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Renfrew Co., 1888


10704-88 (Renfrew Co) Emile ANDLER, 22, laborer, Alice, Alice, s/o Charles & Marta ANDLER married Birtha HAMMEL, 18, Alice, Alice, d/o Fred & Matilda HAMMEL, witn: August TABERT & Matilda ANDLER & Fred SWARTTA & Lizzie LISKE of Alice, 18 Jan 1888, Alice

10580-88 Andrew ANDREWS, 22, blacksmith, Douglas, same, s/o Mathew & Jane, married Isabella Alice MOORE, 22, Admaston, Douglas, d/o Charles MOORE & Ann CARDIFF, witn: Samuel ALLISON of Fitzroy & Margaret J. CARDIFF of Admaston, 3 Oct 1888 at Admaston
10609-88 William ARMSTRONG, 44, book keeper, Pontiac Co. - Quebec, Eau Clair Wisconsin, s/o Foster ARMSTRONG & Catherine McGUINNIS, married Elizabeth Selves COBURN, 48, Pembroke twp., same, d/o Robert COBURN & Emma FRASER, witn: Thomas & Robert FRASER and Emma LOW, all of Pembroke and Mary DAVIS of Alice, 17 Oct. 188 at Pembroke twp

10698-88 (Renfrew Co) Theophile ARON, 22, farmer, Poland, Jones, s/o Valentine ARON & Mary Ann STEZONIA married Veronique KASABEK, 17, Poland, Jones, d/o Adam KASABEK & Mary Ann KOSKLUSKA, witn, Jacop TAPLENSKIE & Stanislaus RECOSKI, 29 April 1888, Hagarty

10500-88 (Renfrew Co): Charles ARPIN, 22, clerk, Chichester, Pembroke, s/o Michael ARPIN & Josephine PERRAULT, married Marie Louise DUPUIS, 21, Gower Point, same, d/o Maxime DUPUIS & Ann KENELELEA, witn: Maxime DUPUIS of Gower Point & Michael ARPIN of Pembroke, 30 July 1888 at Gower Point

10731-88 (Renfrew Co) James AUGHNEY, 32, farmer, Bromley, Bromley, s/o Patrick AUGHNEY & Margaret ROSS married Bridget REYNOLDS, 20, Bromley, Bromley, d/o Michael REYNOLDS & Margaret SHIELDS, witn: Andrew RATHWALL & Margaret REYNOLDS, 30 Jan 1888, Osceola

  10637-88 (Renfrew Co) Alexander BAIRD, 32, pilot, Calumet Island, Calumet Island, s/o Frances BAIRD & Louise BRASARD married Helen Maria MOSTYNE, 28, Kingston, Sand Point, d/o Thomas MOSTYNE & Ellen HERON, witn: Frances RYAN of Arnprior & Florence BRENNAN of Sand Point, 26 Nov 1888, Arnprior
10605-88 Frank Howard BAXTER, 24, station agent K & P railway, Kings Co. NB, Calabogie, s/o Joseph & Amelia, married Margaret HAWLEY, 22, Renfrew Co., Calabogie, d/o William & Mary, witn: Dr. T. J. GREEN & M. J. SCULLY, both of Calabogie, 25 July 1888 at Calabogie 10654-88 Alexander BEATTIE, 27, St. Andrews, Wilberforce twp., s/o George & Jessie, married Elizabeth MICK, 24, Stafford, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Hugh R. GRANT of Ottawa & Ray MICK of Stafford, 26 Sept 1888 at Stafford

10703-88 (Renfrew Co) Louis BEAUDRY, 23, laborer, Wilberforce, Alice, s/o Moses & Johanna BEAUDRY married Augusta KURSCHENSKE, 18, Germany, Alice, d/o Johana & Gustina KURSCHENSKE, witn: George PEUMMER & Lizzie BEAUDRY of Alice, 10 Jan 1888, Alice

10687-88 (Renfrew Co) Joseph Edmon BENOIT, 39, watchmaker, St. Gergoire Quebec, Mattawa, s/o Julien & Angelique BENOIT married Charlotte Claire BELAIRE, 27, Allumette Island, Pembroke, d/o Michel & Eloise BELAIRE, witn, Henry BELAIRE & Sophia AUREY of Pembroke, 22 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10632-88 (Renfrew Co) Thomas BENTON, 29, hotel keeper, Pakenham, Duluth USA, s/o Thomas BENTON & Anne RYAN married Maggie MULVIHILL, 21, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Michael MULVIHILL & Bridget DEVLAN, witn; Michael MULVIHILL & Maggie HELLAND of Arnprior, 18 Sept 1888, Arnprior

10598-88 Carl F.F. BERGER, 27, farmer, Neumark Germany, Wilberforce, s/o John Gottleib BERGER & Friedericke TIMM, married Johanna KOSTAL, 21, Pommerin Germany, Wilberforce, d/o Carl KOSTAL & Ernestine JAGENOW, witn: John & Louise SILL of Wilberforce, 22 Oct 1888 at Wilberforce
10670-88 Francis BERNARD, 22, laborer, Petite Nation Que., Pembroke, s/o Jean Baptiste & Angelique, married Eleanore MARCIL, 17, Westmeath, same, d/o Jean B. & Louise, witn: Jean B. BERNARD of Pembroke & Jean B. MARCIL of Westmeath, 12 June 1889 at Pembroke 10578-88 Charles BORK, 25, farmer, Germany, Sebastopol twp., s/o Karl & Christiana, married Annie HAZEL, 20, Germany, Admaston, d/o William & Joanna, witn: Edward ROHDE of Sebastopol & Lena HAZEL of Admaston, 8 March 1888 at Admaston

10627-88 (Renfrew Co) George BOUTIN (Boutice?), 27, shantyman, St. Jean Chrysostrom, Braeside, s/o Alex BOUTIN & Ursule LAROCHELLE married Annie ST. HELISE, 19, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Jean ST. HELENE & Mathilde LAVIOLETTE, witn; Jean ST. HELISE & Bridget BASTIEN of Braeside, 14 May 1888, Arnprior

10568-88 George BOUTIN, 27, laborer, St. John Chryostome Quebec, Braeside, s/o Alexis BOUTIN & Ursule LAROCHELLE, married Artemise St. HILAIRE, 18, Arnpior, Braeside, d/o Johnny St. HILAIRE & Matilda LAVIOLETTE, witn: Johnny St. HILLAIRE (sic) & Bridget BEEHAN, both of Braeside, 14 May 188 at Arnprior

10695-88 (Renfrew Co) John Henry BOYCE, 29, merchant, Wentworth, Wentworth, s/o G. B. & Eleanor BOYCE married Cora F. LINTON, 22, Ottawa, Pembroke, d/o M. W. LINTON & Lucretia LINTON, witn: George W. LINTON & Alice LIBBY of Pembroke, 14 Nov 1888, Pembroke

10571-88 Alexander F. BOX, 54, widower, farmer, Devonshire England, McNab twp., s/o Alexander BOX & Theresa STACY, married Catherine McDONALD, 40, widow, McNab twp., same, d/o Murdock McDONALD & Christena McLAUGHLIN, witn: Robert BOX & Jennett McKAY, both of McNab twp., 3 July 1888 at McNab twp. 10600-88 John James Stacy BOX, 27, merchant, White Lake, Calabogie, s/o John A. BOX & Jane McCONNELL, married Mary Ellen HAWLEY, 23, Bagot, Calabogie, d/o William HAWLEY & Mary BAILEY, witn: Robert BOX & Maggie HAWLEY, both of Calabogie, 4 Jan 1888 at Calabogie
10498-88 Delphia BOURDIGNON, 24, farmer, Matawatchan, same, s/o Narcisse BOURDIGNON & Sophie BOVIN, married Georgia DAIGNES, 17, Matawatchan, same, d/o Frank DAIGNES & Marie VINCENT, witn: Pierre MARCELLAIT & Adesse VINCENT, both of Matawatchan, 24 Sept 1888 at Matawatchan 10604-88 Herman BRIDGES, 25, farmer, Bagot, same, s/o Robert & Annie, married Janet McGREGOR, 19, Bagot, same, d/o Alexander & Marian, witn: David McGREGOR & Mariah BRIDGES, both of Bagot, 4 June 1888 at Bagot twp
10549-88 John BRISCO, 34, widower, farmer, Admaston twp., same, s/o James & blank, married Ellie JERPAH, 25, Algona twp., Admaston twp., d/o blank, witn: William & Bryan BRISCO of Admaston, 5 Oct 1888 at Renfrew 10501-88 (Renfrew Co): David BROMLEY, 29, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Edward BROMLEY & Sarah HOLMES, married Mary Elizabeth GORDON, 19, Ross, Westmeath, d/o Robert GORDON & Mary McBRIDE, witn: W. H. GOURLY & Susan LITTLE?, both of Westmeath, 27 Dec 1888 at Westmeath
10558-88 Joseph BROUSE, 29, blacksmith, Westmeath, Des Joachims Que., s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 16, Almonte, Des Joachims Que., d/o Robert & Rachel, witn: Charles BROUSE of Pt. Alexander & Rachel WALSH of Wilberforce twp., 7 June 1888 at Rolph twp

10727-88 (Renfrew Co) David BROWN, 29, farmer, Scotland, Ross, s/o James BROWN & Agnes BROWN married Agnes Jane TARIS (Tario?), 22, Allumette Island, Rolph, d/o Eloid TARIS & Jane TARIS, witn: Joseph PATTERSON & Mary Ann BROWN of Foresters Falls, 12 Dec 1888, Ross


10611-88 (Renfrew Co) Andrew BRUNETT, 22, shantyman, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o Edward BRUNETT & Philomen JOINISSE married Elizabeth MCQADE (McQuade?), 33, Portage du Fort, Arnprior, d/o Edward MCQADE & Annie ABURN, witn; Edward BRUNETT & Emelie BRUNETT of Arnprior, 9 Jan 1888, Arnprior

10589-88 Otto Ferdinand BUCHWALD, 27, farmer, Germany, North Algona, s/o Ferdinand BUCHALD & Anna JESCHKE, married Auguste BEHNKE, 20, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o August BEHNKE & Wilhelmina PIRATH, 13 July 1888 at Wilberforce (Lutheran)

10699-88 (Renfrew Co) Antoine BURCHAT, 22, farmer, Poland, Sherwood, s/o Joseph BURCHAT & Catherine DOBBECK married Marianne LABETSKIE, 22, Poland, Hagarty, d/o Joseph LABETSKIE & Mary Ann CREPEWSKA, witn, John BURCHAT & August TINENSKY of Hagarty, 30 April 1888, Hagarty

10590-88 William J. BURGESS, 25, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o William BURGESS & Eliza MARTIN, married Frances STUART, 23, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o Charles STUART & Susan LETT, witn: Alice BURGESS of Wilberforce, 11 July 1888 at St. Johns Church, Eganville 10495-88 John BURNS, 27, laborer, Gratton, Griffith, s/o William BURNS & Rose LANISON? (Lawson?), married Margaret KING, 18, Griffith, same, d/o John KING & Isabella GODDIN, witn: Alexander BURNS of Griffith & Catherine GARUND of Brougham, 10 July 1888 at Mt. St. Patrick

10740-89 (Renfrew Co) William BYRON, 23, laborer, Torbolton, Renfrew, s/o Thomas & Christiana BYRON married Mary MUNROE, 24, Torbolton, Renfrew, d/o William & Janet MUNROE, witn: David MOORE & Martha ROSS of Renfrew, 2 May 1888, Renfrew

10545-88 Duncan F. CAMPBELL, 19, laborer, Dalhousie, same, s/o John & Isabella, married Christena DELANRIE?, 18, Bagot, same, d/o Oliver & Elizabeth, witn: Elizabeth DELANRIE, 5 June 1888 at Renfrew 10570-88 Archibald CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Lanark twp., McNab twp., s/o Andrew CAMPBELL & Martha FORGIE, married Ellen Jessie CUNNINGHAM, 18, McNab twp., same, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Marion INGLIS, witn: Alexander McGREGOR of McNab twp. & Annie F. CAMPBELL of Lanark twp, 4 July 1888 at McNab twp
10648-88 James William CARMICHAEL, 28, widower, grain merchant, Ottawa, Pembroke, s/o Hugh CARMICHAEL & Elizabeth PORTER, married Sarah BIGGS, 21, Alice twp., Stafford, d/o Joseph BIGGS & Sophia EDWARDS, witn: William DELEHEY of Cobden & Elizabeth BIGGS of Stafford, 3 Jan 1888 at Stafford  

10623-88 (Renfrew Co) William CARON, 29, shantyman, Newfoundland, Arnprior, s/o Michael CARON & Matilda LOBBE married Mary ROACH, 23, Fitzroy, McNab, d/o Nicholas ROACH & Catherine O’BRIEN, witn; Stephen HANNON & Jane ROACH of Arnprior, 11 April 1888, Arnprior

10577-88 John CARSWELL, 25, farmer, Lot 17 Con 7 of McNab twp., McNab twp., s/o Robert CARSWELL & Bella HUTSON, married Matilda Catherine TAYLOR, 24, Lot 13 Con 8 of McNab twp., McNab twp., d/o Andrew TAYLOR & Mary RANKIN, witn: Andrew CARSWELL & Maria TAYLOR, 29 Nov 188 at Lot 13, Con 8 of McNab twp

10613-88 (Renfrew Co) Alphonse CHARBONNEAU, 27, shantyman, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o Moses CHARBONNEAU & Zoe GILBAULT married Isabella FRASER, 22, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o James FRASER & Ann MOLONEY, witn; Elie DONTIGNY & Margaret RUSSELL of Arnprior, 18 Jan 1888, Arnprior

10606-88 Spencer CHURCH, 32, yeoman, Bagot twp., same, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Elizabeth LARONDE, 17, Bagot twp., Calabogie, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Duncan CAMPBELL & George STRINGER, both of Calabogie, 16 Aug 1888 at Calabogie
#010707-88 (Renfrew Co): James COBURN, 36, farmer, Alice twp., same, s/o Alex COBURN & Rebecca MOORE, married Margaret HAMILTON, 29, Alice twp., same, d/o Samuel HAMILTON & Mary MATHEWS, witn: John COBURN & Catherine C. HAMILTON, both of Alice, 9 May 1888 at Alice twp 10599-88 Thomas COCHLIN, 60, laborer, Lanark, Calabogie, s/o John & Mary, married Janet NOLAN, 50, Dalhousie, Bagot, d/o John & Jane, witn: James NICHOL & Eleanor Jane GUDRIE (Guthrie?), both of Bagot, 3 April 1888 at Bagot twp

10722-88 (Renfrew Co) James COLE, 23, farmer, Horton, Ross, s/o William COLE & Mary Ann COLE married Eliza Jane SNOWDEN, 22, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Robert SNOWDEN & Eliza SNOWDEN, witn: William COLE jr. & Sarah FREELAND of Ross, 2 May 1888, Cobden

10497-88 William COLE, 42, farmer, widower, Brougham Ont., Griffith, s/o James & Diantha, married Jane McGREGOR, 26, Matawatchan, same, d/o John & Flora, witn: James COLE & Diantha AVENDER?, both of Gratton, 10 Oct 1888 at Renfrew 10548-88 William COLE, 32, widower, farmer, Brougham, Griffith, s/o James & Weavther?, married Margaret Jane McGREGOR, 27, Pakenham, Matawatchan, d/o John & Mary, witn: M. SMITH & James COLE, both of Dacre - Renfrew Co., 5 Oct 1888 at Renfrew [with note: bride's "mothers name given is Mary McRae"]
10672-88 Robert COOKE, 24, book keeper, Montreal, Outremont Que., s/o George Edward & Julia, married Sophia EBERSON, 23, Brockville, Pembroke, d/o George & Agnes, witn: Alexander MORRIS & W. M. LINTEN (Linken?), both of Pembroke, 14 June 1888 at Pembroke 10656-88 Samuel COSTELLO, 21, farmer, Stafford, Pembroke, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann, married Jane COCHRANE, 20, Alice, same, d/o William & Margaret Ann, witn: William COSTELLO & Maggie McNEICE, both of Pembroke, 24 Jan 1888 at Pembroke
10522-88 Edward COYNE, 26, farmer, South Algona twp., same, s/o Patrick COYNE & Eliza DONOVAN, married Mary Jane FINNCANE, 24, South Algona twp., same, d/o Patrick FINNCANE & Mary HUGHES, witn: Patrick COYNE & Ann FINNCANE, both of S. Algona, 12 Nov 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell

10683-88 (Renfrew Co) James W. CROCKATT, 25, stone cutter, Dundee Scotland, Eastmans Spring, s/o James & Elizabeth CROCKATT, married Mary Ann PEASE, 25, Bedfordshire England, Pembroke, d/o George & Rebecca PEASE, witn, David W. CROCKATT of Eastman Springs & Margaret THERIS of Pembroke, 17 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10718-88 (Renfrew Co) William Benson DANLIN, 25, mason, Sweden, Beachburg, s/o not given married Mary Ann BROOM, not given, Ross, Ross, d/o not given, witn: P. B. DANLIN of Beachburg & Thomasina REILLY of Foresters Falls, 4 Jan 1888, Ross

10669-88 William DAVIDSON, 30, lumberer, Templeton Que., Westmeath, s/o Stewart & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane GAMBELL, 24, Litchfield Que., same, d/o William & Esther Jane, witn: Daniel ORMOND & Eliza G. BAYNE, both of Pembroke, 7 June 1888 at Pembroke

10723-88 (Renfrew Co) William DELAHEY, 27, farmer, Pembroke, Cobden, s/o Robert DELAHEY & Mariah married Charlotte MCDONALD, 25, Osceola, Cobden, d/o Donald MCDONALD & Margaret MCDONALD, witn: James A. DELAHEY & Annie MCDONALD of Cobden, 7 May 1888, Cobden

10631-88 (Renfrew Co) Horsmasdas DESORMIE, 22, shantyman, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o Joseph DESORMIE & Marceline MARTINEAU married Ellen CHARBONEAU, 19, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Louis CHARBONEAU & Margaret Ann LEE, witn; Joseph DESORMIE & Phileust TURCOTT of Arnprior, 7 Aug 1888, Arnprior

10512-88 Joseph DOLAN, 23, farmer, Pakenham, Brudenell, s/o Michael DOLAN & Margaret DAVIS, married Margaret O'KEEFE, 22, South Algona, Brudenell, d/o John O'KEEFE & Mary FLEMING, witn: James COGHLAN & Ellen O'KEEFE, both of Brudenell, 10 Jan 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell 10529-88 Joseph DOLAN, 26, laborer, Brudenell twp., same, s/o Michael DOLAN & Martha DAVIS, married Margaret O'KEEFE, no age given, South Algona twp., Brudenell twp., d/o John O'KEEFE & Johanna FLEMING, witn: James COGHLAN & Ellen O'KEEFE, both of Brudenell, 18 Jan 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell

10733-88 (Renfrew Co) Stanislus DUCLOS, 23, farmer, Montreal, Bromley, s/o David DUCLOS & Hannah TIBEAULT married Laura BOURGEAU, 25, Grattan, Bromley, d/o Antoine BOURGEAU & Adele O’BREY, witn, Paul PRUNEAU & Laurie O’BREY, 20 Nov 1888, Douglas

10664-88 Edouard DUPRAS, 30, butcher, Lachenais Que., Pembroke, s/o Calixte & Virginie, married Mathilde TESSIER, 25, Allummette Island Que., Pembroke, d/o Neubroise & Marie, witn: Henri BELAIRE & Cyrile GUIMOND?, both of Pembroke, 19 April 1888 at Pembroke

10630-88 (Renfrew Co) Damase DUPUIS, 23, carpenter, Renfrew, Arnprior, s/o Francis DUPUIS & Marceline ROBILLARD married Catherine DESORMIE, 29, La Peche, Arnprior, d/o Joseph DESORMIE & Marceline MARTINEAU, witn; Michael COUSINEAU & Georgina COUSINEAU of Arnprior, 4 June 1888, Arnprior


10761-89 (Renfrew Co) Richard EDWARDS, full, lumberman, Alice, Pembroke, s/o not given married Agnes BURKE, full, Pembroke, Alice, d/o not given, witn; Samuel B. SWEEZY & Margaret Jane SWEEZY of Pembroke, 2 Jane 1888, Pembroke

10504-88 (Renfrew Co): Andrew ELLIOTT, 32, farmer, Clarendon Quebec, Westmeath, s/o Hugh ELLIOTT & Mary Ann HANNAH, married Margaret Jane SHIELDS, 21, Fitzroy, Westmeath, d/o Alex SHIELDS & Mary Ann BARR, witn: Alex ELLIOTT of Beachburg & A. J. DONALDSON of Kinburn, 18 Oct 1888 at Westmeath
10528-88 William FABIAN, 23, farmer, Golden Lake, Lynedoch twp., s/o Christian & Christena, married Freida MEYER, 19, Germany, Lynedoch twp., d/o Fritz & Lettie, wit: John BROCHATZ of Lynedoch & Mary PILGRIM of Brudenell, 25 April 1888 at Rockingham

10625-88 (Renfrew Co) James FENERTY, 35, shantyman, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o Peter FENERTY & Annie HENRY married Bridget BENTON, 25, Pakenham, Arnprior, d/o Thomas BENTON & Ann RYAN, witn; J. P. O’FARRELL & Phoebe MCGREGOR of Arnprior, 23 April 1888, Arnprior

10700-88 (Renfrew Co) Eli FERGUSON, 27, blacksmith, Pennsylvania, Bark Lake, s/o Ansel FERGUSON & Harriet FERGUSON married Maggie DUPRE, 22, Ontario, Bark Lake, d/o Vassan (Vassau?) DUPRE & Margaret DUPRE, witn, Thomas CULBERTSON & Alice CULBERTSON of Bark Lake, 23 July 1888, Bark Lake

10551-88 Robert FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Lavant, same, s/o James & Janet, married Margaret BOLTON, 18, Fall Brook, same, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: Jessie KNOX & Agnes ARGUE, both of Renfrew, 22 Aug 1888 at Renfrew
10493-88 Friedrich FISCHER, 21, laborer, Petewawa, same, s/o William FISHER & Wilhelmine NERENBERG, married Emilie BUERGER, 16, Wilberforce twp., Alice, d/o August BUERGER & Henriette GROSSKLAS, witn: Paul HAMPEL, Emilie FISCHER, Emmy DARNHEINER, all of Petewawa, and August TABBERT of Alice, 16 Nov 1888 at St. Johns Lutheran Church, Petewawa

10616-88 (Renfrew Co) George W. FLEMING, 24, blacksmith, Montreal, Bristol Quebec, s/o Thomas FLEMING & Ellen SHEAD married Martha MCLELLAN, 28, Bristol, Arnprior, d/o William & Mary MCLELLAN, witn: James ANDERSON & Janet MCLELLAN of Bristol, 11 July 1888, Arnprior

  10534-88 Peter FRANCIS, 23, laborer, Lake of Two Mountains - Que., Dacre, s/o Peter & Louisa, married Sarah BAY, 17, St. Regis, Dacre, d/o John & Mary, witn: Lefebvre [that is all that is written], 9 Feb 1888 at Renfrew
10679-88 John FRASER, 27, merchant, Pembroke, same, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Agnes Walker GRIEVE, 22, Pembroke, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Alexander MORRIS & Agnes MOFFAT, both of Pembroke, 22 Aug 1888 at Pembroke 10610-88 Robert Coburn FRASER, 24, farmer, Pembroke twp., same, s/o Robert FRASER & Hannah CURRY, married Mary Jane McCONNELL, 21, Allumette Island Que., Pembroke twp., d/o Robert McCONNELL & Mary McLAREN, witn: James Jardine JONES & Mary Selves FRASER, both of Pembroke, 24 Oct. 1888 at Pembroke twp
10608-88 David FRASER, 27, farmer, Pembroke twp., same, s/o Robert FRASER & Hannah CURRY, married Elizabeth DELAHEY, 25, Pembroke town, Pembroke twp., d/o Robert DELAHEY & Mary ATCHESON, witn: John FRASER of Pembroke & Susan DELAHEY of Cobden, 4 July 1888 at Pembroke twp 10660-88 William FREDERICK, 31, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Ferdinand & Fredeicke, married Mary THUR, 22, Wilberforce, same, d/o William & Caroline, witn: William THUR & Frederick PELASKE & Amelia FREDERICK, all of Wilberforce, 12 March 1888 at Pembroke
10597-88 Martin FREITAG, 27, shoe maker, Minkin Kr. Arnswalde - Reg. Boz?. Frankfurt Germany, Eganville, s/o Wilhelm FREITAG & Friedericke FENSKE, married Albertine M. L. HEDTKE, 21, Nimschoff Kr. Arnswalde (rest same as groom), Wilberforce, d/o Frederick HEDTKE & Louise SPAHNER, witn: Albert & Martha LULOFF of Wilberforce, 11 Oct 1888 at Wilberforce

10735-88 (Renfrew Co) Donald FROOD, 48, farmer, widower, Horton, Horton, s/o Hugh FROOD & Barbara WATT married Janet HAMILTON, 48, McNab, Renfrew, d/o John HAMILTON & Catherine TAYLOR, witn: Thomas FROOD of Horton & Janet HAMILTON of Bromley, 25 Dec 1888, Bromley

  10712-88 (Renfrew Co) James GAGNON, 30, lumberman, Aylmer Quebec, Ralph, s/o Francis GAGNON & Elizabeth MOORE married Nancy MCKINLEY, 28, Ralph, Ralph, d/o John MCKINLEY & Ellen ARMSTRONG, witn: Thomas BLACK of Pembroke & Catherine MCKINLEY of Ralph, 11 July 1888, Alice
10573-88 Nelson GARVEY, 39, painter, Walpole New Hampshire, Burnstown - McNab twp., s/o John & Margaret Morse GARVEY, married Mary Jane McCALLUM, 33, Burnstown, same, d/o John Fisher & Martha Hough McCALLUM, witn: Duncan ROBERTSON of White Lake & Amanda McCALLUM of Burnstown, 15 Aug 1888 at Burnstown 10677-88 Trefle GIROUX, 24, laborer, Pembroke, same, s/o Charles & Philomene, married Adele LEFEBVRE, 24, Pembroke, same, d/o Olivier & Vitaline, witn: Alexander GIROUX & Marie LEFEBVRE, both of Pembroke, 10 July 1888 at Pembroke
10555-88 Uriah GITTENS, 22, brakesman, Brechenshire Wales, Chalk River, s/o Philip GITTENS & Mary REID, married Sophia McMILLAN, 17, Cambden, Chalk River, d/o James McMILLAN & Jane McGILL, witn: Frederick GUY & Annie DALE, both of Chalk River, 3 Jan 1888 at Chalk River 10564-88 James GOODWIN, 32, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o David GOODWIN & Mary HARVEY, married Christena YOUNG, 28, McNab twp., same, d/o John YOUNG & Margaret TOSHACK, witn: R. W. YOUNG of Ramsay twp & M. B. YOUNG of McNab twp., 15 March 1888 at Clay Bank, McNab twp
10647-88 William GORBY, 28, farmer, Horton twp., same, s/o William & Alice, married Sarah Ann RUSSELL, 24, Horton twp., same, d/o Reuben & Matilda, witn: Allan McNAB & Isabella RUSSELL, both of Horton twp., 19 Dec 1888 at Horton twp

10732-88 (Renfrew Co) Patrick GORMAN, 30, farmer, widower, Bromley, Bromley, s/o Daniel GORMAN & Catherine O’REILLY married Elizabeth DALEY, 19, Bromley, Bromley, d/o Thomas DALEY & Mary O’DAY, witn: Thomas DALEY & Julia DOONER, 23 Jan 1888, Douglas

10544-88 James GOTLIEB, 42, widower, laborer, Denmark, Calabogie, s/o John & Annie, married Ellen Annie GOODRIE, 35, widow, Calabogie, same, d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: Jessie & H. D. KNOX of Renfrew, 15 May 1888 at Renfrew 10672-89 Celestine GOYER, 30, widower, farmer, Eganville, Perrault Settlement, s/o Julian GOYER & Calinstine DELAIRE, married Olivia LECLAIR, 20, Black Donald, same, d/o Antoine LECLAIR & Mary GERVAIS, witn: Thelisphore GOYER of Perrault Settlement & Felicih LECLAIR of Black Donald, 18 July 1888 at Mt. St. Patrick
10652-88 Thomas Alfred GRAHAM, 23, farmer, Montague, Stafford, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Ruth Ellen LIBBY, 17, Stafford, same, d/o Philip & Elizabeth, witn: William ROONEY & Kate HAYES, both of Stafford, 27 June 1888 at Stafford

10713-88 (Renfrew Co) William Patterson GRAHAM, 28, farmer, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o William GRAHAM & Lily PATERSON married Mary MILLER, 26, Alice, Alice, d/o William MILLER & Margaret LEDGERWOOD, witn: John METTER & Mary CARNAGIE of Alice, 11 July 1888, Alice

10650-88 Isaac GREER, 31, farmer, Wilberforce twp., same, s/o Edward GREER & Mary Ann KINCH, married Henrietta MICK, 23, Stafford, same, d/o Daniel MICK & Catherine LIBBY, witn: Daniel MICK of Micksburg & Ida J. GREER of Wilberforce, 21 March 1888 at Micksburg  
10537-88 John GUTHRIE, 30?, farmer, Darling, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Charlotte CAMPBELL, 23, Clyde Forks, same, d/o Robert & Charlotte, witn: H. MILLIKEN of Renfrew, 3 April 1888 at Renfrew 10516-88 Michael HANLON, 30, farmer, Canada, Huntley twp., s/o Michael HANLON & Mary DOYLE, married Catherine KILLEEN, 22, March twp., Sebastopol twp., d/o Dennis KILLEEN & Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: James BONFIELD of Eganville & Agnes KILLEEN of Sebastopol, 19 June 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell
10581-88 Robert HARKNESS, 29, missionary, East Nissouri, Toronto, s/o George HARKNESS & Agnes ANGUS, married Isabella Jane WILSON, 20, Admaston, same, d/o Richard WILSON & Margaret Jane FERGUSON, witn: Matthew H. WILSON & Emeline DALGLEISH, both of Admaston, 22 Oct 1888 at Admaston 10559-88 Peter HAWLEY, 32, farmer, Buchanan twp., Rolph twp., s/o James HAWLEY & Johanna McCARTHY, married Elmire PILLEAU, 19, Rolph twp., same, d/o Charles PILLAEU & Elizabeth MOIR, witn: George CARR of Rolph twp. & Charles PILLEAU of North Bay, 14 Aug 1888 at Rolph twp. RC Church
10584-88 Philip HAYES, 25, farmer, Stafford twp., same, s/o Henry HAYES & Penella LIBBY, married Elizabeth Jane JACKSON, 24, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o John JACKSON & Henrietta HAWKINS, witn: Thomas JACKSON of Wilberforce & Catherine HAYS of Stafford, 14 March 1888 at Eganville 10659-88 Robert Ferguson HEALY, 24, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah Margaret BROMLEY, 21, Westmeath, same, d/o Edward & Sarah, witn: David & Margaret Ann BROMLEY of Westmeath, 31 Jan 1888 at Pembroke

10692-88 (Renfrew Co) George HEAVEN, 21, laborer, Point Alexander, Pembroke, s/o Adeline HEAVEN married Lizzie MONK, 27, not given, Pembroke, d/o Edward & Jane MONK, witn, George MONK of Allumette Island & Emelie FRANCOEUR of Pembroke, 5 Nov 1888, Pembroke

10716-88 (Renfrew Co) William HEIN, 24, farmer, Germany, Grattan, s/o Charles HEIN & Christina married Louise BEISENTHAL, 24, Alice, Alice, d/o Godlieb BEISENTHAL & Louise, witn, Ottilia HEIN of Grattan & James DISHER of Alice & William SARR of Stafford, 20 June 1888, Alice

10619-88 (Renfrew Co) John HENDERSON, 43, farmer, Lanark, Bristol, s/o John HENDERSON & Jane GRAHAM married Emma Theresa CRANKSHAW, 30, Addington, Dingby Ont, d/o Henry CRANKSHAW & Emma DURICK (Derrick?), witn; Johnston HENDERSON & Lizzie JAMISON of Arnprior, 8 may 1888, Arnprior

10612-88 (Renfrew Co) Thomas HERON, 26, carpenter, Ireland, Kamloops BC, s/o James HERON & Mary MCGARLICK married Mary MCKINNON, 21, Ireland, Arnprior, d/o John MCKINNON & Bridget KELLY, witn; Thomas BRENNAN & Maggie MCKINNON of Sand Point, 11 Jan 1888, Arnprior

10579-88 William Henry HODGINS, 25, farmer, Bromley, Admaston, s/o John HODGINS & Mary Jane RICHARDSON, married Eliza BROWN, 25, Admaston, same, d/o James BROWN & Jane KEYES, witn: Walter HODGINS of Ross twp & Margaret Jane BROWN of Admaston, 12 June 1888 at Admaston

10626-88 (Renfrew Co) Edward S. HODGINS, 23, farmer, Clarendon Quebec, Clarendon Quebec, s/o George HODGINS & Marie HODGINS married Isabella S. JONES, 21, Clarendon, Arnprior, d/o Elliott JONES & Sophia MCDONALD, witn; Henry MCDONALD & Annie LYTTLE of Sand Point, 4 April 1888, Arnprior

  010710-88 (Renfrew Co): August HOLTZ, 23, farmer, Germany, Petawawa twp., s/o William & Minna, married Minna MOLLER, 20, Germany, Petawawa twp., d/o John & Sophia, witn: Bernert KOHLS & Albert KURZE of Pembroke and Lonan? PETERS & Bertha ROHLOFF of Alice, 28 Sept 1888 at Petawawa (Lutheran)
10655-88 Joseph HOWARD, 27, blacksmith, Fitzroy, Westmeath, s/o Joseph HOWARD & Phoebe TAYLOR, married Jessie WRIGHT, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o Thomas WRIGHT & Margaret LESLIE, witn: Asa MAIR & Maggie WRIGHT, both of Westmeath, 4 June 1888 at Pembroke

10620-88 (Renfrew Co) George Herbert HUBBELL, 34, livery proprietor, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o James HUBBELL & Mary LYON married Harriet NIBLET, 21, Portage du Fort, Arnprior, d/o Edward NIBLET & Elizabeth, witn; Elizabeth PRICE & William NIBLET of Arnprior, 7 May 1888, Arnprior

10714-88 (Renfrew Co) Gustave HUBNER, 25, farmer, on the ocean, Alice, s/o William HUBNER & Louise RAYMERS married Louise WAGNER, 20, Alice, Alice, d/o Charles WAGNER & Anna KURTH, witn, Bernard MASS & Mathilda HUBNER of Alice, 15 June 1888, Alice

10719-88 (Renfrew Co) Francis HUMPHRIES, 28, farmer, Horton, Ross, s/o Francis HUMPHRIES & Jane HUMPHRIES married Ellen GUEST, 18, Ross, Ross (near Haleys), d/o blank & Catherine GUEST, witn, George NEW of Horton & Rachel GUEST of Ross, 17 April 1888, Ross

10556-88 Walter David HUNTER, 28, railway employee, Kilbarham Scotland, Chalk River, s/o Thomas HUNTER & Margaret DAVIS, married Mary Ann MARYAN, 27, Huntley twp., Chalk River, d/o Martin MARYAN & Mary FOREST, witn: Arthur CROMP & Johanna MARYAN, both of Chalk River, 16 April 1888 at Chalk River 10506-88 (Renfrew Co): William JOHNSTON, 35, farmer, Pembroke, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Bridget SHEEDY, 30, Pembroke, same, d/o Tim & Ellen, no other info [registered in Westmeath twp]
10821-89 Robert JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Nancy THOMPSON, married Sarah Jane WARBRICK, 19, Ross, Beachburg, d/o John & Mary, witn: William John JOHNSTON & Elizabeth McLAREN, both of Westmeath, 17 April 1888 at Presbyterian Church, Beachburg 10820-89 James JOHNSTON, 38, hotel keeper, Litchfield Que., Beachburg, s/o Andrew JOHNSTON & Ann BARNETT, married Jane WRIGHT, 28, Westmeath, same, d/o Samuel WRIGHT & Mary BOYD, witn: John JOHNSTON & Janet LITTLE, both of Beachburg, 31 July (or Jany?) 1888 at res of Samuel Wright

10615-88 (Renfrew Co) Walter JONES, 21, miner, Arnprior, Quebec, s/o George JONES & Jonna CANNOBER married Annie Brownlee MCNEIL, 21, Bristol Quebec, Bristol Quebec, d/o Christopher MCNEIL & Agnes BROWN, witn; Christopher MCNEIL & May LEES of Bristol Quebec, 31 Aug 1888, Arnprior

10582-88 Charley JUINSTOCK?, 29, farmer, Germany, Sebastopol, s/o Gotleib JUINSTOCK & Rosina ANNAH, married Minnie LEGKMAN (Tegkman?), 27, Germany, not given, d/o Carl LEGKMAN & Hannah KAVOZE, witn: August SILLER & Bertha LEGKMAN, 20 Feb 1888 at St. Johns Church, Eganville

10681-88 (Renfrew Co) Simon Albert JULIEN, 27, clerk, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Isaie & Sarah JULIEN married Marie Sara LEGARE, 22, St. Andre d’Argenteuil, Pembroke, d/o Francois & Marie LEGARE, witn, Theodule LANDRIAU & Josephine LEGARE of Pembroke, 3 Sept 1888, Pembroke 10550-88 William KEATES, 21, mechanic, Lavant, same, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Winnie VIRGIN, 21, Bagot, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Misses VIRGIN & HOLDEN of Bagot, 14 Aug 1888 at Renfrew

10640-88 (Renfrew Co) Frank H. KEENAN, 38, carpenter, Ireland, Chapleau, s/o Bartholomew KEENAN & Bridget KEENAN married Bertha RAMSAY, 33, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Daniel RAMSAY & Sarah RAMSAY, witn: Maurice? BRECKENRIDGE & William RAMSAY of Arnprior, 15 Nov 1888, Arnprior

10517-88 James KEENAN, 28, farmer, Brudenell twp., same, s/o Bartholomew KEENAN & Catherine COSTELLO, married Catherine O'GRADY, 30, Nepean twp., Hagarty twp., d/o Thomas O'GRADY & Mary SPAIN, witn: James O'HARE of Brudenell & Ellen Mary KERWAN of Radcliffe, 2 July 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell

10701-88 (Renfrew Co) Patrick KELLEY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Hagarty, s/o Bernard KELLEY & Margaret LAVELE (Lavell?), married Augustine TRIBINSKI, 21, Poland, Hagarty, d/o Paul TRIBENSKI (sic) & Marianne KOSTKA, witn: John BARDORESKI & Thomas RUDDY of Hagarty, 27 Aug 1888, Hagarty

10694-88 (Renfrew Co) Aeneas KENNEDY, 22, hotel keeper, Allumette Island, Pembroke, s/o John & Catherine KENNEDY married Mary Ann LEANEY, 22, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Edward LEANEY & Jane , witn: Frank WHITE of Renfrew & Johannah LEENEY (sic) of Pembroke, 20 Nov 1888, Pembroke

10730-88 (Renfrew Co) Ferdinand KEOL, 28, tailor, Linden Germany, Eganville, s/o August FERDINAND & Louisa HEDMAN married Lina SMITH, 25, Stevens Germany, Eganville, d/o William SMITH & Louisa STILTHA, witn: Herman SMITH & Hannah HEPTKA, 10 March 1888, Douglas

10728-88 (Renfrew Co) John KIELY, 48, farmer, Ireland, Mount St. Patrick, s/o not given married Mary DOONER, 28, Bromley, Bromley, d/o Francis DOONER & blank DONIGAN, witn: Michael MULVIHILL of Mt. St. Patrick & Fanny DEVINE of Osceola, 30 April 1888, Osceola
10553-88 William KILGOUR, 24, widower, mechanic, Darling, Ross, s/o James & Margaret, married Jane SMITH, 26, Ross, same, d/o Chancy & Susan, witn: Jessie KNOX & Agnes ARGUE, both of Renfrew, 14 Nov 1888 at Renfrew

10621-88 (Renfrew Co) Thomas KINGHAM, 24, mechanic, Ireland, Arnprior, s/o Malcolm KINGHAM & Mary MCCORRISON married Isabella WILSON, 23, Clarendon, Arnprior, d/o James WILSON & Mary WILSON, witn; William SINCLAIR & James SINCLAIR of Arnprior, 3 May 1888, Arnprior

10842-89 August KOHLS, 23, farmer, Okerstin Prussia, Petewawa, s/o William & Wilhelmina, married Wilhelmina MUELLER, 20, Lohmen Meklenberg, Petewawa, d/o Joachim & Sophia, witn: Bernhard KOHLS, Albert STEINZE? & Louise PETERS, all of Petewawa, and Regina ROLOFF of Alice, 28 Sept 1888 at Christ Church, Petewawa

10552-88 George KNIGHT, 24, farmer, Grattan, Bromley, s/o James & Janet, married Mary A. BLACKBURN, 23, Wilberforce, same, d/o Campbell & Jane, witn: Jessie KNOX & Agnes ARGUE, both of Renfrew, 12 Sept 1888 at Renfrew

10702-88 (Renfrew Co) Martin KULAS, 29, farmer, Poland, Sherwood, s/o Jacob KULAS & Elizabeth BRISKA married Pauline DEMINSKIE, 24, Poland, Sherwood, d/o Adam DENIMSKIE (sic) & Ann SZYEA, witn, Antoine BURCHAT & August KUACH of Hagarty, 25 Nov 1888, Hagarty 10686-88 (Renfrew Co) Joseph L'ABBE, 20, barber, Ottawa, Pembroke, s/o Charles & Louise L'ABBE married Thersille BERGERON, 19, Chicester, Allumette Island, d/o Eucher & Natalie BERGERON, witn, Eucher BERGERON of Allumette Island & Theophile LAVENDURE of Pembroke, 9 Oct 1888, Pembroke
10666-88 Henri LAIR (Lau?), 25, farmer, France, Stafford, s/o Normand & Marie, married Marie DESJARDIN, 19, Wilberforce, same, d/o Hubert & Bazale, witn: Joseph DESJARDINS & Berthe LAIR, both of Stafford, 10 April 1888 at Pembroke 10662-88 Hilasion LAMOTHE, 25, laborer, St. Maurice Que., Pembroke, s/o Noe & Philomene, married Agnes SOUCI, 21, Sherbrooke Que., Pembroke, d/o Maxime & Marie, witn: Albert PHELAN & Francois TREMBLAY, both of Pembroke, 12 April 1888 at Pembroke

10691-88 (Renfrew Co) Theodule LANDRIAU, 21, barber, Ottawa, Pembroke, s/o Joseph & Julienne LANDRIAU married Josephine LEGARE, 18, St. Andre d’Argentuel, Pembroke, d/o Francois & Marie LEGARE, witn, Narcisse GIROUX & Anastasia BLAIS of Pembroke, 19 Nov 1888, Pembroke

10665-88 Maxime LANDRY, 58, widower, laborer, Maskingo, Pembroke, s/o Alexis & Genevieve, married Adeline LAPIERRE, 36, widow, Allummettte Island, same, d/o J. Baptiste & Helene, witn: Francois TREMBLAY & Cyrile GUIMOND, both of Pembroke, 18 April 1888 at Pembroke

10725-88 (Renfrew Co) James A. LARONDE, 28, carpenter, Bagot, Foresters Falls, s/o Alex LARONDE & Mary LARONDE married Mary JACK, 38, Ross, Ross, d/o James JACK & Mary JACK, witn: Andrew T. CERR & Maggie JACK of Ross, 30 May 1888, Ross

10575-88 David LAVALLEE, 22, farmer, Lot 19 Con 7 of McNab twp., McNab twp., s/o Celesta LAVALLEE & Janet BROWN, married Catherine CARSWELL, 23, Lot 17 Con 7 of McNab twp., McNab twp., d/o Robert CARSWELL & Isabella HUTSON, witn: John CARSWELL & Amelia LAVALLEE, 20 Nov 1888 at Lot 17, Con 7 of McNab twp

10636-88 (Renfrew Co) Aldego LEBLANC, 29, farmer, St. Phillippe, Hull Quebec, s/o Michael LEBLANC & Alphonsa LABROSSE married Margaret CHARBONEAU, 30, Ottawa, Arnprior, d/o Augustine CHARBONEAU & Heleose THIVIERGE, witn, Edward LEBLANC & Maria Louise DUPUIS, 25 Oct 1888, Arnprior

10492-88 Wilhelm LEDER, 21, laborer, Reicherskreur Germany, Petewawa, s/o Carl LEDER & Auguste HASEHICK?, married Emilie LASTRON, 18, Reetz Germany, Petewawa, d/o Friedrich LASTRON & Leopoldine STEINHAUS, witn: Carl LEDER, Robert MICHEL, Bertha WEGNER & Auguste FREIDRICH, all of Petewawa, 12 July 1888 at Lutheran Church (St. Johns), Petewawa 10565-88 Charles LEWIS, 24, teamster, London England, Arnprior, s/o William LEWIS & Emma BOLTER, married Mary STEWART, 21, McNab twp., same, d/o James WILSON & Bella STEWART, witn: Andrew HUTSON & Eliza Ann ARNOT, both of McNab twp., 16 April 1888 at McNab twp.
10569-88 George Alexander LINDSAY, 24, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o John & Janet, married Elizabeth STORIE, 24, McNab twp., same, d/o John & Janet, witn: James LINDSAY of North Bay & Bella CRANE of Burnstown, 26 June 1888 at McNab twp 10585-88 John A. LIVINGSTON, 23, farmer, Grattan twp., same, s/o Neil LIVINGSTON & Annie CAMPBELL, married Christena ANDERSON, 24, Edinburgh Scotland, Grattan twp., d/o William ANDERSON & Annie DUNLOP, witn: Mart LIVINGSTON of Grattan & Peter PORTEGEE of Douglas, 21 March 1888 at Eganville

10729-88 (Renfrew Co) Thomas LOGAN, 27, Woolen Manufacturer, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o William LOGAN & Mary GRAY married Ellen MCDONALD, 23, Eardley Scotland, Admaston, d/o Peter MCDONALD, witn, David MUIRHEAD & Sarah MCDONALD, 24 Jan 1888, Admaston

10603-88 John LORIMER, 22, laborer, Dalhousie twp., Lavant twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Ellen CLARKE, 19, Tyrone Ireland, Wilbur Ont., d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: Albert SWABRICK & Andrew F. CLARKE, both of Calabogie, 13 Nov 1888 at Calabogie 10596-88 Fred Herman Edward LULOFF, 26, farmer, Germany, North Algona, s/o John Frederick & Fredericka, married Maria Augusta Louise BERNDT, 19, Germany, North Algona, d/o August & Emilia, witn: Frederick FURDT & Anna LULOFF, both of N. Algona, 21 May 1888 at North Algona

10762-89 (Renfrew Co) John Thomas MAHONEY, 48, culler, widower, Beauport, Sillery Quebec, s/o Timothy MAHONEY & Margaret MOORE, married Mary Ann WHELAN, 39, Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Mathew WHELAN & Mary BUSTLER (Buttler?), witn; James KELLETT & Kate GAFFNEY of Pembroke, 31 Dec 1888, Pembroke

10638-88 (Renfrew Co) Charles MARCELLIS, 33, engineer, Pontiac, Arnprior, s/o Charles MARCELLIS & Margaret SAMSON married Bridget MURPHY, 29, Pakenham, Arnprior, d/o John MURPHY & Ann KAVENAGH, witn: James O'LEARY & Catherine MURPHY of Arnprior, 28 Nov 1888, Arnprior

10721-88 (Renfrew Co) William John MASON, 25, farmer, Horton, Westmeath, s/o Samuel MASON & Eliza MASON married Mary ROSS, 25, Ross, Ross, d/o David ROSS & Jane Evans ROSS, witn, Lizie ROSS of Ross & James COLE of Horton, 17 April 1888, Ross

10628-88 (Renfrew Co) Herbert MATHESON, 23, carpenter, Kingston, Arnprior, s/o James MATHESON & Annie O'NEIL married Jennie SCRIM, 22, Quebec, Arnprior, d/o David SCRIM & Mary O’NEIL, witn; William SCRIM & Aggie TOSH of Arnprior, 23 May 1888, Arnprior

#010709-88 (Renfrew Co): William MATHEWS, 27, farmer, Alice twp., same, s/o John MATHEWS & Elizabeth BIGGS, married Emily TUNN, 25, Alice twp., same, d/o John TUNN & Sabrah EDWARDS, witn: William HAMILTON & Sophia TUNN, both of Alice, 22 Aug 1888 at Alice twp
10546-88 William Albert MATHEWSON, 26, lawyer, Perth, Renfrew, s/o Roderick & Letitia, married Catherine STEWART, 24, Renfrew, same, d/o John & Maggie, witn: Duncan STEWART of Renfrew & Miss McCARTHER of Kingston, 8 Aug 1888 at Renfrew

10689-88 (Renfrew Co) James MCADAMS, 21, CPR Employee, Ireland, Petewawa, s/o Richard & Eliza MCADAMS married Mary MCAULEY, 19, Wilberforce, Alice, d/o John MCAULEY & Mary MCAULEY, witn: James TENNANT & Sarah Ann TENNANT of Chalk River, 6 Nov 1888, Pembroke

10572-88 Daniel Hilliard McARTHUR, 26, book keeper, Pakenham twp., Calabogie, s/o Arthur McARTHUR & Rebecca HILLIARD, married Theresa Jane BOX, 26, White Lake, same, d/o John A. & Jane McConnell BOX, witn: Robert BOX of White Lake & Jemima MOORHEAD of Carleton Place, 1 Aug 1888 at White Lake 10696-88 John Alexander McCONNELL, 22, lumberman, Mattawa, Pembroke, s/o Benjamin & Catherine, married Addie BONIN, 20, Fort Coulonge Que., same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Lizzie SHEPHERD & Hector McCONNELL, both of Pembroke, 5 Nov 1888 at Pembroke

10685-88 (Renfrew Co) Patrick MCCOOL, 26, farmer, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o Francis & Mary MCCOOL married Sarah Jane PACK, 27, Allumette Island, Pembroke, d/o Samuel & Jane PACK, witn: George TIMMONS & Fanny PACK of Pembroke, 15 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10635-88 (Renfrew Co) Duncan MCDONALD, 31, grocer, McNab, Arnprior, s/o Samuel MCDONALD & Margaret SCOTT married Julia Ann KEYS, 22, St. John's Quebec, McNab, d/o John KEYS & Margaret ROSSITER, witn, Hugh A. MCDONALD & Maggie KEYS of Arnprior, 16 Oct 1888, Arnprior

10634-88 (Renfrew Co) Alexander MCDOUGALL, 33, foreman, Glengarry, Arnprior, s/o Donald MCDOUGALL & Christian MCDONALD married Bridget MORAN, 27, Springtown, Arnprior, d/o Patrick MORAN & Mary O'GRADEY, witn; Hugh DEVINE & Minnie HESOYN? of Arnprior, 13 Oct 1888, Arnprior

10496-88 Hugh McFAYDEN, 24, farmer, Bagot, Matawatchan, s/o Alexander McFAYDEN & Elizabeth McPHERSON, married Emma Annie TEPELL, 20, South Crosby, Matawatchan, d/o John Gilbert & Martha, witn: Sullivan TEPELL & Isabella McFAYDEN, both of Matawatchan, 18 Aug. 1888 at Matawatchan
10592-88 William A. McKAY, 28, farmer, of Ross twp., s/o Daniel McKAY & Euphemia LEDGERWOOD, married Eliza Ann MILLAR, 27, Wilberforce, same, d/o James MILLAR & Eliza LETT, witn: Charles MILLAR & Maggie LETT, both of Wilberforce twp., 10 Oct. 1888 at Wilberforce 10520-88 James McKEOWN, 35, widower, farmer, Gratton twp., same, s/o James McKEOWN & Ann CARR, married Julia Ann KILBY, 22, Sebastopol twp., same, d/o Thomas KILBY & Bridget WALSH, witn: Jeremiah HOWARD of Gratton & Kate COLTON of Brudenell, 10 Swept 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell
10646-88 Duncan McLAREN, 27, farmer, Ross, same, s/o James & Mary, married Annie BURWELL, 25, Horton twp., same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John McLAREN of Ross & Jane BURWELL of Horton twp., 19 Dec 1888 at Horton twp. 10591-88 Alexander McLAREN, 33, farmer, widower, Ramsay, Westmeath, s/o William & Isabella, married Matilda HUNT, 27, Wilberforce, same, d/o William HUNT & Sarah SMITH, witn: Jacob STEWART (sic) of Westmeath & Sarah HUNT of Wilberforce, 23 Sept 1888 at Wilberforce
10503-88 (Renfrew Co): Robert McLAREN, 23, mail clerk, Westmeath, Ottawa, s/o Robert McLAREN & Jane BAIN, married Mary Jane McDONALD, 25, Westmeath, same, d/o Donald McDONALD & Mary Ann McLEOD, witn: Alex McLAREN & Margaret McDONALD, both of Westmeath, 15 Aug 1888 at Westmeath

10742-89 (Renfrew Co) Alexander MCLAREN, 23, miller, Bromley, Arnprior, s/o John & Emily MCLAREN married Maggie McDonald WATT, 21, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o James & Margaret WATT, witn: Archibald S. RUSLAND & Agnes JAMISON of Renfrew, 19 Oct 1888, Renfrew

  10507-88 (Renfrew Co): James McLAUGHLIN, 33, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Mary KENNY, 19, of Westmeath, d/o John & Jane, witn: William THRASHER & Eliza PRICE, both of Westmeath, 10 July 1888 at Westmeath
10502-88 (Renfrew Co): William McLENNAN, 24, farmer, Alice twp., Beachburg, s/o David & Martha, married Sarah LABEAU, 25, Westmeath, Beachburg, d/o Martin & Mary, witn: Susie MARSHALL of Cobden & Thomas LABEAU of Beachburg, 15 Aug 1888 at Westmeath twp #010706-88 (Renfrew Co): John McLEOD, 32, lumberman, West Hawkesbury, Algoma, s/o Kenneth & Kate, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 25, Alice twp, same, d/o Robert MARTIN & Sarah CREEN, witn: James D. LEACH of Pembroke & Jannie McDONALD of Alice, 20 March 1888 at Alice twp
10601-88 Farquhar McLEOD, 21, merchant, Scotland, Burnstown, s/o John McLEOD & Margaret McRAE, married Isabella McNEE, 21, Bagot, same, d/o Alexander McNEE & Ann CARMICHAEL, witn: David LECKIE of Admaston & Mary McLAREN of Ross, 25 Jan 1888 at res of bride's mother, Bagot 10573-88 Duncan McMILLAN, 26, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Peter & Marion, married Tilly Jane McINNIS, 20, McNab twp., same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Archibald McMILLAN & Elizabeth McINNIS, both of McNab twp., 25 Oct 1888 at res of John McInnis, McNab twp
10643-88 Donald McMILLAN, 25, farmer, McNab, same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Janet FERGUSON, 23, Horton twp., same, d/o Donald FERGUSON & Marion FROOD, witn: James LINDSAY & Kate McLAREN, 26 Nov 1888 at Horton twp  
10586-88 Duncan McMULLEN, 45, farmer, of North Algona twp., s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Elizabeth BRESNEHAM, 37, Pakenham twp., Eganville, d/o Joseph BRESNEHAM & Frances SHAW, witn: Donald McMULLEN of N. Algona & Sarah Ann MOORE of Eganville, 10 May 1888 at Eganville 10535-88 Charles McNAB, 22, blacksmith, Bagot, Renfrew, s/o Archy & Catherine, married Anabella McINTRYE, 22, Horton, Renfrew, d/o Margaret McINTYRE & blank, witn: Mrs. COLEMAN & Mrs. McFAGEN, 12 March 1888 at Renfrew

10622-88 (Renfrew Co) David MCPHEE, 26, dentist, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o James MCPHEE & Ann SHANNON married Theresa HASSOCK, 29, Lisbon, Arnprior, d/o Robert HASSOCK & Jane HASSOCK, witn; James MCPHEE & William FRAZER of Arnprior, 30 April 1888, Arnprior

10724-88 (Renfrew Co) John Thomas MCPHERSON, 24, cooper, Scotland, Pembroke, s/o William MCPHERSON & Susan MCPHERSON married Lucy BYERS, 32, widow, Douglas, Douglas, d/o William GROVES & Christina MCGREGOR, witn: William DELAHEY of Cobden & Maggie COLLINS of Westmeath, 30 April 1888, Cobden

10594-88 Martin MELCHOR, 24, farmer, Wilberforce twp., same, s/o Martin MELCHOR & Elizabeth RICHTER, married Mary JONAS, 18, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o John JONAS & Anna HANSCHKE, witn: Matthias MELCHOR & Marie REISE, 5 Oct 1888 at Wilberforce

10777-89 (Renfrew Co) James Perrin? MOFFAT, full, gentleman, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o James & Mary MOFFAT married Eleanor COCKBURN, full, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o John COCKBURN, witn; William A. MOFFAT & Nellie COCKBURN of Pembroke, 17 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10633-88 (Renfrew Co) John Bernard MONAGHAN, 25, carter, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o John MONAGHAN & Mary HENNOHAN married Mary Ellen HUGHES, 28, Aylmer, Bristol, d/o James HUGHES & Mary O'REGAN, witn; Hugh MCDONALD & Emma HUGHES of Arnprior, 8 Oct 1888, Arnprior 10499-88 Daniel MORIARTY, 40, farmer, Admaston, Griffith, s/o Michael MORIARTY & Mary DONOVAN, married Mary MORIARTY, 26, Bagot, Griffith, d/o Patrick MORIARTY & Margaret MULIVIHILL, witn: Patrick KANE of Admaston & Catherine MORIARTY of Lynedoch, 13 Nov 1888 at Brougham
10671-89 Daniel L. MORISSEAU, 24, laborer, Vinton Que., Pembroke, s/o Alfred & Catherine, married Mary CURLEY, 26, Pembroke, same, d/o Hugh & Ann, witn: Charles McDONALD & Cecilia CURLEY, both of Pembroke, 25 June 1888 at Pembroke 10593-88 August NAGORA, 21, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce twp., s/o Christian NAGORA & Anna KILOW, married Mary HOFFMAN, 19, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o William HOFFMAN & Caroline BINDER, witn: William HOFFMAN & Mary RAGLIN, both of Wilberforce, 14 Sept 1888 at Wilberforce

10715-88 (Renfrew Co) Albert OBERBACK, 24, laborer, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Ludwig & Christina OBERBACK married Ottilia HOHLKE, 23, Germany, Alice, d/o Ferdinand & Ottilia HOHLKE, witn, Charles KOSS & Minerva KEOPSELL of Pembroke, 21 June 1888, Alice


10629-88 (Renfrew Co) Timothy O'BRIEN, 26, shantyman, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o James O'BRIEN & Catherine O'CONNOR married Mary Ellen ROLLISON, 22, Ireland, Arnprior, s/o James ROLLISON & Bridget ROWAN, witn; James R. KELLY & Austin MAYDORT of Arnprior, 31 May 1888, Arnprior

10661-88 William O'BRIEN, 26, hotel clerk, Bromley, North Bay, s/o David & Catherine, married Maud DUFORT, 19, Portage du fort Que., Pembroke, d/o Joseph & Mary Jane, witn: Leon LAFONTAINE & Edward BEHAN, both of Pembroke, 7 Feb 1888 at Pembroke
10518-88 John O'CONNOR, 26, farmer, South Algona twp., same, s/o John O'CONNOR & Mary BURKE, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Gratton twp., South Algona, d/o Findley McDONALD & Mary O'REILLY, witn: John NELAN of Brudenell & Kate McDONALD of S. Algona, 8 Aug 188 at St. Marys church, Brudenell

10736-88 (Renfrew Co) Mathew O'DEA, 24, laborer, Perth, Perth, s/o not given, married Julia PATTERSON, 21, Bromley, Bromley, d/o John PATTERSON & Mary MULLIGAN, witn, George PATTERSON of Perth & Bridget PATTERSON of Bromley, 25 Sept 1888, Osceola

#010708-88 (Renfrew Co): Julius PANKE, 44, widower, farmer, Prussia, Wilberforce twp., s/o Frederick & Louise, married Hanah BUDRI, 45, widow, Prussia, Alice twp., d/o John & Anna DORNAN, witn: Martha & Emelia DORNAN of Alice, 12 Oct 1888 at Alice twp 10639-88 (Renfrew Co) Louis PARENT, 30, cook, Romouski, Arnprior, s/o Jean PARENT & Norah WILSON married Maggie MCKENNA, 25, Ireland, Arnprior, d/o John MCKENNA & Bridget KELLEY, witn: Joseph LESSARD & Mary DEVINE of Arnprior, 28 Nov 1888, Arnprior

10684-88 (Renfrew Co) Alfred H. PATCHETT, 25, laborer, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o Alfred & Sarah PATCHETT married Mary Loretta MCINTOMNY, 18, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Patrick & Bridget MCINTOMNY, witn: Henry CROTEAU & Elizabeth MCDONALD of Pembroke, 1 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10541-88 George PEARSON, 34, widower, commercial traveller, Scotland, Montreal, s/o George & J.L., married Isabella PAUL, 32, Wilberforce twp., Renfrew, d/o James & Eliza, witn: James & Carrie PAUL, 3 July 1888 at Renfrew

10697-88 (Renfrew Co) Daniel PECARE, 26, laborer, Glengarry, Hagarty, s/o Louis PECARE & Mary WILLARD married Flora Bella MCDONNELL, 26, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o William MCDONNELL & Bella MCLAUGHLIN, witn, Denis MCINERNEY & Minnie GEORGE of Killaloe, 21 May 1888, Brudenell

10832-89 Thomas PECKIE?, full age, lumberer, of Pembroke, s/o not given, married Catherine LEWIS, full age, Alice twp., same, d/o not given, witn: George William KIDD & Mary Ann LEWIS, both of Alice, 7 Aug 1888 at St. Georges Church, Alice (also 10776-89) 10511-88 (Renfrew Co): Louis PELIKE (Pelkie?)of Westmeath, married Margaret Elizabeth SHIELDS of Westmeath, witn: Andrew & Mary A. SHIELDS of Westmeath, 18 July 1888 at Westmeath
10514-88 Donald PERIA, 26, laborer, Glengarry, Killaloe, s/o Hugh PERIA & Bella McDONALD, married Flora McDONALD, 26, Hagarty, same, d/o William McDONALD & Isabella McLACHLIN, witn: Dennis McINERNY & Mary GEORGE, both of Killaloe, 21 May 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell 10674-89 Napoleon PERRIN, 28, laborer, St. Andre Argentueil Que., Pembroke, s/o Felix & Delima, married Helene GUERTIN, 17, Aylmer Que., same, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: Felix PERRIN of Pembroke & Xavier TURCOTTE of Petewawa, 12 June 1888 at Pembroke

10614-88 (Renfrew Co) August PLIESH, 23, laborer, Germany, Arnprior, s/o John PLIESH & Louisa GOUSE married Anne Elizabeth STORIE, 20, McNab, Arnprior, d/o William STORIE & Christina STEWART, witn; Kaynden SCHUBRING & Sarah STAIGH of Arnprior, 17 Oct 1888, Arnprior

10658-88 Peter R. POUNDER, 36, merchant, Bathurst twp., Forresters Falls, s/o John & Ann, married Marianne SNOWDEN, 24, Westmeath, same, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Agnes A. & Lily M. WILLIAMS of Pembroke, 18 Jan 1888 at Pembroke
10602-88 John PULTZ, 25, farmer, Bagot, same, s/o Levi & Minnie, married Lizzie WARREN, 16, Westmeath, Bagot, d/o William & Ann, witn: William & Ann WARREN of Bagot, 17 Feb 1888 at Bagot twp 10641-88 Nathaniel PURDIE, 26, brick layer, Wigtonshire Scotland, village of Renfrew, s/o Nathaniel & Jane, married Agnes BARR, 18, Horton twp., same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Fred BOND & Mary AIRTH, both of Renfrew, 24 May 1888 at Horton twp.
10494-88 Carl RADKE, 26, farmer, Heriemwerder? Germany, Petewawa, s/o Carl RADKE & Ernestine FRITZ, married Emilie SASS, 24, Deutschkrone Germany, Petewawa, illegit. d/o Albertine SASS, witn: Wilhelm RADKE of Petewawa and Albert GUST, Al--? NEUMANN & Auguste REGLIN, all of Pembroke, 27 Nov 1888 at St. Johns Lutheran Church, Petewawa

10618-88 (Renfrew Co) Isaac William RAFTER, 23, farmer, Emsley, Onslow Quebec, s/o Aaron RAFTER & Mary BATES married Augusta Lizzie WENDT, 29, Germany, McNab, d/o Ferdinand VANDT & Augusta HILDERBRANDT, witn; Ellen BRADLEY & James MCLAREN of Arnprior, 29 May 1888, Arnprior

  10716-89 Aaron RARCHER?, 25, bush ranger & farmer, Renfrew, Radcliffe twp., s/o Aaron & Rosina, married Elizabeth BOYLE, 22, Renfrew, Bangor, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John N. DENNISON & Elizabeth WATT, both of Combermere, 3 Oct. 1888 at Combermere
10538-88 John RASETZKI, 28, laborer, Grattan, Renfrew, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret McFARLEN, 32, Grattan, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, 25 April 1888 at Renfrew 10576-88 William H. RING, 27, cooper, Pakenham twp., Darling twp., s/o Edmond RING & Elizabeth McGINNIS, married Mary Louisa LARONE, 17, Bagot twp., same, d/o Alexander LARONE & Mary CRAM, witn: Alphonse ROYCE of Pakenham & Mary Jane RING of Darling, 29 Nov 1888 at White Lake
10536-88 James ROACH, 23, farmer, Leslie, Clarendon Que., s/o John & Abbe, married Charlotte OLMSTEAD, 18, Bristol, Clarendon, d/o Amos & Eliza, 26 March 1888 at Renfrew

10720-88 (Renfrew Co) James ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Westmeath, Ross, s/o John ROBINSON & Margaret ROBINSON married Annie Given MATHESON, 24, Westmeath, Ross, d/o Thomas MATHESON & Jessie MATHESON, witn: John ROBINSON of Westmeath & Katie MATHESON of Ross, 11 April 1888, Ross

10673-89 Honore ROCHON, 23, laborer, Ripon Que., Pembroke, s/o Joseph & Josephine, married Marie Jeanne St. JACQUES, 14, Pembroke, same, d/o Joseph & Vitaline, witn: Felix PERRIN & Joseph St. JACQUES, both of Pembroke, 18 June 1888 at Pembroke 10543-88 James Enous ROSS, 25, laborer, Ross twp., Pembroke, s/o David & Jane, married Isabella STEWART, 24, Horton, Renfrew, d/o Peter & Lizzie, witn: Mrs. & Miss RILEY of Renfrew, 4 May 1888 at Renfrew
10822-89 James ROWAN, 51, mechanic, Pembroke, same, s/o James & Ann, married Nellie JACKSON, 26, Wilberforce, Westmeath, d/o John & Eliz., witn: William WARREN of Pembroke & Elizabeth JACKSON of Westmeath, 21 March 1888 at Westmeath  

10624-88 (Renfrew Co) Michael RUDDY, 27, shantyman, Sand Point, McNab, s/o Michael RUDDY & Elizabeth MCINTOSH married Margaret MCPICK, 26, widow, Osceola, Arnprior, d/o Henry MCPICK & Emma CALLAGHAN, witn; Peter BRENNAN & Caroline RUDDY of Arnprior & Sand Point, 17 April 1888, Arnprior

10513-88 James RUDDY, 25, farmer, Brudenell, same, s/o John RUDDY & Catherine MEAGHER, married Mary TURPIN, 26, Golden Lake, same, d/o Julien TURPIN & Julia ROCHON, witn: James DEVINE of Hagarty & Alice RUDDY of Brudenell, 12 Jan 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell

10690-88 (Renfrew Co) Nathaniel RUSSELL, 43, carpenter, Carleton Place, Almonte, s/o William & Jane RUSSELL married Ruth Melina TUCKER, 36, Westmeath, Pembroke, d/o Joseph & Hannah TUCKER, witn, George W. TUCKER of Philadelphia & Eliza G. BAYNE of Pembroke, 14 Nov 1888, Pembroke

10515-88 Jeremiah RYAN, 30, farmer, Sebastopol twp., same, s/o John RYAN & Bridget COLLINS, married Anna KELLY, 22, Sebastopol twp., same, d/o Simon KELLY & Ellen MILROY, witn: John KELLY & Margaret RYAN, both of Sebastopol, 11 June 188 at St. Marys church, Brudenell
  10663-88 Joseph St.MICHEL, 21, laborer, Calumet Island Que., Pembroke, s/o Pierre & Adeline, married Josephine St.MICHEL, 16, Renfrew, Pembroke, d/o August & Marie Ann, witn: August & Marie Ann St.MICHEL, 10 April 1888 at Pembroke
10667-89 William T. SCOTT, 28, farmer, Ireland, Pembroke, s/o Henry & Jane, married Sarah Jane H. FRASER, 32, Bagot Ont., Pembroke, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Findlay SCOTT & Lillie FRASER, both of Pembroke, 3 May 1888 at Pembroke

10734-88 (Renfrew Co) Fred SEBURTH, 27, laborer, Berlin, Eganville, s/o Fred SEBURTH & Julia BERNICK married Mina KRUNOV, 18, Berlin Germany, Eganville, d/o Herman KRUNOV, witn: Henry GRANT & Lena KASLE (Kaste?), 27 Aug 1888, Douglas

10533-88 Robert Dixon SHANKS, 21, farmer, South Canouto, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Louisa Eliza POTTER, 17, Longkland Cohews, South Canouto, d/o Noble & Matilda, witn: David BARR & Joseph GALIPO, both of Renfrew, 21 March 1888 at Renfrew [with note: "unable to read the above" referring to bride's birth place]

10726-88 (Renfrew Co) James Henry SHARPE, 29, not given, Rawdon Quebec, New Westminster BC, s/o Thomas SHARPE & Elizabeth SHARPE married Margaret Ann GREY, 28, Rawdon Quebec, Cobden, d/o Thomas GREY & Mary Jane GREY, witn, William GASS of Cobden & Alice GASS of Ottawa, 24 Sept 1888, Cobden

10678-89 Frank SHARRON, 29 (27?), lumberer, Snake River, Pembroke, s/o Frank & Christena, married Hannah Marceline LANDRY, 23, Black River Que., Pembroke, d/o Xavier & Ann, witn: Charles LANDRY & Philomene St.LOUIS, both of Pembroke, 17 Aug 1888 at Pembroke

10711-88 (Renfrew Co) John SHOULDICE, 28, tinsmith, Clarendon Quebec, Pemkirk Quebec, s/o John SHOULDICE & Jane BARR married Agnes MISKIMONS, 26, Alice, Alice, d/o Thomas MISKIMONS & Ann COBURN, witn: Fred HUDSON of Pembroke & Sophia BIGGS of Stafford, 7 Nov 1888, Alice

10693-88 (Renfrew Co) Charles SIMON, 28, hunter, Petite Nation Quebec, Pembroke, s/o Angelique SIMON married Elizabeth VANASSE, 16, River Desert Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Augustin & Angelique VANASSE, witn, Andre VANASSE & Jean B. BERNARD of Pembroke, 20 Nov 1888, Pembroke 10679-89 William Sutherland SINCLAIR, 23, tailor, Carleton Place, same, s/o Colin & Barbara, married Mary Ellen FRASER, 24, Portage du Fort, Pembroke, d/o Charles & Ermine, witn: Peter A. SINCLAIR of Carleton Place & Agnes UBBARD of Ottawa, 26 Sept 1888 at Pembroke

10617-88 (Renfrew Co) Isaac SMALL, 23, farmer, Bristol, Bristol, s/o David SMALL & Isabella MONSONY? married Elizabeth MCWHIRTER, 18, McNab, Arnprior, d/o William MCWHIRTER & Elizabeth STORIE, witn: Christopher MCNEIL & Maggie BANDY of Bristol, 20 June 1888, Arnprior

10510-88 (Renfrew Co): William SMITH, 27, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o James & Ann Jane, married Sarah Jane BEACH, 28, of Beachburg, d/o Abel & Sarah, witn: James SMITH of Westmeath & Ida BEACH of Beachburg, 25 April 1888 at Beachburg 10539-88 William Joseph SMITH, 24, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o Adondrum & Lucinda, married Julia Ann LIVINGSTON, 20, Ross, same, d/o William & Ann Jane, witn: William J. GOULD & Eliza Jane SMITH, both of Haleys Station, 2 May 1888 at Renfrew
10595-88 Andrew Alfonse SOLES, 27, farmer, Toronto, Carlow twp., s/o Albert SOLES & Mary Ann MILLIGAN, married Janet STORIE, 22, Thorne twp - Que., Carlow twp., d/o John STORIE & Ann WILKINSON, witn: William STORIE & Jessie WHITE, both of Carlow twp., 29 May 1888 at Eganville 10824-89 John SPENCE, 21, lumberman, Arnprior, Westmeath, s/o Findley & Catherine, married Laura HUGHES, 15, Westmeath, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: William & May HUGHES of Westmeath, 13 Feb 1888 at Westmeath
10566-88 Daniel R. STEWART, 37, merchant, Scotland, White Lake, s/o John STEWART & Christena ROBERTSON, married Christena ROBERTSON, 29, McNab twp., White Lake, d/o Duncan ROBERTSON & Elizabeth MORRIS, witn: Andrew ROBERTSON of McNab twp. & Jane ROBERTSON of Pakenham, 1 May 1888 at Lot 5, Con 4 of McNab twp 10542-88 Arthur Charles STEWART, 26, farmer, Bristol Que., North Algona, s/o Charles & Jane, married Ann Jane MACKAY, 23, Pakenham, Renfrew village, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Thomas HYNES & William HOLBEN, both of Renfrew, 15 Aug 1888 at Renfrew
10567-88 Robert M. STEWART, 30, merchant, Scotland, Braeside, s/o John STEWART & Christena ROBERTSON, married Bertha KIRK, 20, Ramsay twp., Braeside, d/o James KIRK & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Charles E. COLEMAN of Braeside & Annie BOOTHROID of Almonte, 7 May 1888 at McNab twp. 10645-88 William C. STORY, 29, farmer, McNab, same, s/o Robert & Janet, married Hannah Jane VANCE, 23, Horton twp., same, d/o John & Eleanor, witn: David & Joseph VANCE of Horton twp., 15 Sept 1888 at Horton twp.
10642-88 John James SULLIVAN, 28, section foreman, Westmeath, Bonfield, s/o John SULLIVAN & Mary Jane KERNEY, married Mary LINDSAY, 24, Horton twp., same, d/o Thomas & Janet, witn: William J. SULLIVAN & Ellen LINDSAY, 15 Oct. 1888 at Horton twp 10519-88 Jon SULLIVAN, 25, farmer, Hagarty twp., same, s/o John SULLIVAN & Bridget COUGHLIN, married Margaret Ann O'GRADY, 21, Hagarty twp., same, d/o Henry O'GRADY & Winnifred COSTELLO, witn: Dennis SULLIVAN of Brudenell & Margaret O'CONNOR of Hagarty, 9 Sept 1888 at St. Marys Church, Brudenell
10651-88 Charles SWEENEY, 51, blacksmith, Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o Olivier & Elizabeth, married Susan HAYES, 49, Stafford, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Hugh & Maggie CLARKE of Pembroke, 23 May 1888 at Stafford  
10509-88 (Renfrew Co): David SYKES, 24, farmer, of Westmeath, s/o Thomas & Nancy, married Esther McGONEGAL, 18, of Westmeath, d/o Andrew & Eliza, witn: Alfred SYKES & Ann MITCHELL, both of Westmeath, 19 June 1888 at Westmeath 10825-89 James TATE, 28, farmer, Ottawa, Westmeath, s/o James & Adeline, married Dora COLLINS, 25, Westmeath, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Richard COLLINS & Maggie TATE, both of Westmeath, 11 July (Jan?) 1888 at Westmeath
10547-88 Joseph THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Bromley, Renfrew, s/o Mark & Jane, married Jane Ann BREMNER, 29, Renfrew, same, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Jennie EDWARDS & Alex CARDIFF, both of Renfrew, 23 Aug 1888 at Renfrew 10819-89 Henry THOMPSON, farmer, of Clarendon Que., married Ellen Jane GRAHAM, of Stafford twp., witn: John THOMPSON of Clarendon & Ellen ASH--? of Pembroke, 18 April 1888 at St. Augustines Church, Beachburg [no other info given]
10826-89 Abraham THRASHER, 36, widower, farmer, Westmeath, Ross, s/o George & Mary, married Jennie HOLT, 24, Westmeath, not given, d/o Charles HOLT & Janny LETT, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas DAVIDSON of Beachburg, 1 Oct 1888 at Beachburg 10560-88 Thomas TRAMBLY, 42, farmer, Saguenay Que., Rolph twp., s/o William TRAMBLY & Henrietta BLACKBURN, married Mary BURKE, 29, Buchanan twp., Rolph twp., d/o John BURKE & Abigal EVANS, witn: Culbear RONDEAU? & John RATHWELL, both of Rolph twp., 13 Nov 1888 at Rolph twp. RC Church
10644-88 Joseph TROKE, 47, widower, painter, Newfoundland, Renfrew, s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Janet McLAREN, 32, Horton twp., same, d/o John & Annie, witn: Eli TROKE & Mrs. BUFFETT, both of Renfrew, 8 Aug 1888 at Horton twp. 10676-89 Olivier VALIN, 24, laborer, Portage du Fort Que., Pembroke, s/o Jean B. & Marceline, married Annie LANGFORD, 22, Huntley, Pembroke, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Charles LANDRY & Thomas MURPHY, both of Pembroke, 17 July 1888 at Pembroke
10675-89 Samuel VALIN, 32, cutter, widower, Pontiac Que., Arnpior, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Ann LIZZIE (surname?), 29, Pembroke, same, d/o John & Bridget LEE, witn: George VALIN of Arnprior & Alice LEE of Pembroke, 24 July 1888 at Pembroke 10588-88 Edmond VAN DERBEKE, 28, farmer, Belgium, Upper Bonnechere, s/o Jean & Anna, married Matilda HIGGINSON, 27, Wilberforce, same, d/o John HIGGINSON & Frances THOMAS, witn: William J. HIGGINSON & Mrs. JORDAN, 23 June 1888 at Wilberforce
10607-88 William VIRTUE, 40, widower, carpenter, Smith Falls, Cobden, s/o James & Sarah Jane, married Annie Louise MITCHELL, 29, Pontiac Co. Que., Pembroke twp., d/o Henry A. & Ruth, witn: Duncan CAMERON of Beachburg & Alice MITCHELL of Pembroke twp., 23 Feb 1888 at Pembroke twp 10540-88 - J. A. WALKER, 25, clergyman, Glasgow, Kingston, s/o Rev W. S. & Elizabeth, married Frances AIRTH, 22, Renfrew, same, d/o James & Ophelia, witn: Harry W. AIRTH & Agnes ROBERTSON, both of Renfrew, 14 Feb 1888 at Renfrew
10649-88 William Henry WATCHORN, 21, farmer, Quebec, Stafford, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Elizabeth ROLLINS, 21, Stafford, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Albert WATCHORN & Maggie GASS, both of Snake River, 17 April 1888 at Stafford 10587-88 William WEBER, 24, farmer, Renfrew, Hagerty, s/o John & Johanna, married Augusta HARTWIG, 22, Germany, Hagerty, d/o Frederick & Henrietta, witn: William & Louisa HARTWIG of Hagerty, 19 march 1888 at St. Johns Church, Eganville
10521-88 Michael WHELAN, 29, farmer, Huntley twp., Brudenell twp., s/o James WHELAN & Mary MEEHAN, married Maria CONWAY, 24, Sherwood twp., Jones twp., d/o Michael CONWAY & Margaret MULVIHILL, witn: Michael CONWAY of Jones & Ellen WHELAN of Brudenell, 24 Sept 1888 at St. Marys church, Brudenell

10682-88 (Renfrew Co) Robert WHITMORE, 31, lumberer, Allumettes Island, Pembroke, s/o William & Jane WHITMORE married Jane Alice LESTER, 23, Clarendon Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth LESTER, witn, Charles HAWORTH of Pembroke & Maggie JACKSON of Wilberforce, 1 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10563-88 William Thomas WILLIS, 23, farmer, Carleton Place, North Gower, s/o Henry WILLIS & Jamima HAWKINS, married Mary MURPHY, 22, Pakenham, same, d/o Joseph MURPHY & Elizabeth HAWKINS, witn: William Henry WILLIS of North Gower & Ellen Ann MURPHY of Pakenham, 15 March 1888 at White Lake

10688-88 (Renfrew Co) Alexander WILSON, 28, laborer, Ottawa, Point Alexander, s/o Alex & Mary WILSON married Charlotte GAGNON, 19, Joliette, Point Alexander, d/o George GAGNON & Marie Louise GAGNON, witn: George GAGNON of Point Alexander, 29 Oct 1888, Pembroke

10505-88 (Renfrew Co): Robert WILSON, 31, farmer, Ireland, Westmeath, s/o David & Mary, married Charlotte THRASHER, 28, Westmeath, same, d/o Abraham & Jane, witn: William LATTOR of Pembroke & Hannah THRASHER of Westmeath, 19 Sept 1888 at Westmeath 10827-89 Samuel WRIGHT, 26, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Samuel WRIGHT & Mary BOYD, married Janet M. LITTLE, 21, Richmond, Beachburg, d/o Thomas LITTLE & Margaret ELLIOTT, witn: W. H. SHELLINGTON of Beachburg & Lizzie H. GRAHAM of Smith Falls, 18 June 1888 at Beachburg
10653-88 William Drummond WRIGHT, 22, farmer, Stafford, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah HALLIDAY, 18, Stafford, same, d/o Andrew & Nellie, witn: George COADE of Pembroke & Maggie HALLIDAY of Stafford, 25 July 1888 at St. Stephens Church, Stafford 10668-89 John WRIGHT, 30, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o John & Mary Eliza, married Ida Cecilia WRIGHT, 28, Aylmer Que., Pembroke, d/o Charles & Polly, witn: Franklin & Helen WRIGHT of Westmeath, 9 May 1888 at Pembroke