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Renfrew Co., 1882

birth place is given before residence


10135-82 William ANDERSON, 22, farmer, Torbolton, same, s/o John ANDERSON & Sarah, married Ellen McCUDDIE, 22, Fitzroy, Torbolton, d/o James McCUDDIE & Mary Ann, witn: Albert HICKS & Druscilla RATHWELL, 1882, at Arnprior 10260-82 Louis BAPTISTE, 22, hunter, Canada, Fork River, s/o John BAPTISTE & blank, married Susane BENOIT, 20, Canada, Hagerty, d/o blank BENOIT & Crubbe? IGNUE?, witn: blank BENOIT of Hagerty & Elizabeth DUVALL of Eganville, 16 Feb 1882 at Eganville
010215-82 (Renfrew Co): Alexander BAYNE, 34, farmer, Pakenham twp., same, s/o William BAYNE & Elizabeth ELLIS, married Annie PARKHURST, 21, Pakenham twp., same, d/o William PARKHURST & Mary MAKEE, witnesses were William BAYNE of Pakenham & Annie McNAB of White Lake, 24 May 1882 at White Lake 10341-82 Patrick BEHAN, 26, blacksmith, Fitzroy twp., same, s/o Edward BEHAN & Bridget McMAHON, married Catherine O’BRIEN, 27, Bromley, same, d/o David O’BRIEN & Catherine PATTERSON, witn: Jeremiah BEHAN of Fitzroy & Catherine PATTERSON of Bromley, 4 Oct. 1882 at Osceola
  010159-82 Andrew BENNETT, 26, farmer, Ross Tp., same, s/o James & Jane, married Mary JOHNSTON, 22, Ross Tp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: George BENNETT & Fannie JOHNSTON both of Ross Tp. on July 6, 1882 at Beachburg, Westmeath Tp.
010222-82 (Renfrew Co) Reverend David BICKLE, 27, Pres Clergyman, Beverly, Moleworth, s/o David BICKLE & Jessie CLERK, married Annie PARIS, 25, White Lake, same, d/o John PARIS, witn: Thomas NIXON, Toronto & Bella BREMNER, White Lake, 8 Nov 1882 at White Lake 010227-82 (Renfrew Co) August BIMM, 22, blacksmith, Germany, Eganville, s/o Ernest BIMM & mother's name not given, married Matila SEIDLITZ, 20, Germany, Brudenell, d/o Frederick & Louisa SEIDLITZ, witn: Michael KOPOTOFSKI, Raglan Twp & Augusta FLEAGEL, Brudenell, 3 July 1882 at Brudenell (also 010224-82)
010234-82 (Renfrew Co) Joseph Harris BRANNAN, 24, farmer, Petewawa, same, s/o Samuel BRANNAN & Agnes LEITH, married Iva Elizabeth WATTS, 18, Hull Ottawa Co, Temiscaminsque, d/o Frederick WATTS & Elizabeth COBB, witn: Samuel BRANNAN, Petewawa & Annie WATTS, Temiscaminsque, 15 Sept 1882 at Petewawa 10257-82 John BRIDGE, 26, miller, England, Renfrew, s/o John BRIDGE & Charlotte, married Elizabeth BURWELL, 23, Horton, same, d/o John BURWELL & Elizabeth, witn: David BROWNLEE & Mary BURWELL, 4 Oct. 1882 at Horton twp
10152-82 Walter BRUCE, 22, farmer, Ross, same, s/o Colin BRUCE & Matilda, married Emilina Lavina OLMSTEAD, 18, Westmeath, Ross, d/o Winnan OLMSTEAD & Elmira, witn: Frederick OLMSTEAD & Fanny BULMER, both of Ross, 9 Aug at Ross 10239-82 Reinhold Herman CALIES, 25, farmer, Barwalde Prussia, Admaston, s/o Carl & Pauline, married Anna Louisa KRUGER, 22, Schuenheer, Admaston, d/o Martin & Elizabeth, witn: Martin FAUKLA & Friedrich KRUGER, both of Green Lake, 10 Feb 1882 at Green Lake, Wilberforce
10143-82 Angus CAMERON, 28, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o John CAMERON & Catherine, married Mary CAMPBELL, 18, McNab twp., same, d/o Duncan McNAB & Isabella, witn: Duncan & Mary CAMERON of McNab, 26 April 1882 at Arnprior 10704-83 Samuel CAMPBELL, 25, railway employee, Elizabethtown, Pembroke, s/o George & Maria, married Clarinda TOWNSEND, 22, Stafford Ont., Pembroke, d/o Frederick & Clarinda, witn: Josiah LEACH & Martha SWEENEY, both of Pembroke, 27 Dec 1883 [should be 1882, reg'd 30 June 1883], at Pembroke
010156-82 John CASSIDY, 35, farmer, Quebec City, Westmeath, s/o William & Susan, married Mary PAPIN, 21, Westmeath, same, d/o Peter & Isabella, witn: Hiram McCLELLAND & Ann J. LABEAN both of Westmeath on Mar. 11, 1882 at Westmeath. 10125-82 Georgha CHABOT, 28, shanty man, Merrickville, Arnprior, s/o Francois CHABOT & Maria LACHAPELLE, married Minnie DUMAIS, 18, Pontiac, Arnprior, d/o Joseph DUMAIS & Mathilde LAFEBRE, witn: Johny CHABOT & Adeline FILATRLETT, both of Arnprior, 31 Oct 1882 at Arnprior
10127-82 Jean CHARBONEAU, 22, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o Thomas CHARBONEAU & Adelaide, married Nellie KILGORE, 20, Darling, Arnprior, d/o James KILGORE & Margaret LYNCH, witn: Olivine CHARBONEAU & Duncan McDONALD, both of Arnprior, 27 Nov 1882 at Arnprior 10245-82 Thomas CLARKE, 29, laborer, Ireland, Douglas, s/o John & Agnes, married Margaret Senston McINTYRE, 23, Admaston, Douglas, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: William McINTYRE of Admaston & Mary ANDREWS of Douglas, 17 Aug 1882 at Admaston
10129-82 Benjamin CLEMENT, 23, laborer, Ottawa, Fitzroy, s/o Joseph CLEMENT & Matilda BRUNETTE, married Julie LESAGE, 20, Fitzroy, same, d/o Joseph LESAGE & Christena BRUNETT, witn: Leon LESAGE of Fitzroy & Lizzie McFARLAN of Almonte, 6 Nov 1882 at Arnprior 10119-82 George CLEMENT, 21, laborer, Merrickville, Renfrew, s/o Joseph CLEMENT & Adeline BRUNETT, married Philomene MARTIN, 18, Arnprior, same, d/o Hilair MARTIN & Julie LAPORTE, witn: Benjamin CLEMENT & Adaline VOLLIE (Vallie?), both of Arnprior, 31 July 1882 at Arnprior
010166-82 Thomas F. CLOUTIER, 23, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Francis & Sophia, married Mary LARRETT? 20, Westmeath, same, d/o Thomas & Fanny, witn: Caroline HATLEY of Ottawa & Nancy JOHNSTON of Ross Tp. on Nov. 30, 1882 at Westmeath 10116-82 Edward COLLECTUR, 26, shanty man, Phoenix NY, Arnprior, s/o Thomas COLLECTUR & Catherine BOWEY, married Philomene LAFORTUNE, 20, Canada, Saginaw Mich., d/o Denis LAFORTUNE & Josephine BRIOLT, witn: James HANNAN & Lucy DOUTIGNY, both of Arnprior, 24 May 1882 at Arnprior
10128-82 John COLTHURST, 26, laborer, Ireland, Carleton Place, s/o Thomas COLTHURST & Annie CARRIGAN, married Margaret NEIL, 26, Carleton Place, Braeside, d/o Michael NEIL & Margaret COLEMAN, witn: John & Isabella NEIL of Braeside, 7 Nov 1882 at Arnprior 10112-82 William COTTENHAM, 36, of Allumette Island, s/o Andrew COTTENHAM & Catherine CROW, married Julia KELLY, 29, of Deux Rivieres, d/o John KELLY & Mary HOURICAN, witn: Joseph DOLAN & Jane JORDAN, 6 Aug at Mattawa
10137-82 George C. COX, 22, laborer, England, McNab, s/o George COX & Catherine PICKERSGILL, married Mary Ann RIVETT, 19, Canada, Mansfield, d/o William RIVETT & Mary COWAN, witn: James RIVETT & Catherine BETHUNE, both of Mansfield, 25 Dec 1882 at Arnprior 010230-82 (Renfrew Co) Samuel COYNE, 27, labourer, Grattan Twp Renfrew Co, Brudenell Twp Renfrew Co, s/o John & Mary COYNE, married Margaret MCGRATH, 16, Hagarty Twp Renfrew Co, Brudenell Twp Renfrew Co, d/o Edward & Margaret MCGRATH, witn: James DOONER Jr and Margaret DOONER, both of Brudenell, 26 June 1882 at St. Mary's Church Brudenell, RC
10138-82 Robert CRANSTON, 27, farmer, Montreal, Fitzroy, s/o Robert CRANSTON & Matilda, married Charlotte ABBOTT, 20, Fitzroy, same, d/o Thomas ABBOTT & Margaret, witn: William LESLIE & Elizabeth LESLIE, both of Fitzroy, 27 Dec 1882 at Arnprior  
010157-82 John CURRY, 23, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o John CURRY & Lucy JONES, married Maggie L. SMITH, 21, Litchfield Que., Bryson Que., d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Solomon CURRY & Jane H. MILLS both of Westmeath on Apr. 27, 1882 at Westmeath 010161-82 John DAVIDSON, 24, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Robert DAVIDSON & Catherine LEE, married Alice PRETTY, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o John PRETTY & Maria FARRELL, witn: Thomas A. McCRACKEN & Margaret DAVIDSON both of
Westmeath on July 26, 1882 at Westmeath
10240-82 David DICK, 52, yeoman, Scotland, Grattan, s/o Peter DICK & Janet, married Margaret Ann DUNFIELD, 37, Pakenham, Admaston, d/o James DUNFIELD & Mary Jane, witn: James & Thomas DUNFIELD of Admaston, 11 Sept 1882 at Renfrew 010231-82 (Renfrew Co) James DROHAN, 32, farmer, Pakenham Twp Lanark Co, Brudenell Twp, s/o James & Mary DROHAN, married Margaret KEREVAN (Kerwan?), 23, Neapean Twp Carleton Co, Radcliffe Twp Renfrew Co, d/o Bartholomew & Catherine KEREVAN, witn: James KEREVAN, Tadcliffe Twp & Maggie GALLAGHER, Sebastopol Twp, 10 July 1882 at St. Mary's Church Brudenell, RC
10115-82 Francis DUPUIS, 29, shanty man, Joliette, Arnprior, s/o Francois DUPUIS & Marcelline ROBILLARD, married Marie GOURDAIN, 22, Renfrew, same, d/o Norbert GOURDAIN & Elizabeth BORINEAU, witn: Joseph DUPUIS & Azeline MAUROL, both of Arnprior, 11 may 1882 at Arnprior 010168-82 James DUNN, 34, farmer, widower, Westmeath, same, s/o James DUNN & Catherine CASSIDY, married Sarah JACKSON, 24, Wilberforce, Westmeath, d/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth WARREN, witn: Hugh DUNN & Nellie JACKSON both of Westmeath on Dec. 13, 1882 at Westmeath
10145-82 John EDEY, 35, widower, carpenter, Horton, same, s/o Robert EDEY & Ann, married Maria KNIGHT, 25, Horton, same, d/o James KNIGHT & Maria HODGINS, witn: George KNIGHT of Horton & Emily ORSER of Arnprior, 3 July 1882 at Arnprior 010158-82 David Wilson ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Ross Tp., Westmeath, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Martha ROBINSON, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Robert William ROBINSON of Westmeath & Matilda ELLIOTT of Ross Tp. on Apr. 27, 1882 at Westmeath
10258-82 Joseph FARRELL, 31, yeoman, Horton twp., Renfrew, s/o Edward FARRELL & Sarah, married Isabella SMITH, 22, Horton twp., same, d/o William SMITH & Catherine, witn: William SMITH Jr. & Lydia SMITH, both of Horton, 13 Dec 1882 at Horton twp  
10146-82 William James FERGISON (Ferguson?), 28, carriage builder, Terone (Tyrone?) Ireland, Pembroke, s/o William FERGISON & Mary Jane BOYD, married Margaret Ann BROWN, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o John BROWN & Margaret COSTELLO, witn: William BROWN, James COSTELLO & Mary HUGHES, all of Westmeath, 21 Aug 1882 at St. Patricks Church, Stafford 10237-82 John FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o Duncan & Janet, married Sarah Maria DUNFIELD, 21, Pakenham, Admaston, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: Robert B. CAMPBELL & Eliza Matilda DUNFIELD, both of Admaston, 8 Feb 1882 at Admaston
010160-82 James FERRIER, 28, farmer, Scotland, Westmeath, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Jane SHIELDS, 21, Ontario, Westmeath, d/o Hugh & Martha, witn: John & Agnes SHIELDS both of Westmeath on July 19, 1882 at Westmeath 10340-82 Jonathan FRANCIS, 28, farmer, Wolford, Bromley, s/o Elisah & Margaret Ann, married Maggie DEWAR, 22, Bromley, same, d/o Daniel & Jane, witn: Donald DEWAR & Marianda KAYMER?, both of Bromley, 23 Aug 1882 at Bromley
#010853-83 (Renfrew Co): Bazil FRANCOIS, 30, trapper (Indian), Quebec, Radcliffe twp., s/o Xavier & Lervita, married Mary McCHARLES, 21, not given, Radcliffe twp., d/o William McCHARLES & Isabella JAMES (or Jaines), witn: Thomas PAYETTE & Mary Ann SMYTH, both of Brudenell, 30 Dec 1882 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell (Rom Cath) 10261-82 James GARVIN, 34, farmer, Canada, Grattan, s/o John GARVIN & Eleanor PLUNKETT, married Elizabeth Jane ELLIS, 18, Canada, Grattan, d/o John ELLIS & Elen BOVEY (Roney?), witn: John GARVIN & Mary Ann DAVIDSON, both of Grattan twp., 12 April 1882 at Grattan twp
10259-82 William GEORGE, 31, merchant, Canada, Eganville, s/o Henry GEORGE & Mary GREER, married Mary FOY, 24, Canada, Eganville, d/o John FOY & Margaret McDONALD, witn: John GEORGE & Susan FOY, both of Eganville, 1 Feb 1882 at Eganville 10248-82 Narcisse GERVAIS, 22, farmer, Canada, Brougham, s/o Charles GERVAIS & Harriet LECLAIRE, married Virginie CLEMENT, 18, East Hawkesbury, Brougham, d/o Antoine CLEMENT & Julienne St.DENIS, witn: Napoleon CLEMENT& Deline GERVAIS, both of Brougham, 25 Sept 1882 at Mount St. Patrick
10126-82 Thomas GILES, 24, spinner, Ramsay, same, s/o Ruben GILES & Annie, married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, Arnprior, same, d/o John SMITH & Susan MORAN, witn: Duncan GILES of Almonte & Margaret SMITH of Arnprior, 29 Nov 1882 at Arnprior 10140-82 George M. GOODELL, 26, millwright, Michigan US, Arnprior, s/o F.B. GOODELL & Sarah, married Fanny BALDWIN, 17, Arnprior, same, d/o Elijah BALDWIN & Elizabeth, witn: George LANGSTAFF & Mary HADDON, both of Arnprior, 18 Jan 1882 at Arnprior
010852-83 (Renfrew Co): Alexander GORMAN, 26, farmer, Shamrock, Brudenell twp., s/o Patrick GORMAN & Catherine McPHAIL, married Susan NEELON, 24, South Algona, same, d/o Michael NEELON & Mary FLANNARY, witn: John NEELON of S.Algona & Kate GORMAN of Brudenell, 13 Nov 1882 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell (Rom Cath) 010226-82 (Renfrew Co) Alexander GORMAN, 24, farmer, Admaston Twp Renfrew Co, Brudenell Twp Renfrew Co, s/o Patrick GORMAN & Janet MCPHAIL, married Susan NELSON, 25, PakenhamTwp Lanark Co, South Algona Renfrew Co, d/o Michael & Mary NELSON, witn: not stated, 6 Nov 1882 at St. Mary's Church, Brudenell, RC
010217-82 (Renfrew Co) Thomas Carswell HAMILTON, 22, farmer, McNab Twp, same, s/o Andrew HAMILTON & Bertha CARSWELL, married Bethea LAVELLEE, 22, McNab Twp, same, d/o Celesta LAVELLEE & Janet BROWN, witn: Daniel STEWART, Village of Douglas & Amelia LAVELLEE, McNab Twp, 16 Aug 1882 at the residence of the Bride's father, Lot 19 Con 7 McNab Twp [Lavellee?]  
10110-92 Timothy HANLAN, no age given, Huntley, Rockcliffe, s/o Michael HANLAN & Mary DOYLE, married Margaret GIGUERRE, no age given, of Rockcliffe (Mackeys Station), d/o Andre GIGUERRE & Bridget O’BRIEN, witn: Henry MORGAN of Bissetts Creek & Margaret DIXON of Mackeys Station, 3 June at Rockcliffe 10106-82 Timothy HANLAN, 40, farmer, Arley, Head twp., s/o John HANLAN & Jane BIGGS (Higgs?), married Maggie GIGUIRE, 15, Head, same, d/o Andrew GIGUIRE & Bridget O’BRIAN, witn: Patrick BOLAND & Maggie DICKSON, both of Head, 15 June 1882 at Head
10238-82 Charles HAUNEMAN, 28, farmer, Germany, Admaston, s/o Christian & Wilhelmina, married Wilhelmina SEIDLER, 26, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o "father died" & Maria SEIDLER, witn: Gottleib THOM of Renfrew & Maria SEIDLER of Sebastopol, 27 March 1882 at Admaston 10134-82 Ferdinand HEISE, 25, laborer, Brandenburgh Europe, Arnprior, s/o Christian HEISE & Wilhelmina, married Bertha BREHMER, 21, Brandenburgh Europe, Arnprior, d/o Charles BREHMER & Ernestine, witn: Charles HEISE & Ferdinand PAGLERAN?, 2 Oct 1882 at Arnprior
10117-82 Thomas HOULIHAN, 27, laborer, Onslow, same, s/o Cornelius HOULAHAN & Mary MAJOR, married Margaret GILLAN, 27, Pakenham, Braeside, d/o Patrick GILLAN & Margaret DOWNEY, witn: John GILLAN & Mary HOULIHAN, both of Braeside, 19 June 1882 at Arnprior 10109-82 Henry HUDSON, 22, farmer, we, Chalk River, s/o Robert HUDSON & Susan Smith HUDSON, married Ann McDONALD, 21, Glengarry, Chalk River, d/o Peter McDONALD & Christena McDONALD, witn: Robert George & Mary Ann HUDSON of Buchanan, 19 Aug 1882 at Chalk River
010167-82 Noah R. JACKSON, 24, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Joseph JACKSON & Mary O'BRIEN, married Sarah McQUILTY (McQuitty?), 23, Horton Tp., same, d/o David McQUILTY & Phoebe Humphries HOLM, witn: William ROSS of Westmeath & Phoebe PEEVER of Ross Tp. on Dec. 6, 1882 at Westmeath 10136-82 Samuel JOHNSTON, 24, lumberman, Ireland, Pakenham, s/o William JOHNSTON & Mary Ann McLAREN, married Margaret NEEDHAM, 25, Ireland, Pakenham, d/o Samuel NEEDHAM & Annie McDONALD, witn: Samuel NEEDHAM & Kate STORIE, no date given, at Arnprior
10139-82 Thompson JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Clarendon, Clarendon Que., s/o George JOHNSTON & blank PAKENHAM, married Marie J. COTIE, 19, Clarendon, same, d/o Thomas COTIE & Ann, witn: William MARKS & Lidia Ann JOHNSTON, both of Clarendon, 28 Dec 1882 at Arnprior #010164-82 (Renfrew Co): William John JOHNSTON, 21, farmer, Ross, same, s/o Robert & Rebecca JOHNSTON, married Martha Ann JOHNSTON, 22, Ross, same d/o James & Nancy JOHNSTON, wit: Abraham & Amanda FRENCH of Beachburg, 26 Sep 1882 at Beachburg
10247-82 Henry KENELLY, 32, farmer, Brougham, same, s/o Martin KENELLY & Catherine WINGLE, married Margaret HUNT, 28, Brougham, same, d/o Cornelius HUNT & Margaret MULVIHILL, witn: John KENELLY & Ellen HUNT, both of Brougham, 3 July 1882 at not given (also 10249-82) #010211-82 (Renfrew Co): Mark KENNEDY, 31, farmer, Perth, Pembroke, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Ellen HILMAN, 23, Alice, Pembroke, d/o Thomas & Honora, witnesses were William O'MEARA & Katie HILMAN, both of Alice twp., 29 Nov 1882 at Pembroke (Rom Cath)
10124-82 Joseph LAMOUREUX, 21, farmer, Quio, same, s/o Joseph LAMOUREUX & Philomene CHAM--?(off page), married Adeline VALLEE, 22, Arnprior, same, d/o Sidone VALLEE & Marceline, witn: Joseph BOYER & Eugene CAVENA, both of Quio, 18 Sept 1882 at Arnprior 010229-82 (Renfrew Co) James LARNE, 26, labourer, Calumette Island Quebec, Brudenell Twp, s/o not given, married Mary Anne RUDDY, 17, Hagarty Twp Renfrew Co, Brudenell Twp, d/o William & Elizabeth RUDDY, witn: Timothy O'BRIEN & Sophia PAYETTE, both of Brudenell, 12 June 1882 at St. Mary's Church, Brudenell, RC
010165-82 John LARRETT (?) 21, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Thomas & Fanny, married Mary JAVER, 19, Westmeath, same, d/o Francis & Margaret, witn: Hiram SCOTT & Jane LARRETT, both of Westmeath on Oct. 13, 1882 at Westmeath  
10147-82 Thomas LEACH, 25, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Edward LEACH & Jane, married Annie Elizabeth LOYNS, 19, Pembroke twp., Wilberforce, d/o Alexander LOYNS & Mary Ann DAVIS, witn: Edward LEACH & John EDWARDS & Mary Jane LYONS, all of Wilberforce, 3 Jan 1882 at Stafford 10339-82 Gustav LEBEN, 38, farmer, Crossen Brandenburg Prussia, Admaston, s/o William LEBEN & Emilie Rings, married Catherine GREISE, 20, Bromley, same, d/o John GREISE & Louisa, witn: John GREISE of Bromley & Minnie WITZEL of Wilberforce, 22 Aug 1882 at Bromley
#010851-83 (Renfrew Co): Martin MANION, 26, farmer, Huntley twp., South Algona, s/o Martin MANION & Mary FORREST, married Mary Ann COLTON, 23, Brudenell? twp., same, d/o Thomas COLTON & Hannah WALSH, witn: John NEELON of S. Algona & Kate COLTON of Brudenell, 30 Oct 1882 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell (Rom Cath) 010232-82 (Renfrew Co) Richard MANION, 35, farmer, Huntley Twp Carleton Co, Algona Twp, Renfrew Co, s/o Martin & Mary MANION, married Mary DEVINE, 26, Bromley Twp Renfrew Co, Brundenell Twp, d/o Michael & Hannah DEVINE, witn: Martin MANION, Algona Twp & Lizzie Ellen DEVINE, Brudenell Twp, 24 July 1882 at St. Mary's Church Brudenell, RC
010225-82 (Renfrew Co) Aleartin? MANION, 27, farmer, Huntley Twp Carleton Co, South Algona Renfrew Co, s/o Martin MANION & Mary FORREST, married Mary Anne COLTON, 23, Brudenell, Brudenell Renfrew Co, d/o Thomas COLTON & Hannah WALSH, witn: John NELSON, Algona & Kate COLTON, Brudenell, 30 Oct 1882 at St. Mary's Church, Brudenell, RC 10131-82 Michael MARSHALL, 23, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o Michael MARSHALL & Maria KILBY (Kitley?), married Johannah KILBEY, 22, Sebastopol, Arnprior, d/o Thomas KILBY & Bridget UPDOLSH, witn: William BARTRIDGE & Mary TIERNEY, both of Arnprior, 26 Sept 1882 at Arnprior
010220-82 (Renfrew Co) John MCADAM, 21, blacksmith, McNab, same, s/o William MCADAM & Margaret MCINTYRE, married Jessie HEADRICK, 19, McNab, same, d/o William HEADRICK & Agnes MCNAB, witn: William MCADAM Jr, & Margaret WALLACE, both of McNab, 14 of Sept 1882 at McNab 10108-82 James McDONALD, 28, farmer, Lanark twp., Griffith, s/o Angus McDONALD & Mary McKINNON, married Honora DONOHUE, 18, Griffith, same, d/o Thomas DONOHUE & Catherine BRADLEY, witn: Patrick DONOHUE of Sebastopol & Alice DONOHUE of Brougham, 13 Feb 1882 at Mount St. Patrick
10111-82 James McGEE, 22, Ross, res not given, s/o Thomas McGEE & Ann KEEGAN, married Ellen RATHWELL, 19, of, Mackeys Station, d/o John RATHWELL & Nora SHANLEY, witn: Patrick BOLAN & Catherine SHEA of Mackeys Station, 6 July at Mackeys Station 10107-82 James McGEE, 32, railroader, Renfrew, Head, s/o James McGEE & Jane COLE, married Nellie RADWELL, 26, Renfrew, Head, d/o John RADWELL & Mary MURRAY (Mursey?), witn: John BOLLAND & Mary McGEE, both of Renfrew, 15 July at Head
10118-82 Richard J. McGIBBON, 23, shanty man, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o Thomas McGIBBON & Mary BURNS, married Catherine O’BRIEN, 22, Arnprior, same, d/o James O’BRIEN & Catherine CRONAN, witn: Owen O’REILLY & Bridget BENTON, both of Arnprior, 24 July 1882 at Arnprior 10144-82 Albert McGILLIS, 27, tinsmith, Renfrew, same, s/o Allen McGILLIS & Margaret, married Bertha McARTHUR, 24, Bristol Que., Braeside, d/o Neil McARTHUR & Ellen, witn: George & Ellen LARIVIERE of Arnprior, 25 May 1882 at Arnprior
010221-82 (Renfrew Co) Andrew McGONIGAL, 44, labourer, Lanark Twp, Lavent Twp, widower, s/o John MCGONICAL & Mary GREEN, married Phumia FISHER, 29, Lanark Twp, same, widow, d/o Nathaniel FISHER & Mary RATON, witn: Angus CAMERON, MCNab & Mary Jane BELONGER, 19 Sept 1882 at White Lake Village 10150-82 John McGINN, 27, farmer, Ross, same, s/o James McGINN & Mary, married Margaret A. GILMOUR, 21, Ross, same, d/o Hugh GILMOUR & Ellen M., witn: Henry HILL & Ann GILMOUR, both of Ross, 18 July at Ross
10133-82 William McGRATH, 24, stone cutter, Ottawa, same, s/o Michael McGRATH & Catherine BROMAN, married Elizabeth SEGUIN, 20, Arnprior, same, d/o Francis SEGUIN & Michael (sic) O’TOOL, witn: Francis SEGUIN & Michael O’TOOL, both of Arnprior, 1 Oct 1882 at Arnprior  
10241-82 Daniel McINTYRE, 24, yeoman, Douglas, Bromley, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Mary Isabella MOORE, 22, Admaston, same, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Samuel McINTYRE of Bromley & Elizabeth ALICE of Admaston, 25 Oct. 1882 at Admaston 10244-82 Peter McINTYRE, 23, farmer, Horton, Pakenham, s/o John McINTYRE & Mary, married Janet KOSMACK, 19, Sebastopol, Admaston, d/o Ferdinand KOSMACK & Janet, witn: Theodor KINGSLIEBEN & Angus McINTYRE, both of Admaston, 19 July 1882 at Admaston
010212-82 (Renfrew Co): James McKAY, 24, farmer, Westneath, same, s/o Duncan & Bridget, married Mary Ann CALLAHAN, 24, Waltham, Westneath, d/o Jeremiah & Catherine, witnesses were Michael McKAY & Susan MARCOTTE, both of Westneath, 14 Nov 1882 at Pembroke (Rom Cath) 10735-83 (Renfrew Co) Claud MCLACHLIN, 27, Lumber merchant, Ottawa, Arnprior, s/o Daniel MCLACHLIN & Maria MCLACHLIN married Norma VANCORSTANDT, 25, Ottawa, Arnprior, d/o blank VANCORSTANDT & blank HARRINGTON, witn: Eric HARRINGTON & Walter VANCORSTANDT of Arnprior, 15 July 1882, Arnprior
10114-82 James McNEE, 27, laborer, McNab, same, s/o James McNEE & Jessie BROWN, married Mary MURPHY, 24, Pontiac, McNab, d/o Matthew MURPHY & Mary COLLINS, witn: Hugh TIERNEY & Ann BASSETT, both of Arnprior, 13 Feb 1882 at Arnprior 10250-82 Robert Curle MILLAR, 32, merchant, Glasgow Scotland, Pembroke, s/o James MILLAR & Janet, married Elizabeth Selves FRASER, 24, Pembroke twp., same, d/o Richard FRASER & Jane Armstrong FRASER, witn: John Smythe ROBINSON of Pembroke & Margaret CARMICHAEL of Bryson Que., 17 April 1882 at Pembroke twp

10806-83 (Renfrew Co) John MOORE, 24, farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o William MOORE & Isabella GEMMIL married Christina MCGREGOR, 20, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Gregor MCGREGOR & Christina SINCLAIR, witn; Robert BARTLETT & Annie PERRY of Pakenham, 25 Dec. 1882, at the Manse, White Lake

10130-82 M.J. MORRIS, 32, clerk, England, Montreal, s/o William MORRIS & Mary Ann Elizabeth URQUHART, married Eliza Howard BELL, 20, Arnprior, same, d/o James BELL & Kate MEREDITH, witn: Robert BELL of Stratford & Agnes BELL of Belleville, 6 Dec 1882 at Arnprior

#010850-83 (Renfrew Co): John MORRISSEY, 31, farmer, Co Tipperary Ireland, Brudenell, s/o Laurence MORRISSEY & Ann FRANKLIN, married Sarah SULLIVAN, 22, Nepean, Sebastapol twp., d/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Mary RYAN, witn: John SULLIVAN of Sebastapol & Bridget MORRISSEY of Brudenell, 28 Oct 1882 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell (Rom Cath) 10149-82 Francis John MOXAM, 24, mechanic, Ross, same, s/o William MOXAM & Susan, married Mary Ann BENNETT, 21, Ross, same, d/o James BENNETT & Jane, witn: George BENNETT & Fanny JOHNSTON, both of Ross, 4 Oct. at Ross
#010213-82 (Renfrew Co): Michael Francis MULLIGAN, 28, hotel keeper, Osceola Ont., same, s/o Michael & Bridget, married Julia MURPHY, 24, Mount St. Patrick, Pembroke, d/o Patrick & Ann, witnesses were Patrick DALY & Margaret McDONALD, both of Osceola, 11 Oct 1882 at Pembroke (Rom Cath) 10246-82 Thomas MULVIHILL, 30, farmer, Brougham, same, s/o Michael MULVIHILL & Ellen KENNEDY, married Mary KENELLY, 26, Brougham, same, d/o Martin KENELLY & Catherine WINGLE, witn: Daniel HUNT & Catherine KENELLY, both of Brougham, 8 May 1882 at Mount St. Patrick
10123-82 James MURPHY, 25, laborer, Pakenham, Arnprior, s/o John MURPHY & Ann KAVANAGH, married Margaret GILLIES, 22, Bathurst, Arnprior, d/o Charles GILLIES & Charlotte BURNETT?, witn: John MURPHY & Annie LAVALLEE, both of Arnprior, 11 April 1882 at Arnprior 010163-82 Benjamin NELSON, 26, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o James & Abigail, married Lorenza WILSON, 22, Pontiac Que., same, d/o Joel & Sarah, witn: Almira NELSON & Thomas McCRACKEN both of Westmeath on Sept. 21, 1882 at Westmeath
10121-82 Edward J. NIBLETT, 28, sawyer, Quebec, Arnprior, s/o Edward J. NIBLETT & Margaret, married Margaret WILSON, 21, Clarendon, Clarendon Que., d/o James WILSON & Mary, witn: Robert MEIKLE & Bella WILSON, both of Arnprior, 26 Aug 1882 at Arnprior

10789-83 (Renfrew Co) Alfred NOISEUX, 21, farmer, Repentiquy Quebec, Fort Coulonge, s/o Uyele (Urgele?) NOISEUX & Sophie CHAMPAGNE married Elionore LACROIX, 19, Gower Point, Gower Point, d/o Alfred LACROIX & Angele LESSARD, witn: Alfred LACROIX & Patrick SHANNON of Gower Point, 26 Dec 1882, Gower Point

10148-82 William PEEVER, 24, farmer, Huntley, Ross, s/o William PEEVER & Rebecca A.J, married Elizabeth OATES, 18, Ramsay, Ross, d/o John OATES & Mary, witn: George PEEVER & Emma GREEN, both of Ross, 4 Oct. at Ross 10242-82 Joseph PORTUGAIS, 23, laborer, Renfrew, Arnprior, s/o Joseph PORTUGAIS & Josephine VERMET, married Elizabeth GAUTHIER, 20, Admaston, same, d/o Arsene GAUTHIER & Henrelie LABELL, witn: Joseph & Marie GAUTHIER of Admaston, 21 Aug 1882 at Mount St. Patrick
10342-82 Thomas POTTER, 24, farmer, Admaston, Bromley, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Annie EDMONDS, 22, Portage du Fort, Admaston, d/o Obadiah & Annie, witn: Robert POTTER of Admaston & Annie CROGIE of Bromley, 10 Nov 1882 at Bromley 10120-82 M. John REID, 31, tinsmith, Smith Falls, Arnprior, s/o E.B. REID & Jessie, married Margaret . STORIE, 19, Arnprior, same, d/o Thomas STORIE & Ellen ACKFORD, witn: John ROWE & Ellen STORIE, both of Arnprior, 16 Aug 1882 at Arnprior

10805-83 (Renfrew Co) James REYES, 29, not given, Montague, Admaston, s/o Thomas REYES & Eliza BURGESS married Mary Ann SPLANE, 36, widow, Beckwith, Sand Point, d/o John SPLANE & Margaret NEVILLE, witn; Mrs. W. SPLANE of Arnprior, 15 Nov 1882, Sand Point

010155-82 Duncan ROBERTSON, 30, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o John & Janett, married Sharlott COLLINS, 22, Westmeath, same, d/o William & Sharlott, witn: James ROBERTSON & Margaret COLLINS both of Westmeath on Mar. 10, 1882 at Westmeath.
10142-82 Samuel ROWSOM, 27, CPR section man, Augusta, Horton, s/o William ROWSOM & Eliza, married Hetty SHAW, 15, Horton, same, d/o John SHAW & Harriet, witn: James SHAW & Mary H. LINDSAY, both of Horton, 7 March 1882 at Arnprior #010327-82 (Renfrew Co): Patrick RYAN, 36, widower, McNab, same, no parents given, married Catherine McMEATHY, 22, Bagot, same, d/o John & Catherine, 25 Sep 1882 at Renfrew
#010216-82 (Renfrew Co): J.F. SCHLACHTER, 40, widower, farmer, Germany, McNab twp., s/o J. SCHLACHTER & Margithe SEMES, married Auguste DUMMELL, 29, widow, Germany, McNab twp., d/o Karl DUMMELL & Heind KRUGER, witnesses were John SELL of Mansfield & Karl SKLEEFERT of Arnprior, 23 April 1882 at "Arnprior (probably Mansfield)" 10236-82 Bernard SHIELDS, 28, farmer, Ireland, Hagerty twp., s/o Owen & Catherine, married Hannah McINTYRE, 31, Glasgow, Admaston, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Margaret & William McINTYRE of Admaston, 2 May 1882 at Admaston
010218-82 (Renfrew Co) Herman SIEFERT, 20, labourer, Germany, McNab Twp, s/o Carl SIEFERT & Emilie JAHNKE, married Augusta PAUTS (Pants?), 23, Germany, McNab Twp, d/o August PAUTS & Wihlhelmina MOECK witn: Ernst ULRICK & August JAHNKE, 22 Sept 1882. Luthrisk, 10243-82 James SIMPSON, 30, farmer, Pike Falls, Bromley, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Grace DALGLEISH, 30, Osgoode, Admaston, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Robert WOODS & Lucy DALGLEISH, both of Admaston, 13 July 1882 at Admaston
10153-82 Alexander L. SMITH, 26, farmer, McNab, same, s/o John SMITH & Mary McKAY, married Jeannie FRASER, 22, Bagot, same, d/o James FRASER & Marion FOREST, witn: John SMITH of McNab & Marion FRASER of Bagot, 9 Nov 1882 at Bagot 10223-82 John SPINKS, 24, farmer, Darling twp., same, s/o Edward SPINKS & Mary RAMSBOTTOM, married Mary HANSON, 24, McNab twp., same, d/o William HANSON & Mary BARRIE, witn: John SPINKS of Darling & Catherine HANSON of McNab, 23 Nov 1882 at res of bride's father, McNab
10122-82 William James STANLEY, 22, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Richard STANLEY & Sarah, married Ellen HEADRICK, 20, Pakenham, same, d/o John HEADRICK & blank, witn: James HEADRICK & Susannah STANLEY, 8 April 1882 at Arnprior 010219-82 (Renfrew Co) Archibald STEVENSON, 27, farmer, McNab Twp, same, s/o James & Agnes STEVENSON, married Annie CAMERON, 18, McNab Twp, same, d/o John & Catherine CAMERON, witn: William STEVENSON & Mary CAMERON, both of McNab Twp, 18 Oct 1882 at McNab Twp
010162-82 George SURTEES, 55, merchant, widower, Sunderland England, Beachburg, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann WILCOX, 34, Aylmer, Beachburg, d/o Gilbert & Mary, witn: Harvey SAMSON & Augusta A. BASS both of Beachburg on Feb. 25, 1882 at Beachburg 10151-82 Herbert SUTHERLAND, 31, book keeper, Vermont US, Ross, s/o Johan SUTHERLAND & Martha Perin SUTHERLAND, married Jeannet McLEAN (McLaren?), 26, Ross, same, d/o John McLEAN & Jannet, witn: Samuel MAYERS of Pembroke & Anny McLEAN of Ross, 25 Oct at Ross
010233-82 (Renfrew Co) Henry TER MARSCH, 24, baker, Hattem Holland, Petewawa, s/o Barend TER MARSCH & Elizabeth DE WEERDT, married Albertine SIEFERT, 21, Battenberg Prussia, Petewawa, d/o Carl SIEFERT & Louise MANTLE, witn: Frank ABETT & Bertha GATSMAN, both of Petewawa, 14 Sept 1882 St John's Church Petewawa  
10113-82 Hugh TIERNEY, 23, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o Christopher TIERNEY & Mary McGONIGAL, married Adeline PELLITRAULT, 21, Eganville, Arnprior, d/o Archibald PELLITRAULT & Adeline BELISLE, witn: John HUGHES & Harriet FRASER, both of Arnprior, 11 Feb 1882 at Arnprior 10141-82 Robert TURNER, 28, farmer, Ottawa, Manitoba, s/o Adam TURNER & Mary J., married Martha MILLER, 24, Fitzroy twp., same, d/o Abraham MILLER & Jane, witn: William MILLER & William ELLIOTT, both of Fitzroy, 22 Feb 1882 at Arnprior
10132-82 George Washington WILLIAMS, 34, civil engineer, widower, York state US, Calabogie, s/o G.W. WILLIAMS & Mary, married Mary WILSON, 22, Calabogie, same, d/o John WILSON & Ellen, witn: John C. WRIGHT of Renfrew & Mary DEVINE of Arnprior, 18 Sept 1882 at Arnprior 010154-82 Robert WILLIAMS, 30, farmer, Lanark Co., Ross Tp., s/o Edward & Ellen, married Harriett M. LITTLE, 22, Ross Tp., same, d/o James & Barbara, witn: John WILLIAMS of Blythfield Tp. & Maggie C. LITTLE of Ross on Jan. 25, 1882 at Westmeath