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Renfrew Co., 1898


#013042-1898 (Renfrew Co): Angus AMICESE, 24, farmer, Golden Lake, same, s/o Vincent AMICESE & Lizzie MOGUA?, married Lizzie GOKS?, 17, Maniware:, Golden Lake, d/o Louis GOKS & Madeline STEPHENS; wit: David GOKS, Madeline SIMON, Golden Lake. 28 Jun 1898 at Eganville.  
13115-98 Francois AMYOT, 22, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Francois AMYOT & Eliza HUDSON, married Mary RYAN, 21, Westmeath, same, d/o John RYAN & Ellen DUGGAN, witn: James RYAN of Westmeath & Sarah DELOUGHREY of Pembroke, 25 May 1898 at Pembroke 13114-98 James AMYOT, 25, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Francois AMYOT & Eliza HUDSON, married M. Jane RYAN, 26, Westmeath, same, d/o John RYAN & Ellen DUGGAN, witn: Xavier VAUDRY & Margaret DAVIDSON, both of Pembroke, 25 May 1898 at Pembroke
#013123-1898 (Renfrew Co): Thomas Alvy ARGUE, 29, druggist, Stittsville, same, s/o George ARGUE & Margaret SCOTT, married Annie WALFORD, 24, Locksley, same, d/o M. Talford WALFORD & Annie LOWE; wit: George A BEATTIE, Ottawa, Esther WALFORD, Locksley. 13 Jul 1898 at Locksley.

13144-98 (Renfrew Co) William H. ARMSTRONG, 24, plainer, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o Frederick William Doty ARMSTRONG & Louisa CLENA married Henrietta COSHLOW, 19, Snake River, Petewawa, d/o John COSHLOW & Orphy MONGOMENY, witn: Gust GRIFFITH of Pembroke & E. BROWN of Stafford, 14 April 1898, Petewawa

#012939-1898 (Renfrew Co): Vincent Aaron BARNETT, 24, carpenter, Almonte, Arnprior, s/o William Edward BARNETT & Agnes DUNCAN, married Ada Emelia KEDEY, 22, Fitzroy, Arnprior, d/o Samuel KEDEY & Margaret Julia SMITH; wit: William E BARNETT, Samuel KEDEY, Arnprior. 26 Jul 1898 at Arnprior 013200-98 (Renfrew Co.), Walter Russell BASS, 28, Prescott, not given, farmer, s/o John BASS & Mary HANER, to Jennie BROWN, 18, Pembroke, not given, d/o John R. BROWN & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: R. H. HARPER & Mary McALISTER, both of Cobden, 12, April 1898 at Cobden
  #012944-1898 (Renfrew Co): William H. BEATTIE, 26, laborer, Bristol, Arnprior, s/o Martin BEATTIE & Annie EMERSON, married Maggie TELFORD, 27, Bristol, same, d/o Jas TELFORD & Elizabeth GRANT; wit: Archie McGILLIES, Nellie TELFORD, Bristol. 17 May 1898 at Arnprior
#013118-1898 (Renfrew Co): Joseph F. BEAUDRY, 27, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Moses BEUDRY & Annie BORMAN, married Mary WATSON, 33, Alice, same, d/o Peter WATSON & Mary HAMILTON; wit: W. F. S .HAMILTON, Locksley, Sarah J. BEAUDRY, Wilberforce. 27 Jul 1898 at Pembroke #013032-1898 (Renfrew Co): August BEHM, 55, widower, farmer, Germany, Bromley, s/o Frederick BEHM & Lizzie FENDER, married Johanna BIMM, 46, widow, Germany, Tp Wilberforce, d/o Aug BIMM & Louisa SHAND; wit: William & Albertine FICK, Wilberforce. 19 Jan 1898 at Eganville
#013228-1898 (Renfrew Co): George BIGGS, 53, farmer, widower, Alice Tp Ont, Westmeath, s/o Annie SWEEZY & Samuel BIGGS, married Annie IRVINE, 35, widow, Thurlow Ont, Belleville, d/o Isabella CHAPMAN & Thomas HAGERMAN; wit: John PATTERSON, Westmeath, Marion BIGGS, Pembroke. 29 Mar 1898 at Westmeath

13044-98 (Renfrew Co) Emil Ernest Aug BIMM, 23, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Herman BIMM & Johanna KLEIST married Antonie GERTZ (Gutz?), 18, Brudenell, Brudenell, d/o Ludwig GERTZ & Wilhelmine SEIDLITZ, witn: Otto BIMM of Wilberforce & Helen BIMM of Eganville, 5 July 1898, Eganville

  #013121-1898 (Renfrew Co): Charles BISHOP, 27, farmer, Moberly, same, s/o William BISHOP & Mary FAUSET; married Sarah JACKSON, 24, Wilberforce, same, d/o Thomas JACKSON & Mary CLARK; wit: Beng BIGGS, Mary WRIGHT, Pembroke. 3 Oct 1898 at Pembroke.
013196-98 (Renfrew Co.), Robert BLACKBURN, 38, Horton, Westmeath Twp., farmer, s/o William BLACKBURN & Jane STOREY, to Annie THOMPSON, 22, Ross, same, d/o John THOMPSON & Elizabeth McCAGHERTY, witn: Robert JONES & Gertrude E. COLLINS, both of Ross Twp., 22 June 1898 at Forsters Falls 013202-98 (Renfrew Co.), Campbell BLAKELY, 30 Lanark Village, same, farmer, s/o Joseph BLAKELY & Eliza MICKLE, to Isabella ROSS, 30, Cobden, same, d/o John ROSS & Leah PHELPS, witn: Samuel BLAKELY of Lanark, Lizzie ROSS of Cobden, 1 June 1898 at Cobden
#013141-1898 (Renfrew Co): Michael BLIMKIE, 22, laborer, Jrushere West Germany, Pembroke, s/o Michael BLIMKIE & Mary HASENAMON?, married Annie HASS, 19, Germany, Pembroke, d/o Jacob HASS & Bertha HASENAMON?; wit: Aug WICKWORTH, Wilberforce, Martha HASS, Renfrew. 4 Oct 1898 at Pembroke  

13060-98 (Renfrew Co) W. J. BOYLE, 27, farmer, Hagarty, Hagarty, s/o William BOYLE & Mary BURNS married Catharine POTTER, 19, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o Thomas POTTER & Jane THOMAS, witn: James WILSON & Mary POTTER of Hagarty, 30 Nov 1898, Hagarty

#013169-1898 (Renfrew Co): Jas Walter BRISCO, 21, mechanic, Tp Admaston, Ferguslea, s/o John & Catherine BLACK, married Margaret BECTALL, 21, weaver, Renfrew, same, d/o Charles Alexander & Annie CARMICHAEL; wit: William BRISCO, Ferguslea, Mary Jane BECKET, Renfrew. 27 Jul 1898 at Renfrew.
#013091-1898 (Renfrew Co): Robert BROWN, 32, farmer, Admaston Tp, same, s/o Christina BAYNE & John BROWN, married Elizabeth STEWART, 27, house maid, McNab Tp, same, d/o Agnes WILSON & John STEWART; wit: David BROWN, Admaston Tp, Agnes STEWART, McNab Tp. 7 Sep 1898 at McNab #013090-1898 (Renfrew Co): Walter BROWN, 26, farmer, McNab Tp, same, s/o Agnes DICKSON & James BROWN, married Catherine McMILLAN, 21, housemaid, McNab Tp, same, d/o Marion McINNIS & Peter McMILLAN; wit: Robert Brown, Mary D McMILLAN, McNab Tp. 20 Jul 1895 at McNab Tp

13056-98 (Renfrew Co) Joseph BUCHARD, 31, farmer, Hagarty, Hagarty, s/o Joseph BUCHARD & Catherine DOBICK married Paulina CHAPESKIE, 22, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o Martin CHAPESKIE & Marcinna ZIKARSKI, witn: Jacob BURCHARD & Peter WOLDOC of Hagarty, 10 Jan 1898, Wilno

#012937-1898 (Renfrew Co): Robert BURROWS, 48, farmer, Kitley, Bristol, s/o Thomas BURROWS & Mary CONNOR, married Ann Jemima STRUTT, 23, Clarendon, same, d/o John STRUTT, & Elizabeth BAARTON; wit: Ida L CAIRNS, C.M. HARKNESS, Arnprior. 12 Jan 1898 at Arnprior #012945-1898 (Renfrew Co): Thomas G. BYERS, 26, farmer, Admaston, Wilberforce, s/o William BYERS & Ellen BANNING, married Mary E. JERVAIS, 19, Gratton, Arnprior, d/o John JERVAIS & Mary DUVAL; wit: Alexander WATSON, Alice ST. LOUIS, Gratton. 16 Jun 1898 at Arnprior
13157-98 Hugh CAMLEY, 29, farmer, Bromley twp., same, s/o James CAMLEY & Mary CLANCY, married Honora CUNNINGHAM, 21, Admaston twp., Renfrew, d/o Thomas CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth COSTELLO, witn: Edward DOONER of Osceola & Katherine CUNNINGHAM of Renfrew, 15 Feb 1898 at Renfrew 13109-98 William CANNING, 28, commercial traveller, of Guelph, s/o Robert & Mary, married Bessie DOW, 26, teacher, of Pembroke, d/o Robert DOW & Mary BEVERIDGE, witn: Duncan McLELLAN of Guelph & Marnie SUMMERS of Pembroke, 1 June 1898 at Pembroke
#013092-1898 (Renfrew Co): David CARSWELL, 48, widower, farmer, McNab Tp, Horton Tp, s/o Margaret DICKSON, married Mary Stewart McDERMAID, 27, housemaid, McNab Tp, same, d/o Margaret RUSSELL & Robt McDERMAID; wit: Alexander & Katie McDERMAID, McNab. 29 Nov 1898 at McNab. #013232-1898 (Renfrew Co): Jonathan CAVANAGH, 29, laborer, Tp Fitzroy, Pembroke, s/o Eliza MOSSOP & Thomas CAVANAGH, married Maud Mary SULLIVAN, 25, Tp Westmeath, Pembroke, d/o Mary Jane KENNY; wit: Malcolm McLAREN, Cobden, Lucinda SULLIVAN, Pembroke. 20 Apr 1898 at Beachburg.
#013077-1898 (Renfrew Co): George CHERRY, 27, farmer, Tp Admaston, same, s/o Martha BUCHANAN & William H. CHERRY, married Mary Ann YOUNG, 24, house maid, Tp McNab, same, d/o Clarinda MILLER & John YOUNG; wit: Robert W BROWN, Admaston, grace H. YOUNG. 9 Mar 1898 at Lot 18, Con 9, Tp McNab 13152-98 John CHURCH, 32, farmer, Calabogie, same, s/o Thomas CHURCH & Sarah HUNTER, married Lillie McGONIGAL, 21, Flower Station, same, d/o Stephen McGONIGAL & Hannah DOBIE, witn: John TAYLOR & Sarah CHURCH, both of Calabogie, 13 Jan 1898 at Renfrew

13021-98 (Renfrew Co) Albert COLE, 30, laborer, Brougham, Grattan, s/o James COLE & Diantha CARSWELL married Maud ANDREWS, 18, Admaston, Admaston, d/o William ANDREWS & Ann WARK, witn; Henry LEPSEY of Bromley & Irene BRESNAHAM of Brougham, 24 May 1898, Brougham

#013176-1898 (Renfrew Co): Thomas Xavier COULAS, 25, bricklayer, Portage Du Fort, Renfrew, s/o Anthony & Mary, married Mary GRENZIA, 20, Wilno TP of Hagarty, Renfrew, d/o Jacob & Antoinn—KREWTA?; wit: Dominick COULAIS, Mary KOBRACK, Renfrew. 26 Oct 1898 at Renfrew. Note: Bride's family name generally altered to GUEN

13030-98 (Renfrew Co) Finan COYN, 29, farmer, Brudenell, Brudenell, s/o Patrick COYN & Elizabeth DONOVAN married Margaret SCULLY, 28, Brudenell, not given, d/o Maurice SCULLY & Bridget ?--LOSON (ink blot, Nicholson?), witn: Philip DONNELLY & Bridget NICHOLSON of Admaston, 29 Sept 1898, Brougham

#013233-1898 (Renfrew Co): Robert John CRUMMY, 26, trackman, Grenville, Douglas, s/o Sarah McDONALD & James CRUMMY, married Ellen CARNAGIE, 21, Westmeath Tp, Westmeath, d/o Sarah FRASER & Daniel CARNAGIE; wit: James CARNAGIE, Westmeath Tp, Elizabeth FRASER, Pembroke. 27 Apr 1898 at Westmeath

13020-98 (Renfrew Co) John CULHANE, 30, laborer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o David CULHANE & Bridget KILEY married Ellen BULGER, 22, Admaston, Admaston, d/o William BULGER & Bridget HUGHS, witn: Patrick CULHANE of Bagot & Mary Ann LACY of Admaston, 26 April 1898, Mount St. Patrick

13160-98 John DAGENAIS, 34, merchant, Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o Duncan DAGENAIS & Katherine LAPORTE, married Margaret HARTY, 27, Horton, Renfrew, d/o Rodger HARTY & Mary HOULAHAN, witn: R. J. SLATTERY of Arnprior & Katherine CORBETT of Renfrew, 26 April 1898 at Renfrew #013174-1898 (Renfrew Co): James DAVIES, 26, miner, Yphonusld Wales, Sudbury, d/o Joseph DAVIES, no Mom listed, married Margaret McLELLAND, 26, Matawarkan, North Bay, d/o George & Elizabeth; wit: Jas LACOURSE, Jos MARCHAND, Balvine PO. 5 Oct 1898 at Renfrew
#013129-1898 (Renfrew Co): Ker McMornie DICK, 27, merchant, Grattan Ont, Stafford, s/o David DICK & Margaret TURNBULL, married Mary Ann DOBSON, 22, widow, Stafford, same, d/o H. H. DOBSON & Sophia ROBINSON; wit: William J. McLACHLAIN, Eliza M. DOBSON, Stafford. 30 Nov 1898 at Pembroke.  

13059-98 (Renfrew Co) Frank DOMBROSKIE, 27, farmer, Sherwood, Sherwood, s/o Francis DOMBROSKIE & Agatha TRACK married Mary PAPLENSKIE, 17, Sherwood, Sherwood, d/o Antonio PAPLENSKIE & Annie MOORACH, witn: Joseph ERAN of Hagarty & Joseph LASKELSKI of Sherwood, 8 July 1898, Hagarty

13058-98 (Renfrew Co) Peter DOMBROSKI, 25, farmer, Sherwood, Sherwood, s/o Martin DOBROSKI & Bridget MASCK married Mary MASK, 19, Sherwood, Sherwood, d/o Frank MASCK & Annie LASTROSKI, witn: Thomas DOMBROSKI of Hagarty & Paul TYRENSKI of Sherwood, 9 May 1898, Wilno

  #013078-1898 (Renfrew Co): Peter DOUGALL, 26, jeweler, Renfrew, Town of Renfrew, s/o Catherine FRASER & Peter DOUGALL, married Elizabeth Margaret McADAM, 25, milliner, Tp McNab, same, d/o Margaret McIntyre & William McADAM; wit: Josiah J. McADAM, Edith R. McADAM, McNab. 15 Mar 1898, Presbyterian Church, Stewartville, McNab
#013134-1898 (Renfrew Co): John Jos. DRAPER, 38, pilot, Pontiac, Pembroke, s/o unknown & Margaret DRAPER, married Norah CARNEY, 28, Stafford, Pembroke, d/o William CARNEY & Eliz. BUTLER; wit: John McBEAN, Onslow, Catherne CARNEY, Stafford. 3 Nov 1898 at Pembroke #013076-1898 (Renfrew Co): Robert S. DRYSDALE, 39, widower, implement dealer, Renfrew Town, Arnprior Town, s/o Charlotte COOMBS & Robert DRYSDALE, married Emily E. BAKER, 26, house maid, Tp McNab, same, d/o Elizabeth BOSSONTH?, & William BAKER; wit: Thomas J BAKER, Tp McNab, Lillian C SLACK, Arnprior. 21 Feb 1898 Tp McNab
13155-98 Thomas Alex DRYSDALE, 22, carter, Renfrew, same, s/o Robert DRYSDALE & Charlotte COOMBS, married Margaret SCHULFER, 18, Renfrew, same, d/o John SCHULFER & Katherine DABROWSKA, witn: John & Katherine SCHULFER of Renfrew, 24 Jan 1898 at Renfrew #013084-1898 (Renfrew Co): Fitzpatrick DUNLOP, 26, tailor, England, Arnprior, s/o Mary GREY & John DUNLOP, married Ida JAUNDORAW, 20, house maid, Pakenham Tp, McNab, d/o Marie CLARKE & Narcisse JAUNDORAW; wit: James JUNDORAW, McNab, Kate M HOLBEIN, White Lake, McNab. 24 Aug 1898 at McNab Tp
13161-98 Thomas EDMONDS, 27, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o Lorenzo Dow EDMONDS & Jane HURST, married Huldah DILLABOUGH, 21, Ross twp., same, d/o George & Emiline, witn: George EDMONDS & Annie A. DILLABOUGH, both of Ross twp., 4 May 1898 at Renfrew  

13206-98 (Renfrew Co) Hermann FEHLHABER, 22, farmer, Germany, Sebastopol, s/o Carl FEHLHABER & Ernestina SCHMIDT married Helena BEIKER, 18, Sebastopol, Sebastopol, d/o Ferdinand BEIKER & Louisa WEILAND, witn: Carl WOERMKE & Marie WOERMKE of Sebastopol, 17 Feb 1898, Sebastopol

013087-1898 (Renfrew Co): John FERGUSON, 39, widower, farmer, Pakenham Tp, McNab Tp, s/o Margaret GILLIES & Robert FERGUSON, married Annie LAMBERT, 28, housemaid, Perth, Co Lanark, McNab Tp, d/o Mary FARMER & Joseph R LAMBERT; wit: James POOLE, Mary COUTTS, McNab Tp. 29 Nov 1898 at McNab Tp
#012947-1898 (Renfrew Co): William Archibald FETHERSTONE, 25, lumberman, Kruburm?, Galetta, s/o George FETHERSTONE & Eliza Jane RIDDELL, married Mary Anna CALDWELL, 27, Bristol, Galetta, d/o Jas CALDWELL & Emily Jane SMITH; wit: WB McLEAN, Eardly Que, E.S. CALDWELL, Ottawa. 22 Jun 1898 at Arnprior

13207-98 (Renfrew Co) Thomas FITZGERALD, 39, filer, widower, Bristol Quebec, Arnprior, s/o John FITZGERALD & Mary WHELAN, married Emma Albertina Friederica ROSIEN, 26, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o Carl ROSIEN & Wilhelmina DRAPKE , witn; Carl ROSIEN & Margaretha ROSIEN of Sebastopol, 21 Feb 1898, Sebastopol

#013085-1898 (Renfrew Co): Robert A FITZSIMMONS, 37, farmer, Eastman's Springs, Osgoode -  Co Carleton, s/o Frances FARMER & Samuel FITZSIMMONS, married Bella McNAB, 27, farmers daughter, McNab Tp, same, d/o Mary McCALLUM & Archibald McNAB; wit: John McNab, McNab Tp, Isabella FITZSIMMONS, Ottawa. 21 Sep 1898 at McNab Tp. 13164-98 Israel Shepherd FITZSIMONS, 25, farmer, Eastmans Springs, McNab twp., s/o Samuel FITZSIMONS & Fanny FARMER, married Katie Bell McNAB, 20, McNab twp., same, d/o William McNAB & Maggie McLELLAN, witn: J. R. FITZSIMONS of McNab & John McFEETORS of Ross twp., 21 June 1898 at Renfrew

13043-98 (Renfrew Co) John FLOYD, 32, farmer, not given, Nipissing, s/o Edward FLOYD & Margaret MCMULLEN married Jennie MILLS, 24, not given, Wilberforce, d/o W. J. MILLS & Matilda MARTIN, witn: John MILLS & Maggie JESSUP of Eganville, 6 July 1898, St. John's Church, Eganville

#013177-1898 (Renfrew Co): William FOSTER, 30, farmer, birth place not given, Bathurst, s/o James & Eliza MORRIS, married Maggie McCHARLES, 21, birth place not given, South Sherbrooke, d/o Alexander & Maggie McVEIGH; wit: Sarah McCHARLES, H. E. WEBSTER, Renfrew. 14 Nov 1898 at Renfrew #013119-1898 (Renfrew Co): Daniel FRASER, 33, livery man, Greenwood Ont, Pembroke, s/o Simon FRASER & Maria TENANT, married Emma CREIGHTON, 33, England, Pembroke, d/o Adam CREIGHTON, no mom listed; wit: Robert FRASER, Tienie TIBEAU, Pembroke. 21 Sep 1898 at Pembroke
#013229-1898 (Renfrew Co): John FRASER, 32, book keeper, Tp of Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o Jane ARMSTRONG & Richard FRASER married Annie Louise SMITH, 24, Westmeath, same, d/o Harriet ARCHAMBEAU & Alfred SMITH; wit: Marion BIGGS, Pembroke, Irven DUMA, Westmeath. 13 Apr 1898 at Westmeath  

13209-98 (Renfrew Co) John W. GALLAGHER, 40, farmer, Renfrew, Sebastopol, s/o William GALLAGHER & Bridget McNAMARA, married Margaret RYAN, 34, Sebastopol, Sebastopol, d/o John RYAN & Bridget COLLINS, witn; Michael GORMAN of Eganville & Mary RYAN of Sebastopol, 26 April 1898, Sebastopol

#013040-1898 (Renfrew Co): Farigal GALLAGHER, 36, farmer, Grattan, Oakwood N. Dakota, s/o Farigal & Julia GALLAGHER, married Mary FEELY, 29, Grattan, same, d/o Thomas FEELY & Mary McDADE; wit: Farigal GALLAGHER, Maggie J. DEVLIN?, Eganville. 14 Feb 1898 at Eganville
13064-98 (Renfrew Co) William Howard GERGEON, 24, culler, Pt. Alexander, Port Alexander, s/o Arcene GERGEON & Bridget O'DONNELL married Bridget Teresa DUNLOP, 22, Mackey, Mackey, d/o James DUNLOP & Kate CONWAY, witn: George RILEY of Rockcliffe & Aggie DUNLOP of Mackey, 4 July 1898, Mackey

#012942-1898 (Renfrew Co): James Black GILMOUR, 22, mechanic, Almonte, Braeside, s/o AW GILMOUR & Maggie BLACK, married Ida Mary CRAIG, 21, Bristol, Braeside, d/o George CRAIG & Mary TELFER; wit: Arthur D CRAIG, Ella GILMOUR, Braeside. 12 Apr 1898 at Arnprior

13256-98 Frederick GOLDBERG, 38, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o Christian GOLDBERG & Anna MELCHOR, married Maria DORNAN (Dorman?), 27, Wilberforce, same, d/o Mathias DORNAN & Louisa KRUGER, witn: John MELCHOR & Louisa JONAS, both of Wilberforce, 1 July 1898 at Wilberforce #013138-1898 (Renfrew Co): George GOUGEON, 30, CPR conductor, Pt Alexander, McLeod Alberta, married Elizabeth LEAHEY, 24, Allumette Isle, DesJochims, d/o John LEAHEY & Mary COSTELLO; wit: Timothy McGUIRE, Minnie O'MEARA, Pembroke. 23 Aug 1898 at Pembroke
013071-98 (Renfrew Co.), John M. GRAHAM, 29, McNab, same, lumberer, s/o John GRAHAM & Elizabeth HILL, to Emma McARTHUR, 20, Horton, same, d/o Andrew McARTHUR & Jessie McMILLAN, witn: David GRAHAM of McNab, Jessie McARTHUR of Horton, 10 August 1898 at Horton  
013201-98 (Renfrew Co.), Alex. L. HAMILTON, 26, Bromley, Westmeath, farmer, s/o David HAMILTON & Jane FOREST, to Janet SWEENEY, 22, Bromley, Ross, d/o Spencer SWEENEY & Mary A. COLE, witn: A. G. HAMILTON of Cobden, Rachel McLAUGHLIN of Ross, 13 April 1898 at Presbyterian manse in Ross Twp #013080-1898 (Renfrew Co): John HANSON, 28, laborer, Tp McNab, White Lake, McNab, s/o Ann BARRIE & William HANSON, married Barbara S.CRAM, 22, house maid, Tp McNab, White Lake, McNab, d/o Margaret BENNETT & William S. CRAM; wit: James BOND, Bertha HANSON, white Lake, McNab. 16 Mar 1898 at White Lake, McNab
013197-98 (Renfrew Co.), Joseph F. HASS, 28, Jordan - Minnesota USA, same, harness maker, s/o Joseph HAAS & Annie SHANNON, to Dora HILL, 24, Cobden, same, d/o Thomas HILL & June McCULLOCH, witn: John A. MARSHALL & Maggie HILL, both of Cobden, 12 January 1898 at Cobden 13257-98 Henry Alfred HAWKINS, 28, farmer, Stafford, same, s/o Henry HAWKINS & Eliza SALTER, married Eliza Matilda DENNISON, 23, Wilberforce, same, d/o William DENNISON & Elizabeth PAUL, witn: W. J. McLACHLAN of Micksburg & Barbara SHAW of Wilberforce, 28 Sept 1898 at Wilberforce
  #012938-1898 (Renfrew Co): John Gormlay HENDERSON, 47, widower, farmer, March, Fitzroy, s/o Hugh HENDERSON & Rebecca MILLAR, married Isabella ALLISON, 46, Fitzroy, same, d/o Samuel ALLISON & Jane FINDLAY; wit: John Wesley GROVES, Fitzroy, Margaret McLEAN, Arnprior. 16 Feb 1898 at Arnprior.
#012949-1898 (Renfrew Co): Henry HIGHLAND, 40, laborer, Fitzroy Harbor, same, s/o Henry HIGHLAND & Margt PEEVER, married Mary Jane McGREGOR, 34, Griffith, same, d/o Thomas McGREGOR & Catherine JOYCE; wit: Mrs Catherine McGREGOR, Arnprior. 24 Jun 1898 at Arnprior #012943-1898 (Renfrew Co): Walter A HODGINS, 22, farmer, Tp Onslow, same, s/o Thomas HODGINS & Eleanor MOONEY, married Christina L MURRAY, 21, Tp Onslow, same, d/o George MURRAY & Eliza ARMITAGE; wit: W.C. HODGINS, H.E. MURRAY, Onslow. 13 Apr 1898 at Arnprior
14641-00 (Renfrew Co): John HOWARD, 24, laborer, Foresters Falls, same, s/o John M. HOWARD & Elizabeth NEIL, married Lizzie McCALL, 26, Ramsay twp., Foresters Falls, d/o James McCALL & Jane HARRIS, witn: Robert CURRY & Sarah HOWARD, both of Foresters Falls, 21 Dec 1898 at Cobden #013124-1898 (Renfrew Co): Adolf HUBERT, 28, farmer, Strebnow Germany, Alice, s/o Fred HUBERT & Emestona STEPHAN, married Florentine WIESE, 23, Markowarck Germany, Pembroke, d/o Fred WIESE & Justina ZIELANSKI; wit: Arthur LEHMAN, Pembroke, Olga BERGMAN, Chalk River. 2 Aug 1898 at Pembroke
#013089-1898 (Renfrew Co): Jason HUCKABONE, 33, farmer, Ross Tp, Pembroke Tp, s/o Jane McKIBBON & Edward HUCKABONE, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 30, housemaid, McNab Tp, same, d/o Ann TOUGH & Donald ROBERTSON; wit: John A Robertson, McNab Tp. Tena S GIBBONS, Horton. 14 Apr 1898 at McNab Tp  

13022-98 (Renfrew Co) Thomas HUNT, 26, farmer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o Thomas HUNT & Elizabeth O'BRIEN married Hanorah HUNT, 24, Blythfield, Blythfield, d/o John HUNT & Catherine FINCH, witn; John HUNT of Admaston & Mary HUNT of Blythfield, 22 Feb 1898, Mount St. Patrick

#013041-1898 (Renfrew Co): John HUNT, 30, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o John HUNT & Ellen COUGHLIN, married Hannah O'KANE, 37, Wilberforce, same, d/o Michael O'KANE & Catherine GORMAN; wit: Richard McELLIGOT, Eganville, Mary MEANY. Grattan. 25 May 1898 at Eganville
 013068-98 (Renfrew Co.), John JACQUES, 24, Jarois, Powasson, livery keeper, s/o Elkenah JACQUES & Agnes RANKIN, to Martha FRASER, 28, Horton, same, d/o Abraham FRASER & Christina DUPALSE. witn: Thomas FRASER of Renfrew, Rachel DEWER of Pembroke, 20 September 1898 at Horton

13045-98 (Renfrew Co) George JESSUP, 23, not given, Brudenell, s/o William JESSUP & Sarah BRESNEHAM married Melissa Jane MARTIN, 19, not given, Brudenell, d/o not given, witn: Robert MILLS & Elizabeth G. PIERCE of Wilberforce, 19 Sept 1898, Eganville

#013234-1898 (Renfrew Co): William JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Tp of Ross, Westmeath, s/o Eliza McFEETERS & Samuel JOHNSON, married Katie McDONALD, 24, Tp Westmeath, same, d/o Mary McLEOD & Donald McDONALD; wit: James B THRASHER, Foresters Falls, Tena MUNRO. 22 Apr 1898 at Westmeath #013140-1898 (Renfrew Co): William JONES, 20, laborer, Pembroke, same, s/o Antoine JONES & Louise LEBLANCE, married Elsa PAQUET, 22, Stafford, Pembroke, d/o Louis PAQUET & Marie VA-DRY; wit: Antoine JONES, Jos LAROCHE, Pembroke. 4 Oct 1898 at Pembroke

13208-98 (Renfrew Co) Carl Hermann KADDATZ, 32, farmer, Renfrew, Sebastopol, s/o August KADDATZ & Henrietta KUHRT, married Helena KLINGBEIL, 18, Sophienhof Germany, Sebastopol, s/o Wilhelm KLINGBEIL & Emilie MEISSNER, witn; William KADDATZ & Mary KADDATZ of Sebastopol, 27 March 1898, Sebastopol

13146-98 (Renfrew Co) Carral KATHEW, 42, not given, widower, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Leopold KATHEW & Holdine L. SIMON married Anna C. E. GUTZMAN, 27, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o William GUTZMAN & Caroline BUGE (Berge?), witn; Amitia HEINZE & Lissia GUTZMAN & A. LINDERMAN of Petewawa, 14 June 1898, Petewawa

#013082-1898 (Renfrew Co): Robert J. KELLOUGH, 32, farmer, Ramsay Tp, same, s/o Jane GEMMILL & James KILLOUGH, married Maggie YOUNG, 30, farmer's daughter, McNab Tp, same, d/o Margaret TOSHACK & John YOUNG; wit: Robert J KELLOUGH, Ramsay, Mary YOUNG, McNab. 7 Jun 1898 at McNab

13023-98 (Renfrew Co) John KELLY, 36, farmer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o Michael KELLY & Ann O'LEARY married Mary MOORE, 26, Admaston, Black Donald, d/o John MOORE & Bridget TYNE, witn: John MOORE & Catherine GURNEY of Brougham, 16 May 1898, Mount St. Patrick

  #013142-1898 (Renfrew Co): Jos KENSLEY (Kinsley?), 26, painter, Calumet, Coulonge, s/o Thomas KENSLEY & Annie BOWIE, married Agnes ARMOUR, 21, Coulonge, same, d/o Jas ARMOUR & Annie WALSH; wit: Cyrille GUIMOND, Jos MURRAY, Pembroke. 10 Oct 1898 at Pembroke.
#012940-1898 (Renfrew Co): William George KERR, 23, laborer, Tp of Ross, Arnprior, s/o James KERR & Harriet LEROY, married Anna Bella THOMPSON, 23, Horton, same, d/o Alexander THOMPSON & Jeanie JOHNSTON; wit: William A O'BRYAN, Arnprior, Jeanie CAMPBELL, Castleford. 2 Mar 1898 at Arnprior #013224-1898 (Renfrew Co): Joseph KEYES, 24, clerk, Westmeath, same, s/o Annie GRAHAM & John KEYES, married Eva WRIGHT, 23, Westmeath, same, d/o Mary TUCKER & John WRIGHT; wit: W. J. GRYLLS, Etta PEEVER, Westmeath. 3 Jan 1898 at Westmeath.
#013088-1898 (Renfrew Co): George Nelson KIMBERLY, 23, mechanic, Tp McNab, Arnprior Town, s/o Sarah Ann JUDSON & William KIMBERLY, married Edith R McADAM, 22, dressmaker, McNab Tp., d/o Margaret McINTYRE & William McADAM; wit: Allan S DUFF, Eva B McADAM, McNab Tp. 5 May 1898 at McNab Tp. #013226-1898 (Renfrew Co): William KNOX, 54, widower, clergyman, Clarenson Que, Westmeath, s/o Hannah McDOWELL & Henry KNOX, married Agnes ARGUE, 37, Clarenson Que, Westmeath, d/o Cecelia KILGOUR & Henry ARGUE: wit: H R & C Kate DUNN, Beachburg. 18 Jan 1898 at Beachburg,

13063-98 (Renfrew Co) Nicholas KRANTZ, 29, farmer, Golden Lake, Golden Lake, s/o Nicholas KRANTZ & Mrs. KRANTZ married Mary GETZ, 20, Killaloe, Golden Lake, d/o August GETZ & Mrs. GETZ, witn; William KUHL & Minnie GETZ of Hagarty, 18 Aug 1898, Hagarty

14709-00 John KRANZ, 36, farmer, North Algona, same, s/o Nicholas KRANZ & Catherine VETTEULER?, married Anna MANTEUFFLE, 18, North Algona, same, d/o Julius MANTEUFFLE & Anna LANG, witn: Minnie NEITZEL of Grattan & Albert MANTEUFFLE of Wilberforce, 31 March 1898 at Golden Lake

#013143-1898 (Renfrew Co): Christopher KRUGER, 21, laborer, Pembroke, s/o Aug KRUGER & Applonea WILNETZ married Martha BLIMKIE, 20, Straietz Germany, Pembroke, d/o Michael BLIMKIE & Mary HASENAMON?; wit: Stephen KUTCHAN, Alice, Cecilia SCHMIDT, Pembroke. 24 Sep 1898 at Pembroke #013033-1898 (Renfrew Co): John KRUGER, 33, widower, farmer, Wilberforce, South Algoma, s/o John KRUGER & Maria KRUGER, married Amelia KANT, 21, South Algoma, same, d/o Ferdinand KANT & Amelia BARR; wit: Arnold BURTILINS?, Mary SCHRODER, Eganville. 25 Mar 1898 at Eganville
#013034-1898 (Renfrew Co): Edward KUEHL, 29, farmer, Germany, Tp Lyndoch, s/o Wilhelm KUEHL & Louise FE--LINBEINDER, married Auguste FEHLHABER, 24, Germany, Tp Sebastopol, s/o Karl FEHLHABER & Ernestine SCHMIDT; wit: William FEHLHABER, Sebastopol, Bertha KUEHL, Lyndoch. 24 May 1898 at Eganville #013128-1898 (Renfrew Co): Remi LANGEVIN, 31, blacksmith, St Revis Portneuf Que, Pembroke, s/o Louis LANGEVIN & Philomene BEAUPRE, married Sophia OBREY, 20, Eganville Ont, Pembroke, d/o Henry OBREY & Salagon? BELLISLE; wit: Ida HICKS, Mrs Jas FERGISON, Pembroke. 23 Nov 1898 at Pembroke.
14642-00 (Renfrew Co): James R. LEE, 27, carpenter, Ross twp., Cobden, s/o Robert LEE & Sarah RITCHIE, married Laura McDONALD, 26, Cobden, same, d/o J.R. & Julia, witn: R.O. McLAREN of Osceola & Lizzie ROSS of Cobden, 28 Dec 1898 at Cobden 13151-98 Oliver LEFEBVRE, 26, blacksmith, Alice, Grattan (Caldwell), s/o Oliver LEFEBVRE & Vitaline BOIRE, married Clara DUPLESSIS, 24, Eganville, Renfrew, d/o Joseph A--? DUPLESSIS & Mary LAMARCHE, witn: Jos. Alex DUPLESSIS & Math. DEIRNE, both of Renfrew, 11 Jan 1898 at Renfrew

13055-98 (Renfrew Co) Joseph LORBESKI, 21, farmer, Hagarty, Hagarty, s/o Joseph LORBESKI & Marcienne ZIKARSKI married Julia CHAPESKIE, 19, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o Martin CHAPESKIE & Catherine DOLNA, witn: Peter WOLDOCK & Paul TYRENSKIE of Hagarty, 11 Jan 1898, Wilno

13049-98 (Renfrew Co) Jacob MAHEW, 24, merchant, Ontario, Dacre, s/o Louis MAHEW & Sarah Pierce married Orpha HUNTER, 29, Ontario, Dacre, d/o William HUNTER & Martha CARSWELL, witn: James F. MAHEW, & Mrs. John WARK of Grattan, 12 Sept 1898, Grattan

13113-98 Joseph MATHIEU, 39, widower, farmer, Pembroke, same, s/o Narcisse MATHIEU & Adeline ALLAN, married Adele GAUTHIER, 23, Pembroke, same, d/o Michel GAUTHIER & Adele CHARTRAND, witn: Nar. MATHIEU & Michel GAUTHIER, both of Alice, 13 June 1898 at Pembroke #013081-1898 (Renfrew Co): William? D. MATHEWS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Ann BRIGHT & John Wesley MATHEWS, married Marg? Stewert McLACHLAN, 21, farmer's daughter, Tp McNab, same, d/o Catherine McNEE & Donald McLACHLAN; wit: Charles FRASER, Nellie McLACHLAN, McNab Tp. 1 Mar 1898 at Lot 11 Con 3, McNab.

13025-98 (Renfrew Co) William MCADAM, 40, farmer, widower, Admaston, Admaston, s/o James MCADAM & Mary GORMAN married Catherine KELLY, 40, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Michael KELLY & Ann O'LEARY, witn: John GANNON & Bridget KELLY of Admaston, 26 April 1898, Mount St. Patrick

#013079-1898 (Renfrew Co): John McALLISTER, 21, farmer, Tp Ramsey, Tp Darling, s/o Barbara CRAIG & John McALLISTER, married Jessie BARRIE, 27, widow, relict of John BARRIE, Tp McNab, Tp Darling, d/o Catharine BARR & Robert BANDY; wit: N HOLBEIN, E HOLBEIN, White Lake, McNab. 4 Mar 1898 at White Lake, McNab
#013231-1898 (Renfrew Co): John McDONALD, 29, farmer, Westmeath, Monteagle Valley Huntings., married Margaret CARNAGIE, 24, Westmeath, same, d/o Elizabeth TENNANT & William CARNAGIE; wit: William CARNAGIE, Margaret J BLACK, Westmeath. 13 Apr 1898 at Westmeath 14640-00 (Renfrew Co): James D. McDONALD, 28, farmer, Arnprior, Cobden, s/o David McDONALD & Bella ROSS, married Christena FERGUSON, 21, Ross, Cobden, d/o James FERGUSON & Mary BLACK, witn: John HILL of Cobden & Kate McTAVISH of Renfrew, 19 Oct 1898 at Cobden
#013166-1898 (Renfrew Co): John McFEETERS, 21, farmer, Tp Ross, same, s/o William & Susanna GARBY, married Jennie MULLINS, 20, Tp Horton, same, d/o John & Mary PRICE; wit: John & Martha MULLINS. 29 Jun 1898 at Renfrew 013066-98 (Renfrew Co.), Peter McGREGOR, 21, McNab, same, farmer, s/o Robert McGREGOR & Janet STEWART, to Christina McLaren STORIE, 18, Horton, same, d/o James C. STORIE & Isabella CRAWFORD, witn: Duncan MCGREGOR of McNab, Elizabeth D. STORIE of Horton, 15 March 1898 at Horton

13048-98 (Renfrew Co) John Joseph MCGUIRE, 28, lumberman, Round Lake, Eganville, s/o John MCGUIRE & Catherine GAUDETTE married Elizabeth T. O'NEILL, 27, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Jer O'NEILL & Mary FOLEY, witn; James MCGUIRE of Eganville & Margaret O'NEILL of Wilberforce, 25 Oct 1898, Eganville

#013168-1898 (Renfrew Co): Jas McHUGH, 31, farmer, Tp Bagot, same, s/o James & Elizabeth McNULTY, married Adaline VILLEMAIRS, 22, Colounge, Calabogie, d/o Alexander & Emerence SICARD; wit: Michael McNULTY, Tp Bagot, Bridget McHUGH, Renfrew. 20 Jul 1898 at Renfrew 013069-98 (Renfrew Co.), Angus McINNES, 28, Horton, same, farmer, s/o Henry McINNES & Eliza HAMILTON, to Nellie JAMIESON, 19, Horton, same, d/o John. L. JAMIESON & Mary EADY, witn: John McINNES of McNab, Nellie B. EARLEY of Horton, 21 June 1898 at Horton
#013037-1898 (Renfrew Co): Rev Archibald McKENZIE, 37, clergyman, Ospringe, Ont, Douglas, s/o Archibald McKENZIE & Catherine McNAIR, married Maggie S CAMPBELL, 29, Glengarry, Eganville, d/o Jas R CAMPBELL & Annie McLAREN; wit: - HENDERSON, Kingston, Belle JOHNSTON, Castleford. 22 Jun 1898 at Eganville 13163-98 Hugh McLAUGHLIN, 24, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o James & Martha, married Lenna? RICHARDSON, 17, Nipissing Dist., Powassan, d/o George & Bertha, witn: John McLAUGHLIN & Janet CAMPBELL, both of Ross twp., 8 June 1898 at Renfrew
#013227-1898 (Renfrew Co): Alexander McLEAN, 21, farmer, Tp Westmeath, same, d/o Susanna GRAHAM & Daniel McLEAN, married Lizzie Smyth ROBERTSON, 25, Tp Westmeath, same, d/o Eliza COLLINS & John ROBERTSON; wit: Sandy McLEAN, Tp Westmeath, Nettie CO--?, Westmeath. 29 Mar 1898 at Westmeath 013199-98 (Renfrew Co.), William Cameron McLEESE, 32, Ross, same, farmer, s/o William McLEESE & Catherine McLAREN, to Ellen GILMOUR, 22, Ross, same, d/o Hugh GILMOUR & Ellen METCALF, witn: James McLEESE & Rose GILMOUR, both of Ross, 22 February 1898 at residence of bride's father Ross Twp
 #013086-1898 (Renfrew Co): James McNEE, 25, farmer, Bagot Tp, same, s/o Annie CARMICHAEL & Alexander McNEE, married Agnes McLEOD, 25, house maid, Tarbot Scotland, McNab Tp, d/o Margaret McRAE & John McLEOD; wit: Alexander TAYLOR, Bagot Tp, Agnes McVICAR, Arnprior. 30 Nov 1898 at Arnprior. 13154-98 John McNULTY, 41, widower, Ottawa, Renfrew, s/o Michael McNULTY & Jane HARRISON, married Elizabeth McHUGH, 31, Bagot twp., Renfrew, d/o James McHUGH & Eliza McNULTY, witn: John RYAN of Renfrew & Eliza McNulty McHUGH of Springtown, 20 Jan 1898 at Renfrew
#012941-1898 (Renfrew Co): John MacTREMAN (McTiernan?), 29, farmer, Torbolton, same, s/o John MacTREMAN, & Annie TRACEY, married mary Ellen WILLET, 23, Ottawa, Torbolton, d/o Godfrey WILLET & Mary WOODS; wit: Minnie McLEAN, Mars. J. BANNING, Arnprior. 27 Mar 1898 at Arnprior  

13145-98 (Renfrew Co) Robert John MICHAEL, 29, farmer, Germany, Petewawa, s/o Gustave MICHAEL & Caroline WRIGHT married Adelina E. ZENCHLKE, 20, Germany, Petewawa, d/o Michael ZENCHLKE & Louise GRAMORUSE, witn: Emilia MICHAEL & William ZENSHLKE & Lissie GOODSMAN & A. GOODSMAN & William SHAUDER of Petewawa, 28 April 1898, Petewawa

013194-98 (Renfrew Co.), Edward John MOON (Moore?), 26, Ross, same, farmer, s/o John MOON & Margaret BULMER, to Minnie MILLAR, 18, Pembroke, Ross, d/o Thomas MILLAR & Mary CROZIER, witn: E. M. LARMOUR & Ida M. DUNHAM, both of Cobden, 11 January 1898 at Cobden
13153-98 William A. MOORE, 30, carpenter, Badgeros Ont., Renfrew, s/o James MOORE & Jane SCOTT, married Angelina BOLAN, 28, Bryson Que., Renfrew, d/o William BOLAN & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: Fred VALLIER of Renfrew & Edith FARELL of Otto Lake, 19 Jan 1898 at Renfrew #013225-1898 (Renfrew Co): John Bowes MOORE, 23, Westmeath, same, s/o Martha L CURRY & William MOORE, married Mary L SHAW, 26, Westmeath, same d/o Jane POUNDER & Dave SHAW; wit: John H SHAW, Martha Jane MOORE, Westmeath. 11 Jan 1898 at Westmeath
#013167-1898 (Renfrew Co): John MURPHY, 27, barber, Newburg Ont, Renfrew, s/o John & Mary PRICE, married Margaret COSTELLO, 24, Tp Horton, same, d/o Francis & Agnes KEARNEY; wit: Edward MALLON, Erinsville, Mary Agnes COSTELLO, Renfrew. 18 Jul 1898 at Renfrew #013178-1898 (Renfrew Co): Timothy MURPHY, 23, clerk, Tp Bagot, Renfrew, s/o Thomas & Honora QUILTY, married Matilda LAPINE, 18, Calumet Island, Renfrew, d/o Charles & Margaret LAFONTAINE; wit: Thomas & Margaret MURPHY jr, Ashdad. 15 Nov 1898 at Renfrew

13029-98 (Renfrew Co) John MURPHY, 28, farmer, England, Brougham, s/o John MURPHY & Emily BROWN married Bridget SCULLY, 24, Brudenell, Brougham, d/o Daniel SCULLY & Mary CULHANE, witn: Phillip RYAN & Mary HUNT of Brougham, 13 Aug 1898, Brougham

13024-98 (Renfrew Co) Patrick MURPHY, 48, farmer, widower, Brougham, Admaston, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Ann MURRAY married Mary HANRAHAN, 21, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Patrick HANRAHAN & Johanna SIMON, witn: Thomas HANRAHAN of Admaston & Mary WINDLE of Brougham, 26 April 1898, Mount St. Patrick

#013093-1898 (Renfrew Co): Richard NEUMAN, 28, farmer, McNab Tp, same, s/o Fredrika NEUMAN & Karl NEUMAN, married Marie SCHEEL, 19, farmer's daughter, McNab Tp, same, d/o Maria SCHEEL & Ferdinand SCHEEL; wit: Ernest ULDRICH, Arnprior, Auguste NEUMAN, McNab. 27 Dec 1898 at McNab

13031-98 (Renfrew Co) James O'GRADY, 28, farmer, Ireland, Bagot, s/o Daniel O'GRADY & Elizabeth MORAN married Mary Ann HUNT, 23, Brougham, Bagot, d/o Thomas HUNT & Johana CALLAGHAN, witn: James & Mary CALLAGHAN of Brougham, 14 Nov 1898, Brougham

13204-98 (Renfrew Co) Thomas Walker O'HARA, 25, barber, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o Thomas J. O'HARA & Ann BURLEY married Ena WALLS, 24, Bromley, Bromley, d/o James WALLS & Catherine McMARTIN, witn: blank EDWARDS of Renfrew & Jessie WALLS of Bromley, 22 Sept 1898, Bromley

#013137-1898 (Renfrew Co): Louis OUELLET, 30, widower, laborer, Berthier, Pembroke, s/o Olivier OUELLET & Denise BOUCHER, married Phelomene GAGNIER, 17, Pembroke, same, d/o Jos GAGNIER & Odele CARRIERE; wit: Jacques SYLVESTRE & Marie GODON, Pembroke. 12 Sep 1898 at Pembroke
#013125-1898 (Renfrew Co): Cambridge L. OWEN, banker, Charlottetown PEI, Ottawa, s/o C L OWEN & Lois WELSH, married Catherine S FRASER, 32, Perth Ont, Pembroke, d/o Hector FRASER & Helen TRAVERS; wit: W A MOFFAT, Helen FRASER, Pembroke. 23 Jul 1898 at Pembroke #013175-1898 (Renfrew Co): William John PEEVER, 34, farmer, Tp Admaston, s/o Robert PEEVER & Mary McCONNELL, married Margaret E PEEVER, 24, Fitzroy, Canada, d/o William PEEVER & Maria CARR; wit: George & Elizabeth COUMBS, Tp Admaston. 18 Oct 1898

13203-98 (Renfrew Co) Hugh K. PETTIGREW, 30, farmer, Cobden, Forester Falls, s/o George PETTIGREW & Jane HOOD married Margaret CAMPBELL, 25, Cobden, Foresters Falls, d/o Neil CAMPBELL & Isabella HODGINS, witn: Samuel MURDOCK & Anne PETTIGREW of Foresters Falls, 10 Aug 1898, Cobden

13255-98 Robert Turner PIERCE, 25, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o William PIERCE & Jane BRISCOE, married Sarah Jane GREEN, 21, Wilberforce, same, d/o Thomas GREEN & Eleanor WHITEHEAD, witn: Thomas H. GREEN of Wilberforce & Jennie MAYHEW of Admaston, 29 June 1898 at Lake Dore English Church,

  13047-98 (Renfrew Co) James PILON, 26, farmer, not given, Grattan, s/o Jos PILON & Susan HAGARTY married Catherine Rose MENARD, 18, not given, Grattan, d/o Thomas MENARD & E. KELBY, witn: Jos SUTHERLAND & M. KELBY of Grattan, 17 Oct 1898, Eganville
#013036-1898 (Renfrew Co): Joseph R. PLAUNT, 25, druggist, Renfrew, same, s/o Jos PLAUNT & Isabella McDONALD, married Mary M BORLAND, 26, Eganville, same, d/o Jas BORLAND & Jane PATTERSON; wit: FH PLANT, Renfrew, Jean L BORLAND, Eganville #013179-1898 (Renfrew Co): Jos O. PLAUNT, 27, blacksmith, Tp Admaston, Renfrew, s/o Thomass R. PLAUNT & Annie MAHER, married Margaret A AIRTH, 23, Renfrew, same, s/o William AIRTH & Joan MURPHY; wit: John A PLAUNT, Admaston, Lizzie A AIRTH, Renfrew. 12 Jan 1898 at Renfrew
#013039-1898 (Renfrew Co): Michael REDMOND, 24, R.R. section foreman, Gloucester, ? Lake, s/o Michael REDMOND & Ann BURKE, married Margaret Ann SEARSON, 28, Grattan, same, d/o William SEARSON & Mary McKIERNAN; wit: James SLOAN, Katie SEARSON, Grattan. 24 Jan 1898 at Eganville 13057-98 (Renfrew Co) John REKOWSKI, 23, farmer, Sherwood, Sherwood, s/o Thomas REKOWSKI & Mary STOPA married Anna ZERA, 21, Sherwood, Sherwood, d/o August ZERA & Mary VLOSKUSKE, witn; Mich PRINCE & Jos REKOWSKI of Hagarty, 24 Jan 1898, Wilno

13159-98 Samuel James RETTY, 35, merchant, Allumettte Island, Eganville, s/o James RETTY & Sarah LACKAY, married Loretta Anastasia LAHEY, 19, Sheenboro Que., De Joachim, d/o John LAHEY (late) & Mary COSTELLO, witn: Michael HART & Elizabeth LAHEY, both of Renfrew, 26 April 1898 at Renfrew

13254-98 William RICHARDS, 25, farmer, Bromley, same, s/o James RICHARDS & Tamar BRISCOE, married Susannah Fairley SADLER, 24, Wilberforce, same, d/o Thomas SADLER & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Robert WALKER of Bromley & Ann Jane SADLER of Wilberforce, 8 June 1898 at Wilberforce
#013132-1898 (Renfrew Co): Hyacinthe ROBERT, 24, wheel wright, St Philippid de Argenteuil, Cobden, s/o Anthime ROBERT & Genesier FOURNIER, married Elize HIMOND, 25, milliner, Allumettle Isle, Pembroke, d/o Nazaire HEIMOND (sic) & Elize CHARTRAND; wit: Nazaire HEIMOND, Allumette, Jane CHARLAND, Pembroke. 18 Jul 1898 at Pembroke. 13162-98 James S. ROBERTSON, 26, typograph operator, Perth Ont., Winnipeg, s/o Donald M. & Janet, married Lila A. MILLER, 22, Admaston twp., Renfrew, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: A. E. THURLOW & Carrie MISENER?, both of Renfrew, 11 May 1898 at Renfrew
#013172-1898 (Renfrew Co): John ROBILLARD, 28, laborer, Calumet Island, Renfrew, s/o Alexander & Mary Louisa COOMBS, married Lucy CHAMILLARD, 18, Calumet, Renfrew, d/o Benjamin & Hermeline RAYMOND; wit: Victor ST. MICHAEL, Renfrew, wife of Francis LAFOND, Renfrew, Hermaline CHAMILLARD. 16 Sep 1898 at Renfrew #013173-1898 (Renfrew Co): Alex ROFFEY, 21, farmer, Tp Admaston, same, s/o Alexander & Isaabella McNAB, married Lizzie HODGINS, 21, Tp Admaston, same, d/o William & Elizabeth WALL; wit: Willie HODGINS, Gertie BURTON, Admaston. 28 Sep 1898 at Renfrew
#013126-1898 (Renfrew Co): Narcisse RONDEAU, 32, widower, lumberman, St Jeaunde Maltra, Pembroke, s/o Frs RONDEAU & Melina CLOUTIER, married Octavie MATHIEU, 28, Pembroke, same, d/o Narcisse MATHIEU & Adeline ALAIN; wit: Michel SYLVESTER, Celina JETTE, Pembroke. 11 Jul 1898 at Pembroke. #013131-1898 (Renfrew Co): Joseph ROSE, 27, laborer, Fort Colonge, same, son of Herminigilde ROSE & Catherine PERRIER, married [blank] McNALLY, 18, Calumet Isle, same, d/o Cornelius McNALLY & Catherine CUNNINGHAM?, wit: Rev J FORGET, Margt EGAN, Pembroke. 8 Aug 1898 at Pembroke
  013198-98 (Renfrew Co.), Thomas Andrew ROSS, 26, Ross, Westmeath, farmer, s/o Edmund ROSS & Mary J. CARSWELL, to Mary Alice FRASER, 22, Ross, same, d/o John FRASER & Sarah REYNOLDS, witn: Elmour ROSS & Annie FRASER, both of Forsters Falls, 15 February 1898 at residence of bride's father Ross Twp
#013130-1898 (Renfrew Co): William RUSSELL, 30, civil engineer, Pembroke, same, s/o William RUSSELL & Jessie KENNEDY, married Martha MUNRO, 22, Renfrew, Pembroke, d/o John W MUNRO & Martha TRAILL wit: Wellington MUNRO, Isabella RUSSELL, Pembroke. 14 Sep 1898 at Pembroke #013170-1898 (Renfrew Co): Victor ST. MICHAEL, 32, laborer, Calumet Island, Renfrew, s/o Peter & Adeline MAINORLLE, married Mary BRAZEAU, 16, Calumet Island, Renfrew, d/o Moses & Margaret CHIMILLARD; wit: Jos St Michael, Moses BRAZEAU, Renfrew. 25 Aug 1898 at Renfrew
#013133-1898 (Renfrew Co): Louis ST. ONGE, 60, widower, farmer, Chateuguay Que., Pembroke, s/o Eustache ST. ONGE & Kavie GOULX, married Olympe MAJOR, 56, widow, Scholadique, Allumette Isle, d/o J. Bte MAJOR & Marie MAISONNEUVE; wit: Benjamin MARTINEAU, Treffle GIROUX, Pembroke. 2 Aug 1898 at Pembroke

14710-00 Frederick SCHONOP, 25, farmer, Golden Lake, same, s/o Martin SCHONOP & Annie REB?, married Minnie SEIGAL, 21, Wilberforce, same, d/o Frederick SEIGAL & Louisa BARIO, witn: Bertha WALTER & William SEIGAL, both of Wilberforce, 15 July 1898 at Wilberforce

013065-98 (Renfrew Co.), Alexander J. SCOTT, 32, Renfrew, same, lumberman, s/o John SCOTT & Bella JAMIESON, to Minnie JAMIESON, 20, Horton, same, d/o Robert A. JAMIESON & Eliza ROBERTS, witn: William JAMIESON & Bella SCOTT, both of Renfrew, 13 July 1898 at Horton  

13061-98 (Renfrew Co) John SELLE, 36, farmer, widower, Wilberforce, Hagarty, s/o F. SELLE & Willimina SELLE, married Bertha SHILLEN, 23, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o Carl SHILLEN & blank, witn; Mary SHILERN & Albert VIRCH of Hagarty, 8 Dec 1898, Hagarty

013222-1898 (Renfrew Co): John George SHIELDS, 26, farmer, Tp Fitzroy, Tp Westmeath, s/o Mary Ann BURR & Alexander SHIELDS, married Jennie SPOTSWOOD, 24, Tp Westmeath, same, d/o Mary Ann RENEIGER? & James SPOTSWOOD; wit: William James SHIELDS, Mary SPOTSWOOD, Tp Westmeath. 5 Jan 1898 at Westmeath.
13258-98 William SIEGEL, 24, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Fred SIEGEL & Augusta WALTER, married Bertha WALTER, 19, Wilberforce, same, d/o William WALTER & Louisa SIEGEL, witn: William DOERING & Louisa SIEGAL, both of Wilberforce, 14 Oct. 1898 at Wilberforce

13026-98 (Renfrew Co) Michael SIMMON, 29, laborer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o James SIMMON & Elizabeth ALLEN married Margaret QUILTY, 19, Bagot, Bagot, d/o Thomas QUILTY & Johanna SULLIVAN, witn: Michael MULVIHILL of Brougham & Manny QUILTY of Bagot, 1 June 1898, Mount St. Patrick

13046-98 (Renfrew Co) John Alexander SMITH, 51, merchant, widower, Lanark, Eganville, s/o James SMITH & Catherine DICK married Agnes Haynes WILLIAMS, 39, widow, England, Eganville, d/o Jos HAYNES & Martha YORK, witn: D. F. MCGREGOR & Mrs. D. F. MCGREGOR of Eganville, 3 Oct 1898, Eganville

13027-98 (Renfrew Co) Joseph STAFFORD, 28, farmer, Drummond, Renfrew, s/o Tobias STAFFORD & Mary REGAN married Catherine HANRAHAN, 24, Blythfield, Brougham, d/o Patrick HANRAHAN & Catherine SIMMON, witn; John J. LACY of Renfrew & Minnie QUILTY of Bagot, 20 June 1898, Mount St. Patrick

013073-98 (Renfrew Co.), Thomas STEWART, 27, McNab, Horton, farmer, s/o John STEWART & Marion GILCHRIST, to Christina STEWART, 26, Horton, same, d/o [not given], witn: George STEWART & Eliza McINNES, both of McNab, 3 August 1898 at Horton #014525-00 (Renfrew Co): Peter STEWART, 27, contractor, McNab, same, s/o Charles STEWART & Levina Rose MARTIN, married Mary HUDSON, 21, house maid, White Lake, same, d/o William HUDSON & Mary AIDE, witn: John G. TOWNHILL & Laura STEWART, both of McNab, 4 April 1898 at McNab twp
013072-98 (Renfrew Co.), Walter STORIE, 28, McNab, same, farmer, s/o Robert STORIE & Janet ECKFORD, to Elizabeth Auth? CARSWELL, 23. Horton, same, d/o David CARSWELL & Elizabeth McINNES, witn: William W. NEIL & Margaret D. CARSWELL of Horton, 8 November 1898 at Horton 013070-98 (Renfrew Co.), Duncan Ferguson STORIE, 25, McNab, same, farmer, James STORIE & Jennie FERGUSON, to Jennie LINDSAY, 25, Horton, same, d/o William LINDSAY & Susannah LOWE, witn: John W. STORIE of Horton, Eliza Ann STORIE of McNab, 5 July 1898 at Horton
013067-98 (Renfrew Co.), James STRINGER, 26, Carlow, Renfrew, labourer, s/o Joseph & Bella STRINGER, to Theresa Jane CRAM, 20, Horton, same, d/o Peter & Neursa(?) CRAM, witn: George J. STRINGER of Eganville, Jessie Jane BOX of Renfrew, 14 September 1898 at Horton  

13205-98 (Renfrew Co) Edward A. SUTHERLAND, 27, medical doctor, Boston, Cobden, s/o Edward SUTHERLAND & Catherine MCLEOD married Iva Elsie SUTHERLAND, 20, Durham, Cobden, d/o James SUTHERLAND & Matilda INNES, witn: George TAYLOR of Chillins Ohio & Blanche BOYLE of Cobden, 28 Nov 1898, Cobden

13156-98 Edward SZOLA, 25, laborer, Hagarty, Renfrew, s/o Paul SZOLA & Victoria LIBERON, married Lucy KULAS, 20, Hagarty, Renfrew, d/o Anthony KULAS & Mary SCHULFER, witn: Thomas & Julia KULAS of Renfrew, 7 Feb 1898 at Renfrew
13112-98 James C. TARIO? (Taris?), 23, jeweller, Pembroke, same, s/o Joseph TARIO & Martha MORRISON, married Flora B. PIRIE, 19, Pembroke, same, d/o George PIRIE & Cecilia McCLEAN, witn: Wallace PINK & Ettie TARIO, both of Pembroke, 20 April 1898 at Pembroke #013122-1898 (Renfrew Co): H. S. TARIO, 32, farmer, Allumette Island, Manitoba, s/o Eli TARIO & Jennie PATTERSON, married Emma TARIO, 25, Alice, Pembroke, d/o B. TARIO & A BYRES; wit: H. M. HAMMOND, Annie TARRIO, Pembroke. 24 Aug 1898 at Pembroke
013075-1898 (Renfrew Co): James Wilson TAYLOR, 28, laborer, Co Antrim, Ireland, Tp McNab, s/o Fannie Taylor & James Taylor, married Catherine, WATSON, 22, house maid, Tp of McNab, same, d/o Ellen WATSON & David WATSON; wit: David McCOMB, Jennett WATSON, Tp McNab. 5 Jan 1898 at Stewartville, McNab #013083-1898 (Renfrew Co): James Alexander TAYLOR, 26, farmer, McNab, s/o Mary RANKIN & Andrew TAYLOR, married Margaret Ann SMITH, 24, farmer's daughter, Admaston Tp, McNab Tp, d/o Annie NAISMITH & Thomas J. SMITH; wit: James SMITH, Nina M TAYLOR, McNab Tp. 27 Jul 1898 at McNab Tp
013120-1898 (Renfrew Co): Arthur TAYLOR, 23, cheese maker, Tp Alice, Tp Stafford, s/o Robert TAYLOR & Elizabeth SWALWELL, married Maria Jane HEWETT, 25, Point Alexander, Tp Stafford, d/o William HEWETT & Frances BROUCE; wit: George TAYLOR, Alice, Martha PATTERSON, Westmeath. 6 Jul 1898 at Locksley #013230-1898 (Renfrew Co): William H. THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Westmeath, Dunnet Nipissing, s/o Elizabeth WILSON & James C THOMPSON, married Maria PATTERSON, 34, Westmeath, same, d/o Jane HENDERSON & Charles PATTERSON; wit: W J GRAHAM, S Tena THOMPSON, Westmeath. 13 Apr 1898 at Westmeath
13111-98 John THOMSON, 29, book keeper, Quebec, same, s/o J. C. THOMSON & Carol A. NELLIS, married Annie L. PICHE, 24, Pembroke, same, d/o Joseph PICHE & Lorenza WARREN, witn: H. N. THOMSON of Quebec & Nettie MILLAR of Pembroke, 6 April 1898 at Pembroke #013235-1898 (Renfrew Co): Hiram THRASHER, 26, farmer, Westmeath, Fort Coulonge, s/o Ann O"LEARY & Hiram THRASHER, married Judith EMORY, no age, illegible, same, d/o Susan McDOUGALL & Eli EMORY; wit: Isaac BRADY, Mary Jane THRASHER, Fort Coulonge. 11 May 1898 at Beachburg
13158-98 Lewis TINGS?, 21, train man, Eganville, same, s/o Joseph TINGS & Julia FEIK, married Johanna MANTIFFEL, 21, Palmer Rapids, Eganville, d/o Henry MANTIFFEL & Pauline MASCHKE, witn: Emma WEBSTER of Renfrew & Olive JOHNSTON of Jasper, 29 March 1898 at Renfrew (Lutheran) #013135-1898 (Renfrew Co): Joseph TURNER, 32, farmer, Chichester, same, s/o Jos TURNER & Louise BENOIT, married Paramela ARPIN, 24, Chichester, Pembroke, d/o Michel ARPIN & Josephine TERRAULT; wit: Michel ARPIN, Pembroke, Joseph TURNER, Chichester. 14 Nov 1898 at Pembroke

13062-98 (Renfrew Co) Joseph TYRENSKI, 22, farmer, Sherwood, Hagarty, s/o Thomas TYRENSKI & Augustina TRUCE married Hilma CYBRELSKI, 17, Hagarty, Hagarty, d/o Albert CYBRELSKI & Mary BENICH, witn; John CYBRELSKI & Paul CYBRELSKI of Hagarty, 5 July 1898, Hagarty

13051-98 (Renfrew Co) Baptist VELIGATH, 34, blacksmith, Brougham, Griffith, s/o Robert VELIGATH & Margaret CHAMPAGNE married Zoe GODDIN, 23, Griffith, Griffith, d/o Isidore GODDIN & Sophie BELANGER, witn: Joseph DAGINESS & Sophie GODDIN of Griffith, 25 April 1898, Griffith

#013137-1898 (Renfrew Co): Joseph VINNE, 30, farmer, Chichestor, same, s/o Daniel VINNE & Elizabeth RAMSAY, married Maria RYAN, 29, Allumette Isle, same, d/o James RYAN & Catherine McGUIRE; wit: Daniel VINNE, Margt RYAN, Chichester. 23 Aug 1898 at Pembroke. #012948-1898 (Renfrew Co): Harry WADSWORTH, 61, gardener, England, Arnprior, s/o Will & Rebecca WADSWORTH, married Amelia A GOLDAN, 46, widow, Germany, Arnprior, d/o John & Wilhelmina DAMERON; wit: Ang & Emlie JANKE, Arnprior. 7 Jun 1898 at Arnprior
  013195-98 (Renfrew Co.), George H. WAGNER, 26, Lisbon, Rodney -Ont., minister of gospel, s/o Philip WAGNER & Katie WALLS, to Mary L. COLLINS, 24, Westmeath, Ross, Twp., d/o John COLLINS & Margaret HUMPHREY, witn: George H. WAGNER, Mary L. COLLINS, both of Ross Twp., 2 June 1898 at Forsters Falls
#013035-1898 (Renfrew Co): Thomas Henry WALLACE, 26, farmer, Tp Stafford, Tp Bromley, s/o Thomas WALLACE & Catherine WRIGHT, married Marion SUTHERLAND, 25, Wilberforce, Tp Wilberforce, d/o Jas SUTHERLAND & Helen SUTHERLAND; wit: W McLACHLIN, Micksburgh, Maggie SUTHERLAND, Wilberforce. 1 Jun 1898 at Eganville.

13857-99 (Renfrew Co) Adam WALSH, 28, laborer, Douglas, Douglas, s/o James WALSH & Eliza MILLAR married Ann BOLAND, 19, Douglas, Douglas, d/o John BOLAND & Charlotte EDWARD, witn: John BOLAND & Charles EDWARD of Douglas, 29 Dec 1898, Douglas

013171-1898 (Renfrew Co): John Lewis WARREN, 23, laborer, Quebec, Bristol Que., s/o Alexander & Margaret CUTHBERTSON, married Nellie OLMSTEAD, 22, Tp Ross, Litchfield Que., d/o Wyman & Almira HALSTEAD; wit: John STARK, Portage Du Fort, Nellie GRAHAM, Caldwell. 12 Sep 1898 at Renfrew. #012946-1898 (Renfrew Co): Alexander WATSON, 21, carpenter, Gratton, same, s/o John WATSON & Lucy JAMES, married Alice ST. LOUIS, 23, Gratton, same, d/o Solomon ST. LOUIS & Maggie JERVAIS; wit: Thomas BYERS, Mary E. JERVAIS, Wilberforce. 16 Jun 1898 at Arnprior.

13050-98 (Renfrew Co) Frederick Wilhelm WELK, 23, farmer, Ontario, Grattan, s/o Wilhelm WELK & Bertha WICKWORTH married Emma Emile Louise FLEISHMANN, 20, Ontario, Grattan, d/o Wilhelm FLEISHMANN & Pauline VEITZEL, witn: Robert FLEISHMANN & Anna WELK of Eganville, 15 Nov 1898, Grattan

13117-98 James WELSH, 25, laborer, Douglas, same, s/o James WELSH & Mary LAWN, married Bridget CANNON, 28, Maynooth, Douglas, d/o Michael CANNON & Mary GAMON?, witn: Denis GAMON? of Wilberforce & Elise VAILLANCOURT of Pembroke, 15 June 1898 at Pembroke
#013038-1898 (Renfrew Co): Franz Hermann WENDLAND, 29, farmer, Germany, Grattan, s/o Ludwig WENDLAND & Laura KRUGER, married Bertha BIMM, 20, Germany, Wilberforce, d/o Hermann BIMM & Johanna KLEISS; wit: Otto BIMM, Wilberforce, Hermann KUEHL, Lyndoch. 16 Jun 1898 at Eganville

13028-98 (Renfrew Co) Thomas WHELAN, 33, farmer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o James WHELAN & Ellen GORMAN married Bridget SHANNAHAN, 22, Admaston, Admaston, d/o John SHANNAHAN & Ellen CULHANE, witn; John WHELAN & Margaret SHANNAHAN of Admaston, 28 June 1898, Mount St. Patrick

13110-98 Charles WHITE, 28, carpenter, Rosshire Scotland, Pembroke, s/o Charles WHITE & Isabella MACKAY, married Mary Taylor PATTERSON, 24, Pembroke, same, d/o James PATTERSON & Margaret SWEEZY, witn: James LECKIE of Pembroke & Marion BEGGS of Stafford, 1 June 1898 at Pembroke  #013136-1898 (Renfrew Co): August WICKWARE, 29, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o John WICKWARE & Mary CHULTZ, married Christina BRUNETTE, 32, Calumet, Pembroke, d/o Charles BRUNETTE & Mary HOGAN; wit: Oliver GAUTHIER, Pembroke, Elizabeth WICKWARE, Rankin. 19 Oct 1898 at Pembroke

13856-99 (Renfrew Co) John WILCOX, 27, laborer, Lake Dore, Douglas, s/o William WILCOX & Annie MCNARTRE? ( McVeitie?) married Harriet Emeline PAGE, 20, Douglas, Douglas, d/o William PAGE & Eliza DRENNAN, witn: William J. DEAN & Eliza Ann PAGE of Douglas, 21 Sept 1898, Douglas

13054-24 (Renfrew Co) Joseph ZELNEY, 28, farmer, Poland, Hagarty, s/o Michael ZELNEY & Mary BIRENON married Mary KUBIERSKIE, 28, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o Stephan KUBIERSKIE & August PAPLENSKIE, witn: August TYRENSKIE & John BROTEN of Hagarty, 13 June 1898, Wilno