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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1907

birth place is given before residence


019497-07 Leslie ALGUIRE, 38, Farmer, Osnabruck, Finch Twp, s/o Henry & Margaret ALGUIRE; married Carrie Margaret MILLER, 30, Finch, Antwerp NY, d/o Gideon MILLER & Margaret JACKSON; wit Charlotte STILES & Alice EAMER, both Cornwall, 20 Apr 1907, Cornwall

19464-1907 (Dundas Co) James ALLEN, 24, Farmer, Winchester Tp., same, s/o James ALLEN & Ellen DAILEY, married Julia COYNE, 26, Winchester Tp., same, d/o John. J. COYNE & Catherine O'BRIEN, witn: William ALLEN, Chesterville, Maggie COYNE, Winchester Tp. 23 Jan 1907 Chesterville (RC) 19459-1907 (Dundas Co) William ALLEN, 29, Farmer, Winchester Tp., same, s/o James ALLEN & Ellen DAILEY, married Margaret MARTIN, 22, Winchester Tp., same, d/o John MARTIN & Sarah ANNABEL, witn: Thomas DALEY, Ohio, Sarah ANNABEL, Winchester. 5 Feb 1907 Chesterville (RC)

019494-07 Hugh Henry AULT, 20, Employee Paper Maker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Nelson AULT & Rebecca KINNEAR; married Mabel Louisa TILTON, 21, Moulinette, Cornwall, d/o Edwin TILTON & Jeanette GALLINGER; wit David William GIBSON & Florence Viola GIBSON, both Cornwall, 8 Apr 1907, Cornwall

019499-07 Daniel Levi BAILEY, 26, Furniture Maker, Seymour Twp, Cornwall, s/o John BAILEY & Rebecca DARRAH; married Eva Mabel CRITES, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Donald CRITES & Mary HUGHES; wit Samuel GALLINGER & Florence HARRIS, both Cornwall, 30 Apr 1907, Cornwall

018737-06 Heber Samuel BAKER, 31, Electrician, Moulinette, Moulinette, s/o James BAKER & Elizabeth McTAVISH; married Margaret Mary AMMABLE, 29, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, s/o Hiram AMMABLE & Mary WARREN; witn Thomas CLEARY & Sarah ANNABLE, both Moulinette, 8 Jan 1907, Dickinsons Landing

018071-08 Egbert Charles BARWICK, 32, Contractor, none given, Montreal, s/o Oliver Edward BARWICK (school teacher) & Louisa FEAVER; married Mabel Celane CASSELMAN, 22, none given, Chesterville, d/o Charles Wesley CASSELMAN (insurance agent) & Mary THOMPSON; witn J.C. SMART, Montreal & Jennie CASSELMAN, Chesterville, 19 Jun 1907, Chesterville

019514-07 George William BATES, 27, Employee in Cotton Mill, Portsmouth England, Cornwall, s/o George William BATES & not known; married Louisa JACK, 18, Martintown, Cornwall, d/o Joseph JACK & Jessie PARRON; wit Marjorie STILES & Muriel EAMER, both Cornwall, 17 Jun 1907, Cornwall

019645-07 Alfred BAYLESS, 28, Farm Labourer, Herfordshire England, Matilda, s/o Alfred BAYLESS & Emma JARVISS; married Mary GOULD, 20, housekeeper, Nottingham England, Iroquois, d/o John T. GOULD & Martha WAYNE; witn Mrs Donald BROUSE & Mrs R.J. DUNBRILLE, both Iroquois, 16 Oct 1907, Iroquois
19578-1907 (Stormont Co) Joseph Stephen BERGERON, 27, Tinsmith, Dundee, Charlottenburg Tp., s/o Louis BERGERON & Matilda PATENADE, married Edith PLAMADON, 20, Mill Operative, Dundee, Tystown, d/o Frank PLAMADON & Adeline DUROCHER, witn: George F. BERGERON, Cornwall, Frank PLAMADON, Tystown. 29 Apr 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC) 019454-07 Oliver BERRY, 28, farmer, Charlottenburgh, Munro's Mills, s/o Francis BERRY & Matilda LARAQUE (Lavagne?); married Edith PAPINEAU, 22, Martintown, Apple Hill, d/o Oliver PAPINEAU & Virginie LABRAULT; witn Oliver PAPINEAU, Apple Hill & Paul ROMAN? Munro's Mills, 2 April 1907, St. Raphaels

019512-07 William A. BILMER, 25, Cheese Maker, Lancaster, Martintown, s/o Campbell BILMER & Elizabeth FREESTONE; married Catherine M. CAMPBELL, 20, Williamstown, Cornwall, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Rose SANDS; wit Mrs. N.H. McGILLIVRAY & Ethel TINKESS, both Cornwall, 19 Jun 1907, Cornwall

018156-08 Adrian BOHN, 23, labourer, St. Justin Que, Cornwall Twp, s/o Joseph BOHN & Angeline VINCENT; married Mary Margaret BOHN, 35, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, St Andrews, d/o Maxine BOHN & Angeline ROY; witn Les TALLON, St. Andrews & Mary BOHN, St. Justine Que, 18 Nov 1907, Cornwall Twp
019585-07 Felix BOUCHER, 23, trackman CPR, St. Anicet Que, St. Anicet Que, s/o Alphonse BOUCHER & Marie ALLARD; married Eva POIRIER, 19, mill operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Belaine POIRIER & Julia Ann MARTELL; witn George LAPONSIE & Lorenza DUMONT, both Cornwall, 10 Jun 1907, Cornwall Twp 019674-07 Albert BOURGON, 22, farmer, Lancaster, Glen Nevis, s/o Henry BOURGON & Rosana GAUTHIER; married Lydia LIBORION, 20, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Joseph P. LIBORION & Angeline DAVID; witn Nina LIBORION & Clara BOURGON, both Lancaster Twp, 17 Jun 1907, Glen Nevis

019420-07 George Allan BRADLEY, 29, Bookkeeper, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Frederick BRADLEY & Sarah WELLS; married Ellen Janet GRAY, 25, Maxville, Alexandria, d/o Norman GRAY & Jane S. MUNROE; witn John A. McMILLAN & Maria GRAY, both Alexandria, 10 Jun 1907, Alexandria

019506-07 Norman Grant BRADLEY, 25, Electrician, Crysler, Massena NY, s/o Lemuel BRADLEY & Sarah CRYSLER; married Lillian May PAGE, 19, Stormont, Massena NY, d/o Robert PAGE & Jane FLOREAU; wit Charlotte STILES & Alice EAMER, both Cornwall, 1 Jun 1907, Cornwall

  19591-1907 (Stormont Co) James Nicholas BRILL, 36, Mechanic, Cornwall Tp., same, s/o Frederick BRILL & Isabella WARWICK, married Mary Jane HARPS, 24, House Maid, Cornwall, same, d/o Joseph HARPS & Margaret RIVIER, witn: Joseph HARPS, Lillie May HARPS, both of Cornwall. 21 Aug 1907 Cornwall Tp.

019450-07 Jeremiah BRODERICK, 37, Merchant, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John BRODERICK & Johanna FLANNEGAN; married Mary Ellen? ABRAMS, 36, Summerstown, Summerstown, d/o Albert ABRAMS & Delila JARVIS, witn Michael? BRODERICK, Cornwall & Lizzie ABRAMS, Summerstown, 30 Apr 1907, Williamstown

019602-07 Charles Jean BROSSEUR, 23, Factory hand, Moose Creek, Cornwall, s/o Felix BROSSEUR & Emily LALONDE; married Albina Celina ST. LOUIS, 23, housemaid, Chesterville, Cornwall, d/o Geoffrey ST. LOUIS & Delina LEROUX; witn Medina ST. LOUIS, Crysler & Lena LAFLESH, Cornwall, 24 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp
019653-07 A. Frank BURNE (Burns?), 54, Wid, marble cutter, L'Orignal, Maxville, s/o John T. BURNE & Henrietta HOLMES; married Rowena M. STEWART, 22, Edinburgh Scotland, Maxville, d/o Roderick STEWART & don't know; witn John A STEWART, Maxville & Katie McRAE, Moose Creek, 30 Oct 1907, St. Elmo 019676-07 John James CALDER, 30, farmer, Charlottenburgh Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o John W. CALDER & Margaret CAMPONE; married Anna Bella McNAUGHTON, 29, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Alex J. McNAUGHTON & Susan EDGAR; witn Edgar McNAUGHTON, Lancaster & Bessie ROBERTON, Martintown, 19 Jun 1907, North Lancaster
019704-07 Donald D. CAMERON, 33, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o John CAMERON (deceased) & Christy McMASTER; married Christina McDONALD, 21, Kenyon, Lochiel, d/o Donald & Sarah Ann (deceased) McDONALD; witn John J. MORRIS & Lizzie CHISHOLM, both Lochiel, 29 Apr 1907, Lochiel  
019559-07 Charles Alexander CAMPBELL, 31, School Inspector, Dominionville, Doloraine Manitoba, s/o Malcom CAMPBELL & Mary ROBERTSON; married Minnie Ella Ethel McEWAN, 31, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o George McEWAN & Elizabeth MARKELL; witn W.J. CURRIER, Portage La Prairie Man & Miss D. ALEXANDER, Ottawa, 8 Aug 1907, Cornwall #019835-07 (Stormont Co): Herbert W. CAMPBELL, 25, clerk in store, Knowlton Quebec, Medicine Hat Alberta, s/o William H. & Catherine, married Christy Ann SHAVER, 26, house maid, Roxborough twp., Avonmore, d/o Silas E. SHAVER & Mary BLAIR, witn: Arthur McKERCHER & Theodore SHAVER, both of Avonmore, 16 Oct 1907 at Avonmore
019583-07 Louis CARRIER, 20, Mill Operative, St. Anicet Que, Cornwall, s/o John Babtiste CARRIER & Celina CAZA; married Ida Edith MACNAMARA, 20, mill operative, Chesterville, Cornwall, d/o Peter MACNAMARA & Marie KYER; witn J.B. CARRIER & Henry LAPERLE, both Cornwall, 20 May 1907, Cornwall Twp 019690-07 Felix CHARITIER, 22, Labourer, Caconna Quebec, Montreal, s/o Felix CHARITIER & Malina RAYMOND; married Auxalina QUESNELLE, 23, Servant, St. Anne, Glen Robertson, d/o Flavia QUESNELL & Domitiele STRASBURG; witn Jerry QUESNELL, Lochiel & Flora QUESNELL, Glen Robertson, 3 Aug 1907, Glen Robertson
019451-07 Francis CHRETIEN, 27, farmer, St. Anicet Que, Lancaster, s/o Francis CHRETIEN? & Henriette QUESNELL; married Delema CASTONGUAY, 25, Charlottenburgh, Williamstown, d/o Regis CASTONGUAY & Louise LATRAILLE?; witn Hector CHRETIEN, St. Anicet Que & Delia CASTONGUAY, Williamstown, 29 April 1907, Williamstown 19592-1907 (Stormont Co) Donald John CLANCEY, 28, Farmer, Cornwall Tp., same, s/o John CLANCEY & Mary McDONALD, married Mary A. LAWSON, 21, House maid, Cornwall Tp., same, d/o Alexander LAWSON & Mary McGILLIS, witn: Joseph FRASER, Jane McLELLAN, both of Harrisons Corners. 19 Aug 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC)
019651-07 James William CLARK, 32, farmer, Dominionville, Dominionville, s/o James CLARK & Elizabeth SPROULE; married Alice BENNETT, 33, Athol, Athol, d/o Hugh Thomas BENNETT & Annie McRAE; witn Dan C. McINTOSH, Dominionville & Annie E. FINLAYSON, Athol, 18 Sept 1907, St. Elmo 19467-1907 (Dundas Co) John. George CLARK, 23, Carpenter, Liverpool, Eng., Finch, s/o Richard CLARK & not known, married Sarah Ann McRAE, 18, Finch, same, d/o Alex McRAE & Mary BEATON, witn: W. M. SAUCIER, G.S. CRAWFORD, both of Chesterville 11 Jul 1907 Chesterville
019313-09 Camille CLEMENT, 31, Labourer, none given, Dominionville, s/o no parents given; married Ena TRUAX, 29, none given, Dominionville, d/o Peter TRAUX & no mother given; witn William LALONDE & John St. LOUIS, both Maxville, 4 Dec 1907, Maxville

019562-07 William Ruben CLINE, 30, farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o John S. CLINE & Catherine CLARK; married Cassie CAMPBELL, 29, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o John CAMPBELL & Ellen COLEMAN; witn Michael D. CLINE & Ida M. CLINE, both Cornwall, 17 Jan 1907, Cornwall Twp

018738-06 Thomas CONNALLY, 29, Clerk, Wales, Denver Colorado, s/o James CONNALLY & Catharine MILROY; married Mary Bridget SHIELDS, 29, Dickinsons Landing, Dickinsons Landing, d/o Timothy SHIELDS & Ellen SERVISS; wit Edward CLEARY, Mille Roches & June SHIELDS, Wales, 8 Jan 1907, Dickinsons Landing

019423-07 Joseph CORBETT, 33, Train Operator, Alexandria, Ottawa, s/o John CORBETT & Jane McDONALD; married Mary Isabella McMILLAN, 29, Lochiel Twp, Alexandria, d/o Hugh McMILLAN & Mary Ann ?; witn George McDONELL, Charlottenburgh & Rita McMILLAN, Montreal, 11 Sept 1907, Alexandria

019517-07 Peter CORRIGAN, 23, Farmer, Avonmore, Avonmore, s/o James CORRIGAN & Mary MONTGOMERY; married Mary BERO, 18, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Nelson BEROW (sic) & Madeline LALONDE; witn Robert SMYTH, Cornwall & James FUSIE, Avonmore, 27 Jun 1907, Cornwall

019601-07 William COTTON, 26, Weaver, England, Cornwall, s/o Thomas COTTON & Margaret MARGERSON; married Anna WILKINSON, 24, England, Cornwall, d/o Thomas WILKINSON & Elizabeth HARTLEY; witn Fred SYKES & Mary Ann SYKES, both Cornwall, 14 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp
019603-07 Louis COURRIER, 24, weaver, New Brunswick, Cornwall, s/o J.B. COURRIER & Francoise DUGAS; married Eugenia LEBLANCE, 22, Weaver, Dignish NB, Cornwall, d/o Beleni LABLANCE & Elizabeth GALLART; witn Trefle DEXTRAS & Delphis CARON, both Cornwall, 30 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp 019688-07 Aldric COURRIERE, 35, Farmer, St. Justine Quebec, Glen Robertson, s/o Andre COURRIERE & Sophie LALONDE; married Celine LACOMBE, 27, St. Agnace Quebec, Glen Robertson, d/o Antoine LACOMBE & Julie LAUZON; witn Amedie CUERRIRE & Antoine LACOMBE, both Glen Robertson, 29 Oct 1907, Glen Robertson
019708-07 Charles CRESWICK, 27, Machinist, London England, Montreal Quebec, s/o Charles CRESWICK & Sarah SHELRINGTON; married Mary Bella McRAE, 27, Nurse, Glen Sandfield, Glen Sandfield, d/o Donald S. & Catherine McRAE; witn Henry & Annie CRESSWICK (sic) , both Montreal, 4 Jun 1907, Glen Sandfield

018838-06 Charles Edwin CROWDER, 35, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, s/o James CROWDER & Mary COBURN; married Anna Ida JOHNSTON, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William G. JOHNSTON & Margaret FORD; witn Hamilton BLACK, Winchester & Fanny JOHNSTON, Kingston, 2 Jan 1907, Morewood

019581-07 Henry CULLEN, 34, farmer, Trooptown, Glenwalter, s/o James CULLEN & Sarah RUSSEL; married Mary LAVIGNE, 30, housemaid, Glenwalter, Glenwalter, d/o Angus LAVIGNE & Amelia MARTIN; witn Augustus LAVIGNE, Cornwall & Maude CULLEN, Glenwalter, 18 May 1907, Cornwall Twp 019711-07 Duncan CUTHBERT, 31, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Donald CUTHBERT & Margaret CAMERON; married Elizabeth McDONALD, 32, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o John B. McDONALD (deceased) & Janet McDONELL; witn Donald CUTHBERT & Mary Bell KENNEDY, both Lochiel, 25 Jun 1907, Lochiel

019491-07 Earl N. DAFO, 24, Labourer, Pittsburg USA, Tupper Lake, s/o Napoleon DAFO & Adeline NUTTING; married Ellen DUFRESNE, 23, Lancaster, Cornwall, d/o Barney & Mary DUFRESNE; wit A.J. DUFRESNE & Ida DUFRESNE, both Cornwall, 4 Apr 1907, East Cornwall

018356-08 William DALEY, 24, baker, Aultsville, Farrans Point, s/o Thomas DALEY & Margaret MORRISON; married Ellen THOMPSON, 20, Osnabruck, Farrans Point, d/o James THOMPSON & Mary WALDROFF; witn A. Nelle STEWART & M.L. CALDWELL, both Woodlands, 23 Dec 1907, Woodlands

019446-07 Andrew DANCOUSE, 23, Merchant, Apple Hill, Apple Hill, s/o Antoine DANCOUSE & Mary LAGROIX, married Maud RUSHFORD, 21, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Alexander RUSHFORD & Matilda SEGUIN; witn John McCALLUM, Apple Hill & Ida RUSHFORD, Martintown, 19 Feb 1907, Williamstown

019666-07 Patrick DAVIS, 27, labourer, Patterson NJ, Montreal Que, s/o Patrick DAVIS & Elizabeth GRIFFIN; married Janet May McDOUGALD, 23, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Hugh McDOUGALD & Elizabeth May LAROCQUE; witn Hugh McDOUGALD & D.P.J. TOBIN, both Lancaster, 14 Nov 1907, Lancaster 019686-07 William DAVIS, 30, Farmer, St. Justine Quebec, Glen Robertson, s/o Louis DAVIS & L. LETULIPPE; married Lebrie LEROUX, 40, Hodgensburg NY, Glen Robertson, d/o Frank LEROUX & Mary GENDREAU; witn Edmond POIRRIER, Alexandria & Alvina DAVIS, Glen Robertson, 25 Sept 1907, Glen Robertson
019706-07 Leon DECASSE, 24, Labourer, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, s/o Flavien DECASSE & Zoe SABOURIN; married Helen MACDONALD, 19, St. Justine, Glen Robertson, d/o Polycarp MACDONALD & Alexena CHARBONEAU; witn Alzias LEROUX & Isabella McDONALD, both Glen Robertson, 6 May 1907, Glen Robertson

019489-07 Lawrence DE GRAY, 19, Labourer, Fort Covington NY, s/o John DE GRAY & Margaret BENN; married Edith LAVIOLETTE, 19, Cornwall, res not given, d/o George LAVIOLETTE & Ellen CORNELLE; wit Ambrose DE GRAY & Winnifred POOLE, both Cornwall, 23 Mar 1907, Rectory, East Cornwall

019478-07 William Levi DEROUSIE, 30, engineer, Milleroches, Milleroches, s/o William James DEROUSIE & Sarah Elizabeth GORES; married Eva May ANDREWS, 21, Newington, Milleroches, d/o William ANDREWS & Ann Dorcas FETTERLY; witn Sarah RENSHAW & Kate CAMPBELL, both Cornwall, 24 Jan 1907, Cornwall 019482-07 Arthur DOIG, 48, farmer, Owen Sound, Birtle Man, s/o Andrew DOIG & Ann SPALDING; married Janet E. McARTHUR, 40, Wid, Howick Que, Cornwall, d/o Marcolme CONDIE & Agnes McNAUGHTON; witn Dan A. CONDIE & Agnes CONDIE, both Smith Falls, 4 Jan 1907, Cornwall

019407-07 Richard DONOVAN, 53, Workman, Wid, Glengarry, Alexandria, s/o Richard DONOVAN & Mary RYAN; married Mary Harriet WARREN, 33, Wid, England, Alexandria, d/o William COLLINS & Sarah HOLLOWAY; wit Angus P. McDONALD & Mrs. W.S.H. McDONALD, both Alexandria, 2 Jan 1907, Alexandria

019417-07 John DOUTRE?, 26, Carpenter, Valleyfield Quebec, St. Boniface Man, s/o Joseph DOUTRE? & Felicite COLAN?; married Delia LARIVIERE, 20, Hawkesbury, Kenyon, d/o Alexandre LARIVIERE & Marcelline RICHER; witn Paul LARIVIERE, Kenyon & Lucie LASCELLE, Martin, 10 Feb 1907, Alexandria

019421-07 Colin DOWNEY, 32, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o John DOWNEY & Catherine GARLAND; married Mary Catherine CAMERON, 25, Housemaid, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o John CAMERON & Sarah McMILLAN; witn Thomas HAYS, Lancaster & Mary Isabella CAMERON, Lochiel, 28 Aug 1907, Alexandria

019473-07 Thomas Miles DRAPPO, 24, farmer, Finch Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Herman DRAPPO & Elsie NEPHEW; married Catherine Pearl FROST ( FROAT?) , 16, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Wesley FROST & Mila BERKLEY; witn Wealthie? SWERTFIGGER & Sarah FROST , both Winchester Twp, 25 Dec 1907, Chesterville
#019572-07 (Stormont Co): Alexander DUFRENSE, 24, mill operative, Lancaster, Cornwall, s/o Barnaby & Marie, married Adele PELLETIER, 24, house maid, Quebec Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Edward PELLETIER & Obeline NADAU, witn: George DUMOND & Annie ARCHAMBAULT, both of Cornwall, 11 Feb 1907 at Cornwall twp (Rom Cath) 019665-07 Lawrence DUFRESNE, 20, labourer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Lawrence DUFRESNE & Addie BEYOR; married Agnes VILLENEUVE, 20, South Lancaster, South Lancaster, d/o John VILLENEUVE & Armantine GAUTHIER; witn Levi CARRIER & Evangeline RICHER, both Lancaster, 4 Nov 1907, Lancaster
019582-07 Henry DUPRIS, 19, carpenter, Cornwall, Cornwall Twp, s/o Cleopras DUPRIS & Cezaire LEGER; married Olive RIVET, 19, mill operative, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Dosithe RIVET & Marie GREGOIRE; witn Charles DAVID? & Eva LAPERLE, both Cornwall, 13 May 1907, Cornwall Twp

019721-07 Oran Franklin DURANT, 20, Farmer, Beckstead, Inkerman, s/o George DURANT & Elizabeth LARGEANT (Sargeant?); married Delia CLARK, 18, Van Camp, Van Camp, d/o Elijah CLARK & Margaret CROWDER; wit Gerald CROWDER & Duella DURANT, both Inkerman, 9 Jan 1907, Van Camp

  19469-1907 (Dundas Co) Charles DWYER, 39, Chesterville, Winchester Tp., s/o Francis DWYER & Hester HENDERSON, married Mary Ellen KENDRICK, 28, South Mountain, Chesterville, d/o John KENDRICK & Nancy WATSON, witn: James DWYER, Francis DWYER, both of Chesterville. 27 Jul 1907 Chesterville (RC)
019485-07 George Edward EZARD, 22, farm labourer, Osnabruck Centre, Osnabruck Centre, s/o George EZARD & Agnes WARNER; married Bertha GRANT, 21, Cashions Glen, Cashions Glen, d/o Donald & Sarah GRANT; witn Silas EZARD, Osnabruck Centre & Cassie J. GRANT, Cashions Glen, 27 Feb 1907, Cornwall 019677-07 W. Edgar FALKINER, 30, farmer, Charlottenburgh Twp, Lancaster, s/o W.J. FALKINER & Mary EDGAR; married Mary Bell McCRIMMON, 25, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Farquhar McCRIMMON & Ellen MUNRO; witn Farquhar McCRIMMON & Maud YOUNG, both Lancaster, 26 Jun 1907, Lancaster
019763-07 Adelard FILION, 21, Labourer, Clarence Creek, Rockland, s/o Napoleon FILION & Malvina CHARBONEAU; married Elizabeth GUIDON, 21, Riceville, South Indian, d/o Ferdinand GUIDON & Mary PICARD; witn Philip GUIDON, South Indian & Mary PICARD, Maxville, 12 Jun 1907, Maxville 019675-07 George S. FOURNEY, 22, farmer, Lambton Co, Lancaster, s/o John FOURNEY & Jane N. SMITH; married Doretta ROBERT, 22, England, Lancaster, d/o William F. ROBERT & Doretta ALBRECHT, witn George McCALLUM & Jessie FOURNEY, both Lancaster, 12 Jun 1907, Lancaster
019697-07 William FRASER, 48, Farmer, Caledonia Twp, Caledonia, s/o Kenneth FRASER & Jessie McCUAIG; married Nora Becca McLEOD, 27, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Donald McLEOD & Sarah McRAE; witn Roderick McLEOD, Kenyon & Henrietta McMILLAN, Kirk Hill, 18 Mar 1907, Kenyon  
018056-08 Louis GAUTHIER, 25, Labourer, St. Clet Quebec, St. Clet Quebec, s/o Telephore GAUTHIER & Philomine COMPLAIN; married Josephine ALLINOT, 18, Charlottenburgh, Munroes Falls, d/o Joseph ALLINOT & Catherine PARRILL; witn Alexander BOYER, Apple Hill & Virginia PAINT, Apple Hill, 1 Jul 1907, St. Raphaels 019588-07 Frank GLANCEY, 28, Wid, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Patrick GLANCEY & Ellen KAVANAUGH; married Hannah Rebecca BEATTIE, 24, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o John BEATTIE & Ellen SIMPSON; witn Hugh J. McQUILLAN & Bertha BEATTIE, both St. Andrews, 8 Jul 1907, Cornwall Twp
019475-07 Kenneth Ulysses Samuel GRANT, 27, employee, San Francisco Cal, Cornwall, s/o George Alexander GRANT & Catherine McCORMICK; married Gertrude Melissa HARTLE, 29, Cornwall Twp, Smithville, d/o William HARTLE & Annie RUNNIONS; witn William HARTLE & Ruth HARTLE, both Smithville, 7 Jan 1907, Cornwall

019496-07 Luther Martin HALL, 27, Machinist, Williamsburg Twp, Watertown NY, s/o Zenas L. HALL & L. Diana BECKSTEAD; married Ann Bertha WALDROF, 24, Cornwall Twp, Watertown, d/o John Gordon WALDROF & Melissa Ann BENDER; wit Charlotte STILES & Marjorie STILES, both Cornwall, 20 Apr 1907, Cornwall

  019613-07 Manuel J. HARON, 24, Cheese maker, Osnabruck, Maniwaki, s/o Levi HARON & Mary DEY; married Rachel STEPHENSON, 19, Avonmore, Avonmore, d/o William STEPHENSON & Elizabeth HUFF; witn Jas BURDGE & Mrs Jas BURDGE, both Calgary Alberta, 6 Sept 1907, Finch

019492-07 Cora HART, 25, Ship Officer First Mate, Aultsville, Cornwall Twp, s/o Leonard HART & Sarah A. AMER; married Lydia STEVENSON, 18, Avonmore, Avonmore, d/o William STEVENSON & Eliza HUFF; wit William R. HARKNESS & Harold W. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 4 Apr 1907, Cornwall

019495-07 George Harold HARTLE, 21, Paper Maker, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o George HARTLE & Elizabeth BARNHART; married Ethel WILLIAMS, 21, Williamstown, Cornwall Twp, d/o Duncan WILLIAMS & Grave MOLONEY; wit Charlotte E. STILES & Alice EAMER, both Cornwall, 12 Apr 1907, Cornwall

019687-07 Angus HAY, 31, Farmer, Lochiel, Brodie, s/o Donald HAY & Ann GANEY; married Margaret MCDOUGALL, 21, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Allan McDOUGALL (deceased) & Catherine McRAE; witn Angus McDOUGALL & Flora McDOUGALL, both Lochiel, 22 Oct 1907, Lochiel

019507-07 William Albert HEATH, 26, Labourer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o George HEATH & Catherine RUNIONS; married Wilhelmine FETTERLEY, 20, Roxboro, Cornwall, d/o Silas FETTERLY & Ida BUSH; wit Annie D. POOLE & M.J. COULTER, both Cornwall, 5 Jun 1907, East Cornwall

019441-07 Albert HEBERT, 32, St. Timothy Quebec, Lancaster, s/o Adrian HEBERT & Angela MATHEW?; married Sarah Ann VIAU, 19, St. Timothy Quebec, Lancaster, d/o Ernest VIAU & Catherine BOUGIE; witn Joseph BENOIT, St. Timothy Quebec & Eliza VIAU, Lancaster, 22 Jan 1907, St. Raphaels  
019659-07 Laurence HELMER, 21, farmer, Strathmore, Strathmore, s/o David HELMER & Catherine McDERMID; married Ethel ALGUIRE, 21, Smith Crossing Mich, Strathmore, d/o Phillip ALGUIRE & Mary J. HAMILTON; witn J.P. McINTOSH & E.L. HILLMAN, both Apple Hill, 31 Dec 1907, Apple Hill 019609-07 William J. HEMOND, 21, farmer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John HEMOND & Marie LECLAIR; married Clara Lena JACQUES, 19, Mill Operative, St Raphaels, Cornwall, d/o Alfred JACQUES & Ellen AQUIN; witn William RODERQUE & Josephine JACQUES, both Cornwall, 11 Nov 1907, Cornwall Twp
019683-07 William James HENDERSON, 31, Accountant, Sherbrooke, Montreal, s/o Peter G. HENDERSON & Mary A. SNYDER; married Margaret B. CALDER, 30, Nurse, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster, d/o John W. CALDER & Margaret CAMPBELL; witn C.A. HENDERSON, Montreal & Elizabeth EDGAR, Lancaster, 18 Nov 1907, Lancaster 019484-07 William HENDERSON, 42, farmer, Milleroches, Milleroches, s/o David HENDERSON & Eliza Ann MILROY; married Jessie Gertrude REDDICK, 23, Wales, Milleroches, d/o Mrs. N.H. McGILLIVRAY & Katie CAMPBELL, both Cornwall, 20 Feb 1908, Cornwall
019483-07 Roland McDonell HESSE, 60, Wid, Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John HESSE & Mary McKANE; married Bertha SAUVE, 29, Wid, Cornwall, Ottawa City, d/o Sandy PAYMENT & Mary PERRY; witn Fred RUSSELL & Clara RUSSELL, both Glen Walter, 12 Feb 1907, Cornwall  

019410-07 William HILL, 25, Labourer, London England, Alexandria, s/o unknown; married Anne McCOY, 25, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Angus McCOY & Christina McKENNA; witn John McCOY & Catherine McCOY, both Alexandria, 26 Mar 1907, Alexandria

19470-1907 (Dundas Co) Shaler D. HILL, 20, Book keeper, Elma, Winchester, s/o Peter A. HILL & Abba Ann BECKER, married Alice Louise McLEAN, 27, Winchester Tp., Chesterville, d/o John McLEAN & Caroline HUMMEL, witn: Jennie CASSELMAN, Chesterville, Jennie ELLIOT, South Haven, Mich. 20 Sep 1907 Chesterville

019750-07 Gilbert HOGABOANE, 24, Farmer, Cass Bridge, Winchester Twp, s/o J.H. HOGABOANE & none given; married Grace May BAKER, 20, Aultsville, Cass Bridge, d/o Silas BAKER & Eva MERKLEY; wit Henry CHENNETTE & Mrs. George E. DILLABOUGH, both Morrisburg, 1 May 1907, Morrisburg

019615-07 Arch HOLLAND, 22, farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Richard & Dana HOLLAND; married Lillie M. BECKSTEAD, 20, domestic, N. Williamsburg, Osnabruck, d/o William Wallace BECKSTEAD & Edith CASSELMAN, witn E. H. MORCELLE & Lily B. HAMILTON, both Finch, 3 April 1907, Finch
019614-07 Fred C. HOOPLE, 22, farmer, Newington, Newington, s/o David HOOPLE & Susan SNETSINGER; married Catherine McMILLAN, 19, Finch, Finch, d/o Donald McMILLAN & Mary Ann SHAVER; witn George PELLAND, Newington & Euphemia A. STEELS, Finch, 18 Sept 1907, Finch 019480-07 Walter HOWE, 21, farmer, NY State, Moira, s/o William HOWE & Trudy WILCOX; married Emma SNYDER, 23, Bombay NY, Bombay NY, d/o Levi SNYDER & Christie GUYETTE; witn Annie D. POOLE & L.O.G. POOLE, both Cornwall, 28 Jan 1907, East Cornwall
19460-1907 (Dundas Co) William JAMES, 22, Farmer, Winchester Springs, same, s/o William JAMES & Eliza WATERMAN, married Effie HARPER, 18, Winchester Tp., same, d/o Asa HARPER & Mary HUNTER, witn: Jennie CASSELMAN, Mrs. W. F. CRAWFORD, both of Chesterville. 06 Mar 1907 Chesterville 19590-1907 (Stormont Co) Adolphe JODOIN, 34, Weaver, St. Zotique, Que., Cornwall, s/o Isidore JODOIN & Adeline St.LOUIS, married Elizabeth SAUCIER, 21, House maid, St. Anicet, Que., Cornwall, d/o Raphael SAUCIER & Archange LEBLANCE, witn: Louis JODOIN, Maxine LANGLOIS, both of Cornwall. 1 Jul 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC)
19471-1907 (Dundas Co) Thomas P. JORDAN, 22, Farmer, Winchester Tp., same, s/o Patrick JORDAN & Elizabeth BECKER, married Margaret COYNE, 24, Winchester Tp., same, d/o John J. COYNE & Catherine O'BRIEN, witn: William McMAHON, Cannamore, Agnes KEARNS, Chesterville. 25 Sep 1907 Chesterville (RC) 019678-07 George H. KEMP, 33, Wid (of Mary Bell McCORMICK) , Merchant, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o no parents given; married Christina MACDONALD, 28, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Donald A. McDONALD & Mary McDONALD; witn Cecil KEMP, Alexandria & Mary J. MACDONALD, E?, 19 Aug 1907, Glen Nevis

019449-07 Robert KENNEDY, 42, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Donald KENNEDY & Janet McDONELL; married Mary KENNELL, 30, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Barney KENNELL & Angeline LAGRIN?; witn John KENNEDY & James A. SMITH, both Charlottenburgh, 30 Apr 1907, Charlottenburgh

018287-08 Charles Luther KINSBURY, 24, farmer, Norfolk NY, Ogdensburg, s/o Charles KINSBURY & Gertrude ROSE; married Regina CORKER, 22, Matilda, Ogdensburg, d/o James CORKER & Mary CURRY; witn Robert CORKER & Mrs. ?. ELLIS, both New Ross, 25 Feb 1907, New Ross

019439-07 John Reginald KNOWLES, 21, Butcher, Aurora, Aurora, s/o John KNOWLES & Lucinda WALKER; married Jessie C. PROCTOR, 18, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Charles PROCTOR & Lucy HARRIS; witn ? R. McNAUGHTON & Jane D. McNAUGHTON, both Charlottenburgh, 1 Jan 1907, Charlottenburgh 019833-07 (Stormont Co): Charles William KYTE, 45, widower, stationer, Montreal, Cainsville, s/o Robert Edward & Caroline ANDREW, married Mary McINTOSH, 25, dress maker, Roxborough twp., Avonmore, d/o Alexander McINTOSH & Isabella McRAE, witn: Neil & Angus McINTOSH, both of Avonmore, 24 Sept 1907 at Avonmore
019586-07 Adilard LABELLE, 27, blacksmith, Cornwall, Alexandria, s/o Xavier LABELLE & Clemance DORE; married Josephine BENOIT, 23, servant, Alexandria, Cornwall, d/o Joseph BENOIT & Maude Exalda LAFRAMBOIS; witn Martin CHARLEBOIS & William LEROUX, both Cornwall, 11 Jun 1907, Cornwall Twp

019695-07 Aleides LACOMBE, 24, Farmer, St. Justine de Newton, Glen Robertson, s/o Antoin LACOMBE & Jolia LAURIN; married Marie R BELLEFEUILLE, 23, Glen Sandfield, Glen Sandfield, d/o Damas BELLEFEUILLE & Eulalie THEORET; witn Antoin LACOMBE & Damas BELLEFEUILLE, Glen Sandfield, 7 Jan 1907, Glen Robertson

019696-07 Norman Joseph LACROIX, 32, Farmers son, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Edward LACROIX & Matilda DEROSCHER; married Jessie Agnes Fraser McMILLAN, 29, Wid, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Alexander McMILLAN & Margaret McMARTIN; witn Michael MORRIS & Mary Jessie McMILLAN, both Lochiel, 4 Feb 1907, Lochiel

019442-07 Albert LAFLAMME, 23, Farmer, St. Raphaels, St. Raphaels, s/o Trudale LAFLAMME & Victorine DABEAU; married Josephine BISSONETTE, 22, St. Raphaels, St. Raphaels, d/o Joseph BISSONETTE & Christine SIMARD; witn Zotique BISSONETTE & Rose LAFLAMME, both St. Raphaels, 28 Jan 1907, St. Raphaels

019584-07 Jean Babtiste LALONDE, 33, Wid, Police, Cornwall, Hochelaga Quebec, s/o Stephen LALONDE & Salina POIRIER; married Julia Ann MERPAW, 28, housemaid, Grants Corners, Grants Corners, s/o Joseph MERPAW & Mary Ann LALONDE; witn Charles MERPAW & Agnes MERPAW, both Grants Corners, 20 May 1907, Cornwall Twp 019610-07 Norman LALONDE, 23, farmer, Glenwalter, Glenwalter, s/o Alexander LALONDE & Martina MARTIN; married Marie Louise LEMIEUX, 18, Mill Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph LEMIEUX & Dalvina LAVOIE; witn Alex LALONDE, Glenwalter & J. LAVOIE, Cornwall, 12 Nov 1907, Cornwall Twp
019663-07 George LALONDE, 21, moulder, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alexander LALONDE & Josephine PRIMEAU; married Agnes LAFEBVRE, 17, South Lancaster, South Lancaster, d/o John LAFEBVRE & Mary LIBERTY; witn George MINER & Edith LALONDE, both Cornwall, 9 Sept 1907, Lancaster

019511-07 Lewis Leo LALONDE, 21, Mill Operative, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o Paul LALONDE & Julian LAPLANTE; married Ellen RUSSELL, 18, Cambuslang Scotland, Cornwall, d/o Thomas RUSSELL & Margaret COLE; wit Mrs. W.H. McGILLIVRAY & Catherine CAMPBELL, both Cornwall, 17 Jun 1907, Cornwall

019679-07 Harry LAMBTON, 29, plumber, Leeds Yorkshire England, Montreal, s/o William J. LAMBTON & Elizabeth CROWN? (Craven?); married Margary CONDIE, 31, Ormstown Que, East Lancaster, d/o Malcolm CONDIE & Agnes McNAUGHTON; witn E. LAMBTON, Montreal & Jennie CONDIE, Smith Falls, 4 Sept 1907, East Lancaster  
019597-07 Albert LAPLANTE, 21, Mill Operative, Glen Walter, Cornwall, s/o Moses LAPLANTE & Julia Ann BOURSEL; married Mary DIONNE, 19, Mill Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Hermine DIONNE & Marie BOURSEL; witn Fred LAPLANTE & Adolphe JODOIN, both Cornwall, 26 Aug 1907, Cornwall Twp 019605-07 George LAPONSIE, 22, Conductor, Cornwall, Cornwall Twp, s/o Joseph LAPONSIE & Elizabeth LAPORTE; married Lorenza DUMOND, 22, Mill operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Pierre DUMOND & Matilda POIRIER; witn Alida LAPONSIE 7 Lorna LAFLESH, both Cornwall, 7 Oct 1907, Cornwall Twp
019607-07 Edward LAROSE, 23, butcher, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles LAROSE & Sophia PATENAUDE; married Margaret WARNER, 20, Clerk, Osnabruck Twp, Cornwall, d/o Adam WARNER & Ellen PITTS; witn Charles LAROSE, Cornwall, 9 Oct 1907, Cornwall Twp

019408-07 Augustin LARUE, 19, Workman, St.. Polycarpe Quebec, Alexandria, s/o Joseph LARUE & Adeline SEGUIN; married Marie Ann GAGNON, 23, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Alfred GAGNON & Marie Louise BEDARD; wit Alphonse WESSLE? & Rosa GAGNON, both no place given, 8 Jan 1907, Alexandria

  019702-07 Archibald LASALLE, 22, Farmer, Winchester, MacCrimmon, s/o Levi LASALLE & Sophia BROUNCHE; married Annie PISHE (Peche?), 23, Lochiel, Kirk Hill, d/o Lewis PISHE & Sophia McKINNON; witn Norman GOLDEN & Lilian GOLDEN, both Dalkeith, 25 Feb 1907, Kirk Hill
019656-07 Alexander LASELLE, 25, Carpenter, Lancaster, Greenfield, s/o Francis LASELLE & Agnes OUILETTE; married Julia BELINGATE, 23, none given, Kenyon, d/o Napoleon BELINGATE & Catherine LASELLE; witn Joseph LASELLE, Kenyon & Florence M. LEE, St. Elmo, 17 Dec 1907, St. Elmo 19461-1907 (Dundas Co) Elger LaSALLE, 24, Shop Maker, Chesterville, same, s/o Frank LaSALLE & Hannah STEPHENS, married Sarah BARKLEY, 18, Servant, Winchester Tp., Chesterville, d/o Milburn BARKLEY & Anna BOUCK, witn: W. M. SAUCIER, Mrs. W. F. CRAWFORD, both of Chesterville 27 Mar 1907 Chesterville
019487-07 Richard Wesley LAUBER, 21, blacksmith, Moulinette, Moulinette, s/o John Sidney LAUBER & Eunice CHRISTIE; married Edith SNYDER, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o George SNYDER & Amelia KIRKEY; witn Alexander CORBET & John LAUNDRY, both Cornwall, & Herbert LANTHIER, Moulinette, 27 Feb 1907, Cornwall #019834-07 (Stormont Co): Charles LAVINE, 28, laborer, Tayside, St. Elmo Ont., s/o James LAVINE & Mary WILLARD, married Janet Rebecka McKAY, 27, dress maker 7th con of Roxborough, Moose Creek, d/o William McKAY & Sarah McCUAIG, witn: Kate McRAE of Dyer & Mrs. L. BEATON of Moose Creek, 16 Oct 1907 at Moose Creek

019498-07 Arthur LAVIOLETTE, 21, Labourer, none given, Glengarry, s/o Henry LAVIOLETTE & Eliza CORNELL; married Florence MASSON, 18, Glengarry, none given, d/o Antoine MASSON & Mary Ann TYO; wit William J. WELSH & Lizzie STACEY, both Cornwall, 26 Apr 1907, Cornwall

019510-07 Lewis LAVIOLETTE, 21, Mill Labourer, Lancaster, Cornwall, s/o George LAVIOLETTE & Ellen QUESNELL (deceased); married Mary STONE (alias LAPIERRE), 18, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Francis STONE (alias LAPIERRE); wit Albert STONE & Eva LEGER, both Cornwall, 17 Jun 1907, Cornwall

19577-1907 (Stormont Co) Joseph Oscar LEGAULT, 22, C.P. Railway office, The Cedars, P.Q., Montreal, P.Q., s/o F. LEGAULT & Erilda DESNEYEAU, married Mary Ida LEBLANCE, 25, house maid, River Beaudette, Cornwall, d/o Stephen LEBLANSE (sic) & Julie PRIEUR, witn: Edward LEBLANSE, Juliette GUERTIN, both of Cornwall. 25 Apr 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC) 019648-07 Antoine LEPAGE, no age given, Labourer, Kenyon, Tupper Lake NY, s/o John LEPAGE & Sophie CHARRON; married Ellen Agnes LAVIGNE, no age given, Kenyon, Apple Hill, d/o Francis LAVIGNE & Agnes LALONDE; witn John LEPAGE, Tupper Lake NY & Emily LAVIGNE, Apple Hill, 4 Feb 1907, Greenfield
019694-07 Pacific LEROUX, 33, Agent, St. Justine de Newton, Glen Robertson, s/o Almede LEROUX & Delphine LEGAULT; married Marie LENEAU, 22, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, d/o Napoleon LENEAU & no first name BEDARD; witn Aluria (Alvira?) LEROUX, Glen Robertson & Napoleon LENEAU, no place given, 7 Jan 1907, Glen Robertson 19576-1907 (Stormont Co) Miles Edgar LEROUX, 32, Drover, Alexandria, same, s/o Moise LEROUX & Adaline HAMEL, married Olive DUROCHER, 30, Weaver, St. Regis, P.Q., Cornwall Tp. d/o Angus DUROCHER & Delina PLAMADON, witn: Edward PLAMADON, Dundee, Margaret DUROCHER, Cornwall. 8 Apr 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC)

019698-07 Augustus LERREQUE, 26, Farmer, Glen Nevis?, Glen Robertson, s/o Charles LERREQUE & Catherine LIDDEL; married Susie Ann LEROUX, 28, Glen Nevis?, Glen Robertson, d/o no father given, & Mary LENDON (Leudon?); witn A. POIRIER, Alexandria & S. LAROCQUE, Glen Robertson, 4 Feb 1907, Glen Robertson

19490-07 John LEVILLET, 23, Labourer, Lancaster, Massena, s/o Henry LEVILLET & Margaret CARROL; married Mary MONTROY, 18, Summerstown, Cornwall, d/o John MONTROY & Josephine McDONALD; wit Annie D. POOLE & L.O.G. POOLE, both Cornwall, 29 Mar 1907, Rectory, East Cornwall

019595-07 John LINAHEN, 25, clerk, Richmond Que, Montreal Que, s/o John LINAHEN & B. FOLEY; married Mary SIGUOIN, 25, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph SIGUOIN & Mary O'HARA; witn James LINAHAN, Richmond Que & Joseph SIGUOIN, Cornwall, 5 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp 019465-07 Russel LISCOMB, 21, farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o William LISCOMB & May CARNS; married Frances BILOW, 18, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Jas BILOW & Mary BISCOMB; witn Amos LISCOMB & Seenith? LISCOMB, both Winchester Twp, 24 Jun 1907, Chesterville
019644-07 Isaih LOUCKS, 34, farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburgh Twp, s/o Guy LOUCKS & Alta WHITTAKER; married Frances THOMPSON, 22, housekeeper, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o William THOMPSON & Mary MUNROE; witn Grace L. CONNOR & Jennie C. FORRESTER, both Iroquois, 18 Sept 1907, Iroquois

019416-07 Donald or Ronald MAINVILLE, 30, Farmer, Kenyon, Alexandria, s/o Charles MAINVILLE & Christina McKINNON; married Mary Elizabeth McDONALD, 20, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Angus P & Catherine McDONALD; witn Allan MANVILLE, Kenyon & Christina McDONALD, Alexandria, 25 Jan 1907, Alexandria

#019569-07 (Stormont Co): Philip Daniel MALONEY, 32, farmer, Strathmore, Monkland, s/o John MALONEY & Catherine CONLIN, married Anna Janet QUAIL, 21, Roxborough twp., Monkland, d/o Charles QUAIL, farmer, & Mary McDONALD, witn: Thomas QUAIL of Monkland & Eva LOSEY of Osgoode, 28 Jan 1907 at Cornwall twp 019668-07 Raoul MARLEAU, 24, farmer, St. Telesphore Que, St Telesphore Que, s/o Louis MARLEAU & Emily SAUVE; married Anna Laura BOURGON, no age given, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Henry BOURGON & Rosana GAUTHIER; witn Samuel BOURGON, Lancaster & Maria MARLEAU, St. Telesphore, 8 Jan 1907, Glen Nevis

019509-07 Walter Douglas MARTIN, 28, Carpenter, Milleroches, Milleroches, s/o James Norman MARTIN & Catharine BURDENS; married Mary Rose GILMET, 24, Newfoundland, none given, d/o Samuel GILMET & Susan MAJOR; wit Annie D. POOLE & L.O.G. POOLE, both Cornwall, 15 Jun 1907, East Cornwall

019565-07 Joseph MARTIN, 29, Mill Operative, Coteau du Lac Quebec, Cornwall Twp, s/o Henry MARTIN & Adeline LALONDE; married Georgina LALONDE, 28, Mill Operative, Coteau du Lac Que, Coteau du Lac Que, d/o Henry LALONDE & Victoria PIGEON; witn Belleneuve LALONDE & Louie LALONDE, both Cornwall, 14 Jan 1907, Cornwall Twp

019419-07 Alexander McCASKILL, 26, Farmer, Bart?, Bart?, s/o Alex McCASKILL & Catherine McRAE; married Maggie CAMERON, 23, Lochiel, Alexandria, d/o Alexander CAMERON & Jessie MARTIN?; witn John A. McCASKILL, Bart & Anna McPHERSON, Brodie, 22 May 1907, Alexandria

019562-07 Alexander David McCOURT, 34, Butcher, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Daniel McCOURT & Mary Jane McCRACKEN; married Mary Florence MALONEY, 32, Teacher, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Martin MALONEY & Margaret McDONALD; witn Leo McCOURT, Cornwall & Mrs MALONEY, McMillans Corners, 9 Jan 1907, Cornwall Twp
19709-07 John A. McCRIMMON, 26, Merchant, McCrimmon, McCrimmon, s/o John A. McCRIMMON & Penelope McLEOD; married Jessie BENTON, 26, Greenfield, Lochiel, d/o Joseph BRETON (sic) & Catherine MORRISON; witn Dan McCRIMMON & Tina M. BRETON, both McCrimmon, 12 Jun 1907, at 18th Con of Lochiel

019652-07 John McCUAIG, 37, farmer, Kirk Hill, Kirk Hill, s/o Donald McCUAIG & Catherine McRAE; married Christy Ann McCRIMMON, 31, Laggan, Dunvegan, d/o Duncan F McCRIMMON & Sarah McDONALD; witn Roderick McLEOD, Kirk Hill & Margaret McDONALD, McCrimmon, 9 Oct 1907, Dunvegan


019505-07 Archibald Norman MACDONALD, 28, Railroading, Glen Nevis, Pierre South Dakota US, s/o Norman A. & Margaret MACDONALD; married Catharine Jane McDONALD, 28, Glen Nevis, Cornwall, d/o Hugh A & Janet McDONALD; wit Archibald McDONALD, Glen Nevis & Elizabeth McDONALD, Cornwall, 5 Jun 1907, Cornwall

019440-07 Alexander McDONALD, 34, Sexton, Glen Roy, St. Raphaels, s/o Neil & Mary McDONALD; married Janet McDONALD, 30, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Angus R. McDONALD & Flora McINTOSH; witn Dan R. McDONALD, Kenyon & Flora Ellen McDONALD, Apple Hill, 14 Jan 1907, St. Raphaels

19692-07 Donald Neil McDONALD, 35, Farmer, Laggan, Laggan, s/o Charles & Jessie McDONALD; married Flora CAMPBELL, 21, Laggan, Laggan, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Mary McGILLIVRAY; witn William McLEOD, Laggan & Mary CAMPBELL, McCrimmon, 18 Sept 1907, Laggan
019693-07 Archibald McDONALD, 37, Farmer, Wid, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o John McDONALD (deceased) & Flora McPHEE; married Catherine Ann McCULLOCH, 33, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Alexander McCULLOCH & Mary Ann McDONELL; witn George McCORMICK, Kenyon & Clara HATHWAY, Laggan, 29 Jan 1907, Lochiel 19685-07 Neil Alex McDONALD, 27, Farmer, Laggan, Laggan, s/o Charles McDONALD & Jessie McLEOD; married Christie Ann GRANT, 20, Laggan, Laggan, d/o John J. GRANT & Christie Ann McGILLIVRAY; witn Hugh McGILLIVRAY, Kirk Hill & Annie GRANT, Laggan, 25 Sept 1907, Laggan
019661-07 George E. McDONALD, 36, Blacksmith, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John McDONALD & Mary Ann ALGUIRE; married Frances M. FALKNER, 35, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o William J. FALKNER & Mary Jane EDGAR; witn W. Edgar FALKNER, Lancaster & Norman S. CHRISTIE, Montreal, 2 April 1907, Lancaster 019649-07 Neil McDONALD, 30, farmer, none given, none given, s/o Ewen McDONALD & Fanny McPHEE; married Allie McKENZIE, 24, none given, none given, d/o Roderick McKENZIE & Emma McLEAN; witn Donald CAMPBELL, Dunvegan & Bella McKENZIE, no place given, 9 Jul 1907, Kenyon
019562-07 Archibald McDONALD, 22, farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Joseph H. McDONALD & Lizzie McINTOSH; married Cassie McMILLAN, 22, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o John McMILLAN & Ann McDONALD; witn John McINTOSH & Catherine McMILLAN, both St. Andrews West, 22 Jan 1907, Cornwall Twp 018057-08 John J. McDONALD, 26, Farmer, Munroes Mills Munroes Mills, s/o Hugh A. McDONALD & Mary KENNEDY; married Catherine McDONALD, 24, Kenyon, Glen Roy, d/o Colin & Sarah McDONALD; witn George McDONALD, Munroes Mills & Mary CAMERON, Kenyon, 30 Sept 1907, St. Raphaels
019481-07 William John McDONALD, 20, electrician, Buffalo, Massena NY, s/o does not know & does not know; married Ella Bertha SHAVER, 20, Northfield, Northfield, d/o Peter SHAVER & Sarah ALGUIRE; witn Mrs. N.H. McGILLIVRAY & Catherine CAMPBELL, both Cornwall, 29 Jan 1907, Cornwall 019598-07 Angus I. McDONALD, 34, Miner, Greenfield, Greenfield, s/o Donald P. McDONALD & Janet McKINNON; married Helena FRASER, 25, Teacher, Cornwall, Bonville, d/o Arch FRASER & Janet McDONALD; witn S. McDONALD & Gertrude FRASER, Bonville, 2 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp
019600-07 Daniel William McDOUGALL, 27, farmer, Martintown, Martintown, s/o Daniel H. McDOUGALL & Mary Ann McKAY; married Florence Isabel MURRAY, 21, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o William MURRAY & Isabella GOULD; witn A.D. HARKNESS, Lancaster & Gertrude BOWEN, Fraserfield, 4 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp #019573-07 (Stormont Co): Alexander McGILLIS, 57, saw mill owner, Cornwall twp., Moulinette, s/o John R. & Janet, married Margaret McINTOSH, 35, Cornwall twp., same, d/o James B. McINTOSH, farmer, & Mary McDONALD, witn: Alex McGILLIS of Harrisons Corners & Annie McDONALD of Greenfield, 11 Feb 1907 at Cornwall twp (Rom Cath)
019647-07 Alexander McGREGOR, 22, farmer, Sandringham, Sandringham, s/o John A. McGREGOR & Margaret DAVIDSON; married Edaline CAMERON, 19, St. Elmo, St. Elmo, d/o John J. CAMERON & Isabella CHRISTIE; witn James E. CAMERON, Maxville & Jenny A. McGREGOR, Sandringham, 19 Jun 1907, St. Elmo


019418-07 Donald McINNES, 34, Farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o Peter McINNES & Jane WHIEL; married Annie CAMPBELL, 27, E. Hawkesbury, Lochiel, d/o Hugh CAMPBELL & Caroline McCULVEY?; witn Donald McCUAIG & Catherine MONTGOMERY?, both Kenyon, 6 May 1907, Alexandria

019710-07 Lachlin McKINNON, 42, Farmer, Laggan, Laggan, s/o John McKINNON & Flora McPHERSON?; married Sarah Christie McDONALD, 26, Laggan, Laggan, d/o Charles McDONALD & Jessie McLEOD; witn Norman STEWART, Maxville & Annie McDONALD, Laggan, 19 Jun 1907, Laggan

019764-07 Laurence McLEAN, 33, Barber, Finch, Maxville, s/o Alex J. McLEAN & Mary Ann McMILLAN; married Jane Ellen MUNRO, 28, Maxville, Maxville, d/o Donald T. MUNRO & Margaret McDOUGALL; witn Thomas W. MUNRO & Margaret MUNRO, both Maxville, 11 Sept 1907, Maxville

018736-06 Cyril E. McLEAN, 28, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Neil McLEAN & Mary MORGAN; married Mabel WARNER, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Norman WARNER & Sarah MORGAN; witn J.M. WARNER & A.F. McLEAN, both Osnabruck Centre, 1 Jan 1907, North Valley

  019453-07 Donald T. McLENNAN, 43, Wid, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Farquhar D. McLENNAN & Janet FRASER; married Margaret MUNRO, 32, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Donald W. MUNRO & Mary McGREGOR; witn William D. MUNN? & Maggie J. McGREGOR, both Martintown, 12 Jun 1907, Martintown
019654-07 Norman R. McLEOD, 30, farmer, none given, none given, s/o Roderick McLEOD & none given; married Margaret FRASER, 24, none given, none given, d/o Alexander FRASER & Christina McDOUGALL; witn Rod K. McLEOD, Dunvegan 7 Clara FRASER, none given, 19 Nov 1907, Kenyon 19458-1907 (Dundas Co) Henry McMAHON, 28, Clerk, Chesterville, same, s/o Thomas McMAHON & Mary Ann KEARNEY, married Agnes KEARNS, 24, Winchester Tp., Chesterville, d/o John KEARNS & Ellen MOORE, witn: George McMAHON, Loretta KEARNS, both of Chesterville. 6 Aug 1907 (RC)
019655-07 Andrew McMARTH, 27, Bank Clerk, Dumfrieshire Scotland, Montreal, s/o William McMARTH & Isabella STEEL; married Mary BADEN, 26, Dumbarton Scotland, Montreal, d/o James BADEN & Janet ALLAN; witn Alex McMARTH, Montreal & Jessie HUNTER, Maxville, 10 Dec 1907, Kenyon

019713-07 Hugh McMILLAN, 33, Farmer, Black River, Orillia, s/o Myles McMILLAN & Catherine KENNEDY; married Margaret CAMERON, 25, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o John CAMERON (deceased) & Sarah McMILLAN; witn Dan KENNEDY, Strathmoar & Catherine CAMERON, Alexandria, 9 Jul 1907, Lochiel

019587-07 Peter Hugh McMILLAN, 41, wid, farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Margaret McDOUGALD; married Catherine McDONALD, 34, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o David McDONALD & Margaret McMILLAN; witn Duncan McDOUGALD, Dalhousie Mills Que & A. McDONALD, St. Andrews, 24 Jun 1907, Cornwall Twp #019836-07 (Stormont Co): John McMILLAN, 42, farmer, Finch twp., same, s/o Hugh McMILLAN & Mary McLEAN, married Elizabeth Ann McEWEN, 28, lot 9 con 5 of Roxborough twp., same, d/o Duncan A. , farmer, & Christie, witn: Archie A. McMILLAN of Avonmore & Minnie McEWEN of Maxville, 29 Oct 1907 at Warina
019606-07 George Edward McMONAGLE, 29, farmer, Berwick, Berwick, s/o Ezekial McMONAGLE & Mary IDLE; married Annie ALGUIRE, 30, housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o William ALGUIRE & Harriet GALLINGER; witn Harriet ALGUIRE & Orena ALGUIRE, both Mille Roches, 9 Oct 1907, Cornwall Twp 019672-07 Alfred Henry McNAUGHTON, 22, farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o William John McNAUGHTON & Isabella EDGAR; married Mary Ether McKAY, 22, Dressmaker, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster, d/o John A. McKAY & Annie EAMON; witn Florence MURRAY, Lancaster & D.W. McDOUGAL, Martintown, 8 May 1907, Lancaster Twp
019657-07 Allan R McPHEE, 43, Lumberman, Cloquet Minnesota, Greenfield, s/o John McPHEE & Sarah McDONALD; married Margaret Ann CAMERON, 30, none given, none given, d/o Alexander CAMERON & Sarah McDONALD; witn Duncan CAMERON & Catherine CAMERON, both Greenfield, 9 Sept 1907, Greenfield 019608-07 Duncan Archibald McPHERSON, 21, Mechanic, Finch, Cornwall, s/o William McPHERSON & Jane CAMERON; married Lillie Margaret SMITH, 18, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Henry SMITH & Agnes HAGGART; witn Mr. CARD & Miss CLINE, both Moulinette, 4 Nov 1907, Cornwall Twp
19468-1907 (Dundas Co) John. Franklin MERKLEY, 30, Carpenter, Winchester Tp., Port Arthur, s/o Salathiel MERKLEY & Laura KITTLE, married Ellen Pearl KITTLE, 24, Winchester Tp. same, d/o John KITTLE & Ellen HUTH, Witn: William HELMER, Bessie KITTLE, both of Winchester 06 June 1907 Chesterville 019593-07 George Albert MILLER, 23, paper maker, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Robert MILLER & Mary FOUNTAIN; married Ethel ANTWOINE, 17, servant, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Alexander ANTWOINE & Ida LACEY; witn Ebard LACEY, Moulinette & Mabel ANTWOINE, Barnharts Island USA, 26 Aug 1907, Cornwall Twp
019662-07 George J. MOORE, 33, foreman, L'Amable Ont, Cartier, s/o Josias MOORE & Sarah TAIT; married Lynda SYMONS, 22, Teacher, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster, s/o George SYMONS & Annie FRASER; witn M.J. McLENNAN & Donnie McCRIMMON, both Williamstown, 24 April 1907, Lancaster 019455-07 William Henry MORPAN (Morgan?), 40, Wid, Labourer, Cornwall Twp, St. Andrews Que, s/o John MORPAN & Mary ROACHE; married Mary Louise LADICEUR (Ladouceur?), 24, Charlottenburgh, Martintown, d/o Peter LADICEUR & Catherine BOURCER; witn Charles MORPAN, St. Andrews & ? D.A. CAMPBELL, 3 Jun 1907, St. Raphaels

019508-07 Herbert MORRIS, 24, Paper Maker, Burnley England, Milleroches, s/o Joseph H. MORRIS & Susanna A. GREENWOOD; married Alice Dorcas PERRY, 25, School Teacher, Nagannee Mich US, Milleroches, d/o William E. PERRY & Jane DINGWALL; wit William E. PERRY & Mrs. William E. PERRY, both Milleroches, 15 Jun 1907, Cornwall

019669-07 Ernest MORTON, no age given, cafe England, Montreal, s/o Ralph MORTON & Mary HARPER; married Mary Laura CARR, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o William H. CARR & Elizabeth FITZSIMMONDS; witn John A. LAVER & Maude NORMAN, both Toronto, 21 Jan 1907, Lancaster 019650-07 Alexander D. MUNRO, 21, Farmer, Apple Hill, Apple Hill, s/o Phillip R. MUNRO & Catherine E. KENNEDY; married Catherine Isabel McDONALD, 21, Lochgarry, Lochgarry, d/o John B. McDONALD & Catherine GRANT; witn Alex A. FRASER & Mary Ann COLEMAN, both Apple Hill, 7 Aug 1907, Apple Hill
019472-07 Enos Obedieh MUNROE, 23, farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Calvin MUNROE & Keziah BAILEY; married Ada Belle BARKLEY, 20, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Wesley BARKLEY & Carrie JOHNSTON; witn Rev William HOWITT & Mrs William HOWITT, both Morrisburg, 14 Nov 1907, Chesterville #019574-07 (Stormont Co): William Franklin MYERS, 30, trainman, Cornwall twp., Kenora, s/o Michael MYERS & Julia Ann EASTMAN, married Ethel Florence ALGUIRE, 20, Cornwall twp., same, d/o William, farmer, & Charlotte, witn: William EASTMAN & Eva May ALGUIRE, both of Eamers Corners, 12 Feb 1907 at Cornwall twp
019486-07 Robert Alexander PAGE, 21, Well driller, Quebec, Eganville, s/o Alex PAGE & Sarah BLUE; married Alice Dott REMLINGTON (or REIDINGTON), 20, London England, Cornwall, d/o Mr & Mrs REEVES (guardians); witn Grace E. CORRIGAN & Edith A. LOCKERBY, both Cornwall, 2 Mar 1907, Cornwall 019673-07 Frederick G. PALFREY, 22, Beer maker, Lindsay, Montreal, s/o Martin PALFRY (sic) & Emma JONES; married Margaret A. EDGAR, no age given, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Charles Stephen EDGAR & Christina McRAE; witn Edward PALFRY, Lindsay & Christina EDGAR of Ba--?, ?, 22 May 1907, Front Lancaster
019658-07 Charlie PAPINEAU, no age given, Wid, Labourer, Greenfield, Greenfield, s/o none given; married Marcella Cassie LALONDE, no age given, none given, St. Elmo, d/o none given; witn Phillip St. LOUIS & Ellen Jane ROBINSON, both Greenfield, 16 Sept 1907, Greenfield

019422-07 John PARKER, 40, Weaver, Wid, Preston England, Valleyfield Quebec, s/o Miles PARKER & Margaret SPENCER; married Sara Jane WADDINGTON, 32, Wid, Blacktown England, Valleyfield Quebec, d/o John McKINNON & Ann BARNES; witn William BARON & Rosella FORREST, both Valleyfield Quebec, 2 Sept 1907, Alexandria

019452-07 N.B. PARLOW, 28, bank clerk, Iroquois, Martintown, s/o Edwin D. PARLOW & Harriet JOHNSON; married Lorna SMART, 24, Battleford, Martintown, d/o William Henry SMART & Margaret A. BURWASH; witn E. BULLY? & C.E. SMART, both Montreal, 1 Jan 1907, Martintown 019612-07 George PARSONS, 27, Chandalier Maker, Walsall Staffordshire, New York City, s/o Edwin PARSONS & Eliza UPTON; married Maud E. ROMBOUGH, 23, domestic, Berwick, Finch, d/o Jacob ROMBOUGH & Phemie RIDDELL; witn Howard L. GOODWIN & Bella ROMBOUGH, both Finch, 26 Jun 1907, Finch
019664-07 Elphage PATENANDE, 24, bookkeeper, Valleyfield Que, Montreal Que, s/o Theophile PATENANDE & Marguerite BEAUDIN; married Eugenie BOUGIE, 22, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Julien BOUGIE & Virginia DEPOCAS; witn Oliver BOUGIE, Lancaster & Flore PATENANDE, Valleyfield Que, 9 Sept 1907, Lancaster #019571-07 (Stormont Co): Aladin PATENADE, 32, carpenter, Embrun, Massena NY, s/o Stephen PATENADE & Martha Ellen BARRIE, married Agnes McCAFFREY, 28, Ottawa, Cornwall, foster d/o Paul BERIAULT & Margaret BO--?, witn: Anthony PATENADE & Paul BERIAULT, both of Cornwall, 11 Feb 1907 at Cornwall twp
019604-07 Edward PELLETIER, 46, Wid, weaver, Que, Cornwall, s/o Edward PELLETIER & Sophia POTVIN; married Elizabeth GODIN, 27, Weaver, New Brunswick, Cornwall, d/o Simon GODIN & Marie Rose LANDY?; witn Moses LEGER & George GODIN, both Cornwall, 20 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp

019691-07 Alexander PICHE, 25, Labourer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Louis RICHE & Sophy McKINNON; married Lucy SAUVE, 16, Servant, Lochiel, Dalkeith, d/o Aldie SAUVE & Lucy JEROME; witn Hugh PICHIE (sic) & Lizzie SAUVE, both Lochiel, 9 Sept 1907, Lochiel

019671-07 William James PIDGEON, 26, carpenter, Williamstown, Williamstown, s/o Frank PIDGEON & Christina JACQUES; married Agnes Agusta CARRICK, 26, Glasgow Scotland, Lancaster, d/o Henry CARRICK & Augusta DRUMMOND; witn H.D. McLEOD, Williamstown & G.E. BAILEY, Lancaster, 23 April 1907, Lancaster

019502-07 Garnet PITTS, 21, Employee, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Lindsay PITTS & Minnie CLINE: married Elizabeth LALONDE, 18, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John LALONDE & Jane McCORMICK; wit Duncan GRANT & Viola HOLLAND, both Cornwall, 10 May 1907, Cornwall

  19575-1907 (Stormont Co) Herbert POAPST, 22, Farmer, Dixon, North Lunenburg, s/o Jacob E. POAPST & Kezia COOK, married Lillie ARMSTRONG, 22, Milliner, Cornwall, Cornwall Tp., d/o William H. ARMSTRONG & Margery McKAY, witn: Jacob POAPST, Dixon, William ARMSTRONG, Mills Roches. 27 Mar 1907 Cornwall Tp

019707-07 John POGUE, 61, Night Watchman, Wid, Scotland, Montreal, s/o no parents given; married Jane McDONALD, 48, Dalkeith, Glen Robertson, d/o no parents given; witn Hugh McCULLOCH & D.J. McDONALD, both Glen Robertson, 4 Jun 1907, Glen Robertson

019564-07 Ovila POIRIOR (Poirier?), 56, Wid, Mill operative, Coteau du Lac Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Moise POIRIOR & Adeline MENARD; married Corine LALONDE, 50, Mill Operative, St Zotique Que, Cornwall, d/o Joseph LALONDE & Selina LEBLANCE; witn Frank ST. JULES & Dorias LOCAS, both Cornwall, 6 Jan 1907, Cornwall Twp
019667-07 Frank R. POND, 25, engraver, Syracuse NY, Lancaster, s/o Weston POND & Mary E. DILLENBACK; married Catherine FRASER, 26, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Alex FRASER & Margaret McLEOD; witn Benny SNYDER, Lancaster & H.A. CRAIG, Summerstown, 2 Jan 1907, Lancaster  

019761-07 John POTTERY, 50, Labourer, Wid, Grand Brule Quebec, Maxville, s/o Frank POTTERY & Mary LA ROSE; married Maggie ST. JOHN, 21, Maxville, Maxville, d/o George ST. JOHN & Anglais ST. LOUIS; witn George ST. JOHN & Annie McKAY, both Maxville, 11 Apr 1907, Maxville

019646-07 John POTTERY, 31, Wid, Labourer, Finch, Kenyon, s/o John POTTERY & Mary GARDINER; married Maggie AGNEW, 30, Sandringham, Maxville, d/o John AGNEW & Bella HAGGART; witn Annie McCORMACK, Apple Hill & Florence M. LEE, St. Elmo, 29 April 1907, St. Elmo

019762-07 Alex M. I. PRIDHAM, 24, Merchant, Grenville, Dominionville, s/o Alexander PRIDHAM & Jessie WILLIAMSON; married Janet C. McNAUGHTON, 20, Dominionville, Dominionville, d/o Peter McNAUGHTON & Janet GRANT; witn Peter McNAUGHTON, Dominionville & Alexander PRIDHAM, Grenville, 5 Jun 1907, Dominionville

#019838-07 (Stormont Co): Campbell QUINN, 23, painter, Osnabruck twp., same, s/o James QUINN & Mary C. HILMER, married Delilah STEVENSON, 21, house maid, Roxborough twp., same, d/o William STEVENSON & Elizah HOUGH, witn: Isaiah LOSEY & Jennie QUINN, both of Osnabruck twp., 25 Dec 1907 at Roxborough twp #019570-07 (Stormont Co): Frank QUINN, 25, farmer, Cornwall twp., same, s/o Hugh QUINN & Catherine FRASER, married Annie MALONEY, 24, Strathmore, same, d/o John MALONEY, farmer, & Catherine CONLIN, witn: Colin CHISHOLM of St. Andrews West & Sarah McDONALD of Strathmore, 4 Feb 1907 at Cornwall twp (Rom Cath)

019701-07 Peter RANKIN, 32, Farmer, Breadalbane, Breadalbane, s/o William RANKIN & Margaret McDERMID; married Fanny HOPE, 27, Saleswoman, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o James HOPE & Annie SERGISON; witn Dermid RANKIN, Breadalbane & Jane HOPE, Gore of Lochiel, 20 Feb 1907, Lochiel


019516-07 Edward Stockburn ROBERTSON, 27, Operator RR, Farrans Point, Raeburn Man, s/o Edward C. ROBERTSON & Margaret J. BARNHART; married Lilly MACDONALD, 24, Sick Nurse, Glendonald, Cornwall, d/o Duncan MACDONALD & Anna McCULLOUGH; wit James M. JOHNSTON & Lizzie MACDONALD, both Cornwall, 26 Jun 1907, Cornwall

018739-06 Everett L. ROBERTSON, 34, Engineer on Steamer, Wid, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, s/o Theodore ROBERTSON & Jennie WHEELER; married Ethel O. RAYMOND, 19, Osnabruck, Mille Roches, d/o E.S. RAYMOND & Mina EAMON; witn E.S. RAYMOND & Mina RAYMOND, both Mille Roches, 8 Jan 1907, Wales
019616-07 William ROBERTSON, 27, farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o John ROBERTSON & Margaret KILLMAN; married Aggie CARR, 29, domestic, Osnabruck, Finch, d/o Hugh CARR & Annie PITTS; witn John ROBERTSON, Moose Creek & Ada F. CARR, Finch, 27 Mar 1907, Finch 019680-07 John Albert ROBERTSON, 28, farmer, South Georgetown Que, Bainsville, s/o Robert ROBERTSON & Margaret Kerr CURRY; married Margaret ESSON, 25, Ormstown Que, Bainsville, d/o James ESSON & Margaret PATON; witn Mathew D. ROBERTSON, Montreal & Mabel ESSON, Bainsville, 11 Sept 1907, Bainsville

019689-07 John ROBINSON, 28, Hunter, Van Kleek Hill, Glen Robertson, s/o Edward ROBINSON & Margaret MULLIN; married Sophie Ann ROBINSON, 18, Labourer, Lochiel, Kirk Hill, d/o O'Kane (Dr. Kane?) ROBINSON & Mary MILLER; witn Joseph ROBINSON & Rose Ann St. JOHN, both Glen Robertson, 27 Nov 1907, Lochiel

019699-07 William John ROBINSON, 24, Plumber, Hemmingford Quebec, Sherbrooke Quebec, s/o William ROBINSON & Martha MORRIS?; married Catherine Louise CAMPBELL, no age given, Kenyon, Lochiel, d/o Mona CAMPBELL & Jane FERGUSON; witn William G. BENNETT, Montreal & Donalda CAMPBELL, Lochinvar, 16 Jan 1907, Lochinvar?


019503-07 William ROSS, 20, Blacksmith, Glengarry, Cornwall, s/o Alex ROSS & Annie COLEMAN; married Maggie OSTLER, 18, Farrans Point, Cornwall, d/o John OSTLER & Mary TERRO (TERAULT?); wit Annie D. POOLE & William POOLE, both Cornwall, 15 May 1907, East Cornwall

018774-06 Philias ROUSSE, 21, Farmers son, Moose Creek Village, Moose Creek Village, s/o Maxime ROUSSE & Amelia LALOND; married Catherine BRAZEAU, 19, Moose Creek Village, Moose Creek Village, d/o George BRAZEAU & Marie Louise SEGUIN; witn Maxim ROUSSE, Roxborough & George BRAZEAU, Moose Creek, 14 Jan 1907, Moose Creek Village

019443-07 Joseph ROY, 24, Farmer, St. Terese Quebec, Glen Roy, s/o J.B. ROY & Sophia GOHIER (Gobert?) married Virginia VAILLANCOURT, 23, St. Terese Quebec, Glen Roy, d/o Honore VAILLANCOURT & Emma GOUGURE (Gougan?); witn Joseph BARBER, St Eustace Quebec & Victoria ROY, Glen Roy, 29 Jan 1907, St. Raphaels

019504-07 John Joseph RUDDY, 21, Labourer, Finch, Cornwall, s/o Michael RUDDY & Catherine McGILLIS; married Grace McCLANE, 22, Moulinette, Cornwall, d/o John McCLANE (deceased) & Catherine FOLEY; wit Margaret SWAIN & Annie DOYLE, both Cornwall, 24 May 1907, Cornwall

019488-07 Ralph RUPORT, 21, farmer, Cornwall, Harrison's Corners, s/o Samuel RUPORT & Elizabeth ADAMS; married Carrie HILL, 25, Wales, Wales, d/o Albert HILL & Francis CLIVE; witn Emma LIDDELL & Sarah RENSHAW, both Cornwall, 27 Mar 1907, Cornwall
019611-07 Edward B. RUTLEY, 32, farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o Hermin RUTLEY & Janet BAKER; married Olive L. MACKIE, 22, housework, Finch, Finch, d/o John MACKIE & Lavinia EMPY; witn Wilson MACKIE, Burgess MAN & Luella McCALPIN, Mallorytown, 19 Jun 1907, Finch #019837-07 (Stormont Co): Philip St. GERMAINE, 30, laborer, Nicolect?, Casselman, s/o Antoine St.GERMAINE & Marie GIGNE, married Marcellline SAUVE, 30, Moose Creek, same, d/o Dance SAUVE & Margurole SEGUIN, witn: Joseph SAUVE & Armandine SEGUIN, both of Moose Creek (Rom Cath)
019447-07 Francis ST. LOUIS, 19, Labourer, Williamstown, Williamstown, s/o Francis St.LOUIS & Rachel LAROCQUE; married Mary St.LOUIS, 16, Williamstown, Williamstown, d/o Paul St.LOUIS & Alice JUDD; witn Octave LAROCQUE & Laura St.LOUIS, both Williamstown, 15 Feb 1907, Williamstown 19579-1907 (Stormont Co) Edward SABREN, 27, Laborer, Cornwall, Newton Falls N.Y., s/o John SABREN & Priscilla BURGOT, married Margaret Louise HARPS, 19, House maid, Cornwall, same, d/o Joseph HARPS & Margaret RIVIER, witn: Joseph HARPS, Mary J. HARPS, both of Cornwall. 7 May 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC)

019513-07 Charles Geddes SCARTH, 28, Journalist, Toronto, Cornwall, s/o James L. SCARTH & G.F. MORSON; married Grace Elizabeth MACLENNON, 25, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o D.B. MACLENNON & Elizabeth Margaret CLINE: wit J.G. MORRISON & A.M. MACLENNON, both Cornwall, 19 Jun 1907, Cornwall


019501-07 Walter James SCOTT, 32, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Eamers Corners, s/o James SCOTT & Jane McINTOSH; married Edith Florence SHIELLS, 19, Cornwall Twp, Eamers Corners, d/o James Tait SHIELLS & Janet MUIR; wit James Tait SHIELLS, Eamers Corners & Mrs. Charles PHILLIPS, Cornwall Twp, 8 May 1907, Cornwall

018735-06 Ellison SCOTT, 22, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Robert SCOTT & Agnes ALGUIRE; married Evelyn BOAL, 17, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John R. BOAL & Viola MALLICE; wit Charles A. SHAVER & Floy SHAVER, both Newington, 2 Jan 1907, Newington

019448-07 Samuel SHARKEY, 29, Fireman, Ireland, Buffalo NY USA, s/o James SHARKEY & Mary QUINN; married Catherine Jane McKERRACHER, 29, Argenteuil Quebec, Charlottenburgh, d/o Donald McKERRACHER & Jane RUSSELL; witn Andrew SHARKEY & Jessie McKERRACHER, both Montreal, 24 Apr 1907, Charlottenburgh

019749-07 William Norman SHAVER, 45, Farmer, Wid, Morewood, Morewood, s/o Marcus SHAVER & Diana SWERDFEGER; married Jennie UTMAN, 41, Matilda, Morrisburg, d/o Simon P. UTMAN & Mary KENTNER; wit Charles REDDICK & Mary REDDICK, both Morrisburg, 30 Apr 1907, Morrisburg

019712-07 John W.A. SMITH, 24, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o John A SMITH & Margaret JANESON (Jameson?); married Catherine McLENNAN, 27, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Donald McLENNAN (deceased) & Mary McCRIMMON; witn William McMEEKIN & Sarah McLENNAN, both Dalkeith, 26 Jun 1907, Lochiel

019476-07 Irwin Davey SMITH, 42, gentleman, Williamsburg Twp, Toronto, s/o Thomas SMITH & Ann STEEN; married Allice Gertrude STEEN, 45, School Teacher, Farrans Point, Farrans Point, s/o Robert STEEN & Ann BREDIN; witn J.H. McMILLAN & Mrs J.H. McMILLAN, both Cornwall, 12 Jan 1907, Cornwall
019681-07 Judson Bathgate SNYDER, 29, Doctor, Lancaster Twp, Winnipeg, s/o John P. SNYDER & Elizabeth BATHGATE; married Maude Mary CAMERON, 27, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Andrew S. CAMERON & Mary SUTHERLAND; witn A. Howard CAMERON, Montreal & Kate SUTHERLAND of River Beaudette, 24 Sespt 1907, Lancaster Twp,

019684-07 Harry W. STEVENS, 39, Engineer, London England, Lancaster, s/o Harry STEVENS & Ellen LOCKYER; married Sarah H. McBAIN, 34, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o John McBAIN & Jessie McINTYRE; witn J.A. McBAIN & D.W MORRISON, both Bainsville?, 23 Oct 1907, Lancaster

019500-07 John Franklin SUTTON, 30, Farmer, Massena NY, none given, s/o Benjamin SUTTON & Catharine WELLS; married Bernice Geneva FETTERLY, 26, Osnabruck, none given, d/o Silas FETTERLEY & Ida BUSH; wit Ewen M. SHEETS & Martha S. SHELDON, both Cornwall, 2 May 1907, Cornwall

019660-07 Maderic TESSIER, no age given, labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Napoleon TESSIER & Josephine BONNEVILLE; married Emma DUFRESNE, no age given, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o John F. DUFRESNE & Mary KING; witn Joe AMYOT & Angeline RICHER, both Cornwall, 7 Jan 1907, Lancaster
018286-08 Russell J. THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Dixon's Corners, Dixon's Corners, s/o John THOMPSON & Elizabeth COOPER; married Hattie P. ENNIS, 20, Brinston, Brinston, d/o George ENNIS & Harriette MILLS; witn William ENNIS & Maggie TRIPP, both Brimston, 17 Dec 1907, Brimston 019670-07 John Herman THOMPSON, 29, farmer, St. Louis de Gargagne, St. Louis de Gargagne, s/o John THOMPSON & Catherine CAMPBELL; married Ellen Catherine BLACK, 23, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o James BLACK & Margaret McARTHUR; witn D.G. THOMPSON, Haviere Que & Greta McARTHUR, North Lancaster, 20 Mar 1907, Lancaster

019445-07 Owen TROTTIER, 21, Farmer, St Joseph de Lac, Alexandria, s/o Oneseme TROTTIER & Josephine LETRE; married Sarah BPANET, 19, St. Eugene Quebec, Glen Roy, d/o Mede BPANET & L. LAFRANCE; witn Wilford BRUNET & Delinea POIRER, both Glen Roy, 5 Feb 1907, St. Raphaels

019477-07 Henry Allan TYRELL, 21, labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Levi TYRELL & Ellen LARUE; married Johanna (Josie) GERYSE?, 19, London England, Cornwall, d/o John GERYSE & Louisa WARD; witn Raoul DENIS & Flora TYRELL, both Cornwall, 21 Jan 1907, Cornwall
019705-07 Eloie VACHON, 24, Farmers son, St Anne de Prescott, Lochiel, s/o Jean Baptiste VACHON & Metilda RICHER; married Emieriza QUENVILLE, 22, St. Isidore de Prescott, d/o Toussant QUENVILLE & Henriette BONNEVILLE; witn Jean Baptiste VACHON, Lochiel & Toussant QUENVILLE, Kenyon, 8 Apr 1907, Lochiel

019444-07 Arthur VAILLANCOURT, 26, Farmer, St. Terese Quebec, Glen Roy, s/o Honore VIALLANCOURT & Emma GOUGAN; married Sarah LEGER, 21, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o John LEGER & Margaret HART; witn N. POIRIER, Alexandria & Ada LEGER, Lancaster, 29 Jan 1907, St. Raphaels

019594-07 Felix WALTERS (or WATTERS), 18, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Philip WALTERS & Philomine DOAUST; married Phoebe Mary PRIEUR, 21, servant, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Levi PRIEUR & Christy Ann BOUREAU; witn James PRIEUR, Moulinette & Margaret WALTERS, Bonville, 20 Aug 1907, Cornwall Twp 019589-07 George WALTERS (or WATTERS), 22, labourer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Philip WALTERS & Philomine DOAUST; married Laura SCARBORO, 18, servant, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Louis SCARBORO & Rose SAYANT; witn J. BERKIN & Margaret WALTERS, both St. Andrews, 8 Jul 1907, Cornwall Twp

019493-07 Hugh WARNER, 23, Cheese Maker, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Isaac WARNER & Isabella THOMPSON; married Edith Alice GILL, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o James GILL & Sarah A. NELDER; wit Arthur WARREN, Cornwall Twp & Constance GILL, Cornwall, 2 Apr 1907, Cornwall Centre

019596-07 Robert George WEBSTER, 21, Paper maker, England, Cornwall Twp, s/o Robert WEBSTER & Sarah YATES; married Lillian HEATH, 23, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, d/o William HEATH & Mary WARNER; witn Cory HEATH & Perle HEATH, both Mille Roches, 2 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp
019479-07 Albert WELLS, 26, labourer, New York US, Albany NY, s/o Albert WELLS & Mary BROWN; married Sarah ROACH, 24, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Thomas ROACH & Kelley LALONDE; witn Lena DESORMEAU, Watertown NY & Annie D. POOLE, Cornwall, 28 Jan 1907, East Cornwall

019515-07 Herbert WOLSTENHOLME, 20, Employee, South Finch, Massena NY, s/o Henry WOLSTENHOLME & Elizabeth CROOKS; married Lois Mavel TAYLOR, 19, Louisville NY, Massena NY, d/o William War--? TAYLOR & Nellie Amanda MILLER; wit Charlotte STILES, Cornwall, 19 Jun 1907, Cornwall

019599-07 William WOOD, 25, farmer, Martintown, Martintown, s/o Rodger WOOD & Christy McDONALD; married Mary Christy McDONALD, 20, teacher, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Joseph McDONALD & Elizabeth McINTOSH; witn Reuben WOOD, Martintown & Muriel McDONALD, St. Andrews West, 2 Sept 1907, Cornwall Twp 19580-1907 (Stormont Co) Cazineir ZABIZEWSKI, 22, Mill Operative, Volveau Austria, Cornwall, s/o John ZABIZEWSKI & Cecilia PACIKIERIOR, married Ellen DIMBISKI, 19, Coushenara Austria, Cornwall, d/o Adolphus DIMBISKI & Regina TAKUBOUSKA, witn: Fred SAVARD, Malvina DIMBISKI, both of Cornwall. 7 May 1907 Cornwall Tp. (RC)