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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Marriages, 1858

transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS248 reel 15, vol 65

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Page 1, Returned by Rev Peter GERMAN, Wesleyan Methodist Church

____ THOMPSON, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth THOMPSON; married Theodecia LOCKIM, 26, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o William & Margaret LOCKIM; witn Margaret LOCKIN & Christy WARTDROFF, both Osnabruck, 12 Jan 1858

George C. TRACY, 22, Williamsburgh, Williamsburg, s/o Septimius & Catherine [TRACEY]; married Abigal COOK, 19, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o George & Alada COOK; witn Lavinia SCHWFAGER & John WAGANT, both Williamsburg, 20 Jan 1858

Mathew SHEETS, 27, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o David & Dorothy SHEETS; married Emily ELIGHT (Eligh?)21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o David & Jane ELIGHT; witn Catherine SHEETS & George FETTERLY, both Osnabruck, 11 Feb 1858

John D.B. WILLIAMS, 24, Galbraith, Matilda, s/o W.H. & Pheba WILLIAMS; married Anna BAILEY, 24, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John & Hannah BAILEY; witn Lydia BAILEY & Thomas WILLIAMS, both Cornwall, 19 Feb 1858

William HACKNEY, 21, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, s/o William & Betsey HACKNEY; married Catherine BRADLEY, 19, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Andrew & Catherine BRADLEY; witn Sally Ann BRADLEY & Stephen ?, both Williamsburg, 16 Mar 1858

Johniah HOOPLE, 25, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o John & Sarah HOOPLE; married Catherine JOHNSTON, 22, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o ? & Frances? JOHNSTON; witn Catherine HOOPLE & William HOOPLE, both Osnabruck, 20 Apr 1858

Ira BANSTEANBURGH, 29, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Peter & Mary BANSTEANBURGH; married Mary A. BROWN, 17, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Robert & Susan BROWN; witn John BROWN & Mary BANSTEANBURGH, both Osnabruck, 11 May 1858

Sidney HELMER, 27, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Peter & Margaret HELMER; married Ann POAPSTE, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o George & Sarah POAPSTE; witn Margaret POAPSTE & Peter HELMER, both Cornwall, 1 Jun 1858

James FROOM, 58, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, s/o James & Elizabeth FROOM; married Eunice APPLETON, 56, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o A___ & Elizabeth CHRISTIE; witn Solomon BAG & Mary WHITTIKER, both Cornwall, 26 Aug 1858

Burnerd (Bernard?) WHITTAKER, 26, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o John & Mary WHITTAKER; married Levinia SCHWARTFAGER, 24, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o William & Gendine SCHWARTFAGER; witn John WHITTAKER & Elizabeth HOUTH, both Williamsburg, 28 Sept 1858

William AULGUIRE, 79, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Harmon & Elizabeth AULGUIRE; married Nancy HARTH, 18, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Christopher & Mary HARTH; witn John AULGUIRE, Osnabruck, 28 Nov 1858

James CLARK, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Margaret CLARK; married Marg BRADIN, 24, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Henry & Mary BRADIN; witn Elizabeth GERMAN & James STEPHENSON, Cornwall, 9 Dec 1858


Page 2, Returned by Rev Richard GARRETT, English Church

John ADAMS, 65, Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o Joseph & Mary ADAMS; married Isabella McCONNELL, 19, Russel, Osnabruck, d/o Andrew & Mary McCONNELL; witn John BROWN, Osnabruck, 31 Jan 1858

Jahiel TINKESS, 27, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Barny & Lavinia TINKESS; married Angelina McMILLAN, 23, Lancaster, Cornwall, d/o William & Betsy McMILLAN; witn Murdock ROSS, Lancaster, 2 Feb 1858

Francis MAXWELL, 27, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Francis & Margaret MAXWELL; married Catherine A. MORGEN (Morgan?), 27, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o George & Catherine MORGAN; witn William? N. MAXWELL, Osnabruck, 21 Apr 1858

Arthur J. PURKIS, 27, Canada, Williamsburg, s/o Isaac & Mary PURKIS; married Lavinia ELLIOTT, 21, England, Potsdam US, d/o Charles & Anna ELLIOTT; witn J.B. MURPHY, Williamsburg, 20 May 1858

John B. JOYNT, 26, Ireland, Bastard, s/o Caldwell & Fanny JOYNT; married Rebecca DUNBAR, 2_, Ireland, Osnabruck, d/o John & Elizabeth DUNBAR; witn John DUNBAR, Osnabruck, 17 Jun 1858

William J. ARCHIBALD, 39, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o John & Sarah ARCHIBALD; married Jane A. BOCKUS, 19, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o John & Margaret BOCKUS; witn Joseph M. BOCKUS, Osnabruck, 14 Dec 1858

William SILMSER, 24, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o John & Sally SILMSER; married Margaret BEDSTED, 21, Canada, Williamsburg, d/o Jacob & Polly BEDSTED; witn Nathaniel SILMSER, Osnabruck, 28 Dec 1858

Nathaniel GOVE, 27, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Nathaniel & Mary GOVE; married Emily SAMPSON, 23, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o George & Mary SAMPSON; witn Lindsay GOVE, Osnabruck, 28 Dec 1858


Page 3, Returned by Rev John S. O’CONNOR, Parish Priest

Alexander ADAMS, 25, Ireland, Cornwall, s/o Samuel ADAMS & Anne O’REILLY; married Anne BYRNE, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Thomas BYRNE & Mary WALPOLE; witn James BYRNE, Cornwall, 1 Feb 1858

Damase SAVOIE, 23, Lower Canada, Cornwall, s/o Franc’s & Dosethee SAVOIE; married Adelaide BOYER, 18, Lower Canada, Cornwall, d/o Andre BOYER & Catherine PARISSIER; witn Joseph PRIMEAU, Cornwall, 20 Apr 1858

Louis PARKER, 24, Lower Canada, St Regis, s/o John PARKER & Mary MANVILLE?; married Mary DUROCHER, 21, Upper Canada, Indian Lands, d/o Angus DUROCHER & Sophie PLAMONDIN; witn Jeremiah PARKER, St Regis, 14 Jun 1858

John G. PENNEFATHER, 31, Ireland, Chatham, s/o Richard PENNEFATHER & Caroline GORING?; married Sarah J. McDONELL, 22, Glengarry, Cornwall, d/o Col A. McDONELL & Isabella McDONELL; witn John A. FRASER, St Andrews, 7 Jul 1858

John B. McDONALD, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Rory & Isabella McDONALD; married Catherine LONEY, 25 Glengarry, Cornwall, d/o John LONEY & Mary McDONALD; witn John LONEY, Cornwall, 27 Aug 1858

Alexander GILCHRIST, 35, Charlottenburgh, Ogdensburgh, s/o Pierre GILCHRIST & Julie DUROCHER; married Adel’l PARE, 30, Charlottenburgh, Indian Lands, d/o Joseph PARE & Marie BONFOD; witn Alexander GADBOIS, Indian Lands, 19 Oct 1858

Archibald McPHAUL, 26, Stormont, St Andrews, s/o Donald McPHAUL & Nancy CHISHOLM; married Ann McDONELL, 21, Cornwall, St Andrews, d/o Wil’m McDONELL & Susanna La__; witn James McPHAUL, St Andrews, 23 Nov 1858


Page 4, Returned by Rev George A. HAY, Parish Priest of St. Andrews Church

Eusebe GODARD, 23, Lower Canada, Roxborough, s/o Joseph GODARD & Angelique PAYETTE; married Honorine [Sabourin], 20, Lower Canada, Roxborough, d/o Theodore SABOURIN & Lucie CHARON; witn Mayse GODARD & ? M. GODARD, both Roxborough, 7 Jan 1858

Onesime LECLAIR, ?, Lower Canada, Roxborough, s/o Pierre LECLAIR & Elizabeth LAFRAMBOIS; married Rose St.JEAN, no age given, Lower Canada, Roxborough, d/o Baptiste St.JEAN & Rose LEGROE; witn Baptiste LEPLANTE & Francois SAUVE, both Roxborough, 19 Jan 1858

Edouard or Edward COLETTE, 20, Lancaster, Roxborough, s/o Joseph COLETTE & Margery GORDON; married Magdelaine HOULE, 17, St Polycarpe, Roxborough, d/o Joseph HOULE & Archange ?; witn Pierre HOULE & Janavia QUESNEL, both Roxborough, 9 Feb 1858

Angus McGILLIS, 25, St Andrews, St Andrews, s/o Donald McGILLIS & Catherine McPHERSON; married Mary McDONALD, 23, St Andrews, St Andrews, d/o Samuel McDONALD & Nancy TIMOTHY; witn John McDONALD & Alexandre McDONALD, both St Andrews, 14 Feb 1858

Angus McDONELL, 38, St Andrews, St Andrews, s/o Alexander McDONELL & Elizabeth McDONALD; married Mary CHISHOLM, 24, St Andrews, St Andrews, d/o John CHISHOLM & Jane McDONALD; witn John McDONALD & Angus McINTOSH, both St Andrews, 16 Feb 1858

Jean B HARBIE, 26, St Benoit, Finch, s/o Jean B. HARBIE & Margaret BOBINEAU; married Domathilde CHARTRAND, 18, St Jerome, Finch, d/o Pierre CHARTRAND & Louise MORIN; witn Isidore HARBIE & Nagora CHARTRAND, both Finch, 19 Apr 1858

Francois CHAMPAGNE, 25, St Jerome, Finch, s/o Francois CHAMPAGNE & Marie BOISOIN (Boisvin?); married Philomine HARBIE, 15, St Benoit, Finch, d/o Isidore HARBIE & Marie BLAIS; witn Joseph LAPOINTE & Nagora CHARTRAND, both Finch, 19 Apr 1858

James HOURIGAN, 35, Ireland, Roxborough, s/o Martin HOURIGAN & Helen BELAME; married Rose A DELANEY, 26, St Andrews, Roxborough, d/o Michael DELANEY & Mary McGAHEY; witn Gregory BOYER & John DELANEY, both Roxborough, 27 Apr 1858

Lawrence BUTTER (Butler?), 32, Tipperary Ireland, Cornwall, s/o Thomas BUTTER & Mary Carey; married Hannah HARRINGTON, 24, Cork Ireland, St Andrews, d/o Michael HARRINGTON & Mary McDONELL; witn John MURPHY & _ ? McINTYRE, both St Andrews, 11 May 1858

Alexandre SEVET (LEVET?), 20, St Eustache, St Andrews, s/o Jacques SEVET & Margaret LABELLE; married Amaline LABELLE, 14, St Scholastique, St Andrews, d/o Augustin LABELLE & Margaret DESJARDIN; witn Francois MESTELL & Anso MAGOIS, both St Andrews, 9 Aug 1858

Martin MULLONEY, 27, St Andrews, Roxborough, s/o Patrick MULLONEY & Ellen DWYER; married Margaret McDONELL, 12, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Donald McDONALD & Flory McPAUL; witn James MULLONEY & Alexandre McDONELL, both Roxborough, 23 Sept 1858

Alexandre McDONELL, no age given, Indian Lands, Indian Lands, s/o Finlay McDONELL & Catherine ?; married Mary McPHAUL, no age given, St Andrews, St Andrews, d/o Donald McPHAUL & Nancy CHISHOLM; witn James McPHAUL & Nancy McDONELL, both St Andrews, 12 Oct 1858


Page 5, Returned by Rev Henry PATTON, Minister, Church of England

Malcolm McMARTIN, 23, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, s/o Alexander & Mary McMARTIN; married Ann McLENNAN, 22, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, d/o Hugh & Christie McLENNAN; witn Donald McLENNAN, Charlottenburg, 6 Jan 1858

John O'BRIEN, 50, Ireland, Cornwall Twp, s/o John & Nancy O'BRIEN; married Julia A. NELSON, 39, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Nicholas & Nancy BARNHART; witn Charles BARNHART, Cornwall, 12 Jan 1858

Benjamin BURTON, 23, Canada, Roxborough, s/o William & Maria BURTON; married Jane MCLAUGHLIN, 18, Canada, Roxborough, d/o Felix & Mary McLAUGHLIN; witn Charles McLAUGHLIN, Roxborough, 5 Feb 1858

Allan GRANT, 40, Canada, St Andrews, s/o John & Margaret GRANT; married Jane GOODLAND, 32, England, St Andrews, d/o James & Ann GOODLAND; witn Alex McLEAN, Cornwall, 16 Feb 1858

Robert McDONALD, 34, Nova Scotia, Charlottenburg, s/o Robert & Catherine McDONALD; married Mary A. McLEOD, 33, Canada, Charlottenburg, d/o William & Catherine McLEOD; witn Georgina PATTON, Cornwall, 17 Mar 1858

Hezekiah ALGUIRE, no age given, Canada, Cornwall, s/o Jacob & Hannah ALGUIRE; married Mary A. GALLINGER, no age given, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Harmonius & Olive GALLINGER; witn William GALLINGER, Cornwall, 30 Mar 1858

James IRVINE, 23, Martintown, Martintown, s/o James & Margaret IRVINE; married Jane A. SULLIVAN, 22, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, d/o John & Margaret SULLIVAN; witn Robert HAILEY, Charlottenburg, 2 Apr 1858

James ANNILLE, 24, Quebec, Charlottenburg, s/o Joseph & Talby ANNILLE; married Ann E. FISK, 18, Bangor, Charlottenburg, d/o Rufus & Martha FISK; witn Alexander McDOUGALL, Charlottenburg, 22 Jul 1858

William CLINE, 38, Canada, Cornwall, s/o Michael & Mary CLINE; married Mary CARPENTER, 20, Canada, Cornwall, d/o James & Jane CARPENTER; witn Donald HARTLE, Cornwall, 10 Aug 1858

Dick TRACEY, 40, NY state, Messina N.Y., s/o Samuel & Thedy TRACEY; married Sarah J. GRANT, 32, Canada East, Cornwall, d/o John & Jane GRANT; witn John GRANT, Cornwall, 11 Oct 1858

Duncan McDONELL, 42, Canada, Charlottenburg, s/o John & Ann McDONELL; married Sarah McDONALD, 25, Canada, Kenyon, d/o John & Christy McDONALD; witn Alex CAMPBELL, Kenyon, 27 Oct 1858

Hugh ADAMS, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Hugh & Isabella ADAMS; married Charlotte LEWIS, 18, Waddington, Moulinette, d/o Richard & Sophia LEWIS; married John G. SNETSINGER, Moulinette, 25 Dec 1858


Page 6, return by J. B. Armstrong, Wesleyan Church,

Lucin? FLAGG, 21, Matilda, same, s/o John & Frances, married Charlotte NETTLES?, 19, of Smith Falls, d/o not given, witn: E. FLAGG of Matilda & James MILLER, 28 Jan

Joseph HARLOCH?, 30, of Williamsburg, married Caroline KEIFER?, 22, witn: Henry BOWEN & William McINNIS, both of Williamsburg, 12 Oct. [no other info given]

Daniel DAFOE, of Osnabruck, married Maria HAMILTON of Osnabruck, witn: John ROBINSON & Andrew HALL, both of Osnabruck, 16 Sept [no other info given]


Page 7, return by Benjamin Meeker, M. E. Church,

Henry SMITH, 30, England, Williamsburg, s/o William & blank, married Jane SMITH, 42, Scotland, Williamsburg, d/o not given, witn: Simon DELAHAY & George SMITH, both of Williamsburg, 13 March

Christopher MACERN?, 43, Williamsburg, same, s/o George & blank, married Susanna MAGINNIS?, 30, Williamsburg, same, d/o Hiram & Dorothy HAYS, witn: William FLAGG & Mich HUNTER, both of Williamsburg, 11 April

Jacob BEDSTED, 21, Williamsburg, same, s/o John G. & Elizabeth, married Catherine BOOK (Rook?), 21, Williamsburg, same, d/o William & Sally, witn: Mich HUNTER & Matthias BEDSTED, both of Williamsburg, 15 June


Page 8, return by John W. Little, M. Episcopal Church,

Henry MERKLEY, 20, Matilda, same, s/o Henry & Mar, married Jane ERVINE, 16, Matilda, same, d/o Jeremiah ERVINE & Isabella CHITTOCK, witn: John PATTON of Matilda, 21 Sept

James McNEIL, 28, Scotland, Edwardsburg, s/o William McNEIL & R. BECKHAM, married Elisa A. ELLIOTT, 24, Elizabethtown, same, d/o David ELLIOTT & B. ROWLING, witn: A. ANDERSON of Matilda, 28 Sept

Thomas ERVINE, 20, Ireland, Matilda, s/o J. ERVINE & J. CHELLICK, married Elisa A. HARRIS, 19, Elizabethtown, Mountain, d/o J. HARRIS & C. BENNING, witn: John PATTON of Matilda, 30 Sept

W. N. ALBRANT, 22, Matilda, same, s/o Samuel ALBRANT & A. CHAMPION, married S. THOMSON, 18, Matilda, same, d/o James THOMSON & R. ALLEN, witn: Amiel? ALBRANT of Mountain, 19 Oct

Elias BUSH, 22, Matilda, same, s/o William BUSH & P. SHAVER, married H. STEINBURG, 16, Matilda, same, d/o M. STEINBURG & N (H?) FRISS, witn: Isabella SHAVER of Matilda, 22 Oct.

Charles PEAR, 22, Matilda, Mountain, s/o A. PEAR & M. TOUSANT, married M. A. JOHNSTON, 23, Ireland, Mountain, d/o S. JOHNSTON & M. KITSON, witn: J. N. JONSTER (sic) of Mountain, 25 Dec


Page 9, return by Hugh Urquhart, Presbyterian

Alexander McDONALD, 28, Lochiel, same, s/o Evan & Mary, married Catherine [no surname given], 26, Charlottenburg, same, d/o Angus CAMERON & Isabella McDOUGALL, witn: J. S. BARNES & Duncan? McLENNAN, both of Cornwall, 1 Jan

George SCOTT, 24, Cornwall, L'Acadie, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Lydia GALLAGHER, 17 (19?), Cornwall, same, d/o Alexander & Isabel, witn: Robert WATSON of Cornwall, 23 Feb

George LAPOINTE, 25, Williamsburg, same, s/o John & Betsy, married Isabella McDONALD, 18, Cornwall, same, d/o Evan? & Nancy, witn: Margaret McBAIN & Alexander McDONALD, both of Cornwall, 29 June

John McRAE, 24, Lancaster, Roxborough, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Mary MATHESON, 21, Scotland, Roxborough, d/o Dougall & Bella, witn: Margaret McRAE & Roderick McLENNAN, 13 July

Peter McPHERSON, 27, Scotland, Roxborough, s/o Finlay & Janet, married Mary CAMPBELL, 20, Roxborough, same, d/o Archibald & Isabella, witn: John McPHERSON & Alexander McGREGOR, both of Roxborough, 14 July

Peter WILSON?, 29, Scotland, Williamstown, s/o Angus & Elizabeth, married Mary J. MUNROE, 23, Scotland, Finch, d/o Donald & M. J. Campbell, witn: Samuel McMILLAN of Finch & John C. MUNROE, 28 Oct


Page 10, return by Eli Woodcock, Methodist Mission

Herochas? HANES, 25, Osnabruck, same, s/o John C. HANES & Sophia DEPOTIE, married Lucy WOOD, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o Morriston? WOOD & Catherine HART, witn: Joseph DOODS of Aultsville & Emmeline HANES of Williamsburg, 2 Feb

Benjamin GALLINGER, 20, Osnabruck, same, s/o George & Flory, married Catherine GALLINGER, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o Michael GALLINGER & Margaret CRICHMAN, witn: William BENNETT of Osnabruck & Sarah MARTIN (Mastin?) of Roxborough, 20 July


Page 11, Returned by John MACDONALD, Minister St. Raphaels

Donald McDOUGALD, no age given, Canada, Charlottenburgh, s/o Archibald McDOUGALD & Mary McDONALD; married Margaret GRANT, no age given, Canada, Charlottenburgh, d/o William GRANT & Christina KENNEDY; witn Alexander GRANT & John McDOUGALD, both Charlottenburgh, 26 Jan 1858

Angus McDONELL, no age given, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Angus McDONELL & Nancy McRAE; married Christine McDONALD, no age given, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Mary McDOUGALD; witn Dougald McDONALD & John McDONELL, both Lancaster, 8 Feb 1858

Joseph LALONDE, no age given, not given, Cumberland, s/o Benjamin LALONDE & Felicite POIRIER; married Amanda DUCHARM, no age given Canada, Lancaster, d/o Lewis DUCHARM & Mary A. LECLAIRE; witn Luke DUCHARM & William A. McKAY, both Lancaster, 15 Feb 1858

Joseph LABEAU, no age given, Lower Canada, St Polycarpe, s/o Jos’h LEBEAU & Mary O'BRIEN; married Sophia PARADIS, no age given, Canada, St Raphaels, d/o Oliver PARADIS & Adelaide ROCKBOURN; witn John B PARADIS & Peter McDONALD, both Lancaster, 10 May 1858

Lachlin McLACHLIN, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, s/o Angus McLACHLIN & Cath McDOUGALD; married Flora McDOUGALD, no age given, Lochiel, St Raphaels, d/o James McDOUGALD & Flora McDONELL; witn James McDONALD, Lancaster & Angus McLACHLAN, Charlottenburgh, 22 Jun 1858

Donald McDONALD, no age given, Lancaster, St. Raphaels, s/o John & Sally McDONALD; married Mary McDOUGALD, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, d/o Angus McDOUGALD & Catherine HAY; witn Flora McDONELL, Charlottenburgh & Mary MONGLES, Lancaster, 24 Jun 1858

Alexander GRANT, no age given, Charlottenburg, St Raphaels, s/o John GRANT & Flora McPHERSON; married Mary A. NORMAN, no age given, none given, St Raphaels, d/o Charles NORMAN & Lavine LAPLANTE; witn William FINLAN, Kenyon & Nancy McDONALD, Charlottenburgh, 17 Jul 1858

Charles O’CONNOR, no age given, Ireland, St Raphaels, s/o ? O’CONNOR & Ellen CASLEY; married Elizabeth KENNEDY, no age given, Charlottenburgh, St Raphaels, d/o Hugh KENNEDY & Nelly McDONELL; witn Mary McDONALD & Nancy McDONALD< both Charlottenburgh, 23 Jul 1858

Christopher McRAE, no age given, Charlottenburgh, St Raphaels, s/o Findlay & Isabell McRAE; married Christy A McDONELL, no age given, Charlottenburgh, St Raphaels, d/o Alexander McDONELL & Flora KENNEDY; witn Duncan McRAE, & Donald McDONELL, both Charlottenburgh, 27 Jul 1858

John McDONALD, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, s/o Malcolm McDONALD & Cath McKINNON; married Sarah McDONALD, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, d/o John & Cath McDONALD witn John McGILLIS & William McGILLIS, both Lancaster, 10 Aug 1858

Donald McDOUGALD, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, s/o John McDOUGALD & Nelly McLACHLAN; married Catherine McDONALD, 24, Lancaster, St Raphaels, d/o John & Flora McDONALD; witn Archibald McDOUGALD & John McDONALD, both Lancaster, 10 Aug 1858

Angus McDOUGALD, no age given, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Angus McDOUGALD & Nancy McDONALD; married Elizabeth McDONALD, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, d/o Ranold & Nancy McDONALD; witn Ronald McDONALD & John McDONALD, both Lancaster, 14 Aug 1858

John McDONALD, no age given, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Angus & Isabel McDONALD; married Mary McMILLAN, no age given, Lancaster, St Raphaels, d/o Donald McMILLAN & Catherine CAMERON; witn Duncan McMILLAN, Lancaster & John WILLIAMS, Alexandria, 5 Oct 1858

William O’SHEA, 28, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Patrick O’SHEA & Anastasia FINLAN; married Mary CORBET, 24, Lancaster, Charlottenburgh, d/o Alexander CORBET & Jane McDONELL; witn John CORBET, Alexandria & Thomas O’SHEAN, Charlottenburgh, 23 Nov 1858


Page 12 Returned by James SMITH, Minister of M.E. Church

Abraham WALLER, 38, Wolford, Mountain, s/o Edward & Sylvina; married Mary ALBRANT, 19, Matilda, Mountain, d/o Samuel & Asndia; witn Jane ENON? Matilda & William N. ALBRANT, Mountain, 7 Jan 1858

George William HOPPER, 20, Osnabruck, Matilda, s/o Henry & Elizabeth; married Minerva A. FIKE, 20, Matilda, Matilda, d/o John & Catherine ; witn Barbray FIKE & John CROUDER, both Matilda, 20 Jan 1858

James FOSSET, 28, Matilda, Winchester, s/o William & Mary; married Sophia SUMMERS?, 17, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Andrew & Christianne ; witn John ROBINSON, Mountain & Margaret SUMMERS, Winchester, 7 Feb 1858

William H. SHAVER, 27, Williamsburg, Winchester, s/o Peter & Mary; married Jane FALKNER, 23, Ireland, Winchester, d/o Adam & Mary; witn James FALKNER & Mary GLASGOE (Glasgow?), both Winchester, 25 Jan 1858

Joshua ANNABLE, 22, Cornwall, Winchester, s/o Joshua & Margaret; married Margaret ERRATT?, 19, Augusta, Winchester, d/o Isaac & Sarah; witn Mary ERRATT & John CHRISTIE, both Winchester, 26 Feb 1858

Matthias BARKLEY, 23, none given, Williamsburg, s/o Christopher & Lana; married Ann BAILY, 17, not known, Williamsburg, d/o William B & Mary; witn Jane JEFFREY, Williamsburg & Fraser D. BOULTON, Winchester, 1 Apr 1858

Jacob McGINN, 26, Augusta, Finch, s/o John & Latisha; married Sarah McCADDEN? (McFadden?), 20, Ireland, Finch, d/o Alexander & Ellen; witn James McCADDEN & Jane McCADDEN, both Finch, 3 Jun 1858

John H. JEFFREY, 29, England, Williamsburg, s/o Henry & Elizabeth; married Mary A. COONS, 22, Matilda, Winchester, d/o William & Mary; witn Charles WEB & Rachel COONS, both Williamsburg, 29 Jun 1858

William CHRYSLER, 24, Finch, Finch, s/o James & Ann; married Theressa CHRYSLER, 22, Cornwall, Finch, s/o George & Sophia; witn Catherine CHRYSLER & John? SHAVER, both Finch, 19 Aug 1858

Henry PHILIPS, 22, Williamsburg, Osnabruck, s/o William & Elizabeth; married Sarah? OUDERKIRK?, 22, Winchester, Williamsburg, d/o Nicholas & Mary; witn Emeline OUDERKIRK & ?, both Williamsburg, 5 Oct 1858

John GRAY, 32, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Robert & Sarah; married Sarah ARMSTRONG, 20, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Thomas & Cynthia; witn Martha ARMSTRONG, Mountain & Jonathan BOGART, Winchester, 19 Oct 1858

James BARKLEY, 20, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Christopher & Lana; married Laura A. DUR____, ?, Williamsburg, Winchester, d/o John & Rosella; witn Frudoin DURANT & John SMITH, both Winchester, 28 Nov 1858

James T. SHEUPHELT? (Shewfelt?), 20, Williamsburg, Osnabruck, s/o John & Nancy; married Emeline OUSTERAULT (Osterhout?), 18, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Nicholas & Mary; witn J.A. OUSTERAULT & Sarah A. NEPHER, both Finch, 30 Nov 1858

William H. BUSH, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Simon & Nancy; married Elizabeth GALLAGHER, 1_, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o William & Catherine; witn Elizabeth BUSH & Hezekiah BUSH, both Osnabruck, 14 Dec 1858


Page 13, return by Michael Davy, M. E. Church

Levi L. SPABLE? (Issable?) , 19, Matilda, same, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth, married Agnes MANUEL, 15, Matilda, same, d/o Jonathan & Mary, witn: M--? BUCK & Elizabeth LACK, 3 March

John LAVIS, 256, Ireland, Matilda, s/o not given, married Ann VAN STEINBURG, 35?, Matilda, same, d/o Thomas & Patey VAN STEINBURG, witn: Chris & Harriet VAN STEINBURG

John BUCKHAM, no age given, Mountain, same, s/o not given, married Sally BELLINGER, Mountain, same, d/o John STODART & Henrietta WYATT, no witnesses given, 6 Sept

Simon R. ULLMAN?, no age given, Mountain, same, s/o not given, married Mary CHRISTNER, no age given, Matilda, same, d/o John & Rebecca KRISTNER, witn: Peter HOLMES & Mary J. WINEGARD, 21 Sept

Thomas KECK, 22, Matilda, same, s/o Lucan & Eleanor, married Arvilla BARKLEY, 19, Mountain, same, d/o Adam & blank, witn: Wesley SHAVER & Elizabeth KECK, 28 Dec


Page 14, return by Rev. Duncan Cameron, Free church, Lochiel - only grooms names given

Peter CLARK,


Finlay McRAE

Alexander FRASER



Page 15, return by Rev. Hugh Campbell, Presbyterian church

William ATCHESON, 22, Cornwall, same, s/o Robert ATCHESON & Margaret SMITH, married Margaret BILSLAND, 24, Lachute C.E., Cornwall, d/o Alexander & Isabella BILLSLAND (sic), witn: William MACK of Cornwall, 1 Jan

James KILGOUR, 21, Montreal, Cornwall, s/o Joseph KILGOUR & Isabella DUBYELL?, married Mary Louisa ORR, 21, Cornwall, same, d/o Mathew & Christian ORR, witn: G. HITCHCOCK of Cornwall, 3 Feb

John FISHER, 22, Indian Lands, same, s/o Peter FISHER & Jane McNAUGHTON, married Catherine CUMMINGS, 20, Roxborough, same, d/o John CUMMINGS & Margaret McDERMID, witn: John McNAUGHTON of Indian Lands, 16 March

Roderick DEWAR, 35, Canada, West Hawkesbury, s/o Duncan DEWAR & Janet MORRISON, married Mary DEWAR, 24, Scotland, Kenyon, d/o Donald DEWAR & Janet McLEOD, witn: Donald DEWAR of West Hawkesbury, 1 April

John McRAE, 35, Scotland, Indian Lands, s/o Kenneth & Catherine, married Ann URQUHART, 25, Canada, Charlottenburg, d/o John URQUHART & Christina McLENNON, witn: William URQUHART of Charlottenburg, 5 Aug

Alexander A. FERGUSON, 19, Williamstown, Cornwall, s/o Rev. M. FERGUSON & M. FERGUSON, married Jane HUNTER, 19, Cornwall, same, d/o John HUNTER & Christena LEACH, witn: Alexander R. FERGUSON of Williamstown, 10 Dec

James WALKER, 28, Canada, Cornwall, s/o William WALKER & Margaret CLARK, married Ann WILSON, 28, Scotland, Cornwall, d/o Robert WILSON & Janet TAYLOR, witn: Donald MURRAY of Cornwall, 14 Dec


Page 16, return by Rev. John Anderson, Minister at Lancaster & Dalhousie Mills

Peter McEWEN, 25, Cote St. Andrews, same, s/o John & Christy, married Mary McNAUGHTON, 21, England, Cote St. Catharines, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: Alexander McEWEN of Cote St. Andrews, 15 may

John McINTOSH, 28, Scotland, Lancaster, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Jessie KENNEDY, 27, Beckwith, Nepean, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: John DEWAR of Carleton, 20 Aug

John MEADOWS, 27, Scotland, Lancaster, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Margaret FRASER, 21, Scotland, Lancaster, d/o Alexander & Janet, witn: Donald STEWART of Lancaster, 20 Dec


Page 17, return by Rev Joseph Anderson, M. A., of South Gower, Presbyterian

James McSHANE, 20, Ireland, Matilda, s/o James McSHANE & M. HENRY, married Margaret WATT, 26, Scotland, ma, d/o James WATT & unknown, witn: David CHRISTIE & Robert WATT of Matilda, 12 Jan.

Daniel ALLEN, 27, Mountain, same, s/o John ALLEN & Mary MARKLE, married Mary THOM (Thorn?), 24, Ireland, Mountain, d/o James THOM & Elizabeth TOTTEN, witn: John ALLEN & Richard SKUCE of Mountain, 26 Jan

Thomas MILFORD, 25, Grass River NY, Williamsburg, s/o John MILFORD & Sarah JACKSON, married Mary E. CRAWBERGER, 22, Mountain, same, d/o Peter CRAWBERGER & Hannah RUTHERFORD, witn: Alexander CLARK & John MEDAGH of Mountain, 5 March

John CHRISTIE, 23, Assidd? (Apidd?), Winchester, s/o John CHRISTIE & Jane BROWN, married Ann WALKER, 26, Mountain, same, d/o Thomas WALKER & Harriet HEWIT, witn: William WALKER & Ruth ROSE of Mountain, 28 April

William BROWN, 27, Mountain, same, s/o William BROWN & Mary O'HARA, married Catherine SUTTLE, 26, Mountain, same, d/o Henry SUTTLE & Catherine WEIR, witn: George WILSON & W. BROWN Sr. of Mountain, 15 July


Page 18, Returned by Rev R. DOBIE, Minister Township of Osnabruck

John WINWODDIE, 73, Scotland, Lancaster of N York Erie States, s/o James WINWOODIE & Isabella MITCHELL; married Alice WHITLE?, 47, Scotland, Osnabruck, d/o William & Jane GRIEVE; witn Samuel AULT, Osnabruck, 16 Mar 1858

Daniel LOUCKS, 25, Canada, East Williamsburg, s/o Adam W. LOUCKS & Elizabeth ROSS; married Elizabeth A. LOUCKS, 22 Canada, East Williamsburg, d/o Peter LOUCKS & Mary DAFOE; witn Simeon AULT, Osnabruck, 11 May 1858

David A. ARCHINVALE, 29, Canada, Gananoque, s/o Alex A. ARCHINVALE & Maria BOCKUS; married Charlotte Ann WARNER, 29, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o James MANN & Ann BOCKUS; witn John A. BOCKUS, Osnabruck, 10 Aug, 1858

Freeman BROWN, 23, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Richard BROWN & Catharine SHELP; married Maria THOMPSON, 20, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o Hector THOMPSON & Clara ANDREW; witn Barnabas HOLLISTER, Osnabruck, 6 Oct 1858

John DUNBAR, 23, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o John DUNBAR & Eliza FARQUE; married Marg RUPORT, 23, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o Levi & Amanda RUPORT; witn John L. RUPERT, Osnabruck, 6 Oct 1858

John BAKER, 34, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o James BAKER & Margaret GALLINGER; married Mary Ann NEVIL, 23, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o Dennis NEVIL & Catharine RAMBOUGH; witn Simon KERR, Brockville, 6 Oct 1858

Robert GILLARD, 33, Canada, Malone New York, s/o Robert GILLARD & Hester MONTGOMERY; married Maria DUNBAR, 39, Ireland, Osnabruck, d/o John DUNBAR & Elizabeth FARQUE; witn Jacob RAMBOUGH, Osnabruck, 20 Oct 1858

Alexander VALLANCE, ?-4, Scotland, Osnabruck, s/o Robert VALLANCE & Sarah CURRIE; married Agnes CROSS, 27, Scotland, Staoge? Island New York, d/o George CROSS & Elizabeth BARNES; witn William McCARTENY, Williamsburg, 28 Oct 1858

Martin ALGUIRE, 22, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Harmonious ALGUIRE & Elizabeth WARNER; married Sophia GILMOUR, 18, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o Francis GILMOUR & Fanny COOK; witn John ALGUIRE, Osnabruck, 16 Nov 1858

John SANDERSON, 37, Scotland, Osnabruck, s/o Thomas SANDERSON & Elizabeth GORDON; married Elizabeth CHELLY, 39, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o Henry GALLINGER & Cath’ CRYDERMAN; witn Richard LOUCK, Osnabruck, 16 Nov 1858

George WEART, 25, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Conrad WEART & Rachel SHAVER; married Sarah Ann MARKELL, 22, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o Richard MARKELL & Phebe Ann MATTICE; witn William WEART, Osnabruck, 29 Dec 1858

Hamilton N. EMPEY, 42, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Jacob W. EMPEY & Mary RAMBOUGH; married Adelaide MARTIN, 29, Scotland, Osnabruck, d/o James MARTIN & Jane GRAHAM; witn John CROIL, Osnabruck, 29 Dec 1858


Page 19, Returned by Donald MUNRO, Minister of Finch, Established Church of Scotland

William GRONDOW, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Andrew GRONDOW & Mary Ann BROWN; married Mary Jane ALGUIRE, 17, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o David ALGUIRE & Permelia HARRINGTON; witn Hiram WEST, Osnabruck, 26 Jan 1858

Alexander McLEAN, 22, Finch, Finch, s/o John McLEAN & Flora McINNIS; married Mary Ann McMILLAN, 25, Ottawa, Finch, d/o Hugh McMILLAN & Catherine McMILLAN; witn Donald McINNIS, Finch, 18 Feb 1858

John CAMERON, 33, Chatham L.C., Cambridge, s/o Archibald CAMERON & Margaret McCORMAG (McCormack?); married Anne LINK, 28, Finch, Finch, d/o Jacob LINK & Catherine CAMERON; witn Adam LINK, Finch, 11 Mar 1858

Jacob SWASY, 22, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o John SWASY & Mary Ann BAKER; married Helen HOOPLE, 17, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Michael HOOPLE & Margaret SWART?; witn Jacob ANDREW, Osnabruck, 30 Mar 1858

James BURNS, 32, Sandecruses, Osnabruck, s/o John BURNS & Catherine RUPORT; married Helen McKAY, 28, Woodroy L.C., Osnabruck, d/o Patrick McKAY & Catharine McCORMAG; witn John RUPORT, Osnabruck, 25 May 1858

Archibald McINTYRE, 26, Indian Land, Indian Land, s/o Donald McINTYRE & Catherine McDOUGALD; married Eliza CAMERON, 20, Chatham Ottawa, Cambridge, d/o Archibald CAMERON & Margaret McCONNAG?; witn John McRAE, Roxborough, 15 Jul 1858

Alexander CAMERON, 26, Lower Canada, Finch, s/o Donald CAMERON & Betsy McGREGOR; married Marjory CAMERON, 31, Finch, Finch, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Margaret McMILLAN; witn Hugh PARK, Finch, 31 Aug 1858

William STEELE, 26, Ireland, Finch, s/o David STEELE & Eliza FOSTER; married Margaret Ann FIKES, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o James FIKES & Catharine SHAVER; witn Francis MARKLE, Cornwall, 14 Oct 1858

Miles McKINNON, 28, Lochiel, Cambridge, s/o Alex McKINNON & Peggy McMILLAN; married Catharine McRAE, 26, Hawkesburgh, Cambridge, d/o Archibald McRAE & Ann McCRIMMON; witn John McKINNON?, Cambridge, 30 Dec 1858


Page 20, Returned by Rev. Donald GORDON, Presbyterian Church of Canada

Alexander McKERCHER, 30, Breadalbane Scotland, Roxborough, s/o Alex McKERCHER & Janet McGREGOR; married Margaret McLEOD, 25, Scotland, Roxborough, d/o Donald McLEOD & Catharine PEDEN; witn Duncan McKERCHER, Roxborough, 11 Mar 1858

Donald McLEOD, 34, Invernesshire, Roxborough, s/o Murdoch McLEOD & Janet MAHON; married Margaret McDONELL, 23, Invernesshire, Roxborough, d/o Donald & Catherine McDONELL; witn John TOLRAIES?, Roxborough, 18 Mar 1858

Isaiah S. SHANKS, 34, Ireland, Roxborough, s/o Robert SHANKS & Margaret REID; married Mary Jane STUART, 23, Ireland, Roxborough, d/o James STEWART (sic) & Sarah M. REID; witn Peter STEWART, Roxborough, 24 Aug 1858