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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1908, part 1

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018114-08 John L. ADAMS, 43, Wid, Farmer, Roxborough, Jefferson Co NY, s/o William ADAMS & Mary A. HARRIS: married Christiann BROWNELL, 43, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o David BROWNELL & Diana HELMER; witn R.G. MYERS & Mrs R.G. MYERS, both Avonmore, 30 Jun 1908, Cornwall  
018108-08 Edward George AIREY, 29, Electrician, London England, Cornwall, s/o Edward George AIREY & Mary THOMAS; married Elsbeth Jane SULLIVAN, 19, Summerstown, Cornwall, d/o John SULLIVAN & Jane Cameron McDONALD; witn Frederick Charles AIREY & Isabella Margaret SULLIVAN, both Cornwall, 10 Jun 1908, Cornwall 018353-08 Alex W. ALLISON, 26, Clerk, Dumbar, Aultsville, s/o Samuel ALLISON & Mary BARKLEY; married Nellie L. MARKELL, 23, Aultsville, Aultsville, d/o Elias MARKELL & Ella EMPEY; witn Mildred DONNOLLY & Carrie MARKELL, both Aultsville, 29 Jun 1908, Aultsville
018185-08 Emile AMYOT, 22, Boat hand, none given, Cornwall, s/o Alfred AMYOT & Marie Louise LACOSTE; married Georgina QUINVAL, 23, Weaver, none given, Cornwall, d/o Joseph QUINVAL & Elizabeth CHARLEBOIS; witn Joseph AMYOT & Agnes QUINVAL, both Cornwall, 19 Oct 1908, Cornwall Twp 018110-08 James ANDREWS, 38, farmer, Osnabruck Centre, Lunenburg, s/o George ANDREWS & Jane D. BRADSHAW; married Althea A. STILLWELL, 29, North Lunenburg, Cornwall, d/o James L. STILLWELL & Althea A. HAWN; witn William G ANDREWS, Ottawa & Mary AULT, Cornwall, 16 Jun 1908, Cornwall
018184-08 William ARBUTHNOT, 35, Merchant, none given, Northfield, s/o Joseph ARBUTHNOT & Amanda RUPORT; married Sadie MARKELL, 18, none given, Northfield, d/o George MARKELL & Caroline ADAMS; witn Walter ARBUTHNOT & Hessie MARKELL, both Northfield, 21 Oct 1908, Cornwall Twp 018136-08 Robert ATCHISON, 25, Baggage man G.T. Railway, none given, Cornwall, s/o William ACHISON (carter) & Eliza ADAMS; married Eva FITZPATRICK, 25, farmer, none given, Cornwall, d/o William FITZPATRICK, farmer, & Agnes CONIBEAR; witn Mrs N. McGILLIVRAY & Sarah RENSHAW, both Cornwall, 30 Sept 1908, Cornwall
018047-08 James BELISLE, 27, labourer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Louis BELISLE & Ida LAPIERRE, married Margaret Ann DORIE, 24, Williamstown, Munroes Mills, d/o Stanislas DORIE & Amelia LAGRION; witn Dan DORIE, Munroes Mills & Margaret BELISLE, Alexandria, 22 Feb 1908, Charlottenburgh 018187-08 Joseph BELISLE, 21, Labourer, none given, Alexandria, s/o Louis BELISLE & Delia LAPERRIE?; married Lena ROUSELL, 19, Housemaid, none given, Cornwall Twp, d/o Alexander ROUSELL & Marie CHATELIN; witn Joseph LAGAULT & Marie CHATELIN, both Cornwall, 19 Oct 1908, Cornwall Twp
018073-08 Walter Leonard BELTON, 28, merchant, of, Almonte, s/o Charles BELTON & Mary Ann SHIELDS; married Florence Mildred MYERS, 26, clerk, none given, Chesterville, d/o Simon MYERS, farmer & Mary Louisa COULTHART; witn J. Ray MYERS, Williamsburg & Hattie A. BYERS, Cardinal, 2 Sept 1908, Chesterville 018135-08 John Samuel BENDER, 24, Yeoman, none given, Cornwall Twp, s/o Samuel Bender (yeoman) & Sarah ALGUIRE; married Aggie ARMSTRONG, 21, none given, Avonmore, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG (yeoman) & Phoebe WALDROFF; witn James CARPENTER & L. Owen G. POOLE, both Cornwall, 30 Sept 1908, Cornwall
018142-08 Simon BILLINGS, 21, Farmer, none given, Hogansburg Franklin Co NY, s/o James & Elizabeth BILLINGS; married Ida BRUCE, 23, School Teacher, none given, Cornwall Island, d/o John BRUCE (Indian) & Kerisoto (Christie) BENEDICT; witn Peter LORAN & Agnes K. TERRANCE, both Hogansburg NY, 11 Nov 1908, Cornwall 018106-08 Herbert Neligan BOLTE, 29, telegraph operator, Brockville, St. Dominique, s/o William Henry BOLT & Mary Louise BRECLINE?; married Edith Viola WILSON, 23, Lady, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph WILSON & Francis Isabella RICHARDSON; witn Charles WILSON & Bertha WILSON, both Cornwall, 26 May 1908, Cornwall
018147-08 Arthur BOYCE, 23, Mechanic, none given, Cornwall, s/o William BOYCE & Hannah DATA; married Minnie WARNER, 19, none given, Cornwall, d/o Adam WARNER & Ellen PITTS; witn Ernest LITTLETON & Evelyn NICHOLSON, both Cornwall 26 Nov 1908, Cornwall 018160-08 Domina BRISSON, 22, Mill Operative, Valleyfield, Cornwall, s/o Joseph BRISSON & Sophia LANCLOT; married Rose YERDY, 22, Servant, Montreal, Cornwall, d/o Charles YERDY & Emily SAUVE; witn William BRISSON & Etiene ROY, both Cornwall, 7 Jan 1908, Cornwall Twp
018121-08 Charles F. BRAND, 25, Labourer, none given, Basher NY State, s/o William BRAND & Julia LEAVE; married Pearl Ida McEWEN, 19, none given, New Ontario, d/o Wesley McEWEN & Anne CASSELMAN; witn George BIGELOW & Mrs W.E. REYNOLDS, both Cornwall, 28 Jul 1908, Cornwall 018070-08 William Arthur BROWN, 40, Physician, none given, Chesterville, s/o Miles BROWN & Mary Jemima CASSELMAN; married Alice Margaret BOGART, 38, none given, Chesterville, d/o Peter BOGART (farmer) & Jane EDGERTON; witn Jane BOGART, Chesterville & Harriet AULT, Tacoma Wash, 15 Aug 1908, Chesterville
018181-08 Clarence Edward CAINE, 22, Mill Operative, none given, Cornwall Twp, s/o Cornelius CAINE & Melissa HAYES; married Esther Mary VOTRA, 21, none given, Massena NY, d/o Peter VOTRA & Lena LAVIGNE; witn Benjamin WHITHAM, Cornwall & Myra M. CURTIS, Massena NY, 28 Sept 1908, Cornwall 018030-08 Joseph CAMPEAU, 26, no profession given, Redemption Quebec, Hawkesbury, s/o Napolean CAMPEAU & Evaline SAUVE; married Ernestine FAUBERT, 21, N. Barbe, Kenyon Twp, d/o Joseph FAUBERT & Pamela LEDUC; witn Joseph FAUBERT, Hawkesbury & Napolean CAMPEAU, Kenyon, 28 Apr 1908, Alexandria
018137-08 Clarence Henderson CARTER, 26, Bank Clerk, none given, Quebec City,, s/o Roderick C. CARTER & Anna M. McWHIRTER; married Emma Irene LIDDELL, 24, lady, none given, Cornwall, d/o James William LIDDELL, Junior Judge of County Court & Margaret S. McDONALD; witn Fran R.M. STAUNTON, Quebec City & Beatrice WHITE, Cornwall, 1 Oct 1908, Cornwall #018293-08 (Dundas Co): Eli CASSELMAN, 40, farmer, widower, of not given, s/o Henry CASSELMAN, farmer, & Effy MERKLEY, married Nettie Maud LITTLE, 34, widow, of Matilda, d/o Thomas CARTER, farmer, & Catherine PLANTZ, witn: Grace B. JONES of Brinston & George KEYS of Hulbert, 17 Aug 1908 at Brinston
018164-08 Albert CASTAGNES, 22, Bartender, St. Anicet Que, Cornwall, s/o Frank CASTAGNES & Lucy SYLVESTER; married Mabel HUGHES, 17, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Barney HUGHES & Ellen BONNVILLE; witn Albert HURTEAU & Robert LALONDE, both Cornwall, 10 Feb 1908, Cornwall Twp

018204-08 Leon CHAUSSE, 21, farmer, none given, Embrun, s/o Roch CHAUSSE & Marie GARUPY; married Maximillianne MASSE, 23, none given, St. Albert, d/o Pierre MASSE & Agustine FORGET; witn Felisa MASSES, St. Albert & Clarinda CHAUSSE, Embrun, 7 Jul 1908, Crysler

018055-08 William Christian CHRISTIE, 29, Farmer, Montreal, Martintown, s/o Hugh CHRISTIE & Isabella McLENNAN; married Jennie Rachael SMITH, 25, Martintown, Martintown, d/o William SMITH & Annie ROSS; witn Ernest McINTYRE & James McCALLUM, both Martintown, 16 Jun 1908, Martintown 018063-08 Alexander CLARK, 27, Cheese maker, Dundee Quebec, Charlottenburgh, s/o Samuel CLARK & Jane BLACK; married Mary Flora BELL, 29, Finch, Charlottenburgh, d/o John BELL & Jane McMASTER; witn John BELL, Charlottenburgh & A.V. McINTYRE, Newington, 9 Dec 1908, Charlottenburgh
018141-08 John CLEARY, 47, Railroading, none given, St. Andrews, s/o Thomas CLEARY (deceased) & Mary Ann GLANCY; married Gertrude DAVEY, 33, none given, Cornwall, d/o Bernard DAVEY, shoemaker, & Bridget TOBIN; witn Edward CLEARY & Helen DAVEY, both Cornwall, 9 Nov 1908, Cornwall 018357-08 Thomas Joseph CLEARY, 34, Engineer, Moulinette, Moulinette, s/o James CLEARY & Annie FOLEY; married Sarah ANABLE, 32, Milliner, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, d/o Hiram [ANNABLE] & Mary WARREN; witn Edward J. CLEARY, Cornwall & Anne LONDEAU, Vankleek Hill, 16 Jan 1908, Osnabruck
018122-08 John A. CLEMENT, 21, labourer, none given, Massena NY, s/o Treffle CLEMENT & Rosa KARUS (Karns?); married Genevieve A. St.THOMAS, no age given, of Massena NY, d/o John ST. THOMAS & Annie SAWYER; witn B.C. REYNOLDS & Mrs W.B. REYNOLDS, both Cornwall, 28 Jul 1908, Cornwall 018039-08 Ernest Lawrence COLBORNE, 42, Wid, Baker, none given, Alexandria, no parents given; married Anastasia MURPHY, 41, none given, Lancaster Twp, d/o Edward MURPHY & Catherine O’SHEA; witn John MURPHY, Ottawa, 22 Sept 1908, Alexandria
018094-08 Joseph COLE, 20, Labourer, Hogansburg NY, Hogansburg NY, s/o Peter COLE & May JACKSON; married Hattie JACKSON, 23, Lady, Hogansburg NY, Hogansburg NY, d/o Joseph JACKSON & Julia BILLINGS; witn Andrew SANTES & Mrs Mary JACKSON, both Hogansburg NY, 13 Mar 1908, Cornwall 018148-08 Thomas George COLLINS, 22, farmer, none given, Davidson Sask, s/o Thomas W? COLLINS & Louisa HANKIN; married Henrietta Jane LAGDEN, 21, none given, Smithville, d/o George LAGDEN & Elizabeth GARTHWAITE; witn John Oscar GARLOUGH, Cornwall & Annie LAGDEN, Smithville, 16 Dec 1908, Smithville
018207-08 Andrew Ernest COULTHART, 27, Farmer, None Given, Morewood, s/o John COULTHART & Herriet BROWNSTRADER; married Annie Idena EMPY, 23, none given, Cannamere, d/o James EMPY & Mary Jane YOUNG; witn Harriet BROWNSTRADER, Morewood & Mary Jean YOUNG, Cannamere, 26 Aug 1908, Cannamere #018295-08 (Dundas Co): David W. COUNTRYMAN, 30, farmer, of Osnabruck, s/o William COUNTRYMAN, farmer, & Mary Jane HAMILTON, married Bertha K. HILLIARD, 23, of Matilda, d/o James W. HILLIARD, farmer, & Alice RAY, witn: Irwin & Annie M. HILLIARD of Morrisburg, 16 Sept 1908
018118-08 John CUMMINGS, 24, Labourer, none given, St. Regis Falls NY, s/o James CUMMINGS & Jane LAVALLE; married Christie BELMORE, 19, none given St. Regis Falls NY, d/o Alexander BELMORE & Lucinda KALIETTE; witn S.W. BOYD, Metcalfe & L.E. REYNOLDS, Cornwall, 4 Jul 1908, Cornwall  

019765-07 Paul CURRIER, 63, Farmer, Wid, Madrid NY USA, Kenyon Twp, s/o Paul CURRIER & Jusette LOCKE; married Flora McCONNEL, 54, Seamstress, Kenyon, Kenyon Twp, d/o Malcom McCONNEL & no first name McMILLAN; witn Miss Annie McKAY, Maxville & Bella STEWART, Iroquois, 7 Jan 1908, Maxville

018040-08 Jules CURRIERE, 24, none given, none given, Alexandria, s/o Alexander CURRIERE & Madeline DELAPER? married Alvina RUBEN (Rulier?), 19, none given, Alexandria, d/o Moise RUBEN & Virginie LACOMBE; witn Alex CAMERON? & Joseph ?, no place given, 27 Oct 1908, Alexandria

018356-08 William DALEY, 24, baker, Aultsville, Farrans Point, s/o Thomas DALEY & Margaret MORRISON; married Ellen THOMPSON, 20, Hotel Keepers daughter, Osnabruck Centre, Farrons Point, d/o James THOMPSON & Mary WALDROFF; witn A. Nelle STEWART & M.L. CALDWELL, both Woodlands, 14 Jul 1908, Osnabruck

018354-08 William W. DENNISON, 45, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Richard DENNISON & Agnes WILSON; married Alice A. CASSELMAN, 40, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o George CASSELMAN & Mary Ann SWERDFEGER; witn F.E. BOGART & Mrs F.E. BOGART, both Spraguesville NY, 29 Jun 1908, Aultsville
018252-08 James Alexander DINGWALL, 31, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Alexander DINGWALL & Barbara McDONALD; married Catherine Ann McCRIMMON, 29, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Farquhar McCRIMMMON & Ellen MUNRO; witn John E. McLACHLAN, Greenvalley & Belle ROBERTSON, Laggan, 25 Mar 1908, Lancaster 018044-08 Archibald DINGWALL, 26, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Ewen DINGWALL & Margaret McARTHUR; married Anna Isabel McCRIMMON, 22, Teacher, Lancaster, Williamstown, d/o Donald McCRIMMON & Sarah McKENZIE; witn Donald McCRIMMON & Sarah McCRIMMON, both Williamstown, 3 Jan 1908, Charlottenburgh
018174-08 William Eddy DIXON, 37, Physician, Montreal, Grandmere Que, s/o George DIXON & Sarah EDDY; married Ethel Harriet WOOD, 33, Trained Nurse, Cornwall Twp, Moulinette, d/o Corydon Hannibal WOOD & Mary Eliza DIXON; witn Mary Elizabeth KETCH, Montreal & Sara Hannah WOOD, South Lancaster, 3 Jun 1908, Cornwall Twp 018080-08 William Oscar DIXON, 21, Merchant, none given, Chesterville, s/o Jacob DIXON, gentleman & Mariah GATES; married Edith Maud BOGART, 26, clerk, none given, Chesterville, d/o Walter BOGART, farmer & blank ALLISON; witn William R. FULTON, Chesterville & Jennie MUNRO, Montreal, 29 Dec 1908, Chesterville
018038-08 Orila DUFRESNE, 24, none given, none given, Alexandria, s/o Napoleon DUFRESNE & Matilda POIRIER; married Prunella LARUE, 25, none given, Kenyon Twp, d/o Isaac LARUE & Adeline DESROSIER?, ; witn Laurie St. JOHN & Theresa McDONALD, both Alexandria, 8 Sept 1908, Alexandria 018140-08 William Wallace DYER, 56, Wid, Farmer, none given, Moira NY, s/o William DYER & Phoebe TAYLOR; married Catherine McGEE, 49, Wid, none given, Glen Walter, d/o John R. McDONALD & Mary McDONALD; witn John R. McDONALD & Martha McDONALD, both Cornwall, 3 Nov 1908, Cornwall
018154-08 Walter Edger EAMER, 25, Machinist, none given, Cornwall, s/o John EAMER & Isabella NEIL; married Ethel May CARPENTER, 27, none given, Cornwall, d/o James CARPENTER & Catherine NICHOL; witn Percy EAMER & Bertha SHAVER, both Cornwall, 30 Dec 1908, Cornwall 018085-08 Albert EARL, 23, Dyer, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o James EARL & Annie MACDOUGALL; married Janet GIBSON, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o James GIBSON & Catherine McDONALD; witn Charlotte STILES, Cornwall ? Jan 1908, Cornwall
#018292-08 (Dundas Co): George FADER, 22, farmer, of not given, s/o George FADER, farmer, & Paulina SHAVER, married Ethel May MELLON, 24, of Matilda, d/o William MELLON, farmer, Margaret MARSHALL, witn: Grace B. JONES & Dr. G.W. COLLISON, both of Brinston?, 23 Sept 1908 at Matilda 018109-08 Herbert Clinton FARLINGER, 21, farmer, Glengarry, Cornwall Twp, s/o Robert FARLINGER & Emaline LONEY; married Margaret Ellen EAMER, 22, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o William EAMER & Ellen GRANT; witn Henry EAMER & Gertrude BARLOW, both Cornwall Twp, 10 Jun 1908, Cornwall
018162-08 Joseph FAUBERT, 23, Mill Operative, Lancaster, Cornwall, s/o John FAUBERT & Ellen LAJOIE; married Minnie JESMIN, 21, Mill Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Moses JESMIN & Mary Ann PAYMENT; witn William COTE & Ann JESMIN, both Cornwall, 25 Jan 1908, Cornwall 018097-08 Frederick FELDER, 27, Spinner, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Frederick FELDER & Louisa KINGSLEY; married Dora POIRIER, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alfred POIRIER & Marguerita LANGEVIN; witn Marjorie STILES, Cornwall & Mary H. TURPIN, Hamilton, 25 Mar 1908, Cornwall Twp

018134-08 David Andrew FLACK, 65, Telegrapher, none given, Cornwall, s/o John P. FLACK (farmer) & Sally M. QUA; married Emily NANARSDALE, 66, Wid, Lady, none given, Cornwall, d/o Peter LEAB? (manufacturer) & Melinda MUTON; witn Albert W. FLACK & Mrs Albert W. FLACK, both Cornwall, 24 Sept 1908, Cornwall

018132-08 William FRASER, 33, Gardiner, none given, Cornwall, s/o Donald FRASER & Sarah McGILLIS; married Margaret KINGHORN, 31, none given, Cornwall, d/o David KINGHORN & Winnifred KINSELLA; witn Stanley SILMSER & James KINGHORN, both Cornwall, 21 Sept 1908, Cornwall
018157-08 Alexander GERVAIS, 21, loam fixer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Henry GERVAIS & Anna FLEURANT; married Esther Sarah DUPRIS, 18, Weaver, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Cleophras DUPRIS & Casaire LEGER; witn Joseph LAPOINTE & Cleophras DUPRIS, both Cornwall, 25 Nov 1908, Cornwall Twp #018294-08 (Dundas Co): William Loyde GILLILAND, 19, farmer, of Pittston, s/o John GILLILAND, merchant, & Sarah McINTOSH, married Lulu Mabel HANSON, 18, of Matilda, d/o William HANSON, farmer, & Rachel COOK, witn: Stella BROCK (or Bouck) of Iroquois & Allen McINTOSH of Dundela, 3 Sept 1908 at Matilda
018169-08 Victor GIROUX, 31, Farmer, Coteau du Lac, St. Andrews, s/o Ambrose GIROUX & Millie GANREAU; married Delina LEDUC, 34, Mill Operative, Fournierville, Cornwall, d/o Ferdinand LEDUC & Adele BRANCHARD; witn Regis GIROUX & Ferdinand LEDUC, both Cornwall, 27 Apr 1908, Cornwall Twp 018111-08 Alexander William GLENES, 26, Wood Worker, Glasgow Scotland, Montreal Que, s/o A James D.W. GLENES & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY; married Florence A. DUBY, 17, Moulinette, Moulinette, d/o Charles DUBY & Agnes MATTICE; witn Mrs. R. HARKNESS, Cornwall & Walter W. DUBY, Moulinette, 24 Jun 1908, Cornwall
018064-08 Howard GOODRICH, 21, Car Inspector, Toledo Ohio, Finch, s/o Maxilian GOODRICH & Frankey WILLIAMS; married Isabella ROMBOUGH, 18, Berwick, Berwick, d/o William ROMBOUGH & Euphemia REDDELL; witn Wilfred SAUCIE & G.S. CRAWFORD, both Chesterville, 1 Apr 1908, Chesterville 018072-08 William Edwin GOVE, 23, cheese maker, none given, Chesterville, s/o Moses GOVE & Alice SLOAN; married Sarah Catherine RIDDELL, 23, none given, Chesterville, d/o William RIDDELL & Elizabeth McMONIGAL; witn Gertrude P. CRAWFORD & Mrs Charles. B. RAE, both Chesterville, 19 Aug 1908, Chesterville
018045-08 Alexander GRANT, 42, Lumberman, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o John R & Ellen GRANT; married Hattie GRANT, 35, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Alexander R. & Ellen GRANT; witn Hugh M GRANT & Margaret A. WOOD, both South Branch, 17 Jan 1908, Charlottenburgh 018041-08 Donald? GRANT, 25, Farmer, none given, Alexandria, s/o Alex GRANT & Isabella McDONALD; married Josephine ST. JACQUES, 19, none given, Alexandria, d/o Alfred ST. JACQUES & Emma BRAUL; witn George ST. JACQUES & Alma GRANT, no place given, 15 Nov 1908, Alexandria
018103-08 George J. GRANT, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o George GRANT & Mary BAKER; married Ida PRICE, 27, Servant, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o George Price & Maria NESBIT; witn J.G. EDWARDS, Sudbury & Edward Jennie E., Cornwall, 28 Apr 1908, Cornwall 018127-08 Hugh Malcolm GRANT, 23, Farmer, none given, Glen Brook, s/o Alexander GRANT & Catharine McMARTIN; married Mary Agnes WOOD, 22, none given, Glen Brook, d/o Stephen WOOD & Margaret EAMER; witn Angus GRANT, Williamstown & Mary EAMER, Cashions Glen, 25 Aug 1908, Cornwall
018302-08 Walter William GRANT, 19, farmer Waddington, Waddington, s/o William GRANT & Lucy E. SALTON; married Stella Maud MERKLEY, 18, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o John MERKLEY & Alice BARKLEY; witn Alex JAUNACK & Ida Gertrude JAUNACK, both Morrisburg, 12 Feb 1908, Morrisburg 018093-08 Charles A. GRAVELEY, 30, Ranching, Martintown, Avon Montana USA, William GRAVELEY & Janet MUNROE; married Rhoda M. ARNOLD, 22, Martintown, Martintown, d/o William ARNOLD & Isabella MUNROE; witn D.W. GRAVELEY, Johnston & Anna B. ARNOLD, Martintown, 10 Mar 1908, Cornwall
018166-08 Ernest Calvert GROVES, 29, Farmer, Cornwall Center, Cornwall Twp, s/o James Levi GROVES & Isabella CALVERT; married Margaret Isabella BROWN, 25, School Teacher, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o James BROWN & Margaret CLARK; witn James BROWN & Margaret A. CLARK, both Grant’s Corners, 4 Mar 1908, Cornwall Twp 018102-08 James N. GROVES, 51, Wid, Farmer, Cornwall Centre, Cornwall Twp, s/o Oliver GROVES & Susan EASTMAN; married Olive G. WALTON, 19, England, Cornwall Twp, d/o Robert C WALTON & Mary J. ROBINSON; witn Alain PESCOD & Mrs Alva PESCOD, both Cornwall, 27 Apr 1908, Cornwall
018046-08 John Johnston GUNN, 36, Merchant, Lancaster Twp, Wilkie Sask, s/o Joseph S. GUNN & Wilhelmina SUTHERLAND; married Mary Edwina BAKER, 30, Trained Nurse, Summerstown, Summerstown, d/o Andrew J. BAKER & Elizabeth Margaret CAMERON; witn John C. BAKER, Melita Manitoba & Dougald Cameron, Summerston Station, 14 Feb 1908, Charlottenburgh 018146-08 William GUYRE, 27, labourer, none given, Cornwall, s/o John GUYRE (deceased) & Louisa WARD; married Catherine RIVIERE, 24 or 29, none given, Cornwall, d/o Francis RIVIERE & Paula Miller DUMOULIN; witn Maude RIVIERE & Julia RIVIERE, both Cornwall, 25 Nov 1908, Cornwall
  018158-08 Alexander HARRIS, 33, Summerstown, Cornwall, s/o Henry HARRIS & Anna LALONDE; married Mary LEGAULT, 22, Weaver, Cornwall, .Cornwall, d/o Joseph LEGAULT & Wiltris? HENAULT; witn Henry HARRIS & Joseph LEGAULT, both Cornwall, 25 Nov 1908, Cornwall
018053-08 Percy Edgerton HARVEY (Haney?), 25, Accountant, Darford Lake, Montreal, s/o Henry HARVEY & Elenor Jane WALSH; married Lila Janet McDERMID, 22, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Duncan H. & Catherine McDERMID; witn Janet McArlton SCOTT, Smith Falls & Hugh D. McDERMID, Martintown, 10 Jun 1908, Martintown 018112-08 Edward A. HILL, 33, Dentist, Richmond, Richmond, s/o John HILL & Eliza C. MILLS; married Jennie E. EDWARD, 25, Music Teacher, Avening? Ont, Cornwall, d/o George EDWARDS & Jennie B. NICHOLSON; witn Will Jr MOORE, Pembroke & Florence EDWARDS, Cornwall, 10 Jun 1908, Cornwall
018107-08 James HISLOP, 52, Wid, paper maker, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o Andrew HISLOP & illegible; married Catharine HARRIS, 38, Wid, Montreal, Cornwall, d/o Michael DOYLE & Mary PURCELL; witn Charles BARABART? & Florence HARRIS, both Cornwall, 23 May 1908, Cornwall 018101-08 Herbert Sidney Chester HOLLAND, 25, Commercial Travellers, Montreal, Montreal, s/o George HOLLAND & Amelia MUNZINGER, married Jessie Rose AULD, 20, Montreal, Montreal, d/o Edward AULD & Catharine SMITH; witn Helen Marjorie STILES & Alice EAMER, both Cornwall, 25 Apr 1908, Cornwall
018079-08 Clarence Ebert HOLMES, 22, farmer, none given, Winchester Springs, s/o Thomas W. HOLMES, farmer, & Delia HOWES; married Hannah May MERKLEY, 21, none given, Chesterville, d/o Philip MERKLEY, farmer & Agnes GLANCY; witn Illwin SHAY & Myrtle MERKLEY, both Chesterville, 23 Dec 1908, Chesterville 018150-08 George Edward HULLETT, 24, Clerk, none given, Cornwall, s/o George Edward HULLETT, clerk, & Alice CLAYTON; married Alice Bertha BISSILLION, 20, none given, Cornwall, d/o Louis BISSILLION, stone mason & Alice CARPENTER; witn Aubrey Gower POOLE & Annie D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 19 Dec 1908, Cornwall
018036-08 Treffle Andie Neal HUOT, 24, merchant, none given, Alexandria, s/o P.A. HUOT & Ozelda LAPOINTE; married Marie D--? LALONDE, 23, none given, Alexandria, d/o Alexander LALONDE & Delphine CRUSONELL?; witn William LEBEAUF & Helene HUOT, both Alexandria, 31 Aug 1908, Alexandria 018283-08 Garnet H. IRVINE, 31, Agent, Matilda Twp, Regina Sask, s/o Archie IRVINE & Elizabeth DAVIDSON; married Ida May GIBSON, 23, Matilda, none given, d/o J.W. GIBSON & Mahala DILLABOUGH; witn Charles I. GIBSON & Thedocia CLARKE, both Brinston, 20 Feb 1908, Brinston
018120-08 Matthew JACKSON, 27, Labourer, none given, Hogansburg NY, s/o Loran JACKSON & Mary THOMPSON; married Sarah BRUCE, 24, none given, Cornwall Island, d/o John BRUCE & Christie BENEDICT; witn George THOMPSON, Franklin Co. NY State & Louisa WHITE, Cornwall Island, 27 Jul 1908, Cornwall Island 018165-08 Charles JESMIN, 25, Weaver, Williamstown, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Frank JESMIN & Mary LALONDE; married Isabella LAFAVE, 20 Weaver, Glen Walter, Cornwall, d/o Moses LAFAVE & Sophia LEROIX; witn Frank JESMIN & M. LAFAVE, both Cornwall, 24 Feb 1908, Cornwall Twp
018129-08 James Michael Robert JOHNSTON, 29, Merchant, none given, Cornwall, s/o James J. JOHNSTON, merchant, & Mary J. BURTON; married Anna Elizabeth CONROY, 27, none given, Cornwall, d/o John CONROY (farmer) & Catharine FERGUSON; witn Robert CONROY & James J. JOHNSTON, both Cornwall, 9 Sept 1908, Cornwall 018143-08 Henry Michael KELLEY, 26, Farmer, none given, Fort Covington NY, s/o Henry KELLEY, farmer & Mary ROWLEY; married Emma Maude GLASGOW, 26, none given, Cornwall, d/o Robert GLASGOW, mechanic & Isabella ADAMS; witn J.J. SHIELDS & Mrs. J.J. SHIELDS, both Bombay NY, 18 Nov 1908, Cornwall
018031-08 Thomas Henry KEMP, 21, none given, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o George KEMP & Harriett NOLAND; married Norah Ann Belle LARUE, 23, Alexandria, Kenyon, d/o Oscar LARUE & Adeline DEROSIER?; witn Daniel KEMP, Alexandria & Nellie LARUE, Kenyon, 16 Jun 1908, Alexandria 018130-08 Angus KENNEDY, 35, Railroading, none given, Cornwall, s/o John KENNEDY (deceased) & Catharine KENNEDY; married Mary Ann McPHAIL, 38, none given, Cornwall, d/o James McPHAIL & Janet McDONALD; witn Ed CARPENTER, Cornwall & Janet McPHAIL, St. Andrews, 14 Sept 1908, Cornwall
018200-08 James KNIGHT, 33, Farmer, South Mountain, Finch Twp, s/o Michael KNIGHT & Mary Jane MAYHEW; married Margaret Ellen McMAHON, 32, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Denis MaMAHON & Mary Ann MORIARTY; witn Vincent NORTON & Catherine McMAHON, both Finch, 23 Jun 1908, Crysler 018090-08 Henry Joseph LAFRAMBOISE, 34, labourer, Hull Que, Cornwall, s/o Henry LAFRAMBOISE & Martha CARRIERE; married Ellen Mary MOORE, 25, Maniwaki Que, Cornwall, d/o Thomas MOORE (deceased) & Mary HARDGOOD; witn Patrick DONOVAN, Rivier Desert & Mary KEEGAN, Maniwaka, Feb 18, 1908, Cornwall
018168-08 Hary Antoine LANGALY, 21, Labourer, Sheiks Island, Cornwall Twp, s/o Antoine & Lucinda LANGALY; married Wilda ELLIS, 19, Housemaid, Moulinette, Moulinette Twp, d/o Frank ELLIS & Dora BROWN; witn Antoine LANGALY & Dora BROWN, both Moulinette, 3 May 1908, Moulinette 018037-08 Ma—ia? LAPARLE, 20, none given, none given, Alexandria, s/o Joseph LAPARLE & Helen McDONALD; married Belind BEDARD, 21, none given, Alexandria, d/o Isaac BEDARD & Alice BEARD; witn ? McDONALD & Irene BEDARD both Alexandria, 1 Sept 1908, Alexandria
018100-08 William David LAUNDRIE, 24, hotel manager, St. Andrews, Parry Sound, s/o John LAUNDRIE & Julia BILLEAU; married Sophia Biggs SWEEZEY, 19, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Simon SWEEZEY & Adelia MOSS?; witn George BOILEAU & Annie D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 31 Mar 1908, Cornwall 018083-08 Frederick LAVIGNE, 24, Farmer, Glen Walter, Glen Walter, s/o Angus LAVIGNE & Amelia MARTIN; married Marg Isabella DUTEMPLE, 24, Glen Nevis, Cornwall, d/o Les DUTEMPLE (deceased) & Laura MASSON; witn Leo RUSSELL, Glen Walter & Julia DUTEMPLE, Cornwall, 13 Jan 1908, Cornwall
  018171-08 Alfred LEBOUF, 24, Mill Operative, Valleyfield, Cornwall, s/o Henry & Louise LEBOUF; married Regina MONETTE, 18, Mill Operative, Valleyfield, Cornwall, d/o Ernest MONETTE & Athila PITRE; witn Guebord? LEGROUX & Florida MONETTE, both Cornwall, 30 Apr 1908, Cornwall Twp
018086-08 John Joseph LECLAIR, 44, Yeoman, Quebec Province, Lancaster, d/o Topbiel? LECLAIR & Mary Ann McDONALD; married Jessie GRANT, 40, Glengarry, Williamstown, d/o Duncan GRANT & Mary McKENZIE; witn N.J. TAILLON, St. Raphaels & Edith RUSSELL, Martintown, 28 Jan 1908, Cornwall 018170-08 Louis LECLAIR, 50, Wid, Carpenter, Hogansburgh NY, Cornwall, s/o Francis LECLAIR & Felicia BACILLION; married Adele PLAINODON, 42, Housemaid, St. Regis, Cornwall, d/o John PLAINODON & Olive St.JULES; witn Antoine PLAINODON & Catherine DERUSHIE, both Cornwall, 5 May 1908, Cornwall Twp
018043-08 Francis LEROUX, 39, Wid, none given, none given, Lancaster Twp, s/o Merite? LEROUX & Adelaide ARNELL; married Melonie GARLISH?, Wid, no place given, Alexandria, d/o Isadore GAUTHIER & Rose BERTHRAUL?; witn Morac? LEROUX & ?, no place given, 23 Nov 1908, Alexandria 018186-08 Charles LEROUX, 32, Hardware Merchant, none given, Montreal, s/o Alphonse LEROUX & Annie DONNELLY; married Marie Annie BELANGER, 28, Tailoress, none given, Montreal, d/o Samuel BELANGER & Marie BELANGER; witn Frank St. ARMAND, Montreal & Peter BELANGER, Cornwall, 21 Sept 1908, Cornwall Twp
018082-08 Arthur LEVERE, 24, Labourer, Cardinal, Cardinal, s/o Adam LEVERE & Annie COYLE; married Rachel BLAIR, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alfred BLAIR & Adelaine JODOIN; witn Harry LAVOR? (Taylor?) & Emma BLAIR, both Cornwall, 7 Jan 1908, Cornwall #018291-08 (Dundas Co): Amal LOCKE, 21, farmer, of Matilda, s/o Ezra LOCKE, farmer, & Mary COOPER, married Ethel Elizabeth STRADER, 19, of Matilda, d/o Henry STRADER, farmer, & Louisa HANSON, witn: Ralph A. & Annie L. LOCKE, 22 Sept 1908 at Matilda
018062-08 James Joshua LOGAN, 22, Commission Merchant, Morrisburgh, Morrisburgh, s/o Andrew Allison LOGAN & Elizabeth FORTH; married Gertrude Eva BOWEN, 23, McGillivray Bridge, McGillivray Bridge, d/o Joshua BOWEN & Mary Elizabeth LINGENFELTER, witn V.J. GOULA (M.D), Valleyfield Quebec & J.H. BOWEN, May-? Bridge, 21 Oct 1908, Charlottenburgh 018152-08 James Roy LOUCKS, 22, Paper Maker, none given, Cornwall, s/o John LOUCKS, carpenter & Margaret WEST; married Margaret Mabel CARPENTER, 20, none given, Cornwall, d/o Stanley D. CARPENTER, inspector & Margaret DENNENY; witn Ethel LOUCKS & Annie D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 21 Dec 1908, Cornwall
018069-08 Edward LYNCH, 23, Farmer, none given, Chesterville, s/o Edward LYNCH & Margaret WEST; married Mary WALSH, 19, none given, Williamsburgh Twp, d/o Edward LYNCH (farmer) & Charlotte CLEMENT; witn Edward FLYNN & Emma WHE--?, both Chesterville, 30 Jun 1908, Chesterville 018091-08 William Herbert MAGWOOD, 37, Civil Engineer, Milbank, Cornwall, s/o James MAGWOOD & Sarah PERRIN; married May PERCIVAL, 30, Brockville, Cornwall, d/o Robert PERCIVAL & Elizabeth CARNEY; witn John C. MULLIGAN & Ethel CLARK, both Cornwall, cut off, Cornwall

019766-07 Clifford Hamilton MAINGUY, 24, Clerk, Ottawa, Maxville, s/o Philip A.W.W. MAINGUY & Louisa LAYTON; married Mary Beatrice LONEY, 22, Charlottenburg Twp, Maxville, d/o Ephron Allan LONEY & J. Ann ADAMS; witn Miss Mina EMPEY, Maxville & Mrs LESLIE, Alexandria, 8 Jan 1908, Maxville

018050-08 James Henderson MALCOLM, 24, Labourer, Launnee? Kirk, Charlottenburgh, s/o William MALCOLM & Margaret HENDERSON; married Mary Alexandra ROBERTSON, 23, Murry Scotland, Charlottenburgh, d/o James ROBERTSON & Agnes SHARP; witn Mary J. GOVAN & Margaret GOVAN, both Williamstown, 18 Feb 1908, Williamstown 018128-08 John David MANNING, 35, Farmer, none given, Wales, s/o John W. MANNING & John W. MANNING; married Ethel May FARLINGER, 26, none given, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o Charles Edward FARLINGER (farmer) & Helen McDOUGALL; witn Elizabeth MILLER, Wales & Helen FARLINGER, Charlottenburg, 1 Sept 1908, Cornwall
018092-08 George Barton MANSING, 31, Butter maker, Bangor NY, & Brushton NY, s/o James Irwin MANSING & Elizabeth FOLETT, married Orpha May LAFLEUR, 20, housekeeper, Bangor NY, Cornwall, d/o Henry N. LAFLEUR & Gertrude H. CLEEREY?; witn William HOLDEN & Pearl LAFLEUR, both Cornwall, cut off, Cornwall 018180-08 James Alexander MARSH, 26, Painter, none given, Cornwall, s/o James Marsh & Mary Ann BURNS; married Ada HOLLIDAY, 20, Servant, none given, Cornwall, d/o William Jacob HOLLIDAY & Ada Jane SMITH; witn William James HALLIDAY & Ellen MADDOX, both Cornwall, 28 Sept 1908, Cornwall
018077-08 Alex Judson MARTIN, 41, Wid, cheese maker, none given, Morewood, s/o Joseph MARTIN, farmer & Clara LALONDE; married Annie MOORE, 38, none given, Morewood, d/o William John MOORE, undertaker & Jane SMITH; witn Lillian RUNNELLS & Ellen O. PEPIN, both Chesterville, 14 Oct 1908, Chesterville 018123-08 James David McBAIN, 23, farmer, none given, Williamstown, s/o Andrew R. McBAIN & Harriet McDOUGALL; married Elizabeth Anne RAYMOND, 25, none given, Williamstown, d/o John RAYMOND & Catharine L. McNAUGHTON; witn Anson L. RAYMOND & Jessie S. CATTANACH, both Williamstown, 5 Aug 1908, Cornwall
018067-08 David McCAUGHLIN, 26, Farmer, none given, Chesterville, s/o William McCAUGHLIN & Jane STEIN; married Annie CAIN, 27, none given, Connaught, d/o James Cain & Mary Ann REDDY; witn William STEIN & Mary REDDY, both Finch, 13 Jan 1908, Chesterville

018061-08 Peter G. McDERMID, 36, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Donald P. McDERMID & Margaret MACKENZIE; married Bertha Louisa ROSS, 28, North River aux Raisin, same; d/o Alexander ROSS & Ellen ROBERTSON; witn Stewart ROBERTSON & Jennie ROSS, both Charlottenburgh, 16 Sept 1908 Charlottenburgh

018238-08 Daniel John McDONALD, 30, Farmer, Harris Scotland, Stoughton Sask, s/o John McDONALD & Christy McLEOD; married Eliza Bella McLEOD, 29, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Angus McLEOD & Isabella McKENZIE; witn A.A. McLEOD & Helen McLEOD, both Skye, 14 Jan 1908, Skye 018175-08 Peter McDONALD, 70, Wid, Farmer, St. Raphels, Lancaster, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Mary McGINNES; married Catherine FLYNN, 45, Organist, Ogdensburg NY, Cornwall Twp, d/o Francis FLYNN & Isabella KENNEDY; witn John KENNEDY, St. Andrews & Mary KENNEDY, Cornwall, 22 Jun 1908, Cornwall Twp
018359-08 Angus McDONALD, 39, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Donald & Janet McDONALD; married Margaret McDONALD, 25, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Angus R & Mary McDONALD; witn John A McDONALD, St. Raphaels & Catherine McDONALD, Glen Roy, 2 Jun 1908, St. Raphaels 018360-08 William D. McDONALD, 30, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, St. Raphaels, s/o John McDONALD & Barbara JOHNSON; married Isabella CLARK, 26, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Samuel CLARK & Jane BLACK; witn Hugh FRASER & Janet ? CLARK, both Williamstown, 9 Sept 1908, Charlottenburgh
018049-08 Roderick D. McDONALD, 27, labourer, Glen ?, North Lancaster, s/o Duncan McDONALD & Janet MACDONALD; married Flora G. McDONALD, 20, North Lancaster, North Lancaster, d/o Archibald J & Mary Ann McDONALD; witn Alexander A. McDONALD & Bella McDONALD, both North Lancaster, 17 Mar 1908, Charlottenburgh 018035-08 Donald Alex McDONALD , 24, Farmer, none given, Alexandria s/o Angus P. McDONALD & Catherine McDONELL; married Mary Elizabeth BROWN, 20, none given, Alexandria, d/o (adopted father) Charles P. BROWN & (adopted mother) Christie MCPHEE; witn William Carle VINCENT?, Alexandria & Catherine McK--? of Kenyon, 27 Jul 1908, Alexandria
018032-08 Alex W. McDONALD, 31, Miner, Kenyon, Greenfield, s/o William P. McDONALD & Janet McKINNON?; married Mary Isabella McPHEE, 22, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o W.W. McPHEE & Mary Janet McDONALD; witn D.T. McDONALD, Kenyon & Pen--? McRAE, 28 Jun 1908, Alexandria 18059-08 Angus McDONALD, 29, farmer, Charlottenburgh, 8th con of Charlottenburgh, same, s/o Donald McDONALD & Janet McDONALD, married Margaret McDONALD, 25, Charlottenburgh, 9th con of Charlottenburgh, d/o Angus R. McDONALD & Mary McDONALD, witn: John A. McDONALD of St. Raphaels & Catherine McDONALD of Glen Roy , 2 June 1908 at St. Raphaels
018115-08 Donald Charles McDONALD, 27, Liveryman, Fort Covington, Brushton NY, s/o Donald McDONALD & Mary McCRAY; married Addie T. WILLIAMS, 23, Massena, Massena, d/o Frederick WILLIAMS & Hannah FOWLER; witn John B. SCANLON & Annie CROSSMAN, both Brushton NY, 15 Jun 1908, Cornwall 018138-08 John James MACDONALD, 21, Millhand, none given, Cornwall, s/o John R. MACDONALD & Martha May DYER; married Laura Robina RUNIONS, 17, none given, Cornwall, d/o Alexander RUNIONS & Sarah A. HART; witn Alexander RUNIONS & Sarah A. HART, both Cornwall, 22 Oct 1908, Cornwall
018052-08 David Hugh McDOUGALL, 29, farmer, Charlottenburgh, North Branch, s/o David H. McDOUGALL & Mary A. McKAY; married Catherine E. McDERMID, 29, Island Martintown, Island Martintown, d/o Peter H McDERMID & Anna ROSS; witn Flo R. CHRISTIE, Montana & James BENNEY, Williamstown, 11 Jun 1908, North Branch 018025-08 John Angus McDOWELL, 37, Miner, Alexandria, Vancouver BC, s/o Alex McDOWELL & Margaret CAMERON; married Catherine Ann JACOBS, no age given, Cornwall, Alexandria, d/o William JACOBS & Flora McDONELL; witn Ranald CAMERON, Kenyon & Christine JACOBS, Alexandria, 7 Jan 1908, Alexandria
018126-08 Edward E? McINTOSH, 21, Trainman, none given, Toronto, s/o Albert McINTOSH & Alice WAIT; married Evelyn May RUNIONS, 17, none given, Cornwall Twp, d/o Sylvester RUNIONS & Malvena CONLIFF; witn Sylvester RUNIONS & Malvena RUNIONS, both Cornwall, 24 Aug 1908, Cornwall 018161-08 Alexander Angus McINTOSH, 30, contractor, Cornwall Twp, Michigan US, s/o John J. McINTOSH & Flora McDONALD; married Mary Jane McDONALD, 28, House Maid, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o John McDONALD & Mary McKINNON; witn Arch McINTOSH, St. Andrews & Emma McDONALD, St. Raphaels, 7 Jan 1908, Cornwall Twp
018173-08 James McLAUGHLIN, 24, Farmer, Avonmore, Avonmore, s/o Felix McLAUGHLIN & Mary DUFF; married Ina McBRIDE, 21, Housemaid, Roxborough Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Isaiah McBRIDE & Mary RUNIONS; witn George DUFF, Avonmore & Ada McBRIDE, Northfield, 3 Jun 1908, Cornwall Twp 018271-08 Donald R. McLEOD, 52, Wid, Farmer, none given, Kirkhill, s/o Roderick McLEOD & Sarah McRAE; married Harriet McCUAIG, 49, none given, Kirkhill, d/o Donald McCUAIG & Catherine McRAE; witn Samuel McINTOSH & Kate L. McCuaig McCURRY, both Kirkhill, 15 Jul 1908, Spring Creek
018027-08 Alexander McLEOD, 35, Miner, Lancaster Twp, Vancouver BC, s/o Angus McLEOD & Elizabeth MACDONALD; married Ellen Elizabeth McDOUGALD, 27, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Finlay McDOUGALD & Sarah McDONALD; witn Rory? McLEOD? of Glen--? & Alice LARUE, Montreal, 25 Feb 1908, Alexandria 018189-08 Frederick Walter McLEOD, 26, Wid, Farmer, none given, Cornwall Twp, s/o James McLEOD & Mary SULLIVAN; married Margaret Maud CAMERON, 30, Housemaid, none given, Cornwall Twp, d/o John CAMERON & Nancy CARPENTER; witn John CAMERON, Cornwall, 12 Nov 1908, Cornwall Twp
018075-08 Simon Cook McMILLAN, 37, farmer, , none given, Williamsburg Twp, s/o George H. McMILLAN, farmer & Catherine BARKLEY; married Edith G. McMILLAN, 28, none given, Grantley, d/o James J. McMILLAN, farmer & Sarah ADAMS; witn David ALLISON & G.D. CRAWFORD, both Chesterville, 16 Mar 1908, Chesterville 018042-08 Alexander McMILLAN, 32, farmer, none given, Kenyon Twp, s/o Dougald McMILLAN & Isabella BETHUNE?, married Mary Ann Del--? McDONELL, 22, housemaid, none given, Kenyon Twp, d/o Hugh William & Margaret McDONELL; witn Donald McDONAL? & Ann McMILLAN, both Kenyon, 17 Nov 1908, Alexandria
018178-08 Oliver MILLER, 21, Clerk, none given, Cornwall, s/o Levi MILLER & Margaret RIVIERE; married Angelina FAUBERT, 18, Mill Operative, none given, Lancaster, d/o Antoine FAUBERT & Margaret BLONDIN; witn John LEGAULT & Louise AMYOT, both Cornwall, 12 Aug 1908, Cornwall Twp 018358-08 Samuel MILLS, 28, Sailor 2nd mate on steamer, Dickinsons Landing, Avonmore, s/o Samuel MILLS & Barbara STEPHENSON; married Cathie WARNER, 20, Dickinsons Landing, Dickinsons Landing, d/o Silas WARNER & Mary WINTERS; witn James WARNER & Eva WARNER, both Cornwall, 16 Jan 1908, Osnabruck
018058-08 Allan Joseph McPHAIL, 28, St. Andrews, St. Andrews, s/o Donald McPHAIL & Catherine McDONALD; married Catherine Ann McDONALD, 22, Munroes Mills, Munroes Mills, d/o Donald J & Catherine McGILLIS; witn George McPHAIL, St. Andrews & Adda McDONALD, Munroes Mills, 2 Jun 1908, St. Raphaels 018087-08 John Edward McPHEE, 36, civil service, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John McPHEE & Minerva Ann ROBERTSON; married Mary Elizabeth NICHOL, 32, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o George NICHOL & Mary Catherine McDONALD; witn William FITZGIBBON & Mary Jane O’SHEA, both Cornwall, 12 Feb 1908, Cornwall
018066-08 Howard MERKLEY, 32, farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Alvin MERKLEY & Jennie COULTHART; married Mary Ethel ALFORD, 25, Chesterville, Winchester Twp, d/o John ALFORD & Rachel WHOLEHAN; witn William ALFORD & Loretta HAMILTON, both Chesterville, 7 May 1908, Chesterville 018065-08 Frederick MORRELL, 23, Milk Dealer, Chesterville, Chesterville, s/o James MORELL & Margaret THRASKER; married Vera ELLIOTT, 22, Newington, Chesterville, d/o William J. ELLIOTT & Caroline WORT; witn Kenneth MORRELL & Mrs John HUMNELL, both Chesterville, 21 Apr 1908, Chesterville
018034-08 Peter MORRIS, 20, Farmer, none given, Lochiel Twp, s/o John MORRIS & Isabella DONOVAN ; married Mary Jane Jemima McPHEE, 24, none given, Lochiel Twp, d/o Duncan McPHEE & Mary Jane McDERMID; witn Michael MORRIS & Catherine McLEOD, Montreal, 24 Jul 1908, Alexandria 018355-08 George. A. MOUK, 30, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o John S. MOKE (sic) & Alice Josephine CAUN or CANN; married Nora BUSH, 26, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Adam BUSH & Hannah COUNTRYMAN; witn Merrick G. HAUN, Newington & Bessie E. GALLINGER, Osnabruck, 29 Jun 1908, Osnabruck
018054-08 William Alexander MURRAY, 27, farmer, St. Andrews, St. Andrews, s/o William MURRAY & Isabelle GOULER, married Ellen Annabella ROSS, 21, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Donald D. Ross & Mary Jane URQUHART; witn Evelen J SPROULE, Martintown & Herbert ? MURRAY, St. Andrews, 17 Jun 1908, Martintown  
018153-08 William Henry NORMAN, 35, farmer, none given, Armstrong BC, s/o William E. NORMAN & Mary J. TUCKER; married Emma PARTRIDGE, 30, none given, Cornwall, d/o Fred PARTRIDGE & Sarah VINCENT; witn W.N. PARTRIDGE, Hamilton & Emma WILBER, Cornwall, 28 Dec 1908, Cornwall 018074-08 Edward H. OSBORNE, 34, telegraph operator , none given, Montreal, s/o Richard OSBORNE & Mary COLLINGS; married Mary Winnifred RAE, 32, type writer, none given, Montreal, d/o William RAE, clerk of court & Elizabeth A. DANIELS; witn Winnifred CASSELMAN, Chesterville & Mrs Jos HERBICK, Philadelphia PA, 5 Sept 1908, Chesterville
018028-08 Alex PAYANT, 30, Merchant, Lancaster, Glennorman, s/o Roderick PAYANT & Mary McCORMICK (McDermid?); married Mary Marjery GILLIES, 26, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o John GILLIES & Margaret McMILLAN; witn William McDONALD, Lancaster & Jamie GILLIES, Lochiel, 25 Feb 1908, Alexandria 018172-08 Telesphore PITEAU, 24, Servant, St. Zotique Que, Cornwall, s/o Philip PITEAU & Anna PROULX; married Alphonsine CURRIERE, 28, Mill Operative, Rimouski Que, Cornwall, d/o Joseph CURRIERE & Rose SEGUIN; witn Gregory LAGRANDE & Alfred CURRIERE, both Cornwall, 2 Jun 1908, Cornwall Twp
018098-08 William J. PRICE, 46, Wid, Commission Merchant, Montreal, Montreal, s/o John PRICE & Eliza ROSS; married Mary E. KILPATRICK, 44, Ottawa, Montreal, d/o James Henry KILPATRICK & Francis JAMES; witn Mary H. TURPIN, Hamilton & Isobel C. KILPATRICK, Aultsville, 26 Mar 1908, Cornwall Twp 018183-08 George PRIMEAU, 27, clerk, none given, Cornwall, s/o William PRIMEAU & Julia LALONDE; married Sophia LEBLANCE, 21, Weaver, none given, Cornwall, d/o Zab LEBLANCE & Caroline VILLINEAUVE (Villeneuve?); witn J.A. LALONDE & Mary PRIMEAU, both Cornwall, 5 Oct 1908, Cornwall Twp
018182-08 Domina PRIVEAU, 19, Mill Operative, none given, Valleyfield, s/o Joachim & Alexandria PRIVEAU; married Victoria TESSIER, 19, Mill Operative, none given, Cornwall, d/o Napoleon TASSIER (sic) & Josephine BINVILLE (Bonville?); witn Joseph DURAND & Napolean TESSIER, both Cornwall, 29 Sept 1908, Cornwall Twp 018033-08 Wend--? QUENVILLE?, 31, of Lochiel Twp, s/o Francis QUENVILLE? & Melina THEODET?; married Rosanna LAROCQUE, 14, of Lochiel Twp, d/o Charles LAROCQUE & Catherine MOLES; witn Edward POIRIER of Glen Robertson & Libbie LAROCQUE, Lochiel Falls, 14 Jul 1908, Alexandria
018068-08 Leland Joseph RILEY, 26, Mechanic, none given, Toronto, s/o Thomas RILEY & Jessie HENTON; married Cecilia FLYNN, 28, none given, Chesterville, d/o Mathew FLYNN (hotel keeper) & Jane GILMARTIN; witn Edward FLYNN & Katie BATES, both Chesterville, 16 Jun 1908, Chesterville 018177-08 Joseph RIVIERE, 20, Clerk, none given, Cornwall, s/o Stephen RIVIERE & Elizabeth DEHAMEL; married Florence Janet BERGERON, 22, Housemaid, none given, Martintown, d/o Frank BERGERON & Zoe BOUSECOURS; witn Joseph BERGERON & Margaret RIVIERE, Cornwall, 5 Aug 1908, East Cornwall Twp
018078-08 Charles Frederick ROBINSON, 22, Mechanic, none given, Camlachie Ontario, s/o William ROBINSON & Jenette SCHRAM; married Maud MERKLEY, 21, none given, Chesterville, d/o Chester MERKLEY, carpenter & Sarah PICKERING; witn George SCOTT, Winchester & Ivey MERKLEY, Chesterville, 2 Dec 1908, Chesterville 018048-08 Henry William ROBINSON, 24, Farmer, Montreal, Montreal, s/o John Henry ROBINSON & Elizabeth HALL; married Ruth Ephemia ST. JOHN, 20, St. Raphaels, St. Raphaels, d/o Hugh ST. JOHN & Ellen DORE; witn Kenneth ST. JOHN, St. Raphaels & Melinda FAUCHETTE, Ironside, 27 Feb 1908, Charlottenburgh
018088-08 Henry Joseph RODERICK, 25, labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph RODERICK & Alice PIGGON; married Emily Mary PRIMEAU, 19, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alexander PRIMEAU & Rosey LAGINQUE?; witn William RODERICK & Jennie EDWARDS, both Cornwall, 14 Feb 1908, Cornwall (NOTE: Groom and his father - surname changed from RODDICK to RODERICK, Jul 18/29) 018151-08 Zina RUNIONS, 21, Clerk, none given, Cornwall, s/o Roland RUNIONS, hotel keeper & Ida GALLINGER; married Mabel Ethel DENNENY, 21, none given, Cornwall, d/o John DENNENY & Salina TERRO; witn A. Gower POOLE & Annie D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 21 Dec 1908, Cornwall
018095-08 Edward Thomas RUSAN, 27, Farmer, Louisville NY, Louisville NY, s/o Joseph RUSAN & Sarah LABRAKE; married Sadie Mary LALONDE, 18, Massena NY, Louisville NY, d/o Andrew LALONDE & Minnie CLEMENS; witn Alexander LALONDE & Margaret LALONDE, both Cornwall, 15 Mar 1908 018144-08 Choral RUSAW, 22, farmer, none given, Helena NY, s/o John RUSAW & Maria PIKE; married Lottie May LAVARE, 21, none given, Helena NY, d/o Lowa LAVARE & Slina SUSECE?; witn William R. HARKNESS & H.W. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 20 Nov 1908, Cornwall
018167-08 Train George RUSSELL, 21, Farmer, Scotland, Cornwall Twp, s/o Allan RUSSELL & Mary Melvina TRAIN; married Hattie May DUBY, 19, Housemaid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o George DUBY & Mary Alice EAMON; witn Walter Willis DUBY & J. DUBY, both Moulinette, 25 Mar 1908, Moulinette 018099-08 Willard SANDERSON, 43, farmer, Canton NY, Canton NY, s/o Willard SANDERSON & Isabella MIDDLETON; married Mary Evelyn BENDER, 27, Northfield, Cornwall Twp, d/o Philip BENDER & Sarah Alice RANIONS; witn Cora? BENDER & Mary Alice BENDER, both Cornwall Twp, 30 Mar 1908, Cornwall
018084-08 James SAUVE, 21, Mill Labourer, Tyotown?, Cornwall, s/o Joseph SAUVE & Margaret BOYER; married Mary Edith LALONDE, 19, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o William & Amelia LALONDE; witn Alexander SAUVE & Mary SAUVE, both Cornwall, 13 Jan 1908, Cornwall 018029-08 Noe SEGUIN, 39, Wid, Carpenter, N Justine & Newton Quebec, Alexandria, s/o Jean B. SEGUIN & Lucie LEVAR; married Marie Relotte COUSINEAU, 35, Vaudreuil, Alexandria, d/o Joseph COUSINEAU & Relotte PAYMENT; witn P. SEGUIN & J. PILON, no place given, 27 April 1908, Alexandria
018104-08 Aaron W. SHAW, 47, Wid, Farmer, Nicholville NY, Rocket River Bridge NY, s/o William SHAW & Clorinda HAMBLIN; married Mary B. DELOSH, 47, Wid, St Anicet Que, Rocket River Bridge NY, d/o Joseph P. GAUTHIER & Jane STOWELL; witn Samuel ELDER & Jennie ELDER, both Cornwall, 11 May 1908, Cornwall 018155-08 James Hubert SHORETTE, 22, Harness Maker, none given, Helena NY, s/o Louis SHORETTE & Amelia LAVARA; married Emma May ROBINSON, 26, none given, Brushton NY, d/o John ROBINSON & Charlotte ARNOLD; witn Hester BURWASH, Arnprior & Helen Margorie STILES, Cornwall, 31 Dec 1908, Cornwall
018133-08 Arthur Erastus SILMSER, 23, Butcher, none given, Cornwall, s/o Allan SILMSER & Mary Catherine CONLIFF; married Bella Margaret SULLIVAN, 21, none given, Cornwall, d/o John SULLIVAN & Jane McDONALD; witn Rev C.E. SILLS, Ottawa & Charles blank, 2 Sept 1908, Cornwall 018081-08 Oscar Philip SILMSER, 30, Machinist, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o David SILMSER & Minerva WARNER; married Lillian GRANT, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o George GRANT & Harriet FITZPATRICK; witn Myron SILMSER & Mrs Myron SILMSER, both Massena NY, 3 Jan 1908, Cornwall
018117-08 Joseph SKIDMORE, 29, Weaver, none given, Cornwall, s/o Samuel SKIDMORE & Elizabeth STANTON; married Sarah Jane GUTTRIDGE, 26, none given, Cornwall, d/o James GUTTRIDGE & Jane ASPIN; witn J.W. GUTTRIDGE & Mary WILLIAMSON, both Cornwall, 30 Jun 1908, Cornwall 018026-08 Walter James SMITH, 23, Farmer, Lochiel, Brodie, s/o John A. SMITH & Margaret JAMIESON; married Agnes McEWEN, 21, Glenrandfield?, Lochiel, d/o Alexander McEWEN & Ellen Jane JAMIESON; witn Mrs. Mabel McLAREN, Alexandria & Mrs Florence LESLIE, Alexandria 21 Jan 1908, Alexandria
018116-08 Ernest Howard SOULE, 21, labourer, none given, Lewiston US, s/o Elmer SOULE & Nellie DAVIS; married Bertha May NERON (Heron?), 23, none given, Cornwall, d/o John NERON & Louise JONES; witn Frank NERON & Maud NERON, both Cornwall, 16 Apr 1908, Cornwall 018139-08 Peter SQUARE, 22, Farmer, none given, Pelo Island, s/o John SQUARE, farmer & Martha SQUARE; married Annie SEYMOUR, 16, none given, Pelo Island, d/o Joseph SEYMOUR, farmer & Mary SEYMOUR; witn Joseph SEYMOUR, Pelo Island & Ella J. TENNANT, Cornwall Island, 22 Oct 1908, Cornwall Island
018131-08 Daniel SULLIVAN, 62, Wid, Wagon Maker, none given, Chicago Ill, s/o James SULLIVAN & Johanna CALLAMAN; married Mary O'NEIL, 47, none given, Cornwall, d/o John O'NEIL & Margaret MONEY; witn John F. O'NEIL & Leo LAPENSER, both Cornwall, 15 Sept 1908, Cornwall 018051-08 Peter SURGEON, 27, Machinist, Lancaster, Qu’appelle Sask., s/o Richard SURGEON & Margaret McNAUGHTON; married Ella Edith McKERCHER, 23, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o David McKERCHER & Jane RUSSELL; witn Peter McNAUGHTON, Lancaster & Mary C. McKERCHER, Charlottenburgh, 29 Apr 1908, Charlottenburgh
018163-08 Joseph TAILLON, 52, Wid, Farmer, Tyotown, Tyotown, s/o Francis TAILLON & Margaret BERTHIAME; married Roseann MARTIN, 18, housemaid, Coteau du Lac Que, Cornwall, d/o Henry MARTIN & Delina LALONDE; witn John LAJOIE, Cornwall & Mary TAILLON, Tyotown, 27 Jan 1908, Cornwall 018159-08 Peter TAILLON, 24, Baker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Frank TAILLON & Amelia LAUBER or LANBER; married Eva FAUBERT, 25, mill operative, Vankleek Hill, Cornwall, d/o John FAUBERT & Ellen CHEVIER; witn Joseph FAUBERT, Cornwall & Clara LAPIERRE, Alexandria, 26 Nov 1908, Cornwall Twp
018119-08 Frederick Holden TAYLOR, 33, Machinist, none given, Montreal, s/o David TAYLOR & Elizabeth WALTON; married Ellen Letitia ADAMS, 33, Teacher, none given, Cornwall, d/o William ADAMS & Mary Ann HARRIS; witn Albert E. FRY & Hattie L. WARRINGTON, both Cornwall, 16 Jul 1908, Cornwall 018096-08 Charles Joseph TAYLOR, 36, labourer, Birmingham England, Cornwall, s/o William Charles TAYLOR & Elizabeth McKENZIE; married Agnes Gertrude PRIMEAU, 26, St. Andrews, Cornwall, d/o William PRIMEAU & Julia LALONDE; witn George PRIMEAU & Safrona LEBLANC, both Cornwall, 24 Feb 1908, Cornwall Twp
018089-08 Abraham TERRANCE, 18, Yeoman, Franklin Co NY, Franklin Co NY, s/o Frank TERRANCE & Mary OAK; married Kate OAK, 18, St. Regis, Cornwall, d/o John OAK & Christy COOK; witn R.J. GRAVELEY & Christy OAK, both Cornwall, 18 Feb 1908 018337-08 William THOMPSON, 34, Tailor, Matilda, South Mountain, s/o John THOMPSON & Elizabeth CROWBAR; married Ida Ella GILROY, 28, South Mountain, South Mountain, d/o John GILROY & Harriett EDWARDS; witn Mrs Morton ADAMS & Frank GILROY, both South Mountain, 16 Jun 1908, South Mountain
018105-08 Joseph Frederick THOMPSON, 32, Musician, Huddersfield England, Kingston, s/o James THOMPSON & not known; married Mary Etta SHANNON, 26, Redwood NY, Kingston, d/o Austin SHANNON & Sophia HANDLEY; witn Victor GAY & Lillian GAY, both Cornwall, 18 May 1908, Cornwall 018309-08 Ancil THOMPSON, 25, bus driver, none given, Winchester, s/o Myron THOMPSON & Maggie WALLACE; married Annie May AULT, 19, none given, Matilda, d/o Edwin AULT & Sarah STRADER; witn Rebecca GRAHAM & Carrie HEWITT, both Morrisburg, 16 Sept 1908, Morrisburg
018176-08 William TYO, 23, Farmer, none given, St. Raphael, s/o John TYO & Christy GRANT; married Janet Ann RUSSELL, 18, Housemaid, none given, Bonville, d/o John RUSSELL & Ann McPHAUL; witn Donald TYO, St. Raphels & Edith RUSSELL, Bonville, 3 Aug 1908, St. Andrews West 018125-08 George Andrew TYO, 22, Stationman G.T Railway, none given, Cornwall, s/o Peter TYO & Sophia JESMAR?; married Albertha ELLIOTT, 21, none given, Cornwall, d/o Edward ELLIOTT & Sarah SMITH; witn William Joseph WELSH & Mary JARVIS, both Cornwall, 13 Aug 1908, Cornwall
018113-08 William Joseph TYRELL, 20, Paper Maker, Cornwall, Smithville, s/o Levi G. TYRRELL & Ellen Maria LEROUX; married Mary Nancy EAMER, 23, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, d/o George A. EAMER & Christy BENDER; witn George A. TYRRELL & Josie Mary TYRRELL, both Smithville, 25 Jun 1908, Cornwall 018145-08 James VALLANCE, 21, chair maker, none given, Cornwall, s/o James VALLANCE & none given; married Maud Catherine MURCH, 25, none given, Cornwall, d/o no parents given; witn A. Gower POOLE & Ansil D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 21 Nov 1908, Cornwall
018076-08 Russell WADDELL, 22, Farmer, none given, Vernon, s/o Robert WADDELL, farmer & Elizabeth COWAN; married Nellie McCORMICK, 21, none given, Chesterville, d/o Robert McCORMICK, undertaker & Mary SMITH; witn Mitchell WADDELL, Vernon & Ruby N . SHAVER, Morewood, 30 Sept 1908, Chesterville 018149-08 William D. WAGNER, 36, none given, none given, Gallingertown, s/o Levi WAGNER & Annie TAYLOR; married Ethel EMPEY, 20, none given, Gallingertown, d/o Theophilus EMPEY & Annie STATA; witn L.E. REYNOLDS & Lillian M. REYNOLDS, both Cornwall, 8 Dec 1908, Cornwall
018124-08 Robert Victor WHITHAM, 21, Weaver, none given, Cornwall, s/o James WHITHAM & Naomi FORTIES; married Ella May McCONNELL, 21, none given, Cornwall, d/o George McCONNELL & Mary E. ADAMS; witn Benjamin WHITHAM & Georgie McCONNELL, both Cornwall, 12 Aug 1908, Cornwall