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Renfrew Co., 1885


10419-85 - W. A. AFFLECK, 34, farmer, Lanark, McNab, s/o Archibald AFFLECK & Jane TODD, married Bella Tait CARSWELL, 20, McNab, same, d/o Robert CARSWELL & Isabella HUTSON, witn: Albert E. AFFLECK & Catherine Paisley CARSWELL, 29 Dec 1885 at res of bride's father, McNab 10333-85 (Renfrew Co) Stephen ALLEN, 26, farmer, Admaston, Renfrew, s/o John ALLEN & Alice ALLEN married Jennie EDWARDS, 21, Bells Rapids, Bells Rapids, d/o Thomas EDWARDS & Jane EDWARDS, witn: Erastus ALLEN & Catherine COWAN of Bells Rapids, 6 May 1885, Bells Rapids

10242-85 (Renfrew Co) Samuel ANDREWS, 25, farmer, Pakenham, Bromley, s/o Mathew & Jane ANDREWS married Barbara Ann SPARLING, 24, Stafford, Stafford, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth SPARLING, witn: William SPARLING of Stafford & Maggie Bella ANDREWS of Bromley, 23 Dec 1885, Stafford

10225-85 John ANDREWS, 24, farmer, Douglas, same, s/o John Thomas ANDREWS & Mary CONNERY, married Agnes DUNFIELD, 26, Admaston, same, d/o George DUNFIELD & Isabella FERGUSON, witn: William J. ANDREWS of Douglas & Margaret J. DUNFIELD of Admaston, 6 Jan 1885 at Admaston

10146-85 (Renfrew Co) John ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Fitzroy, Hemsworth twp, s/o Christopher ARMSTRONG & Johannah ARMSTRONG married Jane NEW, 26, Horton, Horton, d/o Young NEW & Ann NEW, witn: George Wesley NEW of Horton & Sarah L. A. NEW of Renfrew, 18 March 1885, Horton

10137-85 (Renfrew Co) Richard BAILEY, 29, farmer, Blythfield, Blythfield, s/o John & Jane BAILEY married Lillian WILSON, 19, Matawachan, Matawachan, d/o John & Esther WILSON, witn: Patrick BARRY of Bagot & Almira WILSON of Matawachan, 29 June 1885, Matawachan

10394-85 (Renfrew Co) George BAITS, 29, farmer, Ross, Ross, s/o Mathew BAITS & Jane JOHNSTON married Louisa Jane BYCE, 24, Ross, Ross, d/o Henry BYCE & Malina COLEMAN, witn: Malinda BYCE & Henry BYCE of Foresters Falls, 25 March 1885, Ross

10384-85 John BARNETT, 23, shanty man, Arnprior, same, s/o Timothy BARNETT & Ellen MURRY, married Sarah A. LOUCHIGAN, 17, Arnprior, same, d/o Michael LOUCHIGAN & Isabella McDONALD, witn: Anthony TIERNEY & Margaret KEYS, both of Arnprior, 19 Oct 1885 at Arnprior

10436-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert BARR, 30, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o James & Annie BARR married Mary SYDLER, 24, Berlin Germany, Bagot, d/o William & Philomine SYDLER, witn: Peter BARR & Isabella BARR of Levant, 10 March 1885, Renfrew

10420-85 William BARRY, 27, farmer, McNab, same, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Abilinda ELLIS, 21, Pakenham twp., same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Walter BARRY of McNab & William ELLIS of Pakenham, 24 June 1885 at White Lake
10228-85 Henry BARTELL, 25, farmer, Germany, Admaston, s/o August & Hannah, married Mary BROUSE, 22, Renfrew, same, d/o Edward & Margaret, witn: Murray STEWART & Margaret BROUSE, both of Renfrew, 16 Feb 1885 at Admaston 10183-85 (Renfrew Co) Salist BELISLE, 25, laborer, Canada, Grattan, s/o Julien BELISLE & Calistie DELAIRE married Emilie ST. LOUIS, 32, Canada, Grattan, d/o Toussaint ST. LOUIS & Emelie LAMARCH, witn: Edward LARMOND & Mary ST. LOUIS of Grattan, 20 April 1885, Eganville

10140-85 (Renfrew Co) Guilliaum BELLANGER, 24, farmer, Matawachan, Matawachan, s/o Marcelle BELLANGER & Flora VARIN married Milllie GERVAIS, 22, widow, Brougham, Brougham, d/o Charles GERVAIS (late) & Henrietta LECLAIRE, witn: Prosquer BELLANGER & Angele BELLANGER of Matawachan, 19 Oct 1885, Mount St. Patrick

10399-85 William BIGGS, 23, farmer, Alice, same, s/o Joseph & Sophia, married Eliza PEEVER, 23, Ross, same, d/o James & Susanna, witn: Richard PEEVER of Ross & Lizzie BIGGS of Stafford, 16 Sept 1885 at Ross 10168-85 (Renfrew Co) Gilbert BLACK, 28, mechanic, Ramsay, Eganville, s/o James BLACK & Janet JOHNSTONE married Mary Kate PILKINGTON, 22, Ireland, Eganville, d/o John PILKINGTON & Sarah COPELAND, witn: Thomas BYER & Ida ARMSTRONG of Eganville, 16 June 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville

10139-85 (Renfrew Co) Jean BOURGINGNON, 22, farmer, Matawachan, Matawachan, s/o Narcisse BOURGINGNON & Sophie BOIVIN married Mary MARCHANT, 21, Hoffart Quebec, Griffith, d/o Ilderick MARCHANT & Adeline LECOURSE, witn: Edouard MARCHANT & Margaret ROY of Griffith, 6 July 1885, Matawachan

10231-85 Michael J. BOWS, 26, loom fixer, Oseola, Almonte, s/o William BOWES & Margaret HARTY, married Alice SULLIVAN, 26, Admaston, same, d/o James SULLIVAN & Mary CONNORS, witn: Michael HARTY & Florence COMMANT, both of Admaston, 9 Feb 1885 at Mt. St. Patrick
010200-85 (Renfrew Co) Michael BOXWELL, 27, farmer, Stafford, same, s/o Thomas BOXWELL & Elizabeth MCKERCHER, married Penella MICK, 26, Stafford, same, d/o Daniel MICK & Catherin LIBY, witn: A. & Essie MICK, blank, 5 Feb 1885, Presbyterian Church at Beachburg 010266-85 (Renfrew Co) Michael BREWMAN, 23, clerk, born Ireland, resident Pembroke, s/o James & Johannah BREWMAN, married Rose Ellen MCPARLAND, 26, resident Sheenboro PQ, d/o Edward & Elizabeth MCPARLAND, witn Alex BREWMAN of Sheenboro PQ & D? BURNS of Ralph Ont, 14 April 1885
010274-85 (Renfrew Co) William BRINDLE, 38, farmer, of Pettewawa, s/o James & Mary Ann BRINDLE, married Anne LAROQUE, 26, born Shren? Tp PQ, resident Pettewawa, d/o Michel & Marceline LAROQUE, witn John RYAN & Mary DOZLE? of Pembroke, 30 June 1885 at Pembroke RC  

10241-85 (Renfrew Co) Brien BRISCOE, 27, farmer, Renfrew, Bromley, William BRISCOE & Caroline EASTMAN married Rachael BURGESS, 21, Westmeath, Bromley, d/o Thomas Little BURGESS & Sarah PLUNKETT, witn: David BRISCOE & Lucy BURGESS of Bromley & Alice LYONS of Stafford, 16 Sept 1885, St. Stephens Church, Stafford

10167-85 (Renfrew Co) James BRISCO, 24, farmer, Admaston, Wilberforce, s/o Brian BRISCO & Mary Ann MAYHEW married Alice Adaline BEACH, 18, South Gower, Bromley, d/o Levi BEACH & Margaret SHAW, witn: Samuel LOTT & Ellen PIERCE of Wilberforce, St. John's Church, 9 June 1885, Eganville
010199-85 (Renfrew Co) Benjamin BRISSON, 27, farmer, Gower Point, same, s/o Joseph BRISSON & Marie LABROSSE, married Olive MARION, 25, Gower Point, same, d/o Cynae? MARION & Olive LABROSSE, witn: Cynae MARION Sr G.P.& Cynae? MARION Jr, blank, 6 Jan 1885 at Gower Point, RC 010264-85 (Renfrew Co) James BROPHY, 32, travelling agent, born Montreal PQ, resident New Glascow PQ, s/o William & Elizabeth BROPHY, married Annie DICKSON, 21, born Fitzroy Ont, resident Pembroke Ont, d/o James & Annie DICKSON, witn Henry BROPHY of Montreal PQ, & Lewis Henry DICKSON of Pembroke, 20 June 1885
10187-85 (Renfrew Co) William BROUGHAM, 30, merchant, Canada, Eganville, s/o William BROUGHAM & Jennette HILL married Clara DIXON, 28, Canada, Eganville, d/o Robert DIXON & Mary MCECHEN, witn: Thomas BROUGHAM & Susan FOY of Eganville, 30 Sept 1885, Eganville

10235-85 (Renfrew Co) John BROWN, 26, farmer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o George BROWN & Isabella MCNICHOLL married Margaret Anne SMITH, 22, Admaston, Admaston, d/o John SMITH & Mary KEYES, witn: Alex BROWN & Janet Hester BOWES of Admaston, 23 Sept 1885, Admaston


10247-85 (Renfrew Co) Albert BUCHHOLTZ, 27, laborer, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Franz & Alvina BUCHOLZ (sic) married Mathilda NEWMANN, 23, Germany, Pembroke, d/o Carl & Wilhelmina NEWMANN, witn: Otto NEWMANN & Mina SCHOANEMANN of Pembroke, 12 May 1885, Pembroke

10319-85 Carl BUEGE, 24, blacksmith, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Carl & Friederiche, married Adele HAMPEL, 20, Germany, Petewawa, d/o Oswald & Caroline, witn: Paul & Mathilda HAMPEL and RObt MICHEL, all of Petewawa and Anna BUEGE of Milwaukee, 28 May 1885 at Petewawa 010192-85 (Renfrew Co) Richard BUNYAN, 30, merchant, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Michael BUNYAN & Nancy GARRETY, married Emma MCPEAK, 25, Bromley, same, d/o Henry MCPEAK & Emma CULBANE, witn: Michael WALSH, Golden & Margaret AURIE, Osceola, 24 Nov 1885 at Oscola, RC

10219-85 (Renfrew Co) William BURGGRAN, 30, sailor, Kyckwall?, Beachburg, s/o William & Eleanor BUGGREN (sic) married Hannah BENSON, 30, Kezikhult, Beachburg, d/o Benyth PETERSON & Egrid PETERSON, witn: Peter CLIPPA & Elise JOHNSTON of Beachburg, 23 Sept 1885, Beachburg

10211-85 (Renfrew Co) George Albert BURGESS, 26, farmer, Beckwith, Westmeath, s/o Thomas L. BURGESS & Sarah PLUNKET married Jessie MCLAREN, 22, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Matthew MCLAREN & Susanna CASSIDY, witn: Abraham PRICE & Sarah CAMERON of Westmeath, 29 April 1885, at M. MCLAREN fathers of the bride

10386-85 Thomas BURKE, 26, farmer, Grattan, Stafford, s/o Thomas John & Agnes, married Rachel MICK, 21, Stafford, same, d/o Mountiford & Jannet, witn: Malcom MICK of Mickberg & Elizabeth BURKE of Eganville, 30 March 1885 at Cobden

10366-85 (Renfrew Co) Archibald BURNETT, 24, farmer, Darling, White Lake, s/o Robert BURNETT & Mary MCBRIDE married Francis HETRICK, 25, White Lake, White Lake, d/o James HETRICK & Frances SEITZER, witn: William BESSANT & Sarah KEACHIE of White Lake, 24 Aug 1885, Arnprior

10322-85 Franz BURNMEISTER, 20, farmer, Petewawa, s/o Christian & Wilhelmina, married Antoine Louisa WAGENFUEHRER, 19, Saxony, Pembroke, d/o Frederick & Caroline, witn: Wilhelm SIEGEL of Pembroke & Elizabeth BURNMEISTER of Petewawa, 22 Sept 1885 at Petewawa


10438-85 (Renfrew Co) Stephen BURTON, 26, farmer, Horton, Horton, s/o William & Jane BURTON married Lucy SMITH, 20, Ross, Ross, d/o Adoniram & Lucinda SMITH, witn: William SMITH of Ross & Maggie BURTON of Horton, 29 April 1885, Renfrew

10357-85 (Renfrew Co) Frederick A. BURTON, 25, farmer, Horton, Horton, s/o William BURTON & Jane COLL married Margaret J. BOYD, 20, McNab, McNab, d/o Joseph BOYD & Margaret BAIN, witn: Ellen CAMPBELL of McNab & George BURTON of Horton, 8 July 1885, Arnprior
10162-85 (Renfrew Co) Hermann BUTT, 26, farmer, Prussia, Wilberforce, s/o Carl BUTT & Dorothe Maria BUTT married Bertha BEHNKE, 22, Russia, Wilberforce, d/o August BEHNKE & Wilhelmine BEHNKE, witn: Fritz KRUGER & Wilhelm BUDE of Wilberforce, 12 June 1885, Wilberforce

10444-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas BYRON, 25, farmer, Torbolton, Bristol Quebec, s/o Thomas & Christina BYRON married Ellen PERKINS, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Hiram & Elizabeth PERKINS, witn: William BYRON of Bristol & Margaret DICKIE of Admaston, 11 Aug 1885, Renfrew

10439-85 (Renfrew Co) David CADIEUX, 20, wagon maker, Quion Quebec, Arnprior, s/o Joseph & Eliza CADIEUX married Barbara FROOD, 22, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o Andrew & Christina FROOD, witn: J. B. HOOVER & Maggie FROOD of Renfrew, 25 May 1885, Renfrew #010386-86 (Renfrew Co): Hugh CAMERON, 49, farmer, Horton, Horton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jane McINTYRE, 49, Horton, Horton, d/o Peter & Mary, witnesses were Findlay McINTYRE and Mary R. CAMPBELL, both of Renfrew, 14 Jan 1885 at Renfrew
10157-85 (Renfrew Co) William CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, Ireland, Brougham, s/o William CAMPBELL & Elizabeth MCRAY married Mary KENNELLY, 23, Brougham, Brougham, d/o John KENNELLY & Mary Ann SULLIVAN, witn: John KENNELLY & Mary Ann SULLIVAN of Brougham, 29 April 1885, Mt. St. Patrick #010251-86 (Renfrew Co): Dougald CAMPBELL, 36, lumbering interest, Glengary, Eganville, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Isabella PAUL, 27, widow, Birkenham Quebec, North Algona, d/o Mylus & Mary McMILLAN, witn: Alex McMILLAN & Isabella PAUL, both of North Algona, 23 July 1885 at res of the Bride

10340-85 (Renfrew Co) James CARMICHAEL, 25, farmer, Alice, Alice, s/o Thomas CARMICHAEL & Eliza MATHEWS married Letitia LAFEVE, 18, Alice, Alice, d/o Louis LAFEVE & Matilda RAMSEY, witn: Joseph ROWAN & Louise LAFEVE of Alice, 29 April 1885, Alice

10356-85 (Renfrew Co) John CARR, 28, farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o William John CARR & Margaret LORETTE married Margaret CUTHBERTSON, 18, Briston Que., Fitzroy, d/o James CUTHBERTSON & Ellen BLACK, witn: Eliza J. BLACK & Thomas CUTHBERTSON of Fitzroy, 22 June 1885, Arnprior

10420-85 RObt Henry CARSS, 39, widower, farmer, Fitzroy twp., same, s/o Robert CARSS & Jane WILLIS, married Margaret Jane WALLACE, 25, Ramsay twp., McNab, d/o William WALLACE & Margaret BROWN, witn: Henry SCOTT of Pakenham twp & Kate WALLACE of McNab, 16 Nov 1885 at McNab 010301-85 (Renfrew Co) Raymond CHAMBERLAIN, 27, barber, of Pembroke, s/o Raymond & Sophia CHAMBERLAIN, married Elizabeth WATT, 21, born in March? Twp. d/o William & Ellen WATT, witn John WATT & Martha CHAMBERLAIN of Pembroke, 14 October 1885 at Pembroke

10348-85 (Renfrew Co) John E. CHATTERTON, not given, clerk in hotel, Brockville, Arnprior, s/o Harry CHATTERTON & Mary C. SMITH married Kittey MORRISON, age not given, Westmeath, Arnprior, d/o Abraham MORRISON & G. ROSS, witn: James MCGREGOR & Annie STEWART of Arnprior, 25 March 1885, not given

10226-85 James CHERRY, 29, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Admaston, s/o William & Martha, married Sarah Jane LANCE, 20, Renfrew, Grattan, d/o John & Lena, witn: Peter NOLAN & Agnes CHERRY, both of Admaston, 29 April 1885 at Admaston

10374-85 (Renfrew Co) Johnny CHOBOT, 26, laborer, Merrickville, Arnprior, s/o Francois CHOBOT & Marie LACHAPELLE married Adelaide ST. LOUIS, 21, Eganville, Arnprior, d/o Antoine ST. LOUIS & Adilene BOLLILE, witn: Joseph DION & Adeline CHOBOT of McNab, 16 Feb 1885, Arnprior

10416-85 Levi CHURCH, 25, miner, Bagot twp., same, s/o Thomas CHURCH & Sarah HUNTER, married Annie HUNTER, 17, McNab twp., same, d/o David HUNTER & Angelizen SANDERSON, witn: Alexander & Jessie STIRLING of McNab, 22 Oct. 1885 at White Lake village

10199-86 (Renfrew Co) John H. CLARK, 27, machinist, Drummond, Bryson, s/o Samuel CLARK & Mary HORRICKS married Lucy Jane WALL, 22, Clarendon, Byson, d/o Joseph WALL & Margaret COUGHLIN, witn: Jessie KNOX & Bella COLLINS of Beachburg, 21 Nov 1885, Beachburg

010206-85 (Renfrew Co) Beacham COAKELEY? 49, carpenter & mill wright, Point Levi, Westmeath, s/o Dudly CACKY(as written) & Eliz. EATON, married Ann Julia BOISNERT? 31, Westmeath, same, d/o Pete BOISNERT & Eliza Ann WOLF, witn: Joseph BOISNERT & Emma CAMERON, blank, 2 Jan 1885 at Bride's Father's [Boisvert?]

10352-85 (Renfrew Co) James CODE, 24, miller, Trowbridge, Woodstock, s/o Samuel CODE & Mary RITCHIE married Mary NILLES, 24, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o William NILLES & Eliza JACKSON, witn: T. A. LARGE of Bistonell & Hattie NILLES of Fitzroy, 26 May 1885, Arnprior

010262-85 (Renfrew Co) Alphatus COLTON, 51, lumberman, born Fort Coulonge PQ, resident of Aylmer PQ, s/o Hiram & Mina COLTON, married Mary Ann MOSSHEAD, 43, born Menichville (Merrickville?), resident Pembroke, d/o Joseph & Esther ROMAN, witn ? BIPON of Fort Coulonge & Ella GRANT of Pembroke, 16 June 1885 at Pembroke 10185-85 (Renfrew Co) James CONTOIS, 30, farmer, Canada, Admaston, s/o Cyril CONTOIS & Bridget SEXTON married Catherine Ann O'NEIL, 25, Canada, Wilberforce, d/o Jeremiah O'NEIL & Mary FOLEY, witn: Patrick BULGER of Bromley & Mary O'NEIL of Wilberforce, 27 July 1885, Eganville

10391-85 (Renfrew Co) Alfred COOPER, 21, laborer, England, Ross, s/o John & Susan COOPER married Elizabeth LEAKE, 21, Renfrew, Ross, d/o George LEAKE & Elizabeth LAKE, witn: Samuel EMBASON & Jamie LAKE of Ross, 3 March 1885, Ross

10259-85 (Renfrew Co) James COPELAND, 49, clerk, widower, Ireland, Pembroke, s/o Jas & Catherine COPELAND married Eliza DUDLEY, 30, Fitzroy, Pembroke, d/o Joshua & Margaret DUDLEY, witn: Joshua DUDLEY & William DUDLEY of Pembroke, 5 Dec 1885, Pembroke

010195-85 (Renfrew Co) Martin COSTELLO, 28, farmer, Bromley, same, s/o John COSTELLO & Mary CONWAY, married Sarah CUNNINGHAM, 23, Admaston, same, d/o Michael CUNNINGHAM & Margaret FINLAIND?, witn: John NELAN & Annie ENRIGHT, both of Admaston, 29 June 1885 at Douglass, RC

10210-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert COTNAM, 24, farmer, Allumette Island, Westmeath, s/o George COTNAM & Catherine LEE married Emma THRASHER, 19, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o George THRASHER & Mary MANGAN, witn: John COTNAM & Maggie PUFF of Pembroke, 22 April 1885, Greenwood Church, Westmeath

10220-85 (Renfrew Co) Napoleon COUTURIER, 23, laborer, Bonaventure Quebec, Gower Point, s/o Joseph COUTURIER & Luce LALIBERTE, married Marie Louise GRATTON, 21, Gower Point, Gower Point, d/o Eustach GRATTON & Henriette LAVEDURE? witn: Louis LABBET of Fort Coulonge & Eustach GRATTON of Gower Point, 5 Oct 1885, Gower Point

10360-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert COWAN, 38, farmer, Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o David COWAN & Margaret MITCHELL married Eliza A NILLES, 31, widow, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o William NILLES & Eliza A. JACKSON, witn: Thomas NILLES & Muriel NILLES of Gloucester, 7 Oct 1885, Arnprior
10159-85 (Renfrew Co ) James COXFORD, 23, merchant, Ramsay, Eganville, s/o John COXFORD & Sarah ELLIOTT married Mary W. CAMPBELL, not given, Carleton Place, Eganville, d/o Colin CAMPBELL & Lucy MCGREGOR, witn: Robert COXFORD, Alex MILLS, Eliza Jane BOLAND & Ida ARMSTRONG, 22 Jan 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville

10433-85 (Renfrew Co) Valentine CROPEWSKA, 25, farmer, Poland, Hagarty, s/o John CRAPEWSKA & Mary Ann SYNACK married Josephine MYSKA, 21, Poland, Hagarty, d/o Paul MYSKA & Madeline REKOWSKA, witn: Michael YANTHER & Thomas LORBRICK of Hagarty, 27 April 1885, Hagerty

  10397-85 Patrick CUNNINGHAM, 23, shoe maker, Eganville, Grattan twp., s/o John & Ann, married Maggie McLEAN, 21, Douglas, Pembroke, d/o James & Jane, witn: C. M. LAWSON & Lillia PERCIVELL, both of Cobden, 19 May 1885 at Cobden
10387-85 Thomas DAGG, 30, farmer, Cumberland twp., same, s/o John DAGG & Jane WALL, married Susannah BLACKWELL, 17, Ross, same, d/o James BLACKWELL & Elizabeth ARMITAGE, witn: Richard DAGG Of Cumberland & Helen BLACKWELL of Ross, 30 June 1885 at Ross

10238-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas DAVIS, 35, farmer, Wexford Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o Edward DAVIS & unreadable married Esther Ann HAYES, 19?, illegible birthplace & res, d/o Henry HAYES & Priscilla? SHAY?, witn: illegible & Henry HAYES of Stafford, 11 Feb 1885, Stafford [very faded reg'n]

10328-85 (Renfrew Co) Francis DEMERSE, 28, farmer, Quebec, Nipissing, s/o Olivier DEMERSE & Lizzie GAUTHIER married Julia VILLIERS, 21, Bark Lake, Bark Lake, d/o Paul VILLIERS & Elizabeth BRUNETTE, witn: Louis VILLIERS & Olivare DEMERSE of Bark Lake, 21 Jan 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

10369-85 (Renfrew Co) Edward DENER, 25, labourer, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o John DENER & Annie DENER married Mary Ellen STAIGH, 19, Fitzroy, Arnprior, d/o William STAIGH & Christine KENSIE, witn: August PLERTH of McNab & Annie STAIGH of Arnprior, 30 April 1885, Arnprior

10379-85 (Renfrew Co) August DERVISISE, 27, shantyman, St. Antoin, Arnprior, s/o Perria DERVISISE & Domitel CHATILLON married Catherine CHAMBERLAIN, 21, Tadosessac, Arnprior, d/o Joseph CHAMBERLAIN & Maria MORIN, witn: Joseph PAPIN & Maria PAUL of Arnprior, 24 Aug 1885, Arnprior

10372-85 (Renfrew Co) Henry DODD, 37, plasterer, Bristol Quebec, Arnprior, s/o Joseph DODD & Jane G. MCGENEST married Eliza BAKER, 21, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o William BAKER & Eliza BOSWORTH, witn: Rachael DODD of Arnprior & Alice RUSSELL of Bristol, 23 Dec 1885, Arnprior
10423-85 Michael DOMBROSKI, 24, farmer, Renfrew Canada, Sherwood, s/o Adam DOMBROSKI & Marianne KURS (Kars?), married Gertrude HOMEL, 22, Poland, Barry's Bay, d/o Henri HOMEL & Pauline FLIS, witn: Lawrence YACKABUSKIE & John BURENT, both of Hagarty, 24 Nov 1885 at Hagarty 10318-85 William DONNEGAN, 27, railway engineer, Perth, same, s/o Patrick & Bridget, married Elizabeth SHIELDS, 21, Pembroke, same, d/o Daniel & Catherine, witn: James KAVANAGH of Brockville & Susan FOY of Eganville, 21 Nov 1885 at Pembroke
10155-85 (Renfrew Co) Emil DREFKE (Drepke?), 24, farmer, Germany, Sebastopol, s/o T.C. DREFKE & G. E. DREFKE married Carolina JAHN, 20, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o Ludwig JAHN & Carolina JAHN, witn: Frederic RISKE & Louise RISKE of Sebastopol, 17 April 1885, Sebastopol 10378-86 (Renfrew Co) Charles DUCK, 22, bricklayer, England, Arnprior, s/o James DUCK & Jane DOWDELWALL? married Mary GEBEAU, 18, Pranwell Quebec, Arnprior, d/o John GABEAU & Daisy BRECO, witn: Robin BOND & Mary M. BOND of Arnprior, 25 Dec 1885, Arnprior
010202-85 (Renfrew Co) John DUNN, 33, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o James DUNN & Catharine CASIDY, married Hellen LITTLE, 19, Richmond. Beachburg, d/o Thomas LITTLE & Margaret ELLIOTT, witn: John ELLIOT & Maggie DUNN, blank. 10 Mar 1885 at residence of Thomas LITTLE 010261-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert EDMUNDS, 40, weaver, widower, born in Co Tyrone Ireland, resident of Almonte Ont, s/o Sam & Mary EDMUNDS, married Francis YOUNG, 28, born Stafford? Ont, resident Pettewawa Ont, d/o Charles & Sarah YOUNG, witn Chas & Ms ? YOUNG of Chalk River, 10 January 1885 at Pembroke

10330-85 (Renfrew Co) Charles EDWARDS, 26, farmer, Wilberforce, Carlow, s/o Thomas EDWARDS & Ruth EDWARDS married Susan STUART, 25, Wilberforce, Bangor, d/o Charles STUART & Susan STUART, witn: Albert EDWARDS of Carlow & Lizzie BOYLE of Bangor, 29 Jan 1885, Bangor

10368-85 (Renfrew Co) Theodor ELICA (Elice?), 35, cooks shanty, Three Rivers, Arnprior, s/o Francis ELICA & Paulina FOREST married Annie MCKAY, 24, Clyde Forks, Arnprior, d/o Alex MCKAY & Mary Ann STANTON, witn: James MCKAY & Bridget MCKAY, 14 Sept 1885, Arnprior

10396-85 James ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o Dawson & Eliza, married Mary Ann CROZIER, 20, Ross twp., same, d/o Christopher & Eliza, witn: Thomas CROZIER & Mary Jane ELLIOTT, both of Ross, 8 July 1885 at Ross twp  

10389-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas FARREL, 25, manufacturer, Bristol, Arnprior, s/o John FARREL & Bridget FITZPATRICK married Esther MCLEAN, 27, Leitchfield, Leitchfield, d/o James MCLEAN & John GOURLEY, witn: Maggie MCLEAN, not given, Ross

10174-85 (Renfrew Co) Albert FAUGHT, 24, farmer, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o Lawrence FAUGHT & Ann LECO married Elizabeth BLACKBURN, 23, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Campbell BLACKBURN & Jane THOMPSON, witn: John MARTIN & Jemima FANG of Wilberforce, 2 Sept 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville
10400-85 James FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Ross, same, s/o James & Mary, married Eliza McCAGHERTY, 19, Westmeath, Ross, d/o James & Catherine, witn: James McCAGHERTY & Hannah McJANET, both of Ross, 5 Oct 1885 at Ross

10337-85 (Renfrew Co) John FLYNN, 25, farmer, Sugar Island, Maynouth, s/o Michael FLYNN & Catherine FITZGERALD married Ellen RODY, 23, Herschel, Herschel, d/o Martin RODY & Mary FARREL, witn: Martin RODY & Margaret FLYNN of Herschell, 22 June 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

10263-86 (Renfrew Co) Wilhelm FROBEL, 22, saddler, Germany, Eganville, s/o Frederick FROBEL & Emma SCHULTZ married Adelina KUTSCHKE, 26, Germany, Eganville, d/o Frederick KUTSCHKE & Charlotte KUTSCHKE, witn: Carl FROBEL & Gustave BEIGER & Pauline MULLER & Augusta MULLER, 10 Oct 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville

#010385-86 (Renfrew Co): Peter FROOD, 21, clerk, Renfrew, Renfrew village, s/o Andrew & Christena, married Naomi C. McEWEN, 21, Pakenham, Renfrew, d/o Robert & Jane, witnesses were W.D. CUTHBERTSON & Christena DRYSDALE both of Renfrew, 23 Dec 1885 at Renfrew

10221-85 (Renfrew Co) David GERVAIS, 25, farmer, Fort Coulonge, Fort Coulonge, s/o Stanislas GERVAIS & Thersile LONGPRE married Belzamire Delina THERIAULT, 20, Quebec, Gower Point, d/o Paul THERIAULT & Belzime BOLODEAU, witn: Paul THERIAULT of Ottawa & Stanislas GERVAIS of Fort Coulonge 20 Oct 1885, Gower Point

10382-85 (Renfrew Co) Daniel GIDOY, 23, tailor, Arnprior, Detroit, s/o Jerry FOLEY (sic) & F. SMITH married Margaret MULCAHEY, 25, Arnprior, Detroit, d/o Michael MULCAHEY & Margaret COSTELLO, witn: Hugh A. DEVINE & Thomas GALLIGAR of Arnprior, 9 Sept 1885, Arnprior

10329-85 (Renfrew Co) Narcisse GIROUX, 26, farmer, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o Charles GIROUX & Philomene LAPLANTE married Olive DEMERSE, 19, Bark Lake, Bark Lake, d/o Olivier DEMERSE & Elizabeth GAUTHIER, witn: Martin DALY of Sherwood & Julia LEMER of Bark Lake, 26 Jan 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

010305-85 (Renfrew Co) J Baptiste GIROUX, 24, laborer, of Alice, s/o Charles GIROUX & Philomenn LAPLANT, married Eugenie MATHIEU, 17, of Pembroke Ont, d/o ? MATHIEU & Adeline ALLARD, witn Alexander GIROUX of Alice & Marcuelive? ALLARD of Pembroke, 7 July 1885 at Pembroke RC

10335-85 (Renfrew Co) William GLASTER, 22, farmer, England, Maynouth, s/o William GLASTER & Mary COFFEE married Sarah MILLANNEY, 21, England, Maynouth, d/o Stephen MILLANNEY & Catherine DUNN, witn: William O'SHAUGHNESSY & Catherine DUNN, 28 May 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

10336-85 (Renfrew Co) William GOLDEN, 27, farmer, Maynouth, Maynouth, s/o Jeremiah GOLDEN & Catherine MAHONY married Anne PARSONS, 20, of Maynouth, d/o John PARSONS & Catherine SHERENT, witn: James RYAN & Mary PARSONS of Maynouth, 8 June 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

010196-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas Peter GORMAN, 25, farmer, Bromley, same, s/o Peter GORMAN & Mary WOODLOCK, married Ellen KILGORE, 22, Admaston, Bromley, d/o William KILGORE & Mary MCCARTY, witn: Michael GOREMAN & Sarah KILGORE, both of Bromley, 20 Oct 1885 at Douglas 10230-85 Sylvester GORRA, 24, farmer, Prussia, Admaston, s/o Thomas GORRA & Margaret LAURICK, married Mary PESCO, 19, Admaston, same, d/o Joseph PESCO & Margaret VERRA, witn: Alexander STOBENSKI & Mary CABONS (Cabous?), both of Renfrew, 7 Jan 1885 at Mt. St. Patrick

10445-85 (Renfrew Co) John GOULD, 35, farmer, Drummond, Ross, s/o John & June GOULD married Mary Jane LIVINGSTON, 16, Ross, Ross, d/o William & Anne Jane LIVINGSTON, witn: William John GOULD & Anne Jane GOULD of Ross, 7 Sept 1885, Renfrew

10405-85 John GOW, 38, farmer, Perthshire Scotland, March twp., s/o Alexander GOW & Catherine ALLEN, married Julia M. LECKIE, 33, widow, Carleton Co., Stewartville, d/o Donald MUNROE & Barbara PEARSON, witn: Robert GOW of March twp & Jennie MUNROE of Pembroke, 6 April 1885 at Manse, White Lake

10240-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph Henry GRAHAM, 26, hotel proprietor, Montague, Pembroke, s/o James GRAHAM & Ellen LEACH married Mary E. MICK, 19, Wilberforce, Stafford, d/o Peter MICK & Catherine SWEENEY, witn: John MICK of Stafford & Andrew GRAHAM of Pembroke & Esther MICK of Stafford, 9 Sept 1885, St. Stephen's Church, Stafford 14853-86 (Renfrew Co) Mador GREENE, 21, laborer, Maskinoupe Quebec, Lavant, s/o James & Marsella GREENE married Ida VIEL (Neil, 17, Sherbrook, Lavant, d/o Joseph & Sarah Jane VIEL, witn: Harry LAPLANTE & Angus ST. PIERRE of Clyde Falls, 17 Aug. 1885, Renfrew
10160-85 (Renfrew Co) Otto GREIF, 25, farmer, Prussia, Wilberforce, s/o Charles GRIEF & Dorothea GRIEF married Emilie BUDE, 22, Prussia, Wilberforce, d/o Carl BUDE & Marie BUDE, witn: Fritz KRUGER & Hermann BUDE of Wilberforce, 21 Jan 1885, Wilberforce 10163-85 (Renfrew Co) Gustave HARDT, 25, steel maker, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Carl HARDT & Caroline HARDT married Amelia KAUNT, 17, Germany, Wilberforce, d/o Carl & Augusta KAUNT, witn: Bertha CARROW of Wilberforce & Augusta KAUNT of Grattan, 15 Oct 1885, Wilberforce

10345-85 (Renfrew Co) Martin HASHACK, 19, farmer, Wilberforce, Alice, s/o Frederick & Caroline HASHACK married Augusta WINKE, 23, Germany, Alice, d/o William & Charlotte WINKE, Godfrey SCHONOP of Wilberforce & Annie WUSKY of Alice, 9 July 1885, Alice


10450-85 (Renfrew Co) Nicholas HAYES, 22, laborer, Ireland, Renfrew, s/o Michael & Mary HAYES married Margaret O'MALLEY, 26, Ireland, Renfrew, d/o Thomas & Ann O'MALLEY, witn: Francis FRENCH & Thomas DEVINE of Renfrew, 31 Aug 1885, Renfrew

10161-85 (Renfrew Co) Louis HAZELTON, 26, carpenter, Douglas, Eganville, s/o John HAZELTON & Eliza married Kate TURNER, 17, Eganville, Eganville, d/o Robert TURNER & Elizabeth STONE, witn: Sandy MCDONALD & G. BLACK of Eganville, no date given, at St. John's Church, Eganville
10412-85 Duncan HENDERSON, 37, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Archibald HENDERSON & Jean STEWART, married Margaret PHILLIPS, 38, McNab, same, d/o David PHILLIPS & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Donald HENDERSON & Mary PHILLIPS, both of McNab, 1 Oct 1885 at McNab

10359-85 (Renfrew Co) Henry R. HOBECKER, 22, laborer, Germany, Mansfield, s/o Frederick HOBECKER & Augusta married Hannah C. ST. KLENTZ, 22, Germany, Mansfield, d/o Karl KLENTZ & Amelia, witn: Otto HOBECKER & Augusta BOSE of Mansfield, 27 Sept 1885, Arnprior

10353-85 (Renfrew Co) William HOSEL, 43, farmer, widower, Germany, Admaston, s/o T.W. HOSEL married Johanna NIFFEN, 42, widower, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o Godsile LINNERMAN & Sarah, witn: Joseph RICHTER & Elias TUENNELL? of Arnprior, 8 June 1885, Arnprior

10355-85 (Renfrew Co) James HOWARD, 22, farmer, Shawville, Clarendon twp, s/o John HOWARD & Mary A. HODGINS married Ella LEWIS, 21, Clarendon, Shawville, d/o Robert LEWIS & Catherine MCCAGG, witn: Eliza J. HOWARD & George FINLEY of Shawville, 23 June 1885, Arnprior

 010205-85 (Renfrew Co) John Wesley HUNTINGTON, 26, merchant, Smiths Falls, North Bay, s/o Rev Silas HUNTINGTON & Eliza STEWART, married Catharine Jane HUNTINGTON, 23, Westmeath, same, d/o Samuel A & Ann Catharine HUNTINGTON, witn: S.A. & Gertrude M. HUNTINGTON,  17 Mar 1885 at the Bride's Father's Westmeath 10409-85 James HUTSON, 29, farmer, McNab, same, s/o Andrew HUTSON & Mary HURLEY, married Elizabeth MURPHY, 18, McNab, same, d/o John MURPHY & Elizabeth MACKIE, witn: James HUTSON & Jessie McNAB, both of McNab, 24 June 1885 at Manse, White Lake
10186-85 (Renfrew Co) John JEFFREY, 26, laborer, Canada, Algona, s/o Antoine JEFFREY & Sarah CONNELLY married Margaret THOMAS, 21, Canada, Algona, d/o William THOMAS & Zelaphy PIERCE, witn: Ephraim TALLION & Celina LACHANCE of Eganville, 25 August 1885, Eganville 10180-85 (Renfrew Co) William JESSUP, 34, blacksmith, Canada, Grattan, s/o William JESSUP & Mary FRASER married Margaret LANE, 38, Canada, Grattan, d/o Thomas LANE & Ann BUCKLEY, witn: James CONNOLLY of Eganville & Jane WALSH of Algona, 27 April 1885, Eganville
10181-85 (Renfrew Co) John JOURDIN, 24, saddler & harness maker, Canada, Renfrew, s/o Albert JOURDIN & Elizabeth BROUSSA married Anne DESJARDIN, 24, Canada, Eganville, d/o unknown, witn: Henry GAULET & Philamina JOURDIN of Renfrew, 8 June 1885, Eganville 010194-85 (Renfrew Co) John KEARNEY, 80, farmer, Ireland, Stafford, widower, s/o blank, married Lucy GASH, 60, Ireland, Oscola, widow, d/o blank, witn: John MCPEAK & Mrs Edward GAINWIN, both of Bromley, 5 Oct 1885 at Osceola, RC

10346-85 (Renfrew Co) James KENNEDY, 22, farmer, Alice, Alice, s/o John KENNEDY & Mary LEITCH married Jessie KNOTT, 22, Pembroke, Petewawa, d/o James KNOTT & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Joseph KENURCH of Alice & Elizabeth; KNOTT of Petewawa, 15 Sept 1885, Alice

10432-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph KIEDROSKI, 20, farmer, Poland, Hagarty, s/o Michael KIEDROSKI & Catherine BURENT married Suzan OLSEWSKA, 19, Poland, Sherwood, d/o Martin OLSEWSKA & Catherine ROCOSTA, witn: John ADMASKI & Michel SWOLLA of Hagarty, 27 April 1885, Hagarty

  10172-85 (Renfrew Co) Augusta Karl Wilhelm KLATT, 32, miller, Germany, Eganville, s/o Russell William KLATT & Augusta Wilhelmina KLATT married Matilda Henrietta KADDATZ, 24, Germany, Eganville, d/o August KADDATZ & Rosetta Wilhelmina KADDATZ, witn: Henry KADDATZ & Wilhelmina KEENAN? of Eganville, 26 Oct 1885, Eganville

10343-85 (Renfrew Co) John KLENTZ, 37, farmer, Germany, Alice, s/o Jahn KLENTZ & Caroline MILLER married Wilhelmina KRUGER, 25, Germany, Alice, d/o August KRUGER & Wilhelmina LUHLKE, witn: Jules TRAPP & Mathew LISK of Alice, 4 Sept 1885, Alice

010204-85 (Renfrew Co) George Sanders KNIGHT, 24, farmer, Horton, Ross, s/o Joseph KNIGHT & Maria HODGINS, married Agnes JOHNSTON, 24, Westmeath, same, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON, & Agnes THOMPSON, witn: Robert JOHNSTON & Mary Ann WATSON, blank, 25 Mary 1885 in Presbyterian Church, Beachburg

10325-85 (Renfrew Co) Martin KOPOTOFSKY, 35, farmer, widower, Prussia, Renfrew, s/o Frederick & Eva KOPOTOFSKY married Agusta HELMKE, 17, Prussia, Radcliffe, d/o William & Louisa HELMKE, witn: Francis BLOK & Ernestine HELMKE of Radcliffe, 12 Jan 1885, Brudenell

10166-85 (Renfrew Co) Franz Julius KRUGER, 32, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Johann KRUEGER & Wilhelmina SPRINGER married Wilhelmina Augusta POPP, 22, Germany, Grattan, d/o Ferdinand POPP & Ernestine GREEN, witn: Wilhelm KRUEGER & Auguste POPP of Grattan, 7 Nov 1885, Wilberforce 10424-85 John KULAS, 23, farmer, Sherwood, Hagarty, s/o Constantine KULAS & Dominique KESTKA, married Marianne BIERENSKI, 22, Poland, Hagarty, d/o Thomas BIERENSKI & Catherine SAMOCK, witn: Antoine CRAPENSK & Antoine TREBENSKI, both of Hagarty, 27 July 1885 at Hagarty

10215-85 (Renfrew Co) Alfred LACROIX, 28, farmer, Gower Point, Gower Point, s/o Alfred LACROIX & Angele LESARD married Marie Louise CECIRE, 28, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Toussant CECIRE & Marguerite LABINE, witn: Toussaint CECIRE & Alfred LACROIX of Gower Point, 11 Aug 1885, Gower Point

10333-86 (Renfrew Co) Alphonse LANCE, 23, farmer, Petewawa, Petewawa, s/o Michel LANCE & Zepherine LANCE married Emerence SYLVESTER, 17, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o Joseph & Eleanor SYLVESTER, witn: Alfred SYLVESTER & Lally TIMMINS of Petewawa, 26 Nov 1885, Pembroke

  10156-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas LANE, 26, farmer, Brougham, Brougham, s/o John LANE & Ellen MCNULTY married Mary WINDLE, 21, Bagot, Bagot, d/o John WINDLE & Bridget KIELY, witn: Patrick LANE of Brougham & Margaret WINDLE of Bagot, 15 April 1885, Mt. St. Patrick
10184-85 (Renfrew Co) John LAROCHELLE, 24, farmer, Canada, Algona, s/o Thomas LAROCHELLE & Mary Ann POWER married Adeline COUTON, 24, Canada, Algona, d/o Joseph COUTON & Marceline HEBERT, witn: James HEALEY & Mary MULLINS of Algona, 27 July 1885, Eganville 10158-85 (Renfrew Co) John LEACH, 24, liveryman, Lanark, Pembroke, s/o not given married Anne Jane JACKSON, 21, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o not given, witn: John CLARKE & Maggie JACKSON of Wilberforce, 7 May 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville
010276-85 (Renfrew Co) Jean Baptiste LEBLANC, 25, laborer, of Pembroke, s/o Jean Baptiste & Mathilde LEBLANC, married Marie BRUNELLE?, 18, of Pembroke, d/o Pierre & Mary BRUNELLE?, witn Aldebert LEBLANC of Pembroke & Tillie MARLEAU of Alice, 30 June 1885 at Pembroke RC

10260-85 (Renfrew Co) John A. LEE, 23, farmer, Alumette Island, Alumette Island, s/o Robert & Mary LEE married Mary Susan LOCKEY, 23, Alumette Island, Alumette Island, d/o Hugh & Mary A. LOCKEY, witn: George LEE & Mary LOCKEY of Alumette Island, 5 Jan 1885, Pembroke

10213-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert LEE, 54, farmer, widower, Nepean, Ross, s/o R. LEE & Flora MCDONALD married A. J. ROBINSON (widow of H. RICHER) 44, widow, North Gore, Ross, d/o James ROBINSON & Margaret GOOD, witn: Jessie KNOX of Beachburg & George BEACH of Cobden, 23 June 1885, Beachburg

10354-85 (Renfrew Co) John D. LEE, 27, mechanic, Lampton (Lambton?) Co, Arnprior, s/o Peter LEE & Jane DONALD married Minerva JOHNSTON, 25, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Harriet KEMP, witn: Emma JOHNSTON of Arnprior & A. J. TAYLOR of Castleville, 23 June 1885, Arnprior

10349-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph LESARD, 30, mechanic, St. John's Quebec, St. John's Quebec, s/o Catherine LESARD & Louisa married Mary Thompson DOWLING, 22, Gaspie, Arnprior, d/o John DOWLING & Susan, witn: M. A. MCGINNIS & Isabella G. ECHLEN of Arnprior, 26 March 1885, Arnprior

10244-85 (Renfrew Co) Alonzo Sylvester LIBBY, 31, Vermont, Berlin Vermont, s/o Alonzo & Levina LIBBY married Louise CHAMBERLAIN, 28, Beachburg, Pembroke, d/o Nathan & Marian CHAMBERLAIN, witn: George WRIGHT & Sophia EFFECT of Pembroke, 29 April 1885, Pembroke

  10342-85 (Renfrew Co) August LIMKE, 21, farmer, Germany, Alice, s/o Daniel LIMKE married Ida HASS, 19, Germany, Alice, d/o Carl HASS & Carolina, witn: Carl RADKE & Maria TURO of Alice, 12 June 1885, Alice

10332-85 (Renfrew Co) Hermon LULOFF, 23, farmer, Wilberforce, Brudenell, s/o William LULOFF & Emetie? LULOFF married Emetia POMERANZ, 21, Bromley, Brudenell, d/o Ernest POMERANZ & Wilhelmina POMERANZ, witn: John LULOFF of Grattan & Bertha POMERANZ of Brudenell, 13 April 1885, Brudenell

010277-85 (Renfrew Co) Louis LUSIGNAIR, 23, laborer, born St Anne de Sorel, resident of Pembroke, s/o Vilbon & Marie LUSIGNAIR, married Melissa LEBLANC, 17, of Pembroke, d/o Jean Baptiste & Mathilda LEBLANC, witnAldebert LEBLANC of Pembroke & Tillie MARLEAU of Alice, 30 June 1885 at Pembroke RC
10421-85 John MACKIE, 37, farmer, widower, Templeton Quebec, McNab, s/o David MACKIE & Eliza THOMPSON, married Catherine CHASE, 27, McNab, same, d/o Nelson CHASE & Ellen McLAUCHLAN, witn: John CARSWELL & Elden CHASE, both of McNab, 25 Dec 1885 at res of bride's mother, McNab 010265-85 (Renfrew Co) Michael MAHONY, 41, merchant, born Ireland, resident Pembroke, s/o John & Elizabeth MAHONY, married Mary Ann WALSH, 30, born Osceola? Ont, resident Pembroke, d/o Edward & Ellen WALSH, witn Patrick SLATTERY & John MCKINNON of Pembroke, 24 July 1885 at Pembroke

10288-86 (Renfrew Co) V. MAKGLENSKI, 24, farmer, Prussia, Hagarty, s/o T. & G. MAKGLENSKI married Guste BRISKIE, 24, Germany, Hagarty, d/o August BRISKIE & Lucy BRISKIE, witn: H. MULLER & C. BRISKIE of Hagarty, 8 Oct 1885, Hagarty

10334-85 (Renfrew Co) John MALONEY, 27, farmer, Brougham, Brougham, s/o John MALONEY & Deborah MORIARTY married Ellen DROHAN, 21, Brudenell, Brudenell, d/o James DROHAN & Mary PURCELL, witn: Thomas DROHAN of Brudenell & Mary Anne MALONEY of Brougham, 5 May 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

  10190-85 (Renfrew Co) Charles MARCHAND, 22, mechanic, Aylmer, Cobden, s/o Ludyer MARCHAND & Elizabeth MULLOIN married Margaret GRAHAM, 21, Osceola, Osceola, d/o William GRAHAM & Margaret PAPIN, witn: Sam MARCHAND & Sophie MARCHAND of Aylmer, 17 Feb 1885, Osceola
010278-85 (Renfrew Co) Barthelemie MARLEAU, 22, laborer, of Pembroke, s/o Pierre & Fresine? MARLEAU, married Delia BRUNELLE?, 17, of Pembroke, d/o Pierre & Marie BRUNELLE?, witn Aldebert LEBLANC of Pembroke & Tillie MARLEAU of Alice, 30 June 1885 at Pembroke RC 10175-85 (Renfrew Co) James MARTIN, 29, farmer, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o Robert MARTIN & Jane TURNER married Jeannette BOYLE, 18, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o William BOYLE & Mary BOYLE, witn: Thomas MARTIN & Eliza BOYLE of Eganville, 27 July 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville
10418-85 Lewis Andrew McADAM, 21, farmer, Golden Lake, McNab, s/o William McADAM & Margaret McINTYRE, married Johanna McLEAN, 18, McNab, same, d/o George McLEAN & Elizabeth VOUX?, witn: Josiah McADAM & Annie McLEAN, both of McNab, 16 Dec 1885 at Stewartville, McNab 010302-85 (Renfrew Co) John McADAM, 25, farmer, Belfast Ireland, Pettawawa, s/o Richard & Eliza MCADAM, married Martha LYNN, 21, Belfast Ireland, Pettawawa, d/o Jas & Jane LYNN, witn James & ? MCADAM of Pettawawa, 2 November 1885 at Pembroke

10440-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert MCARTHUR, 22, tinsmith, Bristol Quebec, Renfrew, s/o Neil & Helen MCARTHUR married Mary Ann YOUNG, 24, Clarendon Quebec, Renfrew, d/o William & Eliza Ann YOUNG, witn: Neil MCARTHUR & Hannah J. YOUNG of Renfrew, 17 March 1885, Renfrew

10393-85 (Renfrew Co) John MCBRIDE, 24, farmer, Fitzroy, Ross, s/o Thomas MCBRIDE & Agnes JEFFERY married Isabella PETIGREW, 16, Ross, Foresters Falls, d/o Mathew PETIGREW & Christiann HARPER, witn: Mathew PETIGREW of Ross & Mrs. M. PETIGREW, 4 march 1885, Foresters Falls
010208-85 (Renfrew Co) William C. McCARTEY, 30, farmer, Oswego U.S., Westmeath, s/o John MCCARTEY & Ann Jane WRIGHT, married Rhoda RICHARDSON, 25, Drummond, Westmeath, d/o William RICHARDSON & Mary CONCH, witn: Wesley RICHARDSON & Kathy MCCARTEY, both of Westmeath, 15 Apr 1885 at Wm RICHARDSON'S father of the Bride 10148-85 (Renfrew Co) Sylvester MCCARTHY, 28, railway section man, widower, Wylie, Bass Lake - Wylie, s/o Jeremiah MCCARTHY & Margaret BABY married Celina PRIMEAU, 21, Sheenboro, Bass Lake, d/o Pierre PRIMEAU & Annie PEREZ, witn: William DUFF of Pembroke & Catherine MCCARTHY of Bass Lake, 17 Feb. 1885, Pembroke
010203-85 (Renfrew Co) John McCULLOCH, 28, farmer, Fitzroy, Ross, s/o John & Margaret MCCULLOCH, married Phebe RUSSELL, 26, Beachburg, Westmeath, d/o William & Mary RUSSELL, witn: James LOGAN & Maggie MCCULLOCH, both of Ross, 23 Mar 1885 at S. Augustine Church, Beachburg 10182-85 (Renfrew Co) James MCEWEN, 36, farmer, Canada, Grattan, s/o James MCEWEN & Anne CASE married Frances CRAWFORD, 28, Canada, Grattan, d/o Thomas CRAWFORD & Margaret COUVRY, witn: Jeremiah HOWARD of Grattan & Anne MCCORT of Bromley, 17 Feb 1885, Eganville

10375-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas MCGILLIGOT, 26, tailor, England, Arnprior, s/o Patrick MCGILLIGOT & Mary SHEA married Luise DONTIGUY, 21, Almonte, Arnprior, d/o Philip DONTIGUY & Adeline FORTIER, witn: James FRASER & Bridget HENRY of Arnprior, 11 May 1885, Arnprior

10169-85 (Renfrew Co) Peter MCGREGOR, 29, farmer, Beckwith, Douglas, s/o John MCGREGOR & Ruth RUSSELL married Eliza Jane BOLAND, 26, Grattan, Eganville, d/o William BOLAND & Jane JAMES, witn: Samuel J. MCINTYRE of Douglas & Elizabeth REED of Eganville, 8 July 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville 10402-85 Alexander McGREGOR, 30, mechanic, McNab, same, s/o Colin McGREGOR & Isabella McLAUCHLAN, married Agnes INGLIS, 28, McNab twp., same, d/o John INGLIS & Hellen McLAUCHLAN, witn: Thomas INGLIS & Christena McGREGOR, both of McNab, 1 Jan 1885 at res of bride's father, McNab

10448-85 (Renfrew Co) John MCGUIRE, 28, merchant, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o James & Ann MCGUIRE married Felicite PHILION, 27, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o Joseph & Mary PHILION, witn: Mathew DEVINE & John J. DEVINE of Renfrew, 12 Aug 1885, Renfrew

10365-85 (Renfrew Co) A. R. MCINTYRE, 41, merchant, widower, Perth, Lanark, s/o John MCINTYRE & Janet ROBB married Jeanie WAIT, 37, widow, McNab, McNab, d/o John YUILL & Mary MCNAB, witn: Walter YUILL of McNab & W. TOMLINSON of Ottawa, 18 Aug 1885, Arnprior

10262-86 (Renfrew Co) Robert MCINTYRE, 32, farmer, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o Robert MCINTYRE & Magdalena STUART married Jane STUART, 24, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Charles STUART & Susan LETT, witn: Charles STUART Jr & Ann MARTIN of Wilberforce, 4 Nov 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville

10392-85 (Renfrew Co) William MCKNIGHT, 40, farmer, Clarendon, Clarendon, s/o William MCKNIGHT & Jane MCKNIGHT married Margaret STEWART, 20, Leichfield, Leichfield, d/o John STEWART & Christina STEWART, witn: Alex SMILEY of Bristol & Ellen STEWART of Leichfield, 18 March 1885, Ross  
10411-85 Michael J. McKINNON, 30, horse man, Glasgow Scotland, Pakenham, s/o Patrick & Kate, married Emma BRADLEY, 20, Pakenham twp., same, d/o Peter LANDRASE & Hanna BRADLEY, witn: Alexander STIRLING & Bella BREMNER, both of White Lake, 2 Sept 1885 at White Lake

10236-85 (Renfrew Co) Andrew MCLAUCHLAN, 27, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o John MCLAUCHLAN & Letitia married Janet MCMULLEN, 20, McNab, McNab, d/o Peter MCMULLEN & Marion, witn: Duncan MCMULLEN & Ella Jane MCINNES of McNab, 16 Sept 1885, Renfrew

10367-85 (Renfrew Co) Neil MCLELLAN, 30, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o John MCLELLAN & Florence MCNIVEN married Anna MCDONALD, 25, Glengarry, Glengarry, d/o John MCDONALD & Jeannie MCARTHUR, witn: John MCLELLAN of Bagot & Catherine BOTTINEAU of McNab, 19 August 1885, Arnprior

10419-85 William McLELLAN, 20, farmer, Bagot twp., same, s/o Archibald & Ann, married Elizabeth BARRY, 21, Darling twp., McNab, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: Walter BARRY & John BANDY, both of McNab, 23 June 1885 at McNab
10403-85 Angus McMILLAN, 27, farmer, McNab, same, s/o Peter McMILLAN & Marion McINNES, married Susan DOUGLAS, 25, McNab, same, d/o John DOUGLAS & Rosanna MARTYN, witn: RObt McINNES & Matilda TAYLOR, 18 Feb 1885 at McNab 10165-85 (Renfrew Co) Richard MCMILLAN, 24, yeoman, Brudenell, North Algona, s/o Donald & Flora MCMILLAN married Jessie MCMILLAN, 22, Fitzroy, North Algona, d/o Hugh & Flora MCMILLAN, witn: Adam MCMILLAN & Bella MCMILLAN of North Algona, 30 Nov 1885, North Algona
10223-85 Robert MacNABB, 35, clergyman, Mariposa twp, Beachburg, s/o RObt & Christena, married Annie Victoria JOHNSTON, 24, Beachburg, same, d/o Andrew & Ann, witn: Rev. James B. STEWART of Castleford & Kate JOHNSTON of Beachburg, 17 Nov 1885 at Beachburg

10451-85 (Renfrew Co) John MCNULTY, 26, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o John & Ann MCNULTY married Mary MCHUGH, 21, Bagot, Bagot, d/o John & Rosa MCHUGH, witn: Francis FRENCH & John KENNY of Renfrew, 14 Sept 1885, Renfrew

  10421-85 Robert McQUARRIE, 23, miller, Huron Ont., McNab, s/o James McQUARRIE & Catherine LEISHMAN, married Elizabeth SMITH, 18, McNab twp., same, d/o Archibald SMITH & Mary KNIGHT, witn: James McQUARRIE of McNab & Agnes CRAIGE of Renfrew, 14 Oct. 1885 at res of bride's father
010304-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas McWILLIAMS, 27, book keeper, born London England, resident Colouge River PQ, s/o Ed & Mary MCWILLIAMS, married Jane JACKSON, 24, born Lake Dover Renfrew Co, resident Pembroke, d/o Joseph & Jaur JACKSON, witn Arthur JACKSON & Lucy FERRIS of Pembroke, 15 July 1885 at Pembroke 10323-85 Carl MEBS, 26, farmer, Germany, Alice, s/o Frederick & Friedericke, married Bertha LEMKE, 23, Petewawa, same, d/o William & Auguste, witn: Franz ABETT & Emilie LEMKE, both of Petewawa, 30 Oct 1885 at Petewawa
10426-85 - V. MEKLENSKI, 27, tradesman, Germany, Hagarty, s/o F. & G., married Guste BRISKIE, 24, Germany, Hagarty, d/o August & Louis (sic), witn: H. MULLER & E. BRISKIE, 8 Oct. 1885 at Hagarty 10154-85 (Renfrew Co) Max Emil Trangott MIESKE, 28, farmer, Pammin Prussia, Sebastopol, s/o Leopold MIESKE & Marie MODCROW married Theresa ROSIEN, 22, Gross Wonsehien Prussia, Sebastopol, d/o Frederica ROSIEN & father unknown, witn: Ewald ROHDE & Reinhold ROSE of Sebastopol, 14 Nov 1885, Sebastopol
010263-85 (Renfrew Co) James Gregg MILLAR, 27, farmer, born in Scotland, resident Alice Tp, s/o John & Elizabeth MILLAR, married Ellen RYAN, 28?, born Pembroke, resident Alice Tp, d/o John & Mary RYAN, witnDaniel MILLER & Ellen CARNAGIE of Alice Tp, 24 June 1885 at Pembroke

10218-85 (Renfrew Co) Hugh S. MILLAR, 23, wagon maker, Ramsay, Bells Corners, s/o David MILLAR & Annabella MCLEOD married Jessie COMRIE, 27, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Peter COMRIE & Catherine BENNIE, witn: Daniel COMRIE & Flora H. BENNIE of Westmeath, 16 Sept 1885, Westmeath

10248-85 (Renfrew Co) Henry T. Fisher MILLS, 21, book keeper, Ottawa, Joachim Quebec, s/o Andrew K & Martha MILLS married Emeline Maria MOORE, 25, Rolph, Rolph, d/o John & Almira MOORE, witn: George CARR of Point Alexander & Almira MOOR of Rolph, 13 May 1885, Pembroke


10437-85 (Renfrew Co) James MITCHELL, 22, farmer, widower, Brougham, Brougham, s/o William & Elizabeth MITCHELL married Mary Jane COLLINS, 21, Brougham, Brougham, d/o James & Jane COLLINS, witn: Robert VILLICOT & Ellen SHORT of Renfrew, 2 April 1885, Renfrew

10351-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph L. MOHNE, 25, farmer, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o Charles MOHNE & Charlotte married Margaret CHILDERHOSE, 23, Horton, Horton, d/o William CHILDERHOSE & Charlotte, witn: Robert O'HARA of Renfrew & Sarah A. RUSSELL of Horton, 6 may 1885, Arnprior
10320-85 Frederick MOHNS, 23 (25?), farmer, Germany, Petewawa, s/o August & Louisa, married Johanna BUERGER, 17, Germany, Alice, d/o Frederick & Henriette, witn: Frederick BUERGER of Alice & Bernhardine MOHNS of Petewawa, 11 June 1885 at Petewawa 10398-85 Jonathan MONTGOMERY, 30, farmer, Horton, Brandon Manitoba, s/o William & Jane, married Jane GRAHAM, 28, Westmeath, same, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Robert GRAHAM & Bella MONTGOMERY, both of Snake River, 1 July [1885] at Westmeath
010201-85 (Renfrew Co) Andrew MORDY, 24, farmer, Ross, Westmeath, s/o Joseph MORDY & Hannah METCALF, married Annie FERGUSON, 21, Beckwith, Westmeath, d/o Thomas FERGUSON & M.A.PENDEN, witn: James & Mrs. James FARNELL, blank, 24 Feb 1885 at Westmeath 10395-85 William Edward MULLIGAN, 23, laborer, Pembroke, Ross, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth Jane, married Margaret VORTIONS (Vorteous?), 21, Westmeath, Ross, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James SULLIVAN & Ida OLMSTEAD, both of Ross, 17 Dec 1885 at not given [reg'd in Ross twp]

10237-85 (Renfrew Co) Michael MULVIHILL, 23, farmer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o Martin MULVIHILL & Margaret COSTELLO married Margaret KIELLY, 19, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Patrick KIELLY & Mary MCCARTHY, witn: James MULVIHILL & Alice KIELLY of Admaston, 16 Aug 1885, Mount St. Patrick

10381-85 (Renfrew Co) John MULVIHILL, 28, culler, Arnprior, McNab, s/o Michael MULVIHILL & Bridget CRONAN married Mary J. CURREN, 23, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Michael CURREN & Jane COSTELLO, witn: Timothy MULVIHILL & Eliza A. CURREN of Arnprior, 7 Sept 1885, Arnprior

10383-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas MURPHY, 23, shantyman, Bristol, Bristol, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Mary MULCHIST married Mary L. MIOTTE, 20, Rigaud, Arnprior, d/o Oliver MIOTTE & Philomene KNOTT, witn: Adolphe MCCORMICK & Tilda MIOTTE of Arnprior, 15 Sept 1885, Arnprior

10317-85 Francis MURPHY, 24, farmer, Allumette Island, same, s/o John & Ann, married Ann RYAN, 17, Petewawa, same, d/o Jeremiah & Bridget, witn: John MUPRHY of Allumette Island & Sarah Jane McINTOMNY? of Pembroke, 24 Nov 1885 at Pembroke

10379-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph MURPHY, 23, filer, Bristol, Braeside, s/o Margaret MURPHY married Margaret ODBURN, 23, McNab, Sand Point, d/o Henry ODBURN & Catherine FITZSIMMONS, witn: Walter REID of Braeside & Mary ODBURN of McNab, 21 July 1885, Arnprior

10350-85 (Renfrew Co) Karl L. MYER, 22, laborer, Germany, Arnprior, s/o Ferdinand MYER & Louise married Kate MOHR, 18, Bohemia, Arnprior, d/o Joseph MOHR & Teresa, witn: James ANDRES (Andrews?) & Annie M. MOHR of Arnprior, 6 May 1885, Arnprior

10441-85 (Renfrew Co) John NEWEL, 34, farmer, Drummond Quebec, Renfrew, s/o John & Margaret NEWEL married Annie ROACH, 32, South Crosby, South Algona, d/o Martin & Barbara ROACH, witn: Alexander ROBB & Gertrude PRINCE of Renfrew, 7 April 1885, Renfrew

  10229-85 Francis ONANSKIE, 26, farmer, Prussia, Renfrew, s/o Joseph ONANSKIE & Elizabeth STOURANSKIE, married Mary PESCA, 22, Admaston, same, d/o Lawrence PESCA & Mary SHALLA, witn: Thomas BOUROUSKI of Renfrew & Margaret PESCA of Admaston, 16 Feb 1885 at Mt. St. Patrick

10378-85 (Renfrew Co) James O'NEIL, 35, farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Thomas O'NEIL & Margaret MURPHY married Annie BASSETT, 23, Pakenham, Arnprior, d/o Edward BASSETT & Elizabeth DOYLE, witn: John O'NEIL & Catherine HERRICK of Fitzroy, 10 June 1885, Arnprior

10200-86 (Renfrew Co) Henry PAPIN, 23, mechanic, not given, Pembroke, s/o John PAPPIN & Martha PAPPIN married Sarah Jane MCINTOMNY, 18, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Patrick MCINTOMNY & Bridget DOREY, witn: William DEVOLIN & Annie SMITH of Pembroke, 29 Dec 1885, Beachburg
10431-85 (Renfrew Co) Leon PASKA, 26, blacksmith, Poland, Hagarty, s/o Michael PASKA & Lucy WYPSCKA married Mary Ann PATSWA, 21, Poland, Hagarty, d/o Joseph PATSWA & Lizabeth ORSTOWSKI, witn: Martin CROPESKA & John BURCHAT of Em--?, 9 Feb 1885, Hagarty

10145-85 (Renfrew Co) John PASSAW, 24, farmer, Renfrew, Horton, s/o Charles PASSAW & Christian PASSAW married Janet FROOD, 19, Horton, Horton, d/o Donald FROOD & Isabella FROOD, witn: John BENNETT of Admaston & Barbara FROOD of Horton, 6 Nov 1885, Horton

10340-85 (Renfrew Co) John PEKOSKIE, 24, farmer, Poland, Hagarty, s/o Antoine PEKOSKIE & Veronique KEDROSKI married Helen SUCKACK, 21, Sherwood, Hagarty, d/o Joseph SUCKACK & Ann LIBERIA, witn: Martin CRAPOSKI & Michel SWOLA of Hagarty, 20 April 1885, Hagarty

010207-85 (Renfrew Co) W.H. PERCIVAL, 23, farmer, Bethart, Bromley, s/o Alexander PERCIVAL & Lillie HAMILTON, married Ellen HOWARD, 20, Ross, same, s/o Robert HOWARD & M.J. JOHNSTON, witn: Jessie KNOX, Beachburg & Peter MCGREGOR, Renfrew, 14 Apr 1885 at Beachburg
10152-85 (Renfrew Co) John Baptiste PERRAULT, 27, workman, Allumettes Island, Pembroke, s/o John Baptiste PERRAULT married Mary Jane FRASER, 28, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Robert FRASER & Hannah CURRY, witn: Jane FRASER & John FRASER of Pembroke, 18 July 1885, Pembroke

10371-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert PICKENS, 41, agent, Brockville, Brockville, s/o David PICKENS & Kate DUNBAR married Isabella G. LYON, 33, Ottawa, Arnprior, d/o Robinson LYON & F. MCMILLAN, witn: John B. LYON, 24 Nov 1885, Arnprior

10341-85 (Renfrew Co) Carl RADKE, 21, farmer, Alice, Alice, s/o Carl RADKE & Charlotte married Maria TURO, 21, Alice, Alice, d/o Carl TURO & Augusta, witn: William RHOLOFF & Magdelina TURO of Alice, 17 June 1885, Alice 010303-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph RAYMOND, 30, laborer, born Westmeath Ont, resident Pembroke, s/o Joseph & Caroline RAYMOND, married Sophie CARRIERE, 15, of Alice, d/o James & Sophie CARRIER, witn Charles CARRIER & Mary RAYMOND, 21 July 1885 at Pembroke RC

10246-85 (Renfrew Co) James S. REID, 22, tinsmith, Eganville, Pembroke, s/o Charles & Mary REID married Mary E. SWEENEY, 19, Wilberforce, Pembroke, d/o James & Jane SWEENEY, witn: Harry IRWIN & Martha SWEENEY of Pembroke, 3 March 1885, Pembroke

10358-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph RICHLER, 32, ranger, Bohemia, Arnprior, s/o Frederick RICHLER & Clara married Messia? RHODE, 22, Germany, Arnprior, d/o W. RHODE & Andrea, witn: Lewfa CHITZE & Joseph MOHR of Arnprior, 9 Aug 1885, Arnprior
10315-85 Francis RILEY, 27, farmer, Wilberforce, Combermere, s/o George & Ellen (Eliza?), married Sarah McKIBBON, 20, Wilberforce, same, d/o Joseph & Annie, witn: David MOORE & Charlotte McKIBBON, both of Wilberforce, 30 Dec 1885 at Pembroke 010275-85 (Renfrew Co) William RILLEY, 31, lumberman, of Rockliffe Ont, s/o Patrick & Mary RILLEY, married Catherine MCDONELL, 26, born Allumettes Island PQ, resident of Pembroke, d/o John & Flora MCDONNELL, witn James MULLEN & Lizzie MCDONELL, 17 June 1885 at Pembroke RC

10435-85 (Renfrew Co) Carl RISTA, 28, farmer, widower, Germany, Hagarty, s/o C. RISTA & H. RISTA married Georgie GENOE, 24, Germany, Hagarty, d/o John GEINO & Minnie GEINO, witn: Dany GIENOW & Dina GIENOW of Hagarty, 2 April 1885, Hagarty

10380-85 (Renfrew Co) Francis C. ROBBILARD, (Robillard?) 22, laborer, Montreal, McNab, s/o Amable C. ROBBILARD & Adelade DROUIN married Sara HENDERSON, 26, McNab, McNab, d/o Marshal HENDERSON & Rosey CONNELL, witn: Patrick HENDERSON & Mary POWELL of McNab, 31 August 1885, Arnprior
10410-85 Donald ROBERTSON, 45, farmer, McNab, same, s/o James ROBERTSON & Jane STEWART, married Marion INGLIS, 40, Paisley Scotland, McNab, d/o William INGLIS & Marion A. MORRISON, witn: William GRAHAM of McNab & Martha McINNES of Horton twp., 15 July 1885 at res of David INGLIS, brother of the bride 10407-85 James ROBERTSON, 24, farmer, McNab, same, s/o John ROBERTSON & Isabella STEVENSON, married Lizzie McRAE, 23, McNab twp or Bagot twp., McNab, d/o Richard McRAE & Fannie McINNES, witn: James EDWARD of Fitzroy & Margaret McFADYEN of Bagot, 15 April 1885 at Burnstown

10331-85 (Renfrew Co) James King ROCHESTER, 23, accountant, Burnstown, Ottawa, s/o William ROCHESTER & Ellen ROCHESTER married Mary WATSON, 26, Ottawa, Rockingham, d/o John S. J. WATSON & Mary MARTIN, witn: Frank ROCHESTER of Ottawa & Marguerite WATSON of Rockingham, 25 Feb 1885, Rockingham

10153-85 (Renfrew Co) Gustav Johann Ferdinand ROSIER, 21, farmer, Zewanki Prussia, Sebastopol, s/o Carl ROSIER & Wilhelmine ROSIER (born Doelfke) married Albertine VANDERZEE, 24, Sillorezin Prussia, Sebastopol, d/o August VANDERZEE & Wilhelmine VANDERZEE (born Sill), witn: Rose REINHOLD & August ROSIEN of Sebastopol, 31 Aug 1885, Sebastopol

10212-85 (Renfrew Co) George ROSS, 33, farmer, Westmeath, Ross, s/o Hugh ROSS & Margaret COFFEE married Sarah NEILL, Fitzroy, Ross, d/o Francis NEILL & Elizabeth OWNS, witn: Edward NEILL & Margaret COWIE of Ross, 26 May 1885, Beachburg

10338-85 (Renfrew Co) James RUDDY, 23, farmer, Hagarty, Hagarty, s/o William RUDDY & Elizabeth CORRIGAN married Mary CULL, 19, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o Michael CULL & Rosanna WINTERS, witn: James CULL & Elizabeth RUDDY of Hagarty, 28 Sept 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell (also 10427-85)

10214-85 (Renfrew Co) Charles ST. DENIS, 26, laborer, St. Benoit Quebec, Westmeath, s/o Joseph ST. DENIS & Sophie RENOUD married Elizabeth DESROSIERS, 23, Fort Coulonge, Gower Point, d/o Tophfile DESROSIERS & Elizabeth LAPLAINE, witn: Joseph ST. DENIS & Theophile DESROSIERS of Westmeath, 5 Aug 1885, Gower Point

010193-85 (Renfrew Co) Patrick ST.DENIS, 26, labourer, Pembroke, Cobden, s/o Joseph ST.DENIS & Mary SHANNON, married Annie MCPEAK, 25, Bromley, same, d/o Henry MCPEAK & Emma CULHANE, witn: John MCCUAIG, Cobden & Mary Ann DALEY, Bromley, 15 Sept 1885 at Osceola, RC

10452-85 (Renfrew Co) Carile St.MICHEL, 25, laborer, Black River, Renfrew, s/o Pierre & Adeline St.MICHEL married Josephine LEVESQUE, 20, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o Francis & Delina LEVESQUE, witn: Thomas DEVINE & John KENNY of Renfrew, 3 Nov 1885, Renfrew

10195-86 (Renfrew Co) Ernest SCHOULTZ, 25, farmer, Germany, Alice, s/o E. W. SCHOULTZ & Fredericka SCHOULTZ married Sophia KOLDER, 25, Germany, Alice, d/o William KOLDER & Dorothea, witn: Herman SCHOULTZ & Bertha SCHIMITH of Alice, 4 Dec 1885, Alice

10362-85 (Renfrew Co) W. SCHUBURG, 22, farmer, McNab, McNab, s/o W. SCHUBURG & E. married Emelia SPECKHONDT, 23, Germany, Arnprior, d/o S. SPECKHONDT & Ida, witn: David SPECKHONDT & Louisa of Arnprior, 5 Dec 1885, Arnprior

10361-85 (Renfrew Co) A. A. E. SEBERT, 22, laborer, Germany, Mansfield, s/o Carl SEBERT & Emslie married Emilia A. SCHWONDT, 19, Germany, Mansfield, d/o Frederick SCHWONDT & Augusta, witn: William DUNNASK & Caroline SEBERT of Arnprior, 8 Oct 1885, Arnprior

010273-85 (Renfrew Co) Patrick SECOARDS, 25, laborer, resident of Allumettes Island PQ, s/o Michael & Ann SECOARDS, married Mary Ann CARNEY, 19, of Tp Stafford Ont, d/o James & Margaret CARNEY, witn James SECOARDS of Allumettes Island PQ & Margaret Lassman of Pembroke Ont, 12 May 1885 at Pembroke RC 10164-85 (Renfrew Co) John William SELLE, 23, farmer, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o Frederick & Wilhelmina SELLE married Amelia Matilda BUDDE, 21, Germany, Wilberforce, d/o Christian & Wilhelmina BUDDE, witn: Gary William LABORER & Sophia BAETZ of Wilberforce, 20 Nov 1885, Wilberforce

10364-85 (Renfrew Co) Daniel SHEAN, 28, farmer, Gatineau, Ottawa, s/o Thomas SHEAN & Mary O'BRIEN married Margaret HANNAH, 35, Fitzroy, Arnprior, d/o John HANNAH & Flora STILT, witn: Edward MCCLEARY & Margaret MCLEAN of Arnprior, 14 July 1885, Arnprior

10326-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas SHERIDAN, 25, farmer, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o Thomas SHERIDAN & Margaret KERIGAN married Catherine RYAN, 26, Sebastopol, Sebastopol, d/o John RYAN & Bridget COLLINS, witn: Michael RODY of Sand Point & Margaret FINNCANE of Sebastopol, 19 Jan 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

10324-85 (Renfrew Co) Henry SIBLEY, 23, foreman, Holland, Renfrew, s/o Julius SIBLEY & Leah SIBLEY married Leah VINEBURG, 21, Holland, Renfrew, d/o Elias VINEBURG & Elizabeth VINEBURG, witn: Richard SCHURIZERT & Mary BAULL of Vanburgh, 5 June 1885, Vanburgh

10344-85 (Renfrew Co) Carl SIEGEL, 21, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Frederick & Louise SIEGEL married Caroline HASHACK, 16, Alice, Wilberforce, d/o Frederick & Caroline HASHACK, witn: Martin HASHACK & Augusta MACKRESCH of Alice, 19 June 1885, Wilberforce

10189-85 (Renfrew Co) Patrick SHEEDY, 29, farmer, Bromley, Bromley, s/o Michael SHEEDY & Mary RUDDY married Bridget SAMMON, 26, Bromley, Bromley, d/o John SAMMON & Margaret MALONEY, witn: James SHEEDY of Bromley & Mary Ann BURK of Pembroke, 19 Jan 1885, Osceola 10191-85 (Renfrew Co) Martin SHEEDY, 26, farmer, Bromley, Bromley, s/o Martin SHEEDY & Julia MORIARTY married Mary DURICK, 26, Stafford, Stafford, d/o Daniel DURICK & Mary MALLEY, witn: Cornelius DURICK of Stafford & Mary A. HAWLEY of Pembroke, 17 Nov 1885, Osceola

10447-85 (Renfrew Co) Paul SHELTON, 36, farmer, widower, Poland, Hagarty, s/o not given but widower of the late Victoria LIBERA, married Marianne HERTMANSKI, 32, Poland, Renfrew, d/o Paul & Mary HERTMANSKI, witn: Frank LIBERA & Mary COBUS of Renfrew, 13 July 1885, Renfrew

10373-85 (Renfrew Co) William SLY, 30, farmer, Bristol Que., same, s/o George SLY & Bridget L. ROY married Josephine CRAIG, 25, Bristol Que., same,  d/o David CRAIG & Hannah SHEFFIELD, witn: Christopher MCNEIL & Jeannie SLY of Bristol, 23 Dec 1885, Arnprior

10442-85 (Renfrew Co) Edward SMITH, 36, railroader, Hamburg Germany, Renfrew, s/o Edward & Emily SMITH married Annie DILLABOUGH, 30, widow, Mecklenburg Germany, Renfrew, d/o Charles & Lena LANCE, witn: Mr. Donal STEWART & Mrs. Donald STEWART of Renfrew, 12 Aug 1885, Renfrew

10417-85 Thomas Bowes SMITH, 26, farmer, McNab, Wiciliafield, s/o James & Catherine, married Lidia Margaret KIMBERLY, 19, McNab, same, d/o Elisha KIMBERLY & Mrs. Jane, witn: Andrew YOUNG & Thomas TAYLOR, 25 Nov 1885 at McNab

10222-85 (Renfrew Co) William SMITH, 27, carpenter, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o Edward SMITH & Bridget married Sarah Jane DAVIDSON, 19, Westmeath, Pembroke, d/o James DAVIDSON & Sarah, witn: Daniel SMITH of Pembroke & Sophia DAVIDSON of Westmeath, 28 Oct 1885, Beachburg

10446-85 (Renfrew Co) Ezra SNIDER, 23, telegraph operator, Hinchenbrooke, Hinchenbrooke, s/o Anson SNIDER & Charlotte SNIDER married Victoria STANFORD, 21, Kingston, Verona, d/o William & Anne STANFORD, witn: Marshall SNIDER & Bella SNIDER of Renfrew, 5 Oct 1885, Renfrew

10395-86 (Renfrew Co) Benjamin SOMERVILLE, 34, carpenter, widower, London England, Renfrew, s/o Jas & Charlotte SOMERVILLE married Catherine BURLANGETTE, 30, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o John & Elizabeth BURLANGETTE, witn: Thomas LOGAN & James MCNICOL of Renfrew, 9 June 1885, Renfrew

10245-85 (Renfrew Co) Patrick SOULIERE, 24, farmer, Ottawa, Pembroke, s/o Frank & Addie SOULIERE married Hermelius MALLETT, 21, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Gilbert & Mathilda MALLETT, witn: Joseph LEVEQUE & Baptiste GAGNON of Pembroke, 1 April 1885, Pembroke

10224-85 Alex SPINKS, 36, farmer, Fort Coulonge, same, s/o Alex SPINKS & Jane PITT, married Mary Jane GINON, 26, Fort Conley, same, d/o Daniel GINON & May STUD, witn: John BUCHANAN of Westmeath & Isabella SPINKS of Fort Conley, 31 Dec 1885 at Beachburg
10188-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert A. STARRS, 20, merchant, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Michael STARRS & Bridget REYNOLDS married Catherine BOUFIELD (Bonfield?), 19, Canada, Eganville, d/o James BOUFIELD & Catherine TRACY, witn: John BOUFIELD & Mary BOUFIELD of Eganville, 5 Oct 1885, Eganville 010209-85 (Renfrew Co) John STEVENSON, 26, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Matthew STEVENSON & Grace BENNIE, married Jessie MCLEAN, 24, Westmeath, same, d/o John MCLEAN & Margaret MCNEVIN, witn: Hugh DUNN & Annie N. JOHNSTON, both of Beachburg, 15 Apr 1885 at residence of J. MCLEAN bride's father at Westmeath
10396-86 (Renfrew Co) John STEWART, 24, farmer, McNab, McNab, s/o Robert & Christiana STEWART married Margaret RYAN, 28, McNab, McNab, d/o Patrick & Ellen RYAN, witn: James RYAN & Mary Jane STEWART of McNab, 22 Sept 1885, Renfrew 10147-85 (Renfrew Co) John STEWART, 49, farmer, widower, McNab, McNab, s/o John STEWART & Christina MCINTYRE married Marion G. FORREST, 30, Horton, Horton, d/o Andrew FORREST & Marion HALLIDAY, witn: James M. FRASER of Horton & Jane MCGREGOR of McNab, 17 March 1885, Horton
10151-85 (Renfrew Co) John R. STILLWELL, 30, clergyman, Haldimand, Pembroke, s/o Robert STILLWELL & Elizabeth DIAMOND married Rebecca DELAHEY, 29, Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Robert DELAHEY & Maria ACHESON, witn: Alex DELAHEY & Ray ELLIS of Pembroke, 2 July 1885, Pembroke 10227-85 James Stewart STORIE, 24, laborer, McNab, Admaston, s/o James & Annie, married Mary Teresa GAUTHIER, 16, Admaston, same, d/o Arcene GAUTHIER & Caroline ADEN?, witn: Alfred & Rose Ann GAUTHIER of Admaston, 17 Feb 1885 at Admaston

10363-85 (Renfrew Co) William STRICH, 22, farmer, Arnprior, McNab, s/o Carl STRICH married Augusta F. DANROSTY?, 21, Germany, Arnprior, d/o none given, witn: Herman SCHEEL of McNab & W. DANROSKY (sic) of Arnprior, 26 Dec 1885, Arnprior

10179-85 (Renfrew Co) John STUART, 33, farmer, Wilberforce, Bangor, s/o Charles STUART & Susan LOTT married Alisha MARTIN, 22, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o John MARTIN & Margaret GRIFFITH, witn: Charles STUART & Josephine GRIFFITH of Wilberforce, 13 July 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville

10258-85 (Renfrew Co) Thomas SULLIVAN, 33, farmer, Morrison Island, Pembroke, s/o Timothy & Nancy SULLIVAN married Mary Ann DUGGAN, 28, Stafford, Stafford, d/o John & Rose DUGGAN, witn: James MCDONALD & Mrs. William KENNEDY of Pembroke, 10 Feb 1885, Pembroke

10449-85 (Renfrew Co) Andrew SULLIVAN, 30, laborer, Lanark, Admaston, s/o James & Ann SULLIVAN married Julia DUNLOP, 26, Admaston, Admaston, d/o James & Mary DUNLOP, witn: James O'DAY & Margaret DUNLOP of Admaston, 301 Aug 1885, Renfrew

10388-85 William SUMMERVILLE, 29, clergyman, Portadown Ireland, Mattawa, s/o Youngson SOMERVILLE (sic) & Elizabeth DYNES, married Fanny RANKIN, 28, Ross, same, d/o Samuel RANKIN & Rachel ARNOLD, witn: William SPURLING  (Sparling?) of Stafford & Rebecca RANKIN of Ross, 23 June 1885 at Ross 10216-85 (Renfrew Co) John SUTHERLAND, 27, farmer, Wilberforce, Stafford, s/o David SUTHERLAND & Elizabeth KING married Isabella MICK, 23, Wilberforce, Stafford, d/o Peter MICK & Catherine SWEENEY, witn: John MICK & Agnes SUTHERLAND of Stafford, 20 Aug 1885, Beachburg

10347-85 (Renfrew Co) Richard TENANT, 24, farmer, Wilberforce, Chalk River, s/o Thomas TENANT & Mary Ann GROBERGER married Mary Eli WATSON, 18, Westmeath, Chalk River, d/o Richard WATSON & Christina MCDONALD, witn: Thomas TENANT of Chalk River & Catherine WATSON, 15 July 1885, Alice

10378-85 (Renfrew Co) Louis THOMBLAY, 26, shantyman, Pilots River Quebec, Arnprior, s/o Theosphore THOMBLY (sic) & Lisa TROMBLY married Adoline GABY, 20, La Chiots Quebec, Arnprior, d/o Alfred GABY & Catherine LADOUCEUR, witn: Philis BERNIGE & Maria GABY of Arnprior, 24 Aug 1885, Arnprior

  10173-85 (Renfrew Co) John THOMPSON, 35, farmer, not given, Wilberforce, s/o Alexander THOMPSON & Mary MCALLISTER married Theresa FAUGHT, 22, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Lawrence FAUGHT & Ann LECO, witn: Arthur McINTYRE Jr & Mary Ann BLACKBURN of Wilberforce, 2 Sept 1885, St. John's Church, Eganville
10177-85 (Renfrew Co) Fred THUR, 23, farmer, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o William & Caroline THUR married Augusta SCHOENFELD, 21, Germany, Wilberforce, d/o August & Wilhelmina SCHOENFELD, witn: John WETZEL & Mary ?? of Wilberforce, 23 Sept 1885, Wilberforce 10422-85 Joseph TOMEZYK, 26, farmer, Poland, Hagarty, s/o Albert TOMEZYK & Catherine HENCZEL, married Catherine MINTA, 26, Poland, Hagarty, d/o Joseph MINTA & Mary Ann WITEK, witn: Martin CRAPESKI & August CRANOWSKI, both of Hagarty, 26 Oct. 1885 at Hagarty
10171-85 (Renfrew Co) Julian TURPAN, 43, farmer, widower, Quebec, South Algona, s/o Thomas & Angela Lovelle TURPAN married Nancy BADHAM, 34, Canada, Hagarty, d/o William & Bertha BADHAM, witn: Archibald BADHAM & Elizabeth WILSON of Hagarty, 21 Oct 1885, Badham

10339-85 (Renfrew Co) Alfred VANDETTE, 20, farmer, Grattan, Grattan, s/o Jean Baptiste VANDETTE & Mary RELIHAN married Anne DOYLE, 23, South Algona, South Algona, d/o Dennis DOYLE & Bridget MCGRATH, witn: James POWER of Grattan & Maggie DOYLE of South Algona, 2 Nov 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

10425-85 William VERCH, 21, farmer, Germany, Hagarty, s/o F?. & H., married Gustie KUHE, 21, Germany, Hagarty, d/o G. & C., witn: John BLODOW & Gettie RISTA, 2 July 1885 at Hagarty

10138-85 (Renfrew Co) Joseph VINCENT, 25, farmer, Matawachan, Matawachan, s/o Lazar VINCENT & Isabelle ALLARD married Marie BOURGINGNON, 18, Matawachan, Matawachan, d/o Narcisse BOURGINGNON & Sophie BOIVIN, witn: Arthur MERCHANT of Griffith & Adille BOURGINGNON of Matawachan, 6 July 1885, Matawachan

010197-85 (Renfrew Co) John WALSH, 24, labourer, Douglass, same, s/o James WALSH & Mary LONG, married Mary VERGNER, 23, Grattan, Douglass, d/o Baptiste VERGNER & Josephine BOURKE, witn: John & Elizabeth NEVIL, both of Douglass, 24 Nov 1885 at Douglass RC 10150-85 (Renfrew Co) John WANAMAKER, 29, farmer, Madoc, Mayo, s/o Thomas WANAMAKER & Rachael WANAMAKER married Eliza Jane LONEY, 20, Perth, Raglan, d/o James LONEY & Elizabeth LONEY, witn: Robert WANAMAKER of Mayo & Susan LONEY of Raglan, 18 Feb 1885, Raglan
10401-85 - H.O. WARREN, 33, miller, Lancaster, Ross, s/o Peter & Mary, married Fannie BULMER, 22, Ross, same, d/o Robert & Julia P, witn: Stewart McLEICE & Julia BULMER, both of Ross, 26 May 1885 at Ross 10408-85 John WATT, 27, farm servant, Horton twp., McNab, s/o Donald WATT & Elizabeth KNIGHT, married Mary GRAHAM, 19, McNab, same, d/o John GRAHAM & Elizabeth HILL, witn: John WRIGHT & Jessie ROBERTSON, both of McNab, 7 May 1885 at res of William HILL Sr
10370-85 (Renfrew Co) George WHYTE, 22, miller, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o John WHYTE & Elizabeth LINDSAY married Margaret ELLIS, 25, Pontiac, Arnprior, d/o Edward G. ELLIS & Margaret DEWAR, witn: Archibald Browning & Mary WHYTE of Arnprior, 11 Nov 1885, Arnprior

10443-85 (Renfrew Co) Samuel WIGHT, 31, laborer, widower, Newfoundland, Renfrew, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth WIGHT married Elizabeth BAKER, 23, Newfoundland, Renfrew, d/o Robert & Martha BAKER, witn: William BOSHART & Hannah WIGHT of Renfrew, 13 Aug 1885, Renfrew

  010300-85 (Renfrew Co) Michael WILIUZ (WILIUK?), 26, mason, born Deeck Germany, resident Pembroke, s/o Michael & Mary WILIUZ, married Isabella MOEUS? (Moens?), 18, of Pettawawa Ont , d/o August & Louisa BEIL, witn Antoine KOSOROSKI of Pembroke & Bertha CIGOR? of Pembroke, 6 August 1885 at Pembroke RC

10390-85 (Renfrew Co) John WOODS, 31, R. R. contractor, Kildare Quebec, Minneapolis Minnesota, s/o Russell WOODS & Eliza HUSTON married Margaret ROSS, 23, Ross, Ross, d/o William ROSS & Margaret ROSS, witn: William ROSS & Margaret ROSS of Foresters Falls, 18 Feb 1885, Foresters Falls

10385-85 Byron WOODS, 21, farmer, Winchester, Ross, s/o Daniel WOODS & Melissa LENOX, married Annie Maline BYCE, 21, Ross, same, d/o Henry BYCE & Malina COLEMAN, witn: Henry & Malina BYCE of Ross, 25 March 1885 at Ross

10217-85 (Renfrew Co) Johan Jonston WYMAN, 34, farm laborer, Carlshomm Sweden, Westmeath, s/o Jans Olsjon WYMAN & Fredrica married Anna JANSSEN, 24, Stockholm Sweden, Westmeath, d/o Yons JONSSEN & Ingeried OLSJON, witn: John CLIPPS & Ingeried OLSJON of Westmeath, 14 Sept 1885, Beachburg

10243-85 (Renfrew Co) Francis Murdoch YOUNG, 27, spinner, Appleton, Almonte, s/o Agnes & William YOUNG married Mary Ann COTTELL, 24, England, Pembroke, d/o Samuel & Ann COTTELL, witn: William ANDREW of Douglas & Sophia HENRI of Osceola & Catharine COTTELL of Pembroke, 21 April 1885, Pembroke

10176-85 (Renfrew Co) Karl August ZADOW, 26, wagoner, Germany, Eganville, s/o Karl August ZADOW & Charlotta ZADOW married Helena Othelia Louisa SCHANSEIL, 21, Germany, Eganville, d/o Fuerchtgott & Othelia SCHANSEIL, witn: Ernst BINNS of Eganville & William ZADOW of S. Algona, 9 Aug 1885, Eganville

10327-85 (Renfrew Co) Robert ZIMMERMAN, 27, farmer, Germany, Brudenell, s/o Edward ZIMMERMAN & Albenor CHEVAN married Annie FORSTER, 23, Germany, Brudenell, d/o Ignatius FORSTER & Johanna TIBER, witn: John GALLAGHER of Sebastopol & Mary FORSTER of Brudenell, 19 Jan 1885, St. Mary's Church, Brudenell

10178-85 (Renfrew Co) Charles ZIROTH, 23, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o C. ZIROTH & Ann HINZ married Laura KRUGER, 21, Germany, Wilberforce, d/o Theodore KRUGER & Augusta MOLKENTHIN, witn: Albert KRUGER & Maria BESENTHAL of Wilberforce & Louisa BIMM of Eganville, 1 Oct 1885, Wilberforce 10428-85 Carl ZUMMACK, 21, farmer, Germany, Hagarty, s/o Carl & Minna, married Maggie YETTS (Yelts?), 21, Hagarty, same, d/o Louey YETTS & Auguste GENOE, witn: John YETTS & Minnie ZUMMACK, both of Hagarty, 2 April 1885 at Hagarty