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Prescott & Russell Co., Marriages, 1869

Transcribed from Ontario Archive microfilm MS 248, reel 14, vol 57

These are all of the marriages that were registered in 1869 in Prescott County that were on the above mentioned microfilm (there were no marriages after 1 July1869 in these registers

FORMAT: His name, age, birth place, residence & parents; her name, age, birth place, residence & parents; witness, date


page 63, return 112, by A. Short, Methodist E. Church

Samuel HUNTER, 29, Ireland, South Plantagenet, s/o Alex HUNTER & Mary FINLAYSON, married Sarah HUNTER, 27, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Samuel HUNTER & Jane M. LAVERTY, witn: John HUNTER & Clarissa GATES, both of S. Plantagenet, 20 April 1869

Joseph PERSCIHA, 27, Lower Canada, Caledonia, s/o Usted PERSCIHA & blank, married Sarah FRANKLIN, 30, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Benjamin FRANKLIN & Elizabeth MAY, witn: William FRANKLIN & E.E. SHORT, both of South Plantagenet, 21 April 1869


page 64, return 113 Rev. George Ferguson, Presbyterian in connection with the Church of Scotland

Abel Waters WELLS, 28, L'Orignal, same, s/o Waters WELLS & Eliza CASS, married Malvina GATES, 24, L'Orignal, same, d/o Ogden GATES & Hannah CASS, no witnesses, 27 Jan 1869


page 64, return 114, by A. Brunet, parish priest, L'Orignal

Hilaire CHARLEBOIS, 27, L'Orignal, same, s/o Hyacinthe CHARLEBOIS & M. BEAUBIEN, married Mary Helene BEAUDRY, 25, L'Orignal, same, d/o Pierre BEAUDRY & Phebe FOUNIER?, witn: Hyacinthe CHARLEBOIS of L'Orignal, 1 Jan 1869

Moise BOUCHER, 22, St. Scholastique, USA, s/o Noel BOUCHER & Zoe PAYMENT, married Henriette CORMIER?, 22, St. Scholastique, L'Orignal, d/o Hyacinthe CORMIER & Adel DE--YAUX?, witn: Noel BOUCHER of St. Scholastique, 30 Jan 1869

Armeda LALONDE, 28, Vaudrueiul, Alfred, s/o Bapt. LALONDE & Jul. RANGER, married Sophia TOURANGEAU, 17, L'Orignal, same, d/o P. TOURANGEAU & M. A. CHARBONNEAU, witn: B. LALONDE of Alfred, 5 April 1869

Evaniste BOUCHER, 42?, St. Scholastique, Hawkesbury, s/o Ch. BOUCHER & Ann MENARD, married Philomene MALLETE, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o F. MALLETTE & Helen SAYER, witn: Oct. LARIVIERE of Hawkesbury, 5 April 1869

Noe AUBIN, 21, St. Jerome, Hawkesbury, s/o Bapt. AUBIN & Lis LAMARCHE? (Larouche?), married Olive DESMOULIN, 22, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Pie. DESMOULIN & Lucie RICHER, witn: Moise AUBIN of Van Kleek Hill, 24 May 1869

Dominique PROULX, 28, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Ch. PROULX & F. BERNARD, married Angelina MONIN, 19, Lac des Deau Montagnes, L'Orignal, d/o A. MONIN & El. LEFEBVRE, witn: Charles PROULX of Hawkesbury, 24 May 1869

Emil DESMOULIN, no age given, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o R. DESMOULIN & L. RICHER, married Marie MALLETTE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o F. MALLETTE & Helen SERGE?, witn: Octave LARIVIERE of Hawkesbury, 7 June 1869


page 64 & 65, return 115, by Rev. P. Bertrand, priest, North Plantagenet, Curran P.O.

James WILSON, 25, Ireland, Plantagenet, s/o James & Mary, married Maria [no surname given], 20, Plantagenet, same, d/o William & Catherine SEXTON, witn: William & James [no surname given] of Plantagenet, 7 Jan 1869

Damase GOURE, 23, St. Esprit, Plantagenet, s/o Joseph GOURE & Margaret RIVET, married J. R. ALLARD, 23, St. Clement, Plantagenet, d/o Jos. ALLARD & Marie GRENIER, witn: Felix DESJARDIN & Chr? ALLARD, both of Plantagenet, 18 Jan 1869

Baptiste MODERY, 24, Plantagenet, same, s/o Joseph MODERY & Rosalie GIREAUX?, married Vict. LABROSSE, 21, St. Domas, Plantagenet, d/o Bapt. LABROSSE & Zoe St.PIERRE, witn: Isidore BOULUE & Rene PIGEON, both of Plantagenet, 18 Jan 1869

Bazele REAGE, 21, St. Joseph, Plantagenet, s/o Louis REAGE & A. CHENIER, married Armine MONDOU, 20, St. Clet, Plantagenet, d/o Xavier MONDOU & Angele DAOUST, witn: Maxwell? LALONDE & Isidore BOULUE, both of Plantagenet, 27 Jan. 1869

Hercule HOUL, 22, St. Jean, Plantagenet, s/o Thomas HOUL & Marie GRAVELLE, married Isence? DUGATT, 18, Montreal, Plantagenet, d/o Bapt. DUGATT & Ang. St.DENIS, witn: Thomas HOUL & Bapt. DUGATT, both of Plantagenet, 5 May 1869

Bapt. FRANCH, 26, St. Benoit, Plantagenet, s/o Louis FRANCH & Marg ROBILLARD, married Emma MARTIN, 17, Ste, Marthe, Plantagenet, d/o Pierre MARTIN & Rene (Rose?) AMLIN?, witn: Pierre MARTIN & Louisa FRANCH, both of Plantagenet, 11 (16?) May 1869

Ludger HOUL, 21, St. Jean, Plantagenet, s/o Thomas HOUL & Marie GRAVELLE, married Louise PROULX, 17, St. Joseph, Plantagenet, d/o Louis PROULX & Marie BRUNET, witn: Isidore BOULUE & Thomas HOUL, both of Plantagenet, 29 June 1869


page 65, return 116, by J. Thomas Duhamel, RC

Ronald McDONELL, 50, Lochiel, East Hawkesbury, s/o Ronald McDONELL & Mary McDOUGALL, married Catherine GILLIES, 41, Crooms Scotland, East Hawkesbury, d/o Gillies GILLIES & Nancy McDOUGALL, witn: Hugh McARTHUR of East Hawkesbury & Catherine McDOUGALL of Lochiel, 11 Jan 1869

Arthur LAVALLEE, 23, St. Joseph, St. Justine de illegible, s/o Alexis LAVALLEE & Odile CARDINAL, married Delina CARDINAL, 14, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Benjamin CARDINAL & Virginie VACHON, witn: Cyprien St.DENIS of St. Justine & Domathilde VACHON of Rigaud, 1 Feb 1869

Dosothe SABOURIN, 22, St. Marthe, East Hawkesbury, s/o Israel SABOURIN & Adeline CONTURE? (Conton?), married Ann ROULEAU, 19, St. Benoit, East Hawkesbury, d/o J. B. ROULEAU & T. GRANDMAISON, witn: J. B. ROULEAU of East Hawkesbury & Cyprien SABOURIN of St. Marthe, 7 Feb 1879

Joseph LEFEBVRE, 28, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, s/o Pierre LEFEBVRE & Mik? CADIEUX, married M. LAFLAMME, 22, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Ant. LAFLAMME & Cath LAROCQUE, witn: Bapt. LEFEBVRE & Rose LAFLAMME, both of East Hawkesbury, 8 Feb 1869

Robert WILEY, 25, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o John WILEY & Sarah HUGHES, married Elizabeth HUGHES, 20, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Henry HUGHES & Bridget McGIRK, witn: Henry HUGHES & Margaret WILEY, both of East Hawkesbury, 22 June 1869

Venance LALONDE, 23, Isle Bizard, East Hawkesbury, s/o Gatien LALONDE & Ursule DARROGON, married Marie BRAZEAU, 21, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Pierre BRAZEAU & Marie MALOTTE, witn: Joseph & Sophie BRAZEAU of East Hawkesbury, 28 June 1869


page 65 & 66, return 117, by Seraphine Philips, RC

George GATE (Gabe?), 22, Calledony, same, (Caledonia?) s/o Charles GATE & Anna WILSON, married Anna [no surname given], 20, Calledony, same, d/o Dan LADEYOU? & Mary TERY, witn: Theo? LEMIEUX of Fournierville, 24 June 1869

Joseph DESJARDIN, 22, Cambridge, same, s/o F. DESJARDIN & J. CHARETTE, married [no name given], 21, Cambridge, same, do B. PAQUETTE & blank, witn: Ant. OLIVE of Fournierville, 26 June 1869