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Renfrew Co., 1878

birth place is given before residence


9665-78 (Renfrew Co): William H. ARGUE, 27, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o Henry & Ann, married Emily BURGESS, 26, Beckwith, Bromley, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: George ARGUE & Rebecca BURGESS, 8 May 1878 at Bromley 9744-78 (Renfrew Co) William ARMSTRONG, 31, farmer, Huntley, Huntley, s/o James & Ann ARMSTRONG married Susan J. ARMSTRONG, Huntley, Huntley, d/o Thomas & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Irwin ARMSTRONG & Catherine REID of Huntley, 25 April 1878, Arnprior
9593-78 Angus BARR, 31, farmer, Ottawa, Westmeath, s/o James & Flora, married Annie ROBERTSON, 21, Westmeath, same, d/o Alexander & Christena, witn: Hugh ROBERTSON & Mary Ann HANNAH, both of Westmeath, 12 April 1878 at Manse, Beachburg 9683-78 John Armstrong BEATTY, 21, carpenter, Leeds, Pembroke, s/o John BEATTY & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Agnes BLACK, 20, Ross twp., Pembroke, d/o James BLACK & Margaret BULMER, witn: Robert COCHRANE & Charlotte BLACK, both of Pembroke, 24 June 1878 at Pembroke
9620-78 Ferdinand BECKER, 32, widower, farmer, Germany, Sebastopol, s/o August & Carolina, married Louisa WEILAND, 15 + 9 months, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o Henry & Caroline, witn: Reinhold RADDARZ & Wilhelmina WEILAND, both of Sebastopol, 10 June 1878 at Sebastopol 9613-78 William BIESENTHAL, 26, farmer, Prussia Germany, Alice, s/o Gotleib BIESENTHAL & Louise PRACHNEV, married Wilhelmina BURGER, 19, Prussia Germany, Alice, d/o August BURGER & Henriette GROSKLARGS, witn: F. & Wittian BIESENTHAL of Alice, 4 July 1878 at Alice
  9748-78 (Renfrew Co) Julius C. BLASDELL, 30, widower, sawyer, s/o J.C. & Margaret BLASDELL married Mary HILL, 31, Stewartville, Stewartville, d/o William & Mary HILL, witn:  Margaret BLASDELL & J. G. LOTTENER? of Arnprior, 18 May 1878, Renfrew
9631-78: John BOLAND Jr., 38, farmer, Montreal, Douglas, s/o John & Ellen BOLAND married Charlotte EDWARDS, 28, Co Wexford Ireland, Wilberforce, d/o Robert & Ann EDMUNDS, witn: Mary A. & Charles BOLAND of Eganville on 12 Feb 1878 at Wilberforce 9695-78 John BRADY, 28, laborer, Bromley Ont., Pembroke, s/o Hugh BRADY & Alice GALAHER, married Suzan WORETH, 26, Dublin Ireland, Pembroke, d/o George WORETH & Eliza KING, wit: John REILLY & Mary BRADLEY, both of Pembroke, 9 May 1878 at Pembroke
9678-78 James BRENNAN, 34, farmer, Montague Ont., Petewawa, s/o Patrick BRENNAN & Sarah RATHWELL, married Hester RATHWELL, 24, Wolford Ont., Petewawa, d/o Andrew RATHWELL & Mary GRIFFIN, witn: George & Mary J. BRENNAN of Petewawa, 2 Aug 1878 at Pembroke (also 9641-78) 9576-79 William BREWER, 24, laborer, Prussia, McNab Tp., s/o Christian BREWER (mother's name not known sic) married Mary Ann MILLER, 50, widow, England, McNab Tp., d/o Jesse MILLER & Mary Ann WRIGHT, witn: Thomas D. McLOCHLANE & Ellen CHASE both of McNab on Dec. 26, 1878 at White Lake, McNab Tp
9520-79 James BRITAIN, 29, mechanic, Ireland, Bromley, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Mary McALLISTER, 32, Bromley, same, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: John BOLAND of Bromley & Hannah LUDGATE of Gratton, 27 Dec 1878 at not given 9686-78 Frederick BROWN, 29, merchant, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Frederick & Frederica, married Bertha TABBERT, 18, Germany, Pembroke, d/o John & Henrietta, witn: John FREDERICK & John BROWN, both of Wilberforce, 20 Feb 1878 at Pembroke
9636-78: Herman BROWN, 22, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Frederick & Fredericka BROWN married Augusta KROSKLAG, 15, Germany, Wilberforce, d/o Carl & Emilia KROSKLAG, witn: Frederick KROSKLAG & Wilhemina NEUMAN? both of Wilberforce on 6 Nov 1878 at Wilberforce 9586-78 (Renfrew Co): Fred BRUCHATZ (or Beuchatz), 48, widower, farmer, Germany, Hagerty twp., s/o not given, married Ann KITSKI, 35, widow, Germany, Denbigh twp., d/o Eliza LAHMAN & father's name unknown ("stated to be dead"), witn: Gottfried & Anna FIRTH of North Algona twp., 14 March 1878 at Hagerty twp
9650-78: Francis BRUCHE, 23, farmer, Prussia, Gratton, s/o Francis BRUCHE & Mary MECHAN (Meehan?) married Margaret IRVINE, 20, Canada, Gratton, d/o James IRVINE & Margaret CRANFORD (?), witn: Robert KENNEDY & Francis CRANFORD both of Gratton on 21 May 1878 at Eganville 9560-78 (Renfrew Co): Lewis BURKE, 37, farmer, Germany, Westmeath, s/o Frederick & Caroline, married Secie CHARLSTON, 35, Sweden, Westmeath, d/o Lars & Pamalia, witn: Lars & Annie CHARLSTON of Westmeath, 16 March 1878 at Westmeath
9742-78 (Renfrew Co) Edward BURKE, 25, farmer, March, March, s/o Patrick BURKE & Bridgett GALLAGHER married Mary KENNEY, 18, Merrickville, Arnprior, d/o John KENNEY & Ellen GALLAGHER, witn: Hugh DEVINE & Mary BEAL of Arnprior, 4 March 1878, Arnprior 9684-78 James Henry BURRITT, 31, barrister at law, Smith Falls, Pembroke, s/o Walter H. & Maria, married Cecilia Jane IRVING, 25, Pembroke, same, d/o Andrew IRVING & Jane WHITE, witn: W. RICHARDS of Ottawa & Maggie BELL of Pembroke, 11 April 1878 at Pembroke
9757-78 (Renfrew Co) James CARMICHAEL, 24, farmer, McNab, McNab, s/o Donald & Margaret CARMICHAEL married Margaret MCNEVIN, 19, McNab, McNab, d/o Alex & Margaret MCNEVIN, witn: Alex SMITH & Archibald SMITH of McNab, 2 Jan 1878, Renfrew 9589-78 (Renfrew Co): Hugh Andrew CARMICHAEL, 22, farmer, Gatineau Hills Quebec, Westmeath, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth, married Harriet EGGLESTON, 19, Beachburg, same, d/o Newton & Christy, witn: Della JOHNSON of Dixie Illinois & James CARMICHAEL of Westmeath, 5 Feb 1878 at res of bride's father, Beachburg
9649-78: James CARMODY, 26, carpenter, Ireland, Admaston, s/o Cornelius CARMODY & Anne CORBET married Ellen HAGARTY, 27, Canada, Gratton, d/o William HAGARTY & Mary GRIFFIN, witn: Richard BENNETT? of Eganville & Elizabeth HAGARTY of Gratton on 6 May 1878 at Eganville  
9598-78: Edward CHAPUT, 26, Alumett Island, Bois-Franc - Pontyfract, farmer, s/o Varisse CHAPUT & Marcelline FODSY, married Amelinda TURCOTTE, 29, widow, Calmut Island, Gower Point, d/o Joseph TURCOTTE & Marcelline JAVIENNE, witn: Francis BARTRAND & Alfred ROCHON, on 13 Aug 1878 at Gower Point 9632-78: James CHILDERHOSE, 25, farmer, Stafford, same, s/o of John CHILDERHOSE & Jane MCINTYRE married Mary Ann HUNT, 23, Wilberforce, same, d/o William HUNT & Sarah SMITH, witn: Robert GRAHAM Jr. of Westmeath & Eliza Jane HUNT of Wilberforce on 16 Jan 1878 at Wilberforce
9667-78 (Renfrew Co): James CLARK, 27, druggist, Ernestown, Renfrew village, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Annie CAMERON, 20, Canada, Douglas, d/o Donald & Elizabeth, witn: Adam INGLIS & Annie SMITH, both of Renfrew, 12 June 1878 at Douglas 9697-78: James COBURN, 27, farmer, Twp of Pembroke, same, s/o James & Genet COBURN married Barbara SPARLING, 23, Twp of Stafford, same, d/o George & Louisa SPARLING, witn: Robert COBURN of Pembroke & Catherine PERCAST? of Westmeath
  9646-77 James COCHRAN, 21, farmer, Lanark twp., McNab twp., s/o Andrew & Jane, married Sinnie HEADRICK, 21, McNab twp., same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: David HEADRICK & Lizzie WILLIAMS, both of McNab, 7 Jan 1878 at Arnprior
9621-78: Martin CONNORS, 25, farmer, Toronto, Sebastopol, s/o Martin & Bridget CONNORS married Jean MULROY, 22, Sebastopol, same, d/o Michael & Grace MULROY, witn: John CONNORS & Mary KELLY both of Sebastopol on 10 July 1878 at Brudenell 9623-78: Patrick CONNORS, 28, farmer, Perth, Bagot, s/o of Thomas & Sarah WALSH married Johanna NEALON, 26, Pakenham, Sebastopol, d/o David & Margrette NEALON, witn: Peter STEEP & Mary CONNORS on 16 Sept 1878 at Brudenell
9634-78: George COOMBES, 24, farmer, England, Wilberforce, s/o William G. & Eliza COOMBES married Dora PLUMMER, 26, Wilberforce, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth PLUMMER, witn: John MARTIN & John EDWARD both of Wilberforce on 16 July 1878 at Wilberforce 9568-78 Robert CORBETT, 31, clerk, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Sherwood twp., s/o Robert & Eliza Jane, married Jane ACTON, 20, Manchester England, Sherwood twp., d/o Arthur & Sarah, witn: Joseph & Mary ACTON of Sherwood twp., 22 Nov 1878 at Barrys Bay, Sherwood twp
9601-78: William COTNUM, 26, farmer, Alumett Island, Westmeath, s/o George COTNUM & Catherine LEE, married Eleanor SMYTH, 22, Westmeath, same, d/o James SMYTH & Ann Jane WATSON, witn: John SMYTH of Pembroke & Margaret COTNUM of Alumett on 10 July 1878 at Westmeath 9715-78 John CUNNINGHAM, 28, farmer, Pakenham, McNab twp., s/o Jon & Ann, married Elizabeth LAGREE, 22, Calabogie, McNab twp., d/o Joseph LAGREE & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: James ROBERTSON & Bella HEADRICK, both of McNab, 25 June 1878 at Arnprior
9566-78 Paulus CYBULSKI, 20, farmer, Prussia, Hagerty twp., s/o Andrews CYBULSKI & Maryann KNUPIK, married Eva ETINAUSKI, 17, Sherwood twp., same, d/o Valentine ETINAUSKI & Veronica TURZYNSKI, witn: Josephes CYBULSKI of Hagerty & Franciskus KURACH of Sherwood twp., 25 Nov 1878 at Church of St. Stanislaus, Hagerty twp  
9606-78: John DAVIDSON, 22, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o James & Sarah DAVIDSON married Catherine DICKSON, 18, Westmeath, same, d/o James & Jemmia DICKSON, witn: Thomas DAVIDSON of Westmeath & Mary LEE (Ross) on 8 July 1878 at Beachburg 9605-78: William H. DAVIDSON, 21, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o James & Sarah DAVIDSON married Margaret J. McLEESE, 17, Ireland, Westmeath, d/o Daniel & Jane McLEESE, witn: James DICKSON & Mary McLEESE both of Westmeath on 18 Dec 1878 at Beachburg
9702-78 James DELANEY, 24, laborer, Lorinal (L'Orignal?), Mattawa, s/o John DELANEY & Margaret O'BRIAN, married Mary Ellen DOYLE, 21, Petewawa, Clara, d/o Alexander DOYLE & Catherine FINLEY, witn: James ALLEN of Mattawa & Catherine DOYLE of Clara, 5 Oct 1878 at Mattawa 9645-78: James DILLON, 23, farmer, Bagot, same, s/o John DILLON & Elizabeth WENDLE married Honora MORIARTY, 22, Brougham, same, d/o Patrick MORIARTY & Honora FITSGERALD, witn: James & Ann SHEEDY both of Brougham on 29 July 1878 at Mount St. Patrick, Brougham (also 9627-78)
9776-78 Gustave DINER, 21, farmer, Germany, Admaston, s/o Gottlieb & Johanna, married Matilda LAPULS, 21, Germany, Admaston, d/o Levi & Minnie, witn: Frank BYERS & Minnie INGLIS, both of Bagot, 7 June 1878 at Renfrew 9644-78: Francis DODGE, 52, farmer, Brougham, same, s/o Edward DODGE & Larase (Tarase?) PATERSON, married Felicite LEPLANTE, 20, Brougham, same, d/o Baptiste LEPLANTE & Carolina BOIVIER, witn: Joseph LEPLANTE & Marie BOIVIER both of Brougham on 20 May 1878 at Brougham
9675-78: Denis DOHERTY, 31, labourer, Rodden P.Q., Pembroke, s/o John DOHERTY & Catherine TANSY married Ann WHELAN, 26, Stafford twp, same, d/o Thomas WHELAND & Nancy MCEWEN, witn: James DWYER of Pembroke & Mary DUGGAN of Stafford on 25 Sept 1878 at Pembroke 9643-78: Jarold? DONAHUE, 26, farmer, Canada, Sebastopol, s/o Thomas DONAHUE & Honora MANN married Ann BRADLEY, 24, Brougham, same, d/o Patrick BRADLEY & Honora MCKILBY, witn: Ellen & Maryann BARRETT both of Brougham on 13 Apr 1878 at Brougham
9648-78: Michael DRISCOLL, 41, widower, farmer, Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o James DRISCOLL & Mary McINERNY married Maryanne O'DONNELL, 40, Canada, Eganville, d/o Arthur O'DONNELL & Margaret AIRE, witn: Patrick MURPHY & Johanna LANE both of Eganville on 4 March 1878 at Eganville 9689-78 Michael DRISCOLL, 26, saddler, Eganville, Pembroke, s/o Patrick DRISCOLL & Sarah DELOUGHREY, married Mary Ann COYNE, 28, Eganville, same, d/o John COYNE & Sarah DOCKEY, witn: Timothy SHEEDY of Bromley & Mary ANDREW of Pembroke, 8 March 1878 at Pembroke
9677-78 Edward DUKE, 40, widower, farmer, Bristol Que., Petewawa, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth McCORMACK, 20, Point Alexander, same, d/o John & Barbara, witn: Joan BALLANTYNE of Pembroke & William SHEARER of Ottawa, 19 July 1878 at Pembroke 9585-78 (Renfrew Co): John DUNN, 78, widower, vet. Surgeon, Yorkshire England, Sherwood twp., s/o George & Ann, married Ann DUNN, 64, widow, Carlow Ireland, Sherwood twp., d/o Anthony & Elizabeth WESTWOOD, witn: Richard & Ellen SKUCE of Jones twp., 18 Feb 1878 at Sherwood twp
  9749-78 (Renfrew Co) Dawson ELLIOTT, 24, clerk, Pakenham, Arnprior, s/o John & Margaret ELLIOTT married Mary A. MCCREARY, 21, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o James & Elizabeth MCCREARY, witn: William MCCREARY & Mary GIBSON of Arnprior, 12 June 1878. Renfrew
9660-78 John ELLIOTT, 38, laborer, Dublin, Renfrew, s/o Robert & Balinda, married Mary LAVENTURE, 35, McNab twp., Renfrew, d/o Louis & Catherine, witn: William ROBINSON & Thomas GUEST, both of Renfrew village, 8 Feb 1878 at Renfrew village 9596-78 Francis ERRY, 22, railway section man, Elizabethtown, Bromley, s/o Henry & Harriet Jemima, married Margaret EDWARDS, 18, Beckwith, Ross, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Robert EDWARDS & Agnes LYNCH, both of Ross, 6 March 1878 at Beachburg
9561-78: John ETRMANSKI, 22, farmer, Prussia, Twp Sherwood, s/o Valentine ETRMANSKI & Veronica LURZINSKI married Maryanne KEIDROWSKO, 20, Prussia, Sherwood Twp, d/o Michael KIEDROWSKO & Catherine BURANT, witn: Kasimir JEZERSKI & Laurentius BURANT both of Hagarty Twp on 4 Nov 1878 at Twp of Hagarty. 9759-78 (Renfrew Co) Stephen FILLATER, 32, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o William & Mary FILLATER married Elizabeth DOYLE, 32, Admaston, Admaston, d/o John & Elizabeth DOYLE, witn: Richard DOYLE & Robert DOYLE of Admaston, 14 Jan 1878, Renfrew
9772-78 (Renfrew Co) Richard FINIGAN, 25, blacksmith, Kingston, Bryson, s/o Hugh & blank, married Jane MURRAY, 25, Bristol, Bristol, d/o Francis & Mary MURRAY, witn: Thomas MORAN & Catherine PAUL, 19 Nov 1878, Renfrew 9578-78 William FISS, 22, husbandman, Casthlene village - Germany, Monteagle twp., s/o Henry & Bekie, married Wilhelmina BEHAN, 18, Goodfield Germany, Monteagle twp., d/o Frederic & Loiza, witn: Herman KLUSKEY & Belina BEHAN, both of Monteagle, 24 April 1878 at res of Frederick Behan, Monteagle
9615-78 John H. FLINN, 32, mechanic, East Hawkesbury, Alice, s/o Timothy FLINN & Sarah WELLS, married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 21, Alice, same, d/o Samuel HAMILTON & Mary MATHEWS, witn: Thomas McCONNEL & Maggie HAMILTON, both of Alice, 20 June 1878 at Alice 9714-78 John L. FRASER, 21, stone cutter, Arnprior, same, s/o George FRASER & Isabella LYON, married Dorah SPENCE, 20, Ireland, Arnprior, do William SPENCE & Jane BARROW, witn: Thomas LEISHMAN & Thomas FRASER, both of Arnprior, 5 June 1878 at Arnprior
9685-78 Robert FRASER, 35, widower, farmer, Pembroke, Alice, s/o Daniel FRASER & Nancy STEWART, married Annie COCHRANE, 19, Alice, same, d/o William COCHRANE & Margaret MATHEWS, witn: William COCHRANE Jr. of Alice & James FRASER of Pembroke, 26 march 1878 at Alice 9764-78 (Renfrew Co) Robert D. FRASER, 24, laborer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o William & Ellen FRASER married Mary Jane FROOD, 25, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Hugh & Barbara FROOD, witn: Francis BYRES & Sophia E. FROOD, of Renfrew, 30 April 1878, Renfrew

9810-80 (Renfrew Co) George FRASER Jr., 29, blacksmith, Aberdeen Scotland, Arnprior, s/o George FRASER & Isabella DYERS married Kate LEISHMAN, 26, Ramsay, Arnprior, d/o J. LEISHMAN & Clementine MCLAREN, witn: George FRASER & Thomas LEISHMAN of Arnprior, 26 Dec 1878, Arnprior

9591-78 Richard FREELAND, 29, farmer, Ireland, Ross, s/o George & Sarah, married Annie RILEY, 17, Ross, same, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: George RILEY & Mary JOHNSTON, both of Ross, 28 March 1878 at Beachburg
9698-78 Lawrence FURLONG, 25, laborer, Smith Falls, Pembroke, s/o Michael FURLONG & Margaret FREEMAN, married Johannah O'CONNOR, 19, Brudenell, Pembroke, d/o Martin O'CONNOR & Bridget CONWAY, witn: Joseph DOLAN & Johannah O'BRIEN, both of Pembroke, 16 June 1878 at Pembroke 9666-78 (Renfrew Co): Adolphus GANIER, 34, widower, farmer, Canada, Sebastapol, s/o Joseph GANIER & Josette LAVIER?, married Maria E. GAUTHIER, 26, Canada, Gratton, d/o Felix GAUTHIER & Marie FILION, witn: Felix & Glifie GAUTHIER of Gratton, 20 May 1878 at Douglas (Rom Cath)
9651-78: James GAUDET, 26, farmer, Canada, Blithfield (sic), s/o Dennis & Jane Doris GAUDET married Bridget GORMAN, 22, Canada, Admaston, d/o Patrick GORMAN & Catherine BENNET, witn: Patrick HENNESY & Catherine GORMAN both of Admaston on 19 Aug 1878 at Eganville 9622-78: John GERRIA (Jerva?), 26, farmer, Gratton Ont., Sebastopol, s/o Alfred & Mary GERRIA married Mary DUVAL, 24, Sebastopol, same, d/o Alfred & Mary DUVAL, witn: Robert & Anne MULROY on 15 Aug 1878 at Brudenell
9567-78 August GHERKE, 25, farmer, Germany, Brudenell twp., s/o Frederick & Charlotte, married Anna PILGRIM, 21, Germany, Brudenell twp, d/o William & Frederica, witn: Francis DENZEN of Raglan twp. & Juda PILGRIM of Brudenell, 18 March 1878 at Brudenell twp 9707-78 Joseph GILIATREAU dit StLOUIS, 26, laborer, Renfrew, Arnprior, s/o Andrew GILIATREAU dit St.LOUIS, & Adeline LELLISLE, married Elmira CHABOTTES, 33, widow, Merrickville, Arnprior, d/o Francois CHARBOTTES & Maria LACHAPELLE, witn: Francois & Susanna CHABOTTES, 25 Aug 1878 at Arnprior
9655-78: William GILPIN, 27, railroad foreman, South Crosby, Ross, s/o Elias & Mary GILPIN married Elizabeth PICKENS, 20, Nepean, Horton, d/o William & Mary PICKENS, witn: Duncan FERGUSON & Julia Ann OLMSTEAD both of Twp of Ross on 1 Oct 1878 at Twp of Horton 9697-78 Alexandre GIROUX, 36, farmer, St. Martine Que., Alice twp., s/o Bartholomew GIROUX & Sophie ROUSSELL, married Emelie PAGE, 22, Rigaud Que., Alice, d/o Louis PAGE & Emelie POIRIER, witn: Elica PAGE & Joseph CHARETTE, both of Pembroke, 3 June 1878 at Pembroke
  9604-78: Robert D. GODDARD, 25, farmer, Westmeath Front, same, s/o Edward & Margaret GODDARD married Margaret G. C. GARRETT, 27, Leeds England, Brockville, d/o James & Jessie GARRETT, witn: Annie & Ellen CHRISTIE both of Beachburg on 11 Dec 1878 at Beachburg
9662-78 Edward GORMAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Bromley, s/o Daniel GORMAN & Catherine REILLY, married Ann CONOLLY, 30, Canada, Bromley, d/o Eugene CONOLLY & Letitia LINDON, witn: John & Mary GORMAN of Bromley, 7 Jan 1878 at Douglas 9671-78 (Renfrew Co): James Edward GORMAN, 24, telegraph operator, Pembroke, same, s/o Michael GORMAN & Margaret POWELL, married Mary Georgiana MARTIN, 21, Beauharnois, Pembroke, d/o Michael MARTIN & Angelique LEDUC, witn: M.J. GORMAN & Maria A. GORMAN, both of Pembroke, 8 Oct 1878 at Pembroke (Rom Cath)
9712-78 Alexander GRAHAM, 28, farmer, Drummond twp., McNab twp., s/o Alexander GRAHAM & Janet MORRIS, married Sarah HAMILTON, 26, Goulbourn twp., McNab twp., d/o Hugh HAMILTON & Margaret LITTLE, witn: William GRAHAM & Emma HAMILTON, both of McNab tp., 11 April 1878 at Arnprior  
9570-78 Carl GUTZMAN, 26, farmer, Germany, Raglan twp., s/o Ludwig & Amelia, married Carolina KURZWEY, 19, Germany, Raglan twp., d/o Martin & Caroline, witn: Frederick NEUMAN & Emelia BERGER, both of Raglan twp., 11 Nov 1878 at Raglan twp. 9700-78 David HALLIDAY, 34, farmer, Rutherglen Scotland, Bromley twp., s/o David & Jane, married Mary TAIT, 26, Admaston, same, d/o Samuel TAIT & Isabella McPHAIL, witn: Thomas HALLIDAY of Horton & Margaret TAIT of Admaston, 22 March 1878 at Admaston
9595-78 John D. S. HAMILTON, 28, farmer, Alice, same, s/o Andrew & Isabella, married Mary Jane ORMSBY, 18, Westmeath, same, d/o James & Dora, witn: Robert L. HAMILTON & Rachel KEYES, 24 April 1878 at Westmeath 9512-79 Robert HAMILTON, 27, farmer, Alice twp., same, s/o Andrew & Isabella, married Ann KING, 27, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: Flora KING & Thomas SHAW, both of Wilberforce, 25 Dec 1878 at Wilberforce
9569-78 Herman HASS, 25, farmer, Germany, Raglan twp., s/o Carl & Carolina, married Caroline BUDARECK, 28, Germany, Raglan twp., d/o Martin & Elizabeth, witn: Christian & Anna BUDARECK of Raglan twp., 3 Dec 1878 at Raglan twp 9519-79 Walter HEADRICK, 22, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Robert HEADRICK & Sarah BARRIE, married Isabella CAMPBELL, 18, Pakenham, same, d/o James CAMPBELL & Jessie STUART, witn: Alexander SCOTT & Jessie CAMPBELL, both of Pakenham, 20 Dec 1878 at Arnprior
9709-78 James HEADRICK, 22, farmer, McNab twp., Pakenham twp., s/o Robert HEADRICK & Sarah BARREY, married Sarah GLEASON, 24, McNab twp., Pakenham village, d/o John GLEASON & Ellen DAWSON, witn: Alexander McMANUS & Margaret HEADRICK, both of Pakenham, 1 Oct. 1878 at Arnprior 9704-78 John HENNARTY, 25, laborer, Arnprior, McNab twp., s/o Peter FENNARTY & Ann HEANY, married Catherine BEESTON, 19, Arnprior, same, d/o Thomas BEESTON (Benton?) & Honorah RYAN, witn: Michel HEANY & Mary FENNARTY, both of Arnprior, 27 July 1875 at Arnprior
#009583-78 (Renfrew Co): Robert HILL, 26, township clerk, Ross twp., same, s/o Henry HILL & Mary McKEE, married Rachel MARSHALL, 16, Ross twp., same, d/o George MARSHALL & Margaret ALLEN, witn: William J. CRAWFORD & Ruth HILL, both of Ross twp., 12 June 1878 at Ross twp 9597-78 William HODGINS, 29, farmer, Clarendon Quebec, same, s/o John & Ann Jane, married Cordelia BEACH, 19, Westmeath, same, d/o Levi & Margaret, witn: Hugh ELLIOTT of Clarendon & Elisa Jane BEACH of Westmeath, 6 June 1878 at Beachburg
9773-78 (Renfrew Co) Edward HOUSTON, 22, brick builder, Almonte, Renfrew, s/o Robert & Isabelle HOUSTON married Mary TRAIL, 18, Darling, Renfrew, d/o William & Martha TRAIL, witn: James MCGREGOR of Almonte & Sophia FROOD of Renfrew, 6 Nov 1878, Renfrew 9673-78: James HUCKABONE, 23, pilot, Ross, Pembroke, s/o Edward HUCKABONE & Jane MCKIBBON married Isabella SULLIVAN, 21, Pembroke, same, d/o Timothy SULLIVAN & Anne DAVIDSON, witn: T. A. FINDLAY & Letitia TALLON of Pembroke on 10 Aug 1878 at Pembroke
9688-78 Antoine HUOT, 36, farmer, Ste. Philomene Que., Alice twp., s/o Eheme? HUOT & Marguerite VALLIER, married Felicite GERVAIS, 34, St. Philomine Que., Pembroke, d/o Moise GERVAIS & Felicite COLLET, witn: Napoleon DANNON & Sophie GIROUX, both of Stafford, 7 Jan 1878 at Pembroke 9769-78 (Renfrew Co) Joseph Charles HYATT, 27, tinsmith, Kingston, Renfrew, s/o William & Charlotte HYATT married Charlotte Susan BRIDGE, 19, England, Renfrew, d/o John & Charlotte BRIDGE, witn: John BRIDGE & W. H. KEARNEY of Renfrew, 24 Oct 1878, Renfrew
9765-78 (Renfrew Co) Adam INGLIS, 28, merchant, Pakenham, Renfrew, s/o William & Jessie INGLIS married Emma CLEARY, 21, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o Cornelius & Louisa CLEARY, witn: John WRIGHT & James MILLS of Renfrew, 7 Aug 1878, Renfrew #009581-78 (Renfrew Co): John JACK, 24, farmer, Ross, same, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth CAWDREY, 17, Ross twp., same, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: George W, COLEMAN & Ira MURDOCK, both of Ross twp., 19 April 1878 at res of bride's mother, Ross twp
9746-78 (Renfrew Co) A. JAMES, 30, agent, Lanark, Arnprior, s/o Robert JAMES & Jane CUNNINGHAM married Isabella STONE, 19, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Thomas STONE & Helen ACKFORD, witn: Mrs. STONE of Arnprior & Sarah JAMES of Almonte, 19 April 1878, Renfrew 9664-78 William JAMES, 24, farmer, Ramsay twp., Wilberforce, s/o George & Ann, married Ellen OWENS, 17, Canada, Bromley, d/o James & Mary, witn: Isaac GREEN of Wilberforce & Ann OWENS of Bromley, 2 May 1878 at Bromley
9657-78 John JAMIESON, 34, farmer, widower, Horton twp., same, s/o John & Ann, married Mary EARLEY, 33, Stirling Scotland, Horton twp., d/o Robert & Ellen, witn: Robert JAMIESON of Horton & Robert DOUGALL of Renfrew, 5 Dec 1878 at Horton twp 9687-78 James JARDINE, 29, farmer, Pembroke, same, s/o James JARDINE & Mary R. JOHNSON, married Mary McADAM, 22, Wilberforce, Pembroke, d/o Samuel McADAM & Jane HENDERSON, witn: William COLLINS & Dr. S. T. McADAM, both of Pembroke, 6 Feb 1878 at Pembroke
9638-78 (Renfrew Co): James JENKINS, 26, labourer, Bagot twp., same, s/o William JENKINS & Eliza GRAHAM, married Margaret CARR, 24, Bagot twp., same, d/o John S. CARR & Hellen CROW, witn: Andrew CARR & Susan JENKINS of Bagot twp., 28 Dec 1878 at White Lake Village 9628-78: Edmund JESSOP, 35, farmer, Eganville, Brudenell, s/o William & Mary JESSOP married Mary Ann HAWKINS, 21, England, Brudenell, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth HAWKINS, witn: Thomas S. SIBARY & Mary CAMPBELL both of Eganville on 5 March 1878 at Eganville
9777-78 Robert A. JOHNSTON, 30?, book keeper, Lennoxville Que., Picton, s/o Robert A. & Mary Ann, married Jane F. BURTON, 26, Horton, Renfrew village, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William H. KEARNEY of Renfrew & Duncan STEWART of Horton, 11 June 1878 at Renfrew 9762-78 (Renfrew Co) Jacob KAISER, 22, laborer, Poland, Renfrew, s/o Jacob & Justina KAISER married Ann TRAVISKA, 26, Poland, Renfrew, d/o Peter & Magdalena TRAVISKA, witn: Martin TRAVISKA & John KAISER of Renfrew, 6 May 1878, Renfrew
9564-78: Josephus KASZUBICK, 44, widower, farmer, Prussia, Hagarty Twp, s/o Jacobus KASZUBICK & Maryanne LAWNKOWSKI, married Anna LECHOWICZ, 24, Galicia Austria, Hagarty Twp, d/o Karolus LECHOWICZ & Maryanne LYGMONTOS, witn: Antonius CZAPREWSKI & Adalbutas LECHOWICZ both of Hagarty Twp on 8 July 1878 in Twp of Hagarty 9637-78: John KIDD, 27, school teacher, North Gower, Wilberforce, s/o Thomas KIDD & Mary Ann LEACH married Mary Ann LEACH (as written), 28, Montague, Wilberforce, d/o John LEACH & Mary Jane GRAHAM, witn: William LEACH of Pembroke & Martha JACKSON of Wilberforce on 24 Dec 1878 at Wilberforce
  9758-78 (Renfrew Co) Joseph KNIGHT, 35, farmer, Horton, Horton, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth KNIGHT married Rachel AIRTH, 23, Horton, Renfrew, d/o Henry & Rachel AIRTH, witn: Robert AIRTH of Renfrew & Archibald SMITH of McNab, 16 Jan 1878, Renfrew
9661-78 Frederick KRUEGER, 32, widower, farmer, Germany, Admaston, s/o Christian & Sophia, married Christena GREASE, 24, Germany, Bromley, d/o John & Louisa, witn: Frederick FOSS of Ross twp & Catherine GREASE of Bromley twp., 22 Oct. 1878 at Bromley 9560-78: Theodore KULLAS, 28, farmer, Prussia, Twp of Hagarty, s/o Jacobus KULLAS & Elizabeth BRYSKOW married Annie LIBERA, 18, Twp Sherwood, same, d/o Felix & Victoria LIBEROW, witn: Michael GUTOWSKY & Antonia LUKASWESKY both of Hagarty Twp on 18 Nov 1878 at Hagarty Twp
9774-78 (Renfrew Co) Jean LABREQUE , 26, laborer, St. Malachie, Renfrew, s/o Lanace & Catherine LABREQUE married Josephine JOURDAIN, 19, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o Norbert & Elizabeth JOURDAIN, witn: Joseph RONA & Mary PLANTER of Renfrew, 21 Aug 1878, Renfrew 9767-78 (Renfrew Co) James LAFURGY, 28, farmer, Sheen. Co. Pontiac, Fort William Quebec, s/o Edward & Sarah LAFURGY married Margaret MILLOY, 26, Horton, Horton, d/o John & Sarah MILLOY, witn: Thomas FARRELL & Polley MAYHEW of Renfrew, 17 sept 1878, Horton
9672-78 (Renfrew Co): Charles LANDRY, 27, laborer, St. Maurice Quebec, Pembroke, s/o Amable LANDRY & Marguerite BRUNEAU, married Bridget MULLIGAN, 24, Pembroke, same, d/o Daniel MULLIGAN & Isabella THORNTON, witn: Jean B. PERRAULT & Isabella MULLIGAN, both of Pembroke, 2 Oct 1878 at Pembroke (Rom Cath) 9631-79 Charles LAPOINT, 36, farmer, widower, Lower Canada, Griffith, s/o Michael LAPOINT & Deloide PELERIN, married Millie BOURGUIGNON, 21, Matawatchan, same, d/o Narcisse BOURGUIGNON & Sophie BOVIN, witn: John BOURGUIGNON & Elizabeth BOINDIGNON, (Bourguignon?) both of Matawatchan on Nov. 17 1878 at Mount St. Patrick
9652-78: Alexander LEBLANC, 23, farmer, Canada, Gratton, s/o Isidore LEBLANC & Adelaide GANIER married Glimphine GAUTIER, 16, Canada, Gratton, d/o Felix GAUTIER & Emilia FILION, witn: Napoleon GAUTIER & Louise ST.LOUIS on 2 Sep 1878 at Eganville 9669-78 (Renfrew Co): Napolean LEBLANC, 23, laborer, Rigaud Quebec, Pembroke, s/o Leger LEBLANC & Mary McGREGOR, married Adelphine CHARLETON, 22, Aylmer Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Andre CHARLETON & Esther CHARTRAND, witn: Louis LEBLANC & Josephine VALIQUETTE, 11 Nov 1878 at Pembroke (Rom Cath)
9603-78: William LEDGERWOOD, 23, farmer, Pembroke, Twp of Alice, s/o James & Mary Jane LEDGERWOOD married Janet KERR (sic), 28, Twp of Ross, same, d/o John & Elizabeth KARR (sic), witn: James STANLEY of Pembroke & Sarah A. CARTMAN of Ross on 5 Nov 1878 at Beachburg 9694-78 Amable LEFEVE, 28, farmer, Alice twp., same, s/o Francis LEFEBRE (sic) & Rebecca EDWARDS, married Agille PAQUETTE, 17, Stafford twp., same, d/o Louis PAQUETTE & Marie BEAUDRY, witn: Antoine LEFEBRE & Martine MATHIEU, both of Alice tp., 25 May 1878 at Pembroke
9761-78 (Renfrew Co) William LEGRIS, 26, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o Cezaire & Elizabeth LEYRIS married Catherine DEMPSEY, 21, Bagot, Bagot d/o Thomas & Anastasia DEMPSEY, witn: Edward LEGRIS & Joseph LEGRIS of Bagot, 4 March 1878, Renfrew 9574-78 Ferdinand LIEBENSTAL, 21, farmer, Germany, Brudenell, s/o William & Louisa, married Bertha FLEIGEL, 20, Germany, Brudenell, d/o Ernest & Frederica, witn: Carl WELK & Wilhelmina LEULAUF?, both of Brudenell, 19 Aug 1878 at Brudenell
9618-78 Gustav LUBITZ, 26, farmer, Hitzdorf Frankfort Prussia, Alice, s/o Christian LUBITZ & Ernestine BRAGGE, married Otitia Mathilde MAYER (Moyer?), 24, Vangraritz Bromberg Posen, Alice, d/o Julius MAYER & Wilhelmina BAAR, witn: Harman LUBITS, Sicilie NIERBAUER & Rudolph RATHKE, all of Alice, 14 May 1878 at Alice 9775-78 John LUNSTROM, 27, lumberer, Admaston, Renfrew, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Margaret DUNN, 22, Admaston, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Robert DUNLOP & John McNAMARA, both of Renfrew, 26 Nov 1878 at Renfrew
9674-78: Robert MANARY, 28, widower, teamster, Darling twp, Pembroke, s/o James & Isabella MANARY married Emma FORD, 22, Litchfield twp, Pembroke, d/o John Wm JOHNSTON & Margaret JOHNSON (sic), witn: Thomas MILLAR & Emma (?) KNIGHT (?) both of Pembroke on 20 Nov 1878 at Pembroke 9670-78 (Renfrew Co): Thomas Edmond MARTIN, 26, telegraph operator, Beauharnois Quebec, Pembroke, s/o Michael MARTIN & Angelique LEDUC, married Marie Agilda BOURRET, 20, Ottawa, Pembroke, d/o George BOURRET & Joseph (sic) LEARD, witn: John LANSTRUM? & Mary Ann COLTON, both of Pembroke, 1 Oct 1878 at Pembroke (Rom Cath)
9626-78: James MAXWELL, 32, labourer, Bagot, same, s/o Alexander & Elisabeth MAXWELL married Sarah FERGUSON, 20, Blythfield, same, d/o Robert & Mary Jane FERGUSON, witn: Andrew MELVILLE of Bagot & Agnes W. YUILL of Blythfield on 4 Apr 1878 at Blythfield 9708-78 Thomas MAY, 33, farmer, Fitzroy twp., same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Florence McEACHRAN, 25, Scotland, Fitzroy twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: John MAY of Fitzroy & David H. DAVIS of Almonte, 14 Sept 1878 at Arnprior
  9771-78 (Renfrew Co) James Evans MCADAM, 20, laborer, Pakenham, Renfrew, s/o William & Eliza MCADAM married Mary Ann POTTER, 25, Pakenham, Renfrew, d/o Robert & Mary POTTER, witn: Donald MCKINZIE & Mary Jane BROWN of Admaston, 30 Oct 1878, Renfrew
9682-78 Robert McCLURE, 32, widower, farmer, Co. Derry Ireland, Rowanton, s/o Robert & Mary, married Jane STEWART, 20, Wakefield Que., Rowanton, d/o David & Frances, witn: Robert DUDLEY & Mary ROWAN, both of Pembroke, 25 June 1878 at Pembroke 9629-78: Peter MCDONALD, 21, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Jonathan & Sarah MCDONALD married Elizabeth SMITH, 19, Wilberforce, same, d/o John & Sarah SMITH, witn: Neal MCDONALD of Wilberforce & Jane MOREGRAFT of Stafford on 28 May 1878 at Wilberforce
9630-78: Alexander MCDONALD, 27, farmer, Wilberforce, Hagarty, s/o Jonathan & Sarah MCDONALD married Catharine MCDONALD, 22, Wilberforce, same, d/o John & Ann MCDONALD, witn: John MCRAE & Fanny PORTER both of Eganville on 27 May 1878 at Eganville 9571-78 William McFARLANE, 23, farmer, Ireland, Murchison twp., s/o Mr. & Mrs., married Doretta HAGGART, 23, Fitzroy twp., Murchison twp., d/o Mr. & Mrs., witn: Charles BROWN & Miss SKUCE, both of Murchison, 15 Oct. 1878 at Murchison twp
9614-78 Andrew MACKAY, 30, farmer, Nepean, Mattawa, s/o Thomas MACKAY & Gussie BRUCE, married Agnes PICKOVER, 23, England, Mattawa, d/o Henry PICKOVER & Mary COOPER, witn: William & Catherine McDONALD of Mattawa, 28 Oct 1878 at Mattawa  
9639-78: Alexander R. MCLACHLAN, 20, farmer, Arnprior, same, s/o Hugh B. MCLACHLAN & Permelia EDEY, married Christina Buchan STERLING, 18, White Lake, same, d/o Alexander STERLING & Christina MCINTYRE, witn: John WHITE of Arnprior & Margaret STERLING of White Lake McNab, 15 Jan 1878 at White Lake Village 9750-78 (Renfrew Co) Abraham MCLACHLIN, 21, laborer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Peter & Rachael MCLACHLIN married Elizabeth M. CRAIG, 21, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Robert & Annie CRAIG, witn: James MCLACHLIN & Maggie T. READ of Arnprior, 2 July 1878, Renfrew
9602-789: Daniel McLEESE, 39, widower, farmer, County Antrim Ireland, Westmeath, s/o Daniel & Margaret McLEESE married Jane DICKSON, 27, widow, Westmeath, same, d/o James & Sarah DAVIDSON, witn: Agnes M. ACHESON & Thomas DAVIDSON both of Westmeath on 1 Oct 1878 at Westmeath 9745-78 (Renfrew Co) Thomas MCWHIRTER, 23, laborer, Bristol, Bristol, s/o William & Elizabeth MCWHIRTER married Henrietta BEATIE (Beattie?), 18, Clarendon Center Quebec, Bristol Quebec, d/o Thomas & Catherine BEATIE, witn: William J. JOHNSTON & Emma L. LEACH of Arnprior, 14 June 1878, Arnprior
9698-78: Mountiford MICK, 25, farmer, Twp of Stafford, same, s/o Daniel & Catherine MICK married Mary Ann TOWNSEND, 23, Twp of Stafford, same, d/o Frederick & Clarinda TOWNSEND, witn: Malcom MICK & Elizabeth HAYS, both of Twp of Stafford on 20 Nov 1878 at Twp of Stafford 9607-78 (Renfrew): Peter MICK, 27, blacksmith, Twp of Stafford, same, s/o John & Anne MICK married Alexanderine SUTHERLAND, 18, Twp of Wilberforce, Twp of Stafford, d/o of David & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, witn: Charlie & Margaret MICK of Twp of Stafford on 9 October 1878 at Twp of Stafford
9633-78: Julius MIELKE, 27, farmer, Prussia Germany, Wilberforce, s/o John MIELKE & Hannah LIPKIE married Gerstina TRAUTMANN (Grautmann?), 20, Prussia Germany, Wilberforce, d/o John TRAUTMANN & E. SCHASHSCHRIEDER, witn: Martha GICKS (?) of Gratton & William MILKE on 6 April 1878 at Wilberforce 9763-78 (Renfrew Co) William John MILLS, 20, carriage maker, Pakenham, Renfrew, s/o James & Catherine MILLS married Agnes STERRICK, 17, Quebec, Renfrew, d/o William & Sarah STERRICK, witn: David MCGILL & Mrs. RYAN of Renfrew, 24 April 1878, Renfrew
9676-78 Benjamin A. MOORE, 21, farmer, Rolph twp., same, s/o John MOORE & Elmire ROMAN, married Rebecca MATHIEU, 21, Alice twp., same, d/o France MATHIEU & Denise DUQUETTE, witn: Josire? HAMEL & Bridget CLEMENT, both of Pembroke, 15 July 1878 at Pembroke 9663-78 Michael MORIARTY, 29, farmer, Canada, Lyndoc, s/o Patrick MORIARTY & Mary MULVEYHILL, married Honorah CONWAY, 26, Canada, Admaston, d/o Patrick CONWAY & Margaret HOULAHAN, witn: Patrick MORIARTY & Catherine CONWAY, 18 Feb 1878 at Douglas
9612-78 Frederick MOW, 25, farmer, Prussia Germany, Alice, s/o Michael MOW & Sophia C. BEESENTHAL, married Louise WITT, 19, Prussia Germany, Alice, d/o Wilh WITT & Mathilde FEHEHALBE, witn: William WITT & Herman MOW, both of Alice, 26 June 1878 at Alice 9600-78: Bruneau MORROW, 27, farmer, Almonte, Gower Point, s/o Bruneau MORROW & Roselia LAFLEUR married Jennie BRADY, 36, St Lawrence, Gower Point, d/o Alexander BRADY & Elizabeth McCRAY, witn: James SHANNON & Harriette LAMARCHE both of Gower Point on 8 Aug 1878 at Gower Point
9594-78 Joseph E. NELSON, 21, farmer, Westmeath, Chichester Quebec, s/o James & Abigail, married Rachel A. ROBINSON, 21, Waltham Quebec, same, d/o Waine & Martha, witn: Miss A. BROPP & Miss R. HUNTINGTON, both of Westmeath, 17 April 1878 at Westmeath 9653-78: William NEVILL, 25, farmer, Canada, Lyndock, s/o Michael NEVILL & Johanna KENDRICK married Ellen MCKENIRNEY (McInerny?), 25, Canada, Gratton, d/o James MCKENIRNEY & Margaret BEHAN, witn: Thomas PAYETTE of Brudenell & Bridget MCKENIRNEY of Gratton on 11 Nov 1878 at Eganville
9654-78: Thomas NEW, 23, farmer, Horton, Bromley, s/o Thomas & Margaret NEW married Phoebe Jane SQUIRES, 21, Ross, Bromley, d/o Robert & Permilla SQUIRES, witn: Archibald R. NEW of Horton & Mary I. PENDERGRASS of Bromley on 24 Sept 1878 at Horton  
#009582-78 (Renfrew Co): William O'DONNELL, 25, railway section foreman, Pakenham, Cobden, s/o John & Catherine, married Jane Smith CRAWFORD, 22, Horton twp., Ross, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Walter M. BEALL of Westmeath & Mary Ann CRAWFORD of Ross, 8 May 1878 at Cobden, Ross twp 9778-78 Edward OWENS, 22, farmer, Grattan, same, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Mary Jane SHARP, 27, Grattan, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: William DICK & Agnes McFARLANE, both of Grattan, 4 Dec 1878 at Renfrew
9576-78 William PAYNE, 23, farmer, Torbolton twp., McClure twp., s/o Christopher & Margaret, married Eliza Jane HAGGART, 24, Huntley twp., McClure twp, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: James & Maria HENDERSON of Murchison twp., 15 March 1878 at res of James Henderson, Murchison twp 9768-78 (Renfrew Co) George PEARSON, 25, official assignee, Shaws Scotland, Renfrew, s/o George & Jane PEARSON married Maria BURLANGETTE, 22, White Lake, Renfrew, d/o John & Margaret BURLANGETTE, witn: John WRIGHT of Renfrew & E. STODDARD of New York, 23 Sept 1878, Renfrew
9696-78 Henry PERRIN, 27, laborer, St. Therese Que., Pembroke, s/o Felix PERRIN & Adeline ROCHON, married Celina MALLETTE, 16, Pembroke, same, d/o Alexandre MALLETTE & Sophie ROI, witn: Eugene PERRIN & Philomene MALLETTE, both of Pembroke, 14 June 1878 at Pembroke 9575-78 William A. PHELPS, 34, farmer, Admaston twp., Bangor twp., s/o Joseph & Charlotte, married Margaret COOPER, 19, Elizer twp., Mayo twp., d/o James & Eliza, witn: Edward WILLIAMS & Josephine PHELPS, both of Bangor twp., 12 Feb 1878 at res of Joseph PHELPS, Bangor twp
9770-78 (Renfrew Co) George PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Canada, Admaston, s/o George & Abigail PHILLIPS married Sarah NEW, 25, Horton, Horton, d/o Young & Ann NEW, witn: James SIMPSON & Mary NEW of Horton, 9 Oct 1878, Renfrew 9567-78 Antoinus PIEKARSKI, 25, farmer, Prussia, Hagerty twp., s/o Thomas PIEKARSKI & Magdalena JAKOBOWSKI, witn: Muricianna RECA, 20, Prussia, Sherwood twp., d/o Petrus RECA & Josephina DE MIZIKOW, witn: Antonius PEPLINSKI & Petrus RECA, both of Sherwood twp., 21 Jan 1878 at Church of St. Stanislaus, Hagerty twp.
9656-78: William PLAUNT, 30, farmer, village of Renfrew, same, s/o Xavier & Jane PLAUNT married Jessie MARTIN, 24, Horton, same, d/o Alexander & Irene MARTIN, witn: James GUTHRIE of Renfrew & Robert BLAIR of Bromley on 24 July 1878 at Twp of Horton  
9599-78: David POQUIN (Paquin?), 30, farmer, Calmut Island, same, s/o Joseph POQUIN & Julie TURCOTTE, married Adeline DUQUET, 20, Coulonge, Westmeath, d/o Toussaint DUQUET & Sophie LAVERDUE, witn: Toussaint DUQUET of Coulonge & Joseph PEQUIN of Calmut on 12 Aug 1878 at Gower Point 9592-78 Thomas PORTEOUS (written as Perteous), 24, miller, Cobourg, Westmeath, s/o Archibald & Ann, married Esther WARBRICK, 18, Ross, Beachburg, d/o John & Esther, witn: Lewis & George W. BROWN of Beachburg, 10 April 1878 at Beachburg
9659-78 Samuel PRICE, 22, farmer, Horton, same, s/o David & Mary, married Annie GORBY (Gorley?), 26, Clarendon, Leitchfield, d/o Edward & Catherine, witn: Joshua PRICE of Horton & Caroline GORBY of Leitchfield twp., 18 March 1878 at Horton twp 9547-79 August RADKE, 24, farmer, Broone Germany, Alice Tp., s/o Charles & Charlot, married Bertha GIPPERT, 21, Germany, Alice Tp., d/o August & Caroline, witn: none given on Dec. 24, 1878 at Alice
9701-78 Joseph REID, 27, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o Ephraim & Elizabeth, married Mary CAMPBELL, 28, Admaston, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: William REID & Ann CAMPBELL, both of Admaston, 10 April 1878 at Admaston 9640-78: Robert ROBERTSON, 27, farmer, McNab, same, s/o Duncan ROBERTSON & Elizabeth MORRIS , married Elizabeth BOX, 23, White Lake McNab, same, d/o John A. BOX & Jane MCCONNELL, witn: Duncan ROBERTSON & Therressa BOX, 28 Feb 1878 at White Lake
9611-78 August ROSSETZ (Kossetz?), 25, farmer, Brandenburg Germany, Alice, s/o Christian KOSSETZ (sic) & Christinna NICKLES, married Ottilia HASS, 21, Germany, Alice, d/o August HASS & Henriette DONNER, witn: Julius HASS & Frederick KOSSETZ & Wilhelmine BAARR all of Alice, 18 April 1878 at Alice 9610-78 Robert ROWAN, 24, farmer, Stafford twp., same, s/o James ROWAN & Ann STEIN, married Annie JACKSON, 22, Stafford twp., same, d/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth WARREN, witn: Andrew JOHNSTON of Pembroke & Maggie WARREN of Stafford twp., 13 Nov 1878 at Stafford twp.
9647-78: James RYAN, 30, farmer, Blithfield (sic) Canada, Brudenell, s/o William RYAN & Lucy LACHRAN married Ann SHEEDY, 21, Brougham, same, d/o Martin SHEEDY & Mary MORIARTY, witn: James SHEEDY of Brougham & Jane RYAN of Blithfield (sic) Canada on 28 Nov 1878 at Mount St Patrick, Brougham 9617-78 Francis SCHWARTZ, 26, farmer, Prussia Germany, Alice, s/o Charles SCHWARTZ & Wilhelmina HOLD, married Emilia Ottilia GORE, 18, Germany, Fraser twp., d/o Frederick GARE & Albertine Henrietta EBERT, witn: Charles GORE and Annie & Michel SCHWARTZ, all of Alice, 24 May 1878 at Alice
9713-78 Edward SCOBIE, 25, farmer, Bristol Que., same, s/o Thomas SCOBIE & Eliza FULFORD, married Jane ROSS, 30, Bristol Que., same, d/o Peter B. ROSS & Agnes REID, witn: R. & Maggie BALLINGTON of Bristol Que., 5 April 1878 at Arnprior 9760-78 (Renfrew Co) Frank SEYBULSKI, 23, laborer, Poland, Renfrew, s/o Peter & Magdalena SEYBULSKI married Theodora VOLDACH, 20, Poland, Renfrew, d/o Frank & Mary VOLDACH, witn: Auguste RETCHA & Frank KULAS of Renfrew, 28 Jan 1878, Renfrew
9743-78 (Renfrew Co) Benjamin SHEFFIELD, 21, farmer, Bristol, Bristol, s/o Joseph & Mary SHEFFIELD married Ellen POTTER, 21, Douglas, Douglas, d/o THOMAS & Rachael POTTER, witn: Alex & M. MCGILLES of Sand Point, 25 Feb 1878, Arnprior  
9646-78: Roderick SLACK, 3, farmer, Ireland, Admaston, s/o John SLACK & Bridget BELLIHAM married Charlotte COLLINS, 24, Toronto, Brougham, d/o James COLLINS & Jane HANNAH, witn: John LONDEAN (Londeau?) of Renfrew & Mary Ann BARRETT of Mount St Patrick on 17 Nov 1878 at Mount St Patrick, Brougham #009584-78 (Renfrew Co): Joseph SMITH, 30, farmer, Ireland, Westmeath, s/o George SMITH & Mary CAVANAUGH, married Ann Jane HALEY, 27, Ross twp., same, d/o George HALEY & Jane Ann PATTERSON, witn: William KENNY of Westmeath & Mary HALEY of Ross twp., 26 June 1878 at Ross twp
9668-78 (Renfrew Co): David STEWART, 29, merchant, Admaston twp., Douglas, s/o Daniel & Catherine, married Annie McINTYRE, 19, Bromley twp., Bromley, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Samuel McINTYRE of Bromley twp & Margaret BOLAND of Eganville, 17 June 1878 at Bromley 9747-78 (Renfrew Co) David STONE, 34, widower, carpenter, McNab, McNab, s/o William STONE & Mary MCQUEEN married Annie BRESENHAM?, 21, Torbolton, Arnprior, d/o Francis BRESENHAM & Ellen BRADLEY, witn: Archibald JAMES & Ben STONE of Arnprior, 12 March 1878, Renfrew
9703-78 Aaron SWEEZEY, 30, widower, gentleman, Pembroke, Head, s/o Aaron SWEEZEY & Mary RANKIN, married Sarah BEARS, 22, Buchanan, Head, d/o John BEARS & Sarah PRENTICE, witn: Andrew SEQUIRE & Mrs. Joseph MALBEUF, both of Head, 20 Jan 1878 at Head 9563-78: (Renfrew) Jacob SZALA, 24, farmer, Prussia, Hagarty Twp, s/o Joseph SZALA & Josephine LIBEROW, married Juliana BURANT, 21, Prussia, Hagarty Twp, d/o Josephus BURANT & Maryanne PEPLINSKICK, witn: Antonius LUKASIWICKI & Laurentius BURANT both of Twp Hagarty on 13th May 1878 in Twp of Hagarty
  9766-78 (Renfrew Co) Enoch TENNANT, 24, farmer, Lanark, Ramsay, s/o John & Jane TENNANT married Emily JAMES, 19, Ramsay, Ramsay, d/o George & Ann JAMES, witn: Mrs. William CRAIG & Mils L. CHURCHILL of Renfrew, 25 July 1878, Renfrew
9879-78 T. Lander TIVA, 22, farmer, Ross twp., Monteagle twp., s/o Oliver & Lydia, married Diana Jane GRANT, 19, Abinger twp., Wicklow, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James GRANT & Mary Ann PEEVER, both of Wicklow, 6 May 1878 at res of William Lake, Bangor twp 9691-78 Julius August TRAPP, 28, yeoman, Germany, Alice twp., s/o Edward & Wilhelmine, married Emma Maria WINKE, 20, Germany, Pembroke, d/o John & Henriette, witn: August BUCHHOLTZ & Henry WINKE, both of Pembroke, 24 April 1878 at Pembroke
9572-78 Paul VALLIER, of Brudenell, s/o Paul VALLIER & Elizabeth BRUNETT, married Emelia LEUGHT? (Lenght?), of Brudenell, d/o Francis LEUGHT & Amelia LAPENE, witn: Frederick LAVALLIER & Sophia PAYETTE, both of Brudenell, 25 Nov 1878 at Brudenell 9562-78: Joseph WALDOCK, 26, widower, farmer, Prussia Twp Hagarty, s/o Kristinus WALDOCK & Maryanne FRYWICKICK married Maryanne DOMBROSKOW, 19, Prussia, Twp Hagarty, d/o Adamus DOMBROSKOW & Maryanne KURKSKICK, witn: Jacobus LIPINSKI & Paulus ZBLEWSKI both of Hagarty Twp on 21 Jan 1878 at Twp of Hagarty
9619-78 Richard WALSH, 25, farmer, Grattan, Algona, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Grace MULROY, 22, Sebastopol, same, d/o Michael MULROY & Grace HEALY , witn: John MAHER & Jean MULROY, both of Sebastopol, 15 May 1878 at Brudenell Church 9642-78: Patrick WENDLE, 30, farmer, Ireland, Brougham, s/o Patrick WENDLE & Margaret MULVIHILL, married Margaret CURRAN, 29, Brougham, same, d/o John CURRAN & Catherine MURRAY, witn: Henry KENILLY & Margaret MURPHY both of Brougham on 4 Mar 1878 at Brougham
9711-78 William WHITE, 31, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Peter & Jane, married Alexandrina McNAB, 20, McNab twp., same, d/o Arthur & Mary, witn: William & Jane MORAN of Arnprior, 3 April 1878 at Arnprior 9693-78 Lemuel WHITMORE, 24, farmer, Allumette Island, same, s/o William WHITMORE & Jane WARREN, married Mary Ann COTNAM, 23, Allumette Island, same, d/o George COTNAM & Catherine LEE, witn: Charles WHITMORE & Robert LEE, both of Allumette Island, 28 Dec 1878 at Pembroke
9710-78 John WHYTE, 30, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Archibald WHITE (sic) & Mary WHYTE, married Christena McMUNN, 27, McNab twp., same, d/o Alexander McNAB & Margaret McNAB (as written), witn: Alexander McNAB & Mary HEATH, both of Arnprior, 3 April 1878 at Arnprior  
9635-78: John WILCOX, 22, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o George & Sidena WILCOX married Elizabeth THOMAS, 18, Wilberforce, same, d/o John & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: Benjamin H. GRIFFITH of Eganville & Ellen SMITH (?) of Wilberforce on 2 Oct 1878 at Eganville 9616-78 Frederick Charles WITT, 22, farmer, Prussia Germany, Alice, s/o Frederick & Louise, married Anna NOACK, 19, Prussia Germany, Alice, d/o Noler & L, witn: John & Louisa WITT of Alice, 26 April 1878 at Alice
9587-78 (Renfrew Co): Benjamin WRIGHT, 30, farmer, Westmeath, Pt. Alexander, s/o John & Mary E., married Catherine EVANS, 18, Ontario, Pt. Alexander, d/o Jervais? THIBODEAU & Elizabeth EVANS, witn: Rev. A.B. CUNNINGHAM & Philomene (no surname given) of Pt. Alexander, 5 Nov 1878 at Pt. Alexander (witn note: "Evans being the name of her foster parents") 9573-78 George YOUNG, 24, farmer, Monteagle, same, s/o W. & blank, married Mary Ann PRICE, 22, Monteagle, same, d/o not given, witn: Miss PRICE of Monteagle, 18 Oct. 1878 at Monteagle
  9565-78: Antonius ZYBERT, 50, widower, farmer, Prussia, Hagarty Twp, s/o Antonius ZYBERT & Eva LYBERTOW, married Maryanne SZCYPIOR, 50, widow, Prussia, Hagarty Twp, d/o Joannus KORSKOWICZ & Kedviga RYMORYKOW, witn: Laurentius KULLAS & Martinus SZULISTT both of Hagarty Twp on 23 Sept 1878 at Twp of Hagarty