o Olivier DORE & Zoe CHAMPAGNE, witn: Charles PAQUETTE & Felix DORE, both of Clarence Creek, 17 Jan 1910 at Clarence Creek
18703-10 Pierre PARTHENAIS, 19, laborer, of Lemieux, s/o Louis PARTHENAIS, farmer, & Angelique LALONDE, married Jeannette GAGNON, 16, of South Indian, d/o George GAGNON, farmer, & Malvina DESUBRAIS, witn: Menasippe PAGE of Lemieux & Pierre LALONDE of South Indian, 13 June 1910 at South Indian 18756-10 Amedee PAYANT, 24, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Venance PAYANT, farmer, & Aulerie FORGET, married Emma GUINDON, 19, of The Brook, d/o Arthur GUINDON, farmer, & Adda HENRIE, witn: Felix LEROUX of Casselman & Francis TOUCHETTE of The Brook, 19 April 1910 at The Brook
18680-10 Simeon PAYENT, 32, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Venance PAYANT Sr., farmer, & Aurelie FORGETTE, married Adele BERTRAND, 23, of Lemieux, d/o Alphonse BERTRAND, laborer, & Albina LEBLANC, witn: Victor PAYANT of Casselman & Alphonse BERTRAND of Lemieux, 17 Jan 1910 at Lemieux 18945-10 Evarest PAYER, 21, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Alexander PAYER, laborer, & Octavie MENARD, married Juliette PILON, 17, servant, of Rockland, d/o Joseph PILON, laborer, & Julienne DUBIEN, witn: Dominateur PETRE & Joseph PILON, both of Rockland, 31 Oct. 1910 at Rockland
18809-10 Delphis PERRIER, 37, widower, merchant, of Hawkesbury, s/o Emil PERRIER, laborer, & blank, married Albertine COMTOIS, 24, of Hawkesbury, d/o Pierre COMTOIS, laborer, & Acisiles? PAQUETTE, witn: Pierre COMTOIS & Emile PERRIER, 28 July 1910 at Hawkesbury 18813-10 Calixte Hyacinthe PERRIER, 47, widower, farmer, of Moose Creek, s/o Hyacinthe PERRIER, farmer, & Angele LABROSSE, married Emma BRAZEAU, 38, of St. Eugene, d/o Hyacinthe PERRIER & Jean Baptiste BRAZEAU, both of St. Eugene, 5 Feb 1910 at St. Eugene
18752-10 Willie PERRON, 19, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Victor PERRON, farmer, & Josephine DESJARDINS, married Eva DESROSIERS, 17, house keeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Hermogene DESROSIERS, hotel keeper, & Marie Louise LEFEBRE, witn: Hermogene DESROSIERS & Victor PERRON, both of Clarence Creek, 4 April 1910 at Clarence Creek 18748-10 Telesphore PERRON, 23, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Victor PERRON, farmer, & Josephine DESJARDINS, married Melanie GUINDON, 20, of St. Pascal Baylon, d/o Jospeh GUINDON, farmer, & Alexina PERRON, witn: Joseph GUINDON of St. Pascal Baylon & Victor PERRON of Clarence Creek, 17 Jan 1910 at St. Pascal Baylon
18901-10 Joseph PICHER, 24, farmer, of St. Hebert, s/o Joseph PICHER, farmer, & Zue PAGE, married Mary Louise PITRE, 20, of Lemieux, d/o Euzebe PITRE, farmer, & Emiline POTVIN, witn: Joseph PICHER of Crysler & Euzebe PITRE of Lemieux, 20 June 1910 at Lemieux 18996-10 Delphis PIETTE, 27, farmer, of Fournierville, s/o Francis PIETTE, farmer, & Natile VERNIER, married Rosanna LAFLAMME, 24, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o John LAFLAMME, farmer, & Liza CLEMENT, witn: Francis LAFLAMME & Rosa PIETTE, both of Fournier, 11 July 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18832-10 Joseph Albert PILON, 24, blacksmith, of St. Eugene, s/o Urgel PILON, blacksmith & Elzire BABARIE, married Florida CADIEUX, 22, of St. Eugene, d/o Calixte CADIEUX, farmer, & Georgiana DAOUST, witn: Urgel PILON & Calixte CADIEUX, both of St. Eugene, 29 Aug 1910 at St. Eugene 18837-10 Joseph PILON, 40, widower, policeman, of Montreal, s/o not given, married Marie Louise RANGER, 32, of St. Eugene, d/o Amedee RANGER & Olympe St.DENIS, witn: Albert PILON of Montreal & Napoleon RANGER of St. Eugene, 8 Nov 1910 at St. Eugene
18929-10 Albeni PITRE, 28, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Adolphe PITRE, laborer, & Euphrene LONGTIN, married Eva PORTELANCE, 21, of Rockland, d/o Charles PORTELANCE, laborer, & Susanne LEMAIRE, witn: Adolph PITRE & Charles PORTELANCE, both of rock, 28 June 1910 at Rockland 18769-10 Francis POIRIER dit BELLEFEUILLE, no age given, farmer, of Clarence Creek, s/o Joseph POIRIER dit BELLEFEUILLE, farmer, & Adeline POIRIER, married Marie MARTIN, no age given, of Bourget, d/o Noe MARTIN, agent & Marie Louise DESFORGES, witn: Donat MAINVILLE of Clarence Creek & Antoinette MARTIN of Bourget, 20 Sept 1910 at Bourget
18923-10 Albert Gustave POMMIER, 23, jeweller, of Rockland, s/o Eugene POMMIER, jeweller & Eugenie POMMIER, married Anna FILION, 22, servant, of Rockland, d/o Felix FILION, carpenter, & blank, witn: Eugene POMMIER of Buckingham Que. & Felix FILION of Thurso Que., 25 April 1910 at Rockland 18918-10 Camille PORTELANCE, 25, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Charles PORTELANCE, laborer, & Susanne LEMAIRE, married Leontine HANLEY, 22, of Rockland, d/o James HANLEY, laborer, & Agnes BOND, witn: Charles PORTELANCE & James HANLEY, both of Rockland, 2 April 1910 at Rockland
18970-10 Joseph Dominic PRIMAULT, 23, coachman, of Montreal, s/o Joachim PRIMAULT, coachman & Olivine LACOST, married Rose Alma BRADY, 19, of Embrun, d/o Jonnes BRADY & Mereme LADOUCEUR, witn: Elzear BERGERON of Montreal & Jonnes BRADY of Embrun, 30 May 1910 at Embrun 18765-10 Elie PRIMEAU, 38, farmer, of Bourget, s/o Pierre PRIMEAU, farmer, & Cleophe LEFEBVRE, married Elizabeth BREIERE, 23, of Bourget, d/o Jean Baptiste BREIERE, laborer, & Virginie ETHIER, witn: Elie GENDRON & Jean Baptiste BREIERE, 5 Sept 1910 at Bourget
18688-10 Wilfrid RACINE, 22, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Peter RACINE, farmer, & Helene St.PIERRE, married Beriza THIBERT, 22, of Casselman, d/o Walter THIBERT, farmer, & Malvina POUPART, witn: Peter RACINE & Walter THIBERT, both of Casselman, 7 Feb 1910 at Casselman 18815-10 Damase RANGER, 27, farmer, of St. Eugene, s/o Damase RANGER, farmer, & Marie THEORET, married Marie Levina LEFEBVRE, 26, of Prescott Co., d/o Xavier LEFEBVRE & Elizabeth DEMERS, witn: Damase RANGER Sr. of St. Eugene & Octave LEFEBVRE of St. Philippe Que., 24 May 1910 at St. Eugene
18790-10 Adelard REGIMBALD, 25, farmer, of Bearbrook, s/o Joseph REGIMBALD, farmer, & Lea CHAUMEAU, married Albertine MATHIEU, 24, of Sarsfield, d/o Olmer MATHIEU, yeoman & Delphine GAGNE, witn: Albertine REGIMBALD of Bearbrook, 6 July 1910 at Sarsfield 18890-10 Joseph Archibald REID, 31, train man, of Lemieux, s/o Archibald REID, farmer, & Rose MOONEY, married Margaret Caroline WILKES, 25, of Fournier, d/o William WILKES, farmer, & Celina LEBRUN, witn: M. Joseph REID of Lemieux & Arthur WILKES of Fournier, 12 Jan 1910 at Fournier
18827-10 Thomas RENAUD, 23, laborer, of St. Eugene, s/o Louis RENAUD, farmer, & Agnes SARRAZIN, married Sarah BELISLE, 28, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o Felix BELISLE, farmer, & Adeline CADIEUX, witn: Louis RENAUD & Felix BELISLE, 27 June 1910 at Chute a Blondeau  
18753-10 Wilfrid RICHER, 23, clerk, of Hull, s/o Wilfrid RICHER, traveling agent & Anna CHAMPAGNE, married Reine Aime ROCHON, 23, of Clarence Creek, d/o Moise ROCHON, renter? & Celina RIOCHE, witn: Wilfrid RICHER & Moise ROCHON, both of Clarence Creek, 5 April 1910 at Clarence Creek 18936-10 Moyeal RICHER, 24, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Joseph RICHER, laborer, & Elenore BREMEAU, married Edwidge SIGMAN, 20, of Rockland, d/o Cyrille SIGMAN, laborer, & Edwidge PORTELANCE, witn: Joseph RICHER of Fassette Que. & Honore SIGMAN of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1910 at Rockland
18789-10 William Norman RIVINGTON, 24, farmer, of Cumberland twp., s/o Thomas RIVINGTON, farmer, & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Sarah Ethel SMITH, 23, of Cumberland twp., d/o James Sydney SMITH, farmer, & Catherine WALSH, witn: Rufus George ARMSTRONG & Letitia SMITH, both of Navan, 8 June 1910 at Navan 18826-10 Cyrille ROBILLARD, 35, laborer, of Grenville Que., s/o Elie ROBILLARD, laborer, & Melina PAQUETTE, married Delia LADOUCEUR, 30?, of Chute a Blondeau, d/o Gilbert LADOUCEUR, laborer, & Zagande DUPLANTIE, witn: Philippe ROY & Albert LALONDE, 21 May 1910 at Chute a Blondeau
18780-10 Arthur Donald RODNEY, 31, farmer, of North Osgoode, s/o James RODNEY & Christena McLAUGHLIN, married Ethel Letitia May JAMES, 26, of Pana, d/o George JAMES & Sarah McGUAY, witn: John K. RODNEY of Ormond & Lucy McKEOWN of Pana, 21 June 1910 at Pana, Russell twp 18671-10 Ovila ROLLAND, 25, contremaitre, of Montreal, s/o Edouard ROLLAND & Helene CARON, married Elumina LADOUCEUR, 20, of Lefaivre, d/o Calixte LADOUCEUR, farmer, & Sophronie VILLENEUVE, witn: Jeremie & Calixte LADOUCEUR, 15 Aug 1910 at Lefaivre
18676-10 Arthur ROULEAU, 25, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Joseph ROULEAU, farmer, & Sophie CADIEUX, married Alberta DROUIN, 23, of Alfred, d/o Alfred DROUIN, farmer, & Mary DELANEY, witn: Joseph ROULEAU & Alfred DROUIN, 3 Oct. 1910 at Alfred 18989-10 George ROSS, 27, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Alexander ROSS, laborer, & Annie COOPER, married Irene MONFILS, 16, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Adam MONFILS, laborer, & Arabella BEAULIEU, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE & Delima RICHARD, both of Van Kleek Hill, 14 Sept 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18724-10 Edouard ROWANY?, 27, farmer, Ste. Marthe Que., Caledonia, s/o Amedee ROWANY & Agnes CHARTRAND, married Clara GAUTHIER, 25, Caledonia, same, d/o Antoine GAUTHIER, farmer, & Melina MENARD, witn: Amedee ROWANY & Antoine GAUTHIER, both of Caledonia, 7 Feb 1910 at Fournier 18911-10 John RYAN, 24, farmer, St. Isidore, same, s/o William RYAN & Cecile ROSE, married Frezelda PETRE, 24, Lemieux, same, d/o Euzebe PETRE & Armiline PETRE, 17 Aug 1910 at Lemieux
18816-10 Joseph St.DENIS, 26, motor man on electric cars, of Montreal, s/o Joseph? St.DENIS, farmer, & Victorine LEFEBVRE, married Florida LAVALLEE, 23, teacher, of St. Eugene, d/o Francois Xavier LAVALLEE, farmer, & Emelie BISSONNETTE, witn: Francois Xavier LAVALLEE & Wilfrid St.DENIS, both of St. Eugene, 3 May 1910 at St. Eugene 18946-10 Amedee St.DENIS, 36, laborer, of Rockland, s/o Olivier St.DENIS, laborer, & Rosalie THIVERGE, married Exeorine HANLEY, 20, servant, of Rockland, d/o James HANLEY, laborer, & Agnes BONN, witn: Eustache OUIMET & James HANLEY, both of Rockland, 14 Nov 1910 at Rockland
18943-10 Ernest St.JEAN, 21, painter, of St. Martine Que., s/o Albini St.JEAN, farmer, & Emelie CRANIER (Cravier?), married Blanche OUIMET, 21, of Rockland, d/o Eustache OUIMET, laborer, & Rosalie St.DENIS, witn: Amedee St.DENIS & Eustache OUIMET, both of Rockland, 8 Oct 1910 at Rockland 18915-10 Hormidas St.JULIEN, 22, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Evangeliste St.JULIEN & Cesamire GREFFE, married Laura BOURBONNAIS, 16, Fournier, same, d/o Olivier BOURBONNAIS & Anna BOURGON, witn: E. St.JULIEN & Olivier BOURBONNAIS, both of Fournier, 17 Oct 1910 at Fournier
18673-10 Moise St.ONGE, 58, widower, laborer, of Alfred, s/o Felix St.ONGE & Veronique BEAUDRY, married Louise HUNEAULT, 64, of Lefaivre, d/o Pierre HUNEAULT & Julie RANGER, witn: Magloire POULIN & Charles LEBLANC, 18 Sept 1910 at Lefaivre 18971-10 Jean Baptiste St.PIERRE, 26, farmer, of Embrun, s/o Louis St.PIERRE, farmer, & Emerance BOUVIER, married Florida BINETTE, 18, of Marionville, d/o Ferdinand BINETTE, laborer, & Olivine MARION, witn: Louis St.PIERRE of Embrun & Ferdinand BINETTE of Marionville, 11 July 1910 at Marionville
18974-10 Elie SABOURIN, 23, carpenter, of Casselman, s/o Michel SABOURIN, carpenter, & Rosalie ROY, married Cordelia BLAIS, 38, of Embrun, d/o Octave BLAIS & Celina GAGNON, witn: Octave BLAIS & Michel SABOURIN, 2 Oct 1910 at Embrun 18928-10 Euclide SABOURIN, 26, barber, of Hull Que., s/o Edouard SABOURIN, laborer, & Josephine RICHER, married Juliette LAVIOLETTE, 24, dress maker, of Rockland, d/o Amedee LAVIOLETTE, foreman & Marguerite CHARLEBOIS, witn: Edouard SABOURIN & Amedeee LAVIOLETTE, both of Rockland, 28 June 1910 at Rockland
18834-10 Leandre SAUCIER, 23, jeweller, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Peter SAUCIER, jeweller & Mary CARRIER, married Juliette Anne FROMENT, 19, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Jean Baptiste FROMENT, laborer, & Elisa CASTONGUAY, witn: Denis Peter SAUCIER of Van Kleek Hill & Louis DUBOIS, 31 Oct. 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott 18757-10 Emery SAUVAGE, 26, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Belonie SAUVAGE, farmer, & Anseline DUSSAULT, married Eva GUINDON, 21, of The Brook, d/o Arthur GUINDON, farmer, & Adda HENRIE, witn: Belonie SAUVAGE of Casselman & Arthur GUINDON of The Brook, 19 April 1910 at The Brook
18876-10 Gedeon SAUVE, 21, farmer, of Curran, s/o Albert SAUVE, farmer, & Marcelline TAILLON, married M. Rosa LALONDE, 21, of Curran, d/o Albert SAUVE & August LALONDE, both of Curran, 12 Sept 1910 at Curran 18855-10 Joseph Emerie SAUVE, 22, carter, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o Joseph SAUVE, laborer, & Rose ROBILLARD, married Electra Adeline HUBERT, 18, of L'Orignal, d/o Antoine HUBERT, laborer, & Elizabeth GOLDEN, witn: Pierre SAUVE of Van Kleek Hill & Laura HUBERT of L'Orignal, 30 Aug 1910 at L'Orignal
18760-10 Hermenegilde SCHRYER, 48, laborer, of Rockland, s/o John SCHRYER & Eulalie KENVILLE, married Felicite CHARBONNEAU, 36, house keeper, of Clarence Creek, d/o Jules CHARBONNEAU, farmer, & Domathilde GUINDON, witn: Joseph SCHRYER & Charles PARATON?, both of Rockland, 13 June 1910 at Clarence Creek  
18980-10 Dan SCOTT, 27, farmer, of Fournier, s/o William SCOTT, farmer, & Selina WILLETT, married Essie REID, 19, of Fournier, d/o Henry REID & Caroline POAPS, witn: Allan YATES (Gates?) of Fournier & Eva CUTT, of Riceville, 14 March 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18910-10 William James SCOTT, 35, laborer, Riceville, same, s/o George SCOTT & K. REID, married Alice GIBB, 18, England, Riceville, d/o Thomas GIBB & M. McKEY (McKAY?), witn: C.W. SCOTT & Susie ROWE, both of Riceville, 14 Sept 1910 at Riceville
18728-10 James Reuben SCOTT, 22, farmer, of Riceville, s/o Charles SCOTT, farmer, & Olive SHEA, married Elizabeth Laura GATES, 24, of Caledonia twp., d/o Chauncey GATES (deceased) & Hannah NICHOLSON, witn: Irvine SCOTT of Montreal & Tena NICHOLSON of Fermaghvale, 22 June 1910 at Fermaghvale 18914-10 Adelbert L. SCOTT, 26, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Henry SCOTT & Margaret WILKES, married Charlotte RENWICK, 20, Fournier, same, d/o William RENWICK & Katherine SCOTT, witn: William R. & H.M. RENWICK of Fournier , 21 Sept 1910 at Fournier
18877-10 Eugene SEGUIN, 26, farmer, of Plantagenet, s/o Justinien SEGUIN, farmer, & Henriette LALONDE, married Rose Anna DESVOYAN (Desvoyau?), 17, of Plantagenet, d/o Ferdinand DESVOYAN, farmer, & Annie TROYE, witn: Justinien SEGUIN & Ferdinand DESVOYAU, both of Plantagenet, 20 Sept 1910 at Plantagenet 18862-10 Thimothe SEGUIN, 28, farmer, of Fournierville, s/o Joseph SEGUIN, farmer, & Josephine WATERS? (Watier?) , married Sarah BEAULIEU, 20, teacher, of Curran, d/o Orphyr BEAULIEU, farmer, & Rose Anna BISSONNETTE, witn: Joseph SEGUIN of Fournier & Orphyr BEAULIEU of Curran, 31 Jan 1910 at Curran
18859-10 Napoleon SEGUIN, 2, laborer, of L'Orignal, s/o Alphonse SEGUIN & Julie DUBOIS, married Anna BRABANT, 17, of L'Orignal, d/o Theodule BRABANT, laborer, & Delina QUESNEL, witn: Felix TESSIER & Theodule BRABANT, both of L'Orignal, 15 Nov 1910 at L'Orignal 18796-10 Joseph SEGUIN, 31, motor man, s/o Ottawa, s/o Joseph SEGUIN, farmer, & Matilda HOULE, married May BRENNAN, 25, of Sarsfield, d/o Ambrose BRENNAN, farmer, & Ellen McKAY, witn: Philippe SEGUIN of Pendleton & Rosanne? BRENNAN of Sarsfield, 26 Sept 1910 at Sarsfield
(banns published) for Joseph SEGUIN of Ottawa & Ellen McKAY of Cumberland twp on 18 Sept 1910 at the Sarsfield RC Church 18754-10 Athanasa SICARD, 22, laborer, of The Brook, s/o Pierre SICARD, farmer, & Sarah Ann LAFLEUR, married Maria POTVIN, 18, of The Brook, d/o Olivier POTVIN, farmer, & Rose Anna DESROSIERS, witn: Joseph SICARD & Marie LABELLE, 11 April 1910 at The Brook
18967-10 James SIMS, 24, farmer, of South Indian, s/o Allan SIMS, farmer, & Nancy WAYAL, married May ARCAW, 23, of South Indian, d/o Felix ARCAW, farmer, & Maria PURDY, witn: Mrs. J.S. FIELDING of Russell & Mrs. D.L. GORDON, 13 April 1910 at Russell village 18977-10 Orten C. SIMPSON, 26, merchant, of Metcalf, s/o James SIMPSON, gentleman & Sarah A. CAMPBELL, married Eliza A. SHEPHERD, 31, of Russell, d/o George SHEPHERD & Amanda ALLAN, witn: Lore A. SIMPSON of Metcalf, 16 Nov 1910 at Russell
18818-10 Robert Alexander SMITH, 30, farmer, of East Hawkesbury, s/o Robert SMITH & Mary Jane McCALLUM, married E.E. Violet McDUFF, 19, of East Hawkesbury, d/o Daniel Archibald McDUFF & Margaret McCULLOCK, witn: Harry MONTGOMERY & Ethel McCALLUM, both of East Hawkesbury, 8 June 1910 at East Hawkesbury 18685-10 Rodolphe SNIDER, 27, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Edmond SNIDER, farmer, & Felicite SEGUIN, married Exilia SARRASIN, 26, of South Indian, d/o Joseph SARRASIN, farmer, & Rosalie SABOURIN, witn: Abraham SNIDER of Casselman, 10 Jan 1910 at South Indian
18670-10 Wilfrid SOULIGNY, 20, farmer, of Fournier, s/o Joseph SOULIGNY, farmer, & Aldina PAQUETTE, married Clara CLEMENT, 20, of Alfred, d/o Adolphe CLEMENT, farmer, & Josephine BRASSEUR?, witn: Joseph SOULIGNY & Adolphe CLEMENT, 16 Aug 1910 at Alfred 18778-10 Benjamin Franklin SPARKS, 26, farmer, of Russell, s/o George SPARKS, farmer, & Matilda GARLAND, married Fanny Jane LEMOND, 21, of Cumberland, d/o Isaac LEMOND, farmer, & Fanny McNALLY, witn: Abram NELSON & Mrs. C. E. VICKERY, both of Vars, 7 March 1910 at Vars
  18981-10 Martin SYLVESTER, 47, farmer, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o William C. SYLVESTER, millwright & Elizabeth McDOWELL, married Henrietta S. THISTLETHWAITE, 40, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Robert THISTLETHWAITE, farmer, & Jane MODE, witn: Fred THISTLETHWAITE & W. SYLVESTER, both of Van Kleek Hill, 23 March 1910 at Van Kleek Hill
18964-10 Louis TELLIER, 25, farmer, of not given, s/o Virgel TELLIER & Anna LAPLANTE, married Exila PRIMEAU, 23, of Embrun, d/o Antoine PRIMEAU & Martine PILON, 5 April 1910 at Embrun 18875-10 Alfred THIBAULT, 69, widower, tinsmith, of Curran, s/o not given, married Elmina DANIS, 65, widow, of Curran, d/o Emerie TOURANGEAU & C.A. CHARLEBOIS, both of Curran, 24 Sept 1910 at Curran
18968-10 Charlie Long THOMAS, 22, laborer, of Kenmore, s/o Derry THOMAS, laborer, & Hester JACKSON, married Marjory KENNEDY, 18, of Russell, d/o John F. KENNEDY, laborer, & Rachel EASTMAN, witn: Coleman THOMAS of Russell & Mary KENNEDY of Ottawa, 6 April 1910 at Russell village 18958-10 Derry THOMAS, 47, widower, farmer, of Kenmore, s/o Lorenzo THOMAS, farmer, & Maria NASH, married Rachel KENNEDY, 51, widow, dress maker, of Russell, d/o John Nelson EASTMAN, farmer, & Sarah CHISHOLM, witn: Mary KENNEDY of Ottawa & Charlie THOMAS of Kenmore, 5 Jan 1910 at Russell village
18758-10 Gordon THORNTON, 22, tailor, of Clarence, s/o William THORNTON, farmer, & Georgina SURTEES, married Olive ARMSTRONG, 22, of Clarence, d/o Henry ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Lizzie EMPEY, witn: W.J. BUTLER & Maggie ARMSTRONG of Hammond, 15 June 1910 at not given [Russell Co] 18762-10 Eugene TOUCHETTE, 21, farmer, Clarence Creek, s/o Adelard TOUCHETTE, farmer, & Josephine LALONDE, married Beatrice CARDINAL, 18, of Clarence Creek, d/o Bazile CARDINAL, farmer, & Celina BEAUCHAMP, witn: Adelard TOUCHETTE of Hammond & Bazile CARDINAL of Clarence Creek, 27 June 1910 at Clarence Creek
18891-10 Albert TOUGAS, 22, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Alexis TOUGAS, farmer, & Adeline BARRE, married Amore RACINE, 18, of Fournier, d/o Alphonse RACINE, farmer, & Delia LEGAULT, witn: Alexis TOUGAS of St. Isidore & Alphonse RACINE of Fournier, 31 Jan. 1910 at Fournier 18677-10 Philippe TOURANGEAU, 19, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Louis TOURANGEAU, farmer, & Sophronie CLEMENT, married Sophie GUINDON, 21, of Moose Creek, d/o Elie GUINDON, laborer, & Zephirine BOISVENU, witn: Alfred GUINDON & Louis TOURANGEAU, 10 Cot 1910 at Alfred
18681-10 Philias TRUDEAU, 23, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Adrien TRUDEAU, farmer, & Marie DEMERS, married Adeline QUESNEL, 22, of St. Albert, d/o Antoine QUESNEL, farmer, & Rosalie LATREILLE, witn: Adrien TRUDEAU & Antoine QUESNEL, both of St. Albert, 25 Jan 1910 at St. Albert 18831-10 Mathias VACHON, 24, farmer, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Emery VACHON, farmer, & Philomene CARDINAL, married Diana MELOCHE, 20, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Edmond MELCOHE, farmer, & Georgiana BRISEBOIS, witn: Emery VACHON & Edmond MELOCHE, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 13 Sept 1910 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
18870-10 Edouard VIAU, 27, farmer, of Wendover, s/o Charles VIAU, farmer, & Emma DROUIN, married Laura THERRIEN, 20, of Wendover, d/o Francois THERRIEN, farmer, & Esther MELOCHE, witn: Charles VIAU & Francois THERRIEN, both of Wendover, 20 May 1910 at Wendover 18742-10 Victor VILLEMAIRE, 23, tinsmith, of L'Orignal, s/o Pierre VILLEMAIRE, farmer, & Domathilde MONETTTE, married Marguerite BELANGER, 19, of The Brook, d/o Pierre BELANGER, farmer, & Marie CHALIFOUX, witn: Marcel BELANGER & Pierre BELANGER, both of The Brook, 11 Jan 1910 at The Brook
18893-10 Simeon VILLENEUVE, 21, farmer, of Moose Creek, s/o Delphis VILLENEUVE, farmer, & Dorina FILION, married Celina RAINVILLE, 20, of St. Isidore, d/o Cleophas RAINVILLE, farmer, & Angeline CADIEUX, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE of Moose Creek & Cleophas RAINVILLE of St. Isidore, 18 Jan 1910 at St. Isidore no number-11 Benjamin Russell WATSON, 21, farmer, of Hammond, s/o Benjamin WATSON, farmer, & Nancy RICKARD, married Emma Jane BIRTCH, 20, of Canaan, d/o Thomas Joseph BIRTCH, farmer, & Jennie NEELY, witn: Emma R.M. BIRTCH & George H. MOFFAT, both of Leonard, 28 Sept 1910 at Leonard, Russell twp
18961-10 Alexander J. WEDDELL, 32, farmer, of Osgoode, s/o Alexander WADDELL (sic), farmer, & Georginia DRURY?, married Violet Rebecca LAMOND, 22, of Russell, d/o Horne? LAMOND, farmer, & Lizzie HAYES, witn: Ch. WEDDELL of Metcalfe & Minnie LAMOND of Pana, 22 June 1910 at Russell 18715-10 Donald James WERT, 21, foreman, of Casselman, s/o Uriah WERT, shoe maker, & Isabella McINTOSH, married Zella May RIDDELL, 18, of Casselman, d/o Jannet RIDDLE (sic) carpenter, & Almira CASSELMAN, witn: George WERT of Crysler & Pearl RIDDELL, 28 Dec 1910 at Casselman
18843-10 James A. WESTGATE, 30, farmer, of West Hawkesbury, s/o James WESTGATE, miner & Margaret McRAE, married Lottie McDONALD, 26, of West Hawkesbury, d/o Archibald McDONALD, farmer, & Margaret CAMERON, witn: John & Mary McDONALD of Van Kleek Hill, 13 Sept 1910 at Van Kleek Hill 18725-10 Joseph WOODS, 47, widower, farmer, Caledonia, Milestone Sask., s/o Henry WOODS, deceased, & Susan STEPHENS, married Susan JAMES, 38, Alfred, Caledonia, d/o Henry JAMES (deceased) & Mary McGUIRE, witn: Wilfred JAMES & Annie WOODS, both of Caledonia, 15 Feb 1910 at Fermaghvale
18785-10 Joseph YOUNE, 34, widower, carpenter, of Bearbrook, s/o Louis YOUNE, yeoman & Philomene LAVERGNE, married Ida DESJARDINS, 19, of Bearbrook, d/o Adelard DESJARDINS, carpenter, & Pamela DESSERN, witn: Dora DESJARDINS of Bearbrook & Albertine MATHIEU of Sarsfield, 31 May 1910 at Sarsfield 18886-10 Samuel E. YOUNG, 30, farmer, of Glengary Plains Sask., s/o Joseph W. YOUNG, farmer, & Mary J. BARTON, married Elizabeth McCRIMMON, 21, of Van Kleek Hill, d/o Benjamin McCRIMMON & Sarah McLEOD, witn: Sarah McCRIMMON of Van Kleek Hill & John W. YOUNG, 19 Jan 1910 at Fournier