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Prescott & Russell Co., 1895

birth place is given before residence


10259-95 Jean Baptiste ALBERT, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Johnny ALBERT & Delina LECUYER, married Rosina BEAULIEU, 19, Clarence, same, d/o Leon BEAULIEU & Rosalie ROBILLARD, witn: Leon BEAULIEU & Johnny BARBEAU, both of Clarence, 22 Aug 1895 at Clarence Creek 10181-95 Jean Baptiste AUBREY, 47, widower, laborer, Quebec, Argenteuil Co. Que., s/o Pierre AUBREY & Marie DESJARDINS, married Marie BRAZEAU, 42, widow, Quebec, Hawkesbury, d/o Laurent BRAZEAU & Marcelle St.DENIS, witn: Joseph LECOURS & Odilon BELLE ISLE, both of Hawkesbury, 21 Oct 1895 at Hawkesbury
#010219-95 (Prescott Co): John BARBEAU, 30, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Louis BARBEAU & Elizabeth FRENCH, married Mary Ann LAFLEUR, 25, Riceville, South Plantagenet, d/o John LAFLEUR & Eliza BISSONNETTE, witn: William & V. STOREY of Plantagenet, 25 Nov 1895 at Plantagenet 010366-95 (Prescott Co.) Cleophas BARBORIE, 29, farmer, St Eugene, same, s/o Severe BARBORIE & Christine POIRIER, married Marie Anne QUESNEL, 22, Rigaud PQ, St Eugene, d/o Pierre QUESNEL & Marie Leocadie SEGUIN, wtn: Severe BARBORIE & Pierre QUESNEL, both of St Eugene, on February 25, 1895, at St Eugene
10167-95 Alphonse BARRE, 27, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Alphonse BARRE & Marie BOUCHARD, married Melanie QUENVILLE, 22, of St. Isidore, d/o Antoine QUENVILLE & Julienne CASSAGNETTE, witn: Antoine & Alexander QUENVILLE of St. Isidore, 28 Jan 1895 at St. Isidore 10178-95 William A. BARR, 29, clerk, Toronto, Lowell Mass., s/o William John BARR & Helen HENDERSON, married Bulah SUTHERLAND, 25, Ottawa, Hawkesbury, d/o George Sinclair SUTHERLAND & Mary Janet ADDISON, witn: George S. & Mary Jane SUTHERLAND of Hawkesbury, 21 Aug 1895 at Hawkesbury
10255-95 Gideon BAZINET, 23, farmer, St. Timothe Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Augustin BAZINET & Josephte BUSSIERE, married Celina DUTRISAC, 19, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Theodule DUTRISAC & Celina DAOUST, witn: Augustin BAZINET & Theodule DUTRISAC, both of Clarence Creek, 29 July 1895 at Clarence Creek 102520-95 Polydore BEAULNE, 22, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Honore BEAULNE & Leonore LOYER, married Henriette CHARBONNEAU, 21, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Eusebe CHARBONNEAU & Henriette LAUZON, witn: Honore BEAULNE & Eusebe CHARBONNEAU, both of Clarence Creek, 8 July 1895 at Clarence Creek
10244-95 Marcel BELANGER, 46, widower, farmer, St. Augustin Que., The Brook, s/o Marcel BELANGER & Esther LABRECHE, married Mathilde AUGER, 23, The Brook, same, d/o Jean Baptiste AUGER & Philomene POTVIN, witn: Pierre SCHNUPP? & Jean Bte. AUGER, both of The Brook, 14 Jan 1895 at The Brook 10253-95 Alfred BENECHE, 20, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Fabien BENECHE & Melina BEAUCHAMP, married Liza BEAUCHAMP, 22, St. Jermone Que., Clarence Creek, d/o Jean Bte. BEAUCHAMP & Marie SARASSINS, witn: Fabien BENECHE & Jean-Bte. BEAUCHAMP, both of Clarence Creek, 19 July 1895 at Clarence Creek
10177-95 Alexandre BENETIER, 26, farmer’s son, St. Philip d’Argenteuil Que., same, s/o Alexandre BENETIER & Marie LEBLANC, married Angeline LASCELLE, 24, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Louis LASCELLE & Angelique LEBLANC, witn: Odilon BELLE ISLE & William REPENTIGNY, both of Hawkesbury, 5 Aug. 1895 at Hawkesbury 10165-95 Alexander BERCIER, 26, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o J. Baptiste BERCIER & Elmire CAZA, married Leose LEDUC, 28, of St. Isidore, d/o Andrew LEDUC & Rose POIRIER, witn: Andre LEDUC & Baptiste BERCIER, both of Fournier, 9 Sept 1895 at St. Isidore
10164-95 Damase BISSONETTE, 25, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Joseph BISSONETTE & Elizabeth LAUZON, married Emma CAMPEAU, 23, Plantagenet, same, d/o Olivier CAMPEAU & Zoe St.JEAN, witn: Joseph BISSONETTE & Oliva CAMPEAU, both of Plantagenet, 5 Aug 1895 at Fournier 10205-95 Andre BLONDIN, 28, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Theophile BLONDIN & Philomene LACELLE, married Josephine SEGUIN, 26, Curran, same, d/o Adolphe SEGUIN & Lucie VEZINA, witn: Emeric PORTELANCE of Plantagenet & Marie SEGUIN of Curran, 27 May 1895 at Curran
10260-95 Edmond BOUDREAU, 24, farmer, The Lake, same, s/o Joseph BOUDREAU & Angelique RHEANDO, married Delia PERRON, 18, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Antoine PERRON & Julienne LECUYER, witn: Antoine PERRON of Clarence Creek & Alderic BOUDREAU of The Lake, 26 Aug 1895 at Clarence Creek 10184-95 Theophile BOUGIE, 39, widower, laborer, Quebec, Trenton, s/o Pierre BOUGIE & Marie Ann ARON (Avon?), married Virginie CARRIERE, 25, Hawkesbury, same, do Pierre CARRIERE & Philomene LACOMBE, witn: Odilon BELLE ISLE & Joseph LECOURS, both of Hawkesbury, 5 Feb 1895 at Hawkesbury
10183-95 Philias BRABANT, 22, hotel keeper’s son, Longueuil, same, s/o Evangeliste BRABANT & Euphrosine HARBIC, married Almanda ROBERT, 18, St. Philip d’Argenteuil Que., Hawkesbury, d/o Edouard ROBERT & Emelie BAZINET, witn: Jean ROBERT & Marie HARBIC, both of Hawkesbury, 8 Jan 1895 at Hawkesbury 10214-95 Maxime BRISEBOIS, 21, laborer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Maxime BRISEBOIS & Leocadie GROLEAU, married Rose Delima MAINVILLE, 17, Wendover, Plantagenet, d/o Camile MAINVILLE & Glyphre RENAUD, witn: Camile MAINVILLE & Maxime BRISEBOIS, both of Plantagenet, 29 June 1895 at Plantagenet
10195-95 J.C. BROWN, 25, merchant, Pointe Fortune Que., same, s/o William BROWN & Elizabeth GALT, married Rhoda STOREY, 27, Plantagenet, same, d/o William STOREY & Virginia RYAN, witn: J. McGOWEN of Carrillon Que & Lodema STOREY of Plantagenet, 5 March 1895 at Plantagenet 10163-95 Osee CADIEUX, 28, farmer, St. Isidore, same, s/o Hyacinthe CADIEUX & Elmire BOURGON, married Josephine DESCHAMPS, 21, St. Isidore, same, d/o Joseph DESCHAMP & Marceline VILLENEUVE, witn: Hyacinthe CADIEUX & Joseph DESCHAMP, both of St. Isidore, 5 Aug 1895 at St. Isidore
010361-95 (Prescott Co.) Henry CAHILL, 32, farmer, Wisconsin USA, East Hawkesbury, s/o John CAHILL & Sarah FARRELL, married Asilda LAURENT, 18, Montreal, East Hawkesbury, d/o Philippe LAURENT & Philomine PARADIS, wtn: James MALONEY & Eveline LAURENT, both of East Hawkesbury, on January 8, 1895, at St Eugene 10206-95 Alphonse CARRIERE, 21, carpenter, Oka Que., same, s/o Leonard CARRIERE & Virginie LAFAIVRE, married Josephine DEGUIRE, 20, St. Andre Avelin Que., Curran, d/o Olivier DEGUIRE & Emilie TOURANGEAU, witn: Arthur DUFORT & Pamelia LEROUX, both of Curran, 28 May 1895 at Curran
10187-95 Pierre CAYREN? (Cayieu?), 19, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Basil CAYREN & Rose Delima SAUVE, married Fidelia GAUTHIER, 18, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Louise FILLION, witn: Odilon BELLE ISLE & William FERRIER, both of Hawkesbury, 27 May 1895 at Hawkesbury 10173-95 Wilfred CHARBONNEAU, 21, farmer’s son, L’Orignal, same, s/o Francis CHARBONNEAU & Marcelline PAQUET, married Mary Thomas HARBIC, 18, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Isidore HARBIC & Ann FITZPATRICK, witn: Charles LEE & Anna CHARBONNEAU, both of L’Orignal, 2 July 1895 at Hawkesbury
10201-95 Evangeliste CHATELAIN, 30, laborer, Curran, same, s/o Francois CHATELAIN & Marceline TESSIER, married Emelie GUINDON, 24, Clarence, Curran, d/o Olivier GUINDON & Marguerite LEROUX, witn: Olivier GUINDON of Clarence & Francois SERRURIER, 7 Jan 1895 at Curran 10207-95 Joseph CHOLETTE, 22, farmer, St. Polycarpe Que., Curran, s/o Joseph CHOLETTE & Caroline HENRI, married Louisa GAGNON, 21, Curran, same, d/o Felix GAGNON & Mary LEMAIRE, witn: Leon GAGNON & Mary LEROUX, both of Curran, 3 June 1895 at Curran
010368-95 (Prescott Co.) Joseph Hilaire CLERMONT, 20, farmer, Chute a Blondeau, same, s/o Hilaire CLERMONT & Adeline FRENCH, married Anna FILION, 18, Chute a Blondeau, same, d/o Joseph FILION & Madeline LAROCQUE, wtn: Hilaire CLERMONT & Mary LAROCQUE, both of Chute a Blondeau, on March 22, 1895, at Chute a Blondeau 10230-95 George COLE, 23, Buckingham, same, s/o Mitchel & Sarah, married Agnes HACKETT, 17, Hull Que., Buckingham, d/o George? (ink blot) & Sarah, witn: W. W. DUNNING & James HUNEFF?, 22 April 1895 at not given [reg'd in Cumberland twp]
  010373-95 (Prescott Co.) Thomas William CONWAY, 29, farmer, Chute a Blondeau, same, s/o John CONWAY & Mary McCAFFEY, married Margaret Florence BRENNAN, 22, Chute a Blondeau, same, d/o James BRENNAN & Ellen McNEIL, wtn: Daniel CONWAY of Chute a Blondeau & Sarah WYLIE of St Eugene, on April 30, 1895, at Chute a Blondeau
11296-95 Robert Silas CORBETT, 25, telegraph operator, Stittsville, East Templeton Que., s/o Nelson CORBETT & Mary HOBBS, married Emma Lucinda BOYCE, 19, East Templeton, same, d/o Robert BOYCE & Lucinda SCHARF, witn: Wallace DERBY & May SCHARF, 23 Oct 1895 at Cumberland 10223-95 Eugene COTE, 22, artist & painter, Arthabaskaville Que., Montreal, s/o Theophile COTE & Adeline LUZOR, married Corrine TOURANGEAU, 19, Curran, same, d/o Emery TOURANGEAU & Edesse LABELLE, witn: Theophile COTE of Arthabaskaville & Emery TOURANGEAU of Curran, 9 July 1895 at Curran
10153-95 Pierre COUSINEAU, 25, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Francis COUSINEAU & Helene DESJARDINS, married Helena DESJARDINS, 17, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o John DESJARDINS & Mary LADEROUT, witn: Francis COUSINEAU & John DESJARDINS, both of Van Kleek Hill, 25 June 1895 at Van Kleek Hill #010216-95 (Prescott Co): Robert CUMMINGS, 22, cheese maker, Naven? - Cumberland twp., South Plantagenet, s/o Thomas CUMMINGS & Ellen HOPKINS, married Annie JOHNSTON, 21, South Plantagenet, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Eliza SHIELDS, witn: George McAULEY & Fanny JOHNSTON, both of S. Plantagenet, 9 Oct 1895 at Plantagenet
10204-95 Michael Albert DARRAGH, 36, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Patrick DARRAGH & Catherine STEWART, married Eveline DUFORT, 23, Curran, same, d/o Odilon DUFORT & Rose Ann SMITH, witn: Odilon DUFORT of Curran & James STEWART of Pendleton, 25 May 1895 at Curran 10248-95 James H. DAVIDSON, 33, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o John DAVIDSON & Ann CLOW, married Jane A. DAWSON, 24, Canaan, same, d/o Joseph DAWSON & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: J. W. DAWSON & James H. DAVIDSON, both of Canaan, 12 June 1895 at Canaan
010374-95 (Prescott Co.) John DECAIRE, 29, farmer, Rigaud PQ, East Hawkesbury, s/o Louis DECAIRE & Mary Ann Madder, married Celine BEDARD, 24, St Eugene, East Hawkesbury, d/o Olivier BEDARD & Rose LEBLANC, wtn: Antoine BEDARD of St Eugene & Alphonse SEGUIN of Rigaud, on May 21, 1895, at St Eugene 10150-95 Louis DELORME, 22, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Antoine DELORME & Celina COURILLON, married Mary DELORME, 18, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, d/o Pierre DELORME & Archange DESJARDIN, witn: Pierre DELORME & George SABOURIN, both of Van Kleek Hill, 21 May 1895 at Van Kleek Hill
10274-95 J. Bte. DENIS, 29, farmer, St. Polycarpe, Caledonia, s/o Emelien DENIS & Adelaide LEROUX, married Josephine ELIE, 30, Coteau Landing, Caledonia, d/o Joseph ELIE & Adele AVON, witn: Emelien DENIS & Joseph ELIE, both of Caledonia, 26 Aug 1895 at Fournier 010372-95 (Prescott Co.) Andre DENIS, 24, tanner, St Philippe, Glen Robertson, s/o Hyacinthe DENIS & Catherine RICHER, married Clerina GENEAU, 17, St Eugene, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o Francois GENEAU & Auscille HUMET, wtn: Hyamitte DENIS of Glen Robertson & Francis GENEAU of Ste Anne de Prescott, on April 29, 1895, at Ste Anne de Prescott
10256-95 Joseph DESJARDINS, 20, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Antoine DESJARDINS & Adelaide LAFLEUR, married Agnes RICHER, 18, The Lake, same, d/o Michel RICHER & Zoe ETHIER, witn: Antoine DESJARDINS of Clarence Creek & Michel RICHER of The Lake, 29 July 1895 at Clarence Creek #010218-95 (Prescott Co): Samuel Jacob DIXON, 23, farmer, Pendleton, same, s/o George DIXON & Margaret WILKINSON, married Mary Flora McDONALD, 19, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Dan McDONALD & Mary MACRAE, witn: Kenneth & Mary McDONALD of N. Plantagenet, 16 Oct 1895 at North Plantagenet
10213-95 Napoleon DUBOIS, 26, laborer, Plantagenet, Montreal, s/o J. Bte. DUBOIS & Emilie SAUVE, married Dalia BRUNET, 22, Plantagenet, same, d/o Frederic BRUNET & Angele EMOND, witn: Frederic BRUNET & Camile PROVOST, both of Plantagenet, 19 May 1895 at Plantagenet 10192-95 Dosithe DUBREUIL, 25, laborer, Curran, Hawkesbury, s/o Michel DUBREUIL & Aurilie GUINDON, married Emilie LAFRAMBOISE, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o J. Baptiste LAFRAMBOISE & Julienne BERTHELET, witn: John DUBREUIL & Priscille LAFRAMBOISE, both of Hawkesbury, 11 June 1895 at Hawkesbury
10193-95 Antoine DUROCHER, 34, clerk, St. Philip d’Argenteuil Que., Hawkesbury, s/o Antoine DUROCHER & Armiline CLEMENT, married Anna SAUVE, 25, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Janvier SAUVE & Esther TREPANIER, witn: Josephine TREPANIER & Joseph LADOUCEUR, both of Hawkesbury, 25 June 1895 at Hawkesbury  
10203-95 Pierre FARRELL, 21, cheese maker, Pendleton, same, s/o Charles FARRELL & Virginie CHARTRAND, married Josephine MONTPELLIER, 19, Curran, same, d/o J. Bte. MONTPELLIER & Adele LALONDE, witn: Joseph FARRELL & Francina ROY, both of Pendleton, 20 April 1895 at Curran 10251-95 Daniel FERGUSON, 22, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o John & Frances, married Edith McFARLANE, 21, Buckingham, same, d/o John & Edith, witn: M. A. CAREY & Archimas FILLION, both of Clarence, 12 Feb 1895 at Clarence
  10191-95 Michel Charles FOURNIER, 24, laborer, Montmagny Que., Hawkesbury, s/o Charles FOURNIER & Odile St.LAURENT, married Rose McFADDEN, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o John McFADDEN & Elizabeth PENTLAND, witn: William RIPENTIGNY & Selphine LAFRAMBOISE, both of Hawkesbury, 10 June 1895 at Hawkesbury
10241-95 Theodule GAUTHIER, 22, farmer, Clarence Creek, St. Joseph Orleans, s/o Theodule GAUTHIER & Delphine BOISMENU? dit MONETTE, married Perpetue PILON, 22, St. Hermas Que., Clarence Creek, d/o Bienvenu PILON & Vitaline LEGAULT, witn: Theodule GAUTHIER & Caliste PILON, both of Clarence Creek, 24 Feb 1895 at Clarence Creek 10166-95 Leon GAUTHIER , 27, clerk, St. Redemption, St. Isidore, s/o Alphonse GAUTHIER & Sophie QUESNELL, married Clorinthe MONPETIT, 22, St. Thomas d’Alfred, St. Isidore, d/o Auguste MONPETIT & Philomene LEGER, witn: Joseph LEDUC & Samuel LEVESQUE, both of St. Isidore, 14 Jan 1895 at St. Isidore
10210-95 Alfred GENDRON, 23, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Moise GENDRON & Precille BELLEFEUILLE, married Valentine ASSELIN, 22, Plantagenet, same, d/o Emmanuel ASSELIN & Olive PILON, witn: Moise GENDRON of The Brook & Emmanuel ASSELIN of Plantagenet, 18 Feb 1895 at Plantagenet #010307-95 (Russell Co): Joseph GIRARD, 26, stone cutter, Belgique, Rockland, s/o Joseph GIRARD & Therese FORTAINE, married Rosa Ann BEAULNE, 26, Montreal, Rockland, d/o Louis BEAULNE & Hermie DAOUST, witn: Narcise DAMRIEL? & Louis BEAULNE, both of Rockland, 23 Sept 1895 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10237-95 Thomas GROLEAU, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Thomas GROLEAU & Sophie MENARD, married Melina TASSE, 21, The Lake, same, d/o Francois TASSE & Onesime LABRECHE, witn: Thomas GROLEAU & Moise LABRECHE, farmers of Clarence Creek, 30 Jan 1895 at Clarence Creek #010302-95 (Russell Co): Moise GUINDON, 21, journeyman, Rockland, Clarence Creek, s/o M. GUINDON & Elanore PITT, married Rosa de Lenia LAROSE, 20, Riguad, Rockland, d/o Benjamin LAROSE & Rose de Lenia DECOSTE, witn: Noe GUINDON & Benjamin LAROSE, both of Rockland, 29 July 1895 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10160-95 Louis HALL, 28, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o John HALL & Margaret SHEA, married Susan HARKIN, 21, Fournier, same, d/o Daniel HARKIN & Jane STEARNS, witn: Daniel HARKIN & Burgess HALL, 15 Oct 1895 at Fournier 10233-95 John B. HARKNESS, 26, blacksmith, Gloucester, same, s/o John HARKNESS & Jane McGUIRE, married Letitia WATSON, 26, Cumberland, same, d/o Benjamin WATSON & Margaret HUNTER, witn: George & Hellena WATSON of Canaan, 6 March 1895 at Cumberland
10185-95 George Edward HIGGINSON, 32, millwright, Hawkesbury, Arundel Que., s/o William J. HIGGINSON & Mary D. ROGERS, married Anna Whitcomb STEVENS, 29, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Darwin STEVENS & Jane HIGGINSON, witn: W.C. HIGGINSON of Arundel & Harriet STEVENS of Hawkesbury, 14 Feb 1895 at Trinity Church, Hawkesbury #010220-95 (Prescott Co): Alton HUGHES, 31, merchant, Ontario, Dakota USA, s/o John & Catherine, married Jemima Lovina HUGHES, 21, Mountain, North Plantagenet, d/o John M. & Mary, witn: James A. HUGHES of Mountain & Ida DARLINGTON of N. Plantagenet, 25 Dec 1895 at North Plantagenet
#010217-95 (Prescott Co): Matthew H. JACKSON, 29, mason, Winchester, same, s/o Hughie JACKSON & Elizabeth TOY, married Agnes A. HILL, 25, South Plantagenet, Winchester, d/o Joseph HILL & Catherine LANDRUM, witn: Henrietta M. SMITH of Plantagenet, 14 Oct 1895 at Plantagenet 10155-95 John? JEAN LOUIS, 25, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Elie JEAN LOUIS & Sophia DEPUYS, married Maggie PAQUETTE, 22, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Thomas PAQUETTE & Donnese? DE NOTRE, witn: Elie JEAN LOUIS & Pierre LAMOURIERE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 27 Oct 1895 at Van Kleek Hill
10174-95 Wilfred JOANISSE, 20, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Edouard JOANISSE & Lucie COUSINEAU, married Mathilde MENARD, 18, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Augustin MENARD & Marguerite DEMERS, witn: Edouard JOANISSE & Augustin MENARD, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Jan 1895 at Hawkesbury 10154-95 Napoleon JOLY, 25, widower, mill hand, Hawkesbury, same, s/o M. JOLY & Mary YEMION?, married Denyse Agnes PROULX, 28, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Dominique PROULX & Denyse DESMOULIN, witn: Marie? JOLY & Joseph BELLEFEUILLE?, both of Hawkesbury, 8 Sept 1895 at Van Kleek Hill
10273-95 Antoine LABELLE, 27, L'Original, Montreal, s/o Wilfred LABELLE & Marianne DUNN, married Charlotte MOLLOY, 22, Fournier, same, d/o James MOLLOY & Anna BRADLEY, witn: James MOLLOY of Fournier & F. X. GAUTHIER of L'Original, 25 June [1895] at not given [reg'd in Caledonia twp] 10254-95 Joseph LACASSE, 23, farmer, Rockland, Clarence Creek, s/o Andre LACASSE & Helene DAOUST, married Marie Louise MAISONNEUVE, 18, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Alphonse & Olivine, witn: Alphonse MAISONNEUVE & Andre LACASSE, both of Clarence Creek, 21 July 1895 at Clarence Creek
10234-95 Augustus LAFARRE, 22, farmer, Sarsfield, same, s/o Joseph LAFARRE & Rose FARNIE, married Amelia DAOUST, 21, Cumberland, same, d/o Severe DAOUST & Odile St.DENNIS, witn: Andrew FARMER & H. SEGUIN, both of Sarsfield, 30 May 1895 at Sarsfield 10182-95 Jean Baptiste LAHAIE, 38, widower, laborer, Quebec, Hawkesbury, s/o Evaniste LAHAIE & Adelaide VANNIER (Vanier?), married Almanda TURPIN, 37, widow, Quebec, Hawkesbury, d/o Lamable TURPIN & blank, witn: Alexandre JOLY & Joseph TURPIN, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Jan 1895 at Hawkesbury
10186-95 Armidas LALONDE, 24, farmer’s son, Curran, same, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Odile St.DENIS, married Malvina MONETTE, 19, Ontario, Hawkesbury, d/o Dosithe MONETTE & Virginie FERRAND, witn: Louis LASCELLES & Joseph LECOURS, both of Hawkesbury, 13 May 1895 at Hawkesbury 10242-95 Julien LALONDE, 34, widower, The Lake, same, s/o Julien LALONDE & Marie LABELLE, married Agnes MAISONNEAUVE, 35, widow, St. Augustin Que., The Lake, d/o Pierre MAISONNEUVE & Margaret LAMARRE, witn: Rev. Thomas CARON & Rev. B. DUCHARME, both of Clarence Creek, 22 June 1895 at Clarence Creek
10257-95 Joseph LALONDE, 22, farmer, Ste. Scholastique, Clarence Creek, s/o Ovide LALONDE & Philomene LEGAULT, married Lea LAFONTAINE, 19, The Lake, same, d/o Jean Bte. LAFONTAINE & Louise SCOTT, witn: Ovide LALONDE of Clarence Creek & Jean Bte. LAFONTAINE of The Lake, 18 Aug. 1895 at Clarence Creek 10222-95 Theodule LALONDE, 23, blacksmith, St. Hermas Que., The Brook, s/o Baptiste LELONDE & Marie Louise CHENIER, mrried Leotine MATHIEU, 21, Ste. Scholastique, Plantagenet, d/o Neil MATHIEU & Angel DESROSIERS, witn: Neil MATHIEU of Plantagenet & Stanislas CHENIER of The Brook, 8 Oct. 1895 at Plantagenet
10227-95 Pierre LALONDE, 27, farmer, Curran, South Casselman, s/o Maxime LALONDE & Odile MONDOUX?, married Vitaline MARTIN, 16, Curran, same, d/o Casimire MARTIN & Mary Ann McALLISTER, witn: Joseph DOUTRE & Vitaline LALONDE, both of Curran, 14 Oct. 1895 at Curran 10236-95 Mathias LALONDE, 22, farmer, St. Hermas Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Odile LALONDE & Philomene TERRIEN, married Rosina DUTRISAC, 21, The Lake, same, d/o Theodule DUTRISAC & Celina DAOUST, witn: Odile LALONDE of Clarence Creek & Theodule DUTRISAC of The Lake, 7 Jan 1895 at Clarence Creek

10169-95 Thomas LALONDE, 26, yeoman, South Plantagenet, South Plantagenet, s/o Frank H. LALONDE & Mary R. LALONDE married Adelia TRACEY, 20, South Plantagenet, South Plantagenet, d/o Walter TRACEY & Susanna TRACEY, witn; Ada KRUPP & Alice KRUPP of Riceville, 6 Feb 1895, Riceville

10180-95 Joseph LAMPSON (Sampson?), 22, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Joseph LAMPSON & Louise LORD, married Josephine LAFONTAINE, 21, East Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury, d/o Maxime LAFONTAINE & Sophie RACINE, witn: Guillaume MONETTE & Odilon BELLE ISLE, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Oct 1895 at Hawkesbury
10198-95 Isidore LAROCQUE, 25, printer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Elie LAROCQUE & Adeline BRABANT, married Agnes AUBRY, 20, Wendover, same, d/o Magloire AUBRY & Flavie PAGE, witn: Arthur ROULEAU of Plantagenet & Magloire AUBRY of Wendover, 25 Feb 1895 at Wendover 10188-95 Denis LASCELLES, 21, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Louis LASCELLES & Julienne TURPIN, married Rosa Alba GADDOU, 24, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Antoine GADDOU & Zoe CHARRON, witn: Louis LASCELLES & Antoine GADDOU, both of Hawkesbury, 3 June 1895 at Hawkesbury
#010305-95 (Russell Co): Joseph LAVERGNE, 22, journeyman, Clarence Creek, Rockland, s/o Benjamin LAVERGNE & Aglae BLAKE, married Marguerite TROTTIER, 17, St. Agattie des Morts, Rockland, d/o Joseph TROTTIER & Marguerite St.Jacque, witn: Jean BERNIQUEZ of Rockland & Clementine RANGER of Greace Point, 2 Sept 1895 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10231-95 Joseph LAVERGNE, 24, yeoman, Cumberland, same, s/o Alexander LAVERGNE & Henriette MEYETTE, married Maria ROY, 21, Sarsfield, same, d/o Gideon ROY & Maria LAURIN (Laurier?), witn: Edward ROY & Bessie LAVERGNE, 24 June 1895 at Sarsfield
10238-95 Amede LAVIGNE, 29, cheese maker, Ste. Marthe Que., The Lake, s/o Joseph LAVIGNE & Sophie HOULE, married Celina HOULE, 24, Ste. Marthe Que., The Lake, d/o Pierre HOULE & Celina BOUDREAU, witn: Elsonore CHOUINARD & Rev. B. DUCHARME, both of Clarence Creek,, 2 Feb 1895 at Clarence Creek 10258-95 Theophile LAVIOLETTE, 24, laborer, Clarence, Rockland, s/o Alexander LAVIOLETTE & Mathilde PERRON, married Melodie HENRIE, 22, The Lake, same, d/o Francois HENRIE & Salome DESJARDINS, witn: Alexandre LAVIOLETTE of Rockland & Francois HENRIE, both of The Lake, 19 Aug. 1895 at Clarence Creek
10162-95 Oliver LEBLANC, 22, St. Isidore, Casselman, s/o Cyprien LEBLANC & Nathalie CHATELLE, married Eglantine PREGENT, 18, of St. Isidore, d/o Joseph PREGENT & Auselie CURRIER, witn: Joseph PREGENT of St. Isidore & Cyprien LEBLANC of Casselman, 28 Nov 1895 at St. Isidore 10189-95 Francis LEFEBVRE, 24, carpenter, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, s/o Pierre LEFEBVRE & Onesime TAILLEUR, married Jeannie PILON, 20, Longueuil, same, d/o Andre PILON & Celina DEPATIE, witn: Pierre LEFEBVRE & Celestin PILON, both of Hawkesbury, 4 June 1895 at Hawkesbury
010362-95 (Prescott Co.) J Baptiste LEMIEU (Lemieux?), 22, agent, Trois Pistoles Temiscouata, Montreal, s/o J Baptiste LEMIEU & Domithilde GAGNON, married Clara TAILLEFER, 17, St Eugene, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o Frs Xavier TAILLEFER & Auxilia DIOTTE, wtn: Lucien TAILLEFER of Montreal & Napoleon DIOTTE of Ste Anne de Prescott, on January 8, 1895, at Ste Anne de Prescott  
10202-95 Alexis LEROUX, 45, widower, farmer, of Alfred, s/o Pierre LEROUX & Eugenie LAUZON, married Marie PROVOST, 40, widow, Quebec, Curran, d/o Andre PROVOST & Zoe LAPENSIE, witn: William LEROUX of Curran & Ambroise ALLARD of Plantagenet, 20 Jan 1895 at Curran 10226-95 Moise LEROUX, 31, farmer, Curran, Alfred, s/o Ehprem LEROUX & Julinenne MARRIER, married Marie LEROUX, 30, Sherrington, Curran, d/o Pierre LEROUX & Basilize ROULIER, witn: Ephrem LEROUX of Alfred & Pierre BOURDON of Curran, 16 Sept 1895 at Curran
10213-94 Ernest LUSHER, 23, glass blower, Quebec City, same, s/o John LUSHER & Jane GRAHAM, married Ida WILSON, 24, Vaudreuil Que., Sarsfield, d/o William WILSON & Elizabeth VYSONT, witn: Walter WILSON of Sarsfield, 1 Jan 1895 at Sarsfield 10208-95 Edmond MAINVILLE, 20, farmer, St. Placide Que., Plantagenet, s/o Camile MAINVILLE & Glephire RENAUD, married Adeline THIBAULT, 19, Beauharnois Que., Curran, d/o Joseph THIBAULT & Marguerite LABELLE, witn: Camile MAINVILLE of Plantagenet & Joseph THIBAULT of Curran, 10 June 1895 at Curran
10197-95 Joseph MAYER, 20, laborer, Curran, same, s/o Joseph MAYER & Rose ROULEAU, married Marie Louise RENAUD, 19, Wendover, same, d/o Alphonse RENAUD & Emelie MAINVILLE, witn: Joseph MAYER of Curran & Alphonse RENAUD of Wendover, 28 April 1895 at Wendover 010365-95 (Prescott Co.) James McALLISTER, 29, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Alex McALLISTER & Catherine McHALL, married Marie Leonie VACHEON (Vachon?), 21, Rigaud, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o Pierre VACHEON & Apolline GAUTHIER, wtn: Arthur St DENIS of St Telesphore & Pierre VACHEON, of St Anne de Prescott, on February 19, 1895, at Ste Anne de Prescott
#010215-95 (Prescott Co): George McAULEY, 27, farmer, Pendleton - Cambridge twp., same, s/o John McAULEY & Margaret WYLIE, married Catherine Watt MUIR, 26, South Plantagenet, same, d/o William MUIR & Mary Jane REID, witn: Emma Rachel SMITH of Plantagenet, 25 July 1895 at Plantagenet 10194-95 John McCONNELL, 40, widower, labourer & farmer, Hull Que., Alfred, s/o Jonathan McCONNELL & Sarah IRISH, married Mary COWAN , 40, widow, Millerville NY, Alfred, d/o Charles RIVIER & Sarah BANCROFT, witn: George Joseph RIVIER & Elizabeth RIVIER, both of Alfred, 4 Feb 1895 at Alfred
010369-95 (Prescott Co.) Andrew J McDONALD, 29, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o John B McDONALD & Katie DOODS, married Matilda L SMITH, 24, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Robert SMITH & Mary J McCALLUM, wtn: Alex D McDONALD of Locheil & Clara SMITH, of East Hawkesbury, on April 9, 1895, at East Hawkesbury 010375-95 (Prescott Co.) Duncan H McDONELL, 39, farmer, St Eugene, Ste Anne de Prescott, s/o Hugh McDONELL & Ann McLELLAN, married Penelope McLEOD, 35, Ste Justine de Newton, same, d/o Alen McLEOD & Catherine McLEOD, wtn: John McVANE & Hilaire SAUVE both of Ste Anne de Prescott, on May 27, 1895, at Ste Anne de Prescott
10190-95 John McFADDEN, 20, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o John McFADDEN & Elizabeth PENTLAND, married Salome DESJARDINS, 22, Chute a Blondeau, Hawkesbury, d/o Jean Baptiste DESJARDINS & Angelique FILLION, witn: Trefle JOLY & Odilon BELLE ISLE, both of Hawkesbury, 10 June 1895 at Hawkesbury 10246-95 John Peter McINNIS, 40, widower, farmer, Plantagenet, Cambridge, s/o John P. McINNIS & Mary McFARLANE, married Ellen Nancy McAULEY, 24, The Brook, same, d/o James McAULEY & Sarah WINSOR (s/b Windsor?), witn: Daniel McAULEY (sic) & Hormidas SCHNUPP, both of The Brook, 19 June 1895 at The Brook
010367-95 (Prescott Co.) Malcolm McKENZIE, 27, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o John McKENZIE & Anne McRAE, married Sarah A DASHNEY, 23, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Duncan DASHNEY & Harriet FERGUSON, wtn: Roderick DEWAR & Mary J BETHUNE, both of East Hawkesbury, on February 27, 1895, at East Hawkesbury 10221-95 Frank McKINNON, 28, laborer, Plantagenet, same, s/o John McKINNON & Angel LALONDE, married Adina LALONDE, 23, Plantagenet, same, d/o Julien LALONDE & Cleophile BOILEAU, witn: Julien LALONDE & Xavier CHENIER, both of Plantagenet, 14 Nov 1895 at Plantagenet
  10168-95 John McMARTIN, 38, clerk, Two Mountains, Martintown, s/o Duncan McMARTIN & Mary, married Mary JOHNSTON, 25, Fournier, same, d/o Alexander JOHNSTON & Martha, witn: Lenton JOHNSON & Jessie JOHNSON, both of Fournier, 30 Jan 1895 at Riceville
10148-95 Alexander A. McRAE, 37, widower, plasterer, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Archibald McRAE & Catherine, married Lucy Ann SHERMAN (Stoneman?), 42, widow, Papineauville Que., Van Kleek Hill, d/o Charles HUGHES & Sarah, witn: S. Huntington SIMPSON & Mary SIMPSON, both of Van Kleek Hill, 3 July 1895 at Van Kleek Hill 010363-95 (Prescott Co.) Malcolm McRAE, 32, farmer, Locheil, same, s/o George McRAE & Annie McRAE, married Mary A McKENZIE, 21, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Roderick McKENZIE & Christie McLENNAN, wtn: Colin McRAE of Locheil & Elizabeth McKENZIE of East Hawkesbury, on January 15, 1895 at East Hawkesbury
11295-95 John Charles MILLER, 26, farmer, North Gower, Cumberland, s/o William MILLER & Mary Ann ELLIOTT, married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 22, Cumberland, same, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Eliza McCORDICK, witn: Robert ARMSTRONG & Mary MILLER, 25 April 1895 at Navan, Cumberland 10199-95 Joseph MIRON, 28, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Joseph MIRON & Delima LALONDE, married Elizabeth THERRIEN, 20, Curran, Pendleton, d/o Ambroise THERRIEN & Elizabeth DEGUIRE, witn: Victor MONTPELLIER of Curran & Alexina THERRIEN of Pendleton, 7 Jan 1895 at Curran
10247-95 Robert MOFFATT, 27, laborer, Cumberland, same, s/o John & Emma, married Ethel McMILLAN, 18, Cumberland, same, d/o Angus & Mrs., witn: John & Ellen MOFFATT of Cumberland, 17 Dec 1895? (could be 1894) at Clarence  
010364-95 (Prescott Co.) Maxime MONTION dit LAMOUCHE, 30, farmer, St Eugene, same, s/o Eustache MONTION dit LAMOUCHE & Emelie MENARD, married M A Laurenza CREVIER, 19, St Louis de Gonzaque PQ, St Eugene, d/o Alderic CREVIER & R Lenia BRISEBOIS, wtn: Eustache MONTION dit LAMOUCHE & Alderic CREVIER, both of St Eugene, on February 19, 1895, at St Eugene #010304-95 (Russell Co): Albert E. MORRISON, 35, manufacturer, Grenville, Brownburgh Quebec, s/o Robert MORRISON & Euphonie CHAPMAN, married Helen PAISLEY, 30, Lachabar twp - Ottawa Quebec, Cumberland, d/o Hugh PAISLEY & Sarah SWADER?, witn: Lydia PAISLEY of Dundas & Angus PAISLEY of Cumberland, 14 Aug 1895 at Cumberland
10161-95 John MOTT, 21, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o John MOTT & Johanna MURPHY, married Alice GROULX, 20, Fournier, Ottawa, d/o Joseph GROULX & Erilna GLAUDE, witn: Joseph GROULX of Fournier & Thomas KENNEDY of Ottawa, 21 Nov 1895 at Fournier 10149-95 Simeon PAQUETTE, 35, shanty man, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Simeon PAQUETTE & Rebecca NOLAN, married Rose SEGUIN, 32, widow, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Joseph DUBOIS & Emile DELORME, witn: Marie DUSERRE & Delie WILFRID, both of Van Kleek Hill, 29 April 1895 at Van Kleek Hill
10224-95 Remi PERRAULT, 19, engineer, St. Thomas de Joliette Que., St. Sauveur, s/o Ludger PERRAULT & Sophie MARTEL, married Mary LEROUX, 20, Curran, same, d/o William LEROUX & Mary Ann CHATELAIN, witn: Cyrille DUPRAT & William LEROUX, both of Curran, 19 Aug 1895 at Curran 10232-95 William PLUNKETT, 38, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o James PLUNKETT & Catherine CASTIGNY, married Letitia Florence WALSH, 25, Cumberland, same, d/o Robert WALSH & Elizabeth CLARKE, witn: James PLUNKETT of Nepean & Ann WALSH of Cumberland, 1 April 1895 at Bearbrook
10275-95 George POIRIER, 23, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Morile POIRIER & Delima LALONDE?, married Rose Anna BOURDIN, 21, widow, St. Jacques Que., South Plantagenet, d/o George BOURDIN ( Bourdon?) & Sophie HEBERT, witn: George BOURDIN of S. Plantagenet & Morile POIRIER of Caledonia, 7 Oct. 1895 at Fournier 10225-95 Leon PORTELANCE, 21, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Charles PORTELANCE Jr. & Suzanne LEMAIRE, married Sarah MARTIN, 18, Curran, same, d/o Casimire MARTIN & Mary Ann McALLISTER, witn: Ovila CHOLETTE & Vitaline MARTIN, both of Curran, 5 Aug 1895 at Curran
10250-95 James A. POTTS, 21, cheese maker, Corey City Pa., Cumberland, s/o James A. & Emily, married Annie L. McEACHERN, 24, Cumberland, Clarence, d/o Neil & Laura, witn: George H. McGEE of Stirling & Emma McEACHERN of Clarence, 14 Nov 1895 at Clarence  

10175-95 Delphice PROULX, 24, laborer, East Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury, s/o Elie PROULX & Elmire PROULX, married Marguerite PILON, 19, East Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury, d/o Guillaume PILON & Julie VALLEE, witn: Elie PROULX & Algire FAUTEUX, 16 July 1895 at Hawkesbury

10243-95 Magdas PROULX, 22, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Leandre PROULX & Agnes STORY, married Alexina ETHIER, 21, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Alexandre ETHIER & Marcelline, witn: Alexandre ETHIER and Leandre & Magdas PROULX, all of Clarence Creek, 30 June 1895 at Clarence Creek
10151-95 Charles PROVOST, 30, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Honore PROVOST & Eliza POULIN, married Elizabeth ROUTHIER, 28, St. Placide Van Kleek Hill, d/o Felix ROUTHIER & Angelique LEMAY, witn: Alphonse PROVOST of Ottawa & Marie ROUTHIER of Van Kleek Hill, 16 Jan 1895 at Van Kleek Hill 10212-95 Isaac PROVOST, 28, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Camile PROVOST & Emma DEMERS, married Marie DINEL, 17, Plantagenet, same, d/o Xavier DINEL & Emma BLONDIN, witn: Camile PROVOST & Moise DINEL, both of Plantagenet, 27 April 1895 at Plantagenet
10209-95 Louis RAINVILLE, 20, clerk, Napierville Que., Casselman, s/o Joseph RAINVILLE & Euphemie TETREAU, married Marie Louise BELANGER, 20, Wendover, Plantagenet, d/o Joseph BELANGER & Philomene GALIPEAU, witn: Joseph CHARLEBOIS of Casselman & Joseph BELANGER of Plantagenet, 14 Jan 1895 at Plantagenet 10196-95 Philias RICHER, 29, farmer, Rigaud, Plantagenet, s/o Francois RICHER & Rose BRUNET, married Evelina PREVOST, 20, Wendover, same, d/o Louisa PROVOST (sic) & Emelie DEMERS, witn: Francois RICHER of Plantagenet & Louis PREVOST of Wendover, 7 Jan 1895 at Wendover
10245-95 George RIVAL dit BELLEROSE, 24, laborer, Ste. Emelie L'Engie? Que., The Brook, s/o Joseph RIVAL dit BELLEROSE & Delina THALADEAU?, married Sophranie LIBOIRON, 19, Curran, The Brook, d/o Etienne LIBOIRON & Justine BROSSEUR, witn: Augustin LEGAULT & Etienne LIBOIRON, both of The Brook, 20 May 1895 at The Brook  
10179-95 James ROSS, 35, merchant, Little Rideau, Hawkesbury, s/o Thomas ROSS & Frances WADDELL, married Victoria Maud LAWLER, 20, Hawkesbury, same, d/o William LAWLER & Nellie HERSEY, witn: Kelly FEELEY of Ottawa & John W. ROSS of Hawkesbury, 25 Sept 1895 at Hawkesbury 10159-95 George ROWE, 30, tradesman, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Robert ROWE & Jane, married Jennie REID, 22, South Plantagenet, same, d/o George REID & Mary, witn: Edgar ROWE & Effie Bella REID, both of South Plantagenet, 18 Sept 1895 at South Plantagenet
010371-95 (Prescott Co.) Leandre ROY, 25, baker, Ste Marthe, Glen Robertson, s/o J B ROY & Emilie CARRIERE, married Arthemise GENEAU, 18, St Eugene, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o Francois GENEAU & Auscille HUMET, wtn: J B ROY of Glen Robertson & Frs GENEAU of Ste Anne de Prescott, on April 29, 1895, at Ste Anne de Prescott 010370-95 (Prescott Co.) Joseph ROY, 31, cheese maker, St Joseph du Lac, Ste Anne de Prescott, s/o Charles ROY & Flavie LAFRANCE, married Marie Louise SEGUIN, 28, Les Cedres PQ, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o J B SEGUIN & Lucie LEVAC, wtn: Charles ROY & Joseph SEGUIN, both of Ste Anne de Prescott, on April 22, 1895, at Ste Anne de Prescott
10152-95 Regis St.DENYS, 40, widower, farmer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o not given, married Angeline LALONDE, 25, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Xavier LALONDE & Marceline DECAIRE, witn: Hilliare St.DENYS & Celestine LALONDE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 11 June 1895 at Van Kleek Hill 10235-95 Waldo Fitch SAWYER, 30, doctor, Fon du Lac Wisconsin, Vineland NJ, s/o James & Lucy, married Isabella HILL, 24, Bearbrook, same, d/o Alfred & Alice, witn: W. E. BATES of Vineland & Jane HILL of Bearbrook, 5 June 1895 at Bearbrook
10240-95 Jean Baptiste SEGUIN, 24, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Jean Baptiste SEGUIN & Mathilde CHEVALIER, married Stephanie JOANISTE, 21, L'Ange Gardien Que., Clarence Creek, d/o Jules JOANISTE & Domathilde MAISONNEUVE, witn: Jules P. JOANISTE & Jean Bte. SEGUIN, both of Clarence Creek, 24 Feb 1895 at Clarence Creek  
10211-95 Adolphe SEGUIN, 27, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Adolphe SEGUIN & Lucie VEZINA, married Leonie BLONDIN, 21, Plantagenet, same, d/o Theophile BLONDIN & Philomene LACELLE, witn: Adolphe SEGUIN of Curran & Theophile BLONDIN of Plantagenet, 25 Feb 1895 at Plantagenet 11297-95 Asahel Leonard STACKHOUSE, 21, merchant, St. Andrews Que., Masson Que., s/o A.G. STACKHOUSE & Mary BEGGS, married Eva DUNNING, 20, Cumberland, same, d/o A.(R?.) N. DUNNING & E. A. ROWAN, witn: Ernest STACKHOUSE & Ella DUNNING, 23 Sept 1895 at Cumberland
#010303-95 (Russell Co): Napolean TAILLIFER, 40, widower, farm hand, Wendover, Sarsfield, s/o Jac TAILLIFER & Marceline QUESNELL, married Marie DESORMEAU, 20, St. Eugene, Rockland, d/o Octave DESORMEAU & Philomene ADAM, witn: Octave DESORMEAU & David TREMBLAY, 12 Aug 1895 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10228-95 Hormisdas TAILLEFER, 34, laborer, Wendover, Curran, s/o Luc TAILLEFER & Marceline QUENNEVILLE, married Marie Louise CHATELAIN, 20, Curran, same, d/o Francois CHATELAIN & Marceline TESSIER, witn: Arthur TAILLEFER of Wendover & John CHATELAIN of Curran, 4 Nov 1895 at Curran

10176-95 Theophile THEREAULT, 25, laborer, Gaspe Que., Hawkesbury, s/o J. Bte. THEREAULT & Maria LANDRY, married Sophie LECOMPTE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Xavier LECOMTE (sic) & Emelie THOVETTE?, witn: Michel THEREAULT & Emma LEBLANC, 5 Aug 1895 at Hawkesbury

10360-95 Antoine THERIEN, 40, farmer, Vaudreuil, Lefaivre, s/o Antoine THERIEN & Anastasie CASTONGUAY, married Marguerite DAOUST, 40, Vaudreuil, Lefaivre, d/o J. B. DAOUST & Elmire PILON, witn: Antoine THERIEN & J. B. DAOUST, both of Lefaivre, 18 Nov 1895 at Lefaivre 10200-95 Jean Baptiste THERRIEN, 26, farmer, Curran, Pendleton, s/o Ambroise THERRIEN & Elizabeth DEGUIRE, married Melina LALONDE, 23, Curran, same, d/o Pierre LALONDE & Adele LEROUX, witn: Pierre FARRELL & Marie Louise LALONDE, both of Pendleton, 7 Jan 1895 at Curran

10172-95 John Sherman TRACEY, 22, yeoman, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Walter & Susanna, married Della Mary LALONDE, 20, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Francis & Mary, witn: Katie LALONDE & Mrs. Lucinda SPROULE, both of South Plantagenet, 27 March 1895 at South Plantagenet

#010306-95 (Russell Co): Napolean TRENCHMONTAGNE, 21, journeyman, North Nation Mills, Rockland, s/o Xavier TRENCHMONTAGNE & Euphronie LAVALLEE, married Ezilia DROUIN, 21, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Seraphine DROUIN & Marcelle LACELLE, witn: Joseph TRENCHMONTAGNE & Joseph DROUIN, both of Rockland, 15 Sept 1895 at Rockland (Rom Cath)

10171-95 Thomas Alexander TWEED, 21, yeoman, Russell, Russell, s/o Charles TWEED & Mary TWEED married Mary Louisa BLANEY, 21, South Plantagenet, South Plantagenet, d/o Oliver BLANEY & Nancy BLANEY, witn: Mrs. E. A. KRUPP & Alice KRUPP of Riceville, 11 March 1895, Riceville

10239-95 Euclide VIAU, 22, cheese maker, The Lake, same, s/o Edouard VIAU & Georgianna RICHER, married Clemina MAISONNEAUVE, 19, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Pierre MAISONNEAUVE & Arthemise LECLAIRE, witn: Evariste VIAU & Alfred HENRIE & Pierre MAISONNEUVE, all of Clarence Creek, 24 Feb 1895 at Clarence Creek

10170-95 James WINDSOR, 30, yeoman, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Strong WINDSOR & Elizabeth WINDSOR married Maria JOHNSTON, 25, South Plantagenet, South Plantagenet, d/o William JOHNSTON & Eliza JOHNSTON, witn; James MCPHEE & Annie JOHNSTON of South Plantagenet, 20 Feb 1895, Riceville

11298-95 William WOOD, 31, farmer, Russell, Russell twp., s/o Edmund WOODS (sic) & Mary Jane, married Mary Jane BALL, 24, Havelock Que., Russell twp., d/o William James & Mary Jane, witn: George McDONALD of NY & Syerdin? WOOD of Russell, 13 Nov 1895 at Cumberland twp