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Britsh Probate Records

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George GREATBACH, #479, personal estate L 955 7s. 9d.

19 June. The Will with a Codicil of George Greatbach late of Goldstitch House Friern Park North Finchley in the County of Middlesex Engraver who died 4 April 1884 at Goldstitch House was proved at the Principal Registry by Eve Greatbach of Goldstitch House Widow the Relict Edith Tattersall (wife of Henry Vaughan Tattersall) of the Romans Warwick-road New Barnet in the County of Hertford the daughter and George Herbert Greatbach of Goldstitch House Architect the son the Executors



Greatbach, Anna Ridgway, Personal Estate L445 15s. 6d.

21 October. The Will of Anna Ridgway Greatbach late of Lord-street Southport in the County of Lancaster Spinster who died 23 September 1885 at Lord-street was proved at Liverpool by Benjamin Boothroyd of 3 Rawlinson-road Southport Silk Mercer the Nephew to sole Executor


Greatbach, John, Personal Estate L7, 549 2s. 4d.

Resworn April 1885, L8051 12s. 4d.

5 February. The Will of John Greatbach late of 50 Bristol-road Edgbaston in the County of Warwick who died 2 Jan 1885 at Edgbaston was proved at Birmingham by Edwin Thomas Greatbach Watchmaker the Nephew and Joseph Fenn Tailor both of Birmingham in the said County the Executors


Wadeson Delamore #897, personal estate L250 11s. 9d.

23 October The Will of Delamore Wadeson late of Epping in the County of Essex Gentleman who died 3 October 1885 at Epping was proved at the Principal Registry by Mary Hobbs of Epping Widow the sole Executrix.


Wadeson, James Weyman #764, Personal estate L 3,460 2s. 1d.

27 August The Will of James Weyman Wadeson late of Delamore in the Parish of Sutton St. Mary in the County of Lincoln Gentleman who died 28 July 1885 at Delamore was proved at the Principal Registry by Anna Maria Wadeson of Delamore Widow the Relict the sole Executrix


Wadeson, Richard, Personal Estate L530 8s. 5d.

13 February. The Will of Richard Wadeson late of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in the County of Middlesex Lieutenant-Governor of the said Hospital who died 24 January 1885 at the Royal Hospital was proved at the Principal Registry by Susan Wadeson of 20 Grosvenor Place Cheltenham in the County of Gloucester Widow the Relict the sole Executrix


Wadeson, Thomas, Personal Estate L306 0s. 6d.

6 May. The Will of Thomas Wadeson late of Holme in the County of Westmoreland Boatman who died 13 April 1885 at Holme was proved at Carlisle by Joseph Wadeson of Holme Boatman the Son the sole Executor



Gustave COHN, 20 Jan, formerly of Canonbury-park Islington but late of 19 Osborn St. Whitechapel both in the county of Middlesex who died 17 November 1889 at 19 Osborn Street was proved at the Prinicipal Registry by Clara Cohn of 19 Osborne St., widow, the Relict, one of the Executors [personal estate 256 pounds]

Archibald COKE 24 June. The Will of Archibald Coke late of Upper Aughton road Birkdale in the county of Lancaster Publican who died 27 May 1890 at Birkdale domiciled in England was proved at Liverpool by John Coke and James Coke licensed victualers and Archibald Coke bookkeeper all of Birkdale the Sons the Executors [personal estate 5110 pounds]

Andrew COOPER 14 March Administration of the Personal estate of Andrew Cooper late of 126 West-view in the city of County of Newcastle-on-Tyne Craneman, a Bachelor who died 26 Feb 1890 at the Blawick Ordnance Works Newcastle-on-Tyne was granted at Newcastle-on-Tyne to William Cooper of 126 West-view joiner the Father and Next of Kin [personal estate 100 pounds]

Ann COOPER 20 March The Will of Ann Cooper late of Syston in the county of Leicester Widow who died 9 March 1890 at Syston was proved at Leicester by John Popple of 34 Spinney Hill road Leicester in the said County Licensed Victualer and William Carter of 20 Norman Street Radcliffe in the county of Lancaster Engineer the Nephews the Executors [personal estate 300 pounds]

Ann COOPER, 15 Oct The Will of Ann Cooper (wife of Alfred Cooper) late of Darwen in the County of Lancaster who died 30 Sept 1890 at Darwen was proved at Lancaster by John Kay of 10 Sudell Road Darwen Butcher the Brother & George Bateson of 4 Heese-street Darwen Baker the Executors [personal estate 907 pounds]

Ann COOPER, 16 Oct The Will of Ann Cooper late of 160A Piccadilly in the County of Middlesex Widow who died 1 Oct. 1890 at 160A Piccadilly was proved at the Principal Registry by James Henry Cooper of 147 the Grove Hammersmith in the said County Gentleman the Son the sole Executor [personal estate 1843 pounds #917]

Charles William COOPER 3 Feb Administration of the Personal Estate of Charles William Cooper late of 9 Woodstock street Oxford Street in the County of Middlesex who died 17 Jan 1890 at 9 Woodstock Street was granted at the Principal Registry to Georgina Cooper of 9 Woodstock street Widow the Relict [personal estate 150 pounds]

Charlotte COOPER 18 March The Will with three codicils of Charlotte Cooper late of Springfield near Holywell in the County of Flint Widow who died 19 Feb 1890 at Springfield was proved at the Principal Registry by Robert Henry Meyrike of 4 Stone buildings Lincolns Inn in the County of Middlesex Barrister-at-law William Horseman Kirkby of 1 Tithebarn-street Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Insurance Broke and James Powell of 34 Essex-street in the County of Middlesex Solicitor the Executors [personal estate 27, 089 pounds, #236]

Charlotte COOPER 5 May The Will of Charlotte Cooper late of 29 Darenth-road Stoke Newington in the County of Middlesex Widow who died 19 April 1890 at 29 Darenth-road was proved at the Principal Registry by Aaron Henry Tomlinson of 29 Darenth-road Journalist the sole Executor [personal estate 162 pounds #467]

Charlotte COOPER 17 May The Will with a Codicil of Charlotte Cooper late of Barrow in the County of Lincoln was proved at Lincoln by Thomas Bennett Farmer the Brother and Thomas Newham Farmer both of Barrow the Executors [personal estate 345 pounds]

Rachel DAYUS 3 March. The Will of Rachel Dayus (wife of John Dayus) late of 2 Bridge-street Broad-street in the City of Birmingham who died 9 Feb 1890 at the "King William" Inn Blockhouse in the City of Worcester was proved at Birmingham by Charles Jones of Chestnut Walk in the City of Worcester and Henry George Trim of Lowesmoor Wharf in the City of Worcester Gentlemen the Executors

Alfred DEACON 23 July. The Will of Alfred Deacon late of 2 Yarborough-villas Yarborough-road East Cowes in the Isle of Wight in the County of Southampton Journeyman Boatbuilder and Shipwright who died 21 May 1890 at 2 Yarborough-villas was proved at Winchester by James Deacon of 27 Dickens Road Landport Portsmouth in the said County Shipwright in Her Majesty’s Dockyard at Portsmouth the Brother the sole Executor

Mary DEVONALD 5 Sept. Administration of the Personal Estate of Mary Devonald late of the Pensykber in the Parish of Letterston in the county of Pembroke Widow who died 1 April 1890 at Pensykber was granted at Carmarthen to James Devonald of Pensykber Farmer the Son and one of the Next of Kin [personal estate 241 pounds]

Sarah DEVOY 17 May. Administration of the Personal Estate of Sarah Devoy (Wife of Frederick Thomas Devoy) late of the 13 Woodland-road Upper Norwood in the County of Surrey who died 7 Dec 1887 at 13 Woodland-road was granted at the Principal Registry to the said Frederick Thomas Devoy of 2 Crondace-road Fulham in the County of Middlesex Commercial Traveller [personal estate 25 pounds]

Emily DEW, 16 Dec. The Will of Emily Dew formerly of 1 Albert-road Leyton in the County of Essex but late of 6 Spencer-terrace Earslfield-road Wandsworth Common in the County of Surrey Spinster who died 2 Nov 1890 at 5 Spencer-terrace was proved at the Principal Registry by Howard Dew of 6 Spencer-terrace Solicitor's clerk and Edward Dew of 9 Harlwood-street Harlwood-square in the County of Middlesex Upholsterers Clerk the Brothers the Executors [personal estate 376 pounds #1103]

Mary DEW, 22 Jan . Administration (with the Will) of the Personal Estate of Mary Dew late of Fairy-street in the City of Liverpool widow who died 18 Dec 1889 at the Royal Infirmary in the said City was granted at Liverpool to Drusilla Jackson (Wife of William Jackson) of 7 Back-lane Kendal in the County of Westmoreland the Niece and one of the Next of Kin [personal estate 87 pounds]

Rebecca DEW 3 Sept The Will of Rebecca Dew formerly of 1 Orchard-cottage but late of Sudbrook Cottage Petersham-road both in Ham in the County of Surrey Widow who died 1 Aug 1890 at Sudbrook Cottage was proved at the Principal Registry by Henry Richard Pendry of 82 Calabria-road Highbury in the County of London Accountant the Nephew the sole Executor [personal estate 506 pounds #849]




Apps Hannah of Goudhurst Kent spinster died 10 Feb 1902 Probate London 13 March to Emma Capps widow Effects L116 2s. 6d. [284]

Apps John William of 5 Laleham-road Catford Kent died 30 Dec 1901 Probate London 15 Jan to Martha Apps widow Effects L265 15s. 6d.

Apter William Henry of Towson-street Liverpool insurance-agent died 8 Jan 1902 Administration Liverpool 14 March to Janet Apter widow Effects L143 15s.

Arathoon Samuel John of 80 Ledbury-road Bayswater Middlesex died 2 March 1902 Probate London 15 May to Gilbert John Gardner gentleman Effects L20

Arber Mary Ann of Downham-road Ely (wife of James Philip Arber) died 3 Sept 1902 at Fulbourn Cambridgeshire Probate Peterborough 21 Nov to Emma Murfitt (wife of Hallett William Murfitt) Effects L79 12s. 2d.

Arber Samuel Joseph of Barton Mere-farm Pakenham Suffolk farmer died 7 Nov 1902 Administration Bury St. Edmunds 27 Nov to Fanny Arber widow L797 4s. 4d.

Arberrry William of Oxon-house Lawn-terrace Exmouth Devon naval-pensioner died 9 July 1902 Probate Exeter 26 July to John Bray retired chief-gunnery-instructor from Royal Navy Effects L289 15s.

Bourner Mary Ann of Ashburnham Sussex spinster died 3 Dec 1992 Probate Lewes 16 April to Charles Bourner farmer Effects L17 16s. 10d.

Bourner Sarah Annie of 112 Upland-road East Dulwich Surrey (wife of Charles Bourner) died 26 Nov 1902 Administration London 22 Dec to the said Charles Bourner gun maker Effects L195

Cairns John of 36 Walker-street Blackburn porter at convalescent-home died 20 Dec 1901 Administration Lancaster 21 Jan to Anne Cairns widow Effects L145 16s. 11d.

Cairns John of Seaton Burn Northumberland mason died 25 Dec 1901 Probate Newcastle-upon-Tyne 29 Sept to Thomas Gibson grocer and provision-dealer Effects L1268 3s. 10d.

Cairns Lydia of Ellerslie Corstorphine Midlothian died 11 March 1902 Confirmation o miss Emily Cairns Sealed London 17 May

Cairns Martha of 8 Howard-street Newcastle-upon-Tyne widow died 10 Dec 1901 Administration Newcastle-upon-Tyne 16 Jan to Thomas Cairns salesman Effects L10

Cairns Matthew of 98 Marley-hill Gateshead coke-drawer died 22 Dec 1901 Administration Durham 11 March to Mary Cairns widow Effects L401 13s. 11 d.

Cairns Richard of Model School-house Carmarthen died 18 Feb 1902 Probate Carmarthen 4 March to Elizabeth Cairns widow Effects L87 10s.

Cairns Thomas of 8 Howard-street Newcastle-upon-Tyne cart-driver died 5 Feb 1876 Administration (with Will) Newcastle-upon-Tyne 29 Jan to Thomas Cairns salesman Effects L10

Caisley James of 4 Newby Terrace Stockton-on-Tees retired carpenter died 9 Aug 1901 Probate Durham 5 Feb to Margaret Ann Henderson spinster Effects L268 16s. 6d.

Caithness Catherine Bligh of 14 Denmark-villas Hove Sussex spinster died 24 Dec 1901 Probate London 10 Feb to Catherine Jolliffe Carpenter spinster Effects L33 14 s. 9d. [167]

Caithness James Ernest of "Berriedale" Eaton-rise Ealing Middlesex died 16 Feb 1902 Probate London 9 April to William Adolphus Browne chartered accountant Effects L71420 19s. 6d. [452]

Cake John Foot of 45 the Grove Dorchester Dorestshire died 23 Nov 1901 Administration London 13 Jan to Sarah Jane Cake widow Effects L20 12s.  

Cock John of 2 River-street Colne Lancashire retired stonemason died 23 May 1902 Probate Lancaster 17 July to Silvester Cock reed maker an Marsden Ridehalgh warp dresser Effects L1868 10s. 11 d.

Cohen Morris of 125 St. Georges-road Southwark and 18 Lower Marsh Lambeth both in Surrey and of 103 Praed-street Middlesex died 25 April 1902 at 125 St. Georges-road Administration London 13 June to Frances Cohen widow Effects L658 0s. 7d.

Cohen Nellie of 78 Holland-road Kensington Middlesex (wife of Abner Cohen) died 3 March 1902 Probate London 22 March to the said Abner Cohen gentleman Effects L20 [313]

Cohnheim Richard of 99 Mittelweg Hamburg died 25 Oct 1901 Administration (with Will) London 9 April to Thea Cohnheim widow Effects L2723 5s. 8d. [456]

Coke Frances of 9 Melrose-gardens Middlesex widow died 14 July 1902 Administration (with Will) London 5 Nov to Lucy Theodora Boddington widow Effects L446 14s. 6d. [1383]

Coke the honorable William Harriott of "Mount Pleasant" St. Elizabeth Jamaica died 20 Aug 1901 Administration (with Will) (Limited) London 23 June to Arthur Edward Savill solicitor the attorney of Mary Coke spinster and Arthur Wildman Farquharson Effects L678 17s. 10d. [775]

Cokeham George William of 105 North-hill Highgate Middlesex died 19 July 1902 Administration London 3 Sept to Sarah Cokeham widow Effects L88 4s.

De Vries Frits Klazes of 12 Broad Park-avenue Ilfracombe Devonshire died 21 Oct [1902? - torn page] Probate London 25 Nov to Charles Harryman brewer Effects L2822 10s. 3d.

Dew Frank Owen of Carreg Bran Llanfairpwll Anglesey died 18 Aug 1900 at sea Probate London 6 Sept to Louise Dew widow Effects L683 2s. 6d.

Dew Harriet of 25 Spohr-terrace South Shields widow died 20 April 1902 Probate Durham 21 May to Mary Jane Dew spinster Effects L225

Dew the reverend Henry of Whitney Herefordshire clerk died 16 Nov 1901 at London Probate Hereford 5 Feb to the reverend Edward Napleton Dew clerk Effects L6758 10s. 2d. Resworn L7065 8s. 11d.

Dew Margaret Jane of Letton-court Letton Herefordshire (wife of Tom Millett Dew) died 5 Dec 1901 probate London 5 Feb to the said Tom Millett Dew esquire Effects L53214 2s. 8d. Resworn April 1903 L53107 10s. 8d. [176]

Dew Richard Carroway of Blakeney Norfolk master-mariner died 11 Nov 1902 probate Norwich 10 Dec to Emily Jane Dew widow Effects L244 15s.

De Weerth Ernest Otto of 45 avenue-du-Bois de Boulogne Paris France died 1 Nov 1902 Administration London 27 to Helen Baltzell de Weerth widow Effects L382 10s.

Vining Ann of 61 St. James-road Bermondsey Surrey widow died 28 May 1902 Probate London 13 June to Henry Arthur Vining compositor Effects L352 9s. 7d. [869]

Vinnicombe Emmanuel of 59 Russell-road Bowes Park Middlesex died 4 march 1902 at the cottage-hospital Wood Green Middlesex Probate London 3 April to Emmanuel Vinnicombe carman & contractor Effects L178 19s. 5d [580]

Vint Juliana Narina of Summerfield Idle Calverley Yorkshire widow died 18 march 1895 at Ulverston Lancashire Administration Wakefield 9 Sept to William Whitley Vint worsted-spinner Effects L302 0s. 10d.

Vipan Harriet of Stibbington -hall Huntingdonshire widow died 13 Aug 1901 Administration London 8 Feb to John Alexander Maylin Vipan retired captain in H.M. army Effects L4246 0s. 2d.

Vipond Jane of Wath-brow Cleator Moor Cumberland (wife of Joseph Vipond) died 21 March 1996 Administration Carlisle 19 Feb to William John Harrison engineer Effects L146 14s. 6d.

Vipond John of 3 Crowther-street Salford pattern-maker died 27 Oct 1901 Administration Manchester 24 Feb to John Vipond laborer Effects L137 17s.

Vipond Joseph of Carbonada Washington America miner died 17 July 1887 Administration London 8 Feb to William John Harrison engineer Effects L146 14s. 6d.


1903 probate

Apps Edwin of Whyke-lane Chichester porter died 23 Feb 1903 Probate Chichester 12 March to Betsy Apps widow and William Thomas Tribe stationer Effects L290 11s. 8d.

Apps Frances Mary of 24 Queen-street Ashford Kent spinster died 1 April 1903 at the Cottage-hospital Ashford Probate Canterbury 20 April to Samuel William Goldsmith lodging-house-keeper Effects L50 15s. 8d.

Apps Jesse of Old-hill Loose Kent died 14 Sept 1903 Probate London 23 Oct to Margaret Gray (wife of George Gray) Effects L16 10s. [1152]

Cochrane Louisa of 24 Brunswick-road Hove Sussex widow died 17 May 1903 Probate Lewes 8 Aug to the reverend Henry Vincent Le Bas and the reverend Reginald Philip Goldney clerks and Reginald Vincent Le Bas barrister-at-law Effects L5755 12s. 5d.

Cochrane William of Oakfield-house Gosforth Northumberland esquire died 25 Nov 1903 Probate Newcastle-upon-Tyne 17 Dec to Cecil Algernon Cochrane esquire Effects L127274 17s. 4d.

Cock Charles Hesse of Bridgefoot South Mims Middlesex died 27 march 1903 Probate London 24 April to William Arthur Pye esquire and Frank Chorlton Lingard solicitor Effects L49991 6s. Resworn L54087 4s. 6d. [445]

Cock Emily Alive Rennets of 36 Alcester-street Stoke Devonport (wife of James Cock) died 9 Dec 1902 Administration London 1 April to the said James Cock schoolmaster Effects L871 12. 10d.

Cock Henry of 5 Hinton-road Wallington Surrey died 17 march 1902 Administration (with Will) London 28 Feb to Sarah Grace Cock spinster Effects L943 5s. 11 d. Former grant April 1902 [154]

Cock Henry of 5 Beaufort-street Stapleton-road Bristol cooper died 20 Feb 1903 Administration Bristol 11 March to Henry Cock cooper Effects L186 1s. 2d.

Cock John of Cliff-road Porthleven Sithney Cornwall fisherman died 15 March 1903 Probate Bodmin 17 April to Elizabeth Cock widow Effects L425

Cock John of Oxford-lodge 4 Green-road Southsea Hants. died 22 April 1903 at King-street Southsea Probate London 5 June to John Frederick Cock chemist's assistant Effects L1749 17s. 1d. [706]

Cock Thomas of 16 Belgravia-street Penzance auctioneer died 7 Dec 1902 Probate Bodmin 3 March to John Sampson marine-store dealer Effects L239 16s. 6d.

Cock Thomas of Churchtown Madron Cornwall parish-sexton died 15 Jan 1903 Administration (with Will) Bodmin 12 March to Jessie Cock spinster Effects L87 17s.

Cock William of Portscatho Gerrans Cornwall mercer and tailor died 23 April 1903 Administration Bodmin 14 May to Jane Cock widow Effects L279 18s.

Cockayne Ann of West Langton Leicestershire widow died 28 Fen 1903 Probate Leicester 3 April to James Jesson butcher Effects L1511 17s. 4d.

Cockayne John William of 54 Endcliffe Rise-road Sheffield died 8 July 1903 Probate London 11 Sept to John Dodsley Webster architect and Thomas Walter Hall solicitor Effects L31290 7s. 7d. Resworn Oct 1903 L31688 7s. 7d.

Cohn Anna of San Francisco California America spinster died 4 April 1901 at Berlin Germany Administration (with Will) (Limited) London 27 Jan to Arthur Torriano Rickards solicitor the attorney for Adolph Unger and Hugo Rothschild Effects L1300 [27]

Coignet Jean Francois of 40 rue-Michelet St. Etienne Loire France died 18 June 1902 Administration (with Will) London 14 Feb to Marie Elisa Octavie Coignet widow Effects L530 6s. 3d. [151]

Coish Frederick John of 59 High-street Camden Town Middlesex died 16 Sept 1902 Administration London 3 Jan to Frederick John Coish dentist Effects L147 9s. 8d.

Coish Henrietta of 153 Fratton-road Portsea Hants., widow, died 3 July 1903 Probate London 2 Oct to Thomas Coish builder and William Coish clerk Effects L427 3s. 6d. [1174]

Coke James Abraham of Trowbridge Wiltshire died 5 Aug 1903 Probate London 23 Sept to Richard Henry Sainsbury gasworks manager Effects L806 6s. 5f. [1068]

Cokeley Ellen of South-street Taunton widow died 10 Feb 1903 Probate Taunton 16 March to Thomas Luker Penny dairyman Effects L369 8s. 5d.

Dew George Valentine of Rose-cottage Cley-road Holt Norfolk farmer died 2 Nov 1902 probate Norwich 10 Nov to Martha Ann Dew widow James Dew bricklayer and Walter Dew blacksmith Effects L349 8s.

Dew Henry of 1 Albert-street West Hartlepool master-mariner died 4 March 1903 Probate Durham 9 April to Charles Cade Burnett commercial-traveller Effects L710 7s.

Dew Henry of 1 Valmar-road Camberwell Surrey died 1 May 1903 Probate London 25 May to Alfred James Dew & James Balls managers and Richard Gillbam cowkeeper Effects L5625 1s. 11d. [580]

Dew Henry George of Willesborough Lees Ashford Kent died 9 June 1903 Probate London 14 July to William Harold Dew railroad-clerk and Alfred James Dew coachman Effects L428 10s. [841]

Dew John of 13 Nelson-street City-road Middlesex died 13 June 1903 at St. Bartholomew's Hospital Middlesex. Administration London 9 July to John Dew commercial -clerk Effects L121 2s.

Dew Mary Ann Berrow of the "Laurels" Allensmore Herefordshire (wife of James Dew) died 24 June 1903 Probate Hereford 2 Oct to Ellen Maria Dew spinster Effects L554 16s. 3d.

Dew Matilda of 15 Thorner's-buildings Polygon-road Southampton widow died 7 Dec 1903 probate Winchester 21 Dec to Ellen Ross Sait (wife of Henry Sait) Effects L483 8s. 9d.



Iles, Benjamin, of 19 Khedive-road Forest Gate Essex died 19 Sept 1904 Probate London 8 Nov to William George Gooch architect and surveyor and Benjamin Iles oil and colourman, Effects L915 1s 7d

Iles, Francis of 5 Albion-terrace Great Grimsby Lincolnshire died 6 Jan 1904 Probate London 23 Jan to Francis Walwyn Iles estate and commission-agent and Jane Iles spinster. Effects L121 15s. [58 or 5S]

Iles, James of 26 Crossham-road St. George Bristol carpenter and wheelwright died 24 Sept 1904 Administration Bristol 21 Oct to James Thomas Iles railway coachmaker. Effects L146 4s. 5d.

Iles Thomas William of the London county council lunatic asylum Claybury Woodford Bridge Essex died 20 Oct 1904 Administration London 9 Dec to Bessie Iles widow. Effects L383 12s. 3d.

Iley Alexander of 2 Westbourne-street Stockton-on-Tees died 11 Jan 1898 Administration Durham 29 July to Ann Iley spinster. Effects L5

Iley Robert of 9 Tower-street Stockton-on-Tees died 9 Oct 1904 Probate London 22 Nov to Milley Simpson Priestly spinster William George Simpson assistant-official receiver and John William Robinson Punch gentleman Effects L1496 10s. 8d. [1372]

Iley William of 5 Alice-street Sunderland died 14 March 1900 Probate Durham 21 July to Ann Iley spinster Effects L5

Iliffe Catherine Ann Elizabeth of 45 Elgin-crescent Notting Hill Middlesex spinster died 17 March 1904 Probate London 26 April to Charlotte Jane Iliffe spinster and Rupert William Sedgwick esquire Effects L2729 10s. 3d. Resworn L2849 12s. 1d. Resworn L3045 [506]

Iliffe Elizabeth of Leicester widow died 8 June 1904 Probate London 18 Aug. Harriet Anderson spinster Effects L783 5s. 5d. [1026]

Iliffe Hannah of Measham Derbyshire widow died 15 July 1904 Probate Derby 9 Dec to Robert Ross Iliffe engine driver Effects L74 8s.

Iliffe William Lionel of 67 Arbuthnot-road New Cross Kent died 10 Dec 1904 Administration London 27 Dec to Margaret Annie Iliffe widow Effects L179 19s.

Illidge John Betts of 57 Upper Tulse-hill Brixton Surrey died 22 Dec 1903 Probate London 27 Feb to Marion Gray spinster Effects L6682 7s. 4d. [197]



Grayson Henry of 111 Glebe-street Castleford Yorkshire machinist died 25 Aug 1905 Probate Wakefield 6 Oct to Annie Grayson widow Effects L670 15s.

Grayson William of Frampton Lincolnshire laborer died 24 Feb 1905 at the hospital Boston Lincolnshire Probate London 5 May to Betsy Grayson widow Effects L472 3s.

Greasley John William of Warrenby Yorkshire died 4 April 1905 Probate London 4 May to Rebecca Tunnicliffe widow Effects L210 [667]

Greasley Joseph of "Lyndhurst" Upper Tichborne-street Leicester surgeon died 3 Sept 1905 Probate Leicester 29 Sept to Adeline Rosamund Greasley widow Effects L7985 19s. 10d. Resworn L7584 8s. 6d.

Greasley Julia of 20 Trafalgar-square White Horse-lane Mile End-road Middlesex widow died 10 Dec 1905 Probate London 22 Dec to Herbert Edgar Oldfield surgeon Effects L203 102. 4d. [1569]

Greasley William of 47 Mundella-road Nottingham railway signalman died 3 Dec 1905 Administration Nottingham 18 Dec to Mary Ann Greasley widow, Effects L548 10s. 2d.

Greatbach Alfred of 98 Barrow-road Sparkbrook Birmingham gunmaker died 7 March 1905 Administration Birmingham 4 April to Edmund Reeves professor of music Effects L191 0s. 2d.

Greatbanks George of 77 Dartmouth-street Burslem Staffordshire died 7 July 1905 Probate Lichfield 25 July to Thomas Seaman Green wholesale-grocer Effects L129 12s. 6d.

Greatbatch Mary of 18 Jenkin-street Burslem Staffordshire (wife of Alfred Greatbatch) died 19 Dec 1886 Probate London 31 March to the said Alfred Greatbatch potter's-manager Effects L6

Hughes, Jemimah of 88 Vale-street Denbigh widow died 22 Nov 1901 Probate St. Asaph 28 April to Elizabeth Anne Hughes spinster Effects L201

Hughes Jeremiah of 58 Furber-street Monks Coppenhall Crewe died 1 Jan 1905 Probate Chester 3 Aug to Thomas Griffiths minor Effects L201

Hughes John of Blantyre-road Liverpool estate-agent died 1 Dec 1904 Administration Liverpool 3 Jan to Ellen Hughes widow Effects L1293 3s. 9d.

Hughes John of Canegddyfnallt Llanddanielfab Angelsea farmer died 26 Sept 1904 Probate Bangor 12 Jan to Robert John Owen farmer Effects L166 5s.

Hughes John of 16 Carlingford-street Liverpool died 29 Nov 1904 Probate London 14 Jan to Charles long retired master pilot Effects L511 2s. 4d. [61]

Hughes John of Liverpool-house Llanfairfechan Carnarvonshire coal-dealer died 12 Oct 1904 Probate Bangor 27 Jan to Ellen Jones widow Effects L276 2s. 4d.

Hughes John of Park-road Southport Lancashire died 27 Dec 1904 Probate Liverpool 4 Feb to Elizabeth Gregson Hughes spinster and Walter Ingham Sutcliffe cement-manufacturer Effects L8388 112. 3d.

Hughes John of Llwynafon Waenfawr Carnarvonshire died 20 Jan 1905 Administration London 7 Feb to Richard Hughes laborer Effects L68 Resworn L199 15s. 7d.

Hughes John of Newton-farm Norton Radnorshire farmer died 2 Aug 194 Administration Hereford 28 Feb to Ellen Hughes widow Effects L383 9s. 6d.

Hughes John of 23 Maxwell-road Wolverhampton died 14 Aug 1904 Administration Lichfield 8 March to Maria Hughes widow Effects L88 2s. 6d.

Hughes John of Birchett-house Birchett-road Aldershot Hants. died 14 Feb 1905 Probate London 18 March to Kezia Hughes widow Alfred Caton assistant-overseer and Benjamin Cullen retired ironmonger Effects L3719 8s. 8d. [382]

Hughes John of Sychant Llanllogan Montgomeryshire died 9 Feb 1905 Administration (with Will) London 1 April to John Hughes and Abraham Hughes farmer Effects L430 19s. [533]

Hughes John of "Bloomfield" Sunningfield-road Hendon Middlesex died 19 March 1905 Probate London 17 April to John Bentley Hughes cider-maker and William Kidson Hughes secretary Effects L702 17s.

Ikin, the venerable archdeacon William Derrington of 6 Summerfield-terrace Torquay clerk died 30 Dec 1904 probate London 15 May to William Legatt solicitor Effects L488 18s. 7d. [690]

Iles Anne Susannah of 19 Warbeck-road Shepherd's Bush Middlesex widow died 20 Aug 1905 at 137 King Henry's-road South Hampstead Middlesex Administration London 18 Sept to Edward Iles vocalist Effects L170

Iles Henry of 153 Albion-street Swindon Whiltshire died 4 Nov 1905 Probate London 30 Nov to Mary Iles widow Effects L800 2s. 6d. [1451]

Iles John Francis Henzey of 58 High-street Watford Hertfordshire died 9 Sept 1905 at 1 Sea View-terrace Mundesley Norfolk Probate London 30 Sept 20 John Hyde Iles esquire and Isabel Wilson Cotton (wife of Henry Hugh Powell Cotton) Effects L4420 6s. 11 d. [1204]

Iles Richard Tovey of Down Ampney Gloucestershire farmer died 8 Dec 1904 at Eliot-house Down Ampney Probate Gloucester 11 Feb to Elizabeth Baron Iles widow and Arthur John Hitchman Iles solicitor Effects L1307 192. 9d.

Iley Elizabeth Mary of 73 Southampton-row Middlesex spinster died 7 March 1905 Administration London 22 March to Frederick William Iley warehouseman Effects L50

Iley William of Yarm Yorkshire died 16 Nov 1905 Probate London 6 Dec to Richard Taylder clothier and John Robert Clapham rope maker Effects L620 10s.

Iliff Eliza Maria of Kilsby Northamptonshire widow died 18 Nov 1905 Probate Northampton 5 Dec to Ellen Crook (wife of Thomas Crook) and Jane Dancer (wife of Thomas Dancer) Effects L307 0s. 11 d.

Iliff John Edward of "Oakwood" Bramhall Cheshire died 23 Sept 1905 at Brussels Belgium, Probate Chester 2 Nov to Catherine Iliff widow Effects L3489 6s. 8d.

Iliffe Leopold James of the "Leopard" Inn Goode-street Hockley Birmingham manager died 28 April 1905 Administration Birmingham 10 May to Lizzie Iliffe widow Effects L144 7s.

Iliffe Richard of 21 Croydon-road Penge Surrey died 26 Aug 1905 Probate London 7 Sept to John Harvey Oclee cabinet maker Effects L428 12s. 1d.