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Prescott & Russell Co., 1878


#009369-78 (Prescott Co): Stephen ALBRIGHT, 34, farmer, River Rouge, East Hawkesbury, s/o George ALBRIGHT & Mary BURWASH, married Rachel SPRATT, 22, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Christopher SPRATT & Margaret McCOY, witn: Charles ALBRIGHT & Eliza SPRATT, both of Hawlesbury, 2 July 1878 at Hawkesbury 9296-78 Andrew ANGUS, 46, widower, farmer, Lanark, Lochaber - Ottawa Co., s/o Thomas & Jane, married Christena STEWART, 38, Kenyon, same, d/o Norman STEWART & Katy McKERCHER, witn: P. DAYFOOT & M. A. METCALFE, both of Riceville, 6 Sept 1878 at Riceville
9255-79 John James BARTON, 45, farmer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o Oliver & Jennie, married Margaret McCRIMMON, 27, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Farquhar & Mary, witn: Benjamin McCRIMMON & Charlotte HOLMES, both of W. Hawkesbury, 27 Dec 1878 at Van Kleek Hill 9294-79 James BEATON, 28, farmer, Quebec, Buckingham Que., s/o Donald & Sarah, married Sarah WALLIS, 25, Cumberland, Buckingham, d/o John WALLIS & Margaret BURNS, witn: Samuel WALLIS of Cumberland & Sarah BEATON of Buckingham, 15 July 1878 at Cumberland
#009368-78 (Prescott Co): Denis BEAUVAIS, 22, laborer, Papineauville, Hawkesbury, s/o Pierre BEAUVAIS & Domitile CLOUTHIER, married Domitile LASCELLES, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Francis LASCELLES & Zoe JOLIE, witn: Francis LASCELLES & Eli DECAREY, both of Hawkesbury, 30 Nov 1878 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath) 009353-78, (Prescott), Severe BEDARD, 25, Farmer, Rigaud Quebec, same, s/o Severe BEDARD & Marie DUBRULE, married Rosalie VILLENEUVE, 22, Rigaud Quebec, same, d/o Thedore VILLENEUVE & Emelie CHEVRIER, Wtn Hyacinthe DUBRULE of Rigaud & Xavier VILLENEUVE of St. Eugene, 3 Mar 1878 at St. Eugene, (Rom Cath).
9133-79 Lamis? D. BELAIRE, 50, widower, farmer, L'Orignal, same, s/o unknown, married Eloise TESSIER, 40, widow, L'Orignal, same, d/o unknown, witn: David BELAIRE & Julie BEAULNE, both of L'Orignal, 2 Oct. 1878 at L'Orignal  
9359-78 Francis Xavier BERLINGUETTE, 24, farmer, Rigaud Que., St. Eugene, s/o Amable BERLINGUETTE & Mathilde SEGUIN, married Olympe BIARD, 23, Rigaud Que., St. Eugene, d/o Frs. Xavier BIARD & Octavie PILON, witn: Joseph LAVERGNE & Amable PILON, both of St. Eugene, 13 May 1878 at St. Eugene 9363-78 Augustin BERNIGUEZ, 22, day laborer, St. Philippe - Chatham Que., St. Eugene, s/o Augustin BERNIGUEZ & Onezime DAVIS, married Ursule SAUVE, 21, Pointe Fortune Que., St. Eugene, d/o Baptiste & Angele, witn: Joseph SAUVE of St. Eugene & Agnes GAUTHIER of Pointe Fortune, 24 June 1878 at St. Eugene
9188-79 James BERTRAND, 22, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Leonard & Virginia, married Isabella MURRAY, 21, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Adam & Sarah, witn: Adam MURRAY & Mary SPROLE, both of E. Hawkesbury, 20 march 1878 at res of Mrs. Murray, East Hawkesbury #009309-78 (Prescott Co): Arthur BICE, 24, farmer, Williamsburgh, S. Plantagenet, s/o Abraham & Julienne, married Emmeline SMITH, 21, N. Plantagenet, same, d/o John & Olivia, witn: Theodore James Alfred? & Martin Luther FRASER of Cumberland, 4 June 1878 at N. Plantagenet
  9131-79 Evangeliste BISONETTE, of age, Alfred, same, s/o Jean B. BISONETTE & Josephte DECAIRE, married Rosalie MALETTE, minor, L'Orignal, same, d/o Amidie MALETTE & Josephine PAQUET, witn: Jean B. BISONETTE of Alfred & Amidie MALETTE of L'Orignal, 12 Aug. 1878 at L'Orignal
9281-78 Jules BOILEAU, 24, farmer, St. Benoit, Clarence, s/o Jules BOILEAU & Marcelline GUINDON, married Azildat LAVIOLETTE, 23, Clarence, same, d/o Louis LAVIOLETTE & Scholastique SEGUIN, witn: Damase PILON & Louis LAVIOLETTE, both of Clarence, 7 Oct 1878 at Clarence 9373-78 Adrien BOUCHIER, 21, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Evariste BOUCHIER & Louise PONTINE, married Adeline DURFRESS?, 19, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Antoine DURFRESS? & Henriette CHARON, witn: Evariste BOUCHIER & Antoine DUFRESS, both of Hawkesbury, 3 June 1878 at L'Orignal
9320-78 Armand BRABANT, 23, laborer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Augustin & Olympe, married Octavie HOULE, 17, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Augustine & Catherine, witn: Michel HOULE of N. Plantagenet & Adeline BRABANT of Plantagenet, 30 Sept 1878 at Curran 9361-78 Francois Xavier BRAZEAU, 19, day laborer, Rigaud Que., same, s/o Frs. Xavier BRAZEAU & Edesse CHEVRIER, married Odile St.DENIS, 24, St. Eugene, Rigaud Que., d/o Frs. Xavier St. DENIS & Josephte CHARETTE, witn: Alexandre CHEVRIER & Frs. X. BRAZEAU, both of St. Eugene, 17 June 1878 at St. Eugene
#009306-78 (Prescott Co): John BYRNES, 30, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Rose Anna DARRAGH, 18, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Patrick & Catherine, witn: Martin SHANE & Malcom BYRNES, both of N. Plantagenet, 6 Feb 1878 at Plantagenet (Rom Cath)  
9358-78 Ludger CAHANE (Cabone?), 20, day laborer, St. Eugene, same, s/o Antoine CAHANE & Domathilde BEAUDOIN, married Josephine GOYETTE, 28, widow, Rigaud Que., St. Eugene, d/o Alexandre GOYETTE & Angele VILLENEUVE, witn: Isidore LABROSSE & Malvina CAHANE, both of St. Eugene, 1 May 1878 at St. Eugene 9277-78 Napoleon CADIEAU, 21, laborer, Alfred, same, s/o Andre CADIEAU & Esther GAGNON, married Exilda DENIS, 15, St. Zothique Que., Caledonia, d/o J. B. DENIS & Anastasie LALONDE, witn: Andrew CADIEAU of Alfred & J. B. DENIS of Caledonia, 28 Oct. 1878 at Fournierville
9293-79 Donald CAMERON, 25, farmer, Que, Cumberland, s/o Alexander CAMERON & Mary McMILLAN, married Ann QUIGLEY, 24, Cumberland, same, d/o John QUIGLEY & Mary CARROL, witn: Archibald McMILLAN & Rebecca SPENCE, 25 June 1878 at Cumberland 9287-78 Francois CARDINAL, 28, widower, farmer, St. Benoit, Clarence, s/o Ambroise CARDINAL & Theatice? SAUVE, married Emma LALONDE, 19, Clarence, same, d/o Julien LALONDE & Zoe ROBILLARD, witn: Ambroise CARDINAL, farmer, of St. Benoit, & Julien LALONDE, farmer, of Clarence, 4 March 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek
9316-78 Etienne CHARBONEAU, 21, farmer, Ste. Angelique Que., same, s/o Ambroise & Adele, married Athalie LACELLE, 17, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Jacques & Esther, witn: Jacques LACELLE & Joseph LEROUX, both of Plantagenet, 8 July 1878 at Plantagenet #009310-78 (Prescott Co): Cyrille CHARLEBOIS, 22, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Eustache & Adeline, married Sophie THAUVETTE, 17, Ste. Martha Quebec, North Plantagenet, d/o Gervais & Sophie, witn: Eustache & Eloise CHARLEBOIS of North Plantagenet, 21 Jan 1878 at Curran (Rom Cath)
  9311-78 Hercules CHENIER, 24, carriage maker, St. Hermas Que. Plantagenet, s/o Felix & Sophie, married Emily DUCLOS, 21, North Plantagenet, Curran, d/o F. Xavier & Rosalie, witn: F. Xavier & Lucie DUCLOS of Curran, 17 June 1878 at Curran
9293-78 Jean Bte. CHEVALIER, 24, farmer, Vaudreuil, Clarence, s/o Richard CHEVALIER & Rosalie DAOUST, married Moedil GUINDON, 18, Templeton, Clarence, d/o Clephas GUINDON & Esther BRISBOIS, witn: Louis DAOUST, farmer, & Cleophas GUINDON, farmer, both of Clarence, 7 June 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek 9290-78 Antoine CLEMENT, 55, widower, farmer, St. Vincent de Paul, Clarence, s/o Antoine CLEMENT & Marie GRENIER, married Isabella McNAUGHTON, 50, widow, St. Augustin, Clarence, d/o Edward McNAUGHTON & Reine MENER?, witn: Alexis GUINDON, farmer, & Amable MORIN, farmer, both of Clarence, 3 April 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek
9325-78 John DASHNIE, 44, widower, farmer, Canada, East Hawkesbury, s/o Louis & Margaret, married Catherine FERGUSON, 50, King twp., same, d/o Malcolm & Sarah, witn: Mrs. A. McLAREN of E. Hawkesbury & Eliza MILLER of Van Kleek Hill, 15 Jan 1878 at Kellys Hotel, Van Kleek Hill  
9360-78 Paul DESJARDIN, 23, laborer, Chute a Blondeau, same, s/o Pierre DESJARDIN & Marguerite LABELLE, married Marie Delima RENAUD, 20, Chute a Blondeau, same, d/o Louis RENAUD & Marie Louise LAMOUREUX, witn: Augustin & Francois CLERMONT of Chute a Blondeau, 17 June 1878 at Chute a Blondeau 9338-78 Pierre DESJARDINS, 21, laborer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o Joseph DESJARDINS & Pauline GAUTHIER, married Domitele LECOMPTE, 17, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Eustache LACOMPTE (sic) & Sophia LEGAULT, witn: Joseph DESJARDINS & Francis Xavier LACOMPTE, both of W. Hawkesbury, 4 Nov 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9282-78 Joseph DESORMEAU, 22, day laborer, St. Eugene, Clarence, s/o Augustin DESORMEAU & Marie LACHAINE, married Philomene LAMOUREUX, 19, Clarence, same, d/o Louis LAMOUREUX & Adelaide PEZEAU, witn: Hormisdas & Louis LAMOUREUX of Clarence, 7 Oct 1878 at Clarence 009352-78, (Prescott Co), Pierre DESORMEAU DIT MONTION, 22, Day Labourer, Rigaud Quebec, St. Eugene, s/o Agustin DESORMEAU DIT MONTION & Marie LACHAINE, married Matilda LACELLE, 21, St. Eugene, same, d/o Francis LACELLE & Marie CRILLE, Wtn John A. SWELT & David LEFEBVRE both of East Hawkesbury, 25 Feb 1878 at St. Eugene, (Rom Cath).
9319-78 Charles DESROCHERS, 24, laborer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Charles & Julie, married Hermine LECOMPTE, 23, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Gabriel & Rose, witn: Eugene PARENT & Julie DESROCHERS, both of N. Plantagenet, 23 Sept 1878 at Curran 9329-78 Alvah DURANT, 21, pump maker, Williamsburg, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Charles DURANT & Margaret BEATSHAE?, married Dorotha VOGAN, 21, Van Kleek Hill, West Hawkesbury, d/o William VOGAN & Dorotha CAPRON, witn: Kenneth McDONALD & Mrs. GRANT, both of Van Kleek Hill, 27 Feb 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9344-78 Joseph FORGETTE, 29, farmer, Grenville, same, s/o Andre FORGETTE & Josephte CONSTANTINEAU, married Aurelie CHARTAND, 28, St. Joachim, same, d/o Baptiste CHARTRAND & Angelique FORGETTE, witn: Onezime FORGETTE & Leon TESSIER, both of Grenville, 30 Sept 1878 at St. Joachim 9340-78 Jean FOUBERT, 23, laborer, Lancaster, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Jean FOUBERT & Elizabeth St.GERMAIN, married Ellen LAJEUNESSE, 19, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Xavier LAJEUNESSE & Jane McLAUGHLIN, witn: Joseph HURTUBISE & Ellen LAJEUNESSE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 4 Nov 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9294-78 Richard M. FRANKLIN, 22, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Charlotte VOGAN , 22, East Hawkesbury, South Plantagenet, d/o Samuel & M. J., witn: R. C. FRANKLIN & Annie VOGAN, both of S. Plantagenet, 4 July 1878 at South Plantagenet 9287-79 Nelson GATES, 20, farmer, Caledonia twp., same, s/o Charles & Hannah, married Sarah CHARLTON, 24, Caledonia, same, d/o Ralph & Mary, witn: William CHARLTON & Fanny SPROULE, both of Caledonia, 25 Dec 1878 at Caledonia
  9430-77 Narcisse GONNMIER?, 39, laborer, St. Denis France, Montreal, s/o Ferdinand GONNMIER & Op? JEMENTIE?, married Julie CADIEUX, 26, St. Eugene, Montreal, d/o Joseph CADIEUX & Celeste SAUVE, witn: Procule CADIEUX & Basile CADIEUX, both of St. Eugene, 6 Jan 1878 at St. Eugene
9341-78 Clement GOYETTE, 22, farmer, Rigaud, St. Eugene, s/o Alexandre GOYETTE & Angele VILLENEUVE, married Henriette GOULET, 19, Ottawa, St. Eugene, d/o Amable GOULET Jr. & Joseph SAUVE, both of St. Eugene, 12 Aug 1878 at St. Eugene 9371-78 Rolland GRAHAM, 22, farmer, Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, s/o John GRAHAM & Jane McKENZIE, married Catherine SMITH, 18, Hawkesbury, same, d/o George SMITH & Emily WADE, witn: R. GRAHAM & G. SMITH Jr., both of Hawkesbury, 11 Sept 1878 at Hawkesbury
9280-78 Isaac GRANT, 21, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o James GRANT & Jane JOHNSTONE, married Maggie WALTERS, 22, Nepean, Jockale?, d/o John WALTERS & Mary WARREN, witn: William JOHNSTON of Pendleton & Kate FERGUS of Springtown, 18 July 1878 at Clarence 9374-78 George HARBIC, 22, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Antoine HARBIC & Eliza ATKINSON, married Eliza SAUVE, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Janvier SAUVE & Esther TREPANIER, witn: Charles HARBIC & Edward YEORRARD (Gerrard?), both of Hawkesbury, 1 June 1878 at L'Orignal
9326-78 William HAY, 41, widower, farmer, Lochiel, East Hawkesbury, s/o William & Harriet, married Margaret McRAE, 29, West Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Duncan HAY & Eliza Ann McDONALD, both of E. Hawkesbury, 19 Feb 1878 at Van Kleek Hill 9333-78 Jean HUGER, 23, laborer, Three Rivers, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Joseph HUGER & Olivene GOUIRE?, married Olive LAJOIE, 22, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, d/o Pierre LAJOIE & Sophie LAVIOLETTE, witn: Jean Baptiste SEARS & Sophia LAJOIE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 28 Oct 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9303-78 Joseph JEMERSE?, 43, farmer, Quebec, North Plantagenet, s/o Francois & Francoise, married Olive DESJARDINS, 19, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Francois & Josephte, witn: Joseph LEROUX of Plantagenet & Francois DESJARDINS of N. Plantagenet, 16 March 1878 at Plantagenet 9343-78 Joam? JOLICOEUR, 24, laborer, St. Joachim, same, s/o Alexandre JOLICOEUR & Magdalene ROY, married Albina MASSIS, 18, Chatham, St. Joachim, d/o Abraham MASSIS & Domitele POIRIER, witn: Alexandre JOLICOEUR & Abraham MASSIS, both of St. Joachim, 9 Aug 1878 at St. Joachim
  9295-79 George KEMP, 21, mechanic, Gloucester Ont., Cumberland, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Martha RATHWELL, 19, Gloucester, same, d/o William & Marie, witn: David GRAHAM of Gloucester & Cecilia CAMERON of Osgoode, 19 Sept 1878 at Gloucester
9283-78 J. Hormisdas LACROIX, 22, farmer, St. Laurent, Clarence, s/o Joseph LACROIX & Emelie DUFRINE, married Delima LEFEBVRE, 19, Ste. Cecile, Clarence, d/o Andre LEFEVRE (sic) & Philomene PILON, witn: Joseph LACROIX & Pierre SICARD, both of Clarence, 4 Nov 1878 at Clarence 9330-78 Israel LADEROOT, 26, laborer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Harriet GANNON, 21, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Joseph & Caroline, witn: Paul PRY of Kenyon & Lucy GANNON of W. Hawkesbury, 31 May 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9289-78 Pierre LALONDE, 41, widower, farmer, Cedare, Clarence, s/o Baptiste LALONDE & Roslie SEGUIN, married Celina CARDINAL, 31, St. Benoit, Clarence, d/o Ambroise CARDINAL & Thestier SAUVE, witn: Paul LALONDE, farmer, of Clarence & Ambroise CARDINAL, farmer, of St. Benoit, 4 March 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek 9298-78 Augustin LALONDE, 26, farmer, St. Polycarpe, St. Isidore, s/o J. B. & Rose, married Marguerite LECUYER, 20, Smith Falls, St. Isidore, d/o Alexis LECUYER & Henilie RAINVILLE, witn: J. B. LALONDE & Alexis LECUYER, both of St. Isidore, 10 Sept 1878 at Fournierville
9134-79 Pierre LALONDE, of age, farmer, Fournierville, same, s/o Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Rose LARMOND, married Rachel GAUTHIER, of age, L'Orignal, same, d/o Benjamin GAUTHIER & Emelie SAUVE, witn: J. B. LALONDE of Fournierville & Benjamin GAUTHIER of L'Orignal, 14 Oct. 1878 at L'Orignal  
#009305-78 (Prescott Co): Etienne LANTHIER (Lauthier?), 22, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Louis & Angele, married Scholastique SEGUIN, 19, not given, N. Plantagenet, d/o Francois & Sophie, witn: Joseph LERNIE? of Plantagenet & Louis LANTHIER of N. Plantagenet, 29 March 1878 at Plantagenet (Rom Cath) 009354-78, (Prescott), Alfred LAPOINTE (Wid), 40, Miller, Ste. Theresa, Ste. Justine Newton, s/o Jean-Marie LAPOINTE & Emelie TREMBLAY, married Susan TOWNER, 31, St. Johns Quebec, Ste Justine Newton, d/o John Crosby TOWNER & Marie-Louise LEFEBVRE, Wtn Leaudre LAPOINTE & Pierre BELANGER both of Rigaud, 2 Mar 1878 at St. Eugene, (Rom Cath).
9327-78 William LAROQUE, 22, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Elizabeth KIMBELL (Kimball?), 30, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Mary & Francis LAROQUE of E. Hawkesbury, 13 Feb 1878 at Van Kleek Hill #009307-78 (Prescott Co): Caliste LEVENT, 22, farmer, St. Benoit, Rippon Que., s/o Elie & Domitilde, married Celina VALLEE, 20, N. Plantagenet, same, d/o David & Marguerite, witn: Adolphe BARBANE of Rippon Que & Julie VALLEE of N. Plantagenet, 4 March 1878 at Curran (Rom Cath)
9347-78 Joseph LAVERGNE, 22, farmer, Ste. Scholastique Que., St. Eugene, s/o Felix LAVERGNE & Angelique CHEVAL, married Rachel BEAUDRIAS, 21, Pointe Claire Que., St. Eugene, d/o Jeremie BEAUDRIAS & Sophie LALONDE, witn: Hilaire BINETTE & Elizabeth BEAUDRIAS, both of St. Eugene, 26 Nov 1878 at St. Eugene 9304-78 Leon LAVIGNE, 24, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Leon & Odile, married Catherine LORTIE, 23, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Francois & Catherine, witn: Cesaire LALONDE & Emilie THERRIEN, both of N. Plantagenet, 21 Jan 1878 at Curran
9284-78 Eusebe LAVOIX, 21, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Eusebe LAVOIX & Melie HOGUE, married Marie Natalie LACROIX, 28, St. Laurent, Clarence, d/o Joseph LACROIX & Emelie DEFRENE, witn: Joseph LACROIX & Eusebe LAVOIX, both of Clarence, 3 Nov 1878 at Clarence 9299-78 Narcisse LEGER, 23, farmer, St. Anicet, South Plantagenet, s/o Augustin LEGER & Victoire SEGUIN, married Lucie TESSIER, 16, Cedres, South Plantagenet, d/o Leon TESSIER & Lucie DAOUST, witn: Augustin LEGER & Leon TESSIER, both of S. Plantagenet, 30 Sept 1878 at South Plantagenet
9273-78 J. B. LECOMTE dit LAFLEUR, 26, farmer, St. Timothe Que., Caledonia, s/o J. B. LECOMTE dit LAFLEUR & Victoire MAUVIS?, married Donalda BOUGIE, 18, Cedres Que., Caledonia, d/o Julien BOUGIE & Rose Delphine SEGUIN, witn: Julien BOUGIE & J. B. LECOMTE dit LAFLEUR, both of Caledonia, 1 July 1878 at Fournierville 9381-78 Felix LECOUR, 18, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o John LECOUR & Olivene HAMELIN, married Felicite MERANDO, 17, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Pierre MERANDO & Susan DECHESNEAU, witn: Pierre MERANDO & Charles LECOUR, both of Hawkesbury, 4 March 1878 at L'Orignal
9291-78 Pierre LEDUC, 22, farmer, Beauharnois, Clarence, s/o Pierre LEDUC & Edesse PAUL, married Olive LAROCQUE, 19, Ste. Cecile, Clarence, d/o Augustin LAROCQUE & Marguerite St.JULIEN, witn: Michel PILON, farmer, & Treffle LEDUC, farmer, both of Clarence, 28 may 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek 9292-78 Simeon LEMAY dit DELORME, 33, widower, farmer, Sault Aux Recollets, Clarence, s/o Pascal LEMAY dit DELORME & Louisa DICARY, married Elmina DAOUST, 21, St. Augustin, Clarence, d/o Augustin DAOUST & Olive GRATON, witn: Pascal DELORME, farmer, of Clarence & Augustin DAOUST, farmer, of Cambridge, 3 June 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek
9313-78 Joseph LEROUX, 23, blacksmith, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Michel & Angele, married Matilde DEGUIRE, 18, Quebec, North Plantagenet, d/o Olivier & Emilie, witn: William LACROIX & Celina DEGUIRE, both of N. Plantagenet, 15 July 1878 at North Plantagenet 9348-78 William LEROY, 28, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Archibald & Justina, married Jane ALBRIGHT, 29, St. Andrews Que., East Hawkesbury, d/o George & Mary, witn: Archibald LEROY & Sarah ALBRIGHT, both of E. Hawkesbury, 28 Nov 1878 at East Hawkesbury
9322-78 James MACAULAY, 24, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Daniel & Anna, married Anna DEMERSE, 17, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Benjamin & Susan, witn: Daniel McCORMICK of N. Plantagenet & Saladine RANGER of Plantagenet, 28 Nov 1878 at Plantagenet 9377-78 Hermidas MARINIER, 23, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Pierre MARINIER & Elmire LEFEVRE, married Julia BELISLE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Isadore BELISLE & Euphramie CHATILLON, witn: Isadore BELISLE & Dominic PROULX, both of Hawkesbury, 3 June 1878 at L'Orignal
  9431-77 Jean MARTIN, 20, laborer, Lochiel, same, s/o Jean MARTIN & Justine PERRIER, married Marguerite COUSINEAU, 18, St. Eugene, Lochiel, d/o Francis COUSINEAU & Melina CHEVRIER, witn: Pierre COUSINEAU & Helen MASTIL, both of St. Eugene, 7 Jan 1878 at St. Eugene
9264-78 Henry McDONALD, 28, farmer, Lakefield Argenteuil, Winchester, s/o Henry McDONALD & Esther McCORMICK, married Elizabeth McMAHON, 22, Lakefield Argenteuil, Grenville, d/o John McMAHON & Harriet McVICAR, witn: Hannah FAIRLEE & Mary RIVIERE, both of L'Orignal, 2 March 1878 at manse, L'Orignal 9314-78 Archibald McFALL, 23, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o James & Catherine, married Annie STUART, 17, North Plantagenet, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: James DIXON & Annie McALLISTER, both of N. Plantagenet, 15 July 1878 at North Plantagenet
9254-79 Donald McINTOSH, 26, blacksmith, Lochiel, same, s/o John McINTOSH & Ann McGILLVRAY, married Alice Ermina McLEOD, 17, Hawkesbury village, same, d/o Norman McLEOD & Maria BURWASH, witn: Donald McRAE of Lochiel & Donald MACKINTOSH of Hawkesbury, 20 Nov 1878 at Van Kleek Hill  
9335-78 James McKELLICAN, 46, widower, farmer, Alexandria, West Hawkesbury, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Percis WILLIS, 31, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o George WILLIS & Anna WAITE, witn: Peter McTAVISH of Lochiel & Charlotte WILLIS of Van Kleek Hill, 28 Oct 1878 at West Hawkesbury 9312-78 James McKINLEY, 22, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Hugh & Rose, married Margaret BYRNES, 17, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Daniel MACAULAY of N. Plantagenet & Isabella BYRNES of S. Plantagenet, 9 July 1878 at North Plantagenet
9336-78 William D. McLAURIN, 28, cooper, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o John McLAURIN & Hannah DRAKE, married Alice Jane VOGAN, 24, Van Kleek Hill, West Hawkesbury, d/o William VOGAN & Dorothy CAPRON, witn: Peter McLAURIN of Van Kleek Hill & George VOGAN of W. Hawkesbury, 4 Sept 1878 at West Hawkesbury 9334-78 Donald McLEOD, 31, farmer, Kenyon, Dunvagon? - Kenyon, s/o Allan McLEOD & Christena McINTOSH, married Catherine McCASKILL, 25, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Allan McCASKILL & Mary McRAE, witn: Alexander URQUHART of Kenyon & Donald McINTOSH of W. Hawkesbury, 24 July 1878 at West Hawkesbury
9328-78 Donald McMASTER, 29, farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o Angus McMASTER & Margaret McMILLAN?, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 21, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Murdock ROBERTSON & Marjory GRANT, witn: Murdock ROBERTSON of W. Hawkesbury & Dougald McMASTER of Kenyon, 4 April 1878 at West Hawkesbury 9129-79 Michael MIGGINS, of age, Montreal, same, s/o Francois MIGGINS & Bridget O'REILLY, married Joanna MOREAU, of age, Caledonia Springs, same, d/o James MOREAU & Catherine BURKE, witn: Donald McMASTER & Mary MOREAU, both of Caledonia Springs, 5 Aug. 1878 at L'Orignal
  #009370-78 (Prescott Co): Iris Evart MILLER, 25, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Maurice MILLER & Maria EVART, married Mary JOLIE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Marcelle JOLIE & Julienne St.PIERRE, witn: S.L. FREEMAN & R.S. CLARKE, both of Hawkesbury, 19 Nov? 1878 at Hawkesbury
9301-78 Joseph MONDON, 23, farmer, St. Clet, Cambridge, s/o Xavier MONDON & Angle DAOUST, married Josephine LARIVIERE, 16, Caledonia Springs, South Plantagenet, d/o Joseph LARIVIERE & Philomene PICARD, witn: Xavier MONDON of Cambridge & Cyrille St.PIERRE of S. Plantagenet, 26 Nov 1878 at South Plantagenet 9315-78 Calixte MONDOUX, 23, farmer, St. Eustache Que., North Plantagenet, s/o Joseph & Esther, married Angelina CATAFAR, 35, St. Joseph du lac - Quebec, North Plantagenet, d/o Baptiste & Angeline, witn: Louis QUESNEL & Marie Louise CHARLEBOIS, both of Curran, 7 July 1878 at North Plantagenet
#009308-78 (Prescott Co): Dieudonne MONETTE, 27, farmer, Vaudreuil Que., Curran, s/o Pierre & Brigitte, married Jane McCORMICK, 18, N. Plantagenet, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Alphonse LEGAULT & Elizabeth McCORMICK, both of N. Plantagenet, 3 Feb 1878 at Curran (Rom Cath)  
9339-78 Patrick MORAN, 23, farmer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o John MORAN & Bridget BUTLER, married Ann Maria McRAE, 19, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o William McRAE & Maria BOLDUC, witn: Nicholas BUTLER & Mary MORAN, both of W. Hawkesbury, 4 Nov 1878 at Van Kleek Hill 9346-78 Thomas MULLIN, 37, farmer, East Hawkesbury, St. Eugene, s/o Patrick MULLIN & Margaret TREMBLE, married Mary HURLEY, 23, Van Kleek Hill, St. Eugene, d/o John HURLEY & Mary McGILL, witn: Martin MULLIN & Nancy McCALLUM, both of St. Eugene, 19 Nov 1878 at St. Eugene
9375-78 John C. MURRAY, 24, book keeper, L'Orignal, Hawkesbury, s/o Dr. Angus MURRAY & Jessie CHESSER, married Maria Louisa PATTIE, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Richard Philo PATTIE & Maria VAN KLEEK, witn: Dr. William EWING & Minnie PATTIE, both of Hawkesbury, 10 April 1878 at Hawkesbury 9286-78 Alphonse PAGE, 20, day laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Seraphin PAGE & Clara DIANZERA?, married Rose BOILEAU, 19, Cedare, Clarence, d/o Laurent BOILEAU & Julienne BRUNETTE, witn: Laurent BOILEAU, farmer, & Seraphin PAGE, farmer, both of Clarence, 18 Feb 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek
  9132-79 Francis PAQUET, of age, laborer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Francis PAQUET & Marie SAUVE, married Eloise RICHER, minor, L'Orignal, same, d/o Felise RICHER & Angelique BOYER, witn: Francis PAQUET & Felise RICHER, both of L'Orignal, 2 Sept 1878 at L'Orignal
9297-78 Delphis PARENT, 26, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Edward PARENT & Desauges VEZINA, married Onisie PARENT, 26, St. Croix, South Plantagenet, d/o Magloire PARENT & Louise BERNARD, witn: Narcisse & Annie PARENT of S. Plantagenet, 14 Aug 1878 at South Plantagenet 9285-78 Simon PELETTE, 29, farmer, Lochaber, Rockland, s/o Simon PELETTE & Levina HAYES, married Mary Ann CORRIGAN, 21, Lochaber, Rockland, d/o Michael CORRIGAN & Agnes PINKERTON, witn: John McLOUN? & Eliza Ann ROSS, both of Lochaber, 9 Jan 1878 at res of Charles Woodley, Rockland
9378-78 Napoleon PERIOR, 19, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Jean Bte. PERIOR & Elizabeth SCHNIEDER, married Alphonsine BARTLETTE, 16, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Cyrille BARTLETTE & Julienne LAROSE, witn: J. Bte. PERIOR & Cyrille SANIORD?, both of Hawkesbury, 15 July 1878 at L'Orignal 9302-78 Felix PILON, 25, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Serin? & Matilde, married Marguerite MAGER (Magee?), 16, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Joseph & Louise, wit: Joseph LEROUX & Joseph MAGER, both of Plantagenet, 4 March 1878 at Plantagenet
9345-78 Olivier POMINVILLE, 22, farmer, St. Benoit Que., St. Eugene, s/o Olivier POMINVILLE & Zephrine PILON, married Josephine LYNCH, 21, St. Genevieve Que., St. Eugene, d/o John LYNCH & Emelie NORMANDEAU, witn: Oliver POMINVILLE & John LYNCH, both of St. Eugene, 28 Oct 1878 at St. Eugene  
9317-78 Octave PORTELANCE, 23, laborer, North Plantagenet, Curran, s/o Louis & Emilie, married Delphine COUTRE, 16, North Plantagenet, Curran, d/o Eduoard & Odile, witn: Charles PORTELANCE & Casimer MARTIN, both of N. Plantagenet, 25 Aug 1878 at Curran 9323-78 William PORTELANCE, 23, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Charles & Justine, married Marguerite DOUTRE?, 19, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Eduoard & Odile, witn: Cyrille CHENIER & Delima DOUTRE, both of N. Plantagenet, 25 Nov 1878 at Curran
9300-78 Joseph PROULX, 22, day laborer, St. Polycarpe, South Plantagenet, s/o Thomas & Sophie, married Julie PARENT, 24, St. Martine, South Plantagenet, d/o Francis PARENT & Marguerite MORAN, witn: Thomas PROULX of Caledonia & Honerie PICARD of S. Plantagenet, 7 Oct 1878 at South Plantagenet #009366-78 (Prescott Co): Joseph QUESNEL, 21, baker, L’Original, Hawkesbury, s/o Joseph QUESNEL & Margaret MILLETTE, married Elizabeth LEGAULT, 20, L’Original, same, d/o Joachim LEGAULT & Angelique RANGER, witn: Joseph QUESNEL & Joachim LEGAULT, both of Hawkesbury, 30 Sept 1878 at L’Original (Rom Cath)
9342-78 Paul RANGER, 28, farmer, Rigaud Que., St. Eugene, s/o Toussant RANGER & Martine BRABANT, married Ann HARTIGAN, 19, St. Eugene, same, d/o Thomas HARTIGAN & Sarah MURPHY, witn: Hyacinthe DUBRULE & Angele RANGER, both of Rigaud, 9 Sept 1878 at St. Eugene 9295-78 George W. REID, 21, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o William John & Isabella, married Emma Amelia METCALFE, 16, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Henry & Emma, witn: Henry J. METCALFE of Thurso & Mary REID of Riceville, 18 Aug. 1878 at South Plantagenet
9350-78 Paul ROSE, 28, miller, widower, Cornwall Ont., Alexandria, s/o Paul ROSE & Odile SABOURIN, married Celina DUPLANTIE, 26, St. Eugene, Alexandria, d/o Elie DUPLANTIE & Caroline BRAZEAU, witn: Elie DUPLANTIE of St. Eugene & Antoine BRAZEAU of Rigaud, 14 Jan 1878 at St. Eugene 9318-78 William ROWE, 40, widower, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Isabella JAMES, 29, Alfred, North Plantagenet, d/o Albert & Margaret, witn: John & Elizabeth SMITH of N. Plantagenet, 9 July 1878 at North Plantagenet
9364-78 Earnest Albert St.DENIS, 30, merchant, Point Fortune Que., same, s/o Alex St.DENIS & Grace TAYLOR, married Henrietta EWING, 19, Hawkesbury village, same, d/o Dr. William EWING & Georgiana MANN, witn: John C. MURRAY & William EWING Jr., both of Hawkesbury, 3 April 1878 at Hawkesbury 9332-78 Francis Xavier St.JEAN, 30, widower, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Moise St.JEAN & Adele DELORME, married Marie SAUVE, 27, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Jean Baptiste SAUVE & Virginie CHEVRIER, witn: Joseph & Jean Baptiste SAUVE of Van Kleek Hill, 14 Oct 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9372-78 Leon SAINTEMENT, 21, laborer, Grenville, Hawkesbury, s/o Joseph SAINTEMENT & Flavie LANTHIER, married Louise SAUVE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Magloire SAUVE & Louise TREPANIER, witn: Magloire SAUVE of Hawkesbury & Joseph SAINTEMENT of Pointe aux Chenes, 1 July 1878 at L'Orignal 9274-78 Pierre SARRON, 31, farmer, St. Polycarpe, Caledonia, s/o Gabriel SARRON & Angelique COUTONIER, married Celestine LALONDE, 24, St. Clet Que., Caledonia, d/o Francois LALONDE & Melie LEBEAUF, witn: Pierre SARRON & Francois LALONDE, both of Caledonia, 3 Sept 1878 at Fournierville
9288-78 Joseph SAUMAR, 18, farmer, St. Louis, Clarence, s/o Gilbert SAUMAR & Adeline CHALIFOUX, married Olive PARENT, 18, St. Hermas, Clarence, d/o Maxime PARENT & Josephte CHENIER, witn: Gilbert SAUMAR, farmer, & Maxime PARENT, farmer, both of Clarence, 4 March 1878 at St. Felicite, Clarence Creek #009365-78 (Prescott Co): Joseph SAUVE, 27, laborer, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, s/o Frysine? SAUVE & Josephte DECARIE, married Delphine SAUVE, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Janvier SAUVE & Esther TREPANIER, witn: Eli ROCHON & Janvier SAUVE, both of Hawkesbury, 26 Aug 1878 at L’Original (Rom Cath)
9362-78 Jean Baptiste SAUVE, 23, day laborer, Rigaud Que., St. Eugene, s/o J. Bte. & Angele, married Elmire BERENQUEZ, 16, Lachute Que., St. Eugene, d/o Augustin BERENQUEZ & Onezime DAVIS, witn: Augustin BERENQUEZ & Ursula SAUVE, both of St. Eugene, 10 June 1878 at St. Eugene 9331-78 Joseph SAUVE, 22, laborer, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Antoine SAUVE & Olympha SEGUIN, married Odile LAPENSEE, 23, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Jean B. LAPENSEE & Ormeline MERCIER, witn: Joseph LAPENSEE & Elizabeth SAUVE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 16 Sept 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9130-79 Charles SEGUIN, of age, laborer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Joseph SEGUIN & Louise VILLENEUVE, married Marie WINTERS, of age, L'Orignal, same, d/o Edward WINTERS & Anna LAYBOLT, witn: Joseph SEGUIN & Charles WINTRESS (sic), both of L'Orignal, 12 Aug. 1878 at L'Orignal 9128-79 Xavier SEGUIN, of age, laborer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Louis SEGUIN & Virginie SERVANT, married Josephine BELAIRE, minor, L'Orignal, same, d/o David Louis BELAIRE & Deline GIRAOURD, witn: Louis SEGUIN & Louis D. BELAIRE, both of L'Orignal, 28 July 1878 at L'Orignal
9278-78 Damase SEGUIN, 25, laborer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Leon SEGUIN & Julia LAFLAMME, married Petronille GROULX, 20, St. Ignace Que., Caledonia, d/o Jerome GOULET (sic) & Odele DESCHAMPS, witn: Jean SEGUIN of L'Orignal & Jerome GOULET of Caledonia, 11 Nov 1878 at Fournierville 9337-78 George SHERMAN, 24, farmer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o Jonathan SHERMAN & Rose McNULTY, married Sarah McMASTER, 21, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Ronald McMASTER & Elizabeth McDOUGALL, witn: Donald McMASTER & Isabella McMULLEN, both of Van Kleek Hill, 20 Nov 1878 at Van Kleek Hill
9379-78 Pierre STRING, 20, laborer, St. Placide, Hawkesbury, s/o Denis STRING & Angele LALANDRE, married Julie PLANTE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Bazil PLANTE & Angele LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Bazil PLANTE & Ferdinand ROCHON, both of Hawkesbury, 17 June 1878 at Hawkesbury 9279-78 Thomas TERRY, 53, widower, farmer, Ireland, Caledonia, s/o Michael TERRY & Catherine BURKE, married Margaret McGRATH, 55, Ireland, Caledonia, d/o Edward McGATH & Mary MALONEY, witn: Edward SLOANE? & Catherine TERRY, both of S. Plantagenet, 28 Nov [1878?] at Fournierville
9321-78 Ludger THIBAULT, 25, laborer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Olivier & Emilie, married Virginie LEROUX, 20, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Pierre & Ade, witn: Joseph LEROUX & Olivier THIBAULT, both of Plantagenet, 16 Oct 1878 at Plantagenet 9276-78 Telesphore VAILLANCOURT, 20, farmer, Ste. Marthe Que., Caledonia, s/o Augustin VAILLANCOURT & Josephine MOIVEAU?, married Marie PROULX, 28, St. Polycarpe Que., Caledonia, d/o Antoine PROULX & Marie LORTIE, witn: Augustin VAILLANCOURT & Joachim LALONDE, both of Caledonia, 7 Oct. 1878 at Fournierville
9275-78 Augustin VAILLANCOURT, 24, farmer, St. Clet Que., Caledonia, s/o Augustin VAILLANCOURT & Josephine MOIVEAU, married Catherine LALONDE, 20, Coteau du Lac Que., Caledonia, d/o J. Baptiste & Catherine, witn: Augustin VAILLANCOURT & J. Baptiste LALONDE, both of Caledonia, 23 Sept 1878 at Fournierville  
9127-79 Pierre VILLENEUVE, of age, blacksmith, St. Eugene, same, s/o Baptiste VILLENEUVE & Julie TESSIER, married Joanna SHERMAN, of age, St. Eugene, Van Kleek Hill, d/o John Hotton SHERMAN & Rose McNULTY, witn: Alfred TESSIER of St. Eugene & Elizabeth McNULTY of Van Kleek Hill, 5 aug 1878 at L'Orignal 9376-78 Peter Diebel VALLEY, 24, farmer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Godfrey VALLEY & Olive CASS, married Eliza Jane KELLEY, 24, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Charles KELLEY & Margaret FITZPATRICK, witn: James PATTERSON & Sarah Ann VALLEY, both of Hawkesbury, 26 Dec 1878 at Hawkesbury
9380-78 Samuel WILSON, 27, farmer, Grenville, same, s/o Matthew WILSON & Margaret HARPER, married Mary Ann HARVEY, 17, Clarendon, Grenville, d/o James HORNER (sic) & Ellen RICHARDSON, witn: Ralph C. HORNER & Hannah THOMSON, both of Grenville, 19 June 1878 at Trinity Church, Hawkesbury #009367-78 (Prescott Co): Edouard YEOWARD, 22, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Edward YEOWARD & Eliza TREPANIER, married Louise SAUVE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Eli R. SAUVE & Rosalie LALONDE, witn: Eli ROCHON & Joseph SAUVE, both of Hawkesbury, 26 Aug 1878 at L’Original (Rom Cath)