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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1916

birth place is given before residence


020150-16 Edward Oscar ADAMS, 23, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Gideon ADAMS & Mina WARNER; married Gertrude EASTMAN, 19, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Isaac EASTMAN & Julie Ann RUNIONS; wit John PERKINS & M.E. MUNROE, both Cornwall, 20 Jan 1916, Cornwall

020146-16 Robert Laurence ADAMS, 25, Farmer, Glenwalter, Glenwalter, s/o John ADAMS & Mary Jane FARLINGER; married Florence May LAPLANTE, 21, Tyotown, Tyotown, d/o Frank LAPLANTE & Ellen RUSSELL; wit Mrs. Ronald BAKER & Lena LAPLANTE, both Cornwall, 10 Jan 1916, Cornwall [Divorced 21 Mar 1935, Cornwall]

020156-16 Kenneth ALGUIRE, 22, Farmer, none given, Newington, s/o John H. ALGUIRE & Jennet HESSON; married Carrie A. RUTLEY, 22, none given, Newington, d/o William A. RUTLEY & Victoria MARKELL; wit Winnifred F. GOSLING & M.M. GRAY, both Northfield, 29 Apr 1916, Osnabruck Twp

020153-16 George Melvin ALGUIRE, 24, Merchant, Berwick, Berwick, s/o Manson ALGUIRE & Sarah BARNES; married Florence Maud THOMPSON, 19, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Campbell THOMPSON & Minerva LANG; wit Clara THOMPSON, Berwick & Jun 1916, at Berwick [faded reg'n]

20155-16 Enos ALLISON, 30, farmer, Williamsburg twp., same, s/o David ALLISON & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Muriel COLLINS, 27, Grantley, Williamsburg, d/o William COLLINS & Agnes MERKLEY, witn: C.W. & M.M. CASSELMAN of Chesterville, 16 May 1916 at Chesterville

020160-16 John AMELL, 40, none given, Lochiel, none given, s/o Louis AMELL & Harriet LARUE; married Oliva Roselma ROCHON, 23, St. Andrews West, none given, d/o William ROCHON & Mary Catherine CAZA; wit Levi AMELL, Bonville & Melvina ROCHON, St. Andrews West, 11 Jan 1916, Cornwall Twp

020149-16 Edmond AMELOTTE, 24, Labourer, Ste. Annicette Quebec, Kenyon Twp, s/o John AMELOTTE & Regina DANCAUSE; married Emma RICHARD, 20, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o Charles RICHARD & Marie Louise LORTY; wit John AMELOTTE, Apple Hill & Charles RICHARD, Moose Creek, 14 Nov 1916, Moose Creek

20154-16 George Donat AMELOTTE, 21, cheese maker, St. Anicet Que., Apple Hill, s/o John AMELOTTE & Regina DANCOUSE, married Florence Gertrude KENNEDY, 17, Charlottenburg twp., Apple Hill, d/o John KENNEDY & Flora Ann McDONALD, witn: Hugh RAYMOND & Agatha McDERMID, both of Apple Hill, 3 Oct 1916 at Apple Hill

020147-16 Arthur ANDRE, 22, Glen Nevis, Cornwall, s/o John ANDRE & Celine FAIRE?; married Florida MARTIN, 16, River Beaudette, Cornwall, d/o Peter & Melinda MARTIN; wit Peter MARTIN & Frank DE LORME, both Cornwall, 6 Nov 1916, Cornwall

020148-16 Edward John ANDREWS, 22, Locomotive Labourer or Machinist, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Edward John ANDREWS & Mary LIMBURNER (deceased); married Flossie Elizabeth FROATS, 22, Aultsville, Cornwall, d/o Thomas FROATS (deceased) & Mary Ellen GALLINGER; wit Roy McGEE, Prescott & Eva McGEE, Ogdensburg NY, 12 Jan 1916, Cornwall

020152-16 Charles Adolphus ANNABLE, 40, ?, Winchester Twp, Winchester Village, s/o Alfred ANNABLE & Margaret KERR?; married Mary JENNINGS, 21, Domestic, Winchester Twp, Winchester Village, d/o Robert JENNINGS & Jane Susan CASIDY; wit Emily M. MILLER & Arthur LAWTON, both Winchester, 28 Jun 1916, Winchester

020145-16 Frederick ARCHAMBAULT, 24, Mill hand, Benson Mines NY, Cornwall, s/o James ARCHAMBAULT & Elizabeth KYER; married Clara May STACEY, 20, Anticosti Island, Cornwall, d/o Michael STACEY & Amelia WELLS; wit Michael STACEY & Malen KYER, both Cornwall, 24 Apr 1926, Cornwall

020151-16 William James ARNETT, 26, R. Conductor, Quebec City, Cornwall, s/o John ARNETT & Jane FORSYTHE; married Gladis SILVER, 21, Chicago, St. Catharine, d/o Miran SILVER & Sadie HOOD; wit Thomas Patrick DROUGHAN & Bertha GOUDIE, both Cornwall, 24 May 1916, Cornwall

020159-16 Euclide ARON, 21, none given, St. Telesphore Quebec, none given, s/o Dieudonne ARAN & Anna SAMSON; married Valentine EMAND, 23, North Lancaster, none given, d/o Moise EMAND & Adelina HENRI; wit Dieudonne ARON, St. Telesphore Quebec & Moise EMAND, Lac Ste Marie Quebec, 17 Jan 1916, Lancaster Twp

025114-16 Joseph Alfred AUBE, 25, Labourer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Joseph AUBE & Louisia RACINE; married Rose Delima BOISVENU, 23, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o John Baptiste BOISVENU & Margaret LEGER; wit Joseph AUBE & John Baptiste BOISVENU, both Moose Creek, 14 Feb 1916, Roxborough Twp

020200-16 George F. BABCOCK, 34, Mail Carrier, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, s/o Laban BABCOCK & Catherine GALLINGER; married Ida May BRASSARD, 21, Woodlands, Woodlands, d/o John BRASSARD & Annie DORAN; wit Winnifred BREDIN, of Farrans Point & C.A. VALLANCE, Wales, 19 Jan 1916, Woodlands

020166-16 William Joseph BAKER, 30, Soldier, Trenton NJ USA, Cornwall, s/o John BAKER & Mary O'NEILL; married Ellen THERIAULT, 28, Labrador Coast, Cornwall, d/o Nelson THERIAULT & Selema GUILLMETTE; wit Frank ALLISON & Mrs. ?--LL, both Cornwall, 28 Feb 1916, Cornwall [faded reg'n]

020181-16 Kenneth Roland BAKER, 24, Farmer, Chesterville, Windsor, s/o George Henry BAKER & Florence LOUCKS; married Jennie Grace BARKLEY, 20, Connaught, Connaught, d/o John H. BARKLEY & Kathleen GILLIS; wit Mae BAKER & Mrs. H.E. WORTHY, both Chesterville, 4 Sept 1916, Dundas

020170-16 Harold Alex Roy BALDWIN, 21, Farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o Ezra BALDWIN & Hattie McEWEN; married Hazel HESS, 21, Chesterville, Winchester, d/o Mahlon HESS & Agnes EDGERTON; wit Ford HAINES, Inkerman & Mrs. H.E. WORTHY, Chesterville, 27 Dec 1916, Chesterville

020171-16 John Henry BALDWIN, 28, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, s/o Silas E. BALDWIN & Mary E. MOOREHOUSE; married Matilda Grace FRANTZ, 25, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o William FRANTZ & Dina L. LINK; wit Harvey C. FRANTZ, South Mountain & Florence E. BALDWIN, Winchester, 27 Dec 1916, Matilda Twp

020193-16 George Howard BALKWELL, 27, Farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o William John BALKWELL & Martha BODMAN; married Robina Mary BEGGS, 22, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Richard BEGGS & Eliza Jane HENRY; wit Mrs. H.N. CLIFF, Mountain & Beatrice POAPS, Edmonton, 16 Mar 1916, Mountain


020197-16 Carman Cornelius BARKLEY, 25, Farmer, Dunbar, Dunbar, s/o illegible BARKLEY & Maria McMILLAN; married Edith Isobel ELLIOT, 22, Williamsburg Twp, Dunbar, d/o William ELLIOT & Sarah ANDERSON; wit ? & Harold ELLIOT, Chesterville, 22 Feb 1916, Williamsburg Twp

020190-16 Bismark BARKLEY, 21, Farmer, Dunbar, Dunbar, s/o Aaron BARKLEY & Eliza MARCELLIS; married Lily Rose McMILLAN, 18, Winchester Twp, Dunbar, d/o Howard McMILLAN & Queeny BROWN; wit Andrew McMILLAN & Susie E. McMILLAN, both Dunbar, 4 Apr 1916, Chesterville

020199-16 George Charles BARKLEY, 28, ?, ?, Winchester, s/o ? & ?; married Margaret MALLORY, 28, ?, Winchester Twp, d/o ? & ?; wit ? RUSSELL, & ?, both Winchester, ? Jan 1916, Winchester [very faded reg'n]

020184-16 Frederick Joseph BARLOW, 37, School Teacher, Manor Park England, Toronto, s/o George H. BARLOW & Charlotte NEEDHAM; married Mamie Jane STEELE, 30, Teacher, Vankleek Hill, Winchester, s/o William J. STEELE & Agnes McLEAN?; wit Emma GARDINER & Ernest STEELE, both Winchester, 28 Jun 1916, Winchester Twp

020198-16 George A.P. BARNES, 19, Farmer, Greenfield, Roxborough Twp, s/o John & Sarah nee HOUGH; married Cassie Pearl FUSEE, 17, Finch, Roxborough Twp, d/o George & Donalda nee PATTERSON; wit A. O. MILLEN & M.A. MANTHORNE, both Avonmore, 16 Feb 1916, Avonmore

20205-19 Bernard Joseph BARNEY, 21, Weaver, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Jerry BARNEY & Adel SAUVE; married Rose Ann CARNEY, 20, England, Cornwall, d/o William CARNEY & Catharine BOWKES; wit John DORIA & Rhoda McCARTHY, both Cornwall, 17 Oct 1916, Cornwall

020187-16 Joseph BARNHART, 26, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o George BARNHART & Stella LEVERE; married Hattie ROBERTS, 18, Weaver, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o Ed ROBERTS & Libbie PRESSOR; wit Jim BARNHART & Maggie ROBERTS, both Iroquois, 1 Jun 1916, Iroquois

020162-16 Thomas Vinson BATTERSBY, 24, Banker, Sidney NS, Montreal, s/o Henry BATTERSBY & Matilda BOUTELIER, married Leonae May Lavina SMITH, 24, Nurse, North Hampton England, Montreal, d/o Thomas SMITH & Leonae LAWRENCE, wit Mrs. S.A. ARCHER & Alfred W. SMITH, both Cornwall, 13 Jul 1916, Cornwall

020175-16 Alexander BEAUCHAMP, 33, Farmer, Williamstown, Lancaster, s/o Francis Xavier BEAUCHAMP & Mary ASSELIN; married Leah HAMELIN, 19, Glen Nevis, Lancaster, d/o Oliver HAMELIN & Lea LASCELLE; wit Leopold LEBRUN, Glen Nevis & Amanda HAMELIN, Dalhousie Mills, 21 Nov 1916, Lancaster Twp

020204-19 Xavier BEAULIEU, 2-?, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles BEAULIEU & Minerva BONNEVILLE; married Rosina POIRIER, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Ernest POIRIER & Lionas ALGUIRE; wit Joseph TREMBLAY & Ernest POIRIER, both Cornwall, 19? Oct 1916, at Cornwall

020194-16 Albert BECKER, 48, Carpenter, Wid, Williamsburg, Boucks Hill, s/o Harvey BECKER & Jane LANE; married Anasas MATICE, 35, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o no father given & Athalia SCHWENDFEGER; wit Rufus BARKLEY & Mrs. L.M. McCREERY, both Dunbar, 21 Feb 1916, Dunbar

020180-16 Anson G. BECKER, 54, Farmer, Wid, Williamsburg, Russell, s/o Alexander L. BECKER & Hester O. BECKSTED; married Florence E. McMILLAN, 41, Wid, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Omar MARCELLUS & Othelia CASSELMAN; wit Miles MARCELLUS & Mrs. Adeles MARCELLUS, both Dunbar, 13 Sept 1916, Williamsburg

020172-16 William George BENNETT, 28, Clerk, Frontenac Co, Montreal Quebec, s/o Robert BENNETT & Eliza FINDLAY; married Cora Ethel May BARKLEY, 21, Williamsburg Twp, Morrisburg, d/o Simon E. BARKLEY & Rosa BELL; wit Nellie Marion HILL, 25 Dec 1916, Morrisburg

020174-16 Samuel George BERNICKY, 18, Labourer, Vankleek Hill, Winchester, s/o Alex BERNICKY & Catherine LAROUE; married Adela BOUCLAIR, 19, Russell, Winchester, d/o Joseph BOUCLAIR & Elizabeth COUSINEAU; wit Alex BERNICKY & Louis LAROCQUE, both Winchester, 2 Dec 1916, Winchester


020188-16 Samuel John BETHUNE, 30, Locomotive Fireman, East Hawkesbury Twp, Fort Williams, s/o Donald N. BETHUNE & Ann Jane WHARREY; married Annie Clara McMILLAN, 28, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Allan McMILLAN & Katie BETHUNE; wit James McRAE, Glen Sandfield & Florence McMILLAN, Alexandria, 10 May 1916 at res of the bride

020191-16 McKenzie BICCUM, 29, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Sydney BICCUM & Mary LOUGH; married Lillian Isabel May CAMPBELL, 18, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, d/o John Snider CAMPBELL & Sarah ROBERTSON; wit Eric Chester Kerr? CAMPBELL of Ve--? & Ina May BICCUM, Ormond, 15 Mar 1915, Winchester

020168-16 William Elgin BICCUM, 23, Farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o Everett BICCUM & Martha BURLEIGH; married Anna Josephine RAHAL, 24, School Teacher, Norwood, Mountain, d/o Thomas RAHAL & Annie McGILL; wit Mrs. Robinson HOY & Robinson HOY, both Mountain, 28 Nov 1916, Winchester

020201-16 Charles BICKS, 64, Wid, Moose Creek, Finch Village, s/o Melchior? BICKS & Marie McGLENNY?; married Jane CAMPBELL, 34, Moose Creek, Finch, d/o illegible CAMPBELL & Mary Ann ?--HELD; wit Nellie & Annie PULLENHORN?, Finch, 26 Jun 1916, Finch Village [faded reg'n]

020178-16 Edmond BIETTE, 26, Tailor, St. ?--lasse Beauharnois, Valleyfield Quebec, s/o Delphis BIETTE & Edixere COUSINEAU; married Virgina SABOURIN, 27, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Henry Darceaus SABOURIN & Virginie CLEMENT; wit Delphis BIETTE, Valleyfield & August SABOURIN, Alexandria, 26 Jul 1916, Alexandria

020186-16 Samuel Daniel BILLINGS, 23, Farmer, Edwardsburg, Winchester, s/o Adam BILLINGS & Hanna McPHEDDEN; married Rachel Melissa BILOW, 21, Domestic, Mountain Twp, Winchester, d/o James Thomas BILOW & Mary BICCUM; wit George D. SULLIVAN & Nancy BILOW, both Winchester, 31 May 1916, Winchester

020183-16 Frank BILOW, 19, Soldier, Winchester, Kingston, s/o James BILON & Mary BICKAM (Biccum?); married Ruby BARCLAY (or BARKLEY - both given), 18, Winchester, Winchester, d/o William BARCLAY & Sophia McGOWN; wit Mrs. S. BILLINGS & Nellie BILON, both Winchester, 1 Jul 1916, Winchester

020164-16 James C. BLACK, 23, Bookkeeper, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Handyside BLACK & Ella Electra WATTERS; married Ruby A. HOLLISTER, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John HOLLISTER & Elizabeth AUTY; wit: & Lula HOLLISTER, Cornwall, 17 Apr 1916, Cornwall [faded reg'n]

020177-16 Kennet Charles BLACKWELL, 23, Farmer, Gaspe Quebec, Charlottenburgh, s/o Kennet W. BLACKWELL & Fannie Cotes GODFREY; married Edna DINGWALL, 24, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster Village, d/o Ewen DINGWALL & Margaret McARTHUR; wit Kate McARTHUR, Martintown & Laurena DINGWALL, Lancaster, 18 Oct 1916, Lancaster

020176-16 Ezekiel Lindsay BLAIR, 33, Farmer, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, s/o Daniel BLAIR & Rebecca McMONAGLE (McDONOGH?), married Catherine Hazel BLAIR, 24, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, d/o Edward BLAIR & Margaret CAMERON; wit A.F. McDIARMID, Sandringham & Mabel E. BLAIR, Roxboro Twp, 22 Nov 1916, Moose Creek

020189-16 Charles William BLAIR, 30, Farmer, Manotick, Dalmeny?, s/o John BLAIR & Euphemia HALL; married Evelyn Martha KERR, 25, Hallville, Hallville, d/o W. KERR & Catherine SAUNDERS; wit Thomas Y. KERR, Mountain & David F. BLAIR, Osgood Station, 3 May 1916, Mountain

020182-16 Lovelace BLANEY, 35, Labourer, Wid, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Charles & Christie BLANEY; married Nellie MUTCH, 25, Aberdeen, Roxborough, d/o James & Isabella MUTCH; wit M. ANDERSON, North Bay & Marion MACLENNAN, Moose Creek, 21 Jun 1916, Moose Creek


020163-16 Robert Francis BONNEVILLE, 32, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Albert BONNEVILLE & Rose LALONDE; married Oda May McCRACKEN, 30, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John & Clara McCRACKEN; wit E. McCRACKEN & Arthur CHEVRIER, both Cornwall, 28 Jun 1916, Cornwall

020165-16 William BORTHWICK, 45, Miller, Wid, North Augustus, Cornwall, s/o James BORTHWICK & Margaret McCONKEY; married Janet E. DOULL, 50, Martintown, Cornwall, d/o Thomas DAULL (sic) & Catherine McARTHUR; wit Annie CORBETT & Margaret CARMAN, both Cornwall, 29 Mar 1916, Cornwall

020209-19 Achille Romeo BOUDREAULT, 25 (less 2 days), none given, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o George Andre BOUDREAULT & Albina SAVAGE; married Yvonne LANDRY, 19, Farmer, St. Albert's, Crysler, d/o Avila LANDRY & Aldina ETHIER; wit George Andre BOUDREAULT, Ottawa & Avila LANDRY, Crysler, 16 Oct 1916, Crysler

020203-19 Adolphus BOUGIE, 23, Labourer, Trenton, Trenton, s/o Julien BOUGIE & Eleanor DESCHAMPS; married Victoria SAUCIER, 21, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Raphael SAUCIER & Archange LEBLANC; wit Julien BOUGIE & R. SAUCIER, both Cornwall, 20 Jun 1916, Cornwall

020207-19 J.B. BOURGET, 28, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Nap BOURGET & illegible; married Mary Lizzie PROULX (Picard?), 20, Greenfield, Cornwall, d/o Louis PROULX & Lizzie DUMOLIN; wit Camille BOUGET & John DORE, both Cornwall, 27 Nov 1916, Cornwall

020208-19 Camille BOURGET, 25, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Napoleon BOURGET & Marie BONNEVILLE; married Eva BOURGON, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Florent BOURGON & Donalda LONGER; wit J.B. BOURGET & Florent BOURGON, both Cornwall, 20 Nov 1916, Cornwall


020173-16 Malcolm Spurgeon BOYD, 26, Farmer, Alexandria, Osgoode Twp, s/o Archibald BOYD & Elizabeth McGREGOR; married Jean STEWART, 26, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Hugh STEWART & Margaret McARTHUR; wit J.M. STEWART, Ormond & F. McARTHUR, Longburn, 29 Feb 1916, Winchester Twp
020202-16 Doriva? BRASSEAU, 24, Farmer, Vaudreuil, Rigaud, s/o Olivier BRASSEAU & Philomene CHEFF?; married Neilda TAUBERT (Faubert?), 19, Alexandria, Lancaster, d/o Omer TAUBERT & Celina BRASSEAU; wit Joseph QUESNELLE, no place given & Doriva? TAUBERT, Lancaster, 10 Jun 1916, Alexandria

020167-16 Hobert BRAYMAN, 19, Soldier, Reynoldston NY, Cornwall, s/o Luther BRAYMAN & Emily POWELL; married Mary Emily LALONDE, 17, Ogdensburg NY, Cornwall, d/o Roderick LALONDE & Maggie SHARRON (Sharrow?), wit Wayne BARNES, St. Regis Falls NY & Helen MACMILLAN, Cornwall, 17 Feb 1916, Cornwall

020192-16 John Lloyd BROWN, 18, Farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Wales, s/o Robert BROWN & Minerva WERT; married Jessie Dixon JOYCE, 18, Scotland, Wales, d/o James JOYCE & Minnie BREDIN; wit Mrs. Ralph JOYCE, Wales & Mrs. Christina J. CARSON & Dorothy CARSON, both Morrisburg, 29 Mar 1916, Morrisburg

020179-16 George Ferguson BROWN, 45, Merchant, Wid, Dundas Co, Dundela, s/o Bernard BROWN & Malinda ARMSTRONG; married Effie May TUTTLE, 46, Wid, Dundas Co, Dundela, d/o Jeremiah LANE & Irena MARCELLUS; wit L.E. REYNOLDS, Morrisburg & Francis POTTER, 1100 Sheffield St. in Pittsburg, 19 Sept 1916, Morrisburg

020193-16 Frank James BROWNELL, 23, Farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o James A. BROWNELL & Gerty RUTLEY; married Lottie BUSH, 23, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Hamilton BUSH & Mary WARNER; wit Walter BUSH & Mrs. R. GRANDAW, both Newington, 22 Mar 1916, Osnabruck

020185-16 Fergus Beck BROWNRIDGE, 27, Banker, Fergus, Cornwall, s/o John BROWNRIDGE & Sophia BECK; married Elizabeth Beatrice ROUNTHWAITE, 21, Collingwood, Cornwall, d/o F. ROUNTHWIATE & Maria JOHNSTON; wit Frank Hunter JOHSTON (Johnston?), Crysler & Jean REID, Westmeath, 4 Jul 1916, Cahore

020169-16 William George BUCHANAN, 34, Farmer, South Sherbrooke, South Sherbrooke, s/o William BUCHANAN & Sarah MARKS; married Sarah Una CASS, 28, Teacher, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Jeremiah CASS & Sarah Jane JAMIESON; wit I.M. MELDRUM, Maberly & M.I. CASS, Winchester, 27 Dec 1916, Winchester

020206-19 Walter BURGESS, 24, (10 Sept), Carpenter, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John BURGESS & Mary GAGNER; married Mary SPECK, 22 (Aug 4), Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Edward SPECK & Adeline LAUBER, wit John BURGESS & Frederick BURGESS, both Cornwall, 6 Nov 1916, Cornwall

020161-16 Walter Stanley BYERS, 20, Soldier, Bainsville, Mille Roche Village, s/o William BYERS & Sara Jane BOLTON; married Bernice MATTICE, 20, Cornwall Twp, Moulinette Village, d/o John MATTICE & Elizabeth RUNIONS; wit Mary YOUNG & Edith RICHARDS, both Cornwall, 21 Jun 1916, Cornwall


015870-16 Philip J. KENNEDY, 20, Farmer, Waddington NY, Waddington NY, s/o John W. KENNEDY & Ella E. FAY; married Helen B. BARCKLEY, 19, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Philip KENNEDY (sic) & Helen BARCLAY; wit William REAGAN, Norfolk NY & Mary C. KENNEDY, Waddington NY, 6 Mar 1916, Morrisburg

020421-16 Joseph Patrick MONAHAN, 23, Shipper, St. Eustache Quebec, Montreal, s/o Patrick MONAHAN & Mary BEAUREGARD (deceased); married Mary HEAGLE, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John HEAGLE & Nora O'BRIEN; wit Charles HEAGLE & Michael HEAGLE, both Cornwall, 31 Jan 1916, Cornwall

015994-16 Mahlon H. ROBINSON, 30, Williamsburg Twp, Clarenceville Quebec, s/o William ROBINSON & Anne CASSELMAN; married Nellie Jane McINTOSH, 23, Matilda Twp, Clarenceville Quebec, d/o Hudson McINTOSH & Louise GALLAGHER; wit illegible, 5 Sept 1916, Winchester