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Renfrew Co., 1909

birth place is not usually given on 1909 registrations 


18017-09 Arthur BRADY, 29, produce dealer, of Ardley Que., s/o James BRADY & Ester FINDLAY, married Alice LANDRIAN, 28, of Bristol Que., d/o Alex LANDRIAN & Rose DENAHAY, witn: Harry LANDRIAN of Bristol & Marjorie HAMILTON of Renfrew, 23 Aug 1909 at Renfrew


18296-09 August BUDER, 29, farmer, of Hagerty twp., s/o John BUDER, farmer, & Mary KEHLIN, married Annie BROKART, 22, of Lyndock twp., d/o Frederick BROKART, farmer, & Mary FABIAN, witn: Alex BROKART of Letterkenny & Lena BROKART of Quadville, 19 July 1909 at Rosenthal, Brudenell twp.,

18305-09 Peter McLaren CUMMINGS, 23, second son, of Cobden, s/o James CUMMINGS, retired farmer, & Mary STORIE, married Margaret McLaren SIMPSON, 20, eldest daughter, of Ross twp., d/o Samuel SIMPSON, farmer, & Annie McLAREN, witn: Peter McLaren STORIE of Watsons Corners - Lanark Co. & Maggie SIMPSON of Lochwarncok?, 20 Oct 1909 at Cobden


18009-09 Peter J. DEMARSH, 22, laborer, of Calabogie, s/o Peter DEMARSH, laborer, & Annie CROSKEY, married Florence J. CHURCH, 17, of Calabogie, d/o Spencer CHURCH, farmer, & Lizzie LARONE, witn: Murray CHURCH & Margaret McGREGOR, both of Calabogie, 26 July 1909 at Renfrew

18299-09 Darius DOBSON, 23, farmer, of Stafford twp., s/o William DOBSON, farmer, & Esther BROWN, married Emma Eliza HOWARD, 20, of Westmeath twp., d/o John HOWARD, farmer, & Rachel DOWNEY, witn: Wesley POFF of Snake River & Minnie RITCHIE of Cobden, 5 Jan 1909 at Cobden

19391-10 (Renfrew Co) Henry Otto DORROW, 22, barber, not given, Ottawa, s/o Henry DORROW, laborer & Bertha PRIERE married Eva Pearl Voileka COGHLIN, 19, not given, McNab, d/o Charlie COGHLIN, laborer & Mary Ellen COWAN, witn: Silas Anson JAMIESON of Ottawa & Lillie Shaw MCLEAN of McNab, 29 Dec 1909, McNab

18015-09 William John FARRELL, 35, painter, of Ottawa, s/o William H. FARRELL & Mariah CAMPBELL, married Christina RICHARDSON, 27, of Ottawa, d/o James RICHARDSON & Mary GORLEY, witn: Mary RICHARDSON of Ottawa & Sarah GORLEY of Renfrew, 4 Aug 1909 at Renfrew

19295-10 (Renfrew Co) Peter FOREMAN, 29, clerk, not given, not given, s/o John A. FOREMAN & Catherine DEVLIN married Maggie NEVILLE, not given, waitress, not given, Douglas, d/o Thomas NEVILLE & Margaret LONG, witn: Charles O. FOREMAN of Ottawa & Julia SHEEHAN of Bagot, 26 Oct 1909, Douglas

18016-09 Antoine FREMONT, 29, farmer, of Admaston, s/o Antoine FREMONT, farmer, & Margaret MAILLOUX, married Anna LINDE, 22, of Admaston, d/o John LINDE, farmer, & Henrietta HALIX, witn: Michael LINDE & Valida FREMONT, both of Admaston, 15 Sept 1909 at Renfrew

18011-09 Harry M. GARVIE, 27, of Renfrew, s/o Nelson GARVIE & Mary Jane McCALLUM, married Almeria BRYDGES, 29, of Ashdad, d/o Robert BRYDGES, farmer, & Annie HUNTER, witn: Eric W. PEEVER of Renfrew & Annie BRYDGES of Ashdad, 4 Aug 1909 at Ashdad

1834-09 John GEALE, 47, barrister, of Renfrew, s/o Thomas GEALE & Eliza BOSWELL, married Beatrice NEWBIGGING, 30, of Cobden, d/o David NEWBIGGING, painter, & Annie BEVERIDGE, witn: Joseph R. WARREN of Cobden & George R. CREWS of Pembroke, 31 Aug 1909 at Cobden

18013-09 Robert GIBSON, 28, miner, of Palmerston twp., s/o David GIBSON & Marcell FITZPATRICK, married Annie RIDDELL, 22, of Palmerston twp., d/o John RIDDELL & Jennie McDONALD, witn: T.C. HAY & Jean HAY, both of Renfrew, 1 Sept 1909 at Renfrew

18302-09 Joseph A. GIGUERE, 30, merchant, of Chapleau Que., s/o Joseph GIGUERE & Mary DUMAS, married Johanna A. LALONDE, 26, of Cobden, d/o Thomas LALONDE & Hannah HARLEY, witn: Patrick HENNESSY of Pembroke & Catherine LALONDE of Cobden, 29 June 1909 at Cobden

18297-09 (Renfrew Co) William GUINEY, 62, farmer, of Raglan, s/o Cornelius GUINEY, farmer & Ellen LYNCH married Mary Jane NOYCE, 53, widow, of Raglan, d/o Thomas SMALLPIECE, farmer & Anna OVERY, witn: Michael & Edna BENNETT of Brudenell, 14 July 1909, Brudenell

18298-09 Robert MANTEIFFLE, 28, farmer, of Palmer Rapids, s/o Henry MANTEIFFLE, farmer, & Paulina MARSCHEW, married Lena BROKART, 22, of Lyndock twp., d/o Christopher BROKART, farmer, & Annie COLL, witn: Frank BROKART of Quadville & Mary MANTEIFFLE of Palmers Rapids, 4 Oct 1909 at Letterkenny

18306-09 Stafford James MILLER, 27, laborer, 27, of Vancouver BC, s/o Thomas Small MILLER, farmer, & Mary CROZIER, married Jessie Templeton GILMOUR, 20, of Ross twp., d/o James GILMOUR, farmer, & Sarah Ann MOORE, witn: Robert FREELAND of Cobden & Annie GILMOUR of Ross twp., 17 Nov 1909 at Cobden

18012-09 Thomas A. MYERS, 23, railroader, of Clarendon Ont., s/o Thomas Ed MYERS & Sarah BOURKE, married Ida Angeline CHURCH, 19, of Cobalt, d/o Levi CHURCH & Anne HUNTER, witn: Nelson ANDERSON & Lizzie MYERS, both of Calabogie, 30 Aug 1909 at Renfrew

18014-09 Frederick William NIEMAN, 26, laborer, of Eganville, s/o Louis NIEMAN & Alvina FLIEGEL, married Annie SCHWANDT, 20, of Sebastopol, d/o Herman SCHWANDT & Lizzie WESTFALL, witn: Mrs. J. & D.M. McEWEN of Renfrew, 26 Aug 1909 at Renfrew

18300-09 Kirkwood NESBITT, 27, car inspector, of Fort William, s/o James NESBITT & Janet KIRKWOOD, married Jemima Jane HUCKABONE, 22, of Ross twp., d/o James HUCKABONE, farmer, & Isabella SULLIVAN, witn: James SPENCE of Bromley & Julia HUCKABONE of Cobden, 30 June 1909 at St. Pauls Church, Cobden

18303-09 William Joseph QUINN, 37, merchant, of Ottawa, s/o Patrick QUINN, merchant & Mary BOURKE, married Winnifred Ann EGAN, 26 of Cobden, d/o Daniel EGAN, farmer, & Mary DEVINE, witn: George QUINN of Ottawa & Mary EGAN of Cobden, 15 June 1909 at Cobden

18010-09 Charles SMITH, 21, laborer, of Cobalt, s/o Frank SMITH, farmer, & Mary CRAIG, married Orphia M. CHURCH, 19, of Calabogie, d/o Spencer CHURCH, farmer, & Lizzie LARONE, witn: John BRYDGES & Jessie McGREGOR, both of Calabogie, 14 July 1909 at Renfrew


18301-09 Frank Rowland TAYLOR, 28, CPR baggage man, of Cobden, s/o Henry D. TAYLOR & Harriet L. ROWES, married Julia Gertrude LIVINGSTON, no age given, of Cobden, d/o James LIVINGSTON, gentleman, & Rachel ALLEN, witn: James LIVINGSTON & Julia HANNAH, both of Cobden, 30 June 1909 at St. Pauls Church, Cobden