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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1912


018273-12 John M. ADAMS, 26, cheese maker, of Glen Stewart, s/o Joseph ADAMS & Annie BLAIR; married Gertrude GUY, 18, of Vernon, d/o Alex GUY & Eliza JENNACK; witn Lizzie ADAMS & H.R. MANSON, both South Mountain, 27 Feb 1912, South Mountain


018276-12 Milo D. ALVERSON, 78, Farmer, Wid, of DeCalb N.Y. USA, s/o Almanson ALVERSON & Sylinda MERWIN; married Charlotte C. DAVIDSON, 54, none given, Cannon Falls Minn USA, d/o Robert S. McLENNAN & Elspeth McLENNAN; witn Johnanna McLENNAN, South Lancaster & Flora D. McLENNAN, Apple Hill, 22 Aug 1912, Lancaster

018275-12 Stewart ANDERSON, 26, Farmer, none given, Hawkesbury, s/o William ANDERSON & Mary CUMMING or CUNNING; married Anna LOTHIAN, 24, none given, Lochiel Twp, d/o Duncan LOTHIAN & Mary Ann McKENZIE; witn William A. NEWTON & Mary HOLMES, both VanKleek Hill, 12 Jun 1912, Lochiel Twp

018281-12 Albert Francis ARMSTRONG, 35, none given, none given, Dundee, s/o Francis ARMSTRONG & Isabella STEWART; married Florence Hill JOHNSON, 25, none given, South Lancaster, d/o Isaac Seaton JOHNSON & Catherine HILL; witn Tillie JOHNSON, South Lancaster & C.D. JOHNSTON, Williamstown, 6 Nov 1912, South Lancaster

018270-12 Webster J. ARMSTRONG, 32, of Valleyfield Quebec, Iroquois, s/o George W. ARMSTRONG & Ann SMITH; married Mabel H. SHAVER, 22, Matilda, Iroquois, Matilda, d/o Guy SHAVER & Mary HOLDEN; witn W.D. ARMSTRONG, Iroquois & Pearl DOONEN, Shanly, 28 Sept 1912, Matilda Twp

018272-12 Charles Donal ASSELIN, 21, Clerk, none given, Alexandria, s/o Charles ASSELIN & Mary Rose LORTIE; married Elizabeth Ann HAYDEN, 26, none given, Alexandria, d/o John HAYDEN & Catherine MASTERSON; witn Lucien LYMBURNER, Ottawa & Mary H. KENNEDY, Alexandria, 14 Feb 1912, Alexandria (NOTE; Name of groom also appears as Joseph Donal ASSELIN)

018290-12 Thomas Franklin BALDOCK, 23, Farmer, of Toronto, s/o Walter BALDOCK & Mary Jane WESTLAKE; married Mamie Ball MADDEN, 20, of Mountain Co, d/o James H. MADDEN & Ellen GREY; witn W.J. LEVERE, Vancamp & Miss S.A. MADDEN, Mountain, 12 Jun 1912, Mountain

018285-12 Levi BALDWIN, 22, Farmer, of Mountain Twp, s/o Silas H. BALDWIN & Eliza MONTGOMERY; married Leila FETTERLY, 18, Housemaid, of Matilda Twp, d/o Ezra FETTERLY & Jane H. FETTERLY; witn Mrs A.M. MICK & Miss Lena WALLACE, both Brinston, 14 Feb 1912, Matilda Twp


018317-12 James BARKLEY, 20, Winchester Springs, Toys still, s/o Melvin BARKLEY & Annie BANK; married Florence TAILFER, 28, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Oliver TAILFER & Christine LEROUX; witn Elgan LASALLE & Mrs Elgar LASALLE, both Chesterville, 25 Dec 1912, Chesterville

018301-12 Herman I. BARKLEY, 24, Merchant, of South Mountain, s/o Isaiah BARKLEY & Mary Anna MILLWARD; married Idella E. BARKLEY, 19, of Williamsburg, d/o Simon BARKLEY & no mother given; witn Frank BARKLEY & Melva BARKLEY, both no place given, 28 Aug 1912, Williamsburg

018308-12 Harvey BARKLEY, 21, farmer, none given, Winchester, s/o Thomas BARKLEY & Bertha; married Margaret TINKESS, 19, none given, Hallville, d/o Judson C. TINKESS & Janet Ann CAMERON; witn George McCARGIR, Reids Mills & Mabel TINKESS, Hallville, 11 Sept 1912, Hallville 018309-12 George Henry BARKLEY, 22, farmer, none given, Finch Twp, s/o John Henry BARKLEY & Catherine GILLIES; married Ethel Sarah McMILLAN, 21, none given, Williamsburgh, d/o James McMILLAN & Sarah Elizabeth ADAMS; witn John McMILLAN, Grantley & Ella BARKLEY, Connought, 23 Sept 1912, Chesterville

018312-12 Joseph Adrien BEAUCHAMP, 19, none given, St. Justine Quebec, Lochiel, s/o Xavier BEAUCHAMP & Marie ASSELIN; married Marie Armantine PILON, 18?, Kenyon Twp, Lancaster, d/o William PILON & Elexina COUSINEAU; witn Marie BEAUCHAMP, Glen Robertson & Helena PILON, Dalhousie Mill, 28 Oct 1912, Lancaster

018289-12 James George BECKSTED, 21, of North Williamsburg, Morrisburg, s/o Thomas BECKSTED & Martha CASSELMAN; married Florence HAYES, 18, Morrisburg, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Robert HAYES & Nina CASSELMAN; witn Mrs. L. M. McCREERY, Morrisburg & Gertrude McCREERY, no place given, 11 Jun 1912, Morrisburg

  018315-12 Harry Gubbins BIRKS, 31, Prescott, , Toronto, s/o John BIRKS (deceased) & Annie ARMSTRONG; married Jennie Agnes ARMSTRONG, 26, Iroquois, Iroquois Village, d/o George ARMSTRONG & Annie GUBBINS; witn Webster ARMSTRONG & Mabel ARMSTRONG, both Iroquois, 2 Nov 1912, Matilda Twp

018292-12 George Etienne BISSONETTE, 40, Gentleman, none given, St. Raphaels, s/o Joseph BISSONETTE & Christine SIMARD; married Maria VALADE, 24, none given, St. Raphaels, d/o T. VALADE & Militine ST. ARMAND; witn Zotique BISSONETTE & Delina VALADE, both St. Raphaels, 11 Jun 1912, St. Raphaels

018297-12 Henri BORRIS, 33, Labourer, Vankleek Hill, Alexandria, s/o Henri BORRIS & Leonora LAVIOLETTE; married Albina GENDRON, 24, Glen Nevis, Alexandria, d/o Jean GENDRON & Marie GAGNIER; witn Henri BORRIS & Emaril GAGNIER, both Alexandria, 26 Aug 1912, Alexandria

018314-12 Alton J. BOWMAN, 53, Dentist, of Lewiston Maine, s/o Rev Augustus T. BOWMAN & Rhoda LOW; married Ethel M. HASKELL, 34, of Lewiston Maine, d/o George B. HASKELL & Mary M. MARSTON; witn Irwin HILLIARD & Miss Lillian MOORE, both Morrisburg, 7 Nov 1912, Morrisburg

018296-12 Thomas BROADBENT, 27, Textile Worker, none given, Magog Que, s/o Henry BROADBENT & Charlotte DREW; married Bertha Elizabeth ROBINSON, 24, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o Israel ROBINSON & Bessie BREW; witn Maud BROADBENT, Magog & George A. ROBINSON, Cashion Glen, 24 Jul 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018283-12 Thomas BROWN, 66, Gardening, Wid, of Winchester, s/o John BROWN (dead) & Mary GRAY; married Margaret LEVAN (Levane?), 25, of Guelph, d/o JOHN LEVAN (dead) & Margaret GRAY; witn Mrs Winifred SUFFEL & Mrs Dora M. SPROULE, both Winchester, 3 Jan 1912, Winchester

018286-12 Percy BROWN, 30, Labourer, of Cardinal, s/o John BROWN & Jane Ann ENGLISH; married Martha Mae HODGE, 28, of Matilda, d/o Philander HODGE & Martha GLOVER; witn Mary BROWN, Iroquois & Mrs Alva SERVISS, Matilda, 20 Mar 1912, Iroquois

018291-12 James Henry BROWNING, 32, Bookkeeper, none given, Montreal, s/o James H. BROWNING & Sarah Jane MALES; married Minnie Sophia McINTOSH, 25, Nurse, none given, Dalkeith, d/o Donald McINTOSH & Margaret MUNROE; witn Frank BROWNING, Montreal & Agnes E. HENDERSON, St. Malachie Que, 26 Jun 1912, Lochiel Twp

018322-12 Thomas Leslie CAMERON, 27, Van driver, none given, Montreal Quebec, s/o Archibald CAMERON & Mary CARSON; married Sara McLEOD, 24, Store Clerk, none given, Dalkeith, d/o Alexander McLEOD & Margaret McINTYRE; witn Thomas CARSON & Mabel MUNRO, both Montreal, 27 Mar 1912, Lochiel Twp

018339-12 James Robert CAMERON, 24, none given, Grants Corners, Russell, s/o John G. CAMERON & Isabel BEST ; married Zuella Mary McKAY, 23, Grant Corners, Grant Corners, d/o Daniel McKAY & Anna DERBY; witn Norbert? McKAY, Grants Corners & Florie Mae McLENNAN, Cornwall, 24 Sept 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018332-12 Henry Allen R. CAMERON, 45, Farmer, none given, Lancaster, s/o Andrew CAMERON & Mary SUTHERLAND; married Harriet McCUAIG, 28, none given, Lancaster, d/o John David McCUAIG & Mary Ann McMILLAN; witn C. McCUAIG & T.A. McBAIN, both Lancaster, 9 Jul 1912, Lancaster

018345-12 Alexander J. CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, none given, Dunvegan, s/o John L. CAMPBELL & Mary DEY; married Sarah Ann McKENZIE, 25, none given, Dunvegan, d/o William McKENZIE & Annie McLEOD; witn M.J. McRAE & Libbie McKENZIE, both Dunvegan, 6 Nov 1912, Dunvegan

018338-12 Duncan William John CAMPBELL, 40, Mechanic, none given, McCrimmon, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Catherine McRAE; married Anna Bell SOVA, 35, none given, Glen Roy, d/o Frank SOVA & Rebecca McCRIMMON; witn Mrs Alex J. McGILLIVRAY & Mrs John D. McMILLAN, both Kirkhill, 25 Sept 1912, Lochiel

018328-12 Alexander CARPENTER, 36, of New York State, St. Regis Falls NY, s/o Antoine CARPENTER & Emma CLARKE; married Elsie Jane CASSELMAN, 45, Finch Twp, d/o William CASSELMAN & Charlotte COOPER; witn Charles CASSELMAN & Annie CASSELMAN, both Morrisburg, 16 May 1912, Morrisburg

018323-12 George CARTER, 40, Painter, of Morrisburg, s/o George CARTER & Dora THORPE; married Elspeth Kelly McKENZIE, 35, of Morrisburg, d/o James McKENZIE & Helen CLARK; witn Mrs Blanche BARKLEY, Napanee & Miss Janie McKENZIE, Morrisburg, 27 Mar 1912, Morrisburg

018344-12 Charles Henry CARTWRIGHT, 32, none given, Colerbrook Que?, Lancaster, s/o Charles CARTWRIGHT & Elina GOLDING; married Sophia Kate TYRRELL, 24, Sydenham Eng, Lancaster, d/o William Thomas TYRRELL & Sarah SAUNDERS; witn William McLENNAN & Mrs CARSON, both Lancaster, 19 Nov 1912, Lancaster

018330-12 George Alexander CASGRAIN, 35, none given, Summerstown, Calgary, s/o Hermengilde CASGRAIN & Jane MACDONALD; married Mary McLEOD, 38, Summerstown, Calgary, d/o William McLEOD & Sarah McPHEE; witn Rene CASGRAIN, Cornwall & Catharine MACDONALD, Montreal, 27 Jun 1912, Glengarry

018333-12 William Joseph Mavety CASS, 30, none given, Winchester Twp, Chesterville, s/o Jeremiah CASS & Sarah J JAMIESON; married Agnes Isabella McINTOSH, 28,  Morrisburg, same, d/o George McINTOSH & Isabella FETTERLEY; witn German W McINTOSH, Morrisburg & Edna M. CASS, Winchester, 31 Jul 1912, Morrisburg Village  

018351-12 George Henry CASSELMAN, 22, of Williamsburg twp, Glen Becker, s/o Michael CASSELMAN & Mary NICHOLAS; married Ossie DEVAUL, 21, of Mariatown, d/o Harvey DEVAUL & Jane McLAUGHLIN; witn Mrs. C.A. DENNIS & Miss Martha WHITTEKER, both no place given, 31 Dec 1912, Williamsburg

018335-12 Stanley CASSELMAN, 37, none given, Dundela, Morrisburg, s/o S.J. CASSELMAN & Catharine N. SHAVER; married Annie A HANES, 26, Dundela, Dundela (Iroquois), d/o Donald S. HANES & Alice SADDLEMIRE; witn Alzina HANES, Iroquois & Stella CASSELMAN, Morrisburgh, 10 Sept 1912, Matilda Twp

018343-12 Finlay George CHISHOLM, 27, none given, Glengarry, Cobourg, s/o Duncan CHISHOLM & Mary McDONALD; married Mary McDONALD, 25, Green Valley, Green Valley, d/o Duncan McDONALD & Annie McDONALD; witn C.D. CHISHOLM, Toronto & Tina McDONALD, Green Valley, 29 Oct 1912, St. Raphaels

018340-12 Alexander William CHISHOLM, 35, farmer, Sky?, same, s/o John A. CHISHOLM & Maggie McRAE; married Elizabeth McGILLIVARY, 30, Laggan, Laggan, d/o John McGILLIVARY & Catherine McDONALD; witn Alex William CHISHOLM & Mary Bell McINTOSH, both Sky, 24 Sept 1912, Lochiel Twp

018342-12 Alexander Howard Piggot CHRISTIE, 27, none given, Arbroth Scotland, Montreal, s/o David Thompson CHRISTIE & Agnes HUTTON; married Elizabeth Amelia MacEDWARD, 22, L'Acadia Quebec, Stanley Island, d/o Finley MACEDWARD & Elizabeth KO--?; witn Margaret Jane ROSE, Big Moose NY & John CHRISTIE, Montreal, 22 Oct 1912, Stanley Island

018319-12 Ivan Alexander CHRISTIE, 26, Farmer, of s/o Alexander CHRISTIE & Margaret MARTIN; married Elizabeth ROBINSON, 26, of Riddellvale Alberta, d/o Charles ROBINSON & Viola BLOW; witn W.H. SHAW & Mrs W.H. SHAW, both Hallville, 23 Jan 1912, Mountain Twp

018329-12 Robert Bruce CLARKE, 29, salesman, Brooklin? Mass, Montreal, s/o Robert CLARKE & Mary Macoitte? CLARKE; married Mary Ann McDONALD, 24, Alexandria, Montreal, d/o Ranald McDONALD & Mary McPHEE; witn Duncan McPHEE & Maggie McDONALD, both Alexandria, 19 Jun 1912, Alexandria

018348-12 Ken COCHRANE, 32, Farmer, of Russell, s/o Alick COCHRANE & Jane McEWEN; married May SMIRLE, 30, of Morewood, d/o John SMIRLE & Mary FEELEY; witn Agnes H. GOLLAN & D.S. GOLLAN, both Morewood, 11 Dec 1912, Morewood

018320-12 Ray COLLISON, 21, Cheese maker, of Matilda, s/o James COLLISON & Sarah WOOLERY; married Alice FOSSETT, 17, housemaid, of Matilda, d/o George FOSSETT & Mellie BICKFORD; witn William THWAITE & Annie M. MICK, both Brinston, 17 Jan 1912, Matilda Twp

018327-12 John Elmer COOK, 36, of Springfield, Winchester, s/o James B. COOK & Elizabeth McLACHLIN; married Alice Pearl DURANT, 27, Elma, Winchester, d/o Merrick DURANT & Caroline SHIRKEY; witn Edith C. DURANT & Carrie S. PALMER, both Winchester, 3 Apr 1912, Winchester

018326-12 Eardly Sherman COONES, 39, of Wid, Morrisburg, Ottawa, s/o Martin COONES & Jane CHRISTIE; married Charlotte BROWN, 34, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Arthur BROWN & Elizabeth MERKLEY; witn George L. BROWN & Arthur BROWN, both Morrisburg, 10 Apr 1912, Morrisburg

018325-12 Herbert Frederick COOPER, 24, none given, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, s/o William COOPER & Sarah TIBBLES; married Grace CAIN, 17, Grants Corners, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o Samuel William CAIN & Mary Ann BURNS; witn Samuel W. CAIN & Mrs. S.W. CAIN, both Grants Corners, 13 Mar 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018336-12 Henry McCutcheon COWAN, 36, none given, Scotland, South Augusta, s/o William COWAN & Elizabeth McCUTCHEON; married Margaret BLAIR, 35, Matilda, Glen Stewart, d/o Archibald BLAIR & Annie HANEY; witn Xavier COWAN, Matilda & Mabel SHAVER, Glen Stewart, 25 Sept 1912, Iroquois

018352-12 Robert Hugh CRAIG, 36, Farmer, of Metcalfe, s/o Hugh CRAIG & Emeline PRATT; married Mellissa May ROBINSON, 29, of Williamsburg Twp, d/o William ROBINSON & Altha Ann CASSELMAN; witn H.C. ROBINSON & J.W. ROBINSON, both Winchester Springs, 18? Dec 1912, Williamsburg

018341-12 Henry William CRANE, 29, salesman, none given, Montreal, s/o Harry CRANE & Mary JONES; married Mrs Harry R. MOUNTNEY, 32, Wid, none given, Dunvegan, d/o Donald McMILLAN & Annie McCONNELL; witn Archy McCONNELL & Mrs R. BICKERSTAFF, both Dunvegan, 15 Oct 1912, Dunvegan

018367-12 William DUFRESNE, 23, none given, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Lawrence DUFRESNE & Addie BIARD; married Cordelia VILLENEUVE, none given, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o John VILLENEUVE & Armentine GAUTHIER; witn John VILLENEUVE, South Lancaster & Lawrence DUFRESNE, Lancaster, 21 Oct 1912, Lancaster Village

018369-12 William DUFRESNE, 23, labourer, none given, Lancaster, s/o Charles DUFRESNE & Elizabeth DEROCHER; married Mary Louise JODOIN, 18, none given, Lancaster, d/o Alfred JODOIN & Mary Jane SAUVE; witn Fred DUFRESNE & Hilda FOUNTAIN, both Lancaster, 4 Nov 1912, Lancaster Village

018366-12 Louis Joseph DUFRESNE, 23, labourer, none given, Lancaster, s/o John F. DUFRESNE & Mary KING?; married Mary Pauline Florence WHITE, 21, none given, Lancaster South, d/o Peter WHITE & Meletime LAFRAMBOISE; witn William DUFRESNE, Lancaster & Eva WHITE, South Lancaster, 28 Oct 1912, Lancaster Village

018375-12 William Edward ELLIOTT, 37, farmer, none given, Irma Alberta, s/o John ELLIOTT & Hannah STEPHENSON; married Janet McNAUGHTON, 26, none given, Lancaster, d/o James B. McNAUGHTON & Mary McINTOSH; witn Catherine McNAUGHTON, Lancaster & John A. McNAUGHTON, Irma Alta, 14 Feb 1912, Lancaster Twp


018393-12 Alexander FLEURANT, 21, none given, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John FLEURANT & Margaret JESMIN; married Aldea LEGAULT, 20, St. Clet Quebec, Martintown, d/o Joseph LEGAULT & Georgina DUBOIS; witn Joseph TAILLON & Julia , both Martintown, 18 Nov 1912, Church of St. Mary, Glengarry Co

018389-12 Alexander Duncan FRASER, 26, Farmer, none given, Vankleek Hill, s/o Donald John FRASER & Sarah McRAE; married: Margaret Grant McMILLAN, 25, none given, Lochiel, d/o Hugh Archy McMILLAN & Annie McINTOSH; witn John A McPHEE, Vankleek Hill & Lizzie Bell McMILLAN, Lochiel, 26 Jun 1912, Lochiel
018400-12 Wallace Charles GALLINGER, 20, farmer, none given, Bush Glen, s/o Nadab GALLINGER & Margaret ABRAMS; married Jessie Maud BROWNELL, 19, none given, Avonmore, d/o John BROWNELL & Christina WYATT; witn Frank BROWNELL, North Valley & Carrie RUTTLEY, Newington, 26 Jun 1912, Stormont No Number William John GOODBODY, 28, none given, Winnipeg Man, s/o none given; married Gertrude May BLANCHARD, no age given, none given, Glengarry, d/o none given; witn none given, 30 Sept 1912 [date of licence], Cornwall [licence only]
018403-12 Donald M. GRANT, 28, illegible occupation, none given, Cornwall Twp, s/o Alexander P. GRANT & ?--culia E--?; married Margaret Selena MURRAY, 19, none given, Cornwall, d/o James MURRAY & Jennie? JONES? witn William T FLANIGAN, Cornwalal & Elie MURRAY, Monkland, 25 Dec 1912, Cornwall [faded reg'n]

018399-12 John Angus GRAY, 38, Farmer, none given, Dunvegan, s/o Angus GRAY & Bella CAMERON; married Mary M. McLEOD, 33, none given, Dunvegan, d/o Alexander McLEOD & Flora McDONALD; witn Daniel McLEOD & Mabel McRAE, both Dunvegan, 18 Dec 1912, Dunvegan


018398-12 Isaac GUINDON, 21, Labourer, none given, Maxville, s/o Fourgenot GUINDON & Mary PICARD; married Julian Ann LAPIERRE (or LAPAIR, both given), 18, none given, Maxville, d/o Joseph LAPIERRE & Matilda DES ROCHER; witn Leander St.JOHN & Laura ST. JOHN, both Maxville, 21 May 1912 Maxville Village

018407-12 Michael HEAGLE, 21, none given, none given, Cornwall, s/o John HEAGLE & Nora O'BRIEN; married Elizabeth FAUBERT, 18, none given, Cornwall, d/o John FAUBERT & Ellen LAJEUNESSE; witn Alfred HEAGLE & John FAUBERT, both no place given, 29 Jan 1912, Gladstone Village 018412-12 Roy Ernest HEATH, 22, Engineer, none given, Mille Roches, s/o William HEATH & Mary WARNER; married Ruby May FETTERLY, 20, seamstress, none given, Mille Roches, d/o Wesley FETTERLY & Florence Emery BUSH; witn Herbert HEATH & May SULLIVAN, Mille Roches, 17 Apr 1912, Stormont

23715-12 Roy Harold HOWARD, 22, Mill Hand, Toronto, Alexandria, s/o Walter HOWARD & Jennet HAY; married Rose Delima CARDINAL, 18, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Dominique CARDINAL & Sarah PICARD; witn: Alame? CARRIERE & Dominique CARDINAL, both Alexandria, 7 Oct 1912, Alexandria


018437-12 Angus Francis KELLY, 32, Labourer, none given, Alexandria, s/o Angus Francis KELLY & Catherine McDONALD; married Rose Mary MAHON, 24 yrs 11 mo 20 days, none given, Alexandria, d/o no first name MAHON & Elizabeth MAHON; witn Angus McDONALD, North Lancaster & Mary Bell McDONALD, Green Valley, 20 Feb 1912, Alexandria

018442-12 William KEMP, 29, Painter & Agent, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o George KEMP & Harriet ROLLIN; married Annie D. McDONALD, 23, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Sarah SMALL; witn David KEMP & Catherine McDONALD, both Alexandria, 15 Apr 1912, Alexandria

018441-12 Alvin KINNEAR, 28, Wisconsin USA, Apple Hill, s/o John Wesley MONTGOMERY & no mother given; married Emma Jane MONTGOMERY, 26, Gravel Hill, Apple Hill, d/o no father given & Jane JOHNSTON; witn Thomas MONTGOMERY, Gravel Hill & Maggie M. MONTGOMERY, Apple Hill, 11 Sept 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018467-12 John William LAFAVE, 22, none given, Monklands, Mille Roche, s/o Joseph LAFAVE & Mary Margaret TERRIAH (Terriot?); married Maud LEGUEE (or Leguey), 18, Mille Roche, Mille Roche, d/o Joseph LEGUEE & Ellen FONTAINE; witn David LEGUEE & John TERRIAH, both Bainsville 6 Nov 1912, Bainsville

018463-12 John Alexander LAFRAMBOISE, 20, Labourer, none given, S. Lancaster, s/o Denis LAFRAMBOISE & Louise LAFARE; married Harriet LAPRADE, 17, none given, S. Lancaster, d/o Paul LAPRADE & Mary Ann ST. THOMAS; witn William LAFRAMBOISE & Theresa LAFARE, both South Lancaster, 19 Aug 1912, Lancaster Village

018468-12 Ovide LAMARCH, none given, none given, Hull Que, s/o Noe LAMARCHE (sic) & Rose Delina CHARRON; married Ada BROWN, none given, none given, Alexandria, d/o Jerry BROWN & Lea VILLENEUVE; witn Jerry BROWN & Adelaid LAPIERRE, both Alexandria, 12 Feb 1812, Alexandria

018448-12 Joseph Homer LEBLANC, 26, St. Anicet, Charlottenburgh, s/o Pierre LEBLANC & Sophie CARRIERE; married Delia CASTONGUAY, 21, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Regis CASTONGUAY & Louise LATRAILLE; witn Joseph CASTONGUAY, Charlottenburg & Hemine CARRIER, St. Anicet, 19 Feb 1912, Glengarry Co

018460-12 Philip LEITCH, 31, Farmer, none given, Charlottenburgh (The Glen), s/o Donald LEITCH & Elizabeth ROSS; married Lillie Morrison DOUGLAS, 24, none given, Charlottenburgh (S. Branch), d/o Robert A. DOUGLAS & Jean MORRISON; witn Robert S. LEITCH & Helen M. DOUGLAS, both Montreal, ? Jun 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018458-12 Joseph Treffle LEVACQUE, 28, Labourer, none given, Lancaster Village, s/o Calixte LEVACQUE & Marie CARTIER; married Mary Jane JODOIN, 16, none given, Lancaster Village, d/o Alfred JODOIN & Mary Jane SAUVE; witn Calixte LEVACQUE, St. Anicet Quebec & Mary Louise JODOIN, Lancaster, 6 May 1912, Lancaster Village

018459-12 Robert Archibald LOCKERBY, 28, Engineer, none given, Port Arthur, s/o David LOCKERBY & Mary Ann McARTHUR; married Catherine Jane DINGWALL, 32, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o Ewen DINGWALL & Margaret McARTHUR; witn J.M.E. LOCKERBY, Montreal & Laurena DINGWALL, Williamstown, 28 May 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018535-12 Edward D. MAGUIRE, 32, Broker, none given, Montreal, s/o James MAGUIRE & Mary MALONEY; married Mary Janet CHISHOLM, 26, none given, Lochiel, d/o Peter CHISHOLM & Ann McDONALD: witn Walter MAGUIRE, Montreal & Sarah Teresa CHISHOLM, Lochiel, 30 Sept 1912, Lochiel Twp

018514-12 Silas Franklin MARCELLAS, 22, farmer, none given, Morewood, s/o Silas MARCELLAS & Susan BAXTER; married Essie BAKER, 22, none given, Finch, d/o Adam BAKER & Sara SMITH; witn Ethel B LOUCKS & Donald S GALLAN (Gallay?), both Morewood, 24 Jan 1912, Morewood 018496-12 Donald Norman McCRIMMON, 28, Farmer, none given, Caledonia, s/o John McCRIMMON & Penelope McLEOD; married Margaret Ann McCUAIG, no age given, none given, Kenyon, d/o Malcolm McCUAIG & Isabella McMILLAN; witn D.W. McLEOD & Flora McCUAIG, both McCrimmon, 17 Aug 1912, Kenyon
018495-12 Neil M. McCUAIG, 22, farmer, none given, Kenyon, s/o Malcolm McCUAIG & Bella McMILLAN; married Sarah Bessie CHISHOLM, 25, none given, Skye, d/o John CHISHOLM & Maggie McRAE; witn D.D. McCUAIG & Eliza McKINNON, both Skye, 3 Jul 1912, Skye No Number Daniel McCUAIG, 28, farmer, St Ann de Prescott Ont, Lochiel, s/o Mal McCUAIG & Mary LOVE; married Martha Grace DOWNEY, 28, Glasgow Scotland, Lochiel, d/o ngg, no date or location
018472-12 Malcolm McCUAIG, 38, Wid, Labourer, none given, Kenyon Twp, s/o Malcolm McCUAIG & Mary LOBE; married Sarah KING, 31, Wid, none given, d/o Robert TOWE & Dora SIMKINS witn 5 Feb 1912, Alexandria 018488-12 Donald Alexander McCUAIG, 29, Clergyman, none given, Laggan, s/o Neil McCUAIG & Kate McMILLAN; married Henrietta McMILLAN, 25, School Teacher, none given, Kirkhill, d/o Peter McMILLAN & Margaret McRAE; witn Dugald A McMILLAN & Mrs D.A. McMILLAN, both Kirkhill, 5 Jun 1912, Lochiel Twp
018507-12 Roderick Alexander McCUAIG, 24, none given, Lancaster Twp, , Lancaster Twp, s/o John Donald McCUAIG & Mary Ann McMILLAN; married Eva EDGAR, 23, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Charles A EDGAR & Janet SAV--? ; witn Robert EDGAR & Sadie McCUAIG, both Lancaster, 9 Oct 1912, Lancaster Twp 018510-12 William Cooper McCUAIG, 26, none given, Winchester, Winchester, s/o John McCUAIG & Sarah COOPER; married Zoe HUNTER, 21, Morewood, Morewood, d/o Mortan S HUNTER & Beth CARLYLE; witn Carrie HUNTER, Morewood & Earnest MERKLEY, Winchester Springs, 13 Nov 1912, Morewood
018497-12 William Duncan McDERMID, 28, none given, of Charlottenburgh, s/o Malcolm McDERMID & Isabella ROSS; married Anna May McCALLUM, 33, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o John Angus McCALLUM & Margaret McGREGOR; witn Margaret E. SMITH, Martintown & Edwin G. McCALLUM, Grimsby, 29 Aug 1912, Charlottenburgh  
018479-12 Alex J. McDONALD, 49, Wid, Labourer, none given, Dunvegan, s/o John McDONALD & Dorothy GILLIS ; married Flora McCUAIG, 36, none given, Dunvegan, d/o John McCUAIG & Isabella McLEOD; witn John Ross PA--?, Dunvegan, 25 May 1912, Dunvegan 018486-12 Roderick R McDONALD, 62, gentleman, none given, Alexandria, s/o Ranald McDONALD & Mary McRAE; married Flora Ann McDONALD, 39, none given, St Raphaels, d/o John R & Janet McDONALD; witn Margaret A McDONALD, Lancaster & S McDONALD, Alexandria, 25 Jun 1912, St Raphaels
018490-12 Angus Allan MACDONALD, 34, none given, South Branch, South Branch, s/o John & Catharine McDONALD; married Elizabeth (Lilly) McGILLIS, 33, Black River, South Branch, d/o John B McGILLIS & Sarah MACDONALD; witn Thomas HAYES, South Branch & Annie McGILLIS, Black River, 24 Jun 1912, Glengarry Co 018502-12 James McDONALD, 27, Engineer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Angus & Catherine McDONALD; married Elizabeth M. BALL, 20, Buckinghamshire England, Alexandria, d/o Charles S. BALL & Susan Ann SMITH; witn Alexander McDONALD & Catherine McDONALD, both Alexandria, 30 Sept 1912, Alexandria
018504-12 Stephen McDONELL, 48?, farmer, none given, Strathmore, s/o S.J. McDONELL & Margaret McMILLAN; married Mary Janet O'SHEA, 25, none given, Munro's Mill, d/o Joseph O'SHEA & Hannah KENNEDY; witn Samuel McDONALD, Strathroy & Cassie McDONALD, Apple Hill, 3 Sept 1912, St Raphaels 018512-12 Robert James MACDONELL, 30, farmer, none given, Charlottenburgh, s/o John Allen MACDONELL & Isabella WILLIAMSON; married Eliza May TAILLON, 21, none given, Lancaster, d/o Louis TAILLON & Mary Jane LEFEBVRE; witn Eugene TAILLON? & Malissa WARD, Lancaster, 25 Nov 1912, Lancaster Village
018509-12 Carman Thornton McINTOSH, 24, none given, Winchester Spring, Winchester Spring, s/o Norman McINTOSH & Louisa THORNTON; married Jennie Dean HENDERSON, 26, Dunbar, Dunbar, d/o James HENDERSON & Alma WITTAKER; witn Alma HENDERSON & Bernice HENDERSON, both Dunbar, 1 Oct 1912, Dunbar 018499-12 Kenneth Neil McINTOSH, 29, none given, Sky, Sky, s/o John M. McINTOSH & A?; married Annie C. GRANT, 23, Laggan, Laggan, d/o John McINTOSH & Christ ?; witn John J GRANT & Christy Ann McGILLIVRAY, both Laggan, 17 Sept 1912, Lochiel Twp
018485-12 John Sinclair McKENZIE, 33, none given, Lochiel, s/o John SINCLAIR (sic) & Kate Sinclair McKENZIE married Kate A McRAE, 26, none given, Vankleek Hill, d/o ? & Christie Ann McRAE; witn Roderick A McRAE, Vankleek Hill & Mrs Allan MORRISON, Kirkhill, 5 Jun 1912, Lochiel Twp 018503-12 Alexander McKINNON, 30 or 38, farmer, Glen Norman, Glen Norman, s/o Alexander McKINNON & none given; married Isabel McDONALD, 20, Glen Nevis, St Raphaels, d/o Alex B McDONALD & Mary McDONALD; witn J.D. CLUNEY?, Alexandria & Alice McDONALD, Green Valley, 9 Sept 1912, Glengarry
018493-12 Alexander William McLEOD, 20, farmer, none given, McCrimmons, s/o Duncan W McLEOD & Isabella R CLARKE; married Christina Isobel McLEOD, 18, none given, Skye, d/o William D McLEOD & Sarah CAMERON; witn Donald McGILLVRAY & Reta McLEOD, both McCrimmons, 17 Jul 1912, Skye 018491-12 Roderick McLEOD, 27, farmer, none given, Skye Caledonia, s/o William A McLEOD & Sarah CAMERON; married Winifred McQUEEN, no age given, none given, none given, d/o Kenneth McQUEEN & Mary McDONALD; witn Hugh McQUEEN & Tena McLEOD, both Skye, 5 Jun 1912, Skye
018484-12 Neil B. McLEOD, 24, Farmer, none given, Skye Caledonia, s/o William D McLEOD & Dorothy GILLIS, married Jessie May McCUAIG, 18, none given, none given, d/o John McCUAIG & Mary GRANT; witn Robert NUGUENT?, Skye Ont & Flora McCUAIG, Dunvegan, 3 Jun 1912, Kenyon Twp 018487-12 William Jamieson McMEEKIN, 40, Farmer, none given, Dalkeith, s/o James McMEEKIN & Elizabeth JAMIESON; married Florence McGILLIVARY, 24, domestic, none given, Kirkhill, d/o Malcolm & Sarah McGILLIVARY; witn Dan McLENNAN & Henrietta McLENNAN, both Dalkeith, 25 Jun 1912, Lochiel Twp
018470-12 John Alexander McMILLAN, 21, Farmer, none given, Kirkhill, s/o Hugh McMILLAN & Christine McPHEE; married Flora Ann McDONELL, 34, seamstress none given, Dalhousie Mills, d/o William McDONELL & Catherine McRAE; witn J.D. McDONELL, Dalhousie Mills & Margaret HASTE?, Glen Sandfield, 31 Jan 1912, Lancaster Twp 018474-12 Alexander Malcolm McMILLAN, 30, Farmer, none given, Juenetta? Sask, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Rachael McGILLIVARY; married Edith Jane McMILLAN, 23, Teacher, none given, McCormick, d/o Allan McMILLAN & Kate BETHUNE ; witn Duncan Alex McMILLAN & Anna Jane McPHERSON, both Lochiel, 28 Feb 1912, Lochiel Twp
018494-12 Ewen Alex McMILLAN, 29, Farmer, none given, Kenyon Co, s/o Dougald McMILLAN & Johanna BUCHANAN; married Annie Mary McDONALD, 26, none given, Kenyon Twp, d/o Dugald McDONALD & Mary McMILLAN; witn John M. McLEOD & Cassie McDONALD, both Dunvegan, 2 Jul 1912, Dunvegan 018492-12 Duncan McMILLAN, 27, farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon Twp, s/o Archie & Catherine McMILLAN; married Mary McDONALD, 18, Kenyon, Alexandria, d/o Duncan McDONALD & Mary Ann McKINNON; witn Mrs Lewis KEMP & Mrs William KEMP, both Alexandria, 15 Jul 1912, Alexandria
018513-12 Archibald John McMILLAN, 26, Carpenter, Glenroy, Glenroy, s/o John McMILLAN & Elizabeth McDONALD; married Margaret RYAN, 21, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o James RYAN & Margaret STEWART; witn John Angus McDONALD, Glenroy & Lizzie D RYAN, Renfrew, 20 Dec 1912, Alexandria 018483-12 Edgar Lome McNAUGHTON , 24, farmer, none given, Lancaster, s/o Alexander McNAUGHTON married Margaret Maud SANGSTER, 24, none given, Lancaster, d/o Robert R SANGSTER & Christina McBAIN; witn Ida C. SANGSTER, Toronto & F.A. McLENNAN, Lancaster, 26 Jun 1912, Lancaster Village
018471-12 Roderick McNEIL, 27, farmer, none given, Glen Sandfield, s/o Alexander McNEIL & Catherine McRAE; married Catherine Mary McCUAIG, 23, none given, Glen Robertson, d/o Daniel McCUAIG & Kate CAMERON; witn W.D. ROBINSON & Maudie WALKER, both Montreal, 9 Jan 1912, Glen Robertson 018508-12 Alexander Archibald McNEIL, 23, farmer, Skye, Skye, s/o Donald McNEIL & Harriet McCRIMMON; married Lillian CHISHOLM, 23, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o Donald CHISHOLM & Isabell McLEOD; witn Archie McMILLAN, Skye & Rita McLEOD, McCrimmon, 16 Oct 1912, Dunvegan
018481-12 William Ernest MACPHERSON, 29, none given, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster, s/o Samuel MACPHERSON & Mary AITKEN; married Lillian Maud FRASER, 20, Charlottenburgh Twp, Charlottenburgh, d/o Hugh FRASER & Elizabeth CLARK; witn Samuel MACPHERSON, Lancaster & Hugh FRASER, Martintown, 26 Jun 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp 018501-12 David Bruce McRAE, 26, Journalist, none given, Winnipeg Man, s/o Murdoch McRAE & Catherine DAVIDSON; married Gretta McINTOSH, 25, none given, Kenyon, d/o J. D McINTOSH & Mary FERGUSON; witn D.C. McINTOSH, Dominionville & Effie ROBERTSON, Ottawa, 18 Sept 1912, Kenyon Twp
018521-12 Francis Patrick MEGANS, 27, mechanist, none given, Montreal, s/o Frank MEGAN & Helen MARTIN; married Mary Regina QUINN, 26, none given Curry Hill, d/o Daniel QUINN & Mary Elizabeth ROGERS; witn Edward Martin, Montreal & Rose QUINN, Curry Hill, 25 Jun 1912, Lancaster

018537-12 Armine Findlay MEILLEUR, 32, none given, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Camille MEILLEUR & Emily ROUSINE; married Marie Rachel LACELLE, 20, St. Telesphore Quebec, Lancaster Twp, d/o Jean Baptiste LACELLE & Rachel BRUNET; witn Louis LACELLE, Dalhousie Mills & Marie Louise LACELLE, Glen Nevis, 8 Oct 1912, Lancaster Twp

018524-12 Joseph MENARD, 27, none given, Charlottenburgh, Williamstown, s/o Charles MENARD & Genevieve D'AOUST; married Mary Margaret St.THOMAS, 22, Williamstown, Williamstown, d/o Peter St.THOMAS & Sarah Ann VILNEUVE; witn Charles MENARD & Helen St.THOMAS, both Williamstown, 1 Jul 1912, Glengarry 018520-12 James Andrew MONTROY, 29, Labourer, none given, Williamstown, s/o John MONTROY & Josephine MACDONALD; married Mary Georgina MARTIN, 18, none given, Charlottenburgh, d/o Francis MARTIN & Mary DEROCHIE; witn Nelson MONTROY & Lilly MARTIN, both no place given, 24 Jun 1912, Lancaster Village

018540-12 Bennie Gordon MUNRO, 37, none given, Munros Mills, Munros Mills, s/o ? & Ellen GRANT; married Eliza Kate CAMPBELL, 27, Apple Hill, Apple Hill, d/o Jamieson CAMPBELL & Christie MUNRO; witn John A. MUNRO, Munros Mills & Anna Bell CAMPBELL, Apple Hill, 18 Dec 1912, Green Field

018539-12 Alexander Gordon MUNROE, 39, none given, Maxville, Ottawa, s/o Archibald Connell MUNRO & Jessie McNAUGHTON; married Evangeline St Clair McNAUGHTON, 27, Dominionville, Dominionville, d/o John Peter McNAUGHTON & Bella WIGHTMAN?; witn G T. McNAUGHTON & Effie McNAUGHTON, both Dominionville, 14 Oct 1912, Maxville


018541-12 Hugh R. MURPHY, 31, Contractor, Theresa Quebec, Dauphin Manitoba, s/o Patrick H. MURPHY & Mary J. GORMAN; married Margaret L. CAMPBELL, illegible age, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Angus CAMPBELL & Janet McDONALD; witn Donald J. McDONALD & Catherine CAMPBELL, both Alexandria, 23 Dec 1912, St Raphaels

018560-12 John PACE, 25, Machinist, none given, Verdun Montreal, s/o William Henry PACE & Hannah Elizabeth NASSADINE?; married Nora Adelaide WEAVER, 24, Telephone supervisor, none given, Summerstown Station, d/o George Ferguson WEAVER & Mary Ann Emma LALLY; witn H.A. CAMERON, Macgillivray Bridge & T. CLIFTON, Summerstown, 9 Oct 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018558-12 Elzear PIGEON, 35, none given, Wid, West Shefford Quebec, Alexandria, s/o Joseph PIGEON & Darsile BRUNELLE; married Delima THEORET, 24, Chute a Blondeau Ont, Kenyon, d/o J.B. THEORET & Delima BRUNET; witn Joseph PIGEON & Baptiste THEORET, both Alexandria, 2 Sept 1912, Glengarry Co

018565-12 Joseph (Moses) QUAN, 24, Labourer, none given, Lochiel, s/o Ulger QUAN & Josephine GOYETTE; married Rose Ilda VILLENEUVE, 16, none given, Breadalbane, d/o Louis VILLENEUVE & Jane REGINBAL; witn Ulger QUAN, Lochiel & Louis VILLENEUVE, Breadalbane, 12 Feb 1912, Lochiel

018567-12 Charles Ira RAYMOND, 28, none given, Newington, Skull Creek Saskatchewan, s/o Joseph Wright RAYMOND & Jane BROWNELL; married Evelyn SPROULE, 25, Martintown, Martintown, d/o James Robert SPROULE & Margaret ROSS: witn Carman G. RAYMOND, Newington & Melville SPROULE, Martintown, 2 Jan 1912, Charlottenburgh Twp

018583-12 William RICHARDSON, 34, Labourer, Wid, of Lancaster, s/o George RICHARDSON & Julia BELLEMERE; married Christy Ellen SAUVE, 17, of Lancaster, d/o Francis SAUVE & Ellen CARRIER; witn Joseph JODOIN & Celine DUFRESNE, both Lancaster, 21 Oct 1912, Lancaster


018580-12 Edwin L. ROBINSON, 22, Baker, of Waterloo Quebec, s/o Edwin L. ROBINSON & Mary Ann BARRETT; married Agnes STERLING, 23, Stenographer, of Apple Hill, d/o Robert STERLING & Jessie BRIDGE; witn S. BRADBURY, Verdun Quebec & Cassie STERLING, Apple Hill, 11 Sept 1912, Apple Hill

018569-12 Donald Archibald ROE, 33, Manufacturer, of Maxville, s/o George ROE & Christine McLEOD; married Ida Oeressa STEWART, 22, of Maxville, d/o Murdock STEWART & Ellen ARTHUR?; witn Gretta MACINTOSH, Dominionville & F.W. ROE, Clarence, 6 Mar 1912, Maxville

018584-12 Thomas M. ROSS, 35, Farmer, of Lancaster, s/o John ROSS & Alexina EDGAR; married Maud YOUNG, 27, of Lancaster, d/o George YOUNG & Mary MUNROE; witn Mrs William YOUNG & William T. YOUNG, both Lancaster, 2 Oct 1912, Lancaster

018581-12 John C. RUSSELL, 25, Shipper, of Montreal, s/o William H. RUSSELL & Margaret MARRON; married Janet TERRION, 24, of Lancaster Twp, d/o Nicholas TERRION & Margaret CAMERON; witn William TERRION, Bainsville & Minnie HUGHES, no place given,  30 Sept 1912, Lancaster Twp

018606-12 Walter SCOTT, 25, Cabinet Maker, of Alexandria, s/o Samuel SCOTT & Mary A. Elizabeth WILSON; married Harriet PLACE, 23, of Alexandria, d/o Reuben PLACE & Mary Agness MELVILLE; witn W. WILLIAMS, Alexandria & Faith WILLIAMS, Alexandria,  6 Jul 1912, Alexandria

018604-12 Michael James SNETSINGER, 27, of Cornwall Twp, Montreal, s/o Michael SNETSINGER & Margaret Elizabeth MILROY; married Harriette SMALL, 23, Charlottenburg, Montreal, d/o Christopher SMALL & Elizabeth McLENNAN; witn Fred FARRELL, Cornwall & Sadie SMALL, Montreal, 26 Jun 1912, Charlottenburg Twp

018594-12 Kenneth John SPROULE, 22, Teacher, of Martintown, s/o John SPROULE & Jemima URQUHART; married Sarah Ann BECKSTED, 18, of Martintown, d/o Joseph BECKSTED & Maggie OTTO; witn Joseph BECKSTED & John SPROULE, both Martintown, 3 Apr 1912, Charlottenburg Twp

018600-12 William Henry SPROULE, 50, Wid, Gloucest? Ottawa, s/o no father given & Hannah WALKER; married Christina McGREGOR, 35, Athol, Kenyon, d/o Duncan McGREGOR & Catherine McGREGOR; witn W.R. HANLEY, Ottawa & Casshelene McMILLAN, Montreal, 29 Jun 1912, Kenyon Twp

018637-12 Michael James WALSH, 48, Foundry? Man, Wid, of Montreal, s/o James C. WALSH & Catherine REILLEY; married Margaret MACPHERSON, 46, of St. Raphaels, d/o Roderick & Sarah MACPHERSON; witn John S. WALSH, Montreal & Barbara MACPHERSON, St. Raphaels, 10 Apr 1912, St. Raphaels

018643-12 John Archibald WALSH, 33, Lochiel Twp, Porcupine, s/o Robert WALSH (deceased) & Jessie ORLAN; married Mary McDOUGALL, 31, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel, d/o Roderick McDOUGALL & Flora CAMERON; witn James R. WALSH & Margaret McDOUGAL, both Dalkeith, 25 Jan 1912, Lochiel Twp

018634-12 Gordon Samuel WELCHER, 22, Boiler Maker, of Montreal, s/o Samuel Gordon WELCHER; married Mary Jane EDWARDS, 21, of Lancaster Twp, d/o Charles EDWARD & Matilda E. WELCHER; witn Charles S. EDWARDS, Lancaster & Louisa J. HARLAND, Williamstown, 17 Jan 1912, Lancaster Twp

018639-12 Charles Henry WILMOT, 26, Farmer, none given Charlottenburgh, s/o Charles Morton WILMOT & Anna Isabella McMARTIN; married Christie Helen McMARTIN, 27, of Charlottenburg, d/o James R. McMARTIN & no mother given; witn Catherine J. McMARTIN, Martintown & Dr. M. McMARTIN, Ottawa, 19 Jun 1912, Charlottenburg

018640-12 Charles William WOOD, 31, Electrician, of Montreal, s/o Robert B. WOOD & Jennie MURPHY; married Harriet Margaret DEWAR, 23, of Maxville, d/o Hugh DEWAR & Jennie CUMMINGS; witn Arthur C. WOOD, Montreal & Christine DEWAR, Maxville, 26 Jun 1912, Maxville