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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Marriages,

RC Parish Records from LDS film 2046904


 1. St. Daniels RC Church, South Mountain

4th Sept 1911, bap Louis SKINNER, born the 3rd of July 1911, s/o Peter SKINNER & Martha illegible (Indian?), sponsors James McGINN & Mary DAY

27th Aug 1911, bap Gladys STRADER, born July 6th 1911, d/o David STRADER & Agnes MARONEY, sponsors William & Emma TALLMORE

30th June 1912, bap Catherine Mildred, born 1 June 1912, d/o James McKEE & Ellen FARMER, sponsors Austin KAHALA & Mrs. Austin KAHALA. [confirmed 1927, died 31 Oct 1963]

15th June 1912, bap Mary SHORT, born 2 April 1912, d/o William John SHORT & [blank] HOLLINGS, sponsors Hugh & Mrs. Thomas SHORT

4th Aug 1912, bap Florence Geraldine, b. 3 July 1912, d/o Michael BARKLEY & Kate KEARNEY, sponsors Frederick & Lucy BARKLEY [confirmed June 21, 1927]

4th Feb 1913, bap William Edward Patrick HOULAHAN, born 27th Jan, s/o William H. HOULAHAN & Kate GANNON, sponsors Patrick HOULAHAN & Margaret GANNON [confirmed June 1927]

16th Feb 1913, bap Thomas Joseph, born 30 Jan, s/o Daniel Denver McGINN & Emma SCHNOBT, sponsors John McCARTHY & Mrs. Charles McCARTHY [confirmed June 1927, married 9 May 1942 to Kathleen Redmond by Rev. F.P. Finn]

16th Feb 1913, bap Laurence Alfred, born 4 Feb, s/o John Alfred PAQUETTE & Ann Nina DRISCOLL, sponsors Daniel & Mrs. Daniel DRISCOLL

27th April 1913, bap Vincent Stanley, born 9 March 1913, s/o Nelson LAPLANTE & Elizabeth ORCHARD?, sponsors were James & Margaret MULLOY

27th April 1913, bap Joseph Stanley, born 9th March, s/o Nelson LAPLANTE & Elizabeth ORCHARD?, sponsors . & Mrs. David MULLOY

22 June 1913, bap Catherine Helen Doris, b. 2 June 1913, d/o William DUNCAN & Lulu KAVANAUGH, sponsors were James McGINN & Mary McGINN

9th Nov 1913, bap Gertrude Sarah, born 7 Oct 1913, d/o James McGINN & Alice GIBBONS, sponsors John McGINN & Collette McIVOR [confirmed June 1927]

25 Dec 1913, bap Marie Clorida Angelique, born 23 Dec 1913, d/o Arcidas LIBYRON & Harriet BEAUDOIN, sponsors were Adelorde LAMARCHE & Clorida LIBYRON

1st March 1914 bap Lucy Mary, born 19 Dec 1913, d/o William Haden SHERWOOD & Cecilia Pearl McALEER, sponsors John & May MULLEN

11 Oct 1914, bap John Russel, born 1 Nov 1913, s/o William AULT (non-Catholic) & Annie Isabel HERSCHMAN (Catholic), sponsors Miss Emma THALMUIR & John GIBBONS [confirmed June 1921]

11th Oct 1914, conditional baptism to Gertrude Elizabeth, born 21 April 1910, and the Emery Chester Michael, born 19 June 1905, and to Michael Frederick born 5 March 1900 and to William Earnest, born 8 Jan 1903, children of Anna Isabel HERSCHMAN & William AULT (these four were baptized privately by Protestant clergyman) [Gertrude married to John Clayton PLASSOR?, 22 Feb 19--? at In--alda? Heart of Mary in Ottawa]

2nd Nov 1914, bap Pauline, born 19 Aug 1914, d/o Peter KING & Nancy WHITE (Indians), sponsors Mary KING & A. BARRY

15th Nov 1914, bap John Francis, born 7 Nov 1914, s/o Bernard SWEENEY & [blank] McIVOR, sponsors, Richard & [blank] SWEENEY. [married 20 July 1946 to Jane LAWSON at Thorold Ont, by Rev A. Cluney]

27th Dec 1914, bap Charles Patrick born 12 Dec inst., s/o Richard SWEENEY & Lena LAFLEUR, sponsors Maud SWEENEY & John GIBBONS

7th Feb 1915, bap Richard, s/o Mike OAK & Nancy KING, sponsor Mary KING

16 May 1915, bap Anastasia Margaret, born 12 April 1915, d/o Michael CHALK & Margaret SMITH, sponsors, M. & Mrs. M. BARKLEY

12th Sept 1915, bap David Howard, born 20 Aug. 1915, s/o David S. STRADER & Agnes STRADER, sponsors Leo J. & Margaret HAYES [confirmed 9 May 1929, married at Madrid? NY to Dorothy CALNAS? on 1 Feb 1943

10th Oct 1915, bap James Reginald, s/o Denver McGINN & [blank], sponsors Collette McIVOR & J.J. KEELEY

6th April 1916, bap conditionally Ruben BARRIGER, s/o Francis BARRIGER & Elizabeth KOONS (Coons?). Ruben BARRIGER was born 21 March 44 years ago. Sponsor Mary McGINN

30th March 1916, bap conditionally Neil BYFORD, aged 78, after receiving his profession of faith etc., sponsor Annie BARRY

22nd Oct 1915 bap and received into the church Electa HUTT (adult)

20 Feb 1916, bap Alex GARROW, born 12 Feb 1916, s/o Peter GARROW & Annie RORKE, sponsors Simon WHITE & Mrs. (Miss?) RORKE

20th April 1916, bap Margaret Edna Theresa, born 20 March 1916, d/o James McKEE & Ellen FARMER, sponsors John & Carrie MULLEN [married in Ottawa on 4 Aug 1942 to Harold Rooney, by Rev. J.L. Blandford]

4 July 1916, bap Winifred Ruby, born 19 June 1916, d/o William SWEENEY & Maud SHAVER, sponsors Frank & Mrs. F. SWEENEY

23 July 1914 bap John Harold, born 25 June 1914, s/o James McKEE & Helen FARMER, sponsors James & Mrs. J. SHANNON [confirmed 20 June 1927]

29 March 1917 bap Mary Helena Mildred born 11 March 1917, d/o Austin KAHALA & Jane DERRICK, sponsors James McGINN & Mrs. [torn page] [married 19 Dec 1949 to Bernard Marcellna? RYAN at Cathedral in Montreal]

8th Oct 1916, bap Mary Catherine, born 20 Sept 1916, d/o John EICHNER & Addie Elizabeth McINTOSH, sponsors William TALLMIRE & Mrs. Thomas BURNS, [confirmed Sept 1934?]

4th Nov 1916, bap Lawrence Bernard, born 20 Oct 1916, s/o Bernard SWEENEY & Verna McIVOR, sponsors Lawrence & Gladys McIVOR [married at Morrisburg 29th Aug 1940 to Marie PIGEON, by Rev. R.J. Coyle]

3rd Dec 1916, bap Dorothy Rose, born 14th Nov 1916, d/o Richard SWEENEY & Eleanor LAFLEUR, sponsors Mr. & Mrs. James THALMUIR [married at Flint Michigan, 24 May 1941 to Joseph HAWKINS]

22 Jan 1917, bap Ethel Florena Bridget, born 26 Aug 1915, d/o Godfrey O'MEARA & Kathleen STRADER at present living in Cardinal parish, sponsors James & Mrs. James SHANNON

11 March 1917, bap Kathleen Verna, born 1 Jan 1917, d/o David HURLEY & Electa HUTT, sponsors Annie BARRY & Tom HOWLAND [confirmed 30 Sept 1931]

21 March 1917, bap Emma McINTOSH (adult) d/o Frank McINTOSH & Emma HAYNES, sponsors Maud BARRY & Margaret MALLOY [married on 30 April 1917 to Robert URQUHART of Ottawa]

15th April 1917, bap Anna Mary, born 24 Feb 1917, d/o Frank R. SWEENEY & Mary Ellen CRITES, sponsors Bernard & Ella SWEENEY

16th April 1917, bap Joseph Lawrence, born March 16th 1917, s/o William CAMERON & Irene LOFTUS, sponsors John & Mrs. J. LOFTUS

17th June 1917, bap Francis Edward Patrick GANNON, born 31 May 1917, s/o Patrick Michael GANNON & Elizabeth McMAHON, sponsors were John McMAHON & Margaret GANNON [confirmed 1932]

16th Sept 1917, bap George Bernard MULLOY, born 27 Aug 1917, s/o Thomas James MULLOY & Francis DANIELS, sponsors were John & Mrs. John MULLEN [confirmed Sept 1931, married June 1951 to Miss (Grace?) Helen ROWE at St. Daniels Rectory, South Mountain]

29th Sept 1917, bap Ruth Lucinda JOHNSTON, b. 18 Sept 1897, d/o James A. JOHNSTON & Eliza A. JACKSON, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. R. Barriger [married to John HURLEY 1917?]

31st March 1918, bap John McIntosh IKINER (Eichner?), born 7 Feb 1918, s/o John IKINER & Addie McINTOSH, sponsors were R. S. URQUHART & Emma S. McINTOSH [confirmed 30 Sept 1931, married 27 Dec 1944 to Daniel PEELEY? (Puley?)]

5th May 1918, bap Wilfred Lawrence McGINN, born 20 April 1918, s/o Denver McGINN & Esina SCHNOB, sponsors were John McGINN & Catherine McIVOR [confirmed 30 Sept 1931]

23rd June 1918, bap Gertrude Ilene CAMERON, born 22 May 1918, d/o William Alexander CAMERON & Helen Irene LOFTUS, witnesses were Michael BARCLAY & Mrs. John CASSIDY

14 July 1918, bap in Brockville John Patrick MURRAY

18th Aug 1918, bap Mary Frances CONNOR, b. 23 July 1918, d/o illegible George CONNOR & Annie WERT, witnesses were Frank SWEENEY & Lila CONNOR [confirmed Sept 1931]

1st Sept 1918, bap Louis Simon WHITE (Indian) born 4 Aug 1918, s/o Simon WHITE & Elizabeth SABOTIS, sponsors were Lawrence KING (Indian) & Maud BARRY

29 Sept 1918, bap Helen Beatrice McKEE, born 30 Aug 1918, d/o James McKEE & Ellen FARMER, sponsors were Bernard & Annie BARRY [confirmed Sept 1931, married 8 Jan 1943 to illegible McBRIDE]

3rd Nov 1918, bap Donald Henry SWEENEY, born 12 Sept 1918, s/o Richard SWEENEY & Nora LA FLEUR, sponsors were Frank & Mrs. Frank SWEENEY [married 1951? to Mary VANT--?]

2nd Feb 1919, bap Mary Elenor Blanche SWEENEY, born 11 Jan 1919, d/o Frank P. SWEENEY & Mary Elenor CRITES, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Denver McGINN

15th June 1919, bap James Ewan GANNON, born 24 May 1919, s/o Edward GANNON & Bridget CHAMBERS, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGAHEY [confirmed 30 Sept 1931]

7th March 1920 bap James Augustine born on the 1st inst., s/o Francis MURRAY & Mary MULLEN, sponsors were James MULLEN & Bernice CARROLL [married in Brockville to Evalyn (or Emily) Fossett in 1941

26th March 1920, bap Mary Helen CAMERON, born 21st Dec 1919, d/o William A. CAMERON & Irene LOFTUS, sponsors was Lucy BARKLEY

10th April 1920, bap William DUNCAN, aged 40 years, son of [blank] DUNCAN & [blank], sponsors was James McGINN

21st May 1920, bap Mrs. William PAILOW, born Mary CASSELMAN, a Presbyterian aged 38, d/o James CASSELMAN & Nancy HALL, sponsor was Miss Annie FITZPATRICK [written in margin: confidential]

21st May 1920, bap Louis Bernard PAILOW, born 26 Nov 1912, whose parents, William PAILOW & Mary CASSELMAN were married by me today having given their consent eight years ago before a Protestant minister. The sponsor was Miss Annie FITZPATRICK [written in margin: confidential]

 30th May 1920, bap John Donald GANNON, born 10 May 1920, s/o Patrick GANNON & Elizabeth Augusta McMAHON, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Austin KAHALA. [confirmed Sept 1931, married Gwendolyn BARKLEY? in St. Daniels Church, 9 Feb 1953? (1958?)]

13th Aug 1920, bap Marguerite Wilhelmina HURLEY, born 11 Jan 1920, d/o David HURLEY & Electa HUTT, sponsors was Mrs. J. BRADLEY? [confirmed 30 Sept 1931, married Frank John YATES on 25 May 1946 at St. Patricks Parish in Montreal]

31st Oct 1920, bap Mary Manella Elizabeth McKEE, born 7 Oct 1920, d/o James McKEE & Ellen FARMER, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. R. BARRIGER [confirmed 30 Sept 1931, married Joseph Eugene Sanford MacDONALD on 20 June in Our Lady of Perpetual Help? parish, Ottawa by Brother P. Mann]

1st Nov 1920, bap Mary Ann Agnes GIBBONS, born 12 Oct. 1920, d/o John GIBBONS & Winnifred KING, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Ed GIBBONS [confirmed 30 Sept 1931, married in Ottawa on 7 Sept 1943 to Hilliard LANE (Lowe?) by Rev. Thomas Foy]

The record for Justin Vincent MARRON, born in Smith Falls Hospital, will be found in the parish records for Smith Falls. ..... Vincent MARRON was baptised on 27 Sept 1920 in Smith Falls. the sponsor was Dilla BABCOCK

end of microfilmed baptismal records