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Renfrew County Marriages, 1859

microfilm MS 248, reel 14, vol. 59, Renfrew Co. marriages 1858-68


Page 9, return by Revd George THOMSON, Presbyterian Church of Canada

Thomas MCGREGOR, 35, Cavan Co Ireland, Griffith, s/o James MCGREGOR & Anne BELL married Catherine JOYCE, 19, Bagot, Griffith, d/o Francis JOYCE & Anne GOODFELLOW, witn: Mathew TAYLOR of McNab & William H. ADAMS of Griffith, 4 Jan 1859

Charles STEWART, 28, McNab, McNab, s/o Archibald STEWART & Agnes ANDERSON married Levinia MARTYNE, 18, Lanark, Horton, d/o Richard MARTYNE & Maria ROSE, witn: Thomas MARTYNE & Archibald STEWART of Horton, 4 Jan 1859

John PAYNE, 26, Kings Co Ireland, Horton, s/o William PAYNE & Margaret NIGHTINGALE married Catherine BURNS, 19, Wicklow Co Ireland, Admaston, d/o John BURNS & Elizabeth BURNS, witn: Daniel BICE & Elizabeth BREMMER of Horton, 4 Jan 1859

George CARDIFF, 26, Elmsley, Admaston, s/o George CARDIFF & Elizabeth BREMMER married Berthia CARSWELL, 20, McNab, Horton, d/o Allan CARSWELL & Margaret CARSWELL, witn: Daniel BREMMER & John CARDIFF of Admaston, 10 Jan 1859

David PRICE, 25, Westmeath Ireland, Horton, s/o Charles PRICE & Mary GORBAY married Mary Anne FINAN, 15, Tyrone Ireland, Horton, d/o John FINAN & Sarah CORBET, witn: Elyer PAYNE & Chad PRICE of Horton, 3 Feb 1859

Henry James BEST, 24, Elmsley, Grattan, s/o Henry BEST & Eliza TAYLOR married Annie MCKILBY, 18, Mayo Co Ireland, Grattan, d/o William MCKILBY & Rebecca MCCONNELL, witn: William DAVIDSON of Grattan & Orange WRIGHT of Renfrew village, 9 Feb 1859

Alexander COWAN, 48, Calder Scotland, McNab, s/o Alexander COWAN & Isobel HARTING married Margaret SHADAIL, 50, Ashkirk Scotland, McNab, d/o Walter SHADAIL & Isabel TAIT, witn: John HUDSON & John FROOD of McNab, 3 March 1859

Duncan MCNICOL, 31, Lanark, Admaston, s/o Alexander MCNICOL & Jane BREMMER married Mary MCLEOD, 20, Fitzroy, Bromley, d/o Donald MCLEOD & Catharine MCLEOD, witn: James CARSWELL & Robert BROWNE of Admaston, 8 March 1859

Richard SMITH, 24, Bromley, Wilberforce, s/o Robert SMITH & Elizabeth CALLAGHAN married Jane STEEL, 20, Paisley Scotland, Grattan, d/o James STEEL & Agnes CARSON, witn: John MCALISTER of Bromley & Jas. STEEL Jr of Grattan, 7 April 1859

James RUSSELL, 27, Russell New York, Horton, s/o Calvin RUSSELL & Isabella MARTIN married Elizabeth MARTIN, 19, Horton, Horton, d/o John MCNAB & Janet MCINTYRE, witn: Allan MCNAB & William RUSSELL of Horton, 21 May 1859

John BARNES, 28, Ballantine Ireland, Horton, s/o John BARNES & Elizabeth H. CAVANDISH married Jane SMITH, 28, Ballywillan Ireland, Horton, d/o George SMITH & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: William SMITH & Janet RUSSELL of Horton, 18 Oct 1859

Robert MORGAN, 27, Camberwell England, Renfrew, s/o William MORGAN & Amelia PHILLIPS married Emily BROMLEY, 24, London England, Bagot, d/o James BROMLEY & Harriet Sarah REID, witn: John BROMLEY of Bagot & Ozias BANNING of Grattan, 29 Oct 1859

William BYERS, 22, Bromley, Bromley, s/o James BYERS & Jane EDGINS married Helen BANNINGS, 18, Lachute, Grattan, d/o Ozias BANNING & Ellis KIER, witn: Ozias BANNING of Grattan & Orange WRIGHT of Renfrew Village, 4 Nov 1859

Andrew CROZIER, 30, Co Fermanagh Ireland, Admaston, s/o Christopher CROZIER & Mary BEATTIE married Mary Anne EVANS, 18, Muns Co Ireland, Horton, d/o Thomas EVANS & Eliza BLACKNELL, witn: William MITCHELL of Horton & Christopher CROZIER of Ross, 29 Nov 1859


Page 10, return by Rev Simon C. FRASER A. M., Minister of Presbyterian Church

Richard GUEST, 27, Ireland, Ross, s/o Thomas GUEST & Elisabeth DAGG married Elisabeth HUTTON, 22, Ireland, Pakenham, d/o John HUTTON & Elisabeth DOUGLAS, witn: John HUTTON of Pakenham & Eliza GUEST of Ross, 26 April 1859

Donald STEVENSON, 27, Scotland, McNab, s/o Alex STEVENSON & Isabella LEACH married Margaret THOMSON, 20, Canada, McNab, d/o William THOMSON & Mary MCFADGEN, witn: John CAMPBELL & Mary GRAHAM of McNab, 1 Nov 1859

Duncan CAMPBELL, 37, Scotland, McNab, s/o Peter CAMPBELL & Christina MCNAUGHTON married Mary MCINTYRE, 24, Canada, McNab, d/o John MCINTYRE & Elisabeth BUCHAN, witn; Jane O. MCADAMS & John CAMPBELL of McNab, 29 Dec 1859


Page 10, Return by Revd William LOCHARD, minister of the Presbyterian Church

George MARSHALL, 26, Fitzroy, Ross, s/o John MARSHALL & Sarah BREZCE married Margaret ALLAN, 23, Ross, Ross, d/o Clark ALLAN & Rachel POTTER, witn: Clark ALLAN of Ross, 3 Nov 1859

John CARTMAN, 29, Yorkshire England, Ross, s/o John CARTMAN & Elisabeth BULMER married Hannah COFFEE, 17, Ross, Ross, d/o John COFFEE & Ann BENNET, witn; Duncan MCMARTIN of Ross, 4 Nov 1859


Page 11, Return by Rev’d James MASSON, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church

Benjamin TAYLOR, 24, Smith Falls, Smith Falls, s/o James TAYLOR & Debora TWEEDY married Lydia E. MERRICK, 22, Merrickville, Renfrew, d/o Charles MERRICK & Eliza HEROS, witn: John WARD of Smith Falls & Amelia A. MERRICK of Renfrew, 10 Oct 1859

Andrew MCMELVILLE, 43, Glasgow Scotland, Bagot, s/o Andrew MELVILLE & Elizabeth MOFFAT married Elizabeth MCDONALD, 34, McNab, Bagot, d/o James MCDONALD & Elisabeth BLAIR, witn: John BARLASYETH? & William MCNAUGHTON of Bagot, 28 Dec 1859


Page 11, Return by Rev’s John GILLIS, Roman Catholic Priest of the Mission of Pembroke

Michael O’LEARY, 56, Co Meaford Ireland, Alice, s/o James O’LEARY & Ann O’LEARY married Catherine COUGHLAN, 60, Clogden, Allumette Island, d/o Edward COUGHLAN & Bridget MCINTYRE, witn: Thomas LEGG of Alice & Bridget LEGG of Pembroke, 2 Feb

Patrick HOEY, 23, St. Scholastique, Portage Du Fort, s/o Owen HOEY & Julia Ann STAPLETON married Sarah MARTIN, 23, Grenville, Pembroke, d/o James MARTIN & Bridget MCGUIRE, witn; John COHMERE? of Portage du Fort & Catherine DOURLEY of Pembroke, 17 May 1859

Charles LA BERGE, 20, St. Martines, Alice, s/o Charles LABERGE & Sophie MOTTE married Marie LAFEBVRE, 17, St. Martines, Alice, d/o Amable LEFEBVRE & Marie LAWSON, witn; Olivie LEFEBVRE of Alice & Catherine KEARNEY of Pembroke, 31 July 1859

Michael FYNN, 35, Co Galway Bawney, Westmeath, s/o Michael FYNN & Julia GRIFFIN married Winifred MITCHELL, 24, Clourainee Roscommon, Pembroke, d/o Patrick MITCHELL & Bridget FLYNN, witn; Joseph BOURKE & Ann MCMULLEN of Pembroke, 1 Aug 1859

Theophille CARRIERE, 24, Vankleek Hill, Alice, s/o Louis CARIERE & Christine PECOTE married Sophie LA BERGE, 14, St Martines, Alice, d/o Charles LA BERGE & Sophie MOTTE, witn; Pierre MACLEAN of Stafford & Eupheamine GIROULX of Pembroke, 21 Aug 1859

John MCKEONE, 28, Nepean, Pembroke, s/o William MCKEONE & Anne MCINTYRE married Mary Emily HYDE, 18, Huntley, Pembroke, d/o Thomas Bernard HYDE & Mary Jane SOMERVILLE, witn: William MCKEONE & Elizabeth HYDE of Pembroke, 7 Nov 1859

Patrick REDDINGTON, 21, Quebec, Onslow, s/o Patrick REDDINGTON & Margaret RAIN married Harriet BURNES, 22, Nepean, Nepean, d/o John BURNES & Harriet MURPHY, witn: Martin CAHILL of Arnprior & Ann DRAPER of Onslow, 23 Nov 1859


Page 12 return by Henry PEYMOUR, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church

William PUROR (Peever?), 35, Ireland, Horton, s/o Thomas PUROR & not known married Sarah TAYLOR, 27, Ireland, Pakenham, d/o Alex TAYLOR & Mary BOYD, witn; Robinson TAYLOR & Francis GESS of Pakenham, 22 March 1859

David NICOL, 38, Scotland, Darling, s/o John NICOL & Selena FEYNSON married Jane CAMPBELL, 32, Lenord, Bagot, d/o Peter CAMPBELL & Jennett WATTO, witn; William STOHN & Agnes BRADFORD of Bagot, 25 March 1859

John JAMESON, 23, Canada, Blythfield, s/o John JAMESON & Agnes SMITH married Annie HOTON?, 20, Canada, Blythfield, d/o Alex STRUGHTON & Catherine PRENTICE, witn: Robert JAMESON & Margaret STRUGHTON of Blythfield, 10 July 1859

Charles ARMSTRONG, 30, Ireland, Pakenham, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Jane SMITH married Catherine WILSON, 30, Ireland, Ramsey, d/o Thomas WILSON & Jane WHITESIDE, witn: J. LOGAN & John CUNNINGHAM of Pakenham, 22 Sept 1859


Page 12 return by P. S.Y de Sanhac , Minister of the Catholic Church

George BROCK, 25, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o George BROCK & Mary HADDON married Catherine POWER, 18, Osgoode, Westmeath, d/o Mathew POWER & Mary KANT, witn: Joseph ROMAN & Raymond PEAUCOW of Westmeath, 9 May 1859


Page 13 return by W. F. GRAHAM, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Charles BOWES, 23, Admaston, Bromley, s/o Robert BOWES & Jane BOWES married Marcella KEYS, 23, Ramsay, Admaston, d/o Joseph KEYS & Mary KEYS, witn: John SMITH & Jane KEYS of Admaston, 30 March 1859

Peter WATSON, 27, Ramsay, Alice, s/o J. WATSON & Sarah WATSON married Mary HAMILTON, 23, McNab, Alice, d/o Andrew HAMILTON & Isabella HAMILTON, witn: Elizabeth EDWARDS & William HAMILTON of Alice, 2 April 1859

George PORTER, 32, Ottawa, Westmeath, s/o not known married Mary A. WILSON, 21, Lanark, Westmeath, d/o William WILSON & Jane WILSON, witn: Catherine WILSON & James WILSON of Westmeath, 25 Sept 1859

James PRICE, 21, Co Onslow Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o Janston PRICE & Mary PRICE married Margaret RUTLEDGE, 20, Ireland, Wilberforce, d/o George RUTLEDGE & Jane RUTLEDGE, witn: Edrouil PRICE & Mathew MERCHER of Wilberforce, 28 Nov 1859


Page 13 return by William MORTON, Minister of the Wesleyan Church

John COBORN, not given, Alice, s/o A. COBORN & C. O'BRIEN married Nancy KENNEDY, not given, Alice, d/o A. SHIELDS & E. BAIN, witn: Jas COBORN of Pembroke, 9 Aug 1859

Robert THOMPSON, not given, Westmeath, s/o not given married Theresa BOYD, not given, Westmeath, d/o not given, witn: A. PORTER of Westmeath, 29 Aug 1859

John FERRIS, 25, Canada, Pembroke, s/o E. FERRIS & C. ROSE married F. CHARLES, Ireland, Pembroke, d/o T. CHARLES & M. HARRISON, witn: E. CURRY of Pembroke, 5 Sept 1859

Alonzo HUCKABONE, not given, Pembroke, s/o J. HUCKABONE & M. MCCORMICK married F. PROSSER, not given, Pembroke, d/o C. PROSSER & M. BROWN, witn; A. ASTLEFORD of Pembroke, 8 Sept 1859

Thomas O'BRIEN, not given, Westmeath, s/o not given, married E. COOK, not given, Westmeath, d/o not given, witn: D. C. CHAMBERLAIN of Westmeath, 21 Dec 1859

Marthin CODERICK, 22, Germany, Pembroke, s/o not given, married A. RENKA, 18, Germany, Pembroke, d/o not given, witn: H. J.CHURCH of Pembroke, 25 Dec 1859

Robert LAROY, 22, Canada, Buchanan, s/o not given married M. MCCONNELL, 15, Canada, Rolf, d/o R. MCCONNELL & C. WARLD, witn: B. SHIELDS of Buchanan, 23 Oct 1859


Page 14 return by Rev’d Joseph BOURNE, Priest of McNab and Ross

Patrick REED, 22, Ireland, Arnprior, s/o Francis REED & Mary GALLAGHER married Catherine GIBBONS, 18, Canada, Arnprior, d/o Walter GIBBONS & Bridget KELLY, witn; Terrance BRUDY (Brady?) & Archie O'DONNELL, 9 Jan 1859

John WARNOCK, 22, Ireland, Ross, s/o James WARNOCK & Bridget MCGUIRE married Anne BOLTON, 22, Canada, Ross, d/o John BOLTON & Margaret SHIRLEY, witn; Joseph DOLAN & Thomas WARNOCK, 14 Dec 1859

Francis SEYENS, 27, Canada, Arnprior, s/o Xavier SEYENS & Victoria CHERNIER, married Elizabeth TOOL, 19, Ireland, Arnprior, d/o Hugh TOOL & Mary MEAGHN, witn; Thomas TOY & Thomas KENNEDY, 12 Sept 1859

Philip WARNOCK, 22, Ireland, Ross, s/o James WARNOCK & Bridget MCGUIRE married Sara Mary BROWN, 21, Canada, Ross, d/o Patrick BROWN & Sara WATSON, witn: Thomas MCGEE & Alex TROTTIER, 12 Oct 1859


Page 14 return by Rev’d William Thomas CANNIGN?, Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Canada

William MAY, 22, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Richard MAY & Sarah SEYMOUR married Elizabeth LITTLE, 18, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o John LITTLE & Mary HORNE, witn: William WILSON of Portage du Fort, 5 Feb 1859

John HIGGINSON, 32, Co Lukuro? Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o William HIGGINSON & Mary JOLLY married Frances THOMAS, 24, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Robert THOMAS & Martha ALAN, witn; James PAUL of Wilberforce, 7 March 1859

Angus SUTHERLAND, 24, Wilberforce, Stafford, s/o William SUTHERLAND & Alexandrina ROSS married Catherine LEAHY, 17, Ireland, Grattan, d/o Michael LEAHY & Catherine ENRIGHT, witn: William MCKEE of Wilberforce, 18 Aug 1859

Hugh MORGAN, 32, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James MORGAN & Mary FLYNN married Jane HILL, 18, Admaston, Admaston, d/o John HILL & Jane TODD, witn: Robert CAMPBELL of Grattan, 25 Oct 1859

Donald MCMILLAN, 28, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Alex MCMILLAN & Mary MCMILLAN married Jessie MCLEOD, 19, Fitzroy, Grattan, d/o Angus MCLEOD & Catherine MCMILLAN, witn; William FOSTER of Grattan, 25 Oct 1859

Charles MOORE, 23, Admaston, Admaston, s/o Elias MOORE & Isabel KEOWN married Ann CARDIFF, 24, Admaston, Admaston, d/o George CARDIFF & Elizabeth BRENNAN, witn; Mack CARDIFF of Admaston, 10 Nov 1859


Page 15 return by M. BYRNE, Minister of Renfrew

Denis MCNAMARA, 35, Ireland, McNab, s/o Thomas MCNAMARA & Mary MCMAHON married Catherine BRADY, 30, Ireland, Brougham, d/o Patrick BRADY & Margaret GRIFFIN, witn: Thomas BRADY of Brougham, 16 Jan 1859

Maurice SCULLY, 29, Ireland, Brougham, s/o James SCULLY & Catherine DUNON (Deenon?) married Catharine NICHOLSON, 29, Canada, Admaston, d/o Michael NICHOLSON & Sarah HOLMES, witn: William NICHOLSON of Admaston, 7 Feb 1859

Joseph SEYMOUR, 30, Canada, Renfrew, s/o Moise SEYMOUR & Melanie BOURDEHAM married Mary MAHEW, 19, Canada, Admaston, d/o Paul MAHEW & Margareta LABARGE, witn; Baptiste JOURDAIN of Renfrew, 8 blank 1859

Josiah LAROCK, 25, Canada, Darling, s/o Joseph LAROCK & Letta CARDINAL married Catherine KEATING, 26, Canada, Lanark, d/o John KEATING & Catharine BARRY, witn: Patrick CORBET of Lanark, 22 blank 1859

John CONDON, 40, Ireland, Darling, s/o Michael CONDON & Catharine LENS married Mary FERGUS, 40, Ireland, Bagot, d/o Maccurhic? FERGUS & Ellen BURKE, witn; John REDELY of Bagot, 1 May 1859

Edward DUFFY, 23, Ireland, Renfrew, s/o James DUFFY & Catharine MCEACH married Catharine FIELDS, 23, Canada, Renfrew, d/o John FIELDS & Ellen HARDY, witn: John HARTNEY of Renfrew, 11 blank 1859

Patrick CORBET, 23, Ireland, Darling, s/o Edward CORBET & Mary HAGAN married Mary MURPHY, 23, Ireland, Darling, d/o Michael MURPHY & Mary NOLAN, witn; John LEAN of Darling, 29 blank 1859

Michael MULVEYHILL, 25, Ireland, Brougham, s/o Michael MULVEYHILL & Bridget MCCARTY married Mary CALAHAN, 19, Ireland, Brougham, d/o Michael CALAHAN & Ellen CANNON, witn; Thomas BRADY of Brougham, 18 July 1859

Thomas MADIGAN, 29, Ireland, Brougham, s/o Daniel MADIGAN & Mary DOWNEY married Ellen KENNELLY, 22, Ireland, Brougham, d/o Daniel KENNELLY & Mary DARTFORD, witn; John KENEALLEY of Brougham, 18 black 1859

John YOUKS, 23, Canada, Admaston, s/o Benjamin YOUKS & Angela MIGUNE married Louise AUBRIE, 18, Canada, Admaston, d/o Louis AUBRIE & Lacose COUSINEAU, witn: Louis AUBRIE of Admaston, 12 June 1859

Antoine BOURGEOIS, 23, Canada, Onslow, s/o Lazene BOURGEOIS & Leocadie BRULE married Adile AUBRY, 22, Canada, Admaston, d/o Louis AUBRY & Marie COUSINEAU, witn: Isidore AUBRY of Admaston, 13 Aug 1859

William BYRNE, 21, Ireland, Grattan, s/o John BYRNE & Celia BYRNE married Mary SAMPSON, 24, Canada, Grattan, d/o Alexander SAMPSON & Rose Anna COMISTA, witn: Angus MCDONELL of Grattan, 15 blank 1859

Henry GOULET, 26, Canada, Renfrew, s/o Baptiste GOULET & Sophie ALERT married Adeline ROI, 20, Canada, Renfrew, d/o Charles ROI & Renee SEYMOUR, witn: Joseph GRAVEL of Renfrew, 22 Sept 1859

Joseph DONEAND, 24, Canada, Bromley, s/o Joseph DONEAND & Cecelia PRUDEAU married Bridget SHEEDY, 18, Canada, Bromley, d/o Patrick SHEEDY & Honora BURKE, witn: Michael (smudged) of Bromley, 25 Dec 1859


Page 16 return by M. MCMASTIN, M. A. Presbyterian Minister of Pembroke

James J. DURRELL, 23, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o William DURRELL & Agnes JARDINE married Eliza SNODDEN, 16, Ottawa, Westmeath, d/o Stewart SNODDEN & Mary HUNTER, witn; Francois SCOTT of Pembroke, 1 Jan 1859

Edward CLARKE, 22, Meaford Ireland, Pembroke, s/o Thomas CLARKE & Eliza BARON married Emily WARREN, 20, Allumette Island, Allumette Island, d/o Bishop WARREN & Lorenzo WINTERS, witn: Malcom MCPHEE of Pembroke, 1 Jan 1859

John THOMAS, 23, Derry Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o Robert THOMAS & Martha AIKEN married Elizabeth SMITH, 19, Bromley, Bromley, d/o R. R. SMITH & Elizabeth CALLAHAN, witn: Jas MCGREGOR of Petewawa, 11 Feb 1859

Mathew MCLAREN, 23, Huntley, Westmeath, s/o James MCLAREN & Ellen EVOY married Jessie CASSIDY, 20, New Brunswick, Pembroke, d/o William CASSIDY & Susan SWEEDY, witn: John KENNY of Westmeath, 3 March 1859

John TENNANT, 26, Lanark, Alice, s/o Richard TENNANT & June CARDIFF married Susan BRUSH, 25, Forrester, Pembroke, d/o John BRUSH & Agnes WAULE, witn: William SPARLING of Pembroke, 2 April 1859

Peter LEECH, 27, Ramsay, Alice, s/o James LEECH & Frances WILSON married Martha MCLELLAND, 18, Cavan Ireland, Alice, d/o Hugh MCLELLAND & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: James LEACH of Alice, 19 April 1859

Martin HENNESSY, 22, Waltham, Westmeath, s/o Martin HENNESSY & Bridget HENNESSY married Emily WINTERS, 19, Grenville, Westmeath, d/o Ofaden WINTERS & Helen LEROY, witn; William SMITH of Westmeath, 9 June 1859

John MCLEAN, 22, Lanark, S. Westmeath, s/o Thomas MCLEAN & Ellen TYSDALE married Margaret MCNIVEN, 21, Burnstown, Westmeath, d/o Alex MCNIVEN & Eliza JOHNSTON, witn; Horace CHURCH of Beachburg, 16 June 1859

Batiste LEBLANC, 25, St. Andrew, St. Andrew, s/o B. LEBLANC & C. SCHOLACKIE married M. GEROUX, 19, New York State, Pembroke, d/o B. GEROUX & F. ROUSSALL, witn: J. P. MOFFATT of Pembroke, 2 July 1859

R. TENNANT, 28, Lanark, Wilberforce, s/o R. TENNANT & Jane CARDIFF married Elizabeth JONES, 27, Prince Edward Island, Pembroke, d/o Isaac JONES & Sophie OWEN, witn; William SPARLING of Pembroke, 6 July 1859

John TUNN, 26, England, Alice, s/o John TUNN & Eliza STAP married Lechah EDWARDS, 23, Beckwith, Alice, d/o Richard EDWARDS & Elizabeth SAUNDERS, witn: Alex MCLEOD of Pembroke, 15 Aug 1859

Frederick CRAMP, 24, England, Pembroke, s/o John CRAMP & Jane CONLEY married Jane WALLACE, 25, Co Antrim Ireland, Pembroke, d/o James WALLACE & Jane MCCULLOCH, witn: M. BUNYAN of Pembroke, 27 Dec 1859