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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1909


019281-09 Omer ALGUIRE, 34, Farmer, of Aultsville, s/o John ALGUIRE & Effie FETTERLEY; married Chrystie Ann DUFF, 32, of Berwick, d/o Robert DUFF & Margaret GRANT; witn Fenwick SHAVER, Aultsville & Sarah DUFF, Berwick, 14 Apr 1909, Berwick Station

019456-09 Charles AMELLE, 38, Blacksmith, Wid, Martintown, Farrans Point, s/o Charles AMELLE & Matilda LAFROZIER; married Margaret Catherine LOZO, 34, Farrans Point, Farrans Point, d/o Levi LOZO & Dian HOLLAND; witn Allan OSTLER, Farrans Point & Mary LOZO, Farrans Point, 18 Jan 1909, Dickinsons Landing

019115-09 Dominique AUBIN, 23, Farmer, of Kenyon, s/o George AUBIN & Delina AUBE; married Josephine BEDARD, 21, of Kenyon, d/o Honore BEDARD & Elizabeth LEROUX?; witn Lucien? AUBIN & James R. FEAR?, 15 Feb 1909, Alexandria

019329-09 Simeon AUBIN, 21, Tinsmith, of Kenyon, s/o George AUBIN & Delina AUBIE; married Jennie Josephine ST. JOHN, 22, of Kenyon, d/o Hugh ST. JOHN & Josephine VILLENEUVE; witn Patsy SEGUIN & Carolina ST. JOHN, both Dominionville, 15 Nov 1909, Greenfield

019173-09 Walter John BARRETT, 41, Contractor, Wid, of Williamstown, s/o John BARRETT & Hannah McRAE; married Florence McINTYRE, 26, of Williamstown, d/o Alexander & Caroline McINTYRE; witn Mrs N.H. McGILLIVRAY & Ethel MILLER?, both Cornwall, 2 Mar 1909, Cornwall

019259-09 Norman Richard BENDER, 25, Farmer, of Northfield, s/o Richard BENDER & Annie RUPERT; married Margaret Ann McALEER, 28, House Maid, of St. Andrews West, d/o Patrick McALEER & Mary FARRELL; witn Stephen McLAUGHLIN, Northfield & Loretta McALEER, St. Andrews West, 5 Oct 1909, St. Andrews West

019276-09 Alex T. BENNETT, 34, Farmer, of Athol, s/o Hugh BENNETT & Annie McRAY; married Eliza J. ALEXANDER, 24, of Finch Twp, d/o Lemuel ALEXANDER & Adelaide CAMPBELL; witn H.G. McKERCHER, Sanderingham & Nora HOUGH, Avonmore, 26 Jan 1909, Finch Twp

019336-09 Joseph A. BERAULT, 30, painter, of Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o Theophil BERAULT & Fleming HAMIL; married Lillie M. PROCTOR, 28, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Charles PROCTOR & Lucy HARRIS; witn Mrs John PATE & Rita R. PATE, both Lancaster, 29 Jun 1909, Lancaster

019255-09 Loran BERO, 22, Labourer, of Hogansburg NY, s/o Alexander BERO & no mother given; married Mary JOHNSTON, 20, Domestic, of Hogansburg NY, d/o Mitchel & Maggie JOHNSTON; witn Mitchel OAK & Mrs Louis SQUARE, both Hogansburg NY, 2 Sept 1909, Cornwall Island

019267-09 Jeremiah BLAIR, 23, Carpenter, of Cornwall, s/o Alfred BLAIR & Adelaide JODOIN; married Bertha BONNVILLE, 19, Housemaid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Zepherin BONNVILLE & Ada ROBIDEAUX; witn Mitchel BOURGON & Emma BLAIR, both Cornwall, 6 Oct 1909, Cornwall Twp

019244-09 John BLANCHARD, 24, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, s/o Alexander BLANCHARD & Malvina GAUTHIER; married Ann Amelie HAMEL, 25, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Oliver HAMEL & Adelaide LEROUX; wit Alexander BLANCHARD & Olivier HAMEL, both Cornwall, 21 Apr 1909, Cornwall Twp

019170-09 Alphonse BONNEVILLE, 29, Livery Owner, of Lancaster, s/o Peter L. BONNEVILLE & Fideline LATREILLE; married Angelina RICHER, 20, of Lancaster, d/o Jerry RICHER & Mary Louise BEYOR; witn Rev C.A. McRAE & John LAUNDRY, both Cornwall, 4 Feb 1909, Cornwall

019126-09 Michael BOUDREAU, 45, none given, Wid, Kenyon, Alexandria, s/o no parents given; married Annie WALKER, 21, of Kenyon, d/o Peter WALKER & Christina McPHERSON; witn William MURPHY & Mrs. William WALKER both Al?, 6 Jun 1909, Alexandria

019357-09 Conrad BOURBONNAIS, 28, Carpenter, of Montreal, s/o Moise BOURBONNAIS & Ogaline VALADE; married Rachel Delia MAJOR, 20, of North Lancaster, d/o Frank MAJOR & Caroline SEGUIN; witn Gustave LAROCQUE & Florence FALFE, both N. Lancaster, 12 Jul 1909, Glen Nevis

019247-09 John Headley BOYD, 36, Farmer, of Metcalfe, s/o John BOYD & Catherine NAUGHTY; married Lottie Florence ROBSON, 23, of Moulinette, d/o John Alexander ROBSON & Theodosie HELMER; witn Wesley BOYD, Mille Roches & Hilda ROBSON, Iroquois, 16 Jun 1909, Moulinette

  019145-09 Ovila BRAULT, 24, Labourer, of Plantagenet, s/o Toussant BRAULT & Selina HILDEBRAND; married Mary DESJARDINS, 23, of Kenyon, d/o Leo DESJARDINS & Odile SEGUIN; witn Leo DESJARDIN & Joseph SEGUIN, both Kenyon, 12 Jul 1909, St. Raphaels

019176-09 Doctor A. BRIGGS, 32, Carder, of Cornwall, s/o Thomas BRIGGS & Mary J. ASHWORTH; married Maud CONLEY, 30, of Cornwall, d/o Peter CONLEY & Jennie NICHOLSON; witn Lillie B. REYNOLDS & L.M. REYNOLDS, both Cornwall, 18 Mar 1909, Cornwall

 019361-09 Joseph Oliver BRUNEL, 21, Farmer, of St. Anne de Prescott, s/o Zepherin BRUNEL & Alphonsine LAUTIER?; married Lillian LAROCQUE, 23, of Glen Nevis, d/o William LAROCQUE & Margaret SAUCIER; witn William LAROCQUE Jr, Glen Nevis & Letia BRUNEL, Glen Sandfield, 7 Sept 1909, Glen Nevis

019379-09 James BURNS, 38, Carter, of Montreal, s/o Thomas BURNS (dead) & Briget DALEY; married Nora Mary GLEESON, 33, of Montreal, d/o William GLEESON & Mary A. DYER; witn J. MULLEN, Montreal & John O’RILLEY, Glen Robertson, 1 Jun 1909, Glen Robertson

019372-09 Oscar CADIEUX, 24 yrs 11 months, Farmer, of Kenyon, s/o Jean Baptiste CADIEUX & Marie Louise CREVIER; married Marie Rose de Lima Evelina THEOREST, 22 yrs 11 months, of Lochiel, d/o David THEOREST & Marselline ST. DENIS; witn Achille THEOREST, St. Polycarpe & Leber? THEOREST, Lochiel, 11 Jan 1909, Lochiel

019282-09 Patrick CAIN, 28, Farmer, of Finch Twp, s/o James CAIN & Mary READY; married Agnes MORARITY, 29, of Finch Twp, d/o Timothy MORARITY & Catherine McCLUSKEY; witn Vincent COYNE, Chesterville & Cassie MORARITY, 27 Apr 1909, Finch

019116-09 Eallon? CAMPEAU, 21, Farmer, of Fournierville, s/o Noe CAMPEAU & Lumena BOURDON; married Philomene CHEVRIER,, 20, of Lochiel?, d/o Jean B. CHEVRIER & Emma CAMPEAU; witn Ernest CAMPEAU & Martina OHARRA?, 16 Feb 1909, Alexandria
019127-09 Joseph CARDINAL, 23,  Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Dominique CARDINAL & Sarah PICARD; married Calista ST. JEAN, 16, of Alexandria, d/o John ST. JEAN & Rosann LALONDE; witn Joseph ST. JEAN & Rose Anne JENARD?, both Alexandria, 30 Jun 1909, Alexandria

019291-09 Alex J. CARR, 60, Farmer, Wid, of Grantley, s/o Henry CARR & Isabella McDONALD; married Sarah Jane NEPHEW, 44, Domestic, of Syracuse NY, d/o Joseph NEPHEW & Nancy McMILLAN; witn John KELTER, Newington & John CLARK, Grantley, 30 Nov 1909, Stormont

019273-09 David CARRIERE, 24, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, s/o Baptiste CARRIERE & Celina CAZA; married Odeline SAVARD, 20, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Elezear SAVARD & Victorine BERNIER; witn Jean Baptiste CARRIERE & Elezear SAVARD, both Cornwall, 25 Oct 1909, Cornwall Twp

019356-09 George E. CHAMBERS, 32, Mechanic, of Lachine Quebec, s/o John CHAMBERS & Nancy SMITH; married Margaret J. MITCHELL, 23, of Curry Hill, d/o William MITCHELL & Annie ROBB; witn Frederic A. GRAHAM, St Philipe? Quebec, 30 Jun 1909, Curry Hill

019265-09 Oliver CHARLEBOIS, 26, Barber, of Cornwall, s/o Martin CHARLEBOIS & Meletie BRUNETTE; married Agnes BERGERON, 21, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Louis BERGERON & Matilda PATENADE; witn Martin CHARLEBOIS & Louis BERGERON, both Cornwall, 21 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

019238-09 Alfred Louis CHARLEBOIS, 21, Cheese Manufacturer, of St. Telesphore Quebec, s/o Louis CHARLEBOIS & Octave MONTPETIT; married Eugenie ROULEAU, 28, Housemaid, of Cornwall, d/o Celestine ROULEAU & Clotilda POIRIER; witn Celestine ROULEAU & Josephine SAUVE, both Cornwall, 3 Feb 1909, Cornwall Twp

019269-09 Archibald CHISHOLM, 27, Contractor, of St. Andrews West, s/o Alexander CHISHOLM & Mary McCURDIE; married Sarah McDONALD, 24, Housemaid, of St. Andrews West, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Isabella FISHER; witn Colin CHISHOLM & Catherine McDONALD, both St. Andrews West, 11 Oct 1909, St. Andrews West

020239-10 William CLARK, 33, Farmer, of Charlottenburgh, s/o Samuel CLARK & Jane BLACK; married Anne Catherine? McRAE, 36, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Alexander McRAE & Margaret MORRISON; witn Charles Ban? BEATON & Mrs Charles A BEATON, both Charlottenburgh, 18 Aug 1909, Munroes Mills 019189-09 Alex CLARKE, 31, Manager S.S. Company, of Montreal Quebec, s/o John CLARKE & Mary SPRACKLIN; married Bertha G. KIRKPATRICK, 33, of Cornwall, d/o James T. KIRKPATRICK & Elizabeth MAGEE; witn A.F. McLAREN, Lancaster & J. HILYARD, Morrisburg, 16 Jun 1909, Cornwall


019455-09 Allen E. CLINE, no age given, clerk, Cornwall, Mille Roches, s/o William CLINE & Mary CARPENTER; married Lena SHEETS, no age given, Stenographer, Farrans Point, Cornwall, d/o Robert SHEETS & Effa WEAVER; witn Bertha SHEETS & Mervin MARKELL, both Farrans Point, 6 Jan 1909, Farrans Point

019327-09 William Daniel COLEMAN, 21, labourer, of Maxville, s/o Duncan COLEMAN & Mary CAMERON; married Bridget Ellen BERGERON, 22, of Maxville, d/o Joseph BERGERON & Catherine O'NEIL; witn Duncan COLEMAN & Joseph BERGERON, both Maxville, 25 Oct 1909, Greenfield

019335-09 Elzear COMPEAU, 27, Farmer, of St. Polycarpe Quebec, s/o Anastace CAMPEAU & Adele PILON; married Mary Antonette Alder TROTTIER, 22, of Lancaster Twp, d/o Nazaire TROTTIER & Zuila LALONDE; witn Jules MARCOTTE, Lancaster & Hortense TROTTIER, no place given, 29 Jun 1909, Lancaster

019179-09 Banaon CONROY, 23, Farmer, of Cornwall, s/o Robert CONROY & Margaret SPINK (deceased); married Mary Ellen McGEE, 19, of Glen Walter, d/o Oliver McGEE (deceased) & Catherine McDONALD: witn William ABRAMS, Summerstown & Robertine CONROY, Cornwall, 21 Apr 1909, Cornwall

19351-09 William Alfred COOPER, 21, Farmer, of Williamstown, s/o Alfred COOPER & Eliza SMITH; married Ida FETTERLEY, 20, of South Lancaster, d/o Thadeus William FETTERLEY & Eliza A. EMPEY; witn A. Barton CAMERON & Janet R. TANNER, both Lancaster, 6 Apr 1909, Lancaster

019249-09 William COTE, 22, Labourer, of Cornwall, s/o Eugene COTE & Mary MICHAUD; married Anna JESMER, 22, of Cornwall, d/o Moses JESMER & Mary Jane PAYMENT; witn Elvin SUMMERVILLE & Emerilda COTE, both Cornwall, 1 May 1909, Cornwall Twp


019308-09 Samuel CRAIG, 50, Farmer, Wid, of Vernon, s/o Robert James CRAIG & Mary Ann BOYD; married Matilda McINTYRE, 34, housekeeper, Wid, of St. Elmo, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Mary McGREGOR; witn John J. CAMPBELL, Athol & Florence M. LEE, St. Elmo, 21 Apr 1909, St. Elmo

019114-09 Donald CUTHBERT, 33, Agent, of Lochiel, s/o John CUTHBERT, farmer, & Margaret CANN?; married Catherine Isabel KENNEDY, 31, of Kenyon, d/o Peter KENNEDY & Annie McMILLAN; witn Arch J CAMERON, Greenfield & Margaret KENNEDY, Kenyon, 26 Jan 1909, Alexandria

019277-09 Thomas G. DAYE, 23, Farmer, of Casselman, s/o George DAYE & Agnes HARTE; married Lillie J. HUME, 22, of Finch Twp, d/o William HUME & Minerva CAMPBELL; witn Russel DAYE, Casselman & Maggie A. CAMPBELL, Finch, 10 Feb 1909, Finch

019280-09 Alexander DAYE, 21, Farmer, of Casselman, s/o George DAYE & Agnes HARTE; married Rosina HUME, 20, of Finch Twp, d/o John HUME & Charlotte McKELLICAN; witn Russell DAYE, Casselman & Clara HUME, Finch, 16 Mar 1909, Finch Twp

019261-09 Charles DEGAN, 24, Weaver, of Cornwall, s/o Laurence DEGAN & Lena LANGEVIN; married Ellen BONNVILLE, 21, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Albert BONNVILLE & Rose LALONDE; witn Arthur DEXTRAS & Eva BONNVILLE, both Cornwall, 15 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

019324-09 Severe DELORME, 32, Farmer, of Lancaster Twp, s/o Joseph DELORME & Octave BURNETT; married Aldiana MENARD, 24, of Greenfield, s/o Joseph MENARD & Degie CHENEY; witn Aldain FAUTEAUX, Montreal & Ovilda DEOSSE, Lancaster, 26 Sept 1909, Greenfield

019286-09 John DEVANEY, 30, Farmer, of Finch Twp, s/o John DEVANEY & Mary Ann SPELLEN?; married Gertrude CHAMBERS, 20, of Finch Twp, d/o George CHAMBERS & Eliza GALLAGHER; witn William DEVANEY, Finch Twp & Bridget CHAMBERS, Chesterville, 30 Jun 1909, Crysler

019279-09 Charles DEVANEY, 31, Farmer, of Chesterville, s/o John DEVANEY & Bridget GRADY?; married Mary READY, 19, of Connaught, d/o John READY & Catherine MORAN; witn Thomas DEVANEY, Chesterville & Teresa READY, Connaught, 22 Feb 1909, Crysler

019449-09 William John DEY, 25, Merchant, of Newington, s/o James Francis [DEY] & Sophia BANCROFT; married Lida Alice JARDINE, 21, of Newington, d/o George F. JARDINE & Mary Margaret SNETSINGER; witn Melville M. KENNETT, Finch & Elva Maria JARDINE, Newington, 28 Apr 1909, Newington

019202-09 Reginald Howard DINGWALL, 26, brakeman, of North Bay, s/o C.H. DINGWALL, & Eliz CONROY; married Grace Mellisa McDONALD, 25, Sick Nurse, of Cornwall, d/o John McDONALD & Phoebe LIDDLE; witn Jus McDONALD, Cornwall & Mrs. C.D. COWIE, North Bay, 10 Aug 1909, Cornwall

019110-09 Charles DONOHUE?, 28, farmer, of Kenyon, s/o Charles DONOHUE & Rose Anna LAFONTAINE; married Georgina ROBITAILLE?, 27, of Kenyon, d/o Louis ROBITAILLE? & ? ROY; witn ? LEGAULT & Eda LEGAULT, no place given, 11 Jan 1909, Alexandria

019451-09 John W EAMER, 22, Farmer, of Harrisons Corners, s/o Arthur EAMER & Ann ALGUIRE; married Bella McCOLL, 18, of Harrisons Corners, d/o William McCOLL & Janet VALLANCE; witn Adam HARTWELL, Harrisons Corners & Anna G. LAYS, Moulinette, 11 May 1909, Wales

019174-09 John EARL, 26, Employee, of Cornwall, s/o James EARL & Annie McDOUGALL; married Hattie PAGE, 27, Domestic, of Cornwall Twp, d/o no parents given; witn Charlotte E. STILES & Mary Alender? EAMER, both Cornwall, 17 Mar 1909, Cornwall


019333-09 Robert Franklin EDGAR, 56, Gentleman, Wid, of Lancaster, s/o Robert EDGAR & Elizabeth WOOD; married Clara Mary WHYTE, 38, of Lancaster, d/o Paul WHYTE & Eliza DEFOE; witn Mrs P. WHYTE & Mrs Catherine BARRY, both Lancaster, 23 Jan 1909, Lancaster

019359-09 Ernest Leonard EDGERTON, 26, Farmer, of Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o Thomas EDGERTON & Susana SHORTLY; married Lillie YOUNG, 20, of Lancaster d/o George YOUNG & Mary MUNRO; witn Eva Edgar & Tassie McCUAIG, both Lancaster, 7 Jul 1909, Lancaster Twp

019350-09 Arthur Henry ELKINGTON, 25, Labourer, of Bainsville, s/o Henry ELKINGTON & Emma E. FARROW; married Matilda Ellen SYERS, 25, of Bainsville, d/o Simon SYERS & Eliza THOMPSON; witn Elise VERNON, St. Sophie LaCome Quebec & Janet R. TANNER, Lancaster, 29 Mar 1909, Lancaster 019326-09 Fred EMOND, 22, Labourer, Wid, of Alexandria, s/o Moise EMOND & Marie Theotues PAQUETTE; married Henrietta Sarah CARDINAL, 20, of Kenyon, d/o Octave CARDINAL & Henrietta DENNIS; witn John CARDINAL & Sarah CARDINAL, both Kenyon, 12 Oct 1909, Greenfield

019294-09 Robert J. EMPEY, 25, Farmer, of Cannamore, s/o James H. EMPEY (deceased) & Mary Jane YOUNG; married Mabel V. CURRIE, 20, of Crysler, d/o Jas H. CURRIE & Lizzie DORAN; witn Jake EMPEY, Cannamore & Jennie CURRIE, Crysler, 28 Jul 1909, Crysler

019275-09 John Andrew FEELY, 31, Farmer, of Cannamore, s/o William FEELY & Catherine LOUGHRIDGE, married Zephy May SENN, 27, of Cannamore, d/o George SENN & Emily WARRING; witn John A. BROWN, Winchester & Hannah POOLE, Crysler, 6 Jan 1909, Crysler

019152-09 Ambrose FLOOD, 44, Farmer, of Carthage NY, s/o Michael FLOOD & Hannah HICKS; married Jane Ann ABRAMS, 40, of Williamstown, d/o George ABRAMS & Anna BURKE; witn Theodore ABRAMS, Williamstown & Catherine LONEY, Cornwall, 7 Sept 1909, Williamstown

019257-09 James FLYNN, 25, Harbor Foreman, of Montreal, s/o William FLYNN & Bridget GILLNON; married Janet McINTOSH, 24, Housemaid, of St. Andrews West, d/o Hugh McINTOSH & Christy McDONALD; witn John Francis FLYNN, Montreal & Mary McINTOSH, St. Andrews West, 20 Sept 1909, St. Andrews West

  019263-09 Joseph FRASER, 28, Farmer, of St. Andrews West, s/o Donald FRASER & Isabella McDONALD; married Alice McKEE, 31, House Maid, of St. Andrews West, d/o Henry McKEE & Margaret McINTOSH; witn John FRASER & Janet FRASER, both St. Andrews West, 22 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

019328-09 John Duncan GAHAN, 32, Clerk, of Cornwall, s/o Christopher GAHAN & Catherine CUMMINGS; married Janet McKINNON, 33, of Kenyon, d/o John McKINNON & Janet McPHEE; witn Angus N. McDONALD & Christina McCULLOCH, 26 Oct. 1909, Greenfield

019323-09 Adelard GAUTHIER, 38, Farmer, Wid, of St. Amour, s/o Antoine GAUTHIER & Mary Ann DUBE; married Mary Ann LOBB, 24, Servant, of Kenyon, d/o Louis LOBB & Anisal PAQUETTE; witn Napoleon LOBB, Kenyon & Clara GAUTHIER, St. Amour, 15 Jul 1909, Greenfield

019155-09 Angus GRANT, 33, Farmer, of Charlottenburgh, s/o Alexander & Ellen GRANT; married Anna PERRY, 27, of Charlottenburgh, d/o William PERRY & Jane DINGWALL; witn Angus A. McDONALD & Anna McGREGOR, both Williamstown, 20 Oct 1909, Charlottenburgh

019355-09 George F. GRIMELL (Grumett?), 29, Mechanic, of Fall River Mass USA, s/o George W. GRUMELL & Isabel WILCOX; married Nellie Ann FRASER, 34, of Bainsville, d/o Alexander FRASER & Mrs J.R. SNYDER nee Margaret McLEOD; witn George Snider, Smith Falls & Nelina WILL, Bainsville, 23 Jun 1909, Bainsville


019260-09 Ernest HAMEL, 21, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, s/o Oliver HAMEL & Delina LEROUX; married Florida HURTEAU, 18, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Xavier HURTEAU & Ozeline HENORD; witn Oliver HAMEL & Frank HURTEAU, both Cornwall, 7 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

019167-09 Henry Orton HAMILTON, 33, Farmer, of Glen Robertson, s/o George Charles HAMILTON & Janet Cory HODGSON; married Rosamond HOPE, 26, of Cornwall, d/o John HOPE & Sarah McINTYRE; witn George Walter HAMILTON & Elizabeth Eleanor BLUNN, both no place given, 12 Jan 1909, Cornwall

019178-09 Charles Reginald HAMILTON, 27, Clerk, of Montreal, s/o Charles James HAMILTON & Harriet Sarah DICKINSON; married Helena Mary EASTON, 32, of Cornwall, d/o William Thomas EASTON & Celia Jane EMPEY; witn Charles A. McHAFFIE & Agnes Sarah EMPEY, both Cornwall, 12 Apr 1909, Cornwall

019183-09 Ernest Arthur HART, 28, Car Conductor, of Cornwall, s/o John HART & Christy Ann BRYAN; married Lillian Mary WADE, 22, Wid, of Cornwall, d/o John HOLLAND & Catherine MILROSS; witn John Arthur HOWDEN & Rose Agnes WARD, both Cornwall, 28 Apr 1909, Cornwall

019272-09 James Arthur HEATH, 21, Labourer, of Cornwall Twp, s/o George HEATH & Catherine RUNIONS; married Mary Amy LAUZON, 22, Housemaid, of Cornwall, d/o Paul LAUZON & Ellen DUROCHER; witn Albert LALONDE, Tyotown & Eva LAUZON, Cornwall, 26 Oct 1909, Cornwall Twp

  019180-09 Charles Valentine HEINLY, 31, Signal Foreman, of Tyrone PA US, s/o Augustus HEINLY & Jennie Mary SPIEGLEMIER; married Olive Chloe HUNTER, 25, of Cornwall, d/o John George HUNTER & Fanny NICHOLSON; witn John George HUNTER & Mrs J.G. HUNTER, both Cornwall, 28 Apr 1909, Cornwall

019305-09 Ralph B. HOLLAND, 27, Civil Engineer, of Toronto, s/o William H. HOLLAND & Eleanor RUDSON?; married Nellie H. McINTYRE, 22, of St. Elmo, d/o A.D. McINTYRE & Mary McDOUGALL; witn P.V. COLEMAN, Portland Maine & Eliza McINTYRE, St. Elmo, 5 Jan 1909, St. Elmo

019290-09 Charles Wesley HOLLINGSWORTH, 29, Clergyman, of Berwick, s/o Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH & Hannah E. YATES(or GATES); married Mary E. MELDRUM, 25, Nurse, of Berwick, d/o George MELDRUM & Margaret FLEMING; witn R.T. HOLLINGSWORTH, Athens & K.S. MELDRUM, Berwick, 22 Dec 1909, Berwick

019177-09 Thomas HORNBY, 23, Millhand, of Cornwall, s/o James HORNBY & Mary HARRISON; married Minnie H. BERRY, 21, Dress Maker, of Cornwall, d/o William BERRY & Mary E. SHAW; witn L.M. REYNOLDS & Lillie REYNOLDS, both Cornwall, 25 Mar 1909, Cornwall


019237-09 William HOUGH, 20, Farmer, of Lunenburg, s/o Simeon HOUGH & Christy BUSH; married Beatrice ALGUIRE, 21, Housemaid, of Northfield, d/o Wesley ALGUIRE & Annie HILL; wit Glen SHAVER, Lunenburg & Rose HILL, Northfield, 3 Feb 1909, Cornwall Twp

01975-09 Alexander Edward HUDON, 22, Farmer, of St. Andrews, s/o John HUDON & Flossie Anne ROSS; married violet Caroline Edith SMITH, 18, of Cornwall, d/o Henry SMITH & Emily FRY; witn W.C. RIVIER & Ethel May STEPHENSON, both Cornwall, 15 Mar 1909, Cornwall

019377-09 Duncan A. IRVINE, 32, Government Inspector, of Tilsonburg, s/o Duncan IRVINE & Elizabeth STEWART; married Ella K. CAMPBELL, 30, of Breadalbane, d/o George B. CAMPBELL & Catherine McLAURIN; witn A.G. CAMPBELL & Miss Bella STEWART, both Van Kleek Hill, 31 May 1909, Breadalbane

019154-09 James IRVINE, 37, Cheese maker, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Audrew IRVINE & Hanna BRINTNELL; married Alexandra Mary YOUNG, 22, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Alexander YOUNG & Mary KINNEAR; witn George A. GRANT & Ethel M. GRANT, both Charlottenburgh, 15 Dec 1909, Williamstown

019181-09 William JEROME, 41, Painter, of Cornwall, s/o Alexander JEROME & Clemence DUFRESNE; married Mary CARTIER, 27, of Cornwall, d/o Napoleon CARTIER & Sophie DEROCHER; witn Harmine KIRKEY & Maud DEROCHER, both Cornwall, 26 Apr 1909, Cornwall

019374-09 Peter JODSON (Jodoin?), 37, Labourer, Wid, of Alexandria, s/o Joseph & Mary JODSON; married Mary QUENELLE, 25, Wid, of St. Anne, d/o Finlay QUENELLE & Matilde QUESNELLE; witn John SALEM, Alexandria & Mrs Allen MORRISON, Kirk Hill, 21 Feb 1909, Kirk Hill


019274-09 Herbert Roy JOHNSTON, 21, Farmer, of Mille Roches, s/o Alfred JOHNSTON & no mother given; married Hattie HEATH, 23, Housemaid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o George HEATH & Catherine RUNIONS; witn Fred JOHNSTON, Cornwall, 28 Sept 1909, Moulinette

019322-09 Duncan KENNEDY, 24, Mechanic, of Montreal, s/o Alexander KENNEDY (deceased) & Mary McGILLIS; married Catherine J. McDONELL, 23, of Greenfield, d/o Angus J. McDONELL & Catherine J. CAMPBELL; witn John KENNEDY, Montreal & Julia McDONELL, Greenfield, 29 Jun 1909, Greenfield

019199-09 Archibald Michael KENNEDY, 22, Student, of Buffalo NY, s/o John KENNEDY (deceased) & Lillian M. PLUMMER; married Bertha Melvina BACHELLER, 20, Student, of Syracuse NY, d/o Charles O. BACHELLER & Amanda M. JACOBS; witn Laura BINNIE & Mrs R. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 3 Aug 1909, Cornwall

019109-09 George KERNAHAN, 29, painter, of Alexandria; s/o William KERNAHAN & Eliza Ann RAMSEY; married Myrtle Ann BONTWELL (Bratwell?), 22, of Alexandria, d/o Martin BONTWELL & Ellen WINN; witn George LAMPTON, & L.J. TAILLON, Alexandria, 7 Jan 1909, Alexandria  

019453-09 William S. KING, 29, Bookkeeper, of Plaster Rock NB, s/o Charles KING & Elizabeth A. MURPHY; married Agnes E. YOUNG, 24, Stenographer, Osnabruck Centre, Osnabruck Centre, d/o William YOUNG & Agnes COLQUHOUN; witn Mrs E. MYERS, Aultsville & J.C. YOUNG, Osnabruck Centre, 3 Jun 1909, Osnabruck Centre

019153-09 James KIPPEN, 30, Farmer, of of s/o Peter KIPPEN & Bella McINTYRE; married Emma FERGUSON, 28, of Roxborough, d/o Daniel FERGUSON & Margaret Ann McDONALD; witn James FERGUSON, Elk Lake & S.J. FERGUSON, Glen Roy, 9 Nov 1909, Charlottenburgh
019172-09 Paul LAGO, 21, Labourer, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph LAGO & Margaret ROZON; married Alice BALEY, 18, Domestic Servant, of Cornwall, d/o Edwin BALEY & Alice FULLER; witn Mary Alender EAMER & Bella KING, both Cornwall, 15 Feb 1909, Cornwall

019264-09 Jeremiah LALONDE, 22, Baker, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Annie LARMENT; married Malvina LASHAMBE, 18, Mill Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Gregory LASHAMBE & Annie PITEAU; witn Joseph LALONDE & Gregory LASHAMBE, both Cornwall, 15 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

019138-09 Donald LALONDE, 23, Labourer, of Tyotown, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Annie CARRIER?, married Josephine BERGERON, 19, of Summerstown, d/o Duncan BERGERON & Mary Ann O’NEAL; witn Wilford TURCOTTE & Mary C. BERGERON, both Summerstown, 26 Apr 1909, Williamstown

019337-09 Joseph Jean Baptiste Alexander LALONDE, 21, Labourer, of Lancaster, s/o Jean Baptiste LALONDE (deceased) & Marceline GAUTHIER; married Melita WHITE, 22, domestic, of Lancaster, d/o Peter WHITE & Melitina LAFRAMBOISE; witn Rudolph LALONDE, Cornwall & Rose WHITE, Lancaster, 25 Oct 1909, Lancaster

019347-09 Frederick Archibald Allan LAMBOURN, 27, Steward, of Lancaster, s/o Frederick Cords? LAMBOURN & Elizabeth Jane BLOFIELD; married Alice Maud TAYLOR, 23, of Lancaster, d/o George Frederick TAYLOR & Emma Jane SALISBURY; witn Constance COBB & H. de French ST. GEORGE, both Lancaster, 4 Mar 1909, Lancaster

019358-09 Ovila LANGEVIN, 19, Tinsmith, of Montreal, s/o Alfred LANGEVIN & Zepherine LALONDE; married Clara BOURGON, 18, of Lancaster Twp, d/o Henry BOURGON & Rosana GAUTHIER; witn David BOURGON, Lancaster & Jemima PARETTE, No. Lancaster, 6 Jul 1909, Glen Nevis 

019332-09 Louis LAPIERE, 40, Labourer, of Lancaster, s/o Louis LAPIERE & Lena GEROME; married Matilda DUFRESNE, 18, of Lancaster, d/o Charles DUFRESNE & Matilda BROWN; witn Henry GARDNER & Charles DUFRESNE, both Lancaster, 11 Jan 1909, Lancaster

019125-09 Edward Leon LAURIN, 27, of Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Isaac LAURIN & Elise FOURETTE?; married Mary Ann McMILLAN, 23, Wid, of Alexandria, d/o John McMILLAN & Winnifred McDONALD; witn Douglas McDONALD & Bessie PORTER, both Alexandria, 24 Nov 1909, Alexandria

019141-09 Henry LAVIOLETTE, 60, Farmer, Wid, of Williamstown, s/o William LAVIOLETTE & Christina HERD; married Nellie LUCAS, 29, Servant, of Williamstown, d/o Charles LUCAS & Rose BURKE; witn Donald TALLION, Williamstown & Sarah DELANDS, Charlottenburgh, 1 Jun 1909, Williamstown

019373-09 Antoine LEBLANC, 24, Farmers son, of Glen Sandfield, s/o Joseph LEBLANC & Rosalee ST. ANGE; married Florida LEGAULT, 21, of Glen Robertson, d/o Joseph LEGAULT & Augustine LAUSON; witn Octave LECOMBE & Josephine LEBLANC, both no place given, 9 Feb 1909, Glen Robertson

019370-09 Joseph Moise LEFEBVRE, 17, Labourer, of of s/o Jerry LEFEBVRE & Adaline BROWN; married Rose Elena LEGROU, 15, of Curry Hill, d/o Joseph LEGROU & Elizabeth JODOIN; witn Oliver LEGROU, Curry Hill & Catherine LABRE, Bainsville, 22 Nov 1909, Curry Hill  

019208-09 Edgar Napoleon LEGER, 20, Finisher of Furniture, of Cornwall, s/o Francis J. LEGER & Agnes GUAY; married Maud BARNEY, 19, of Cornwall, d/o Jeremiah BARNEY & Adele SAUVE; witn Francis LEGER & Jeremiah BARNEY, both Cornwall, 7 Sept 1909, Cornwall

019167-09 Alexander LEGROULX, 20, Bookkeeper, of Cornwall, s/o Jeremiah LEGROULX & Emma QUESNEL; married Adora Blanche CORRIGAN, 20, Furrier, of Cornwall, d/o Robert CORRIGAN & Lottie PILLAR; witn William REGAN, Helena NY & Julia LOZETTE, Massena NY, 12 Jan 1909, Cornwall


019252-09 John LEMIEUX, 24, Barber, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph LEMIEUX & Delima LAROIE; married Sophia LEROUX, 22, Weaver, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Daniel LEROUX & Lucy HAMEL; witn Henry HAINES & Louis LEROUX, both Cornwall, 9 Aug 1909, Cornwall Twp

019297-09 Wilfred LEROUX, 28, Labourer, of Crysler, s/o Hilaire LEROUX & Delina MENARD; married Florence HERBERT (or HUBERT?), 18, of Crysler, d/o Luke HERBERT & Marie RUNCHION? (Rundeau?); witn Lucerine CLOUTIER & Simeon HERBERT or HUBERT, Crysler, 28 Sept 1909, Crysler

019142-09 Joseph LEROUX, 25, Farmer, of Lancaster, s/o Alexander LEROUX & Eliza HAMELL; married Alice PARRETTE, 22, Servant, of Martintown, d/o Alexander PARRETTE & Adeline PELON; witn Moses LEROUX, Lancaster & Mary PARRETTE, Martintown, 21 Jun 1909, Williamstown

019235-09 William Albert LEROUX, 24, Bartender, of Cornwall, s/o Daniel LEROUX (deceased) & Lucy AMELL; married Adelaide CLEMENT, 21, Weaver, of Cornwall, d/o Isaiah CLEMENT & Emeline AUBRICK; witn Charles LEGER & Marie CLEMENT, both Cornwall, 11 Jan 1909, Cornwall Twp


019192-09 Eford LOSEY, 22, Section Head G.T.R., of Moulinette, s/o John LOSEY & Louisa PRIEUR; married Ellen DELANEY, 21, of Cornwall, d/o William DELANEY (deceased) & Margaret TYO; witn Harry LOSEY & Maud DELANEY, both Cornwall, 24 Jun 1909, Cornwall

19149-09 Andrew MAJOR, 31, Contractor, of Williamstown, s/o Adolph MAJOR & none given; married Mary LARVEQUE, 19, Servant, of Williamstown, d/o Simon LARVEQUE & blank PIDGEON; witn: Albert & Tassa LARVEQUE, Williamstown, 20 Sept 1909, Williamstown

20238-10 Joseph MARINER, 23, Labourer, of Charlottenburgh, s/o Peter MARINER & Margaret HOULE; married Louise LASCELLE, 16, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Joseph LASCELLE & Louise GARCAU; witn Helena B. McLEOD & Florence BLACKWOOD, 18 August, 1909, Martintown

019206-09 Clarence G. MARKELL, 22, Sec Treasurer, of Montreal, s/o William MARKELL & Chloe RAYMOND; married Mahalah WHITHAM, 25, of Cornwall, d/o James WHITHAM & Naomi FORTIES; witn Ernest LANT, Cornwall & Nellie BROWN, Athens, 1 Sept 1909, Cornwall

019188-09 Alexander MARTIN, 31, Paper maker, of Milles Roches, s/o James MARTIN & Mary CALDER; married Elizabeth Earl Moody DUNCAN, 23, of Mille Roches, d/o William DUNCAN & Janet MOODY; witn Thomas & Mrs Thomas CHELNICK of Mille Roches, 11 Jun 1909, Cornwall

019139-09 Jean Baptiste MASON, 30, Tradesman, Wid, of Lachine Quebec, s/o Gideon MASON & Annette CHEMIN?; married Adeline QUESNELL, 26, of Williamstown, d/o John QUESNELL & Maria SAUVE; witn Joseph BEAUDEN (Beaudeu?) & Mary QUESNELL, both Williamstown, 18 Apr 1909, Williamstown
019331-09 Duncan MASSON, 38, Farmer, Wid, of Williamstown, s/o Rush MASSON & Margaret TYO; married Margaret Ann LAVIOLETTE, 23, of of d/o Henery LAVIOLETTE & Margaret UERNELLE?; witn Arthur LAVIOLETTE & Florence LAVIOLETTE, both Apple Hill 23 Dec 1909, Apple Hill

019251-09 Frank MASSON, 21, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, s/o Peter MASSON & Agnes LEROUX; married Mary BOYER, 18, Mill Operative, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Joseph BOYER & Esther DENNIS; witn John PITRAS & Adelaide POIRIER, both Cornwall, 2 Aug 1909, Cornwall Twp

019271-09 John Russell MAYNARD, 26, Jeweller, of Cornwall, s/o John MAYNARD & Jane Frances BONNER; married Lizzie May SMITH, 28, Housemaid, of Cornwall, d/o John SMITH & Isabella WHITE; witn Linda CLARK & A.D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 3 Nov 1909, Cornwall Twp

019140-09 John Peter McARTHUR, 48, Farmer, of of s/o Peter McARTHUR & Christy McGREGOR; married Catherine May PROCTOR, 18, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Charles PROCTOR & Lucy HARRIS; witn William Percy McNAUGHTON & Ina McNAUGHTON, both Charlottenburgh, 3 May 1909, Charlottenburgh

019289-09 G. Alex McCAIL, 35, Merchant, of Avonmore, s/o John McCAIL, & Florence STARK; married Edytha ARBUTHNOT, 32, Domestic, of North Lunenburgh, d/o R.S. ARBUTHNOT & Margaret GORDON; witn R.S. & Grace ARBUTHNOT of North Lunenburg, 22 Dec 1909, Finch

019363-09 Angus Donald McCUAIG, 21, Farmer, of Cote St. Georce, s/o Angus Donald McCUAIG & Catherine MORRISON; married Marion CURRY, 20, of Curry Hill, d/o James CURRY & Ellen McDIARMID; witn John H. DEWAR & Margaret McCUAIG, both St. Telesphore Quebec, 29 Sept 1909, Lancaster

#020512-10 Peter Angus MCDERMID, 37, farmer, of Lot 13 Con 7 Rox, s/o John MCDERMID, farmer & Sarah MCDERMID, married Ellen CAMPBELL, 25, servant, of Lot 14 Con 6 Rox, adopted d/o John CAMPBELL, labourer & Eda COUNTRYMAN, witn: F.H. WATERHOUSE, Montreal  & George L. BUELL, Mallorytown, 30 Dec 1909

019369-09 Archibald McDONALD, 31, Farmer, of Lancaster s/o Angus & Ann [MACDONALD]; married Florence MACDONALD, 27, of Lancaster d/o John A. MACDONALD & Mary McDONALD; witn Alex McKAY & Minnie McDONALD, both Glen Nevis, 19 Oct 1909, Glen Nevis

019352-09 Roderick MACDONALD, 23, Cheese maker, of Lancaster s/o Peter A. MACDONALD & Catherine MACDONALD; married Sarah SAYANT, 25, of Glen Norman, d/o Roderick SAYANT (deceased) & Mary MACDONALD?; witn Alexander McDONALD & Josephine SAYANT, both Glen Norman, 19 Apr 1909, Glen Nevis

019321-09 Hugh Allan McDONALD, 24, Farmer, of St. Andrews, s/o Roderick & Mary McDONALD; married Catherine Harriet McLEAN, 21, of Kenyon, d/o Duncan D. McLEAN & Mary McDONALD; witn John D. McDONALD & Mary McLEAN, both Greenfield, 2 Jun 1909, Greenfield

019151-09 Roderick McDONALD, 33, Cheese Maker, of St. Raphael, s/o Rory B. McDONALD & Margaret McDOUGALD; married Cassie O'SHEA, 33, School Teacher, of Munroes Mills, d/o Thomas O'SHEA & Ann MORRIS; witn James McDONALD, St. Raphaels & Margaret O'SHEA, Munroes Mills, 6 Sept 1909, St. Raphaels

019198-09 Daniel Alexander McDONALD, 22, Farmer, of Glen Donald, s/o Alexander James McDONALD (deceased) & Mary Elizabeth McDONELL; married Agnes Flora McDONALD, 21, of Glen Donald, d/o Ranald R. McDONALD & Agnes THOMPSON; witn Dan McDONALD, Cornwall & Annie May McDONALD, Glen Donald, 14 Jul 1909, Cornwall

019256-09 Alexander McDONALD, 30, Farmer, of Greenfield, s/o Ranald & Catherine McDONALD; married Margaret Ann McDONALD, 26, Housemaid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o David McDONALD & Mary McMILLAN; witn Alexander McDONALD, Greenfield & Angela McDONALD, Roxborough Twp, 20 Sept 1909, St. Andrews West

019147-09 Angus A. MACDONELL, 39, Farmer, of St. Raphaels, s/o Alexander MACDONELL & Glen? McRAE; married Marjorie A. McKENZIE, 25, of Glen Williamstown, d/o Duncan McKENZIE & Catherine MACDONALD; witn Finlay CHISHOLM, St. Raphaels & Anna Bella McKENZIE, Williamstown, 6 Sept 1909

019144-09 Archibald McDOUGALD, 32, Farmer, of Glen Roy, s/o D.A. McDOUGALD & Margaret GRANT; married Delphine CHISHOLM, 26, of St. Raphaels, d/o Alexander CHISHOLM & Janet MACDONALD; witn John A. McDONALD, St. Raphaels & Cassie O’SHEA, Munroes Mills, 15 Jun 1909, St. Raphaels

019320-09 John Finlay McEWEN, 33, Farmer, of Apple Hill, s/o Thomas McEWEN & Catherine ROBERTSON; married Mae Ella McRAE, 27, of Roxborough Twp, d/o Alexander McRAE & Isabel ROBERTSON; witn Charles A. McEWEN, Maxville & Ella M. ROBERTSON, Sleepy Eye Minn, 7 Sept 1909, Apple Hill

019250-09 Angus McGILLIS, 51, Shoemaker, of Bonville, s/o John & Annie McGILLIS; married Elizabeth MATTICE, 24, House Maid, of Bonville, d/o Levi MATTICE & Julia LOVESDALE; witn Fred MATTICE & Mary MATTICE, both Harrisons Corners, 12 Jul 1909, St. Andrews West

019196-09 Archibald A. McGREGOR, 39, Foreman in Factory, of Lancaster, s/o Angus D. McGREGOR & Anne McDONALD: married Lucy E. ROMBOUGH, 31, Nurse, of Mille Roches, d/o Jas. D. ROMBOUGH & Minerva LATRACE; witn Mrs A.J. GRAVELY & Nellie GRAVELY, both Cornwall, 5 Jul 1909, Cornwall

019362-09 Robert Alexander McGREGOR, 38, Farmer, of Cote St George; s/o Alexander R. McGREGOR & Christina McNAUGHTON; married Bertha May MORRISON, 28, of North Lancaster, d/o Donald M. MORRISON & Maria EDGAR; witn R. R. MITCHELL & Mrs R.R. MITCHELL, both Montreal, 23 Sept 1909, Lancaster

019197-09 Angus MACINNIS, 48, Labourer, of Cornwall, s/o Donald MACINNIS & Anne McDOUGALL; married Josephine MULLIN, 26, of Cornwall, d/o James MULLIN & Mary JOHNSON; witn John MULLIN & Jamesie HART, 6 Jul 1909, Cornwall

019200-09 Neil Angus McINTOSH, 31, Farmer, of Moose Creek, s/o John & Bella McINTOSH; married Maggie McDERMID, 27, of Tayside, d/o John McDERMID & Janet McKERACHER; witn William G. GRANT, Moose Creek & Kate McDERMID, Tayside, 4 Aug 1909, Cornwall

019283-09 Lindsay A. MacKEE (Mackie?), 23, Farmer, of Crysler, s/o George MACKEE & Margaret FANEKINES?; married Cassie E. McNEIL, 21, of Crysler, d/o Archibald McNEIL & Jennie JINGLES; witn Harold MACKEE, Finch & Eliza McNEIL, Crysler, 28 Apr 1909, Crysler


019307-09 George Leslie McKERCHER, 23, Railway Engineer, of Hawkesbury, s/o Duncan McKERCHER & Annie CAMERON; married Ethel Marguerite FENNELL, 21, none given Hawkesbury, d/o Robert FENNELL & Annie BEGGS; witn Colin CAMERON & Maggie McKERCHER, no place given, 3 Apr 1909, St. Elmo

019382-09 William John McKINNON, 31, Merchant, of Lochiel, s/o Dougald McKINNON & Annie McINTOSH; married Hugena CAMERON, 19, of Lochiel, d/o Donald CAMERON & Marjory McPHEE; witn Dougald McKINNON, Kirk Hill & Birdy McMILLAN, Lochiel, 25 Aug 1909, Lochiel


019205-09 Joseph D. McLEARY, 34, Merchant, of Berwick, s/o William McLEARY & Margaret DORAN; married Sarah S. HOLLAND, 37, Nurse, of Springfield Mass US, d/o George HOLLAND & Loretta DOTY; witn Mrs N.H. McGILLIVRAY & Miss Ethel MILLS, both no place given, 1 Sept 1909, Cornwall

019375-09 Donald D. McLENNAN, 29, farmer, of Kenyon, s/o Luke Donald (deceased) & Margaret McLENNAN; married Ellen McCORMICK, 25, of Kenyon, d/o Robert McCORMICK & Harriet McDONALD; witn John Alec McMILLAN & Sarah McCORMICK, both Fassifern, 19 Apr 1909, Lochiel 019318-09 William Welsh McLENNAN [William McLennan WELSH?], 25, Railway Fireman, of Nelson B.C., s/o William WELSH (deceased) & Annie McLENNAN; married Christy Ann STEWART, 20, of Kenyon, d/o Donald STEWART & Jane McKINNON; witn Colin CAMPBELL, Laggan & Flossie STEWART, Dunvegan, 14 Jul 1909, Glengarry Co

019346-09 Roderick McLEOD, 34, Farmer, of of s/o Angus McLEOD & Elizabeth McDOUGAL; married Margaret Ann KENNEDY, 33, of of d/o Allan & Mary KENNEDY; witn Hugh J. MACDONALD & Agnes McDONALD, both no place given, 22 Feb 1909, Glen Nevis

019306-09 Hugh McMILLAN, 48, Farmer, of McCormick?, s/o Angus & Annie McMILLAN; married Christie Sarah McSWEYN, 36, of Kenyon, d/o John McSWEYN & Isabella McLEOD; witn D.D. McSWEYN, Dunvegan & S.J. McMILLAN, McCormick, 15 Mar 1909, Glengarry

019270-09 Alexander McPHAIL, 39, Farmer, of St. Andrews West, s/o Archibald McPHAIL & Anna McDONALD; married Laura Theresa FRASER, 22, Housemaid, of St. Andrews West, d/o John FRASER & Elizabeth MARRON; witn Daniel McDONALD, St. Andrews West & Maude CRITES, Cornwall, 25 Oct 1909, St. Andrews West


019194-09 Colin MACPHERSON, 39, Farmer, of Bainsville, s/o Angus MACPHERSON & Margaret SUTHERLAND; married Mary Maud CURRY, 40, of Curry Hill, d/o Joseph CURRY & Julia HARRIMAN; witn Ernest M.L. CURRY, Curry Hill & Annie M. CLINE, Cornwall, 26 Jun 1909, Cornwall

019342-09 Joseph Henry McVICAR, 26, farmer, of Lancaster Twp, s/o Duncan McVICAR & Sarah Ann KELLY; married Myrtle Elizabeth SNYDER, 23, of Lancaster Twp, d/o John P. SNYDER & Elizabeth BATHGATE; witn Lewis? McLEOD & John P. SNYDER, both Bainsville, 4 Nov 1909, Lancaster

019203-09 Earl Atley MEANS, 32, Travelling Salesman, Wid, of Shelbyville Ind USA, s/o Cornelius MEANS & Isabella WEAVER; married Isabella CALLAM, 35, of Windsor, d/o Alexander (deceased) & Margaret CALLAM; witn Mrs R. HARKNESS & R.D. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 16 Aug 1909, Cornwall

019287-09 William L. MELDRUM, 25, Farmer, of Finch Twp, s/o William MELDRUM & Ruth MONK; married Florence DAWSON, 18, housekeeper, of Finch Twp, d/o John DAWSON & Mary McMARTIN; witn Norman DAWSON, Winchester & Mabel MELDRUM, Berwick, 6 Oct 1909, Finch

019143-09 Delor MENARD, 26, Farmer, of Charlottenburgh, s/o Charles MENARD & Genevive DOUST; married Alice J. MACDONALD, 21, Servant, of Williamstown, d/o Alexander MACDONALD & Emily LEROUX; witn Andrew McDONALD & Melina MENARD, both Williamstown, 29 Jun 1909, Williamstown

019258-09 William Henry MILES, 22, Farmer, of St. Andrews West, s/o Thomas MILES & Agnes BATTLE; married Margaret Etta HENRY, 21, of St. Andrews West, d/o Robert HENRY & Alzina ROBSON; witn Simon HENRY & Bertha HENRY, both St. Andrews West, 15 Sept 1909, St. Andrews West

019330-09 Robert A. MILLER, 24, Wheelwright, of Dominionville, s/o James A. MILLER & Ellen Jane McDERMID?; married Jennie Isabel CHRISTIE, 21, of Apple Hill, d/o Archie CHRISTIE & Sarah CAMERON; witn Angus E. CHRISTIE, Apple Hill & Harry E. MILLER, Monkland, 24 Nov 1909, Apple Hill

019242-09 Edward MIRON, 21, Weaver, of Cornwall, s/o Samuel MIRON & Ozeline SAMSON; married Mary Elizabeth MITCHEL, 18, servant, of Cornwall, d/o William MITCHEL & Mary McDOUGALL; witn Samuel MIRON & Mathew CHENIER, both Cornwall, 25 Mar 1909, Cornwall Twp

019204-09 Robert MITCHELL, 25, Labourer, St. Zotique Quebec, Glen Donald, s/o William MITCHELL & Ellen Caroline PATTERSON; married Sarah Ann ROACH, 24, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Thomas ROACH (deceased) & Relia LALONDE; witn Francis KIRKEY, Cornwall & May Ellen BELLEMURE, no place given, 16 Aug 1909, Cornwall

019245-09 James MITCHEL, 22, Labourer, of Cornwall, s/o William MITCHEL & Annie HAINES; married Florence MIRON, 17, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Samuel MIRON & Ozaline SAMSON; witn Samuel MIRON & Mathias CHENIER, both Cornwall, 31 May 1909, Cornwall Twp

019285-09 Lawrence MONTGOMERY, 31, Farmer, of Berwick, s/o Daniel MONTGOMERY & Katie McDERMID; married Catherine J. McMILLAN, 24, of Finch Twp, d/o Alex D. & Jane McMILLAN; witn Harry MONTGOMERY, Aultsville & Marjorie McMILLAN, Finch, 23 Jun 1909, Finch Twp

019201-09 Bernard Oliver MOSES, 39, Labourer, Wid, of S. Cotton NY USA, s/o Joel MOSES & Welthy WHELAN; married Rose Wait TAYLOR, 36, Wid, of S. Cotton NY USA, d/o M.D.D. WAIT & Clarissa CUNNINGHAM; witn Mrs. R. HARKNESS & H.W. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 7 Aug 1909, Cornwall

019148-09 William Joseph O'BRIEN, 27, Cheese maker, of Glen Walter, s/o Patrick O'BRIEN & Nora MAHONY; married Jennie Flora JANOT dit BERGERON, 16, of Williamstown, d/o Duncan JANOTt dit BERGERON & Mary Ann O’NIELL; witn Samuel HURST, Glen Walter & Annie JANOT dit BERGERON, 21 Sept 1909, Williamstown

019113-09 Stephen Parker? O'CONNOR, 32, School Teacher, of Lochiel, s/o Mathew O'CONNOR & Mary DOYLE; married Arlonine? QUESNELLE, 19, of Lancaster, Jeremie QUESNILLE & Melina HUORD; witn Joseph QUESNELLE & Serephine B--?, 18 Jan 1909, Alexandria

019167-09 Mitchel OKE, 31, Labourer, of St. Regis, s/o Peter & Ceilia OKE; married Ida TERRENCE, 19, Servant, of St. Regis, d/o James TERRENCE & bride did not know her Mother’s name (dead); witn John SNOW & Jesse DEBO, both Cornwall Island, 2 Feb 1909, Cornwall Island

019207-09 Duncan James O'NEIL, 25, Labourer, of Glen Walter, s/o John O'NEIL & Janet BOURGOIN; married Maria LALONDE, 36, of Glen Walter, d/o Joseph LALONDE & Ann RYAN; witn Richard & Marta? O'NEIL of Glen Walter, 6 Sept 1909, Cornwall

019348-09 William J. O'NEILL, 25, cheese maker, of Pembroke, s/o Michael O’NEILL & Nora ROACH; married Christina ST. JOHN, 21, of Bainsville, d/o Paul ST. JOHN & Jane TRICKEY; witn Mrs Hanna FRASER & Hilda CAMERON, both Lancaster, 16 Mar 1909, Lancaster

019296-09 Oliver PAPINEAU, 38, Farmer, of Finch Twp, s/o Louis PAPINEAU & Olive HUBERT; married M. Victoria HERBERT (or HUBERT?), 26, domestic, of Finch Twp, d/o Tousiant HERBERT & Victoria LARICHITROU?; witn Oles PAPINEAU Embrun & Beatrice HERBERT , 24 Aug 1909, Crysler

019253-09 Louis PETERS, 23, Farmer, of Cornwall Island, s/o John PETERS & Julia WHITE; married Laura THOMPSON, 19, Domestic, of Hogansburg NY, d/o Lawrence THOMPSON & Sarah LORAN; witn Mr. ABRAMS, Hogansburg NY & Lousie WHITE, Cornwall Island, 9 August 1909, Cornwall Island

019262-09 Joseph Arthur PETIT, 23, Policeman, of Montreal, s/o Joseph PETIT & Malvina FOUBERT; married Nellie FOSTER, 19, Mill Operative, of Montreal, d/o William FOSTER & Agnes WRIGHT; witn George LALONDE & John LECLAIR, both Cornwall, 13 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

  019241-09 James Arthur PLUMLEY, 21, Boatman, of Cornwall, s/o Asaph PLUMLEY & Caroline JESMER; married Josephine LEROUX, 28, Music Teacher, of Cornwall, d/o Henry LEROUX & Exilda CUNNINGHAM; witn Elwidge LEROUX & Henry LEROUX, both Cornwall, 20 Jan 1909, Cornwall Twp

019184-09 Joseph POIRIER, 48, Labourer, Wid, of Williamstown, s/o Luke POIRIER & Bella MASSON; married Catherine BELLMORE, 45, of Williamstown, d/o Adolpheus BELLMORE & Julia LAROCHE; witn Mary Alender EAMER & Charlotte S. STILES, both Cornwall, 4 May 1909, Cornwall

019381-09 Calixte POIRIER, 32, Farmer, of Alexandria, s/o Abraham POIRIER & Maria GOONETTE; married Armenia LEROUX, 27, of Glen Robertson, d/o Amede LEROUX & Delphine LEGAULT; witn Augustus LEROUX, Glen Robertson & Josephine POIRIER, Alexandria, 17 Aug 1909, Glen Robertson

019186-09 Walter POLLARD, 23, Spinner, of Cornwall, s/o John George POLLARD & Emma JAMES: married Ethel K. HART, 21, of Cornwall, d/o Daniel E. HART & Margaret CUMMINGS; witn Amy G. FLETCHER & Charlotte E. STILES, both Cornwall, 5 May 1909, Cornwall


019367-09 Ozeas PROULX, 20, Labourer, of Lancaster s/o James PROULX & Louise CATAFORE?; married Rosanna SAUVE, 18, of Lancaster d/o Louis SAUVE & Lucie ANDRE; witn Joseph SAUVE, Lancaster & Leo PROULX, Lochiel, 5 Oct 1909, Glen Nevis

019360-09 Joseph Calixte PROULX, 21, Farmer, of River Beaudette, s/o Hyacinete PROULX & Meletine SEGUIN; married Marie Alison BISSONETTE, 18, of Curry Hill, d/o Francois BISSONNETTE & Alma LALONDE; witn Ferdinand BISSONNETTE, Curry Hill & Albertine LALONDE, Montreal, 16 Aug 1909, Curry Hill

019278-09 Ernest PROVOST, 21, Farmer, of Crysler, s/o Ernest PROVOST & Anna FORGUES; married Clementine BRIEN, 24, of Crysler, d/o Alex BRIEN & Hermine GIBEAU; witn Eugene BRIEN & Josephine BRIEN, both Crysler, 22 Feb 1909, Crysler

019193-09 James E. QUIG, 26, Machinist, of Montreal, s/o John QUIG & Zelia GAUTHIER; married Florence Catherine LALLY, 24, of Cornwall, d/o John LALLY & Catherine DELANEY; witn Charles QUIG & Lena MARTIN, both Cornwall, 29 Jun 1909, Cornwall

019187-09 George Joel QUILLIAMS, 40, Merchant, of Winnipeg, s/o Thomas QUILLIAMS & Miranda PHELPS; married Orena Jane WARRINGTON, 34, of Cornwall, of d/o William WARRINGTON & Jemima BOWDEN; witn Herbert WARRINGTON & Ella WARRINGTON, both Cornwall, 2 Jun 1909, Cornwall

019378-09 Peter RANGER, 35, Farmer, of Glen Robertson, s/o Joachim RANGER & Mary BELILE; married Elizabeth DUPUIS, 20, of Glen Robertson, d/o Joseph DUPUIS & Margaret BRUNET; witn John LAROQUE & Mary Jane DUPUIS, both Glen Robertson, 1 Jun 1909, Glen Robertson

019457-09 Harry Bernard RANSOM, 21, Merchant, Wales, Dickinsons Landing, s/o Jacob William [RANSOM] & Henrietta SERVISS; married Mary Ann BUSH, 20, Seamstress, of Wales, d/o Valentine BUSH & Favriella BROWNELL; witn Bessie E. RANSOM, Dickinsons Landing & Christiana J. CARSON, Wales, 27 Jan 1909, Wales

019190-09 Cedric Gordon RAYMOND, 22, Farmer, of Northfield, s/o James RAYMOND & Mosphena BRADSHAW; married Sadie Violet ALGUIRE, 21, of Northfield, d/o Gordon & Sara Ann ALGUIRE; witn F.C. RAYMOND, Mille Roches & Maisie ALGUIRE, Northfield, 23 Jun 1909, Cornwall

019349-09 Albert Thomas REDDY, 22, Labourer, of Bainsville, s/o William Frederick REDDY & Flora Louise ROBERTS; married Laura Jane SYERS, 21, of Bainsville, d/o Simon SYERS & Eliza THOMPSON; witn E.R. TANNER, Actonvale Que & Elise VERNON, Lacome Que, 27 Mar 1909, Lancaster 019380-09 William RENAUD, 25, Carpenter, of Chateau Blondeau, s/o Donitha RENAUD & Catherine ROI; married Mary Lideste SABOURIN, 24, of Brodie, d/o George SABOURIN & Maria THEOREST; witn Dosette RENAUD, Chateau Blondeau & Joseph POIRIER, Alexandria, 2 Aug 1909, Lochiel

020427-10 James H. RIDDELL, 25, Farmer, of Rowena, s/o Albert RIDDELL & Diana CASSELMAN; married Bertha BRONTMIRE, 18, of Rowena, d/o Michael BRONTMIRE & Sarah THORPE; witn Angus BRONTMIRE & Pearl RIDDELL, both Rowena, 29 Dec 1909, Rowena

019293-09 Alva Herman RIDDLE, 24, Farmer, of Winchester, s/o Peter RIDDLE & Caroline WESTON; married Florence Evelyn MELDRUM, 20, domestic, of Berwick, d/o George MELDRUM & Marguerite FLEMING, witn: Maurice & MELDRUM of Kingston & Melvin MELDRUM of, Berwick, 21 Jul 1909, Berwick

  019325-09 Harmel RISHER (Richer?), 29, Mechanic, of Montreal, s/o A. RISHER & Marie LANNE; married Agnes LACELLE, 34, Servant, of Kenyon, d/o Pierre LACELLE (deceased) & Agnes LACOMBE; witn Joseph St. GERMAIN, Alexandria & Baptiste LACOMBE, no place given, 4 Oct 1909, Greenfield
019146-09 Rodolph ROCHON, 19, Labourer, of Alexandria, s/o Helaire ROCHON & Alexina LABRECHE; married Rose PECARD, 19, of St. Raphaels, d/o Anthony PECARD & Flora LAPARLE (Laporte?); witn Adolphus PERCARD (sic), Alexandria & Delina GEROUN, St. Raphaels, 25 Jul 1909, St. Raphaels

019376-09 Francis ROULEAU, 33, Farmers son, of St. Telesphore Quebec, s/o John B. ROULEAU & Amelia THEOREST; married Mary Isabell POIRIER, 20, of Bainsville, d/o Joseph POIRIER & Ellen PICARD (deceased); witn Alphonse LAVIGNE & Mrs Jessie McDONALD, both Lochiel, 10 May 1909 Lochiel


019246-09 Duncan Arthur ST. ARMAND, 17, Clerk, of Cornwall, s/o Duncan ST. ARMAND & Catherine PAYMENT; married Ethel LEFEVRE, 21, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Andrew LEFEVRE & Julie ROBIDEAUX; witn Calixte LAPOINTE & Andrew LEFEVRE, both Cornwall, 8 Jun 1909, Cornwall Twp

019292-09 Mederic ST. LOUIS, 26, Labourer, of Cannamore, s/o Godfrois ST. LOUIS & Deline LAMOUR; married Elizabeth COUSINEAU, 30, Servant, of Cannamore, d/o Hermenigild COUSINEAU & Olive LAMOUREUX; witn Godfrois ST. LOUIS & Hermenigild COUSINEAU, both Crysler, 13 Jul 1909, Crysler

019452-09 Frank ST. PIERRE, 23, Labourer, Osnabruck Centre, Chesterville, s/o George ST. PIERRE & Mary J. CRITES; married Theodocie THOMPSON, 25, Servant, Newington, Newington, d/o Jerome THOMPSON & Catharine MATTICE; witn George H. THOMPSON & Mrs. G.H. THOMPSON, both Newington, 24 May 1909, Osnabruck

019354-09 Dieudonne SAUVE, 21, trackman, of Lancaster s/o Louis SAVE & Lucy ANDRE; married Anna CARRIERE, 18, of Lancaster d/o Peter CARRIERE & Armandine HEMERS? (Fai--? ); witn Joseph SAUVE & Mary Louise CARRIERE, both Lancaster 22 Jun 1909, Glen Nevis 019240-09 Oliver SECOURS, 50, Wood Merchant, Wid, of Cornwall, s/o Louis & Felecia SECOURS; married Phriscine LEFEVRE, 46, Mill Operative, Wid, of Cornwall, d/o Anthony LEFEVRE & Sophia LALONDE; witn Leda TANGUAY & Florida LEBLANCE, both Cornwall, 17 Jan 1909, Cornwall Twp

019268-09 William SEYMOUR, 24, Blacksmith, of Bonville, s/o Thomas SEYMOUR & Marcella SEGUIN; married Adelaide McDONALD, 28, Housemaid, of St. Andrews West, d/o Donald McDONALD & Mary McINTYRE; witn Alexander SEGUIN & Annie QUINN, both St. Andrews West, 11 Oct 1909, St. Andrews West

019319-09 James Ewart SHANNON, 21, Railroader, of St. Albans Vermont, s/o John P. SHANNON & Ellen Jane WHITE: married Margaret Ann McRAE, 24, Housekeeper, of St. Elmo, d/o Duncan McRAE & Mary MUNRO; witn Harry Evans CLEMENTS, Montreal & Margaret BLYTH, Dunvegan, 11 Aug 1909, St. Elmo

019185-09 George W. SNETSINGER, 59, Farmer, Wid, of Cornwall Twp, s/o George SNETSINGER & Eliza JOSEY; married Mary Frances BLONDIN, 56, of of d/o John BLONDIN & Margaret EAMER; witn Mary HAGGART & Lucy BLONDIN, both Cornwall, 5 May 1909, Cornwall

019334-09 Lawrence Henry Joseph SOMMERVILLE, 24, Clerk, of Montreal Quebec, s/o William James SOMMERVILLE & Louise Sarah CARTER; married Elizabeth Jane McDONELL, 24, of South Lancaster, d/o John Allen McDONELL & Isabella WILLIAMSON; witn Robert McDONELL, Lancaster & Isabella McDONELL, Montreal, 26 Apr 1909, Lancaster

019288-09 Allan STARK, 25, Farmer, of Finch Twp, s/o Alex STARK & Martha ROBERTSON; married Caroline DILLABOUGH, 20, Domestic, of Finch Twp, d/o William DILLABOUGH & Elizabeth STEWART; witn Minnie P. BELTON & Hattie HENRY, both Finch, 22 Dec 1909, Finch


019309-09 Alexander Donald STEWART, 38, Farmer, of Dunvegan, s/o Alexander A STEWART & Bella McRAE; married Mabel Ellen BARRETT, 25, housekeeper, of Athol, d/o John B. BARRETT & Sarah NICHOLSON; witn Arthur McKERCHER (D.D.S) & Mary HIGGINSON, both no place given, 23 Jun 1909, Athol, Glengarry Co

019266-09 Arthur STONE, 22, Labourer, of Cornwall, s/o Frank STONE & Catherine LALONDE; married Nora LAVIOLETTE, 19, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o George LAVIOLETTE & Ellen QUINNVILLE; witn Frank STONE & George LAVIOLETTE Jr, both Cornwall, 27 Sept 1909, Cornwall Twp

  019450-09 Charles Clinton STUBBS, 33, Marble Dealer, Farrans Point, Farrans Point, s/o Joseph STUBBS & Sarah McPHERSON; married Lena Gertrude GIBSON, 28, Farrans Point, Farrans Point, d/o William GIBSON & Hannah McCLEAN; witn Luella GIBSON, Farrans Point & Minerva CASSIDY, Aultsville, 5 May 1909, Aultsville

019284-09 Andrew SUMMERS, 41, Painter, Wid, of Berwick, s/o David SUMMERS & Margaret McMARTIN; married Jane COULTHARD, 41, of Cannamore, d/o Jas (Jos?) COULTHARD & Mary FETTERLEY; witn H.J. STEWART & M.E. BEN, both Finch, 5 Jun 1909, Finch

019243-09 Benjamin TAILLON, 29, Public Works Employee, Wid, of Cornwall, d/o Nelson TAILLON & Amelie SAUVE; married Eve LEGER, 22, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Frank LEGER & Agnes GUAY; witn Nelson TAILLON, Lancaster & Frank LEGER, Cornwall, 19 Apr 1909, Cornwall Twp

019368-09 Mathias TELLIER, 49, Farmer, Wid, of Lancaster s/o Francis TELLIER & Monique MALOUIN?; married Rachel MACDONALD, 22, of Dalhousie Stn, s/o Angus MACDONALD & Justine PICARD; witn Roarephe BROUSSEAU & Cassie MACDONALD, both Dalhousie Stn, 26 Oct 1909, Glen Nevis

019182-09 Daniel TERRAULT, 82, Labourer, Wid, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph TERRAULT & Louise MAUTAUD (Mantand?); married Azelia DUSAULT, 67, Wid, of Cornwall, d/o Joseph DUSAULT & Mary BERTHIAUME, witn Alexander CORBET & John LANDRY, both Cornwall, 26 Apr 1909, Cornwall

019191-09 Gordon Alexander THOMPSON, 23, Farmer, of Chateaugay NY, s/o Alexander THOMPSON & Sarah McCRACKEN; married Susie Grace TWADDLE, 21, of Borke NY USA, s/o Frank TWADDLE & Mary GORDON; witn Mary R. McGILLIVRAY, Cornwall & Ethel MILLS, no place given, 5 Jun 1909, Cornwall

020426-10 Garret TIMLICK, 27, Merchant, of Hanesville, s/o James TIMLICK & Martha TOOLEY; married Mabel COOK, 25, of Dundela, d/o William COOK & Lancy STRADER; witn A.H. MERKLEY & Ida McINTOSH, both Dundela, 27 Oct 1909, Dundela 019365-09 William Francis TRAYES (Traves?), 37, Editor, Wid, of Merominer? Mich, s/o John Brooke TRAYES & Marianna GAUDRY; married Margaret McNICHOL, 28, of Lancaster, d/o John McNICHOL & Mary Ann ROSS; witn Duncan McNICHOL & Sophia McLENNAN, both Lancaster, 5 Oct 1909, Lancaster

019248-09 James TYO, 50, Farmer, Wid, of St. Raphaels, s/o Alexander TYO & Mary KENNEDY; married Catherine FISHER, 40, Servant, of St. Andrews West, d/o James FISHER & Janet McDONALD; witn Angus RUSSELL, St. Andrews West & Georgia TYO, St. Raphaels, 1 Jun 1909, St. Andrews West

019317-09 Albert UNDERWOOD, 27, Clerk, of Montreal, s/o Allan UNDERWOOD & Annie JONES; married Normanda MURRAY, 25, housekeeper, of Dunvegan, d/o Norman M.L. MURRAY & Catherine GLEASON; witn Albert V. HARDWICK, Montreal & Rachel S. McLEOD, Skye, 1 Jul 1909, Dunvegan

019295-09 Gordon VANCE, 31, Farmer, Wid, of Newington, s/o Robert VANCE & Angeline WARNER; married Cassie DAWSON, 29, Domestic, of Finch Twp, d/o Paul DAWSON & Charlotte WALDROFF; witn A.W. HILLESTER & Jennie HILLESTER, both Cornwall, 11 Aug 1909, Finch

019353-09 Emilien VIAU, 24, Farmer, of Lancaster s/o Ernest VIAU & Catherine BOUGIE; married Octave DECOSTE, 23, of Lancaster d/o Joseph DECOSTE & Octavie BRUNET; witn Alderic ROZON, Glen Nevis & Exilda DECOSTE, Lancaster Twp, 24 May 1909, Glen Nevis


019236-09 Charles Edward WARNER, 32, Livery, of Cornwall, d/o Johiel WARNER & Nancy McCONNOLL; married Lillian Catherine FROOM, 33, Wid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Michael JOHNSTON & Margaret Jane WOOD; witn Michael SNETSINGER & Margaret WOOD, both Cornwall, 2 Feb 1909, Cornwall Twp

019454-09 George A. WARNER, 31, Carpenter, Wid, of Toronto, s/o Gordon Albert WARNER & Ellen Martha BRADSHAW; married Alberta Hester SHAVER, 27, Newington, Newington, d/o William Hiram SHAVER & Dorothy BOAL; witn Melvin SHAVER, Newington & Minnie HAMILTON, Finch, 29 Jun 1909, Newington
  019195-09 Doras A. WEEGAR, 28, Farmer, of Northfield, s/o Zach WEEGAR & Elizabeth WARREN; married Rose HILL, 21, of Northfield, d/o Solomon HILL & Ida CLINE; witn Mrs R. HARKNESS & H.W. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 30 Jun 1909, Cornwall

019366-09 Robert WELCHER, 22, Labourer, of Lancaster Twp, s/o Samuel WELCHER & Mary Jane WOODS; married Edith LOBER, 23, of Lancaster Twp, d/o Peter LOBER & Charlotte CARTER; witn Will LOBER, Lancaster & Nellie BURKE, Glen Nevis, 6 Oct 1909, Lancaster

019371-09 John WELCHER, 29, Farmer, of Lancaster s/o Samuel WELCHER & Mary Jane WOODS; married Bertha LAUBER, 26, of Lancaster d/o Peter LAUBER & Charlotte CARTER; witn Philip ST. JOHN, Bainsville & Ida LAUBER, Lancaster, 8 Dec 1909, Lancaster Twp

019254-09 Wilburn WERT, 22, Farmer, of Newington, s/o Edgar WERT & Maggie BUSH; married Gertie RUNIONS, 22, House Maid, of Northfield, d/o Herman RUNIONS & Martha DORAN; witn Wilbart WERT, Newington & Ada McBRIDE, Northfield Station, 1 Sept 1909, Northfield


019171-09 Clarence Marcus WHITFORD, 24, Labourer, of Glen Walter, s/o Edward WHITFORD & Eliza SPECK; married Christina TYO, 18, Domestic Servant, of Glen Walter, d/o Angus & Mary TYO; witn David JENKINS of Kingston & Edward WHITFORD, Cornwall Twp, 15 Feb 1909, Cornwall

019239-09 James WICKS, 21, Farmer, of Tyotown, s/o Andrew WICKS & Kate BLANCHARD; married Maude LAPLANTE, 19, Housemaid, of Tyotown, d/o Frank LAPLANTE & Ellen ROUSELLE; wit Herman LAPLANTE & Cassie BELMORE, both Cornwall, 22 Feb 1909, Cornwall Twp

019209-09 Reginald Daniel WIGGETT, 27, Commercial Traveller, of Sherbrooke Quebec, s/o Edward George WIGGETT & Cornelia WEBSTER; married Anna May WEAGANT, 25, of Cornwall, d/o George H. WEAGANT & Laura STUART; witn E. Montague WIGGETT, Sherbrooke & Hilda SMITH, Cornwall, 8 Sept 1909, Cornwall

020425-10 Charles WINGARD, 41, Merchant, of Wainwright Atla, s/o John WINGARD & Catherine SUTHERLAND; married Lillian B. WADDELL, 26, of Matilda, d/o William WADDELL & Harriet McINTOSH; witn William WADDELL & Mrs William WADDELL, both Dixon’s Corners, 21 Oct 1909, Matilda Twp


019364-09 William YOUNG, 32, Farmer, of Lancaster, s/o George YOUNG & Mary MUNRO; married Mary Louisa ARMOUR, 18, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Angus ARMOUR & Agnes Janet STEEL; witn Lorne M. McBAIN, Bainsville & Lillie YOUNG, Lancaster, 16 Jun 1909, Lancaster