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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1910

birth place is given before residence


020252-10 William George ABRAMS, 25, Farmer, of Williamstown, s/o Albert ABRAMS & Delila JARVO; married Mary Lorette ANABALE (or Annable), 26, School Teacher, of Cornwall, d/o Myron Joseph ANABALE (deceased) & Mary Margaret McDONALD; witn Sidney ABRAMS & Florence McPHAUL, both no place given, 10 Jan 1910, Cornwall

020309-10 Joseph Sidney ABRAMS, 28, Baker, of Summerstown Station, s/o William ABRAMS & Julia Ann SMITH; married Janet Isabella WARDEN, 27, of Williamstown, d/o James WARDEN (deceased) & Agnes STERLING  (deceased); wit Arthur PARISIEN & Eva ABRAMS, both no place given, 21 Nov 1910, Cornwall
020391-10 Arthur ADAMS, 25, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o Daniel ADAMS & Amy FROOM; married Mary Maude ADAMS, 28, none given, Iroquois, d/o John ADAMS & Sarah VAN ALLEN; witn J. Gordon ADAMS, Edwardsburg & Emma COONS, Iroquois, 28 Dec 1910, Dundas 020364-10 William ALFORD, 24, Farmer, of Chesterville, s/o John H. ALFORD & Rachel WHOLEHOUR; married Gertrude Rosemond KENNEDY, 23, of Colquhon, d/o William KENNEDY & Easter CUNNINGHAM; wit Nellie F. KENNEDY & Mrs. Agnes BLACK, both Colquhon, 9 Mar 1910, Finch
020317-10 Chester Michael ALGUIRE, 22, Farmer, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Alfred ALGUIRE & Martha HAUTE; married Laura Alma PHILLIPS, 24, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o William PHILLIPS & Marie HARTLE; wit George Arthur WARNER & Lila MILROY, both Cornwall Centre, 26 Jan 1910, Cornwall Twp 020302-10 Clarence ALGUIRE, 28, Labourer, of Roxborough Twp, d/o William ALGUIRE & Julia RUPERT; married Agnes McCOLL, 21, of Cornwall Twp, d/o William McCOLL & Janet VALLENCE; wit Cecil BETHUNE, Avonmore & Janet McCOLL, Harrisons Corners, 19 Oct 1910, Cornwall
  020313-10 Charles Rupert BAKER, 31, of Montreal, s/o William BAKER & Maria WILLIAMSON; married Cassie Ann VALLEY, 29, of Montreal, d/o William VALLEY & no mother given; wit Vina LEGAULT & John LEGAULT, both Cornwall, 29 Dec 1910, Cornwall

020445-10 Russel Lee BALDWIN, 23, Farmer, none given, Inkerman, s/o Ezra BALDWIN & Hattie McEWEN; married Laura Pearl GREY, 22, none given, South Mountain, d/o Thomas A. GREY & Annie GILMOUR; witn Burton M. POUPORE, Bromley Lane & Mrs Daniel WEBB, Mountain, 31 Aug 1910, South Mountain

020272-10 Mason Orland BARKLEY, 24, Cheese maker, of Williamstown, s/o Reuben Abraham BARKLEY & Allan Lucinda WEAGER; married Annie Florence ABRAM, 22, of Summerstown, d/o William Alexander ABRAM & Julia Anna SMITH; witn James William CLINE & Maud WALDROFF, both Cornwall, 8 Jun 1910, Cornwall

020275-10 Charles Edward BARNHART, 24, Lumber Yard Foreman, of Cornwall, d/o Solomon BARNHART & Mary LAUBER; married Mary Ann GRANT, 20, of Cornwall, d/o Duncan A. GRANT & Susanna McETHERON; witn Duncan A. GRANT & Lillie M. ROSS, both Cornwall, 15 Jun 1910, Cornwall

020451-10 Edward BARRIGAR, 37, Steam Fitter, none given, Inkerman, s/o Abraham BARRIGAR & Grace Ann STRINGER; married Maude BARTLEY, 23, none given, Inkerman, d/o William BARTLEY & Mary BARKLEY; witn Ben BOLTON, Inkerman & Lois BARTLEY, no place given, 28 Dec 1910, Inkerman

020223-10 John BARRON, no age given, Farmer, Wid, none given, Crysler, s/o James BARRON & Jessie WARREN; married Elsie BARKIN (Burkin?), no age given, housekeeper, none given, Crysler, d/o William BARKIN & Maggie HUBBARD; witn Olive CASSELMAN & Desta E. WOODS, both Chesterville, 14 Jun 1910, Chesterville

No number-11 George F. BEARDSLEY, 23, Militia Staff Clerk, no place given, Ottawa, s/o George BEARDSLEY & Sarah ALCOCK; married Kate May McLENNAN, 22, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o Duncan R. & Mary Ann McLENNAN; witn Duncan R. McLENNAN, Lancaster & George BEARDSLEY, Ottawa, 1 Nov 1910, Charlottenburgh

020233-10 Lawrence Chamley BELL, 28, Draughtsman, none given, Cobalt, s/o James BELL & Janet PORTEONS; married Jennie Louise MUNROE, 26, Clerk, none given, Montreal Quebec, d/o George [MUNRO] & Martha SHAVER; witn Alex M. C. MUNRO, Montreal & Mary A. McELROY, Chesterville, 14 Sept 1910, Chesterville

020359-10 William Leonard BELL, 23, Merchant, of Chesterville, s/o L.S. BELL & Martha DEEKS; married Gertrude SHIRKEY, 24, of Chesterville, d/o Francis SHIRKEY & Sarah STITTMEYER; wit Mrs. W.D. BELL & Robina BELL, both Finch, 20 Sept 1910, Finch
020510-10 Edmond BENOIT, 28, farmer, of Crysler Village, s/o Augustin BENOIT, farmer & Marie CHAMPAGNE, married Clara BROULX, 19, house maid, of Moose Creek Ont, d/o Charles GROULX, labourer & Exaljhie LEGER, witn: Ferdinand BENOIT, Crysler Ont & Agnes GROULX, Moose Creek, 10 Jan 1910 at Moose Creek Stormont Co, (RC) 020365-10 Theophile BENOIT, 25, Farmer, of Crysler, s/o Oliver BENOIT & Elizabeth LABONTE; married Beatrice HERBERT, 22, of Finch, d/o Tousaint HERBERT & Victorine LARICHELEINE; wit Felix HERBERT & Lea BENOIT, both Crysler, 4 Apr 1910, Crysler
020323-10 Alfred BERCIER, 21, Mill Operative, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Alfred BERCIER & Philomine SENECAL; married Elizabeth STACEY, 19, of Cornwall, d/o Michael STACEY & Eveline WELLS; wit Alfred BERCIER & Theopolis TREMBLAY, both Cornwall, 8 Feb 1910, Cornwall Twp  

020329-10 Arthur James BERGERON, 24, Labourer, of Cornwall, s/o Antoine BERGERON & Margaret ST. THOMAS; married Margaret Ann MERPAN (Merpau?), 21, Servant, none given Grants Corners, d/o Joseph MERPAN & Mary Ann LALONDE; wit Albert BERGERON, Cornwall Centre & Agnes MERPAN, Grants Corners

020417-10 Jephrem BERNIER, 23, Clerk, none given, Montreal, s/o Sedre (Ledre?) BERNIER & Philomene LEBERE; married Marie SAUVIE, 23, none given, Glen Robertson, d/o Isaac SAUVIE & Bridget HUGHES; witn Nap. BERNIER, St. Cungonde Montreal & Isaac SAUVIE, Glen Robertson, 20 Jun 1910, Glen Robertson

020232-10 James BLACK, 30, Labourer, Wid, none given, Chesterville, s/o Thomas BLACK & Mary Ann LONDEN; married Esther Ann HUNT, 23, Servant, none given, Chesterville, d/o David HUNT & Elizabeth WESTON; witn none given, 3 Sept 1910, Chesterville

020229-10 Harold Palmer BLACK, 21, Farmer, none given, Winchester, s/o James J. BLACK & Janet SMITH; married Mable MERKLEY, 20, Clerk, none given, Chesterville, d/o Chester MERKLEY & Sarah PICKERING; witn Lena C. MERKLEY, Chesterville & Mrs. C. ROBINSON, Moncton NB, 16 Nov 1910, Chesterville

020424-10 Hugh Alexander BLAIR, 30, Farmer, none given, Moose Creek, s/o William BLAIR & Bella MENARD; married Catherine Christie McDERMID, 26, none given, Tayside, d/o John McDERMID & Janet McKERCHER; witn William D. BLAIR, Moose Creek & Florence FRASER, Sand?, 2 Nov 1910, Maxville

020353-10 Albert BLAIR, 22, Farmer, of Berwick, s/o Edward BLAIR & Victoria LALONDE; married Lucy Ada OUDERKIRK, 20, of Crysler, d/o John OUDERKIRK & Mary LANG; wit Carmel SMIRLE, Berwick & Mary Ann OUDERKIRK, Crysler, 28 Jun 1910, Finch

020439-10 Henry Alexander BLAKLEY, 24, butcher, none given, South Mountain, s/o William BLAKLEY & Eliza Jane MAGEE: married Mary Easter BOYCE, 20, none given, South Mountain, d/o Joseph Devlin BOYCE & Elizabeth MASON; witn Joseph Devlin BOYCE & William BLAKLEY, both South Mountain, 9 Mar 1910, South Mountain  
020218-10 Berton BLANCHER, 23, Farmer, none given, Lombardy, s/o Albert BLANCHER & Catherine LEACH; married Ida Pearl FAWCETT, 21, none given, Winchester Twp, d/o Daniel FAWCETT & Mary PICKERING; witn Ebert F. BLANSHER, Smith Falls & Leafly FAWCETT, Hanesville, 23 Feb 1910, Chesterville

020449-10 William BOAL, 28, Farmer, none given, Newington, s/o John R. BOAL & Lydia WALDROFF; married Lucinda Phoebe BARKLEY, 25, none given, Inkerman, d/o John H. BARKLEY & Ellen CASSIDY; witn George MELROSS & Maud BARKLEY, both Inkerman, 7 Dec 1910, Inkerman

020259-10 Oscar BOCAGE (Beaucage?), 22, Farmer, of St. Raphaels, s/o Albert BOCAGE (deceased) & Hilda PARENT; married Gertrude LAPLANTE, 23, of Tyotown, d/o Frank LAPLANTE & Ellen RUSSELL (deceased); witn Edward LAVIGNE & Mary LAVIGNE, both Glen Walter, 31 Jan 1910, Cornwall

020234-10 John Wilford BOGART, 26, Farmer, none given, Berwick, s/o John BOGART & Mary EMPEY; married Ruth CARR, 24, Housekeeper, none given, Grantley, d/o James CARR & Bell BECKSTEAD; witn Augusta S. MADDEN & Jane BROWN, both Chesterville, 19 Oct 1910, Chesterville
020371-10 Emile BOITEAU, 26, Blacksmith, of Ottawa, s/o Philibert BOITEAU & Rosalie CHATEAUVERT; married Emmelie CARRIERE, 20, Seamstress, of Crysler, d/o Isidore CARRIERE & Marie Louise LEPAGE; with Philibert BOILEAU, Ottawa & Gideon CARRIERE, Brownsburg, 15 Nov 1910, Crysler

020388-10 Jerry W. BOUCK, 33, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o Joseph BOUCK & Adeline CARRIGAN; married Margaret Bell JOHNSTON, 36, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o William JOHNSTON & Alicia SHAVER; witn Asael JOHNSTON & Dora JOHNSTON, both Diane?, 14 Sept 1910, Dundas

  020328-10 Albert BOYER, 21, Mill Operative, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Joseph BOYER & Mary Jane MARTIN; married Florida BOURGON, 23, Mill Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Frank BOURGON & Donalda LAVIGNE; wit Napoleon BOURGON & Eva ROUSELLE, both Cornwall, 25 Apr 1910, Cornwall Twp

020423-10 Allen Frederick BRAYMAN, 22, Sawyer, none given, Cornwall, s/o James BRAYMAN & Minnie CARTHER; married Lillian Beryl Haudyne LOVIS, 18, none given, Maxville, d/o Earnest J. LOVIS & Catherine WHISSEL; witn Mrs. E.J. LOVIS & Mrs Rod McKAY, both Maxville, 29 Oct 1910, Glengarry

020408-10 Joseph BREBANT, 30, Cheese maker, none given, Glen Robertson, s/o Joseph BREBANT & Ellen BRUNET; married Maria ROUSSIN, no age given, none given, Glen Robertson, d/o R. ROUSSIN (deceased) & Alvina MASSEY; witn Joseph BREBANT, Glen Robertson & Jasper LACOMBE, Montreal, 11 Jan 1910, Glen Robertson

020235-10 Francis BROSSEAU, 68, Labourer, Wid, none given, Williamstown, s/o Peter BROSSEAU & Rose RUCHBRIENE; married Mary Ann PELON, 44, Servant, none given, Martintown, d/o Thomas PELON & Mary NOLEN; witn Alvin? LAPUM (Laprim?), Williamstown & Mary Bell LEGROIX Martintown, 10 Jan 1910, Williamstown

020356-10 William H. BROWNELL, 28, Civil Servant, of Ottawa, s/o James E. BROWNELL & Mary HOUGH; married Mary Margaret McRAE, 27, of Avonmore, d/o Malcolm McRAE & Mary McAULEY; wit E.G. BROWNELL & Bessie McRAE, both Avonmore, 9 Aug 1910, Avonmore

020349-10 Henry William BROWNLEE, 23, Engineer, of Russell, s/o Norman Henry BROWNLEE & Sarah RANEY; married Alice DILLABOUGH, 25, Domestic, of Crysler, d/o Henry & Margaret DILLABOUGH; wit Russell STEARNS, Russell & Mammie BRADLEY, Smith Falls, 8 Jun 1910, Crysler 020400-10 Alexander BRUNET, 23, Labourer, none given, Montreal, s/o Joseph BRUNET & Josephine PIETTE; married Celina CORNIER, 21, none given, Lancaster, d/o Moses CORNIER & Julia DUFRESNE; witn George CORNIER & Florence BODWAY, both Lancaster, 14 Nov 1910, Lancaster
  020358-10 William BUCKLAIR, 21, Farmer, of s/o John BUCKLAIR & Maggie LANGLOIS; married E. Katie FERGUSON, 20, of Montreal, d/o Edward GAGNON & Katie FERGUSON; wit George F. FORSYTH, Glen Payne & Annie CAMERON, Finch, 20 Sept 1910, Finch

020393-10 Robert William CAMERON, 29, Farmer, none given, Fassifern, s/o Donald C. CAMERON & Margory McPHEE; married Elizabeth Rae McDONALD, 26, none given, Greenfield, d/o Michael McDONALD & Jane URQUHART; witn D.E. McMASTER, Fassifern & M. URQUHART, Montreal, 15 Mar 1910, Dunvegan

020390-10 John CAMPBELL, 38, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o Angus CAMPBELL & Flora McDONALD; married Jane McSHANE, 38, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o James McSHANE & Margaret WATT; witn Gusta JOHNSTON & Martha LESLIE, both Iroquois, 19 Oct 1910, Dundas

020452-10 James Robert CARLYLE, 26, Farmer, none given, Reids Mills, s/o Thomas CARLYLE & Eliza Jane McCONNEL; married Agness SMITH, 27, none given, Reids Mills, adopted d/o John CARLYLE & Mrs John CARLYLE; witn William J. REID, Reids Mills & Mrs M.H. WILSON, Mountain, 23 Dec 1910, Mountain


020342-10 Napoleon CARON, 24, Mill Hand, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Edward CARON & Listhia BELANGER; married Blanche TREMBLAY, 19, Mill Hand, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Joseph TREMBLAY & Victoria BONVILLE; wit Edward CARON & Joseph TREMBLAY, both Cornwall, 31 Oct 1910, Cornwall Twp #020518-10 Robert Peter CARTHER, 26, farmer, of Strathmore Ont, s/o Angus CARTHER, farmer & Ellen MILLER, married Christine FERGUSON, 24, of near Strathmore, d/o Duncan FERGUSON, farmer & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: Malcolm CARTHER, Monkland & Walter FERGUSON, Strathmore, 22 June 1910 at Strathmore

020267-10 William Edward CARVILL, 41, Customs Officer, of Nyavda NY, s/o William CARVILL & Sarah A. FORSYTHE; married Jessie Sarah FETTERLY, 26, Dry Goods Clerk, d/o Zenas FETTERLY & Janet McCRACKEN; witn L.M. FETTERLY, Kingston & Grace McCRACKEN, Cornwall, 30 Apr 1910, Cornwall

#020513-10 John B. CHARTRAND, 30, farmer, of St. Isidore Prescott Co, s/o John B. CHARTRAND, farmer & Caroline LANTHIER, married Alberta ST. DENIS, 22, house maid, of Moose Creek, d/o Ducher ST. DENIS, retired farmer & Vitiline LALONDE, witn: Damien CASTONGUAY & John B. CHARTRAND, both of St. Isidore, 4 Apr 1910 at Moose Creek  (RC)
020348-10 Robert James CLEMENTS, 24, Carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o William R. CLEMENTS & Mary GRAIG; married Minerva McMILLAN, 19, of Finch, d/o John McMILLAN & Althyan CAMPBELL; wit George CAMERON & Ada CAMPBELL, both Finch, 11 May 1910, Finch 020346-10 Myles CLINE, 21, Farmer, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Henry CLINE & Mary Ann CLARK; married Jessie GALLINGER, 18, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Henry GALLINGER & Mary ANDERSON; wit Albert SNETSINGER, Eamers Corners & Maude GALLINGER, Cornwall, 27 Jul 1910, Cornwall Twp

020379-10 Robert COCKER (CORKER?), 31, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o James COCKER & Mary Jane CURRIE; married Hannah Esther BLAIR, 23, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Archibald BLAIR & Annie WRIGHT; witn Flossie McARTHUR & Maria McARTHUR, both Iroquois, 23 Mar 1910, Iroquois

No number-11  Thomas Ross CRAIG, 32, Barber, none given, Martintown, s/o Charles M. CRAIG & Helen Ann SNYDER; married Catherine Ida McFARLANE, 30, none given, Martintown, d/o John McFARLANE & Janet LEITCH; witn Mrs. Robert HARKNESS, Cornwall & Mrs. J.B. McLEOD, Martintown, 14 Dec 1910, Martintown

020214-10 Peter Edward CURTIS, 25, Gentleman, none given, Ottawa, s/o Leonard James CURTIS & Eleanor COMBES?; married Margaret KEMP, 29, none given, Alexandria, d/o George KEMP & Harriet? ROLLA; witn Cecil KEMP & Marie Bell KEMP, both Alexandria, 14 Nov 1910, Alexandria

020414-10 Anzel DEMERS, 21, Cheese maker, none given, Glen Robertson, s/o Oliver DEMERS & Marie CARDINAL; married Marie Anne LEVAC, 19, none given, Glen Sandfield, d/o Joe LEVAC & Robertine BERIAULT; witn William LEVAC & Sarah DEMERS, both Glen Robertson, 18 Apr 1910, Glen Robertson

020315-10 Edwin DEROUSIE, 31, Labourer, of Cornwall Twp, s/o no father given & Martha DEROUSIE; married Ethel Louise HART, 21, House Maid, of Cornwall, d/o William HART & no mother given; wit John RICHARDSON, Mille Roches & M. MYERS, Moulinette, 10 Jan 1910, Moulinette  
020375-10 Norman Irwin DILLABOUGH, 23, Farmer, of Morewood, s/o Henry DILLABOUGH & Elizabeth SMIRL; married Annie June SERVAGE, 25, of Crysler, d/o William SERVAGE & Catherine REYNOLDS; wit Jennie SERVAGE & William SERVAGE, both Crysler, 21 Dec 1910, Crysler 020307-10 Thomas Russell DUNKIN, 26, Store Helper, of Cornwall, s/o William H. DUNKIN & no mother given; married Helen Maude TYO, 28, of none given, d/o Joseph TYO & Esther MURPHY; wit Joseph TYO, William DUNKIN, both Cornwall, Kathleen TYO, Tyotown & Mrs. DUNKIN, Cornwall, 2 Nov 1910, Cornwall

020270-10 Rowland Arthur DUPRAU, 21, Electrician, of Morrisburg, s/o George E. DUPRAU & Mary W. EAGER; married Catherine FARLINGER, 20, of Cornwall, d/o George A. FARLINGER & Lucy ROBINSON; witn George A. FARLINGER & Lucy FARLINGER, both Cornwall, 30 May 1910, Cornwall

020217-10 Milton Howard DURANT, 21, Farmer, none given, Winchester Twp, s/o John DURANT & Sarah HUMMEL; married Ada Bell BARKLEY, 22, housekeeper, none given, Chesterville, d/o George BARKLEY & Anley NEPHEW; witn Fred BARKLEY & Desta E. WOODS, both Chesterville, 15 Feb 1910, Chesterville
020343-10 Anthony DUROCHER, 29, Mill Hand, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Angus DUROCHER & Delina PLAMODON; married Amanda PROVOST, 24, Seamstress, of Cornwall Twp, d/o John PROVOST & Adele POIRIOR; wit Edward PLAMODON & Evan PROVOST, both Cornwall, 21 Nov 1910, Cornwall Twp 020421-10 Andrew Ebie EAMER, 23, Farmer, none given, Harrisons Corners, s/o Peter EAMER & Mary E. ARMSTONG; married Sadie Ethel TINKESS, 18, none given, Osnabruck Centre, d/o James Benjamin TINKESS & Margaret NORMAN; witn Mrs Annie McKAY & Helen McKAY, both Maxville, 28 Jun 1910, Maxville

020296-10 George Henry EASTWOOD, 27, Cotton Mill Assist Overseer, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph EASTWOOD & Eliza WHITELEY; married Bessie Halls McDONALD, 23, of Cornwall, d/o Alex McDONALD & Minnie JOHNSTON; witn M. Ada McDONALD & Frank EASTWOOD, both Cornwall, 21 Sept 1910, Cornwall

#020521-10 George Alexander EMMELL, 24, labourer, of Sturgeon Falls, s/o William EMMELL, farmer & Euphemie ANKIE, married Bernadetta PERRIER, 22, of Moose Creek, d/o Calixte PERRIER, farmer & Amanda MONTEALIN, witn: William EMMEL & Calixte PERRIER, both of Moose Creek, 23 May 1910 at Moose Creek, (RC)

020369-10 Stephen William EMPEY, 22, Farmer, of Rosetown Sask, s/o William George EMPEY & Mary Ann McMARTIN; married Mary Catherine PRICE, 21, Domestic Servant, of Finch, d/o Angus Isaiah PRICE & Alice Ellen WARNER; wit John Earl PRICE, Finch & Mrs. Alfred CASSELMAN, Berwick, 2 Nov 1910, Finch

020357-10 Roy George EMPEY, 23, Farmer, of Finch, s/o Philis EMPEY & Jane ELIGH; married B. Margaret CAMERON, 23, Milliner, of Finch, d/o Arch. D. CAMERON & Hannah McINTYRE; wit J.G. CAMERON & Hannah CAMERON, both Finch, 30 Aug 1910, Finch

  020444-10 James Edwin EVANS, 31, Farmer, none given, Osgoode, s/o Henry EVANS & Margaret HYNDMAN; married Ella REILLY, 19, none given, Osgoode, d/o Wallie REILLY & Jennet DOOD; witn Mrs C. HYNDMAN & Mrs. M.H. WILSON, both Mountain, 10 Aug 1910, Mountain

020429-10 Homer EVERETT, 22, Farmer, none given, Matilda, s/o Elisha A. EVERETTS (sic) & Jane SHAW; married Ruby E. KECK, 21, none given, Matilda, d/o William KECK & Ella SHARPE; witn George R. McCASLIN & Margaret E. KECK, both Iroquois, 29 Jun 1910, Matilda

020327-10 Frederick FARNER, 25, Hotel Keeper, none give, Hawkesbury, s/o Frank FARNER & Annie MORLEY; married Elizabeth DUROCHIE, 25, Clerk, of Cornwall, d/o Daniel DUROCHIE & Catherine CHATLINE; wit Frank FARNER, Hawkesbury & Charles DUROCHIE, Cornwall, 12 Apr 1910, Cornwall Twp

020448-10 John Thomas FERGUSON, 23, farmer, none given, Osnabruck, s/o John P. FERGUSON & Arabella BECKSTEAD; married Winnifred May THOMPSON, 20, none given, Mountain, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Leaphy BOLTON; witn W.P. FERGUSON, Iroquois & Vidal THOMPSON, Inkerman, 13 Sept 1910, Mountain

020285-10 Ralph Owen FINCHAM, 21, Farmer, of Woodlands, s/o Albert FINCHAM & Alvina ZEREN?; married Lottie JARVIS, 22, of Farrans Point, d/o Edward JARVIS & Sarah ELI; witn Jarvis FERNLEIGH, Farrans Point & Bessie L. FINCHAM, Woodlands, 23 Aug 1910, Cornwall
020347-10 Harvey FISHER, 28, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, s/o Henry FISHER & Cesaire ROBERT; married Rose BOYER, 28, Mill Operative, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Joseph BOYER & Mary Jane MARTIN; wit Frank FISHER & Jessie BOYER, both Cornwall, 26 Sept 1910, Cornwall Twp  

020241-10 Simon Albert FLEMANT (Fleurant?), 23, Labourer, none given, St. Andrews West, s/o Levi FLEMANT & Mary Ann O'NEIL; married Mary Catherine BERGERON, 21, none given, Summerstown, d/o Duncan BERGERON; witn William BROWN & Ann BERGERON, both Summerstown, 4 Apr 1910, Williamstown

#020516-10 George FLEMING, 27, farmer, of Dunnegan Kenyon Twp, s/o not known(home boy), married Ellen F. CAMERON, 27, of Dunnegan Kenyon Twp, d/o Donald CAMERON, farmer & Maggie BRADLEY, witn: C.A. STEWARD M.D., Moose Creek & Electa MCKILLIEAN, Dyer, 5 Apr 1910 at Dyer, Roxborough Twp

020294-10 William Paul FORREST, 22, Locomotive Fireman, of Montreal, s/o John C. FORREST & Margaret HIGGINS; married Maude May CRITES, 22, of Cornwall, d/o Walter W. CRITES & Janet FRASER; witn Walter W. CRITES & Mabel CRITES, both Cornwall, 21 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020322-10 Joseph Louis FORTIN, 23, Tailor, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph Narcisse FORTIN & Marie BURBE; married Yvonne DEXTRAS, 21, of Cornwall, d/o Trefle DEXTRAS & Georgie SEGUOIN; wit Arthur DEXTRAS, Cornwall & Alice FORTIN, Montreal, 25 Jan 1910, Cornwall Twp

020281-10 Edward FOUBERT, 23, Factory hand, of Cornwall, s/o John FOUBERT & Ellen LAJEUNESS; married Mary Margaret MILLER, 20, Servant, of Cornwall, d/o Louis MILLER & Ida ELDERBROOM; witn Michael HEAGLE & Eliza FOUBERT, both Cornwall, 29 Jun 1910, Cornwall

020293-10 Alexander FRASER, 32, Farmer, of Glen Walter, s/o Angus FRASER (deceased) & Christy McDOUGALL (deceased); married Clara McGEE, 24, of Glen Walter, d/o Oliver McGEE (deceased) & Catherine McDONALD; witn James McDONALD & Laura ABRAMS, both no place given, 19 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020412-10 Roderick Angus FRASER, 28, Farmer, none given, St. Anne de Prescott, s/o Lewis FRASER & Christina McMILLAN; married Christina McDONALD, 25, School Teacher, none given, Brodie, d/o Rod. McDONALD & Christina Ann McLEOD; witn Donald FRASER or FRAZER, Montana & Mary Jane McLEOD, Kirkhill, 2 ? 1910, Brodie

020422-10 John FRASER, 29, Farmer, none given, Cornwall, s/o Dan FRASER & Sarah McGILLIS; married Ruth TAIT, 21, none given, Stormont, d/o William TAIT & Jane KILBORNE; witn Hellan ROBINSON & Sandy TAIT, both no place given, 19 Oct 1910, Glengarry

020224-10 Albert Nuttall? FULTON, 25, Farmer, none given, Chesterville, s/o Robert D. FULTON & Nora CASSELMAN; married Rubie Belle ALLISON, 21, none given, Chesterville, d/o William John ALLISON & Jane HELMER?; witn no witness given, 22 Jan 1910, Chesterville

020261-10 Joseph Rosario GAUTHIER, 20, Plumber, of Montreal Quebec, s/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Sophia PAIMENT; married Ammanda MARENGER, 18, of Montreal, d/o Adica? MARENGER & Olympe FORTE; witn Joseph GOGO & Philomene RUEST, both Cornwall, 26 Feb 1910, Cornwall

020406-10 John M. GELINEAU, 48, Farmer, Wid, none given, Lochiel, s/o Peter GELINEAU & Elmire BEDARD; married Catherine McDONALD, 50yrs 3 mos., none given, Lochiel, d/o Arch S. McDONALD (deceased) & Ann McMILLAN; witn Mr & Mrs DUNCAN & J. McDONELL, both Lochiel, 26 Jun 1910, Lochiel

020297-10 Thomas GOOD, 22, Papermill Hand, of Mille Roches, s/o John GOOD & Jane G. SINCLAIR; married Minnie Agnes MACARTHUR, 23, of Cornwall, d/o William MACARTHUR & Minnie CLARKE; witn Hugh LAWSON & Eliz M. SINCLAIR, both Cornwall, 22 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020397-10 Alphonse L. GORMAN, 27, Bookkeeper, none given, Montreal, s/o John GORMAN & Jane KANE; married Mary Ann MACPHEE, 24, none given, Lancaster, d/o Angus MACPHEE & Flora Jane HEANEY; witn Thomas L. GORMAN, Montreal & Elizabeth MACPHEE, Lancaster, 28 Sept 1910, Lancaster 020308-10 William Frederick GOULD, 33, Loom Fixer, of Cornwall, s/o Frederick William GOULD & Sarah Ann BLANDFORD; married Gertrude May GOSLING, 31, Wid, of Cornwall, d/o William SHERWOOD (foster father) & Alice Ann WILSON (foster mother); wit Frederick William GOULD, Sarah Ann GOULD & Alice Ann INKERWOOD, all no place given, 16 Nov 1910, Cornwall
020331-10 Alexander GRANT, 30, Farmer, of Loch Garry, s/o Louis GRANT & Catherine CAMERON; married Janet McDONALD, 34, House Maid, of Roxborough Twp, d/o A.R. & Margaret McDONALD; wit Angus GRANT, Loch Garry & Margaret McDONALD, Apple Hill, 6 Jun 1910, St. Andrews West 020370-10 Donald Arthur GRANT, 30, Carpenter, of Williamstown, s/o Donald GRANT & Ellen MUNRO; married Laura FERGUSON, 25, Housekeeper, of Cornwall, d/o Donald FERGUSON & Minerva McINTYRE; wit Mrs. W.D. BELL & Robina BELL, both Finch, 9 Nov 1910, Finch

020299-10 John George GREEN, 43, none given, Wid, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Joseph M. GREEN & Catherine Ann DEFOY; married Louise PERRY, 34, Wid, of Toledo Ohio, d/o John PERRY & Emile GOODROW; witn Annie d. POOLE, Cornwall & Jean E. MACWATT, Sarnia, 11 Oct 1910, Cornwall

020454-10 Louis A. GREENSFELDER, no age given, Physician, Chicago Ill, s/o Isaac GREENSFELDER & Amelia BLUM; married Ethel Grace ROOKS, 29, Nurse, none given, Morrisburg, d/o Sidney ROOKS & Alice SNYDER; witn none given, 7 Feb 1910, Morrisburg

020237-10 William D. HALE, 28, Farmer, none given, Charlottenburgh, s/o Andrew HALE & blank DUGUID; married Naomi BURGESS, 19, none given, Williamstown, d/o John BURGESS & Annie GRANT; witn Robert Newman HALE & Margaret A. FERGUSON, both Charlottenburgh, 9 Feb 1910, Williamstown

020222-10 Norman HARPER, 23, Farmer, none given, Winchester Twp, s/o Wesley HARPER & Nellie SWERDFEGER; married Ethel LENNOX, 20, Servant, none given, Winchester, s/o William LENNOX & Mary LANG; witn Melvin HARPER, Chesterville & Annie LENNOX, Winchester, 6 Apr 1910, Chesterville

  020324-10 Daniel HEATH, no age given, Farmer, Wid, of St. Andrews West, s/o Johnson HEATH & no mother given; married Christina McDONALD, no age given, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Alexander & Mary McDONALD; wit John McDONALD & Mary McDONALD, both St. Andrews West, 4 Apr 1910, St. Andrews West
020254-10 Russell Curtis HOLLISTER, 34, Farmer, of Cupar Sask, s/o John M. HOLLISTER & Maria WARNER; married Merna Christine ZERON, 24, of North Lunenburg, d/o Isaac ZERON & Tewantha C. HELMER; witn W.J. HOLLISTER, Osnabruck Centre, 26 Jan 1910, Cornwall

020517-10 James Ernest HOOD, 33, farmer, of Shadeland Manitoba, s/o William HOOD, farmer & Claissa PRIVATE, married Isabella B. MCDIARMID, 33, of Finch Twp, d/o John A. MCDIARMID, farmer & Catherine MCNAUGHTON, witn: D. MCDIARMID M.D., Maxville & Hugh H. MCDIARMID, Avonmore, 1 June 1910 at Avonmore

020266-10 Walter Tait HOPE, 36, Farmer, of Northfield, s/o John HOPE & Sarah McINTYRE: married Catherine Jane DOW, 26, of Near Cornwall, d/o Thomas DOW & Annie GRANT; witn Alex DOW & Mrs Jane DOW, both Cornwall, 27 Apr 1910, Cornwall

020279-10 Robert HURST, 26, Employee, of Cornwall, s/o not known & Isabel blank; married Chloe May EAMER, 21, of Cornwall, d/o Samuel EAMER & Alice MYERS; witn Arthur GALLINGER & Gertrude GALLINGER, both Cornwall, 12 Jul 1910, Beaconsfield Village

020227-10 Charles J. JACKSON, 29, Mechanic, none given, Peterboro, s/o George JACKSON & no mother given; married Annie SHIRKEY, 22, Nurse, none given, Peterboro, d/o George SHIRKEY & Mary MURRAY; witn George McMAHON & Mary SHIRKEY, both Chesterville, 8 Jun 1910, Chesterville

020274-10 Frederick Warren JACOBS, 24, Express Messenger, of Brockville, s/o John Henry JACOBS & Margaret Frances CAMERON; married May Frances McDONALD, 28, of Cornwall, d/o John K. McDONALD & Phoebe LIDDELL; witn John K. McDONALD, Cornwall & Roy L. ANDREW, Gananoque, 8 Jun 1910, Cornwall
020339-10 Leonard Herman JARVO, 22, Mill Operative, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Joseph JARVO & Marguerite McMILLAN; married Lena LAFLESH, 22, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Alexander LAFLESH & Martine TALLON; wit Joseph JARVO & Alexander LAFLESH, both Cornwall, 9 Nov 1910, Cornwall Twp  

020433-10 Thomas JOHNSTON, 38, Farmer, none given, Glen Stewart, s/o John JOHNSTON & Catherine HAMILTON; married Laura B. LARMOUR, 28, School Teacher, none given, Matilda, s/o William LARMOUR & Mary BOWMAN; witn Harvey JOHNSTON & Estella BOUCK, both Glen Stewart, 27 Dec 1910, Dundela

020389-10 David JOHNSTON, 49, Physician, none given, Iroquois, s/o John JOHNSTON & Mary McLEAN; married Emma HARKNESS, 42, Wid, none given, Iroquois, d/o Samuel LARUE & Eliza HENDERSON; witn A.D. HARKNESS & Mary A. HARKNESS, both Irena, 29 Sept 1910, Dundas

020228-10 Alfred Albert JONES, 26, Teamster, none given, Chesterville, s/o Alfred JONES & no first name PARLOUR; married Edith Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE, 21, none given, Chesterville, d/o Thomas W. DEVONSHIRE & Deborah, witn A.S. & E.E. MARRANDINE (Harrandine?), both Chesterville, 22 Jun 1910, Chesterville

020380-10 Henry JORDAN, 38, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o Frederick JORDAN & Matilda BEDGAINES; married Nancy BANFORD, 35, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Alex BANFORD & Tabitha GLOVER; witn Gertrude BAILEY & Henry BAILEY, both Iroquois, 30 Mar 1910, Iroquois


020280-10 William Joseph KEE, 30, Druggist, of Mille Roches, s/o Joseph KEE & Emma FITZPATRICK; married Viola E. HICKEY, 26, of Mille Roches, d/o David HICKEY & Catherine EMPEY; witn L.E. REYNOLDS & Mrs. A.A. THOMPSON, both Cornwall, 15 Jul 1910, Cornwall

020256-10 Walter Patrick KEHOE, 31, Mill Hand or Operative, of Cornwall, s/o Patrick KEHOE (deceased) & Bridget MALONEY; married Minnie GALLINGER, 37, of Cornwall, d/o Henry GALLINGER & Caroline BUGBY; witn William MALONEY, St. Andrews & Henrietta CLINE, Cornwall, 7 Feb 1910, Cornwall

020221-10 William KIELL, 26, Farmer, none given, Chesterville, s/o no first name KIELL & Martha BUTLER; married Martha BROOKS, 24, Servant, none given, Montreal, d/o no father given & Martha O’NEILL; witn Stanley S. FETTERLY & Olive COVENTRY, both Chesterville, 25 Mar 1910, Chesterville
020316-10 Duncan KENNEDY, 50, of St. Andrews West, s/o Donald & Catherine KENNEDY; married Aldea RUSSELL, 32, House Maid, of St. Andrews West, d/o George RUSSELL & Georgia REVERY; wit George McDONALD & Frances RUSSELL, both St. Andrews West, 17 Jan 1910, St. Andrews West  

020276-10 Edwin Joseph KINGSLEY, 30, employee in Wool Mill, of Cornwall, s/o Caliss (Calixte) KINGSLEY & Mary LAPIERRE; married Amelia Gertrude SIMPSON, 23, of Cornwall, d/o William Stephen SIMPSON & Flora McDONALD; witn William S. SIMPSON & Celia SIMPSON, both Cornwall, 5 Jul 1910, Cornwall

020273-10 Henry Samuel KINLOCK, 29, Farmer, of Martintown, s/o George KINLOCK & Barbara McDERMID; married Janet COLQUHOUN, 28, School Teacher, of Martintown, d/o George COLQUHOUN & Ida BLACKWOOD; witn Mary R. McGILLIVRAY, Cornwall & Ethel MILLS, no place given, 16 May 1910, Cornwall

020268-10 Alexander D. KIPPEN, 26, Farmer, of Kenyon, s/o Duncan KIPPEN & Lizzie KENNEDY; married Jessie MUNROE, 25, of Kenyon, d/o Philip MUNROE & Mary A. McLENNAN; witn W.T. SCOTT & H.W. HARKNESS, both Cornwall, 24 May 1910, Cornwall

020225-10 Patrick KIRBY, 47, Farmer, Wid, none given, Chesterville, s/o Patrick KIRBY & Bridget GIBBONS; married Sarah McGLOYNE, 42, Clerk, none given, Chesterville, d/o William McGLOYNE & Hannah COYNE; witn Edward FLYNN & Ross? (Miss?) MALLOY, both Chesterville, 8 Feb 1910, Chesterville

020282-10 Simon KIRKEY, 21, Moulder, of Cornwall, s/o Simon KIRKEY & Caroline BRIBBON; married Eva RIVIER, 18, of Cornwall, d/o Michael RIVIER & Annie DEGRAY; witn Aubrey G. POOLE & Annie D. POOLE, both Cornwall, 12 Aug 1910, Cornwall

020255-10 William Douglas KNIGHT, 33, Dentist, of Cornwall, s/o Adolphus G. KNIGHT & Jane CARR; married Margaret MULHERN, 20, of Cornwall, d/o Ambrose MULHERN & Emma McLAUGHLIN; witn Roland E. SNETSINGER & Muriel MULHERN, both Cornwall, 2 Feb 1910, Cornwall

020416-10 Octave LACOMBE, 24, Farmer, none given, Glen Robertson, s/o Antoine LACOMBE & Julie LARISAN; married Josephine LEBLANC, 23, none given, Glen Sandfield, d/o Jos. LEBLANC & Roselee ST. ONGE; witn Antoine LACOMBE, Glen Robertson & Jos. LEBLANC, Glen Sandfield, 5 Jul 1910, Glen Robertson

020286-10 Albert LAFLEUR, 26, Cotton Worker, of Cornwall, s/o Jerry LAFLEUR & Christy Ann VIEW; married Daisy LAFLEUR, 20, of Cornwall, s/o Henry N. LAFLEUR & Gertrude CLOOKEY; witn John Henry SECORD & Della SECORD, both Cornwall, 27 Aug 1910, Cornwall
020336-10 William LALONDE, 24, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, s/o Beline LALONDE & Henrietta VILLENEUVE; married Emma SAMSON, 20, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o William SAMPSON & Mary Louise FORGET; wit Elzear FORGET & William SAMSON, both Cornwall, 11 Oct 1910, Cornwall Twp 020326-10 James Henry LALONDE, 33, Labourer, Wid, of Cornwall, s/o Angus LALONDE & Margaret McDONALD; married Mary PILON, 24, Mill Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Paul PILON & deceased; wit Paul PILON & Sarah PILON, both Cornwall, 12 Apr 1910, Cornwall Twp
020338-10 Frederick Napoleon LALONDE, 21, Carpenter, of Cornwall, s/o Angus LALONDE & Sophie CHATLIN; married Ida May Belle KIRKEY, 17, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o John KIRKEY & Bertha Jane KYER; wit Angus LALONDE & John KIRKEY, both Cornwall, 10 Oct 1910, Cornwall Twp 020366-10 Alphonse LANDRY, 25, Farmer, of Crysler, s/o Venas LANDRY & Alphonsine GIBAULT; married Alida TURPIN, 20, Seamstress, of Crysler, d/o Cyril TURPIN & Celina GODARD; wit Jules LANDRY & Melinde TURPIN, both Crysler, 12 Apr 1910, Crysler


#020514-10 Joseph LANTHIER, 25, farmer, of Con 10 Rox, s/o Joseph LANTHIER, farmer & Caroline LEGAULT, married Alphonsine ST. DENIS, 24, house maid, of Moose Creek, d/o Ducher ST. DENIS, retired farmer & Vitiline LALONDE, witn: Ducher ST. DENIS, Moose Creek & Joseph LANTHIER, St. Isidore, 4 Apr 1910 at Moose Creek, (RC)

020226-10 Charles LAPIERRE, 35, Mechanic, none given, Chesterville, s/o Louis LAPIERRE & Mary GIBBONS; married Mary Eda METCALF, 28, none given, Chesterville, d/o Robert METCALF & Jane MATHESON; witn George McMAHON & Annie LAPIERRE, both Chesterville, 9 May? 1910, Chesterville

020341-10 Louis Frederick LAROIE, 29, Carpenter, of Cornwall, s/o Joseph LAROIE & Genevie LAROIE; married Blanche GERMAINE, 21, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Philip GERMAINE & Rose Ann ROUBIDOUX; wit Joseph LAROIE & Philip GERMAINE, both Cornwall, 9 Nov 1910, Cornwall Twp

020432-10 Michael Joseph LAUGHLIN, 28, Farmer, none given, South Mountain, s/o Michael M. LAUGHLIN & Jane BUCKLES; married Ellen Elizabeth TALLMIRE, 22, School Teacher, none given, Matilda, d/o John TALLMIRE (dead) & Jane BONETTE; witn Lea LOUGHLIN, South Mountain & Emma TALLMIRE, Irena, 23 Nov 1910, Dixon’s Corner 020310-10 Hugh MacLeod Ross LAWSON, 29, Paper Maker, of Cornwall, s/o David R. LAWSON & Mary ROSS; married Elizabeth Morrison SINCLAIR, 22, of Cornwall, d/o Alexander SINCLAIR & Elizabeth LAURIE; wit Alexander SINCLAIR & May Will SINCLAIR, both Cornwall, 24 Nov 1910, Cornwall
020251-10 Edmond LEBOIRON, 21, Blacksmith, none given, St. Raphaels, s/o J.B. LEBOIRON & Salome TAILLEFOR; married Hermandine LAFRANCE, 37, none given, St. Raphaels, d/o Francis LAFRANCE & Philomine PILON; witn Wilfred LEBOIRON, St. Telesphore & Blanche LAFRANCE, St. Raphaels, 25 Oct 1910, St. Raphaels

020265-10 Joseph David LEDUC, 19, Fireman, of Iberville Quebec, s/o David LEDUC & Jane McCAVEN; married Annie Bella BROSSIEUR, 20, of Cornwall, d/o Philip BROSSIEUR & Emily LALONDE; witn John FIRN & Jane FIRN, both Cornwall, 2 May 1910, Cornwall

#020515-10 Adelard LEFEBVRE, 25, farmer, of Moose Creek, s/o Joseph LEFEBURE, farmer & Delphine LEFEBURE, married Louise ST. DENIS, 18, house maid, of Moose Creek, d/o Ducher ST. DENIS, retired farmer & Vitiline LALONDE, witn: Aldeni LEFEBURE, Hawksbury & Joseph ST. DENIS, St. Isidore, 4 Apr 1910 at Moose Creek, (RC)

020246-10 Alfred Joseph LEFEBVRE, 22, Farmer, none given, North Branch, s/o Alfred LEFEBVRE & Mary Ann RILEY; married Mary Teresa LEWIS?, 18, none given, Martintown, d/o Peter LEWIS & Jane Ann DWYER; witn Alvia LEGAULT & Peter LEWIS, both Martintown, 27 Jun 1910, Williamstown

020409-10 Florivaine? LEGAULT, 27, Farmer, none given, Alexandria, s/o Dolphus LEGAULT & Alzire ST. PIERRE; married Nellida MEIULLEUR, 18, none given, Glen Robertson, d/o Palma MEIULLEUR & Antoinette LANDRIAULT; witn Dorema LEGAULT & J.D. LEGAULT, both Alexandria, 24 Jan 1910

020438-10 Edward Leonard LEVERE, 24, Farmer, none given, Inkerman, s/o Reuben LEVERE & Nancy BELLINGER; married Amelia SUTTON, 23, none given, Inkerman, d/o Henry E. SUTTON & Ellen PETTY; witn Mrs. H.E. WARREN & Mrs Mary WEAVER, both Inkerman, 9 Mar 1910, Inkerman

020437-10 Alvin Herbert LIEZERT, 24, cheese maker, none given, Brinstons, s/o William John LIEZERT & Ella COLLISON; married Verna Alice MONTGOMERY, 16, none given, Inkerman, d/o George MONTGOMERY & Luella HUTT; witn Silas LIEZERT & Myrtle COLLISON, both Brinstons, 19 Jan 1910, Inkerman

020283-10 William Ernest LITTLETON, 23, Wood Worker, of Cornwall, s/o George LITTLETON & Jane BROCKINSHIRE; married Evelyn Ruth NICHOLSON, 21, Clerk, of Cornwall, d/o David NICHOLSON (deceased) & Mary BIRD; witn Eddie NICHOLSON & Oliver M. GILLESPIE, both Cornwall, 17 Aug 1910, Cornwall

  20435-10 Ralph Soules LOCKE, 26, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o Jeremiah LOCKE & Cynthia SOULES; married Jennie Bella JOHNSTON, 22, none given, Matilda, d/o William Daniel (David?) JOHNSTON & Elizabeth McKNIGHT; witn S.W. BOYD, Dundela & Miss A.L. LOCKE, Brinston, 14 Sept 1910, Dundas

020230-10 John Hosea LOUCKS, 39, Farmer, none given, Chesterville, s/o John D. LOUCKS & Catherine ROMBOUGH; married Anne Bell FROAT, 21, Housekeeper, none given, Chesterville, d/o Jacob FROATS & Luthea HUMMELL; witn Jane BROWN & Desta E. WOODS, both Chesterville, 7 Dec 1910, Chesterville

020394-10 Frank H. LOVE, 37, Barber, Wid, none given, Lancaster, s/o Peter LOVE & Eliza RANSOM; married Mary Elizabeth RIOUX, of South Lancaster, d/o Lucien RIOUX (deceased) & Genevieve LEVEQUE; witn D.P. J. TOBIN, Lancaster & J.D. PERRON, South Lancaster, 20 Jun 1910, Lancaster

020300-10 Bruce M. LOWELL, 21, Chair driver, of Cornwall, s/o Sheridan LOWELL & Ida CUTLER; married Pearl GALLINGER, 18, of Cornwall, d/o William GALLINGER & Margaret MAMARA; witn Albert SNETSINGER, Eamers Corners & Ida GALLINGER, Cornwall, 4 Oct 1910, Cornwall

020330-10 William MARKELL, 47, Farmer, Wid, of Lunenburg, s/o Richard MARKELL & Ella MARKELL; married Alberta BRADSHAW, 39, House Maid, of Lunenburg, d/o James BRADSHAW & no mother given; wit Colborne BRADSHAW & H. RAYMOND, both Lunenburg, 15 Jan 1910, Moulinette
020430-10 James Robert MARSELUS, 26, Farmer, none given, Matilda, s/o Alfred MARSELUS & Louisa BOUCK; married Nancy Matilda THOMPSON, no age given, none given, Matilda, d/o Edward THOMPSON & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG; witn Alfred MARSELUS & Howard CASSELMAN, both Dundela, 3 Aug 1910, Dundela 020345-10 Frank MARTELL, 22, Weaver, of Cornwall, s/o Fabien MARTELL & Mary LORIGAN; married Annie LAURIN, 19, Mill Operative, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Eugene LAURIN & Maude PITEAU; wit Frank MARTELL & Eugene LAURIN, both Cornwall, 27 Jun 1910, Cornwall Twp
020306-10 Thomas Joseph MATEER, 26, of Kingston, s/o Samuel MATEER (deceased) & Catherine FINN; married Helen Veronica DONIHEE, 24, Bookkeeper, of Cornwall, d/o John Bernard DONIHEE & Bridget CAVANAGH; wit F.X. O’CONNOR & Alice DONIHEE, both no place given, 9 Nov 1910, Cornwall  

020386-10 Maynard Lyman MacBAIN, 26, Electrician, none given, Brockville, s/o Benjamin MACBAIN & Mary Jane EDGAR; married Anna Bessie COONS, 21, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Ezra COONS & Rachel JOHNSTON; witn Arthur L. MACBAIN, Lancaster & Mrs Mabel BROWN, Brockville, 7 Sept 1910, Dundas

020383-10 Wesley McCASLIN, 22, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o Russel McCASLIN & Margaret BAKER; married Jane Beatrice STEACY, 23, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o William STEACY & Annie KING; witn George McCASLIN & Gertrude E. BAILEY, both Iroquois, 30 Apr 1910, Iroquois

020245-10 Farquhar Duncan McCRIMMON, 30, Farmer, none given, Lancaster Twp, s/o Farquhar McCRIMMON & Helen MUNRO; married Lillian Catherine DINGWALL, 30, Teacher, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o Alexander DINGWALL & Barbara McDONALD; witn Alexander McINTOSH, Lancaster Twp, & Jane McINTOSH, Martintown, 22 Jun 1910, Charlottenburgh

020420-10 Roderick McCRIMMON, 52, Miller, Wid, none given, Roxborough, s/o John McCRIMMON & Katie SINCLAIR; married Isabella E. ROBERTSON, 42, none given, Roxborough, d/o Hugh ROBERTSON & Isabella CAMPBELL; witn Katie SINCLAIR, Roxboro & Donald ROBERTSON, Maxville, 3 May 1910, Maxville

No number-11 Andrew McDERMID, 48, Farmer, Wid, none given, Martintown, s/o Duncan P. McDERMID & Jane GLENDENNING; married Charlotte Catherine McFARLANE, 43, none given, Martintown, d/o John McFARLANE & Janet LEITCH; witn Mrs. J.B. McLEOD & Miss Annie NEVILLE, both Martintown, 28 Dec 1910, Martintown

020361-10 Angus McDERMID, 22, Farmer, of Berwick, s/o David McDERMID & Isabella WELSH; married Mary Sarah BARKLEY, 18, Housekeeper, of Berwick, d/o James BARKLEY & Catherine OUDERKIRK; wit Andrew OUDERKIRK & Emma Jane OUDERKIRK, both Crysler, 28 Sept 1910, Berwick

020350-10 B. Clarence McDONALD, 27, Civil Servant, of Ottawa, s/o Alex McDONALD & Mary Ann JOHNSTON; married M. Margaret WERT, 23, House Maid, of Crysler, d/o Uriah & Isabelle WERT; wit Garnet McDONALD, Cornwall & Stella ROBILARD, Crysler, 16 Jun 1910, Crysler 020258-10 Ranald Roderick McDONALD, 20, Framer, of Glen Donald, s/o Ranald Roderick McDONALD & Agnes THOMPSON; married Bertha May DYER, 19, Domestic, of Mille Roches, d/o Robert DYER & Mary TAILLION; witn James Darcy McGEE, Glen Walter & Ellen DYER, Mille Roches, 8 Feb 1910, Cornwall
#020511-10 Simon A. MCDONALD, 43, farmer, of Monklands Ont, s/o Michael MCDONALD, farmer & Mary A. DRISCOLL, married Mrs Mary C. LIBBY, 44, house service, of Monklands Ont, widowed, d/o John BARCLAY, farmer & Ellen ARBUTHNOT, witn: John A. SHANNON & Mrs. J.C. LOUCKS, both of Monklands, 4 Jan 1910 at Avonmore

020410-10 Irvis Sidney McDONALD, 25, Engineer, none given, Glen Robertson, s/o J.B. McDONALD & Martha DYER; married Maggie Shondla HOPE, 21, none given, Cornwall, d/o John HOPE (deceased) & Margaret TRISSEDER; witn Albert HOPE, Montreal & Olive McDONALD, Cornwall, 2 Aug 1910, Glen Robertson

020411-10 Alexander J. McDOUGALL, 33, farmers son, none given, Lochiel, s/o Roderick McDOUGALL & Flora CAMERON; married Catherine A. WELSH, 29, none given, Lochiel, d/o Robert WELSH (deceased) & Jessie ORTON; witn John WELSH & Mary McDOUGALL, both Dalkeith, 19 Oct 1910, Lochiel

#020519-10 Alexander MCEWEN, 35, farmer, of Dalhousie Station, s/o Peter MCGREGOR, farmer & Mary MCNAUGHTON, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 34, of Avonmore Ont, d/o Finlay CAMPBELL, farmer & Sarah MCLENNAN, witn: Peter J. MCGREGOR, Dalhousie St. & Sarah CAMPBELL, Avonmore, 29 June 1910 at Avonmore

020240-10 James Darcy? McGEE, 21, none given, Charlottenburgh, s/o Oliver McGEE & Catherine Mary McDONALD; married Anna Gertrude CAIN, 17, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o Samuel William CAIN & May Ann BURNS; witn Samuel W. CAIN & Alfred J. McGEE, both Grants Corners, 23 Mar 1910, Martintown

020403-10 Donald McGILLIVRAY, 32, Farmer, none given, Canora Saskatoon, s/o Donald McGILLIVRAY & Christina McINTOSH; married Christina McLEOD, 27, none given, Dalkeith, d/o Alex McLEOD & Margaret McINTYRE; witn John A. McGILLIVRAY, Kirkhill & Mary McLEOD, Dalkeith, 1 Mar 1910, Dalkeith

020289-10 William Neil McGREGOR, 29, Farmer, of Glengarry Co, s/o Hugh McGREGOR & Agnes CRAIK; married Annabella McBAIN, 22, of Glengarry Co, d/o Andrew McBAIN & Harriett McDOUGALL; witn Ella RAYMOND, Williamstown & A.M. McBAIN, Toronto, 14 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020443-10 John Wilfred McINTOSH, 23, Student, none given, Williamsburg Twp, s/o John A. McINTOSH & Diana CASSELMAN; married Blanch Velma FORD, 20, none given, Mountain Twp, d/o Rufus F. FORD & Minnie DORAN; witn Mrs. W.H. RANEY & Miss M.R. BARKLEY, both South Mountain, 10 Aug 1910, South Mountain
020367-10 John McKILLOP, 36, Merchant, of Berwick, s/o Alexander McKILLOP & Christina McDERMID; married Rosa Luella HUTH, 22, Domestic, of Berwick, d/o William HUTH & Louise SYMOUR; wit D.C. SYMOUR, Inkerman & Ethel M. COODE, Point Fortune Quebec, 1 Jun 1910, Berwick 020360-10 Stanley Charles McLEAN, 22, Section Hand, of Chesterville, s/o Christopher McLEAN & Amidee HARPER; married Ann Elizabeth PRICE, 18, Hotel Cook, of Chesterville, d/o John PRICE & Nancy BARNES: wit Mrs. Harriet J. STUART, Finch & Mabel Blanche LAGGAN?, Chesterville, 20 Sept 1910, Finch

020302-10 Farquhar McLEOD, 34, Farmer, of Roxborough, s/o Duncan McLEOD & Jessie McINTOSH; married Mary Ellen FINDLASON, 29, of Roxborough, d/o Farquhar FINDLASON & Christie Ann McKILLICAN; wit Mrs. R. HARKNESS & Marg A. BINNIE, both Cornwall, 2 Nov 1910, Cornwall

#020520-10 James MCLEOD, 38, merchant, of Nanton Alberta, s/o Charles MCLEOD, farmer & Margaret NILEY, married Isabella MCINTOSH, 35, of Moose Creek, d/o Hugh MCINTOSH, farmer & Jessie CAMPBELL, witn: R.A. & Mrs R.A. MCINTOSH, both of Moose Creek, 5 July 1910 at Moose Creek

020387-10 William Edward McMILLAN, 21, Labourer, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o John McMILLAN & Sarah LEWIS; married Laura SAYEAU, 18, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, d/o Reuben SAYEAU & Electra SAMPSON; witn Annie R. PHILP & Margaret E. TRUDALE, both Iroquois, 14 Sept 1910, Dundas

020213-10 Ebenezer Daniel McNAUGHTON, 24, farmer, none given, Dominionville?, s/o Donald McNAUGHTON & Elizabeth STUART; married Christina McMILLAN, 24, none given, Lochiel Twp, d/o Donald McMILLAN & Harriet BETHUNE?; witn Robertine? McRAE, Apple Hill & Florence McGREGOR, Farringham, 1 Sept 1910, Alexandria

020382-10 Mahlon McPHEE, 21, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o John H. McPHEE & Margaret BECKSTED; married Della BECKSTED, 18, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Matthew BECKSTED & Ramcath MERKLEY; witn Eva HOLMES & Flossie McARTHUR, both Iroquois, 13 Apr 1910, Iroquois

020250-10 John D. McPHERSON, 31, Farmer, none given, Alexandria, s/o Farquhar McPHERSON & Annie McMILLAN; married Annie McDONALD, 22, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o William & Annie McDONALD; witn Colin McPHERSON, Cobalt & Bella CAMERON, Glen Roy, 25 Oct 1910, St. Raphaels


020288-10 James Siene MERCER, 28, Woolen Mill Superintendent, of Fitchburg Mass USA, s/o James MERCER & Isabella TURNBULL; married Caroline Ethel BINNIE, 29, of Cornwall, s/o Robert BINNIE & Mary MURRAY; witn Mrs Edith B. HOPE, Potterhill RI USA & Alice TURNBULL Heatherlee Hill - Selkirk Scotland, 13 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020381-10 Albert Henry MERKLEY, 22, Farmer, none given, Matilda Twp, s/o Eli MERKLEY & Margaret MONTGOMERY; married Pearl Agnes BEATTIE, 21, none given, Prescott, d/o James BEATTIE & Emma McFARLANE; witn Clarence BOUCK & Ruby BOUCK, both Irena, 13 Apr 1910, Iroquois

020220-10 James Eden MERKLEY, 32, Farmer, None given, Williamsburg, s/o Robert R. MERKLEY & no first name CARRUTHERS; married Georgianna CARRUTHERS, 34, none given, Chesterville, d/o Louisa McINTOSH & Mary FAULKNER; witn Andrew CARRUTHERS & Sophia CARRUTHERS, both Chesterville, 23 Mar 1910, Chesterville

020377-10 Noah MORGIE, 30, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o Henry MORGIE & Mary FRASER; married Annie McROBIE, 22, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Frederick McROBIE & Minnie EVENER; witn Flossie McARTHUR & Mrs McARTHUR, both Iroquois, 19 Jan 1910, Iroquois

020290-10 George Gilbert MORRISON, 26, Farmer, of Roxborough Twp, s/o Duncan MORRISON & Catherine McINTOSH; married Mary BEGG, 20, of Roxborough Twp, d/o Stewart BEGG & Sarah McINTOSH; witn Katie MACKAY & Mrs B.J. HARNESS, both Cornwall, 30 Aug 1910, Cornwall

020292-10 Herbert Albert MOSS, 21, Fireman, of Dickinsons Landing, s/o Albert George MOSS & Mary B. STUART; married Rhoda Evelyn TILTON, 18, of Moulinette, d/o Joseph TILTON & Maria EAMER; witn Mrs Joseph TILTON, Moulinette & Annie D. POOLE, Cornwall, 14 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020260-10 Archy MUIR, 23, Mill Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Archy MUIR & Margaret COUGHLIN; married Rose Ann TYO, 22, of Cornwall, d/o William TYO & Julia ELDERBROOM; witn Frank MALETTE & Elizabeth TYO, both Cornwall, 7 Feb 1910, Cornwall
020372-10 William John MULHERN, 29, Farmer, of Roxborough, s/o John MULHERN & Mary Jane MURDOCK; married Eliza KEARNS, 23, of Finch, d/o James KEARNS & Mary RYAN; wit Leonard MULHERN, Avonmore & Bridget KEARNS, Berwick, 22 Nov 1910, Crysler  

020441-10 John MULLIN, 30, Farmer, none given, East Hawkesbury, s/o Thomas MULLIN & Mary HURLEY; married Gertrude HURLEY, 19, none given, Inkerman, d/o Denis HURLEY & Agnes McCAFFERY; witn David HURLEY, Inkerman & Kate FARMER, Winchester, 5 Apr 1910, South Mountain

020354-10 William George MUNROE, 23, Farmer, of Apple Hill, s/o Finlay MUNROE & Mary Ann McLENNAN; married Mary Margery McMILLAN, 23, of Finch, d/o Arch. M. & Margaret Jane McMILLAN; wit Mary E. BELL & May BELL, both Finch, 20 Jul 1910, Finch
020436-10 Charles Elmer MURDOCK, 27, Baker, none given, South Mountain, s/o Clark MURDOCK & Lizzie BURNIE; married Georgina SHAVER, 28, Dressmaker, none given, South Mountain, d/o Hiram SHAVER & Mary CLARK; witn Hiram SHAVER & Mary SHAVER, both South Mountain, 19 Jan 1910, South Mountain 020243-10 Cyril S. MYERS, 22, Farmer, none given, Avonmore, s/o John S. MYERS & Elizabeth GRAHAM; married Ethel C. McLAREN, 18, none given, Martintown, d/o Hugh McLAREN & Catherine GRANT; witn Lindsay MYERS, Bonneville & Gertrude MURRAY, Martintown, 15 Jun 1910, Martintown
020363-10 Vincent NAUGHTON, 29, Farmer, of Finch, s/o John NAUGHTON & Mary A. COYNE; married Alice GALVIN, 22, School Teacher, of Finch, d/o William GALVIN & Harriet McDONALD; wit Michael BAKER & Matilda GALVIN, both Berwick, 17 Jan 1910, Crysler 020320-10 William Augusta NICHOLS, 28, Mill Superintendent, of Cornwall, s/o William Henry NICHOLS & Ida BRADSLEY; married Lennie DRAKE, 23, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Walter DRAKE & Marie CASSON; wit Walter DRAKE & Gertrude EASTWOOD, both Cornwall, 2 Feb 1910, Cornwall Twp
020396-10 Charles William NORVAL, 45, Cheese Inspector, Wid, none given, Williamsburg, s/o Thomas NORVAL & Mary SHEARER; married Anna Belle ROBSON, 45, none given, Lancaster, d/o Walton ROBSON & Mary Ann GREY; witn David F. MACPHERSON & Amanda E. ROBSON, both Lancaster, 27 Apr 1910, Lancaster 020302-10 William T. O’NEIL, 38, Harness Maker, of Cornwall, s/o John F. O’NEIL & Margaret MOSSEY; married Margaret Mary SNETSINGER, 26, Servant, of Cornwall, d/o John SNETSINGER & Margaret SCOTT; wit Frank CUMMINGS & Louisa O’NEIL, both no place given, 13 Oct 1910, Cornwall
020344-10 William PAGE, 24, Mill Hand, of Cornwall, s/o Stephen PAGE & Mary DUFRENSE; married Rose Albina ST. PIERRE, 22, Seamstress, of Cornwall Twp, d/o Philias ST. PIERRE & Delina SIGUOIN; wit Ovila ST. PIERRE & Malvina PREVOST, both Cornwall, 22 Nov 1910, Cornwall Twp  

020431-10 John Alfred PAQUET, 25, Engineer, none given, Hawksbury, s/o Lawrence PAQUET & Caroline TAILLON; married Ann Nina DRISCOLL, 26, School Teacher, none given, Matilda, d/o Daniel DRISCOLL & Maria DIXON; witn Alexander PAQUET, Montreal & Dora DRISCOLL, Brinston, 6 Sept 1910, Dixon’s Corner

020415-10 Joseph Arthur PAQUETTE, 21, Farmers son, none given, Lochiel, s/o Eugene PAQUETTE & Mary PECHE; married Harriet Mary McKINNON, 22, none given, Fassifern, d/o Ranald McKINNON (deceased) & Flora McDONALD; witn Donald J. McKINNON & Cassie McKINNON, Fassifern

020352-10 William PATTERSON, 46, Metal Worker, of Kingston, s/o Mathew PATTERSON & Susan THOMPSON; married Annie McINNIS, 29, Housekeeper, of Finch Twp, d/o John D. McINNIS & Barbara McINTYRE; wit Archie McINNIS, Glen Payne & Annie CAMERON, Finch, 15 Jun 1910, Glen Payne 020314-10 George Albert Ebenezer PETRIE, 25, Store man, of Montreal, s/o David PETRIE & Janet MUIR; married Mary Ethel CRITES, 22, of Cornwall, d/o Donald CRITES & Mary HUGHES; wit Daniel BAILEY & Eva BAILEY, both Cornwall, 31 Dec 1910, Cornwall

020398-10 Joseph PILON, 66, Farmer, Wid, none given, St. Telesphore Que, s/o Jacques PILON & Josephte CH---- ?; married Marcellina  LALONDE, 56, none given, Lancaster, d/o Francois GAUTHIER & Emelie PILON; witn Lodgers GAUTHIER, Saint Clet & Michel LAFRAMBOISE, S. Lancaster, 24 Oct 1910, Lancaster

020269-10 Charles Simeon POAPST, 52, Labourer, Wid, of Ottawa, s/o Adam POAPST & Clara PROSSER; married Annie HELMER, 41, Wid, of Cornwall, d/o Edward CANAVAN & Annie AILE (Oile?); witn Marg TERRAULT & Mabel HELMER, both Cornwall, 19 Feb 1910, Cornwall

020236-10 Napoleon POIRIER, 26, Clerk, none given, Alexandria, s/o Maurice POIRIER & Malvina JOANNETTE; married Ada LEGER, 21, none given, St. Raphael, d/o John LEGER & Margaret HART; witn Napoleon TROTTIER & Mary Ann LALONDE, both Alexandria, 11 Jan 1901, St. Raphaels

020262-10 Thomas Darcy PRUNER, 24, Farmer, of Woodlands, s/o Patrick PRUNER & Anna McMAHON; married Angeline PARKER, 26, of Cornwall, d/o Joseph PARKER & Mary Jane CARRIERE; witn Philip PARKER & Stacey PRUNER, both no place given, 4 Apr 1910, Cornwall

020249-10 Adolph QUESNEL, 21, Farmer, none given, Charlottenburgh, s/o Alexander QUESNELL & Mary POIRIER; married Emma LAFLAMME, 21, none given, St. Raphaels, d/o Theodule LAFLAMME & Vitaline DABEAU, witn Joseph LAFLAMME, St. Raphaels & Alice QUESNEL, G? Valley, 18 Oct 1910, St. Raphaels

020405-10 William QUREN (Irwin? Quinn?), 23, Farm Labourer, none given, Breadalbane, s/o Euger QUREN? & Josephine GOZETTE; married Alice BURTON, 16, none given, Breadalbane, d/o Frank BURTON & Mary Ann F. MASSION; witn Henry BURTON & Anidelia QUREN (Irwin?), both Breadalbane, 21 Jun 1910, Breadalbane

020215-10 Gordon E. RAYMOND, 23, Farmer, none given, Newington, s/o George RAYMOND & Maria GRANT; married Janie A. RUTLEY, 20, housekeeper, none given, Finch, d/o William RUTLEY & Mary McMILLAN; witn Desta E. WOODS & Jane BROWN, both Chesterville, 26 Jan 1910, Chesterville

020448-10 Royal James RIDDELL, 28, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o James RIDDELL & Catherine HOPPER; married Toda June JOHNSTON, 22, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Archibald JOHNSTON & Margaret IRVINE; witn T.E. GILMOUR, South Gower & Enid Muriel MACGREGOR, Matilda Twp, 5 Oct 1910, South Mountain

  020321-10 Alexander RIVIERE, no age given, Mill Operative, of s/o Frank RIVIERE & Sophie KING; married Lilly May DEROCHIE, no age given, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Frank DEROCHIE & Mary MILLER; wit Frank RIVIERE & Frank DEROCHIE, both Cornwall, 11 Jan 1910, Cornwall Twp
020404-10 Joseph ROBINSON, 24, Labourer, none given, Alexandria, s/o Edward ROBINSON (deceased) & Margaret MULLIUNS (Mullens?); married Josephine BORRIS, 22yrs 11 mos, none given, Dalkeith, d/o Thomas BORRIS (deceased) & Sophia DAVIDSON; witn Philip BORRIS, Dalkeith & Catherine ROBINSON, Montreal, 24 May 1910, Lochiel

020295-10 Donald John ROSS, 43, Farmer, of Charlottenburgh, s/o John ROSS & Mary GRANT; married Matilda CARTHIER, 28, of Roxborough Twp, d/o Angus CARTHIER & Ellen MILLAR; witn Duncan SMITH, Glenroy & Janet A. CUMMING, Moose Creek, 21 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020418-10 Ernest ROY, 27, Grocer, none given, Montreal, s/o John ROY & Caroline LEBREAU?; married Roselina MENARD, 23, none given, Glen Robertson, d/o Pellisier MENARD & Georgina DEGUERE; witn J.B. ROY, Montreal & Sedron DEGUIRE, Glen Robertson, 18 Jul 1910, Glen Robertson

020402-10 Craig Wilton ROY, 20, Farmer, none given, Carberry, s/o Samuel CRAIG & Annie Jane KERFOOT; married Anne Bessie McMILLAN, 25, Teacher, none given, Laggan, d/o Dougald J. McMILLAN & Mary McMASTER; witn Newman R. CRAIG, North Gower & Mary McMASTER, Laggan, 16 Feb 1910, Laggin

020333-10 Norman RUEST, 19, Factory Hand, of Cornwall, s/o Elzear RUEST & Malidia BERUBE; married Lucy TERO, 18, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Daniel TERO & Adelaide FURNESS; wit Elzear RUEST & Daniel TERO, both Cornwall, 7 Jun 1910, Cornwall Twp  

020231-10 George Wilfred RUNNELLS, 26, Clergyman, none given, Thetford Mines Quebec, s/o no parents given; married Margaret Jean MUNRO, 25, none given, Chesterville, d/o John M. MUNRO & M. ALFORD; witn Mina STEVENS & Helen MOAD, both Chesterville, 28 Dec 1910, Chesterville

020244-10 Stephan Andrew St. ARMAND, 22, Farmer, none given, St. Raphaels, s/o J.B. ST. ARMAND & Annie CARON; married Aurore ROY, 19, none given, Glen Roy, d/o J.B. ROY & Sophia GOHIER (Gotier?) witn Hector ANDRIE, Montreal & Mary Louise ROY, Glen Roy, 20 Jun 1910, St. Raphael

020257-10 Angus ST. JOHN, 27, Farmer, of St. Andrews, s/o Angus ST. JOHN (deceased) & Margaret CURRIE; married Sophia KING, 27, of Cornwall, d/o Joseph KING & Julia MORAN; witn Donald ST. JOHN & Emily ST. JOHN, both St. Andrews, 7 Feb 1910, Cornwall

020368-10 Abraham ST. PIERRE, no age given, farmer, of Prescott, s/o Cyril ST. PIERRE & Celina CHARLEBOIS; married Delima Rose MATTE, 21, of Crysler, d/o Joseph MATTE & Emmetie LEGAULT; wit Joseph MATTE, Crysler & Maria CHARLEBOIS, Lemieux, 1 Jun 1910, Crysler

020287-10 Gustave Jebner SANDELIN, 27, Foreman in Paint Shop, of Cornwall, s/o Gustave Frederick SANDELIN & Mary LARSON?; married Mary Ann MELLOR, 23, Dressmaker, of Cornwall, d/o Simeon Ernest MELLOR & Margaret KEENAN; witn Mrs Margaret McLENNON, Summerstown & Simeon MELLOR, Cornwall, 30 Aug 1910, Cornwall 020332-10 Frank Louis SAWYER, 24, farmer, of Raquet River Cornwall Island, s/o Louis SAWYER & Julia BILLINGS; married Ethel May AVERY, 19, Domestic, of Dexter NY, d/o Charles E. AVERY & Cora JOHNSTON; wit Julie SAWYER, Raquet River & Cory AVERY, Dexter NY, 18 Jun 1910, Cornwall Island

020384-10 Albert SAYEAU, 21, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o Reuben SAYEAU & Electa LAMSON; married Nana LANSHWAY (Laushway?), 21, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o John LANSHWAY & Ida HARPER; witn Edward McMILLAN, Pittstown & Laura SAYEAU, Bainsville, 3 Jan 1910, Iroquois

020413-10 John C. SCHELL, 25, manufacturer, none given, Alexandria, s/o J.T. SCHELL & Sarah McINTYRE: married Amy R. CAMPBELL, 24, School Teacher, none given, Breadalbane, d/o John R. CAMPBELL & Catherine McNAB, witn J.T. SCHELL, Alexandria & John R. CAMPBELL, Dalkeith, 22 Jun 1910, Breadalbane

020440-10 George Herbert SCOTT, 25, Tailor, Ottawa, Brockville, s/o George W. SCOTT & Margaret McTOMILY (or McTERNIBY); married Vina Pearl MAJOR, 18, S. Mountain, S. Mountain, d/o William MAJOR & Minnie WORKMAN; 22 (or 23) Feb 1910, South Mountain

020312-10 George Alfred SHAVER, 29, Traveller, of Cornwall, s/o Jordon SHAVER & Mary J. COLLINS; married Lida May WARWICK, 26, of Cornwall, d/o John WARWICK & Isabella MUNRO; wit Agnes ALGUIRE, Cornwall & Amelia M. DAGGE, Montreal, 26 Dec 1910, Cornwall 020385-10 Aylsworth SHAVER, 38, Builder, none given, Ottawa, s/o Alonzo SHAVER & Margaret Ann ELLIS; married Margaret Elizabeth SMITH, 28, Teacher, none given, Iroquois, d/o James SMITH & Lydia McGILL; witn H.C. VAN ALLEN, Governeur NY & Mrs J.S. LIGHTBOUND, Toronto, 8 Jun 1910, Iroquois

020216-10 John Grey SMIRL, 26, Farmer, none given, Morewood, s/o Robert SMIRL & Elizabeth FIELZ; married Mary Ann LOZOTT, 25, Housekeeper, none given, Morewood, d/o John LOZOTT & Mary Ann RUSHMAN; witn Jennie CASSELMAN & Desta E. WOODS, both Chesterville, 1 Jan 1910, Chesterville


020271-10 John Oliver SMITH, 41, Farmer, of Navan, s/o Thomas SMITH & Eliza FOSTER; married Annie E. JAMES, 34, of New Haven Conn., d/o James THOMAS & Catherine SLAW; witn William Henry CARTER & Charlotte E. STILES, both Cornwall, 1 Jun 1910, Cornwall

020442-10 James Albert SMITH, 51, Farmer, none given, Kars, s/o Elijah SMITH & Mary LOUCKS; married Florence MURDOCK, 26, none given, Osgoode, d/o Michael MURDOCK & Sarah COWAN; witn Mrs M. WILSON & Ethel BATES, both Mountain, 13 Apr 1910, Mountain

020428-10 George E. SOULES, 24, Farmer, none given, Dundela, s/o Orson SOULES (deceased) & Catherine BLACK; married Florence Lillian TUTTLE, 20, none given, Dundela, d/o Charles TUTTLE & Effie LANE; witn S.W. BOYD, Dundela & J.D. TUTTLE, Metcalfe, 9 Feb 1910, Dundela

020284-10 James SOUTHART, 24, Cabinet Maker, of Oshawa, s/o Thomas SOUTHART & Margaret CARTY; married Grace Margaretta McMILLAN, 22, of Cornwall, d/o Alexander McMILLAN & Mary Ann RIVIERE; witn Herbert PITTS & Mrs H. PITTS, both Cornwall, 17 Aug 1910, Cornwall

020392-10 John A. SOVA, 37, Farmer, none given, Glen Roy, s/o Frank SOVA & Rebecca McCRIMMON; married Elizabeth Martha KEIR, 28, none given, Apple Hill, d/o John KEIR & Janet McGREGOR; witn John A. KENNEDY, Glen Roy & Kate E. KEIR, Apple Hill, 15 Mar 1910, Apple Hill

020278-10 Moses SQUIARE (Squire?), 27, farmer, of Cornwall Island, s/o Lorand SQUIARE & Mary LORAND; married Mary Ann HEEL, 18, of Pelew Island, d/o James HEEL & Elizabeth BERO; witn F. Elbert GALLINGER, Cornwall & Julie BILLINGS, Cornwall Island, 18 Jun 1910, Cornwall

020399-10 Donald STEWART, 53, Farmer, Wid, none given, Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o John STEWART & Catherine McLENNAN; married Elizabeth OXLEY, 40, Wid, none given, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o John KELLANY & Elizabeth CAMERON; witn Donald McDONALD, Summerstown & Ella M. STEWART, Williamstown, 28 Oct 1910, Lancaster

020446-10 Frank Peter STEWART, 30, Merchant Tailor, none given, Morrisburg, s/o Thomas STEWART & Ellen SADDLEMAN; married Delia THOMPSON, 30, none given, Hallville, d/o William THOMPSON & Margaret SLATER; witn Joel THOMPSON, Hallville & Henry THOMPSON, Inkerman, 6 Sept 1910, Inkerman

020374-10 Fred Christopher STONE, 32, Farmer, of Louisville NY, s/o John S. STONE & Mary E. MATHEWS; married Janet Josephine WINTER, 23, of Osnabruck Twp, d/o Charles WINTER & Margery HESSON; wit H.J. STEWART & H.C. STEWART, both Finch, 31 Dec 1910, Finch  

020298-10 John James SULLIVAN, 26, Carpenter, of Cornwall, s/o John SULLIVAN & Jane McDONALD; married Julia JOHNSTON, 24, Housemaid, of Cornwall, d/o James JOHNSTON & Mary SHERMAN; witn Mrs W.B. McLENNAN & Mrs B. SILMSER, both Cornwall, 27 Sept 1910, Cornwall

020453-10 Christopher SUMMERS, 31, Teacher, none given, Winchester Twp, s/o Charles A. SUMMERS & Mariam HOGOBOAM; married Ethel Florence HAMILTON & Margaret Jane FOSTER; witn Andrew SMITH-HAMILTON, Brockville & Mabel L. SUMMERS, Winchester, 3 Jan 1910, Morrisburg
020340-10 Stephen SUPKEVICH, 20, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, s/o John SUPKEVICH & Karcia KABESKA; married Malvina DEMBISKA, 20, Mill Hand, of Cornwall, d/o Adlophus DEMBISKA & Regina JAKABRESKA; wit Cazimer JABIZESKI & Moses LEGER, both Cornwall, 15 Nov 1910, Cornwall Twp 020318-10 John Henry SYMONDS, 28, Yeoman, of St. Alberts, s/o Thomas SYMONDS & Maggie McADAMS; married Mary Ethel ARNOLD, 22, of Cornwall Twp, d/o William ARNOLD & Marie GALLINGER; wit Thomas SYMONDS, St. Alberts & Laura ARNOLD, Cornwall, 26 Jan 1910, Cornwall Twp

020407-10 Francois TAILLIFAIRE, 37, Carpenter, Wid, none given, Glen Robertson, s/o Francis TAILLIFERE (sic) & Maria SAUVE; married Josephine SEGUIN, 33, Wid, none given, Glen Robertson, d/o Andre SEGUIN (deceased) & Susie SABOURIN; witn Palma BRUNET & J. TAILLFAIRE, both Glen Robertson, 9 Jan 1910, Glen Robertson

020242-10 Joseph Napoleon THAUVETTE, 26, Farmer, none given, Glen Roy, s/o Amedee THAUVETTE & Selema COUSINEAU; married Florida PAGE?, 17, none given, Glen Roy, d/o Juda PAGE & Mary Louise BRUNET; witn Delorosa BRUNET, North Lancaster & Joseph LAJOUE, Kenyon, 3 May 1910, St. Raphaels
020362-10 Louis David THOMAS, 21, Farmer, of Morewood, s/o Harvay THOMAS & Mary THOMPSON; married Mary Jennie BOUCKLAIR (Buclair?), 18, Housekeeper, of Crysler, d/o John BOUCKLAIR & Maggie LANGTON; wit William BOUCKLAIR, Cannamore & George F. FORSYTH, Glen Payne, 30 Sept 1910, Finch 020351-10 Henry Charles THOMPSON, 28, Machinists, of Smith Falls, s/o George THOMPSON & Annie MARSHALL; married Mary Maude EMPEY, 20, Stenographer, of Finch, d/o Guy EMPEY & Adelaid ELIGH; wit John MUNROE & Mrs. J. MUNROE, both Montreal Quebec, 15 Jun 1910, Finch
020450-10 Edward Hamilton THORPE, 26, Teacher, none given, Mille Roches, s/o William F. THORPE & Jane HAMILTON; married Dora Maud WICKWIRE, 28, none given, Brimston, d/o Thomas WICKWIRE & Margaret FADER; witn Mrs R.H. RANEY & Kenneth (Remeth?) BARKLEY, both South Mountain, 21 Dec 1910, South Mountain

020264-10 John Philip TOOMEY, 21, Labourer, of Cornwall, d/o Thomas TOOMEY & Mary McCULLOUCH; married Janet Maud RIVIERE, 19, of Cornwall, d/o Daniel RIVIERE & Sarah Jane ROLEY; witn William HUME, Montreal & Eveline May SILMSER, no place given, 25 Apr 1910, East Cornwall

020401-10 Moses TREPAIGNER (Trepanier?), 24, farmers son, of Kenyon, d/o Xavier TREPAIGNER & Marguerite BOURASSA; married Flora Ann LALONDE, 22, of Lochiel, d/o Dan LALONDE & Mary PICARD; witn Jos TREPAIGNER, Kenyon & Bella LALONDE, Alexandria, 1 Feb 1910, Lochiel

020378-10 Thomas Clarence TREPNEY, 22, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o John TREPNEY & Janet MITCHELL; married Mary Edith BARKLEY, 21, none given, Matilda Twp, d/o Jacob BARKLEY & Mary Jane THOMPSON; witn Flossie McARTHUR & Marie McARTHUR, both Iroquois, 9 Feb 1910, Iroquois

020398-10 George TUPER, 23, Labourer, Wid, none given, Brushton NY, s/o Ephraim TUBER (sic) & Laura BENNOR; married Virginia DUFRESNE, 20, none given, Lancaster, d/o John B. DUFRESNE & Maggie LAFAVE; witn Donald McDONALD, Williamstown & Hattie DUFRESNE, Lancaster, 1 Aug 1910, Lancaster

020248-10 Frank TYO, 36, Labourer, Wid, none given, Summerstown, s/o Angus TYO & Elizabeth LOZON; married Amelia ADAMS, no age given, Maid, none given, Summerstown, d/o James ADAMS & Louise WILTON; witn Joe TYO & Laura ADAMS, both Summerstown, 29 Sept 1910, Summerstown
020355-10 William VAN ALLEN, 27, Farmer, of Gull Lake Sask, s/o William VAN ALLEN & Rose CROWDER; married Mary Eva McAVOY, 19, of Newington, d/o John McAVOY & Alice RUPERT; wit Adelaide McAVOY & James B. IMBAY, both Newington, 27 Jul 1910, Crysler 020373-10 William VANDYKE, 24, Farmer, of Bush Glen, s/o John VANDYKE & Adeline COUNTRYMAN; married Effie Ann MOAK, 27, of Osnabruck Twp, d/o John Simeon MOAK & Alice Arzety HAWN; wit Menick G. HAWN & Arnot Arthur MOAK, both Newington 28 Dec 1910, Osnabruck Twp
020334-10 Delphis VAUDRIN, 30, Joiner, of Montreal, s/o Julian VAUDRIN & Mary BRINON; married Mary LALONDE, 31, Mill Operative, d/o Beline LALONDE & Henrietta VILLENEAUVE; wit Stanislaus CLERMONT, Montreal & Beline LALONDE, Cornwall 020337-10 Alcide VENDETTA, 23, Carpenter, of Cornwall, s/o Danis VENDETTA & Marie CLOUTEAU; married Laura TARDIF, 33, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, d/o Beline TARDIF & Celina PARENT; wit Joseph LAPLANTE & Joseph TARDIF, both Cornwall, 3 Oct 1910, Cornwall Twp
020305-10 Alexander VERT, 24, Powder Maker, of Roxborough, s/o Nazarine VERT & Mary PARENT; married Nora Ann TYO, 21, of Cornwall, d/o Stephen Henry TYO & Ann VERT; wit Alexander BOYER, St. Telesphore & Mary Louise TYO, Cornwall, 7 Nov 1910, Cornwall  

020277-10 Charles Dwight WALKER, 27, Cheese Maker, of Addison, s/o Samuel WALKER & Mary FERGUSON; married Luthera May HAGERMAN, 26, School Teacher, of Athens, d/o Henry HAGERMAN & Eunice JOHNS; witn L.E. REYNOLDS & Mary A. YOUNG, both Cornwall, 5 Jul 1910, Cornwall

020263-10 Robert John WALKER, 36, Mill Operative, of Cornwall, s/o William WALKER & Hattie CAMPBELL; married Jennie LOSEY, 22, of Cornwall, d/o Adam LOSEY & Mary KELLY; witn A.D. POOLE & C. JARVIS, both Cornwall, 13 Apr 1910, Cornwall

020376-10 Michael WALSH, 51, Farmer, Wid, of Berwick, s/o John WALSH & Mary LANIGAN; married Amelia BECHLER, 42, Farm Owner, Wid, of Connaught, d/o Victor BECHLER & Catherine SMYTH; wit Francis McADDEN, Connaught & Mary ALLEN, Berwick, 10 Jan 1910, Crysler

020247-10 John WARDEN, 33, Farmer, of Charlottenburgh, s/o James WARDEN & Agnes STIRLING; married Jennie Maud CLARK, 25, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Samuel CLARK & Jane BLACK; witn Elizabeth FRASER, Williamstown & Mrs W. W. McDONELL, St. Raphaels West, 29 Jun 1910, Charlottenburgh

020311-10 George Kenneth WARNER, 26, Steam Shoveller, of Cornwall, s/o Johiel WARNER & Annie MACONNELL; married Annie Catherine May EAMER, 23, of Cornwall, d/o Mathias EAMER & Elizabeth CARPENTER; wit Annie D. POOLE & Caroline JARVIS, both Cornwall, 21 Dec 1910, Cornwall 020291-10 Cyril E. WARNER, 25, Wheelright, of Newington, s/o John W. WARNER & Alice SHAVER; married Alice DUFF, 24, of Avonmore, d/o Thomas DUFF & Jennie GRANT; witn John F. GRANT & Mrs Lottie GRANT, both Newington, 6 Sept 1910, Cornwall
  020335-10 Joseph Noal WATTERS, 24, Farmer, of Cornwall Twp, s/o William WATTERS & Devina LACROIX; married Agnes LAFLAMME, 22, House Maid, of Cornwall Twp, d/o George LAFLAMME & Hedridge PLANETTE; wit Godrey LAFLAMME, Martintown & Florence LACROIX, Apple Hill, 27 Jun 1910, Cornwall Twp

020253-10 Christopher WHITFORD, 21, Farmer, of Cornwall Twp, s/o Edward WHITFORD & Eliza SPEAK; married Mary KING, 19, of Martintown Village, d/o John KING & Margaret LATOUR (deceased); witn Clarence WHITFORD & Ernest WHITFORD both Cornwall Twp, 24 Jan 1910, Cornwall

020219-10 Malcomb (Malcant?) WILLARD, 21, Farmer, none given, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Alex WILLARD & Nellie? BLANDO; married Jannet Louise HAINES, 24, none given, Ogdensburg NY, d/o Jacob HAINES & Mary MERKLEY; witn Donald BARKLY, Chesterville & Cary HAINES, Dunbar, 7 Mar 1910, Chesterville

020455-10 James Stanley WALLACE, 20, Merchant, of Shanley Grenville Co, s/o Joseph WALLACE & Margaret ANDERSON; married Florence SMYTH, 23, of Rowena, d/o John Lindsay SMITH (sic) & Marcella QUIRKLEY?; witn Alva WALLACE, Shanley & Harry SMITH, Rowena, 23 Feb 1910, Morrisburg

020434-10 John Clendennan WILSON, 55, Farmer, Wid, none given, Shanley, s/o Newburk WILSON, farmer, & Sarah ARMSTRONG; married Ada MARSLIS, 41, Wid, none given, Dundela, d/o Allen McINTOSH, farmer, & Mary Ann MUNBY (Mundy?); witn H.A. McINTOSH & Jessie McINTOSH, both Dundela, 28 Dec 1910, Dundela

020301-10 William George WINDLE, 22, Moulder, of Cornwall, s/o George WINDLE & Mary McINTOSH; married Emma Jane CHISAMORE, 19, of Cornwall, d/o John CHISAMORE & Caroline WILSON; witn William BERKINSHIRE & Annie CHISAMORE, both Cornwall, 10 Oct 1910, Cornwall

020325-10 D.A. WISEMAN, 26, Farmer, of Finch, s/o John WISEMAN & Lucy SHEETS; married Edith SHEETS, 23, Servant, of Mille Roches, d/o no parents given; wit Hugh D. WISEMAN, Avonmore & Emma J. SHEETS, Mille Roches, 6 Apr 1910, Moulinette
020319-10 William Tommas WOLFENDER, 32, Teamster, of Montreal, s/o James WOLFENDER & Isabella TOMMAS; married Elizabeth Ann EVANS, 32, Servant, of Liverpool England, d/o James B. EVANS & Elizabeth COPPLE; wit Thomas CHELNICK & Henrietta CHELNICK, both Mille Roches, 26 Jan 1910, Moulinette