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Stormont, Glenarry & Dundas Co., 1904


17476-04 (Glengarry Co): John G. ABRAHAM, 25, manufacturer, Oxford England, Montreal, s/o J.G. ABRAHAM & Harriet MAY?, married Catherine McMILLAN, 24, Ogdensburgh NY, Montreal, d/o Alexander McMILLAN & Mary McDONALD, witn: Dougald & Laura CAMERON of Summertown Station, 7 Sept 1904 at Summertown Station  

17823-04 David A. ALGUIRE, 28, farmer, of Cornwall, s/o John ALGUIRE & Ella GALLINGER, married Eva May STEVENSON, 19, of Roxborough, d/o William STEVENSON & Elizabeth HOUGH, witn: Uriah & Emma COOK of Avonmore, 21 Sept 1904 at Newington

17824-04 George ALGUIRE, 22, cheese maker, of Osnabruck, s/o Martin ALGUIRE & Sophia GILMORE, married Maud ALGUIRE, 23, of Osnabruck, d/o William ALGUIRE, farmer, & Nancy HARTWELL, witn: Mrs. A. WEIR of Montreal & Lerone? HARTWELL of Osnabruck Centre, 21 Sept 1904 at Osnabruck

17825-04 Douglas W. ARMSTRONG, 25, foreman of oar works, of Mille Roches, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Anna Elfres MORGAN, 25, of Osnabruck, d/o Gilbert MORGAN & Rebecca STEVENSON, witn: Alfred McCAGG of Ottawa & Caroline M. ARMSTRONG of Mille Roches, 21 Sept 1904 at Wales

#017815-04 (Stormont Co): James M. BAKER, 21, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o John H. BAKER & Lois MORGAN, married Leila Pearl FETTERLY, 18, of Osnabruck, d/o John H. FETTERLY, farmer, & Ellen HOLLISTER, witn: Percy WERT & Leila BAKER, both of Newington, 28 Dec 1904 at North Lunenburg

017638-04 Percy J. BARCLAY, 28, Trackman, Iroquois, Iroquois, s/o Gabriel BARCLAY & Ella AULT; married Jeanette Florence JOHNSTON, 25, Matilda Twp, Iroquois, d/o Jas JOHNSTON & Maria SHAVER: witn Jennie SKINNER & Rosalie WHALLEY, both Iroquois, 21 Jan 1904, Iroquois

017748-04 Christian A. BARKLEY, 28, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Cephas BARKLEY & Kezah GARLOUGH; married Elizabeth WHITTEKER, 25, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o H.J. WHITTAKER (sic) & Ellen McINTOSH; witn Thomas F. RUPP & Louis RUPP, both Morrisburg, 7 Jun 1904, Morrisburg

017659-04 John George BEARDSMORE, 24, Labourer, Worcestershire England, Iroquois, s/o Robert & Jane BEARDSMORE; married Mattie SERVISS, 19, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o Elijah SERVISS & Rebecca WRIGHT; witn Frank ARMSTRONG & Eunice ARMSTRONG, both Iroquois, 22 Jun 1904, Iroquois #017807- 04 (Stormont Co): Charles H. BELLUS?, 28, farmer, of Norfolk NY, s/o Andrew BELLUS & Annie CRITES, married Lucie Mary CRITES, 19, of Williamsburg, d/o John CRITES & Carrie FETTERLY, witn: Wesley O. BELLUS of Norfolk NY & Effie CRITES of Williamsburg

017639-04 Fred Alex BRENNAN, 20, Labourer, Cardinal, Smith Falls, s/o John BRENNAN & Angeline WEEKS; married Hattie COONS, 20, Hanesville, Cardinal, d/o Guy COONES & Elizabeth FADER; witn Fred FADER & Grace SPALSBURY, both Cardinal, 25 Feb 1904, Iroquois

#017813-04 (Stormont Co): Hele? Lorenzo BROOKS, 33, electrician, of Cornwall, s/o William Deaton? BROOKS & Sophia ROBERTSON, married Minnie Amelia BARTLE, 33, dressmaker, of Osnabruck, d/o Charles BARTLE M.D. & Charlotte SHAVER, witn: Simon BARTLE of Dixon & Ida C. BROOKS of Mille Roches, 14 Dec 1904 at Wales
17901-04 Edgar Allan BROWNLEE, 28, clergyman, Phillipsburg Ont., Walkerton, s/o Hugh J. BROWNLEE & Albertina SCHINDERMANN, married Edith Marguerite HENDERSON, 22, student, Dunbar, Winchester, d/o Samuel HENDERSON & Eliza KENNEDY, witn: Mrs. J. L. McLEAN of Ottawa & Mrs. D. W. BECKSTEAD of Williamsburg, 6 April 1904 at Winchester

17704-04 George Hugh BURDICK, 29, carpenter, Greig NY, Despatch NY, s/o Leonard T. BURDICK & Sarah Jane MALCOLM, married Annie Catherine McEDWARD, no age given, Summerstown, Lancaster twp., d/o Finlay McEDWARD & Elizabeth ROSE, witn: John C. McGOWAN of Lancaster & Maggie ROSE of Nilch? NY, 29 Dec 1904 at res of the bride's father

017778-04 Edward BUSH, 32, Farmer, Cardinal, Brimston Corners, s/o Reuben BUSH & Sophia LAPIER; married Lephia Dora BEGGS, 19, Hallville, Hallville, d/o Hugh BEGGS & Mary CLEARWATER; witn Mrs Mary EICKS, Brinstons Corners & Rose M. SHAW, Hallville, 22 Jun 1904, Hallville

17829-04 Frank N. BUSH, 21, of Osnabruck, s/o Hamilton BUSH & Mary WARNER, married Lizzie NEVILLE, 21, of Osnabruck, d/o John NEVILLE, farmer, & Mary FETTERLEY, witn: John & Mary CASSELMAN of Aultsville, 10 Sept 1904 at Aultsville

017775-04 John CAMERON, 21, Farmer, Scotland, Matilda, s/o John CAMERON & Mary RANDLES; married Dora BROWN, 18, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Barnabus BROWN & Melinda ARMSTRONG; witn Noah BROWN, Hulbert & Agnes HYNDMAN, S. Mountain, 25 May 1904, S. Mountain  

017779-04 Arthur Edward CAMPBELL, 27, Salesman, Osgoode, Montreal, s/o James S. CAMPBELL & Mary CARLYLE; married Fanny Ethel BEGGS, 23, Mountain, Hallville, d/o James BEGGS & Fanny BLOW; witn William MARCELLIS, Dundela & Stella J. BEGGS, Hallville, 14 Jun 1904, Mountain

018297-05 Alex CATTANACH, 28, Farmer, Glen Norman, Glen Norman, s/o James CATTANACH & Mary McRAE; married Mary A. McRAE, 27, Glen Norman, Glen Norman, d/o John McRAE & Martha McDONALD?; witn John J. McRAE & J.B. McRAE, both Glen Norman, 29 Jul 1904, Dalhousie Mills

017870-04 Henry CLARK, 23, Machinist, Morrisburg, Winchester, s/o Charles B. CLARK & Marcella CAMPBELL; married Hattie May BARCLAY, 23, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Simeon [BARCLAY] & Annie MILLWARD; witn Moreley MILLS, Prescott & Ida L. RATTOWN, Brinstons Corners, 15 Sept 1904, Winchester Twp

017896-04 Owen COUGHLIN, 23, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Asa COUGHLIN & Athelia SULLIVAN; married Ida May SHANNETTE, 24, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Alex SHANNETTE & Melinda DROPPO; witn Roland SHANNETTE & Kate SHANNETTE, both Williamsburg, 24 Dec 1904, Williamsburg

17830-04 David Irwin COULTHART, 22, laborer, of Cornwall, s/o J. Byron COULTHART & Marilla TILTON?, married Florence Ann NORMAN, 19, of Roxborough, d/o John NORMAN & Jessie CAMERON, witn: Percy COULTHART of Monkland & Helena FRASER of Boniville, 12 Oct 1904 at Lunenburg

017746-04 John Eldon CRAIG, 35, Physician, illegible birth place, Ottawa, s/o John CRAIG & Margaret MOSES?; married Mary Lillian Adams SMITH, 26, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Gilbert SMITH & Mary Lorretta ADAMS; witn Gilbert SMITH & Miriam Gould SMITH, both Morrisburg, 26 Apr 1904, Morrisburg

17819-04 Charles CRITES, 21, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o Amos CRITES & Mary Ann MYERS, married Lulu STEIN (Steen?), 19, domestic servant, Osnabruck, same, d/o Robert STEIN & Kate WADE, witn: John R. & James MORGAN of Wales, 6 Sept at Woodlands

017776-04 Haldane CUMMING, 22, Farmer, South Gower, same, s/o Peter CUMMING & Jane McKENZIE; married Nellie SIPES, 25, Mountain, Mountain, d/o John SIIPES & Lizzie SHAW; witn Andrew SIPES, Hallville & Ethel STEINBERG, Eastmans Sprs, 6 Apr 1904, Mountain

017663-04 Jas Arthur DAWSON, 24, Farmer, Hanesville, Dundela, s/o John DAWSON & Mary IRVINE; married Edith Luella CLOW, 16, Brinstons Corners, Dreams Corners, d/o Joseph CLOW & Laura THOMPSON; witn Mrs John McKERCHER & Jennie McCORRIGAN, both Iroquois, 21 Sept 1904, Iroquois

17478-04 (Glengarry Co): John J. DAYWALL, 48, farmer, Charlottenburgh, same, s/o James DAYWALL & Ellen McGREGOR, married Janet Ann McGREGOR, 37, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o William McGREGOR & Christena FERGUSON, witn: Alexander DAYWALL of Charlottenburgh & Christena McRAE of Kenyon, 4 Oct 1904 at Williamstown
#017812-04 (Stormont Co): Arthur DOOLEY, 22, railway employee, of Avonmore, s/o Michael DOOLEY & Christie GIBSON, married Lydia McMILLAN, 27, of Avonmore, d/o John McMILLAN, farmer, & Margaret, witn: William E. THOMPSON & Catherine LIDSTONE, both of Newington, 7 Dec 1904 at Newington

018050-03 Thomas EDGERTON, 24, Farmer, Winchester, Chesterville, s/o James EDGERTON & Elizabeth FAULKNER; married Libbie ROBINSON, 20, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Reuben [ROBINSON] & Ellen BARRINGER; witn Wilburn EDGERTON, Chesterville & E? BARRIAGER, Winchester, 6 Jan 1904, Winchester

17469-04 (Glengarry Co): Duncan FISHER, 35, farmer, Kenyon, Williamstown, s/o James FISHER & Janet McDONALD, married Maud DIXON, 35, Williamstown, same, d/o Daniel DIXON, blacksmith, & Margaret MAHER, witn: Joseph McGILES of Cornwall & Margaret McCRIMMON of Williamstown, 25 Aug 1904 at Williamstown (Rom Cath)

017895-04 Curtis A. FORRESTER, 29, Farmer, Williamsburg, Morewood, s/o George FORRESTER & Almeda SCHWERDFEGER; married Laura E. THOMPSON, 20, Winchester Springs, Winchester Springs, d/o William THOMPSON & Loisa SWORTH; witn William E. FORRESTER, Morewood & Orphia M. BARLEY, Winchester, 21 Dec 1904, Williamsburg

  17777-04 Gordon H. GALLINGER, 24, Farmer, Clarence Point, Clarence Point, s/o Gordon I. GALLINGER; married Fannie EDWARDS, 27, Oxford, Inkerman, d/o Thomas EDWARDS & Eliza OAKES; witn Thomas EDWARDS & Burton ROBINSON, both Inkerman, 22 Jun 1904, Inkerman

17699-04 Narcisse GAUTHIER, 28, farmer, St. Polycarpe, same, s/o Paul GAUTHIER & Marceline ROULEAU, married Corinne DECOSSE, 25, Lochiel, 25/8 Lancaster, d/o Joseph DECOSSE & Octavie BRUNET, witn: Solomon DECOSSE of 8th con Lancaster & Ann GAUTHIER of St. Polycarpe, 31 May 1904 at Glen Nevis

017665-04 Alfred Ernest GILES, 29, Labourer, Yorkshire England, Haddo, s/o Alfred & Elizabeth GILES; married Bertha J. HARE, 26, Toronto, Haddo, d/o none given; witn William MILLER & Annie SERVISS, both Haddo, 17 Nov 1904, Iroquois

17902-04 Frederick James GRANT, 31, rancher, Portsmouth Ont., Walsh Assiniboia, s/o Joseph Arthur GRANT & Annie SCHRODER, married Margaret May SUFFEL, 25, Mountain twp., Winchester, d/o Edward SUFFEL & Frances TIMMERMAN?, witn: W. R. FULTON of Chesterville & Ida May AGUAR? of Kemptville, 30 Nov 1904 at Winchester

17471-04 (Glengarry Co): William James GUNN, 32, dentist, Lancaster, same, s/o Joseph GUNN & Wilhelmina PATENAUDE, married Maria Amanda McDONALD, 26, Williamstown, same, d/o John A. McDONALD & Mary ALEXANDER, witn: J.J. GUNN of Carlyle & Marie F. H--? BACOM of Pittsburgh PA, 10 Aug 1904 at Williamstown
#017804-04 (Stormont Co): Alva HANN, 27, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o George D. HANN & Hannah RUPERT, married Ida Mae HANN, 23, Middleport NY, Campbellford, d/o George Stephen HANN & Bella BELL, witn: Gertie WARNER of Newington, 13 Oct 1904 at Lunenburg, Osnabruck twp #017805-04 (Stormont Co): Gordon HELMER, 20, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o Gordon HELMER & Ann BAKER, married Cassie Arminda SHAVER, 17, of Osnabruck, d/o George Thomas SHAVER & Mary Ann BENBER, witn: J. Oren RUNIONS of Avonmore & Lottie SHAVER of Dixon, 14 Jan 1904 at Dixon

017872-04 Fred HENDERSON, 23, Merchant, Winchester, Winchester, s/o George G. [HENDERSON] & Martha A. HANES; married Diana Amelia McINTOSH, 27, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Peter [McINTOSH] & Ella J. THORNTON; witn Neal HENDERSON & Emma J. McINTOSH, both Winchester, 28 Sept 1904, Winchester

017641-04 Andrew JAMIESON, 33, Labourer, Montreal, Montreal, s/o Andrew JAMIESON & Mary NIXON; married Ida Ella BARCLAY, 26, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o Gabriel BARCLAY & Ella AULT; witn Arthur BARCLAY & Lilian DILLABOUGH, both Iroquois, 23 May 1904, Iroquois

17474-04 (Glengarry Co): Charles Edward JARRATT, 22, telegrapher, Greenock Scotland, Summertown, s/o William George JARRATT & Margaret PARTEN?, married Edna Harriet VIPOND, 20, Summertown, same, d/o Joseph VIPOND & Jennie CAMERON, witn: Allan W. VIPOND & Lillian A. JARRATT, both of Summertown, 10 Sept 1904 at Summertown 17905-04 James Edward KIRKWOOD, 22, stone mason, Matilda twp., Winchester, s/o Robert KIRKWOOD & Selina HESS, married Olive Myrtle BROWN, 18, Winchester, same, d/o Andrew S. BROWN & Sarah COOK, witn: J. F. HAMILTON of Winchester Springs & M. Pearl SALTER of Winchester, 28 Dec 1904 at Winchester

17700-04 Joseph LAFRAMBOISE, 22, laborer, North Lancaster, same, s/o Michel LAFRAMBOISE & Clarisse SEGUIN, married Meletine ROZON, 19, North Lancaster, same, d/o Francis ROZON & Adele GOULET, witn: Antoine ROZON & Rachel LAFRAMBOISE, both of North Lancaster, 20 Sept 1904 at Glen Nevis

018307-05 Philomene LANDRY, 29, Farmer, Clarence Creek, Clarence Creek, s/o Napoleon LANDRY & Octavine BUSSIER; married Lilia MENARD, 22, Glensandfield, Lochiel, d/o Pellisier MENARD & Georgina DEGUIRE; witn Pilhaser? MENARD & Ford TOUCHETTE, both Glensandfield, 9 Oct 1904, Glen Robertson

017662-04 Almer Harrison LINNEN, 23, Labourer, Cardinal, Cardinal, s/o Andrew [LINDEN] & Esther Jane HUTCHCROFT; married Ida Jane POAPS, 22, Cardinal, Cardinal, d/o Charles POAPS & Mary PRUNNER; witn G. ST. ROGERS, Seaforth & Lillie NICHOL, Montreal, 17 Aug 1904 Iroquois

017871-04 James B. LOUGHRIDGE, 24, Farmer, Winchester, Morewood, s/o Harvey [LOUGHRIDGE] & Agnes MARCHETTE? (Marcellis?); married Minerva M. THOMAS, 21, Winchester, Morewood, d/o Harvey [ THOMAS] & Mary THOMPSON; witn William THOMAS & Annie LOUGHRIDGE, both Morewood, 14 Sept 1904, Morewood

017873-04 John LYONS, 31, Farmer, England, Chesterville s/o James LYONS & Jessie ROSS; married Beatrice May Louisa SHAVER, 25, Morewood, Morewood, d/o Herman [SHAVER] & Catherine CROWTHER; witn Herman SHAVER & Ella SHAVER, both Morewood, 16 Nov 1904, Morewood

17903-04 Andrew A. MARQUETTE, 22, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o Hugh MARQUETTE & Mary Jane BOWER, married Effie B. MERKLEY, 20, Mountain, same, d/o John MERKLEY & Elizabeth McEWAN, witn: N. W. BEACH & Belle C. LOGIE, both of Winchester, 30 Nov 1904 at Winchester

017658-04 Charles W. MARSH, 24, Undertaker, Spencerville, s/o W.J. MARSH & Lucy ROBERTSON; married Estella May DAWSON, 22, Hanesville, Iroquois, d/o John DAWSON & Mary IRVING; witn Ernest ROBERTSON & Etta DAWSON, both Iroquois, 15 Jun 1904, Iroquois

17698-04 Roderick MAVILLE, 22, cheese maker, Alexandria, 5th con of Lancaster, s/o Charles MAVILLE & Christy McKINNON, married Isabella McDONALD, 20, 5th con of Lancaster, same, d/o John McDONALD & Ann McLEOD, witn: Donald MAVILE (sic) of Alexandria & Ellen McLEOD of 8th Con of Lancaster, 12 April 1904 at Glen Nevis

17479-04 (Glengarry Co): Thomas McBRIDE, 29, merchant, Montreal, same, s/o James McBRIDE & Jane IRWIN, married Anna LEVIGE, 29, house maid, C--?, same, d/o James LAVIGE & Mary WATSON?, witn: Frances SMITH of Montreal & Emia LEVIGE of Stormont, 22 Oct 1904 at Williamstown  

17828-04 Edgar McCONNELL, 25, farmer, of Roxborough, s/o Hugh McCONNELL & Agnes GRANT, married Ella HOLLAND, 26, of Osnabruck, d/o John R. HOLLAND, farmer, & Catherine JOYNT, witn: Catherine LIDSTONE of Newington & G. E. LIDSTONE of Montreal, 5 Oct 1904 at Newington

17472-04 (Glengarry Co): John McCRIMMON, 39, farmer, Charlottenburgh, same, s/o John McCRIMMON & Annie McINNES, married Catherine Ann McLENNAN, 38, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o Donald R. & Catherine, witn: John ROMAIN (or Armour) of 2nd con of Charlottenburgh & Margaret J. GOVAN of Williamstown, 31 Aug 1904 at Williamstown
#017808-04 (Stormont Co): John William MACDONALD, 32, clerk, of Puslinch Ont., s/o Rev. Kenneth MACDONALD & Helen CARRUTHERS, married Catherine May DAFOE, 21, of Aultsville, d/o John DAFOE & Catherine Ann EMPEY, witn: W.S. LOUCKS? & E.Y. DAFOE, both of Aultsville, 10 Sept 1904 at Aultsville

018283-05 Daniel J. MACDOUGALD, 22, Labourer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Hugh MACDOUGALD & Elizabeth LAROCQUE; married Mary E. MACDONALD, 20, Williamstown, South Lancaster, d/o Alex MACDONALD & Emily LAROUX; witn James MACDONALD & Hattie MACDONALD, Williamstown, 16 May 1904, Lancaster

17473-04 (Glengarry Co): Edward McDOUGALL, 22, cheese maker, Lancaster, same, s/o John McDOUGALL & Clara GRASLEY?, married Margaret Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 21, Chatham Quebec, Charlottenburgh, d/o James DAVIDSON & Maria SOMERVILLE, witn: Duncan McNICHOLL of Lancaster & Flo M. DAVIDSON of Charlottenburgh, 6 July 1904 at Williamstown #017814-04 (Stormont Co): John McGILLIVRAY, 26, Messina NY, Farrow? St?, s/o Peter McGILLIVRAY & Martha CARPENTER, married Alice BARNHART, 26, of Morrisburg, d/o Len? BARNHART & Margaret ARTINDALE, witn: Sophia GILLARD of Wales, 28 Dec 1904 at Wales

17693-04 Duncan McGREGOR, 40, drover, Lancaster twp., same, s/o Alexander McGREGOR & Christena MORRISON, married Margarette JAMIESON, 24, Kenyon twp., Charlottenburg, d/o George JAMIESON & Mary Jane ELLIOTT, witn: George & Mrs. George JAMIESON of Williamstown, 26 Jan 1904 at Lancaster

17475-04 (Glengarry Co): John Peter McINTOSH, 23, tea merchant, Martintown, Cornwall, s/o Alexander J. McINTOSH & Christie McPHERSON, married Catherine Elizabeth Jane THOMSON, 23, Glen Falloch, same, d/o William THOMSON & Emily SCHELL, witn: J.H. McINTOSH of Dominionville & Eva C. THOMSON of Glen Falloch, 21 Sept 1904 at Glen Falloch 17477-04 (Glengarry Co): Allen H. McLEAN, 28, farmer, Summertown, same, s/o William McLEAN & Annie McKENZIE, married Lillian Ada JARRATT, 19, Greenock Scotland, Summertown, d/o William George JARRATT & Margaret PARTEN, witn: Walter N. McLEAN & Minnie GUINDON, both of Summertown, 15 Sept 1904 at Summertown
18269-05 Donald McLEOD, 40, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Donald & Christy, married Mary Ann McGILLIVRAY, 33, lady, Breadalbane, Laggan, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Donald & Lena McGILLIVRAY of Laggan, 20 July 1904 at Laggan

17827-04 Arthur MacMILLAN, 27, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o Hugh McMILLAN (sic) & Mary Ann HERRON (Hesson?), married Lilian Grace FICKES, 28, of Roxborough, d/o Gordon FICKES, farmer, & Annie H. SHAVER, witn: Bert SHAVER of Cornwall & Mabel FICKES of Newington, 5 Oct 1904 at Newington

17702-04 Alex J. McRAE, 24, farmer, 6th con of Lancaster, same, s/o Duncan McRAE & Margaret McRAE, married Margaret McDONALD, 23, 9th con of Lancaster, same (lot 23), d/o Roderick McDONALD & Ann McDONALD, witn: Duncan McRAE of 6th Con Lancaster & Roderick McDONALD of 9th Con Lancaster, 8 Nov 1904 at Glen Nevis

018308-05 Donald McSWEYN, Farmer, McCRIMMON, Kirkhill, s/o Peter McSWEYN & Annie McCUAIG; married Jessie Sarah McDONALD, 20, McCrimmons Kirkhill, d/o D.W. & Annie McDONALD; witn Angus McSWEYN, Kirkhill & Cassie McDONALD, McCrimmon, 20 Jul 1904, Kirkhill

17818-04 George MILROSS, 22, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o William MILROSS & Mary Ann RUPERT, married Mabel BOAL, 18, Osnabruck, same, d/o John R. BOAL, farmer, & Viola MATTICE, witn: William J. MILROSS & Albert SHAVER, both of Newington, 10 Aug 1904 at Newington

17468-04 (Glengarry Co): Oceades? MONTREUIL, 22, laborer, Charlottenburgh, Summertown, s/o John MONTREUIL & Josephine MAID--?, married Albina LEGROS, 21, servant, Coteau Quebec, Summertown, d/o Nelson LEGROS & Emily PREVOST, witn: James MONTREUIL & Berdie DEROCLEAU?, both of Summertown, 11 July 1904 at Williamstown (Rom Cath)

17697-04 John MORRIS, 35, farmer, Lochiel, same, s/o Michael MORRIS & Mary O'SHEA, married Catherine KANE, 21, Ireland, 7th con of Lancaster, d/o Joseph KANE & Julia O'BRIEN, witn: William MORRIS of Lochiel & Margaret CHISHOLM of Glen Nevis, 11 April 1904 at Glen Nevis

018299-05 David MORRISON, 25, Farm Labourer, Wid, Breadalbane, Breadalbane, s/o Frank MORRISON & Jane BONE; married Lena CRAPE, 19, Servant, VanKleek Hill, Breadalbane, d/o Joseph CRAPE & Jane DILLIAN; witn Maxime LAJOIE, Kate LAJOIE, both Breadalbane, 24 Nov 1904, Breadalbane

17900-04 Edward PERRAULT, 28, farmer, Iroquois, Winchester Springs, s/o George PERRAULT & Annie WHITE, married Ella May PRICE, 24, Winchester Springs, same, d/o John PRICE & Harriet LOUCKS, witn: Robert FARLEY of Beachburg & Marion SPENCER of Winchester, 10 Feb 1904 at Winchester

#017811-04 (Stormont Co): Leslie Y. POURTEUS (s/b Porteous?), 26, farmer, Waddington NY, s/o Samuel POURTEUS & Mary PUR--, married Nellie BUCHANAN, 20, of Osnabruck, d/o Ellum BUCHANAN & illegible LAPORTE, witn: William L. & Lillie DAFOE of Aultsville, 30 Nov 1904 at Aultsville

017745-04 John Percy PRUNNER, 21, Farmer, Williamsburg, Archer, s/o Rufus J. PRUNNER & Diana PELLON; married Laura L. DONNOLLY, 19, Farrans Pt, Wales, d/o Robert J. DONNELLY & Mary ARTINDALE; witn John CASSELMAN & Aggie CASSELMAN, both Williamsburg, 10 Feb 1904, Morrisburg

17696-04 Alexander RICHARDSON, 29, laborer, 1st Con of Lancaster, same, s/o George RICHARDSON & Julia Ann BELEAMOUR?, married Annie TERRIAH (Terriat?), 22, 1st Con of Lancaster, same, d/o Nicholas TERRIAH & Margaret CAMERON, witn: Joseph & Janet TERRIAT of Lancaster, 10 Feb 1904 at Glen Nevis

17820-04 William G. RIGHTMIRE, 35, salesman, Berkshire NY, Fairport NY, s/o Nathan RIGHTMIRE & Anna BURNS?, married Gertrude CAMPBELL, 40, Osnabruck, same, d/o Nelson CAMPBELL & Anna BAKER, witn: Ernest & Mabel E. CAMPBELL of Woodlands, 6 Sept 1904 at Woodlands

  017894-04 Marvin ROBINSON, 21, Farmer, Winchester, Chesterville, s/o Edgar ROBINSON & Effie WEEGAR; married Mevitia Mabel BALL, 19, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Robert BALL & Susan BAILEY; witn Ida E. BECKER & Lillian M. RUNNELLS, both Williamsburg 23 Nov 1904, Williamsburg

17694-04 Noah ROUSSEAU, 55, miller, of Williamstown, s/o Anthony ROUSSEAU & Apolina LA VICTOIRE, married Mrs. Julien BOUGIE, 51, widow, of Lancaster, d/o blank DEPOSAS & Barbara BISSONETTE, witn: Oliver BOUGIE of Lancaster & Adolphus ROUSEAU of Williamstown, 18 April 1904 at Lancaster

17817-04 John Edwin RUNIONS, 32, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o George M. RUNIONS & Sarah FORSYTH, married Ella Barbara McDAIRMID, 24, trained nurse, Roxborough, same, d/o Duncan McDAIRMID & Christiana SHAVER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John FINLAYSON of Mille Roches, 6 April 1904 at Lot 17, Con 2 of Osnabruck twp

17904-04 William John RUTHERFORD, 35, teacher, Madrid NY, Iowa USA, s/o John A. RUTHERFORD & Esther GRAY, married Anna C. BOW, 20, Winchester, same, d/o Thomas BOW & Mary McINTYRE, witn: G. H. CHALLIES of Winchester & Edith RUTHERFORD of Potsdam NY, 6 Dec 1904 at Winchester

017661-04 John Newton SALLER (Sallie?), 26, Labourer, Winchester Springs, Brinstons Corners, s/o James SALLER; married Elizabeth KECK, 26, Brinstons Corners, Brinstons Corners, d/o Thomas KECK & Marilla BARKLEY; witn Eliza McKERCHER & Jennie CARRIGAN, Iroquois, 29 Jun 1904, Iroquois

#017809-04 (Stormont Co): Henry R.F. SCHWARDFEGER, 28, farmer, of Williamsburg, s/o Reuben SCHWARDFEGER & Catherine BARKLEY, married Ella May GALLINGER, 19, of Osnabruck, d/o Nadal GALLINGER & Margaret ABRAMS, witn: Samuel SCHWARDFEGER of Williamsburg & Sarah GALLINGER of Colquhoun, 16 Nov 1904 at Aultsville

017664-04 George Alzan SEELEY, 33, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o George SEELEY & Jane DIXON; married Lyda TOYE, 27, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o Samuel TOYE & Eliza SUMMERVILLE; witn Logie MACDONELL, Kingston & Ursella MACALISTER, Iroquois, 26 Oct 1904, Iroquois

#017816-04 (Stormont Co): Charles SHAVER, 21, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o Simeon T. SHAVER & Bertha WIGGINS, married Florence Pearl FETTERLY, 19, of Osnabruck, d/o Austin E. FETTERLY, farmer, & Florence BUSH, witn: Harold ANDERSON of Aultsville & Sadie MACKELL of Newington, 20 Dec 1904 at Aultsville

017660-04 Alpha SHAVER, 25, Undertaker, Matilda Twp, Calgary N.W.T., s/o W.D. SHAVER & Sarah WORKMAN; married Lizzie M. BOUCK, 22, Matilda, Matilda Twp, s/o Adam C. BOUCK & Keziah BELL; witn Lawrence E. BELL, Kingston & Annice JOHNSTON, Iroquois, 29 Jun 1904, Iroquois

#017803-04 (Stormont Co): Malcolm J. SHERIDAN, 29, hotel manager, of Brockville, s/o George SHERIDAN & Jane WALSH, married Lilian Rupert ALGUIRE, 26, of Osnabruck, d/o William H. ALGUIRE & Sarah Eliann? RUPERT, witn: Simeon ALGUIRE of Mille Roches & Mrs. E. HALLIDAY of Kingston, 6 Oct 1904 at Dickensons Landing, Osnabruck twp. 018102-05 George Melvin STALLMAYER, 45, Broker, Wid, Chesterville, New York NY, s/o Alex STALLMAYER & Catherine BENDER; married Nettie May DURANT, 28, Williamsburg Twp, Winchester, d/o Merrick DURANT & Caroline SHIRKEY; witn Horton SHIRKEY, Chesterville & Bessie DURANT, Winchester 12 Oct 1904, no place given
#017810-04 (Stormont Co): Ernest Clinton STATA, 24, merchant, of Osnabruck, s/o Sidney P. STATA & Christiane CAMPBELL, married Anna Bell SMITH, 21, of Osnabruck, d/o John SMITH, farmer, & Keziah SMYTH, witn: Ruby A. SMITH & Grace A, STATA, both of Aultsville, 30 Nov 1904 at Aultsville #017806-04 (Stormont Co): William STEWART, 25, farmer, of Finch, s/o Joseph STEWART & Jane MONTGOMERY, married Corella QUINN, 22, of Osnabruck, d/o James H. QUINN & Mary HELMER, witn: Leonard HELMER & Lila FETTERLY, both of Osnabruck, 9 Nov 1904 at Newington

017897-04 Joseph F. STILLSON, 26, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o David B. STILLSON & Sarah E. BECKSTEAD; married Maggie E. COLQUHOUN, 22, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Alexander COLQUHOUN & Almira BAKER; witn Merton COLQUHOUN & Miss STILLSON, both Williamsburg, 28 Dec 1904, Williamsburg


17821-04 Charles Arthur STUART, 31, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o Charles STUART & Agnes WALDROFF, married Ida Laura GALLINGER, 19, Barnharts Island NY, son, d/o Leonard GALLINGER & Rebecca FETTERLY, witn: C.E. MARKLE & Jennie HOOPLE, both of Wales, 7 Sept 1904 at St. Davids Church, Wales

017747-04 James A. SWERDFEGER, 26, Farmer, Williamsburg, Froatburn, s/o Albert SWERDFEGER & Sarah STITTS; married Flora W. SMITH, 18, Gananoque, Riverside, d/o John SMITH & Annie SNYDER?; witn Albert SWERDFEGER & Mrs A. SWERDFEGER, both Froatburn, 26 May 1904, Morrisburg

17703-04 Joseph TERRIAH (Terriat?), 28, laborer, Lancaster twp., same, s/o Nichols TERRIAH & Margaret CAMERON, married Mary E. CARTER, 17, Lancaster twp., same, d/o Thomas CARTER & Mary E. PRATT, witn: John A. & Anna Belle TERRIAT of 1st Con Lancaster, 8 Nov at res of groom's father

17826-04 Robert N. TINKESS, 55, carpenter, of Osnabruck, s/o Henry TINKESS & Jane CAIRNS?, married Mary MacPHERSON, 40, of Osnabruck, d/o James MacPHERSON & Nancy MATTICE, witn: C. A. & Mrs. C.A. MacPHERSON of Lunenburg, 28 Sept 1904 at Lunenburg

17470-04 (Glengarry Co): George James TOWN, 23, farmer, 7th con of Charlottenburgh, same, s/o Robert TOWN & Diana SIMPKINS, married Jessie TYO, 16, Martintown, same, d/o Francis J. TYO, laborer, & Ellen LEIGUE?, witn: Frank F. TYO & Janet Bell MASSON, both of Martintown, 27 July 1904 at Williamstown

17695-04 Joseph VACHON, 24, farmer, Lochiel, res not given, s/o Damase VACHON & Regina CARDINAL, married Eugenie FARRAND, 17, Quebec, 7th con of Lancaster, d/o Ignace FARRAND & Meletine BOYER, witn: Fred VACHON of Lochiel & Regina FARRAND of 7th Con of Lancaster, 11 Jan 1904 at Glen Nevis

17481-04 (Glengarry Co): Harry Ross VAN, 33, lumber merchant, Upton Quebec, Spring Hill Quebec, s/o George K. VAN & Catherine ROSS, married Margaret M. BAKER, 24, trained nurse, Summertown, same, d/o Peter B. BAKER & Catherine MURCHISON, witn: George C. & Harriet Ault BAKER of Summertown, 14 Dec 1904 at Summertown

17822-04 John VAN DYKE, 24, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o John VAN DYKE & Adeline COUNTRYMAN, married Bernice BROWN, 22, of Osnabruck, d/o Walter BROWN, farmer, & Mary HILL, witn: Mary BROWN of Osnabruck & Annie? WHITING Of Aultsville, 7 Sept 1904 at Newington

17701-04 John WEIR, 29, grocer, Lochiel twp., Montreal, s/o blank WEIR & C. CAMERON, married May McDOUGALD, 22, Lancaster twp., 9th con of Lancaster, d/o Duncan McDOUGALD & Elsie HOWARD., witn: J. CREGGY of Montreal & Elsie McDONALD of 9th con of Lancaster, 14 June 1904 at Glen Nevis

17480-04 (Glengarry Co): Alva Bryan WILLIAMSON, 34, cook, of Sandy Beach - Gaspe Quebec, s/o Henry WILLIAMSON & Julia MILLER, married Christena KERR (or Kew), 38, Howick Quebec, Charlottenburgh, d/o John KERR & Janet McGREGOR, witn: J. R. BOOTH of Montreal & Isabella KERR of Apple Hill, 26 Oct 1904 at Martintown

017640-04 John G. YOUNG, 33, Farmer, Oswegatchie NY, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Jas H. YOUNG & Sophia SMITHERS; married Effie Maud CONKLIN, 27, Prescott, Iroquois, d/o John W. CONKLIN & Jennie GRAHAM; witn D.A. SCOBIE, Ogdensburg NY & Mabel CONKLIN, Iroquois, 4 May 1904, Iroquois