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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1902, part 1

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016460-02 Melvin ALGUIRE, 47, Carpenter, Wid, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o David & Margaret ALGUIRE; married Theresa Jane ALGUIRE, 42, Wid, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Jaacob WEAVER & Mary BARKLEY; witn Luther C. BARKLEY & Lizzie BARKLEY, both Williamsburg, 26 Feb 1902, Williamsburg

016419-02 John Elgin ALGUIRE, 22, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o John P. ALGUIRE & Effie FETTERLEY; married Gertie STATA, 20, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Samuel STATA & Susan REID: witn Cora STATA, Farrans Pt & Myrtle ALGUIRE, Aultsville, 25 Dec 1902, Farrans Pt

#016494-02 (Dundas Co): Thomas Alfred ANDERSON, 22, farmer, England, Ormond, s/o George ANDERSON & "Don't know", married Celia May RICE, 18, Chesterville, Ormond, d/o John P. RICE & Martha HOPPER, witn: George & Mrs. George RICE of Ormond, 31 Dec 1902 at Ormond  
16346-02 James J. ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Ontario, Matilda, s/o Duncan J. ARMSTRONG & May J. SHAVER, married Pansy Elenor Jane TOYE, 18, Ontario, Matilda, d/o James TOYE & Mary HUME, witn: A. C. WHALEY & Roselia WHALEY, both of Iroquois 18 June 1902 at Matilda

016461-02 John E. ARMSTRONG, 29, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Ellen BARKLEY; married Mary Ellen BARKLEY, 24, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Henry I. BARKLEY & Irvine SMITH; witn Ida E. BECKER & Maggie HICKS, both Williamsburg, 17 Apr 1902, Williamsburg

16465-02 Joseph BAILEY, 19, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Christopher BAILEY & Mary Ann MERKLEY, married Carrie V. MERKLEY, 18, Williamsburg, same, d/o William J. MERKLEY & Ellen SADDLEMIRE, witn: Mahlon & Silas MERKLEY of Williamsburg, 25 June 1902 at Williamsburg

016403-02 Herbert A. BALKWELL, 29, Accountant, Montreal, Montreal, s/o John BALKWELL & Mary ANDERSON; married Maggie Duncan JARVIS, 21, Harbor Grace Nfld, Aultsville, d/o James JARVIS & Fannie G. PARSONS; witn Frank LA BRISK, Montreal & Jessie JARVIS, Aultsville, 17 Sept 1902, Aultsville

16389-02 George H. BANFORD, 22, farm laborer, of Matilda, s/o Jeremiah & Mary Ann, married Mary E. SMITH, 22, of Matilda, d/o Frank SMITH & Louise ROLLAND, witn: Mary & Jean MACALISTER of Iroquois, 15 Oct. 1902 at Iroquois

18051-03, (Dundas Co), Abram BARKLEY, 22,, farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o William BARKLEY & Jane BAILEY, married Ethel MERKLEY, 19,, Williamsburg, Morrisburg, d/o Ezra MERKLEY, Mary Lydia Maria MEADS, wtn: Mrs. J. & Mary M. SHUNK of Williamsburg, 15 Oct 1902 at Williamsburg

#016363-02 (Dundas Co): Cornelius John Lighthall BATES, 25, clergyman (Meth.), L'Original, same, s/o John Lever BATES & Juliet LIGHTHALL, married Harriet Edna PHILP, 25, Bishop Mills, Morrisburg, d/o William PHILP & Harriet LAIDLEY

16475-02 Harvey A. BECKSTEAD, 22, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o George A. & Elizabeth, married Lilla R. McPHERSON, 25, Williamsburg, same, d/o Hugh McPHERSON & Aula GARLOUGH, witn: James M. SHAVER of Grantley & Cynthia C. L. GARLOUGH of Williamsburg, 26 Nov 1902 at Williamsburg

016291-02 Willis BENTON, 22, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Samuel BENTON & Sarah ALGUIRE; married Maggie E. GRANT, 22, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o John GRANT & Blueby HAIRLEY (Haisley?); witn John BENTON, Roxborough Twp & Maggie DUFF, Avonmore, 17 Sept 1902, Apple Hill

16382-02 Joseph A. BIRCHEL, 24, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o John BIRCHEL & Ellen STEINBURG, married Gertie JOHNSON, 24, Edwardsburg, Matilda, d/o Michael JOHNSTON & Adelaide THOMPSON, witn: John McKERCHER & H. E. WEBSTER, both of Iroquois, 9 April [1902] at Iroquois

016187-02 David William BLACK, 25, Mill Overseer, Cornwall, Montreal, s/o David BLACK & Catherine FARISH; married Alice Theresa WOOD, 24, St. Andrews, Cornwall, d/o Roderick WOOD & Christine McDONELL; witn William WOOD, St. Andrews & Mary WOOD, Montreal, 17 Jun 1902, Cornwall

16306-02 John BLACK, 35, farmer, Beauharnois Que., 3rd Con of Lancaster, s/o William BLACK & Mary HENDERSON, married Ellen McGREGOR, 32, 3rd Con of Lancaster, same, d/o William & Christena, witn: Alex BLACK of Allans Corners Que & Jessie McGREGOR of 3rd Con of Lancaster, 25 June 1902 at Lancaster

16371-02 James BLACKBURN, 33, carpenter, Iroquois, South Mountain, s/o James BLACKBURN & Lucy STAMP, married Mary JACKSON, 22, South Mountain, same, d/o Neil? JACKSON & Mary Jane ELLIS, witn: Edward FINNERTY of Kemptville & Ida DUNCAN of Merilville, , 16 April 1902 at South Mountain

16373-02 David Cleland BLOW, 33, carriage builder, South Mountain, same, s/o Samuel S. BLOW & Mary CLELAND, married Sarah Jane CAUGHEY, 24, Mountain, same, d/o George CAUGHEY & Eleanor KERR, witn: Will BEGGS of Hallville & Georgina CAUGHEY of Mountain, 24 June 1902 at Mountain

16303-02 Joseph E. BOURBONNAIS, 24, farmer, Quebec, St. Zotique Que., s/o Louis BOURBONNAIS & Adelle METHOT, married Mary Louise CHARLEBOIS, 23, 4th Con of Lancaster, same, d/o Antoine CHARLEBOIS & Philomene SAUVE, witn: Louis BOURBONNAIS of Quebec & Antoine CHARLEBOIS of 4th Con of Lancaster, 7 Jan 1902 at Glennevis  
#016367-02 (Dundas Co): John Franklin BOWMAN, 22, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Franklin BOWMAN & Armelia CONGLER, married Ruby Grace BOWMAN, 17, Williamsburg, same, d/o David BOWMAN & Annie REDDICK, witn: George N. GILLARD of Chesterville & Morley BOWMAN of Williamsburg, 18 June 1902 at Morrisburg

16470-02 John F. BOWMAN, 22, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Franklin BOWMAN & Anna COUGHLER, married Ruby Grace BOWMAN, 17, Williamsburg, same, d/o David BOWMAN & Annie REDDICK, witn: George A. GILLARD of Chesterville & Morley BOWMAN of Williamsburg, 18 June 1902 at Williamsburg

16153-02 Oleysin BOYER, 28, laborer, Embrun, Finch twp., s/o Napoleon BOYER & Eliza ENIARD, married Margaret CHALK, 21, Finch twp., Winchester twp., d/o David CHALK & Ann DONOVAN, witn: Michael CHALK & Margaret COYNE, both of Winchester twp., 15 Sept 1902 at Chesterville

016105-02 George Thomas BRODIE, 25, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o William A. BRODIE & Mary SMITH; married Jennie Jamieson McEWAN, 17, Glen Sandfield, Brodie, d/o Alexander J. McEWAN & Ellen Jane JAMIESON; witn Anderson BRODIE, Lochiel & Lizzie McEWAN, Brodie, 18 Dec 1902, Alexandria

016101-02 Gesippe BRUNET, 24, Farmer, Fournierville, Alexandria, s/o Jose BRUNET & Josep PIETTE; married Angelina SEGUIN, 17, St Lazare Quebec, Kenyon, d/o Julien SEGUIN & Marie FURS?, witn Josephat BRUNET, Alexandria & Justine ST. ONGE, Kenyon, 23 Jun 1902, Alexandria

016108-02 Alexander CAMERON, 29, Mason, E. Hawkesbury, Alexandria, s/o Hugh CAMERON & Isabel MACDONELL; married Annie Janet MACDONELL, 27, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Alexander MACDONELL & Flora Isabel GRANT; witn Arch J. CAMERON, Greenfield & Catherine MACDONELL, Kenyon, 18 Aug 1902, Alexandria

016093-02 Duncan Kenneth CAMPBELL, 33, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Christina DEWAR; married Sarah MUNRO, 30, Wid, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o Donald McRAE & Rebecca CAMERON; witn Christina MUNROE & Isabel McLAREN, both Alexandria, 28 May 1902, Alexandria

016109-02 George CAMPEAU, 24, Clerk, St. Clet, Alexandria, s/o Benjamin CAMPEAU & Normande DUBRIAC; married Olive Emma DEGUIRE, 20, Lochiel, Lancaster, d/o William DEGUIRE & Justine TOURANGEAU; witn William DEGUIRE, Lancaster & Flora CHEVRIER, Alexandria, 8 Sept 1902, Alexandria

16464-02 John J. CARMICHAEL, 31, book keeper, Albany NY, Schenectady NY, s/o James & Margaret, married Ada Catherine BECKSTEAD, 29, Williamsburg, same, d/o Aaron & Margaret, witn: Agnes E. & Mathias BECKSTEAD of Williamsburg, 4 June 1902 at Williamsburg

16469-02 Christopher CARMICHAEL, 39, widower, station agent, Spencerville, Thessalon, s/o Andrew CARMICHAEL & Isabella JOHNSTON, married Jennie COLQUHOUN, 38, Colquhoun, same, d/o James J. COLQUHOUN & Margaret WALLACE, witn: Chestnut COLQUHOUN & Annie M. KYLE, both of Colquhoun, 30 Sept 1902 at Williamsburg

016482-02 (Dundas Co): Andrew CARRUTHERS, 35, widower, farmer, Waddington NY, same, s/o Walter CARRUTHERS & Jane OLIVER, married Bertha L. MERKLEY, 34, Winchester, same, d/o Adam MERKLEY & Charlotte DILLABOUGH, witn: John & Mrs. J. MILER of Inkerman, 12 March 1902 at Winchester

016504-02 John CARRY, 28, Farmer, Inkerman, Inkerman, s/o John CARRY & Margaret A. STEWART?; married Ada MARSHALL, 22, Inkerman, Inkerman, d/o George & Nancy MARSHALL; witn E.A. HUGHES & J.A. HUGHES, both Winchester, 27 Aug 1902, Winchester

16381-02 John CARTER, 39, laborer, of Iroquois, s/o James & Ann, married Laura CALOREN, 25, of Iroquois, d/o John & Emeline, witn: James FLETCHER & Mary HESS, both of Iroquois, 8 April [1902] at Iroquois #016365-02 (Dundas Co): William E. CARTNER, 52, stone mason, Prescott Co., Dundas Co., s/o Elias CARTNER & Sophia ROCK, married Maggie L. WILLARD, 53, widow, Dundas Co., same, d/o Peter ARMSTRONG & Maria MILLER, witn: Mary M. ROSE & Amay CAMERON, both of Morrisburg, 22 Sept 1902 at Morrisburg

16474-02 Clinton CASSELMAN, 27, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Nathan CASSELMAN & Jane McQUIGG, married Angelina CASSELMAN, 19, Matilda, same, d/o Levi & Agnes, witn: Mrs. J. & John SHUNK of Williamsburg, 5 Nov 1902 at Williamsburg

#016258-02 (Stormont Co): Nelson CASSELMAN, 36, bridge? maker, Finch, Casselman, s/o William & Charlotte, married Josie PLANET, 23, widow, Berwick, same, d/o illegible & Caroline WILSON, witn: L.L. BEATTIE of Finch, 1 Jan 1902 at Berwick
#016480-02 (Dundas co): George Eron? CHENEY, 30, farmer, Russell, Marvellville, s/o Clark Eli CHENEY & Rebecca SESGAE--, married Mary Eva BAKER, 26, Finch, Morewood, d/o Cyrus Leonard BAKER & Jane CRYSLER, witn: Oliver BAKER & Frances EMPEY, both of Morewood, 29 Jan 1902 at Morewood

16302-02 William Duncan CHISHOLM, 36, farmer, Charlottenburg, same, s/o Peter CHISHOLM & Margaret GRANT, married Henrietta Mary ADAMS, 21, Cornwall, Summerstown, d/o John ADAMS & Catherine CHISHOLM, witn: James BENNING of Williamstown & illegible M. GRAHAM of Lancaster, 14 Jan 1902 at Lancaster

18059-03, (Dundas Co), Chestnut COLQUHOUN, 25,, farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Peter S. COLQUHOUN & Mary BROWN, married Idella NASH, 24,, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Alexander NASH & Mary TOWNSEND, wtn: Charles COLQUHOUN of Williamsburg & Margaret WERT of Iroquois, 14 Nov 1902 at Williamsburg

016451-02 Charles S. COLQUHOUN, 22, Farmer, Colquhoun, Colquhoun, s/o Peter D. COLQUHOUN & Mary BROWN; married Annie A. BLACK, 24, Colquhoun, Colquhoun, d/o Thomas BLACK & Mary Ann LONDON; witn Chestnut COLQUHOUN & Mary E. BROWN, both Colquhoun, 1 Jan 1902, Dunbar

016097-02 Francis Thomas COSTELLO, 32, Barrister, L'Orignal, Alexandria, s/o Martin COSTELLO & Anne Jane FULTON; married Annie Cecilia McPHEE, 22, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Donald D. McPHEE & Barbara FLANAGAN; witn Donald McPHEE Jr, Alexandria & Jean BRYSON, Fort Coulonge, 16 Apr 1902, Alexandria

16473-02 James K. COURTNEY, 19, laborer, Morrisburg, same, s/o John COURTNEY & Emma A. KEELER, married Mary Ellen REDDICK, 17, Williamsburg, same, d/o Allen & Ellen, witn: John COURTNEY of Morrisburg & Ellen M. REDDICK of Glen Becker, 15 Oct 1902 at Williamsburg

16384-02 William D. CRAIG, 26, analytical chemist, Toronto, Midland, s/o J. Dixon CRAIG & Anna GIRVIN, married Grace E. REDMOND, 23, Iroquois, same, d/o W. L. REDMOND & Anna CARMAN, witn: J. A. CRAIG of Toronto & H. E. MACALISTER of Iroquois, 4 June [1902] at Iroquois

016177-02 David Michael CRITES, 22, Bookkeeper, Cornwall, Montreal, s/o George CRITES & Catherine EAMER; married Mary GRANT, 25, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, d/o John GRANT & Louisa CLARK; witn Kate FITZGIBBON & A.H.? ROSS, both Cornwall, 16 Apr 1902, Cornwall

016404-02 David Lewis CRUMP, 29, Farmer, Winchester, s/o James R. CRUMP & Agnes COX; married Chloe C.A. GALLINGER, 25, Housekeeper, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Isaiah M. GALLINGER & Nancy SHAVER; witn Herbert GALLINGER & Maggie CRUMP, both Gallingertown, 30 Sept 1902, Gallingertown

16349-02 Thomas DARLING, 47, widower, merchant tailor, Quebec, Mountain, s/o Andrew DARLING & Margaret BARR, married Lillian S. KELLY, 29, Ontario, Morrisburg, d/o Erastus KELLY & Lydia WINCHESTER, witn: J. R. KELLY of Winchester & Nellie J. BROWN of Morrisburg, 27 Sept 1902 at Matilda

16156-02 Charles DAWELLY, 23, carpenter, Winchester twp., Chesterville, s/o William DAWELLY & Addie GILLARD, married Annie PYPER, 22, Morrisburg, Chesterville, d/o John PYKER (sic) & Catherine STATA, witn: George GILLARD of Dickensons Landing & Bruce DAWELLY of Winchester twp., 22 Oct 1902 at Chesterville #016265-02 (Stormont Co): Stanislas DIGNARD, 23, laborer, Crysler, same, d/o Jas. or Jos. DIGNARD & Audele BENOIT, married Celina St.LOUIS, 23, Crysler, same, d/o Moise St.LOUIS & Sarah DUPUIS, witn: Percy St.LOUIS & Eva DIGNARD, both of Crysler, 21 may 1902 at Crysler (Rom Cath)
#016492-02 (Dundas Co): Alexander DILLABOUGH, 33, farmer, Winchester, Morewood, s/o Jacob DILLABOUGH & Clara FLOOD, married Annie Louisa HUNTER, 32, Chestervile, Morewood, d/o Andrew D. HUNTER & Clarissa MANHART, witn: William CAMPBELL of CONNAMORE? & Bella MOFFATT of Morewood, 10 Dec 1902 at Morewood #016490-02 (Dundas Co): John E. DOCKSTEADER, 26, farmer, Winchester, Mountain twp., s/o Nelson DOCKSTEADER & Jennie McCONNELL, married Sarah C. MELDRUM, 24, Winchester twp., same, d/o Donald MILDRUM & Caroline WOOD, witn: R.D. & Annie CHENEY of Morewood, 19 Nov 1902 at Winchester

016457-02 Simeon DROPPO, 29, Farmer, Wid, Finch, Finch, s/o Peter DROPPO & Sarah NEPHEW; married Agnes BECKSTED, 18, Hoasic? Hoasic?, d/o Silas BECKSTED & Melinda BAKER; witn Mrs John SHUNK & John SHUNK, both Williamsburg, 6 Feb 1902, Williamsburg

016188-02 Albert George DUBERRY, 24, Bookkeeper, Montreal, Brooklyn NY, s/o Mark DUBERRY & Sarah WOOD; married Lucy Effy PERKINS, 25, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Samuel PERKINS & Mary McINTYRE; witn Neil MASTERSON, Montreal & Gertrude PERKINS, Cornwall, 24 Jun 1902, Cornwall

016374-02 Ralph Meacham DUKELON, 21, Painter, Spencerville, Spencerville, s/o John DUKELON & Hattie SNIDER; married Lazetta Annie WALKER, 25, Mountain, Mountain, d/o C.B. WALKER & Maggie EARL; witn Lloyd WALKER, Winchester & Mabel GALLAGHER, Portland, 12 Jun 1902, Winchester

016301-02 Antoine DUPOIS, 23, Labourer, Dominionville, Dominionville, s/o Jermine DUBOIS & Louise CLEMENT; married Georgina LACROIX, 20, Maxville, Maxville, d/o Alex LACROIX & Vetaline FRENCH; witn Benjamin BENNETTE & Octave LACROIX, both Maxville, 28 Jul 1902, Greenfield

16386-02 George A. DUVALL, 19, laborer, Iroquois, same, s/o William Ira DUVALL & Catherine A. ROBERTS, married Ellen M. RICHARDSON, 19, England, Iroquois, d/o Lawrence & Madeline, witn: James & Mrs. James WADE of Iroquois, 17 July 1902 at Iroquois

016296-02 Charles EDGELAY, 33, Cheese maker, Canton, Maxville, s/o Albert EDGLAY & Maria LADD: married Janet Ann McCANNEL, 31, Dominionville, Dominionville, d/o John McCANNEL & Janet McDERMID; witn James A. McNAUGHTON & Ida McDERMID, both Dominionville, 9 Dec 1902, Dominionville

016408-02 William John ELLIOT, 33, R.R. Employee, Aultsville, Aultsville, s/o William ELLIOT & Jane McCONNELL; married Anna Louisa SUMMER, 33, Housekeeper, Aultsville, Aultsville, d/o Alex SUMMER (Sumner?) & Mary Ann LUTTE (Little?); witn Joseph F. COPPIN, Aultsville & Harriet G. CRICHTON, Ogdensburg, 15 Oct 1902, Aultsville

16347-02 Charles A. ENQUIST, 36, physician, USA, same, s/o Augustus ENQUIST & Jane A. STORMS, married Edith TOUSANT, 28, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Charles L. TOUSANT & Catherine MERKLEY, witn: Henry A. MILLER of Cardinal & Olive McCASLIN of Matilda, 18 June 1902 at Matilda

16372-02 George FERGUSON, 38, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Thomas FERGUSON & Jane KENNEDY, married Mary LUNDY, 28, Oxford twp., Bishops Mills, d/o John & Margaret, witn: R. W. FERGUSON of Burritts Rapids & R. Jean FERGUSON of Smith Falls, 10 June 1902 at South Mountain

016458-02 George W. FERGUSON, 22, Farmer, Becksted, Douglas Man, s/o James C. FERGUSON & Mary E. BECKSTED; married Mary A. WALLACE, 22, Becksted, Becksted, d/o John N. WALLACE & Agnes MYERS; witn Andrew HENDERSON, Dunbar & Mabel KIRK, Gallingertown, 19 Feb 1902, Williamsburg

016423-02 Frederick FIELD, 23, Labourer, England, Osnabruck, s/o William FIELD & Isabella CLAYTON; married Edith PAUPST, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Charles PAUPST & Sarah FETTERLY; witn Charles PAUPST & Sarah PAUPST, both Dixon, 1 Dec 1902, Aultsville

016112-02 William Joseph FINN, 28, Farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon, s/o Richard FINN & Catherine MURPHY; married Catherine Mary McMILLAN, no age given, Lochiel, Alexandria, d/o Hugh O. & Mary Ann McMILLAN; witn Jos. FEENY, Huntingdon & Mary McMILLAN, Alexandria, 24 Sept 1902, Alexandria

16152-02 Edgar Wesley FORWARD, 27, book keeper, Winchester twp., Montreal, s/o Thomas FORWARD & Jessie BROWN, married Jessie L. BROWN, 20, Chesterville, same, d/o Dr. Miles BROWN & Mary J. CASSELMAN, witn: Dr. Edwin L. BROWN of Aultsville & Jennie FORWARD of Chesterville, 6 Aug 1902 at Chesterville

016505-02 William FOSSITT, 21, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o William FOSSITT & Mary BARKLEY; married Edna WALTER, 20, United States, Matilda, d/o George WALTER & Maria SAYEAU; witn Fraser FOSSITT & Bertha FOSSITT, both Winchester, 30 Sept 1902, Winchester

016173-02 John Antony FOURNIER, 28, Farmer, Redwood, Hogansburgh NY, s/o John FOURNIER (deceased) & Caroline McKEE; married Margaret DENNING, 22, Farrans Point, Cornwall, d/o James DENNING (deceased) & Caroline OSTEN (Oster?); witn Benjamin DUPUIS?, Helena NY & Florence RIVIERE, Cornwall, 11 Feb 1902, Cornwall

016300-02 Dennis FOURNIER, 25, Labourer, Quebec, Gatteu Point, s/o Lewis FOURNIER & Lucy BELL; married Angeline DORIE, 22, Maxville, Maxville, d/o Tusant DORE & Virgie JODOIN; witn Joseph DORE & Verdinella DORE, both Maxville, 8 Jun 1902, Greenfield

016295-02 Daniel W. FRASER, 26, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Alexander FRASER & Catherine AIRD; married Cassie FRASER, 20, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Duncan FRASER & Catherine McMILLAN; witn John D. FRASER, Athol & Bella D. FRASER, Roxborough, 15 Oct. 1902, Athol

016297-02 Daniel W. FRASER, 26, Engineer, Kenyon, Smithfield Ohio, s/o William FRASER & Annie STEWART; married Maggie Flora McLENNAN, 19, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Kenneth McLENNAN & Christy GRANT: witn James R. McLENNAN & Mary Ann FRASER, both Kenyon, 30 Dec 1902, Kenyon

016114-02 Henri George GALARNEAU, 29, Labourer, Dickinson's Landing, Alexandria, s/o Joseph GALARNEAU & Caroline BOUVERT; married Josephine DUFRESNE, 17, Lancaster, Alexandria, d/o Charles DUFRESNE & Mathilde BELANGER; witn Charles DUFRESNE & Marie DUFRESNE, both Alexandria, 27 Oct 1902, Alexandria

016402-02 Fred Burt GARRISON, 32, Engineer, Jefferson Co. NY, Clarmont, s/o Peter GARRISON & Mary J. DINGMAN; married Grace BROWN, 23, Housekeeper, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Freeman BROWN & Maria THOMPSON; witn J.H. BREDIN J.P. & Anna BROWN, both Woodlands, 16 Sept 1902, Woodlands

#016364-02 (Dundas Co): Levie GAUTCHIER, 25, carpenter, Matilda, same, s/o Peter GAUTCHIER & Ellen CROWDER, married Eva Dell MELLON, 17, Matilda, same, d/o William MELLON & Maggie KEYS, witn: Sidney COLLISON of Aultsville & Sarah Eliza MAKETT of Morrisburg, 4 Aug 1902 at Morrisburg 16146-02 William GAUTHIER, 31, farmer, North Lancaster, Lot 30 Con 8 of Lancaster, s/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Josephine? LAROUX?, married Margaret LAROQUE, 22, Lot 27 Con 8 of Lancaster, same, d/o Moses LAROQUE & Mary Ann McDONALD, witn: William McGERRY & Agnes LAROQUE, both of Lancaster, 18 Nov 1902 at St. Raphaels,

016111-02 Archie GAUTHIER, 21, Labourer, Rigaud, Alexandria, s/o Isidore GAUTHIER & Rose BERTRAND; married Eva RICHER, 24, St. Anne de Prescott, Kenyon, d/o Antoine RICHER & Auselina VACHON; witn Michel LEROUX & Clarida RICHER, both Alexandria, 21 Sept 1902, Alexandria

#017859-03 (Glengarry Co) William GAUTHIER, 32, Labourer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Josephine LARUE, married Margaret LAROCQUE, 22, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Moses LAROCQUE & Mary Ann McDONALD, witn – W.T. McEVOY & Agnes LAROCQUE, both Lancaster, 8 Nov 1902, St. Raphaels


16147-02 Joseph GEROUX, 26, farmer, Coteau du Lac Que., Apple Hill, s/o Joseph GEROUX & Amelia GEROUX, married Elizabeth Ann LAVIOLETTE, 21, Glen Walter, Apple Hill, d/o William LAVIOLETTE & Elizabeth LALONDE, witn: George LAVIOLETTE & Millie BERRY, both of Apple Hill, 17 Nov 1902 at St. Raphaels

016102-02 Gregris? GILLIS, 35, labourer, Summerstown, Alexandria, s/o John GILLIS & Mary CAMERON; married Flora Catherine McCULLOCH, 27, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Dougald McCULLOCH & Mary McDOUGALD; witn John McCORMICK, Alexandria & Alexander McDOUGALL, Kenyon, 4 Nov 1902, Alexandria

16345-02 Thomas GIRAND?, 27, farmer, Ontario, Osgoode, s/o Daniel GIRAND & Sarah SHEPHERD, married Annie FERGUSON (as Furgeson), 22, England, Bishops Mills, d/o George FERGUSON & Eliza PERNALL, witn: Samuel & Hattie ARMSTRONG of Matilda, 12 March 1902 at Matilda
016455-02 James GOW, 24, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o James GOW & Annie FAITH; married Lillie R.S. BLACK, 22, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Thomas BLACK & Mary A. LONDEN; witn Charles COLQUHOUN & Mrs Charles COLQUHOUN, both Williamsburg, 5 Feb 1902, Williamsburg 16476-02 James HAGGERTY, 36, widower, farmer, Toys Hill, same, s/o Cornelius HAGGERTY & Martha ARMSTRONG, married Jane IRVING, 42, Hulburt, same, d/o Thomas IRVING & Sarah BASCON, witn: Mrs. J. SHUNK & Mary MERKLEY, both of Williamsburg, 15 Oct 1902 at Williamsburg

16472-02 William H. HANSON, 21, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Henry HANSON & Eliza SALTER, married Ida ROBERTSON, 19, Williamsburg, same, d/o George W. ROBERTSON & Marcella LOUCKS, witn: Florena & W.M. RUNNELLS of Elma, 29 Sept 1902 at Williamsburg

016186-02 George Russell HARRINGTON, 23, Teamster, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles HARRINGTON & Bella McDERMID; married Maud KENNEDY, 22, Stenographer, Cashions Glen, Charlottenburgh, d/o John W. KENNEDY & Margaret WATSON; witn Frank L.S. CROSBIE, Cornwall & Katie McDONELL, Cashions Glen, 2 Jun 1902, Cornwall

016427-02 Tunas? M. HART, 30, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o William W. HART & Caroline REYNOLDS; married Lilian WEAVER, 26, Dundas, Dundas, d/o Norman WEAVER & Sarah BECKSTEAD; witn Edward McLAUGHLAN & Aggie BECKSTEAD, both Archer, 31 Dec 1902, Archer

18073-03, (Dundas Co), James N. HART, 30,, farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o William HART & Caroline REYNOLDS, married Lillian WEAVER, 26,, Archer, Archer, d/o Norman WEAVER & Sarah BECKSTEAD, wtn: Edward LAUGHLIN & Aggie BECKSTEAD, both of Morrisburg, 31 Dec 1902 at Williamsburg
#017889-03 (Glengarry Co) William HAY, 30, farmer, St. Ann de Prescott, St. Ann de Prescott, s/o William HAY & Sarah J. McDONALD, married Edith May BROWNING, 18 , Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Thomas BROWNING & Robina HOPE, witn – George HOPE & Margaret BROWNING, both Lochiel 28 May 1902, Lochiel

016425-02 John J. HELMER, 22, Carpenter, Wid, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o James P. HELMER & Margaret McDERMID?; married Laura J. HILL, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o James HILL & Marjorie STEEN; witn James HILL, Osnabruck & William T. HELMER, Newington, 17 Dec 1902, Lunenburg

#016369-02 (Dundas Co): James HENOPHY, 26, farmer, Morrisburg, same, s/o Patrick HENOPHY & Ellen BURNS, married Mary FITZPATRICK, 21, Morrisburg, same, d/o John FITZPATRICK & Mary McNULTY, witn: George & Emma FITZPATRICK of Morrisburg, 30 Sept 1902 at Morrisburg (Rom Cath) 16387-02 Benjamin HENRY, 37, widower, traveller, of Prescott, s/o John & Ann, married Ada CARMAN, 27, of Iroquois, d/o William CARMAN & Caroline MERKLEY, witn: Lizzie B. & Nora WILSON of Edwardsburg, 6 Aug 1902 at Iroquois

016163-02 Augustus HOPE, 25, Station Agent, Ellenburgh Centre NY, Cornwall, s/o Peter HOPE & Lindy ROBIDOUX; married Mary Agnes PEARSON, 24, St. Andrews, Cornwall, d/o Joseph PEARSON & Helen MALONEY; witn William BRODERICK, Cornwall & Mary SULLIVAN, Montreal, 8 Jan 1902, Cornwall

#016488-02 (Dundas Co): Eden Arnold HUGHES, 24, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Abram HUGHES & Mary ROBINSON, married Kate E. ERRATT, 24, Winchester, same, d/o Humphrey ERRATT & Maggie SLIDACH?, witn: Ernest ERRATT of Winchester & Florence HUGHES of Alfred, 16 July 1902 at Winchester

016503-02 Herbert HULBERT, 22, Farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Joseph HULBERT & Emily WOODS; married Mary Maud CHRISTIE, 19, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Duncan CHRISTIE & Martha PHILLIPS; witn Julia HUGHES, Winchester & Ethel R. DIETRICH, Montreal, 9 Jul 1902, Winchester


016411-02 William John HUMMELL, 27, Labourer, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, s/o Frank HUMMELL & Marilla OSBORN; married Annie DEVALL, 21, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Edward DEVALL & Mary BURNS; witn Elizabeth RODGERS & C.A. RODGERS, both Aultsville, 29 Oct 1902, Aultsville

16155-02 Austin HURD, 37, railway operator, Wellington Co., Chesterville, s/o George HURD & Elizabeth BERRY, married Jennie LOCKWOOD, 20, Chesterville, same, d/o Hiram LOCKWOOD & Louisa GARDNER, witn: Hiram & Mrs. Hiram LOCKWOOD of Chesterville, 17 Sept 1902 at Chesterville

16383-02 John HUTT, 24, laborer, Matilda, same, s/o Cyrus HUTT & Margaret CASSELMAN, married Lillie McPHEE, 18, Williamsburg, Matilda, d/o John McPHEE & Margaret BECKSTEAD, witn: Allan F. SHERMAN of Iroquois & Bertha HUTT of Rowena, 12 May [1902] at Iroquois

#016484-02 (Dundas Co): Donald G. HUTT, 25, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o Peter HUTT & Mary A. McINTOSH, married Emma PERAULT, 24, N. Williamsburgh, Winchester, d/o George PERAULT & Emma WHITE, witn: Ida TIMMONS & May HUTT, both of Winchester, 16 April 1902 at Winchester
016375-02 Jared IRVINE, 39, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Thomas IRVINE & Sarah BASSOME; married Elizabeth Jane MONTGOMERY, 33, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Hugh MONTGOMERY & Isabella GILMOUR; witn Mrs J.F. MACFARLANE & Agness MACFARLANE, both South Mountain, 10 Jul 1902, South Mountain

16159-02 David JACKSON, 21, tinsmith, Winchester twp., Leonard Ont., s/o Hugh JACKSON & Elizabeth TOYE, married Lillian SWERDFEGER, 18, Winchester twp., same, d/o Samuel SWERDFEGER & Margaret BARCLAY, witn: William SWERDFEGER of Morewood & Almeda HUTCHISON of Cannamore, 24 Dec 1902 at Chesterville

016202-02 Wesley Osborne JOHNSTON, 30, Merchant, Wid, Stormont Co, Cornwall, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Miranda SHAVER; married Mary Elizabeth TENNANT, 30, Teacher of Elocution & Physical culture, Saugeen Ont, Cornwall, d/o Elisha TENNANT & Ella Jane GERMAN; witn Wesley TENNANT, Cornwall & Gertrude TRUMPOUR, Ottawa, 7 Oct 1902, Cornwall

016417-02 John F. JOHNSON, 24, Carpenter, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Peter JOHNSON & Margaret HOOPLE; married Maggie NUGENT, 30, Domestic, Williamsburg, Osnabruck, d/o William NUGENT & Isabel REW ; witn Stephen BROWNELL, North Valley & Nellie N. JOHNSTON, Newington, 5 Nov 1902, Newington

016406-02 James Vincent KAVANAGH, 30, Machinist, Espanola, Mallorytown, s/o James KAVANAGH & Julia FENTON; married Lulu M. ELLIS, 21, Housekeeper, Moulinette, Moulinette, d/o William ELLIS & Catherine A. KEOUGH; witn Thomas KAVANAGH, Cardinal & Lizzie KAVANAGH, Ottawa, 1 Sept 1902, Dickinsons Landing

016289-02 Duncan KENNEDY, 29, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Donald KENNEDY & Annie McDOUGALL; married Christy Ann STEWART, 29, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Charles STEWART & Isabella McCUAIG; witn William KENNEDY, Apple Hill & Jennie McCUAIG, Ottawa, 10 Sept 1902, Kenyon

016378-02 Aylmer Milton KEYS, 22, Farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o William KEYS & Margaret MILLER; married Lottie Louise STEWART, 22, Iroquois, Mountain, d/o Jas A. STEWART & Charlotte A. STRADER; witn J.H. IRVINE & Mrs J.H. IRVINE, both South Mountain, 10 Sept 1902, Mountain

16467-02 John W. KEYS, 25, widower, laundry man, Mountain, Chesterville, s/o William KEYS & Elizabeth MILLER, married Eloda W. CASSELMAN, 25, Williamsburg, Morrisburg, d/o Michael J. & Almeda, witn: John F. CASSELMAN & Myron VANALLEN, both of Williamsburg, 27 Aug 1902 at Williamsburg

18057-03, (Dundas Co), John LAHUE, 48, widower, farmer, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, s/o Henry LAHUE & Margaret HUTT, married Isabella LINK, 24, Edwardsburg, Williamsburg, d/o James A. LINK & Mary Ann McFEE, wtn: James A. & Ida LINK of Williamsburg, 17 Dec 1902 at Williamsburg

16130-02 John LALONDE, 25, painter, Tyotown, Cornwall, s/o John LALONDE & Caroline LAVIGNE, married Elizabeth LARIN, 22, Summerstown, same, d/o Alexander LARIN & Louise A--?, witn: William LALONDE of Cornwall & Alexander LARIN of Summerstown, 30 June 1902 at Williamstown
016096-02 Antoine LAPORTE, 21, Farmer, St Raphael, St. Raphael, s/o Joseph LAPORTE & Josephine LEGER; married Clara LEBLANC, 18, St. Zotique Quebec, Alexandria, d/o Leon LEBLANC & Cleophe BRAY; witn F.X. LAROCQUE, Alexandria & M.I. LAPORTE, St. Raphael, 17 Feb 1902, Alexandria

016106-02 Francois X. LAROCQUE, 20, Teacher, Lochiel, Glen Robertson, s/o F.X. LAROCQUE & Anna BRUNET; married Annie Belle LAPERLE, 18, St. Raphaels, Alexandria, d/o Joseph LAPERLE & Josephine SEGER; witn none given, 11 Aug 1902, Alexandria

016462-02 Simon P. LAUSHWAY, 24, Farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o Thomas LAUSHWAY & Catherine BELOW; married Cora May McINTOSH, 21, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Louis McINTOSH & Marsena SHELL; witn Willis W. SHELL, Froatburn & Maude McINTOSH, Williamsburg, 23 Apr 1902, Williamsburg

016100-02 Alexandre LEFEBVRE, 23, Farmer, St. Eugene, St. Raphael, s/o F.X. LEFEBVRE & Elizabeth DEWER; married Anna POIRIER, 20, St. Anne, Lochiel, d/o Abraham POIRIER & Anna JOANETTE; witn Abraham POIRIER, Lochiel & Emeline LEBLANC, St. Eugene, 2 Jun 1902, Alexandria

16468-02 Kenneth LENNOX, 30, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Alex LENNOX & Hester DURANT, married Sarah A. BARKLEY, 19, Winchester, same, d/o Jeremiah BARKLEY & Margaret HUNTER, witn: Leroy MAVETY & Lillian M. RUNNELLS, both of Elma, 16 July 1902 at Williamsburg

16305-02 Telesphore LEROUX, 23, laborer, Beaudette, same, s/o Julien LEROUX & Julie LEGAULT, married Theresa O'RIELLY, 20, 3rd Con of Lancaster, same, d/o Hugh O'RIELLY & Catherine CARTER, witn: Hugh BARMAN of Beaudette & Catherine O'RIELLY of 3rd Con of Lancaster, 3 June 1902 at Glennevis

#016486-02 (Dundas Co): George LEWIS, 26, laborer, Russell, Winchester, s/o Joseph LEWIS & Rose A. HELMER, married Ella GARRETT, 19, Winchester, Chesterville, d/o Rufus GARRET & Elsa SMITH, witn: Horatio MERKLEY & Jennie FYKE, both of Chesterville, 30 April 1902 at Chesterville

16344-02 Samuel S. LITTLE, 27, farmer, USA, Merrickville, s/o Charles LITTLE & Emma CURISH?, married Nettie M. CARTER, 28, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Thomas CARTER & Catherine PLANTZ, witn: William LOCKE & Manel GILSON, both of Matilda, 19 Feb 1902 at Matilda

016413-02 Osborne LOCEY, 24, Farmer, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Jams LOSEY (sic) & Victoria McCONNELL; married Bertha STEPHENSON, 18, Roxboro, Osnabruck, d/o James STEPHENSON & Louisa WESLEY; witn William ANTOINE & A.E. LOCEY, both Cornwall, Finch, 19 Nov 1902, Dixon

16466-02 William K. LOCKE, 42, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Arena SMYTH, 35, Matilda, same, d/o Oliver SMYTH & Lydia MARSELIS, witn: Kenneth & Mary L. McINTOSH of Matilda, 10 July 1902 at Williamsburg #016479-02 (Dundas Co): Walter Myron LOUGHRIDGE, 23, farmer, Morewood, same, s/o James H. LOUGHRIDGE & Agnes M. MARVELLE, married Ella Eliza BOGART, 22, Morewood, same, d/o Eli BOGART & Mary COULTREY , witn: Mrs. Colon CHENEY & Mrs. George BOGART, both of Morewood, 1 Jan 1902 at Morewood

016376-02 David MAHEW 38, Farmer, Mountain, Shanley, s/o John MAHEW & Marguette MAKABY (Makaley?); married Frankie MILLS, 30, Oxford, Kemptville, d/o William NELSON & Sarah JOHNSTON; witn George STEACY & James MURDOCK, both South Mountain, 24 Jul 1902, South Mountain

016379-02 Ernest Albert MARTIN, 27, Physician, Kemptville, Mountain, s/o Samuel MARTIN & Eliza HOLMES; married Annie Winifred STEACY, 26, South Mountain, South Mountain, d/o George STEACY & Phoebe Ann HENDERSON; witn A.G. McAULEY, Mountain & N. GILROY, South Mountain, 6 Oct 1902, South Mountain

#016483-02 (Dundas Co): George H. MARTIN, 23, carpenter, Hamilton, same, /o George MARTIN & Sophia DANIELS, married Margaret BURD, 23, tailoress, Winchester, Crysler, d/o Jacob BURD & Alice JOHNSTON, witn: Rachel ROBINSON & Mrs. E.S. LOGIE, both of Winchester, 23 April 1902 at Winchester #016366-02 (Dundas Co): John MARTIN, 34, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Robert MARTIN & Louisa BARKLEY, married Sophia CRAMER, 27, Williamsburg, same, d/o Isaiah CRAMER & Mary COLQUHOUN, witn: Jean GIBSON of Morrisburg, 1 Oct 1902 at Morrisburg

18053-03, (Dundas Co), Willis MATTICE, 30,, farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Reuben MATTICE & Susan Athaliah SCHWERDFEGER, married Fannie REID, 36,, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Jeremiah REID & Lucinda BARKLEY, wtn: Mathew & Lydia REID of Williamsburg, 24 Dec 1902 at Williamsburg

#017860-03 (Glengarry Co) Archibald McDONALD 31, farmer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Alexander B. & Ann McDONALD, married Flora Ellen McDONALD, 30, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Donald McDONALD & Mary McDOUGALD, witn – George McDONALD, Sandon BC & Casen? E. McDONALD, Lancaster, 24 Nov 1902, St Raphaels

16148-02 Archibald McDONALD, 31, farmer, Ottawa, Lot 31 Con 5 of Lancaster twp., s/o Alex B. McDONALD & Anna McDONALD, married Flora Ellen McDONALD, 30, teacher, Lot 31 Con 5 of Lancaster, North Lancaster, d/o Donald McDONALD & Mary McDOUGALD, witn: George McDONALD of Nelson BC & Catherine E. McDONALD of Lot 31 Con 5 of Lancaster, 27 Nov 1902 at St. Raphaels

016103-02 Angus McDONALD, 46, Labourer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Donald R. & Catherine McDONALD; married Annie McDONALD, no age given, Roxborough, Kenyon, d/o Alexander & Catherine McDONALD; witn Donald H. McINTOSH, Alexandria & Hattie STRAGE?, Glen Roy, 4 Nov 1902, Alexandria

016095-02 Ranald McDONALD, no age given, Hotel Proprietor, Lancaster Twp, Ray N.W.T., s/o Jas. R. McDONALD & Catherine McMILLAN; married Flora McDOUGALD, no age given, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, d/o John A. McDOUGALD & Anne McDONALD; witn Angus McCORMICK, Lochiel & Nora McDONALD. Alexandria, 10 Feb 1902, Alexandria

016288-02 Alex McDONALD, 33, Grain dealer, Kenyon, North Dakota USA, s/o Alex McDONALD & Christy STEWART; married Maggie Ann CAMPBELL, 23, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Alex CAMPBELL & Sarah CHISHOLM; witn Alex D. STEWART & Annie Mary CAMPBELL, both Kenyon, 7 Aug 1902, Kenyon

016184-02 Alexander McDONALD, 38, Farmer, Williamstown, Williamstown, s/o Donald McDONALD & Annie McDOUGALD; married Annie McDOUGALD, 28, Dressmaker, Williamstown, Cornwall, d/o Duncan McDOUGALD & Annie McDONALD: witn Alexander DEROCHIE, Grants Corners & Flora Ann FRASER, Glen Donald, 3 Jun 1902, Cornwall

016405-02 D. Whitfield McGILL, 32, Dentist, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Charles McGILL & Margaret HAWN; married Ena FOSTER, 29, Teacher, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Leslie FOSTER & Amie CARPENTER; witn Allan E. SHAVER, Cardinal & Ethel M. FOSTER, Ottawa, 3 Sept 1902, Newington

#016264-02 (Stormont Co): Donald D. McGILLIVRAY, 23 or 28, laborer, Finch, same, s/o Charles McGILLIVRAY & Matilda SIMPSON, married Emma WARNER, 19, Finch, same, d/o Hiram WARNER & Alice MATTICE?, witn: Samuel LOW & Lydia WARNER, both of Finch, 7 May 1902 at Berwick

16342-02 Alfred Allen McINTOSH, 19, merchant, Ontario, Edwardsburg, s/o J. E. McINTOSH & Margaret LEWIS, married Mary E. FLETT, 23, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Thomas? FLETT & Maria GLOVER, witn: Charles FLETT & Annabel BARCLAY, both of Matilda, 2 Feb 1902 at Matilda

16471-02 Clinton E. McINTOSH, 22, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Ezra McINTOSH & Louisa SHAVER, married Maggie STRADER, 18, Matilda, same, d/o Elijah STRADER & Effie HANSON, witn: Mrs. O. BECKER & Mrs. F. MARCELIS, both of Williamsburg, 3 Sept 1902 at Williamsburg

016453-02 William C. McINTOSH, 24, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o George. R & Lucy McINTOSH; married Eva CASSELMAN, 24, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Nathan CASSELMAN & Jane McQUIG; witn Client CASSELMAN & Carry WHITTAKER, both Williamsburg, 15 Jan 1902, Williamsburg

016452-02 Isaac McINTOSH, 21, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o John A. McINTOSH & Diana CASSELMAN; married Zella MERKLEY, 21, Matilda, Matilda, d/o C.C. MERKLEY & Susanna CASSELMAN; witn Ira? John SHUNK & John SHUNK, both Williamsburg, 8 Jan 1902, Williamsburg

016293-02 Albert McINTYRE, 29, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth McINTYRE; married Catherine Mary McDONALD, 25, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Alex McDONALD & Catherine McEWAN; witn John S. McRAE & Christy ANDERSON, both Kenyon, 22 Oct 1902, Kenyon

17766-03 Charles McKINNON, 26, farmer, Finch twp., same, s/o Lachlan McKINNON & Sarah McRAE, married Mary Ann McKINNON, 40, Finch twp., same, d/o Alexander McKINNON, farmer, & Mary McLEAN, witn: Kenneth McRAE & Cassie McMILLAN, both of Finch, 19 Nov 1902 at Finch

016195-02 Arthur Francis MACLAREN, 27, Medical Practitioner, Shannonville, Cornwall, s/o Alexander MACLAREN & M. Jane MACARTHUR; married Margaret Ethel FITZGIBBONS, 20, Morrisburgh, Cornwall, d/o Jeremiah FITZGIBBONS & Catherine GRANT; witn Amy McL MACDONELL, Chicago & A. MACLAREN, Lancaster, 3 Sept 1902, Cornwall

016091-02 Roderick Angus McLENNAN, 24, Labourer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Angus McLENNAN & Anne McCUAIG; married Mary McDONELL, 20, South Lancaster, Dalhousie Mills, d/o William McDONELL & Catherine McRAE; witn Rod McRAE, Glen Sandfield & Mary MUNROE, Glen Robertson, 19 Mar 1902, Alexandria

016292-02 Alex N. McLEOD, 29, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Peter R. McLEOD & Annie McDONALD; married Catherine A. CAMERON, 29, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o Rory CAMERON & Annie McCRIMMON; witn Agnes GOLLAN & Annie M. CAMPBELL, both Dunvegan, 14 Oct 1902, Dunvegan

16129-02 Mac D. McMARTIN, 34, farmer, Martintown, same, s/o Henry S. McMARTIN & Betsy McGREGOR, married Margaret Scott PEARSON, 21, Scotland, Summerstown, d/o David PEARSON & Mary E. SCOTT, witn: Duncan ROSS of Martintown & Lillie CAMERON of Summerstown, 4 June 1902 at Summerstown

016299-02 Donald John McMILLAN, 35, Farmer, St. Andrews, St. Andrews, s/o Alex R. McMILLAN & Margaret CAMERON; married Catherine McBAIN, 24, Apple Hill, Apple Hill, d/o William McBAIN & Mary McDONALD; witn Myles McMILLAN, St. Andrews & Margaret McBAIN, Apple Hill, 30 May 1902, Greenfield

18079-03, (Dundas Co), Howard A. McQUAID, 22,, farmer Matilda, Williamsburg, s/o John McQUAID & Sarah COOPER, married Keziah BELL, 25,, Matilda, Winchester, d/o Joseph BELL & Jane GREER, wtn: Lawrence BELL & Jessie GREER, both of Winchester, 20 Aug 1902 at Williamsburg
016294-02 William John McRAE, 25, Hotel Keeper, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alex McRAE & Jane DEY; married Catherine Mary URQUHART, 19, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o Donald URQUHART & Katie M. DOUGLAS; witn John McKENZIE & Alice McKENZIE, both Kenyon, 28 Oct 1902, St. Elmo

016418-02 John MEEDS, 35, Farmer, Williamsburg, Roxborough, s/o Josiah MEEDS & Rebecca BARKLEY; married Addie McEWEN, 26, Housekeeper, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph McEWEN & Rachel GRAY; witn Effie McEWAN, Lunenburg & Charlie MEEDS, Northfield, 5 Nov 1902, Lunenburg

016459-02 Ernest J. MERKLEY, 23, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Marcus & Katharine MERKLEY; married Florence Jane McQUAIGG, 22, Matilda, Williamsburg, d/o John & Sarah McQUAIGG; witn B.E. McQUAIGG, Montreal & Lillian P. NESBITT, W.S., 11 Mar 1902, Williamsburg

#016361-02 (Dundas Co): Arthur F. MERKLEY, no age given, widower, insurance agent, Morrisburg, same, s/o Henry G. MERKLEY & Clara FLAGG, married Catherine Emma BAKER, no age given, Morrisburg, same, d/o William BAKER & Catherine illegible, witn: Laura STUART & M.A. BAKER, both of mot, 3 June 1902 at Morrisburg

016113-02 John MICHAUD, 32, Labourer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o John MICHAUD & Josephine LASCELLE; married Lizzie ROBERTSON, 31, Hawkesbury, Alexandria, d/o James ROBERTSON & Louise LALONDE; witn Jeremie ST. JOHN, & Ida BELLEFEUILLE, both Kenyon, 30 Sept 1902, Alexandria

16385-02 Albert N. MILLER, 23, joiner, Ogdensburg, Jersey City US, s/o Samuel H. MILLER & Mary J. BROWN, married Louise J. BOLTE, 22, Iroquois, same, d/o William BOLTE & Louise BACHUS, witn: Herbert BOLTE of Cornwall & Della GALLINGER of Iroquois, 14 July 1902 at Iroquois

016104-02 Michael MINOGUE, 37, Contractor, Wid, Montreal, Montreal, s/o James MINOGUE & Mary Ann RYAN; married Elizabeth Anne O'BRIEN, 43, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John O'BRIEN & Anne GRANT; witn Alexander CAMERON & Anne CAMERON, both Alexandria, 10 Nov 1902, Alexandria

16157-02 William Wilson MOAD, 21, carpenter, Chesterville, Buffalo, s/o Henry W. MOAD & Hannah MERKLEY, married Beatrice Emily KEYS, 19, Inkerman, Chesterville, d/o John KEYS & Eliza B. PAIN?, witn: Hugh P. ALLISON of Inkerman & Helen MOAD of Chesterville, 25 Nov 1902 at Chesterville
#016489-02 (Dundas Co): George Adam MOFFATT, 30, farmer, Morewood, same, s/o William MOFFATT & Marion CARLYLE, married Agnostina MARCELLIS, 24, Morewood, same, d/o Rodney MARCELLIS & Elizabeth FEASER, witn: Alex DILLABOUGH & Jane MARCELLIS, both of Morewood, 15 Oct 1902 at Morewood

016171-02 William Samuel Edwin MONTGOMERY, 23, Weaver, Roxborough Twp, Cornwall, s/o James MONTGOMERY & Margaret HUGH; married Jessie RYAN, 16, Michigan USA, Cornwall, d/o Daniel RYAN & Mary HART; witn Emmaline E.B. RYCKMAN, Cornwall & Sykes Louise RYCKMAN, Philadelphia USA, 17 Feb 1902, Cornwall

16304-02 Zotique MONTPETIT, 35, farmer, St. Zotique Que., same, s/o Antoine MONTPETIT & Catherine BRUNNET?, married Melitine SAUVE, 32, St. Polycarpe, 3rd Con of Lancaster, d/o Abraham SAUVE & Josette DESCHAMPS, witn: Lucil MONTPETIT of St. Zotique & Wilfred SAUVE of 3rd Con of Lancaster, 6 Feb 1902 at Glennevis

016454-02 James H. MORRIS, 38, Farmer, Drummond, Drummond, s/o William & Elizabeth MORRIS; married Lena K. KNAPP, 24, Bristol England, Elmsley, d/o William & Anna KNAPP; witn T.A. WEAVER & A.E. WEAVER, both Williamsburg, 22 Jan 1902, Williamsburg

16307-02 John A. MORRISON, 39, farmer, 6th Con of Lancaster, same, s/o Louis MORRISON & Mary McGILLIVRAY, married Harriet M. MORRISON, 29, 4th Con of Lancaster, same, d/o Donald M. MORRISON & Maria EDGAR, witn: A. McGILLIVRAY of Alexandria & Bertha M. MORRISON of North Lancaster, 25 June 1902 at 4th Con of Lancaster

016422-02 Alonzo MURPHY, 21, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Eugene MURPHY & Mary POTTS, married Lillie M. GALLINGER, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Elijah GALLLINGER & Mary BELL: witn Herbert GALLINGER, Osnabruck & Addie SECORD, Springfield Mass, 23 Dec 1902, Aultsville

18052-03, (Dundas Co), Wallace MYERS, 22,, farmer, Onsabruck, Onsabruck, s/o Thomas MYERS & Lizzie WALLACE, married Tena McMILLAN, 21,, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Osborne McMILLAN & Mary SHAVER , wtn: Edward ROMBOUGH of Grantley & Grace MYERS of Osnabruck, 19 Nov 1902 at Williamsburg

016415-02 Wallace MYERS, 22, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Thomas MYERS & Lizzie WALLACE: married Tina McMILLAN, 20, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Osborne McMILLAN & Mary SHAVER; witn Edward ROMBOUGH & Grace MYERS, both Grantley, 19 Nov 1902, Grantley

016500-02 Elijah P. NEELIN, 42, Merchant Tailor, Wid, North Gower, Kemptville, s/o James NEELIN & Agnes CALLANDER; married Ida G. FELL, 33, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Stephen FELL & Diantha CLELAND; witn W.S. HUGHES & Mrs W.S. HUGHES, both Winchester, 12 Nov 1902, Winchester #016263-02 (Stormont Co): James O'MALLEY, 22, farmer, Finch, same, s/o Hugh O'MALLEY & Ann PLUMLY, married Mary McDONALD, 20, Colton NY, Finch, d/o James McDONALD & Mary DONOVAN, witn: Vincent NORTON of Finch & Margaret CHALK of Winchester, 14 April 1902 at Crysler (Rom Cath)

016463-02 P. Edmund OUDERKIRK, 24, Cheese maker, Finch, Hoasic, s/o George N. OUDERKIRK & Belle MORRISON; married Grace L. COLQUHOUN, 22, Colquhoun, Colquhoun, d/o John COLQUHOUN & Mary WALLACE; witn Wesley DAWSON & Jean COLQUHOUN, both Colquhoun, 18 Jun 1902, Williamsburg

#016266-02 (Stormont Co): John Henry OUDERKIRK, 58, widower, farmer, Finch, Berwick, s/o Nicholas OUDERKIRK & Mary GRAY, married Jessie McMONAGLE, 31, Finch, same, d/o Robert McMONAGLE & Angelina TONKESS?, witn: A.R. & Mrs. A.R. McMONAGLE of Berwick, 18 June 1902 at Berwick
016502-02 Wesley PATTERSON, 19, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Richard PATTERSON & Eliza N. STRINGER; married Elizabeth D. SMITH, 19, Scotland, Winchester, d/o James SMITH & Mary WALLACE; witn Walter E. PATTERSON, Winchester & Georginia SHAVER, Inkerman, 26 Nov 1902, Winchester

016110-02 William PERRIARD, 27, Blacksmith, St. Justine, Alexandria, s/o Jeremie PERRIARD & Madeline DECOSTE; married Marie Laurenza SAUVE, 20, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Joseph E.C. SAUVE & Marie BELANGER; witn Ferrin? SAUVE & Catherine AUBRY, both Alexandria, 15 Sept 1902, Alexandria

016179-02 Stanley Edward PITTS, 27, Stationary Merchant, Osnabruck Twp, Cornwall, s/o John L. PITTS & Maria ROMBEAU; married Annie Louise PALMER, 23, Dry Goods Clerk, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Charles PALMER & Elizabeth RUSSELL; witn W.D. KNIGHT, R.M. PITTS & Ruth PITTS, all Cornwall, 9 Apr 1902, Cornwall

016456-02 Thomas READ, 52, Farmer, Port Dalhousie, Port Dalhousie, s/o Thomas READ & Elizabeth PLADEWELL? (Hadwell?); married Edith BECKSTED, 27, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o George. D. BECKSTED & Christie FROATS; witn Ed McLAUGHLIN, Morrisburg & Fannie BECKSTED, Glen Becker, 29 Jan 1902, Williamsburg

016377-02 Ross REDMOND, 21, Clerk, Mountain, Mountain, s/o Robert REDMOND & Mary Jane GAVIN; married Sarah Jane HYNDMAN, 21, Mountain, Mountain, d/o William J. HYNDMAN & Catherine CAMPBELL; witn Thomas H. BLOW & Aggie J. HYNDMAN, both South Mountain, 26 Aug 1902, South Mountain 16388-02 William N. RENNICK, 20, farmer, Inkerman, same, s/o John RENNICK & Kate FARRELL, married Stella HUTT, 20, Winchester Springs, Inkerman, d/o John F. HUTT & Levina CROWDER, witn: William BOLTE & Nettie WEBSTER, both of Iroquois, 27 Aug 1902 at Iroquois

016180-02 James Henry ROACH, 22, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John ROACH & Jane TYO; married Mary Louise THERIEN, 20, Domestic, Montreal, Cornwall, d/o Charles THERIEN & Libbe LANDRYVILLE; witn Frank GALLINGER & Maria LALONDE, both Cornwall, 19 Apr 1902, Cornwall

16348-02 Robert J. ROBINSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Matilda, s/o James ROBINSON & Mary ELLIS, married Letitia COLLISON, 22, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Albert COLLISON & Mary STEINBURG, witn: Mrs. CURTIS of Burtons Corners & M. E. CURTIS of Iroquois, 24 Sept 1902 at Matilda

016501-02 William J. RODNEY, 22, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Nehemiah RODNEY & Jennie McCALLUM; married Sarah F. SCOTT, 22, Winchester, Winchester, d/o George SCOTT & Mary BILOW; witn R.M. RODNEY & Annie May SCOTT, both Winchester, 19 Nov 1902, Winchester

#016481-02 (Dundas Co): James W. RODNEY, 33, farmer, Ormond, same, s/o Robert RODNEY & Virtue CARKNAL?, married Sarah C. ROBINSON, 28, dress maker, Winchester, same, d/o Reuben ROBINSON & Ellen BALLAGER?, witn: Herbert ROBINSON & Julia HUGHES, both of Winchester, 5 March 1902 at Winchester
016424-02 William Alexander ROSS, 26, Carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alex ROSS & Ann KELLOCK; married Mary E. McAULAY, 29, Roxboro, Osnabruck, d/o Murdock McAULAY & Isabelle SNETSINGER; witn James STEEN & Mabel McAULAY, both Newington, 24 Dec 1902, Newington

016407-02 Joseph ROZON, 23, Clerk, Lancaster, Bainsville, s/o Joachim ROZON & Celina LARUE; married Evelyn RYAN, 20, Housekeeper, Dickinsons Landing, Wales, d/o Samuel P. RYAN & Mary BENTLEY; witn William ROZON, Lancaster & Nellie PRENDERGAST, Cornwall, 16 Sept 1902, Dickinsons Landing

016420-02 Colborne G. RUNIONS, 22, Farmer, Avonmore, Avonmore, s/o William J. RUNIONS & Sarah ALGUIRE; married Ora or Eva Alberta RAYMOND, 18, Northfield, Northfield, d/o James W. RAYMOND & Orpena BRASHHORN (Brachhorn?)?; witn J.C. RAYMOND, Northfield & Eva ALGUIRE, Avonmore, 24 Dec 1902, Lunenburg

016416-02 Albert Edward RUNIONS, 36, Farmer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Alex RUNIONS & Margaret HARTWELL; married Mabel G. CORDUKES, 26, Frontenac, Cornwall, d/o Thomas CORDUKES & Catharine RUNIONS; witn John RUNIONS & Blanche RUNIONS, both Cornwall, 26 Nov 1902, Wales

016098-02 Joseph ST. ARMAND, 21, Blacksmith, St. Polycarpe, Alexandria, s/o J.B. ST. ARMAND & Oziline BELANGER; married Eugenie DESCHAMPS, 19, St. Marthe, Alexandria, d/o Joseph DESCHAMPS & Philomen LALONDE; witn Joseph THEORET, St. Polycarpe & Joseph DESCHAMPS, Alexandria, 21 Apr 1902, Alexandria

016298-02 Napoleon ST. LEWIS, 26, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alex ST. LEWIS & Mary BELAGE (Belaye?); married Mary ROLLARD, 21, Maxville, Maxville, d/o Francois ROLLARD & Maxella TASSIE; witn Hermindas FILLION & Celina ST. LEWIS, both Greenfield, 28 Apr 1902, Greenfield

016099-02 Antoine ST. ONGE, 20, Farmer, Lochiel, Lancaster, s/o Antoine ST. ONGE & Marie G. LORRAINCE; married Marie Louise FILLION, 20, Rigaud Quebec, Alexandria, d/o Antoine FILLION & Marguerite SEGUIN; witn Antoine ST. ONGE, Glen Robertson & Joseph FILLION, Alexandria, 5 May 1902, Alexandria

016094-02 Alphonse SABOURIN, 22, Painter, Alexandria, Cornwall, s/o Benj. SABOURIN & Eliz ROLLAND; married Delia LEBLANC, 21, St. Zotique Quebec, Alexandria, d/o Leon LEBLANC & Cleophie BRAY; witn Arthur LALONDE, St. Raphael & Clara LEBLANC, Alexandria, 27 Jan 1902, Alexandria

016092-02 Joseph SAUVE, 25, Labourer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Adolf & Mary SAUVE; married Annie PACQUET, 26, Van Kleek Hill, Kenyon, d/o Larant PACQUET & Sarah WILLARD; witn John WHEELER, Kenyon & Sarah A. EDWARDS, Alexandria, 9 Apr 1902, Alexandria

16145-02 James Julius SEASAR (Ceasar?), 19, laborer, Summerstown, Martintown, s/o James Julius SEASAR & Caroline MARTIN, married Margaret TYO, 18, Martintown, same, d/o Frank TYO & Ellen LEGREE, witn: Mrs?. Margaret TAIT of L'Amable & Frances TYO of Martintown, 13 Oct 1902 at Williamstown

016107-02 Solomon SEGUIN, 20, Farmer, St. Redempteur, Alexandria, s/o Prosper SEGUIN & Susanna AUCHENE; married Rosanna FAUBERT, 18, St. Timothee, Kenyon, d/o Joseph FAUBERT & Philomine LECLAIR; witn Ferdinand SEGUIN & Joseph FAUBERT, both no place given, 11 Aug 1902, Alexandria

#016261-02 (Stormont Co): Verice SEGUINE, 44, widower, farmer, Mountain twp., Winchester twp., s/o John SEGUINE & Maraline CRERIER?, married Mary Adeline McMAHON, 43, widow, Roxboro, Finch, d/o Gaspar SAYER & Sophia HOULE, witn: Isidore & Adeline CARRIERE of Crysler, 6 Feb 1902 at Crysler (Rom Cath)

16343-02 Robert J. SHARRA, 25, farmer, Ontario, Matilda, s/o W.J. SHARRA & Margaret GRAHAM, married Ellen E. KEYS, 19, Ontario, Matilda, d/o George KEYS & Mary J. BROWN, wtn: Rufus KEYS & Euphemia SHARRA, both of Matilda, 19 Feb 1902 at Matilda

#016493-02 (Dundas Co): Joseph Clark SHAVER, 24, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o Roland SHAVER & Elizabeth SMITH, married Margaret Jane CASSELMAN, 28, Winchester, same, d/o William CASSELMAN & Mary COULTHART, witn: Milton SHAVER & Lizzie CASSELMAN, both of Winchester, 24 Dec 1902 at Winchester
#016487-02 (Dundas Co): Ingram E. SMITH, 24, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o Samuel SMITH & Ellen GREEN, married Annie M. BEATTIE, 21, Morewood, Winchester, d/o Dawson BEATTIE & Mary DAWSON, witn: Joseph R. PITTS & Hannah SMITH, both of Chesterville, 14 May 1902 at Chesterville #016362-02 (Dundas Co): Robert Bruce STRADER, 23, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o John STRADER & Mary REDDICK, married Minnie A. LOUCKS, 24, Williamsburg, same, d/o Wesley LOUCKS & Mary Ann ROBERTSON, witn: Archie & Gertie CAMDREN? Of Morrisburg, 1 Sept 1902 at Morrisburg

016450-02 Mahlon SWERDFEGER, 24, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Margaret BARKLEY & Samuel SWERDFEGER; married Harriet M. ALGUIRE, 18, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Melvin ALGUIRE & Melissa MERKLEY?; witn Fred ALGUIRE, Williamsburg & Lillie SWERDFEGER, Morewood, 1 Jan 1902, Williamsburg

#016485-02 (Dundas Co): Henry THORPE, 30, farmer, Matilda, Winchester, s/o Ezra THORPE & Ann Erabelle, married Jessie Maud SEMNERS? (Sunners?), 19, Winchester, same, d/o James E. SEMNERS & Eliza A. THOMAS, witn: Samuel & Mrs.S. THORPE of Matilda, 30 April 1902 at Winchester

016161-02 Peter TERRENCE, 24, Labourer, Hogensburg NY, Cornwall, s/o Thomas TERRENCE & Mary MALONEY; married Lily FITZGIBBON, 18, Ireland, Cornwall, d/o William FITZGIBBON & Margaret GARRIETY; witn Daniel KINGHORN & Amelia BRANCHAUD, both Cornwall, 7 Jan 1902, Cornwall

016409-02 Johiel TINKESS, 22, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o John W. TINKESS & Bella McDOWELL; married Daisy AULT, 21, Housekeeper, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o James C. AULT & Diana WESLEY; witn Charles C. AULT & Etta A. MARTIN, both Wales, 14 Oct 1902, Newington

016380-02 Benjamin Andrew TOMPKINS, 46, Farmer, Wid, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Denis TOMPKINS & Ann Jane CARSON; married Jennie RICHARDSON, 39, Mountain, Mountain, d/o James RICHARDSON & Margaret CONWAY; witn Mellon RICHARSON & Amelia RICHARDSON, both Mountain, 16 Dec 1902, Mountain

18056-03, (Dundas Co), Almon R. TUPPER, 28,, farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Mahue TUPPER & Mary S. LENNOX, married Cynthia C. G. GARLOUGH, 30,, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Jacob S. GARLOUGH & Lavinia MARCELLUS, wtn: Charlotte MONTGOMERY of Hamilton & Flora O. McILROY of Williamsburg, 17 Dec 1902 at Williamsburg

016290-02 Robert URQUHART, 24, Farmer, Caledonia, Caledonia, s/o Donald URQUHART & Katie DOUGLAS; married Mary C. McLEOD, 23, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o William McLEOD & Sarah CAMERON; witn Donald McLEOD & Cassie URQUHART, both Caledonia, Sept 16, 1902, Dunvegan

016421-02 E. Scott WADDELL, 45, Farmer, Wid, Dixon, Dixon, s/o James WADDELL & Mary SCOTT: married Winsome M. BUSH, 26, Housekeeper, Dixon, Dixon, d/o John T. BUSH & Alice EAMON; witn Charles BUSH, Dixon & Lottie COLBURN, Lunenburg, 24 Dec 1902, Lunenburg


016414-02 George A. WALDROFF, 23, Cheese maker, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Nelson WALDROFF & Eliza BOAL; married Mary G. WATSON, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o George WATSON & Adelaide FIKE; witn George WALDROFF, Finch & Kit WATSON, Dixon, 19 Nov 1902, Dixon

16154-02 William WALLACE, 42, horse dealer, Layport Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas WALLACE & Catherine SIMPSON, married Mary Ellen CARLYLE, 30, Williamsburg twp., Winchester twp., d/o Thomas CARLYLE & Nancy THOM, witn: Charles CARLYLE of Winchester twp & Mrs. Andrew RUSSEL of Chesterville, 8 Sept 1902 at Chesterville #016368-02 (Dundas Co): Charles E. WALLIN, 27, physician, Grand Rapids Mich., same, s/o Franklin WALLIN & Harriett CADBOURNE, married Florence Alexandria MUNRO, 27, Wardsville, Morrisburg, d/o Malcolm MUNRO & blank WARD, witn: Adelaide WARD of Wardsville & Van WALLIN of Grand Rapids, 10 Sept 1902 at Morrisburg

016412-02 George Alfred WARNER, 25, Farmer, Roxboro, Cornwall, s/o Gordin WARNER & Ellen BRADSHAW; married Jennie Ethel WALDROFF, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Nelson WALDROFF & Eliza BOAL; witn Robert WALDROFF & Alberta SHAVER, both Newington, 8 Oct 1902, Osnabruck

16158-02 Alexander WARREN, 22, cheese maker, Matilda twp., same, s/o David WARREN & Melissa KECK, married Ida MORELL, 21, Winchester twp., same, d/o James MORELL & Margaret THRESHER, witn: Kenneth MORELL of Winchester twp & Elizabeth KECK of Matilda twp., 24 Dec 1902 at Chesterville

#016491-02 (Dundas Co): George WELLS, 32, farmer, Williamsburgh, same, s/o George E. WELLS & Amanda A. TINKESS, married Jennie EDGERTON, 28, Winchester, same, d/o James EDGERTON & Elizabeth FAULKNER, witn: Curtis WELLS of Williamsburgh twp & Alice M. BOGART of Chesterville, 26 Nov 1902 at Winchester

016410-02 John WESLEY, 28, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o James WESLEY & Mary Ann SCOTT; married Lottie RUNIONS, 23, Housekeeper, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o George RUNNIONS (sic) & Anna WESLEY; witn Howard RUNIONS & Hester A. RUNIONS, both Cornwall, 22 Oct 1902, Newington

#016259-02 (Stormont Co): Simson WHITTAKER, 29, shoe maker, N. Williamsburg, same, so Herman & Mary, married Ella BAKER, 27, Crysler, Cahore?, d/o Adam BAKER & Sarah SMITH, witn: Frank BAKER of Cahore & Meda WHITTAKER of N. Williamsburg, 1 Jan 1902 at Berwick

16477-02 Levi WHITTEKER, 29, cheese maker, Matilda, same, s/o John W. WHITTEKER & Harriet SELLERS, married Sarah A. MERKLEY, 24, Matilda, same, d/o William MERKLEY & Elizabeth CASSELMAN, witn: witn: Mrs. J. SHUNK & May MERKLEY, both of Williamsburg, 15 Oct 1902 at Williamsburg