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Prescott & Russell Co., 1898


12393-98 Olivier AUBRY, 23, farmer, Pointe Gatineau, same, s/o Joseph AUBRY & Eliza CHARTIER, married Leonie LEVEILLE, 23, Pointe Gatineau, South Indian, d/o Joseph LEVEILLE & Cordelia RACETTE, witn: Delphise RACETTE & Joseph LEVEILLE, both of South Indian, 18 July 1898 at South Indian 12426-98 Hector BEAUCHAMP, 19, blacksmith, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Charles BEAUCHAMP & Angelique CLOUTIER, married Martine LAVICTOIRE, 20, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Honore LAVICTOIRE & Alivene MELOCHE, witn: Charles BEAUCHAMP & Honore LAVICTOIRE, both of Clarence Creek, 30 May 1898 at Clarence Creek
12422-98 Honore BEAUDRY, 38, farmer, St. Jerome Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Antoine BEAUDRY & Emelie RIOPELLE, married Marie CLOUTIER, 46, widow, house keeper, St. Agathe Que., The Brook, d/o Joseph CLOUTHIER & Marie, witn: Joseph BEAUDRY of Clarence Creek & Michel RACINE of The Brook, 18 April 1898 at Clarence Creek 12397-98 Pierre BEAUDRY, 20, St. Raphael, Embrun, s/o Norbert BEAUDRY & Adith DESPLANTIER, married Maria LABELLE, 17, Embrun, same, d/o Registe LABELLE & Delina GAUTHIER, witn: Norbert BEAUDRY of South Indian & Registe LABELLE of Embrun, 17 Oct 1898 at Embrun
12376-98 Henri BISSON, 23, laborer, St. Anicet, St. Albert, s/o Amable BISSON & Aurelie DUPUIS, married Marie LAURIN, 19, St. Albert, same, d/o Hubert LAURIN & Dosithee St.ONGE, witn: Etienne QUESNEL & Hubert LAURIN, both of St. Albert, 7 Feb 1898 at Cambridge 12342-98 Pierre BISSONNETTE, 24, laborer, Alfred, same, s/o Baptiste BISSONNETTE & Philomene LEDUC, married Marie Anna GRAVEL, 27, Plantagenet, Alfred, d/o Francis GRAVEL & Eloise BLONDIN, witn: Baptiste GROULX of Curran & Albert GAUTHIER of Fournier, 7 Feb 1898 at Alfred
12339-98 Auguste BISSONNETTE, 25, farmer, Curran, Alfred, s/o Joseph BISSONNETTE & Lostie GRAVEL, married Anna St.JEAN, 18, Alfred, same, d/o Xavier St.JEAN & Justine LEDUC, wtn: Louis St.JEAN & Delima BISSONNETTE, both of Alfred, 10 Jan 1898 at Alfred 12346-98 Telesphore BLONDIN, 27, cheese maker, Plantagenet, Alfred, s/o Theophile BLONDIN & Philomene LACELLE, married Mary Delina TIERNEY, 18, Alfred, same, d/o Patrick TIERNEY & Delina SEGUIN, witn: Hugh TIERNEY of Alfred & Sarah DUGGIN of Curran, 30 May 1898 at Alfred
12349-98 David BOUCHER, 22, farmer, Lefaivre, Montebello, s/o F.X. BOUCHER & Angele PHOMAD, married Adelia GEGOUX (Gigoux?), 18, St. Stanislas, Lefaivre, d/o Jos. GEGOUX & Philomene LEFORT, witn: F. X. BOUCHER of Monte Bello & Jos. GEGOUX of Lefaivre 12394-98 George BRADLEY, 26, farmer, Moose Creek, same, s/o Henry BRADLEY & Mary TANEY?, married Ann HARRIGAN, 20, Moose Creek, same, d/o Jonny HARRIGAN & Mary McINNIS, witn: Hebert MIAURE? & Pat HARRIGAN, both of Joseph de Lemieux, 5 Sept 1898 at Joseph Lemieux, Que
12427-98 Baptiste BRAZEAU, 23, laborer, Clarence, Rockland, s/o Baptiste BRAZEAU & Alphonsine TOUCHETTE, married Delia PILON, 23, house keeper, Clarence, same, d/o Delphise PILON & Mathilde LAMOUREUX, witn: Baptist BRAZEAU of Rockland & Delphise PILON of Clarence, 15 June 1898 at Clarence Creek 12362-98 Alphonse BRISEBOIS, 24, farmer, Lefaivre, same, s/o Alfred BRISEBOIS & Angele DAOUST, married Amelia CHEVRIER, 19, Lefaivre, same, d/o J. Bte. CHEVRIER & Victoire LALONDE, witn: Alfred BRISEBOIS & J.B. CHEVRIER, both of Lefaivre, 10 Oct. 1898 at Lefaivre
12400-98 Xavier BRISSON, 23, farmer, Embrun, same, s/o Benjamin BRISSON & Melanie SEGUIN, married Justine BOURGEOIS, 22, St. Albert, same, d/o Azare BOURGEOIS & Justine EMARD, witn: Benjamin BRISSON of Embrun & Azarie BOURGEOIS of St. Albert, 27 Sept. 1898 at St. Albert 12358-98 Olivier BRUNET, 21, laborer, Lefaivre, same, s/o Isidore BRUNET & Marie DOCET, married Alphonsine LEFAIVRE, 23, Lefaivre, same, d/o Hercule LEFAIVRE & Arthemise RACICOT, witn: Isidore BRUNET & Hercule LEFAIVRE, both of Lefaivre, 12 Sept 1898 at Lefaivre
12360-98 Norbert CARRIERE, 32, farmer, widower, Montebello, Lefaivre, s/o Joseph CARRIERE & Saladine THOMAS, married Elmire GIROUX, 22, Montebello, Lefaivre, d/o J. B. GIROUX & Leocadie BOUSSON, witn: Jos. CARRIERE & J. B. GIROUX, both of Lefaivre, 26 Sept 1898 at Lefaivre 12401-98 Francois CHAMPAGNE, 36, widower, butcher, Crysler, St. Albert, s/o Francois CHAMPAGNE & Henriette ARBIE, married Zovine POTVIN, 40, widow, St. Albert, same, d/o Mathias POTVIN & blank, witn: Mathias POTVIN of St. Albert & Jenny BRUYERE of Crysler, 3 Oct. 1898 at St. Albert
12343-98 Philerome CHARBONNEAU, 23, farmer, L'Original, same, s/o George CHARBONNEAU & Cleodine LONGPRE, married Marie Louise CYR, 22, Alfred, same, d/o J. Bte. CYR & Virginie GROULX, witn: Alfred CYR & Albina ROULEAU, both of Alfred, 18 April 1898 at Alfred 12423-98 Vital CHARBONNEAU, 22, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Vital CHARBONNEAU & Hennenegild BAZINET, married Melina LAVICTOIRE, 17, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Fabien LAVICTOIRE & Melina BEAUCHAMP, witn: Alphonse CHARBONNEAU of near Clarence Creek & Fabien LAVICTOIRE of Clarence Creek, 16 May 1898 at Clarence Creek
12382-98 Charles CHARRON, 23, St. Albert, same, s/o Cyprien CHARRON & Philomene BILAN?, married Alexina GENIER, 19, St. Albert, same, d/o Louis GENIER & Alphonsine QUESNEL, witn: Theodule CHARRON of Ste. Euphemie & Bartheleme GENIER of St. Albert, 28 June 1898 at Cambridge 12350-98 Claixte CHARTRAND, 24, farmer, Lefaivre, same, s/o Joseph CHARTRAND & Eugenie LEGAULT, married Dianna PILON, no age given, St. Philippe, Lefaivre, d/o Damas PILON & Adelia LEFAIVRE, witn: Joseph CHARTRAND & Celestin LEBLANC, both of Lefaivre, 6 June 1898 at Lefaivre
12355-98 Honore CHATELAIN, 24, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Antoine CHATELAIN & Zoe CHARTRAND, married Anna Maria HUGHES, 24, Lefaivre, same, d/o Henry & Letitia, witn: William HUGHES & Antoine CHATELAIN, both of Plantagenet, 23 Aug. 1898 at Lefaivre  
13923-00 (Prescott Co): Leon CHEFF, 31, widower, farmer, Ste. Marthe, Wendover, s/o Telesphore CHEFF & Justine BRUNET, married Marie Louise LABROSSE, 23, Wendover, same, d/o Benjamin LABROSSE & Olivene CORBEIL, witn: Telesphore CHEFF & Benjamin LABROSSE, both of Wendover, 9 Oct 1898 at Wendover (Rom Cath) 12364-98 Philbert CLEMENT, 27, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Joseph CLEMENT & Delia FORTIER, married Mary LALONDE, 21, Alfred, same, d/o Emery LALONDE & Delima PITRE, witn: Adolphe CLEMENT & Emery LALONDE, both of Alfred, 21 Nov 1898 at Alfred
12380-98 Joseph CLOUTIER, 38, widower, St. Albert, same, s/o Etienne CLOUTIER & Maria GAMACHE, married Angelina LAFRANCE, 27, St. Albert, same, d/o Odile LAFRANCE & Marguerite THEORET, witn: Wilfred LAFRANCE & Basile PAYETTE, both of St. Albert, 21 Feb 1898 at Cambridge 12353-98 Xavier COUSINEAU, 22, laborer, Alfred, same, s/o Isidore COUSINEAU & Philomene TESSIER, married Alice SARRAZIN, 22, Alfred, same, d/o Joseph SARRASIN (sic) & Arthemise CHENIER, witn: Napoleon CYR & Jos. SARRASIN, both of Alfred, 11 July 1898 at Alfred
12419-98 Wilfrid DEAULT, 19, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Eusebe DEAULT & Delima DEREPANTGNY, married Delia AUGER, 17, house keeper, The Brook, same, d/o Jean Baptiste AUGER & Philomene POTVIN, witn: Pierre DEAULT of Plantagenet & Alfred AUGER of The Brook, 10 Jan 1898 at The Brook 12425-98 Joseph DICAIRE, 21, farmer, St. Joseph d'Orleans, The Brook, s/o Anthonise DICAIRE & Hermeline LEBLANC, married Lorrine St.PIERRE, 19, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Jacques St.PIERRE & Emma ROBILLARD, witn: Joseph ETHIER & Aimie St.PIERRE, both of Clarence Creek, 30 May 1898 at Clarence Creek
12409-98 Adelard DORAIS, 22, Casselman, same, s/o Louis DORAIS & Eliza LABARGE, married Elizabeth GUERTIN, 21, of Casselman, d/o Evangeliste GUERTIN & Philomene PIRISOME, witn: Joseph St.DENIS & Philippe CHEVRIER, both of Casselman, 24 Jan 1898 at Casselman 12403-98 Joseph DORE, 20, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Isaie DORE & Christine CHARTRAND, married Rosa DESAUTELS, 18, St. Albert, same, d/o Charles DESAUTELS & Julia DUPUIS, witn: Isaie DORE & Charles DESAUTELS, both of St. Albert, 4 Oct 1898 at St. Albert
12363-98 Edouard DOTTE, 28, farmer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Joseph DOTTE & Stephanie KINGSLEY, married Delia BERTRAND, 20, Alfred, same, d/o Octave BERTRAND & Cleophire LEDUC, witn: Augustin BERTRAND of Alfred & Marie DOTTE of Van Kleek Hill, 7 Nov 1898 at Alfred 12416-98 Joseph DUQUETTE, 27, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Elie DUQUETTE & Pamela CHABONNEAU, married Delima GODIN, 26, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Pierre GODIN & Delima BRUNETTE, witn: Elie DUQUETTE & Olivier BOILEAU, both of Clarence Creek, 10 Jan 1898 at Clarence Creek
12377-98 Arthur FORGETTE, 23, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Joseph FORGETTE & Euphrasine CARDINAL, married Maria QUENNEVILLE, 20, St. Albert, same, d/o Damase QUENNEVILLE & Eulalie BONNEVILLE, witn: Joseph FORGETTE & Napoleon QUENNEVILLE, both of St. Albert, 15 Feb 1898 at Cambridge

13424-99 James S. FULSHER, 26, farmer, Osgoode, Vars, s/o David FULSHER & blank LITTLE married Robina RICHARDSON, 27, Cumberland, Bearbrook, d/o John RICHARDSON & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: William RICHARDSON of Bearbrook & Robina J. JORDEN of Pembroke, 30 Nov 1898, Bearbrook

  12357-98 Abraham GARAND, 30, laborer, Alfred, same, s/o Xavier GARAND & Emilie BRISEBOIS, married Cecilia GIROUX, 23, Alfred, same, d/o Noe GIROUX & Eliza SARRASIN, witn: Adrien CHABOT & Azeline GIROUX, both of Alfred, 5 Sept 1898 at Alfred
12398-98 Philias GIGNAC, 24, Embrun, same, s/o Edouard GIGNAC & Adelaide LECUYER, married Josephine LAFRANCE, 17, St. Albert, Embrun, d/o Alphonse LAFRANCE & Esther CARRIERE, witn: Edouard GIGNAC & Alphonse LAFRANCE, both of Embrun, 14 Nov 1898 at Embrun 12341-98 Joseph Alfred GOYETTE, 20, laborer, St. Athanas, Iberville, s/o Magloire GOYETTE & Celina RATTE, married Victoria LAFAIVRE, 19, Lefaivre, same, d/o Alexandre LEFAIVRE & Marie DEMERS, witn: Celestin BEAUDIN & Alex LEFAIVRE, both of Lefaivre, 17 Jan 1898 at Lefaivre
12407-98 - J. Bte. LABELLE, 22, St. Albert, same, s/o Registe LABELLE & Emma GAUTHIER, married Layse BEAUDRY, 23, South Indian, same, d/o Norbert BEAUDRY & Norbet (sic) DESPLANTIER, witn: Registe LABELLE of St. Albert & Adelard VALLIERES of South Indian, 14 Nov 1898 at South Indian 12413-98 Lear LAFRANCE, 22, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Odile LAFRANCE & Marguerite THEORAT, married Albertine LEBLANC, 19, St. Albert, Casselman, d/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomene TARTIN, witn: Joseph St.DENIS of Casselman & Aldine MONT-PETIT, 21 Feb 1898 at Casselman
12388-98 Leon LAFRANCE, 30, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Odile LAFRANCE & Marguerite THEORET, married Albertine LEBLANC, 20, St. Albert , Ste. Euphemie, d/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomene FORTIER, witn: Alderie MONTPETIT & Joseph StDENIS, both of Ste. Euphemie, 20 Feb 1898 at Ste. Euphemie, Que 12347-98 Delphis LALONDE, 24, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Emery LALONDE & Clephyr CLEMENT, married Anna LANGLOIS, 19, Alfred, same, d/o Clement LANGLOIS & Emma LABROSSE, wtn: Emery LALOND & Clement LANGLOIS, both of Alfred, 6 June 1898 at Alfred
12405-98 Eusebe LAMADELEINE, 20, laborer, South Indian, same, s/o Francois LAMADELEINE & Marie PREGEANT, married Lydia TREMBLAY, 19, South Indian, same, d/o Eusebe TREMBLAY & Philomene FAUTEUX, witn: Albert LAFRAMBOISE & Eusebe TREMBLAY, both of South Indian, 10 Oct 1898 at South Indian 12390-98 Elie LAMOUREUX, 26, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o Felix LAMOUREUX & Julienne BRISEBOIS, married Rose Anna PAQUETTE, 20, Ste. Euphemie, same, d/o Francois PAQUETTE & Zoe DENIS, witn: Registe DEROUIN & Willie? BRISEBOIS, both of Ste. Euphemie, 30 June 1898 at Ste. Euphemie, Que
12402-98 Venance LANDRY, 24, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Venance LANDRY & Alphonsine GIBAULT, married Rosalie MARTIN, 29, St. Edouard, St. Albert, d/o Toussant MARTIN & Mary DAIGREAULT, witn: Venance LANDRY & Toussant MARTIN, both of St. Albert, 4 Oct. 1898 at St. Albert 12379-98 Remi LAPLANTE, 24, St. Albert, same, s/o Eusebe LAPLANTE & Melanie GIRVIN, married Malvina MEILLEUR, 19, St. Albert, same, d/o Aldae MEILLEUR & Onesime CLEMENT, witn: J.B. MARTIN & Louis PLANTE, both of St. Albert, 21 Feb 1898 at Cambridge
12384-98 Henri LARIVIERE, 30, St. Hilaire, Ste. Euphemie, s/o Cyprien LARIVIERE & Adeline BERTHIAUME, married Laura LEDUC, 25?, Ste. Euphemie, same, d/o Zephire LEDUC & Lea DUQUETTE, wit: Zephirin & Joseph LEDUC, both of Ste. Euphemie, 8 Jan 1898 at Cambridge 12399-98 Hubert LAURIN, 62, widower, mason, Ste. Scholastique, St. Albert, s/o Louis & blank, married Henriette GIROUX, 58, widow, Ste. Scholastique, St. Albert, d/o Paul? GIROUX & Olive DESJARDINS, witn: Stanislas DESROCHERS & Honore BRUNET, both of St. Albert, 4 Sept 1898 at Embrun
12395-98 Hormisdas LAURIN, 24, farmer, Ste. Martin, Ste. Euphemie, s/o George LAURIN & Celina HOTTE, married Vilena BOULERICE, 19, Ste. Euphemie, same, d/o Moise BOULERICE & Celina CAILLER, witn: Omer MORIN & Ovide LAURIN, both of Ste. Euphemie, 6 Sept 1898 at Ste. Euphemie 12391-98 Ferdinand LAURIN, 24, St. Dorothee, Ste. Euphemie, s/o Thomas LAURIN & Philomene BIGRAS, married Rose Ann DESLAURIERS, 19, Ste. Dorothee, Ste. Euphemie, d/o Alfred DESLAURIERS & Louise CHARBONNEAU, witn: Thomas & Ozias LAURIN of Ste. Euphemie, 4 July 1898 at Ste. Euphemie
12340-98 Emery LAUZON, 26, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Maurice LAUZON & Mathilde MENARD, married Ordina MARLEAU, 18, Alfred, same, d/o Ephrem MARLEAU & Philomene DICAIRE, witn: Arsidas MARLEAU of Alfred & M. Louise LAUZON of Fournier, 11 Jan 1898 at Alfred 12412-98 Narcisse LAUZON, 32, widower, laborer, Casselman, Lemieux, s/o Narcisse & blank, married Thietine? PAQUETTE, 22, Casselman, not given, d/o Alexandre PAQUETTE & Ulen--? DESPLANTER, witn: Alex PAQUETTE of Lemieux & Joseph LALONDE, 14 Feb 1898 at Casselman
12387-98 Narcisse LAUZON, 30, widower, farmer, Cambridge, St. Joseph Lemieux, s/o not given, married Theotiste PAQUETTE, 20, Cambridge, St. Joseph Lemieux, d/o Alexandre PAQUETTE & Clemence DUPLEIDE?, witn: Joseph LALONDE & Alexandre PAQUETTE, both of Casselman, 14 Feb 1898 at Ste. Euphemie 12378-98 Philippe LEBLANC, 23, farmer, St. Albert, same, s/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomene FORTIER, married Celina LEGAULT, 20, St. Albert, same, d/o Moise LEGAULT & Rachelle LAFRANCE, witn: Thomas LEBLANC & Moise LEGAULT, both of St. Albert, 21 Feb 1898 at Cambridge
12348-98 Adelard LEFAIVRE, 22, laborer, Monte Bello, Lefaivre, s/o Napoleon LEFAIVRE & Marguerite MENARD, married Pamela LANIEL, 23, Lefaivre, same, d/o Felix LANIEL & Philomene NAUBERT, witn: Napoleon LEFAIVRE & Felix LANIEL, both of Lefaivre, 13 June 1898 at Lefaivre 12354-98 Cherie LEFAIVRE, 26, farmer, St. Constent Que., Lefaivre, s/o Cherie LEFAIVRE & Olivine LEPAGE, married Georgiana LEFAIVRE, 22, Lefaivre, same, d/o Alexandre LEFAIVRE & Marie DEMERS, witn: Cherie & Alex LEFAIVRE, both of Lefaivre, 11 July 1898 at Lefaivre
12386-98 Joseph LEFEBVRE, 24, farmer, Sarsfield, same, s/o Etienne LEFEBVRE & Marguerite PARENT, married Emma BISSON, 19, Cambridge, St. Joseph Lemieux, d/o Joachim BISSON & Euphresine PARENT, witn: Etienne LEFEBVRE of Sarsfield & Joachim BISSON of Casselman, 7 Feb 1898 at Ste. Euphemie 12411-98 Joseph LEFELICE, 21, farmer, Sarsfield, same, s/o Etienne LEFELICE & Marguerite PARENT, married Emma BISSAR, 18, Casselman, not given, d/o Joachim BISSAR & Euphresine PARENT, witn: Etienne LEFELICE of Sarsfield & Joachim BISSAR of Lemieux, 7 Feb 1898 at Casselman
12424-98 Euclide LEGUERRIER, 20, farmer, St. Augustin Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Jules LEGUERRIER & Rose de Lima BEAUCHAMP, married Eliza LAVICTOIRE, 20, house keeper, Clarence Creek, d/o Fabien LAVICTOIRE & Melina BEAUCHAMP, witn: Jules LEGUERRIER & Charles BEAUCHAMP, both of Clarence Creek, 9 May 1898 at Clarence Creek 12361-98 Victor LEPAGE, 22, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Narcisse LEPAGE & Exilda BEAUCHAMP, married Rose Emma GAUTHIER, 21, Alfred, same, d/o Olivier GAUTHIER & Olive ROSON, witn: Xavier GAUTHIER & Clementine LEPAGE, both of Alfred, 26 Sept 1898 at Alfred

13425-99 Edwin Elward LOUGH, 35, blacksmith, Clarence, Lenard, s/o Robert LOUGH & Priscilla GEHAN married Agnes Amanda JOHNSTON, 26, Cumberland, Navan, d/o James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth MCCULLOUGH, witn: John O. LOUGH of Ottawa & Elizabeth A. JOHNSTON of Navan, 21 Dec 1898, Lenard

12420-98 Napoleon MARTEL, 21, farmer, St. Michel Wentworth, The Brook, s/o Jean Baptiste MARTEL & Eleanor CARRIERE, married Marie Louise DEAULT, 18, house keeper, The Brook, same, d/o Edmond DEAULT & Leocadie SAUVE, witn: Jean Bte. MARTEL & Edmond DEAULT, both of The Brook, 10 Jan 1898 at The Brook 12381-98 Calixte MATTE, 24, St. Albert, same, s/o Gabriel MATTE & Marguerite SABOURIN, married Azilda SANCHE, 25, St. Albert, same, d/o Leonard SANCHE & Azilda MELOCHE, witn: Augustin MATTE & Leonard SANCHE, both of St. Albert, 27 June 1898 at Cambridge
  13377-99 Hugh McKINNON, 43, Mayerville, same, s/o John McKINNON & Catherine McRAE, married Christy McLEOD, 33, Mayerville, same, d/o Malcolm McLEOD & Christy McCRIMMON, witn: Hugh McDOUGALL & James? WALDEN, both of South Finch, 9 Feb 1898 at South Finch
12396-98 William Fletcher McNAIRN, 38, farmer, Mille Roches, same, s/o Elisha McNAIRN & Catherine FLETCHER, married Agnes Stilwell LITTLE, 24, Osnabruck, Casselman, d/o James S. STILWELL & Lena, G. A. McINTOSH & Lena STILWELL, both of S. Casselman, 20 Sept 1898 at Casselman 12406-98 Antoine MEURNIER, 23, South Indian, same, s/o Antoine MEURNIER & Eliza VAN--LLE?, married Delia FOURNIER, 19, South Indian, same, d/o J. Bte. FOURNIER & Marie DAMAIS (Dumais?), witn: Albert LAFRAMBOISE & Antoine MEURNIER, both of South Indian, 31 Oct 1898 at South Indian
12372-98 Israel MONGEAU, 30, widower, farmer, St. Edward, St. Albert, s/o Israel MONGEAU & Delia LAPOINTE, married Amanda BRUNET, 26, St. Albert, same, d/o Eusebe BRUNET & blank, witn: Xavier QUESNEL & Modeste AUBRY, both of St. Albert, 10 Jan 1898 at Cambridge 12383-98 Joseph OUELLETTE, 29, St. Albert, Montreal, s/o Charles OUELLETTE & Josephine HAMILTON, married Justine FOUCHER, 26, St. Albert, same, d/o Medoric FOUCHER & Clodie PAQUETTE, witn: Constant VANIER & Joseph CLOUTIER, both of St. Albert, 13 July 1898 at Cambridge
12352-98 Octave PARISIEN, 26, farmer, L'Original, same, s/o Eusebe PARISIEN & Euphrasine LANTHIER, married Amanda ARCAND, 22, Alfred, same, d/o Antoine ARCAND & Rose LAFLAMME, witn: Herve ARCAND of Alfred & Delia PARISIEN of L'Original, 4 July 1898 at Alfred 12344-98 Napoleon PERRON, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Napoleon PERRON & Olympe NANTEL, married Clara GAUTHIER, 23, Alfred, same, d/o Olivier GAUTHIER & Olive ROZON, witn: Ferdinand CHEVRIER & Rose Emma GAUTHIER, both of Alfred, 18 April 1898 at Alfred
12417-98 Isidore PILON, 20, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Michel PILON & Philomene LAROCQUE, married Celina GENDRON, 18, house keeper, The Brook, same, d/o Moise GENDRON & Precille BELLEFEUILLE, witn: Michel PILON & Moise GENDRON, both of The Brook, 7 Feb 1898 at The Brook 12373-98 Edmond RICHARD, 22, farmer, Embrun, same, s/o Moise RICHARD & Odille PELTIER, married Victoria LANDRY, 20, St. Albert, same, d/o Venance LANDRY & Alphonsine GIBAULT, witn: Camille PELTIER of Embrun & A. D. GIBAULT of Ottawa, 18 Jan 1898 at Cambridge
12374-98 Napoleon RICHER, 24, St. Albert, same, s/o Cyrille RICHER & Marguerite LAFRANCE, married Mary NAUGHTON, 20, St. Albert, same, d/o Michael NAUGHTON & Ann RYAN, witn: Olivier RICHER & James NAUGHTON, both of St. Albert, 24 Jan 1898 at Cambridge 12428-98 Isaac RICHER, 31, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph RICHER & Emilie RACINE, married Rosina SAUVAGE, 30, house keeper, Clarence, same, d/o Louis SAUVAGE & Odile HUBERT, witn: Joseph RICHER of Ottawa & Louis SAUVAGE of Clarence, 19 June 1898 at Clarence Creek
12421-98 Hector St.DENIS, 24, baker, of The Brook, s/o Cyprien St.DENIS & Flory McDONALD, married Hermeline HENRIE, 18, house keeper, Clarence Creek, The Brook, d/o Moise HENRIE & Victoire DESJARDINS, witn: Alexandre THEORET of The Brook & Pierre PILON of The Lake, 21 Feb 1898 at The Brook 12356-98 Louis St.JEAN, 20, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Xavier St.JEAN & Justine LEDUC, married Olive DAOUST, 19, Alfred, same, d/o Antoine DAOUST & Odile BISSONNETTE, witn: Ludger DAOUST & Delina BISSONNETTE, both of Alfred, 5 Sept 1898 at Alfred
12359-98 Joseph SARRAZIN, 25, laborer, Alfred, same, s/o Joseph SARRAZIN & Arthemise CHENIER, married Delia VILLEMARIE, 23, Alfred, same, d/o Jos. VILLEMARIE & Saladine THOMAS, witn: Alderic BRUNET & Jos. SARRASIN, both of Alfred, 12 Sept 1898 at Alfred 12404-98 Ephram SAUVAGE, 22, Crysler, St. Albert, s/o Olivier SAUVAGE & Josephte LALONDE, married Agnes BRUNET, 16, St. Albert, same, d/o Eusebe BRUNET & Delia LAPOINTE, witn: Israel MONJEAU (Monjean?) & Adrien BRUNET, both of St. Albert, 10 Oct 1898 at St. Albert
12408-98 Henry SAUVE, 21, St. Hilaire, Montreal, s/o Cyprien SAUVE & Adeline BILTUAME, married Laura LEDUC, 22, d/o Zepherin LEDUC & Lea DUQUETTE, witn: Zepherin & Joseph LEDUC, 8 Jan 1898 at Casselman [no other info given] 12415-98 Edmond SAUVE, 24, laborer, The Brook, same, s/o Felix SAUVE & Hurelie DELISLE, married Virginie LEFEBVRE, 25, house keeper, Ste. Marceline, The Brook, d/o Jean Baptiste LEFEBVRE & Euphrosie LABERGE, witn: Felix SAUVE Jr. & Jean Bre. LEFEBVRE, both of The Brook, 10 Jan 1898 at The Brook
12414-98 Edward SCHNEIDER, 23, laborer, Casselman, same, s/o Edward SCHNEIDER & Almina? SEGUIN, married Rosalin SARRASIN, 18, d/o Joseph SARRASIN & Rosalie SABOURIN, witn: Edward SCHNEIDER of Casselman & Joseph SARRASIN, 26 April 1898 at Casselman [no other info given] 12345-98 Joseph SEGUIN, 23, cheese maker, Alfred, same, s/o Hyacinthe SEGUIN & Sophie MONET, married Celina PITRE, 20, Alfred, same, d/o Michel PITRE & Emilie MORIN, witn: Delphis VILLEMARIE & Jules BLEAU, both of Alfred, 10 May 1898 at Alfred

13428-99 Philip SILMSOR, 36, tanner, Osgoode, Vars, s/o Philip & Nancy married Lizzie POIRIER, 22, Darlington, Cambridge, d/o Andrew & Agnes, witn: George SILMSOR & Harriette SULLIVAN of Ottawa, 19 Dec 1898, Vars

12389-98 Edmond SNIDER, 24, Cambridge, Ste. Euphemie, s/o Edmond SNIDER & Alexina SEGUIN, married Rosalie SARRASIN, 19, Cambridge, Ste. Euphemie, d/o Joseph SARRASIN & Rosalie SABOURIN, witn: Edmond SNIDER & Joseph SARRASIN, both of Ste. Euphemie, 26 April 1898 at Ste. Euphemie 12418-98 Wilfrid TESSIER, 25, farmer, Ripon, Clarence Creek, s/o Leandre TESSIER & Zoe VIAU, married Delia GAREAU, 20, house keeper, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Joachim GAREAU & Henriette GAREAU, witn: Hercule VIAU & Joachim GAREAU, both of Clarence Creek, 21 Feb 1898 at Clarence Creek
12410-98 Joseph THEORET, 23, farmer, St. Albert, Casselman, s/o Jacques THEORET & Adele PAQUIN, married Eugenie FORAN, 19, Casselman, same, d/o Joseph FORAN & Visarene HEBERT, witn: Jos. St.DENIS of Casselman & Alpheus BERGERON, 1 Feb 1898 at Casselman 12385-98 Joseph THEORET, 28, farmer, Ste. Euphemie, St. Albert, s/o Jacques THEORET & Odile PAQUIN, married Eugenie DORAN, 22, Ste Edward, Ste. Euphemie, d/o Joseph DORAN & illegible HEBERT, witn: Joseph St.DENIS & Alphonse BERGERON, both of Ste. Euphemie, 1 Feb 189 at Cambridge
12351-98 Joseph VACHON, 22, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Joseph VACHON & Sophie LAVIOLETTE, married Delicia CYR, 21, Alfred, same, d/o Xavier CYR & Eleonore TESSIER, witn: Joseph VACHON & Xavier CYR, both of Alfred, 4 July 1898 at Alfred 12375-98 Gustave VIAU, 32, widower, St. Edward, St. Albert, s/o not given, married Amanda CARTIE, 25, St. Albert, same, d/o Louis CARTIE & Rosalie RICHER, witn: Louis CARTIE, 31 Jan 1898 at Cambridge