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Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Co, 1923, part 1

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020339-23 Lionel ALLAIRE, 26, Labourer, Embrun, Cornwall, s/o Felix ALLAIRE & Cecile BLANCHARD; married Marie Stella LETOUR, 23, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Olivier LETOUR & Olive BRANCHARD; witn Les ALLAIRE, & O. LETOUR, both Cornwall, 29 Oct 1923, Cornwall 020335-23 Merrill Campbell ALLEN, 26, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, s/o David Henry ALLEN (b. Hallville) & Betsy Ann CAMPBELL; married Helena Margaret BEGGS, 22, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, d/o Robert BEGGS (b. Hallville) & Minnie HYNDMAN; witn Douglas BEGGS & Freda ALLEN, both Hallville, 7 Apr 1823, Hallville
020337-23 Ernest ANDRE, 28, Labourer, St Raphaels, Cornwall, s/o Michael ANDRE & Louise VALADE; married Marie Louise St.LOUIS, 22, housemaid, Crysler, Cornwall, d/o Godfrey St.LOUIS & Delina LANON; witn Michel ANDRE, Summerstown & Godfrey ST LOUIS, Cornwall, 25 Jun 1923, Cornwall 020338-23 E. Gustave ARCHAMBAULT, 25, Bank Manager, Ottawa, Glen Robertson, s/o Alfred Pierre ARCHAMBAULT & Marie Louise GAGNON; married Eva McDONALD, 17 years 11 mo, Montreal Que, Glen Robertson, d/o Ronald McDONALD & Eva COUSINEAU; witn Paul ARCHAMBAULT, Ottawa & Ronald McDONALD, Montreal, 18 Aug 1823, Glen Robertson
020334-23 Robert James ATCHISON, 24, butter maker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Robert ATCHISON & Clara McGRUER; married Albertine TESSIER, 18, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Adelard TESSIER & Victoria RUEST; witn Napoleon ST DENIS, Cornwall & Adelard TESSIER, Embrun, 1 Oct 1823, Cornwall 020336-23 Joseph James AULT, 23, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o James AULT (b. Ontario) & Precilla LARABEE; married Hazel BILLINGS, 19, housework, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o John BILLINGS (b. Ontario) & Lousinda BELLINGER; witn Asa SCOTT & Bessie JAMIESON, both South Mountain, 14 Mar 1823, South Mountain
020340-23 Orval John BAKER, 20, Farmer, Northfield, Northfield, s/o Simeon BAKER (b. Northfield Station) & Mary WARNER; married Nattie Maud RUPERT, 24, Newington, Northfield, d/o Percival RUPERT (b. Newington) & Mary McGILL; witn W.S. SEARS?, Osnabruck & M.E. RUPERT, Northfield Station, 19 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020351-23 Joseph BAKER, 50, Wid, Labourer, Quebec, Applehill, s/o Joseph BAKER (b. do not know, probably Quebec) & Mary PERCHIERE; married Mary BELLEFEUILLE, 36, Wid, House Service, Lachute, Applehill, d/o John BAPINEAU (b. do not know, probably Quebec) & Sophie SIEWOHLE?; witn Joseph BELLEFEUILLE, Applehill & Florence SMITH, St. Elmo, 26 Sept 1923, Maxville
020378-23 Joseph Aristide Thomas Zotique BARBEAU, 39, Wid, Automobile Salesman, Montreal, Montreal Que, s/o Zotique BARBEAU & Victoria BEAUDOIN; married Marguerite GALLAGHER, 23, Stenographic, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, d/o Thomas GALLAGHER & Jennie MACDONALD; witn Thomas GALLAGHER & Charles GALLAGHER, both Mille Roches, 6 Jun 1923, Dickinson’s Landing  
020348-23 Peter BARCEY, 22, Cheese Maker, Cornwall Twp, Northfield, s/o Philip BARCEY (b. Stormont Co) & Jeanette GAINS; married Dorothy LALONDE, 13, Cornwall, Northfield, d/o John LALONDE (b. Stormont Co) & Margaret SAGUIN; witn Herbert BARCEY & Margaret LALONDE, both Bonville, 11 Oct 1923, Cornwall (see ** at bottom of pg) 020362-23 John Wesley BARCLAY, 23, Labourer, Inkerman Village, Inkerman Village, s/o John Charles BARCLAY (b. Ontario) & Annie CARMICHAEL; married Eliza May BECKSTEAD, 20, Farming, Dundela, Inkerman Village, d/o Nicholas N. BECKSTEAD (b. Ontario) & Ada May HUTT; witn Nettie HENDERSON & E. Maude JOHNSTON, both Brinston, 23 May 1923, Winchester
020345-23 Lloyd Bernice BARKLEY, 19, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Alfred BARKLEY (b. Williamsburgh Twp) & Seraphine SULLIVAN; married Ruby FROATS, 18, housework, Williamsburg, Winchester Twp, d/o Jacob FROATS (b. Winchester Twp) & Luthera HUMMEL; witn Gertrude BARKLEY, Chesterville & Sydney MORRIS, Dunbar, 14 Nov 1923, Chesterville 020341-23 Cecil BARKLEY, 19, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Christopher (b. Dunbar) & Lena BARKLEY ; married Lina HARPER, 15, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Ford HARPER (b. Chesterville) & Dinah GIBBONS; witn Melvin V. HARPER & Mrs Melvin V. HARPER, both Chesterville, 19 Dec 1823, Dundas
020358-23 Herbert Alexander BARKLEY, 27, Florist, Osnabruck Centre, Farrans Point, s/o Harvey BARKLEY (b. Dundas Co) & Marilla RICE; married Eva Mae HAYES, 25, East Williamsburg, Farrans Point, d/o Robert HAYES (b. Cornwall) & Mina CASSELLMAN; witn Doris RICHARDS & Elmer G. RICHARDS, both Norfolk NY, 20 Sept 1923, Farrans Point 020356-23 Roy Earl BARKLEY, 29, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o John E. BARKLEY (b. Williamsburg) & Caroline Whittaker BARKLEY; married Alice Elizabeth WHITTAKER, 27, none given, Matilda, d/o Lawrence (b. Matilda) & Sarah WHITTAKER; witn Augustus WHITTAKER & Mrs Augustus WHITTAKER, both Williamsburg, 12 Sept 1923, Morrisburg
020347-23 Thomas BARNES, 25, Labourer, England, Tupper? Lake NY, s/o don’t know (b. (father) England); married Josephine BEAUCLAIRE, 24, Millhand, Masse Creek Ont., Tupper Lake NY, d/o Joseph [BOISCLAIRE] (b. Winchester) & Elizabeth COUSINEAU; witn Dan CUNNINGHAM & Medric ST. LOUIS, both Cornwall, 12 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020342-23 Harry Allan BARR, 22, Farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o William BARR (b. Aultsville) & Ida HART; married Lucy Merle ST. PIERRE, 23, housework, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Jeremiah ST. PIERRE (b. Aultsville) & Ida May DILLABOUGH; witn Hazel ST. PIERRE & Harvey HAMOND?, both Chesterville, 4 Dec 1923, Chesterville
020384-23 Harry E. BARRY, 36, Editor & Printer, South Mountain, South Mountain, s/o Edward BARRY & Margaret MORROW; married Margaret H. YANNON, 32, Housekeeper, Inkerman, South Mountain, d/o Edward YANNON & Catherine MULLEN; witn Allan DRISCOLL, Brinston’s Corners & Beatrice YANNON, Inkerman, 10 Nov 1923, South Mountain  
020366-23 Daniel Eugene BEAUDETTE, 18, Cornwall Twp, Osnabruck, s/o Earnest BEAUDETTE (b. Canada) & Mary A. WATERS; married Elizabeth Marion HODGINS, 16, Osnabruck, not given, d/o Harry E. HODGINS (b. Canada) & Buela Ethel WARNER; witn Herman WALDORF (J.P) & Madeleine WRIGHT, both Wales, 23 Jan 1923, Osnabruck 020370-23 Rene Joseph Maurice BEAUDORIENS?, 29, Clerk, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Moise BEAUDORIEN & Marie Louise DAOUST; married Emma PAQUETTE, 22, Waitress, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Cyril PAQUETTE & Mary Louise LALONDE; witn Moise BEAUDORIEN?, Cornwall & Cyril PAQUETTE, Alexandria, 15 Jan 1923, Alexandria
020382-23 Magloire? BEAUDRIE, 32, Mill Hand, Embrun, Cornwall, s/o Evangeliste BOUDRIE & Rosanna TESSIER; married Eve FORGET, 22, Casselman, Cornwall, d/o Narcess FORGET & Jepheline GOSSELIN; witn Evangeliste BEAUDRIE & Narciss FORGET, both Cornwall, 24 Sept 1923, Cornwall 020373-23 Rallen Jos BEAULNE, 26, Clerk, Cleveland Ohio, Kenyon, s/o Napoleon BEAULNE & Regina DELONA; married Aurase? BEAULNE, 21, St Justine Que, Kenyon, d/o Olivier BEAULNE & Mathilde BELANGER; witn L.P. BEAULNE & Alzire BEAULNE, both Montreal, 29 Jan 1923, Lochiel
020349-23 Herbert Kempfield BECKSTED, 21, Mechanic, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, s/o Frank W. BECKSTED (b. Morrisburg) & Ella May STATA; married Verna Mae HARRISON, 20, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Elgin HARRIMAN (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Mary Ellen SULLIVAN; witn Herbert CASSELMAN & Adah V. BOWMAN, both Morrisburg, 9 Oct 1923, Morrisburg 020361-23 Lilburn James BECKSTEAD, 23, Mechanic, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Charles S. BECKSTEAD (b. Williamsburg) & Edith HEAS ; married Charlotte ANCIL, 26, housework, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Cornelius O'NEIL (b. Merrickville) & Eliza SINCLAIR; witn Mrs BAKER & Jacob BAKER, both Chesterville, 28 Jun 1923, Chesterville
020363-23 Moise BELANGER, 36, Wid, Farmer, Clarence Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Peter BELANGER (b. St Martin Que) & Marie CHALIFOUX; married Mrs Josephine PAUL, 40, Wid, Clarence Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Hilaire LA ROUX (b. Clarence Creek) & Delia DELLEMA; witn Daniel STALEY & Catherine E. SEARSON, both of Chesterville, 18 Mar 1923, Chesterville 020359-23 Haim BENDER, 23, Garment Maker, Roumania, Cornwall, s/o I. BENDER (b. Romania) & Mamie? JOSEPH; married Ghizela HOROVITZ, 23, housekeeper, Roumania, Cornwall, d/o Joseph HOROVITZ (b. Romania) & Lola ROSENSTEIN; witn Harry KATZ & Arron ISCOVITCH, both Montreal Que, 9 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020379-23 Joseph Telesphore BERIAULT, 27, Farmer, St Telesphore Que, St Telesphore Que, s/o Odilon BERIAULT & Alphonsine LANTHIER; married Annie BRUNET, 21, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Amedie BRUNET & Artemise PAGE; witn Henry CARRIER, St Telesphore Que & Ada BRUNET, Lancaster Twp, 26 Jun 1923, St Raphaels 020381-23 Oscar BERGERON, 24, Labourer, Warwick, Warwick Que, s/o Alfred BERGERON & Caroline COUTURE; married Eve LAVIGNE, 23, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Maurice LAVIGNE & Melina PAQUETTE; witn Alfred BERGERON, Warwick & Maurice LAVIGNE, Cornwall, 18 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020385-23 William Edwin BERNHART, 21, Labourer, Farran’s Point, Morrisburg, s/o Thuarb BARNHART & Lucy BEAUPRE; married Hazel Cora MITCHEL, 21, Domestic Servant, Massena NY, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Julien MITCHEL & Cora Bella SMITH; witn Percy ROBERTSON & Bell MITCHEL, both Morrisburg, 14 Nov 1923, Dickinson’s Landing 020350-23 Joseph Thomas BILLINGS, 30, Farmer, Inkerman, Inkerman, s/o Adam BILLINGS (b. Inkerman) & Hannah McFADDEN; married Edith WICKS, 18, Ogdensburg USA, Winchester, d/o Walter David WICKS (b. United States) & Belle BILOW; witn Howard BILLINGS & Henrietta BILLINGS, both Winchester, 20 Oct 1923, Inkerman
020374-23 Alderic BINETTE, 21, Farmer, Hawkesbury Twp, Hawkesbury Twp, s/o Joseph BINETTE & Palmire LAVIGNE; married Marie Ange BELAIR, 19, Farm, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Joseph BELAIR & Aldea DECOSTE: witn Joseph BINETTE (M.P.), St Anne de Prescott & Joseph BELAIR, Lochiel, 5 Feb 1923, Glen Robertson 020354-23 Robert Allan BINION, 28, Wid, Chauffeur, Iroquois, Ogdensburg NY, s/o James Henry BINION (b. Iroquois) & Agnes PITTS; married Ethel May SHEETS, 23, Waitress, Wales, Ogdensburg NY, d/o George Easton SHEETS & Ester HEARTH; witn Robert PITTS (b. Moulinette) & Mary FLOYDE, both Cornwall, 3 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020346-23 John Moore BOLTON, 22, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Wallie Moore BOLTON (b. Dundas Co) & Annie SUMMERS; married Pearl Kenny PATTERSON, 18, housework, Prescott Co, Winchester Twp, d/o Walter PATTERSON (b. Dundas Co) & Myrtle CAMPBELL; witn George BOLTON & Louise BOLTON, both Winchester Springs, 13 Nov 1923, Chesterville 020375-23 Homer John BOMBARD, 21, Farmer, Oxford Mass, Brushton NY, s/o John BOMBARD & Mary ROBIDEAU; married Victoria PELLETIER, 19, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Isaac PELLETIER & Exilda CHARBONEAU; witn Allan MORAN & Mrs Ireen MORAN, 1 May 1923, Chesterville
020383-23 Donald Joseph BONHOMME, 20, Truck Driver, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Napolean BONHOMME & Mary TYO; married Henrietta Emma CONTANT, 18, Mill Hand, Montreal, Cornwall, d/o Joseph CONTANT & Alice BEGIN; witn Napoleon BONHOMME & Henry GENERAUX, both Cornwall, 1 Oct 1923, Cornwall 020376-23 Arthur BOULRICE, 29, Mill Hand, Hemmingford Que, Cornwall, s/o Edouard BOULRICE & Josephine DENAULT; married Louise BURELL, 20, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Xavier BURELL & Beatrice GERVAIS; witn Edouard BOULRICE & Xavier BURELL, both Cornwall, 1 May 1923, Cornwall
020386-23 Antoine BOURDON, 19, Labourer, Plantagenet Curran, Cornwall, s/o Frank BOURDON & Donalda MONET; married Josephine TYO, 18, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Franklin TYO & Mary BREBANT; witn Ernest TYO & Ida BOURDAN, both Cornwall, 26 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020387-23 Henry BOURGON, 30, Labourer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Henry BOURGON & Rosanna GAUTHIER; married Josephine VINCENT, 19, Vaudreuil Que, Lancaster Twp, d/o Edouard VINCENT & Alexina EMOND; witn David BOURGON & Edouard VINCENT, both Dalhousie Sta. Que, 12 Nov 1923 at Glen Nevis
020360-23 Russell Rosswell BOWMAN, 20, Labourer, Mountain Twp, Winchester, s/o Guy (b. Canada) & Naomi BOWMAN; married Christina PORTEOUS, 18, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, d/o Alex PORTEOUS (b. Canada) & Marg CACHNER?; witn Nadine BOWMAN & Marg PORTEOUS, both Winchester, 22 Aug 1923, Morrisburg 020367-23 Allan BRADY, 28, Clerk, Carthage US, Carthage NY, s/o Henry BRADY & Mary MULLIGAN; married Hilda G. CAVANAGH, 26, Graduate Nurse, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Cornelius CAVANAGH & Mary LALLY; witn Clarence BRADY, Carthage NY & Helen CAVANAGH, Brooklyn NY, 22 Oct 1923, Cornwall
020380-23 Polydore BRAY, 34, Farmer, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, s/o Parmelia? SAUVE & Polydore BRAY; married Mary Marcelline St.JOHN, 20, housework, Lochiel, Kenyon, d/o Joseph ST. JOHN & Florie ROBERTSON; witn Olivier BRAY, Moose Creek & Joseph ST. JOHN, St Elmo, 4 Sept 1923, Glengarry Co 020371-23 Joseph Elie BRAY, 22, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Francois BRAY & Henriette ST. DENIS; married Edwige AUBE, 24, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Alfred AUBE & f (late) Celestine RACINE; witn Francois BRAY & Alfred AUBE, both Moose Creek, 8 Jan 1923, Roxborough Twp
020355-23 Wilfred BRISSON, 23, Millhand, Cornwall, Montreal, s/o John BRISSON (b. Cornwall) & Delina LAROUE?; married Marguerite GASTANG, 20, Millhand, England, Montreal, d/o Percival GASTANG (b. Rochelle England) & Edith RADCLIFF; witn Frank POIRIER & John BRISSON, both Cornwall, 23 Sept 1923, Cornwall 020377-23 Amadie? BRISSON, 21, Mill Hand Embrun, Cornwall, s/o Prosper BRISSON & Delina GAUTHIER; married Analda COUSINEAU, 20, Mill Hand, Embrun, d/o Pierre COUSINEAU & Victoria CARRIER; witn Prosper BRISSON & Pierre COUSINEAU, both Cornwall, 15 May 1923, Cornwall
020372-23 Octave BRODEUR, 21, Farm Hand, St Anicet Que, Cornwall, s/o Joseph BRODEUR & Emelie GERVAIS; married Rose Aline AMYOT, 20, Bourget, Cornwall, d/o Honore AMYOT & Cleophie LEFEVBRE; witn Joseph BRODEUR & Honore AMYOT, both Cornwall, 8 Jan 1923, Cornwall 020365-23 John Dardis BROUSE, 62, Farmer, Wid, Iroquois, Iroquois, s/o Guy E. BROUSE (b. Canada) & Maria DORAN; married Winnie JOHNSTON, 42, Housekeeper, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o Alexander HODGE (b. Canada) & Mary HARE; witn Mrs. Ethel MILLIGAN & Mrs A. MILLIGAN, both Iroquois, 3 Jan 1923, Iroquois
  020353-23 Charles BROWN, 30, sheet metal Worker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Samuel J. BROWN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Margaret RUSSELL; married Martha Agnes CURRIE, 24, Civil Servant, Chrysler, Ottawa, d/o James CURRIE (Crysler) & Elizabeth DORRAN; witn J.W. PAUL & E.M. CURRIE, both Crysler, 6 Sept 1923, Ottawa
020344-23 Simon Silvester BROWNELL, 64, Wid, Carpenter, Osnabruck, Moulinette, s/o John Curtis BROWNELL (b. Osnabruck) & Margaret HOLLISTER; married Margaret CHISHOLM, 55, housekeeper, Summerstown, Moulinette, d/o Alexander CHISHOLM (b. Glengarry) & Henrietta GRANT; witn William Thomas DYER, Summerstown & Peter CHISHOLM, Cornwall, 14 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020357-23 Archibald Alexander BRUCE, 59, Wid, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon Que, s/o Robert BRUCE (b. Godmanchester Quebec) & Mary Ann CLARK; married Edna Greta BOOMHOWER, 34, Williamstown, Huntingdon Que, d/o Jacob BOOMHOWER (b. Quebec) & Esther ATKINSON; witn Orel BOOMHOWER & Mrs Esther BOOMHOWER, both Williamstown, 18 Sept 1923, Lancaster
020368-23 Louis Matthias BRUNET, 21, Millhand, Greenfield, Cornwall, s/o Joseph BRUNET & Emelie LAVIGNE; married Rose Emma Catherine Cuillierier CUILLIERIER, 22, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alfred CUILLIERIER & Marie Louise BONNEVILLE; witn Louis BRUNET & Louis BONNEVILLE, both Cornwall, 15 Jan 1923, Cornwall 020369-23 Duncan BRUNET, 21, Farmer, Glen Robertson, Lochiel, s/o Olivier BRUNET & Armine LEBLANC; married Rose LAUZON, 19, Rigaud, Lochiel, d/o Andre LAUZON & Florestine LAROSE? (Lavere?) witn Olivier BRUNET & Andre LAUZON, both Lochiel, 9 Jan 1923, Lochiel
020364-23 Ernest Victor BURSON, 27, Paper Maker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles BURSON (b. England) & Delia ANTOINE; married Mary Amelia LALONDE, 24, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John LALONDE (b. Cornwall Twp) & Jane McCORMICK; witn Charles Henry & Margaret Ann LALONDE, both Cornwall, 12 Mar 1923, Cornwall  
020343-23 Edward BUSH, 40, Wid, Painter, Cardinal, Hallville, s/o Reuben BUSH (b. Matilda Twp) & Sophie LAPIER; married Maud Cummings JOHNSTON, 35, Mountain Twp, Winchester, d/o George Watson JOHNSTON (b. Mountain Twp) & Rovilla CUMMINGS; witn William JOHNSON, Williamsburg & Ella KERR, Mountain, 14 Nov 1923, Dundas 020352-23 Reginald Clare BUSH, 20, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Henry BUSH (b. Osnabruck) & Georgina ALGUIRE; married Bessie Lula RUPERT, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Gervaise? RUPERT (b. Osnabruck) & Alice WARNER; witn William FORSYTH & Mrs William FORSYTH, both Finch, 26 Sept 1923 Farran’s Point
  020418-23 Maurice CADIEUX, 27, Farmer, Prescott, Prescott, s/o France CADIEUX & Olympe ST DENIS; married Therese CARRIER, 28, Farmer, Glen Robertson, Lochiel, d/o Benjamin CARRIERE & Albina VALLE; witn France CADIEUX, Prescott & Benjamin CARRIERE, Lochiel, 23 Jan 1923, Lochiel
020404-23 Henry Panchon CAMPBELL, 39, Conductor, Cole Lake, Verona, s/o John E. CAMPBELL (b. Battersea Ont) & Mary G.E. FAIRFIELD; married Mary Irene COCHRANE, 25, Teacher, Canada, Portsmouth, d/o Robert B. COCHRANE (b. Canada) & Eliza RODDY; witn Lenora C. STEWART & C.S. HANES, both Aultsville, 16 Jul 1923, Aultsville 020398-23 John CAMPBELL, 28, Farmer, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, s/o Alex CAMPBELL (b. Dunvegan Isle of Skye Scotland) & Sarah CHISHOLM married Sarah Ann McDONALD, 28, Maid, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o Roy McDONALD (b. Dunvegan Isle of Skye Scotland) & Mary CAMPBELL; witn Rod CAMPBELL & Mary MACDONALD, both Dunvegan, 22 Sept 1923, Maxville
020392-23 Harold Brunton CARKNER, 22, Farmer, Kenmore, Williamsburg, s/o John A. CARKNER (b. Dundas Co) & Sarah Maria McVEY; married Alta Melina O’SHAUGHNESSY, 17, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Henry M. O’SHAUGHNESSY (b. Russell Co) & Nancy Elizabeth WARRING; witn Milton CARKNER, Williamsburg & Retta S. McMILLAN, Chesterville 21 Oct 1923, Morrisburg 020394-23 William Henry Verity CARLING, 29, Accountant, Exeter, Cornwall, s/o Thomas V. CARLING & Martha VERIETY; married Nora Kathleen DEROCHIE, 30, School Teacher, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Curtis DEROCHIE & M. MURPHY; witn Merchant M. MAHONEY & Loretta MAHONEY, both Washington DC, 28 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020411-23 Kenneth David Edward CARLYLE, 23, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o George CARLYLE (b. Williamsburg) & Mary NUGENT; married Annie Caroline McVEY, 22, Grand View Man., Winchester, d/o James F. McVEY (b. Russell Carleton Co) & Revanna CHERRY; witn James F. McVEY, Winchester & John CARLYLE, Williamsburg, 2 May 1923, Winchester 020414-23 George Wallace CARPENTER, 25, Lathe Operator, Cornwall, Windsor Ont, s/o W.W. CARPENTER (b. Emers. Corners Cornwall) & Eliza CRITES; married Jessie Patricia AITKEN 21, Teacher, Charlottenburg, Windsor Ont, d/o William Ernest AITKEN (b. Cornwall) & Emma CAREY; witn Mrs Vincent CAMERON & W.E. AITKEN, both Cornwall, 8 Feb 1923, at the Precious Blood Church
020415-23 Adolphus CARRIERE, 21, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Adolphus CARRIERE & Donalda DECAIRE; married Marie Blanchard Hosanna CHARLEBOIS, 22, House Servant, St Justine de Newton Que, Lancaster Twp, d/o Henri CHARLEBOIS & Alexina LEROUX; witn Adolphus CARRIERE & J.H. DECAIRE, both Bainsville, 8 Jan 1923, Glen Nevis 020422-23 Dominat CARRIERES, 24, Farmer, St Telesphore Que, Maxville, s/o Theophraste CARRIERES & Olivine TESSIER; married Marie May AUBIN, 20, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o (Late) Alexandre AUBIN & Emelie VILLENEUVE; witn Julien CARRIERES, Maxville & Josaphat AUBIN, Moose Creek, 3 Apr 1923, Roxborough Twp
020401-23 John Merkley CASSELMAN, 60, Wid, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Henry CASSELMAN (b. United States) & Levine MERKLEY; married Elvire BARKLEY, 27, Wid, Williamsburg Twp, Morrisburg, d/o Lucius BECKSTED (b. Canada) & Mary BECKER; witn Orval BARKLEY & Davey BECKSTED, both Morrisburg, 31 Aug 1923, Morrisburg  
020427-23 Charles Joseph CASTONGUIER, 26, Farmer, St. Anicet, Cornwall Twp, s/o Alex CASTONGUIER & Appolline BRODEUR; married Elene LEFEVBRE, 17, Maid, Ste Foye NY, Cornwall Twp, d/o Marcus LEFEVBRE & Clare GENEAU; witn Alex CASTONGUIER, Morrisburg & Marcus LEFEVBRE, Cornwall Twp, 31 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020426-23 Joseph CASTOQUIER, 41, Wid, Farmer, Williamstown, Charlottenburg, s/o Regis CASTOQUIER & Mary Louise LABREILLE; married Alphonsina? (Caron) O'NEIL, 42, Wid, Farmerelle, St Gabriel Quebec, Williamstown, d/o Henry CARON & Augele LANCLOT; witn Regis CASTAQUIER, Williamstown & Albert COUTURE, Montreal, 22 Oct 1923, Williamstown
020423-23 Zaochen (Joachin?) CHARLEBOIS, 43, Painter, Alexandria, Cornwall, s/o Martin CHARLEBOIS & Meritime BRUNET; married Marie PREVOST, 37, House Maid, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o J.B. PREVOST & Anne POIRRIER; witn Octave CHARLEBOIS & J.B. PREVOST, both Cornwall, 10 Sept, 1923, Cornwall 020410-23 Napolean CHARTRAND, 32, Mechanical Engineer, Cedar Rapids Que, Cornwall, s/o Anselm CHARTRAND & Euchariste ZOVAY (Zovey?) married Alice TYRRELL, 18, Mill Hand, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, d/o Levi TYRRELL & Ellen LARUE; witn Alexander TYRRELL & Gladys WATTIE, both Cornwall, 5 Jun 1923, Cornwall
020421-23 Archibald CHISOLM (Chisholm?), 40, Wid, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Alexander CHISOLM & Mary McCURDY; married Emma Josephine McDONALD, 38, Housekeeping, d/o Alexander & Catherine McDONALD; witn Alexander O'BRIEN, Northfield Station & Joseph SEGUIN, Martintown, 26 Jun 1923, St Andrews West 020417-23 August Valentine CHISHOLM, 26, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Valentine CHISHOLM & Catherine McDONALD; married Catherine Margaret HELPS, 31, Teacher, Lochiel, Alexandria, d/o John HELPS & Helen CAMERON; witn Valentine CHISHOLM, Lochiel & James HELPS, Finch, 5 Feb 1923, Alexandria
020408-23 Arthur CLAY, 28, Bank Clerk, England, Crysler?, s/o Henry CLAY (b. England) & Ann E. LUCAS; married Mary Gillespie DILLEN, 25, School Teacher, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o R. Johnston DILLEN (b. Ontario) & Sarah GILLESPIE; witn R. Johnston DILLEN, Morrisburg & Reve George G. WRIGHT, Wales, 20 June 1923, Morrisburg 020420-23 Edward CLEMENT, 22, Mill Worker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o August CLEMENT & Josephine BYETTE; married Adrienne BORDEAU, 18, Bouget Ont, Cornwall, d/o Joseph BOURDEAU (sic) & Marie DEUCAULT; witn Ford LEFEVBRE & Joseph BOURDEAU, both Cornwall, 18 Jun 1923, Cornwall
020402-23 John Wesley COBAINE, 36, Labourer, Moulinettte, Avonmore, s/o Samuel COBAINE (b. Ireland) & Margaret LA BARRE; married Reta ARMSTRONG, 23, housewife, Avonmore, Avonmore, d/o Robert Allen ARMSTRONG (b. Roxborough Twp) & Phoebe WALDORF; witn E.T. McLAUGHLIN & Margaret McLAUGHLIN, both Avonmore, 15 Aug 1923, Newington 020416-23 Eustachio COLUCCI, 26, Labourer Iron Works, Matre Italy, Cornwall, s/o Agale COLUCCI & Marie CAUCHON; married Florence Eva SULLIVAN, 21, Cardinal, Cornwall, d/o Samuel SULLIVAN & Carmela CONTA; witn Dominic ZEPTIRLA? & Zaraline BAPTISTA both Cornwall, 29 Jan 1923, Cornwall
020390-23 Robert COLLISON, 22, Mill Hand, Osnabruck Twp, Cornwall, s/o Robert COLLISON (b. Dixons Corners Ont) & Clara MARKELL; married Julia COLLETTE, 28, Mill Hand, Lancaster, Cornwall, d/o Peter COLLETTE (b. Lancaster) & Margaret CARRIER; witn F. BARNHART & M. BARNHART, both Cornwall, 17 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020389-23 Donald John CONROY, 23, Farmer, Charlottenburgh Twp, Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o Robert CONROY (b. Charlottenburgh Twp) & Margaret SPICEK; married Hilda McDONALD, 21, none given, none given, d/o James (b. Charlottenburgh Twp) & Janet MACDONALD; witn Guy P. SPICEK & Dora MACDONALD, both Williamsburg, 5 Nov 1923, Williamstown
020403-23 Walter Samuel COOK, 35, Commercial Traveller, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o George S. COOK (b. Sherbrooke Que) & Amelia F. MIDFORD; married Ethel Beatrice SMITH, 29, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Samuel W. SMITH (b. Chesterville) & Catherine KEYS; witn Mabel K. SMITH, Chesterville & Mrs Archibald SMIRLE, Morewood, 8 Aug 1923, Fairview Manor, Chesterville 020407-23 Elbert James COOK, 29, Farmer, Osnabruck, Cornwall Twp, s/o Nelson James COOK (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Jane LANG; married Gladys Aldena RICE, 22, Montreal Que, none given, d/o Samuel R. RICE (b. Morrisburg) & Jessie Aldana HAYES ; witn Nelson J. COOK, Osnabruck & Mrs Nelson COOK, Wales, 16 Jun 1923, Newington
020393-23 Thomas Leo COSTELLO, 30, Civil Servant, Fallowfield, Ottawa, s/o Michael COSTELLO (b. Fallowfield Ont) & Ellen MOLOUGHNEY; married Emma Bell LYNCH, 30, Stenographer, Crysler, Ottawa, d/o William LYNCH (b. Stormont Co) & Annie BARRETT; witn Michael DRISCOLL, Ottawa & Estella BARCLAY, Berwick, 8 Oct 1923, Crysler 020399-23 James Norman COTTON, 27, Clerk, Alexandria, Montreal Que, s/o W.A. COTTON (b. Lachute Que) & Anna Belle MACRAE; married Effie MACLEOD, 29, Stenographer, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o Duncan R. MACLEOD (b. Dunvegan) & Julie A. MACCUAIG; witn W.R. COTTON, Montreal & Mora MACLEOD, Dunvegan, 17 Aug 1923, Ottawa
020406-23 Albert COUGHLER, 20, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o William COUGHLER (b. Winchester Twp) & Agnes BECKSTEAD; married Caroline HARPER, 19, Housework, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Ace HARPER (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Mary HUNTER; witn Mrs Arthur HALL, Williamsburg & Georgina HARPER, Winchester Springs, 7 Apr 1923, Williamsburg 020412-23 George Gordon COUNTRYMAN, 22, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Ezra COUNTRYMAN (b. Winchester Twp) & Mary SUMMERS; married Alice FETTERLY, 21, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o James FETTERLY (b. Winchester Twp) & Flaney FAULKNER; witn Howard FETTERLY, Morewood & Reginald COUNTRYMAN, Chesterville, 28 Mar 1923, Morewood
020400-23 Alphonse COUSINEAU, 23, Farmer, Vankleek Hill, Vankleek Hill, s/o Alphonse COUSINEAU Sr (b. Vankleek Hill) & Henrietta JARDIN; married Violet May McBAIN, 18, Dominionville, Maxville, d/o Angus McBAIN (b. Roxborough) & Lizzie ARTIBEE; witn Angus McBAIN & Bert McBAIN, both Maxville, 4 Sept 1923, Maxville 020395-23 Gordon M. COX, 23, Garage Owner, Oshawa, Oshawa, s/o W. B. COX (b. England) & Lottie PLUMMER; married Edith BANCROFT, 19, Nurse, Newington, Oshawa, d/o W. BANCROFT (b. Finch) & Ester ALGUIRE; witn R.J. FURSEY & Mary J. FURSEY, both Cornwall, 5 Oct 1923, Cornwall
020409-23 Harold Peter COYLE, 26, Gardener, Stormont Co, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Thomas COYLE (b. Stormont Co) & Etta MATTICE; married Dorothy TYO, 25, Wid, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Byron STATA (b. Morrisburg) & Adaline ARMSTRONG; witn Christina M. CARSON & Christina J. CARSON, both Morrisburg, 4 Jun 1923, Morrisburg 020413-23 James Nicholas CRAWFORD, 45, Labourer, Charlottenburg Twp, Aultsville, s/o James Edward CRAWFORD (b. Glengarry Co) & Jenet Catherine HALL; married Clara May DEWAR, 25, Maxville, Roxborough, d/o Hugh DEWAR (b. Glengarry Co) & Margaret CUMMINGS; witn Helen B. STEWART & Gordon S. STEWART, both Maxville, 10 Mar 1923, Maxville
020391-23 Harold Leslie CRITES, 23, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Donald CRITES (b. Cornwall) & Mary HUGHES ; married Jilbet? LATREILLE, 18, Domestic, Quebec Prov, Cornwall, d/o Gilbert LATREILLE (b. Quebec Province) & Alice LAFLEUR; witn Herbert MINOR & Mrs Ilene CRITES, both Cornwall, 20 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020405-23 Arnold Edward CRITES, 17, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Alvingie CRITES (b. Williamsburg) & Maude BARKLEY; married Mary Alexander WILLIAMS, 21, Montreal Que, Osnabruck, d/o George T WILLIAMS (b. England) & Ada COPAS; witn John WILLIAMS, Aultsville & Dorothea COPAS, Lancaster, 20 Mar 1923, Williamsburg
020425-23 John CROLLO, 33, Labourer, Naples Italy, Cornwall, s/o Antoine CROLLO & Antonia FEROC?; married Sarah GIONNETTE, 25, Mill Hand, Santa Teresa Italy, Cornwall, d/o Carnalo GIONNETTE & Antonina CARNABUCI; witn James LEBLANC & Mary LEBLANC, both Cornwall, 10 Sept 1923, Cornwall 020396-23 Luther Edward CROWDER, 30, Wid, Farming, Kemptville, Winchester, s/o Allan CROWDER (b. Kemptville) & Nancy BELLINGER; married Melissa SULLIVAN, 40, Wid, House Duties, Mountain, Winchester, d/o Philip SIMZER (b. Mountain) & Emma WOOD; witn Maria M. CLARKE & Malvina BATES, both Hallville, 3 Oct 1923, Winchester
020388-23 Morton Roland CROWE, 23, Surveyor, Londonderry NS, Ottawa, s/o Leonard CROWE (b. Highland Valley N.S.) & Sarah GASS, married Rhona Hazel MACDONALD, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Arthur MACDONALD (b. Cornwall) & Edna RUNIONS; witn Mary J. CROWE & Vera MACDONALD, both Cornwall, 18 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020424-23 Frederick Cecil CRYDERMAN, 22, Engineer, Osnabruck Centre, Osnabruck Centre, s/o Frank Samuel CRYDERMAN & Annie HELMER; married Edith May CRYDERMAN, 22, Osnabruck Centre, Osnabruck Centre, d/o Charles CRYDERMAN & Agnes Lauretta SAMPSON; witn Marion C. CRYDERMAN, Osnabruck Centre & Mrs Charles N. WYATT, Northfield Station, 5 Sept 1923, Aultsville
020397-23 John CUNNINGHAM, 29, Steam fitter, Scotland, Montreal Que, s/o John CUNNINGHAM (b. Scotland) & Martha DOUGHERTY; married Mable Edna BLAIR, 22, Roxborough, Avonmore, d/o James BLAIR (b. Roxborough Twp) & Margaret TAIT; witn John STEVENSON, Montreal & Janie BLAIR, Avonmore, 17 Sept 1923, Moose Creek 020437-23 Oscar DAGENAIS, 20, Weaver, Valleyfield Que, Cornwall, s/o Laurent DAGENAIS (b. Valleyfield) & Clare GENDRON; married Lauria BELLEFEUILLE, 21, Weaver, Valleyfield Que, Cornwall, d/o Ovila BELLEFEUILLE (b. Valleyfield) & Albertine BOYER; witn Theodore BENOIT & Donalda GELINEAU, both Cornwall, 22 Aug 1923, Cornwall
020438-23 George H. DAWSON, 21, Labourer, England, Avonmore, s/o Fred DAWSON (b. England) & maiden name of mother unknown; married Ida Maude CAMPBELL, 19, Roxborough, Avonmore, d/o Angus CAMPBELL (b. Roxborough) & Catherine McINTYRE; witn Emma? K. CAMPBELL & J.S. MACRAE, both Avonmore, 21 Aug 1923, Avonmore 020452-23 Francis Xavier Charles DE BELLEFEUILLE, 23, Stone Mason, Ste Marthe Vaudreuil Co, Ste Marthe Vaudreuil Co Que, s/o Moise DE BELLEFEUILLE & Mary LEFEBVRE; married Bridget Yolande LALONDE, 20, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, d/o Clement LALONDE & Alouisia SAUVE; witn Albert DE BELLEFEUILLE, Ste Marthe Co Vaudreuil Que & Clement LALONDE, Glen Robertson, 18 Sept 1923, Glen Robertson
020448-23 Joseph Elzear DECAIRE, 23, Farmer, St Polycarpe Que, Lancaster Twp, s/o Delphis DECAIRE & Melitime COUSINEAU; married Rose CARRIERE, 23, Housework, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Peter CARRIERE & Armagene CLEMENT; witn Delphis DECAIRE & Peter CARRIERE, both Lancaster, 5 Feb 1923, Lancaster 020454-23 Emile DECAIRE, 24, Labourer, St Lazare Vaudreuil Co Que, Vaudreuil - Vaudreuil Co Que, s/o Aledema DECAIRE & Clementine BRASSEUR; married Julia CASTONGUAY, 23, Housemaid, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, d/o Joseph CASTONGUAY & Josephine SEGUIN; witn Jules CADEAUX, Hudson Que & Francis TAILLIFER, Glen Robertson, 20 Nov 1923, Glen Robertson

020821-23 Donat DECAIRE, 21, Labourer, St. Joachim Prescott Co, Kenyon, s/o Andre DECAIRE & Chiffe ST. LOUIS; married Laurenza PAQUETTE, 23, St. Joachim Prescott Co, Glengarry Co, d/o Alfred PAQUETTE & Mary Jane CADIEUX; witn Alex ST. LOUIS, Maxville & Alfred PAQUETTE, Greenfield, 16 Jul 1923, Greenfield

020435-23 Edwin Leslie DEEKS, 26, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Thomas L. DEEKS (b. Canada) & Mary L. BELL; married Nellie Mae McQUAIG, 24, Winchester Twp, Morrisburg, d/o Thomas P. McQUAIG (b. Canada) & Ella McQUAT; witn W.J. DEEKS & Ethel DEEKS, both Williamsburg, 5 Sept 1923, Morrisburg 020453-23 Laurence Emanuel DEGAN, 21, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John DEGAN & Ellen LEBRUN; married Aurore LAPARLE, 20, Mill Hand, Valleyfield Que, Cornwall, d/o William LAPARLE & Eugenie SAIGNER; witn John DEGAN & William LAPARLE, both Cornwall, 25 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020428-23 Joseph Alzear Dieudonne DELAGE, 20, Tailor, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph DELAGE (b. Holland) & Rosanna LADOUCEUR married Mary Margaret ELDERBROOM, 20, Mill Hand, St Andrews, Cornwall, d/o Nelson ELDERBROOM (b. Canada) & Mary Caroline MILLS; witn Morris? DELAGRE? & Nelson ELDERBROOM, both Cornwall, 31 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020449-23 Percy DENESHA?, 24?, Farming Man, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Albert DENESHA? & Alice LANCLOT; married Edith HOLLISTER, 24, Clerk, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Hiram HOLLISTER & Josephine LECLAIR; witn Tanard? BURNET & Alice HOLLISTER, both Cornwall, 14 May 1923, Cornwall
  020451-23 Henri DESAUTELS, 22, Farmer, St Albert’s, Crysler, s/o Joseph DESAUTELS & Leona GENIER; married Justine BOURGEOIS, 18, Housework, St Albert’s, Crysler, d/o Azaric BOURGEOIS & Marie Louise LEBRUN; witn Arthur DESAUTELS & Azarie BOURGEOIS, both Crysler, 19 Sept 1923, Crysler Village
020433-23 Lorne DICKSON, 28, Harness Maker, Maxville, Massina NY, s/o John DICKSON (b. Ontario) & Eliza McDONALD; married Bertha Helen SMITH, 21, Telephone Opr, Maxville, Massina NY, d/o Thomas SMITH (b. Ontario) & Mary MUNROE; witn William James FAULDS, Cornwall & Margaret P. FAULDS, Cornwall, 10 Sept 1923, Cornwall 020430-23 James Henry DICKSON, 21, Paper Maker, Port Arthur, Cornwall, s/o Maurice Frederick DICKSON (b. Montreal) & Edith May KEMP; married Gladys Beatrice HERRINGTON, 18, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Richard John HERRINGTON (b. England) & Mary Beatrice SAWYER; witn Joseph N. MARTELLE & Joan BOUGH, both Cornwall, 3 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020441-23 Ernie Roy DILLABOUGH, 24, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o John (b. Morewood) & Elizabeth DILLABOUGH; married Lulu MORRELL, 18, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Wilburn MORRELL (b. Winchester Twp) & Chloe DILLABOUGH; witn Loyd BARKLEY, Dunbar & Ruby FROATS, Chesterville, 23 May 1923, Chesterville 020450-23 Willie DIOTTE, 23, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Louis DIOTTE & Melina BELLEMERE; married Gilbertha BEAUBIEN, 15, St Anne de Prescott, Lochiel, d/o Xavier BEAUBIEN & Josephine CLAREMONT; witn Lamy (Lancey?) LACROIX, Vankleek Hill & Xavier BEAUBIEN, Breadalbane, 29 May 1923, Lochiel
020436-23 James DIXON, 46, Wid, Cheese maker, Pendleton, Lemieux, s/o George DIXON (b. Pendelton) & Margaret WILKINSON; married Winnie or Minnie McLEOD, 29, Wid, housewife, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o Kenneth McQUEEN (b. Pendelton) & Mary McDONALD; witn J.A. McQUEEN & Mrs J.A. McQUEEN, both Dunvegan, 3 Sept 1923, Dunvegan  
020432-23 Roy Samuel DOCKSTATER, 27, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Nelson DOCKSTATER (b. Hawkesbury) & Jennie McCONNELL; married Ethel Agnes WILSON, 28, Farming, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Thomas WILSON (b. Dundas Co) & Jane STEVEN? ; witn Lloyd WILSON, Winchester & Tina WILSON, Cornwall, 12 Sept 1923, Winchester 020444-23 David DONALDSON, 52, Wid, Farmer, Lanark Co, Matilda Twp, s/o Christopher DONALDSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Isabel INNIS; married Harriet A. KNIGHT, 49, Wid, Housekeeper, Winchester Twp, Matilda, d/o James S. JOHNSTON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Jane E.A. MARSH; witn Aileen KNIGHT & Mabel Marion GORDON, both Winchester, 27 Apr 1923, Winchester
020442-23 George Edward DONNELLY, 23, Labourer, Aultsville, Osnabruck, s/o Isaac DONNELLY (Stormont Co) & Jennie WOODWARD; married Erma Agnes BROWN, 25, Osnabruck, none given, d/o Richard BROWN (b. Stormont Co) & Bertha EMPEY; witn Mrs R.C. SINCLAIR & Bernie FINCHAM, both Farran’s Point, 25 Apr 1923, Farran’s Point 020440-23 Allan Robert DONNELLY, 22, Labourer, Farrans Point, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Joseph DONNELLY (b. Canada) & Margaret E. McLELLAND; married Harriet A. Helen BARNHART, 19, Matilda Twp, Iroquois, d/o William BARNHART (b. Canada) & Harriett Athelia LEWIS; witn Isaac HALL & Beatrice DONNELLY, both Morrisburg, 6 Jun 1923, Morrisburg
020439-23 James Edward DOWNEY, 28, Merchant, Chicago USA, Belleville, s/o John DOWNEY (b. Napanee) & Mary Winnifred PHELAN; married Muriel M. MACPHERSON, 21, housework, Alexandria, South Lancaster, d/o Duncan James MACPHERSON (b. Lancaster Twp) & Mabel AITKEN; witn Grace V. MACPHERSON & J.D. MACPHERSON, both South Lancaster, 20 Jun 1923, South Lancaster 020434-23 Martin DUGAN, 49, Wid, Labourer, Ogdensburg NY, Cardinal, s/o Martin DUGAN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DUVAL; married Catherine PARKINSON, 48, Wid, London England, Cardinal, d/o William ARMSTRONG (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth ROY; witn Hilda C. CARSON & Christina M. CARSON, both Morrisburg, 19 Sept 1923, Morrisburg
020447-23 Eugene DUMONT, 21, Farmer, St Justine de Newton Que, St Telesphore Que, s/o Antoine DUMONT & Henriette POIRIER; married Marie Matilda SAMSON, 21, St Polycarpe Que, Lancaster Twp, d/o Napoleon SAMSON & Celine CHOLETTE; witn Gasper DUMONT, St Telesphore Que & Napoleon SAMSON, Bainsville, 23 Jan 1923, Glen Nevis 020431-23 John DUNCAN, 24, Electrician, Scotland, Montreal, s/o John DUNCAN (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Jessie AITKIN; married Katharine MILLER, Head Waitress, Scotland, Montreal, d/o Robert MILLER (b. Johnstone Scotland) & Catherine ROBERTSON; witn John BROWN & Florrie BROWN, both no place given, 28 Sept 1923, Greenfield
020445-23 James Andrew DUNLOP, 30, Labourer, Farrans Point, Dickinsons Landing, s/o James DUNLOP (b. Farran’s Point) & Elizabeth PRUNNIER; married Rosa PARKER, 18, England, Dickinsons Landing, d/o Fred PARKER (b. England) & Carrie RICKET; witn Arthur FINCHAM & Marjorie J. SINCLAIR, both Farran’s Point, 3 Feb 1923, Farran’s Point 020446-23 Antoine DURAND, 21, Electrician, St Anicet, Montreal, s/o Ernest DURAND & Delia CARDINAL; married Veneta LALONDE, 20, Housemaid, none given, Cornwall, d/o John LALONDE & Elizabeth LENEX?; witn J.B. PREVOST & John LALONDE, both Cornwall, 8 Jan 1923, Cornwall
020443-23 Spurgeon Hector Lynn DURANT, 20, Mechanic, Winchester, South Gower Twp, s/o Merrick DURANT (b. Canada) & Maria QUART; married Mabel Edna Buelah McKERCHER, 19, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Duncan McKERCHER (b. Canada) & Berthia JAMIESON; witn Leonard BELL & Mrs Leonard BELL, both Inkerman, 21 Apr 1923, Morrisburg 020429-23 Myron James DURANT, 22, Labourer, Mountain, Winchester Village, s/o Wesley DURANT (b. USA) & Nancy REVINE; married Florence May THOMPSON, 23, Finch, Winchester Village, d/o James THOMPSON (b. Newington) & Elizabeth LINK; witn Elery THOMPSON & Hazel THOMPSON, both Finch, 9 Dec 1923, Finch Village
020455-23 Ernest DU REPENTIGNY, 29, Workman, St Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, s/o Joseph DU REPENTIGNY & Josephine LAMOUREUX; married Aurore AUBIN, 21, Greenfield, Cornwall Twp, d/o George AUBIN & Rose De Lime AUBE; witn Isidore AUBIN, St Isidore de Prescott & George AUBIN, Martintown, 27 Nov 1923, St Andrews 020457-23 Charles Armstrong EDWARDS, 23, Cheese maker, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburgh Twp, s/o William EDWARDS (b. Dundas Co) & Nora ARMSTRONG; married Leda Pearl HOLLISTER, 24, Williamsburg Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Malcolm HOLLISTER (b. Stormont Co) & Ellen WAGNER; witn John F. CASSELMAN & Hilda C. CARSON, both Morrisburg, 12 Sept 1923, Morrisburg
020459-23 George Bruce Sloan ELLIOTT, 29, Forester, Weston, Rocky Mt House Alta, s/o Thomas Edward ELLIOT (b. Woodbridge) & Mary Agnes SLOAN (deceased); married Catharine Elizabeth MACARTHUR, 26, Littleton Colo, Morrisburg, d/o Archibald Donald MACARTHUR (b. Kenmore) & Mary Ann Elizabeth LAFLAMME; witn Edith Lorraine ELLIOT, Fort William & Guy Andrew SMITH, Cornwall, 7 Jan 1923, Morrisburg 020458-23 Everett ELLSWORTH, 21, Chauffeur, Watertown NY, Watertown NY, s/o Harry ELLSWORTH (b. Watertown NY) & Lucy BUSH; married Myrtle HAMILL, 20, Weaver, Cornwall, Watertown NY, d/o William HAMILL (b. New York State) & Carry GALLINGER; witn Charles. K. HALE & Lena HAMILL, both Cornwall, 9 May 1923, Cornwall
020456-23 George Rowat EMPEY, 36, Farmer, Finch Twp, Winchester, s/o James H. EMPEY (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane YOUNG; married Annie May LAFARE, 20, Stormont, Winchester, d/o Peter J. LAFARE (b. Ontario) & Margaret E. MASON; witn 5 Dec 1923, Winchester 020460-23 Eloe ETHIER, 20, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Adrien ETHIER & Rosanne SAUVE; married Marie Ange LAJEUNESSE, 24, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Alderic LAJEUNESSE & Alexine LEFEBVRE; witn David ETHIER & Jeannette LEFEBVRE, both St Polycarpe Que, 2 Jan 1923, St. Margarets Church, Glengarry Co
020466-23 Edward Francis FAGAN, 30, Baker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Edward T. FAGAN (b. Canada) & Agnes THICKEY (Sheehey?); married Mary Elizabeth McGILLIVARY, 30, Dressmaker, Morrisburg, Cornwall, d/o Peter McGILLIVRAY (b. Canada) & Martha CARPENTER; witn D.G. McGILLIVRAY & Mrs F. WOOD, both Morrisburg, 4 Apr 1923, Morrisburg 020467-23 John FERGUSON, 61, Wid, Agent, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Alpin FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Catherine McDONALD; married Mary Ann MUNROE, 61, Wid, Dressmaker, Charlottenburg, Apple Hill, d/o John McLENNAN (b. Glengarry Co) & Ellen DRUMMOND; witn Georgina BROKENSHIRE & Isabel MUNRO, both Apple Hill, 15 Mar 1923, Apple Hill
020472-23 John Jeremiah FERNS, 34, Shoe Buyer, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, s/o William FERNS & Catharine McMAHON; married Mary Frances LALLY, 33, Nurse, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Francis LALLY & Mary MURPHY; witn William Joseph FERNS, Brooklyn NY & Gladys LALLY, Cornwall, 25 Oct 1923, Cornwall 020463-23 Hilaire FILION, 27, Farmer, Greenfield, Glen Roy, s/o Simeon FILION (b. Greenfield) & Gloriza LEGAULT; married Blanche ROY, 21, Glen Roy, Glen Roy, d/o J.B. ROY (b. St. Laurent) & Mary DECOSSE; witn Simeon PHILION (sic) & J.B. ROY, both Glen Robertson, 25 Sept 1923, St. Raphaels Church, Glengarry Co
020465-23 Raymond William FINKLE, 22, Salesman, Toronto, 160 Galley Ave, s/o William Robert FINKLE (b. Ontario) & Lola WEBSTER; married Virginia Sarah CASSAN, 24, Ontario, Iroquois, d/o M.S. CASSAN (b. Ontario) & Bessie ORCHARD; witn Ralph FINKLE, Toronto & Doris CASSAN, 16 May 1923, St. Johns Church, Iroquois 020461-23 Alexander Michael FLANAGAN, 27, Clerk, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Thomas FLANIGAN (sic) (b. Brockville) & Margaret GRANT; married Rita May COLQUHOUN, 20, Milliner, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Neil COLQUHOUN (b. Almonte Ont) & Katie IDLER, witn W.T. FLANIGAN & L.O COLQUHOUN, both Cornwall, 10 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020471-23 Charles FORGET, 29, Labourer, St Jacques Lodge, s/o Joseph FORGET & Eveline BELLEVEAU; married Emma BOUGIE, 22, Maid, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Joseph BOUGIE & Alec BERRY; witn Joseph FORGET, Montreal & Joseph BOUGIE, Martintown, 6 Aug 1923, Williamstown  
020473-23 Romeo FORTIER, 22, Millhand, Embrun, Cornwall, s/o Narciss FORTIER & Theresa GALLANT; married Jeanne GOULET, 20, Millhand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Joseph GOULET & Louise BERTRAND; witn Narciss FORTIER & Joseph GOULET, both Cornwall, 29 Oct 1923, Cornwall 020470-23 Aime FORTIER, 20, Millhand, Embrun, Cornwall, s/o Narcisse FORTIER & Theresa GALLANT; married Laura CARRIERE, 20, Millhand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Edmund CARRIERE & Rosanna TESSIER; witn Wilford MARCON & M. FORTIER, both Cornwall, 18 Jun 1923, Cornwall
020462-23 John James FOSSITT, 58, Wid, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o Simon FOSSITT (b. Ontario) & Melinda ARMSTRONG; married Lottie STEINBURG, 50, Wid, Williamsburg Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o Albert McINTOSH (b. Ontario) & Margaret HAMILTON; witn Alfred BRIGGS, Brinston & Leaphy DEWLAND, Williamsburg, 2 Nov 1923, Hanesville 020464-23 Wilbert Hamilton FREEL, 22, Stone Manager, Hamilton, Cornwall, s/o Bernard FREEL (b. Caledon) & Mary GIBSON; married Annie GILL, 17, Clerk, England, Cornwall, d/o James GILL (b. Stockport England) & Annie HYLAND; witn Selena Ann SUGDEN & Robert Montgomery BALLANTYNE, both Cornwall, 28 May 1923, Trinity Church Cornwall
020468-23 Harold Russell FROATS, 21, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Jacob FROATS (b. Winchester) & Luthear HUMMEL; married Orlean BARKLEY, 18, housework, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Ezra BARKLEY (b. Williamsburg) & Frelove ROBERTSON; witn Loyd BARKLEY, Dunbar & Ruby FROATS, Chesterville, 31 Jan 1923, Dunbar 020486-23 Charles GALLAGHER, 28, Painter, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, s/o Thomas GALLAGHER & Janet McDONALD; married Noreen Frances RAYMOND, 24, Paper Maker, Mille Roches, Liverpool England, d/o Zolmon RAYMOND & Callesta PROSSER; witn A.J. McLELLAN, Mille Roches & William ELLIS, Moulinette, 31 Oct 1923, Dickinson’s Landing
020478-23 Ralph GARRETT, 19, Baker, Natural Dam NY, Chesterville, s/o James Allen GARRETT (b. Chesterville) & Ira DARLEY; married Olive HARPER, 18, Housemaid, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Eli HARPER (b. Chesterville) & Isora BOGART; witn Miss Rhoda E. FYKE & Mr Francis A. BAINDESL?, both Chesterville, 10 Apr 1923, Chesterville 020476-23 Sidney James GARRETT, 26, R.R. laborer, Chesterville, Chesterville, s/o Rufus GARRETT (b. USA) & Eliza SMITH; married Ella McGILLVRAY, 19, Housework, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Kenneth (b. Crysler) & Christine McGILLIVRAY; witn Ralph GARRETT & Mrs Ralph GARRETT, both Chesterville, 21 Nov 1923, Chesterville
020483-23 Arthur Alfred GATIEN, 17, Mill Hand, Tupper Lake NY, Cornwall, s/o Ludger GATIEN; married Gratieuse DUCHESNE, 19, Mill Hand, Rimouski Que, Cornwall, d/o Achille DUCHESNE & Marie Louise BARKE; witn Ludger GATIEN & Archelle DUCHESNE, both Cornwall, 1 May 1923, Cornwall 020485-23 John C. GAUTHIER, 33, Farmer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o John N. GAUTHIER & Janet MACKINNON; married Ethel McMAHON, 30, Teacher, Finch, Finch, d/o James McMAHON & Mary O’DONAHUE; witn Hugh A. GAUTHIER, Alexandria & Blanche McMAHON, 3 Oct 1923, Finch
020487-23 Henri GIBEAULT, 22, Farmers Son, Embrun, Crysler, s/o Ovila GIBEAULT & Clementine MARION; married Dorina MASSE, 17, Crysler, Crysler, d/o Pierre MASSE & Adelaide BRIERE; witn Honore GIBEAULT & Juliette MASSE, both Crysler, 26 Dec 1923, Crysler 020477-23 Henry Howard GIBSON, 56, Wid, Merchant, North Gower, Ottawa, s/o R. GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Lucinda GILLESPIE; married Idena May SUMMERS, 40, Bookkeeper, Winchester, Winchester, d/o John SUMMERS (b. Ontario) & Mary McLEAN; witn Elizabeth FARLINGER, Morrisburg & D. Alex SUMMERS, Morrisburg, 10 Nov 1923, Morrisburg
020480-23 John GILLESPIE, 53, Wid, Farmer, Venture, Venture, s/o James GILLESPIE (b. Canada) & Annie HALLIDAY; married Margaret CHRISTIE, 49, Wid, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o Charles DEWLAND (b. USA) & Mary Ann BARCLAY; witn C.E. COLLISON & Mary A. COLLISON, both Brinston, 3 Jan 1923, Brinston 020481-23 Francis GILMAULT, 27, Labourer, Martintown, Cornwall, s/o Toussaint GILMAULT & Mary Ann MASSON; married Josephine TAILLON, 28, Maid, St Raphaels, Martintown, d/o Peter TAILLON & Jenny PARIDIS; witn Maurice PERKINS & Edna LASCELLE, both Cornwall, 18 Jun 1923, Williamstown
020482-23 Ernest GODARD, 21, Farmer, Crysler, Crysler, s/o Michel GODARD & Marie CHARLEBOIS; married Floride RICHARD, 20, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, d/o Joseph RICHARD & Elise BOISVENU; witn Michel GODARD, Crysler & Jan RICHARD, Moose Creek, 9 Apr 1923, Roxborough Twp 020475-23 Gilbert Winston GORDON, 22, Tinsmith, Winchester Village, Winchester Village, s/o James GORDON (b. Osgoode Twp) & Emma SUMMERS; married Myrtle Rose JACKSON, 25, Housework, Osgoode Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o James JACKSON (b. Dundas Co) & Nellie SUMMERS; witn Marion Mabel GORDON & James Archibald JACKSON, both Winchester, 24 Nov 1923, Winchester
020479-23 Jacob Harold GRANDAW, 27, farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o William J. GRANDAW (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Lydia A. MATTICE; married Lelia Margaret HAWN, 19, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o William HAWN (b. Ontario) & Hattie GALLINGER; witn Jennie BROWNELL & Vering? T. OTTO, both Newington, 13 Jun 1923, Newington 020484-23 Wilfred GUERTIN, 21, Farmer, Quebec, Roxborough, s/o John Baptiste GUERTIN & Mathilde LAMARRE; married Lucienne LEROUX, 21, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Hilaire LEROUX & Alexine PREVOST; witn John B. GUERTIN & Hilaire LEROUX, both Moose Creek, 6 Aug 1923, Roxoborough Twp
020496-23 Charles Henry HALE, 19, Driver, Lancaster, Cornwall, s/o Thomas HALE (b. England) & Martha CHAFFEE; married Lena Janet HAMEL, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o William HAMELL (sic) (b. USA) & Carrie GALLINGER; witn Roy HESSE & Eva HALE, both Cornwall, 12 Jun 1923, Cornwall 020506-23 John Edward HALEY, 27, Farmer, Moncklands, Moncklands, s/o John HALEY (b. US) & Gertrude BENDER; married Mary Agnes HOOPLES, 27, Newington?, Moncklands?, d/o Cyril HOOPLE (b. Newington) & Ethel Agnes FETTERLEY; witn Mrs Gertrude HALEY, Monckland & Mrs C. HOOPLE, Newington, 7 Feb 1923, Newington
020505-23 Gordon W. HALL, 22, Auto Engineering, Martintown, Portland Me, s/o James Robert HALL (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann LAWRENCE; married Daisy E. MACDONALD, 20, Dressmaker, Williamstown, Portland Me, d/o John Archibald MACDONALD (b. Ontario) & Janet Catherine HALL; witn M.E. MUNROE & Isabell McRAE, both Cornwall, 8 Jan 1923, Cornwall 020491-23 Robert Wesley HANES, 22, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o Wesley HANES (b. Hainsville) & Hannah Elizabeth BRIGGS ; married Lillie Mary FOSSITT, 21, School Teacher, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o John FOSSITT (b. Matilda Twp) & Nancy J. LENNOX; witn Mrs John FOSSITT, Brinston & C.H. DANLAND?, Williamsburg, 11 Nov 1923, Iroquois
020507-23 Pierre HANES, 21, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Henry HARRIS & Delina MARION; married Jean MARION, 20, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Ovilla MARION & Marie BELISLE; witn Henry HARRIS & Ovilla MARION, both Cornwall, 26 Jun 1923, Cornwall 020499-23 Ralph Adam HANES, 23, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o ? HANES (b. Hanesville) & Dora ADAMS; married Eva Jane McINTOSH, 24, Inkerman, Inkerman, d/o David McINTOSH (b. Dundas) & Isabel BENET?; witn Miss Lulu McINTOSH, Inkerman & William HANES, Hanesville, 25 Apr 1923, Inkerman
020495-23 Harry Hilas HARRIMAN, 22, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Elgin HARRIMAN (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Ella May SULLIVAN; married Nellie BLACK, 19, Housework, Grantly, Williamsburg Twp, d/o (foster) James BLACK (b. Ontario) & (foster) Mrs James BLACK; witn Kemptfield BECKSTED, Morrisburg & Verna HARRIMAN, Williamsburg, 27 Jun 1923, Elma, Dundas Co. 020498-23 Nathaniel HARRIS, 58, Farmer, Northfield, Northfield, s/o William HARRIS (b. Northfield) & Jane McBRIDE; married Marian HOWARD, 46, Wid, Housekeeper, London England, Northfield, d/o Edwin SAUNDERS (b. Berkshire England) & Matha REEVES; witn George SAUNDERS & Joyce HOWARD, both Newington, 6 Jun 1923, Avonmore
020502-23 Roy Clifton HARTLE, 22, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Michael Edward HARTLE (b. Cornwall Twp) & Emily Clara JOHNSON; married Olga Marian JEROME, 21, Bookkeeper, Cornwall, Cornwall Twp, d/o Alexander JEROME (b. Cornwall) & Annie Elizabeth STUART; witn Harold Alexander POAPST & Lena Beatrice POAPST, both Mille Roches, 17 Mar 1923, Trinity Church, Cornwall 020493-23 James Ernest HAWES, 20, Machinist, Parham Ont, Oshawa, s/o George HAWES (b. Parham) & Mary GOODFELLOW; married Alice May ARBUTHNOT, 22, School Teacher, Northfield, Oshawa, d/o Lawrence ARBUTHNOT (b. Northfield) & Gertrude F. WATERMAN; witn Lawrence ARBUTHNOT & Charlotte ARBUTHNOT, both Northfield, 5 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020501-23 Arthur HEARD, 24, Labourer, London England, Massena NY, s/o Arthur HEARD (b. England) & Alice HANLEY (Stanley?); married Ella HOLMES, 23, Housemaid, Finch, Massena NY, d/o Frederick HOLMES (b. Ontario) & Sarah McNAMARA; witn Clifford HOLMES & Florence LAFAVE, both Cornwall, 2 Apr 1923, Cornwall 020489-23 Clifford Langford HERRIMAN, 22, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Lanford N. HARRIMAN (b. Elma) & Minnie BOUCK; married Mary Marguerite MERKLEY, 21, Williamsburg Twp, Chesterville, d/o Marshall E. MERKLEY (b. Winchester Twp) & Catherine MONTAGUE; witn Evelyn F. MERKLEY, Winchester & Maurice HERRIMAN, Elma, 19 Dec, Chesterville
020488-23 Harold Roy HESS, 19, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Allen HESS (b. Winchester Twp) & Euretta FETTERLY; married Ann Pauline FROATS, 17, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Amaziah? J. FROATS (b. Winchester Twp) & Nellie FAUCETT; witn Beatrice B. FETTERLY, Chesterville & Winterfield FROATS, Chesterville, 26 Dec 1923, (Nation Valley) Chesterville 020500-23 Robert Harold HESSELL, 27, Merchant, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph HESSELL (b. England) & Christie LIASLE?; married Ida May MAXWELL, 26, Telephone Operator, Toronto, Cornwall, d/o William A. MAXWELL (b. Tyrone Ireland) & Sarah McCLUNG; witn J.G. MAXWELL, Smith Falls & F.W. HESSELL, Cornwall, 25 Apr 1923, Cornwall
020490-23 Earle Kenneth HOLLISTER, 24, Farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o Edwin S. THOMPSON & Mary C. CLINE; married Mary Mabel THOMPSON, 23, Roxborough Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Malcolm HOLLISTER & Ellen WAGNER; witn Russell Earl THOMPSON & Charlie A. EDWARDS, both Aultsville, 8 Dec 1923, Aultsville [parents names as written] 020503-23 John Milton HOLLISTER, 34, Mechanic, Osnabruck Twp, Detroit Mich, s/o John Austin HOLLISTER (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Mary Ann GRANDAW; married Emma Rosamond BLAIR, 34, Clerk, Cornwall, Detroit Mich d/o Alfred BLAIR (b. St Eustache Que) & Adelaine JODOIN; witn Clara HOLLISTER & Georgina MACFARLAND, both Cornwall, 1 Mar 1923, Cornwall
020497-23 Thomas Edward HOLMES, 23, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Albert E. HOLMES (b. Russell Co) & Louisa TURNER; married Aleitha THORPE, 20, Farming, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Henry THORPE (b. Dundas Co) & Jessie SUMMERS; witn Mrs Jessie THORPE & A.E. HOLMES, both Winchester Springs, 13 Jun 1923, Elma 020494-23 Edward Albert HOUSE, 20, Ant Engineer, Port Dalhousie, Port Dalhousie, s/o Alfred James HOUSE (b. Port Dalhousie) & Jane WATSON; married Florence Edwards LAFAVE, 18, Lancaster, Port Dalhousie, d/o Edward LAFAVE (b. Lancaster) & Margaret DUFRANE; witn Edward LAFAVE, Massena NY & Victor MORIN, Cornwall, 3 Aug 1923, Cornwall
020504-23 Joseph John HUNT, 24, Farmer, England, Cornwall, s/o orphan; married Emma JOHNSON, 24, Wid, Riviere Beaudette, Cornwall, d/o David MARTIN & none given; witn David MARTIN & Wilfred ANDRE?, both Cornwall, 22 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020492-23 Thomas William HUNTER, 36, Wid, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Silas Miles HUNTER (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Lucy Elmira BARKLEY; married Mary Ann CAMERON, 32, Dressmaker, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Duncan CAMERON (b. Finch) & Annie MACMILLAN; witn Gertrude SHAVER & Roland SHAVER, both Chesterville, 14 Nov 1923, Chesterville
020508-23 William James IRVING, 32, Wid, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o William IRVING (b. Chesterville) & Marguerite ANDERSON; married Lelia Frances CROSS, 20, Milliner, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Silas CROSS (b. Chesterville) & Susanna BALL; witn M.G. MACLEAN & M. MACLEAN, both Chesterville, 6 Jun 1923, Chesterville  
020512-23 Alexander Wesley JACKSON, 47, Wid, Farmer, Brockville, Iroquois, s/o William JACKSON (b. England) & Maria SPROULE; married Laura A. STRADER, 34, Wid, Dressmaker, Pittston, Iroquois, d/o Joseph CARMICHAEL (b. Ireland) & Rachael LONDON; witn Muriel E. IVESON & Desmond IVESON, both Iroquois, 2 May 1923, Iroquois 020519-23 Sherwood JACKSON, 20, Egg Buyer, Winchester Village, Winchester Village, s/o Henry JACKSON (b. Winchester Twp) & Susan JAMISON; married Annie Elizabeth PATTERSON, 19, Housework, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Walter PATTERSON (b. Winchester Twp) & Myrtle CAMPBELL; witn Andrew BOLTON & Milda PATTERSON, both Winchester Springs, 23 May 1923, Elma
020514-23 Louis James JACQUES, 31, garage man, Charlottenburgh Twp, Martintown, s/o Louis JACQUES & Mary SMALL; married Florida FONTAINE, 22, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Charles FONTAINE & Militime SAMSON; witn Louis JACQUES, Martintown & Charles FONTAINE, Bainsville, 8 Jan 1923, Glen Nevis 020511-23 Douglas Wilfred JARVIS, 39, Merchant, Horton Grace Newfoundland, Osnabruck, s/o James Douglas JARVIS (b. Scotland) & ? Mary PARSONS; married Nellie Irene FERGUSON, 31, Grants Corners, Cornwall, d/o Albert FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Maud ROSS; witn Hilda GRANT, Moose Creek & Lloyd FERGUSON, Grants Corners, 15 Oct 1923, Cornwall Twp
020509-23 Mose Napoleon JESMER, 31, P.O. Clerk, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Mose JESMER (b. Barnhart’s Island NY) & Mary Jane PAYMENT; married Christina CURRIER, 21, Stenographer, Greenfield, Cornwall, d/o Albert CURRIER (b. Dominionville) & Harriet ST JOHN; witn Charles G. JESMER, Cornwall & William CURRIER, Summerstown Front, 26 Nov 1923, Williamstown 020510-23 Robert Christopher JOHNSTON, 23, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o John JOHNSTON (b. Roxborough Twp) & Eliza Jane STEPHENSON; married Verna Jennette HARTWELL, 20, Housework, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o George HARTWELL (b. Roxborough Twp) & Lydia HARRIS; witn Mrs George HARTWELL, Monckland & Mabel A. RANHAM, Avonmore, 24 Oct 1923, Avonmore
020515-23 Wilbrod JONCAS, Farmer, Casselman, Moose Creek, s/o Neride JONCAS & Marguerite TESSIER; married Emerentia CHARLEBOIS, 28, Servant Girl, Crysler, Crysler, d/o Jean Bapt CHARLEBOIS & Martine COURVILLE; witn Rodolphe LAMARCHE, Moose Creek & Emile CHARLEBOIS, Berwick, 17 Apr 1923, Crysler 020513-23 Herbert JONES, 36, Buyer, England, Montreal Que, s/o Edward (Edwan?) JONES (b. Wales) & Elizabeth JONES; married Mrs Margaret Eva ERRATT, 28, Wid, Housework, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Fred W. MERKLEY (b. Chesterville) & Katherine DOWD; witn Ida B. MERKLEY & S.B. SILVERMAN, both Montreal, 6 Jan 1923, Chesterville
020521-23 Charles KEARNS, 47, Farmer, Chesterville, Chesterville, s/o Andrew KEARNS & Mary BARRETT; married Marion Rose O’GRADY, 30, Housekeeper, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Michael O’GRADY & Maria FLYNN; witn Cornelius KEARNS & Helen BECHLER, both Chesterville, 27 Aug 1923, Chesterville 020522-23 Arthur KEELER? (Kuhn?), 20, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles KEELER? & Genevieve PARIDIS; married Maria Meline? BRUNET, 20, Mill Hand, Greenfield, Cornwall, d/o Louis BRUNET & Sophia BRASSARD; witn Charles KEELER & Louis BRUNET, both Cornwall, 26 Aug 1923, Cornwall
020517-23 George KEITH, 54, Labourer, Scotland, Mountain Twp, s/o William KEITH (b. Scotland) & Jane ROBINSON; married Annie WOODS, 48, Wid, Farming, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, d/o William BILLINGS (b. Mountain Twp) & Catharine DORAN; witn Gus JACKSON & Mary BILLINGS, both Winchester, 13 Dec 1923, Winchester 020516-23 James Eber KELSO, 24, Carpenter, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, s/o William KELSO (b. Osgoode Twp) & Jane MARSHALL; married Irene ALLAN, 19, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o William John ALLEN (b. Osgoode Twp) & Sarah Ettie STEWART; witn William John ALLEN & Sarah Ettie STEWART, both Osgoode Twp, 19 Dec 1923, Hallsville
020518-23 Harold E. KENNEDY, 21, Plumber, Cornwall, Detroit Mich, s/o Edward KENNEDY (b. Cornwall Twp) & Mary COX; married Alma A. LECLAIR, 19, Cornwall, Detroit Mich, d/o Ben LECLAIR (b. Montreal) & Octave LEROLL?; witn Herman J. KEEFE & Mrs H.J. KEEFE, both Trout River NY, 28 Oct 1923, Cornwall 020520-23 Irwin Patrick KIRKPATRICK, 25, Farmer, Bury Que, Bury Que, s/o Charles KIRKPATRICK & Grace Ann ADAMS; married Elizabeth McDONALD, 34, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Peter A. & Catherine McDONALD; witn John A. McDONALD, Glen Norman & Margaret McDONALD, Ogdensburgh NY, 26 Jun 1923, Glen Nevis
020419-23 Henry LAUZON, 24, Farmer, Glen Walter, Glen Walter, s/o Napoleon LAUZON & Helen DUROCHIER; married Carrie TURCOTT, 17, House Maid, Williamstown, Glen Walter, d/o Albert TURCOTT & Delema DUROCHIER; witn Walter LAUZON & Emma LAUZON, both Cornwall, 2 May 1923, Glengarry Co 020469-23 Dominic TERRO, 24, Peddler, Tottea Province Taerene Italy, Lachine Que, s/o Joseph TERRO & Pincinda MARCO; married Lucia Teren ZUFFO, 16, New York NY, Cornwall, d/o Dominic ZUFFO & Mary Asnt? PAC; witn Herale TERRO & Angeline CRAVINS, both no place given, 7 May 1923, Cornwall
020474-23 August WHALEN alias Raffaele Agnostino FERRARO, 20, Labourer, Sault Ste Marie (born Aug 6 1903), Sault Ste Marie, s/o George WHALEN alias Fortunato FERRARO & Emma LAMIRANDE; married Josephine LAPIERRE, 16, Monkland (bap Jun 13, 1907) Monkland, d/o Napoleon LAPIERRE & Florence ST LOUIS; witn Alexander McMILLAN, Chesterville & Mary GAGNON, Monkland, 26 Dec 1923, Apple Hill  

20348-23, Barcey - Lalonde : Additional paper for this entry with note: "To the Jurey? of Marriage license, Cornwall, Ont. The present is to certify that I believe Dorothy LALONDE, Bonville, Ont to be (enceinte), over two months pregnant. Signed A.J. LALONDE, M.D., Cornwall, Ont, Oct 26/23"