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Renfrew Co., 1910

birth place was not usually given on 1910 marriage registrations


019393-10  Peter ANDERSON, 35, of Westmeath, farmer, s/o Peter ANDERSON -farmer & Elizabeth DUFF, to Margaret Agnes GRAHAM, 30, of McNab, d/o John GRAHAM -farmer & Isabella MACKIE, witn: Thomas GRAHAM of Glasgow Station, Mary H. LITTLE of Arnprior, 28 April 1910 at Glasgow Station  
19415-10  Joseph Albert AUBRY, 25, conductor on train, of Winnipeg, s/o Nelson AUBRY, conductor on train & Henrietta GAUTHIER married Ida BENOIT, 20, of Pembroke, d/o William BENOIT, laborer & Florence LAMOTHE, witn: J.H.N. AUBRY of North Bay & Annie Marie BENOIT of Pembroke, 3 Jan 1910, Pembroke 19563-10  James BAIRD, 26, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o William BAIRD, farmer & Eliza BAIRD married Hannah MCBRIDE, 20, of Westmeath, d/o Thomas MCBRIDE, farmer & Martha CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Gilbert NELSON & Laura MCBRIDE of Westmeath, 21 Dec 1910, Westmeath
19297-10  Miller BARR, 22, farmer, of Bromley, s/o John BARR & Elizabeth MILLER married Jean PURDIE, 22, farmers daughter, of Bromley, d/o Nathan PURDIE & Aggie BARR, witn: William PURDIE & Susan BARR, 15 June 1910, Bromley 019398-10  John McLachlin BARR, 28, of Glasgow Station, farmer, s/o James BARR -farmer & Janet COCHRANE, to Margaret Louise CAMPBELL, 29, of Queens line -Ross Twp., d/o John CAMPBELL -farmer & Mary Ann GOULD, witn: Ender CAMPBELL of Ross, Sudby H. BARR of Glasgow Station, 22 June 1910 at Queens line -Ross
  19564-10  William Herbert BURTON, 28, farmer, of Gladstone Manitoba, s/o William Smith BURTON, farmer & Margaret Elizabeth MONTGOMERY married Lena ROBERTSON, 24, of Westmeath, d/o John ROBERTSON, farmer & Eliza COLLINS, witn: Robert ROBERTSON & Frances ROBERTSON of Beachburg, 21 Dec 1910, Westmeath
019402-10  Harry CAMPBELL, 24, of Sand Point, jointer, s/o D. William CAMPBELL - manager cooperage mill & Margaret Julia HARRISON, to Charlotte ARMSTRONG, 17, of Sand Point, house keeper, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG - carpenter & Ellen PLOTT (Platt?), witn: Thomas & E. E. HEARN, both of Sand Point, 15 August 1910 at Sand Point 019401-10  Frederick Carlyle CARRUTHERS, 29, of Ottawa, mail clerk, s/o James B. CARRUTHERS -medical doctor & Mary A. THOMPSON, to Janet Effie DOUGLAS, 29, of Braeside, nurse, d/o William DOUGLAS -millwright & Janet STEWART, witn: George L. CARRUTHERS of North Bay, Annie DOUGLAS of Braeside, 24 August 1910 at Braeside
19404-10 Norman CLARK, 29, farmer, of Fitzroy twp., s/o William CLARK, farmer, & Jeanette WHITE, married Florence May MOORHOUSE, 29, of McNab twp., d/o John MOORHOUSE, farmer, & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: J. Hartley MOORHOUSE & illegible CLARK, both of Arnprior, 20 Sept 1910 at McNab twp  
019408-10  Westley CLARKE, 28, of Watertown NY, iron moulder, s/o Henry CLARKE -laborer & Mary DONAHUE, to Emma Marie Louise NEIMAN, 23, of Waterton -New York, d/o not given & Eda NEIMAN, witn: Willia CLARKE of Stewarton, Marie FALK of Arnprior, 26 September 1910 at Mansfield 019396-10  Richard Charles CLARKE, 23, of Galetta, laborer, s/o James CLARKE -laborer & Salina NICHOLS, to Annibella CAMPBELL, 19, of Castleford, servant, d/o John CAMPBELL -farmer & Jane CARMICHEAL, witn: George SHAW of Castleford, Mrs. Lizzie SHAW of Castleford, 31 May 1910 at Castleford
19292-10  John CONLON, 32, farmer, of Metcalfe, s/o Patrick CONLON, farmer & Ann CORRIGAN married Ethel CRAIG, 19, school teacher, of Calabogie, d/o Adam CRAIG, cook & Bridget LEE, witn: Edmund KENNY of Metcalfe & Edna CRAIG of Brightside, 23 Nov 1910, Calabogie 19399-10  Charles CUNNINGHAM, 26, farmer, of Clay Bank, s/o James CUNNINGHAM, farmer & Mary HEADRICK married Jeanie COCHRANE, 28, of White Lake, d/o James COCHRANE, farmer & Linnie HEADRICK, witn: Herbie MCMANUS of Waba & Minnie CUNNINGHAM of Clay Bank, 29 June 1910, Arnprior
019400-10  Robert DICKSON, 28, of McNab, farmer, s/o Thomas DICKSON -farmer & Janet ROBERTSON, to Janet A. STEWART, 30, of McNab, d/o Robert STEWART -farmer & Christine ROBERTSON, witn: William R. STEWART of Burnston, Bella DICKSON of Burnstown, 24 August 1910 at Burnstown 019397-10  Charles Frederick DIMMEL, 29, of Arnprior, lumberman, s/o Charles DIMMELL - lumberman & Mary SCHUL, to Elizabeth Jane BURGESS, 24, of Arnprior, housemaid, d/o Charles BURGESS - railway section man & Jane WIGHTRICK(?), witn: Thomas CHARLES of Wallaceburg, Nellie BURGESS of Sand Point, 22 June 1910 at Sand Point

19282-10 Gustave DORRAW, 26, barber, of Arnprior, s/o Gustave DORRAW & Oricha BOWMAN, married Mary Lillian SCHREIDER, 26, of South Algona, d/o Herman SCHREIDER, farmer, & Lizzie STRUEGER, witn: William SCHREIDER of Augsburg & Lenor DORRAW of Arnprior, 23 March 1910 at South Algona

19294-10  Garnet DRAPER, 29, of of of s/o not given married Elizabeth FINLAND, 32, of Douglas, d/o John FINLAND & Mary O. FOREMAN, witn; Edwin DRAPER of Quyon & Amanda FINDLAND of Douglas, 8 Sept 1910, Douglas
19312-10  Timothy DWYER, 26, cook, of Eganville, s/o Cornelius DWYER, farmer & Catherine GREENE married Elizabeth FINNERTY, 20, teacher, of Brudenell, d/o John FINNERTY, farmer & Ann COUGLAN, witn: J.J. DWYER of Eganville & Annie FINNERTY of Brudenell, 17 Jan 1910, Brudenell 19386-10  James Carswell FERGUSON, 30, merchant, of North Cobalt, s/o Alexander FERGUSON, carpenter & Margaret CARSWELL married Janet Elizabeth JAMIESON, 26, of Horton, d/o John Alexander JAMIESON, farmer & Elizabeth MCNAB, witn: John Alexander JAMIESON & Bethea FERGUSON of Renfrew, 16 June 1910, Horton
19565-10  David Gordon FOREST, 28, carpenter, of Fort William, s/o John FOREST, blacksmith & Mary PARK married Charlotte Edna MCINTYRE, 26, of Wilberforce, d/o James MCINTYRE, farmer & Charlotte MCINTYRE, witn: Wellington MCINTYRE of Eganville & Mary J. FOREST of Burnstown, 27 April 1910, Wilberforce  
19413-10  Frank FULLWOOD, 26, butcher, of Chalk River, s/o George FULLWOOD & Mary BRYAN married Mary HOLDEN, 23, of Pembroke, d/o Richard HOLDEN, laborer & Rose Anna OUELLETTE, witn; S. E. MITCHELL & J. H. BUTLER of Pembroke, 6 Jan 1910, Pembroke 19416-10  Pierre GEROUX, 26, merchant, of Pembroke, s/o Narcisse B. GEROUX, farmer & Olivine GODIN married Matilda FOURNIER, 20, of Pembroke, d/o Pierre FOURNIER, livery keeper & Joseph LAFRANCE, witn: P. J. HENNESSY & Emma FOURNIER of Pembroke, 18 Jan 1910, Pembroke
19560-10  Edward E. GERVAIS, 24, laborer, of Fort Coulonge Quebec, s/o Damase GERVAIS, yeoman & Dometille BERTRAND married Sara Annie LABINE (Guildry), 27, of Westmeath, d/o Joseph LABINE (Guildry), farmer & Sarah MCCAULEY, witn: Napolean WEINAN of Westmeath & Emma GERVAIS of Lapasse, 22 Nov 1910, Lapasse 19559-10  Frank GILBEAU, 20, engineer, of Waltham Quebec, s/o Joseph GILBEAU & Elizabeth PASHAW married Charlotte I. STEWART, 18, of Waltham Quebec, d/o of witn; Harold P. BAIRD & Mrs. Harold P. BAIRD, 16 Nov 1910, Westmeath
019406-10  Robert GILMOUR, 22, of Braeside, carpenter, s/o A. W. GILMOUR -carpenter & Kate LAVOIE, to Marion McBane JACK, 18, of Braeside, d/o James JACK & Margaret BLACK, witn: William GILMOUR of Braeside, Pearl JACK of Braeside, 26 October 1910 at Braeside 019395-10  George GOODFELLOW, 23, of Braeside, laborer, s/o George GOODFELLOW - farmer & Sarah FRAM, to Mabel MOSELEY, 18, of Braeside, housekeeper, d/o John MOSELEY -laborer & Jane PHILLIPS, witn: James HYLAND of Braeside, Marion JACK of Braeside, 4 May 1910 at Braeside
19417-10  Patrick GORMAN, 25, real estate agent, of Sudbury, s/o William GORMAN, blacksmith & Margaret DEVLIN married Emma Jane LEENEY, 25, of Pembroke, d/o Edward LEENEY, harness maker & Jane CADDEN, witn: James C. LEENEY of Pembroke & John GORMAN of Eganville, 11 Jan 1910, Pembroke  
19305-10  Martin HANNIMAN, 23, farmer, of Brougham, s/o Albert HANNIMAN, farmer & Anna BERG married Mary GARSKI, 20, domestic, of Brougham, d/o Joseph GARSKI, farmer & Mary KEEN, witn: James HANNIMAN & Martha COUTLERMAN of Dacre, 12 Sept 1910, Mt. St. Patrick 19299-10  James HAWKINS, 25, stone mason, 25, married Elenor NONNAN, 24, d/o William NONNAN & Mary ELY, witn; James SIMPSON & Lucy Louisa DIX, 8 Sept 1910, Bromley [other info missing]
019409-10  George Herbert JACK, 21, of Braeside, laborer, s/o James JACK -laborer & Catherine LAHROUE, to Florence Mae (?) BOYD, 25, of McNab Twp., housekeeper, d/o Archie BOYD -farmer & Isabella MOORE, witn: Robert GILMOUR of Braeside, Marion JACK of Braeside, 7 September 1910 at McNab 19316-10  John JAHN, 25, farmer, of Sebastopol, s/o Francis JAHN, farmer & Bertha NEUBIESE married Hellen BLEDOW, 22, farmers daughter, of Hagarty, d/o William BLEDOW, farmer & Ottilie VERCH, witn: William JAHN of Vanbrugh & Emma BLEDOW of Killaloe, 31 Aug 1910, Hagarty
19387-10  David JAMIESON, 33, farmer, of Horton, s/o John A. JAMIESON, farmer & Elizabeth MCNAB married Margaret MCDERMID, 36, of Horton, d/o Malcolm MCDERMID, farmer & Margaret AIRTH, witn: Charles JAMIESON & Marion MCDERMID of Renfrew, 21 June 1910, Horton 19306-10  John James KEARNS, 29, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Andrew KEARNS, farmer & Margareta LARONDE married Terressa MOLONEY, 20, domestic, of Brougham, d/o Michael J. MOLONEY, farmer & Johanna KILEY, witn; Dennis KEARNS of Arnprior & Bridget E. MOLONEY of Mt. St. Patrick, 26 Sept 1910, Mt. St. Patrick
19302-10  Cornelius KENNELLY, 32, laborer, of Cobalt, s/o John KENNELLY, farmer & Mary Anne SULLIVAN married Hannah SCULLY, 24, domestic, of Brougham, d/o Daniel SCULLY, farmer & Ellen BRENNEN, witn: James SCULLY & Catherine SCULLY of Mt. St. Patrick, 29 June 1910, Brougham 19301-10  William KITTS, 29, laborer, of Barrys Bay, s/o Charles KITTS, farmer & Rose Ann MURRY married Ellen WHELAN, 22, domestic, of Admaston, d/o James WHELAN, farmer & Ellen LYNCH, witn; Frank KITTS of Barrys Bay & Elizabeth WHELAN of Shamrock, 19 April 1910, Brougham
19558-10  Michael LABELLE, 33, clerk, of Long Sault Temiskaming Station, s/o Emery LABELLE, farmer & Mary Anna MARCOTTE married Mary Ann MELANCON, 29, of Lapasse, d/o Napolean MELANCON, laborer & Eliza MARION, witn: Joseph GAREAULT & Mrs. Joseph GAREAULT of Lapasse, 7 Nov 1910, Lapasse 19291-10  Eugene LAFRANCE, 19, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Peter LAFRANCE, laborer & Elmira RENAUD married Angelina FOSTER, 18, housemaid, of Bagot, d/o Joseph FOSTER, farmer & Esther STROUD, witn: Thomas FOSTER & Veronica FOSTER of Springtown, 29 Aug 1910, Calabogie
19389-10  Robert Sarswell LAVELLEE, 25, farmer, of McNab, s/o Baptiste LAVALLEE, farmer & Margaret Jane CARSWELL married Isabelle Catherine CARSWELL, 20, of McNab, d/o George CARSWELL, farmer & Annie PHILLIPS, witn: John Allan LAVALLEE & Annie Eva LINDSAY of McNab, 29 Dec 1910, McNab 019405-10  Joseph LAVOIE, 22, of Braeside, laborer, s/o James LAVOIE -farmer & Margaret GOODFELLOW, to Margaret MULLINS, 20, of Braeside, domestic, d/o John MULLENS -laborer & Mary PRICE, witn: Heloise TAYLOR of Braeside, Lillian ROSBOTTOM of Braseside, 18 October 1910 at Arnprior
19303-10  Alfred LEGREE, 37, merchant, widower, of Brougham, s/o Alfred Sr. LEGREE, farmer & Bridget KERRIGAN married Ann GUINEY, 23, domestic, of Brougham, d/o Daniel GUINEY, farmer & Bridget MOLONEY, witn; S. J. LEGREE of Kingston & Bridget GUINEY of Mt. St. Patrick, 20 June 1910, Brougham 19414-10  James Findlay MANN, 35, leather merchant, of Asquith Sask, s/o Martin MANN, farmer & Sarah ARNOLD married Jennie Eliza TRACEY, 31, tailoress, of Pembroke, d/o Ezra TRACEY, carpenter & Alice RUSS, witn: Ed. George Raymond LEWIS & Edith May LEWIS of Pembroke, 12 Jan 1910, Pembroke
19290-10  Peter James MCARTHUR, 23, coachman, of Renfrew, s/o Alex MCARTHUR & Mary MCMILLAN married Lenora TRIM, 18, of Calabogie, d/o John TRIM, laborer & Judith COON, witn; Alex MILLER of Horton & Hazel BARRIE of Renfrew, 25 May 1910, Calabogie 19388-10  Neil MCARTHUR, 25, clerk, of Pembroke, s/o Andrew MCARTHUR, farmer & Jessie MCMILLAN married Isabella ROBERTSON, 19, of McNab, d/o Robert ROBERTSON, farmer & Lizzie BOX, witn: Morris GRAHAM of Renfrew & Effie MCARTHUR of Carswell, 3 Aug 1910, Horton
19557-10  James Russell MCBRIDE, 21, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o John MCBRIDE, farmer & Isabella PETTIGREW married Mary Annie COLLINS, 24, farmers daughter, of Westmeath, d/o John COLLINS, farmer & Mary WRIGHT, witn: Jacob MCMULLEN of Westmeath & Christina E. COLLINS of Beachburg, 27 Sept 1910, Westmeath 19555-10  James Smith MCDONOUGH, 26, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o Michael MCDONOUGH, farmer & Ann Jane SMITH married Harriet Ellen JACKSON, 23, of Westmeath, d/o John JACKSON, farmer & Maria MCCALL, witn: William JACKSON of Perriton & Annie MCDONOUGH of Alba, 19 Oct 1910, Westmeath
19300-10  Arthur Wellington MCINTYRE, 30, farmer, of Wilberforce, s/o James MCINTYRE, farmer & Charlotte MCINTYRE married Jane Agnes HAMILTON, 35, of Bromley, d/o David HAMILTON, farmer & Jane FOREST, witn: Albert MCINTYRE of Eganville & Agnes SCOTT of Douglas, 30 Nov 1910, Bromley 19418-10  William Albert MACKAY, 48, doctor, widower, of Grenville, s/o Stephen MACKAY, public notary & Euchariste PINCH married Mary V. O'KELLY, 54, of Pembroke, d/o Christopher O'KELLY, lumber merchant & Elizabeth WORRELL, witn; James O'KELLY & Harriet O'KELLY of Pembroke, 19 Jan 1910, Pembroke
  019407-10  Freeman MERRIFIELD, 22, of Braeside, farmer, s/o Stafford W. MERRIFIELD -farmer & Elizabeth A. LEICH, to Tilda GOODFELLOW, 21, of Clay Bank, d/o Robert GOODFELLOW -farmer & Marie DUNCAN, witn: George GOODFELLOW of White Lake, Cassia GOODFELLOW of Clay Bank, 1 November 1910 at Clay Bank
19403-10 John MILLER, 26, farmer, of Horton twp., s/o John MILLER, farmer, & Lizzie BLACKBURN, married Lizzie Rose McMILLAN, 21, of McNab twp., d/o Duncan McMILLAN, farmer, & Lillian McINNES, witn: Gordon MILLER of Carswell & Laura McMILLAN of Locharinoch?, 31 Aug 1910 at McNab twp 19556-10  William MOLDENHAUER, 25, stonemason, of Pembroke, s/o William MOLDENHAUER, farmer & Caroline KORTH married Esther Louise GRIECE, 25, farmers daughter, 25, of Beachburg, d/o John GRIESE, farmer & Minnie WITZEL, witn: Herbert MAASS of Pembroke & Elsie GRIESE of Beachburg, 12 Oct 1910, Beachburg

19286-10 Joseph MULLIN, 40, farmer, South Algona, same, s/o Martel MULLIN & Mary O'NEIL, married Mary HOGAN, 32, South Algona, same, d/o Mathew HOGAN, farmer, & Maria RYAN, witn: John HOGAN & Ellen TURGON, both of South Algona, 18 July 1910 at St. Anns, South Algona

19304-10  Daniel MULVIHILL, 29, blacksmith, of Brougham, s/o Michael MULVIHILL, farmer & Mary HUNT married Catherine COLLINS, 28, domestic, of Admaston, d/o Michael COLLINS, farmer & Catherine SHANNAHAN, witn; Patrick MULVIHILL of Mt. St. Patrick & Hannah MOLONEY of Bagot, 8 June 1910, Brougham 19307-10  Daniel MURPHY, 27, millwright, of Smith Falls, s/o John MURPHY, farmer & Ann BYRNES married Mary Terressa MOLONEY, 23, domestic, of Brougham, d/o James J. MOLONEY, farmer & Melissa O'GORMAN, witn: John Thomas MOLONEY & Mary An MOLONEY of Mt. St. Patrick, 15 July 1910, Mt. St. Patrick
19308-10  Thomas Patrick MURRAY, 30, laborer, of Barrys Bay, s/o James MURRAY, farmer & Hanorah BELQUILL married Hannah KILEY, 22, domestic, of Shamrock, d/o John C. KILEY, farmer & Johanna SULLIVAN, witn; Charles MURRAY of Barry's Bay & Mary KILEY of Shamrock, 22 Aug 1910, Mt. St. Patrick 019410-10  Frederick William Richard NEIMAN, 28, of Mansfield, laborer, s/o Frederick NEIMAN - laborer & Wilhelmina MAGINKE(?), to Hattie Jennie Lenz(?) SCHULTZ, 22, of Mansfield, d/o William SCHULTZ -laborer & Bertha WENDT(?), witn: Carl FREITAG of Mansfield, MAUNIE (?) SHULTZ of Mansfield, 5 October 1910 at Mansfield
19568-10  Wilhelm L. NITSCHE, 21, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o Heinrich NITSCHE & Ottilie FREZIN married Wilhelmina REICHE, 22, of Ottawa, d/o Erdmann REICHE & Paulina BIEDERMANN, witn; Albert REICHE & Magdalena DAESCHSEL of Wilberforce, 1 June 1910, Wilberforce 19385-10  Robert PINKERTON, 33, farmer, of Roland Man, s/o Alexander PINKERTON, farmer & Mary STORY married Harriet CARSWELL, 25, of Horton, d/o David CARSWELL, farmer & Elizabeth MCINNES, witn; Robert James STORIE of Castleford & Nellie CARSWELL of Carswell, 2 April 1910, Horton

19285-10 Robert Emil Harmon? RESTAW, 24, farmer, of Wilberforce, s/o Wilhelm RESTAW & Louise SCHULZ, married Bertha Emilie Louise OTT, 18, South Algona, same, d/o Wilhelm OTT, farmer, & Bertha RAYN?, witn: Franz OTT of South Algona & Albert RESTAW of Rankin, 1? Sept 1910 at South Algona

019411-10  Robert M. ROBERTSON, 24, of Clay Bank, farmer, s/o William ROBERTSON -farmer & Elizabeth FERGUSON, to Annie Belle SIMPSON, 21, of Waba Pakenham, d/o Charles SIMPSON -farmer & Lillie McNAB, witn: William YOUNG of Clay Bank, Mabel ROBERTSON of Clay Bank, 7 December 1910 at Waba 19392-10  John J. ROBERTSON, 27, farmer, of White Lake, s/o John ROBERTSON, farmer & Marion INGLIS married Nellie B. FRASER, 26, of White Lake, d/o Alexander FRASER & Elizabeth McLACHLIN, witn: James CAMPBELL of Clay Bank & Chrisse MCLACHLIN of White Lake, 23 Feb 1910, White Lake
19561-10  John James ROBINSON, 32, carpenter, of Westmeath, s/o James ROBINSON, yeoman & Margaret MCLAUGHLIN married Frances L. ROBINSON, 26, of Westmeath, d/o Henry ROBINSON, yeoman & Eleanor CURRY, witn: Joseph ROBINSON of Alba & Pearl ROBINSON of Perriton, 7 Dec 1910, Perriton  
19314-10  Philip George ROCHE, 29, clerk, of Charlton, s/o Martin ROCHE, post master & Susan O'NEIL married Clara Hannah WHELAN, 29, clerk, of Charlton, d/o John WHELAN, farmer & Elizabeth COSTELLO, witn: Joseph HAZELTON of Killaloe & Rachel WHELAN of Brudenell, 26 April 1910, Brudenell 19315-10  Robert RUNTZ, 27, farmer, of Lyndock twp., s/o Charles RUNTZ, farmer & Mary HEIN married Tillie WEBBER, 35, farmers daughter, of Lyndock twp., d/o Ernest WEBBER, farmer & Matilda RISTAU (Ristan?), witn; William WEBBER of Letterkinny & Mary RUNTZ of Quadville, 8 June 1910, Lyndock twp
19412-10  Carl RUSS, 26, laborer, of Pembroke, s/o Wilhelmina RUSS married Eveline PELKE, 22, housemaid, of Petewawa, d/o William PELKE, farmer & Pauline JANKE, witn; William PELKE & Anna PELKE of Pembroke, 15 June 1910, Petawawa 19566-10  John SCHISKOSKE, 21, farmer, of Wilberforce, s/o Fred SCHISKOSKE, farmer & Louise SCHIMMENS married Mary KOEPKE, 18, domestic, of Wilberforce, d/o Godfrey KOEPKE, farmer & Louisa WELKE, witn: Amy KOEPKE & Carl HOFFMAN of Pembroke & Bertha BUDDER of Woito & Annie SCHISKOSKE of unreadable, 11 May 1910, Wilberforce

19288-10 John SCHROEDER, 24, farmer, South Algona, same, s/o Gustave SCHROEDER & Hannah PELAGHKE, married Mary TRAVES, 18, of South Algona, d/o Fred TRAVES & Alvina BLIEZY, witn: Herman TRAVES of Wolf & Ella SCHROEDER of South Algona, 18 Aug 1910 at South Algona

019394-10  Ernest F. SCHUL, 23, of McNab Twp., s/o Robert SCHUL -farmer & Paulina ULRICH, to Martha FALK, 20, of Arnprior, housemaid, d/o William FALK -laborer & Johana YAHN, witn: Laurence SCHUL of Arnprior, Muriel BROUGHAM of Cobden, 27 April 1910 at McNab 19554-10  Andrew SEVERINE, 28, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o Louis SEVERINE, farmer & Hannah EMPEY married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, 20, of Perriton, d/o Henry ROBINSON, farmer & Eleanor CURRY, witn: George SEVERINE & Annie MCDOUGAL of Alba, 28 Sept 1910, Westmeath
19311-10  Francis SHEEDY, 32, farmer, of Bromley, s/o Martin SHEEDY, farmer & Julia MORIARTY married Margaret KENNELLY, 27, domestic, of Brougham, d/o Henry KENNELLY, farmer & Margaret HUNT, witn: Michael SAMMON of Osceola & Catherine KENNELLY of Mt. St. Patrick, 21 Nov 1910, Mt. St. Patrick 19309-10  Daniel SHEEDY, 57, commercial traveler, widower, of Winnipeg, s/o Timothy SHEEDY, farmer & Ellen DELOUGHERY married Susan FINNCAN, 43, domestic, of Shamrock, d/o Thomas FINNCAN, farmer & Jane MCMAHON, witn: Vincent O'GORMAN & Mary MURPHY of Renfrew, 13 Sept 1910, Mt. St. Patrick
19298-10  Gourley Hugh SMALL, 31, engineer, of Schreiber, s/o Nathan Allan SMALL & Margaret LEFANE married Nellie BOLAND, 30, of of d/o John BOLAND (crossed out) & Charlotte EDWARDS, witn; William HUGHES of Schreiber & Davis MCGREGOR of Douglas, 7 Sept 1910, Douglas 19567-10  Wilhelm Edward SPERBERG, 25, laborer, of Lake Dore, s/o Friedrich SPERBERG & Johanna SPERBERG married Anna F. SCHEUNEMANN, 19, of Lake Dore, d/o Erdman SCHEUNEMANN & Martha SCHEUNEMANN, witn: Albert SPERBERG & Martha SCHEUNEMANN of Lake Dore, 27 April 1910, Renfrew
19390-10  Milton Lindsay STEWART, 28, farmer, of McNab, s/o Alexander STEWART, farmer & Sarah MILLAR married Mary MCGREGOR, 27, of McNab, d/o Robert MCGREGOR, farmer & Janet STEWART, witn: Robert MCGREGOR & Aggie STEWART of McNab, 29 Dec 1910, McNab

19284-10 Herman VERCH, 23, farmer, of South Algona, s/o August VERCH, farmer, & Bertha LESTZ, married Wilhelmine MOLJAHN, 22, of Pembroke, d/o Albros MOLJAHN & Bertha LISTZ, witn: Paul MOLJAHN of Pembroke & Anna VERCG of Zaden, 8 June 1910 at South Algona

  19562-10  Joseph Ward WAITE, 24, brick maker, of Forresters Falls, s/o John Edward WAITE, brick maker & Laura CAROLINE married Martha Edna WILSON, 19, domestic, of Beachburg, d/o William Orange WILSON, farmer & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: William E. WILSON & Sarah J. WILSON of Beachburg, 7 Dec 1910, Beachburg
19296-10  James WALSH, 40, married Mary CULLIGAN, 40, farmers daughter, of Bromley, d/o Patrick CULLIGAN, farmer & of witn; Joseph NEVILLE & Mary Theresa BREEN of Bulger, 16 Feb 1910, Douglas [other info missing] 19293-10  William WHEELER, 25, farmer, of Admaston, s/o John WHEELER, farmer & Jessie BAIN married Jenet Ana HAMILTON, 19, of Bromley, d/o John HAMILTON, laborer & Christy Ann WATSON, witn; James M. HYNES of Admaston & Katie L. HAMILTON of Bromley, 25 March 1910, Bromley
19310-10  James WHELAN, 35, miner, of Chisholm Minnesota, s/o James WHELAN, farmer & Ellen O'GORMAN married Johanna QUILTY, 35, domestic, of Bagot, d/o Nicholas QUILTY, farmer & Mary Ann DILLON, witn; James QUILTY of Ashdad & Elizabeth WHELAN of Shamrock, 12 Sept 1910, Mt. St. Patrick 19313-10  Patrick Thomas WINGLE, 38, farmer, of Thomas WINGLE, farmer & Johannah O'BRIEN married Mary Veronica COLTON, 25, farmers daughter, of Brudenell, d/o William COLTON, farmer & Margaret WALSH, witn: of 18 Jan 1910, Brudenell

19283-10 August WODSACH, 29, butcher, of Hastings Co., s/o F. WODSACH & Aguste ROOK, married Caroline Whlelmina GILJOHN, 20, of South Algona, d/o Edward GILJOHN, farmer, & Paulin STAWRDOW, witn: William GILJOHN of Augsburg & Bessie MOORE, 25 May 1910 at South Algona

19569-10  George Herman August WOERMKE, 21, R. R. Section, of Sebastopol, s/o Carl WOERMKE, farmer & Lena WEILAND married Alvina Mary MUNDT, 18, domestic, of North Algona, d/o August MUNDT, farmer & Carolina FINNY, witn: William HUGH & Nellie HUGH of Golden Lake, 8 June 1910, Golden Lake

19287-10 Carol Frederick Wilhelm ZADOW, 28, farmer, South Algona, same, s/o Albert ZADOW & Augusta KEIL, married Alma Amanda Elizabeth BORESE, 21, of Pembroke, d/o Fridrich BORESE & Emilie WOLF, witn: John ZADOW of South Algona & Algo MALHOUTON? of Arnprior, 21 July 1910 at South Algona