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Renfrew Co., 1911

birth place is given before residence (if it was given on the registration)


12788-11 August Henry ABRAHAM, 22, laborer, of McNab, s/o Fred ABRAHAM, laborer & Elizabeth ABRAHAM married Minnie SCHEEL, 24, of McNab, d/o Ferdinand SCHEEL, farmer & Minnie KARJNS, witn: William ABRAHAM & Mary LOOCK of Arnprior, 22 Nov 1911, McNab  
12791-11 Alexander Clarke ALLEN, 28, bank clerk, of Perth, s/o Robert ALLEN, deceased & Agnes MCLAREN married Margaret Mabel MCDIARMID, 27, of Bromley, d/o John MACDIARMID, farmer & Mary GEMMILL, witn: John M. THOMSON of Cobden & Mary Bella MCDIARMID of Bromley, 7 Dec 1911, Bromley 12786-11 William Innis ANDERSON, 32, furniture finisher, of Pembroke, s/o Peter ANDERSON, farmer & Nancy LELAND married Mary Ann COSTELLO, 23, laundress, of Samuel COSTELLO, blacksmith & Jane COBURN, witn: John Harold FREAKLEY of Carleton Place & Jane COSTELLO of Pembroke, 11 Sept 1911, Pembroke
12787-11 John William ARMSTRONG, 26, farmer, of Coulonge Quebec, s/o William ARMSTRONG, farmer & Sarah Jane MURPHY married Lilian ROBINSON, 22, of La Passe, d/o Robert William ROBINSON, farmer & Sarah Ann RICHARDSON, witn: John H. ARMSTRONG of Coulonge Quebec & Maggie ROBINSON of La Passe, 4 Oct 1911, Beachburg 12790-11 Christian ASCHICK, 51, widower, farmer, of Pembroke, s/o Frederick ASCHICK, farmer & Carolina ALBRECHT married Augusta ASCHICK (nee WINKE), 49, widow, farmer, of Alice, d/o Wilhelm WINKE, farmer & Charlotte KOURTH, witn: William ROLOFF & Emma ROLOFF, 29 Nov 1911, Pembroke
12789-11 (Renfrew Co) Joseph AUBRY, 24, farmer, of Grattan, s/o Isidor AUBRY, farmer & Julia DUCHARME married Catherine Mary KILBY, 18, of Grattan, d/o Charles KILBY, farmer & Charlotte STROUD, witn: James KILBY & Veronica LAVIGNE of Eganville, 27 Nov 1911, Eganville

12785-11 Albert AUBRY, 27, farmer, of Grattan, s/o Isidore AUBRY, farmer & Julia DUCHARME married Mary Matilda SMITH, 17, of Grattan, d/o Arthur SMITH, farmer & Anna MCCORMACK, witn: John DONOHOE & Anna M. EGAN of Hyndford, 5 June 1911, Eganville

  12815-11 Joseph David BARNS, 29, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o Joseph Marshall BARNES, farmer & Mary DICKSON married Matilda BURGESS, 21, of Stafford, d/o Thomas Little BURGESS, farmer & Sarah EDWARDS, witn: John W. SEIZEL of Stafford & Jennie BURGESS of Pactine?, 4 Oct 1911, Stafford
12794-11 James Marson BARR, married Harriet STEWART, witn: Ada & George BARR of Pembroke, 2 Jan 1911 at Pembroke [page missing] 12792-11 Lennox S. BARRAND, 21, salesman, of Pembroke, s/o John H. BARRAND, county constable & Eliza HOARE married Mabel B. HUCKABONE, 21, of Pembroke, d/o William HUCKABONE, captain & Nancy WATT, witn: W. A. CHAMBERLAIN & Lola HUCKABONE of Pembroke, 19 Jan 1911, Pembroke
12802-11 Joseph BEAUDRY, 24, farmer, of Gratton, s/o Moses BEAUDRY, farmer & Vitoline ST. LOUIS married Melissa DELISLE, 18, of Gratton, d/o Carlisle BELISLE, farmer & Olive LECLERC, witn: Alphonse BELISLE & Mary ROBITAILLE of Grattan, 19 June 1911, St. James, Eganville 12804-11 Joseph BEAUDRY, 24, farmer, of Grattan, s/o Moses BEAUDRY, farmer & Vitaline ST.LOUIS married Melissa BELISLE, 18, of Grattan, d/o Celeste BELISLE, farmer & Olive LECLERC, witn: Alphonse BELISLE & Mary ROBITAILLE of Perrault, 19 June 1911, Eganville
12810-11 William Thomas BENJAMIN, 31, commercial traveler, of Arnprior, s/o John BENJAMIN, farmer & Margaret HORAN married Marguerite MASSE, 25, housemaid, of Arnprior, d/o Louis MASSE, laborer & Bridget ENRIGHT, witn: Yvon MASSE & Hanorah CARROLL of Arnprior, 5 Sept 1911, Arnprior 12798-11 Thomas Walker BENSON, 30, book keeper, of Pembroke, s/o Edward BENSON, gentleman & Margaret Alice WALKER married Annie Enid BURRITT, 26, of Pembroke, d/o James Henry BURRITT, barrister & Cecilia IRVING, witn: lt. Col. Lennox IRVING of Pembroke & Hugh B. ANDERSON of Ottawa, 15 April 1911, Pembroke
12800-11 Walter BERRY, 25, farmer, of Smith Falls, s/o Frank BERRY, farmer & Margaret EDWARDS married Clara Bell SCOBIE, 21, of Horton, d/o James SCOBIE, farmer & Everena PRICE, witn: Annie SCOBIE of Horton & Lizzie HUDSON of Arnprior, 3 May 1911, Horton 12797-11 Henry William BERRY, 30, widower, hospital orderly, of Pembroke, s/o Henry George BERRY, not given & Rosella ELLIS married Clara Annie SEVAST, 24, of Pembroke, d/o Peter SEVAST, not given & Emma CLAUS, witn: A. T. ROBERAN & U. J. KNOX of Pembroke, 22 April 1911, Pembroke
12809-11 Herman George BIMM, 24, laborer, of Eganville, s/o Hermann F. BIMM, not given & Hanna HEIST married Annie Polley BIEDERMANN, 21, of Wilberforce, d/o Gustav BIEDERMANN, farmer & Emilie RUTZ, witn: Albert BIMM of Eganville & Bertha BIEDERMANN of Wilberforce, 16 August 1911, Wilberforce 12806-11 Richard Allan BLACKWELL, 21, electrician, of Westmeath, s/o George BLACKWELL, mill owner & Sarah LYONS married Margaret Ann SNOWDON, 24, of Westmeath, d/o Stewart SNOWDON, farmer & Mary Ester SCOTT, witn: James KENNEY of Perretton & Harriet BLACKWELL of Westmeath, 5 July 1911, Westmeath
12808-11 James B. BLAND, 55, widower, merchant, of Pembroke, s/o Henry Fletcher BLAND, clergyman & Emma LEVELL married Ruth A. CLARKE, 51, of Pembroke, d/o John CLARKE, farmer & Margaret CLARK, witn: Edgar WRIGHT & Jane WRIGHT of Pembroke, 17 August 1911, Buchanan 12803-11 Percy Stanley BLOXAM, 22, laborer, of Galetta, s/o Alfred Hare BLOXAM, manufacturer & Clara Ellen WOLFENDEN married Florence Mary Elizabeth MCDONALD, 18, of Galetta, d/o John MACDONALD, teamster & Naomi Elizabeth EASTWOOD, witn: A. E. WHYTALL & MRS. A. E. WHYTALL of Galetta, 7 June 1911, Arnprior
12799-11 Theophile BOISE, 24, laborer, of Pembroke, s/o Jeremie BOISE, laborer & Melina GIROUX married Marie GODIN, 21, of Stafford, d/o Theophile GODIN, farmer & Maria LAIR, witn: Henri LAIR & Bernardette GODIN of Stafford, 25 April 1911, Pembroke 12814-11 John BOWEN, 32, railway employee, of Lyall, s/o Joseph BOWEN, laborer & Mary Ann CLARK, married Mary Lena HASS, 24, of Lyall, d/o Frederick HASS, farmer & Eliza HEIDEMAN, witn: James GOURLAY & Adele BIRCH of Eganville, 20 Oct 1911, Eganville
12811-11 John BRADY, 64, widower, gentleman, of Eganville, s/o Thomas BRADY, lumberman & Bridget BRADY married Mary QUEALLY (Quesly?), 50, post mistress, of Eganville, d/o John QUEALLY, lumberman & Catherine MCHUGH, witn: James BONFIELD & Kate QUEALLY of Eganville, 25 Sept 1911, Eganville 12805-11 Patrick James BRADLEY, 26, farmer, of Esmonde, s/o John BRADLEY, farmer & Annie ROWAN married Anna Catherine POWERS, 24, James T. POWER, farmer & Catherine O’HARA, witn: John Thomas BRADLEY of Esmonde & Mary POWERS of Perrault, 26 June 1911, Eganville
12795-11 William A. BROMLEY, 27, laborer, of Admaston, s/o Alfred BROMLEY, farmer & Margaret FROOD married Margaret E. EMON, 21, of Bagot, d/o Walter EMON, farmer & Mary SOMERVILLE, witn: V A. FARQUHARSON of Renfrew & Kate EMON of Calabogie, 1 Feb 1911, Bagot 12812-11 John James BROWN, 38, farmer, of Stafford, s/o Robert BROWN, farmer & Grace MATTINAN married Kezia Adeline LEACH, 27, of Stafford, d/o William Thomas LEACH, farmer & Ann BUTTLE, witn: John BROWN of Pembroke & Edith LEACH of Micksburg, 20 Sept 1911, Micksburg
12807-11 Hector BRUNET, 25, laborer, of Brydon Quebec, s/o Jules BRUNET, farmer & Rose Anne CARRIERE married Exilia PAQUETTE, 22, of Black Bay, d/o Olivier PAQUETTE, laborer & Julienne TURCOTTE, witn: Noe TRAVESY & Evelina BRUNET of Black Bay, 4 July 1911, Pembroke 12813-11 William James BUCK, 26, laborer, of Mattawa, s/o Amos BUCK deceased & Angelina MICK married Mary Macelline VENDETTE, 22, of Pembroke, d/o Samuel VENDETTE, laborer & Matilda LAROCQUE, witn: Charles Joseph MORRIS & Heldria VENDETTE of Pembroke, 25 Sept 1911, Pembroke
12796-11 Herbert BUDD, 23, farmer, of Wilberforce, s/o Julius BUDD, dead & Alvine THUR married Mary HUHNKE, 23, of Fraser, d/o Wilhelm HUHNKE, farmer & Auguste KOENITZ, witn: Herman HUHNKE of Fraser & Anna HUHNKE of Pembroke, 14 Feb 1911, Pembroke 12801-11 Charles Wilmot BURBRIDGE, 24, laborer, of Bracebridge, s/o John BURBRIDGE, laborer & Martha GIBET married Lizzie LISK, 20, domestic servant, of Hagarty, d/o Fred LISK, laborer & Mary HAMMEL, witn: Nellie HUGH of Golden Lake, 21 June 1911, Wilberforce
12793-11 Thomas BURNS, 27, barber, of Renfrew, s/o Thomas BURNS, machinist & Grace FRAZER married Agnes OLCZEWSKI, 22, housemaid, of Renfrew, d/o Joseph OLCZEWSKI, farmer & Catharine LIPINSKI, witn: Martin J. BOLGER of Renfrew & Mary A. KIELY of Mount St. Patrick, 23 Jan 1911, St. Francis Xavier, Renfrew 12871-11 Gustav FEIN, 27, farmer, of Wilberforce twp., s/o Gustav FEIN, farmer, & Wilhelmine NEIMAN?, married Auguste MARQUARD, 22, of Grattan twp., d/o Johann MARQUARD, farmer, & Wilhelmine FREEMAN, witn: Walter BUSSE & Hulda RECKZREN?, both of Pembroke, 11 Nov 1911 at Pembroke
12969-11 Albert MARQUARDT, 23, laborer, of South Algona, s/o Albert MARQUARDT, farmer, & Emilie KIERCHERN?, married Auguste SCHAUER, 20, of South Algona, d/o unknown & Adeline SCHAUER, witn: F. KUNTZ of Lady Smith, H? & W.  MARQUARDT of Golden Lake, and K. SCHAUER of Ruby, 15 June 1911 at Silver Lake 2840-12 Michael Joseph O'CALLAGHAN, 36, Osgoode Ont., Ottawa, s/o James O'CALLAGHAN & Catherine MARSHALL, married Clare LEACEY, 28, Osceola Ont., Pembroke, d/o Bernard LEACEY, merchant, & Mary HENNESSEY, witn: M.J. O'CALLAGHAN of Prescott & Margaret E. KELLY (Margaret LEACEY) of Pembroke, 18 Jan 1911 at Pembroke
10385-11 Albert Henry TURNER, 25, painter, of Pembroke, s/o Frederick TURNER, painter & Amelia ALEFOUNDER married Jessie WHITE, 22, domestic servant, of Pembroke, d/o William WHITE, carpenter & Elizabeth WEEKS, witn: John FORD & Ernest R. L. ELLIOTT of Pembroke, 22 May 1911, Pembroke